5 Ways We Can Prevent School Shootings

Since the days of the Columbine High School massacre, the school shooting has been a frequent fixture in the lives of the American people. Not a year goes by, it seems, in which we are unaffected by one of these violent events. Predictably, the most recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida has summoned the familiar media cries to ban firearm ownership and to castrate our boys via pharmacological means. And predictably, the media has it all wrong.

School shootings are overwhelmingly carried out those boys disadvantaged in today’s sexual marketplace. The school shooting is not the fault of guns or an inherent flaw in the male psyche, but the inevitable result of a contracting sexual marketplace in which female hypergamy is unleashed in terrifying form upon the Western world.

Boys shoot up schools because they’re not getting laid. Time and time again, the perpetrators of these massacres are boys who aren’t getting laid and have no idea how to get laid. From the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting to the 2014 Isla Vista killings, we have witnessed the bottled rage of young men furious at their lack of sexual prospects erupt in real world carnage.

If these massacres are to stop—and it is unlikely they will as society plummets further into matriarchal discord—we need to implement novel and groundbreaking solutions. Here are five ways we can prevent school shootings.

1. Hire Male Teachers

It is no secret that today’s boys are without male role models. Western governments endorse and actively fund single motherhood, robbing many boys of paternal guidance in their most formative years. Furthermore, the vast majority of schoolteachers are women, leaving boys without father figures both at home and at school.

Paternal guidance is essential in the development of boys. Without fathers, boys are more likely to end up in jail or drop out of society altogether. While the rise in single mother households is unavoidable in our current cultural climate, school systems would do well to hire more male teachers.

A male teacher who exhibits genuine masculine values can serve as a role model to wayward boys. Through teaching, he can impart the knowledge and wisdom he has gleaned over the years and guide boys through their difficult adolescence. Likewise, a good coach can function well to impart the virtues of manly discipline and grit to his athletes. It is little surprise that all of these school shooters were not part of a sports team.

 2. Same-Sex Boarding Schools

Sending boys and girls to separate, sex-segregated schools could work wonders by allowing them to develop lasting friendships with other boys and girls, respectively. The majority of school shooters have been loners and outcasts, and one would do well to ponder if their actions could have been prevented had they but one true friend.

American boarding schools have traditionally existed only in New England, but it would be a welcome addition to have them in other parts of the United States. Here, boys can learn to be boys without the corrupting influences of girls and female schoolteachers. Moreover, boarding schools can arrange events like dances to teach boys and girls proper courtship.

The greatest advantage of these same-sex schools, however, is to give boys and girls access to the wisdom of their older peers. As families get smaller, it is becoming more unlikely that kids grow up with siblings. An Older Brother program implemented by these schools could put boys on the right path by pairing them with an upperclassman to act as their mentor.

3. Make Brothels Great Again

In many Latin countries, teenage boys are often brought to brothels to gain their first sexual experience. Although a prostitute will never love you back, casting off the weight of teenage virginity does well for a boy’s self-esteem. It is not unreasonable to state that many school shooters were frustrated at their lack of sexual experience as they entered adulthood.

A safe, regulated brothel system would also compete for attention with the girls in the general population. It is unclear how this has affected the sexual dynamics in countries where prostitution is legal, but their sexual dynamics cannot possibly be worse than what we have here in the United States.

In a best-case scenario, a legitimate brothel system would permit boys to dispel their sexual frustrations and force girls to up their game if they want male attention. If a boy were to graduate high school a virgin and desire sexual experience before he entered university, there would be a well-regulated outlet for his natural urges. However, school shootings are not just about a lack of sex, but about a lack of love as well.

4. Holographic A.I. Girlfriends

As artificial intelligence continues to improve, it is likely that we will have virtual companions in the near future. While these companions will never usurp the position of a dear friend or loved one, they could potentially function as a makeshift social outlet for the desperately lonely. In less than a decade, we will witness the first iterations of these virtual companions on the market.

Many science fiction films have depicted what these virtual companions could be like. Her (2013) depicted a virtual companion named Samantha, an intelligent female voice that the main character eventually falls in love with. Samantha acted as a friend and trusted confidant to the main character; it is probable that today’s Siri or Alexa could evolve into something similar.

The most compelling depiction of a virtual companion to date, however, is found in Blade Runner 2049 (2017). Here, Joi serves as the fully-customizable holographic girlfriend of the main character. While this technology is still a ways off, putting a human face to these virtual companions could give the lonely some form of—albeit simulated—social interaction.

5. Ban Schools 

School shootings all have one thing in common: they occur at schools. Schools have devolved from educating and training the young for adulthood, to indoctrinating kids with far-left ideology and regulating so-called toxic masculine behavior. With e-learning and the vast array of educational materials available on the internet, the days of public schooling are numbered.

The primary function of schools nowadays is to credential the youth for the job market. An employer could instead provide the requisite training or a self-learning program could teach you everything you need to know. Homeschooling is also on the rise, and it tends to produce better-educated students than the public school system.

In the future, school shootings might not even occur because nobody will attend public schools anymore. And that is a future truly worth fighting for.

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118 thoughts on “5 Ways We Can Prevent School Shootings”

  1. Excellent article. The anti-gun hysteria is all bullshit. Hell, I’m older – my dad (and all other kids) walked to grade school with shotguns so they could hunt on the way home. There was no such thing as a school shooting in those day. Your parents would have kicked your ass if you handled a firearm improperly. The parents are the fucking problem – or lack of parenting I should say.

      Criminals will always have AR-15’s. They do not possess guns legally so what do they care.
      In Detroit you could buy a gun on the street with serial numbers scratched off.
      Same thing with AR-15’s.

    2. KAHN
      In the old days males left home at 19 and the realities of life on their own-paying rent, supporting a family, holding down a decent job-made high school seem totally irrelevant.
      A year after grad you were 100 or 10,000 miles away from high school and nobody gave a fuck.
      Why would they?

      1. In the old days, a job paid you enough to do that. Then women entered the workforce, and with twice as many laborers, wages dipped. So you you bust your ass and make maybe 12-13$ and have to live in your parent’s basement or be stuck in your bumblefuck small town.

        1. $12-13 per hour in really small towns isn’t half bad (which is an indication of how sad huge swaths of the USA have become).
          Small town USA is now mostly a cesspit of minimum wage fast food and TJ Maxx/Ross outlets. I kid you not, beyond a mere handful of doctor/lawyer types or the local Sheriff, the best paid person in town might be the affirmative action hire black lady at the post office.

