Why Body Image Messaging Can Shed Light On The Fragile Female Mind

A commonly and vociferously launched feminist argument is that advertisements create an unrealistic expectation of what a woman’s body should look like. This is often portrayed as an attack on a woman’s psyche, unjustly demanding that they should all look like supermodels.

Ironically, in a world where advertisement manages to sway the masses to just about anything, including deciding who gets elected to public office, this is the one hot button topic where it is absolutely demanded that media control and impact is acknowledged. Feminists and white knights will frequently and enthusiastically proclaim that media influence over a woman’s body is excessive, not rooted in reality, and simply used to mislead and devalue them.

They are missing a key issue within their own claim. This is an issue that not physically or superficially devalues women, but rather exposes blatant frailty within their minds.

To accept and defend this stance, and most agree they do, is to openly say that women are actively and effectively being controlled by media. Furthermore, it states that they are not just controlled, but controlled to such a point that they will subject themselves to drastic measures like bulimia, anorexia, abuse of diet pills, and a number of other unhealthy trimming techniques.

To be clear, those disorders can be triggered in a number of psychological ways, but in this article we are focusing on their manifestation solely based on media assault feminists claim women to be under.

The lady will have the water salad.

The lady will have the water salad.

It goes without saying that a fit look can be achieved by alternative, healthier means, with equal or superior results, but such pesky logic has no place within feminist outrage. The focus is on the woman who is being told, by evil patriarchal media, that she needs to do these things.

This “control” and “forcing” is considered applicable to enough women that it warranted making it a mainstream SJW issue. The focus of the outrage is women who feel they are being manipulated by being subjected to images of women in better shape. The obvious fallacy at hand is the complete dismissal of the existence of women who actually do want to be, and are, healthier.

Perhaps even more perplexing is the dismissal of wanting to pursue a more physically active lifestyle for the sake of simply being healthier for one’s own sake. How many times have you overheard a 200+ lbs woman bashing “toothpick” women who only weigh in the low 100’s? There seems to be a mathematical disconnect in size perception, which has been reflected in choice of news anchors on various TV stations where dolled up “plus sized” personalities are becoming more and more common.

The new normal

Mens sana in corpore…….sano?

The far bigger point to be made lies within the feminist stance on this itself. If we accept their view one hundred percent and get on board defending these “victims” who subject themselves to all sort of physical malady because of very superficial media influence, then what exactly are we saying about these women? We are saying that not only are they controlled by the media, but also that they are controlled to such a severe degree that they will choose to drastically and negatively impact their own bodies and well-being because said media told them to.

This is not a minor point to consider and acknowledge, and can only exist if one of two scenarios is true. First, normal and healthy women are so easily swayed by media that they will ruin their own bodies and health. This suggests that their “normal” state is incredibly frail and subject to change on a whim. Second, they never possessed stable mental health in the first place, which is why when someone told them to ruin their health for the sake of mimicking a runway model, they eagerly obeyed.

“Jen was a perfectly normal, intelligent, sane young woman, until magazines and TV told her she has to resort to anorexic behavior, and she did.”


“Jen never was a free thinker in the first place, so naturally, when she realized runway models are skinnier than she is, she stopped eating for two weeks.”


The face of the oppressed

Those claiming this media oppression upon a woman’s body image need to be very careful when taking such a stance. What else in the media are women this strongly controlled by? How can one relatively minor example of media control be passionately held up for acknowledgement, without the realization that acknowledging this makes those in question absolute media acolytes or minions?

If you are blindly following orders to destroy your body and health, what other orders will you blindly follow and do follow? What does that say about your state of mind and how much of a voice should you be given in an adult conversation?

Can anyone claim that a group subject to body image messaging to the point of ruining their own health, would not be automatically suspect to exhibiting that same frailty of mind in other circumstances, like voting for one candidate over another, choosing how to spend money, or simply sanely interacting with other people?

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160 thoughts on “Why Body Image Messaging Can Shed Light On The Fragile Female Mind”

  1. We used to joke that if Cass Elliot gave her sandwich to Karen Carpenter
    they’d both be alive today.

        1. I can only imagine the massive doses of heroin it would take with that kind of of body mass. Did she die of liver failure by any chance?

        2. Remember this. At the time Cass Elliott was an anomaly in that very few people were that obese. Nowadays she would considered BBB.

