5 Things That Enable Women To Avoid Personal Responsibility In Their Relationships

First time users of the red pill are shocked to learn that feminism has saturated everything. It’s not merely a fringe movement. Feminism is a primary color of 20th century Eurocentric liberalism.

Even non-feminist women want to absolve themselves of guilt when a relationship tanks. It’s a natural human reaction to failure. And society is ready and willing to help them with it. Here are five things that enable women to avoid their share of blame for a failed relationship.

1. Movies

Women are the big market share in the movie industry. Romantic movies are almost exclusively marketed towards them, and even most man movies about action heroes have a romantic subplot. Did you ever think it was weird that Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne had a perfectly shaved chest?

Even near-homeless in the mountains of China, Bruce Wayne keeps groomed.

Even near-homeless in the mountains of China, Bruce Wayne keeps himself groomed.

Women today are extra picky about what stimuli they receive, so movies are usually careful to tell women what they want to hear.

If a marriage is falling apart because the husband is working too much, the husband isn’t portrayed as a hard-working man making personal sacrifices to provide for his family. Instead, he just isn’t loving them enough. He’s too distant. The problem isn’t her ungratefulness. It’s that she doesn’t feel love.

Love is never defined in these films. When the couple fights, they never have a philosophical discussion about the nature of love, marriage, or paternalism. Instead they just spit words, and the husband gets extra angry, showing him to be the bad guy. Women are almost never blamed for the failure of the relationship in movies.

That being said, Don Jon‘s subplot about romantic comedies destroying women’s ability to love was a major reason I loved that movie.

2. Friends

Women always want their friends to have the same relationship status (and same sexual experience) as they themselves have. This can be a very good thing, for example, in a society where everyone marries fairly young and women naturally find themselves doing the matchmaking.

But today we live in a society of whores and narcissists. Did you divorce your husband over something stupid? Well, instead of admitting fault for it, just remember that half your friends already have, and the other half should as well.

I’m not sure women are able to understand their motivations for their actions. Granted, I’m not sure anybody truly can, but women especially run on autopilot. At least I assume so, but even Freud drew a blank when trying to figure out the female mind.

3. Daytime Talk Shows

When I was a child, my grandparents told me that TV was mostly filth. I scoffed at this idea. Now I understand.

That video is so awful, even Jezebel wrote against it. An audience member asks Wendy Williams if she should trick her husband into giving her another child as promised years ago, and Wendy gives her the usual “my body, my business” lack of reproachability. Wendy ignores that a part of the man’s body (his sperm) will make a major impact on his life without his foreknowledge or consent.

Notice the audience looked really uncomfortable with the question and then broke into applause as soon as Wendy gave the approval. All women are sheep. The video above is hard evidence that women have no internal sense of absolute morality, no matter how much I personally try to disbelieve it.

Although the above is an extreme example, daytime talk shows are full of terrible messages. The enlightened woman only wants to experience something if the experience is on her terms. Women who watch these shows want some weird cocktail of being a domestic goddess with a sense of independent agency.

Women’s media today is a sorority of misandry. Or if not hatred of men, then at least a depreciatory view of them. Or if not a depreciatory view of men, then at least an inflated view of women.

These shows often focus on relationships, because that’s something women have learned to become retarded at. The dogma of the day is to “find someone who won’t try to change you.” I don’t know what that means. I’ve never met a man who tried to change a woman’s personality. Maybe it happens, but I don’t know what it looks like. Nor do I understand why a man would want to, since there’s no shortage of pretty young girls.

Nevertheless, women assume that if a relationship doesn’t work out, they must just not be right for each other. “He leaves the cap off the toothpaste. Clearly we can’t get along.” She just picked the wrong guy. Or maybe he changed. Or maybe he lied about who he was. This ignores that arranged or semi-arranged marriages often yield very positive results in satisfaction and happiness.

Marriage is hard work. You have two people with very different brain wiring trying to live as one. Love is not a feeling but a commitment. It is a choice to persevere every day especially when it is difficult. And I would argue that you cannot truly love someone until they have hurt you deeply.

4. Bullshit Activism On Their Facebook Feed

It’s never a woman’s fault in any amount if she’s beaten by her husband or raped in a frathouse. It must be the man’s fault and only his fault. Women bare no responsibility for the consequences of their choices. Otherwise, if we assign some kind of cautionary warning to women about safety, then, well, I’m not sure what will happen. Feminists never got that far in their explanation.

I guess women wouldn’t be as likely to bring accusations, except pursuing justice is a separate thing from giving advice about being safe. And it doesn’t make men think it’s okay to beat or rape women, because most of the blame is still applied to the perpetrators. And if a man does beat or rape a woman, the other men in his life will likely kick his teeth in for it.

Jane Housewife isn’t quietly knitting when her husband barges into the room and slaps her silly. Usually if a man hits a woman, she’s been provoking him for an extended period of time. It doesn’t make it right for the man to hit her, but what is worse is telling a woman to be unconcerned with real danger. Men are naturally violent, which can be a very good thing. We’re naturally fixers, and we’re hands-on people.

But like women above trying to make their friends have the same relationship status, men’s violent propensities turn ugly in the wrong contexts. As a society, we should be doing everything to avoid these situations, no matter who feels uncomfortable or scared.

5. Men Who Aren’t Invested In The Situation

We all want to feel like a good person. We want to help the helpless. And who is more helpless than women?

Being a white knight is one of the supreme virtues today right behind being anti-racist. Defending women from bad men or telling them when men are being manipulative is what the good people do. The good people empower others.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. If women are always saved from the consequences of their actions, how will they ever grow? And that’s not just a woman thing; that’s a people thing.

Unless a woman is truly in a dangerous situation and has no escape, then let her deal with her own problems. Ray Rice’s wife doesn’t need or want you to stick up for her.

This especially comes from modern church. Pastors like Mark Driscoll and Tim Keller coddling single mothers and bored housewives aren’t helping anything except their own wallets.

But I’m not so calloused to think that all these people are merely trying to make a living at whatever ideological cost. I think most of progressivism is people trying to feel like a good person, especially when deep down they feel like failures. It’s a fixation we as society need to get past. Be moral, sure, but don’t do it so you can feel smug about it.

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345 thoughts on “5 Things That Enable Women To Avoid Personal Responsibility In Their Relationships”

      1. Sad but true. The days of saying only some marriages are bad are long gone. We’re well into the era of NAMALT.

      2. Ever notice how all married guys will jokingly tell you “Never get married, man”. Well then one day I realized they weren’t joking. Why would every one of them sarcastically say something they didn’t mean? They are dead serious.

        1. When I used to work with the public I regularly had men tell me either to never get married or don’t be in a hurry to. They did not say it in a joking manner either. They were very serious. Most of the other men were silent and looked like beaten dogs.

      3. Yeah. It’s always kind of jokey but the constant refrain is negativity. 50% divorce and all the rest are groaners. Also, hang out with a man in a long term marriage and watch him very nearly start to beat off in front of any young attractive waitress or co-ed. They make embarrassing stabs at flirting. You just cringe. The guys are almost panting. It’s a joke. Most married guys will just kind of troll through life looking for any kind of spark to keep their dick from falling off. They’re not getting that spark from their wife either—Nine times out of ten. I can’t think of a voluntary act that has disappointed people up into the ranges of billions and yet guys still do it.

    1. How is marriage work, in work you get paid everyday. In marriage, the vampire sucks out your money everyday to get herself more worthless trinkets. Marriage is like gambling at a Vegas casino. The house always win, and even if you manage to win by card counting or some other smart trick, they beat you up, shake you down and kick you out.

    2. The one I heard and like is, “A married man never really meets his wife until he meets her in the divorce courtroom.”
      Men have got to get over the attitude that they will be reasonable, and will be met with a reasonable response, during the breakup. It is war, and women’s idea of war is to the knife with no prisoners taken (except to torture for fun). The woman you meet in the divorce court is not the woman you love; she is the hate filled monster that is out to utterly destroy you. She is not even rational in that she is not trying to maximize her economic outcome. If she can destroy you and get cash and prizes, even better; but the primary goal is to destroy you. Her goal is to rape and loot for the sole purpose of making you suffer. Her justification for this is that she has convinced herself, with the help of all of feminized society as mentioned in the OP, that everything is your fault. Since she is blameless you must be made to pay your pound of flesh.
      BTW, I have been divorced twice.

  1. “Love is not a feeling but a commitment.” This is the line of the article and the sooner women figure this out the better off we’ll all be.
    “Jane Housewife isn’t quietly knitting when her husband barges into the room and slaps her silly.” I’ve been saying this for years. Rihanna wasn’t dutifully making pancakes and humming Christian hymns in the kitchen with a pink, frilly apron on when Chris Brown raccooned her.
    Solid gold as usual brotha…

      1. I heard something similar. The fact is he didn’t just slug her for nothing. I think I remember Halle Berry challenging him to a boxing match. I daresay he’d drop her quicker than he dropped Rihanna.

    1. It’s exactly what my father told me. No flowery speech about “there are 5 words for love in Latin”… simply “love is a commitment”. No more, no less.

  2. And here I thought the reasons women get to pretend they have no agency was: male sexual attraction, men buying into traditional views of gender, and men naively blaming “feminism” for female nature.
    Sexual attraction: men grant the pussy pass in hope that letting bullshit slide will let them slide their dicks up into them guts.
    Traditional views of gender: men grant women the excuse to slack off because “man strong, woman natural care giver.”
    Blaming feminism: men basically denying female nature by denying female agency. “Women used to be kind and nurturing, UNTIL FEMINISM CORRUPTED THEIR PURE NATURAL CARE GIVER HEARTS!!! blah blah blah cultural Marxist blah blah blah “

  3. That being said, Don Jon‘s subplot about romantic comedies destroying women’s ability to love was a major reason I loved that movie.
    Yep- studies have confirmed women who says romantic comedies are there favorite genre tend to have more short term relationships.
    Maybe just ask a woman what her top 10 favorite movies are; if more than 5 are rom coms, assume youll never be able to satisfy her.

  4. #3, the Facebook Feed.
    As a general rule, if she is posting anything about philosophy, Buddhism, or health care, then she is facing the wall and trying to latch the next sucker. A few years earlier, she was doing shots at the local bar and giving BJs in the parking lot. Now, she’s David Fucking Thoreau.

      1. Oh yeah, they love the Marilyn Monroe quotes.
        My favorite is a nut job I know with major anger management issues. She also happens to be a single mother (go figure). Everyday she has some quote from MLK, Ghandi, or Buddha.
        I wonder if she will catch a sucker.

    1. “Posting anything about… Buddhism…, then she is facing the wall?” Hahahaha. That’s the funniest thing I’ve read all day.

    2. My Facebook page agrees with you.
      They also teach me about fancy resorts in other parts of the world, telepathy, and housecats.

  5. The media, movies an social media don’t just promote the idea that women are always the victims an never have to take responsibility for their actions, they also promote white knightism which is one of the main reason Western women are so damaged. If all the men in The West stopped white knighting an handing pussy passes women’s behavier would be a lot different.

  6. But today we live in a society of whores and narcissists. Did you divorce your husband over something stupid? Well, instead of admitting fault for it, just remember that half your friends already have, and the other half should as well.


    Women are the big market share in the movie industry. Romantic movies are almost exclusively marketed towards them, and even most man movies about action heroes have a romantic subplot


  7. Im a horrible person. I accept that. Wish theyd stop trying to change me into somebody whod give a fuck if a woman is in trouble. I dont want to compete with Government if I can help it. The Government can save the women from themselves.

  8. Men need to avoid relationships altogether.
    Its over. The days when we could have expected women to be faithful, honest and serve her husband with loyalty, love and compassion…its over. We do not live in a patriarchy, but a matriarchy. Women are dominating everything with the help of big daddy government in her pocket. Everything we are seeing, from the morning talkshows, the magazines in the supermarkets, the amount of endless and mindless bullshit aimed for women under the guise of “entertainment” is sickening and deplorable. Heck, there are now more women in the workplace than men and the reason they get jobs is because of their sex appeal and affirmative action policies.
    Yet these feminists have the audacity to say they are oppressed? Sick of it. Absolutely sick of it. Men need to do the following instead of pusuing a relationship:
    -Consider getting a vasectomy
    -Absolutely avoid marriage at all costs
    -If a woman is causing you any stress (be it a relative, friend or fuck buddy) cut her off from your life
    -Save as much money as you can
    -Invest your time and efforts into something more constructive and postive such as entrepreneurship and travelling
    -Spend your time with friends and family
    Today’s “modern women” are dream killers and drain the energy and life out of men. They are self entitled career minded narcissists who have turned into pyschological bullies. Which is why men should not tolerate any kind of bullshit from women. Life is stressful as it is. The last thing that any man needs, is more stress and that coming from the partner which is supposed to provide men with comfort and love, but presents neither.
    Believe me, women will never be able to comprehend and understand the flaws of their own logic and behaviour because they are dysfunctional by nature. Also, add to the fact that they are brainwashed by the disgusing pop culture and smartphone addictions, women will eventually realise that no man will want to commit to them in the long run. They have essentially destroyed anything of value which is why, more men are boycotting and avoiding marriage and relationships, and rightfully so.

    1. I wish the best for some of our married posters here. Some do it right and good for them and that’s number one. I mean it. For everyone else, mainly younger, I can only say this;
      Even, even, even if the marriage does work. Somehow she stays thin and cool. Somehow she doesn’t seek specifically to lower your happiness to match her own. You maintain ‘frame’ and still get sex on occasion. Even if she doesn’t commit to damaging your life. Even if it’s ideal, then look at how much you risked and how much work it took to simply get to a point where you’re just about as happy as you are right now being single. And that’s a best case scenario marriage. Some would say that’s a complete fantasy scenario. So it takes the ultimate jackpot, fantasy scenario ideal marriage just to reach even-footing with how happy you are right now. Oh, the risk? That’s no big deal…just EVERYTHING.

      1. “Oh, the risk? That’s no big deal…just EVERYTHING.”
        -Exactly. What was once pereived as a spiritual union between two souls, is now treated as a business contract, but especially by women. Which is why men need to be aware of this fact from an early age in life- women are taught and brainwashed to treat marriage like a business. Sick I know, but it is true, and is happening all over the world.
        My cousin became a victim. He married an American women, and a couple of weeks later, she filed for divorce. She took him to the cleaners and he has never been the same.

        1. didnt someone on this board explain how divorce works in the muslim world? Man files, she gets alimony. She files, she gets nothing. That is how it should work in the west, but it wont change until there is no money left to suck out of mens pockets.

        2. wait, how does one get “taken to the cleaners” after only a few weeks of marriage?????

