Will #DraftOurDaughters Bring Hillary Down?

October has been a portentous month for the presidential campaign. In the beginning of the month women came forward accusing Trump of unwelcome advances. Later, FBI Director James Comey re-opened the criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton after finding more government emails on pervert Anthony Weiner’s computer. But the most important event may be a meme campaign that highlights Hillary’s support forcing women to register for the selective service.

The meme campaign consisted of dozens of fake ads posted under the #DraftOurDaughters hashtag that highlight two very important policy points of the Hillary campaign: First, Hillary is a radical feminist. Thus she favors equality in all things—that includes equality in combat. As a step in that direction, Hillary told the Huffington Post that she will support legislation to register for the draft.

Young women may think registering for the draft is not a big deal. They should reconsider because of the second policy of the Clinton campaign: She will almost certainly start a war against Russia—a war that will see those young women drafted into combat on the front lines.

Hillary has repeatedly blamed Russia for Wikileaks and she stated that she would get revenge through military action:

As president I will make it clear that the United States will treat cyber attacks just like any other attack. We will be ready with serious political, economic and military responses.

The #DraftOurDaughters campaign could be the thing that brings down the Hillary campaign. To get elected, Hillary relies on two demographics: People of Color and liberal white women. Up until now, women have been able to support leftist social policy because it did not impact them negatively. If they become aware that Hillary intends to draft them into combat to fight a war with Russia, they may re-think the wisdom of their equalist position.

Here are some of the best examples of the #DraftOurDaughters campaign.


I feel this one is the most powerful. It clearly states Hillary’s intention to put women into combat and start a war with Russia. Unlike the Arab nations that the US has been toppling for the neocons, Russia has a formidable military and nuclear weapons. Any military conflict will not be short and easy. That means it will highly likely that young women will soon find themselves getting blown to smithereens if they elect Hillary.




The above three ads all target the weak, cowardly men who either support Hillary or the Never Trump cuckservatives. In the Alt Right, these men are frequently portrayed as being cuckolded by wives. Hence, they are often mocked for their wives having children who are not their own: “My wife’s son” or “My wife’s daughter.”

The ad below drives this point home even more forcefully. While women might encourage their men to vote Hillary or oppose Trump for being too alpha, they secretly despise the weakness of these men.


The following ads are directed to convincing women of the ramifications of their decision to vote feminist. Feminism taken to its logical conclusion means you are going to have to trade your Louboutins for combat boots.





Lots of the ads emphasize Hillary’s extremely aggressive stance toward Putin and Russia. She has blamed WikiLeaks on Russian hacking even though there is no proof that the Russians were to blame. And she and the Obama administration have been saber rattling against Russia in Syria.

The really frightening thing is that mainstream pundits are now starting to parrot the idea that the US must go to war with Russia. All the more reason to elect someone who is not controlled by wealthy donors like Hillary.



The ad below indicates that our “enemy” Putin has a saner view on women in combat than the Democrats do.


While the campaign is mostly geared to point out Hillary’s intention to draft women, it also reminds men that their lives will not be spared in the conflagration that Hillary will start.


The media often portrays war as a sanitized affair. A soldier, safely positioned in a US-located command center, controls a drone that takes out the bad guys. The reality of war is that people from both warring factions die and are maimed. Once Hillary gets in, it won’t be just men dying in large numbers. Women will experience equality in having their lives snuffed out.



A final ad drives home the point that the future war with Russia (and Iran and Syria) will not be any sort of conflict against barbarism or evil. It will be for Hillary’s power trip.cvz5caqwyaajj4_


Elections matter. For decades, women have voted for leftist policies that have put the burden on other people. If they are successful in electing Hillary, they will face the bitter consequences of their decisions. But unfortunately, they will not be the only people impacted. Thousands of innocent Americans, Russians, Syrians, and Iranians will also have to pay the price of their virtue signaling.

The #DraftOurDaughters campaign may be enough to wake some of them up from their folly.

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400 thoughts on “Will #DraftOurDaughters Bring Hillary Down?”

  1. Brilliant. Simply, utterly, chillingly brilliant.
    Far too often, the alt-right is some combination of petulant, childish and tone-deaf—but this latest campaign is top-notch.
    This is the best thing to come from the Alt-Right since it’s inception. This is what we need more of. The only thing I would question is the use of the word ‘cuck’ directly in the one ad. The best ads are the ones that focus on the women or that allude to these men’s debased, feminized and exploited status without directly mentioning it. Also great are the ones that use virtue-signalling and social pressure (‘My daughter’s fighting, so why isn’t yours?!’). These are the ones that actually look like they could have come from the Hillbots.
    But overall, fucking excellent!

    1. Yeah, that was pretty good. A definite step up.
      Hate to be a wet blanket but, does the US have laws against fake campaign ads? Many countries do, especially ads like these that are not immediately obvious pranks.

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      1. there are very particular rules and they are pretty tricky to parse. In a nutshell it comes down to the difference between fraud and parody. There is absolutely nothing illegal with making a parody campaign ad. However, making a fraudulent one goes against FEC guidelines. The first amendment protects parody, not fraud. So it comes down to how you define these terms.
        So, for instance, you cannot use a Candidates name in an ad, a website, blah blah blah unless you “clearly and unambiguously show opposition to the named candidate” So if you are doing a parody where you make a fake add….the question becomes “would a reasonable person be fooled into thinking this was an actual ad or have you clearly and unambiguously shown that you are mocking the candidate” But what constitutes unambiguous is absurdly subjective so the laws are damn near impossible to enforce.
        So, do the US have laws against fake campaign ads like these? Yes. They absolutely do. However, those laws are based on incredibly subjective criteria and whether one is being forthright about their motives in creating the add. For all the ads in this article, I can see how a good lawyer could argue either position. So while the laws exist, they are damn near unenforceable

        1. The line between parody and fraud are not do clear. Remember the media running those stories about Trump dropping out.

        2. correct. This is why the law is so hard to enforce. So the original question was “is there a law against it” to which I said yes…but it is so dodgy and subjective that it really has no weight.

        3. is by design to be a law hard to enforce. Then the common people will easily sue MSM for their lies.

        4. Why hasn’t the media asked Kaine or implied that Kaine is dropping out because of Hillary being under FBI investigation?
          Come on media, show you are not just errant dogs that chase a squirrel then come back and paw at the Clinton’s back door.

        5. I can probably dig up the FEC code but it does specifically mention “fraudulent statements versus parody” I think that it would probably make more sense to say libel, but the words used are very carefully chosen and I think they use the word “fraudulent” rather than “libelous” for the reason of being able to define it as broadly as possible…

        6. see, I am a nut for exegesis. I do it for fun. Hell, I am on a Song of Ice and Fire Forum where I break down the game of thrones books into insanely tiny minutiae. FFS I have a phd in philosophy with a AOS of Hermeneutics and History of Philosophy. Going through incredibly dense books and looking for linguistic loopholes is actually my hobby.

        7. Yah, I remember National Lampoon magazines running obvious parody adverts. The “ad” had to plainly feature, ostensibly to avoid libel suits, the fine print: “Ad parody, not to be taken seriously”. The funniest was NL using Coca-Cola’s “Coke Adds Life” tag line and putting it beneath a photo of a smiling John DeLorean (after his acquittal).

      2. Tough call because is this thing clearly a joke and not to be taken seriously? Absolutely.
        But is it also an effective anti-Hillary ad? Yup.

      3. Doesn’t matter. There’s no way Hillary would sue; that would magnify the effect of the ads a thousand times due to the Streisand effect.

      4. Just put in a disclaimer at the bottom of the ad. That way, you can indemnify yourself from prosecution if someone claims they are misleading. That and say that this is a parody that will come true if Cankles is elected.

    2. “They’re the ones that actually look like they could have come from the Hillbots.”
      Indeed I wonder how they were able to recruit such men for something they probably clearly oppose. Money talks I guess.

      1. The alpha dudes behind the ads told the cuck hipsters (whose wives and girlfriends they were banging, and introduced them) that they can watch the next banging session.
        I think Bob Smith’s magazine had an article about that recently.

    3. A bunch of similar “Fake but accurate” ads with the unamerican Brady Campaign came out a couple of years back.
      They were so “good” that the unamerican Brady Campaign had to denounce them.

      1. Things would’ve gone better if George Bush drank the blood of every man, woman and child in Iraq.

    4. “Brilliant. Simply, utterly, chillingly brilliant”
      Ageed – this is probably one of the best examples of the socialist / liberal narrative exploding right in front of the progressives fucking faces. They literally painted their sorry asses in the corner with this.

    5. Memes seem to get through to the mouth-breathers a lot better than a logical argument.

  2. Most SIW (Strong Independent Women) think that they are going to just take free stuff, if they even think there is a chance they might fight for their president they will cower. This ad campaign may be what will drop her, as most of her voters are too egotisticall and delusional to even care for her transgressions.
    I also found that not only the Saudis but also the Turkish bloc finances, so I want her to fail truly miserably!

  3. The new FBI investigation into Hillary’s emails already brought her down – Trump is a done deal.

    1. I don’t think anyone cares…..I mean, did Trump gain or lose anyone after the Pussy Grabbing Debacle of ’16?

      1. Pussy grabbing and lying to the FBI are two different deals. But that’s irrelevant, in the end, as it only serves as plausible cover after she loses – elections aren’t decided by casting votes. They’re decided by the people who count the votes. And Hillary’s out. You can count on it.

