New Yorkers Can Now Be Fined $250,000 For Not Using Loony Gender Pronouns Like “Ze” And “Hir”

New guidelines issued for New York City “anti-discrimination” laws now permit a $250,000 fine for “maliciously” not using someone’s prefered gender pronoun. The New York Commission on Human Rights has made some fabulous errors previously, but this is by far the worst. Preposterously, these pronouns include “ze” or “hir” for people who opt for “gender-neutral” identities.

So if a person says “use ze for me instead of she” and you refuse to more than a couple of times, you are guilty of malicious or wanton misgendering and liable for the $250,000 fine.

Apologists for this kind of SJW fascism will contend that the $250,000 fine is not mandatory and is a maximum, as if it somehow eliminates the farce of the laws’ new interpretation. You can find the legal guidance here and the following excerpts give a basic overview of how the laws are meant to work, if that even makes sense in this surreal situation:


1. Failing To Use an Individual’s Preferred Name or Pronoun

The NYCHRL requires employers and covered entities to use an individual’s preferred name, pronoun and title (e.g., Ms./Mrs.) regardless of the individual’s sex assigned at birth, anatomy, gender, medical history, appearance, or the sex indicated on the individual’s identification.

Most individuals and many transgender people use female or male pronouns and titles.  Some transgender and gender non-conforming people prefer to use pronouns other than he/him/his or she/her/hers, such as they/them/theirs or ze/hir.


The Commission can impose civil penalties up to $125,000 for violations, and up to $250,000 for violations that are the result of willful, wanton, or malicious conduct.

Some (big) questions for readers

Imagine this muppet, current Mayor Bill de Blasio, leading NYC during 9/11 instead of Rudy Giuliani. He’d be too busy trying to get free surgery for transgender individuals than organizing an emergency response to the terrorist attacks.

It is clear from both a reading of the legal guidance and the general context of the laws that calling a transgender woman a “man” is illegal. So what happens when a woman repeatedly calls a man a “girl” or a “pussy”? Surely gendered pronouns are not the only concern but also actual nouns. We have all heard it before on the streets or in a bar: a fighting pair, not necessarily a romantic couple, trading insults. Such a verbal dispute frequently results in the female questioning the male’s manhood. The same can be said of two men locking horns in public. Can you think of other examples? I sure can.

Already, we start to see the plethora of circumstances in which these draconian laws are currently being violated, beyond anything to do with transgender individuals or whatever other sexual identity is the new Baskin Robbins flavor of the month. Unfortunately, we all know that these types of laws will too readily dismiss the common sense scenarios either I or readers will come up with.

In addition, how can one prove discrimination? Once again, the testimony-only nature of many allegations of gender discrimination will lead to accused parties being prima facie guilty. The witch hunt hysteria of modern times, “listen and believe,” and other pure codswallop concepts make guaranteed victimhood for transgender accusers par for the course.

This sad state of affairs is only exacerbated by the fact the the New York Commission is not a court and, as the issuing of new guidelines demonstrates, operates via quasi-fiat instead of being required to impartially interpret laws.

“Healthcare” for transgender individuals will cost everyone else in NYC big bucks

Employers in NYC must provide costly genital mutilation, voice training and other measures or risk massive fines.

5. Providing Employee Benefits that Discriminate Based on Gender

The NYCHRL prohibits covered entities from offering employee benefits that discriminate on the basis of gender.  To comply with the law, entities must offer benefits equally to all employees regardless of gender.

It is unlawful for an employer to provide health benefit plans that deny or exclude services on the basis of gender.

Transgender care is medically necessary, effective, and even life-saving for many transgender people.  Transgender care includes a range of treatments, including, for example, hormone replacement therapy, voice training, or surgery.  What a particular individual will seek differs according to their needs and overall health.

Another tragic aspect of the new guidelines is how they reinforce expectations that employers should cater to all the whims of transgender employees, well above what is afforded to others. Transgender “healthcare” is much more expensive than the average healthcare of heterosexuals and even gays and lesbians. Why should employers foot the bill for these much larger costs? And this is without raising the still very justifiable question of whether transgender individuals are a dangerous financial burden on their employers from the outset when it comes to medical overheads.

Voice training in particular strikes me as a huge joke. And how does this compare to, say, the healthcare requirements of a masculine straight man? Hundreds of thousands of straight New York men lift weights and regularly purchase supplements. Why shouldn’t their supplements be included as something intrinsic to their gender-related needs and physical wellbeing, especially as the city faces an obesity crisis?

Actual harm to life and safety doesn’t result in a $250,000 fine, so why this?

His name is Bruce and the correct pronoun for him is “he.” Oh no, are the NYC laws extraterritorial in application?

When was the last time a murderer or brain damage-inducing thug was given a $250,000 fine? It doesn’t happen. Victims or their families have to pursue costly civil action to get that sort of justice. Yet here we have a New York City administrative body handing out financial penalties for errant letters and words. Spare me.

When we see developments like this in America’s largest city, is it really worth wondering why America cannot contain ISIS or stave off the ascent of China?