        2. NATE
          Whether you were considered hot shit in high school or a dweeb or a freak in 1991 made zero difference.
          Because everybody was gone and nobody ever saw one another again. Most of the punks and rebels joined the military simply because IT WOULD TAKE THEM.
          The hardcore stoners moved on to where the dope business was and, some of them, prison. Some of the blacks I knew went into prison.
          The freaks and the rest spread out to various universities.
          Not everybody MOVED but by 19 they were out of their parents house and somewhere else.
          Nobody, and I mean nobody, gave a fuck about HIGH SCHOOL when they were 19. Why would they?

        3. NATE
          As a urban born and bred I cannot imagine anything more awful than having to live next door to that teacher you hated in high school.
          Urban kids tend to drift on currents more easily. Born in Detroit, move to LA, maybe Houston, wherever.
          I cannot imagine people in small towns who have never been out of the country. Never visited a nice brothel in Amsterdam. Never seen an ocean sunset.

    3. You call bullshit on anti gun hysteria, why dont you go the extra yard and call bullshit on all of it? You think TPTB/the elite/or whatever the fuck you want to label them give a shit if you have guns or not? I worked in Porton Down (not the science park) during the 80’s and can assure you guns mean fuck all to these people. I mean, come on, guns are a money spinner, why fuck that up? This type of pysop works on two fronts, first it increases gun sales, second it mentally rapes the majority of the population. As a man more adept at killing than I once told me, you can beat a man and he will recover, rape him and there’s no way he’ll get through that shit.

      1. And your point is? Guns ensure freedom and survival. You can make excuses ( low pay, lack of opportunities ) but you don’t realize my dad dealt with worse conditions than you. My dad grew up during the depression. There were NO jobs. There were no supermarkets. They ate squirrels and whatever they could to survive. You can either take the hard knocks as learning opportunities to toughen up and overcome the obstacles or you can cry like today’s snowflake pussies. I know which side you fall on.

    4. If you are a modern white male student and have no future, why wouldn’t you go to school and kill all the bullies, girls that laughed at you, people who looked down on you and treated you like shit?

      1. Being a young, lonely, sexually frustrated white male isn’t a unique American experience. Elsewhere in the world they don’t commit mass killings. The inner rage may be just as strong, but the access to powerful weapons doesn’t exist. Especially among middle class kids, who are by and large the perpetrators of these crimes.

        1. @Emmet The only reason the USA has mass murder rates that are exponentially higher than any other country is because guns such as the AR are readily available. No other G20 country has this problem. It IS the guns that are the problem.

      2. @burton
        It’s not actually the guns. Instead, it’s a mismatch between gun availability and safety measures. Go back in time, and re-build the FL school in a way that deters mass shootings. At a minimum, that would involve CONTROLLED ACCESS. There would also be more cops/guards on duty, and certain teachers with guns (possibly hidden but accessible for emergencies). Additionally, students/staff would receive training, preventing them from bolting from classrooms, upon hearing a fire alarm (There would be no need to rush out, if classrooms were built to higher fire-code standards).
        Lastly, there would be more effort put into hiring actual cops, so as to avoid a situation where scared pussies hide in a parking lot, instead of confronting a single, armed boy.

        1. @Dennis Rodman Alas we cannot go back in time and rebuild every single school, stadium or structure to fit the safety needs of today. When it all boils down, the fact remains that the US has the worst track record when it comes to mass slaughters. Every other G20 country has outlawed military grade weapons and subsequently no other country has this problem. To think that guns are not the problem is such as oversight and a blatant kick to the stomach of all kids that have had their lives cut short just some Americans want to have the right to wield an AR or an AK-47. Is your own personal opinion worth the life of innocent children?

    5. A shot gun is not as powerful as an AR-15. While I’m not anti-gun ownership, Americans really needs to ask themselves why mass shootings are almost an entirely American phenomenon. Have mass shootings occurred elsewhere in the world? Absolutely. But they are nowhere near as common as in the US. And I’m comparing other Western nations here. Your rates of mental illness are no higher than comparable nations. Your society isn’t inherently more violent or crime ridden. And very few of these incidents appear to be rooted in racial tensions. The defining difference between the US and other nations is lax gun control and the cultural belief that gun ownership is a right, rather than a privelidge.

      1. Nah, it’s to do with entitlement. American kids are told they live in the best country, highest wages …. blah, blah. The rest of us whites realize how bad our countries are when they move a Somali family in next door to us.

        1. JOHN
          Absolute rubbish nobody in Detroit or East LA thinks this. Brits only go to Orlando, so they meet people who are paid to tell them something like that.
          BBC is constantly going on about the chasm between “Have” and “Have-Nots” in Harlem documentaries. Would you prefer South Chicago to Brixton? It is true of course.
          Your blacks are East Africans with a bit of Arab or Afro-Caribbeans with British admixture. They are far more pleasant that their counterparts in the US.
          Your Paks are the worst in the UK. They would do the same in US but are held in check in places like New Jersey by brutal Irish-American police and exiting Italian mob syndicates.

        2. JOHN
          Nobody in America thinks their social safety net or baseline wage is equal to yours.
          This is why so many black American soldiers marry UK women and sell cars in London or Kent. Compared to the US ghetto lower middle-class Britain is paradise.

        3. JOHN
          If your own Irish-American relatives expressed much since of entitlement at their situation in New York or San Francisco or wherever your grandfather’s brother immigrated…I’d be very surprised.
          I’d argue that lower and middle-class Americans feel hard done by compared to Australians or Londoners.
          Their kids go to shittier schools, the minimum wage is half that of UK or needless to say Australia.

    6. For those of you who CHOOSE not to be willfully ignorant brainwashed Yankistani muppets and want to exercise your electrical circuits between your ears, check out the following link.

      The questions you SHOULD be asking yourselves are:
      1) Why now?
      2) Who is behind this and what is their agenda?
      3) What are they trying to distract you from?
      If you can figure these questions out, then you are on the right path to non-muppet status. This path will lead you down an uncomfortable Rabbit Hole and out of the Matrix. Do you have the courage to proceed?
      Throw away your TV. There is a reason it is called an “Idiot Box”. Free your mind and your arse will follow.