        3. Actually her heart gave out. The choking thing was a joke because they found a ham sandwich near her when they found her dead.

        4. yes, we often forget that in earlier ages, being 100 pounds+ overweight was something you normally only saw in circuses and freak shows.

    1. I had to look that up–yeah I guess I’m not as old as you–but damn that was hilarious!!!!

    1. I never noticed it before, but He-Man is wearing an Iron Cross on his chest. Considering that, plus the fact he’s blond, I’m surprised feminists haven’t gone ape-shit and called him a symbol of Neo-Nazism.

        1. You need an awful lot more than just that to end up as He-Man. It takes a massive dose of steroids, a heart transplantation every few months to deal with the effects of the steroids, a master barber to get that fabulous golden hair in order and a lot of repressed homosexuality to fuel the process.

        2. But he can be that way because men aren’t so fragile and pathetic that we would take roids and damage ourselves because of some fucking child’s toy.

      1. You’re just now noticing that He-Man is the Ubermensch? I mean, that’s kind of his thing; it’s practically his name 🙂

        1. Well, staring at muscular dudes wearing little more than a cod piece and boots really isn’t my sort of thing.

        2. Not only that.
          He-man’s breastplate is adorned with a cross pattée (or “cross patty”), the earliest uses date from the 7th century, IIRC.
          The Iron Cross is a Teutonic symbol based on a sable (black-colored) cross pattée against an argent (white) background first used about 900 years ago.

        3. The Spartans were pretty damned Gay. That’s one of the reasons their society disappeared.Martial prowess cannot make up for a decaying civilization.

      2. Feminists don’t have time to see what toys boys have. Its all about pointing out how unfair the world is to THEM. I dont see guys whining about all thes comic book heros and how impossible it is to compete with.

      3. Thats it now…you’ve let the cat out of the bag. CNN will be on it next week.

  2. Either women are strong, independent Amazonian creatures that dont need to be taken care of, or they are childlike, fragile beings that need everything in the society to cater to their weaknesses. Pick one.
    A clothing company has to advertise their product on a person that makes it look good and desirable. If skinny people bother you, get in the gym. As men, we see a chiseled six pack on every pack of underwear we purchase and we dont feel “body shamed”. It makes me want to workout more.
    Are they admitting that women have a weaker constitution than men? Because in this sexual market a man’s physical appearance seems to be much more important than a woman’s. Fat chicks get laid 100 times more than fat men. Men should be protesting about a culture that tells every girl that she deserves a male model, regardless of her looks amd weight. Most men are very realistic of their SMV and choose a mate accordingly.
    Its like a commercial showing a rich guy getting shit from poor people because it makes them feel bad about their economic status. Get real.

    1. Great points. And all these marketing experts know how to exploit these female psychological buttons. They’d love the status quo to be the way it is.

    2. Even though fat girls get laid or can get laid they still are bitchier than hot girls. Fat girls act rude because they hate the way guys ignore them. It never occurs to them to do something about their lifestyle like eating less, which is the easiest way to lose weight in fact it works 100% of the time.

  3. he-mam, gi joes, every super-hero. The steroid/HGH riddled men on fitness mags and in movies. 10 thousand years of written history of great men from Moses, Alexander the Great, Jesus, Plato, Genghis Khan, George Washington, Newton, Bell, Michael Jordan, and whoever else.
    And yet its women that suffer inferiority issues when some airbrushed/photoshoped woman shows up in a picture for no other reason than her looks.

    1. Exactly, men are judged on so many different categories. There are richer, smarter, more muscular, successful, hung, athletic, talented, taller men everywhere around us and they feel inferior because a girl has fuller lips. We shouldn’t even entertain their foolishness, it just shows how small their worlds are.

    2. Female self esteem is influenced by her peers, not the media. Blaming the media is nothing more than scapegoating, much like women scapegoat men for many of the problems women create (ex. slut-shaming).

      Much attention has focused on the influence of media images of thin women on body dissatisfaction among female viewers. Disagreement exists regarding the nature of media influences, with meta-analytic results suggesting only small effect sizes.

    3. It is for this reason that women are happier when under the direction and authority of men.

      1. that’s how i would describe my marriage. my wife is central american and she submits naturally to my authority and direction. she is one of the most emotionally stable and happy women i’ve ever met. there’s just no comparision to the ease and fun of being around her, and the constant stress of spending time with every western woman i’ve ever dated.