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216 thoughts on “New Yorkers Can Now Be Fined $250,000 For Not Using Loony Gender Pronouns Like “Ze” And “Hir””

  1. This is what happens when Monty Python is used as source material for government.

    1. This is also what happens when the Democrat Party lets the lunatic fringe take the reins.

      1. It’s what happens when state militias are nationalized and all fear of god is removed from the feds.

    2. “We’ve come for your liver.” “But, I’m still using it!” “Not anymore.”

  2. First it was freedom of association , then freedom of speech , and soon freedom to bear arms. These Leftists are so progressive.

  3. Sexual reassignment surgery causes a increase in suicide rate that is alarming. I guess that’s not surprising, if I cut off my genitals, I’d want to kill myself too. Well, let them eat cake and a bottle of Tylenol. Lol.

    1. the classic show ‘nip tuck’ seemed like a fantasy satire of plastic surgery but it’s looking pretty accurate now

  4. Another scapegoat for unqualified people to get jobs they do not deserve.
    Then again, if we all got what we truly deserved, we certainly wouldn’t be happy about it.

    1. In WA State a feminist from Seattle proposed legislation to remove the use of “man” from all state records. She faced little opposition. Her bill became law. The State of Washington is now spending thousands to remove any word with “man” in it from all records ‘n forms since the state’s beginning.
      Don’t laugh but the way things are going, I foresee national legislation to openly tax MALES (particularly WHITE Males) a specific tax masked in the name of “gender equality.”

      1. Had a related thought the other day. One of the reasons we are not reproducing is that little shitlings are fucking expensive. But what if we gave parents slightly less tax money than it takes to pay for that child (so as to discourage people from having kids just to get money)? We would have more kids and people who don’t reproduce would still be contributing to society.
        We can’t do this now, of course. It would mean an added, massive, tax burden. But it is something to at least consider when the time to rebuild comes.

        1. The issue isn’t money, but priorities. People spend money on large homes, new or newer cars, eating out at restaurants, new clothes, gadgets, cable t.v., etc. Many people live beyond their means, and so then they find it hard to pay for just one or two kids.
          One of the biggest costs for families is women working outside the home. When a woman works a full time job like her husband, this leads to daycare costs and increased food costs (eating pre-cooked food or at a restaurant instead of home-cooked). Furthermore, both parents have less free time at the end of the day and on the weekends, because they have to do those chores which the wife could have been doing during the day. If they had more free time, they would be able to do cost-saving activities like making or mending clothes, tending a vegetable garden, or making home and automotive repairs. When people have less time, they have to pay someone else to do these things.

        2. True, it’s especially taxing for those trying to break out of the middle-middle class income into the upper-middle class incomes. Moreover, with less family influence on their kids, it’s not like tribal days when the whole village concomitantly raised each others kids.
          So in turn, having problematic kids, coming from a dual income household seems a higher likelihood, thus, kiss part of your retirement goodbye dealing with bad decisions of your kids when they’re adults. If people would just step back and realize the level wheel-spinning they do. Is 75% more work spanning a couple’s lifetimes really worth a 10-20% increase in incomes to keep up with the Jones?
          Often all this life plan does is raise the total cost of kids, and reduces value. More often loses it’s utility in ROI quickly.

        3. Oh for pete’s sake. One thing that bugs me about many Americans is they think if it hasn’t happened in America, it hasn’t happened anywhere. Canada has been giving money to parents since at least the 1960’s – it used to be called “the baby bonus”, now of course it has some high falutin’ name, like “Universal Child Tax Credit”. Still didn’t help. Birth rates continued to fall, especially in Quebec where babies qualified for a provincial cheque as well.

      2. That “white man tax” already exists, it’s just not promoted as such. I bet you will find most aspects of the progressive tax system disproportionately effect white men.
        The next big one will be a “single man tax”, where you will be taxed for not having children (this is easily justified by the state and easily sold to the public due to declining birth rates). That money will be redistributed and used to fund all the single mothers, a lifestyle choice that is presently being promoted.

        1. I’m well aware progressive taxation and legislation — already in place — has created a redistribution of wealth from men to women. However . . . seeing what’s coming out of American Universities, I foresee the feminist left proposing an outright new tax on men in the name of “gender equality” and it being met with welcome applause and little resistance.
          And the Single Man’s TAX. Yea. I’ve spoken about that idea for a couple years now. As more young men stop reproducing being it’s now too risky . . . the government, desperate to keep funding for all those freebie promises to women, will get us by creating the Single Man’s Tax. Because “after all it’s ‘not fair’ single men aren’t contributing their financial resources to women.”

        2. Under current law the simple expedient for single men will be to marry each other in an open poyamorous marriage. That means they will continue to fuck women but be legally married to each other and therefore exempt from paying the single man tax.

      3. The white man tax started with the Great Society programs and continued with no- fault divorce. Whitey has been propping up a dying nation since the late 60s, and these people are oblivious to that fact.
        Whitey is pretty much broke at this point, no way to fund all this stuff without a big middle class

    2. Aspects of insanity. Sweden is the rape capital of the world with massive riots and violent confrontations. We have yet to reach that point in Denmark, and politicians are actually talking about reducing immigration. Norway is, to my limited understanding, doing even better than us.

