11 Myths About French Girls

I will soon bid farewell to the fair shores of my beloved Normandy in order to live in Poland.

Many factors influenced my decision. Their excellent martial arts clubs. The fulfilling previous stays. The nurturing, gentle nature of Polish women that Roosh described in his works (a nature that I personally encountered many times).

I will focus on another major one: French women and their mindset.

I discovered the concept of game with my best friend, who is from the other side of the iron curtain (his motto: “Fuck her. If it’s not her, it will be another one. They are all sluts, they all have a price”). After years of institutional brainwashing, I finally saw the girls of France under their true colours. Their flaws, their systematic rejection just for the sake of it, their hordes of white knights.

I left for six years, encountered many cultures and my skills improved. So did my well-being as a man. I recently came back home and had the foolish hope that my hardened opinion of the local girls would have mellowed with age and distance. That they would be different this time.

By Odin’s ravens, was I wrong.

But what are the myths that were sold overseas, that would make you want to have sex specifically with a French girl?

1. They are sexy and sexual beings 

France’s most coveted vaginas

The number one fear of the French girl is to act in a way that will lead others to think that she is a slut, even if, in all fairness, they take significantly more cock in their three holes than what their mother recommended. It might be the only factor that (relatively) spared us a copious amount of slut-walks.

Among all the cultures encountered, they are on top of my list with the amount of mind games played in order to delay sex and save appearances. They became masters in the art of breaking balls and wasting male time so they can laugh about it in their social circle and label any interested heterosexual male a creep.

They repress their sexuality but behind closed doors, same rules apply. Isolate, inebriate, initiate as John Hopson wrote, and they will give in. You will have to put in a fair amount of work and remain focused. Weak game won’t cut it.

2. They express themselves with style

Extract of your average social network feed. Victor Hugo starts a slow clap from the underworld.

We have our cohorts of basic chicks as well, fellas. The French chick often thinks that she is a princess, regardless of her ordinary physique, and throws the according tantrums. They bombard the social network with attention-seeking statements and images. They also have the picture with the reverse snapback cap with “OBEY” or “SWAG” on it, modern mark of the uneducated masses.

They are enthusiastic artisans in the decline of the standard French language. Gangster talk is extremely popular along with English catch phrases (big up, love you baby…). The vocabulary is limited to little more than a thousand different words.

They indeed used to express themselves with class and wit. Those days are long gone. Classy French girls are like unicorns. I saw some once on the telly. That’s about it.

3. They are direct


They will feign ignorance when a man wants to meet them alone. You made your intentions clear. You want to lower her knickers and play doctor but she will pretend that you just want to have the honour of sharing her company. Go through the text message hell and she will often asks if she can bring a friend or she’ll bring one without asking. French girls could win a gold medal if cockblocking was an Olympic sport.

Compliment them, you are a liar. Neg them, you are an arsehole. They don’t respond well to direct approach and day game.  Any stranger that could talk to them is a potential sex offender. They also think that they will be considered sluts if they answer positively to one. Go through with your ramble, they will sigh, raise their eyebrows and look at you like a pile of manure while getting ready to cry rape.

In a club, you will often face the immediate turn of head or complete body as soon as you open your mouth, even after she displayed indicators of interest. It could be daunting for beginners. Insistence is sometimes rewarded but with their mind games, mixed signals and in view of the hard work needed, next her.

4. They are educated and cultured


They lack education or are too educated. You will rarely find something in the middle. Independent thinkers? They celebrate stupidity like any other western girl. Nabilla (French Kim Kardashian) is now a household name. So are Youtube pseudo-celebrities Cyprien and Norman. Individuals with no achievements are celebrated as their audience sees itself in their platitudes.

They love to hop on the social justice train and the latest trends. Harlem Shake, ice bucket challenge, share if you would save your mom from a house on fire, Je Suis Charlie, Like if you want little Joël to get his heart transplant. No need to understand or to analyse, they just follow.

5. They know how to cook and how to drink


It used to be a standard for a young French girl to know how to cook an array of quality meals. Their mother would warn them that no man would want them otherwise. By the destruction of the traditional gender roles, our women stopped aiming at being kind hostesses, masters of the culinary arts, to recently become vastly incompetent cooks, hardly able to boil an egg.

They also forgot how to drink properly. They only display three patterns:

1. They don’t drink at all. They show their moral superiority to us, mere mortals. They are usually unattractive but will insist on leaving early, pulling their more bangable friend by the arm. “If I am not having fun, why should the others?”

2. They moderately drink but only what magazines told them to drink. Mojitos, Cosmos, to do like in Sex and the City.

3. They drink too much and poor quality drinks. Cheap beer, mediocre wine, and low-priced spirits drowned in soda. They often vomit after intoxication and collect decisions  that they regret the next morning.

6. They will be able to raise children


They lost their traditional values of being exemplary mothers. American female authors recently wrote (bear with me) about French women educating their children well AND focusing on their careers. As you guessed it, it’s going through the window.

Add a decline of fertility among white French couples, risky drinking behaviour endangering the possibility to bear children, female career-driven obsession since the events of 1968 (French equivalent of Woodstock, flower power sprinkled with a hint of nation-wide riots) where “A child with whom I want when I want” was the motto and we have a winner.

Abortion was legalized in 1975, many long-term and morning after pills are free with our healthcare, and the state will refund the money spent for an abortion. More tokens for the cock carousel.

It’s okay to try a lot of cocks but don’t spank children. Degenerate French female psychiatrist Françoise Dolto said “Let the child be king and express itself”. Ideal way to create armies of ungrateful, uneducated and future criminal little shits. My dad used to say “A smack on the arse won’t make it fall off.”

7. They wear stylish clothes

There is a new widespread and convenient fashion where young French women are dressed like transgender bin liners. If not part of it, they just dress like millions of others, no effort or originality is needed.

