All Girls Are Cheapskates

The other day, I came home from the gym to a flashing light on my cell phone. When I read the text message that had prompted the alert, I saw that it was from a second-string fuck buddy who’s managed to survive a couple of rounds of major layoffs due to her contributions to the company (her willingness to come over for short-notice sex at odd hours of the night and her above-average skills at giving back massages).

Are you home?

While I might ignore such a text on a different night, my full testicles decided to handle the reply, taking it upon themselves to ask “why?” That prompted a call, which I reluctantly answered.

Me: What’s up?

FB: Hey, I’m in your neighborhood. If you’re home, I can stop by and say hi.

Me: I just have to jump in the shower, but sure.

FB: Oh, and do you have anything to eat? I haven’t eaten since lunch.

Me: Ummm, I think I have some snacks in the fridge.

FB: Snacks?! Well [weighing options]…okay…I’ll see you in 10 minutes.

I couldn’t help but wonder if her visit was more about “saying hi” to me, or to my fridge, with whom she’d developed a close relationship in the prior few weeks. While this girl usually does more of the traveling (to get to my house), she’s been handsomely compensated with drinks made from top-shelf liquor; home-cooked meals; and a series of toiletries that I keep expressly for guests (e.g., contact solution). Not once has she cooked a meal for me or brought something with her, with the exception of a half-eaten sandwich she proceeded to finish in front of me one time.

What’s astounding about the situation isn’t how unusual her gall was, but how thoroughly unsurprising it was. Her behavior is well in-line with the overwhelming majority of girls I’ve encountered. Dating American women, from a wide range of geographic regions and socioeconomic backgrounds, has taught me one thing: they’re almost universally cheapskates, who are not only allergic to spending their own money, but have developed elaborate techniques for extracting stuff out of men while minimizing their own overhead.

In world striving for so-called gender equality, women are content with not only selectively holding onto this relic from the past, but indeed updating it to new realities.


This is a tiny sampling of the tacky, cheapskate behavior—from various girls–that I’ve encountered just in the last two years:

Trying to bring a half-finished bottle of wine home

A girl that I’d seen a few times finally came over not-empty-handed. She’d brought a “nice” bottle of wine, of which we finished maybe 65 percent. The next morning, after she’d finished her half of the fresh pot of coffee I’d brewed, she checked if the cork was securely on the wine bottle she’d brought and started walking out with it. When I said, “what are you doing?” she replied “it’s good wine!” “That’s why I’m not going to let it go to waste,” I said as I pried it out of her cold stiff hand. The next day, I made marinara sauce out of it.

Asking me for the three dollars I “owed her”

Despite the fact that I’d paid for a couple of meals in full, I’d incurred a three-dollar “debt” with a girl when we actually went dutch on our third meal out together. When, on the way back to the car, I suggested that I’d pay her “in kind,” she snapped back with, “I’d prefer the cash, thanks.” When I “forgot” to pay her, she reminded me a few days later.

Telling me to make her another drink because she didn’t like the first one I’d made her

After making a girl a fine gin and tonic—with Hendrick’s gin, cucumber slices, and premium tonic water—she informed me that she “didn’t like it,” and asked me if I could make her another one. She literally took one sip of it and left it there. I handed her a Pabst Blue Ribbon in a can instead. “Maybe this is more your speed.”

Asking if she should leave her wallet home altogether

As this girl and I were headed out from my place—to get something to eat and have a night out on the town–she asked me if she “even [needed] to bring [her] wallet.” I answered, “Nah, just grab your credit card and some cash.” She brought her whole purse.

Ordering a bunch of food, jacking up the price of the bill, then asking to evenly split

Not all of these stunts have been from girls I was dating or banging. In this case, it was a group of marginal acquaintances of a girl I was dating—though I’ve had this exact scenario happen on various occasions. The three girls decided to order every “special” dish and gimmicky drink on the menu, each of which carried a premium price tag. I ordered my standard, reliable dish. Since they serve everything “family style”—and the girls turned out, as they always do, to dislike what they got—they proceeded to tap my dish. Having depleted my plate, which is always solid, they left their own tasteless experiments behind. When the bill came, they climbed over each other to suggest that we split it evenly. Imagine their surprise when I announced I was only paying for my stuff.