  5. My name is Mrs Michaela Mobius Juan. Get fuckin used to it, or give me your fuckin money

    1. I’ll refer to you a subhuman faggot spic. In honor of you I will be pissing all over the floor the next time I see a shit-skinned cleaning slave.

        1. he’s playing the part of some kind of racist riddler. Still who is Maria. Why does she care about my toilet

        2. Maybe two goddesses one cup? Dirty girls are great but one should never worship them.

    1. They will use the same hogwash as per normal….
      “Free speech doesn’t mean ‘hate speech’…” blah blah blah.
      These arseholes are insane.

      1. The counterargument is of course that, yes it does. Saying things that people like doesn’t need laws permitting it.

        1. Then I want a law silencing all leftist fuckwads. Everything that comes out of their filthy hole is offensive to me. So when do we make it law now? Oh, wait….that only applies when it offends leftists maggots.

    2. They’re defining opposing views they dislike as “Hate Speech.”
      There’s no such thing as Hate Speech. It’s called a differing opinion. Yet look how popular the use of “Hate Speech” has already become in the MSM while people are losing their jobs for giving donations in private to ill friendly PC orgs.

      1. for some strange reason equalists can’t understand that hate speech and free speech are the same thing

    3. Haven’t had freedom of speech in years. Even way back during the danish prophet cartoons, where half the world was a dangerous place to travel to for my people, there were lots of people screaming at us to apologize.

      1. Are you talking about the US or elsewhere? Say what you want about the US but we burn qurans, mock dead soldiers, and burn US flags with impunity.

        1. Sucks for you. I can burn a Quran and gun down the Muslims that come to stop it. You’ll note our higher than EU murder rate but most of it is committed by the nigger population which is mostly absent from the EU. Plus the average person pays a 25% tax rate; the lowest in the developed world.
          You’re a republic, no? Why don’t you demand the same?

        2. Probably true but being cowed because you fear being called a racist doesn’t help. I can kill a man with my ar15 rifle if he sets foot on my property. That’s due to voting.

        3. I don’t want to stop you, Balor, but Denmark has it pretty good even with the liberal social programs, govt bureaucracy, and high taxes because they actually have a middle class rich enough to sustain the programs while using them for themselves.
          In the United States it’s the poor stealing from the poor as federal employees collect the money on behalf of the oligarchs who put zem there.

        4. Far be it for me to claim that the American way is the only way. The reason that your socialist programs would not work I the US, despite the fact that you like them, is becase we have too many shit colored subhumans. The US is only 65% white. Which is why we demand the right to murder home invaders. What would happen socially if you said that you should be able to kill a man for illegally entering your house?
          We think of our niggers as the EU, to the best of my knowlegede, thinks of Gypsies; pure subhuman filth.

        5. “Far be it for me to claim that the American way is the only way.”
          But, it’s like you said, we can burn our flag and mock our dead soldiers. Who minds paying 55% taxes when we’re on the cusp of figuring out how to turn charity collecting for the poor into for-profit corporate enterprise.

        6. You can’t even injure a criminal even if you are defending yourself or your property here. Whoever doesn’t get hurt is the badguy.
          It’s far worse in sweden. They have so many sniggers that violent confrontations are becoming increasingly common. And as usual, the cops and courts side with the immigrants.

        7. ‘Merica! I can, if I choose, carry my Glock 19 on my hip. If I’m wearing shorts, I’ll carry my Sig 238. God help a nigger mugger.
          He’ll be dead in the street and, if I’m brought up on charges, ill get a half million dollars via

        8. The real reason is that socialism goes against the human nature and against our masculine nature as explorers, pioneers,warriors.
          When the state becomes your “Mutti” you either get the U.S. black ghettoes or Sweden and France.

        9. The reason that the Scandinavian countries were able to sustain their welfare states for so long was simple: cultural homogeneity. Almost everyone in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark up to the 1990’s shared the same culture (within each country, of course). They spoke the same language, went to the same church, and most important, believed in the same values. You don’t mind helping others because they’re not really ‘others’; they’re ‘you’, as well.
          Not so in the US (and Canada). Here, the FSA doesn’t share the values of the working or middle class. As a result, the working and middle classes resent the FSA, just as any hard working person would resent a freeloader of any type. That resentment is returned by the FSA, and instead of having a communal, caring, and helping community, we have one where a significant minority spends as much time as they can ensuring they can mooch more off the fewer remaining workers. Won’t end happily here.
          and, probably won’t end well in Scandinavia, either, as they have opened the doors to their own FSA which is also culturally at odds with the natives. Rapes in Malmo are just the tip …

  6. Won’t this make trans-gendered people a distinct liability?
    Why would you hire or keep someone who might cost you $250,000(union shenanigans notwithstanding)?
    Unless I’m wrong(a very real possibility), they’ve shot themselves in the foot and the employment rate of trans-gendered people will drop severely.

      1. What if there were not enough trannies in the city to hire? Some bloke at the office would need to take one for the team and get genitally mutilated?