      1. ..and asian and latinas. Just about every race except Black women. They dont need no man. “Sistas are doin it all on they own,”

  4. Women are children, act accordingly. This article does bring up an interesting question of social manipulation on the part of the few who own the media. Especially because “body image” was not really a factor in the past. That’s not to say that men didn’t value thinner women over fatties but that women as a whole were not fat in earlier periods of time, and a woman was expected to gain wait as she aged (a healthy wait gain as a mother not 50 pounds). I would also include junk food advertisers of almost inventing the issue, they’re teammates.

    1. In the past, men mostly held manual labor jobs, so they were stronger and better built. They could handle a bigger woman. Few men want a woman bigger than himself.

    1. Hitler said they made the perfect converts to any political system.

        1. Baldur, I’m not sure that is an actual quote, in many places it is phrased as “men” rather than “women”. and I can’t find the source of either version.
          But it reminds me of this one:
          And what excellent material are women for building a totalitarian
          society! Their capacity for blind faith, self-sacrifice, leader worship and
          snooping makes them ideal true believers. What a picture: an elite of
          intellectuals served and guarded by an army of amazons.
          — Eric Hoffer, Working
          and Thinking on the Waterfront.

        2. It appears the original quote pertained to men, not women. He probably meant both.

  5. What these women don’t understand is that being Fat is not attractive to Men. They can Feel good about not having to meet unrealistic Body expectations, and Congratulate each other about their “Curves”, but at the end of the day they will be Miserable and alone when they find No Man want’s any part of their Obesity.

    1. The thing about “fat acceptance” is that it only applies to women. It is completely socially acceptable to shit on fat men. (Which is good, it provides motivation.)

    2. “What these women don’t understand is that being Fat is not attractive to Men.”
      If they didn’t understand it they would be walking around with puzzled face instead of bitch face.They understand it just fine and hate it with a searing passion.

      1. I don’t Think they Fully Grasp it though, the only logical course of action would be to Become skinny if they did Get it, but i think some have been brainwashed to believe that being Fat should be acceptable, and the Bitch face is a result of ,How come nobody but Me loves Me.

        1. Women, unlike men, are governed by emotions, not logic. You’re proposing a logical course of action to creatures largely devoid of all logic, reason and accountability.

        2. I know they are governed by emotions, but even being emotional thinkers and all, who would want to be fat?

        3. Nobody, that why fat bitches are so envious of their slimmer counterparts. Also, re-read my last comment. Losing weight if you’re too fat(logical solution) or preventing yourself from getting fat to begin with(logical solution) is now “fat shaming”(illogical conclusion/non-solution).
          These fatties would rather change the world to fit their warped and deluded mindset than take responsibility for their own bovine physique.

        4. Yup, than once the whole worlds Fat , the Fat Feminist’s will feel comfortable, up till the point they find something else to be insecure about.

  6. Hot women know that being hot and skinny makes dicks hard and gives them power. Fat women know they like cake and betas are thirsty, so there is no absolute penalty for obesity. While betas will do in a pinch for the fat women, fat women really desire the alphas that hot skinny women get to fuck. Hence this body image nonsense. Fat women, like all other leftists, don’t want to better themselves. They they think that if only they could bring everyone down to their level, they would get to eat their cake and fuck alpha cock too. Meanwhile hot women continue to stay hot because its like free tickets to the carousel ride.

    1. I guess it really is just a case of which came first…the cake or the cock?

    1. Yes! We need to show feminists that redefining “curves” to mean “fat” won’t work on men!

      1. Of course not. Our perception of beauty is hard-wired. Hence why a beautiful woman in one part of the world is beautiful everywhere, and an ugly woman the same. “Beauty” is nothing more than symbols of health and fertility. They’re a product of Evolution, and are NOT cultural.
        There are many myths, such as that Marilyn Monroe was fat, and men used to like big women. Here’s Marilyn’s real measurements: 5 ft. 5.5 inches tall; 35 inch bust; 22 inch waist (approximately 2-3 inches less than the average American woman in the 1950s and 12 inches less than average today); and 35 inch hips, with a bra size of 36D.