This only begins to scratch the surface of the brazenly cheap moves that I see from women as a matter of course. Most of the behaviors are so common that I’m more surprised when they don’t happen: the most unconvincing, half-assed reaches for their purses times perfectly so your wallet comes out first; suggesting a fancier, more expensive plan, only to drag their feet come check time; and an array of disrespectful acts on my car or my home–from leaving trash behind, traipsing dirt onto the rugs, or shoving nice stuff aside to sit down. I’m no cheapskate myself, but I’m also no rich man. And, it’s not like these are broke chicks either. They were—more times than not—thoroughly solvent, came from money, or were decked out in designer clothes.

For all of the complaining that we hear, girls refuse to acknowledge the astounding number of freebies that they get on a regular basis–to the degree that they come to expect them everywhere they go and from every (especially male) person they meet. Sure, the hotter the girl the more accustomed to not paying she is. But, from free meals on dates, to free drinks from chumps at bars, to unsolicited free samples at Whole Foods, it’s good to be a chick in America.

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200 thoughts on “All Girls Are Cheapskates”

  1. Yet they are always broke. Even after extensive wealth transfer. Its not that they are cheap, its that they don’t generate wealth.
    That and many of them secretively live beneath their means to someday meet a man so that they can be kept women. Plenty of losers trying to strike the lotto with a man who is winning in life.

    1. why not? And are you complaining because you are not one of those men who is winning in life?

      1. Why not what? Clarify. And did it bother you enough to ask me that question because you are a loser? It works both ways.

        1. Well I think Emelie was meaning-Why shouldn’t women want to be with a man who is winning in life. Comes back to women being attracted to alpha men. Women wanting to be stay at home wives is nothing new. And I would greatly enjoy finally having someone else take care of things at home. And as of now, 40% of households have women as the bigger income source. And that percentage is only going to go up.

        2. I figured that was what it was. Well you know as well as I do that this is what they want. It’s not a matter of why not, it’s “why pretend” that this is not the case. It’s pretty obvious when you hear/read all of the gripes they have about men.
          Notice, that love or sex, or companionship is never a complaint because that is not what they truly want. But money, and status, and maybe he looks good enough to impress their more shallow friends to make them jealous, is the foundation of their complaints.
          Women making more money these days is subject to debate because there are factors in play not considered. Such as debt.
          I have dated professional women that were swamped with debt and while they made more per year, you couldn’t really tell because some of them had student loan payments as high as their rent.
          They don’t position themselves to generate wealth.

      2. Finally an honest broad that admit her golddiggerness. We men tolerate that, it’s the law of nature. Now its ur turn to tolerate why men prefer 18 year old virgis.
        Same answer..Why not ??

      3. Notice how the hamster deflects responsibility for her own moral failing and projects the moral failing onto Brobox.

    2. Troof. A friend of mine who is a car dealer and landlord had to fork over $150k and a house to an ex. Too bad the pre-nup came in one wife too late. Anyway, point being…that 2nd x-wife blew through that cashmoney and Lord knows what happened to the house she got. Maybe she knows how to pay taxes on that every year. Maybe. Too bad he let the fact that she gave it up so easily (and later ballooned into a human freezer) cloud the fact that she is a loser in life.

  2. Unfortunately, women are cheapskates when it comes to their entire role in society. Men make things and work in physically demanding environments on which our society is fundamentally based (eg oil rigs, construction etc..). Women take such money from men via government handouts for useless university degrees(eg oriental studies), then get a corporate job through affirmative action where they reduce the overall productivity of the company.
    Its not even like you want to do their version of manning up to marry those sluts and parasites. Gimme some real women! All this lack of productivity and dicking around will lead to social strife in future years, and these gals will have earned their place begging for crumbs. Worse still, as society becomes more poorer and unsafe, these useful idiots known as women will vote overwhelmingly for a totalitarian dictatorship for their ‘safety’. Which will then cause further suffering for them and they will cry out “what did we do wrong? Where are the real men?”. They truly are absolutely useless.

    1. So you see folks, its easy as hell to bring up the world of our dreams, a “pussy paradise” – just refuse paying for their hollow existance. Having no food or shelter, no cars and no iphones. no starbucks and no uggs. no cosmetics and no lipsticks. What will the poor bitchez do? They would have to LOWER the price of their vaginas. Ultimately, that price will come below thailand level and everyone will be happy again?

      1. Where does this information come from? I can’t imagine a world where people like you exist and I really don’t get how your comment is relevant other than you are the same kind of low-life that the writer and many of the men that post on this site are.