They are always wearing trousers or jeans. They all have the same scarf, the same beanie, the same leather or denim jacket and the same fucking Converses. The “classier” alternative are flats or ballerinas. Forget high heels, lads, “it would make me look like a slut and it hurts my feet.”

French glamour

8. They are agreeable and have a sense of humour


The French girls you will approach without being previously approved by their social circles are likely to give you the cold shoulder. They will rarely be smiling if you interact with them. In the public transport, in the shops, at the post office, the “resting bitch face” is the norm.

They will often justify it, saying that if they smile or seem approachable, people (read “unworthy men by their standards”) will bother them. Whatever you say to them, they give you the feeling that they are about to die of boredom.

I am a strong supporter of telling the truth. If you don’t like what is being said, cut short to the conversation. That’s life. Humans interact when a community exists. Our girls have the skills to work as lighthouse keepers.

9. They are all slim

Even if France has relatively good dietary habits, the globalization of the fast food industry did not spare us and we face an unprecedented epidemic of obesity.

They have a junkie behaviour towards everything that is sweet. Whipped cream, custard, macarons, cupcakes… A sugar hit to compensate an absence of fulfilling experiences. They don’t need a man, they have a pound of chocolate with hazelnuts and all the seasons of Grey’s Anatomy to sob alone in their beds.

Many persuade themselves and the others nowadays that it is not their fault if they are fat, that they are “big-boned,” or “curvy.” Selfies and compliment fishing on the internet comfort them in their opinion, their slimmer friends leading the way so they won’t be the grenade that a poor sod will have to jump on. It is not acceptable to tell one of their large friend that she should hit the treadmill more often in order to be healthier.

“Whatever, my big friend is beautiful. You are just a big meanie. I like to keep her around when I go out then I receive compliments and free drinks from the thirsty lads.”

10. They are feminine

Cinema will make you think that you will find the likes of Emmanuelle Béart and Mélissa Theuriau in the streets of your average French city. We had feminine girls but they are a dying breed. The average Russian girl would laugh if she discovered what French girls consider feminine nowadays.

About body hair. It is not that they don’t wax or tend to it. They just do it in a lazy manner. Ah, the sensation of improperly shaven legs, the impression that you pulled a sandpaper doll at the club. It is especially poorly done around the armpits and the bikini area. You see the hairs growing back on the side, the cuts, the works.

But they can’t shave their pussy entirely. What would the public opinion be? The girls who shave it all usually shame it as well, or the crowd would once more brand them with the seal of infamy, the slut label. The French bush still lives in the minds of foreign lads for a reason. That and the one where the French don’t shower.

11. They appreciate a manly man


They only want you to spend money on them with nothing in return (if you’re not the alpha that fucked her on the same night you met her). They cry day and night that they want total equality of the sexes. But try to split the bill and it will soon go south. They usually want to crush the male under their foot. In a relationship, she wants baby language, a beta that showers her with gifts, while she organises the life and whereabouts of the couple.

With a rising number of divorces, hippie values, and mottos like “I am a strong independent woman who does not need a man,” daddy issues are common in France. It is all fun and games until the little angel brought into this world by these values replicates them. But the father figure that embodies authority is gone.

They are also largely supportive of effeminate men and androgynous models. Bodybuilding, martial arts, and hunting are still frowned upon as they are likely to be the mark of  violent man, a woman beater and a sadist who enjoys torturing animals.


Many, like me, had enough. So we took our dicks and our knives, seeking adventure and greener pastures.

A lot of you will tell me “But Jean-Bat, I fucked a French girl, it went fine.” I can almost guarantee that if you did, you are not a beginner in the game or it did not take place in France. Our girls travel overseas alone or with girlfriends for the same reason as yours.

Some lads consider travelling to France with the capture of their French flag in mind. There are countless reasons to discover my country but this one is not worth the investment.

My foreign brothers, if you still want to fuck a French girl after all that, I salute your thirst for a challenge and your testicular fortitude. By all means, go for it. But if you have the choice and a strong lack of patience like myself, look  towards the Nordic “heavens,” official residence of unredeemable sword swallowers or head for Eastern Europe to have your mind (and your knob) blown.

To my French countrymen, go check what happens overseas. See what they offer on the other side of the fence if you have not done it yet. And never forget why you left in the first place.

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230 thoughts on “11 Myths About French Girls”

  1. “I will soon bid farewell to the fair shores of my beloved Normandy in order to live in Poland.”
    You mean that place that Roosh just wrote an article about, explaining that it’s not what it used to be, because the women have been infected by the west?

    1. It’s relative. If you have tight game, Wroclaw is still a better place for the hunt than Paris.

  2. You could swap “French” for any Western nationality and all 11 points would still apply.

    1. Exactly! I was wondering to myself how are the French cunts depicted in this article any different from the Ameri-cunts here from multiple nationalities? It’s the disease of Feminism.

    2. The one about the clothing, and the one about their sheepish behaviour on the internet, apply very much to Dutch women. They’re all the same now, and I don’t really like what they have become.
      They dress the same, they sound the same, they listen to the same music, they use the same hair products, and they all go to get shit-faced and get hit on every single Friday and Saturday night (and then complain loudly and suggestively that there aren’t any good men around when in the company of men who wouldn’t touch them with a ten foot pole).

    3. Indeed, I recognise the arguments mentioned in the article also for women in Brussels. You can immediately see the difference between Flemish women and French-speaking women. The latter are more cuntish, more arrogant, have the “I’m a special snowflake”-attitude and often wear huge amounts of make-up. No wonder French-speaking people tend to vote left.
      Game isn’t worth it for this species.

        1. “Oh my Gawd I like your Accceeeeeennnnnt!”
          – (American woman at the bar when overhearing Australian, Irish, British, or Dutch tourist. Will wind up in his bed when the night is finished.)