        3. I won’t say which state, but my cousin is slowly starting to get back on his feet. He moved to Canada for a fresh start, but from what I have read, Canada is even more of a feminist driven matriarchy than the US.

        4. NYS isn’t community property. What you own at the inception of a marriage you own at the end of it.
          That’s the positive; the negative is that prenups have no force of law whatsoever.

        5. Marriage is a contract between the state and a woman, to fuck a man out of his money. The gov’t wants you to be married, the woman want you to be married, why?

        6. thank you. so before you get married, make sure you dont live in a state that has community property laws. good stuff!

        7. Yes how? Can u explain?
          From what in understand the ‘laws’ or statutes are fair regarding each spouse’s existing assets and earned assets while married.
          What’s not fair is the way in which the courts have handled divorce litigation. The precedent from decades ago and the rulings since fuck men. Especially when kids are involved. Also that prenups can be spliced and diced.
          Regardless nobody can ignore the fact that divorce law is a lucrative industry and since feminist revolution the amount of case work has skyrocketed.
          Marriage ain’t no sacred Union of sweet lurrrrrv…

        8. I have a buddy who has been engaged for one year. He’s been buying gold and weapons with his savings and trying to empty his bank account before the wedding night . Smart man.

        9. Smart move. Honestly, Id reco silver over gold. If gold ever got much higher than $2,000/oz, the gov might declare it to be only worth something in the $900-1000 range (they fixed the price of gold back in the 30s too). The guy who stated this is reputable(Gerald Celante).

        10. But why is he getting married? I mean no disrespect to your friend, but with all the drastic actions your friend is taking, why even bother getting married?

        11. Gerald Celente- one of the most wisest and brilliant men of his generation, left on our Earth.

        12. So would this community property apply to debts as well as assets? If she had 70k in college loans, and she gets rid of me after a few months, would I have to assume half of her debt as well?

        13. he’s in sales, career wise, and he races dirt cars. He has no time to game multiple women though he would like to if he had the time. This girl he is dating is pushing marriage and he has been stalling for 3 years. She finally gave him the ultimatum. He says she is the only option for him because of his racing pursuits.

        14. In my opinion, he needs to break it off immediately. This woman, like all women, has her own intents. Your friend sounds successful, but if he wants to keep his wealth, he really should avoid the marriage route.
          Divorce rate now= 60%

        15. my parents hid gold everywhere in their house in the 1960s and 1970s. Regardless of the price fluctuations, it was more valuable than the Soviet Ruble, which is how they earned their wages at the time. That became more apparent after the collapse of the USSR. They later immigrated to the USA with plenty of gold. They bought a house with that gold here.

        16. he has no other option for pussy. it is the way he thinks, though I’ve tried to convince him otherwise.

        17. I dont know how brilliant he is anymore- he still thinks there will be a renaissance of sorts in the future. He also thinks alternative energy will save us, Im not too sure about that one.

        18. True, but the man is perhaps, one of the only remaining men left who has outspoken against the establishment, and I myself, have had a tough time disagreeing with anything that the man says simply because…he is brilliant.

        19. Debts prior to marriage are assumed only by the debtor. However property is another question. For example, if you bought a house before marriage, you have kids with the bitch, then you get a divorce, the courts would probably award the house and the child to the cunt for the welfare of the child. that is the way they see it from what I’ve seen.

        20. if nothing else alternative energy will give us a few hours of heat per day during the zombie apocalypse.

        21. Oh no doubt, he got a ton of things right, but its kinda hard to prognosticate anything since 08/09 bc they seemingly change laws on the fly these days.
          I love his “Im just an Italian kid from Yonk-izz” schtick lol

        22. Bearing in mind that owning a house does not imply a right of residence.
          If you have kids, you’re likely to end up having to support your ex in your house, while you live in a flop, until the youngest reaches the age of majority, or graduates from college, whichever comes last.
          I’ve known guys who didn’t actually get their house back until their youngest was 24.

        23. I believe under O care you have to pay child support up to age 24?
          Man they are REALLY riding the backs of men until this entire shithouse goes ka-blooey!
          Thanks KFG I owe you a beer.

        24. Its called divorce rape. It takes only the few seconds you sign the paper to occur, like any other rape, it can happen quickly, or slowly, but either way you will bleed from the ass.

        25. yeah, he’s got game too but he always gets frustrated when he’s had to go without for a few months before meeting her.

        26. I once heard a story in the early 1990s where after a custody case a guy was forced to garnish 40% of his wages to alimony and child support. At the end of the trial the woman said to her ex: “I got you, you son of a bitch.” He responded: “you sure did, just one thing honey, you will never see or hear from me ever again.” He fled to the woods of Oregon never to be seen or heard from again.

        27. Man, its stories like this that are the reason why marriage has lost all of its validity and meaning. Its become so bad, that I remember when my sister was getting married, that my parents had decided to pass on all of their inheritance in my name as I chose to never get married. That way, all the deeds to the properties would be in my name and protection, in the event that her marriage ends in dissolution and her partner would not be able to touch our inheritance.
          I also suggest you watch a documentary called “Divorce Corp” if you have not seen it. Explains how the whole marriage industry is what it is- an industry and a business, where everyone has a role to play- from the judges, to the spouses and the private investigators.

        28. I’m not convinced he’s got game if he gives in to her ultimatum. Once he puts that ring on her finger, it’s game over, sad to say. She’s won. She’ll start to wear him down and give him other demands (shit tests) and totally ruin his self esteem amd confidence. Then she’ll be so repulsed by his presence. If she still has any SMV left, she’ll be fucking some other low life scum.
          Go find your friend some other pussy pronto and let that bitch walk. If she walks, then she was never the one.

        29. by game I mean he has the capability to pull other women but doesn’t want to lose time that he dedicates to his racing. you’re right though, she will keep pushing for more shit until she wears him down. She’s done it in the past.

        30. He’s got other options. If he travels for sales, he might go to other cities, conventions, etc. There are plenty of other women in lounges at the hotels to game. I don’t buy that bullshit. He’s oneitis for sure.

        31. Adding a “need a lawyer?” or “legal services” button could be a way to add revenue for this site. Directory state by state, lawyers would have to pay a monthly rate for listing. To drive traffic, you could rerun the same advertorial in the feed a few times a week to wake up men and drive traffic to the directory.
          a lil keyword buy on google (“cold feet about marriage”) could drive traffic as well

        32. All that would amount to is her making his life completely unbearable so he has no choice.
          There would have to be measures to counter-act that… Some responsibility on her part to make for at least a semi-decent relationship. Or she can leave.

        33. I don’t believe the government wants men to be married.
          The government is more than willing to play the role of daddy in the woman’s life. The government is quite happy with tons of women having children out of wedlock since it will create many more dependents on the government.
          Destruction of the family is the first step towards destroying society and creating a socialist country where everyone relies on the government. My opinion is, the government would be quite happy if no one ever got married again (except the gays apparently).

        34. I’d be interested to hear what he thinks about Canada in the future.
          Canada has become anti-male in my opinion.
          High under-employment, typically feminist women, high-taxes. Our dollar is also dropping in value. If he wants financial security all I can advise is get into the public-sector (sans academia).
          If he wants a rustic outdoorsy life than I guess it can be alright depending on where you go… But its frozen for at least half the year so…
          Good luck to him.

        35. This is one thing Sweden seems to have gotten right compared to North America.
          Over there marriage will not end your life the way it does here. To us marriage is business.

        36. its a business here in the US bc we have something like 50% of the world’s lawyers…they gotta make a buck somehow

        37. The reason why there are so many lawyers in America is because the regulations and rules are less stringent than many other countries.
          For example, in the United Kingdom, in order to become a lawyer, not only do you need to pass the bar exam, but you must also secure a training contract. Without doing this, you cannot be a lawyer.
          But apparently from what I have read, in America, all you need is to pass the bar and you can start practicing. Heck you can even open your own law firm. Trying to do the same thing in the UK, consists of even more rules to meet that it simply becomes a nightmare to begin.

        38. Single unmarried men, particularly in their 18-45 range are the most dangerous group historically. These have always been the revolutionaries who go out and start revolts. They have nothing to live for, everything to die for, can take big risk and cannot be easily compromised.
          The government basically invented state sanction marriage. Despite the “Seperation of church and state” the State is all to happy to get involved in state sanctioned religious matrimonial ceremonies. A man in marriage is usually a man by the balls.
          The government dislikes men who go around banging woman and not supporting their children, it is why we still throw men in jail for not paying child support. It is why a man in Japan can be arrested for having 14 kids in thailand. The government doesn’t mind playing pretend daddy so long as they can lock up men for not paying for it. When there were no income taxes and no child support, the government didn’t give welfare mothers anything.
          If men stopped marrying, the outcome would be what we see in Scandinavia. Large scale emigration and large scale importation of foreign wives from feminine countries. Then they ban “mail order brides” and make it hard to bring in foreign women.
          The government likes to play step daddy. Gets to be around the kids and have all the fun, but pay none of the bills and fuck the wife.

        39. Are you sure about that? I seem to recall reading of many cases where the ex-husband got stuck with debt that the wife had *prior* to entering the marriage. I think the law varies from state to state…

        40. Historically maybe. Look around. Men in their 20’s are mostly effeminate, androgynous emos today. Why? Raised without fathers. Who are guys holding up signs saying, “I need feminism cause testosterone scares me” going to rebel against?
          The government dislikes men who make babies and doesn’t pay for them, but that doesn’t require marriage. There are two ways to make unmarried men pay for babies and both are used regularly on a widescale by the government.
          The first is child support, which marriage is not needed for. This is direct money from the man to the woman.
          The second is taxation. We’re all paying for children we didn’t father.
          One way or another money is transferred from men to women to pay for children.
          I don’t really want to get into a situation where we keep repeating things, but the government is fine without marriage, at least for now. It creates generation after generation of government dependents.
          You are correct, that it does break down after a while. Men who are married work harder, and produce more both for their own personal use with their family, and to pay into the government coffers. Working women will never make up the different in productivity and cash.
          But for now, the government is happy creating generations of dependents, and that’s easier without marriage. Single women and children raised without fathers are easier to control and more likely to end up on government welfare in some form.
          When society falls apart, traditional values will return, and marriage will make a comeback but that will be human survival returning to the ways that worked rather than government getting what it wants.

        41. we are in mining, we end up going to the remote mundane places not the cool cities.
          it pisses me off too with how desperate he sounds. He thinks he’s got a good deal though she always starts drama with him.

        42. No other option?
          It was once said on this website, to paraphrase: “A man cannot be harmed when he has options”. This is stuck in my mind and one of the rules I live by now is “have options, always”.
          “no other option”.
          Your friend is dead wrong.
          He has the option to not put pussy on a pedestal. He has the option to shrug off the conditioning he has had in is life that has him thinking he NEEDS pussy. No man has ever died from lack of it. Or maybe he’s conditioned to think that if he takes pussy down the list of priorities he’ll wake up gay and go running off slob knob (against his will of course, because “rules”)?
          The “no other option” is your friend being a fucktard who is going to get fucked royally.
          We live under a system that conditions men to think they “need” pussy and have zero control over it all the while the same system has everybody thinking that women are in total control. Reality and knowledge of the hamster and the power of the tingles says 10000 percent otherwise. Men have MORE control over sexual urges and power than women.
          Your friend is being a woman. Go ahead and show him this post. If he want to defend his womanhood with more hamster then write him off as a faggot.

        43. And during the late 90s the Clinton administration put in laws to ensure it becomes way more difficult to leave the country if you owe child support.

        44. you’re absolutely right, and he knows better. he does tend to get wrapped up in a woman after he dates her. He thinks he is keeping her in line and he has told her she can go find better, but she never leaves. But she also does not cease the marriage demands. Guess what ? she was once a single teen mom 15 years ago and she’s in her 30s now with an adult son. the adult son is a big mangina, because she raised him to be one.

        45. Yeah I’m truly impressed with his trends predictions. It goes very well along with the Elliot wave theorists.

        46. Men in the 80s were FAR more androgynous, it was actually quiet popular the biggest stars in the 80s and late 70s were guys who wore lipstick and dressed like women in high heels and all.
          If the government was truly anti-marriage. They would simply just stop recognizing it and claim seperation of church and state requires them not to recognize the religious ceremony of private citizens.

        47. $4,000 a month, holy shit! That’s insane.
          And she already got $400,000 plus a $2,000/month stipend. Look at her. That guy was crazy. Run, man, run!

        48. Wow, wifing up a teen mom? Good luck with that one. Start planning a great divorce party for him now.

        49. Yea, that is the procedure. There is no financial incentive for a woman to divorce her man. What you find the women doing is nagging like mad and causing fights to try and get him to initiate the divorce.
          Most guys don’t go for it and she tends to leave with nothing or eventually shuts up and gets on with life, albeit with a grudge.

        50. WTF! Your friend is blue pill! He’s going against every red pill principle discussed on this site. Get him a prescription to the red pill ASAP if you’re his true friend.

        51. You could also go down the route i went, get married in a country and to a woman from that country, and keep all of your assets in another country where she has no legal right to try and claim them. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

        52. Say what!? Ultimatum means walking out the door. Wait till he is sleeping in his car.

        53. How about, “no I am not marrying you” or 1-800-1ESCORT. Tune him into Tom Leykis.

        54. Oh dear God this story just keeps getting worse.
          Your friend needs to be taken to the hills and beaten until he THINKs and thrown into a valley if he refuses.

        55. He must have really rolled over if she was able to divorce-rape him with just a two-week long marriage.

        56. I’m not a conspiracy theorist (or a nut) but I do believe this to be true. 1. Your points about the government above. 2. Let’s make women as unattractive as possible: fat acceptance, tattoos, short hair/skrillex haircuts, nose/tongue rings, permascowles, bad attitudes, etc., made all acceptable with feminism, 3. Destruction/shaming of the nuclear family. 4. Any act of sex, normal healthy acts ,is quickly becoming rape or sexual assault. 5. Men losing middle class jobs, actually having to train their replacements, to lesser qualified H1-B holders making the American men lesser marriage material. 6. Laws, courts, police, judges hugely favoring women making marriage extremely unattractive. 7. Trained hatred and fear of men, especially white, heterosexual men, making dating and marriage difficult. 8. Constant talk of the oppression of women with lawmakers granting special privileges, making men second class citizens. 9. The unnecessary drugging of young boys. I could go on.
          To me this is the perfect storm for some force to end marriage and family. Except, though, for whatever religion that will eventually take over the county with people who will breed like rabbits.