      2. That’s like telling people to have a consumer boycott against Apple to get cheap iPads. People want what they want. Guys want pussy. You going on a fuck strike just lowers the cost of getting laid for the next guy.

    2. Seriously dude? I know more guys with Anthropology degrees than girls (if you want to talk about useless degrees) AND more guys who receive financial aid. We’re useless? Please tell me how sustaining a population is useless.
      I find this hilarious because most of the women I’m friends with don’t even like being paid for. It makes us uncomfortable, we feel bad, it’s not the guys place to care like that. I actually have paid for more guys than guys have paid for me, so please tell me how that’s being a cheapskate.
      Ya’ll must live in horrible places if these are your ideas on women. Or you have terrible taste and these are the types of women that you dealt with. Generalizing is pathetic, boys, (yes BOYS not MEN because clearly most of you are immature and probably bitter) wake up and fix your opinions. Unless you’re okay with dying alone…..then who would be useless?

      1. Obviously you have your XX chromosomes crossed (to make a pun). You are exceptional if you pay for guys and the circle of people that you walk among are probably not representative of society at large. Here, 73% of anthropology majors are female.
        Meanwhile, only 23% of economics majors and 42% of philosophy majors (the two most rigourous non-STEM fields) are women.

    3. On balance, yes. I was teaching a grade 12 course in economics and one chapter dealt with employment and income. I hit the gender wage gap head on and asked the students if they thought it was unfair that women make – on average – 72 cents on the dollar compared to men. All of them, even the guys, thought it was unfair. Then I had them open their textbooks to the section on wage determinants. In every single category – experience, danger, filth, unionization, physical effort, and even educations (although this requires some additional explanation) – men have superior wage determinants.
      By the end of the class, none of the students would say it is unfair (although I don’t think I convinced them all).

  3. This is absolutely not restricted to American girls. For example, fob Chinese girls demand the same. I believe it is inherent in female nature. They will only be generous to children.
    It is therefore critical for men to demand more. Do not whine or complain about society, etc. demand more from the women in your circle.

    1. It makes sense because this is the natural order of things: women take care of children while men take care of children.
      This is also why you don’t ever vote for a woman. They are biologically incapable of caring for anything male-related and only look out for their own. There is no female equivalent to chivalry.

      1. Honestly ! What can women do for men that men can’t do for themselves ? Except you know what and bearing children.

        1. Yes this is so true. Look my wife of many years is a good wife and mother in many ways but you cant in convesation use words like honor and duty because she simply doesnt know what they mean.

  4. My boyfriend’s friend ran out of cash to get a burger at Mcdonald’s because he had just hired a prostitute. He asked me to pay for the burger. I am still asking for my money back two months later.
    I would pay for a guy friend – anytime. I am usually the first person to pay at any outing. But with a guy I am dating – no way. There is no such thing as free pussy. If they can pay for a prostitute why can’t they pay for a girl they are fucking. Do I equate myself with a prostitute then? Maybe, since guys treat women they date as disposable free fucks coz they are too cheap to pay for prostitutes.

    1. The hard truth is that “dating” in an evolutionary sense is about exchange of resources. Women’s vagina is a resource and a man’s money is a resource. Anyone that allows themselves to go broke has poor financial management skills, no matter what they are buying. In the long run a “GF” tends to cost more than plate spinning or prostitutes- and a wife? Financial fucking ruin. Not to mention a deeply unsatisfactory life.

    2. I would take back my half bottle of wine. The real cheapskates are men who think women are cheapskates. If I were to go over a female friend’s house she would make me breakfast, ask me to take back the bottle of wine AND give me a cake or a basketful of other gifts to bring home to thank me for my company.

      1. Well that’s women for you. How freaking weird would it be if the next morning a guy said Here is a basketful of gifts I made for you because you stayed over?

      2. Maybe i mixed up my etiquette lessons, but normally the bottle of wine you bring over when you visit a friend is to say thank you for the invitation and you don’t ask for gifts back, because it is the height of rudeness.

      3. Thanks for this example. What kind of person brings over a bottle of wine to a friends’ who fixes dinner (or any meal) and then when said friend insists you take the wine with you, this selfish person does so?!
        Only a woman of this generation. My mom taught me to never show up empty handed to a guests’ home, never take any gift back and to always write a thank you card after being invited to a guests’ home for dinner (any meal). Who taught you your manners? A freaking wolf? Pathetic.

