Housewives Are The New Battered Wives

Recently, the New York Times treated us to another epic hagiography of the American career woman. The problem is familiar, and dire: women with degrees from prestigious universities and six-figure incomes feel vaguely unhappy. The article begins with the story of Sheilah, a wife who starts working fewer hours to cope with the demands of motherhood. Even though she was working much less than her husband, she balked at doing her new domestic duties, even as a nanny did much of the work anyway.

In the hopes of improving her marriage, she quit her job entirely. “A sense of personal dislocation set in,” we are told. “Without a salary or an independent work identity, her self-confidence plummeted.” The author of the piece, Judith Warner, begins to weave her thesis: traditional sex roles beget personal and marital failure.

Sheilah starts volunteering. Her husband Mark’s words about her volunteering are damning, if not surprising:

“I look back on it as the beginning of the end of our marriage…Once she started to work, she started to place more value in herself, and because she put more value in herself, she put herself in front of a lot of things — family, and ultimately, her marriage.”

The Times informs us that Sheilah and Mark “agree the job drove a destructive wedge between them.”

By dint of experience, Mark channels Julius Evola – “modern woman in wanting to be for herself has destroyed herself.” Her aim to realize herself destroys her marriage and her family. And Sheilah isn’t exactly cutting her own path – her family supports her divorce. Her father is complicit in the destruction of her family; he commended her for her independence as a child, and that’s now bearing bitter fruit. In America, these fathers are the rule, not the exception, saying they only want ‘what’s best for my daughter.’ Parenthetically, Sheilah refused to take Mark’s last name – let that be an omen to any man contending with a woman who insists on keeping her name.


Even as a single anecdote, the story of Sheilah might make one doubt whether traditional sex roles are healthy for a marriage. In truth, tradition was set to fail. Tradition had little chance of succeeding with a woman bred to believe her worth lay in making money and dominating others. Even in the most traditional of eras, some are pariahs, and are simply not suited for marriage or motherhood. Sheilah is a suggestive example.

Next, we are introduced to Carrie and Stuart. Carrie’s resentment grew because she hated doing housework. These wives, with their intolerance for wifely duties, are cruel caricatures of the American mother. Yet they are true, cartoonish entitlement and all. Carrie chafed at her husband’s expectation of a clean house; she would blab on inanely at the dinner table, boring her husband. Foolishly, he suggested she go back to work to become interesting again.

Carrie takes his advice, and soon enough, packs her schedule with attending to the children and a full-time job. She has little time to enjoy her husband, or catch her breath.

“I think a big issue is that we both want to be taken care of at the end of the day, and neither of us has any energy to take care of the other,” Carrie said. “It’s the proverbial ‘meet me at the door with a martini and slippers.’ Don’t we all want that? A clean house and someone at the door? I think when I wasn’t working I had some guilt that that wasn’t me, but now I want to be that other person. . . . When you’re absolutely exhausted, it’s hard to be emotionally generous.”

The irony is sweet, and tragic. The American career woman, in all her glory, vindicates the modest demands of the traditional father: a clean home, an attentive wife and her warm dinner after a long day’s work to provide for the family. Carrie admits that given her strenuous obligations, she wants that now. Implicitly, it’s not all that much to ask. The feminist harangues about the oppressiveness of domestic life start to ring hollow.

Many of the women I spoke with were troubled by the gender-role traditionalism that crept into their marriages once they gave up work, transforming them from being their husbands’ intellectual equals into the one member of their partnership uniquely endowed with gifts for laundry or cooking and cleaning; a junior member of the household, who sometimes had to “negotiate” with her husband to get money for child care…

But when traditional gender arrangements were put into place, there was a subtle slide into inequality.

The ominous tones call to mind that heroine of yore, the battered woman. The abusive husband of today is more subtle, and thereby more pernicious. Instead of gracing her with a black eye,  he… lets her stay at home. He… doesn’t let her outsource child-rearing to a nanny of color. Arbeit Macht Frei. Work is redemption, and he keeps her from it. Her husband is patriarchal oppression personified, even as she prefers her new state. No amount of no-fault divorce and guaranteed alimony can save her; like her battered counterpart, the housewife is vulnerable and powerless to leave the dominion of her abuser.

battered woman

Not a single woman I spoke with said she wished that she could return to her old, pre-opting-out job — no matter what price she paid for her decision to stop working.