        57. Once the funds are commingled, it’s community property. He should see an attorney before the marriage.

        58. I see these type of discussions popping up all over the manosphere. To me this is essentially a chicken or the egg argument. It really doesn’t matter how the machine functions as long as we know what fuel it runs on. Cut the fuel, kill the machine.
          This is why mainstream media propaganda is so adamant on being so loudly silent about the manosphere. They realize the undeniable, serious and a real threat we pose. We cannot be silenced or manipulated into silence. Redpill men is a whole new breed. They know if enough men stop paying taxes, the entire pyramid scheme will collapse.

        59. Ive heard horror stories from Canada.
          Do like my Canadian friend: go down to Mexico, marry a true, feminine woman( a lot of the new gen have engineering and business degrees), and leave those psycho bitches at home.

        60. You’re mistaking short-lived MTV/Pop music gimmickry with how the culture actually was. To say that the bulk of men in the 80’s was more androgynous than millenials now is not even anywhere close to being correct.

        61. Yeah, he’s smart in one way but also kind of dumb in another, isn’t he? What I mean is that if marriage comes down to that kind of behavior then maybe the smarter thing to do is avoid it. Although, if I marry a Chinese girl later on, I will do that exact same thing. On the record, I will seem like a poor man.

        62. That, and at the start of the marriage, the man transfers a certain amount of property to the woman, as a dower. If she files, she has to pay it back in full. If she can’t, no divorce for her.

        63. Yeah.I gotta agree.MTV New wave in the 80’s didnt represent the population. On the other hand I’ve never seen more guys with no balls like I see with the hipster movement. I was at a bar/restaurant last weekend in L.A and I was blown away by how all the “males” adopted this god awful non masculine template designed and promoted by Madison Avenue. This was not a gay bar. A lot of the “guys”had girlfriends and wives there too. I recently read an article and I connected the dots that these guys were just beta simps being nothing more than a wallet and a temporary sperm donor to these women. Sure these women will find a way and rationalize cheating on these guys and take them for half of everything they own while they get their brains fucked out by an Alpha bad boy ay her “yoga class” while the husband takes care of the kids. Guys..please dont fall for that hipster shit.Have some self respect.

        64. Yeah it’s a business contract/opportunity for some, I’m sure you’re right. But I think a lot of women go into marriage just like men; dumb 20-somethings doing what Disney told them to do. It’s just that by age 35, divorce is a very appealing, lucrative and actually awesome option for women. Fat cash incentives to divorce, no risk. So the business move seems to come later. It hardly matters if they had planned it or not. There’s simply no risk for them at any stage. They can get out with a golden parachute whenever they want. Imagine that; You marry someone you’re attracted to while young, while also knowing that at any given second of the marriage, you can just fly the bird at your spouse and score yourself an early retirement. Amazing.

        65. Sadly, these absurd actions are often necessary these days. Marriage doesn’t always come down to this kind of behaviour, but it can, and that’s enough of a deterrent for many. Foreign, domestic, you should be looking for financially solvent. Your little tricks may or may not work, but a woman with assets of her own has as much to lose as you. You will be victimized in a divorce, find a woman who will suffer equal damage. This is the great equalizer in a marriage, and a great foundation to start a life together. My advice is sincere.

        66. You’re giving good advice and you seem like a truly non-sexist person. That’s cool to see. But if a guy these days has to think of marriage in these terms (Find a girl with money so you’re life isn’t ruined when you get that very likely divorce) then for me that is just a big, fat red flag, you know?

        67. Legally, marriage is a contract between a man, the state, and his wife’s father. You analysis doesn’t appear to be histrionic at all. No really.

        68. I agree it’s tragic that marriage has to be thought of in these terms, but that is the world we live in. Hence why I say you don’t have to get married. I’m just trying to give practical advice if you DO want to get married. Finding a girl who makes her own money doesn’t just equalize you in a divorce though, it balances things out within a marriage (I think). In my opinion, the minute one party has an obvious advantage over the other (which we both know who that is these days) the advantaged party has far less incentive to try. I think that’s human nature. The balance is off right out of the gate. There is also no excuse for a woman in the west to be unable to support herself, and it’s a huge red flag to me when she can’t. I’ve seen a number of my husband’s friends’ wives just running their beloved into the ground. And a woman that will spend your money so freely and carelessly within the marriage will most certainly destroy you in a divorce. Nothing’s guaranteed in this world, but I have a pretty low opinion of how some of my “peers” behave, and I’m trying to give honest advice. Sorry if I offended you.

        69. Believe it or not, family law (at least in Canada) is fairly equitable (except when there’s children involved). It’s just usually the woman has less and thus can take advantage. I know of what I speak because I’ve been burnt in the past– just like many of the men on this site. I don’t blame you if you’re laughing right now and yelling a collective “finally!”. 99% of the time men get screwed, and the remaining 1% of the time it’s the woman who brought more/made more assets in the relationship..and then she gets screwed. A pre-nup isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on, btw. I’m lucky too because I was younger then and had time to recover. I, like many of you, naively thought that if things didn’t work out my spouse would be decent and fair and acknowledge that I should be able to leave the relationship with what I brought into it. Nope, a lot of people are scum, and more often than not in a divorce court women have the power to let their scumminess surface. Meh, that’s equality for ya’ folks. My advice is sincere.

        70. Untrue. The best man tradition arrives fromt he fact that in the olden days, wives were KIDNAPPED, THE BEST man job was to go and help kidnap the wife and watch the grooms back while he was stealing the woman.

        71. I know a couple where the woman made more. So she pays some money and absolutely HATES paying. But she still got the house and kids. I would like to say to her, “How mad would you be if he got the house, the kids, and a monthly check as a reward for being a disappointing spouse.” This is what men go through. It’s INSANE to even think of getting married. I respect your thoughts here. It’s interesting to get your viewpoint.

        72. I didn’t say traditionally. I said legally. Or do you just enjoy blathering? If so, carry on.

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        73. Legally. And, besides being a pedant, you’re specifically choosing to focus on a minority practice abusively applied. Then again, you fancy yourself a conquistador. Guessing you’re a bit overdue on any conquest you would be proud to admit. Cheers, mate.

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        74. In the end I did get married, and I’m really, really happy. I’ve never been one for the bar/pick up scene, and I like having a relationship. Eventually I came to the conclusion that’s what I wanted and I wasn’t willing to insulate myself in a bubble of loneliness just to protect my assets. So, I did what I could to protect what I could and rolled the dice. But I know the risks and I won’t be blindsided should everything go south. Lots of people aren’t like me and can live really happy lives without a permanent, co-habitating relationship, and I respect that. Financially, it’s the much safer choice.
          PS Don’t get me started on weddings and some women’s expectations. THAT’s a good shit test! I got married in a civil ceremony, with a $30 wedding band. No engagement ring, I consider it a big waste of money and yet another unfair penalty to men. Why, when a couple gets married these days, does the man have to buy her something big and shiny? If you want to buy your honey something sparkly, that’s sweet. If it’s contractually expected, that’s BS!
          I practice what I preach 🙂

        75. Lol. I’m from the 80s. It was just a pop style. We sure as hell didn’t go around all looking like David Bowie.

        76. Which olden days? It was likely the case in pre-1200’s Germany, but not in classical Greece.

        77. The state wants to break any and all allegiances to anything other than the state. The state wants to raise the children to make sure they believe in the state and are loyal to it. The state always wants money from wherever it can get it. The shapers of society don’t want to pay for their plans themselves.
          If there is enough porn and sexually available women about the state doesn’t have to worry about sexual frustration channeled towards revolution.

        78. “biggest stars in the 80s and late 70s were guys who wore lipstick and dressed like women in high heels and all”
          That was theater by a few. It had no relevance to the culture beyond the places they performed. Most everyone with at least half a brain realized it was just part of the act, including the women who these entertainers attracted.

      2. I’m one of the married guys,
        Been together for 12 years and it’s only got better.
        In part I got lucky. But I’ve always been extremely prudish about girls I pick. I’ve dated girls in the past who were attractive but I knew I’d never marry/bring home/meet the parents/etc
        My only advice is be picky. Marry a girl who was raised well, went to church, doesn’t drink vodka on a Tuesday evening, doesn’t wear designer clothes, works in early years development and not law or some shit. Doesn’t do Facebook. Doesn’t think of you as a walking wallet
        Pass all these tests and you stand a chance still.
        Like I say, I got lucky

        1. I can spot a quality couple / marriage where one party isn’t duping the other, pretty well.
          For example, if you’re married and your wife is throwin me eyes. That’s not a quality marriage. Same if your wife is an attention whore. I literally only know of two young marriages (pre-35) that I would consider true soul-bonding unions of strength, and likely perseverance. When I see that I make sure to let them BOTH know individually the respect they’ve gained from me conducting themselves so well in their relationship.

        2. Very true, I was at a friends party and the fiancee of some guy kept making more than normal eye contact with me.

        3. When a married woman throws me eyes now it just depresses me.
          As a married man I care more about the union of married men than a cheap thrill

        4. When it happened to me, I would immediately go into denial about it “Is she coming onto me? nah, no way- shes married! Youre reading too much into it.”
          Then it would happen a few more times, and I knew I was initially reading too little into it…

        5. One must realize that the odds of finding a girl in 2015 who doesn’t do those things is orders of magnitude lower than it was in 2003 when you got married. Sure, we can all go unicorn hunting, or we can choose to better ourselves and occasionally travel abroad for feminine women.

        6. Older women are the stupidest creatures on the planet. Think young ones are stupid? Wait till they get older. Arrrggghhhh.

        7. Perhaps some of your new wealth should be spent taking spelling and grammar classes.

        8. I must admit, I wouldn’t fare well today
          I’d probably be in the MGTOW camp.
          Game isn’t my natural domain and I’m also allergic to bullshit.
          I’d be pretty much fucked because I simply don’t like what mostly passes for 20-something females

        9. “Sure, we can all go unicorn hunting, or we can choose to better ourselves and occasionally travel abroad for feminine women.”
          You win the Golden Nutshell right there.

        10. I don’t know what you think the “MGTOW” camp is…..
          Being a MGTOW simply means that you are a RedPill that has prioritised his life and options…..i.e.; YOU come first and foremost.
          I consider myself a MGTOW individual….I still bang them as often as possible.
          I simply will NOT commit to an exclusive relationship. get married or cohabitate.
          When other guys try to shame MGTOWs it means that they have not reached the independence level required to be a truly free man and still have that pussy monkey on their back.

        11. I thought the same thing for21 years- till the bitch took up with some divorced guy, divorced me, took my kids and half my shit. I never saw it coming. Guess I was too busy working to pay off her credit cards to “be there for her”. What a joke. It all started when she got a “career”- I guess I was supposed to fall down and kiss her ass cause she got a job that pays 1/4 what mine does. Beware my friend- I used to think I was “lucky” too.

        12. “Guess I was too busy working to pay off her credit cards to “be there for her”. What a joke. It all started when she got a “career”
          There’s your issues right there.
          Both those things are red flags for me. Not that a woman acan’t have a career, but for many a woman a career is simply an ego trip and they should be avoided.
          Back in my early 20s I was one picky son of a bitch. I never even realised why, but I’m glad of it.
          I red pill before I even knew it

        13. Being in the MGTOW camp isn’t bad. You don’t have anyone to answer to and your time is pretty much your own (minus jobs and kid-related obligations). I’ve enjoyed it since my marriage collapsed 4 years ago.

        14. You suck. Post your bullshit at some other site where people fall for that shit. Go fuck yourself.

        15. Or, they are in a totally fucked up marriage with way to exit without destroying their lives and they are jealous as a hell over your logical, measured, intelligent decision to not get involved with women.

        16. How would this kind of lifestyle work when it comes to keeping the human race going i.e; reproduction I wonder? Shouldn’t we be more open to resolving these concerns?

        17. In her mid to late 30’s? I had this experience years ago. Except she was single. Ridiculously hot chick that was 37 kept giving me the look while I was watching friends band perform. I was 21 at time and home from college. Ended up having some fun that summer. Women at that age are ridiculously horny as their clock is going nuts. Only issue I found is she seemed to grow attached and thought a relationship was going to happen. Haha. Uh. NO.

        18. What’s interesting: the reverse. Watch any ladies daytime talk show or lifetime movie. When the woman earns more than the male and the male thinks she should contribute to his debts it’s always, “oh hell no — I work hard for this money.”
          Yet these same women still demand and expect a guy pay for everything as that’s tradition and they like traditions which were of benefit to them.

        19. And you never cheated on her? I know that some guys can stay faithful during an entire relationship, but personally I would get bored banging the same chick after a few months.

        20. The things will go the way they’re going now: less and less marriages, less and less children born in wedlock, more and more girls being single mothers or spinsters.
          It will come a time when so many women will be single that everyone will notice, even the ones that don’t believe in anything we say here.
          And then, only then, clever women will notice that being feminine is the right way to attract a valuable men.
          But it will take the cleverest of you to know. Because, of course, the men are oppressors and you all are strong, independent women that need no man, right? And how will it be if the men really agree to your discourse? Do you really believe you all will stand for this?
          Future will tell.

        21. She was actuallly in her mid 20s. It’s depressing to know women like this exist. No respect for the sanctity of marriage. It’s all about the attention for them.

        22. As long as the laws in place put the man at risk for losing everything he has worked over a divorce initiated by a wife over her simply “not being happy,” the trend will only continue.

        23. Regarding feminine women, just need to reconcile the fact that the parts of the world that the majority of the guys in “our sphere” are attracted to as an alternative source of women (not P4P, though incidentally that is very high in those regions) are areas with ultra high birthrates out of wedlock (despite being “religious”), high divorce/separation rates, and a large demographic of single mothers in their countries and often at a bit younger age than we are used to in the west.

        24. Try a sperm bank Lucy (not meaning a bar). If not, go ask Oprah, Wendy, Ellen, Judy, Joy, Whoopi etc etc… Men are dogs remember? Why would any decent woman want to be a bitch with a scumbag dog? You wanted POWER! So, go show us!

        25. Are you saying that a woman can only be happy when a man is in misery after losing so much in a divorce? Does she deserve all those assets even though she is making good money as a “strong, independent woman?”

        26. No I’m asking if you think women should accept an unhappy life? You wouldn’t have wanted your ex to stay if she didn’t want to I mean? From your comment it sounds like you were more concerned for the finances than the loss of a partner.
          When it comes to whether she deserves the assets presumably she either contributed to the assets financially since she makes good money so yes she does deserve them. Or as a couple it was decided you only required one salary so she assumed the role of housewife and mother if there are children then yes again. My personal feeling is that when your in a partnership you are equal and therefor the household income is shared equally. What do you think?