      4. Emelie: what you said makes no goddamned sense at all. “No, it’s MEN who are cheapskates! So there!” is an argument my six-year-old would be ashamed to employ, it’s so empty-headed and illogical.
        As to your host sending you on your way with a basketful of gifts: what the fuck? The guest brings a gift. That has been the standard since the days of Odysseus. The host provides hospitality — food, accomodation, entertainment, whatever. But if you seriously expect to be given presents whenever you visit someone, you are fucking delusional.
        Or you really are six years old, and are basing your life experience on what happens at other kids’ birthday parties.

        1. Jesus Christ! This is why we CAN’T ban women from this site! Whenever I even get an inkling that maybe its not as bad as we make it out to be, some chick makes a comment and DRIVES IT HOME that the situation is much worse!

      5. Your example is meaningless, it is only involves women.
        Women are far, far more generous to other women (in order to get their approval) then women are with men.

    3. you shouldnt have used the same disquis id as the one you used to post on harvard business review if you want to be a good troll

    4. There is no such thing as free pussy.

      Wanna bet? There’s plenty of free pussy. It’s like the donation box at a museum. Sure, you can crush money into the slot, but it’s optional.

      1. Apparently Emelie was banned from further commenting. And she wasn’t trolling.

    5. You’re still stewing over a $2 burger debt two months later? Any man in your situation would charge a piddling few bucks for a S.O.’s friend to the game and forget about it.
      I think you just proved Tuth’s point.

  5. I’m beginning to see the allure of prostitutes. At least they are upfront with their wants and needs and therefore more honest than the majority of the female population…

  6. Well just to play devil’s advocate a bit-maybe she didn’t like the taste of gin and tonic? I am not a gin guy myself

      1. I drink mainly gin and I despise Hendrick’s. If you didn’t give her a choice of brands her refusal to drink something that, to her, tastes ‘bad,’ is normal.
        I’m a bit surprised by all the sad stories of cheap girls. In NYC, I never met a girl who was employed act like those stories. Many actually *insisted* on splitting the first tab.

  7. Nice column. Women are Welshers too. Making up expenses. A husband on disability never saw it coming when I told him his wife was tallying every kindly generous dime she was “giving” him to bring home groceries and pay the bills.
    After the divorce, she gave him a tab.

  8. You need to write an article on the Sweet 15 for men. When is our time going to come? I hear its in our 30s so I think that would be an interesting article to read.

    1. It’s more like a Sweet 20 or 25 for men. It’s been on the list for a little while. I’ll get something up in the next few columns, special for you. 🙂

    2. Shit gets a ton better when you are dating in your 30’s. You, in general, have more wealth, more confidence, more game, and have worked out any issues of social awkwardness in your 20’s through trial and error. A decent looking single guy with hair can pick up chicks from the early 20’s to ask old as he wants while in his 30’s. Women get desperate around 27-28 and bat shit crazy if they turn 30 with no husband candidates. They will go to the ends of the Earth to try to lock down the few remaining Alphas that might marry. If you say “suck it” they ask “how long and how hard”. It’s an amazing and almost sudden flip in social power between the sexes. If you are not in your 30’s yet wait it out. The day will come when pussy will be a plenty and your phone will be dinging all night long from chicks looking for a good plough.

      1. 30 is a key age, you are more confident and comfortable, all women notice it, and they will start throwing themselves at you, jumping into cabs with you uninvited, grabbing you on the dance floor, restroom, bar, lounge, anywhere. My buddy met his 19-yr old future wife [perfectly toned blonde stunner] at my 30th birthday party at a random UES bar. We gamed her and her sister and they were very much into older guys….they didn’t give a crap we were all 10+ years older.
        That’s probably a pro move — go out with your guy friends and throw someone a ’30th Bday party,’ girls will come over in droves in most cities.

      2. This is true but you do have to make sure you only date women who are under 30. The ones over 30 are unmarried for a reason.

  9. ive noticed that girls do pay for things if you refuse to be an atm and they want the d bad, usually in the case where you are the other man and she has some beta paying for her lifestyle

    1. Girls will loosen their tight-fisted hand when guys have good girl-management skills. Not setting, for example, the precedent that you automatically pay for stuff. Notice, most of my anecdotes were attempts. Had I gone along to get along, I’d been wrung dry by now. I eventually squeeze a little water from those stones.