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84 thoughts on “Housewives Are The New Battered Wives”

  1. The New York Times,,, this is pretty much the only crap they publish. The same article every week. And when the subject is men, its usually in the context of our inability to “feel.”

    1. When it isnt how callous and patriarchal we are, its a celebration of how we’re doomed to become paunchy, bald, omega kitchen bitches licking the boots of the empowered female ran civilization

      1. All while they take a break for motherhood, and discovering themselves. WOW, these women sure are empowered.

      2. Men must stop going along with this shit. In reality, they need US we only need a wet hole. Don’t ever compliment feminist cunts, don’t date them, don’t give them a dollar, don’t give them a attention, and don’t give a damn about them.

      1. “A 2009 study conducted by University of Michigan economists found a two-hour gender disparity in responsibilities per week in a study of 3,000 kids.”
        Girls helping their mom around the house… the horror!

        1. I have moved indefinitely to Zenith, Ohio to help my elderly parents. Dad, at 92 is in the old folks home slowly fading away though his mind is still firing on 7 cylinders.
          I am impressed with how much my traditional viet wife has taken to helping my traditional American mother. She cooks for her, shops with her, mends clothes with her, watches insufferable TV dramas with her, and seems to be enjoying every minute of it.
          I am truly fortunate and feel a lot of gratitude towards my wife.

        2. You sound like a racist cock-troll. Are you equating “white” (whatever that is) with “normal” ? WTF. We are all entitled to your racial/sexual preferences but to denigrate the wife of a total stranger based on ethnicity is fucking asinine. Asians, South Americans, and Eastern Europeans are more feminine, traditional, and submissive than the feminasties in the Anglo-Sphere.

        3. You sound like a total Omega. You are equating eastern european women (caucasoid) with asians (mongoloids) in the same sentence. I’d be laughing if it wasn’t truly so sad. It’s an almost uniquely American phenomenon, no one one else in any caucasoid country with equate these two ethnicities with a straight face.

        4. I bet you are pretty bummed that eugenics isn’t considered a legitimate field any more. Seriously where do people like you come from?

        5. couldn’t find a normal woman to give you the time of day so had to slum down to a oriental “woman” eh ? sounds like you are trolling but if you are not, your children will be…ugly, with pancake featureless faces, primordial flat noses and alien eyes (literally) like all asians.

      2. LOL, the headline you pasted was funny, but opening the link was even funnier. Good God, that could be an Onion article.

        1. The Onion website must not be doing too well, because as our culture get more and more batshit loony surreal, who NEEDS The Onion News??? Just read any random article the New Yorker magazine or Jezebel.

      3. The comments of people who agree with that horeshit are too far removed from reality. One person actually believes more labor intensive,dangerous work should not receive more pay.
        Mowing Lawns, and making more money, or folding clothes, or babysitting and making less money?
        The fact that people can fold clothes and have people pay them is far more efficient than mowing lawns for money

    2. The pretext is to show how unhappy these women are, despite all their wealth and leisure. And that therefore we ought to DO something – something like more government set-asides for women or even fathers (so that the mothers can continue working).
      It’s fascinating how completely tone-deaf these authors are, filling their stories with women who make 500k. Comment sections on such articles are increasingly hostile, including among the female commenters.
      Regarding feelings – excellent point. I encounter this all the time in interactions with women. She didn’t disrespect you – she made you ‘unhappy.’ She’s not sorry she acted rudely, she’s sorry she ‘upset’ you.
      Your only choice is being a bitch or being a pushover. I actively correct them to say that what they did was wrong and inappropriate and that my reaction is irrelevant. Still though, they think they’ve upset you, which diminishes their respect for you.

