How To Survive A Black Lives Matter Riot

As we move into the fall of 2016, violent confrontations between black men and police of varied ethnicities continue to occur and be televised on national news, inevitably followed by the Black Lives Matter movement, which attempts to stop the shooting of black people by police because they are feared to be violent and felonious by being violent and felonious. Leaving aside their dubious logic, it is quite possible that any ROK reader living in or visiting America might find themselves on the wrong side of a riot, so here’s some advice on that potential situation.

It’s racism

Whether you’re a swastika-packing 1488 Stormfronter, or a Bernie Sanders hipster, if you’re white, the BLM is going to hate on you, definitely beat you up and rob you, possibly rape you (if you’re female or they’re gay), and maybe even kill you. This goes the same for Asians, and probably Hispanics and anything other than black people. Hell, you might even need to be Wesley Snipes black to be truly immune from harm.

Point being, there’s no reasoning with these people at this point, and you need to regard ALL of them as dangerous, and only work on getting yourself out of there. There are three main situations where you might find yourself up against the BLM.

On Foot

If you’re out for a night on the town, and you turn the corner and there’s the riot, you have some quick decisions to make. Best thing to do is head the other direction immediately in a quiet and discreet manner. Similar to the typical zombie movie, if you can get away without the mob noticing you, you win.

If they do notice you, now is the time to run like hell provided you have a decent lead on them. Part of my yet-to-be-written guide on tactical clothing is to always wear shoes in which you can run, and, although I will defer to my colleague Mr. Halleck’s works on fitness, part of my standards is being able to run a good ways at the drop of a hat.

What if they’re close and they notice you? They’ll approach and either immediately engage in violence on your person, or start talking a big game, gearing themselves up for engaging in that same violence. Hopefully you’re armed.

The legality here is reasonable expectation of harm. The mob has disparity of force; they don’t need to be armed, although some will be, to be a lethal threat to you. However, you need to wait for a clear threat; you cannot legally shoot a mob not doing anything, but, on the other hand, you do not need to wait for them to assault you either. If they are assaulting someone else with deadly force, or they say something implying they are about to assault you with deadly force, that is the green light for you to employ self defense.

Once they notice you and start heading your way, I’d draw whatever weapon you have and hold it at your side. As soon as it escalates into justifying lethal force, pick the leader, and put one upper-center mass. Headshots are hard to do, and you’re looking for some shock value here; anything having to do with the trachea will make some pretty disgusting noises.

If it’s a small mob, chances are it will break if you blast their ringleaders and they will run from you. If it’s a big mob, you have a brief moment while the mob will flounder for a second after you’ve taken out the leader, and that is when you run like hell. You may have to periodically turn and shoot at some people chasing you, but they should get the hint.  Conserve ammo.

I’m not a knife fighter; about all I know is you’re going to get cut in a knife fight no matter how good you are. Saps and batons are also good weapons; pepper spray, not so much. You may have to make an improvised club if you have nothing. If you truly have nothing, throw the first punch and put him down, and that might be enough in itself.

In a one-on-one shooting, I advise shooting to end the threat which should also kill the guy, then unloading the gun and calling the cops and filing as the victim. The more important part of this is to never let it get this far. Your job, when on the move on foot, is to see everyone before they see you and immediately head the other way if you see trouble. I would recommend the “The Talk: Non-black version”  for the required mentality. I’ve got no issue with most any single black person, but, when there’s a lot of them and non-black you in the same area, you can get killed even if you’re not racist.

In your vehicle

The BLM seems to delight in blocking roads and being general pains in the ass. While this is illegal, it’s not something for which you can shoot them, or even run them over. However, just like the above scenario when you’re on foot, you can, and should, employ deadly force when the mob has done so to others, or makes threats to do so to you.

This includes things like breaking a car window, trying to open a door, or trying to disable your vehicle. I would use any sort of physical contact with the car as a wide definition of trying to disable the vehicle. This also goes for any credible threat to do so, and it doesn’t have to be the guy you aim for that said it. All that is required is you being legitimately in fear of your life, or of your companions, or of serious injury.

Do not get boxed in. Always leave a drivable space behind the car in front of you, and you should never hang out in the middle lanes, or left lane, of highly trafficed roads. Once you can no longer change lanes freely, you should stay in the right lane, keep a space, and be vigilant once you come to a stop.

Let them protest, but the instant they turn violent, even if it is not your car, pull onto the shoulder, and punch it. The idea here is an impressive, but controllable speed. 30 mph is plenty fast to wreck a rioter and keep your momentum up, but not make you lose control. You want them to be diving for cover, not getting ready to swing at your vehicle. Lay on the horn, do not stop, and hit anyone who won’t move.

Once clear, you will need to call this in. Might want to call the lawyer first, briefly, but you need to identify as the victim to the police, and you want to be first, because someone in the mob got you, your vehicle, and your license plate on their phone’s camera, and, as fast as you can say Dindu Nuffin, they’re going to be saying they didn’t do anything to deserve it. Remember, they started being violent, and you were in fear for your life.

Lastly, if you do get boxed in, or your vehicle is disabled, you may need to abandon it. You may want to use it as cover, then refer to the previous “on foot” section.

In a building

The media made a big deal about the Pulse Nightclub shooting when a bunch of patrons were killed when they were hiding in the bathroom. People don’t realize the power of having predictable entryways to a position. Get lined up on the door to the room you are in, and drop the first guy who breaks the door down. If you’ve got a club or a knife, stand to the side of the door with the doorknob, and stick him or smack him as he comes in. If you’ve got a gun, get a rest, and you may punch through to the guy behind him as well.

That being said, always have another exit so you don’t get trapped in there. Stay away from windows and keep lights off so you can hide. Once you’ve got a room secured, this is a great time to call the cops. Say exactly where you are and clearly state how scared you are. Feel free to embellish on the size of the mob, its violence, and any threats they may be yelling. This will get the police there faster, establish your innocence before the fact in case you have to shoot, and also put the blame of the shooting on the police since they were obviously not there fast enough if said shooting does, in fact, occur.

A worse scenario is fleeing into a building that is hostile already. Best thing to do there is keep moving and haul ass out the back door.


While this is theoretical on my end, and backed up by advice from various experts quoted throughout, your mileage may indeed vary. Your main takeaways need to be to stay armed, stay vigilant, and remain in control of the situation, because your odds go way down once you directly face off with a riot. Stay safe.

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543 thoughts on “How To Survive A Black Lives Matter Riot”

  1. An interesting article that I’m sure will initiate some lively/heated discussion. I would add that you should be aware of any happenings before ever leaving your house. You don’t have to follow the news religiously, but keep an ear out for anything happening in your area.
    Did a cop shoot a black guy in your area? Get your guard up and keep an eye out for trouble and scheduled protests.
    Also, network with local friends. My tribe uses Telegram and when I heard there were organized protests in our city, I immediately informed them and told them to let us know where they see any protests happening.
    Funny enough, I’ve found Twitter to be the fastest way to get breaking news. You just got to follow the right people.

    1. Something my people have taught me, this shit takes time to start up. You aren’t going into a restaurant with an empty street, and coming back out after an hour to a full BLM-riot.

    2. I second Twitter for rapid news syndication for breaking events.
      Just don’t follow celebrities, friends or family. They usually just post crap anyway. I aim for a mixture of local, national and international journalists and political commentators so you don’t miss out on any level.

    3. “network with local friends”
      Be sure you can trust them when shit hits the fan. Loyalty is hard to find these days, and backstabbers are everywhere.

    4. Us bikers networked here in Cbus when the BLM hustlers tried to stir up blacks to riot. A lot of bikers (armed) took a few slow easy rides around their “peace marches” and wouldn’t you know it, everything stayed nice and peaceful. Strange, right?

        1. Right? There were also thousands of armed bikers that showed up at the RNC in Cleveland. And again, chaos failed to break out.
          There seems to be some kind of cause and effect at play here, but I just can’t quite put my finger on it…

  2. a riot’s a riot…it has to have some political meaning…this shit is just collective racism and mass destructiveness of public property.

  3. I would add:
    1. Situational awareness is a skill all white people should be developing now. It doesn’t cost money and you can practice it everyday.
    2. If you can carry a concealed weapon then do it. No more excuses in this current society.
    3. Have an EDC bag with you at all times. There are plenty of youtube videos on them.
    4. Learn tactical driving.
    Overall the future for whites in America is a tactical future. Start learning tactical skills and tactical fitness. Tactical training schools are popping up all over the last several years, take advantage of training that will save and improve your life. Its money well spent instead of video games and sportsball tickets.

    1. Situational awareness is the MOST important self-defense technique you can ever develop. Whenever I’m walking around, I’m constantly surveying my surroundings for anything that looks amiss.
      I have an old wooden ammo crate in the back of my car with a bunch of emergency supplies and a backpack to carry my work laptop in. If it comes down to it, I’m ditching the laptop and filling up my bag.

      1. Over here in Europe you are not allowed to wear guns. Therefore, a solid baseball bat should be in every car’s trunk just in case.

        1. get a proper gentleman’s walking stick from James Smith and Son’s and then learn the art of Bartitsu. Top hat is recommended but not necessary.

        2. Most of those items are highly illegal in Europe and will get you jail time if caught with them. You can’t even carry a pepper spray, but migrants are armed to the teeth.

        3. Any martial art which can be performed with an umbrella and has tutorials on how to use your pocket square as an artifice in a fight is def for me. I am going to look up if there are classes here. If nothing else it will be fun

        4. Sucks to be European I suppose. Getting invaded and then served up as victims with no defenses is a shitty way to live.
          Then again I suspect the legitimacy of their governments could be called into question when they refuse to protect you.
          Black market dealers are already making in-roads I wager.

        5. I just googled. There is a club in midtown. I emailed them to ask about beginners classes and rates. Meanwhile, you should also perfect proper gentleman’s pugilism

        6. Dealing with the migrant hordes is one thing, dealing with a totalitarian government another. Soon Europeans will have to fight on two fronts, defending themselves against migrant attacks and against government forces.

        7. Jeremy Brett was my favorite Holmes by far. I have his whole series in my collection, I love that stuff. His Holmes was human and had flaws, but he seemed to actually care about the well being of his clients (though he only showed it in his own cool, distant way) and he believed in justice. Most recent versions of Holmes portray a hopelessly fucked up loser who just happens to be a genius, who just happens to be as addicted to mysteries as drugs or he wouldn’t even bother leaving his rooms. Brett’s portrayal captured the loneliness of a man who was so intelligent he was effectively alone, but it didn’t define him, he didn’t use it as an excuse to self-destruct (though he came close once or twice). Brett’s portrayal will always be Holmes to me (interesting life story too, Jeremy Brett’s, worth looking up – can you believe this guy had a speech impediment as a youth?).

        8. That is insane. How it an offensive weapon defined over there?
          How about a defensive weapon? A catcher’s mitt maybe?

        9. Brett was, hands down, the absolute best Holmes with Edward Hardwick and then David Burke being the best watsons. His holmes was absolutely perfect and so well done. I also have all of the episodes from the Granada show and can watch them over and over for all the same reasons you said and more.
          While I initially thought it would be fucking terrible, I think the BBC Sherlock with Cumberbatch and Bilbo is really fucking amazing. Not as good as the original with Brett but different and amazing.