      1. Sloopyjoe- If our government is corrupt and evil enough to fake shootings, why don’t they just do it for real? Wouldn’t that be simpler, and more effective?

        1. MattTarngo – Because REAL dead people would have OFFICIAL Coroners Reports and have friends/family that will inquire/question/sue. Crisis Actors carry none of these. The game is to use fear to control the willfully ignorant and easily distracted muppets. Comprendes?

          If after checking out the above links and you still believe the OFFICIAL narrative, then there really isn’t much hope for you at this point.
          Since I had the courtesy of responding to you, let’s see if you could come to some conclusions based on presented researched evidence as to who(m) is behind this and what is their agenda.
          Free your mind and your arse will follow.

        2. MattTarngo – Because REAL deaths require a REAL Coroners Report that leads to friends/family investigating/questioning/suing. Using Crisis Actors avoids this.
          The Game is ALL about using fear to control the willfully ignorant and easily distracted Yankistani Muppets. Comprendes?

    7. Most of the student body was American, and not just white American.
      And I bet nobody was chemically castrated with medication. “Are Boys Broken?” they ask. -Good question – if they are, well who the fuck broke them, Ms. I Can Do Anything Single Moms?
      As for brothels, you can be sure if there were anything leaning towards satisfying the heterosexual needs and desires of young and grown men alike, it will be prohibited or otherwise controlled and restricted. I would not rule out instructional brothels run by chickenhawk homosexuals getting paid federal grants to help young men “discover” their sexuality, however.

  2. In the old days, school was merely a small part of a young person’s life– they went to school, but THEN they came home to their real lives and busted ass doing chores around the house, on the farm, etc. They went to school for awhile, and then they were out for months to help with the harvest and do other, imporant, REAL tasks.
    Schooling in modern America is now the sum-total of a young person’s life. They have nothing else going on. And considering what school is today… fuck, what could be more depressing than that? If you’re a social outcast for whatever reason, your entire life as a young person is now literally torture, as you’re forced to spend just about every waking moment in an unpleasant or even hostile environment.
    And with smartphones and social media, now you’re surrounded by those people even when you’re not physically there. How terrible that must be for young outcasts and loners, to never be able to truly escape the people/place that torments you.
    Given all that, it’s a testament to the human spirit that there aren’t MORE school massacres.

      When I was in high school in Detroit NOBODY was going to ever see anyone again.
      Some of the kids would entering the military for life and be posted in 40 different countries. Other kids were headed for Los Angeles, New York or wherever they thought was warm. A few kids were already in prison-one black kid I knew was put away at 16 for attempted murder in 1989 and just got out last year 27 years later.
      But most of us were headed for university.
      These days, kids hang around their high school a year or two years later in a sort of adolescent purgatory. No money to go anywhere, no job, no nothing. Just walking around the neighborhood when they are 19 years old.
      This is all a symptom of what? Economics, maybe. But in the old days everyone in high school knew they would never see anyone else again.

    2. Yes Flabba Wabba school is all encompassing. It’s overinstitutionalizing our youth in a grind of political correctness and HR imperatives. It’s all school kids are taught. It’s no wonder school kids stampede out the front school door at 3 pm screaming. They’re glad to get the he|| out of there.
      Look at the header picture in the article where the teenagers are walked in a line with their arms out like they’re all suspect. At first I thought the picture was from the kindergardeners at Newtown. The fake news outlets called them ‘children’ in several MSM articles. But nooooo – those are all 15-17 yo breeding age females and maturing apprenticeship age males. What a bunch of effing horsesh¡t calling them helpless children and forcing them to cower with their arms stretched out. It’s all globalist slave training. Perpetual kids who are needy for the nanny state and always helpless as a single female in times of challenge. And the cud chewing deputy with the sunglasses looks like he doubles overseeing a state private prison roadside chain gang. He’s ready to pop any innocent student that breaks form or flinches. WHAT BU||SH¡T. Those emasculated male teens with their arms out are being force trained to trust the nanny state. It’s like they’re having their balls ripped out, thrown on the ground and stomped on by the all domineering nanny state.
      BOYS SHOULD carry personal weapons to school and schools should offer classes in gladiatorship. Bring back the gun clubs.

  3. Emasculating our young men and turning them into pathetic nerds is a way bigger issue than guns or mental health. Young men are aggressive by nature and that need shouldn’t be suppressed by female values.

    1. female values? Like lying, cheating, passive aggressiveness, making a scene, dumping good-natured boyfriends/hubbys cuz “muh hypergamy”?

      1. @Reality, well said. Values and that too for pussies !??
        Like what !? Walking bare chested !? Doing slut walks, Pink Saturdays !? Showing off flesh !? Disrespect towards the elected President !? Claiming “equality” with MEN !? Leeching out Tax Payers Money !? Riding cock “carousel” !? False accusations !? Affirmative action !?
        Values and that too for pussies !?? My foot !!

  4. Boarding schools are a hike of homosexual experimentation, but if your goal is to get boys laid, well…..

  5. I could have predicted that, on this website, school massacres would somehow be women’s fault. 😀
    If a woman does something stupid, all women in the world are to blame.
    If a man does something stupid, it it the fault of women who somehow pushed him into it, as obviously, he has no ability to take responsibility for his actions.

    1. HAHA
      You showed up here last week claiming you were earning $500,000 in Los Angeles somewhere.
      You are the kind of 19 year old post-adolescent loser who commits that sort of crime because you live in a fantasy world of lies and frustrated desires at home.
      However, if you are female, perhaps you are the sort of Emo who self harms.
      Either way, you are crying out for attention.

    2. This website is actually quite easy to predict. The blame hierarchy goes something like this:
      1. Blame the left/sjw etc
      2. Blame women
      2.1 evil feminist (includes people with tattoos)
      2.2 women who don’t have sex with them
      2.3 supposed ‘sluts’ (this is a bag of contradictions gets interesting)
      2.4 thots (conservative women )
      2.5 pretty much any woman who isn’t a virgin
      3. Blame muslims or immigrants
      4. Blame black people
      As an example when both women and the left are involved in a story, the left is usually blamed first ie. Harvey Weinstein did actually assault the women because the left is evil. If the perpetrator is conservative then it would be women making false accusations.
      Some exceptions are muslims or immigrants ‘raping’ women. They will be blamed over false accusations. However if the muslims are in their native country the women are usually blamed first (RoK praises muslim conservatism)… BUT again another exception and contradiction is if redpiller is making a case against western feminism, then they compare how bad women have it muslim countries.

