America’s Passive Obsession With Professional Sports Is Promoting Obesity

As the money being plowed into the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL continues to grow, America is getting fatter and fatter. Whether or not the chilling prediction that lard-loving American youngsters today will predecease their parents comes true, people from San Diego to Augusta in Maine are shaving 5-10 years or more off their lifespans because of their significant weight problems.

The dollar signs made off professional sports, however, are only rising. A culture ravaged by obesity has an insatiable hunger to watch other people keep fit, avoiding it themselves at all costs.

After all, there are only 24 hours in a day. An obsession with sports naturally translates into less time for everything else. In high school and college, your all-round lack of genuine responsibility in life means that you have the time to play alongside your teammates and keep fit at the same time. Hit the real salaried working world and that’s a different story. Watching sportscasts or replays quickly becomes the 7 or 8pm weeknight substitute for hitting the gym after eight to ten hours at the office.

This is not to say that sport explains every aspect of the obesity crisis. Whereas obesity used to be a sign of slovenliness and disrespecting yourself (aside from some serious medical explanation), now it is culturally perceived as an indication that people are simply too stressed. Worse still, “fat acceptance” mantras spread the lie that being fat is actually healthy because slimmer people are somehow desperately malnourished.

Nevertheless, when all this collides with people vicariously living their sporting fantasies via athletes on a TV screen, the result is a culture defined by watching sports, rather than sufficiently indulging in the exercise that partaking in sports represents.

Why are so many diehard sports fans fat?

He may have diabetes, shocking blood pressure and an expected lifespan of just 52, but at least he saw every Packers game this year.

If you’re a sporting nut and superfit, good for you. That said, I am perennially confronted by sports-haters with svelte physiques and sports-lovers with beer bellies the size of an actual beer keg. The paradox is hardly the stuff of magic. A person hitting a treadmill in a gym may have a TV featuring sports in front of them, but there’s no slackening of the posture and no potato chips. Oh, and something called exercise is taking place. To boot, there are other people around and we generally always want to do better in front of others at the gym.

Let me stress again that it is not impossible for a genuinely healthy population to love sports as much as a squirrel loves nuts. Yet the dramatically short attention spans of the average person, combined with the instant gratification of modern fast food and snacks, makes this particularly unlikely. An obsession with sports too often becomes a cheap surrogate for being “involved” in sports. Somehow looking at x number of games and highlights packages each week becomes one’s definition of healthy activity.

Stop living your own dreams through someone else

Though many are not strictly-speaking fat, sports hooligans around the world beg the question, “What are they actually doing with their own lives?”

A fixation on sports is pernicious when it dovetails with vicariously living the life of the athletes themselves. Many sports fans can remember ten times as many statistics and plays as the sportsmen who actually made them. This phenomenon is not limited to sports, but unlike remembering memorizing passages of a book (which can potentially broaden your horizons at least), watching countless sporting games adds virtually nothing in terms of improving your life or cultivating excellent standards of discipline, self-awareness and intelligence. And it certainly won’t sculpt your abs or make your biceps bigger.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with cheering on Team USA in the next Winter Olympics for ice hockey, or the Denver Broncos in the NFL playoffs. It’s when your dedication to your favorite team or player outweighs your commitment to yourself. Are you overweight? You shouldn’t be watching sports at all (except for active social gatherings, not sitting with fellow lard boys on the couch). Are you broke? You shouldn’t be watching sports.

Instead, you should be out there, making your life (not hoping for it) with the same kind of hard work ethic as the athletes you see on TV. You needn’t be in any of these very negative categories either for your passive, couch-dwelling sports career to become a problem weighing you down. Watching excessive sports and other idle time-wasting could be the difference between an okay or great business, social life, educational experience or rise up the company ladder.

Get away from the screen and get real (and fit)

A picture shows a thousand words, or a sports fan’s diet of ten thousand calories a day.

If this piece forces you to challenge any overly passive way in which you spend your time, not just in watching sports, that’s a step forward. You owe it to yourself to make the best possible use of your time and energies, day in, day out. The line between relaxation or chilling out and laziness is one people constantly blur and shift in their minds. You won’t be the next Tom Brady, but you do have countless opportunities every year to show your body and life the same respect and discipline he shows his.

Meanwhile, take note of those around you. The men who let their lives fade away and then crumble by cheaply co-living the dreams of people who earn millions of dollars to set foot on a football field, basketball court, baseball diamond, or ice hockey rink. You want a life that tends towards your own version of the accomplishments of the athletes, not those who follow athletes at the expense of themselves.

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136 thoughts on “America’s Passive Obsession With Professional Sports Is Promoting Obesity”

  1. My thought is, just like pretty girls attract the television camera, so too, big fat guys making fools of themselves attract television cameras. Clearly, there is an obesity problem in the USA, but I do not believe there is a correlation between sports watching and unhealthiness. The problem is a moral problem including laziness, gluttony, a lack of discipline, and a lack of accountability for poor choices. A fat guy is just as likely to watch reruns of some insane sit-com at 7:00 p.m. as he is sports casts.

  2. Well I’m glad someone said it! There’s a few guys in my office who are WAY into their fantasy football stuff. I finally said to one the other day, “You know, if you were into something like Pokemon as much as you are football we would all make so much fun of you. But since it’s football it hides how lame you are.”