        1. Na, they will just be fined for being bigots. Fines for everyone! It’s just another form of taxation.

        2. That’s the problem companies in the STEM field have with women. There aren’t enough women to fill the gender quotas.

        3. Why get genitally mutillated when you can just put on a dress and finally find the job that eluded you when you were just a joe-average non-minority guy?

        4. Thus the incentive for already weird people to go full queer and cross into transgenderism transvestualness to support stable career paths. Imagine the fucking crazy bullshit HR departments will be shoving in employees faces in NYC shortly.

        5. Yup. I think Jenner was involved in a car accident where he killed an old lady. He did the switch to get the pussy pass because he knew that as a man, his life would be over.

  7. You will all now refer to me as Madam Sir.
    If you do not, such fines will be rendered on your lifeless body as to render your children’s children’s children penniless. You have been warned!

    1. Notice how backwards this all is. America would rather have equality over freedom. I would hate to see this country go to war and make a quota where there must be one of each gender pronoun in a unit.

  8. Early April Fool clickbait? Fixed it for “zem”. Just use ” it”, “it’s”, and ” t’its” for groups of “its”. Trust, but verify, this is real!!! Dress in drag, go to the ladie’s room, piss in the sink – now give me my sweet sweet payday.

  9. I read about this b.s. I give thanks to God I’m no longer a citizen of NYC. I thought Bloombastard was bad but Bill de Blasshole is even worse.
    Next time I’m in ny ill make it a point to run this by my ex as another means of laughing at how stupid she is for staying in New Yorkwellian city.

    1. I don’t know how anyone with an ounce of common sense live in these places. I’m originally from Maine. After college I moved to the West Coast and was exposed to the insanity of liberalism gone wild in Portland and Seattle. It’s like Portland, Seattle and SF are trying to out liberal the other. I returned to Maine about a year ago. I now won’t even occupy the idea of living in little Portland, Maine as its become another mini-epicenter for deranged liberals who are obsessed with raising taxes, skin color and sexual orientation.
      As I’ve hit 30 … I noticed I’m gravitating towards the woods and lakes … wanting to be left alone where I live.

      1. I’m 61 and have been a Level 4 ghost for three years. The trauma of being pushed through the birth canal of the legal sausage grinder, horribly painful at the time, has been a blessing. I wish I had done this 30 years ago. Please have the courage to act upon your post. When you are 61 you will look back and say that old fart who responded to me in 2016 was right. Cheers.

        1. “I’m 61 and have been a Level 4 ghost for three years”
          What is the typical day in the life of a level 4 ghost?

        2. I am retired and full time in an RV. When I was a blue pill simp mangina tradcon I was making six figures consistently and it still wasn’t enough for the snowflake(s). Now, If I didn’t smoke and drink I could get by on $800 per month, but it takes about $1100.
          Typical, I get up when I wake up, make some coffee, and go outside and enjoy it with nature. I read quite a lot and write, but not as much as I should. I go for walks and when near a river or the ocean I enjoy fishing. I eat very well. Preparation of the evening meal is, for me, quite enjoyable and usually involves grilling.
          The few people I meet are other full timers with a similar mindset, but since everyone is mobile deep friendships don’t form which I’m sure is fine with all. I keep in contact with my family and my best friend of 40 years, the only people I trust.
          It is a simple life, free from the chains of expectations, either mine or someone else’s. I am a free man and now that I have tasted it, there is nothing that could entice me back. In essence, I live at Walden Pond with Thoreau. And I can say say with 100% certainty, that I regret not adopting this way of life 30 years ago. I have never been happier. Cheers.

        3. Thanks for the overview! Indeed there is something to be said about scraping the status quo off one’s shoe.

      2. Thats probably your masculine instinct driving you into ramboesque preparation before the butchers come to skin the sheeple.

  10. Obamacare is using your tax dollars to pay for gender re-assignment surgery on some 10 y/o child who hasn’t gone through puberty and doesn’t understand what’s happening.

    1. Don’t forget about VOICE TRAINING. I pretty much felt dead inside reading that. I had no fucking idea they spend money that shit.

      1. It’s a big racket. Even the ones who look feminine and don’t give off that uncanny valley vibe are still exposed the second they open their mouth.

    1. Notice the word “sex” I think from now on I’ll just refer to people as male or female.

  11. It’s almost like the concept of the constitution died or something. This shit HAS to violate the first amendment.
    I’m genuinely beginning to think a civil war is necessary. If these bullshit laws that are clearly telling us we have to speak a certain can be put in place what else is next?
    How long until people who believe they’re another species get this protection? Religions don’t even have this sort of protection. This time I can’t even laugh at this idiocy, I’m pissed and seriously starting to regret living in America.

    1. The constitution is worthless. It has no practical value anymore. And yes, a civil war is coming, on a massive scale. Not because it’s necessary (which it is), but because it’s unavoidable.

      1. Why not? Wasn’t gay marriage instituted on the grounds that it was unconstitutional to NOT let gays marry?

        1. Makes you wonder how long until we’re fined for not acknowledging the muslim call to prayer…

      2. “And yes, a civil war is coming”
        I’ve been hearing that for years now, and so far…. nothing.
        Any idea when you see war happening? By what year?