        1. Fat women think having fat hips and breasts minuses out the ten chins and super fat waist.

    2. You know her fine pixie form is not sustainable like that and is not meant to be merely looked at any more than a fancy wedding cake is meant to be looked at. No, it is meant to be dived into and destroyed. Her fine wasp waistline disfigured and sacrificed under the tribal drumbeat of life, she is reborn as a butterfly into motherhood. She hangs up her useless stillettos for flip flops and revves up her ballooning milkers. What purpose do these pixies serve as mere window dressing? Annihilate them when they are sweet and ripe, before they wither into prunes.

    1. Other women who they happen to hate.
      They aren’t even the same species as men in some ways.

      1. Much like a bee colony, there can be only one “queen”(CuntLord) per “nest”(Herd of Cuntresses), the rest are just workers(hivemind cunt slaves) or male drones(cunt-worshipping orbiters and manginas).
        The obvious difference between women and bees of course is that the latter is able to cooperate with each other to achieve a common goal or cause.

  7. Ladies, physical attractiveness is an asset. This is not news to the women who possess this asset. We all are merely hearing from the women who don’t.
    Men face the same SMP, in quiet. Some men face it in quiet AND with resolve to take a different course.
    Bitching about unfairness is unseemly for a man and too common for women.

  8. Feminism sets in stone the inherent and inexorable weakness, stupidity, helplessness and gullibility of females.

    1. Feminism is societal cancer, there’s no previous civilizations which I can think of (romans, babylonians etc…) that survived this fatal disease.

  9. Men have to constantly put up with womens idea of what a ‘real man’ is but god forbid a man tell a woman what a ‘real woman’ is. There’s always gonna be people better looking then you, negative body image is just an example of women being mentally weak.

    1. Ever notice how the term “real man” is used to goad men into working, while “real woman” is used to justify female laziness? “A man real does X,” and “A real woman looks like Y.”

      1. That’s because men are valued for what they can do, women are valued for what they are. Men are actors, women are property.
        No use crying over it. It’s just the truth.

      2. “A real woman” an “real man” means whatever women want it to mean, it’s a ridiculous concept females use to justify there behavior an criticize male behavior.

        1. Pmsl. Your penis is most definitely in command. And your stomach, that explains your obsession with fatties.
          Now, to continue with my quest for a single post from you that isnt full of racist and sexist hate…

        2. No not a mysogynist. A big bag of raging hormones, A waste of genes and that single brain cell.
          Who is andrea dorkin? I really dont need to get my thoughts from people on the internet.

  10. In america, 1/3 women are obese, another 1/3 are overweight. So obviously the ‘unrealistic’ media images of slender women aren’t having much effect on them.

    1. I dunno. Do a social experiment with different pics, asking people to rate them on attractiveness. The pics of fat people end up on the bottom.

        1. I’m not so sure about that. Yeah, severely obese is makes the woman not quite human. But merely full-figured? That’s not a sign of ill health. Yet I’m only aroused by dancer-skinny women.

        2. And what will a 20 yo “full-figured” girl look like in 10 years? 5, even? It’s a sign of things to come.

        3. Same here, I like slim girls. Volleyball player size. No-one calls them too skinny while ogling their behinds in those shorts. 😉
          Probably just half and half genetics and early life impressions.

        4. You’re bending her into a pretzel in your mind. The fat chick is harder to bend unless you’re tired and prefer a bean bag chair with a cup holder that doubles as a rack for your pistol.

        5. Still ‘fat’ is curable but ‘stupid’ and ‘crazy’ are both terminal afflictions.

    2. In prehistoric times, fat was attractive because it indicated abundance and the ability to survive a term of scarcity. In the modern world, we know more about health issues and fat is bad. Sociologically, being thin and fit indicates self-restraint, discipline, self-respect and a range of other qualities. Plus, with the advent of sport-fucking in the post-60s age, you have a lot more acrobatic options with one that is 110 pounds rather than 200+.

      1. Yeah, I know, but I swear it’s something deep in the wiring. I can fuck a “normal” weight chick as long as she’s lying on her back, but from behind, or with her on top – it’s insane how deflating it is.
        if you think about fat and its survival value, some fat ought to be attractive. But it’s not. I want my chicks almost starving.

        1. Depending on your sources, the average American chick is like a 150 or 160 pounds! WTF? While I don’t like anorexic I can do slim, thin, skinny, and the like. Then there is “petite”. And finally, I will do “buxom”.