        27. I don’t think anyone should accept an unhappy life, though that’s a rather general statement by itself. Of course I’d want the partner to stay, but there is a 50/50 chance of her initiating a divorce over simply being “unhappy,” maybe even higher since more women initiate divorces than men. Then, not only does she want a divorce because she’s “unhappy,” whatever that entails, but the man loses his home (kicked out), loses a large portion of his income to alimony and child support (if any kids), gets no say over how that money is spent, and loses custody and perhaps all contact with his kids. Marriage is a raw deal for men today, and I wouldn’t expect a man to accept an unhappy life over such a risk. For two people who “contributed” to the family assets and structure, the man is left with a very unequal part of what they both started with. I’m not married myself, but my house is paid off. If I were to marry, chances are good I would lose the house, the one I completely paid for, in a divorce. That’s how divorce court would work.

        28. I understand your argument and I can see why you feel it could be a raw deal. I wonder also what “unhappy” means and how this would be handled within the relationship. I sometimes find myself unhappy and my husband and I talk about it and make a plan. I find it interesting that the “loss” described by most men is financial, I wonder is this indicative of their perspective on their relationships?If so maybe this is a contributory factor in the break down. As a generally happily married, working woman, who up until having children contributed equally financially, the contribution I made and continue to make to the relationship in a non financial way has always been higher than that of my husband (in terms of effort, compromise, sacrifice and energy). I believe this is the norm because there is a very high expectation on women particularly to please others. If a man doesn’t recognise and appreciate that contribution and treat his partner with the respect she deserves what other choice does she have? Since having children I have realised how easy paid work is in comparison to staying home with the kids and I don’t think mothers are appreciated or respected anywhere near enough by society and in some cases by the father of their children. So although a woman may not have contributed as much or at all financially, the contribution she will make in bringing up children in my opinion will always be more valuable anyway therefore she should be entitled to her share. I think the biggest thing may be communication in a relationship and picking the right person. Most women nowadays have something significant to contribute, for example my sister owns her own house and has 60k equity and her partner lives with his parents. When divorces are considered in court I believe they look at a number of factors like contribution financially and otherwise, length of relationship, reason for divorce etc. I believe most women just want a relationship with love, trust, security and companionship and are more often than not willing to give more than they get!

        29. YOU ARE NUTS! ” Since having children I have realised how easy paid work is in comparison to staying home with the kids and I don’t think mothers are appreciated or respected anywhere near enough by society and in some cases by the father of their children.”
          You think that caring for the children is harder than hard labor construction? Working in a coal mine? Saturation diving on oil rigs? Tree / lumber work? For over two years I take care of three children ages 2, 5 and 11. I get them to school, made them breakfast that included pancakes from scratch, egg sandwiches, french toast, fresh fruits. I make them dinner and pack them lunches. I buy there clothes, dress them, dry their hair, clean their vomit if they are sick, wash their clothes, change the sheets once a week without fail. I also expose them to sailing, go over their homework, take them ahead in school, teach them to swim ride and bike. I take them to plays, museums, planetariums. I drive them to play dates, i give them advice I DO IT ALL and MORE than most of their friends mothers. Guess what Lucy??? There is more…
          I also re-model the house bathrooms, Kitchen, repair the cars, clean the pool, mow the grass, install and fix the sprinkler system, trim the trees, built a doll house, built a club house. Finished out basement, installed the electric, plumbing etc.. I installed a new heating system and am now installing solar panels over a shed that i built this past fall. I would MUCH rather do all of this than go back to my career office job as a business unit director. No commuting, politics, wasted meetings, boring ego’s, unqualified (in real terms) co-workers. i chased out three years ago and could not be happier. This is much better than the career that my X-wife so desperately wants to build. I wanted family first so I let her go and she can go with her career while I raise the children and take care of them. I made much of my money before we were married and had an attorney friend who has the foresight to draw up a prenup that saved my assets. I now do everything a traditional woman would do AND a LOT MORE! I love my life now and would not trade it for anything. My oldest is horseback riding, sailing and water skiing. I have a great partner. The fact that any woman wold complain about this is ridiculous. In my 20’s and much of my 30’s I lived in Europe where I worked and travelled extensively. I have lived in three countries and travelled or worked in another 50+. I would not trade that experience but what I am doing now is an even much better life. My X-wife actually says to me “you got to do all these things meet all these people, you were successful so young and had so many options” then she gets quiet and catches herself. You see she thinks that is what is important, so she is pursuing this but with less success than she wants. I find her to be a little bitter and a bit jealous. When the children are with her all she talks about is herself (they tell me). She looks at her phone incessantly and is very active on Facebook and perhaps other social media. I have an undergraduate degree in computer Engineering, an MBA , a long career in Information technology and was a computer hobbyist as a child. I do not have a Facebook Account or use any other social media. In fact I cancelled my linkedin account and that felt great! I keep very fit and have a great European girlfriend now. Life can be good if you keep your feet on the ground and know who you really are.
          This is the kicker. I have friends, wives of friends often trying to “fix me up” and mention “what a great catch I am”. However, I ask myself all the time what will they bring me? How will they make me happy? I understand what the woman wants from me, that is clear. They like the trim, well educated, well travelled man who is interesting to them. What do they offer? This is why my girlfriend is an attractive well educated European who so far seems very traditional in a modern way. She would be almost impossible to find in the USA.

        30. How about if the world is plunged into War again? Would be interesting to see how these string American women do without all the services and govt programs? Will be interesting to see how they do on a battlefield and not against an inferior foe as has been our battles since the 2nd world war. i mean in a struggle.

      3. I’m a happily married woman, and I wish what you were saying was wrong, but it isn’t. The risk is tremendous. A lot of my husband’s friends frequently tell him he hit the jackpot with me, and that’s actually not a reflection of me.I think I’m a good wife, I certainly try to be, but, like every other human on this planet, I have my strengths and my weaknesses. The “qualities” they list are shocking to me:
        1. My husband does not have to ask my permission to go out. He has to inform me of course, as I do him. That’s called courtesy. When people live together they need to know each other’s whereabouts, but we are both adults and don’t need permission to leave the house.
        2. We don’t share our money. All household expenses are split 50/50. We don’t bill each other for groceries, but the mortgage, property taxes and major household purchases are split. Beyond these expenses (including jointly saving), he can do what he wants with his money. Naturally I’m afforded the same freedom with my money.
        3. Household/family decisions are a democracy. His opinion on everything from vacation spots to furniture purchases are as valid and equal as mine. When we disagree, we hash it out. Sometimes I win, sometimes he wins.
        4. I have stayed slim and have always been fit, although frankly some men who complain about their wives letting themselves go would be wise to take a look in the mirror.
        I consider that list the minimum requirements in order to sustain a happy and healthy relationship, but apparently that makes me a catch. That’s really sad.
        I will say though that chasing a fantasy marriage is setting yourself up for disappointment. I’m pretty sure the other married people on this site will agree that marriage is hard work, but it’s worth it with the right person.

        1. It’s good to hear those kinds of thoughts from a woman. Too bad there aren’t more who have your sense of fairness. I’m not waiting around for one though. This doesn’t even address the treacherous world of the legal system from a man’s perspective. Divorce is often set up legally as a jackpot for women and a life-ending scenario for men.

        2. Divorce isn’t a jackpot for anyone. My husband and I agree that if our relationship were to go south, we will have to come to some sort of arrangement, and divorce is not an option. Even a 50/50 division of our assets (which would be fair due to the way we’ve set up our finances) would cause non-recoverable damage to both our financial futures. People need to think long and hard about that before they pull the trigger. But yes, family law courts are woefully unfair to men, especially when there’s children involved. It’s a court system designed around a time when women didn’t work and thus needed protection. This no longer applies in our world, but many women have no qualms about taking advantage of it none the less. We wanted equality, and we got it, and I’m sure happy we did, but some of us don’t want to accept the responsibility that comes with being equal.

        3. Divorce isn’t a jackpot for anyone. I consider my husband and I the best case scenario, and even that would result in mutually assured destruction. Dividing our assets 50/50 (which in our case would be fair), would result in irreparable damage to our respective financial futures. People should think about that before pulling the trigger. But yes, family law courts are ridiculously one sided. The system was designed when women didn’t work and needed protection. It no longer applies, but many women have no qualms about taking advantage. We wanted equality, we got it, and I’m real happy about that. Unfortunately, many of us don’t want to accept the responsibility that comes with being an equal.

      4. My husband did it right. Not all women are feminazi sluts who only think of themselves. We have a very traditional marriage. He put his hands on me once but I forgave him because I was being a shrewish bitch. I’m glad my husband put me in my place. I respect him for it. I’m also glad my mother raised me to take care of my man.
        I get so much heat from ugly single moms who are jealous me of me; they think I’m a doormat while I just feel pity for them. A woman who bolsters her good man is anything but a doormat.

      5. >>Somehow she stays thin and cool.
        Married 20 years here. Want to chime in with something… you don’t need a wife who’s cool. You need a wife who prioritizes your children FIRST. Because that’s what you’re going to do, and that’s the whole point of marriage– a contract to raise and provide for children.
        Marrying for coolness is pure self-indulgence. Nothing matters but the kids– nothing.
        Of course, the natural fallout is that a woman who is first concerned about the kids will make it her policy to keep the man happy so as to create a harmonious environment for the kids, so it all works out.

      6. Correct.
        From a cost/benefit ratio, marriage is a losing proposition of the under 40 male by a wide margin.
        The toxic feminist upbringing, Facebook, Instagram, etc has literally caused almost any woman to be toxic in the West.
        At best, you can find a girl from a smaller town that will show some level of loyalty due to being away from the big city degenerates.

    2. Nope you’re wrong about that last part. No matter how used up and disgusting a bitch is there will ALWAYS be some pussified half man waiting in the ranks to wife her up no matter how fucked up she is.

      1. Until she’s about 50 years old. Then she gets to spend the next 25 years in social isolation.

        1. Nope. I’ve known of a few 60+ used up sluts who lowered their standards (into the gutter) to marry uber-betas who themselves were in their 40s.
          Why do you think that 90% of the homeless population is male? The vast majority of women will *always* find some chump to take care of them – either a thirsty beta, BDG or various women’s charities.
          That’s just life. As men, we are absolutely on our own.

    3. I like the vasectomy idea, and marriage (and kid) avoidance.
      I also believe that my writing projects and aspirations would be killed if I married of hung out with a woman too much.

      1. As Tom Leykis perfectly stated, women are dream killers. Continue in your writing goals and never give up.

    4. im printing out this reply and handing it out like business cards…kidding…seriously, this truth needs to be repeated and confirmed over and over again.

    5. I COULD NOT AGREE MORE !! In regards to your list, I have checked off every one of them already. The first was the vasectomy. I had that done two years ago and it is very liberating ! I am morally opposed to marriage and will never get married. I I value the surplus amount of free time I have even when I am bored, better to be bored than stressed.I hope more and more men adopt this attitude. women will se that they are NOT the princesses they think they are and are going spend the rest of their lives alone. For men, being alone is a good thing. For women, it’s horrible b/c of their biological clock. So long ” ladies ” ( I use the term very loosely), looks like you;ll have to adopt and struggle being a single parent b/c I, for one, am DONE !

    6. Any second your perfect marriages will be ruined when your wife gets bored and realizes the power she has over you using the court at her disposal. You can’t get out of it now though so I’d say enjoy it while you can.

    7. My friend. You came out of a woman. You owe your entire existence to women. You will see this truth when you pass back through the dimensions at the end of this lifetime.

    8. To add to the fuck fuck games. Nobody respects married men. Nobody, not his wife, not his former friends, not the guys shes banging. Its like a public announcement that youre a slave.

    9. A gynocentric society that revolves around catering to the needs of the women while taking away all sense of responsibility they might have left is NOT a matriarchy: as long as men are detainers and executors of the power as well as legally recognized as those through which the blood of the family is passed on (i.e. you and your siblings wearing your dad’s last name), then you still live in goddam patriarchy.
      People need to stop throwing around terms they think are buzzwords like they knew what they meant, forreal.
      If you wanna blame someone blame yourselves for how you let your women go to shit: if we work under the assumption that they’re indeed the large-scaled children that need guidance and support from the menz red pillers think they are, then you’re the parents who fucked up their education.
      Now you’re praising the foreign woman and the way she sticks to traditional values and make plans to go live abroad while conveniently denying any part of responsibility in the steady decline of your own civilization, when you’re supposed to be its builders and keepers.
      See how I’m not singling out western women, here: you men are as well (if not more) concerned by what I’m talking about, because contrary to what wonderful sites like ROK or your impressive palmarès of women might want you to believe, you’re not special by virtue of having a dick nor does your shit smell better than anyone else’s.
      I’m adressing you, men only, because you wanna assume the patriarchal role as the family provider and sole decision maker: you need to own up to your shit and get your people together, instead of constantly bitch about the monster that you and you alone created by allowing it to exist (the so called “modern woman”).
      I’m genuinelly concerned because in the state the world is currently in, too many people out of Europe and America are brainwashed into thinking the occidental lifestyle is the right one and led to discard their own culture little by little, whitout realizing that as the Western civilization is going down, it’s taking all of us down with it.
      tl;dr stop sitting on your ass crying about how awful women are to you and society, get up and go do something for your community. Neither you nor I might not be the one to come up with long term solutions to change the system we all live in that’ll allow us to thrive together without bloodbaths or emotional and moral defficiency, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t people out there who can be helped right now. Just a healthy dose of pure, unaltered altruism in your day and see how it’ll change you.

    10. I have a very low tolerance threshold in my forties than I ever did. Currently have a vile, poisonous, responsibility avoiding, gossiping, backstabbing, bitchy self entitled couple of parasites at work I keep at arms length. Neither of them are even sheepdog, never-mind girlfriend material. I’ve attempted friendships with both of them in the interests of meeting their far hotter friends, but even as mating pivots their naturally toxic vibe was too high a price.
      With either of them there is an ongoing drama of betrayal, insincerity, denial, hate and malevolent intentions. I currently rest easy knowing they’ve just become best friends with each other. Women have such a dark and twisted inner world based on petty jealousies and squabbles, they will inevitably turn on each other.
      I always find it really entertaining to watch them bond over a trashy TV show, their shared obesity, or how cool and edgy their latest tattoo or piercing is, when its only a matter of time and bitching before the hostilities. I usually have a little sweep-stake with a few of the guys on how many days,weeks, months it will take them to cat fight. And of course it almost always involves a man.