    1. The guys at work (they’re 38+ married with kids, and I’m nearly 31) talk about real sports and fantasy sports teams with such intensity that I wonder why they’re not on SportsCenter analyzing and foaming at the mouth over this stuff. They’re the slightly-overweight, bowling on Fridays (nothing against bowling), minivan dads who just gave up on the pride thing a long time ago. They snark at me because I chose to wear suit pants and a dry-cleaned shirt at work. It’s as though being an AVERAGE white schlub with a potbelly and a shitty sense of style is the fucking thing to be.
      I don’t place a lot of value on knowing anything about football or sports in general. I listen to my casual friends/acquaintances say things along the lines of “No waaaay bro, x player would be better in this spot because y. He had __ last year and ___ .” Even if they end up being right, who cares? They basically know a lot about something that isn’t doing shit for them. It’s all said with such conviction too. Scary shit.

      1. All the mind power that goes into sports fandom is such a total waste. And it is a done of mind power. Literally any hobby is better. Even D&D nerds get good at story telling and are using their imagination. Fuck, even needlepoint and knitting are skills that could transfer to something useful.

      2. I think it’s just pure entertainment which likely has some really positive psychological benefits. Not every activity in this (brief) life needs to be future resume material. On Saturday morning in the fall, I am just flat, goddamned HAPPY to be alive and always will be. I’m not saying any of this to disagree with you but just to try to explain it a little. I think a year-round obsession with sports is a fine but BORING. I do watch my college ball but I sit out basketball and baseball season, though I could easily get into those if I chose to. These same minds that apply themselves to sports could delve into so many other topics and likely be even more satisfied by doing so.
        I can’t tell how much your aside about the ‘snark’ you get for dressing like a grown man gets on my nerves. I’ve finally learned to dress myself pretty well. Dry-cleaned clothing, blazer, tie, leather shoes etc. I live overseas and will soon come home. I really want to continue to dress myself and pursue the ‘hobby’ of dressing well but I already know I will be given all kinds of shit over it if not outright accusations of being a homo. Dressing like a grown man is about as non-gay as it gets so I don’t how that connection is made. So stupid.

      3. The truth is that the article has it wrong. Lack of exercise doesn’t make you fat, over-consumption of sugary foods does.

    2. This. If a guy: forced everyone to miss a movie, cancelled a workout session, left work early, cried, or complained to a professor because of world of warcraft, people will make fun of him and call him an addict.
      I have seen all of this happen because of a football game or a team lost.

    3. Yeah sports always get a free pass when people get too obsessed with it and remember absolutely everything about it like a bunch of nerds.

    4. this is so dead on. I have always had an aversion to fant football. (I have an aversion to being a die hard fan of sports in general anyway) Now I know why. These guys remind me of the Dungeons and Dragons kids in school years ago…only at least the D&D kids were being creative…dorky, but they were being creative at least. FF is such a loser hobby

    5. Its interesting that every picture in the article appears to show a single fat fan surrounded by loads of slimmer people. I guess maybe there is no relationship between enjoying sports and being fat.

    6. Agreed. I never understood the obsession grown men have with sports. And it’s not just pro sports, even amateur college teams have fanatics. Why? Are these guys just living vicariously through people more talented than them? Are they trying to escape their own meager life with mindless hobbies? Or are they just conforming to the interests they think a man ought to have? The passion people have for a bunch of guys throwing a ball around is astounding.
      Why not direct the attention one places in sports into useful endeavors that can actually improve our culture? It’s a shame when fathers would rather watch football on the weekend than prepare their children for successful adulthood. It’s not enough that the modern mother buries her face in material items, celebrity gossip, and reality tv, does the modern father have to bury his face in sports? And we wonder why kids are hopeless these days. Parents have neglected teaching their children proper morals, values, and academics because they are too busy satisfying their own vapid desires.

  3. I never understood that particular ‘joy’ of life. Identifying with some dudes who play on the screen. And watching all the silly scandals about trainers and managers and what not. At my regular restaurant, there is a big TV where that shit runs non-stop. The only thing I find interesting are the breasts of the female moderator.

    1. You answered your own question there, Tom.
      “Joy of life”.
      These people have no joy in their lives. It’s the American way.

      1. I was once at a birthday party that coincided with a championship finale. Lots of cocaine around apparently. Germany lost. Guys literally broke out in tears and their whole day was ruined. It baffled me. But I kinda do admire the capacity to feel with those guys on TV so intensely.

        1. Then you should get me out of your life. I am an enthusiastic LSD user.
          I like to be open to that kind of stuff. I will not judge anything I have not tried. But I can, of course, judge the people who do. Admitted, the people on coke are pretty annoying. Still, I wonder how it feels.

        2. Well we’re just swigin’ dicks on the internet. I could be a disembodied brain in a jar hooked up to the internet for all you know.

        3. I always imagine you as some badass kind of motorcycle-club type on the top of a Jeep, crusing through a desolate Mad Max world with your badass gang, killing birds with your ruthless stare.

        4. hilarious- thinking of Futurama, you in between Nixon and Gerry Ford on some shelve, arguing about shit, forever..