        10. The new one with Cumberbatch grew on me over time. It cross-pollinated with Doctor Who too much though, as Moffat worked on both at the same time. I think he was overworked and let the two franchises mix a bit which maybe wasn’t for the best.
          The thing I like best about Sherlock is the relationship between the two friends as played by Cumberbatch and Freeman. It’s rare to see real friendship portrayed so well on either side of the pond these days (this is inadvertently lampshaded by Mrs. Hutchins who refuses to believe they aren’t gay).
          The thing I can’t get over is what they did with Irene Adler. Though we only see her in one episode, in the Granada version Adler was the epitome of natural-born aristocracy, as classy and feminine as she was tough and adventuresome (American characters often get an interesting portrayal in the show as either extraordinarily good or truly loathsome but always formidable). As His Majesty remarks in that episode, “What a queen she would have made!”
          Moffat’s Adler is a glorified whore and extortionist who was so low she was even a client of Moriarty’s – she paid a criminal scumbag to consult her on how to be a bigger, better criminal scumbag. I hate that. But then that is what being a woman is reduced to these days in “modern” fiction. I mean just compare the two Adlers!

        11. I never watched Dr. Who so I can’t say, but I think the script writing, the set design and the acting in Sherlock is truly top notch. Agreed about Adler. I feel they just were going to make a different story. Remember the Granada show (and the story) she was an American and while she came off as classy and a sophisticate it was, for the most part, a total act. This isn’t very different from the classy looking and acting dominatrix who was faking a public life of wealth and sophistication based on money and sercrets (not a portrait of the king with her, but not that different). The Scandal in Belgravia Episode will never be the original Scandal in Bohemia (which is why I am so happy they changed the name as if to say “this is a different story not a fuck up of the original) but I truly think it was 90 minutes of excellent television.
          But do not let the sophistication fool you…..Doyle’s original Adler was also a whore and an extortionist…just dated to a more genteel time (she was fooling around with a King who she knew full well was engaged to be married and holding a picture of the two of them which would compromise his marriage in order to protect herself against any retribution he might seek out which is just a 19th century version of what the Moffat adler did).

        12. I especially like the portrayal of Watson. The point of Watson is that he wasn’t an idiot, or a goof. He was a surgeon, so you know he’s smart, and a veteran of the Empire’s wars, so you know he was traveled and worldly. Then you use that to display Sherlock completely outclassing him intellectually, to show just how sharp Sherlock is.
          On Adler, we can’t get past an idiot’s idea of sexy apparently. It’s like all the movies where a woman acts like an absolute monster, and then the guy smirks, and thinks, “Good, a challenge.” Just an idiot’s idea of sexy, or worse, maybe a sociopaths’.

        13. For personal weapons, offensive or defensive are in the intent of the person carrying them not in the weapon themselves. (there are offensive/defensive grenades but its a difference in blast radius). If I were living in a US state governed by the sane, if I were carrying a firearm it would be a defensive weapon.

        14. I liked it. I wouldn’t put it on a must watch list, but it was not a waste of 2 hours to kick back and watch.

        15. Yes good points. Watson is smart, traveled, and a bad-ass who has seen combat so he is worthy of Holmes both as a friend and as a partner in his difficult and dangerous profession. I think Freeman’s characterization does this as well, but being Martin Freeman he has to insert some of his likable dork shtick because that’s just Martin Freeman.
          There was a great line from a web comic, I think it might have been Something Positive (very leftist comic but also very well written). One of the main characters was talking about somebody being a sociopath like this:
          “He’s a sociopath. And not a likable cute sociopath like Cumberbatch’s Sherlock, but a real sociopath. Like Steven Moffat.”

        16. You’re shattering my illusions. I didn’t get that in the Granada version. Now I have an excuse to reread the original. I’ll be reading between the lines to see if I can spot it.
          I don’t think keeping the photograph as insurance is anything other than smart. She never asked for any money (in the Granada version anyway) so it’s not extortion. As for seducing a crown prince, well, isn’t that what a bold adventurer woman would do?

        17. My great grandpa and grandpa were both collectors. My father is largely a gunaphobe, so whenever grandpa dies, I’ll inherit a veritable arsenal.

        18. It was good entertainment. And the young white straight male protagonist saves the day at the end and is rewarded with sex from a Swedish princess. I mean how fucking cool is that?

        19. She did not ask for money, but neither did the Moffet Adler. The Moffet adler felt that the only reason that the british government didn’t do away with her is because she had those photos. It is why the brits enlisted CIA agents to get the phone back for her. They were both using their photos for protection.
          There really are a lot of similarities that I think Moffet handled in an extrodinarily clever way. Irene Adler in the books is very nebulous. We know she came from America. Her past is dubious. She has had this affair with the crown prince and is holding onto this photo.
          Remember, in the Moffet she isn’t a whore. She is a dominatrix. Small distinction I admit, but it is a literary distinction that I believe was intentional. I would suggest reading the story and then watching both shows back to back (that is what I do when the episodes come out. Since it is only 3 episodes every two years it isn’t so bad). I find it to be incredible how they deal with some issues.

        20. it’s a good one. I think you will agree with me in the end. And if you don’t I think you are bright enough to have a fun conversation about it. Further, I don’t think it is possible that it will be less than a fun afternoon for you. Win Win Win.

        21. Even something as simple and seeming non-lethal (misnomer) as a baton is getting to be problematic here in nanny-state Amerika.
          The paracord mace is one alternative, but honestly I’ve trained myself to use my BELT in much the same fashion. It takes practice to swing that metal buckle around without doing serious damage to your own noggin. But it’s oe weapon I carry with me everywhere 24×7 that doesn’t draw any attention. That coupled with a metal barreled pen is my way to fight out of situation or give me a leg-up on disarming an attacker.

        22. That’s why I still wear a belt and metal barrel pen. Neither is a weapon, yet quite effective if trained on how to use them.
          The pen is definitely mightier than the sword!

        23. Where in the heck do you live? I can literally (Hitler) cart around a bastard sword on my back in public in Ohio and they can’t say or do shit about it. Put a katana on my belt, I’m good to go. And guns, well, guns are everywhere in public now. Which is good. You in Cali or on the north east coast maybe?

        24. I sent an email to the local bartitsu club about beginners classes and prices. I really hope the $ and schedule work out for me.

        25. Certain people’s heads exploding was rather surprising in this day and age. Good reaction from the kid after receiving the princess’ offer of a reward should he succeed in saving the world.
          I liked it a lot, and there is a sequel in the works.

        26. And the enemy were FREAKING LEFT WING LUNATICS. Reagan’s SDI helped save the day. How this show made it past the Gatekeepers is anybody’s guess.

        27. I have nothing against guns, but throwing your pocket square into a mans face and then beating him with your umbrella while wearing a 3 piece suit is pretty much as supreme gentleman as it gets.

        28. Read a Krav Maga book about using a long umbrella, with the tip in a similar way to a rifle and bayonet….. there’s things out there, just gotta be sneaky.

        29. None of my kin had guns to hand on. So I carry the weighty burden of acquiring a sufficient number so that the next generation have a suitable inheritance.

        30. The problem is not legal carry, but actual use. Sure you may be able to cart a katana into your local bar without having legal challenge, but if you should ever have to defend yourself you’ll have MUCH explaining to do.
          Even Zimmerman with an rational and legal explanation for his CCW became the target of arrogant liberal prosecutors in a gun-friendly state. Despite have a legal CCW permit, legal weapon, and legal situation in which to use it (forcible felonies, which was the assault/battery by Trayvon Martin are legally accepted situation where deadly force can be used), Zimmerman was fighting for his life a 2nd time in he court of public opinion and against the state that allowed him to “legally” carry, but not legally use his firearm. You could argue that his life was ruined, and his reputation is beyond repair.
          Take caution with your caviler attitude towards weapons. There’s a universe of difference between keeping/bearing arms and actually being able to use them in legal self-defense without serious consequences.

        31. For those in America just know a legal carry knife that can be clipped in the pockets is under 5 inches and can be a technically fixed blade knife with a blade lock.

        32. How bout some good old fashioned bricks?
          Just have a nice sturdy bag with a couple bricks in it. Say they are special for a project.

        33. Absofuckinlutely
          For that matter, a 3 foot length of rebar, a piece of 2×2 lumber…
          Crowbar, regular claw hammer, fuckin- A even a steel shovel.
          From personal experience (in the States) just dont keep it in the front seat and they can’t say a thing .
          Prepared to ply my trade any damn day

        34. You cannot “legally” carry an offensive weapon , a lot of people have decided “better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6” not that I’m condoning it of course 😉

        35. ‘Soon Europeans will have to fight on two fronts, defending themselves against migrant attacks and against government forces’
          Soon? By soon do you mean now?

        36. I do love a good expandable baton. The only time I ever had to draw mine in defense, the “CLACK” alone was enough to make the approaching, vocally hostile dindu rethink his priorities.

        37. Do you think I don’t realize that? I’ve been carrying, and studying self defense law and precedent, in my state for a long, long many years. I also have a lawyer on retainer in the event that I am forced to exercise my right to self defense. I’m aware that it’s not a pretty picture.
          That doesn’t mean that I shy away from pro-self defense statements nor pro-carry statements.

        38. If you’re gonna wear a top hat you’d better have a suit to go with it. I find hipsters n shit wearing fedoras, tribys and the like without a matching/complementary suit quite irksome. Even when wearing varying states of formal dress, even then they look like monkeys…
          Personally I only wear trilbys when I’m wearing two of my suits: the grey and black pinstripe.

        39. So paint your gun pink and etch Hello Kitty onto it in white paint. Now it’s not offensive at all!

        40. In the British Caliphate it doesn’t matter if you use a weapon or not. Simply defending yourself from crime and the foreign hordes is illegal.

        41. Honestly mate, you’re more likely to run afoul of the law than you are to be attacked while carrying that weapon. Its not worth it.

        42. If you hit someone with that cane it will be redefined as an offensive weapon. They get us coming and going.

        43. I remember seeing a photo posted online somewhere of plastic table utensils (knives, forks, spoons) for sale in the UK with a sign saying something like “must be over 18 years of age.” Is that for real?

      2. Amen to that. I was at the University of Illinois on Friday night, and few people seemed to notice the roving packs of black/latino hoodlums. The next night, there were multiple shootings, 1 dead, and six injured. You would think people would look out for the kind of stuff that can make national news.

        1. I make approximately $6,000-$8,000 monthly from freelancing at home. For anyone prepared to work basic freelance tasks for some hrs every day from ease of your home and make valuable salary while doing it… This is ideal for you…

        2. Basically, a Ukrainian jew got shot after an argument at a party. I don’t think he was involved. Since none of the local outlets gave a description of the shooters, I have to conclude that they were the black latinos I saw hanging around the other day. And since they appear to have gotten away with the crime, they were probably involved with a gang.

      3. The best book on self defense I ever read by was Geoff Thompson, it was the best because most it was NOT kickpunchery. He interviewed criminals and cops, found the right statistics and case studies, found interviews done by others and stacked his own experience as a door man in Birmingham to show you violence doesn’t usually come out of nowhere. It has a pattern and rules.
        FYI, if a British doorman has self defense advice listen to him; the English are animals.

        1. Just found it on my kindle, it’s called Dead or Alive. Additionally, I seem to recall Conor McGregor talking about “The Fence” as one of the first martial arts things he learned and you can kind of see it with his “arms out front” kind of guard.

        2. I was taught the arms out front style of defense as well. Very good for keeping distance, doesn’t look aggressive, and good for defense. I typically opt for a different defense style, but it has its merits.

        3. Only one thing I can disagree with you on , Thompson was a doorman in Coventry not Birmingham, other than that agree 100% , Watch my Back & Dead or Alive should be compulsory reading , especially re “coding up” ..