  4. In terms of oddsmaking and the current presidential election, we have some interesting new developments. The odds at Bovada (an online sportsbook) back on October 20th were Hillary Clinton -575 to win, and Donald Trump +375 to win. What this means is, only 12 days ago, you had to risk $575 for a chance to win a measly $100 on Hillary, and you had to risk just $100 for a chance to win $375 on Trump.
    Well, well…and my, my…guess what just happened. As of yesterday at 1:00 p.m., the line had moved significantly – and it moved in favor of Trump winning. The new line – Hillary Clinton -$300 to win, and Donald Trump +$200 to win. This is basically unprecedented, as the following article points out. What does it mean? It means Las Vegas is poised to make big money on a Trump victory.
    When the line on the favorite drops, this close to the actual event, it means they are coaxing suckers into buying Hillary at the cheaper rate. Now the suckers can win $100 by betting $300 on Hillary. And when the line moves this drastically, this close to the actual event, you are looking at a major upset most of the time. The Mob stands to rake ungodly sums of cash on a Trump victory, and with the line recently going into free fall on Hillary, they stand to rake even more between now and November 8th, as suckers who believe the latest mainstream media polls (“Hillary is still ahead! A Hillary victory is an 80% certainty!”) line up and plunk down their money on “the sure thing” –

    1. general question about better here bob. If I put my bet down do I lock in the odds from when I made the bet or do they change with the market?

      1. They lock on whatever the odds were when you made the wager. I’m putting $2000 on Trump on my trip to Nevada this weekend. When I saw the news last Friday that the FBI had reopened their investigation, I knew Hillary was done. This is about the closest thing to a sure thing that you will ever find. With the line now dropping, as it just did, there’s your sign – jump. And jump hard.

        1. How is Vegas any different from the derivatives market? You can bet on almost anything in either casino, right?>

        2. In Vegas you can bet on pretty much anything. I don’t know squat about the derivatives market, and unlike most men, when faced with a similar question, I won’t pretend that I do (heh)…

        3. I know most people here disagree with me on this, but I am still predicting a big win for Hilary. Find out in a week either way.
          Does horse betting work the same? I have put down a few bets on big horse races for fun. Nothing serious, just to pick a derby winner whose name I liked and watch the race while drinking mint julips, but I couldn’t remember if my odds changed as the odds for the horse changed.

        4. In horse racing it’s different. You get paid based on final odds. Mint juleps, eh? I went to the Derby back in 1982 (Gato Del Sol won). I nailed an across the board bet on a horse named Cutaway in a claiming race at 10-1 odds. Then I nailed a chick under a blanket in the infield at Churchill Downs. Then I almost got nailed when I was pulled over for speeding on my way back to Indiana, by a state trooper. Had a significant quantity of cocaine in the right-front pocket of my jeans. The trooper took me back to his car. We sat in the front seat and started talking about the Derby. Got him laughing pretty good. After a few minutes we were best buddies. He let me go with a warning. It truly was my lucky day.
          I would not bet on standard horse racing. That shit is rigged tighter than a presidential election. The only place to make significant loot in horse racing, is in the Triple Crown races, or the Breeders Cup races. The Belmont is the best of the best, IMHO, because usually a big favorite goes down – just like happened this year (and just like it will happen with Hillary, who is also a big favorite – wink).
          Trump is a done deal. That line movement told the whole story, when piled on top of the new FBI investigation. The MSM presidential polls are always rigged. But this year, they are rigged for a financially significant reason – to prime the suckers. I have never bet on an election before, but this one is so emotional, that a lot of people are wagering on it, which means there’s a giant pot of money, from which the wise guys will take a big slice on the underdog. I would not be surprised if the amount of money that will ultimately be wagered on this presidential election is up there with the money wagered on your typical Super Bowl. The line movement told that story, too…

        5. In horse racing it’s different. You get paid based on final board odds. Mint juleps, eh? I went to the Derby back in 1982 (Gato Del Sol won). I nailed an across the board bet on a horse named Cutaway in a claiming race at 10-1 odds. Then I nailed a chick under a blanket in the infield at Churchill Downs. Then I almost got nailed when I was pulled over for speeding on my way back to Indiana, by a state trooper. Had a significant quantity of cocaine in the right-front pocket of my jeans. The trooper took me back to his car. We sat in the front seat and started talking about the Derby. Got him laughing pretty good. After a few minutes we were best buddies. He let me go with a warning. It truly was my lucky day.
          I would not bet on standard horse racing. That shit is rigged tighter than a presidential election. The only place to make significant loot in horse racing, is in the Triple Crown races, or the Breeders Cup races. The Belmont is the best of the best, IMHO, because usually a big favorite goes down – just like happened this year (and just like it will happen with Hillary, who is also a big favorite – wink).
          Trump is a done deal. That line movement told the whole
          story, when piled on top of the new FBI investigation. The MSM presidential polls are always rigged. But this year, they are rigged for a financially significant reason – to prime the suckers. I have never bet on an election before, but this one is so emotional, that a lot of people are wagering on it, which means there’s a giant pot of money, from which the wise guys will take a big slice on the underdog. I would not be surprised if the amount of money that will ultimately be wagered on this presidential election is up there with the money wagered on your typical Super Bowl. The line movement told that story, too…

        6. I think you are incorrect about trump. That said, we will find out soon. I don’t really ever bet but I would drop 20 bucks to win on some horse with a good name for the triple crown races just to make the afternoon a little interesting. Haven’t bothered since OTB closed.

        7. It isn’t just what I see in my immediate periphery. I may be wrong. I it has been known to happen. I don’t think so though. Believe me, I will be the first person to(gladly) admit I was wrong here.

        8. If I’m wrong about Trump, I’ll be paying $2000 for the privilege. So you never bet on anything usually?

        9. nah, I am not really a big better. I don’t particularly enjoy casinos either.
          Funny story: I drove from Cannes to Monte Carlo a few years ago. I put myself up in a nice hotel, took a shower, ordered a bottle of champers and drank it while getting dressed in my tuxedo.
          As I strutted into Casino de Monte-Carlo as confident as you will I went and changed in 1k for chips (love those square guys) and strolled on over to the lowest stakes Baccarat table. In just under 10 minutes I stood up and walked away having blown a grand. Prorated for the amount of time it was it was probably the most expensive thing I ever did.

        10. Baccarat and James Bond. Heh. I don’t blame you for taking that shot. But table games are brutal (as you know). Now, if you hung out with me during three or four weekend trips to Vegas, I would wager (pun intended) that you’d suddenly want to pursue a whole new career. A buddy of mine made some wagers a couple of weekends ago in Nevada, based completely on my advice. He cleaned up. Prior to that, he was ragingly skeptical of what I had told him about my sideline. Fast-forward – last night, he informed me over the phone that he is planning on quitting his job in March in order to work with me. Heh. Everybody’s skeptical until they see that it works. Then, they always want in. Or better put, they usually say, “How do you do that?”, or “Tell me how to do that.” Women say those two things to me (or variations of them) all the time, whenever they see me cashing ticket after ticket on a day when I clean up. “Tell me how to do that” – sheesh, as if I’d tell anybody my hard-won, inside secrets about how they can be a winning sports bettor. Heh. Not in this lifetime.

        11. As I recall, your position previously was that you thought H would win due to the bookies/book makers giving her the edge, and they never go out to lose money. Since apparently they’ve changed their tune and now predict Trump, and assuming that they still really don’t want to take a big hit in the shorts, why do you continue to hold your position contrary to your original stance? Or did I misunderstand where your source of “She’s going to win” is coming from (quite possible, I talk to a lot of people)?

        12. I know little to nothing about bookies, positions or the general betting industry. I was just curious why his position hasn’t changed even though his sourced reason for the position did. That said I could really be mistaking his reason for somebody else’s.

        13. It was one big marker and bob mentions a huge move in the line. This very well signal a big shift. Or a little shift. I don’t know. Vegas still has her winning though bob will tell you its a money scam and he would know better than I would. At the end of the day I think that peoples dislike for Donald trump as a ridiculous orange buffoon will see Hillary swept into office. We will know for sure in a week though and, like I said, I will very gladly admit I am wrong if she goes down in flames.

        14. Nope. And I am not really a politics guys. I have never voted in my life and to be honest I really don’t care all that much about who wins this absurd reality show. My interest is purely sporting. My guess is Hillary is going to totally crush him,….not even close….but I don’t know much about politics so I could be wrong. If Hillary wins fat women will be more uppity but I don’t talk to fat women anyway. Business as usual. I just honestly think that Trump is a joker and that it is very hard for anyone to take him seriously.
          Question for you and other people: of those who will be voting R this year. What percentage of them do you think will be voting trump rather than voting “not Hillary.” My guess is that it is about 10%

        15. Oh I am not skeptical at all Bob. What you are saying confirms what 2 other guys I know (who don’t know each other) say. I just don’t have the belly for it. I know it isn’t the boldest move, but I like knowing that my direct deposit is exactly the same every Friday, that my annual bonus minimum is contractually guaranteed, that my high end health insurance is free and that there is matching funds for my 401k. I simply can’t roll with the punches. A life of making a living gambling, even if in the long run would be incredibly fun and profitable, would involve too much instability for me.
          As for the baccarat, champagne James bond thing…yeah. It was my birthday. I was staying in the south of france and rented a porche from an exotic car dealer and drove to monte carlo. One of those things I just always thought would be cool….sitting at a baccarat table in a tuxedo in MC

        16. ha. It is gone from NY now. But yeah. I used to run in on derby day and pick a horse by its name and drop a few bucks down and take my ticket to a bar for fun. I never got really serious

        17. That is fucking cool. Even though you lost some money. Took balls to do it. Plus, you had to feel awesome just strolling into the place. Well done sir…

        18. What percentage of them do you think will be voting trump rather than voting “not Hillary.” My guess is that it is about 10%
          Geez, no wonder you think Hillary will win in a landslide.
          It’s absolutely much higher than typical, but not nearly this bad.