    1. Yes, we do deserve the torture it brings. I admit, I dodged a bullet two years ago. I proposed marriage to an older female mentor (ultra omega move, top that!). She turned me down, because ultimately, she said I was not making enough money and my future was uncertain financially (but she still loved me! Looooolz) She married another younger guy, but she apparently is making life a living hell for him, I hear. I actually WANTED that. I believe in God because a higher being MUST have intervened to save me from my own madness. Sometimes, the red pill is not enough (aka Mark Minter). I cannot throw stones.

  2. What goes around comes around. They are merely learning that the abuser who provided for his family back in the day from the drudgery of; had literally faced exhaustion by the time he came home. If he shouted in anger at her simple requests, it was not his hatred of her, but his contempt that she felt so entitled to his person that she felt no sympathy in letting him have an hour break from his hard day before she nagged him to death over useless bull shit she should have had done anyways.
    Women, all women, have this sense of entitlement that no matter what they do, you are wrong. Now that they have “shown us how its done” they are trying to avoid admitting to us that they want back in the kitchen. They just want to save face, and be able to claim it is our fault too.
    Enjoy your equality ladies…you’ve earned it!

    1. I second that motion. Enjoy the destruction you’ve created ladies. My ass will be sipping a margarita on a tropical island while you finish burning Rome down.
      The thing is, I saw a report in passing yesterday one of the useless Alphabet channels (CBS) saying women are doubling down even harder to shatter that “glass ceiling” and get “equal pay” even though Western society is crumbling around them and their gene pool is dying out.
      Those hamsters never stop, do they.

    1. A wife? What’s dat?
      Don’t you want a sassy, hard-charging career chick/co-worker with a *ology or a *studies degree from Wellesley College?!?
      You have abandoned your indoctrination, please rethink. Or else…
      The Feminazzzzi Kollectiv, Reeducation Division

  3. Women, stay at home and have kids, then take care of them. Support your husband in his career. Anything else is bullshit. Seriously.

      1. Yeah, that includes sitting around the house, at age 38, alone with your cats, sweatpants and 3 chins.

  4. Basically, many want to be kept women. Michelle Obamas. They want the kind of life where they don’t really do anything except when they want to and if they feel like it. Go shop, get the nails done, sit at Starbucks and validate feelings with friends etc. That and have veto power on all decisions and still have control.
    Intellectual Equals? Go make some fucking friends already!! You house is not the Fortress of Solitude. Go outside or go online and look for groups..or something. No one wants a mental sparring partner in a mate.. NO ONE!! Male logic and honesty is too abrasive.
    What they continue to not understand, is their role is far more important than the money making role. Home is a refuge. Do tasks early and often, stay active to reduce stress. Most gyms have childcare so its literally no excuse whatsoever to not go for an hour.
    I think the big problem is that they need the external validation that the role of mother is as important as the money making role. We put so much value on the breadwinner in society that people marginalize the nurturer in the home.

    1. >What they continue to not understand, is their role is far more important than the money making role.
      Can you expound on this please?

      1. The role as housewife is marginalized by both women and men. But, its far more important because it has “essential value”. If a man loses his job, house and family still needs to be maintained regardless of who does it.
        I think there is a lack of appreciation for the role in general. But, there is an equal lack of the same appreciation for the men who work labor intensive or mentally intensive jobs.
        So if a guy had a real hard day doing something he hates, how can he appreciate you if he is never appreciated?
        Most of the men here appreciate the housewife role. Many women don’t see the positives of that role because there are too many conflicting voices in the herd. Women who are not worthy of marriage speaking for women who want it. By virtue of them being women, they acknowledge these women because they view male and female attraction triggers as “the same”
        If you can find a pic of the original UK feminist pioneers, take a good look at them. Even if they weren’t lesbian, lets be honest, no one was going to wife them. They were the exceptions to the rule by virtue of disqualification. So you get the women now who protest against motherhood who for all intents and purposes, do not qualify for marriage or motherhood anyway.
        Basically, If a man wants his wife to stay home, hopefully she is marginally social, in that she does not depend on him alone for friendship. Also, show appreciation for her “sacrifice” even if you don’t see it as one (you should though) through actions.
        If a woman wants to stay home, and they make it happen, I don’t think she has any room to complain. To me, she obviously had a plan as to how she was going to handle things at home.
        And as men if things are not up to par, I do feel we are entitled to express our dissatisfaction in a relationship just as much as they are.
        But of course, male honesty is abuse now.