    11. What a bunch of bullshit. “So let every western man stop having relationships and let everything as we know die. Let’s see everything burn while we take advantage of women’s promiscuity to bang as many women as we can, without any commitment. Let’s feed everything what we’re complaining about because it’s not worth to risk yourself.”
      Cool. You want to become exactly like them.
      You have a responsibility with your land, with your people. Every man on this world has to carry his own cross, no matter how heavy it can be.
      Avoiding relationship will not solve anything, and a life without relationship isn’t worth. Every man has to set his feet on the ground one day and let his mark on the world through his descendant. And if your life becomes a hell, your son at least could have a better chances in life if we all try to make things like is has to be. But if you abandon the ship, than everything will die for sure, and one day your life will become a shit anyway. You will be alone.
      I understand that you want to protect yourself, but run away from your responsibility just makes you a coward. If you want to flee, at least don’t spread your cowardice. I started to follow this site because I thought that we are here to discuss ways to save west, but I realized that you’re here just to complain and to have your cock massaged with self-pity comments.

    12. great point mane!!! Honestly, if I ever get married and (geez) divorced. I’d most likely blow a gasket and eradicate the bitch. That would be more than enough closure for me, no matter the consequences.

  9. a society where no one takes personal responsibility is one where government takes all responsibility and power from the people

  10. By far the biggest problem is still the white knight. We’ve assessed several times over the potential of sheep mentality. Women follow men lead. This excuse or reasoning has kept everything in place as it has been. On the plus our acceptance off horrible female behavior has finally shut down the decades spanning argument of the man being a cheating home wrecker because newsflash, the woman has the same potential if not worse because she can create a cuckhold situation. The one and potentially best positive is we are now forced to face ourselves. Granted women are shitty relationships options now while for the Boomers women, mostly, stuck by their men. Earlier relationships had the same results. Why is that?
    We can point to feminism. We can say PUA flooded the gate with men looking to get laid. We can say love and the destruction of responsibility has allowed women and ourselves to get this way. We’d be off of what the problem is. The simplest reason why relationship with women sucked, is because we agreed on this!
    We decided that a woman deserves the best. We decided to pedastalize women as the prize for our efforts. We decided that men hold the responsibility of beating a woman, raping women, and subjugating women to kitchen duty. We decided that being a man was tyranny so we run from other men for fear of being seen as gay. We run from discovering ourselves because we run from guidance. We decided that the specific behaviors we co-opt will land us the feminine prize we need.
    The day we absolve our desire to reign in a gem. The day we acknowledge the true prize in PUA, Martial arts, careers, spirituality, love, sex, even rogue dark arts aspects is to be free and that men have to honor themselves and the glory they are meant to perform before we pass on. The moment we accept our failures and decide to open up to that and create something better, find our boundaries, sharpen each other like what we do here on ROK, is the day we get the society we want. The minute we become our bests is the minute all this shit stops. By hook or crook I’ll leave this Earth something. Will you?

    1. I agree. The West is filled with hordes of white knights and manginas. And the worst part is, they don’t even know they are looked down upon by the “princesses” that they are “saving” and looked down upon by real men.
      Fucking white knights, manginas, captain save a hoes, the list goes on and on. Could the rise of these clowns be the result of decades of boys being raised by single mothers? Most likely.

      1. Boys raised by mothers, kindergarden with 99.99% girl staff, primary schools who are practically a no man’s land, the list goes on This is a disaster for young boys, I see it everyday.

        1. Just wait until the next generation of boys raised by single mothers. I have met a lot of single moms in my dating life (all seem to have a son–surely that is coincidence but odd). I always, always next them, but I shudder to think what these boys will turn into when raised by this self empowered Gyrl without a dad.

      2. “Could the rise of these clowns be the result of decades of boys being raised by single mothers? Most likely.”
        Somewhat. however the white knights of today aren’t the liberal (or confused neo-con) ilk that cleared the way for the cultural decay of feminism in which they came from. Feminism is just another symptom in the evolution of liberal pervasiveness erroding the patriarchical foundation of euro-christian based (western) civilization.
        It started with weak men, period. Weak men ‘tolerating’ behaviour thwarting the very reasons for success and prosperity up to that point.
        White knightism of today = weak tolerant men before them.

        1. Its that but just also the sad economic situation many men find themselves in.
          The biggest white-knights I know are either broke as shit or haven’t had to work for what they have. Validation from women is the only meaning they can find in life.
          Any man disciplined enough to work hard to establish himself comes to think of the cost/benefit analysis of women. Currently, it does not add up…

    2. White knighting proves only a lack of discipline, intelligence and overall value to attract females through more conventional methods. The White Knights mistakenly think that if they themselves act like women, they will be liked by women.
      White Knights are con artists, conning both themselves and attempting to con the girl in question.
      Instead of kissing ass, going shopping, watching brain-numbing daytime TV drivel, they should instead build something that lasts so that female attention will come organically.
      This is the natural order of things. White Knightism is an attempt the buck nature and it only empowers low value women, artificially raising their worth above what is would ordinarily be valued.

      1. Also @redhoodsassault:disqus and @disqus_go3RcC2QgN:disqus remember that faggot that said to the “Mattress Girl” rape con artist “I wish he was in New York so I could kill him myself!”? I’m pretty sure he didn’t get his dick sucked by her after like he may have hoped, but she laughed inside and thought to herself “What a chump! I bet I can get a Michael Kors handbag out of him!”

    3. Technology has magnified the FX of everything. An amplifier magnifies the truth. I’m glad we see what a large aggregate of women are all about when we remove all their restrictions, and provide them endless support.
      What sickens me is the cost of this experiment. Nothing is more valuable than the truth.

    4. Correct.
      The weak cucked mangina phenomena among WHITE Western men is the essential problem.
      No other race of men have allowed their women to run over them so badly.
      White women openly cuck White men throughout the whole society in every aspect.
      Compare that to the Muslim Man who keeps a strong control over his woman.
      Then we wonder why Islam is growing while the West is DYING

  11. “But today we live in a society of whores and narcissists. Did you divorce your husband over something stupid? Well, instead of admitting fault for it, just remember that half your friends already have, and the other half should as well”
    This is a worrying trend. Women do divorce in clusters.
    Groupthink can take over the pack, and it all goes shitwards.
    Also, women can justify their behaviour based on that of their peers. So if there’s one slut in a group, it can poison the whole reservoir.
    Guys seem more able to act independently. For example, in my group of pals there are a couple of complete (married) philanderers, but that doesn’t influence the rest of the group

    1. I said it before and I’ll say it again, 50% of your assets on a 2 to 1 bet? No thank you….. I’ll need better odds than that.

      1. Averages doesn’t apply here
        You can’t compare a Catholic home maker to a drugged up party whore

  12. Nope #1 is BOOKS. It is those romantic books, not just 50 shades of grey, every time you go on a bus or sit in a coffee shop you see women reading them, they all read them, these Harlequin Romance novels type. They are usually written by some gay man or a woman with extreme fantasies. This is where these unrealistic fantasies come from. Women will stare at you and expect you to behave like the man from 50 shades of grey or some other bullshit they read in the novels. Then when you don’t go spreading a trail of flowers and slam them against the elevator and kiss them they resent you as “not getting it” of course they will never tell you this, they just behave in a flakish manner out of frustrations.
    These books encourage women to take zero responsibility and be 100 % passive and expect men to read their minds and a bunch of unrealistic expectations about male-female relations. In fact I’d argue that these books are far more damaging on women than the most hardcore porn is to men. Because most men know that having their girlfriend eating out of a dog bowl or shooting milk out her ass is not what most women they date are going to do. You might find one who will but you wouldn’t readily expect it. yet women actually expect what they read in their porno novels from men. They expect you to eat out the dog bowl and be pissed on over the toilet and shoot milk out your ass.

    1. “These books encourage women to take zero responsibility and be 100 % passive and expect men to read their minds and a bunch of unrealistic expectations about male-female relations. In fact I’d argue that these books are far more damaging on women than the most hardcore porn is to men”
      In a way worse.
      At least men have to practice their habit behind closed doors. Even most addicts know its taboo.
      The 50 Shades of Crap phenomena is ingrained in public life.

      1. Yes, as proof of this I submit that the increase in sale of sex toys and strapon and weird sick and twisted sex devices shot up with the release of the book and film. Did dog bowl sales shoot up in the last few years because men have been watching dog bowl porno?

    2. I am not sure if it is the books telling the women it is ok or the women telling the publishers it is necessary. Either way bad. Probably a combination.

      1. I guess its like which came first, the guy pissing on the girl over the toilet and shooting milk out her ass and eating the milk with cerel in the dog bowl, or the viewers requesting it? Probably a bit of both.

        1. If you are suggesting that rule 34 doesn’t just apply to porn, but to women in general and en masse…well then, kudos sir and a hearty well done from me.

    3. Not to mention the sick women’s magazines like Cosmopolitan. Right on the front cover it says about sex and shit. Teenage girls can buy this stuff at the grocery store as you wait in line to check out. It’s in plain open site while men’s magazines like Maxim need to have the cover blocked off because it shows a sexy woman in a bikini.
      Did I mention that teenage and even pre-teen girls can buy this and read it?

      1. Slightly off topic but it REALLY pisses me off when they have to block the cover of a girl in a bikini as if its pornography. Meanwhile you can freely buy the filthiest shit in Cosmo, etc. Publix supermarkets is bad about this, and it pisses me off.

    4. Not to mention the Outlander novels and TV show. Despite the current social justice propaganda about the uncoolness of straight white guys, apparently strong, unwashed Scottish lairds from the 18th Century make today’s women lubricate. And you can’t get much whiter than a Scot.

    5. Nope #1 is BOOKS.

      Relationship psychologist Susan Quilliam: “The idealised version of love and sex promotes unreal expectations with the heroine inevitably looking forward to a life of multiple orgasms, trouble-free pregnancies and living happily ever after with her (usually rich) partner. In some parts of the world, romantic novels make up nearly half of all fiction titles sold, and they’re not doing women any favours. Sometimes the kindest and wisest thing we can do for our clients is to encourage them to put down the books – and pick up reality.”
      “A huge number of the issues we see in our clinics and therapy rooms are influenced by romantic fiction” she wrote in the Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care.

      1. Disnep is actually an improvement over most of those ridiculous romantic novels. Because while it is grossly unreal fantasy, at least is somewhat achievable. You could conceivable be a rich and charming man who gives your wife a story book wedding. 95% of men won’t fulfill it, but it is at least POSSIBLE.
        Reading women’s mind’s is what these novels are teaching, entirely IMPOSSIBLE. These novels encourage women to believe in a fantasy world where they do nothing, literally nothing, and prince charming is going to come charm their socks off, read, their mind, slide their hand up the leg at the perfect moment, fuck them just hard enough but not too hard, but not too soft, not too rough, but rough enough. These romantic novels will spend literally a page describing how a man slides his hand up a girls dress in graphic detail. Hell at least if it said, smile at a man for 5 seconds and stare him in the eye and give him a wink, then there could be some code going on… you know what I’m saying. but nope, its the man just basically jumps on top of a seemingly uninterested woman and basically starts groping away. Strangely, the men in these books never seem to get charged with sex assault or rape like would happen in the real world.

  13. “how will they ever grow as people” well done mr naso. Just for posing that one question which of itself once it becomes the earworm in society’s collective mind that it will do will be enough to bring down the whole of a Marxist feminism based upon infantilisation through victimhood. There have been female prime ministers whose politics makes them no more than children

      1. If they are not responsible for their actions they are no more than children. If they are not accountable for those actions then you effectively have government by children, which is what feminism is.

        1. I think you gentlemen just coined something funny and punchy at the same time.
          I for one am LOLing. Well done.

  14. #6 – the media. In this vein, I present:
    “She was struggling. She made some choices, and she paid the ultimate price for those choices. And in the wake of that, her children are without a mom. And she was a good one.”
    God help us when, as a society, we have decided that this lying, manipulative, drug abusing skank was a “good mom.”

    1. I am shocked at the ‘Good Mom’ phrase also
      From the article:
      “He learned that Cassandra, 34, had been with another man the previous night. She’d consumed cocaine and alcohol and had been found dead in a bathtub.”
      I would have been furious with her for doing this. I can’t believe this trip was a one time event, or that he had ‘no idea before they were married, and that he married her anyways. I also do not understand why there is no mention of blame for the people she went to see or anger towards them, do they always ‘lose a person [someone dies] at their parties once in a while?
      I hope the only reason the article has the ‘tone’ that it does is because of the way the reporter wrote it, and not because of the way he [the husband] is; but I do get the impression that if the accident had not happened, he would have been stuck taking care of the kids, the household, and starting his new company while she had affairs behind his back. He should have never gotten involved with someone like this.

      1. Look on the bright side, she can’t frivorce him, take half of everything he’s busted his ass for, stop him from seeing his kids, collect $1000’s p/m in child support and alimony, or make his life a living hell in insurmountable ways.
        He got off quite lucky if you ask me, I know there’s a number of divorced dads out there that wouldn’t mind seeing their ex wives dead and out of the picture.

    2. He got off lightly, to be honest. She could’ve easily destroyed his life at the drop of a hat, financially and emotionally.
      Just another case of a simp trying to turn a whore into a housewife, then getting slapped in the face by reality, minus losing half his assets and 18 years of indebted servitude.

  15. I had coffee with a girl last week who claimed that she is a technology geek because she plays Call of Duty on the PS3 and knows how to use the camera filters on her iphone.

    1. you should challenge her to a game of Madden. You win, you get sex. she wins, she gets cash.

  16. “I’m strong and independent! I’m so independent! Hey, five minutes have gone by, have I re-re-reminded you that I’m independent yet?”
    What is this nonsense they all feel obligated to themselves to constantly squawk? What man/people are trying to take these women’s “independence” from them that they need to reaffirm it nonstop? Who even has the patience or energy to contemplate that shit?
    “Hey, see the woman over there? I bet she isn’t the least bit independent at all!” Said no man under The Sun EVER!!!

    1. Its in their nature to be dependent on men and they are trying so hard to fight it. “I’m strong and independent” really means “I desperately need a man in my life but they keep breaking up with me so I pretend not to need a man to avoid feelings of abandonment when it happens again”

    2. Funny isn’t it, the whole ‘strong and independent’ thing goes out the window when they are chasing a divorce settlement and alimony payments. Nothing wrong with sponging off a man there, apparently…

      1. What’s also funny is I can’t think of all men on the planet having some bullshit routine line we all repeat ad nauseam to the effect of “I’m strong and independent!”. Fucking just goes to show!