        19. Absolutely agreed. The amount of anti-Immigration folks out here (illegal immigration, to be clear) are vast. The reason that the GOP swept the entire Congress in 2014 was because of these voters. These same people are showing up next week in larger numbers, and that’s definitely a pro-Trump thing.

        20. I just see trump as exceedingly unlikeable. He is truly the archetype of blustering puffed wuss. It could just be me. I have no problem believing that a lot of people are going to vote to keep a criminal like Hilary out of the whitehouse, but absolutely in no way believe that people are really supporting Donald Chump. That said, it all pans out next week and we won’t have to guess. I have no certainty. In fact, I outwardly admit that I know less than most about this stuff.

        21. Funny thing is that I did in fact get laid and for what hookers charge in monte carlo I think I actually got off cheap. It was a cool kind of once in a life time experience. Now a days I would take the money and spend it going out on a boat all day.,

        22. but absolutely in no way believe that people are really supporting Donald Chump.
          The rally numbers don’t lie. He has *huuuuge* enthusiasm out here. There were something like 50,000 in Youngstown that went and cheered him on last week. Meanwhile, Clinton can’t draw flies to her rallies, maybe one or two hundred tops and her running mate can’t bring in 30 people even if he offered free beer.
          The enthusiasm factor is what you’re not seeing, I can now see. This goes back to my original observation that your observations are due to living in a highly leftist “Mecca”. They aren’t going to report on the massive wave of support he has out here, hell, the NYT wouldn’t dare write of such things, and I’m certain that your television stations follow suit.

        23. I think that numbers can always lie….that professional politicians and their teams are, essentially, experts in making numbers lie. One of us will turn out to be right and smart money probably bets on you.
          As for NY being a highly leftist mecca…like I have mentioned…some parts really are. Union Square is pretty much ground zero for the propaganda machine. But these aren’t things I am surrounded with. I am surrounded with real estate developers, finance guys, lawyers…..all of which are more concerned with money than politics and lean, socially, to the right. Every single one of them thinks trump is a joke. The ones who are voting are voting against Hilary.
          I am sticking to my bet that Hillary is going to totally clean house in the EC. If I am wrong I am wrong. I don’t have that much invested in it.

        24. Wise choice. I wanted to be a marine biologist back in the day. I love the freakin’ ocean…

        25. as a side note, and I mentioned this the other day, at the annual REBNY dinner I see Trump. He is universally despised by real estate developers in NY. These are the people who are in the same line of work as he is…some bigger, some smaller…but all real estate developers and moguls. It says a lot to me when a person is despised by his peers. I understand why people might hate him out of jealousy or for political reasons etc….but RE Development is a small world and he is one of the players and the rest of them plain do not like the man. That says a lot to me

        26. Well, best I can offer right now is that likability isn’t high on the list of what drives people to choose a candidate. People tend to be ideologically driven, closely followed by single-issue driven. Likability matters to a much smaller subset.
          There are a lot of immigration-related single-issue voters rallying behind Trump’s promise of a wall, for instance. These are not not-Hillary voters.
          Of course, when you start to drill down a bit, it might become a little murky. What of the religious right, the single-issue voters who reliably vote pro-life? They’re not voting for or against likability & personality, but are they voting pro-life or anti-abortion? That is, for Trump or not-Hillary?

        27. No not polling number I mean that rally numbers are easily observed.
          VA is now officially in play. She lost a huge amount of support there according to the news today and is now in a statistical tie with Trump. Make of that what you will, but the MSM rarely ever reports things like this. Nationwide Trump went from -14 in the polls to +1% across the board. And that’s according to the MSM, who is doing everything it can to get the witch elected.
          In any event, we’ll see. SCOTUS is the only reason this matters to me.

        28. That means nothing to the tens of millions out here in flyover who lost their jobs, many of them in the energy sector, thanks to Obama. They’re probably, as an individual, far more gruff and crude than he is, so he’s speaking their language.

        29. See, here’s the difference. In prior elections (let’s say over the last 40 years), the odds on the two candidates were not so widely different. And that’s one reason I sat up and took notice when the line changed yesterday.
          When there is such a huge difference in the odds, Vegas stands to clean up if the huge underdog wins. When the odds are very close to each other, it doesn’t really matter who wins.
          Here’s an interesting paper on organized betting markets for all the presidential elections between 1868 and 1940 – it used to be totally legal to bet pretty much anywhere in the USA, on the outcome of presidential elections. This is a PDF file, wanted to warn anybody who doesn’t like PDF files –

        30. Well, you may not be a day to day politics guy, but you’re clearly not that indifferent to politics above that level. Is it really possible to be confident that one will be insulated from the result?
          Re. the re-opening of the FBI investigation etc. I fear you may be right. So far polls – for what they are worth (which may be very little) – suggest that Hillary voters are unchanged in their intentions and that it is almost exclusively Trump supporters and Republicans politicians who wavering who are now are able to get fully behind him. For the Media and the Republican Establishment to suddenly shift towards Trump doesn’t necessarily do him any good to the extent that a good part of his appeal is as an anti-media / anti-establishment candidate. It could even be that some of the media, establishment, and even donors are now getting behind Trump in order to undermine the basis of that platform: how can you protest against someone who to the extent that the establishment are now coming to support him could be said to be ‘selling out’.
          Moreover the Hillary camp’s minds tend to be closed – many of them are ‘progress’ fanatics and evidence of Hillary’s corruption doesn’t impact her ability to create the specific forms of change they want. If she’s supported by lobbyists, Goldman Sachs, rigging elections, etc, I’m not entirely sure they necessarily care. I’m not American so I can’t vote but I have still put a small bet on Trump and I do hope he wins, but short of Hillary grabbing hold of a toddler to shield herself from an assassin’s bullet I don’t think we can write off her chances. She’s still the front-runner until she isn’t

        31. It’s funny, I also love the ocean. My last vacation, almost a year ago, I was down in St. Martin. I was sitting one afternoon at this great little bar having an ice cold beer on a 85 degree day in January and just chatting to locals. There was a guy there. An American guy. He had done merchant marines or navy or one of the services involving boats. Went right after high school. Then when he was done he went down to St. Martin and went to the docks and got a job on a boat. It had been 20 years or near enough not to matter and the guy now was the captain of a boat that took tourists out diving or fishing or drinking or whatever they wanted to do. He works for a guy who owns 6 boats each with a captain and crew. By all accounts the guy is a decent guy. For 20 years this guy has been boating tourists around the fucking Caribbean. He doesn’t own a cell phone or a television. When tourist season ends he sticks around with the locals and helps out with the storms. I started laughing thinking about my guidance counselor telling me that I should get a career in law or whatnot. no one told me that this other thing was a fucking option.

        32. Maybe not….they get how many electoral votes again?….it isn’t his crudeness that bothers me (or others who know him). I think I am pretty much on record as being pro crude. What bothers me is that he is a puffed up, ostentatious buffoon.

        33. We will see one way or another. I made my pick here. I am obviously not going to vote and all this is sporting and that is all afaic. And I will be the first one to admit that other people know better than me on this issue. But we shall see soon.

        34. God no shit, man. “Guidance counselors”…”asshat counselors” is more like it. There are so many cool gigs a guy could do, if he only knew about them. Makes me hate traditional education more and more, the longer I think about it. I am making the big move to sports betting full-time, in 2017. I’ll keep my side business (web development), but won’t take on any new customers. I am going to fucking make movies, lolknee. I’ve been planning it out for the last couple years. Fuck the traditional route. I want to go out leaving something behind. Film provides a pretty long-lasting legacy. Even if it sucks, at least you have it there. One thing I like about a film, is the credits. Every person has their name posted at the end of the film. It’s comforting, somehow. I always try to read as many names as I can when the credits roll. Usually, I do a quick assessment of the total number of people listed, and think, “Wow, it took over 3000 people, and all those companies, to make that shitty film?” Heh.

        35. I don’t know porcer. My feeling is that because you are an intelligent and thoughtful guy who have a tendency to think other people are. The vast majority of people are drooling idiots. I mentioned in a comment last week….think of how dumb the average person is… 49% of all people are fucking dumber than that guy. My sense of this election is that the country will get in line and do what its major cities tell it to and the major cities tend to vote big block knee jerk unthinking liberal.

        36. Given as Virginia is now in play and she had a huge loss in support since last Friday, those *consistently union democrat* energy workers who are now voting enthusiastically for Trump will get enough electoral votes to sink her. He’s not just getting GOP, but lots and lots of votes Dems count on as part of their constituency, especially the Unions.