        5. i feel u on this. for all the “fuck the mainstream” attitude there is here on ROK, lots of people blindly buy into the drug hysteria pushed by the mainstream. there seems to be no “red pill” when it comes to the war on drugs and drug hysteria. i’m not saying certain drugs won’t fuck up your life i’ve known several people who got fucked up from hard drugs (and most of them got better when they quit. drug addiction is not necessarily a death sentence).
          by the way, tom, i dropped acid this summer for the first time and it was pretty awesome.

        6. Definitely true. Just look at the ‘Say No To Drugs’ campaign. Know who is behind it? Scientology. And guess what Scientologists are forbidden from doing? Taking LSD.
          So there you go. A metaphorical horde of sexless priests who go around and warn people that sex will make you blind.
          One of my old ‘friends’ is part of that sect. He stood there, giving advice to people. I asked him what he knows about acid. Naturally, he knew absolute nothing about it. He said: I know alcohol. Alcohol distorts reality. Distorting reality is bad! All drugs distort reality. Therefore LSD is bad.
          It is really a shame. I personally do not care to use LSD for enjoyment too much, rather for introspection, clear thoughts and accessing emotions. I also hear sex on acid is pretty good, but I have no girls to try it with, unfortunately.

        7. “We are all aware that the senses can be deceived, the eyes fooled. But how can we be sure our senses are not being deceived at any particular time, or even all the time? Might I just be a brain in a tank somewhere, tricked all my life into believing in the events of this world by some insane computer? And does my life gain or lose meaning based on my reaction to such solipsism?”
          – Project PYRRHO, Specimen 46, Vat 7 [Subject termination advised]
          — Flavor Text for the Bioenhancement Center facility, Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri (video game)(1999)

  4. The Army is the same way. The popularity of titles such as “Battlefield” and “Call of Duty”; two games often played by fat, lazy betas who couldn’t make it past Day 0 of Basic Training.

    1. But it’s great training for those drone operators. /s
      Serious question: I’m guessing you’re a Brit, but as an American, I’ve heard our BT ain’t what it used to be (especially with the whole SJW takeover). Confirm or deny on your end?

      1. I’m an expat living in the U.S. most of my adult life, and my service was in the U.S. Army.
        Culturally speaking, the UK isn’t what it was like when my parents were my age, nor is it what I remember growing up. My parents used to celebrate “Empire Day” where British Exceptionalism was celebrated.
        What bothers me the most is that 10 Downing Street may actually support Merkel on an “EU Military”, which would seriously undermine the Special Relationship between both my countries. What is left of the Britain that built the greatest Empire in the history of the world would be seriously undermined by mainland nations that have drunk even more SJW kool-aid than the U.S. and UK.

    2. I had a friend who was USMC and told me he spent 40% of his time in Guantanamo playing CoD.
      The vast majority of military personnel are betas, not just the ones who couldn’t make it past basic training. They may not be fat but give them a year post discharge…they will be.
      I would love to see the statistics on post discharge 1,2,3 year out how long it takes them to become morbidly obese
      Of course there are exceptions, but that seems to be the general rule.

      1. Here’s what the head of the Marine Corps said…
        “I spent 33 years and four months in active military service as a member of our country’s most agile military force — the Marine Corps. I served in all commissioned ranks from second lieutenant to Major General.
        During that period I spent more of my time being a high-class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. I suspected that I was just a part of a racket at the time. Now I am sure of it. Like all members of the military profession I never had an original thought until I left the service. My mental faculties remained in suspended animation while I obeyed the orders of the higher-ups. This is typical with everyone in the military service.
        Thus I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. The record of racketeering is long. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-12. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested.
        During those years, I had, as the boys in the back room would say, a swell racket. I was rewarded with honours, medals and promotion. Looking back on it, I feel I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three city districts. I operated on three continents”. —
        General Smedley Butler, former US Marine Corps Commandant,1935

        1. Gangster Capitalism, the willpower to bash heads and murder people for one’s own national interest is what we should be doing. As an article on ROK quoted it very nicely:
          “The strong do what they will, the weak suffer what they must.”
          Butler just became a beta who lost his Alpha status.

        2. So many dime store Nietzsches on this forum. And no, Butler didn’t become a “beta” (whatever the fuck that is), he saw the light.

      2. Gitmo is not a combat assignment. The military has fewer betas than civilians, per capita, however. A statistic I’d love to see is of testosterone levels among the Army and Marines vs civilians.
        If I had a USD for every time someone said, “I have a buddy who was in and he told me ______,” I’d be richer than Trump.

        1. My evidence is only from my experience so I am willing to say I am wrong, but I find that the amount of beta simps per capita in the military far outweighs civilians. I have never seen a single group more likely to get railroaded by women’s bullshit, white knight or be suckered into shit than army/marines/navy (don’t know any air force guys). I know quite a few marines and they are great guys but universally bow to both pussy and employer and get taken advantage of by both. Again, if you say it is not true then maybe it is just the guys I know.
          Test levels would be interesting both during and after to show what the steady exercise and diet does. However, everyone I’ve ever met from the army has always been Rambo. Apparently the army has no one fixing jeeps or peeling spuds…everyone is jumping out of planes and killing hitler. Don’t notice this with usmc or navy guys who almost always admit to being bored most of the time while in

  5. I only watch sports when clients and friends give me free tickets. Few times a year, its decent entertainment. Following religiously though? No way.