        4. Geoff’s “teacher” on the doors was John Anderson , he teaches self defence now, he has a few videos on YouTube if you want to check it out 👍

        5. John Anderson has some good videos on YouTube that show you can stil hit hard from here if your “body English” is on point.

        6. i watched that and clip 2, are there any more? could only find his book available but no videos. and his new stuff is all spiritual esoteric and less about fighting

        1. Your first sentence doesn’t change what I asked.
          There’s plenty of gangs waiting to beat your head in, not just blacks, trust me.

        2. Oh get off of it Bob. Christ on a popsicle stick, you’ll stretch credibility to onion paper thickness to avoid recognizing the very plain facts that we’re seeing over here now. There are not roving gangs of white guys out playing “Coon Hunting”, but there are numerous well documented cases of “polar bear hunting” as some kind of twisted sport, and of course, the BLM riots.

        3. Well to be blunt, your first question is a misinterpretation of his statement. All white people =/= Only white people. An individual can address a specific a demographic while not excluding anyone else.
          I can say “All men need to start saving money and paying off debt”. Doesn’t mean women can’t do it too.

        4. Yes, you should not discriminate against those with lighter brown skins. They would hate to be left out of the gang list.

        5. Well. I would say that in contemporary times, absolutely anyone would be well served to practice S.A.
          I imagine his statement could be aimed toward creampuff suburbanites who think nothing bad will ever happen to them.
          I doubt that was his direct intent, but I believe white communities have been in recent years the least likely to experience these problems firsthand until that oh shit moment pops off.
          These, for certain, are certainly dangerous times.

        6. Heading to North Carolina soon and am very thankful the National Guard made their way down. I am hearing Milwaukee is getting a little dicey though.

        7. Milwaukee has a crime index of 3. That means 97% of cities in the rest of the US are safer than it. Not good.

        8. Thank God I have no immediate reason to ever go there. Sounds like hell in a basket. High crime plus riots equal rape, robbery, assault, and murder spikes.

        9. No. Blacks are in the US are marinated in hatred of whites since birth. The crime stats reflect that.. ooops. The FBI suddenly stopped keeping those stats last year. South Africa did the same years ago. Heh.

        10. Yeah, NC caught a break with the NG being deployed. Good travels down South, Red. Business or pleasure?

      1. Because here in the states black people play a game called polar bear hunting and the knock out game, both target white people. Black on white crime is deeply disproportionate. BLM is a terrorist organization, but our government doesn’t have the balls to call it that.
        So you’ll excuse me as I attempt to inform the people that are most affected by black “diversity” in their neighborhoods.

        1. Wow, that’s sick. There’s something different with black people over there in the US than here in my country.

      2. I think his assumption is that most white people haven’t grown up/lived in high crime areas. My family, although white, are from Chicago’s South Side and all maintain situational awareness as a matter of habit. I think the same would apply in reverse to blacks having grown up in low crime areas who don’t have the habit of maintaining SA.

      It’s no surprise that the happiest countries on the planet have lowest negroid populations.
      Denmark, here I come!

    3. More guns isn’t going to result in fewer shootings, it’s certainly not going to stop a riot if people in a certain neighborhood explode with rage.

      1. Ummmm, would MUCH rather have a gun than be a victim of someone who does. I can’t disagree with you enough.

    4. I also recommend reading this book
      A Guide to Improvised Weaponry: How to Protect Yourself with WHATEVER You’ve Got
      Schappert, Terry & Slutsky, Adam

  4. Interesting article. This is applicable for any form of race baiting. However I suspect it would be more difficult to apply in practice.
    BLM is currently the most violent racist group out there so far. I suspect that aboriginals here in Aus. are looking closely at BLM and are thinking if they could replicate such acts (case and point the recent Kalgoorlie riots). Luckily, they are not as organized and I never expect they ever will without Soros levels of funding.

      1. The government isn’t helping much either. Health and education systems have two sets of standards. One for aboriginals another for everyone else.
        My wife tells me that the education milestones for aboriginal children have been set ridiculously low. For example, a normal child is asked to hold a pencil and draw a picture. The aboriginal child’s equivalent is being able to hold a stick. In other words, they are set up to fail in life.

  5. I played a hell of a lot Resident Evil 6. You cant teach an old dog new tricks.
    BTW my pussified mind says that the article is a little too gruesome / racist too recommend it around

  6. Good points in this one. I might have have called it “Astro-Turf Chimpout Survival Guide” but same thing really.
    My solution was to buy a house in a 93+% white town.

    1. “My solution was to buy a house in a 93+% white town.”
      It can only go downhill from there. A gentrifying neighbourhood is best. Buy low,sell high.

      1. This one was a bargain. Bank repo, paid less than half what it’s worth. But in general I would agree with out.

        1. So it’s true what Robert Kiyosaki says in his real estate books? Foreclosures are real bargains? I wonder why not more people buy such there. Here in the EU it’s not really comparable to the US as there are super high closing costs and it’s the buyer who pays those.

        2. Lots of people buy foreclosures in the US, it’s quite common. The real problem is that banks are terrible enough at banking, but really really terrible at selling houses. The regulations for banks repossessing houses and reselling them change constantly so not even sharp people can easily keep up with them. Also most bankers are retarded, which doesn’t help either.
          Closing costs could be lower but they are not a serious impediment if you are buying a house. Usually 1.5-3K for a typical one-family house. At least around here on the North Coast (Great Lakes).

    2. What we did. And soon we’re moving to a region that is for all intents and purposes 99.99% white, which is to say, rural Ohio farm country.

        1. One of the nationally-distributed magazines (I think it was US News and World Report) did an listicle about the “best small towns” in the US. They openly stated that they left towns off the list if they were more than 95% white. Gotta appeal to “Diversity.” So I guarantee none of the towns they listed would have made it onto a non-anti-white list.

    3. I’ve heard that some of these towns are facing budget cuts from the Obama admin for not being diverse enough (AKA non-white). I don’t know if it’s true, but it would not surprise me.

  7. I’m from good ole Europa, I know how to fucking riot. Used to be a weekly occurrence around Britain and still is around some parts of the continent.
    *Cue Arctic Monkeys – Riot Van*

    1. I always love little language differences between Europe and America. Like how Europeans say flat instead of apartment, lift instead of elevator and riot instead of soccer.

        1. Brilliant!
          BTW, it’s ‘me ol’ china plate.’.
          Kinda cringe what you said above.
          Behave yourself maaaaan!

        2. close enough. I still know how the rhyming slang works I think. It goes Mate rhymes with plate. China Plates. China right?

      1. Because we’re simply brimming with class.
        It would rub off on you Yaknee doodles too but you’re too afraid to move your country near.

        1. The few times I’ve seen it, it meant “slightly-larger studio apartment.” Still a big difference.
          “Fanny” is my favorite. Apparently a “fanny pack” is entirely disturbing in England.

        2. fanny fanny pack is funny. First time I went across the pond I bought a cool little book called Brit Speak Ameri Speak at the airport which listed all the little differences.
          I feel like anyone using “flat” in the US is just being a pretentious cunt.

        3. Oh yeah. San Diego in fact. They have flats there. Also… Seattle. 🙂
          I’d guess New York City too though I’ve never been stupid enough to live there so I can’t say for certain. 😀

        4. I hear nice things about San Diego but have never gone. You couldn’t get me back to Seattle with a cattle prod. NYC is the finest place on earth dear friend. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

        5. I was just in NYC. You’re either nuts or delusional. 😉 😉
          But hey, if you like living there, more power to you. We all have places we prefer. I just prefer places where the people are polite, every single person isn’t stressed, there’s little traffic, and no trash on the sidewalk. 🙂

        6. It’s all about personal preference. I am a little nuts and a little delusional…but we all are a little, no?
          NYC is the place that I feel connected to as a home, it is where my roots are, it is what I understand and, in many ways, my personality resembles the city that shaped me. The idea of moving anywhere else prior to retirement age would seem insane to me.

        7. Hey, we’re all nuts these days! 🙂
          I’ve lived.. wow. All over the US actually now that I’m thinking about it. Not in NYC of course. (For reasons previously stated. :-D) I think as American cities go, my favorite would probably be San Diego. (If it was Seattle or a hot poker in the eye, I’d seriously consider the hot poker option. :-D)
          Of course once I got the heck out of the US, that was the end of it. If it wasn’t for business, I’d be happy to never see “home” again. 🙂

        8. San Diego sheriff refuses to issue CCWs, California is governed by the insane, sanctuary cities throughout the county. Nice place to visit for a short time, that’s it.

        9. Exactly. It’s certainly not ideal.
          It’s also getting progressively (haha) worse in terms of cleanliness and crime. Won’t be too long before it’s as nasty as other cities.

        10. And the police just shot somebody in El Cajon, so expect Soros to ship a bunch of outside agitators there and burn at least part of it down.

        11. Nothing is good for everyone. I’d never suggest that it was objectively the best place in the word, just the best place for me

        12. Use to be NYC far and away the best and most diverse food. Most cities of any size have just about as many food options yes there may be only 4 steak chains instead of 12 in the urban core but same difference). Traffic is horrible though and the prices are outrageous. Lot of hot women though

        13. That sounds pretty right. Traffic is terrible it no need for a car because of excellent public transport system.
          True on food.
          Prices are outrageous but so are salaraies so it kind of evens out

        14. I make top 2% sal in an area where 250k buys you a 2500 sq ft home and a quarter acre and much much lower taxes. That wouldn’t buy you a bathroom in the city. And yes the public transportation is ok although still not as good as most major euro cities. Still a lot of people want cars in NYC even with the public transportation. It’s not too bad for me bc I just expense everything went I visit but if I lived there id go nuts. I’d much rather live in Munich or London or even Prague – at least with the current exchange rate

        15. Got 4 great areas to pick – Charlotte, Raleigh, MTNs, or the beach. I personally like Charlotte since you are 2 hrs to the mtns, 2.5 hrs to Charleston and other beaches and have direct flights just about anywhere plus any type of food you can think of. Plus you can live just across the border in SC and pay almost no property tax and be just 5-10 min from South Charlotte (trendy/new area) and 25-35 min from uptown.

        1. Until Clinton gets elected… maybe you’ll scream PHILIPPINES PHILIPPINES PHILIPPINES PHILIPPINES 😉

        2. Not me. I am ride and die baby, ride and die. Also, I really don’t care who gets elected. I am only in it for the lulz.
          That said, you guys go kick around a soccer ball in 80 degree Fahrenheit weather on a 120 yard long field! USA USA

        1. Yeah, I saw the movie where Frodo was a soccer hooligan. I just kept thinking that if you guys want to live dangerously with your sportsgames you should do what americans do…consume 8000 calories of fried food and hope that you have enough room for the amount of alcohol required to thin your blood.

        2. I am not sure who is worse with thinking that sportsballs matter…..US or EU…..apathy towards professional sports would be such a good place to start

        3. Unfortunatelly Brits do gobble up just as many calories but due to the shitty weather we burn half just being grumpy.
          Fancing a fish a chips now, fml

        4. There is actually a really nice proper pub with bombardier ale and a lunch pie and mash special here that is fantastic. Last time I went it was steak and kidney. Time before that was venison. Fresh baked daily. Also excellent mushy peas and they make very nice fish and chips with curried chips.

  8. Interesting article, though I do feel for you unfortunate souls who still have to do business in cities. The best way to survive a BLM riot is to move your family to rural America and start a gun collection.