        37. Counselors can be helpful. I mean, mine wasn’t a total asshat. He just saw the world in terms of Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers etc for one kind of people and police officers, firemen and transmen for others. I was kind of a special kid because I was getting a full ride scholarship in a school mostly populated by black gang members so I got a little extra attention. The basically told me that because of my grades and my SAT scores and the colleges I was accepted to I should look for a job in law or academia. I never had the math chops to be a engineer (not that I was dumb, I was always just better with words) and I never had a desire to be a doctor (though bev hills tit job man seems like a pretty stellar career) . But yeah, there never was any creativity involved. It was always “go for the safe, well paying, secure gig” and never “hey you should buy a catamaran and spend your life on the water.
          As for legacy, I kind of have a strange way of thinking about that. I have no desire for legacy really. I never wanted kids. I don’t want to be remembered. Mostly I would like to die in bed at a nice age that isn’t so old that I have become useless, filled with good food and good wine, in a place with excellent weather and with a young girls lips around my cock. After that they can toss my corpse in the water for all I care.

        38. A good way to go out…in the end, everything we do on this earth is the same as making shadow puppets. Everything crumbles to dust.

        39. Doing videos is great fun. You wanna do some kind of blockbusters and classical narrative 3-act shit or something avantgarde? Or documentaries?

        40. Correct. There was a time when I thought I would have liked the lolknee memorial brothel and tonsil washing emporium but I won’t be alive to enjoy it…..so fuck it.
          Back in 2012 when the Mexican Apocalypse was being predicted I was actually really happy. I think that it would be a very good thing for me to go out in the apocalypse. I honestly have a hard time imagining the world existing after I die. Fuck….I am not even fully convinced that it continues to exist when I blink or sleep

        41. Agreed. People have such strange obsessions over dying …
          I saw a documentary about some Buddhist monks in the mountains. When someone died, they chopped up the body so that the birds and animals would eat it.

        42. Even if she does win, it won’t be big. I expect at max 4% and +/- 10 electoral votes, for whoever wins.

        43. That sounds a little gruesome. I am really tidy. I don’t want to cause a mess. I’ve always thought jumping into the volcano is probably the most polite way to die

        44. Some folks do a thing where they essentially become fertilizer for a plant topside.

        45. It’s not a mess. The animals clean you up perfectly. They eat your bones and flesh and everything. There’s nothing left. Very neat.

        46. yes but someone needs to do the chopping unless you live around large bears or something

        47. I have always wondered that about the monks up in the mountains. Like the Tibetan monks on the Himalayas. Are they really these serene and peaceful bad ass monks? I mean, what are your career choices if you are born in Tibet. You can basically be a yak farmer, you can walk stupid white people up to the top of the mountain or you can sit around a monastery and chant all day. I have to guess that a significant number of monks just get into being a monk because it is the least sucky job in town

        48. meh…circus performers. This is no harder than making nike sneakers for 20 hours a day for 8 cents a week…just different training.

        49. Well you need quite some pain resistance, I’d say. He’s turning his head on stone and shit. And does this move when the feet are fully to the sides or whatever.
          The Shaolin training is interesting. They basically keep drilling on. You get in there and there’s no mercy. You get beaten if you don’t play ball and you have to carry water up a mountain and whatnot. And I think it somehow comes down to this creating so much intense pain that at some point, the mind just snaps and the pain goes away. Apparently after 1 month or so.

        50. yeah….but it has to be better than slave labor or being a Sherpa right?

        51. Hell, I won’t say anything about it, since I am neither, so how the fuck would I know. But from what I read, their training and nutrition etc is hardcore.

        52. My dad used to say: Leftists always talk about how they love nature. They don’t. They love parks. You know, prepared reservoirs that are optimized and kept so that you basically just can have a nice walk or hike there. Real nature … is just crazy wilderness.

        53. Not just leftists. I’m not a leftist and that is exactly how I feel

        54. “no one told me that this other thing was a fucking option.”
          They never do…..That’s what’s so satisfying about achieving it!

        55. I’d like to decompose, return the parts back whence they came. Kind of like bringing back a rental car, but in my case a rental car with a few accidents and zero maintenance…

        56. absolutely. They see nature as just another commodity to purchase and be entertained by on their own terms.

        57. I just want it over before my co-workers and neighbors find me out and come at me with the pitchforks and torches…

        58. oh. hah. Yeah those guys. Yeah, no. Fuck the rainforest. I saw it. It scared the fuck out of me. I want to save the beach resorts of 5 star Caribbean hotels.

        59. I just finished commenting elsewhere that the question of this election is purely “who are you voting against?”

        60. Yes, my perception is skewed towards people who are relevant in making decisions. I have a fairly broad frame of reference in general. It is my opinion that the big cities in this country will do as they always have done, totally control the outcome of elections. And flyover country will mumble and grumble and it will be business as usual. I might be wrong. We will see in a week

        61. It’s hard to go wrong betting on the band who gave us Hotel California.

        62. I’ve written two short horror film screenplays (about 20 minutes each). And I’ve written one full-length horror film screenplay. Will produce the first two, then tackle the feature.

        63. I will definitely let you know. I am going to put all of them online and let people watch them for free.

        64. Cool. I was just thinking you may want to stay anonymous within the ROK crowd, so you may be inclined not to share something you produce with a more public name.

        65. I was originally thinking that way, but I’ve changed my mind and won’t care about that once I do the films.

        66. I’m thinking of when Steel took a shit in the ’80s I guess. In my mind that’s when the Midwest went to hell.

        67. But I don’t think trump will win. I think he will lose and lose big. I would be shocked if HRC didn’t get at least 300 EC votes

        68. Of registered US voters: ~17% voters, Dem. ~13% Rep. ~70% independent/other parties.
          Do the math if some of that 70% are motivated enough to vote.
          Some PhD’s did a 50,000 voter 50 state poll (1,000 each state, evenly grouped by D, R and other).
          Result: Trump ~67%

        69. Funny thing about numbers — they can tell you pretty much anything you want. My prediction may be wrong and a lot of people here will tell you that it is, but I suppose we will know in a few days at which point I’ll admit I was wrong or gloat depending on which is more appropriate.
          My guess is a huge and crushing electoral college win for HRC where she gets over 300 votes.
          I am lucky in that I don’t really care about who wins. It is purely a sporting interest.

        70. Actually, I’m predicting that whoever wins it will be business as usually and the losing side will do what the losing side always does—grumbles a bit and goes about their life as usual
          No one is moving to Canada. There will be no riots in the street. It is like a world championship in sports ball. It seems to matter for a bit and then everyone just goes back to work

        71. I’m not talking about ‘sore-loser crybaby’ nonsense like ‘gonna move to Canada, waaa’ (as if North Cuckistan is any better).
          This situation has some indicators of a power-struggle between factions at the ‘levers of power level’.
          The changes ‘the day after’ will be either more of the same, but worse, or something different, in the sense of agendas, ie, more social justice warfare, globalisation disintigration, migrant flooding, etc., vs. “social responsibility”, national priorities, immigration control, local manufacturing restart, etc.

        72. Meh.
          You think electing Donald Trump will change anything? A best it will have no effect and it is quite possible to make it worse.
          The idea that there is a “lever of power” is a dream like santa clause. When men stop letting this shit happen on a personal level, an individual level things might get better.
          I will tell you that as a person who just ignores all the nonsense and who has set his life up in a way and acts in a way as to just avoid the side show, 90% of the stuff I encounter regarding social justice feminist bullshit I encounter on ROK

        73. It’s fine and effective to detach from the rigged games played, be they ‘politics’, employment, social, etc. One can raise the quality of one’s life immensely that way. I not only agree with you on that, I advocate it, educate my offspring, and live like that myself for decades.
          However, there are rulers and ruled, that’s human society since day one, it’s an undeniable reality.
          Your way is effective, because you don’t seek to rule (or be a running-dog or lackey), nor do you overtly submit to being ruled (by living off the government titty, being wasteful of your earnings, etc.)
          You yourself bailed ‘academia’ for lucid reasons, which from your explanations, boil down to a smaller-scale version of exactly what I speak of regarding power-structures, social control and management, etc.
          You yourself clearly (and eloquently) repeatedly describe how you avoid the burden of being another dumb, groveling peon in the herd of manipulated human cattle.
          You found a successful formula for yourself to live free.
          Perhaps your study of sleeping vagrants motivated your clearly capable mind to find a way to avoid the downsides of vagrancy whilst achieving the seemingly nirvana-like detachment your photographic study subjects reached by being able to sleep peacefully on bustling sidewalks…
          People like you are a thorn in the eye of the would-be autocrats; but your detachment spares you ‘special attention’.
          That’s my personal observation, fwiw.