    1. I go to the concessional local/college/minor league game or fight. A sunny summer afternoon of baseball with the woman is wholesome fun. No way I am paying $50 to watch somebody else recreate.

  6. Sorry in advance but I need to vent. I used to come to this site to read about current topics and lately it’s been trash. Can we please get back to calling out stupid whores on their stupidity and give more lessons to our young men on how to navigate this new world. How could their have been no article about the Lamar Odom fiasco?! To me, it’s the quintessential story of how a no talent loser whore can destroy the life and career of a elite athlete and all around great guy. I really feel these are exactly the things we need to discuses as a community. So many of our young men are going into this battle ground of real life unprepared for the vultures that await them. As a community it is our responsibility to be on this! Thanks for listening.

    1. I think this article gives a great lesson to young men on navigating the world. I had to google Lamar Odom. Celebrity gossip is for women, not men.

    2. So telling men not to be cucked sports chumps living their lives through other overly paid men (in the same manner that fat chicks live their lives through starlets or the Kardashians) is not “preparing” them?
      Why don’t you do a true “man up” sort of thing and submit an article covering a topic that you think is important? There is an article submission page around here.

    3. You’re reading this site for free I assume and you want what now again? Aren’t you a little entitled princess?

    4. “Can we please get back to calling out stupid whores on their stupidity
      and give more lessons to our young men on how to navigate this new
      As much fun as it is to point out and mock the idiocy of society, that won’t change their behavior. At the end of the day, you are in charge of your personal well-being / behavior. And typing mockery behind a nom de plume does not count towards self-improvement.
      This article teaches a very important lesson: Be a doer, and have a purpose in life, other than living through the exploits of others. If you need suggestions, I’m sure someone can help you.
      Or to paraphrase my friend Billy Shakesbad: Get thee to a weight-room, and worship at the Throne of Iron!
      Now if you’ll excuse me, all the bad jiggly in this article has produced a intense urge in me to lift some weights.

      1. “Now if you’ll excuse me, all the bad jiggly in this article has produced a intense urge in me to lift some weights.”
        when i don’t feel motivated to lift, i look at some fatties, either online or in real life, and that gets me to the weight room real fast.

  7. I noticed that with a lot of people who I know that watch sports 80% of them are overweight and do nothing but snack well watching sports.

    1. What really sickens me sometimes is in a movie theater (and I have not been in side of one since 2007) if the movie goes silent for a moment, all you hear is a sea of smacking and crunching. I’ve seen people in theaters eat through an entire film, nonstop. Fucking slobs.

      1. Also consider that those people likely paid $15-$20 for that food (on top of the the outrageous $15 ticket) and then bitch about not having money and need gubbamint assistance. This is why the lady and I smuggle $3 gas station food and drinks in her purse into the second run discount theater. $15 date night.

  8. This isn’t fair. Not all sports fans are 300lb, overweight blobs of failure wearing an XXL jersey that is still somehow too small. Some are only 250lbs blobs of failure wearing XL jerseys that are still somehow too small.

  9. I bought a boat. I don’t watch videos of other people sailing, I went and did it myself. For the same reason I don’t watch sports, if it interested me I would do it, not settle for watching others do it.

  10. I’ve never been into sports. Recently, I was made fun of by some old fucks for not being interested in a college football game. “If you don’t like sports, then how are you a man?” I said that sitting on your fat ass watching other people play sports is not a sport, therefore they really weren’t into sports either. They were just into watching TV. They didn’t get it. Good Lord, do I hate Baby Boomers.

  11. That pic at the top is the best- he is wearing a football team- branded baseball hat and basketball jersey.

  12. “Why are sports fans fat?”
    Probably for the same reason lesbians are fat.
    Oh and because of that last picture the term “side boob action” is now rekt for me.

  13. I could care less about watching sports and following in great detail. Seems like a waste of time and you gain nothing from it. Something is lacking in your life if you get that obsessed over “your team”. I’m in Chicago and just witnessed the madness over the Cubs getting to the playoffs. Now I’m really enjoying watching all the butthurt people moping around today after the Cubs got smoked.

    1. You and me both. I get a bit of an added bonus as the mets are from my first home and they swept the Cubs good. I don’t know what will happen if they take the championship as they aren’t winners typically, but I’ll find out through 3rd parties. I see no reason to watch.
      As there quite a few of us in Chicago, maybe we should do a Chicago meet up. I only know of you Pearlbuck, and one other. Maybe more might be interested.

      1. It would be cool to meetup with fellow red pill aware guys in the Chicago area. There are tons of beta bitches in this town but I know we are out there too. I secretly vet many friends to see if I can discuss these types of things with them. Many are still pretty deep in the social conditioning sadly.

        1. That sounds like a plan. This coming month, although it may set me back some, I’ll be actively making a career shift. In that time I will have a lot more time available. Let me know if you want to grab a beer and we can share some ideas how to build a community out here.