  9. Know your AO. Where are BLM people most likely found? What is their proximity to you immediately, your residence, and your routes for ingress and egress. Have a primary, alternate, contingency, and emergency (PACE) plan to either bug out or hunker down. And if you can FILM EVERYTHING. Obama’s Stasi – I mean DOJ / FBI is literally providing legal support for these psychos and will come down on you HARD if you resist them.

  10. Another trick I like to use to survive a BLM riot is living in the middle of nowhere and staying away from anything even vaguely resembling a city.

    1. I don’t see this as being helpful. If I had to live in a place like that I would just hang myself. In the end, chances of surviving a BLM riot is a lot better.

        1. That’s always funny. But why would he be running? Fuck, I’d turn and Face the Peril, and have myself sexed to death, with the lithe taut bodies of young nubile women being my last sight before I passed out in bliss.

        2. I mean seriously, look at the girls in that video. In great shape, huge…tracts of land, beautiful, no ink, no piercings….Christ, it’s look looking at a Rose Colored Glasses Time Machine.

        3. You would think. But he was sentenced to death. I honestly feel he was running and to that very specific spot because rather than have sex with all those young nubile women, the first priority for a good British man would be to die in the correct manner without causing too much of a fuss. Imagine if he left all those people standing there with the casket waiting. How rude!

        4. I guess this goes to prove that it only takes two generations for the English to go feral. I cannot imagine holding such a rigid view of propriety, although I would be holding something rigid, for a fact.

        5. Yes, but I think that the python boys were making a good laugh at the brits and their strict policy not to be rude despite all other things. I don’t know, my friend Tim from London tells me that American’s are always laughing at the wrong parts of Monty Python.

        6. I can actually agree with his observation. Although parts of their routine are just silly regardless of cultural references.

        7. Yes, I think his assessment was pretty spot on. I mean, it isn’t surprising that people who didn’t grow up in London don’t get the English specific jokes. We all have an understanding of our homes that allow us to make jokes with other people who are from there that don’t make sense.

        8. Did a tour on exchange in the Royal Navy and it was interesting in that they loved the ‘Blues Brothers’, it was almost a cultish devotion.

        9. Also, an inside joke about the actor being a huge flamboyant faggot (or cigarette, in British English) in real life.

        1. nope. Not at this age. I plan to live in a vacation town in the south after retirement, but at my current age I would kill myself if I had to go to the suburbs, let alone a rural area. The idea of having friends and acquaintances nearby only makes it worse.

        2. I feelz ya homie, I skipped a family event this Sunday.
          But, but, you could live in the countryside and commute by train to work every day. 45-60 min on the train and that’s a movie to watch each day.

        3. My family lives upstate new York, about a 60 minute commute on train. They always tell me that what I pay for rent for 1000 square feet would get me a brand new house, a pool, 5 acres, a lake, the lease for my car and my monthly train ticket and I would still have money left over. They don’t seen it.

      1. I like NYC. I am nervous there, but I appreciate the culture of the place. I would like to spend a few weeks a year there just doing things. I do need my space, my trees, my old cars, and my peace to return to, however.
        I wonder if we could ever have an ROK convention on some weekend? Friday night meet and greet, Saturday have a selection of short presentations by the staff, some big dinner and going out on the town, then leave on Sunday. Be nice to meet the regulars and the rest of the writers.

    2. Most American cities are ugly, noisy, dirty, and just a plain pain in the ass. I understand your sentiments completely. 😉

    3. Hopefully in a state which respects it’s citizens freedom and their right to have the means to effectively defend themselves.

      1. At the moment it is, but we have to continually fight. In section of the county, I estimate the quantity of firearms outnumber the people by about 3 to 1. The biggest shooting day of the year seems to be Christmas.

      2. ‘Tis why I live in Ohio. We’re putting in a fast lane for full auto and silencer acquisition. Carry? Who doesn’t carry, outside of the Hipster and Diversity zones? Heh

        1. License?
          You go through the application, you get the background check (can take a while), the Sheriff signs, you pay the stamp tax, you take possession of the firearm. There are no “licenses”, unless you’re a dealer.

        2. Dude. Last I checked, you need a license to to purchase full auto. Unless 10 years in a fed slam is your goal. In the old days a dealers license was 200 a year. No idea what itis now.

        3. Nope. You need a license to deal in class 3, not own one. You have paperwork to fill out in order to “pay the tax” on the stamp, but that’s it. The paper serves as proof that you own the firearm and allows you to transfer it, but it’s not a license.

        4. I can’t carry in my county, discretionary state and I don’t have enough money to donate to the sheriff’s re-election fund to demonstrate the good judgment necessary.
          However, when there was talk from the urban youth funded by Soros to spread their good will and cheer to the suburbs I pondered the question- is 10,000 rounds enough for a couple nights of frivolity? And ordered more. Just to ensure no one would be disappointed or feel left out. Avoid that Deadpool situation of some folks having to share…

        5. The amount of full autos to purchase on the civilian market has been pretty slim since 1986 if I recall. The prices these days are steep.

        6. That is quite true. They are way overpriced when you realize that you’re not getting anything that special. It would be great to see Miller thrown out and the 1986 Firearms Act repealed. I’d love some new guns on the range.

        7. I’d settle in the short term for taking suppressors off the NFA.
          Of course, in California any semi-auto pistol with a detachable magazine and a barrel threaded that can accept a suppressor or compensator becomes a banned ‘Assault Weapon’. Believe it or not you can’t drop a threaded barrel in your 1911…

        8. Cali basically needs to declare its independence and separate from the Union. Same with a lot of New England states (not all of course).

        9. I think it is Form 1 and you have to create and stamp serial numbers, etc. Not something for the average shooter to take on.

        10. A better option would be courts requiring state governments to abide by the constitution and those amendments which have been found to be incorporated against the state governments. Like 2A.

        11. Sort of. You can build a full auto gun off a registered receiver blank that was pre-ban. There are a lot of them around, just an odd plate of metal with a number stamped in it that can be bent into a receiver, then have a gun built around it. I am sure there are people with stacks of these registered blanks.

  11. “A worse scenario is fleeing into a building that is hostile already”
    Reminds me of The Raid. Anybody here seen that movie?

  12. This is up there as perhaps the stupidest fucking articles on RoK. It’s stupid in so many ways it’s hard to know where to begin. You’re only going to worry about BLM riots? Then you are going to wind up dead because there are plenty of other riots going on. But more importantly, why alienate a significant part of your readership by focusing on the Black ones?
    Most of the advice here is easy to say but hard to action. Fact is, most riots are avoidable if you simply recognise that they are predictable. Want to avoid a black riot? Don’t go down to the hood after the cops bag another one. Want to avoid having your head crushed by white football hooligans armed with refrigerators. Stay away from the Euros.
    But really this article isn’t about surviving riots. It’s about the author expressing his internal insecurities.
    You need to find a better way son.

    1. Give it a rest Bob. BLM riots are starting to become commonplace over here. This has fuck all to do with European hooligans, it’s about a specific phenomenon that is occurring with more and more frequency in the U.S. There are specific power broker groups that go to HUGE lengths to stir up the hornets nest every time some thug with a gun gets capped by the cops, and they push long, hard and are well financed. The chances of encountering one are growing.
      This is happening here, and now. Accept it. If it were a group called Appalachian Lives Matter and white dudes were out rioting every time a revenooer went and destroyed a good ol’ boys still, it would be just as relevant.

      1. To be honest Ghost, it’s very surprising to me that there aren’t more riots given how big unemployment is in certain regions or how multicultural USA is (Migrants bring their old habits). It might not be in your area your state but the coasts seems to be a little bit more lively.
        Something tells me that from the 60s onward you guys have’t seen many riots due to an ever increasing money supply (LA riots are the exceptions).
        However,without the Soviet Union as a boogie man, people haven’t got common enemy to rally against coupled with the money well is drying up, also, mass migration (cherry picked may I say) will see USA more unstable in the future.
        And no this is not just another round of American bashing.

    2. Relax Bob. BLM is just the latest example of politically incited riots. The communists in the media have done a good job of inciting violence in society. The same advice would hold water in the Russian revolution.

    3. I second Mr. Jefferson’s comments below, and so I will add little. I do want to say that, were I insecure, I would simply delete your comment as I would not be able to stand criticism. However, I welcome comments on my articles, even critical ones.
      This article is tactical level advice. Your comments of strategic level advice are good, and should be followed before mine.

    1. Yeah, all those black dudes out rioting with BLM are upstanding members in their churches.

        1. “Right, because Christianity is exempt”
          Of course it is, after all it’s the only true religion. Freedom of religion therefore means freedom to be Christian, Orthodox to be exact. Freedom of speech means freedom to praise the emperor and patriarchy, Orthodox theocracy, etc.
          You disagree? Well, just be patient and time will prove me right. Democracy is a just a fad, which nobody will want to experiment with again, for a very long time.

        1. Who the fuck said anything about Muslims? Besides you?
          Let me guess….your name begins with “M” and ends with “uhhamed”. Amirite?

        2. Wrong my name is Darrell. Human thought is interconnected, and Christians have this great way of not connecting dots with their violent religion

        3. Yep, we Christians are a savage lot. That whole “turn the other cheek” and “love your neighbor as you love yourself” stuff is downright barbaric. We also can’t wait to set up a caliphate where everyone is forced to meet up on Sunday afternoons and bring fried chicken or sides.
          We’re currently working on setting up a strict series of laws that everyone must live under as well. We were going to call them “Sharia Law”, but sadly that was already taken.

        4. Why yes, it’s time to bash Christians. Especially a group who likely have no Christian affiliation to begin with. Because trolling.

        5. I’d like to see how Christianity is tied to BLM. Preferably on a large board with pictures of people and places, newspaper clippings, and misc notes all connected by one red string…you know…like they do in the convoluted detective movies.

        6. Ah right, the Gospel of Saint Raper The Rapist.
          “For verily the Lord did command Isaiah thusly ‘Go forth into the land of the unbelievers and take their women into thine bossom and loins and verily, create new life in their wombs that will soon be of the Lord. For thus is my command, and my will.” Raper 1:23 – 28

        7. “Yep, we Christians are a savage lot.”
          Yeah you are. Don’t you remember when Christians bombed that embassy in Beirut in 83 or held coordinated attacks in Kuwait that same year or in 1984 when they bombed the US Embassy in Beirut or in 85 when they blew up the buddish temple in Borobudur or the bombs in 85 at El Descanso, or the TWA Flight 847 Hijacking or the Neve Shalom Synagogue attacks in 86 or Bus 405 in Jerusalem they did a suicide bombing on or the Israeli bus they blew up carrying trousits in Eqypt or the Urumqi bombings or the 1992 attack on the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires or the 93 shootings at the CIA headquarters or the first WTC bombing in 03 or the Mumbai bombings later that year or the 35 Turkish academics that were killed in the Sivas Massacre or the Afula Bus Suicide Bombing or the Hadera Bus Station sucide bombing in 1994 or the 94 bombing of the London Israeli embassy or the Dizengoff street bus bombing in Tel Aviv or the bicycle bombing in Netzarim Junction or the bomb that exploded on Philippine airlines flight 434 from Manila to Tokyo or the air france flight 8969 hijacking or the Beit Lid Suicide bombing or the Harkat ul ansar bombing of a Jammu marketplace or the Ramat Gan Bus bombingin 95 or the 1995 aris metro and RER bombings (plural) or the 1995 Rijeka bombing or the Jaffa road bus bombings when 18 busses were bombed or the Dizengoff Center suicide bombing the the even of a jewish holida or the gunfire in the Europa hotel in Egypt or the khobar towers bombing or the three bombs that exploded on different busses in Xinjiang or the Café Apropo Bombing in 1997 followed by the Yehuda market bombing the mostar car bombings, the luxor massacre the 58 people killed in 12 bomb attacks in Coimbatore the 1998 US Embassy bombings in Tanzania and Kenya the Sipadan Kidnapping in 2000 the attack on the USS Cole the Attack on REd Fort in Delhi the Christmas even bombings of 8 churches in Indonesia the 2001 Netanya bombing the 2001 Ramna Batamul bombings the HaSharon Mall suicide bombing the Dos Palamas kidnappings the Dolphinarium discotheque suicide bombing the jeruselam Sabbaro that was bombed the Nahariya train station bombing the assassination of Ahmad Shah Massoud in Afghanistan, the 9-11 attacks, the attack on the indian parlement, the 16 suicide bus bombings in Haifa the murder of American Journalist Daniel Pearl the King George Street bombing the Passover massacre in Netanya, the tunesia bombings, the attack on US Consulate in Karachi, the French hill suicide bombing the 2002 Immanuel bus attack the phillippine marines bombing the Moscow theater hostage crises the sonol gas station bombing, the suicide bombings (plural) in Casablanca
          Anyway, I have only made it up to 2003 on the list and skipped a bunch but these were all carried out by savage Christia……uhm….nevermind.