        1. If I had to guess, when the US gov’t finances get really bad – another 2007/08 financial recession possibly as the Fed doesn’t have any more bazookas and can’t lower the FFR 4+% this time OR if they really attempt to take guns away. Might depend on fast the federal government continues to take control and implement stupid shit. If they go fairly slow like they did in the 80s and 90s we may never have one. Like more recently though…who knows?

        2. I was thinking around the 2020 mark as well. The next asshole that gets elected in 2016 will do what he / she / it can do to keep the status quo going. But as you stated, shit is just going to run out by thrn and even lives of the upper crust will start seeing a drop in the quality of their lives.
          In the course of the civil war, I do wonder if the nation will simply break off into 3 or possibly 4 separate nations, or simply stay as one nation and fight it out.
          I also assume that after the civil war we could see an easing up of government easedropping and orwelian shit, but not sure.
          The other question is how long will the civil war last. The first one was a bloody four years.

        3. It all has to do with perception, though. I mean that stuff going on out west, I haven’t really even followed it. The ranchers rebelling or whatever. If that was the lead story every day, people would start thinking wow, what’s going on, people are upset with their government, I’m kind of upset about this or that issue as well, why are they so out of touch and ruining our society?
          On the other hand, if it was brought up once on the news last week and then no one covers it until the day where they all go home, or there is a shootout, or whatever the resolution is, it’s not seen as a culturally important issue.
          Either of these outcomes has nothing to do with the actual events that are going on out west. It is all perception. And when all major media is owned by one of 6 companies… well I think you know how they will react.

      3. Who’s gonna fight? On whom?
        They can`t catch arab terrorists because all the arabic translators are affiliated with the muslim brotherhood but you? They know you better than you know yourself.

        1. The western economy is projected to implode sometime around 2020. Lack of handouts from the state is almost certain to lead to riots given how big the dependent class has become.
          Additionally, the more immigration a country has the more violence there will be. At some point we will begin to see massive confrontations between nationalists on one side and immigrants and traitors on the other. Bataclan was just the opening shot.
          Both of these scenarios are unavoidable. There is not enough money in the world to fix the economy (by design, it’s cooked into the system) and we are not going to stop immigration before it becomes clear to the politicians that their personal lives are on the line.

        2. I will fight. I don’t care if I start out with only a posse of 4 or 5. I won’t live under tyranny. I hope it can be avoided but it may be impossible.

        3. Yes, it’s fake. Go and read it again.
          Notice how the story headline “New Yorkers can be fined…” and the first few paragraphs make it sound like this is a law that applies to everyone, in any circumstances, such as if you bump into an individual in the streets?
          Then read the text of the article a bit more closely – and it becomes apparent that this is just something along the lines of a workplace regulation – the bit of legislation which is quoted clearly refers to “employers” … so this is only applicable when there is a boss/employee relationship in place. In which case there are hundreds of other laws and regulations which apply, regarding equality , discrimination etc.
          So in other words, the title (and angle of the piece) is totally misleading – some could even say it is sensationalist – in its approach to reporting the story. It is stating (or mis-stating) the facts in a way which makes it seem like this is going to have a far larger impact on people’s lives than it really is.
          So, there you go … no need to question reality. Just the motives of right wing/reactionary news sites like this one which deliberately use over sensationalized headlines in an attempt to draw in readers and clicks.

        4. Well its still the foot in the door. And on California Campuses you have to ask permission for sex. Watch it spread to other liberal bastions soon.

        5. Erm, pretty sure you have to ask permission for sex most places, isn’t sex without permission commonly known as rape?

        6. Where do you even get you just have sex, like normal human beings. In fact its very anormal, and often a turn off to women, if you have to ask. Which is probably why feminists want it…to get in the way of happy people enjoying themselves. Of course mysteriously men have to ask permission while women dont..yeah no double standard there.

        7. Lol ok son, you go ahead and just have sex with women without their permission, and I’ll look forward to reading about it in the news.

        8. This is a stepping stone. First the business place and next the bedroom and/or culture at large.

        9. With California campuses the man has to ask the woman if he can kiss her,get her permission and if he does he may legally kiss her. He has to ask at all stages of sex before proceeding.

        10. And keep lubin’ up lefty, because thats about as much as you’ll ever know about sex.

    2. I read the other day in satire about someone being an aromantic panda with Tourette’s syndrome and Hitler at the headboard. Then there was the gal who say she was “gendervoid foxkin demiqueer.” WTH?
      I like for people to see that I am a man, and I like women. Period.

    3. We use to throw these people in the crazy house, label them crazy and move on. That’s what is going on here. We are letting any crazy person control a narrative and politicians are running with it.
      You know it’s always going to be a blue state (NY or CA, usually) that practices this crap, first. Yes, I do believe that this will be struck down in conflict with the first amendment. Censoring language is bad (it’s what we tell North Korea and the former USSR).

  12. The obamabots want to re-make america as the gayest nation on earth, over-run with lady boys like the creepy side of bangkok for some god forsaken reason.