  17. “If women are always saved from the consequences of their actions, how will they ever grow? And that’s not just a woman thing; that’s a people thing.”
    THIS is the shit I’m sayin, and have been. We can spout all this shit about:”Due to the nature of women we can’t expect them to do anything rationally..” Um, yes we can. To absolve and entire gender worldwide from any logic whatsoever is failing the entire race.
    People – regardless of gender, skin color, upbringing -must be held to a base line, determined by many benchmarks set in the past by “civilization.” Otherwise we’re in a state of devolution. My last 2 LTRs were both ended based on pure performance and expectation failure on the woman’s part. In fact, I made sure to rub their snotty ass noses in it too, since I had concisely, on more than one occasion, set the ground rules for exclusively seeing me.
    I also do now exactly what women do. I line up another or start dating another before I dump my ex. Touche gents. Fuck these entitled cunts.

    1. Thats what sucks about women today though; you have to basically be her father and teach her right from wrong. They will do as much as they can get away with like children. Set boundaries and she just tries to become more sneaky, or in the case of the real cunt, does the same shit more often to rub it in your face.
      If I wanted a daughter I would go to an orphanage and adopt one.

      1. Because your limp dick doesn’t produce enough jizz to create one yourself, loser?

        1. Id love to show these posts to the three kids you allegedly have spawned. You are proof positive the west is broken beyond repair, and is in need of a reboot(ie, WW3).
          Please go ahead and insult the size of my weener.

    2. If your performance was subpar then too bad for you. Learn to fuck a woman correctly infant.

  18. There is only one reason that truely matters.
    Big goverment
    Reduce goverment to 10% of GDP of less and the women situation will be back to normal within a few years

    1. Good point, Effectively govt has stolen from men’s taxes to fund women’s entitlement programs. Stop the theft, cut off the problem. The saddest part is using that concept as a litmus text for the morality of women in the aggregate, we know the truth after all.

      1. Womens’ suffrage in this country was the end of everything good, including liberty.

    2. It would be a great plan but our government is continuing to expand the NWO, if you haven’t noticed it already. It’s too late for reduction of government when the masses continues to allow communism, daily.

  19. Women are idiots. When she says nothing is wrong, she means something is wrong. If you buy her flowers because she complains you never buy her flowers, she’ll say it doesn’t count because she had to ask you. And if you call her out on her bullshit, she’ll say it’s because she’s a woman and you’re not treating her right. You can’t expect a woman to think rationally. Or behave rationally for that matter.

    1. Been married for 12 years and so far working with this basic rule of life:
      My wife is never totally happy. And that’s ok because there isn’t any reason she should be. Sometimes I’m a jerk, and sometimes she’s a jerk, and that’s what life is. We don’t have all of our goals met, she doesn’t have the car she wants, and this is what being an adult is like.
      There’s the old joke that goes when someone asks how you are, you respond: “I can’t complain” and that doesn’t mean you’re ok. It just means you can’t complain about it and most men don’t. That’s called whining and for the most part, is perfectly valid when it’s over things that we are expected to control, accept, or adapt to.
      The notion that the world revolves around pleasing women comes from their expectation of men as breadwinners but with a twist: Men should supply the bread AND the woman decides how to spend it. Old fashioned breadwinners controlled the purse, so to speak.
      Women are rational, to a point. Heck, in some ways they’re exceptionally rational in how fear driven they are. My wife watches the local news channel that features all these thrill stories about assaults, attacks, and horrible crashes in the region and she acts like an old lady. If men stop protecting women, then they do become more rational in that they respect the precious grip on life they have rather than think they’re all birdman and can jump out of windows and fly.

  20. All these posts talking about marriage and useless defenses like a prenuptial agreement. I was one of those married guys.
    I had it all, at least what they tell you it all is. A nice suburban house in a solid middle class neighborhood. Two fairly new cars in the driveway. Two kids who I love. A woman that at least claimed to love me. Even a solid small business that was bringing enough money into the house for things like vacations to disney land and figure skating lessons.
    They won’t tell you about the ridiculous hours needed to make that life work. They won’t tell you that no livable part of the house will be a place where you have any say. They won’t tell you about how your wife will start having non-specific headaches and stomach problems, which preclude her from interacting with you, or ever having sex. They won’t tell you, at least ahead of time, about how lawyers know every single move to make to put you in an impossible position once she feels she “no longer loves you”. They won’t tell you about her leaving with the kids in the early morning to file a restraining order and removing you from your life, right after she emptied the bank accounts. They don’t tell you what it feels like to not see your kids for over a year, and have the courts totally support the woman. They won’t tell you what it’s like to live without electric heat or running water because you have lost everything thanks to the woman.
    If you want to know about marriage, my brother, know this. Don’t get married, but if you insist at least don’t marry a western woman. They are broken. All of them. That one that says she loves you now can all but end you tomorrow, and she will do so for things that are totally fickle such as feelings.
    What would I advise? Earn enough to keep yourself happy. Do things that you enjoy. Allow people that aren’t blood related to you into your life for so long as their presence is enjoyable. If you want kids, just pay a surrogate to have them and leave the kids to you, be able to afford an au pair. On top of it all, don’t get married.
    (If I had any luck, it was this, she ruined me so completely that when it came to figure child support I hadn’t been paid, at least in check form, in over a year. I pled poverty and the judge had no choice but to accept.)

    1. Oh.. man.. God damn! This is as bad as it can get… I’m went through one as well, but nowhere near to what you had to go through… My heart goes out to you. But here’s something to remember.. We are MEN, and there is always hope. There is light at the other end. And if there is none, then we’ll make it be. Never.give.up!

        1. I am not sure I understand your comment. What do you mean by that? Any way you can expand? Thanks.
          Edit: Oh, I see from your other comment. You are one who’s shit doesn’t smell. Cool. Carry on.
          Three kids.. And you think you’ve got it? You’re sitting on a time bomb and you don’t even know it..LOL..

        2. S/he’s just another attention whore who wasn’t satisfied with the SJW/Feminazi/Whiteknight echo chamber @ Jizzabell
          Women, no matter how “independant” or “empowered”, always desire to be in the presence of real men, even when they’re not invited.
          Weak men, meanwhile, are threatened by the presence of real men, whichever category “fincher” fits into.

      1. I hear ya brother, it was a hard four years. I have rebuilt and now make more money than ever. My ex knows nothing about my new life.
        The hardest fighting was to get access to my kids. They had been told I didn’t care about them. I showed them books with letters I had written to them day after day showing that they had never been far from me. They both view their mom and her family as liars. They will both be with me full time in the next few years.

        1. So happy for you. Fortunately I did had access to my kids from day one, and I didn’t have to go through that.. Rebuild and enjoy life now. It’s what I’m doing as well.. I advertise to all women I had no interest to marry again and only do what I want to do when I want to do..Funny thing is, they get the tingles over that attitude.. I look like a challenge now, I guess.

    2. So you married a cunt. Your problem. I’m married 15 years happily, three great kids, everything’s fine. You’ve got lousy taste. Don’t make it our problem. Own it & move on pussy.

      1. I had no indication and no warning of the troubles ahead of time. It could have been anybody else, though I don’t really trust my own thoughts on a woman anymore.
        Other things aside, the divorce rate is basically 60%. Women initiate most of these divorces. Western women are actively encouraged to divorce. Don’t look at just your life, and maybe you lucked out, look at the cold hard statistics. Are you going to encourage a guy to wife up a single mother and raise some other guy’s kid? Are you going to tell a guy to go ahead and marry a woman that has been with fifteen other guys? Are you going to tell another guy to risk everything he has ever had, or ever will have, on something as unstable as modern marriage? I have my answers to those questions.

        1. Vag, with that attitude, I give him 90% chance he’s gonna get shafted. 15 years mean exactly nothing. I was 20 years into it..

      2. Yo dickhead, you realize you are kicking a nest here, don’t you? If you want to find people with similar views, go to Jezebel.

      3. Faggots like you are the reason for the situation we are having.
        Blaming the victim of the crime instead of the criminal female.
        Fucking manginas even on ROK.

        1. Joe, it’s possible that jfincher is a woman.
          Hello Joe. no, Jfincher doesn’t get it that Vagabond has moved beyond the problem. He took the ruins of his life and moved on. Jfincher doesn’t get the point that even if all is well for 15 years, that could end at anytime especially for men who have the “don’t get uppity” attitude. Or if Jfincher is a woman, then the “everything fine” means that the man is in his place and keeping his mouth shut.
          Heck, that’s the worst of it. I don’t just feel sorry for the guys who come home to find the kids, furniture, and bank account cleaned out but rather the poor SOBs who never stand up to their old ladies and are kept around until their miserable death never having stood up for themselves.
          For 10 years of my life when I was single, I often didn’t get laid for a year at a time but I look back at those dry spells with fondness in that I told the woman on a dinner date who probably would have slept with me that she wasn’t worth it and walked off I suppose I could have done that AFTER getting laid but it was a neat gesture to make. That as much as she thought she was in control, I still had choices and could exercise them and did. It shocked these women and enraged them. If women feel “used” by men who have sex with them after BS, I personally also felt used if I kissed arse and got laid with someone who was expecting me to be an assclown.
          Yeah, I have a count of every woman I slept with but I also have a count of each one I told off.

    3. But but but if you just were more a PUA/alpha/leader you could’ve avoided this all!
      Maybe you should’ve just read that other article!
      (Sarcasm over)

  21. Movies, Friends, Talk Shows, Facebook, White Knights.
    What unifies all of these things? They are tentacles of the same beast: media.
    As herd creatures, women are predisposed to be led, to be joined with men in the production of life, family, and community. Without such direction and purpose the governance of the herd is left to the sheep themselves, which will consume everything in their path until they are rotund and apathetic.
    But within them the discontent gathers, the neurosis of such aimless indulgence takes hold; a dissonance of the base pleasure of a full belly, aimless wandering, and their unmet need to be led drives them across the same ground over and over until finally all has been consumed; they become lost. Left to the few wolves who will feast like never before.
    Modern media dissolved the written word, the oral histories of man, and severed the messages from their roots in truth and nature (which used to be one in the same). In doing so, the individual was also decoupled from critical thinking, implementation, and the responsibility for both action and outcome. The illusion of freedom at the cost of liberty, the elevation of the Self at the cost of honor, duty, and respect for same.
    The truth became nothing more than property of the community, of the herd itself, redefined and recycled over and over to support the latest relativist illusion designed to propagate more consumption, more apathy.
    Where once men stood up and led, set out to provide governance over the herd, now we have men who are gelded into mere males of that same herd.
    The women will do as they do. It is up to men. Do not commodify yourself or those things which you value. Divorce yourself from the media feedlots that design to enslave you.
    As long as you don the wool and play in the same paddocks as the sheep, it doesn’t matter if you believe yourself to be a wolf. You are part of the problem.
    Women on Facebook, women watching daytime TV, women following the lead of their friends, white knight men; all of these things are propped up by men who make those incremental investments in the beast. Choices no different in outcome than those women who fall into these five things….

    1. White knights have been with us forever. There are plenty of reasons why young boys have fantasies of riding to the rescue of the girl they are attracted to and riding off into the sunset. In a world without all the modern technological and medicinal conveniences, it isn’t such a bad thing. No birth control means the woman, and her family, need to be careful. No technology means the beta male can make a good husband choice because he will provide. If he really loves his wife and dotes over her, so much the better.
      Other than that, good post.

      1. Indeed. FTR, I don’t think technology is “good” or “bad. But when you look at what technology actually improves in the human experience it is limited to those things in which people utilize instruments of technology in labor. The notion of technology saving us from our labors is a dangerous one.
        What we seem to have now is an inversion of this; people being utilized by instruments of media for the purpose of distraction and consumption. The technology that we are told is so essential seems to be all about converting the people into the products. That used to be called slavery.
        I consider the white knight label in this case, re: “Men who are not invested”, more broadly, as it relates to the lack of investment that goes hand in hand with a culture that favors (elevates) the virtual over the virtuous.
        Protection and provision through a man’s action is one thing, but the co-opting of male production – worse, the voluntary submission of such by most men, in order to serve this virtual culture serves neither the man nor the women in a virtuous sense, but rather serves the virtual, the media itself.
        The simp males who lay down before the ideology that despises them are obvious and thus easy targets of disdain for the “real” men, see: the thirsty beta.
        But far too many of these real men are quick to commodify themselves, to drink from the very same well that they claim is poisoning the women, in order to get the poosy or whatever.
        They desire to cherry-pick. Nothing wrong with that. But as we rail on women, so must a man “own” his choices. But most ignore the fact that while their actions may serve a few of their short-term interests, there are costs and trade-offs of doing so.
        A man who loves Tinder for lubing-up his ability to have quick sex, has little room to complain about women becoming increasingly fickle, flaky, and ego-maniacal.
        A man who plays facebook to seek out validation or entertain his voyeuristic impulses has little room to complain about what women do on facebook.
        Bullshit activism is not the problem. The problem is not in the message; it is the medium.
        The aspect of a white knight subordinating himself goes much further; it is an intrinsic part of the media and the technology designed to imbed this media further into our lives.
        If you are the product, the puppet, you can never be the master – of yourself or anything else. And men are fooling themselves if they think they can be both without adding to the very “problem” they claim is ruining the women.
        The beast needs to be starved. Remove yourself from the equation. If the well is poisoned, dig your own well. Build your own village in real life through your labours and pursuit of your interests. Your purpose is paramount.
        Or don’t. But if you don’t, then pointing at these extrinsic causes without regard for your own participation, your own investment in the external, sounds petty and self-absorbed, like those “bitches” or white knights that are ruining everything.

      2. So fucking insightful. The pill is the single greatest evil unleashed on our slightly slower female counterparts. We gave autonomy to fully grown, irresponsible children when we removed the biological consequences of womanhood. They have a role and per the laws of nature it is immutable. We can guide them back with tough love, if we were so compelled.

        1. Are you implying rape? Or merely beating her ass? Either way you’re a weakling for the suggestion.

        2. What the fuck are you talking about you ignoramus? Women having reproductive freedom (i.e. the ability to fuck indiscriminately without the natural consequences of procreation) facilitates their assuming advanced degrees and prestigious careers that are best suited for Men. These facts are indisputable. You want to argue that somehow women make better scientists, doctors, attorneys, etc.? They don’t have the innate aptitudes for such endeavors and are far better off emotionally when their roles are limited to domestic spheres in a position of dependency beneath their husbands. If you think that has anything to do with violence or rape go fuck yourself.

  22. ‘Be moral, sure, but don’t do it so you can feel smug about it.’ i think this is a great point… quintus wrote an article (highly recommended!) recently about the cyclical (and predictable) nature of online social-justice uprisings. the grand majority of the ‘activists’ involved just love that feeling of self-satisfaction when they believe that they hold the moral high-ground. my response to these useful-idiots is less diplomatic than yours…. fuckkkkkk them.