        2. Or Western (but oddly, not really Southern, even though they’re similar). No idea why.

        3. It’s the same thing with Polish women and foreigners. Why do you think Polish women are so “warm” and “feminine”. 🙂 Polish guys complain about their women all the time.

  3. All these articles lately about women from around the world… India, Poland, France. Can’t wait until they run out of mainstream countries and we begin to see “Dispelling 10 Myths on Burkina Fasoan Women.”

    1. I briefly dated a single mother of three from Burkina Faso. She had divorced her diplomat husband for the sin of his saying she could not get by without him. She had to prove otherwise. Oh, by the way, she was a cunt to me too.

      1. Steps:
        1) Join the PKK
        2) Claim that there should be an independent Kurdistan from parts of Turkey and Iraq
        3) Actually Kurds like Americans for fighting ISIS and certain terrorists groups that threaten them. At least from what I’ve heard. So that’s a plus.
        4) Be an arms-dealer
        5) Claim you hate the Baath party
        And some more steps

    2. 10 secrets to making two heterosexual Jewish and Muslim women start kissing each other”

        1. I would imagine so. They only get a few ships a year stop by and there is no regular plane service. 🙂

    3. I disagree with this article. I’ve been to France. All I can tell you is that the women in Italy are much better looking. Surprising number of homely women in France.

      1. Italy. I’ve been there last week.
        Boy I was amazed how bad they age.
        when you go to rome there are only young women around 20 and then there is the rest…italian women age very very bad. By the time they hit 30 they are full of wrinkles much more, than northern european people

      2. Italian women may be better looking than their French counterparts, but they are really bitchy, nagging and won’t fuck you unless you’ve got money, a nice car and a nice home. Looks or character seem to not matter. And there are really many of them with a career-oriented mind, bossy. The independent woman that likes dominating their man or any potential partner.

    4. I worked at Club Med for a few years and I support everything this article says and more!
      Although, I think you should have mentioned that French women do not bathe regularly. 3+ days of sweat and stink do nothing for the libido.

    5. “Dispelling 10 Myths on Burkina Fasoan Women.” Glorious! laughed my ass off! Anyway, what this article says is sadly mostly true.

    6. I will patiently await the article on “why pygmy females are better in bed that SJ american females”

    7. I had an experience with a Burkina Faso woman and she was an entitled feminist bitch just like all the other women in the west. Of course she was a divorced single mother in the US. Her reason for divorcing her husband was that he said she couldn’t make it on her own without him. so, she divorced him out of spite,and to show she was a SEI woman.

  4. The nature of French women can be summarized by the “Before Trilogy” movies.
    “Before Sunrise” is an incredibly cute, stream-of-conscious, existential piece of young love between a 23-year-old American man (Ethan Hawke) and the 23-year-old French woman he meets on a train and they spend the day together in Vienna.
    Perhaps one of the greatest romance films of all time ends with a mutual agreement that they will meet up again 6 months later. But the sequel which takes place 9 years later “Before Sunset” proves that she never bothered to show up while Ethan Hawke wasted $2,000 on plane tickets and wasted time. What a Cunt!!

    1. That is an apt comparison – the truth is that the nature of women has also changed as much in that decade.

        1. The sequel takes place a decade later. Her not showing up is one thing. Even her attitudes in the sequel have become worse.

        2. And she has hit the wall completely by “Before Midnight” which takes place another decade later. Plus she has turned into Super-Bitch to boot. Yet he STILL sticks with her and her Gallic bullshit.

        3. And men, paying for the movie ticket with their nagging harpie, took that info in without even a single red flag thinking it needed to rise.
          A failure of the West. One of many.

    2. Actually I enjoyed Before Sunset the most(the end was amazing, her shaking her ass and singing that nina simone song) , although the first was great too.
      The trainwreck came in the third installment, Ethan looks damn good for his age, and the bloom was off the rose for Julie Delpy, it kinda shocked me how much her looks faded.. She was also an emotional NIGHTMARE is this movie, gadzooks…

      1. Agreed. They are both 41 in “Before Midnight” and a man at that age has soooooo many options to shack up with women as young as 25 at that age if he is fit enough and has good utility.
        A woman? She’s GONE for good.

      2. The Wall does not bargain, The Wall does not compromise, The Wall is inevitable.
        Julie Delpy was a nice piece back in the day, but she’s a wreck, now. And not just physically. I heard her giving an interview once and lasted about 45 second before I clicked away. Standard issue nutty Hollyweird bullshit.

        1. Julie Delpy is smart AND beautiful! And funny! I happen to love her movies, Two days in Paris and Two days in New York – they are fantastic, they are great stories about male insecurities.

        2. Delpy has a sharp eye for modern relationships and their difficulties. You cannot deny this. Plus, she makes movies both men and women like.. both sexes can identify.

        3. I found “2 Days in Paris” to be largely un-watchable. French girl visits home to pick up her cat (!) with neurotic, whiny Jewish boyfriend in tow. Hilarity does not ensue.
          I do not dislike Delpy as an actress, particularly when she was younger and easier on the eyes, but b/w 2DiP and listening to the one interview I caught with her (until I changed the channel) I cannot say I was impressed.

      3. I liked the first one but Before Sunset lost me when they started talking about what they start talking about what they do for a living. Ethan of course has a book deal and Delpy is single-handedly saving the third world while living a posh life in Paris. Ethan becoming a known author sounded a little self-involved and idealized but Delpy might as well have drawn cartoon birds flying around her like in the Sprint commercials.