  13. Thank God I live in a Red state where I can own a gun, can man spread on the bus and PC sewage like this is laughed out of existence. I wonder if the citizens of these liberal armpits will ever reach their saturation point and stop voting for liberals, aka democrats.?

        1. Wasn’t Georgia one of the first states that required a fingerprint to get a driving license? Just sayin. More traditional in some respects, more weak in others.
          Although yeah I’m a southern guy and it’s better here than most states.

        2. Atlanta is a black-run nightmare full of their shit lib faggot and whore enablers.
          I don’t know what this guy could be referring to…
          I was born and went to college there.
          Total shit hole, aside from the rich areas full of do nothing finance cunts…

        3. Yes, Atlanta is an armpit but nearby, outside Fulton county, it’s quite nice. I remember back in the 70’s, Atlanta was wonderful but then it became the black mecca and it was downhill from there. Cherokee county is beautiful and has the lowest crime rate in the state. That’s where I live. I wouldn’t live in Atlanta.

  14. The more disproportionately harsh the penalty, the more certain you can be that it is the pet project of some morally-bankrupt elite. Another such Orwellian favorite of leftists: traffic cameras.
    Whether the supporters of this degenerate garbage realize it or not, they are the devil’s servants doing his evil work. And feeling noble and superior about it. But pride is a deadly sin, and someday, these degenerates and their enablers will answer for their self-righteous wickedness.

  15. This has to be a satire.
    If my kid comes home with a poor mark on grammar because he didn’t use the whatever the fuck bullshit pronouns other than he or she, I’ll march into the administrative office and give them a piece of my mind. Then I’ll pull him out of public school into private school.

    1. “Then I’ll pull him out of public school into private school.”
      Do it now.
      Better : home schooling.

        1. In that case expatriation is an option.
          Don’t feed your children to the satanic state.
          Literally all my vices come from public school.

        2. this
          Im thinking just keep the kid off the grid, lie about where he goes to school, and hope no one notices.

    2. “I’ll march into the administrative office and give them a piece of my mind. Then I’ll pull him out of public school into private school”
      I would NOT advise that. They’ll call CPS (Child Protection Services) and take your kid away, perhaps for a long time. It’s really coming down to that now.

  16. If it says XY – male. If it says XX – female.
    Want to know where I learned that? Biology class – in New York.
    …ze? Hir? What the fuck are those?

    1. I had never heard of those terms until I clicked on this article. Maybe these are the German words for him and her lol

      1. Nihilists! Fuck me. I mean, say what you want about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it’s an ethos.

  17. I know this is out of topic, but maybe not too much, but I would like to make a request. There is this article about a former 16 And Pregnant cast member making her 6 year old take her out on “dates” once a month and having him pay for said date with his allowance. She even throws a little extra for this purpose. All of this, presumably, to teach him to, quote, treat a lady with respect. Then again, maybe it’s not that out of topic. After all, gender roles are reinforced only at their convenience. Since I don’t have the expertise or Internet connection to do this, maybe a valiant soul at ROK can tackle this article.

    1. Yeah, this is creepy. I can understand simply having dinner at a restaurant and teaching her son table manners. However, this woman is clearly thinking of these as quasi-romantic.
      There is something called emotional (or covert) incest, in which a parent treats a child as a spouse and relies on him/her for emotional fulfillment. As you can imagine, it’s detrimental to healthy emotional development.

      1. Emotional incest. Interesting. While not as creepy as the concept of purity balls, where girls pledge their virginity to their fathers in a bizarre wedding style ceremony and where apparently to these girls, quote, “Daddy is my boyfriend”, this is up there. In fact, in both instances, parental interference in their children’s development is quite messed up, involving things that a child that age shouldn’t even know about, especially when involves dating and sex. And in both, the parents decide everything, from prospective mates to play dates. At one point she does mention that he does like spending his money “doing something special with me.” I will say to say this again, but this is why I’m so mean and cruel towards Americans. And normally I’m a very calm and mellow man who doesn’t get outraged about stuff, but this one really pissed me off.
        And again, these bastards decide that a boy be a “he” only so he can pick up the tab.

    2. We live in a society that makes a pregnant 16yo. girl a celebrity. Of course she’s fucked in the head and will make her child fucked in the head.

  18. Hi guys. Long-time reader here, first-time commenter. I just wanted to say that I’m trans and I too disagree with this law, as well as any law intended to police language or protect someone’s feelings.
    It’s taken me a while to get to the point where I am now, when I can look in the mirror and call myself a woman and not feel completely ridiculous. Because at first, it does just feel like a man wearing a dress. I basically had to break myself down completely, shedding most my muscles and dropping a lot of weight. Almost a year on hormones now and hours of voice practice and I’m still not fully there. I still go by male pronouns because I present as male, though I’m getting pretty bad at it. One day soon I’ll be able to live fulltime as a woman.
    Why mention all of this? Because that’s what we all go through and the harder we try, the better the results. I dont need a law to protect my feelings. I know if I want to be a woman I have to be convincing and pretty. I have to stay fit and I have to present my best self everyday. Brenda Wu has shit-colored teeth and can’t be bothered to brush her hair before a tv interview. We’re not all like that.
    Love the site. I read it almost everyday. Red pill wisdom benefits all, not just men. I wish more people got that.