        74. I think you hit the nail on the head though when you said I have no desire to be ruled. But where I, respectfully, disagree is where you say that there are rulers and the ruled. There simply are no rulers….power exists because we collectively agree on it and it resides where we collectively put it. I have put power into my own hands to the best of my ability and I rule my self as best I can.
          I don’t talk about it in terms of ruling, but that is what it is. The terms I use are whether we live a passive life or not. I refuse to be a passive spectator to my life on ever level. What I eat, how I live, the clothes I wear, who I fuck, how I sell my time and for how much….of course there are facts of nature that bleed into it. I can’t decide to be a 6’4 albino woman from the amazon no matter what the faggots tell people.
          Looking to solve these problems by shining a light on them and electing a pompous orange buffoon is simply not going to help. What helps is if, at an individual level, men raise themselves above the fray and look down on it the way I look down on the homeless.
          A friend of mine said to me that if Hillary is elected that fat women will feel more empowered. So what? I wouldn’t fucking talk to fat women anyway. You know what would stop empowering fat bitches? Not electing trump. What would stop empowering them is if hungry beta simps didn’t white knight for them and flour down their cunts looking for the wet spot. If a fat woman even looks your way, let alone tries to chat her up call her a fat piece of shit. Better yet, just roll your eyes and walk away as if you didn’t even notice she was there.
          These social issues will never be fixed by having a champion — especially if that champion is a beta simp peacocking with clown game on a national level. And make no mistake that that is exactly what trump is. He is the embodiment of clown game. A loser that puts on the clown mask to seduce drunk bitches to fuck him and then regret it in the morning. He is clown gaming the country who is drunk on the idea that he will lead a charge against the things we hate. Well fuck that. Ignore the reality show that is playing out on the national stage and on a small level, not a state level, not a community level…on a personal level just be fucking better. You will see how quickly this nonsense vanishes.
          Remember this Art….our enemies here are attention whores. They don’t care if they get positive or negative attention. Hiring a clown game attention whore chump to combat a bunch of faggot attention whores is just feeding the dialectic. It all ends when you just start treating them like the insignificant nothings they are. Remember back to one of my favorite ROK articles “XO BANG Anatomy of an Internet Troll Job” By making an innocuous site saying which XOJANE girls he would bang and then linking it up to a bunch of feminist attention whores he went viral almost instantly. Light makes this shit grow. Time to suffocate it.

        75. That was very interesting, you covered a lot of points there.
          First, regarding ruler/being ruled, it’s a present fact. How one relates to it or not may subjectively (from the subjects perspective) make that fact more or less ‘present’ in one’s consciousness, but it no more changes the fact of being ruled than a toddler closing his eyes makes the world cease to exist. Practically, sometimes ignorance (in the literal sense of ignoring) can approach bliss.
          Short of well-planned, armed insurrection overtaking vital control points of society, executed well to the point of overthrow, the current system is what it is. Even should such an overthrow occur, the ‘new’ system would also have a command and control structure, occupied by perhaps different people. In other words, same shit, different day.
          What we have here, is a ‘glitch in the matrix’.
          Neither Clitler nor Trump are the ruler, nor was O. Hussein el-Buraq, Bubba, Curious Bush Senior and Junior, etc., all the way back to Washington.
          The ‘candidates’ are selected in advance to put on the quad-annual scripted ‘elections’ show.
          The prize for the ‘elected’ puppet (and the fake opponent) is cash and separation from the peons, as long as the puppets know their place and don’t get uppity.
          What happened here is that Trump was supposed to get in there and make a mockery of the ‘Republicans’ whilst filming it all for a reality show, “The Candidate”, to air after he was knocked out of the ‘race’ by the likes of Cruz or Kasich, or whoever, whom Clitler would indeed have ‘beaten’ after a more ‘highbrow’ fake contest.
          Trump, being Trump as you know first hand, was shocked to find that his ‘asshole clown game’ was destroying the script, exposing the faggoty cuck-simp dialectic to ridicule, and the ocean of peons (including the land whales you mention, as well as working negroes, citizen south of the border types, etc.) got off their asses and voted, because it was more interesting for a few hours than the tv set and/or hefty bags of cheese doodles.
          Trump let them feel like they were in the show, too.
          So he swept the field, and didn’t quit – he figured, fukkit, he’ll ride it to the White House if he can.
          This is why he was allowed to run:
          Trump shows his negotiating prowess, getting Hillary to agree to he and Bill double-teaming her, in exchange for Hillary getting a girl-on-girl session with Melania

        76. the vast majority of this makes perfect sense. I don’t believe in the top most elite theory where there is a single organization like SPECTRE sitting at a board table making decisions, but for the most part I think you hit the nail on the head. That said, I am back to my original point in this very interesting back and forth: It simply doesn’t matter which one of these idiots wins at all….not even a little…..my prediction is that HRC will wind up landsliding (and land whaling) but I could very well be wrong. I certainly wouldn’t stake my life on it….and that, as I have said all along to everyone who I tell HRC will in fact win….that is just my guess but I am far from a pLOLotics expert and we will find out one way or another next Tuesday. If I am wrong I will certainly be the first one to poke fun at myself for missing the obvious signs and if I am right I will gloat and say I told you so. Then I will pay attention to the next meaningless fad

        77. The SPECTRE movie fantasy shit is just more gaslighting, there are and always were several strata of society – the rulers, the running dogs and lackeys (aka nobility – ironic that professional, hereditary, generational asslicking dirty-workers get compensated by being called ‘noble’), and the peons.
          Rulers always vie for primacy, sometimes a ‘noble’ tries to usurp, but never a peon.
          The exception to this can be the only potentially free class – that would be intelligent, skilled people, who know how to make/do things that are needed, and they tend to get left alone to do their jobs, and maybe even sit at the table next to the lower nobles (like you do at that real estate convention).
          People like you are smart enough and have enough class and detachment to not cause any trouble for the nobles. For example, you are well paid and not overly oppressed because you make more money for them; you can guess what happens to someone like you at one of those events who can’t hold his liquor or makes some other kind of scene…
          What seems to have happened in this ‘race’:
          Some other faction saw Trump going off script, and a horde of peons got all worked up into a lather supporting him (like we see in that other circus, pro sports).
          So the other faction decides to make a move .
          And we see that playing out.
          But like I wrote earlier, similar shit, different day.
          Always satisfying communicating with people like you who know how to think.

        78. you are, of course, right about my situation. I go back and forth with some people here, most notably GOJ, about the value of a police state. While all of New York isn’t like this, my neighborhood (and a few others) are absolutely police states. The police are a paramilitary group who patrol in groups of three wearing full body armor with fucking M4A1 carbine rifles while uniforms and k9 units are everywhere. At night I don’t walk more than a block without passing a cop car. This works for me because I don’t break any laws (except for being a sexy motherfucker).
          I make enough money to keep myself happy and ensure a decent future and retirement while paying enough into the system to make me an asset which needs protection. Those cops out there with the M4A1 who patrol the Upper East Side like it is downtown Kabul circa 2002 aren’t there to stop crime…they are there to keep me safe so I continue to live there, work and pay fuck loads of taxes.
          While you may be right about Trump in some ways, I still think that at the core of his impending loss will be his general unlike ability. That said, and it bears repeating, I totally acknowledge I could be dead wrong here and will be the first to admit it if I am.

        79. The level of ‘unlikeabilty’ is irrelevant at this stage of the game – see Clitler cough up green blobs, etc.
          The whole game is the same, the ancient “pounce on your enemy when he is distracted/weakened”.
          If it was business as usual, Trump would be on Oprah talking about what it was like running for pres, and how his misogyny in his earlier days allowed the better man, Hillary, to win, etc. (See, G. Hart, J. Edwards, etc.)
          Anyhow, wisdom is better than prophecy, we’ll find out soon enough.

        80. The Trump on Oprah (or similar show) is exactly what I predict). You are 100% correct though…next week we will know.

        81. I live by an ancient (pre-Mohammed) Arabic saying:
          It’s good to know the truth – but it’s better to speak of palm trees.

        82. I live by the modern American saying. I am bored as shit at work and want to argue about meaningless nonsense.

  5. If the Russian and Syrians are smart they will capture these women and turn them into non-consensual enemy incubators.

    1. Have you seen women in the military? Would you stick your dick in the butch dyke square jawed feminists that the U.S. is enlisting?

        1. The Syrians maybe. I have a bit more respect for Russians than to make that assumption about them.

      1. Depends, guys coming back from the middle east say a 5 magically transforms into a 10 a couple months into a tour, they call these women ” Desert Queens”

        1. My duty was done primarily in central America. No shortage of pretty girls down there (and, to be completely fair, plenty of butt ugly Meztizos as well).

        2. Without question. Far more Euro than Injun by a wide margin.

        3. Native central women are only matched by pacific islanders in terms of how awful they look overall.

        4. I was married to a Costa Rican. I found out that the native population resisted Spanish rule so effectively and so ferociously that they were completely wiped out. The Spanish then left because they wanted slaves to do the actual work and not the land. They went where they could get other natives to submit. Then the land was re settled by European immigrants much later. The result is a country with about 90% European genes.

  6. Women will never ever be drafted. Just wait for their times of the month to synch up, they wont wanna fight, the Rooskies would steamroll em

    1. There will be a new baby boom just before months before the draft. So they can´t be send to combat. It´s a common phenomenon in the military, months before deployment coincidentally all women soldiers get pregnant how convenient.

      1. Then they will abort the baby after they get the “unfit to combat” card and play the “pro choice” and “My body” cards and abort the inconvenience after 8 month and 29 days of pregnancy. Because you know Hillary support partial abortion, Problem solve, you can feel safe. Vote for her

      2. Yup. All the time. I know of a chick who would get preggers before deployment. After 3 kids, the marines chucked her out.

  7. OT, but has anyone seen the most recent update on the Zika virus? Now they are saying it might lower T and fertility in men.

      1. I knew that microcephaly wasn’t linked to Zika since the german media reported about the association.
        The good thing about western media: If they report something, just take the opposite of the story and it will guide you to the truth.