        1. I currently ponder over the comparison of men and women very much so, and it is a philosophy I cannot seem to conclude. I can’t decide if one is better, both are equal, or neither. One of the ways I approach the topic is seeing what sort of things men do better, and compare that with things women do better. I aggressively try and get people to name things women do better than men, so that I can realize better the truth. Right now I tend to think that men in general are measurably better than women but I welcome any argument to the contrary, or even something you are doing here which does not necessarily disagree but helps to point out female specialty, which balances gender impressions in my mind.
          What are your feelings? Do you think men are better than women? Or what.

        2. It’s never been something that I have thought about or actively believed in.
          But, women in general most definitely want someone who is better than them in life. They always tend to pre select mates from a position of inferiority.

        3. Men make culture; woman are feral. Why? Differing socializing modes for past reproductive success. Men in the wild had to be better realists to dominate. The uterii-endowed sex played it safe, less pressure to evolve past being in competition with each other in fluid pack structures, had to be better social climbers/manipulators, = players/cheats/liars = delusionist-illustionists who ‘love’ you. Feral << Cultural. Feral in society is approximately ‘evil’. They can’t help it. Only we can, by taking charge well. We are cultural; women are not. Cf. Roy Baumeister, Is There Anything Good About Men?, and my mp3 interview with him: Men are better at anything societal. Women are extremely well designed for what they do, connive for feral reproduction–mother’s love is her greatest lust–but it is anachronistic, unless they pull us back to the Stone Age, in which case they will be right at home except for the shopping.

        4. Actually, each gender excells in different ways… Perhaps, my “beloved only child” status comes to the fore-front, but competition, confrontation, and fruitless debate have no relevance in my life… Liking and respecting men has resulted in their liking and respecting me…. No marginalization for being a middle-aged woman–no societal invisibility …. My husband laughs that I have too many “boyfriends” to count…! Cookies, meals, advice, and kindness–a warm happy home….everyone flocks to our house, just to relax before going to THEIR home…
          Men better than women…? Vice versa…? Ridiculous…! I worked 80 hours per week, and my husband did the same… And, through careful planning, I was a housewife, too… He did this, and I did that…. And, retired in our fifties…
          My husband says that I am his greatest treasure….He is my hero…but one who likes and needs a great deal of praise and applause….a boy, at times–no matter how old he may be in linear years…
          Poor modern couples…so tense, sharp, successful, and unhappy… And, burdened with too many children that no one wants to raise… No internal guide, compassion, or fortitude…. Just everyone out for themselves… A devoid of irony and humor and forgiveness…
          One better than the other…? Unfortunately, both genders have risen in the stirrups to grasp the brass ring of their most destructive characteristics–magnified by the media, trivialized by society, exacerbated by their pitiful egos….
          My husband and I praise Heaven that we married before the world saw itself in the mirror, and fell in love with its reflection…

    2. Remember Michelle had to sit around in an office pushing paper around for 20 hours a week so her company could justify the $300k a year they were giving her for access to her state senator husband.

      1. That is the kind of career they want. A high paying, super low maintenance job. A one hundred thousandaire life, with temp responsibilities.

  5. Its FUCKING AMAZING! Twenty years ago, it was expected, EXPECTED that you quit your job to (god forbid) raise your children so they don’t become psychopaths!! Whaa happened? Seriously, whaaa happened?