        2. sorry buddy, but scorpio is actually incorrect. There has never been a study or scientific proof that prehistoric men were attracted to ‘abundance’. It’s more lies floated by the establishment based on some old paintings of fatass nobility.

        3. Calories were scarce up to about one to two centuries ago.
          Seems like fat, at least some fat, ought to signal status in men.
          But fat in women is simply anti-sexual.

        4. It doesn’t matter if calories were scarce. Whale blubber was scarce in england in the 14th century… would festooning yourself with strips of blubber signal sexual primacy?
          ‘Healthy’ has always been attractive. the prevalence of rennaissance fatties is due more to the fact that the fatass nobility were paying the artist’s fees… Their tubby wives and daughters were idealized by artists, by commission, not because they were ‘perfect examples of delicious femininity’.

        5. There’s a difference: Calories have been scarce throughout history up to just 100-200 years ago. So you can bet that calorie scarcity shaped our reproductive behavior.
          I’m just puzzled why even merely “curvy” women are not sexually arousing. I would think the stored fat would signal calories available for pregnancy and early child rearing.

        6. You do realize that Humans have only been ‘domesticated’ for about two thousand years, right?
          Prior to that, humans spent millions of evolutionary years as hunter/gatherer opportunists (Much like rather large, intelligent rats… one of the reasons we adapted well to cooked food was because it simulates properly-aged carrion… No one like a steak fresh off a cow, and our digestive systems don’t handle truly fresh red meat that well… our carrion-eating and opportunist history is clear from our dietary habits… we were scavengers). ‘Obesity’ was not a sign of health, but rather a sign of sickness and disease, or possibly bloating from bad food.
          Hunter/scavenger societies almost never run to Obesity. It simulates an unfitness, a genetic proclivity to poor health, which is why we find fat people unsightly… This is not a cultural change from an earlier adipose-sexuality worshipping society.
          You are falling into the same mental trap as feminists, multiculturalists, and egalitarians, assuming that genetically influenced behavior patterns are mere cultural mores, rather than indisputable genetic natural selection at work.

        7. My point is, Calories up until recently (genetically) have never been what you would ‘scarce’. They simply required hard work and health to obtain. You don’t see fat tigers, fat wild rats or fat raccoons…except where nature has created a dangerous situation where there are too MANY calories, which cannot be used to reproduce the species.

      2. Not fat per se. A small amount of belly, ass and tit fat meant she was ready for Breeding. Not the whales we see today.

        1. This makes me think about the old movie, Quest for Fire. Our hero falls for skinny Rae Dawn Chong (5’8″, 120lb) but when he gets to the village they figure he is so alpha that they have him do the chief’s daughters doggie style. All of them are fat bitches.

        2. No tits and a hernia belly with Michelin folds on a woman is more repulsive than man boobs. I don’t get why the same hormone pumped dairy diet gives men man boobs and takes away the woman’s boobs while filling out her neck, jowels, abdomen and and ankles with the girth of milk jugs and feet like giant sausages that no shoes will fit.

    3. Look at the silhouettes of men and women. We have different body shapes. Can you tell which is which? Of course. Men have wide shoulders and narrow hips for doing work. Women have narrow shoulders and wide hips for having children.
      Fat people have the same silhouette. Thus their body shape is androgynous, like a woman with a mustache or a scrawny man with a squeeky voice. Imagine the most attractive woman you can think of. Is there anything masculine about her? No. We see the most physically feminine women as most attractive. Similarly, women see the most physically masculine men as more attractive. Fat people are unattractive because being round is sexually ambiguous.

      1. Women have longer legs for running away from danger.
        Men have broader shoulders for taking it on.

      2. The silhouette diagram shows a slight height difference. Common to Caucasoid or Negroid but not Mongoloid. Mongoloid silhouette diagrams have roughly the same height for both sexes and same build. I like the diagram of the ripped bodybuilder next to the tiny wirey yoga instructor woman who can be twisted into a pretzel and can spin like a break dancer on her back like a lazy susan and spun 180° like some select-a-hole contraption. I can only describe it so well in words but I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