    3. good article… i spent a lot of time in France and could never learn French until I spent time in Switzerland… French are such fucking snobs… probably a biproduct of being thrashed by the British and historically losing their entire empire (except a couple of north African shitholes)…..
      For a nation that’s been repeatedly invaded and trounced – they have little to offer and such a high and mighty attitude…. and if you have even the slightest twang of an accent in your French they look at you like you are speaking Swahili… The men are stupid and the women even worse….
      Much like the US, the stereotypes and myths are only in the movies …. the place is flithy, you could legally piss in the street until a decade or two ago… when we used to go on vacation to France in the 80s you couldn’t dare drink the tap water.
      It’s messy, filthy, aggressive, rude, zero customer service, expensive, bad attitudes everywhere, no sense of humor… crawling with impoverished hoodulms from North Africa and Arab states… The famous Marseille is probably more dangerous than DF…it’s like Mexico only without the geography, warm people and hot latinas…. even the famous french food largely relies on plundering the oceans and smothering it all with wine and cream…… bruuggch…..
      All you need to know about France can be defined by looking at a Citroen, Peugeot or Renault car…. tinny, over priced, over rated, poor performance, expensive like hell, plastic, badly engineered and falls to part in a second…..

      1. And they go on protracted national strikes over the stupidest shit. They literally shut down the national transportation systems over such uproarious injustices like when the national retirement age was going to be increased from 60 to 62. Sixty….fucking…….TWO for crying out loud.

        1. actually the only good thing you might say about the French is their kick ass revolutionary attitude…. but when that’s being enacted to protest the reduction of outrageous farming and fishing subsidies they all live off…. then it’s misplaced at best…

        2. We owe France for making our independence possible from well….. you guys… but the comradeship stops about there. I agree with just about all the observations you pointed out.

        3. Funny thing about that was just a few years before they were demanding lifetime jobs and rioting over it but then went back to rioting for having to work at that job two more years and I think it went from 55 to 57 which is nothing to bitch about and I read somewhere recently the average French work week is 34 hours

        4. Sounds very similar to all of our politicians in Washington D.C..
          Lifetime “jobs” with a very short work week.

      2. Marseille´s reputation is a joke if you come from Latin-America. Compared to rough neighborhoods of Mexico City, downtown Marseille looked like Beverly Hills.
        For a Norwegian/Japanese tourist, over-civilized, then yes, of course they got to watch their camera/wallet.

    4. Ethan Hawke is always getting screwed over especially in taking lives, lord of war and lastly my fav the great expectations… where Ethan is chasing his dream girl (Gwyneth paltrow) and is being manipulated by her mother and the daughter. It’s a great red-pill movie I suggest for everybody to read the Great Expectations and watch the movie

    1. I worked one of that bitch’s concerts once. Fucking stupid fun-pop garbage. Everybody in attendance were hipsters with Europe boners who would be heckling her if everything about the music was the same but she was an American, I promise you that!

    2. This sounds like the background music for Mario Bros. on the old NES game console. This is pop culture music?

  5. I’m French, I agree it’s getting worse and worse.
    I’m still not sure escaping the country is the right solution though.

  6. Ahh man, I love me some French women. First foreigner I ever slept with was a woman from St. Etienne. I’ll never forget her, exactly the way French woman are portrayed. Slim, leggy, always wore dresses and heels, long blond hair and that accent…hmmm.
    I remember the night I made my move. I went over to her place to pick her up for a night out. She was wearing a long red dress and heels. I felt a bit taken aback, women I find stunning do this to me (and still do) but those are the ones I prefer. We went to a decent restaurant for dinner, can’t remember the name but it overlooked Pensacola Bay, and it served fresh seafood. She compared the food to French cuisine, with a slightly negative tone. I looked her at said, “I’m sorry but I haven’t been paying much attention to the food…the view is just simply amazing” (My view was facing her and the bay behind her on the deck). She smiled and said “touché”
    After leaving we drove along the coast discussing nothing of importance occasionally stopping to kiss. I wanted the moment before I took her to last, it is definitely something I enjoy. When we got back to her place, she invited me in for some wine. Sitting on her sofa we kissed and she told me I was a Casanova who would be able to seduce a lot of French girls if I was in France. I smiled, and said “I don’t want to seduce a lot of French girls, just you”. Writing this doesn’t have the same effect, I have a way of pausing my speech for effect, as in ” I don’t want to seduce a lot of French girls……just…you”. She smiled, nervously, and she stood up and turned around so I could unzipp her dress…and I kid you not, when she turned around I looked her body up and down, it was absolutely flawless, kissing her, I led her to her bedroom.
    That was the first French woman, there was another (French woman) in Belfast and a French Canadian. But she was my first non-American and you never forget that.

        1. Haha, yes, sounds exactly like those short stories I used to read from Womens magazines.. 🙂

      1. This was about 15 years ago, both of us in our mid 20’s. To this day we touch base at the start of every year to catch up. My biggest regret at that time was seeing her off at the airport she said “je t’aime” (I love you) to me and I didn’t say anything. I could see the tears forming in her eyes, but I didn’t love her and couldn’t say it. I often thought I should have.

    1. They gave them the Sinead O’Connor treatment for sleeping with American soldiers? Maybe in Vichy France.. but there wasn’t much war action there.

        1. There was NO winner in WW2. The only country that came close to “winning” was Argentina, which wisely stayed out of the conflict and took in a substantial number of German refugees which simultaneously raised the gene pool and IQ of Argentines for future generations.

        2. Yes I know. I meant : if you came in Paris as the winner. That’s how the germans were perceived when they arrived. And then how the americans were perceived too.