    3. No honey – if a woman does something stupid well, she was pushed that way; she’s a busy single mom, they made her do it, etc. If a guy does something stupid he’s a dumbass, loser bad father, had it coming, etc.
      We do not hold women to the same standards, regardless of evidence. We ought to, but we – meaning society at large, the court system, everything – just don’t.

  6. Before I clicked I thought “More male teachers.” Surprise surprise. As someone who has great empathy for most school shooters, and actually fantasized about such things, more male teachers would have a great positive impact.

  7. There’s this one school that has percussion mics positioned that send an activation signal once a gunshot decibel is reached that triggers a shooter lockdown alert system. Not.

  8. Of course this will continue to happen when you celebrate young boys being trannys or pushing them towards homosexual culture. It’s the decline of society and for some the pressure is too much and they crack and you see things like this, it is not a gun control issue. Schools should offer classes for these young boys that teach them red pill truths. I guarantee if this most recent shooter had discovered ROK he would not have done what he did.

    1. Lets face it Maverick, you wouldn’t know a red pill if it was bully rammed up your arse in a Turkish nick. Stop swollowing everything offered to you by your government/media and maybe you’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel.

      1. SOXMIS
        Funny how you go right for talking about another mans ass then talks of swallowing things. You seemed triggered by my anti-tranny/homo comment. Your obsession with gay butt sex and swallowing men loads down your throat has been made quite evident. Please realize when you hear people say “the decline” they are referencing you.

        1. When I said bully ramming I assumed you to be a female so butt sex never entered my head, apology. Strange, your rather graphic discription of how you imagine me is more telling of your own tastes than mine, still nothing wrong with a bit of schoolboy humour, next time try a bit of irony mixed in and it might even be witty. You didn’t trigger me, Ive noticed you bang on a lot about red pilling which I associate with the degenerate Zionists from the Matrix movies and naming yourself after Tom (never met an arse he could refuse) Cruise’s character from the awful movie and seeing your gay themed comebacks to other comments I put two and two together and assumed you’d appriciate it.

  9. This kid was two years away from a sweet $800K trust fund but instead opts for jail for the rest of his life? Bizarre.

    1. Total hopelesses, meaninglessness, and normal depression manifesting from dystopian conditions, all lit up like gas by SSRI’s and a sick media.

  10. What a retarded article devoid of simple evidentiary examination.
    The entire “Lone Gunman” story sucks donkey balls and has FALSE FLAG written all over it. Just like Sandy Hook, Vegas, Pulse Night Club, Boston Marathon Bombing, etc.
    Are the Yankistani Muppets so devoid of the ability to think that they so willingly lap up the Govt Pablum?
    1) http://www.theeventchronicle.com/media/clip/florida-high-school-student-journalist-son-fbi-agent-caught-video-rehearsing-scripted-lines-coached-camera-man/?utm_campaign=coschedule&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=TheEvent2014&utm_content=Florida%20high%20school%20student%20journalist%20(and%20son%20of%20FBI%20agent)%20caught%20on%20video%20rehearsing%20scripted%20lines,%20coached%20by%20camera%20man
    *** video of cameraman coaching “student” Hogg has been taken down. I saw it. It was real.
    2) http://tapnewswire.com/2018/02/the-victims-in-the-fl-school-shooting-were-never-born/

    1. shit, good evidence.
      The leftist denial in the comments section is insanely pathetic.

      1. Goebbel’s was demonstrating and warning how powerful (((their))) propoganda was. Of course this has been deliberately misconstrued and history re-written by the (((victors))) that he was the perpetrator.

  11. Maybe don’t live in a ZOG.
    These “mass shootings” will continue until they get your 2A, goy.

  12. Not getting laid? Don´t worry I believe they did it because they knew that women get wet from violent men, This boy will drown in pussy juice, usually those guys get a lot of fan mail and marriage propositions in jail.

  13. The most important thing is to redpill these men on female nature and to teach them that self improvement and internal validation trumps all.
    R type betas like Elliot Rodgers snapped because while he was putting the pussy on the pedestal, he was convinced the only effective sexual strategy was to become a feminist ally while attacking and suppressing masculinity, and this lead him to eventually snap when he realized his whole world was a lie.

    1. Well, since feminists are always ranting about, what is it now, 1 in 3 girls getting raped in college (far exceeding the rates in places like The Congo), how would you object to such a safety measure for girls?

    2. Why are you here? Lesbians are not human. You are nothing but a degenerate waste. Your purpose is meaningless.
      You have willfully and proudly told the world you go against your own biology to be some hedonistic piece of garbage.
      You could easily find a man and reproduce, but instead you rather be with another degenerate woman while you take turns shoving thorny cactuses up each other.
      Very sick. You sicken me to no end.

      1. Nobody is required to reproduce, dumbass. If what a woman does with her own vagina bothers you so much, maybe you should focus on penis.

  14. Being a male teacher is difficult, at best. My father, honorably, chose this profession. Basically, the kids expect you to be their father-by-proxy, since most are raised by single moms. Not a good situation. And, these days, with the constant risk of sexual harassment accusations, who the fuck would want to do this job?

  15. 1- legit security positions for qualified people (this should be done in many industries)
    2- metal detectors
    3- address suspect behaviour right away
    4- zero tolerance for disruptive (behaviour)
    5- doors locked to outsiders

    1. 1. Arrest all FBI trained Crisis Actors and Communist Obama leftists.
      2. Arrest all FBI trained Crisis Actors and Communist Obama leftists.
      3. Arrest all FBI trained Crisis Actors and Communist Obama leftists.
      4. Arrest all FBI trained Crisis Actors and Communist Obama leftists.
      5. Arrest all FBI trained Crisis Actors and Communist Obama leftists.