        2. Sorry for such a late reply here but I’m still looking to form some kind of RP group here in Chicago. There is a tribe in Chicago already which may be a good place to start. These guys meet a couple times a month. Check this out and tell me what you think. If you’re in the city proper, I’m down for a beer.

        1. Forney is here. He almost always seems busy and thus far, I haven’t heard of him meeting anyone outside of the editorial staff meetings of ROK writers. Kind of a shame

  14. The frequency with which I’ve heard the term “sportsball” is surprising to me.
    While I don’t want to denigrate anybody’s past time, the assumed ubiquity of sportsball has always got on my nerves. Personally, I can’t stand sports; I don’t like watching them, I hate playing them, and I just utterly fail to see the purpose in moving a spheroid through a designated zone while following a series of rules that have no bearing on anything.
    Working out, gun training, and martial arts all increase the probability that I can kill another person. Sportsball? Not so much.
    I wonder if sports might have jumped the shark in the 90s by insisting that EVERYBODY loves them – now leaving them in the situation where they have to dress their players in pink to attract women?

    1. Especially when sportsball fans refer to the team as “we”.
      They’re all cucks, they’d rather watch than participate.

    2. They are fun. A game. A past time. No more, no less. Like board games or building models, they are a way to have fun and interact with other people. I love coaching my softball team. It makes me happy.
      I also get training. I lift, run and shoot. I train a dog for hunting. But isn’t the point of life to get to where you can recreate and just relax?

    3. I think we like tests of our hand-eye coordination and strength. It’s no coincidence that we have a lot of sportsball games that revolve around throwing things at targets, just like hunting. But yes, exercise and optimizing defensive/offensive capacity is far more valuable for survival. I’d love to see something replace the football paradigm as the main social gathering of the community. Nobody gains any skills sitting and watching other people do something for 3 hours. If the land on which stadiums sit were replaced with rec fields, and the thousands of males in the area instead practiced military skills in a competitive manner that rewarded the most fit/most skilled, THAT would be of value. The west is living by fumes, living off the fat of the land… literally in this case. Some type of military obstacle course, where you pay money and compete to have the fastest time each month (for monetary reward) would be worth creating.

  15. I dont get ball sports. I do enjoy an occasional MMA match, but thats as far as it goes.
    Being a participant beats being a spectator every day.

    1. Same here. I guess it also has to do with each person’s background as well. I train in various martial arts so I’m naturally going to find MMA more interesting because I can better appreciate more of the subtleties than a layman would. Same would go for football, soccer, baseball, etc…I just haven’t played any of those beyond peewee level (baseball) so I just don’t care to watch them.

  16. C’mon man, Its called discipline. Most people don’t have it. I love watching Soccer but I still take care of myself and hit the gym 5x a week. Just because a lot of people do it, doesn’t mean every one does it…..

    1. For me I still love junk food and beer delivered by a buxom maid, but that’s a weekend treat, no more no less. During the week, work and workouts.

  17. Still not as bad as the obsession with Friday night h.s. football. Though pretty much the same crowd as the NFL.

      1. And to be fair, it’s not as bad in the big cities and towns. In the small towns though, it does take a creepy cultish vibe.

  18. Colin Cowherd calls fatass loser fans like the lardass Redskin fan in the picture “meatballs”. Quite apropos…
    Cowherd can be a lefty faggot himself at times, but he nailed this one.

    1. in asia “football” is quite big. sometimes i watch a few minutes if I am at a bar or something. just kind of fun watching the sea of douchebags cheering on their home squad.

  19. Where I live there is an almost cult like fascination with all things sports related. I’m surrounded at work by henpecked married guys blabbering endlessly about whatever mainstream sport happens to be in season. Right now it’s all about football and fantasy leagues and oh so serious discussions about various players, stats, team performance, and other irrelevant bullshit. When I come home, instead of being able to relax, I get to listen to my neighbors scream and shout at their TVs between mouthfuls of junk food and gulps of cheap beer as they watch their pointless games.
    I’d hate these guys if it wasn’t for the fact that I actually pity them. I’ve discovered that behind every sports fanatic there is a cunty, bitchy, nagging wife who has robbed him of any sense of masculinity or desire of ever regaining the same. You can bet that the more fanatical the man is about his sports, the more of a turbocunt his wife is and the bigger his vagina is.

    1. I hear ya. When anyone tries to drone on about sports with me I just immediately say I don’t like baseball/football/basketball or whatever they are trying to yammer on about. That shuts it down. I have better things to fill my time with than watching sports. The only thin worse than watching the games are watching people talk about the games or upcoming games.

      1. Completely agree with you. As soon as any topic involving sports comes up, I just check out of the conversation. The best part about telling them that their idiotic obsession holds is of no interest to me is the look I get. They truly believe there’s something wrong with me.

  20. If you are overweight you are destroying your fertility. You are not just risking your future happiness but your legacy. All your ancestors were capable of passing their genes to you. You owe it to them to continue the line. It is not just about you and your feelings. It is about the generations to come that you destroy by loosing control of your weight. In a few hundred years there should be 1000’s of people who will be able to point to you as their ancestor. Or will you be a dead end?

    1. Historically, 60% of men didn’t procreate according to genetic analysis. Being a genetic dead end is more normal than not. It could even be argued that the last few thousand years of “one woman for every man almost regardless of his merit” has weakened us as a specie.