    1. “One day soon I’ll be able to live fulltime as a woman.”
      Nope. Never going to happen, bro. You’ll always be a freak unless you accept who you really are, that is : a man, an awfully mutilated and degraded man if you’ve done all that crazy surgery and sodomy but a man nevertheless.

      1. Despite how you may feel about the trans lifestyle (and I agree with you by the way about never being able to achieve a full biological change) cosmetically passing one’s self off as the oposite gender reliably will one day probably become possible.

    2. Did you really feel you had to go to such extremes? I find the whole issue of transgender identity difficult to understand, as apparently many men who’ve gone through this process were heterosexuals, but, as women they have to become either homosexuals or lesbians in a sexual sense?I suppose you can see why most conventional people have difficulties understanding this process as it seems very confusing.

      1. It is extreme but it’s sorta a last resort. Most trans men and women are suicidal and odds don’t get much better after transition. As far as sexual preference, hormones do affect it somewhat but also a lot of us just figure out our shit better once we start transition.
        As to the other commenters, I know I’ll never be normal, that option has been off the table for a while. But I can still be happy and have a life. I have no sjw agenda, I just wanna live and I’m not looking for your acceptance. You want me to go die? A fair point, you’re entitled to your opinion. I expect those reactions and they’re just a part of life. You guys should know that, redpillers get plenty of hate too.

        1. Well, I believe the notion of individual liberty is sacrosanct to the conservative outlook. I believe this central tenet has been undermined ceaselessly by the equality agenda which bullies citizens into accepting ideas that they don’t have to subscribe to. A person’s liberty allows them to hold narrow or even bigoted views, however it also allows a person like yourself to use this right in order to express your identity in a manner that you believe to be correct. I defend both positions, even, if I don’t agree necessarily with either viewpoint at the moment. What I find objectionable is when the State through educational programs for example and the media force and shame ordinary people into accepting ideas they’re simply not ready for.

        2. look heres the thing….I used to kind of half way think okay in the name of freedom gays and whatever else deserve equal rights…..but the reality is the entire LBGT community is UNHEALTHY FOR SOCIETY….enabling it is the same as giving an alcoholic another drink… dont do that, you get them help. likewise you dont give a LBGT person trans surgery and encouragement to be LBGT….you get them help.
          just because some monkeys and apes are gay doesnt mean its right….monkeys and apes toss feces at each other….so lets not compare us to other primates.
          as a Christian my two cents is a devil is possessing you….but I’ll compromise with “you need help”(for the sake of not having that argument) but sadly the entire world has virtually said you dont need help but rather here have more beers, you arent a drunk afterall.

    3. Live your life. If it makes you happy to think you’re a woman, who am I to judge? But as Dave Chappelle put it “To what extent do I have to participate in your delusion?”.

  19. Muslim refugees are gang assaulting and raping women in Germany
    Kim Jong Un is blowing up H Bombs in Korea
    Millions of Americans are out of the workforce
    ……and our biggest concern is if you make a transvestite butt hurt but addressing it with the wrong gender pronoun.
    Well isn’t that just effin peachy?

    1. It’s effin peachy because this mentally deranged gorilla ain’t going to be taking up arms against ISIS or anyone.
      If that isn’t insanity, nothing is. These radical muslims must be laughing their asses off.

  20. One aspect of this that needs to be talked about more is the tremendous narcissism underlying this law. There is an unstated assumption that my decision to use “he” and “she” conventionally is somehow directed against transgendered people. For these fruits, even my use of language is somehow about them.
    What doesn’t occur to progressives is the notion of personal integrity (probably because many of them have none). I refer to the former Mr. Bruce Jenner as the current Mr. Caitlyn Jenner because a) I believe a man owns himself and therefore can name himself as he pleases, and b) I believe that liberal’s sex-gender distinction is false, and so I believe that a man cannot become a woman, no matter how much attention he craves.
    I genuinely have no desire to hurt the feelings of transgendered people, because they’re already miserable. Rather, I refuse to compromise my principles and ignore the truth just so some whiner doesn’t get upset. These laws make it illegal to tell the truth. God help our Republic.

  21. China is probably the way to go. Under the crumbling shell that is their SJW-imposed communist regime is a proud culture that respects Confucian patriarchy, morality, and social order.

  22. Black Knight time. Every sane male needs to identify every big-government or SJW business in New York and request pronoun changes, now. The cost in sign changes will be astronomical, make them pay it.

  23. NY state is also gonna cover the cost of inmates who want sex change operations.
    Tax dollars hard at work!

  24. This goes back to the nonjudgmentalism in modern sexology, which assigns “equality” to nearly all the broken forms of sexuality. Sexology in a healthy patriarchal society would present the broken forms as disorders and pathologies, compared to the organic model of sexuality oriented around marriage and family formation. Think about what medicine would look like if we applied modern sexologists’ logic to health issues. We would have to call, say, diabetes, a form of “metabolic diversity” instead of recognizing it as life-threatening illness.