  16. I had to buy a $150 ballistic bulletproof insert panel to go in my child’s backpack, because that’s normal now.

    1. It’s only normal if you are dumb enough to believe in the hype.
      ALL school ‘mass’ shootings appeared after Clinton’s FAKE Columbine test.. which American failed (why it must Marilyn Manson’s fault they said!)
      Notice how this “normal” police state preparedness become a monthly occurrence AFTER Obama was “re-elected” in 2012.
      Things calmed down when Trump was “allowed” to take office but Trump dropped the ball with FAKE Charlottesville and especially with the FAKE Las Vegas nonsense.
      Trump has only released 2 of 5 major FISA reveals which the DOJ has ignored and he has not followed up on Uranium 1.
      Meanwhile we have the FAKE Russian 13 plus 18$billion dollars worth of Soros pledged agitprop (eg;MeToo/Antifa/Enough)
      PLUS the never mentioned in the media THREAT by the FBI against Trump.
      America is being setup for civil conflict.
      Even as “white people” and “patriots” show remarkable restraint we are at the cusp of an INVENTED “crisis” whereby the blame is set, REGARDLESS of the truth.
      Its getting to the point where its not just leftists insulting our masculinity, literally they are threatening our very lives.
      The MS Media/Internet system is corrupt.
      The government is utterly corrupt.
      The UN is nothing but corrupt.
      So how do you overcome the Bolsheviks?

  17. Can someone explain to me why the vast majority of these school shooters are white boys? I mean it should be noted that you never see these mass shootings in the inner city areas that are considered ‘bad’ by the population at large. And this is where the legal street guns are supposed to be available. Whats up with that?

    1. Well, even in my relatively quiet little city of 180K people, the black side of the tracks is full of high school boys shooting and killing each other on a regular basis. It just doesn’t happen at school, because most of them don’t go to school. When murder and mayhem happens in the context of crime and the ghetto, nobody pays attention because it’s seen as normal.

      1. FLABBA
        Alot of blacks I knew were in adult prison by the time they were 16 in Detroit.
        If another student bothered them they simply walked up behind him 20 yards outside of our school and killed them there and then.
        Black kids did not care about expulsion or consequences. I was in the office when one black of 14 threw a sidekick into the principle’s face right in the office.
        Also, they live from day to day, scam to scam, conflict to conflict. If you had a conflict with a black 3 years earlier, they never remembered you at all. Even a month earlier. It is like Fido forgetting after 10 minutes.
        For their age though, they were quite criminally sophisticated.

        A) I’d put Cruz’s IQ at at least 100. Blacks don’t have the intelligence for such planning, generally. They can only react to such direct stimuli as ho’s, liquor, KFC or drug.
        B) By 19 high school is a distant memory for blacks. Unlike white dorks who live at home at 19 blacks are on their own or in prison by 19.
        C) Possibly the media affects white’s perception of themselves or drives a desire to be famous. Again this abstract and blacks think in terms of direct stimuli such as KFC or liquor or crack.

        1. IMPORTANT
          Cruz is NOT a real person.
          Just as David Hogg is NOT a real Parkland Senior student.
          Please do NOT waste time debating a NON-existent shooter’s background, SSRI use, motivations, girlfriends, gun calibers, or general appearance.
          It is a all TV show.
          The more you buy into it the faster your REAL LIFE freedoms will be taken from you (just like the 911 nonsense).
          The MSM will CENSOR you.
          Google will CENSOR you.
          All Social Media will CENSOR you.
          Even ROK will CENSOR you…
          -If you speak truthfully or dare to ask hard questions!
          …that nothing.. and I mean NO THING since 2001 called a “mass terror or shooting event” is real!!
          If Parkland was real..
          1. You could have open access to the school building
          2. You could question “witnesses”
          3. You could see autopsies and police reports in detail
          4. You could criticize all political grandstanding over the incident
          4. You could arrest and detain all crisis actors and drill misrepresentations
          Regardless of what happens in a shooting… it DOES NOT change, nor should it, the Constitution or Bill of Rights.

    2. THX
      Blacks lack the planning or long-term mindset-another student bothers them, they kill him, they are locked up or sometimes get away with it.
      One black student I knew was called into the office and simply kicked the principle with a sidekick right in the face over the desk (He was 14 at the time). Expulsion does not bother them.
      Another black student was stabbed at a mall after school and they never caught the other kid. The fleeing subject was described as 13 or 14. Nobody knew who he was and for the next few years a killer attended the school.
      One black stabbed a student with a knife he’d hidden in the bushes to get past the metal detector.
      In general blacks are also less afraid of consequences and physically more powerful as faster-maturing teenagers. At 16 and 6’3 and 220 pounds, they are fully capable of violence.
      Finally, they do not have the capacity of inner-life to dwell on past wrongs. They don’t care at all. Not one bit. A year after high school they are either moving on to work and university or for that matter smoking crack somewhere and high school is a million miles away. By 19 they are into their bitches and flows and ho’s so they are not dwelling on high school.
      Finally, blacks do not live at home very long. At 17 or 18 they are out on their own. They are adults.
      If there is a sexual motive to a Dodger or Cruz, this does not exist for the black. Generally he is a big-dicked stud with an ease for interacting with women and gets sex easily from his bitches and ho’s. If he cannot, and some cannot, he rapes somebody. Or gives them crack to get his cock sucked. Sometimes he rapes the teacher.
      So the anger of whites does not affect the black. His dick is often wet enough and half of the black kids I knew in Detroit had 2 or 3 kids by 17.
      It is the dorky pale white kid who sits in his house bitterly masturbating over images of white blondes choking on penises as long and black as police nightsticks, living at home, ignored, brooding.

    3. Erm, the city of Chicago has had over 300 gun homicides already in 2018. Not all at once, so I guess you can’t call it a “mass shooting” even though the mass of shootings dwarfs all the school shootings of the past decade put together.

  18. Not getting laid has nothing to do with it. Half these kids are barely old enough to get laid. Its because of the drugs they make boys take.

  19. Great article!
    Instead of prostitution, young marriage would also be a fix (if the godforsaken west hadn’t ruined marriage by taking men’s rights and charging them for it) for angry incels.

    The school my kids go to has precisely three men besides the janitor. The other same-level school has four. We’re not talking teachers either. We’re talking half-hour electives. All the classroom teachers are women. You should see the looks you get when you ask the principal how many men work in her school. Yes, even the principals are women. If I could afford private school, I would make that plan A.

    Also, the states should hang murderers or execute them by firing squad. We have homeless vets, but we keep devils like Cruz alive for years awaiting execution, with three hots and a cot daily. I say cure Cruz with five rounds of .44 to the heart, and feed a veteran in his stead.

  20. Ban guns for kids under the age of 21. Wont get rid of all of the shootings, but sure would get rid of a ton. Most of the states that have these shootings have 18 year old requirement.
    Seriously, why should drinking be worse/demand more responsibility than owning a firearm?