      1. No upvotes for my memes? You guys are a tough crowd. (Never mind; too late now.) Maybe it’s so last week.
        Maybe no one knows “Peace Train” (good song); Clear Channel banned it from airplay back in 2001.
        I read a story that in the town the Poop Bus shat upon, there was record early voting.
        I like it as a metaphor for the HRC campaign.

  8. ‘I support Hillary’
    ‘My wife supports Bernie’.
    ‘Her boyfriend supports Trump’.
    Almost choked on my drink.
    Say what you will about the current poisonous ultra liberal climate but I love American humor when their backs are against the wall.

    1. best keep their backs to the wall. With all the faggots in the ultra liberal climate putting your backs anywhere but against the wall could find you getting meat speared in poop chute

  9. God damn, I will be working in switzerland next week and I don’t have time (and internet) there to constantly check the news so I will probably get the news that Trump won/lost through the radio while working. And the guy that comes with me to work there (we work for a big german engineering company) is a black, muslim african employee (the only one the company has). So I can’t even celebrate a Trump victory for a second because this guy would kill me.
    For fucks sake, I just want to drink a beer and celebrate for an hour, is that too much to ask for?? I will probably wait until work is finished and then buy a swiss beer that I drink in the hotel room :3

    1. I cant wait to see mass Liberal hysteria the world over if Trump wins. Triggered will be triggering, that’d be ecstatic

      1. Yeah, I will enjoy it big time. Like I said before, I’m currently serving an internship at a big german company located in Munich that is fullSJW.
        While I am positively surprised how well the work is going with 50% of engineers being female I’m not surprised about all the SJW viewpoints I hear every single day. I’m surrounded with cucks and feminists. But at least they pay good money and the projects are interesting.
        If you want to work for a company that is not SJW in germany, you need to go to the northern eastern part of the country- but there is no big business. This country is so fucked up.

  10. It is funny how the same crowd of harridans that goes on and on about equal rights is silent when it comes to assuming the equal responsibilities that come with those rights.

  11. In the 1980s we had Rambo. In the 2010s we have Triggly Puff.
    Seriously though, life is so triggering for these people, they must experience every day as though it was the death scene from Platoon. Every time I hear about some micro-aggression suffered by some brave feminist, fighting the good fight, I know that Samuel Barber’s Adagio is playing in their heads. Surely real life warfare will be as nothing compared to “everyday sexism”

      1. Don’t forget in 2017 they’re releasing Wonder Woman: First Blood or something. Partly set in the first world war with wonder woman killing german soldiers in the trench.

        1. that’s really going to mess me up.
          I’m a history buff – especially WWI/Russian revolution,
          hate feminist superheros/nonsense,
          and only had wonder woman to wank over in my teens…

        2. the big butch ones won’t mind the army. They won’t be the ones getting drafted though

        3. its a travesty. Millions of men died in WWI and now you have a fictional female superhero shitting on their memory so women can feel better about themselves

        4. WW1 was easily the most terrible of wars when it comes to sheer raw meat grinding hell. Other wars may have had more casualties, but WW1 had them dying in wholly new and terrible and utterly inhuman ways.
          You are exactly correct in your assessment. Equality will literally (Hitler) shit on the memory of all of those tortured, dead souls in order to front its narrative.

        5. as far as I’m concerned nothing better illustrates the pure corruption of feminist / progressive fantasy. Wonder Woman’s creator William Marston wanted submission to matriarchy would avoid future wars, the implication being that “toxic” masculinity was to blame for the world wars, so basically he was blaming the men who died in their millions in the trenches for their own slaughter.

      1. true.
        I saw her literally shoot down a space ship with bownarrow, beat up bigger men, while virtue signalling…
        Multitasking heroin

        1. You have to hit it just in the right spot. She probably practiced by bullseyeing womp rats in her T-16 back home

        2. I guess this was after Jeff Goldblum was unable to hack into their system with a mac book pro?

        3. Gandalf should have used a moth to summon the eagles to get him there….cheap bastard.

        4. My God there was so much wrong with that on so many levels that I’m surprised that, even in the somewhat computer illiterate 1990’s, it was able to get past committees and was approved for the script.

        5. Most space ships run Windows 95. The hack is turning on Excel, then activating the flight simulator within the program- its gives you remote control of the ship

        6. That entire scene violated every single thing about the OSI model on its face; let alone the amount of disbelief that it would take to believe that an utterly alien race ran it’s entire computer system using the U.S.’s exact OSI standard in 1995.

        7. GOJ:
          There was a deleted scene in Independence Day that explained we got computer technology from studying the alien spacecraft.

        8. LoL, that too is silly, as we had the bare bone basics down long prior to Roswell.

        9. They also had a time machine and went back in time to spread the computer knowledge so that people wouldn’t associate it. You were tricked, elegantly.

        1. Ok, you talked the talk with Archer. Question is, have you walked the walk yet? Watched it, pray tell, sir?

        2. I watched about 3 episodes this weekend. I will be picking up more and more. It really is funny!

        3. Yes!
          Serious as hell, I could easily see you saying half the stuff he does in mixed company, heh.

        4. It is pretty true. Now that I got rid of cable and fired up the ‘flix there will be a lot better quality of programing in the ole knee homestead

        5. OT: best Halloween costume I saw was a guy dressed like trump carrying a box of Mexican babies (presumably to the boarder)

        6. My son sent me pictures of guys in his dorm. There were two of them, one a cop the other in drag as Hillary, with the “Hillary” in cuffs. Turns out, the engineering and math housing areas of OSU are pro-Trump.

        7. I would understand them being anti Hilary, but not necessarily pro trump. That is a funny costume. Did you see the picture of the pumpkin I suggested to Unabashed? I put it on telegram

        8. my best costume ever was when I was a senior in high school. 6 foot 155 pounds of lean muscle (boxing is all cardio I wasn’t lifting back then). I wore tennis sneakers and tighty whiteys. I got a box and wrapped it in Christmas paper and put it around my mid section with some string like suspenders holding it up and a gift tag that said To: Women From: God. I went as gods gift to women. The fucking nerve that I had at 21 years old.

        9. Yeah, saw the pic.
          Dude, they are very pro-Trump. I walk through his dorm now and then, there are Trump/Pence signs everywhere. I think I sent you the pic of the stickers, buttons they’re wearing there that are pro-Trump, didn’t I (on Telegram)?

        10. Channeling Justin Timberlake’s song Dick In A Box?

        11. hahaha, not sure how old Timberlake was in 1992 but I am fairly sure he wasn’t doing his dick in a box thing.

        12. indeed. I don’t know. You very well may have the right of it. I think this time next year trump will a footnote to American politics and 5 years from now a trivia question about “most absurd major party nominee”

        13. I went as Lebowski once; couldnt find a pair of jellies, it really woulda tied the outfit together

        14. Telling, that the math and engineering students (who work in, you know, REALITY) are anti-Clinton…

      2. and wonder woman is coming out next year (to drum up support for the female draft and world war against russia). Young women stoked up by the idea of the amazons might be reminded that the legend has it that hacked of one breast to become better arches. God knows there’s probably no self-mutilation feminists aren’t capable of

        1. I’ve got no problem with female leftists being drafted. Heck, put them on the front lines so they can experience the “joys” of war first-hand.
          My kids won’t be participating. 🙂

  12. I don’t think they are asleep.
    They are delusional.
    Not possible to sway with logic/reality
    Feels before reals…
    Looking forward to the next three months of “living in Interesting times”

  13. The fun thing about #DraftOurDaughters campaign, it was done for free by shitlords for the service of the Donald. All the money Hillary has pour into the campaign for services like Correct The Record, to shill for her on the on-line. Donald without asking or dropping a cent, has drove of followers already attack every facet of Hillary’s campaign. Weaponize autism for the win.

  14. Late last night (October 31st), Judicial Watch released this latest bombshell, which basically puts the final nail in Hillary Clinton’s political coffin –
    “Judicial Watch today released 323 pages of new Department of State documents, including previously unreleased email exchanges in which Clinton and top aide Huma Abedin sent classified information over Clinton’s clintonemail.com unsecure email system. According to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) exemptions cited in the documents obtained by Judicial Watch, three of the Clinton-Abedin email exchanges contained material ‘classified to protect national security’…”

    1. Hillary is not only finished in this election (Trump has already won), but she will probably be leaving the country along with her husband, because she will be indicted eventually, as there is an avalanche of revelations coming which will not only prove she sent classified material over her home server, but the Clinton Foundation lined its pockets with cash in return for favors done by Hillary, while she was Secretary of State –

      1. There there will have her frog marched in cuffs right into a prison cell.
        Assuming President Jughead doesn’t pardon here, which is a distinct possibility as his last act on the last day of his term.
        Even so, she’s finished.

        1. Yup, she’s finished. We both knew it last Friday, eh..I read something about the Clintons purchasing some ungodly amount of land overseas somewhere, very recently. I’ll bet they skip the country, but we’ll have to see how it all works out. Regardless, the die is cast.

        2. There were rumors that they transferred almost 2 billion overseas last week or the week before I believe, but I haven’t seen that confirmed yet.

      2. This is astonishing. Were you the guy who posted she wired a few billion to a bank in Qatar? Do we have an extradition treaty with them

      3. There are people out there who don’t care. You tell them about that email stuff and they brush it off. They only think something is significant if the BSM reports it.