        3. Ough. Touché.
          That’s okay, we take our revenge by impregnating the few bangable american tourists. 😉

        4. The French shaved the heads of women who collaborated with the Germans.
          Men who collaborated were shot.
          Women who were suspected of having romantic liaisons with Germans, or more often of being prostitutes who had entertained German customers, were publicly humiliated by having their heads shaved. (after liberation)
          I have never heard of this being done if a French woman slept with an American. The Vichy did not seem to do this either.
          I don’t think many people today understand the rage some people felt against their fellow citizens for being betrayed or how long it lasted. For the most part today, in Western countries, the populations are like sheep to be sheared and don’t seem to even get upset by anything. I remember talking with a salesperson (cold called me as a salescall) from a telecom company that was going bankrupt, and suggested that he needed to get out of there before he lost his job. Instead, he was more than happy to keep trying to sell me overpriced phone service.
          An example of how long the grudges lasted and to what extent from WWII, Jochen Peiper, was killed when assailants burned his house to the ground, with him still inside in 1976. (just to be clear, I think Peiper should have been tried and executed as a war criminal for the Malmedy massacre http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malmedy_massacre I still do not understand how he got only a prison sentence. ) I remember one account related that Peiper’s burnt body was found with his rifle still in his hands. I always thought that it was members of the French resistance had been trying to track him down for decades and finally did in 1976, that got him.

        5. Just think back then women who’s head was shaven was a disgrace and would’ve done just about anything to avoid it. Today, the stupid cunts do this to THEMSELVES and proudly display it in public!

        6. “…which simultaneously raised the gene pool and IQ of Argentines for future generations…”
          ?? Then kindly explain Evita Peron and all the leftist idiots like her, please.

        7. Is that really that bad oversea ?
          In highschool, the first STD we heard about was actually brought by a guy that had done a schooltrip in Vernon.

      1. I think that in some areas the locals did shame the women by shaving their heads if they slept around with the Axis or Allies, either way Slut shaming needs to come back, “reverse Ezra Klein” every time a slut is about to have sex she needs to experience a “cold spike of fear” in knowing that her actions could lead to her getting publicly shamed.

      2. Ah yes, the Champagne Campaign!
        (despite the fact that it went through Burgundy, not Champagne)

      3. Given one of them seems to have a swastika painted on her forehead, I assumed they were shamed for fucking the Nazi occupiers, once the Germans were kicked out again.

    2. Much truth to this actually.
      If your country is invaded and you are killed, your woman WILL be fucking the soldier who killed you.
      And who fights wars? Blue pillers who follow orders, that’s who. How many of them will come with war bride fuck fantasies in their heads?
      ( I feel sorry for whoever invades the USA though)

      1. “And who fights wars? Blue pillers who follow orders, that’s who.”
        I was the commander of an Army recruiting company. By my quick estimation, I’d break down enlistees as:
        80% Lower Middle Class that want a descent job, benefits, college money etc.
        5% The Traditionalist. “I wanna be a Ranger cuz muh daddy was a Ranger and his daddy was a Ranger and His brother was a Ranger.”
        15% Killers. These where usually middle class white kids who had above average grades and could have attended college without the Army. They were the ones who branch Infantry.

    3. I remember while studying in France my feminist history teacher was telling this story, and how horrible it was for those women. I asked her what happened to the men that were working with the Germans? She quickly evaded the question, and simply said these women went through hell like any other men.

      1. All feminists sound alike — that French history ‘teacher’ sounded just like Hitlery “women suffer more than men” Clinton.

  7. Its all relative. If you’re american, then white women from other cultures seem slimmer and less loud. But obviously, the farther east you go the more traditionally feminine women get.

  8. So what? To hell with them. Women are like water, without anything to hold them up they naturally go to the lowest level they can reach.
    They’re long past the critical tipping point of stupidity – only thing left to do is watch them fall

  9. I have no problem with French girls they are lovely and much better than British or American. My French girl was from Saint-Malo. She cooked excellent dishes and held a master degree in french kissing. Today also, I was chatting with this slightly older Parisian woman, who was really nice.
    It’s the modern French men that I find a bit too effeminate. And you used to have some really cool guys like Alain Delon, Jean-Paul Belmondo

      1. Ya, I’ve always figured rural France would be nice. Most cities are almost pointless to visit nowadays unless just to see architecture and museums.

  10. 17-18th century France and Germany were the epicenters of science and culture, birthplace of numerous invaluable contributions to mathematics, art, music, and aesthetics . All that has changed.

    1. Actually, Scotland was the epicenter of Science & All-Round Human Progress in the later half of the 18th century. It was called the Scottish Enlightenment, and was all the more amazing because the country had a mere fraction of the population of the major European states.

      1. And today’s chicks fantasize about banging 18th Century Scottish “lairds.” Refer to the Outlander fad.

      2. That’s due mainly to Scottish men being utterly bad ass. That my father’s family line is entirely Scottish has nothing to do with this evaluation.

        1. On my list now.
          Oddly enough, I was in the Army with a Jim Webb. Same spelling. Hmmm….need to research this.

        2. I heard that it was because the two of them saw the same penny lying on the sidewalk…

        3. He is a vietnam vet.
          He might be running for prez, but no way he could ever beat hillary for the nom…

      3. They gave us the bicycle, and for that I am ever grateful.
        Germany’s time was the 19th century, particularly in chemistry. Bayer Aspirin anyone? In particular they created the first Green Revolution that allowed the world population to double in only a few generations.
        Who knew it would be a treadmill we had to stay on or face even greater suffering than it solved?

    2. These white guys also inflicted the Enlightenment on us, which less well read traditionalists wrongly attribute to 20th Century Others and call it Cultural Marxism.

  11. I went to Paris 2 years ago. even though I do consider them more attractive than American women I was disappointed in the lack of romance in the air. I enjoyed their company though they were prudish about sex and incredibly flakey. time wasters for sure. one girl kept postponing on me because she was so “busy busy busy” with her internship. this broad actually suggested that I fly out to Paris again now that her internship is over, because she thinks she is that special. I met french muslim womeb who wont eveb look at ham but smoke like chimneys.
    the men are also really effeminate in the sense that they get pulled around by women at the collar. the assertive romantic Frenchman is a myth. most chumps are in relationships through social circles and wouldn’t even think about approaching a stranger. only Arab thugs do that. that ruins it for me because as a hispanic I look like I could be arabic.
    Argentines are very similar to the French. just got back from there a few months ago.