      1. So true. Many folks do blame their genes for their obesity though. Simply not possible that it is genes because they would have been selected out. We are all descended from those who did successfully reproduce. It can only be something that is new causing us to get fat. Televised none participatory sport is one factor but food and general inactivity are main villains for sure.
        Those who eat crap and do not exercise are dead ends. Their lives have no worth and they will leave nothing of consequence.

        1. “Those who eat crap and do not exercise are dead ends.”
          Yeah, in a perfect world. But go check Tinder and see if fatties aren’t getting banged. Plus all the whiggers are straining to become chubby chasers to be even more ‘hood.’ Blacks are self explanatory and fat Mexicans shit out children like clockwork. Add all kinds of medical advances which circumvent what should be miscarriages and all kinds of land-whales are shitting out fat little asshole kids. Guess who pays for these little fat assholes’ excessive healthcare bills and schooling if not their food, shelter and clothing? Passport, son, passport.

        2. I believe we’re ALL an evolutionary dead end.
          I think humans have peaked. We’ve manipulated our environment to the point that there’s no overriding pressure to adapt to anything.
          Those who Mother Nature would’ve dispatched long ago are alive and reproducing more than any one else.

  21. Fatness so ubiquitous in the USA that to draw a causation, let alone correlation with one specific leisure “activity” [allocation of time] no longer holds much relevance on its own.
    There are fat gamers, fat TV addicts, fat social media whores, fat golfers, fat cosplayers, etc. Hell, this weekend while crossing a marathon route I saw at least 50% fatness in that cohort as well. Sure, its likely the one-and-done crowd but most would self-identify as “active” or a “runner” of some kind.
    Obesity is the result of the confluence of several factors, inclusive of, but in no way more significantly tied to, watching sports. But it is also driven by overarching conditions of our decadent, coddled culture, such as:
    – the rising power of the entertainment-distraction complex, which includes internet media (e.g. this blog), social media, over-communication platforms, and extrinsic-image management platforms
    – the progressive pathology of disarming social shaming, personal responsibility, and redifining Tolerance within the paradigm of relativism
    – the propagation of identity politics (within resides the victim(fat)-oppressor narrative)
    – the net-loss of productivity due to technology freeing-up time while simultaneously demanding more of our time
    – the wage-slave market effect of the time-scarcity mindset, e.g. “I don’t have time to cook”
    – the inversion of cultural values which subordinate individual accomplishment to that of collectivist group-identification (Go Raiders!)
    – the destruction of a higher power, a cohesive naturally-ordained family unit, and the social-investment required to sustain a community in favor of Government authoritarianism and control.
    – the mass sedation/medication of the population. An other inversion: “solutions” looking for problems aka Big Pharma
    – the industrialized food supply and the illusion of choice.
    Could go on, but already too long.
    Within a decadent culture people are going to have too much idle time; it is part of the definition. What they do with this time may lead to obesity, of course, but simply refraining from one certain activity does not alter the systemic headwind.
    The individual mind must be altered at a deeper level. The impetus of which must be genuine desire of that individual. Otherwise people will continue to merely exchange one thing (sportsball watching) with something else (Instagramming).
    Still fine advice, but its reductive hair-splitting to attack one particular time-suck distraction when we live in a culture that is ALL ABOUT distraction. Sports are entertainment just like social media. Attempting to moralize or create a hierarchy of best/worst fails to attend to the 900 pound gorilla.
    To starve the beast you have to take away all of its food, not just the bits that seem most calorie dense at first glance.

    1. Well said. When I saw this article I couldn’t help but wonder how exactly this site and its particular focus on women is any different than sports

  22. A lot of good points but I think ‘Fatties gonna fattie’ regardless. Take away sports and they would just sit and play vids while eating possibly even more than they do at the stadium.
    I used to follow all sports but now only football (and 80% college ball at that). For me, the strength on display is an inspiration. There is a tie in to weightlifting that has kept me lifting for years though I can’t explain how it works. Football players are lifters and if you lift as well, the vicarious experience sharpens, imo. Watching a compact dynamo like Ameer Abdullah or CJ Spiller is inspiring to me. You want to be like them. I can’t imagine admiring these athletes’ strength and fitness without pursuing it myself. Track and field and of course weightlifting (not bodybuilding) also inspire me to be an athlete myself, in my own way. If you’re not training yourself then I don’t see how you could get anything out of watching athletics though that’s what most people do.

  23. Ya it’s true. What blows my mind is that I’ve been working out my whole life and there is a point in training i.e. about 6 hours weekly training even in the gym that makes it impossible to gain fat. You can eat the chips your body just won’t want to. Something about living vicariously through other people that turns people into pathological liars about doing the work to conquer their own skin.

    1. how old are you, out of curiosity? i found that i could eat any kind of garbage (arby’s, pancakes, chips) when i was in my twenties and as long as i was lifting hard, it didn’t affect my physique. now that i’m in my forties, i can lift as hard as i want and i’m still going to have a gut if i eat stuff like that.