        8. Given their spiritual leader has a doctorate in Islamic theology and I don’t, I’ll trust him that they’re muslims in good standing.

      1. Well, any time one of them gets shot the news always says how they were active in their church and were an honor student.

    2. If you’ll go watch the tapes of the old Rodney King riots in LA, you’ll notice it’s a rainbow coalition of thugs working together in perfect harmony looting and destroying. Atheists, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists. Could almost bring a tear to a diversity loving eye, a black guy handing a TV out through a broken store window to a white guy handing it to a couple of Asians. Thugs – every group has them and they all seize opportunities that arise.
      I’ve seen some white folks mixed in with the BLM rioters, doing the same kind of thing. Opportunity to loot-

      1. “If you’ll go watch the tapes of the old Rodney King riots in LA, you’ll notice it’s a rainbow coalition of thugs working together in perfect harmony looting and destroying. Atheists, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists. Could almost bring a tear to a diversity loving eye, a black guy handing a TV out through a broken store window to a white guy handing it to a couple of Asians. ”
        Why don’t you produce some video footage to back that up. My only memories of Asians during those riots were on rooftops, sniping. Please also give us timestamps and descriptions to help see which people we’re supposed to believe are Hindus, Buddhists, etc.

  13. Whattup homies? I have a few practical tips to add to the stew here…I was in the hood in Houston, Texas, a few years ago, taking care of a sick friend of mine for a few weeks. A black dude approached me as I was walking back from the grocery store one day. “Whaz in da bag?” he said to me, acting tough. To which I responded, “A copy of Mein Kampf and a handgun – which one do you want first.” Then I put my hand into the bag, and waited. His eyes widened and he backed away, scratching his head. A week or so later, two gangbangers in their teens harassed me as I was carrying groceries. “Gibs me whaz in da bag,” one of them said. To which I responded. “Try to take it. I’ll bet I can kill both of you within 30 seconds.” Their eyes got so wide I thought their faces would split in half.
    Confronting Obama’s sons with a direct threat of violence or words they can’t understand are both very effective. They are chickenshit to the core unless they are in packs…and if they can’t fathom what you are saying, the resultant cognitive dissonance stops them cold.
    Another time, a pack of thugs came walking toward me on the street, pointing and yelling, with anger in their eyes. When they got close, I started jumping up and down like a crazy man (boing-boing-BOINGGGGGG, leaping high in the air). I was babbling incoherently and leering and drooling and then I’d scream “JESUS the MONSTERS are in my HEAD,” and other nonsensical shit, while I looked directly into their eyes. They turned and ran so fast it was a sight to behold. They can’t handle full-on crazy. Scares the piss out of them.
    So to review – confront them directly with words that offer them a choice, comprised of at least one phrase or concept they can’t comprehend; respond to a direct threat of violence with murderous verbal intent; or act insane. Those three tips are worth their weight in gold. Know thine enemy; they are frightened little children in monkey suits, nothing more.

    1. I’ve had four encounters with blacks that were bad. Two were when I was in 2nd grade. I got mugged by two adult black males who took all of the merchandise I was taking home from a school sale to distribute (big brave men there, knocking over a 2nd grader).
      The second was during the same time period, where I and a group of my mates were walking home and some (homeless?) black guy with a knife started chasing us for no apparent reason. We all crammed into a telephone booth (glass and steel baby!) and called our parents. The parents called the police then came out to get us.
      Third was in Jacksonville, FL. I was with my family (wife, kids, my dad and his wife) and we were returning to our car from a day in the city. A black man came up (clearly homeless) and asked for some change. I said I didn’t have any (I actually didn’t, only $20.00 bills), so he flips his shirt up and shows me a gnarly old knife in his belt then leers at me with a nasty grin. I calmly pulled up my shirt on my right hand side and put my hand on the grip of my .45 ACP sidearm, and raised my eyebrow and said “Really?” He walked away. Fast.
      Last was in Missouri, some podunk town whose name I do not recall. I was riding to South Dakota on my bike and stopped off at a hotel for the night. I walked to the nearby gas station to grab a 12 pack of beer. It was dark and lots of shadows, and out stepped a black man. “You got anythang” he asked, whatever that meant. I again moved my hand to the right side of my belt and said quietly “I don’t have anything you want.” He got wide eyed then put his hands up in front of him and gave me a “We’re good boss, didn’ mean nutting” and backs away.
      I cannot honestly say that I’ve had any run ins with other ethnic groups or whites. The closest I get to that are disputes over noise when somebody throws a late night party.

      1. I’ve never had run-ins with any other ethnic group either, except Mexican gangbangers in L.A. on a couple of occasions. Never with white people. I’ve never been threatened, accosted, assaulted, or shaken down by white people. You and I must live in an alternate universe, GOJ, because on TV, it’s always whitey who does the weird, violent shit. We gotta get our minds right…that’s all. Vote Democratic. Watch MSM television programs. Go to feminist rallies. Fuckin’ pavement apes. Dangerous as fuck, no self-control, responding with hostility and violence to pretty much all stimuli…yup.

        1. There’s a reason I gave up on television long ago. I noticed that “I” wasn’t welcome in shows, except as either the butt of a joke, or as the evil bad man.

        2. I like lolknee’s observation that it’s actually good to be the villain now. It takes Team Diversity, a group of women and every minority on the planet, to take out one white dude. Kind of flattering really.

        3. It does seem true though. In their quest for diversity they have shown that you need like 50 minorities to take out one white guy and even at that it is always a close call.

        4. The level of difficulty only increases if, everytime he’s shown on screen, there is Baroque music playing.

        5. It’s accelerated since you gave it up. Weird, that the guys who own the networks which feature those TV shows, are all white. That one goes over the heads of all SJWs, liberals and fucktards.

        6. And if he is wearing a hat it is nearly impossible to stop him until the hat is removed cf: every villain on the big screen at the justice league.

        7. And God help team diversity if Eine Kleine Nactmusik is playing as the white man dons a Lincoln style top hat. Might as well just surrender at that point.

        8. Ok, not for nothing but Lincoln was a total fucking ass for wearing that big dumb had and I am not 100% sure that his being murdered in a theater wasn’t directly related to him wearing that hat and, presumably, talking.

        9. There was a show on ABC 6 or 7 yrs ago, another boilerplate cop drama set in Detroit. Virtually all the perps were white, in a town that is what? 80, 90% non-white? It lasted only one season…

        10. Other instrumental cues can include bagpipes indicating the Scots or the Irish. If a fiddle comes into the mix after the pipes, then you’ve got Scots-Irish derived Confederates. Banjos are really bad news, because you’ve got country Confederates, and you may as well give up if someone starts playing a saw.

        11. Yeah, banjos mean that you’re in for a pig party and likely, at some point, archery will come into play.
          And I don’t care how much they try to turn me against them, bagpipes are utter badass on a stick. Anywhere I hear them they make whatever is going on automatically more awesome. They’re like a Gaelic version of the cowbell.

        12. I keep trying to find the family guy cut away where peter says “wow that is more unnatural than a white guys dialogue in a spike lee movie” and it cuts to a black guy in a pizza shop ordering a slice very politely and the white guy behind the counter going bat shit on him for no reason.

        13. Its one of the first few seasons of family guy, I have it on dvd I remember that one. Just not the specific episode number, but it’s one of the early ones

    2. Had a Black coworker call me a cunt, and tell me he’s “hit people for less” because I was apparently being rude to him. I do tend to come off that way sometimes particularly with new people. I suppose I was a bit of a bully there though too, because he quit that day after I pointed that saying he had hit people for less was basically telling me he wanted to fight and if he wanted to that was OK by me.
      I had another Black guy (different place) mouth off and give everyone shit every meal break. I was a common target, but he didn’t like getting what he gave out. Nobody liked him but everyone was too polite to tell him to go away. It reached boiling point one day when he accused me of stealing his grinder (which was actually shared company property, and which i did not even do). I told him to fuck off too. He came up to me kept trying to get me to hit him, repeatedly saying “go on, hit me” “try it” (I think because he wanted to get me fired). I really wanted to but I wasn’t about to lose a job because of that guy.
      Luckily a higher up came over and saw what was going on and the guy got fired.

      1. He was probably trying to get you to hit him (the second black guy) because he wanted to sue you. I’ve seen blacks threaten to sue pizza shop owners, grocery store clerks, hotel clerks – anybody who blinks at them. It’s a culcha thing. Once, I was staying at a hotel, and this black dude is ahead of me in line, and he’s ranting and raving about how he’s going to sue the hotel. Why? They threw him out for smoking pot in his room. He said he needed it because it was medical marijuana. But he had no card that proved this claim. Heh. At the same hotel, a black chick went ballistic and threatened to sue, because her room had no kitchen utensils. She was screaming, glaring at all the white people, telling us we were all devils. Finally I had to tell her to either call the cops or get the fuck out of line because I had to pay my room rent and get to a business appointment, and unlike her, I couldn’t survive on government handouts, money from baby daddies and frivolous lawsuits. She glared at me and tried to look scary but I stared her down, even offered her my phone to call the cops. Her bluff called, she turned around and left…fucking pavement apes. Not all of ’em. Most of ’em.

    1. No. Media and paid agitators are trying to portray that. Outside of certain urban areas, most of the vast country of +300 million is pretty quiet.

      1. Europeans are brainwashed into thinking this is all of America. They use it as evidence to argue against anything America is doing that they’re not (gun rights) and vice-versa.

        1. I know. When I talk about the guns I own or the fact the state is a burden, not an ally of the people I get alot of flack for it from my euro acquintances. Funny enough, alot of young ask me about emmigrating to the “evil” USA.

        2. It’s usually either Appalachiaville, where we’re lynching anyone with a sunburn or darker, or Chicagoland, where explosions, murder and mugging are an unending threat to every community’s way of life.

        3. One wonders if this is all in preparation of the coming police state they salivate over. They are at the very least going to use all this and those in the immediate future to attempt to merge the DOJwith local forces. This is their goal. Federal oversight of local police forces. Eventually a merge of sorts.
          Maybe all they can do now is send mass amounts of money to the local departments, in direct relation to these shootings and riots, which is enough to push your agenda!

      2. Yes. The paid agitators is an important point.
        Charlotte police reported that 70% of the folks they arrested had out of state IDs. Same thing happened at Ferguson. Good old George Soros,

        1. No doubts. I saw a clip of black Ferguson resident basically cursing the protesers along the lines “these folk are not from here let alone Missouri.”
          It is all street theater. Nothing more.