  6. OK, how about a timeline….
    Age 22, graduate college, have to get a job to support themselves
    Age 26, after “working” for the past four years, they finally found a man to marry them, they spend the next 3 to 6 months planning the marriage event (sorry Bob sweety, I’ve got a thousand things to get done, btw, have you gotten to that list I gave you?)
    Age 33 to 36, after quitting her job (about 6 months after getting married, but of course qualifing for the mortgage and car loans), she has popped out a few kids and probably gotten them to school age – freedom at last (at least between the hours of 9 and 2).
    Age 37 to 45, the husband, after busting his ass paying for the high house payment, cars, insurance, yoga classes, adult education/extension classes, braces, soccer, football, singing lessons, dance classes – starts coming home to an overwhelmed SAHM – house is a wreck, dished in the sink, wash to be done, dry cleaning to be picked up, kids to be shuttled, etc – and she tells him “I just don’t feel valued. When I was working….” or “Must be fun, you get to have adult conversations all day long, meeting with growups, get out of the house…” and finally “I’m going back to work”
    Age 35+, she goes back to work, with the mantra “What’s your’s is mine and what’s mine is mine” – you haven’t bought a new pair of boxers in two years, or gotten a decent haircut since 1999 – but she’s all about making use she “looks professional”. Your standard fare at lunch is the $1 menu (she doesn’t even know that that is). And of course, all the old boyfriends come out (or new co-workers) to tell her how great she looks (via facebook or in person).
    I would like to say that the above is the exception and not the rule – but I can’t. Women want this, then they want that, then they either bitch, cheat or leave – it is the exception that she is a happy wife, mother and productive member of society. Buyer beware.

      1. Mine, too. I can’t tell you how many men I know or have heard of paying child support to women who fucked other men, thereby ending their marriages. Modern American women are accountable to nobody but themselves.

    1. This is the fucking truth and exactly why I’m probably going to dump the chick I’m with at the moment. Honestly, I am attached to her and I like her – but THIS – what you describe – is the LOGICAL and MOST LIKELY outcome. It just fucking is. How the hell can you develop and grow as man – learn languages, gain new skills and experiences, get in better shape, etc – if all your time, money, and energy is sinking in to a black hole? You can not. Sad but fucking true mate.

    2. I was never “Alpha” in the truest sense of the word – but also not “Beta” either. What I bought into was the “idea” (at least in 1995) that at 33, I should be married, should have the house, the car, the 3 kids – that was my logical next step – I had built my life to that point, to pick up my foot, and move it to that logical place. I did it.
      And I love/loved my (x)wife – still do. She has me wrapped around her finger – she the one person (other than my kids) that I have the hardest time saying no to (even today). I realize that is BETAmax – but it’s my reality.
      That being said, I also bought into a higher ideal of marriage – that there was a partnership created, we would work together to continue to better our situation, that if I feel down, she would be there to help me get up, that this whole idea of family was supported by more than just me. I believed that crap while turning a blind eye and deaf ear to what was going on around me. I ignore everything – so it would fit within that pollyanna idealization of “marriage”.
      And I was dead wrong. My (x)wife is the quintessential woman – with the pinnacle being the statement she made to me during a time when I was laid off, and trying to make something happen…”If I have to get a job, I don’t need you”…I soldiered on and ignored this statement. At the time, it cut me to my soul – because I was failing, I was letting my family down, it was on my shoulders to make it right. When I found that next job, making over the magic 6 figure line (but less than I was making a few years prior), she told me I settled, that I took the easy way, basically, that she was disappointed in me.
      So, Men of the future – I’m not here to tell you not to get married and have a family – I’ll telling you to never let your guard down, to never quit being a “player” to never stop evolving your Game. It is not a partnership you are entering – because if the walls come crashing down, she will walk away saying it was your fault. Take the attitude that she is your wife, for as long as it pleases you. She serves as your wife, not the other way around.
      Eyes Front, because that’s where your life is.