  21. Since Columbine I believe that school shootings are a direct consequence of the fucked up, degenerate, over sexed, hyper active, and above all, contradictory “liberal” “progressive” value system. First, the “liberal progressive” value system is not a system it’s a power grab cloaked in “do goodism”. Not to mention that the highest sin in the “LP” value system is not murder but racism or sexism, so, ponder that. During Columbine I worked at Abercrombie & Fitch. This was the top of the teenage/college kid dominance hierarchy. ANF, at that time, ONLY hired the good looking. This made me aware of the disparity between the not so good looking. What could their life be like? What if I walked for a moment in their shoes? FYI, I got that from Christianity and NOT from fucking liberals, who never walk in another’s shoes. I just came from a highly competitive high school, a very wealthy town. I went into depression my senior year because i realized none of my peers had “grown” in fact they regressed in both their maturity and how they treated others. We were vicious! And that was among the “cool kids”. What about the outcasts? And simultaneously existing against this strict hierarchy of cool and uncool was liberalism, which featured the celebrities pushing equality and all that but also creating the very vicious social teenage culture. Sex is relevant because it was pushed so hard on everyone. You weren’t cool if you didn’t “do it”, like madonna etc. but if you were an outcast you didn’t get laid. And there is all this energy and all this angst. This is the walk you will take. Struggle, suffering, despair, check out. And then the cherry. The emphasis on lifting up just the females. Why? Well, society says because all females have it tough. Imagine how an ugly ass no chance in hell to get laid boy who’s been denied and ignored by girls his whole life and who is legitimately struggling versus the cool girls who have, by comparison, fantastic lives that they’re entirely ungrateful…imagine how they process this. And be told by “LPs” many of which are those very same cool girls that consider him subhuman that were all “equal”. You can’t and this is why we have shootings. It’s about the culture.

    1. WRONG.
      It is about POLITICS.
      We are already in an Economic Global World War.
      America is being run down and dismantled.
      With the 1st and 2nd Amendments curtailed, and soon removed, the entire country will be economically shut down.
      Second guessing the intentions of non-existent trouble makers and grieving for their non-existent victims is a SIN.
      Do NOT fall into the trap of debating ‘crisis’ personalities.
      .. it is an extension of celebrity (idol) worship.
      Implying that you ‘know’ what was good for the FAKE N. JACOB Cruz is similar to implying that you ‘know’ Kim Kardashian really loves Kanye West.
      It is all crap.
      But understand for real that these MANUFACTURED EVENTS are designed specifically to hurt you and make you poor.
      Do NOT fall for it.

    As a young Incel, I have also entertained thoughts of causing mayhem.
    Not anymore.
    Game saved my life, and possibly the lives of others.
    I can not emphasise it enough: Game Saves Lives, that is God`s own truth. Feminism and Blue Pill Beta rage kills.

  23. Question: my generation- the first half of Generation X- was fond of The A-Team, Conan the Barbarian, Star Wars, Sylvester Stallone films, heavy metal music, the late great Bruce Lee made martial arts popular; there were not as many gun laws, etc.
    We did not go around shooting schools up like this.
    This was in the early and mid 1980s.
    So what has changed during that time between my graduation in 1984 and the Columbine shootings in the late 1990s?
    What- do you think everyone in Generation X had sex with beautiful girls, who were far more common, from those days? NOBODY failed to have sex? If that was such a factor, there would have been shootings since guns were first invented! BANG! Takes several minutes to reload, just waiteth for your turneth, fellow students…
    First of all, I strongly suspect the “medicating” of boys. What we have been seeing is the bitter harvest of that. Kids in my age group were not “medicated,” at least it was rare, but by the time the Columbine shooting happened it was becoming common. Psychotropic drugs are called that for a reason, and it is another example of how psychiatry has been a dismal failure.
    Secondly, let’s face it, today’s boys are treated as trash. They are expected never to hit girls no matter how violent feminism has made girls- they are under the old restrictions but girls have been allowed to ignore the ones they were expected to abide by in return.
    If a shooting occurs boys are expected to be heroes, and if they die…expect a Lifetime movie showing how heroic girls also did something.
    It was as a woman said after the Titanic disaster: we don’t want men to vote for us but we do want them to die for us (she was an anti-feminist).
    Add to this the oppressive bullying of loudmouthed Baby Boomer types, and the anger builds up, and builds up, until finally…
    But it’s just going to be the same old “solutions” that never work.

    1. ALLONON
      I was born in 1974 and there are a couple reasons-
      1) Sean Penn’s “Bad Boys” reflects that there were always bad kids and “Fast Times” reflects that pot and pills were everywhere in the early 80’s.
      2) The job market was different then. Kids just said hey, 9 months from now I’ll get a job at the plant or join the Navy and that is that. Who gives a shit about high school?
      3) People were not marinating in porn. A few losers and perverts did but for the most part boys fucked girls and young people had normal sex lives.
      4) Gen X came into a bleak post-60’s world of Watergate and the tumultuous 80’s. Gen Y came into the world in the 90’s and it was a decade of prosperity. Think about a 10 year old in 2001. He grew up in a wonderful era.
      5) They have to live at home. The only available jobs are teenager jobs today. How would you feel if you lived at home at 28 and had to jerk off in the bathroom for fuck’s sake.
      6) Race conflict is actually worse than it used to be under the surface.
      7) White males are kind of out of luck.

    2. ALLONON
      Well kids popped ‘ludes in the early 80’s. By 1982 drugs kind of reached a zenith in high school and then it went out style in the Just Say No Reagan era.

  24. What kind of civilisation is it that kids have to do a murder drill in case some pampered suburban gamma feels like killing everybody in his school or workplace because he can’t get laid? Some cheerleader bitch not wanting to fuck you is not a real problem. Feeling a little lonely is not really a real problem. Feeling inadequate next to Chad or Tyrone is not really a real problem. Not knowing where your next meal is coming from in a poor country, that is a real problem. Suburban white Americans don’t have such problems so they invent things to self-destruct over. In the developing world, even in shithole economies like El Salvador where guns and violence might proliferate, individuals don’t kill large numbers of people for no reason, there will be a cause or grievance to settle, no matter how sick. But white suburban American makes will take out a bunch of kids, high school girls, folks praying and obese middle aged ladies who can’t even run for no reason than they felt like it. “Uh my parents told me to turn down my stereo, guess its the killing spree or the ol’ suburban heroin addiction.” It’s a symptom of narcissism, a lack of emotional control, and a total inability to appreciate your blessings.