  24. Obesity problems aren’t helped by the fact that the West’s food supply has literally been sabotaged to make us weak in mind and body. The amount of concentrated sugar and carbs in the modern American’s diet is something the human body cannot adapt to. Until people start to care about the very sustenance that directly impacts their quality of life more than fantasy sports and reality television obesity will continue.

      1. As opposed to being sabotaged in the pursuit of a perceived virtuous end. If a country built a dam that had the unforeseen result of destroying a large swath of agricultural land the dam is still sabotaging their food supply, but it wasn’t intentional sabotage. Do you have anything of value to add to the conversation or are you just one of those poor jobless English majors I always hear so much about?

  25. Catching a pro sports event from time to time (in person or on TV) is fun. It’s inspiring to watch the grace of truly talented athletes. The first time I saw a professional tennis match in person I was blown away.
    That said, being a superfan is a complete waste of time. It’s also a racket to separate you from your money.
    I live overseas. Recently I visited my folks in Tacoma WA. We took our kids to the Tacoma zoo. Every 5th person there was wearing a Seahawks jersey with some player’s number. So many sheep being sheared willingly.
    “We won, we won!” you’ll hear superfans say.
    No you pathetic second-hander, “you” didn’t win. A group of highly paid men playing for money beat another group of highly paid men playing for money. They’re not even from your city. You don’t know them and they don’t know you. They don’t give a fuck about you beyond getting you to pay $50 for a jersey and $150 to see one of their games.
    People crave meaning in their empty modern lives. So they glom on to anything that will give them meaning. Sports marketers are only too happy to provide artificial meaning and line their pockets at the same time.
    The red pill helped me understand that there are two groups of people in the world: 1) the exploited, and 2) the exploiters. I know which side I want to be on.

  26. Check out BREATHARIANISM
    There’s is a hard core diet that puts cold turkey to shame. It’s called ‘BREATHARIANISM’ or ‘inieda’. It is the belief (and religion) that the body can sustain itself from pure sunlight and by burning oxygen (breathing). The body survives off of ‘prana’ or the Sanskrit word for ‘life force’ along with sunlight and air, the same as plants do. Numbers of breatharians have never been large but the lifestyle/religion has been attempted by a number of westerners. The practice is old and originated with yogis.
    A Seattle woman attempted a watered down version of the hard core ‘air only’ diet where she included minimal amounts of teas, fresh water and small bites of food weekly for taste. She walked treadmill 30 min daily, burned oxygen and LOST 30 lbs in the 5 week trial which she kept notes in a journal.
    IT’S HARD CORE and several westerners have died or went into coma following the breatharian diet (yogi practitioners of the breatharian discipline lived for years eating nothing). I would suggest a middle ground for anyone attempting it. Terry Schaivo went permantly comatose when her POTASSIUM level dropped critically low one day and her electrolytes went as well. ONE RIPE BANANA which is an excellent source of potassium would have saved her if she had eaten it first thing that morning. IF ONLY she ate one friggin’ banana.
    Still the breatharian discipline/diet is worth looking into in its strict form (air, sun and water only) for the land whales. Every bit of cellulose they carry in their glad bags can be burned BUT WATCH the electrolytes (salt/gatorade), they’re critical and also there’s a critical fat level. Marathon runners who eliminated fat intake completely developed what’s called ‘runners pneumonia’ from falling below the critical level for fats .
    Watch your criticals like the gagues on a spacecraft, they determine life and death. I’d suggest essential fatty acids, olive oil, garlic oil, fish oil, walnut oil but not trans fat whatsoever. Trans fat will never burn. A ‘twinkie eating’ 400 lb whale who does breatharianism and gets down to 200 lbs but still retains 100 lbs of unburnable trans fat will at some point go critical just like Schaivo.
    It is known that trans fat can only be removed physically, cleared from arteries with stints or under skin by liposuction. The shelf life of trans fat IS CENTURIES, especially the preserved hydrogenated vegetable base trans fats, so the cadavre of the land whale would likely become like a plasticised mummified body of silly putty.
    I think breatharianism is worth looking into. It’s basically the cold turkey or anorexic approach only with yogic religion added. They believe that all food is an addiction, so the air only approach can be the extreme end if necessary for a whale. I’d go somewhere in the middle or in between with a daily juicer, some protein to rebuild from ripping workouts and finally breatharianism.

    1. LOL… Wiley Brooks, one the most recent proponents of this baloney, was caught red-handed in 1983, walking out of a 7-Eleven with a hot dog, Slurpee, and Twinkies.
      If you want to detoxify, a medically-supervised, water-only fast is the only way to go. Humans can survive for weeks without food (water is another story). A 2-week water-only fast will clean you out.

  27. IN my 30’s, I’d have shaken my head at these idiots as well, wondering what they are doing with their life. As I enter my 40’s, I focus on one thing, how to profit from these idiots. Sell them shirts, sell them fantasy football material, whatever it takes. Dan Kennedy said it best, “Everybody has something they spend dumb money on.”. So just profit from them. Fat people, sports idiots, and others are not going to change their mentality. We might as well profit from them. As the world declines, and people get fatter and dumber, just take their money and finance your escape route.

  28. Americans are fat—–waaaaaay fatter than the rest of the world so I doubt that sports viewing has much to do with it cause the rest of the world loves their sports too.