  25. I’d really appreciate if you called Brianna Wu by his actual pronoun. Don’t play their games.

  26. “New York New York, big city of dreams
    And everything in New York ain’t always what it seems
    You might get fooled if you come from out of town”

  27. someone should move to NYC and force people to call them some made-up pronoun for being a trans-dragon or some shit and if people refuse they have to pay them up to 250K.
    This article sounded to me like something from a future dystopian society that could only exist in fiction. It is now becoming a reality. Sad.

  28. The question is who to blame for this madness. The freaks or their far-left politician enablers.

    1. Can you explain what you mean? This city went from 8 mil in 1950 to 7 mil in 1980 to 8.3 mil(or whatever the real number is) today. Thanks.

  29. The only reason this evil flourishes is because nobody has the guts to do what needs to be done. Everyone involved in this decision needs to be killed.

  30. In the whole history of mankind, no tyranny was ever ended without violence. Reconsider your positions on violence.

    1. much truth to this….the question is will we reconsider? or are we all talk and no bark much our neutered dogs?

  31. The law is totally in keeping with the American tradition of legislating everything to death. No rules go unspoken or unwritten.
    Re: the pronoun. I used to think “zhe” was totally ludicrous. Then I remembered that I speak Spanish, and they use a gender-neutral pronoun too: “su”. In fact, my Spanish girlfriend still confuses “his” and “her” because the distinction doesn’t exist in her native language. So while I’m not opposed to the new pronoun — language is flexible, after all — I am opposed to ridiculous fines associated with violating it.

  32. So, I am safe using “it” and “you”? Or do they plan on fining us for not using manners?

      1. At least it’s not necrophilia with zombies, let alone zoophilia with ponies AND pedophilia with lolis.

  33. If someone said “I prefer ze” during a conversation I would stop, give them the dog-watching-a-magic-trick look, and walk away. Further attempts to talk would be met with silence.
    If someone’s hung up on gender promouns, you can bet your ass they’re looking for a way to crucify you.

  34. A sad state of affairs all round. By the way, the U.S. is helping China to ascend and has had no desire to contain ISIS (just yet).

  35. I can’t wait for the first person to tell me to use “ze”
    Unless I am making fun of someone’s accent it is never going to happen.

  36. This is utter insanity. If I insist people refer to me as “Your royal highness” that does not make it so, and I can collect no money from people who fail to use this phrase. Moreover, these are actual words, not gobledegook out of a Dr Seuss book like “Ze hir”

  37. Who defines the pronouns? If my pronouns include “his most masterful majesty” and “frother of loins” do I get a fat paycheck?

  38. I remember when folks from the mid-west were always referred to as being “backwards” or “behind the times”…glad we are.

  39. I gave you either a penis or a vagina – if you can’t tell the difference or are unhappy with your natural sex assignment feel free to give it back.

  40. Good christ, what the fuck is going on with the world these days and why do people think this is something that is OKAY!?
    We need to get women out of office and go back to all male law makers because this nonsensical bullshit needs to end.

  41. What is this other than a violation of my rights? Last I checked I can say whatever I want to say, and as I recall, the same people behind this “fine” also whine, complain and cry about this very same right too! Albeit it tends to be over shit like 2 live crew or some kind of grotesque “art”. This is not an issue about “trans” this is an issue about fundamental human rights, period. That said, and speaking about fundamental things, we can observe that it is fundamental to the “trans” movement to insist that other people do what they say, thus, it is fundamentally authoritarian and anti-human rights. That’s right, I fucking said that, because its the truth. A person can play dress up all they want too that is within their rights, however, that right comes to a SCREECHING HALT when they insist that I must pretend along with them i.e. refer to them in ways they wish. I simply do not have to do that because that is well within my rights. Indeed, the cosmopolitan that featured bruce jenner is emblematic of this…the cover said it all “call me ….”, it was a fucking command! The answer back to bruce and all the rest of the harpies is NO. Or, fuck no, burce, I’ll call you bruce and he and him etc, because you are a male, a man, a dude, a guy. Stop further deluding yourself, its bad enough you’re convinced your a woman, because this is no insensitive, offensive or a phobia, this is fucking reality we’re talking about. And it really has come to the point that some people want to live in reality and others don’t. The ones that do want to live in reality have fucking rights, we are people, we have dignity and we need representation and, yes, protection for freaks and tyrants.

  42. ‘1. Failing To Use an Individual’s Preferred Name or Pronoun
    The NYCHRL requires employers and covered entities to use an individual’s preferred name, pronoun and title (e.g., Ms./Mrs.) regardless of the individual’s sex assigned at birth, anatomy, gender, medical history, appearance, or the sex indicated on the individual’s identification.
    Most individuals and many transgender people use female or male pronouns and titles. Some transgender and gender non-conforming people prefer to use pronouns other than he/him/his or she/her/hers, such as they/them/theirs or ze/hir.’
    Does this mean that I can demand to be addressed as ‘Your Grace’ and be referred to as ‘His Grace’?

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