        1. The FBI cares. Now that it’s certain that she sent classified material, in new emails that they didn’t initially investigate, it’s over for her…

        2. Oh I don’t. I have trust in seeing how it’s all going to work out. The FBI cares, only because they are being prompted to care by the guys who pull the puppet strings…

  15. I would love to see one of those female units going up against an enemy unit of conscripts. I would put money on it they would get their asses handed to them on a plate. If they weren’t KIA hey would more than likely get captured and raped.
    I especially like the meme with 97% casualties in war are men. Kind of gives Hillary’s statement that the primary victims of war are women and children…. what a douche….. or a turd sandwich….I can’t decide….

    1. It will never happen. Hey, when the Queen of England knighted Elton John I wanted to see him in full plate armor and a two-handed great sword charging into war.

    2. LOL, you think some 18 year old prom queen who would scream bloody murder at the sight of a roach is going to go out guns blazing on a battlefield against Russia?? Only in the movies!!!
      She’s more likely to want to shack up with some tough Russian soldier and start giving out classified information, you know, because love.

  16. Lol if that bitch geta elected and starts a war with russia and tries conscripting men id be willing to bet there will be a lot of them telling her to fuck right off. i know im not dying for that cunt. Maybe shel have to start conscripting women and all the entitled princesses who want “equality” can go get rekt for their cuntry.

      1. Am I the only one who finds it strange that the thing went downwards? So his sack of sand was heavier than the thing … but this kinda defeats the purpose of that trap in a way.

    1. She’s hawt, send her to Da’esh, she’d last a long time.
      #no weight limit on US Mil service starting Nov, 2016

  17. There are multiple things going on with the contemporary Military Industrial Complex, first, there are some real penalties that occur when a man between the ages of 18-26 does not register. For example, being unable to obtain a drivers license or work for government agencies in some states. Men whom failed to register are also not able to take out student loans or get a federal job.
    If the Military Draft ever becomes a real law, that women had to follow, I can guarantee that half the women in the country, between the ages of 18-26, at the time the law changes, would be rendered ineligible for all the above noted items and benefits, in short order, due to ignorance of the totality of situation and/or bad advice from parents that won’t know or understand the current status of the law.
    Here is an old topic posted on MetaFilter, outlining the consequences of not applying for Selective Service Registration:
    Again, since women have never needed to register and there is over 100 years worth of “word of mouth” supporting that idea, MANY women will be blindsided years later, after they realize that they needed to register, but did not, after the law changes.
    Second, I can also explain why this push for “Front-line Females” is happening, at least within the USA, beside the obvious “political reasons” that are forcing “equality” in the form of “numbers of female bodies present in the Armed Services”.
    The USA may soon have its first female Commander-in-Chief, in the form of Hillary Clinton (and if not her, it will happen easily within the next three Presidential Administration cycles).
    Right now, the USA military is very combat veteran heavy. Meaning units all over the various branches have many people that have been in actual combat, which is very different than the military force that Bill Clinton led in his last term and even the one that Bush led in his first.
    So, why is this relevant?
    What senior ranked, combat veteran, in their right mind, is going to agree with any order given or strategy issued by someone like Hilary Clinton? The answer is NONE. I can almost guarantee there will be a mass exodus of “experienced combat staff”, if, Hilary Clinton becomes Commander-in-Chief and this exodus will occur across all service branches.
    So, this begs the question, how will those “manpower loses” be replaced? By gung-ho women joining up, of course. By opening up “front line duty” to women, the armed forces will be able to put “bodies in place” that will be able to make up for the loss of real “combat veterans” (does the first females in Ranger School make sense now?). Granted these forces will be very inefficient and far less experienced, but they will be highly obedient, will follow procedure manuals to the letter and will willingly act as a force-wide CID on the behalf of the up-and-coming “Politically Driven Commanders” of tomorrow.
    So, even though, Bill Clinton and Obama had no military experience when they were in charge and “Bush II” had very little, if any, MARK MY WORDS, Hilary Clinton, acting as Commander-in-Chief, in retrospect, will make Bill Clinton look like Churchill, Obama like Franklin Roosevelt and Bush like Eisenhower.
    Think of it this way, would you want to receive or give a “life or death order” issued from someone who WILLINGLY let their husband cheat on them and then stayed married to that cheater, simply for possible future political gains and the chance to eventually become the first female President?
    That is the LAST type of person that regular USA citizens can trust, in a position of power, that has the ability to order regular people to their deaths in war. Divorcing Bill would have given her a HUGE credibility boost, but it would have been at the cost of Political Power and her current chance at being the “First Female President”. Since she did not divorce him, it should be a clear indication of what her primary motive are.
    Final item to consider, Mark my words when most millenials reach their late 40’s and beyond, deaths by way of falling down stairs at home, or simply slipping on the floor at work, will balloon to unheard of proportions. Millennial’s have spent far too little time getting bumps and bruises during their childhoods, meaning the bones in their bodies are not strong and may as well be chicken bones, due to all the “seat time” they have built up, in comparison to previous, more active, generations. Here is a study, showing how, what I have said, is a very possible outcome for Millennial’s and its anyone’s guess how Public Health Policy will deal with them later:
    Essex University, studied how strong 315 children, at 10-years of age were in 2008 and then compared them with 309 children in the same age, using data collected in 1998. They found the following:
    -The number of sit-ups a 10-year-olds could do declined by 27.1%, between 1998 and 2008
    -Arm strength fell by 26% and grip strength by 7%, between 1998 and 2008
    -One in 20 children in 1998 could not hold their own weight, when hanging from wall bars. In 2008 one in 10 could not do so and another 10% of that 2008 cohort refused to even try the activity
    Now add in neck and back problems from texting and you have huge public health disaster on the horizon. So, as I said above, basically a fall down a flight of stairs or a heavy box falling on them, when they get older, is far more likely to kill them INSTANTLY than in previous generations. Their bones have sustained far less impact over the same amount of time, versus people born just 2 decades earlier. Their bones will be as fragile as porcelain when they reach 40+ years old and whats REALLY funny is that insurance companies currently raise rates for people over 40. So that begs the question, what will happen when these kids hit 40+, based on the current insurance polices? Honestly, they should be completely uninsurable when they reach 40.
    Now try to imagine how the military is going to deal with this public health issue affecting service age Millenial’s. The most realistic solution is more drones, more butt-in-the-seat time for soldiers and a higher emphasis on “college academics” so they can do more butt-in-the-seat military jobs. In a scenario like this, what difference would it make to have an out of shape man or a physically weak woman in these military jobs? Not much , especially when the whole cohort is already filled to the brim with physical weaklings to being with.

  18. Today marks a national enrollment day for ObamaCare. What timing, eh? People will get sticker shock when they see those puppies. Another sign Trump is going to win.

    1. Israel doesn’t frontline their females. They use them as trainers and instructors. Not sure why they get used as the default example for wymyn in combat.

        1. I had to pause from my raucous laughter at that comment to ask: What’s your #1 worst nightmare? Carny folk?

      1. Werent they put in combat situations early on in Israel’s existence(ie, the 1950s)? Seems bonkers to me

        1. All of one, count her, one, was. No more, no less.

      2. I banged an Israeli girl who was fresh out of the army. Make no mistake, those bitches are tough.

        1. just googled her….woah…hot….no they are not. But if you get them fresh out of the army (mine had just got out and was visiting NYC for the first time) they will be in good shape. Obviously this actress is hot as hell in august and that will not be indicative. But every single one of them will be physically fit (at least for the first year or so after they get out) so you are already dealing with a decent crop. I would say that the one I was with was a natural 7 but I ranked her at an 8.5 for being young and having well defined abs.

        2. she was physically strong, very fit had a certain mental toughness to her.

        3. I wasn’t talking about looks. Ziva David is a character on NCIS who is practically a female Israeli James Bond.

        4. agreed on abs. I don’t mean to be jacked. She just had low bodyfat from eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise.

        5. Dude, her face. She has such a weird face. These pictures make her look as good as she gets with the right angle of a tilted head, but the normal Google results show otherwise.

        6. She does have a weird face. Those cat eyes get me every time. Like my number one celebrity hottie (young) Olivia Wilde. I just punched her name into DDG and clicked images. I had never even heard of her before

        7. Olivia Wilde triggers me as well, in a hot way. Really weird. There is a porn star who reminds me of Olivia Wilde a lot – name is Stoya.

        8. Yup. I swear to hell that if I ever see her in the streets of new York I am going to figure out a way to give her a good dicking down. She is sexy and while she is older than I like and she has a kid which disgusts me…she is incredibly wealthy as her grandfather was the producer of pretty much every single move from 1960-2000

        9. Many non-US women I’ve met have had this mental toughness you speak of. I think it came from understanding that life doesn’t owe them jack shit, unlike euroamerican broads.

        10. My father always told me to marry for wealth. Of course he’s dating some poor sloot who’s half his age.

        11. I have a cousin that married for money. Of all my married cousins he is by far the happiest.

        12. yes. this is true. I used to fuck a Turkish girl who was as close to a natural 10 as any woman had a right to be and she had it too….the Russian broad I just ended things with as well. I am currently dipping my toes (or something) into an Asian but she is from Georgia and has a southern accent so she doesn’t count. She isn’t my first Asian, but there haven’t been very many. I have never been big on the eastern women

        13. Bob, why would I ever see a woman with no makeup? I mean, really? ever?

        14. But I never thought Mila Kunis was hot even when she was made up. I took one look at her and was like….uhm no fucking way. That she is even uglier when she doesn’t have her onion gook on doesn’t shock me. Olivia is pretty much genetically perfect. But still, she best be all made up if she wants a good lolknee dicking. I don’t live with women, I don’t shower with them…..I want them done up and dressed well.