    1. True, but in America when they tailgate they throwing cheese on everything. They binge on pizza, wings, hot dogs aned beer. To them it’s like every week is a holiday and an excuse to indulge and “get f*cked up”

  29. I entered basic training (Army) in late July of 2008. The drill sergeants were pretty hard on us and maintained their tough facades through August, but as football season got underway in September I noticed a marked difference in their demeanor and mood. They were still the utmost professionals and did their jobs as such, but a guy that we might have hated a month previous could really crack us up or fuck us up depending on how his team was doing. It was kind of humorous.
    …and after returning in late November ’11 from Afghanistan where people who normally didn’t work out would hit the gym out of boredom, well…people got fat. A lot of PT failures following the holidays.

  30. Stepped away from the tube, and sports fandom, a few years back. My actuary forecast says I have, on average, only 8000 more days on this planet. Make them count.

  31. Modern society is so bleak for most men that they anesthetize themselves with sports, beer and sugary drinks and snacks.
    I was at the Pats-Cowboys game a couple of weeks back and I was *amazed* at both the weight of the Heavies and their number.

    1. True. I just play with my puppy. He puts a smile on my face. So do the girls at the gym, on the hamstring machine.

  32. Thank You! Ive said it before. Men especially these guys that spend all weekend and a lot of the week watching sports. These are the guys that are ignorant of whats going on in the world that red pillers are dealing with. All the stuff on R.O.K, these dumbfucks cant be bothered with. THESE are the guys we need to call out and shame for being asleep at the wheel when it comes to having input on the direction of our country. These are the idiots that allowed all this shit happen right in front of their faces.

  33. I grew up playing sports and could never get into the whole sports
    fantasy league shit. Now that I’m middle aged, I still would rather
    participate in sports than go nuts over some fantasy league.
    However, If you guys think the sports fanatics in America are bad, you should
    check out the soccer scene in Central and South America. I used to work
    with a soccer fanatic from Uruguay who told me El Salvador and Honduras
    actually went to war over a soccer match in 1969. I thought he was
    bullshitting me, but it’s partly true. It wasn’t caused completely over a
    soccer match, but it did play a role.

  34. American sports served a purpose when athletes were seen as role models and served as motivation for others to actually play the sports that they watched for recreation.
    The idea that a modern athlete is now a role model is laughable. Most football teams in the NFL basically look like prison chain gangs. When baseball players aren’t doping they are just being imported from third world countries. Ever watch a baseball clip from the 80’s or 90’s? Almost every player and fan is white. Now half the players don’t even speak English.
    If our great grandfathers who stormed the beaches of Europe to kick back the Nazis could reach down from the sky they would slap the shit out of us for giving up our country.

    1. Also, having watched a few ball games from the 70’s and 80’s on ESPN classic at my local bar, there are no sponsor advertisements anywhere. Look at any stadium now and they’re all gigantic billboards pretty much telling you they are there solely to take as much money out of your pocket as possible.

  35. These “men” are despicable. Wearing their favorite players jerseys they remind me of my girlfriend wearing my letter jacket in high school. There is a degree of latent homosexuality involved.

    1. Actually, excess fat in the body produces high levels of estrogen in men, so those really, really fat men you see cheering at sporting events might actually be latent homosexuals.

  36. … Already long ago, from when we sold our vote to no man, the People have abdicated our duties; for the People who once upon a time handed out military command, high civil office, legions — everything, now restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things: bread and circuses[6]
    No more comments needed !

  37. Football (soccer) hooligans are something else entirely. They’re a tribe in a ‘Way of Men’ kinda way. I’ve been in some soccer riots back in the day, and it’s a huge rush. It’s like you’re in a battle straight from Braveheart.

  38. Nothing inherently wrong with watching sports but it pisses me off when others look at me like im crazy when I tell them I dont watch footbaawl. You guys are the pathetic fatasses that scream at TV screens in your spare time instead of actually going outside, going to the gym, ect.

  39. I’ve thought about this before: When people get really animated and passionate about politics, economics, religion, etc – even if I vehemently disagree with them I can respect them for caring about something that MATTERS – something that will impact there lives and there children’s lives in a meaningful way… but when they get butthurt and angry about millionaires they have never met playing with a ball… I just can’t understand. I mean if you don’t own the team WHO GIVES A SHIT? I’ll tell you what it is – people become emotionally invested in these teams which they see as an extension of themselves and they vicariously live through these players and teams. Nothing wrong with interests/hobbies but when the shit is affecting your mood and your relationships and your life well…To me thats just kind of sad.

    1. Most of these fans are just old guys that were high school athletes. Probably mediocre even in their prime. Living the Uncle Rico dream about how life would be different if their coach just put them in during the 4th quarter. All are pathetic.

  40. Nice gif. Two white guys literally cum to a groid who threw a ball into a hoop. And they wonder why their fellow white women go for dark dick over their cucked flaccid white vaginas.

  41. I’ve said this numerous times, no man should wear another mans name on his back. Anything that condones or celebrates this idea is promoting a beta mentality. I’m sure a lot of fans wouldn’t mind if their favorite player banged their wife/gf.

  42. You would think sports fan would want to imitate the players and teams they follow and be fit.

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