    1. I totally agree. But…
      America is still better than any of those shit-hole countries. And suburbia is still way safer than any inner city. And republican areas are way safer, with lower divorce rates, and happier people than any liberal area.
      School shootings get plastered in the news because the media wants to push their anti-gun, anti-male, anti-white, anti-conservative agenda. Black crime rates in America are the true travesty. If every black neighborhood vanished tomorrow, we’d have crime rates on par with Scandinavian countries. Nobody will publish that for fear of being racist (truthful.)

      1. Everybody knows you get high crime rates in urban ghettoes. The urban slums of Victorian and Edwardian England were all white and full of crime too; all it proves is that poor people in densely populated areas will prey on each other. What we are talking about here is an altogether different phenomenon, that of spoilt, cowardly comfortably-off white boys engaging in random homocidal behaviour when they have faced no adversity whatsoever in real terms.

        1. PASSADOR
          He was not comfortably off. He was abandoned by his biological parents, lost his adopted ones, was given a room by a friend.
          He had nothing.

    2. “It’s a symptom of narcissism, a lack of emotional control, and a total inability to appreciate your blessings.”
      Ding ding ding!

  25. Just like Obama was the greatest president for gun sales the country has ever known, school shootings are a major boon to the industry.

  26. Correct me if I’m wrong but it should be ban public schools. I think all of these mass school shootings have happened at public schools.

  27. I wish this article had research and citations cited. There are a lot of bold claims. I don’t necessarily disagree with all of them ( hologram girlfriends?) but this would sit as a stronger piece if it discussed actual research.
    My additional idea would be to stop putting school/mass shootings on the news! For every 10,000 people who hate the bad guy, there’s 1 dude who idolizes him and wants to be like him. Some of these killers even talk about idolizing previous school shooters during their sprees.

    1. The Soviet Union used to do that, not report the bad news. If there was, for example, a plane crash, you didn’t hear about it.
      And if they did report something, it was spun to put the best possible light on things or to achieve a desired political objective.*
      In short, it was propaganda, and pretty much what’s the stock in trade of the MSM today.**
      Whilst it might prevent the odd copycat, I very much suggest that your otherwise very well meaning suggestion would produce an information regime that you might well find all together disagreeable.
      Just a thought.
      *Thinking people in the Soviet Union would tell you that it was very easy to find out what was really going on. “Just listen to what they tell you, and then believe the opposite.”
      **Much maligned Josef Goebbels – he really did know his stuff – was in fact a stickler for telling the whole truth to the German Public. (The “Big Lie” quote is a myth.) He felt that the best way to rally support was to let the people know what was really happening, warts and all, Stalingrad being an example. It’s why, amongst other things – East Prussia in WWI for example – the Third Reich had the level of popular support for so long. His famous (and valid) quote was that “If it looks like propaganda, then it doesn’t work.”

  28. Look at the reports of the corrupt democrat dominant sheriff dept, school board, and county commission in Broward County and their hands off policy on prosecuting violent student incidents. They are issued civil citations.
    Numerous complaints made to the police about the shooter’s creepy behavior were ignored .
    The assigned sheriff’s deputy (yes, Broward schools require police officers to keep order at the schools) at the school was reportedly not on school property when the shooting started. Where was he/she? Sheriff Israel, who is in permanent campaign mode, has yet to explain this dereliction of duty.
    If the FBI director should resign for missing a warning as these local officials argue, so too should they since they were called out to the shooter’s house nearly 40 times!

  29. Great article. Adolescent males do need easier access to sex for the betterment of all society.

  30. 1. Stop selling AR-15s to Civilians.
    2. Stop selling AR-15s to Civilians.
    3. Stop selling AR-15s to Civilians.
    4. Stop selling AR-15s to Civilians.
    5. Stop selling AR-15s to Civilians.

    1. 1. Arrest all FBI trained Crisis Actors and Communist Obama leftists.
      2. Arrest all FBI trained Crisis Actors and Communist Obama leftists.
      3. Arrest all FBI trained Crisis Actors and Communist Obama leftists.
      4. Arrest all FBI trained Crisis Actors and Communist Obama leftists.
      5. Arrest all FBI trained Crisis Actors and Communist Obama leftists.

  31. as an avid ROKer i couldn’t give two shits about these school shootings. hell, most of the vicitms were just blue pill libtards anyways. liberal mm is pushing this shit 24/7 trying to brain wash people into giving a shit too, so easy to see thru their bs. that said, it is surprising and rather disturbing looking at the white knight snowflake comments in this thread.

  32. These are all standard fair solutions [some dumb, some good ] but i saw some interesting ones in the baked alaska hosted Destiny-Joe Biggs gun control debate recently.
    Both are gun owners, both don’t want types of firearms banned but they had some interesting potential solutions (that could be A:B tested) to stop these kind of things from happening.
    1) increase the penalty for straw purchases and selling a gun on illegally thats used in a crime. Make the punishment for the seller harsher.
    2) If someone is picked up with illegal and unlicensed guns by the police, destroy those guns rather than hold them up in a fed warehouse somewhere to potentially be sold to mexican cartels and some shit.
    3) Mental health stuff for kids should be really focused on. a loss in community trust has meant kids seek solace in revenge porn scenarios of getting justice against bullies rather than help and support they need.
    4) punishment for feds that dropped the ball by not investigating issues that are very severe. sort of akin to how before bridges used to be tested by having architects under the bridge as people walked over it. essentially skin in the game to work properly.
    Some other suggestions i can think of:
    5) End zero tolerance policy for bullying. The victim should never be punished the same as the bully because the school is too dumb fuck to know who has done what.
    6) Train teachers to better understand and look for students exhibiting difficult or anti social behaviours and find out whats causing that and try to help. This is is obvious shit but its like teachers are so entrenched in mediocrity or their own depression that many don’t look for this shit anymore.
    7) There’s one more more controversial solution that Destiny offered which was to have a no gun list that was linked to a reformed no fly list and have some kind of right of appeal to that gun list. Maybe try it as a fixed codified temporary 3 year experiment and see if mass shootings decline or stay the same. Use A:B testing to see what policy works.
    obviously risks to point 7 is corruption which is why the law must be written so it is impossible to keep rolling the list over without some form of public oversight and accountability thats very transparent and obvious.
    Not a single one of these points is about stopping the type of guns, or how much ammo legal gun owners can keep or anything like that. It would be a decent starting point to seeing how to reduce mass school shootings.