        1. Which is why white and black men tear pussy up in Asia, but not the other way around.

        2. The other way around I guess would be packy and indian women tearing up dick in Canada. Been to Toronto? Lol.
          But I have noticed a trend with poor whites and blacks pairing with larger and in some cases obtusely tall and heavy females. I heard that the term ‘motherfucker’ doesn’t actually refer to having sex with your own dear mother, NO but rather the poor blacks with minimal game will get ensnared with some large build welfare ‘mother’ in heat. He gets a bottle of ripple for the hot date and when she swags her honey over the balcony, then whichever ‘motherfucker’ comes running out of the bushes the quickest with the bottle and chips, HE GETS THE GOLD RING. Of course like the preying mantis, when she has been sufficiently ‘fertilized’ she then bites his head off, or she calls the bitch services to remove the sperm donor from her living room. Thus the term ‘motherfucker’. White project ho’s are similarly head biters as well. It’s roots were an insult to be called a ‘mofo’ but it has lost it’s meaning and is overused.
          People who live like the mantis, who live by these same rules that govern the animal kingdom become just like dumb animals without souls. They snitch or sell their own bretheren out for two cents and will literally kill their own kin on the playground for a friggin’ $100 pair of sneakers or hood jacket. Big business loves this type of mindless consumerism and they condone it with a golfer’s clap. They actually have termed it as the ‘perfect consumer’ who actually kill for the product.
          Only a bitch rule matriarchal society goes apeshitz over diamonds and air jordans like that. The patriarchy does a great deal to keep us human and prevent us from sinking into the depths of soul less bitch animal existance.
          All hail the patriarchy!!

  11. I have this theory, and I may be wrong, but here goes. My theory is that women have a ‘thinking mode’ and an ’emotional mode.’ When they’re in the thinking mode, they can be capable of thinking clearly and rationally like any male, and this explains the studies and so on that show that women have roughly the same intelligence capacity as men. But 99% of the time, they’re in the emotional mode, in which their IQ drops by half, they become chaotic and crazy, and nothing they do makes sense.
    Men have an emotional/irrational mode too, but it’s different from the female one, and it’s hard to make it kick in. It kicks in when we’re really angry or frustrated. But women live in the emotional mode *all the time*, and it’s hard to get them *out* of it.
    This may explain why, despite having roughly the same brain capacity as men and roughly equal average scores on IQ tests, women lag behind in actual intellectual achievements. To be intellectually strong, it’s not sufficient to have high intelligence, you also need to have walked the path of self-improvement and the hardship that it entails. It’s very hard for women to walk this path and improve themselves mentally, because they’re almost always in the stormy ocean of emotions and feelings, and the smallest hardship makes them frustrated and unhappy.

    1. Men and women are both capable of logic and emotion, yes. We cannot, however, run on both at the same time. One has to take over. So men use logic most of the time, women default to emotion. Nothing really wrong with it, since both sides can use their gifts as a weapon against the other quite successfully. Over the long haul, though, I’d rather have logic.

    2. Emotion is what we call “instinct” in other animals. It’s mental hardwiring that evolved to help us survive in hunter-gatherer times, much of which is obsolete and harmful today.

    3. Indeed every time women shift in their seat in class or cross their legs, they are reminded mid-thought of the big void between their legs. They smell the pheromones from male classmates whirling in their nostrils like a hit from a crack pipe and they rub their flat unimpregnated belly. How could this posture not trigger an emotional ‘oh shit, I’m forgetting my instinctive natural purpose again’ moment? Women are wired to play out their core program as nurturing, tit feeding breeding mares. If this reality isn’t satisfied, then they go through the motions (and emotions) of performing the mothering and nurturing rituals on phantom offspring within the recesses of their imaginations AND THIS while trying to concentrate on the academic lecture alongside males who peripherally glance at her while projecting and entertaining notions of conquering and mounting her like apes in the wild.

      1. Exactly. Every second of the day, women are aware that their natural beauty is rapidly fading. If you or I were in that position we’d panic and act insane too.

    4. The last paragraph is dead on.They dont have the character that develops with going through trials and tribulations. Women usually crumble and cry to their girlfriends or boyfriends. Guys go it alone and get stronger because of it. Theres a reason why they call it “man up”. No one ever said woman up.