      1. OK, now one more thing, and I’ll shut up on this thread…
        In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with being married – when my marriage was working, it was the best thing I’ve ever had in my life. But never dulide yourself into thinking you can cruise with any woman in your life, including your LTR GF, SO or Wife. I believe anyone can have a happy marriage, raise great kids, AND be a leader of their family while staying on MISSION. It can be done, it takes hard work and vigilance.
        So – if you’re getting married or newly married – don’t think you cruise now that you have “bagged you a keeper”. If you have kids that in Middle School, and you haven’t kept up your game, dust it off and start working it again – basic tenets…get/stay in shape, look good, spend time with male friends, have/work a life mission, flirt and have fun. If your marriage has hit the shitter, then you need to immediately go the mirror, look yourself in the and demand more excellence (not saying it was your “fault” – but you could probably lose a few pounds, build some muscle, flirt more, be more decisive, whatever).
        As we say about women, you can’t change biology and nature. The same holds true for us. Changes (both big and small) start within your skin.

    3. All of this can be avoided if he JUST. SAYS. NO.
      Don’t like the way this life turns out? Don’t fucking pay for the yoga lessons. Don’t buy the nice cars. Don’t spend cash or time on the wedding.
      Take control of your destiny. This is what happens when you never say no to a woman.

  7. You know, it’s a funny thing. I used to work for a woman in central Europe who had her own business and had at least 20 people work for her. I asked her one day how she spent her weekend. She told me she did her (and her husband’s) laundry, worked in her garden, cooked and clean her house. Then on Sunday, cleaned her father’s house. I asked if “Miro” helps her with anything. She said, “Oh no. He doesn’t (do) anything like that. Women do these things. He fixes home if something is wrong.” I said, “Wow. Women back home in Canadistan and Amerika are ashamed to do housework. They think it’s a form of hard labour only a slave would do. Women where I live act like men.”
    Lots of women in this part of the world take great pride in their domestic duties. I rate her as a 9.5 on the hotness scale, and believe me, I hand out 9s and 10s like they are manhole covers.

  8. Lesson: Never, ever marry a Western woman. If you must get married at all, head to SE Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe or Africa and find a woman. You’ll find out just how much value you have as a man, because most women from these places will worship you, not treat you like yesterday’s discarded tampon.
    And, they’ll actually be NATURALLY pretty, without layers of caked on makeup. They’ll also have nice, slim bodies, and not look like biodiesel dirigibles floating around.

      1. Ladies and Germs: I present to you the modern “American” Man.
        Who wants to go to *Africa* and *Asia* to find a wife and have children with negroids and mongoloids, children who look like genetic experiments gone horribly teeth-achingly wrong. Moreover, he/It thinks that “Africans/Asians” are naturally pretty and will – even better ! – worship you.
        For those who can think, this, right now, this!, is the surest sign of why America is actually collapsing.

        1. This is a perfect example of why you WNs disgust me; though I’m all for pride in Western Civilization, and it depresses me that our genes are disappearing as white women cease having children, you WNs would happily lap the seed of another man out of a white woman’s cooter just for the opportunity to fill her yourself, and then willingly pay child-support so that she can have your children raised by a nanny.
          What good are european genes without european virtue? Go read some Homer, you troglodyte. Men like you deserve extinction.

        2. This is a perfect example of why you WNs disgust me; though I’m all for pride in Western Civilization, and it depresses me that our genes are disappearing as white women cease having children, you WNs would happily lap the seed of another man out of a white woman’s cooter just for the opportunity to fill her yourself, and then willingly pay child-support so that she can have your children raised by a nanny.
          What good are european genes without european virtue? Go read some Homer, you troglodyte. Men like you deserve extinction.

        3. In a civilized, western country like Italy, which has given the world beautiful women, food, cars, architecture and taste, Africans are openly denied entry into public transport buses. I’ve seen this happen myself.
          Italians definitely don’t think of themselves as White Nationalists. It’s just natural common sense behavior for them, to preserve their own heritage and culture.
          The recent “Italian Minister” from Cameroon or wherever is openly called a Monkey by millions of people and told to take her monkey culture back to Africa where it came from.
          Again, this is not made up. This is happening now, today, in 2013.
          Does that mean that the majority of Italy is White Nationalist ? How about France ? Not to even mention any country in Eastern Europe.
          You wil also note that few or any Italian men complain about feminism and how it is destroying their country and how they need to go to China (!!!) to find a woman since Italian women are not as good. To even verbalize this, is to roll on the floor laughing and crying at the absurdity of it all.
          Then, to look at American “men” wanting to go to China and Africa (!!!) to find a wife that worships them so they can have negroid/oriental babies with them…well, from a European or rest-of-the-world perspective, it simply beggars belief.
          And there is nothing WN about it, unless you are re-defining the majority of Europe, Latin America, India, Middle East and Russia to be WN.