    1. for point 1 just to clarify, harsher punishment for illegally selling a gun thats later on used to commit a crime.

  33. This is – quite possibly – the dumbest article I have ever read.
    I will never understand the manosphere’s obsession with arming beta males and low iq people in general. Having access to a gun should be earned – not the right of every fucking lunatic on the street.

  34. As soon as I heard about this school shooting, I immediately told myself that:
    A. The guy was a loner on SSRIs
    B. Might have little or no recollection of what he did, meaning the possible use of hypnotics such as Rohypnol (Flunitrazepam), Scopolamine or similar.
    C. There would be reports of additional shooters.
    D. There might be a police drill close by.
    E. That everybody with an agenda would be coming out of the woodwork.
    F. That too quickly “Spontaneous” and well-funded , (too) well-organized protests would take place.
    G. That a lot of the “survivors” and people involved would have too close links to various government agencies.
    H. The true facts would come out despite the water getting muddy very quickly.
    If you’ve ever been around Psychopaths, you can’t help but notice that they get sloppy in whatever they’re doing as time goes by. In the beginning, they’re meticulous. But in time they get too confident, and they don’t sweat the little details, because, hey, they’re smarter than you.
    And then they get caught.
    Whoever set this thing up, as well as the other shootings, bombings – Boston Bombing; There’s a total B.S. story for you – ad nauseam have become so breathtakingly sloppy and in-your-face arrogant in the presumption of your stupidity that it boggles the mind. Haven’t these guys ever heard of the Internet, aka the World’s biggest and fastest fact checker?
    But still they pull this shit. And eventually, and despite the (ever less successful) censoring efforts of Google, Facebook, Instagram, Mainstream Media et al, to keep the Bovines placid and stupid, they will get found out on a large scale. And when that happens – and if it’s not too late – it will be interesting to see how it all plays out.
    I like reading history, but I don’t want to live it.
    Just a thought.

    1. You haven’t been around packs of well-funded psychopaths, though. When normal psychopaths screw up, they might go down, given a lack of extreme resources for cover-ups. But packs of well-funded psychopaths fix their mistakes by rolling out multi-million-dollar propaganda. If that fails, they simply roll out more batches of spin, until something sticks, or at least until enough sheeple are sufficiently confused. Why do you think this shit keeps happening?

      1. True to a point. (I can tell you stories.) But Psychopath is still a Psychopath, regardless of operating alone or as a well funded group. (And Enron say. Or the alphabet agencies.) And as was asserted above, they all sooner or later get too confident, arrogant and sloppy, and they are revealed. Call it the Rule of Psychopathy if you wish.
        And yes, they can fund damage-control PR – think the Clintons for example – but that only works so many times, and eventually they are found out, yet again, once too often. All the spin in the world won’t save them. At that point they are abandoned by their handlers, toadies and protectors, and the cognitive dissonance of their true believers is replaced by shock and outrage.
        Unfortunately, by that time, the damage is already done.
        “The trouble with power is that it attracts precisely the people shouldn’t have it.”
        -Michael Rivero (Paraphrase.)
        Hope this helps.
        Just a thought.

        1. “The trouble with power is that it attracts precisely the people who shouldn’t have it.”
          -Michael Rivero (Paraphrase.)
          Wish there was an edit function.

  35. Good ROK People,
    Watch out for the IDES of March.
    This FAKE Parkland nonsense will be referenced at the Oscars and then MERGED into the #Empower March just before St. Patricks Day.
    It will be disastrous.
    MeToo plus BLM plus Antifa plus TimeUp plus the crisis actors of Parkland
    FBI shills pretending to be NRA White Supremacists,
    Someone will get shot or violently hurt.
    Obama screaming leftists will be the only thing show on MSM as Congress rushes thru UN Disarmament as a form of ‘soft’ Martial Law.
    Chaos reigns.
    WW3 kicks of at Easter in April.

  36. It should also be obvious that schools shootings have risen in unison with technology and the easiest time in written history to live. There’s very little of the type of struggle that forces one to develop the framework of an adult. Younger folks sure seem entitled to have things provided for them these days and if not, there’s no basis for dealing with not getting it.

    1. Or it could be that, back in the day, some guy/guys did a school shooting. media focused on it, since it was a cheap, easy way to ratings/profits. There was then a copycat, followed by another copycat, since walking into a school & blasting a dozen kids was/is a cheap, easy way to infamy. But schools FAILED to adjust to this new reality. In 1764, four Indians rolled in a PA school, killing a school official & nine/ten kids. Now, in 2018, schools are so LAME that ONE teenager can wipe out seventeen kids, all by himself.

      1. Almost, Dennis.
        The reality is after FAKE 911 a multi-trillion dollar set of (((foreign))) alphabet agencies were created to track down Bin Laden…
        But were always intended to KILL OFF the USA and its unmanageable Whites.
        In fact it ALL sounds like a bar joke.
        Mexican Jew takes an Uber to his Alma Mater walks in on the day of a Fire Drill with local Deputies watching him, nails 17 people who do not exist with 100%kill rate then walks out past the SAME Deputies by doing the chicken dance.
        Government solution?
        Disarm middle-Class White people!

    1. Arrest the complicit Sheriff Scott Israel
    2. Arrest former FBI agent Kevin Hogg
    3. Arrest his 20yr old actor son David Hogg
    4. Arrest the traitorous Clintons, Obama, Soros, Congressional Zio-Communists
    5. Arrest the financiers of sedition including Oprah, George Clooney, S.Spielberg and J.Katzenberg
    6. Close down the traitorous FBI.
    7. Close down the useless intel fireign spies including DHS, TSA, NSA and many others
    8. Close down CNN – Divest (de-monopolize) the MSM in the USA
    9. Close down terrorist groups like the SPLC, AFLCIO. and copious others
    10. Arrest the false accuser-agitators SJWs/WIH/et al
    Will Americans ever even consider doing even 1, let alone 10, of the needed actions listed above?
    Of course not.
    The Marxist Left, even under supposed MAGA Trump. is gaining such momentum that the USA will crumble economically, or fall into WW3, or both.

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