        2. You can understand the local resident’s anger at the outsiders. They’re burning down the grocery store and gas stations he uses. He’s the one who has to put up with the clean-up and inconvenience of having to go somewhere else- hoping they’ll rebuild. He probably also knows the workers there who’ve now lost jobs.

        3. Yup. I have seen it before when the local supermarket simply got robbed one to many times and closed their doors. Now local residences have to travel further to buy simple neccessities like grocies.
          There are reasons why sections of Detroit and Philadelphia are wastelands.

      3. That’s what the Syrian Rapefugees and Somalians are coming to change.
        It’s also why 0bama’s HUD is using tax dollars to move the “vibrant diversity” from the inner-city ghettos out into the civilized suburbs.

  14. The best fight is one you can walk away from. You don’t need to preserve a fake ego. Even if you get punched just once, it’s not a win.
    One fight that I defended myself completely ended up costing $6200 in legal fees. It’s ridiculous, but that’s the game.

  15. Well I guess I’m just stupid.
    Here I am in the middle of large east coast city, 50% black,
    and these concerns are the furthest from my mind…

    1. You have to wait for a “police shooting” to be nabbed onto by the MSM. Even that’s not a guarantee, but it’s what sets these things off.
      There was some 13 year old hooligan who helped knock over a store here in Cbus, who fled, then turned and drew a very realistic looking “bb gun” (looked exactly like a .40 S&W semi auto to my experienced eye) and got shot. The BLM crowd tried to start up riots and the media went full retard trying to provoke, but turns out that we’re all armed here in Ohio, and we’re mostly white so we’re not outnumbered. Rioting failed to materialize.

      1. “full retard”….I know its wrong, but that shit makes me laugh every time….
        We’ve had ‘rumblings’, protests, etc. but they’re just like every other threat. A little luck, a common sense, and a LOT of situational awareness has kept me unmolested thus far.

    2. I am with you. If not for ROK I would be totally oblivious to this shit. It just doesn’t happen in places I frequent.

      1. Yes, but you’ve mentioned how segregated NYC is. If The Diversity decided to get Vibrant around your neighborhood, the cops would be there with riot gear and helicopters and those cool half-tank things that they use to knock down doors. Most cities, that luxury is not available.

        1. true. I mean, I would probably feel differently in southern cities like Atlanta. NYC diversity exists but in many ways segregation really does exist here. The only difference is that wealthy blacks have access to white places but the wealthy blacks aren’t the ones likely to be rioting.
          That said, I am still only half convinced that other places outside of New York City exist.

        2. On the west side you can go straight up to 110th now. But yes. On the east side between 57th and 96th at decent hours you really won’t find a much safer place. I remember my mom called from texas when they were apparently going to have a BLM protest that she saw on the news to tell me she doesn’t want me going out to dinner. I said “mom I have a 7 pm reservation on Madison Avenue and 77th street and then drinks across the street at the Carlyle hotel before taking a cab home there is no danger.

        3. on the west side I would say that being park adjacent, so long as it is not an off hour, is pretty much always safe.

        4. Reading this article and all the posts I am envisioning something like Kurt Russell in Escape from New York, but with black lives matters supporters for bad guys /prisoners

        5. Would they? I hope that they would, but Comrade de Blasio has shown his contempt for the “affluent” parts of NYC repeatedly (thankfully the NYPD has shown its contempt for Comrade de Blasio).
          Still, he might let the “Vibrant Diversity” pile up in the civilized parts of town just as he let the trash mound up.

        6. Toronto is the same affable minorites mixed in affluent areas with Liberal Hippie douches, everything else outside downtown. These aren’t the most dangerous areas but real estate / rents have alot to do with the segregation..
          Diversity is a shallow plaitude..

        7. Yup. Only saving grace here is that the liberal hippie douches are only one side of the affluent community. There is also the narcissistic corporate greed monger douches. Hey also have a few wealthy black people but better booze, birds and clothes

        8. Interesting actually liberal types and public sector workers, especially teachers and professors are the worst to work for.
          They think their smart but really their ignorant lazy fucks who wouldn’t know a real days work if it came up and ripped their heads off.
          They’re slow paying too because they don’t value real work..
          The rich businemen types are good they size you up and the price, give the go ahead, check in hand when done…

        9. That is why I left the former for the later. Of course there are good and bad in everything but your diagnosis is correct as far as I can tell

        10. Are they APC’s though? They always seem to be a light tank cut in half from the top. Like the track part and the base and this battering ram thing in the front.

      2. A couple of months ago the NY Post reported that on some day or other there was going to be a BLM rally and “action” in Times Square at 7 pm. So I just changed my route.

        1. My mom called me about that. Nothing happened.
          That said, I haven’t been in TS since I was 12

  16. Just a few points to add.
    Evasion is always a good first choice just know when evasion isn’t an option.
    When you run like hell, just beware as soon as you bolt, it will be like prey running from a loin. Once they know you’re running for your life, they’ll be running for your life as well.
    This is just my personal preference. If a mob is running towards you, drawing a weapon is just part of a fluid movement to fire that weapon on target. You may have a short opportunity not to fire, that’s all.
    Another thing to keep in mind, like flying through thunderstorms in the Midwest, rioters be forming behind you just as fast in front of you.
    I agree, in a knife fight, you will get cut.
    If you injure or kill someone, if at all possible have another person call the police. “My friend/husband/father just shot/ran over someone in self defense” is much better to have on the 911 tapes. The last thing you want is your voice on the 911 tapes being picked apart by a hotshot prosecutor either trying to make a name for himself or trying co cover his ass in a case what will surly make national news.
    Most states prohibit carrying in clubs. If the place serves food you can be armed but you can’t be drinking. I’ve made a simple choice, if I’m carrying I don’t drink. I don’t miss drinking when I’m not at home or on private property. If you shoot someone and you’re under the influence, look out, you’re in for a rough ride.
    I had a guy try and get in front of me on a freeway one evening. I was driving a big truck. I held my line. He got out of the way. I’ve had a couple run-ins over the years. I found myself in the middle of a riot, defending friends and family members. The most important thing to remember is to know who the enemy is. People I had friendly conversations with not minutes earlier suddenly became my enemy. Have a plan to kill everyone you meet is all I can advise. I was young, intoxicated and naive. It was a shock at an early age as to how ruthless a mob can become.

  17. Solid tactic: Cover your protective vest with job applications. Bonus tactic: disguise the nearest Dem office as a convenience store to buy yourself some time.

        1. “Where are you going, this is a perfectly good day to throw yo life away!”
          The best part about the show is the fact that despite being a black guy whose a communist, he hates black people more than us. This show could never have been produced today.

        2. If that’s the one where the Freemans lost their house, I agree immensely. I don’t treat that season as legit.

      1. I’m actually in great shape and could likely twist his head off his neck as easy as I can remove a bottle cap from a Coke bottle. These sneering punk types are all kinds of bravado and brave from behind a keyboard.
        He’s welcome to come to America and put his awesome intellect and swagger against me though.

        1. I don’t recall if this is the same guy I am thinking of, but I think he is up there with straightalpha and fatherofthree on the ROK mental midget posse.

        2. Email is in my profile, I’m just north of Columbus Ohio. You’re welcome to come visit. I’m sure you’ll be much more…polite…in real life. Your kind always are.

        3. I wish we could get smarter trolls. You know, people who troll us but at the same time get a good one in now and then and aren’t like Neanderthal level of morons. Most of our trolls now speak in a way that I am pretty sure they only learned how to walk upright a week prior

        4. Well then, you’re free to shut your pie hole. I’ve offered you a remedy to your potent stupidity, but I can only lead you to the cure, I can’t make you take it. That’s up to you, you have to want to not be a raging penis enough to take that first step.
          You contribute nothing of value neither here nor on other threads. You’re a third rate troll at best. The need to interact with you on any level is fading.

        5. conversation is between two people with thoughts and ideas who speak to one another. Not between one person and a single digit IQ drooling moron who couldn’t form a cogent opinion on whether to flush the toilet or not. Conversation takes a baseline of respect. Son, you have earned no respect and thus cannot be spoken to like a man.

        6. Get off the internet for a while, it shows you spend too much on this site and all the upvoted on your degenerate comments has gotten into your head.

        7. I’m actually just amused at your ignorance. You are the typical Effete European Fool who deals only in stereotypes and name calling. Likely as not, you couldn’t fight your way out of a paper bag and you probably mew like a kitten when your wife goes out and cucks you with one of your beloved Islamic invaders.
          Oh, did I go there? Too soon?
          You are still serving no purpose but trolling. Time to take away your attention feed.
          Slainte mhor, child.

        8. You have a video game for an avatar and it took you two comments and one edit to get the word “off” correct. So, ya know, fuck you idiot.

        9. Sure thing, good for you and that retard lolkne that this site exists, where would express your masculinity otherwise eh

        10. The sad thing is that this is exactly the fat chin beard living in his mothers basement with nothing going for him but video games that the entire community gets accused of being. All stereotypes have a basis in truth and ones that go against us are no different. This fellow is that basis in truth.

        11. ok. so you are a moron and a faggot who rarely plays video games. I will take you at your word.

        12. It would be nice yes. To have witty insults instead of silly sneering. If in response to a post of mine, a high rate troll responded “Sir, your socks are ill fitting” I’d consider myself in the presence of an artist.

        13. are you done getting your keyboard warrior tough guy routine out? Do you feel like a man again? Fucking hate these cunts who would piss themselves if you looked at them funny being big tough guys online…especially when they don’t have the brains to do it in an interesting or clever way.

        14. I would also add Gayzoo (KZOO), Bhill, Paddedummy (most appropriate name ever) and Some Random Fellow.
          Can’t forget Hugo and Waldemar Pabst either.

        15. I can’t recal who Hugo is. I like Pabst agree on the others and would add rhyme or reason if he actually qualified as human

  18. I have a few extra pieces of advice to add to this.
    1) know where the blacks and Hispanics live, and DON’T be there after sundown.
    2) if you do encounter a rally and they haven’t spotted you, crouch down and withdraw by moving cover to cover.
    3) if you’re carrying and firing your weapon in self defense, make sure you have more than one magazine and that you DON’T FIRE FROM THE SAME POSITION
    4) Only knife fight if you know what you’re doing. If it’s just fists and feet, aim for elbows, kidneys, head, balls, and their knees/upper shins. A direct hit to one of those areas hurts ALOT.
    5) don’t get so drunk that you can’t tell what’s going on… I learned old school martial arts from a retired corrections officer, and it helped me so much that I bailed a couple of my law school friends out of a couple of sticky situations because my instincts told me not to do something
    Bonus: start reading up on 4th generation warfare and civil unrest, irrespective of who wins in november, this is our nation’s future

    1. In regards to #4, I wouldn’t even get in a knife fight if I knew what I was doing. My instructor has trained with some incredibly proficient knife fighters and he would put a trained knife fighters odds of winning a knife vs knife fight only 5% higher than an untrained person. Training in knives doesn’t seem to drastically increase your odds of survival (knife vs knife that is).

      1. And knife fights have the worst damage, usually, if you survive one. Just nasty shit.

        1. I’ll stick to my 1991A1 Series 80 chambered in .45 ACP. Just seems more natural.

        2. You can be like Sean Connery in the untouchables. “Isn’t that just like a wop to bring a knife to a gunfight”

        3. If you happen to have a knife though and the other guy doesn’t it’s an advantage.(unless he’s packing a firearm of course).