        4. Lionising modern whores will not help you. Catholicism was destroyed in Italy as well as in the rest of Europe and its population is heading for extinction, no help from swarthies required. And spare me your insults I am from Germany and I see the same malaise that has crept into our nations, suffocating our people, intoxicating the minds of our men and women, originating from the cesspool you call Amerika.

        5. I’m curious: When is your mail-order Asian coming in ?
          If you ever go to Italy and you are a woman, you *will* get sexually harassed. You *will* get your bottom pinched. There is no feminism (as you know it) in that country.
          But of course, you’d rather ad-hominem your way out of this reality, accept anglo-feminism like the good little boy you are (but complain about it all the same) and then go to asia to get your obedient asian with whom to have oriental babies with.
          And throw words like WN and stormfront which are just laughably idiotic.

        6. Dude…i am in this for me and my-self, And i couldn’t care less about your opinion. If i see a pretty Asian or white or black girl i am going for it. Whatever or whomever makes me happy.
          As for reproducing, you don’t have to have a child with ever women you sleep with. Not to mention there is no shortage of people in this world, if anything we need less people because there isn’t enough resources in this planet for everyone to live..
          I suggest you start living for your-self because everyone else is.

        7. while mostly true, I would however like to point out It doesn’t solve the worlds problems if intelligent, hard working, first worlders fail to procreate while third world subsistence living cretins breed like rabbits.

        8. Newsflash homeboy. Italians have a darker skin tone because North Africans raided, raped, and pillaged, Sicily and Corsica for millennia and then those people intermarried with Etruscans from Northern Italy. So Italians have plenty of “black” blood in them lmao!

    1. Africa ? Asia ? To find a woman ? Only extreme omegas marry negroid and mongoloid races, it’s like you will be bringing alien half-human children into the world, how pathetic is *that* ?

  9. So confusing… “gender-trad roles crept into their marriages once they stopped working.” So they wanted to be a housewife without all the housewife’s duties?

    1. Dude… it’s women’s logic. Don’t sweat too much about the contradiction that it is.

  10. Any honest woman who has been out in the field for a few years, would admit after a couple cocktails that she’d prefer be to be a traditional domestic servant cleaning the house and blowing her husband if he was an in shape,high status, alpha stud, pulling in big dollars and running everything else. The real problem is that equality is a lot of fucking work – turns out they don’t like lifting heavy shit and working long hours – who would have thought? You can’t have it both ways. Gender roles are “chivalry” when they benefit women and “sexism” when they don’t.

  11. This all smacks of women not bonding with their baby because feminism has turned them into narcissists incapable of forming attachments to others, despite their biological imperative.
    Also, I am sure these women are wasting the $2-4000 a year a maid service would cost to relieve them of half their housekeeping duties. But that Kate Spade is a “must have” along with their weekly mani and their daily latte.

  12. Don’t fool your self…know what this is about and why this articles are coming out now. It is about giving women yet another unearned privilege. They want what they call “work life balance”, which is basically them working part time and getting paid as full time employed. They also want a long paid maternity leave and free day care. They are also trying to redefine what success means, so it suits them (it is called the third metric). Of course productive men get to pay for all of this, At Least until the system collapses or we slowly find ourselves been dominated by other group of alpha males, (say like the Chinese).

    1. If Chinese men were alpha males half their women wouldn’t be marrying white guys and their government wouldn’t have to spend millions of dollars on PR campaigns to shame women into marrying in a hopeless attempt to keep a lid on their 30 million surplus male problem.