      1. Which is actually not so bad. By just acting masculine, and working out a bit, you stand out.
        I was at a party last week full of Parisian hipsters, I’m not that buff but I was feeling big there.

        1. God, just before going back on the Throne, I’ll put Paris under siege and let the current Parisian population die of starvation.

  12. Bodybuilding, martial arts, and hunting are still frowned upon
    It appears I’m triple fucked if I ever have to locate a date in Paris then. No doubt they probably also eschew former military men. Shit.
    So we took our dicks and our knives, seeking adventure and greener pastures.
    Is this a colloquialism, or just a simple statement of fact “took our dicks and knives”? Seems an interesting turn of the language is why I ask.
    I see gorgeous French women in London when I visit, and of course in Paris, but these are cosmopolitan cities on par, woman wise, with NYC so I doubt that’s indicative of all French women. My only real experience with French speaking women in any meaningful manner has been in Montreal, Canada, and they strike me as quite rude and demanding. I left a 20% tip for a waitress outside of Montreal and she screamed at me and my wife that I didn’t leave enough (of a tip). Took the check back, scratched off the tip entirely, then demanded to see the manager. Effin’ cunt.

    1. “took our dicks and knives”
      “prendre sa bite et son couteau”
      It’s a French saying, meaning arriving or going somewhere taking only what is strictly necessary, like a commando. It comes from French military slang.
      Wouldn’t be surprised if the autor is a former military man.

      1. It sounded like something of a ‘saying’, which is why I asked. It’s quite nice actually, I’ll need to incorporate it into my standard conversational catalog.

        1. If I were you, I would avoid using this with a ladyfriend :
          “I’m coming at your place to night, with nothing but my dick and my knife…”

      2. Mr Bonaparte do you ever see Legionnaires ? I’ve always been fascinated by the French Foreign Legion . Know any?

        1. I met a former Legionnaire actually. He was French and had done 25 years in the institution, if I remember well. A very nice polite guy that climbed all the hierarchy from simple legio to “lieutenant-colonel”. You could here the noise of his ball of steels when he walked.

        2. I remember reading somewhere that French nationals were not permitted to serve in the Legion; was the law changed?

        3. No : traditionnaly, if you were French and joining the Legion, you had to change name and give up your French nationality for a fake French speaking one : Belgian, Swiss, Quebec…

      3. “Former military man” .. haha absolutely.. or more like 5’5, 130 lbs weakling…. who loves to read adventure books..

    2. Montreal is friggin expensive man. It’s like 15 cents on the dollar sales tax and beer, wine, and a host of other things are much more expensive than the U.S.
      I went to New York City immeditaley after that city and it actually seemed like a bargain compared to Quebec!

      1. Yeah, it’s a rip off to be certain, but eh, we were bored and Ohio wasn’t going to solve that problem at the time.

    3. Avoid Paris at all cost if coming in France.
      Go straight to the countryside. That’s where the heart of France is.

  13. “To my French countrymen, go check what happens overseas. See what they
    offer on the other side of the fence if you have not done it yet. And
    never forget why you left in the first place.”
    Merci, très bon article. C’est agréable de lire un compatriote sur Rok !

  14. @Jean-Batave Poqueliche: “I recently came back home and had the foolish hope that my hardened opinion of the local girls would have mellowed with age and distance. That they would be different this time. By Odin’s ravens, was I wrong.”
    Egill Skalla-Grímsson was similarly affected when he returned to Iceland.

  15. I always found the french and brazillians to be very similar..a me first attitude, very sexual but not at all friendly(an odd mix). Better to look elsewhere methinks

  16. “They love to hop on the social justice train and the latest trends.
    Harlem Shake, ice bucket challenge, share if you would save your mom
    from a house on fire, Je Suis Charlie, Like if you want little Joël to
    get his heart transplant. No need to understand or to analyse, they just
    Jesus Christ on a Baguette, this is so true !

  17. Reminder: pua hate killer Eliot Rodgers was on the French version of “Real Housewives,” where his stepmom was one of the housewives.
    The sick kind of parenting that produces serial killers is sold to French women as a fantasy.
    Something wrong is seriously happening right now with French (female) culture.

  18. It was a few years ago, but when I traveled around France I marveled at how slim the women were. Not the slimmest, but very good compared to England and America.

  19. French women are cold bitches, especially in Paris.
    French ‘culture’ isn’t worth dick anymore. It has been stagnant for years and they know it.

    1. French women are homely compared to the rest of Europe. I spent 2 weeks exploring France and was let down by the quality of the women. I was much more impressed with Italian women.

        1. That they’re thin is the only thing they have going for them. Other than that they look like rats. I was in France for two weeks and seen 2 attractive girls in the entire country. There was a beautiful waitress in Paris, but she was from Italy. In fact, nearly all the attractive women were foreigners.

    2. Well, I’ve been to France, and I must say French women are VERY nice. Of course I am not trying to rape them or try some silly PUA tactics on them.. so maybe it’s just me..? 😉 Be nice, and others will do the same, ok?

  20. This article made me wonder what would happen if I just start fanning myself with a stack of Benjamins as I turn away from a girl who just ignored my presence at the bar. I might have to try that this weekend.

  21. While we have work to do in America to get back to greatness, I do not trust any country that has a large percentage of people working in government services. Greece, France, etc. All sitting on their ass waiting for the “gummint” to give them a job and provide. It’s why the Euro will probably tank, because countries like Germany have to step in and prop up these atrociously managed and lazy countries. As for the women, play your position and pick your spots like you would do with any other women.