  23. Wow, I had to watch that video twice to catch what you were saying. Note the fat white girl (you can see her directly to the left of the woman asking the question). At first she is shaking her head “no no shame on you for wanting to trick your husband” then a few seconds later when the host says its ok she is nodding “yes yes” and clapping. Simply astounding.
    This just further reinforces the notion that women are like water and will fill the vessel they are placed in. The only reason why women are more chaste and feminine and kind and attractive in Latin America and Asia is because there are still social restrictions on them. If we still had those in the west, we could have good quality women. But things will never turn back. The only hope is to save the uninfected nations of the world for as long as possible.

    1. “This just further reinforces the notion that women are like water and will fill the vessel they are placed in. ”
      This is why they despise men that dont lead. She needs a man to tell her how to think. The “beta” leaves her to make up her own mind and make her own decisions. She ends up lost and clueless and blames him for it. I think the manosphere makes the mistake of blaming biology for women wanting jerks, when really woman just want a man that is so sure of himself that she trusts his leadership.
      Too many men make the mistake of believing that women are mentally equal to them. When I was a “nice guy” I would ask my girl her opinion on what she wanted to do/eat. Im trying to be fair and compromising, but she sees it as me not being sure of myself and needing help. If she ever gets the feeling that she is leading the relationship (even if she is delusional), its over.

  24. That video , 1:38 to 1:41 : The Daddy/Hubby wants to give their daughter space, has feminist values and ideas….and the woman is obviously displeased about that…
    Which pleases me, very much.

  25. The third woman Wendy talks to is great. “I’m in love with him, but he’s sleeping with other women.” Alpha.

  26. If they can monetarily support themselves, then they are beholden to no one and they will never behave with even a modicum of character, ethics or servility. Time to make them servile again by extricating their independence from them. No woman on God’s green earth has any business ever earning more than 20K per annum, EVER. They need to shut the fuck up and spread ’em. It’s time to bring the conversation about revoking suffrage to the national stage.

  27. As a very happily married man, I am warning everyone…do not do it. I have gotten very, very lucky with my wife, but there aren’t any more perks than if we were simply living together. Considering the low quality of women out there, the best course of action would be to get a vasectomy and never, ever get married.

    1. I understand what you’re saying. I’m a very happily married woman but have seen enough unions destroyed to know it’s a risky business these days (especially for the man). And as for marriage vs common law, you’re right, there is no reason to do it. We got married to appease the parents (they never pressured us but I know it made them really happy). So, I’m glad I was able to please the people I care for, but it’s nothing more than a symbolic gesture. I’m happily sterilized too, but I wouldn’t offer that as blanket advice to everyone. Some people want kids and sterilization should be thought of as a permanent decision. Besides, from our standpoint, that is a terrible plan. At a replacement rate of 2.1, you and I and our respective spouses are causing a deficit of 4.2. We’d be wise to find some chumps who are willing to squeeze them out on our behalf! In all seriousness, I do think people need to consider the kid free option though, as I believe many people become parents just because it’s expected of them, not because they wanted it or are particularly good at it.

      1. I fully agree with everything you have said. I have seen so many people have children, because that was what was expected of them and usually one, if not both parents are miserable.

        1. Yep. And they are going to raise miserable children because they embarked on a lifelong commitment they were not prepared for. My favourite argument is: “who’s going to look after you when you’re old?” My substantial retirement savings, that’s who. Ya’ know, the investments I’ve been able to generously contribute to while you were paying for daycare. The last time children were a good economic decision was when we all worked on farms. Second to this is “you’re selfish for not having kids”. Nope, I’m self aware. Having children because it makes you feel normal and then approaching child rearing half assed is selfish.

        2. Tell them if they really wanted to be selfless by raising a child, they should adopt instead. My wife and I made the decision to become foster parents whom are open for adoption and it is an eye-opener for sure. Naturally, I hear “Well, it is different because they aren’t your kids.” I counter with “Oh, so you have fostered before? No? Then how would you know?”
          The “Who will look after you when you’re old” argument is stupid. There are plenty of old people wasting away in nursing homes. Their kids visiting once in a blue moon. Having kids is the dumbest thing you could do to have an insurance policy.
          I never understood why people are so eager to pressure other couples into having kids. I guess they hate seeing how happy child-free people are.

  28. Bill Burr sold out and literally married a feminazi. Listen to his new podcast. His so called wife is going to take everything he has worked for. Movies like the Avengers whose director (Joss Whedon) is well known for supporting the hatred against all males. The whole cast are nothing but effeminate faggots. If you pay for this movie (many others), you contribute to hating all men.

    1. To be honest, I watched both Avengers and Avengers 2 and didn’t notice any SJW propaganda

  29. It’s sad that feminists have successfully destroyed marriage. Young men should only get married these days if the woman is worth more financially than him (we all know such marriages are likely to fail anyway due to female hypergamy, but at least you won’t get butt fucked financially). If feminism has been so great, how come so many women are so deeply unhappy and forced to take drugs just to get through the day? Ugly butch feminists were never happy, but tragically, they have been able to influence society to the point where hardly anybody is happy. A woman’s top priority should be her husband and her kids, but that is not seen as ‘glamorous’.

    1. Alternatively, live in a jurisdiction where prenups are actually worth the paper they’re printed on.

  30. I’d rewrite the list as
    1. Excess economic wealth.
    2. Social safety net for failure (Generated by #1)
    3. Biased family court laws
    4. Skewed demographics which result in thirsty dudes
    5. Indoctrination by liberal education which tells all women to “have it all” despite changing SMV over a lifetime.

  31. I really do get a kick out of these bitches talking about struggles. I’ve used quite a few of the comments on ROK in recent debates with the brooding feministas. I quite like the responses.
    Keep it up Gentleman…
    I only found this site because I was trying to find two filipino chicks stacked on each other to talk shit to my tall buddy. Since then I have grown through the real knowledge thrown down by the heavier hitters on ROK. Thank you. Red Pill is a lifestyle of few but known by fewer.

  32. The subplot about rom coms in “Don Jon” felt more like a mention to me. And any good it may have done was overshadowed by the other subplot (propaganda?) with Julianne Moore’s character. The whole movie felt like a man-up, ego salve, men are shallow, it’s a woman’s experiences that make her truly sexy, same old rom com cliche, to me.
    They replaced the several girls the guy dates with internet porn. And just slightly tweaked the one woman who shows him the error of his ways that he makes a mad dash through traffic to catch her at the airport, with an older woman who just happens to be taking classes at the same school as he does. But it’s still her who has to show him the light.
    Regarding friends, women have always wanted an echo chamber. That’s why it blows their mind and they can almost have an aneurism sometimes if you understand their point of view, tell them you see where they’re coming from, but don’t agree and tell them you feel a different way. Almost verbatim they’ll eventually say “if you understood how I feel then you’d agree with me!!”
    I actually saw that Wendy Williams show. What I found as the worst part of it was that because the husband agreed to having a 2nd kid, that left no possibility at all for him to reevaluate his situation and hers and come to a better decision regarding something that has the ability to affect your life, and affect it for such a long time as having another kid. I’ve seen her before drop the “I’m a woman and I have a right to change my mind” crap before. And it really wasn’t as extreme of an example as you might think.
    The paragraph about investment reminds me of an article about fathers being charitable is influenced by what kids they have.
    The stats they researched suggest that when fathers have girls, they become more charitable. They donate more money than when they have boys. But the article, written by a woman, took that slant that having a girl made fathers better. Cut and dry. There was no thought or consideration to having a boy influenced fathers to show their kids that you have to be able to take care of yourself. You can’t wait for somebody to give you something, you have to work to get it for yourself. That maybe that’s why there was a tendency for fathers who have boys to not just give some of there money away.

    1. Every single ce-LIE-brity is part of the feminazi propaganda. Until all men realize this fact; we will continue to go in circles. The obvious problems have always been this cultural brain washing within hellywood. Emasculate all men and destroy the distinction between men and women.

  33. Nice job, Gwenhwyfar! Even a millennium or two later, your legacy still lives on, to the point it only leads to destruction–specifically, self-destruction.
    Why do you think there are more German and Latin in today’s English language than there are Celtic-rooted words? Why do you think Anglo men have been taught to NOT hold their own women accountable? No wonder the Cornish language is dead.
    …and I’m not even Celtic in real life!

  34. Well…here it goes.
    1.- Raised by my mother, who divorced my father over nothing.
    2.- My mother NEVER encouraged me to play sport, not for a club or team. I had to figure that out for myself. I played basketball at high school and played rugby in primary, went by myself. Never saw her in the stand yelling “go son!” or cheering me from afar.
    3.- My nickname? Puppy. I was her dog. I was faithful and dependent….
    4.- My older sister would take my money, lie about me to my mom, provoke arguments…I could never hit her back cause “she was a woman”. One time, she smashed my knuckles after closing the door on my hand. Needed corrective surgery afterwards.
    5.- I started to work at age 16 cause my mother just gave the FK up and stopped working. I paid the rent, food, and my sisters expenses to. Why? “Cause men were made to serve women”. My mothers words.
    6.- After meeting a very, very dear friend (who passed away this December) who became my male figure in life, I changed my life.
    7.- I studied and become a software engineer. No University, just online courses and practice. I make a pretty darn good income these days.
    8.- I live by myself. I was in a relationship but I told the girl to FK off. She was an energy vampire. I was drained and have a hernia in my stomach due to the stress and arguments we had. She was good at first, then changed.
    9.- I am happy being alone. Learning French and German, playing my Les Paul guitar and travelling whenever the hell I want.
    10.- Lesson: Guys, FORGET ABOUT WOMEN. They are programmed fkin robots.
    They will NEVER accept responsibility for ANYTHING. They lie, lie ,lie, lie lie.
    They are monsters. They may smile and be nice to you, but they have a plan for you. You are just part of their agenda.
    You’ve been warned.

      1. Slightly bitter. But I am slowly and gradually leaving it in the past.
        Bad thing is, my mother is now sick (hear disease) so I have to take care of her….anyway. I have a lot more going for me that only these types of posts remind me that women are evil.

        1. There’s a new movie out online called “James White” about a 20-something party guy whose mother is dying. Haven’t got through all of it yet. Wonder if it’s red or blue pill.

      1. Thanks dude. I relied on friends and books in order to forge my masculinity. In contrast, I have a friend who was raised amongst 3 sister and his single mom. She never paid attention to his needs. He was raped by his uncle, her mother would leave him at his place while she went out with friends for a drink. He became a drug addict, sex addict and a homosexual. He is going through a lot…..women may not hit you, but I would prefer a beating from a father than the passive aggressive psycho shit from a woman.

    1. You are not alone. We all have stories like this. Thankfully, cutting them off from your life frees up so much mental and physical energy that you can purse enriching endeavors.
      BTW, I recommend checking out philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer for some red pill wisdom.

  35. Reviewed comments. Declaring each of you beta cry babies. Get real jobs, make real money, get real women, stop whining like losers. Jesus, I’d never hire anyone here. Absolute pathetic shits.

    1. Aww cupcake, look at those tits all in a bunch. Why don’t you swallow that penis envy just long enough to get your slutty, little ass in the kitchen and make Daddy a sammich, eh?
      Wait for it… 3,2,1 “I’m not a chick, I’m a guy.” LOL. sure you are honey!

    2. See what we have here is an angry drunk. Must of run out of skol or franzia and started in on the listerene.
      Rough day at the possum farm eh buddy?

  36. The following is an exeprt from a term paper I did in College on Misandry on T.V and movies.Its sheds light on “The Jackass formula” which is a dirty little secret of the advertising industry: This advertising formula where men are
    consistently maligned in order to cater to female sensibilities is known as The
    “Jackass Formula” ”This is an article from the spearhead.com: As a student or
    junior professor in the 1960s or ’70s, I
    no longer remember just when I first met the phrase The Jackass Formula, a
    scripting type in which husbands were portrayed as bumbling fools and wives as
    smarter and wiser. It became the conventional structure of domestic situation
    comedies, and the obvious reason why television programming followed it, was
    that the advertisers wanted to please the main household spenders who were
    wives.” Another quote from mensnewsdaily.com has: “Advertisers did not promote
    careerism to women. Their interest was getting money from those women as
    shoppers. Because women shopped, women held power over the broadcasting
    industry via their buying decisions and the pandering to their egos”.
    Id like to post the complete piece on R.O.K but this is an exerpt that explains this kind of bullshit.

  37. For one thing fathers need to stop letting their daughters to be brainwashed by Disney and all their stories of being an infallable entitled little princess that will eventually find her prince that she deserves. As for being responsible for her actions…..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBz0BTb83H8

  38. Just watched the Wendy Williams clip and was expecting someone to throw fish to the trained seals in the audience. Daytime TV is definitely a cancer on society not to mention that hooting in the audience is very grading.

  39. “If women are always saved from the consequences of their actions, how will they ever grow? And that’s not just a woman thing; that’s a people thing.”
    You’ve hit the nail on the head, and this is not solely endemic to women. We now live in a society where people are brought up to accept zero personal responsibility for their actions. It creates a permanent adolescent state. Substance abuse problem? Blame society, blame your parents. Bank foreclosing on the home you bought which you couldn’t possibly afford? Blame the bank, why did they give you so much money? Turns out you suck at the career you chose…blame sexism, ageism….pick an “ism” folks…there’s one for each of your personal failings.
    On another note, why haven’t the writers been all over this:

  40. “The video above is hard evidence that women have no internal sense of absolute morality, no matter how much I personally try to disbelieve it.”
    while I was still searching but not finding– I found one upright man among a thousand, but not one upright woman among them all.

  41. Daytime talk shows have always been good at getting inside the heads of your female significant other. Come home from work and she’s on the couch in tears, mad at you – for something you didn’t even do, but she saw on an idiotic talk show.
    What’s worse is the TV talk show is now supplanted by the iPhone of constant connectivity. At least Oprah’s stupid show only lasted an hour, but now the mind pollution never ceases.

  42. Women are children that think they’re adults by merely achieving the socially perceived guidelines of being one in a constructed society.
    Women are never sorry or thankful. Just look at any woman’s default face utter haughtiness and entitled shit face.

  43. Lo’ real
    Because I’m worth it. The commercial that speaks to women that think they deserve a perfect man for doing absolutely nothing

    1. Yeah, and major soap companies skim off the glycerin so that your skin is dry. Then they put that glycerin in other products to sell you. Or so the soap sellers at the craft festival told me.

  44. The irony of this is that, focusing on how you are wrong…on another party’s “responsibility” is, itself, a way of avoiding personal responsibility. It is a sign of an external locus of control which is a mentally beta habit. You attract to you the mirror image of yourself. Samsara ad infinitum.