      1. The reason Chinese women marry foreign men is simple; it is for the money and social status white men bring to the table.Understand all women are hypergamous by nature and they will trade in their own group of men in other dominant grope of men showed up. This happen all the time after a war.
        In Chinerse women`s mind, foreign men are richer, so marrying foreign men means a lot of money. At present, China is still a developing country and not rich, so finding a foreign husband is like marrying a purse. Many Chinese women try to marry foreigners, if they can not go abroad, at least they want to marry men from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Marrying foreign man is a springboard to achieve their purpose of going
        abroad. Many Chinese people want to go abroad, but have few
        opportunities, so some marrying a foreign man can achieve their purpose
        of living abroad easily.

  13. How do you guys reconcile the practical need for dual incomes in modern American households? Having a housewife is a luxury few people can afford. 50 years ago one wage was enough to support a wife and kids, but these days it is increasingly hard to bring in enough to support all of that one one wage. So we have reached a point where she needs to work but if she does your marriage is likely to take a hit, and you will be forced to hire a nanny to raise your kids.
    Both my parents worked high powered jobs. I was raised by an incredibly sweet nanny from central america who to this day I consider a second mother. Unsurprisingly my parents got divorced when I was a young kid and while it was an amicable divorce with no legal battles I went from having my dad around every day to seeing him 2-3 times a week. Losing that role model for masculine behavior definitely cost me, and every other boy who has divorced parents.
    We have a lot of smart people on this site, what do you guys think men can do to get around this issue?

    1. I suspect you have never done the math on stay at home. Your mileage will vary depending on income levels of the man and how much daycare you need to buy, but in our house to replace SAHM it would cost $40k a year to break even. Imagine that. Working full time making $40k a year and receiving zero economic benefit for your trouble.
      Things you don’t spend money on
      1) child care costs gone
      2) professional clothes, and office status items
      3) transportation costs reduced
      4) food costs reduced, less eating out, more home cooking, more value buying, send your husband to work with some decent leftovers, he doesn’t even eat out
      5) taxes (these are a significant chunk of your paycheck), you need to consider how much of your labor you spend on taxes
      And if you still aren’t convinced its viable look at it this way. You are moving a sizeable benefit to the informal economy (which they haven’t figured out how to tax yet). So you aren’t missing out on an extra $10,000. You are investing that $10,000 into your children, marriage, and home. So even if you don’t have the nicest items anymore your contentment will go up substantially.

      1. I appreciate the replies, it has definitely got me thinking about preconceptions vs reality. I’m at least a decade away from marriage if I decide to get married at all. But excellent food for thought.

      2. Great response. I’ve thought about this myself, though I’m nowhere near fatherhood (hopefully, hehe).
        Here’s how I would work it: man lives close to work or within reach of easy public transit, one car for the family. no childcare, no nanny, no housekeeper. Man comes home for lunch and a noontime fuck.
        She homeschools the kids. No more having to live in expensive yuppie districts just to send your kids to a gangbanger free school.
        Like you said, if you want it, you can make it work. But how many women in America will sign up for that life?

        1. I have been living that mode for a long time now. The two people working scheme is an empty existence.

    2. Just ask yourself…
      Why is there a need for two incomes, who’s driving those (product) decisions, why are they being made?
      Two incomes are not necessary – but that may mean you drive a 10 year car or live in a smaller house, or don’t send your kids to private school. The US is the consumer nation of the world, but consumerism does not equate to “being better” as a society, community or even a family.

  14. Its a ridicoulous story about a very small group of over priviledged women. In my family, heavy, children overloaded middle class suburb most mothers work part-time, spend most of there time with the kids and are happy to do so. Go down to Mall in the afternoon and you will see them all drinking coffee and waiting for the afternoon school pick up. When the kids get old enough for them to work full time alot of women do but plenty don’t, prefering to live a live of semi-leisure.

  15. Yes, thanks to the ones making sure to get more consumers and tax-payers into the system. What they didn’t realised was that they totally crushed the natural hierarcy of families and society as a whole.
    Wether or not you agree with this guy on other opinions, just listen to him. It’s what we say here over and over again.

  16. I just want to say I’m greatly enjoying your writings EG. Rational thinking, good style.

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