  22. La France est peut etre de la merde, mais le Quebec vous enverra chiez avant que vous puissiez manger de la merde!

  23. “They will feign ignorance when a man wants to meet them alone. You made
    your intentions clear. You want to lower her knickers and play doctor
    but she will pretend that you just want to have the honour of sharing
    her company.”
    Umm… so, should I assume every man who asks me over to his house wants to have sex?

    1. Unless he’s your brother or cousin he want’s to sleep with you. Your guy “friend” is always gaming you, if you offer him sex he will take it. So YES DUMB ASS he want to have sex, stop lying to yourself.

      1. Ok if this is the truth, then I shall never again trust any of my male friends? Great, wonderful, glorious.. they are trying to have sex with their FRIENDS? How sick is that.. Friends are for friendships, lovers are for love.

  24. Many French youngsters have started to work out. It has become a trend those years. Boys raised to be nice guys found out how much they needed to learn game and be fit to rack up a few notches. Besides, life in France is increasingly hard for indigenous (white) guys who must cope with official “antiracism,” street violence and girls’ slutiness. As a french guy, my life is of a much better quality in South America than it was in Paris.

  25. Jean-Batave: Mec, je suis français aussi et je viens de rentrer en France depuis un an passé en Allemagne à faire du Day Game. Je suis sous le choc culturel et civilisationnel total. Ton article exprime parfaitement ce que j’avais ressenti et pensé ces derniers mois. Les françaises sont affreuses. Je pense aussi qu’elles sont les pires parmi toutes les nationalités que j’ai tenté. J’ai perdu toute ma motivation après mes premières 80 approches ici… j’arrive plus à approcher alors que pourtant je suis super discipliné et motivé. mais je me dis qu’ici, avec leurs attitudes de merde, il y a simplement aucun moyen quoi! je dois pourtant rester en France pour l’instant et j’aurais besoin de quelques conseils d’un gars comme toi pour surmonter cette situation si possible (surtout au niveau du Day Game et des approches directes). Y-a-t-il un moyen de te contacter par mail ou un lieu ou je puisse t’écrire? Le site n’affiche rien et c’est ton seul article! Une voix adaptée au dur contexte français manque cruellement sur cette scène. Merci d’avance!

  26. You can’t have it both ways, females.
    You can’t have all the perks of ends based equality (equal pay, equal respect) without none of the median effort required (doing equal work to deserve that equal respect)
    What a lot of females fail to realize is, they already have equal rights the same as Men. The constitution is a guarantor of equal means but NOT of equal ends. To put it in layman (or more accurately laywomans’ terms) you are guaranteed the same right to pursue something as a Man BUT you are NOT therefore guaranteed the same results because of a little thing called “cause and effect”
    For ex:
    cause: A SJ female believes that there is a lack of female firefighters/combat soldiers so therefore it must be because of sexism. She therefore decides to become a firefighter/combat soldier
    effect: the female learns firsthand that belief doesn’t imply fact, as she gets consistently outperformed in all of the training exercises designed to weed out the second best applicants from the best applicants.
    Lastly, you can’t be a female that expects equality among the sexes while simultaneously expecting a Man to pay your way every time you go out.
    They call that HYPOCRISY.

  27. So basically French women are beginning to be on par with American Women, only twice is ignorant,

  28. This article is a bunch of crap. You wanna know what happened to france after WW2 ? The USA imposed it’s stupid culture on us, that’s why it’s fucked up and that’s why french girls are no different from their U.S counterparts, a bunch of materialist psycho cunts.

    1. The US imposed it?
      How weak do you think France is that such a culture could be ‘imposed’ on France? Man, your opinion of France is low.
      And US culture only became bad after 1994 or so. That was 49 years after WW2.
      Stupid faggot (pronounced ‘Faje-O’ in French).

  29. I’m French from Normandy and you don’t deserve to be from there I swear to God you must be from the inbred part of the countryside of this goddamn area. This is clearly written by a frustrated young stupid right-wing patriarchal moron. And whoever replies to that negatively just to take the piss, I don’t think you are even open-minded enough to deserve my attention and that you have the brain functionalities of a monkey. Yours, sincerely.

  30. you’re a fucking pig making ridiculously broad generalizations about women. sometimes I can’t believe people like you actually exist. your ignorance is absolutely laughable. WOMEN ARE PEOPLE NOT OBJECTS FOR YOU TO SCRUTINIZE, WAKE THE FUCK UP

  31. -As tu déjà été en Bretagne ou en Loire-Atlantique? Parce que dépendant de la région les gens peuvent passer de personnes qui boivent modérément à pochtrons notoires. A Nantes, on boit tous pas mal, hommes comme femmes, adultes comme adolescents.
    Oh et :
    “They don’t drink at all.”
    “risky drinking behaviour endangering the possibility to bear children”
    Bon alors, on boit trop ou on boit pas du tout? Faudrait savoir, parce que là tu te contredis un peu, haha.
    -En tant que français qui se respecte je ne conçois même pas l’idée que tu puisses seulement penser à te plaindre du poids des femmes dans notre pays. On a jamais été gros, et même avec la démocratisation des fast food ça n’a pas spécialement changé. J’veux dire sérieusement, tu peux compter sur deux doigts le nombre de gros (je ne dis même pas obèses, je dis bien gros) que tu croises dans une journée. Alors de là à tirer la sonette d’alarme, faut pas trop pousser.
    -Sur les vêtements stylés: tu m’as l’air d’avoir besoin d’faire un petit tour sur Paris un de ces 4. A part dans les grandes villes y’a pas grand chose à voir en termes de mode ou de tendance, ce qui vrai pour tous les pays du monde, d’ailleurs. Tu verras qu’on peut avoir la classe sans être en talons/jupe/robe H24, j’te jure!
    -sur la fessée: au risque de dériver sur un sujet politique, faut pas faire comme si toutes les femmes (ou tous les hommes d’ailleurs) étaient d’accord sur la question. Ni comme si toutes les meufs qui vont à l’université avaient pour ambition de placer leur carrière avant la famille (je me souviens d’ailleurs d’un débat en classe à la suite d’un exposé de GEC sur la famille, et un certain nombre de filles considéraient comme tout à fait normal d’adapter leur futur boulot aux besoins de leurs enfants et de placer la mif avant le reste).
    Pour le reste, c’est exactement comme le reste du monde occidental, en effet : pas mieux qu’ailleurs et pas pire non plus. Tout dépend de sur qui tu tombes.
    Pas fan de la façon dont tu sens le besoin de traîner le pays dans la boue pour faire passer ton message, mais bon, je suppose que l’article vaut quand même la peine d’être lu, ne serait-ce que pour faire oublier aux étrangers l’idée que l’herbe est forcément plus verte par chez nous.