  45. “Be moral, sure, but don’t do it so you can feel smug about it” Very true. What’s more… understand that sometimes being moral means turning away… sometimes being moral means kicking someone’s ass. Moral doesn’t = nice or coddling or whatever warm and fuzzy term you want to use. I’m where I’m at in life by no small part of my own… but also because some people who truly did the right thing kicked my butt in the past. Calling people out is moral. Kicking the snot out of someone who needs it is moral. Telling a smug bitch to go piss off is moral. Telling someone what they want to hear is not.

  46. You forgot to add parents – the number of parents that ensure their daughters are taking the contraceptive pill “because they will be sleeping around anyway”.
    Parents that pay for their daughters expenses young women that have no idea of financial responsibility – get a car parents pay the registration, insurance even the parking and speeding tickets.
    Parents should be ensuring their kids are able to survive the real world not giving them more reasons to be unaccountable for their actions.

  47. I’d have put bad upbringing at the top of the list. It’s in our nature to not want to take any personal responsibility, plus most cultures enable a sort of learned dependency/helplessness in women. It takes a good father and/or extremely aware mother, failing that, to teach a young lady personal responsibility and have it stick. Once it’s in there, nothing can really remove it. That little voice inside her head that sounds like Dad will always haunt her with, “Okay, and what did YOU do?”

  48. Beat modern women at their issues by treating them like they would treat you. Example: Do you value your school or work? Then she comes after it. If she has a problem with that, then you tell her “we’re not on the same page” and replace her. The one thing MGTOWs have undeniably right, is always put YOURSELF first. That what I see most women do today…all day long, they put themselves 1st

    1. Can you imagine the woman’s face after hearing that? I doubt she’d be mentally equipped for it.

  49. Bill Burr is hilarious, but then again all comedy that makes you say “shit, that’s actually really true” usually elicits a laugh (at least from most men I know, including myself).
    I know a woman who is 43 years old, worked all her young adult life, and I watched her cry two months ago because she isn’t married, or even DATING, but she wants (or wantED, now) children and a family. I watched her cry and ask God why she hasn’t found “the right one.”
    Then it hit me: she never will. Women LIKE her never will either.
    Here is a riddle for all women out there who read this site when they know that no one is peering over their shoulders: what do you get when a beautiful young girl thinks that she is too good for the world?
    Here’s the answer: a washed up old hag who missed her ONE chance to hold her own baby in her arms, who missed the chance to walk her child up to preschool by the hand, and to kiss them goodnight after reading them bedtime stories.
    When I feel remorse or even sympathy for this woman, anger inevitably follows. This was the same woman who thirty years ago in high school rejected the one good guy who wanted nothing more than to take her on an innocent date and get to know her because he found her to be beautiful, less beautiful than she thought of herself then, and much more beautiful than she sees herself now.

    1. These 2 types of women. Women that primary want children and a family (eastern women) OR there are career focus slutty women that are only good for a root and NEVER will be any good at a relationship (most western women)!

    2. One of my great grandmothers married at 13 years old. Her daughter was a washed up old 18 year old hag when she married so I’m glad she found some desparate thirsty man to wife her up or I wouldn’t be here.

    3. There’s not a shred of sympathy to be had for these women. Remember, THEY systematically rejected a plethora of men for inane reasons.

  50. bill burr was such a great red piller, who spewed constant truth about women….. than he married a black feminist.

    1. What???? Get the fuck? Just checked it you’re right. And she’s not even light skinned. Lots of head nodding and “uh huh, you go girl!” in that house…..

  51. Concerning movies/tv shows, don’t know if you realised but there now isn’t a single show/movie without a strong female character and this has gotten gradually worse over the past 5 years. I remember at the beginning with shows like the Sopranos or Rome there were many of course but those were actually believable feminine characters. The first seasons of Walking Dead saw only men as the main protectors of the survivor group. Now it’s littered with unlikely female characters being both very feminine and badass at the same time. Badass women in real life are usually butch lesbian tom boys because they are physically and mentally more geared to be that way. And if you look at the Ratio of women to men in Walking Dead its conveniently 1:1. Hey i don’t mind female characters but this is pushing it, like the script writers have to write these shows with SJW/feminist guns stuck to the back of their heads.

    1. I also noticed how lesbians are emerging. In a post-apocalyptic worlds where every womb is precious, lesbians would be seen as the enemy of the tribe.

    2. Walking dead is more about the zombies being absolute pussies than the women being so strong. Even 10yr old Carl was stabbing them in the brain left and right, so how hard could it be? I did enjoy them killing off Andrea, the bitchy feminist character who kept whining.

  52. A good exercise to see the moral vacuity of daytime talkshows is to watch it with the volume off and observe the cultish, wide-eyed slavering of the audience (mostly women, with some gays and cucks included). D. Sim presented this exercise btw.

    1. I did that a few times, it’s a very scary experience. You’re not watching a show, you’re watching a cult leader and its audience.

    2. Fucking Oprah. And then there’s Maury Povich. I dig how usually it’s the men who get dissed while the 18 year old “woman” with 4 children who can’t figure out who their baby daddies are get the sympathy. Mind you, I’m of the persuasion that men with more than one baby mama need to have their nuts clipped and capped so they become less of a burden, but still. Even assuming that the show is scripted, it is based on real life.

  53. 6. Hormonal contraception.
    Think about the weirdness of this situation: Progressive degenerates (PD’s) say we should live in harmony with nature, hence their obsessions with healthy diets, their campaign against the use of fossil fuels and their suspicion of the products of the pharmaceutical industry. The ones of a more philosophical turn also worry about how capitalist society produces “alienation” in human relationships.
    Yet what do PD’s encourage young women to do? Ingest artificial hormones, produced by Big Pharma, so that these women can engage in sterile, alienating hookups with men they have no intention of forming stable relationships with and marrying.
    Women’s bodies and minds didn’t evolve to handle this kind of abuse. No wonder so many women these days suffer from depression, anxiety, eating disorders, obesity, gynecological damage like Lena Dunham’s, loss of sexual interest and early menopause. Yet our allegedly nature- and health-loving PD’s shrug off these casualties as the price of creating a utopian society.

    1. And just to cap it all off when they do decide they want to get impregnated the “artificial hormones” ingested over all those years when on their knees make them barren and unable to conceive. Who comes to the rescue? The same Pharma companies that gave them the pill in the first place. And it’s a hell of a lot more costly to try to conceive after you’ve fucked up your hormonal system than it is to avoid getting up the duff in the first place.

      1. Notice that Bernie criticizes Big Pharma for making AIDS drugs “too expensive,” which assumes that it serves a social purpose to keep sick gay men alive affordably in the first place.
        Yet not a peep from him about the harm caused by hormonal contraceptives produced by the same industry.
        This gives away the real game here: PD’s like Bernie need votes from both feminists and faggots, despite the contradiction in his message.

        1. Then there’s all the oestrogen being flushed down the sewer and into the eco system the PD’s love so much. Infecting all those fish and frogs and turning them into trannies! And I wish I was joking…….

        2. Apparently women on the pill are attracted to men they naturally wouldn’t be attracted too, so once they come off the pill to concieve, they find themselves not being attracted to their partner. This is an actually thing, i read an article about it last year with many women in the comments section backing it up.

        3. The pill reduces female sex drive. Many women go off it and discover they had sex to please and hold a man they didn’t really desire.

  54. #1 I don’t see what’s wrong with being well groomed per se, unless it becomes an obsession. Although I see how it would be hard for Bruce Wayne to keep an impeccably shaved chest, unless Wayne Industries came up with a laser trimmer. Still, I would rather be well groomed than look like the dirty filthy tattooed rednecks and beaners I encounter on a day to day basis. Not that it matters. There are quite a bit of women out there that love wallowing in mud, so to speak.

  55. “Men are naturally violent” Reason number one right there why I’ve pretty much decided to avoid dating and live a WGTOW-type lifestyle. If I can support myself with my own income and take care of my own “personal” needs with my fingers, why risk my life just so I can tell everyone I’m in a relationship?

    1. According To feminist Doctrine women are just as physically strong as Men, and in nearly every case Stronger then Men. According to that Doctrine in Feminism, you should be able to handle yourself.

      1. Debatably, yes. Some will argue that women are just so hard-wired to want marriage and children that there can’t be such a thing as a woman truly going her own way voluntarily. That it actually is just a sour-grapes reaction of old and/or unattractive women. And I freely admit that this may be part of it in my case. Not the age thing since I’ve pretty much always felt this way, I never dreamed about my future wedding and kids and stuff like other little girls did, but the unattractive part, I’m not ugly but I do have a physical disability from birth. So I guess I always knew my odds of finding a man willing to marry me would be slim-to-none. But I would honestly be really scared and unsure about it if I DID have a willing suitor. The reason I think it isn’t entirely sour-grapes for me is that I’ve never even tried to have a relationship with a guy, and I think I would at least be making some effort if it was something I really wanted.
        And I find the idea of living my own life, by myself, genuinely exciting. There are so many things you can do by yourself that are just as good as things you can do with a family, and it is very freeing to be able to live life on your own terms and not have to factor other people into your every move. And as a Christian I want to follow God’s will for my life and I think that my physical condition, combined with other factors of my personality and circumstances, leads me to feel like marriage and motherhood are not what God has in mind for me. When I say that people always remind me of Joni Eareckson Tada, but I think she is the exception, not the rule.

        1. I’m actually in a similar situation myself, it’s like i was never meant to take part in all that stuff. What comes naturally to others didn’t come naturally to me. I believe God sets apart some people for a different purpose in life and i agree it can be just as meaningful although there’s always a part of you that asks “what if?”, but we are all captains of our own vessel and need to sail in the direction we feel is right for us.

  56. “This especially comes from modern church. Pastors like Mark Driscoll and Tim Keller coddling single mothers and bored housewives aren’t helping anything except their own wallets.”
    That. And the typical thing would be to say Jesus hung out with Mary M. Thing is, he told her to stop whoring around.
    What happened to society that whoring around without consequence (choosing some beta bux to boost that low self worth) is a good thing now?
    All I hear all 20somethings talk about their sjw issues, being cultured, and using labels like “you’re sexist, or racist” for any statement they don’t agree with. Hell even people disclaimer “I’m not trying to be racist” if thry make even a remote legitimate stereotyped observation about a group. Some dumb fool said I was racist for using the term “riceboy” for thr import tuner underground. LMAO foh. Unknowledgable kids.

  57. Some of the comments on that Bill Burr video were so on point it was absurd

  58. The dogma of the day is to “find someone who won’t try to change you.” I don’t know what that means. I’ve never met a man who tried to change a woman’s personality.
    They are fantasizing. It’s the equivalent of women saying some crap about how all men are brutal rapists when most of the men are actually gelded sheep, yet they don’t say a peep about Muslim rape gangs.
    So they protest something that doesn’t exist to pretend that’s why they don’t have it.
    It’s not that they are completely fat and unwantable, oh no, it’s that men want them so bad, that the men have to be restrained by metal chains. It’s not that they live in a society of white knight pedestalizing faggots, it’s that the men are all professional Lion tamers who intend to 50 shade their fertile asses.

  59. Like I spoke about in the other article about “being a leader over your wife”, there is no amount of PUA game/Alpha behavior that can save you from divorce rape.
    If Elon Musk (and countless other billionaires) have been divorced, countless celebrity males, countless bodybuilders/badass fighters, etc. what makes you any better? Please don’t try to pretend these guys weren’t “alpha” in their relationships.
    Even Donald Trump (smart dude who signed prenups and held money in trusts so his ex wives didn’t get much) who makes it very clear that he RUNS the relationship got divorced 2 times as well.
    Please don’t pretend some internet clown is more “alpha” or a more of a “leader” than these true ALPHA males. No amount of PUA bullshit will make you more ALPHA in real terms than these dudes.
    Don’t get married unless you have a prenup/trust like Donald Trump at a minimum.
    Personally, I see no benefit in marriage.
    Have your children out of wedlock and live with the woman in a non common law state. Don’t comingle assets. Worst comes to worst, fight for custody of your child and only pay child support without losing your assets/alimony payments.
    Or just get a surrogate if you don’t want a mom. I still believe a child needs a mother though in the picture, so this isn’t ideal.
    Desperate times call for desperate measures people.

    1. Donald Trump’s first wife, Ivana, looked the other way about his many infidelities, until his fling with Marla Maples became tabloid fodder before Marla fell pregnant. Second wife Marla wasn’t schooled in the European art of looking the other way and threw fits over Trump’s other women even though he was more circumspect and careful to not publically humiliate her.

  60. Right on the money! Also, while I’ve said on here that women do what they can to preserve “the Herd,” I’ve noticed something about the garbage t.v. shows. A lot of women defiantly claim they don’t watch the trash. But they also figure, since it’s on t.v. it’s mainstream, and they’ll behave exactly like the people on them. And then their excuses are “uh, like, everybody’s doing it.” When called on the carpet, they’ll BLAME the herd, and insist on being forgiven.

  61. My older sister is a train wreck and my mother was singlehandily the biggest enabler for her behavior. My mom divorced her father at an early age and every time my dad (we have different fathers) would try to drop the hammer as a parent, she would cut his balls off and my sis would basically get away with it every single time. The house was repeatedly refinanced every time she got in trouble with the law to get her the best legal counsel money can buy. I’d like to think that had my mom stopped playing savior and let the bitch do time in jail her life might have turned out differently. Instead she kept enabling this behavior by bailing her out and not surprisingly it led to more fuck ups.

  62. As a woman I agree with nearly everything you’ve said. I despise the trend of disrespecting men and the selfishness that so many women I know display in their relationships. The only big thing I’d contest in your article above is the comedian’s video where he pokes fun at the notion that motherhood is the hardest job. I’ve been through and attempted some hard things in my life, but motherhood kicks my butt everyday. It challenges my heart, my resolve, my character and teaches me humility and selflessness like nothing else ever has. Though I wouldn’t suggest it’s the absolute hardest job that ever was, I think for women who are really trying so hard to raise righteous, hardworking, strong, masculine sons and chaste, loving, virtuous daughters as I’m trying so hard to do, in a world that so many of these articles confirm is against my efforts with my husband, it’s very hard indeed. I take this job so seriously. I give my whole effort and heart to it everyday and so many prayers asking for help to raise them well. I worry that there will be a good woman who will respect and honor my son someday and support him and love him. I worry for my precious girl who hasn’t yet heard the messages of the world who would seek to distract her from embracing her role as a wife and mother and virtuous daughter of God. It is a hard job and there are thoughtful women like myself who aren’t sheep, who call evil evil when they say it and who stand strong on goodness alongside their husbands whom they love. We are out there: women who are feminine, who honor good men, who raise their children in righteousness, who shun that which is degrading and misleading, who love goodness and God and family. We are out there.

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