        4. What if he has a knife but you have a much bigger knife and proceed to deny his knife is even a real knife while showing him your massive knife and telling him that that is a real knife?

        1. Yep. I occassionally carry a 2.5 Inch that fits in your pocket and opened with one hand (flick of the wrist). If you have it in your palm, no one can see it.

      2. Basically, the knife works best for stealth and that’s it. Once they know you have one, it becomes a struggle for control over the knife itself, with the opportunity costs in this being the ability to “stomp them in the nuts”

      3. A big part of hand to hand combat is *reach,* and in the days before firearms, a longer knife or a sword vs. a knife meant a longer reach, which meant the initiator had a better chance of getting a debilitating strike in before the opponent. Of course a gun gives you the greatest reach in this context. Longer reach also translates to initiative and a few fractions of a second of time in your favor to either engage or evade.

    2. ” don’t get so drunk that you can’t tell what’s going on”
      I used to know a guy who was a bouncer. A good guy. A good fighter. But he told me something interesting: The number one advantage that the bouncer has is that he is sober and the person he is bouncing is at the very least buzzed and more than likely buzzed.
      If you are even a mildly competent fighter and you get in a fight with a guy who under normal circumstances could take you but at the moment he is drunk and you are sober, chances are you will mop the floor with him.

        1. Yeah, drunk style is bullshit. All you have to do is avoid their first series of attacks, and then kick them in the side, letting them fall under the weight of their own narrow stance.

      1. No way man…..when I get fucked up I’m ten feet tall and bullet proof….along with being much more handsome and debonair.

      2. From just rational thinking I would tend to agree that this is probably true in some cases.
        However my own experience is different, I suspect it has to do with the level of training one has. Like, if a little trained person is drunk they will not do well, but if a very well trained and experienced fighter is drunk, it matter much less. I have been properly drunk and still didn’t have issues even with 3 sober guys trying to rob me etc. They never had time to react in any meaningful way.
        IMO the most important factor of all is don’t hesitate.

        1. I suppose if you have really excellent training and are drunk but not stumbling fall down drunk you might tend to slip into your training witjouy even thinking and that would serve you well. Still, I imagine you would be much more deadly and fights would be less of a gamble (you never know if the other guy is also well trained) if you are sober.

    3. Are the Hispanic neighborhoods that bad, though?
      I know statistically speaking Hispanics commit more crimes than whites and Asians, but I’ve never heard of Hispanics causing riots and burning down neighborhoods because a thug got shot by a cop.

      1. Hispanics by and large are blacks with Indian ancestry.
        Richard Nixon somewhat famously made a non-PC statement to the effect that hispanic neighborhoods were markedly better than black ones, but still not a place one wanted to be. I’ll trust his judgment on that.

        1. The ones from the islands are the worse
          The Dominicans especially. No difference from American blacks..The Cuban blacks however are smarter and have a more entrepreneurial spirit.
          Same with Colombian and Panamanian blacks. At least relatively speaking, of course.

        2. I’m talking about Spanish speaking Latino blacks .
          Haitians are actually a little more bearable and humble than their mulatto neighbors and other West Indians.
          Relatively speaking, of course.

        3. Hatian blacks got their “start” by killing all the whites and then they moved on to having their own “internecine” wars based on skin color.
          Over the past 100 years, the USA and other civilized powers have had to go in and either assist or outright run Haiti as they
          can’t get their act together, they’re worse than any other country in the Western Hemisphere.

      2. I’m thinking more the MS-13 and Vice Lords angle. That said, I can only imagine what would happen if BLM went into a hispanic neighborhood to burn it down.
        Maybe they’re more intelligent than we’ve given them credit for, since you’d think we would’ve seen it by now.

    4. 1) know where the blacks and Hispanics live, and DON’T be there after sundown.

      All the Americans of yesteryear who fought desperately to maintain their “Sundown Laws” in the face of political decisions made by naive & malicious pols have sadly been vindicated.

    5. “”1) know where the blacks and Hispanics live, and DON’T be there after sundown.””
      Hispanics have nothing on Blacks if you’re talking about violent behavior and degeneracy……

    6. I highly recommend the following site:
      This site takes the 2010 census data and puts a dot of a color on the US map where each person lives. The dots vary by race. The site is slow, and clunky, and you kind of have to fly by night to figure out what you are looking at, but, with a real map of your city, you can compare and learn.
      Here’s an example of the town I went to grad school in and some quick MS paint analysis. All the black text and lines are mine, the rest is the site.

  19. I would add. What i learned in ccw class be aware of ur surroundings at all time…GET UR HEAD OUT OF UR PHONE..U EVER WATCH PEOPLE IN A CROWD HOW MANY HAVE NO IDEA WHATS AROUND THEM..ZOMBIE ATTACK FIRST TO GO

  20. “because they are feared to be violent and felonious by being violent and felonious.”
    Dude, you are going to have a top notch hate mail collection after this… are also probably going to hell.

    1. “I don’t mind being called a liar when I am lying, or have just lied or when I am about to lie but NOT when I am telling the truth!” –Homer Simpsons

  21. Edgelord lolknee and cringelord GOJ will save ‘Murica! from BLM with their immense experience from various battlefields, street fights, and having watched countless movies with Steve McQueen and Sean Connery. I even wonder where do article writers like this one gather their knowlede? Are they trained security professionals or is this broscience? Has the autor actually shot anyone in the head to know what sounds are made? Or is he theorist like our lords here?

    1. it is rare to find someone who is this level of uninformed and stupid while having such a high arrogance level at the same time. If you just sat down for 18 hours and read some of these comments (presumably that is how long it takes you to get 65% comprehension on about 12 paragraphs) you might actually implode from the realization of what a little pansy you are.

    2. I get my knowledge from training and experience. Sometimes, I relay the knowledge of others (try to click on the links I put into the articles.) I’ve never shot a person in the head (or elsewhere.) I have shot many animals in the head (and elsewhere), mostly deer, pigs, turkeys, coyotes, armadillos, rabbits, squirrels, dove, quail, opossum, cats, dogs (I hated doing it, but they were a wild pack and some were rabid), raccoons, Axis bucks (exotic deer kind of like white tail), bobcats, and various snakes. Would like to add bear, duck, geese, alligator, elk, moose, caribou, sheep, and a mountain lion to the mix.
      If you shoot something in the head, it usually doesn’t make much noise as it’s typically dead. Most neck shots also kill quickly, but most of my shots are with a bolt action 30-06, which is a bit more hoss than your average carry pistol. I have blown out windpipes before on poor shots that don’t get much circulatory damage, and you will often find the animal dying as it drowns in its own blood.
      This shit used to be common knowledge when the US was mostly rural, but, yes, I know what a throat shot sounds like afterwards.

      1. Why did you shot cats? That right there is a fine collection of harmless animals, you kill for pleasure? Pretty sick.

        1. Of that list, deer, pigs, turkeys, rabbits, squirrels, dove, quail, Axis bucks, and the occasional rattlesnake are food, and I ate them. Armadillos, opossums, and raccoons are pests. Coyotes and bobcats are predators on the turkey population. The dogs were rabid. The cats were ganging up on my cat, and stealing her food; I provided reinforcements, although she took one out all by herself first.

        2. No offence, but this is how is see it:
          – modern day game hunters are a complete joke
          – you obvioulsy hate animals or either have some sick satisfaction killing them
          -none of it make you a security expert

        3. If you want to be offensive, have the balls to actually do it. Saying no offense before being rude is like insulting a man but being afraid to get your ass beaten in response.
          Modern day game hunters are bringing in bigger trophies, from farther shots, than ever before. Hardly a joke. I actually like animals; the ones I kill, I do so for a reason (outlined above) and I make clean shots. I don’t claim to be an expert; I only have some knowledge, however, I doubt you have the capacity to discern an expert in this field or most others as you made nine spelling and grammatical errors in that brief post and that showcases a lack of education.

        4. My native language is not english, and any fool can pick a gun and consider himself an expert. Hunt a game with a bow and arrow, that would be worthy of respect. They are bringing bigger trophies beacuse of powerful armament otherwise they’d shit their pants.

        5. ” Hunt a game with a bow and arrow, that would be worthy of respect.”
          There’s three levels:
          1. Hunting as pure sport (the “challenge” of only using a bow).
          2. Hunting most effectively to get food.
          3. Hunting as practice for combat with other humans.
          Numbers #2 & #3 are the more important levels. Few care if you “respect” them for limiting themselves to make things more “fair.” When it matters, eat or starve, life or death, humans make the odds as much in their favor as possible with “powerful armament.”

        6. I’m not gonna comment on number #1 and #3 since we will never agree. #2 would be applicable when humans were walking around covered in furs and bones. In modern day America where obesity is rampage, this is a joke. In this day and age in a first world country nobody is forced to live a remote life where hunting is absolutely neccesary. People do it for their ego and pleasure and that is all there is.

  22. To everyone who posts on ROK and is USA based, be safe. For obvious reasons we may not always agree, but in terms of discourse there is always a level of respect. This obviously carries over into your general well being.
    From personal experience with a riot, be extremely mindful of your surroundings but DO NOT ENGAGE. Your job in a riot is to get the F out. There is no logic with a riot. As such there is no hugging it out, no pleading, no shooting your way out, none of that heroic crap you’ve seen on television. Your best bet is to quietly slink out the same way you came in. You don’t want this to escalate in any way shape or form.
    I’m not sure what the rest of your demeanors are, but I am the type to ensure the safety of anyone I’m with which carries over into an uncharacteristicly brutal nature for fighting. If this is you as well, you should be as shrewd in nature as I am and be able to successfully leave any physical danger. If the riot is home turf for you, there is no shame with skipping town for a few weeks until things die down. Especially if you have a family to look after.

    1. Well said.
      “From personal experience with a riot,”
      Interesting. I used to wear the riot gear in a former life.
      The experiences I witnessed was once the shit was quelled down and the cuffs on the perps, most, if not all, were from out of town and had nothing to do with with the supposed incitement that ignited it. Every fucking time.

      1. Rent a mob types, eh? Possible easy fix: Make traveling more than, say, twenty miles to participate in a riot a capital crime.

      2. BLM (((leadership))) has been busing paid agitators to every event they’ve organized. The smaller groups of wandering locals are usually harmless, no more annoying than blacks blocking traffic by wandering in street like they do every other day. None of these large-scale acts of terror are organic. They’re organized and very well funded.

        1. Thats what I hear as well. I am sure if they check the videos, you will see alot of the same faces from other poltical guerilla theaters like Ferguson. Media spins the narrative nonstop to create the “emergency” for political exploitation.
          I would suspect the formenting “cop hate” is becauase there is a push by democrats and the UN to form a US federal police force. Guarantee their loyalty will NOT be to the community.

      1. For one, if you’re White, you shouldn’t be within 20 miles of a BLM demonstration/riot/cop massacre. They are a violent, racist, domestic terrorist group. If you’re on a business trip, and you hear that an LEO shot an armed Black criminal locally, conclude your business and be on the next flight home. If you live in an area where your neighbors actively and openly support BLM, CAIR, New Black Panthers or the Nation of Islam… move! Most of these riot neighborhoods weren’t universally race friendly before the riots. If you wouldn’t let your White 16 year old daughter walk down the street of a certain neighborhood in the light… you should never be there after dark.

        1. I have an LEO contact who attends briefings on BLM activities. I have worked with him before on AML issues.
          The BLM organization must be completely shot through with spies.
          I am in his building at least weekly, and we usually take a moment to have lunch or coffee.
          My LEO friend lets me know where they will be active and which sections of road/interstate they plan to shut down. He had a 100% accuracy rate to date.
          This works well with my plan not to ever attend a riot.