  12. I don’t dig anorexic chicks. Someone in another thread on another forum pointed out that the problem is that the fashion industry is run by women and fags. I don’t know what fucking brain trust thought up the idea that 6 foot tall 14 year olds with a BMI of 14 were somehow ideal.
    I have dated a number of beautiful women who complain to me that they are too fat, too skinny, or whatever. Some were but most were not. I recall being in bed with a 5-foot hundred pound sex machine who lamented to me that she had “the body of a teenage boy.” Ok, so her tits were small and her WHR was a bit over 0.7 but where the hell does that sort of insecurity come from?
    Meanwhile you have the Dorothy Complex (TM). You can come up with whatever witty Oz references you think are apropos but the etymology of the name is Greek from “Dora Thea” meaning Gift from God. You get all these fat chicks and many others thinking they are God’s gift to men. . .and they are insufferable.

  13. If the age of consent were based on mental maturity it would be illegal to fuck women at any age. Has anyone here ever discerned a real difference in the mind and mentality of a 14 year old girl over that of a 34 year old woman, besides being jaded after 51 spins on the CC?

    1. The feminists got it right then when they declare all heterosexual sex as rape. The truth is women were designed to be fickle and with unending brain farts. The keen male can spot a young nymph in mid brain fart and take advantage. Then POW, the DNA chain of our species forms another link. We are indeed a wonderfully designed creation. I’m always amazed.

      1. I’ve heard that crap before and I don’t even understand – HOW is heterosexual sex “rape”? They way you recreate life is rape, ripping asshole apart is somehow the “preferred” way to have sex “legally” and thus not defined as a heinous crime? What logic do they try and wield to back this shit up?

        1. Non procreative sex is condoned under state cannon law but condemned in Biblical law. There’s a greater than 50% gap between Biblical law and pharisaical state law. Scriptural laws are ‘life laws’ and state laws are 50%+ ‘death laws’. All law condemns killing though, except states that implement the death penalty. The pitfall with the death penalty is that in the case that an innocent person is put to death, then no amount of compensation can rectify or bring back the life taken. Records show that many innocents have been put to death. You cannot then hold the system up and claim it is the ‘best system’ since sliced bread. The system itself will then be judged by an even higher authority. This is one reason why some red states still do not have a death penalty. So it is better to let an actual guilty monster walk and have some vigilante take them out. If the vigilante eliminates a true menace, then so be it. But if the vigilante turns out to be in the wrong and his victim was indeed innocent, then IT’S ON HIM. He’s the one who erred and not the system. The system’s hands thus remain clean and infallable and you can still hold it up as being the best thing since sliced bread. The system should never touch the death penalty, not even for Saddam Hussein, no one.

  14. Women don’t give a shit about their physical appearance (body) because most of them have no effort to make to get the sausage. Just look around, there are plenty of guys dating ugly girls, some of these guys are fit, dressed sharp and even good looking and yet they are dating a fatass although they have way better options. Fat ugly women can get laid very easily, if they can’t get the hot guy, they can also have the desperate needy beta guy, they literally have the choice… Why bother with the needy loser when they can try to get the alpha playboy? This just proves today’s reality when it comes to women’s expectations vs men’s expectations. The results of years and years of reading porno-romance novels where the plot is always the same: an ugly woman who has self confidence issues scoring big time with the young-alpha-billionnaire-dream-guy-have-it-all-package who has a big dick and fucks like a pornstar. Add to that feminism + the brainwashing machine that college is and you obtain the perfect 2.0 woman from the western world. Any woman regardless of how she looks, can go to a bar, have some drinks, let understand the male crowd that she is DTF and for sure she is going to get laid. Try to repeat that same experience with a man and the result will be negative.

    1. Yeah no shit.
      I see regular looking fellows with fatties in tow all of the time now.
      Pathetic. I’d rather spank it with a chainmail glove before I dip into a fat cow.

  15. Anorexia is first world, white girl stupidity. Ever see an African anorexic? Neither do I.

  16. We should be glad that some chicks are still insecure about their bodies.
    I’m not a fan of the magazines but if they make these broads more self conscious about their appearance then great.
    Fat shaming works.

  17. My favorite argument against feminists is if they “hate” men so damn much, then why do so many of them mutilate themselves to look like men? Does that make ANY sense to anybody? How sick in the head must you really be?

      1. I might actually listen to them if the were the least bit feminine or attractive. Then again, attractive women don’t have to struggle for anything through life before 40 and ugly and/or fat women have to be loud and insufferable to overcompensate for being bereft of attention, so it’s a heck of a Catch-22. And no loss, at the same time!