  32. This website always makes my day.
    Articles and comments… Everything is priceless.
    But this! This is golden. Being french myself, I couldn’t help but look for an article like this one. I’m not disappointed.
    That was enlightening.

  33. From my experience, and the 6 years I studied and worked in Paris for, French chicks are not radically different to other western countries… bedding attractive, educated and well dressed women require game and to some means to validate your status of potential sexual partner (good looks, money, or what French call “le bagou”). What may be typical of Paris is how easier it gets to when you start going to the right places and hangout with the right people. “French are such fucking snobs…” I read in a quite pathetic comment down there… but so what if that’s true? You can whine all you want about the nature of things and people or adapt and act on them, and it seems obvious from the bitterness some people express toward a city/country that probably rightfully didn’t give a fuck about them… they really missed on a fun experience. Shallow, openly-feminist and materialist, I give you that… but french chicks are also mean in the sack and really know ho to party. As for dressing poorly… man I couldn’t disagree more. Paris being the world’s number one tourism destination and Parisian chicks knowing it… it’s obvious the hottest pieces of ass won’t settle for a goofy IT students in tracksuits in a club. So game + right places

  34. And how about french girls just work in team to spray back on assholes their “assholeness” ? You know like a kind of superskunk with a sensor. Just an idea popping up to try to understand your misfortune so far 🙂

  35. As a Parisian, I can tell you that they’re kind of arrogant compared to Canadian and US girls.
    But all of this is just on average ofc

  36. True. I spent a short holiday in France a few years ago with my wife and she was the best girl or woman I spoke to the whole time.

  37. As a french girl, I apologize. I apologize not to be an objet obeying to male’s pleasure, I apologize for wanting to live my own life and take my own decision, I apologize not to always look like a perfect doll (and to have dyied hair and a glam metal look), I apologize not to be perfect following YOUR definition of perfection for women (as far as I understood – if I can understanf something because I am only a girl – being an object or a slave for men). So sorry dude… Or not.

    1. Pas étonnant que le seul compagnon que tu aies soit un greffier. Change de disque ou tu finiras seule.

      1. Un greffier ?? je ne vois pas d’où tu tiens ça… Et ne t’inquiète pas, des tas de mecs s’intéressent à moi, des mecs qui ne considèrent pas que le seul rôle de la femme soit de rester à la maison et d’être une poupée avec laquelle les hommes jouent…

  38. Hmmmm… considering that American women aren’t any better, but they will easily sleep with a European guy with “his sexy accent”, and that French women will easily sleep with guys of other nationalities while traveling outside of France, as stated by the author (and from my personal experience with a French girl outside of France), and taking into account the comments about other western women made below in the comments (that other western women are similar to French women), I can only conclude that the moral of the story is that 1) women all over the world are pretty much the same in their relations with the men of their own nationalities and in their countries, and 2) meeting women who are traveling outside of their home countries is the best solution if a guy wants to get laid with impressive results and with none of the psychological BS usually put on by the local women. and to a certain extent, 3) international relationships including courtship, etc. have a better success/satisfaction rate than if it were between nationals of the same country… I guess in the end of the day, it pays to be exotic, and this is how we can better sell (or market) ourselves to the opposite sex. By this token, the author, who is French, has a better success rate with women in Poland. I am willing to bet that just about any polish guy would have a better success rate among French chicks (or any other chicks) compared to his local success with Polish women. So in the end of the day, it’s all relative… There probably doesn’t exist an absolute “chick” paradise….it is up to us guys to pack our things and move to the country to whose chicks we would attract the best, whatever that country may be…

    1. Unfortunately, Polish guys have a beta provider/nice guy model (except the few “dresiarz” (“tracksuit gangsters”) and “koksy” (meat heads) in majority, that works in their country but they would be bled dry by the local girls in France that will take advantage of their kindness.

  39. It’s all about You. USA UK Germany France or Mars : don’t give a shit / never complain / God in you can do / and just act the good style : the predator of pussy

  40. I totally disagree with this article….people who think that’s right must know only snob girls from a few places in paris…i’m french and i’m not good at english (as you can see xD) but understand all i read in here…and all of french girls i know (including me) shave, take care of themselves, eat in a normal way, are feminine and always smile to people who talk to them in the street or anywhere….and we don’t act like “slut” or want men to pay all for us or i don’t know what…anyway, now it’s night, i’m tired and don’t really know what to write, but this article is totaly unreal…really…you can meet girls like this if you go to in big cities such as paris or toulouse….but not all…and not many…just snob girl who think they are better than other…but it’s because of their education and because they want to be “cool”, rebel…do NOT think that we are all like this xD we are just normal girl x) (and yes we do bathe regulary x))

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