        2. “The BLM organization must be completely shot through with spies.”
          I think “spies” is the wrong term. I think what you meant to say is A10 Warthog.

        3. They offer nothing to civilization and like all matter that has no usage and hot air – they will be absorbed into the atmosphere as a waste by product .

    2. It reminds me of reporters that go into war zones and then…well, we know the rest of that.
      I do feel sorry for people who accidentally drive through these events. You can turn the corner and be face-to-face with an angry mob. A similar incident happened to a friend of mine in San Francisco after the Rodney King riots.
      So unfortunately, there is a chance (however small) that some shit can go down and you will be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Some type of protection is a logical thought.

    1. Come to Australia. 97% of the stuff I read on here – mass false rape claims, SJW attacks, black activism – happens either minimally or not at all here. And our blacks are too busy drinking themselves into early graves to riot

    1. From what I have read, 96% of them don’t.
      That doesn’t mean they don’t make moronic decisions, but most of them are at least marginally intelligent enough to not cross that line.

        1. The simple fact that you would even make a faggoty statement like that tells me how you think. As I have stated in previous posts, I am quite sure you are half nog and full fag. Enjoy prison Mr. Nog…the vacation of choice for your “people” (and use that term loosely).

        2. Well, I wouldn’t want to disappoint, now would I? What with you living in your mother’s basement and all. This is most likely the high point of your day.
          Ad also, why would you you feel the need to weigh in on this subject, if you didn’t have some “skin” in the game?

  23. This is honestly junior high level type lessons in the US. What’s missing is the lecture about niggers on bikes. That is very dangerous and should be covered. If you find yourself in a mob situation and cannot avoid it my advice is this… Beat the shit out of the one who strikes first as often he is the ring leader. A pipe or bat is a murder weapon so only go for the knees; to this day I see former assailants with a horrible limp, which I gave them, try to befriend my successful white self. All it takes is one busted kneecap to stem a serious situation if one is not armed

    1. Carry a good, strong steak knife in your laptop bag, and if stopped by cops searching randomly at a subway station, tell them its for cutting fruit at lunchtime. Not that I would know anything about that…

      1. That is a bad idea. I had a hunting knife on me when I broke dudes orbital with a jab and jaw with an uppercut at 16.This was a one on six fight so wielding a knife would probably end poorly. I’ve had a couple of these spontaneous chimpout situations in my life. Take out the leader is my best advice

        1. It’s a good defense for “the knockout game”.
          Beats doing 3.5 for carry in NYC.
          But…not that I would know anything about that…

        2. Funny thing is dude ran up on me and tried to knock me out from behind. He got ahead of his crew and I lit his face the fuck up in reaction. He had a perfect opportunity as I had my headphones. 3-5 for carry in NYC? What the hell is that?

        3. Mandatory 3 1/2 years for carrying without a license.
          Excuses can be made if stopped with a kitchen knife…Your hunting knife may be a viable option. I have not researched that…

        4. So get a license. It’s like $30 here for a class and certification. My story takes place a long time ago in a far far away place before I could carry my 1911 legally

        5. 1911 is a great gun!.
          Was firing one out in Pennsylvania this past spring. But, a carry license is a bit of an issue in NY,,,
          For home defense I have my 870. I am real good with it. In a SHTF situation, it will serve me well.

        6. 1911s are good pistols. I think I need an article on them. Only limit is a smaller mag, a little more prone to rust, and slightly more disassembly complexity. Single action only triggers are wonderful. One of my carry guns is a 3 inch Kimber I like.

        7. The Austrians called the M1911 “Pocket Flak”, I assume because the damn thing looks like an 88 if you’re looking down the business end.

  24. “In a one-on-one shooting, I advise shooting to end the threat which should also kill the guy, then unloading the gun and calling the cops and filing as the victim”
    Call the cops? Are you serious? America is on the verge of civil war.

    1. If you shoot someone and it was justified pick up your brass and go home. Oh and keep your mouth shut and clean up properly. If you conscious is wearing you down in the future and you fell you have to come forward, fine, but do it with a lawyer in tow. Yeah it will look suspicious but the system already thinks you are guilty anyway.

      1. I think the only problem with this is if someone that you didnt see was recording the incident on cellphone. Could have been from a nearby building window or whatever.
        Now it went from trying to prove self defense to almost certain jail time.

        1. It is a gamble as is everything in life.
          You can surrender and give your side of the story hoping that some BLM protesters won’t force prosecutors to charge you . Then you take your chances at trial only after racking up a million dollar legal bill.
          Or you can pick up your brass, ditch the gun, clean yourself up, burn your clothes, and shut your mouth. You can’t be charged with covering up a crime if there was no crime in the first place. Although, yes, you are right the optics are not going to help your case.
          Choice is yours. Make the best one given the circumstances.

    2. I stand behind my editor, as Winston has the best interests of the site at heart, but that bit was truncated. What I meant was that, if it’s a traditional mugging, where it’s just you and him, and someone could well have seen it happen enough to identify you, and the perp is dead, you should call it in and play by the rules. The part that got edited said, in a mob situation, if you could get away clean, and have nothing that tied you to the situation, I would understand if you didn’t call it in.

  25. “Shoot and move” if a mob is coming at you. Unload a few rounds, move in a zig zag if taking fire, if not make a b-line for cover. If you have multiple shooters in your group make sure to yell when loading. If you are all trained in tactical hand signals revert to them instead of verbal queues. (Seriously it doesn’t take much to learn the basic tactical hand signals and they come in use in other place such as loud bars, clubs, trying to sneak around, etc.).
    If you shoot into a crowd of blacks it doesn’t matter how justified you are in your shooting, you are going to be “Zimmermaned”. Unless there is clear video of identifying you think about ditching the clothes, scrubbing your hands with an appropriate chemical (google it), and ditching your gun. It is only a crime to dispose of evidence if you actually committed a crime. And if you think going forward is going to help you just ask George Zimmerman how that unbiased truth seeking system helped him.
    The biggest thing in hand to hand is DO NOT GO DOWN. If you end up on the ground in a mob attack situation you are done for, your goose is cooked. Do everything you can to stay on your feet. Throw hay makers, gouge eyes, swing any weapon you can grab. If you have a knife do not slash make punching movements. If you slash your opponent is going to move when your slash is complete and you are vulnerable to attack. And always watch your back. Although not ideal if you have to put a building to your back. It may buy you an extra minute.
    If you have to hole up in a house barricade every door. Turn off the lights. Draw the blinds. Stay low in case random shit gets thrown through the window or you start taking fire. If the crowd gets too close think about firing a few shots into it. Fill up some large canisters with water in case you take a moltav cocktail through the window. It won’t stop the fire but might slow it down enough to where you can get out to make your last stand.

  26. Let me tell you about a little experience I had in a McDonald’s on Compton .
    It was about 7:30 pm last Thursday evening when 2 black kids about 15 to 17 years old came in the McDonald’s and sat by a patron that was fiddling on his phone.
    I could not tell what was said but it looked like trouble was a brewing.
    One of the dindus pointed at me and the other one turned his attention towards my direction. He asked me to buy his friend food and I told him no.
    He said something I can’t recall and then i told him to fuck off. After which they got confrontational and belligerent. The good thing is they didn’t immediately jump me as they pretty much seemed kind of nervous and reluctant, but that was probably due to lack of target practice rather than guilt.
    So as they kept taunting me and demanding my money, I immediately remembered my key ring rope that I had in my pocket.
    I got up. Reached in my back pocket and yanked out my key rope,and started swinging at them… they backed away but they kept shit talking and so did I…
    Apparently the mostly Mexican Latino clientele (I too am Latino but not Mexican) thought we were playing since I was not showing any indication that I was frightened though I was initially, and the thugs were laughing as if we were just shooting the shit.
    Anyway, the main one..this fat dude who resembled a young Whoopi Goldberg, kept trying to lure me outside and get me to drop my keys to “fight fair” lol..he actually said this lol…
    I wasn’t having it and so the other one stepped outside and came back with a basketball and flung it at me hard..I fling it back and then he charged at me as I swung my rope and hit I him in the arm.. Whoopi stepped outside,and then eight more of them came in and tried to charge at me and I swung fast and furious for dear life..and thankfully they backed off.
    They flung the basketball at me two more times. I swatted it away all three times, with no damage done, though I would not notice that I sprained my wrist until after I got home.. The employees took their time reacting and eventually locked the door once they realized that this was for real..Though they kept opening it for incoming customers, during which the mob would force their way in two more times..Each time trying to get at me and pretty much ignoring anyone else. It must’ve must killed their ego that ten young “strong”Mandingos could not handle a middle aged skinny man of South American descent lol…
    Anyway, eventually they gave up and dispersed… The cops were called but they took their sweet time and I wasn’t gonna take the chance of me stepping out, and them waiting on me, and once a cop did arrive I gave him some info and he gave me a ride, during which he told about some mini riot that happened not far from where we were. He told me that a lot of the local blacks here are just thirsting for an excuse to start shit. I don’t know the particular reason why the mini riot happened,as I did not find anything about it in the news and the cop did not tell me much.
    Point of my little story is, carry a long chain or a rope with something hard or sharp at the end,be it keys,or something really,really hard, and swing away for dear life, and be prepared to mame a nigga or two. Swing hard and swing fast until either they disperse, or until you draw blood. And be prepared for a relatively long ordeal that will feel even longer to you.
    Worked for me.

    1. There is always the good old fashion straight razor in your boot. Bad, bad, Leroy Brown baddest man in the whole damn town….(if you get the reference).

    2. Or you coulda bought him the hamburger which woulda been WAY more dangerous to his health in the long run.

  27. July 4th 2015 when the Black groups started forming after the police shooting blacks started to really blow up in the media, I took a hot girl I was banging downtown to the fireworks.. live in midwest OH. There was a major police presence… which helped, but proved potentially worthless as well.
    Leaving the event a group of apx 25 black guys from 17-25yo started chanting shit about “down with the white man, fuck whitey, etc.” while storming towards us in a crowd, there was no escape and mostly blacks surrounding us. I pulled in my date close to me and quickly got her behind me and slightly off to my left, preparing to take the brunt of any attacks that might bestow us.
    I picked the biggest, most rambunctious black guy in the group, the leader from my estimation, gave him the death stare the moment I marked him, and puffed up preparing to pummel his soul. Just before they got to us, I felt a bump against my back.. quickly turned to check expecting to see my date, who was touching my back still as well, and who do I see getting mobbed along with us?.. but a 5’4″ white female cop trembling in her shoes back-2-back with me. I turned my head to the side and said:”right now is when you use your fucking radio.” She had her hand on her gun and then called for help assuming shit was about to go down. The small riot got upon us and I walled up the biggest black dude and just shook my head and said :yea mother fucker, keep steppin.”
    I kept my cool, but used basic fight psych.. take care of the biggest target first, and watch the others whither like the group-think pussies they all are. Approaching the leader, the strongest and showing no fear, diffused the situation.. and probably saved my ass, my date’s, and an absolutely worthless female city cop. Perfect example why women should never be police officers. Also, I was very conscious where exactly the cop was exactly at all times, because I also had to worry about her being disarmed and any/all of us being shot with her God damned service gun. Two unmarked Suburbans drove through the middle of the group, disbanding them and chasing them down. I think a few got detained or arrested because they were jumping on street signs trying to bend them over and destroying landscaping and smashed a few bottles.

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