  18. The reason body image is so very important is a very simple psychological fact.
    Men act, women are.
    Human psychology assumes that men are capable of doing anything to be masculine. Thus if a man is fat, it is because he made a conscious decision to be fat.
    it also assumes that Women are naturally feminine… they are not capable of doing anything to make themselves feminine. Thus a ‘fat girl’ was simply born that way.
    It does not matter that such thinking is unreasonable, It is how human beings are wired. an in-shape man is masculine, an in-shape woman won the genetic lottery. A fat man is lazy, a fat woman is unlucky.
    Very few women will get and stay in shape without a male hand to guide them to do so. They simply lack the active principal.

  19. There are too many women that lack motivation and discipline. They just can’t see a pretty girl and use it as a motivating factor to better themselves. Their natural reaction is to cut her down and claim how hurtful and damaging it is. Think the fit mom ads with Maria Kang. Men can achieve a muscular body with hard work instead of requiring overweight models on underwear boxes.

  20. It’s been said on RoK many times before, but:
    “Men climb the mountain to reach the top. Women complain that there is a mountain top, and claim wherever they are to be the new mountain top.”

  21. It’s larger than just body image
    It’s the female need to “feel right”, hence endless self-esteem movements and very little actual accomplishment

  22. MEN:
    Speak well
    Dress well
    Own a nice car and house
    Have a stable and well-paying job
    Be in good shape
    Be good with kids
    Have no body hair
    Have lots of head hair
    Be the jealousy of all me
    Don’t be too fat.

    1. …and yet 2/3 of american women can’t do that one thing.
      Demanding in the name of “equality” to eat man-sized portions at restaurants, and downing the miller lite and oreo double stuffs at home.

  23. Women = ‘Taller Children’
    Article is a fine example of this supreme point.

  24. No man has ever given a shit about what the media says they should or shouldn’t like.
    All of it is geared towards the fragile female ego, and their wallets.

  25. Very well said and laid out logically about the eggshell psyche of most women that feel thet they cant keep up with these “impossible standards of beauty”.
    The irony is that all these magazines and t.v shows ARE RUN BY THE GAY MAFIA! Networks like Bravo that live off the blood of catfights among super rich trophy wives of Housewives of………. and all the other shows that thrive off of achohol fueled jealousy ,backstabbing, shitty two faced behaviour that comes naturally to women.
    Straight guys arent producing these shows that highlight all the worst traits of these old children. The celebrity magazines and shows arent run by straight guys that have women jumping through hoops every season to stay on top of fashion trends.
    This phenomenon of not being able to keep up with beuty standards only shows that women are fickle and easilly led and dont have minds of their own.Thats why t.v shows pander to women with shows that routinely bash men, because it cowtows to women that do all the spending in the household. What does that blatantly say about how gullible women are?.They actually believe the bullshit ads that sponsor all these shitty shows that women obviously cant get enough of. I asked my girlfriend why she watches that shit. Her reply was “it makes me feel better that rich people are just as fucked up as anyone”.

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  27. Should you even be allowed to breath? Yes.
    You make it possible and very easy for others to be superior, including most women. You shall be punished in you ass. Drilled til you beg for stop and then run like a child to cry on you mum’s lap. But mom has a metallic cock hidden beneath her skirt and over again you’ll be punished by her. In your ass. Again.

  28. Of course women whine about things they can change with a little effort.
    What about short men? Can they grow tall to attract mates?

  29. The irony is that these feminist are absolutely correct. They’re so weak and feeble in mind that the electronic eye of sauron literally controls and governs their every decision in life. Case in point, “Sex and the city”.

  30. – When a woman sees a fit healthy chick onscreen, she thinks “bitch!”
    – When a man sees a fit buff dude onscreen, if he thinks anything at all, it’s “Right, I need me that six-pack and biceps”.
    And that, folks, is the real difference between the sexes.
    Of course, the feminist/SJW will whine that it’s “Patrirachy” that has placed undue emphasis on women having fit-looking bodies, gender being an evil man-made construct and all. (Evolution laughs.) And so, once again, the SJW has everything ass-backwards as they think that cajoling the media into “not fat shaming” will someone smash the Patriarchy, thereby ushering in a wonderful genderless Utopia. (Again, Evolution laughs.)

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