        15. I did once….once. Even the kneeman succumb one time. It was about 4 years ago. I will say though, I never saw her not at her best. She was a terrible mistake I made and our story ended very badly….very very badly…but I have to say of her….in the 18 months that I lived with her I never once saw her without her being done up with the exception of once when she had the flue and even then she was careful never to look too unpresentable.

        16. I concur, Tom may need to use that free German health care and get some glasses.

        17. I don’t get that one but it sounds like the beginning of something funny.

      3. And at that they only take up 5% of positions in the Israeli military. The Israelis know better than to sacrifice eggs. And they don’t let dindu’s impregnate their lovely ladies either……

    2. i’ve been to Israel, young one’s are keen to get out of service. They do 2 years versus 3…
      Skinny, sexy, sabras, had a few there and in NYC…

  19. I think those beta male cucks who oppose Trump in the pictures above resemble the image of everymale who opposes Trump, even the cucks who oppose Trump in the comment section at ROK.

  20. If Hillary somehow gets elected after the renewed email investigation runs it’s course, and assuming she doesn’t die of health troubles in office, I’d love to see her try to conscript females into the military.
    You’d magically have a wave of pregnancies coinciding with ship dates for boot camp, the same way they do with overseas deployments.

  21. A war between the U.S. and Russia would be cataclysmic. The two most powerful militaries in the world, with modern technology and ICBMs, fighting each other could potentially end civilization. The death toll would be in the billions, but hey, that’s just less traffic on the interstate right?

    1. She’s too solipsistic to see it. This is her biggest danger, she’s too self absorbed to hear any voices other than her own. Even her close handlers say this about her. If she wants war with Russia, and she always wants war historically, then she’ll have it even if it means the end of the entire human race. Because Hillary.

  22. I like this one…it brings home the idea that Hillary is the same NeoCon as the crowd who cheered as over 3000 young people were killed in the clusterfuck of Iraq.
    The P.C. Left armchair feminists who think activism is screaming a hashtag on Twitter or Tumblr need to see that after all the equality they demanded, if they vote for a globalist candidate they WILL be on the front lines.

  23. If I got it correctly… “Bring your daughter to the slauter” becames official goverment policy??? Ironmaiden whould feel soooooo proud? According to Aristotele.. Art it is the immitation of nature (later on philosophers would add the society it is beeing produced in)… Now we have society immitating Art….. who could tell???

  24. Just so we are all clear: the working poor and under classes will do all the dying. HRC’s Clinton foundation donors will be reaping the benefits. Feminists and HRC voters are college educated middle class and up women, they won’t be the ones in the body bags, so they will give no shits.

  25. This is a great article. I have been sprinkling my homestretch of anti Hillary shitposts for the past few days with some of these I founfd on R/thedonald site. These are probably the most powerful images for the idiot nation that has no time to read articles on Hillaries corrupt shenanigans. Maybe when shitlibs se that someon maybe their wive or daughter might have to put up or shut up about feminism, then they might re think voting for this insane bitch. Ive been employing a vast array of psy ops in my fb posts. Most playing on feeling guilty being a deemocrat. the lies, the deception, the scandals that have been exposed on the democrats and the smug level of sueriority thy used to have being on the supposed “moral high ground”. Well..no longer. Theey now have sunk so low with all the election rigging , voter fraud, physical viloence, sign stealing, Birddogging etc.. they are the new low lifes of the political landscape. Please post these memes. They are very powerful. I have some i’ll share if you want to spred them. Look below. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3b9a5e0f5ae3024605c9ffd8193065b40ff90ae16e76b52c59c3a456496ac88d.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6e15d1fc35179972cbe46c275e1161d71b34d1051fcdd386182b2476334dc33d.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/627abae6d0f189de86b91ea6039a27c4d61cc2703c25a88183ae90be81b4a1c4.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5ec25fce1c1487a65339ad9c5064fdc04e570bed37305f80f08a1a671a139f83.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/042d144fc19b33aeadca1802cc547dc8070abf32cc8aacaa7cd622b8bdfe0f41.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/de55c48d6435e55888ba2fea8a98177fa6937be10c6f83fd0767b91097f6123f.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/90676e76735776bb2f927f9a5509a36b813c87b4f42f55be814cb149e4377b1f.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/56c40546a2d5048b3bf8674671b4fecafb59154897176a6a7cead74a2676d847.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c7bfe4c9da9e3d9ebf370f1b7ae5fa1e1f950f3b8c74afe45d209a730c062437.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/65c2e87e766896410e0a18864053a644ad410d0bae4decf616d19868eb215053.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/80221b33dde646ce4fcacd0d627c6bd943e17fb49aeadd6eb864316ee47ac81e.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6c10f441b370ca99ada3eb472c59d6e6bd3a700b11d8ab0b11606d8971627e61.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6725c5b702417f6189563dbc8cf9f1a5442c1e27cecfd475833789c24feff1a4.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/89906233946ea3313cffc8ecfb5d7102be5e1814a814595225b86bc0f0c941c7.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/df790541c26501eb2add22f49133ed3e90e1573f4f5fb82cc0274cea65085881.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6cd36eab0bd08eecf1aa0e3432a94dda4d6a92194a87f0bac8933cf6d87d2aff.jpg

  26. HAHA! They just wanna get closer to the super manly Russian men. They want Ivanovich Ivanovsky to put them in their place. LOL

  27. This must be a joke or just propaganda. They can’t be serious about sending women to get killed in Russia

    1. why not? I would draft gals in a heart beat if libs win. They want equality, time t to start spilling the blood.

  28. Women want to be tough and crass nowadays so I agree with sending them to the front lines against Russia. We should do with them like the Germans did against the Russians in WW2 with the Hungarians, send them on the most dangerous fronts/missions.

    1. Well, yeah! The article DID point out that this #draftourdaughters shite was a meme, i.e., the posters are internet satire.

  29. The smart women won’t fall for that because it’s obvious to anyone with two brain cells to rub together that any government that eliminates the draft can immediately bring it back at any time it is advantageous, and similarly they can institute a female draft during peace time to make the pussies feel good about themselves and immediately cancel it the first time a body bag with pig tails causes an uproar with the voters.

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  31. Those ads clearly show who’s the real man in the couple. Don’t you just want to slap those moronic low-T hipster faces ?

  32. So why do you guys support the Kurds and not Patriarchal Turkey? Between Kurdish women fighting ISIS and Patriarchal ISIS, why do you take the side of Kurdish women… because all these ads also apply to Kurdish women fighting ISIS.
    Just saying…
    Personally I support drafting women, but putting them in auxiliary, other units and taking away the right to vote at the federal level of women who don’t do military service. Men had the right to vote because they fight and die for the country, and if women don’t have the same responsibility, why are they given the same rights? Isn’t giving women equal rights without equal responsibilities what causes most problems from feminism in the first place?

  33. In all the discussions I’ve ever read about drafting women I have NEVER seen the most obvious argument made: biological survival requires female reproductive capacity to be regarded as a scarce resource. You simply can’t put the lives of large numbers of young, fertile women at risk.
    That having been said, however, I still support drafting women. We can keep them out of combat, but they sure as hell can give 2-4 years out of their lives to serve in other capacities if they’re going to compete with men for power every step of the way.

  34. Take the ads further. Show combat injured women. “I gave up my legs and an arm to help Hillary defeat Russia.”
    That would be a brilliant ad.

  35. A female draft would be the best possible solution to end the galloping cancer known as feminism that has pretty much destroyed the world.
    American men are denied their right to vote if they do not sign up with the Selective Service upon their eighteenth birthday. So, basically a man’s right to vote hinges upon his willingness to fight and die for his country.
    Women have no such obligation. The “right” to vote was simply handed to us.
    So,in essence women can vote for a government which can force young men to die horrific deaths on a battlefield while women themselves are not morally or legally bound to do so.
    This is perhaps the most grotesque of the endless female privilege in the United States today.
    Women in America should have their “right” to vote taken away until they, like every man upon reaching his eighteenth birthday, are forced to register with the Selective Service.
    A female draft will never happen. If a female draft were implemented in the case of impending war with Russia or anyone else, every female of draft age would instantly become pregnant.
    Feminists, and Clinton is one of them – talk shit.
    Men will be the ones, as always who are expected to fight and die.
    I find it astonishing Hillary Clinton would want to implement a female draft. By doing so she’s jeopardising her chance at the Presidency. (A big plus). Given Hill’s penchant for corruption, lies, deceit, and trickery this could just be another lie – the reason for it – who knows?
    Rest assured – women will not be coming home from war zones in body bags. If there ever is a female draft women will, most certainly, have the choice to opt out of active combat.
    The pussy pass will be firmly in place. Men have responsibilities. Women have choices.
    Equality? No. Female supremacy Yes.
    Feminism, being all about female privilege and superiority and keeping men firmly in place as disposable appliances to ensure female elitism, will make sure women never die on battlefields.

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