  10. While in Ukraine and Poland, I have to tell a girl in advance “be hungry!” when I want to grab dinner. I lost count how many times I had a date where I ate a huge meal while the watched me. God bless these girls.

    1. I can’t imagine what would happen if I didn’t have such tight anti-gold-digger game. Dudes must be getting robbed blind out here.

      1. It is mind blowing. I’ve personally seen friends do absolute ridiculous things to please women in a material sense. Doesn’t matter where I live either. London, America, Canada. Even China their entire housing market is creating a rat race among single men to pay up to attract a woman for marriage. It’s sickening.
        Feel good you are one of those who avoids this, you are doing your part. I just wish more men would do the same.

      2. that’s why we need male solidarity when it comes to women. we need to all “reverse the pussy game,” have clearly defined boundaries and be ready to walk away at anytime. plus back each other up when women step out of line. unfortunately most dudes are beta as fuck and will gladly let all sorts of women walk all over them in the slim hopes that they’ll get a whiff of her pussy. makes it easier for us to stand out I guess, when we don’t take her shit like every other herb.

        1. The problem with society is that so many people fall into the trap of us, against them. Have you ever thought that maybe those Beta guys are not so much jerks, rather get to enjoy a real partnership of sharing and caring.

        2. Chantii, this isn’t a question of beta vs alpha, it’s about keeping women in check and having proud men who can be masculine role models for younger males as well as feminine women who can be role models for young women. Rather than fight the innate and natural sex differences as well as sexual polarity between the masculine and feminine, we need to embrace it. It is only then, when self-actualization can occur as women have no place acting masculine in the male world and neither do men have any place acting feminine in the female world. A consequence of this would be the ability to enjoy a “real relationship” as well as being a much more stable framework for family life and raising children (for those inclined) as the man gives his woman the ability to submit to a more dominant man which is her ultimate, visceral desire. Moreover, this is all assuming that a “real partnership of sharing and caring” is even still possible with the rampant narcissism, solipsism and sociopathy in the Western world. Perhaps you’re better off reading fairy tales Chantii, as those stories might be easier to swallow. I’ll tell you what, all any guy (beta or not) wants from a woman is sex, if he tells you otherwise he’s probably got too much estrogen, has been indoctrinated by society/media/academia or some combination of the two.

      3. The article is lovely, but what are we men supposed to do about this behavior? Could you share your anti-gold digger game, some tips?

  11. Split a restaurant bill with a group of men and it will usually be in cash with an overly generous tip as everyone rounds up what they should reasonably pay.
    Split a check with women and all the money collected will somehow still be below the price BEFORE tip. Somehow my meal always ends up costing 2-3 times its price.
    I also love the credit card game.
    6 spoiled girls to waitress- Can you put all this on separate cards? I had blah blah with this side and these drinks. She had that with those drinks, but us 3 split that side. And on and on for 10 minutes while they try to figure out what they ordered.
    You are making this poor girl do 5 times the work and fall behind on her other tables because of your self-centered narcissism.

    1. Watching girls trying to split a bill is like watching the World Series of Poker on television. It’s replete with poker-faces, subtle gestures, and staring contests to see who’ll blink and give up their weak hand.

      1. It’s also kind of like watching a picture of dogs playing poker because they can’t figure it out properly and are cheating anyway.

      2. Also, they are shitty tipper. They expect free stuff all the time and free drinks. And won’t hesitate to hustle the wait staff or bartender for freebies.

        1. Holy shit, find better women with whom you associate! Cheap tippers are abhorrent! I usually tip around 30%, unless the service is really that bad. I’ve usually found that Bi and/or Tomboy ladies are much more worth it when it comes to your time, etc. Also, depending on the girl, you might even be able to check out the waitress together! I’ve found that that’s usually enjoyable 🙂

      3. I’m always the one paying for the hole meal when going out with girlfriends, or splitting it and still paying more. I usually just stay in and invite them for me to cook though(I just like to cook) thought, but god forbid, get invited by a girlfriend and her boyfriend to eat(I before hand told them I didn’t have money, and they said it was ok), plus one(so there’s 4 if you couldn’t figure that out). So me and the plus one decided to order some nuggets and split a large soda(mc Donalds no less) and the girlfriend had enough nerve to bark at me for it, I had to explain we were splitting. Jesus I pay for all your food and cook for you, but when 6 dollars of your guys on the line you wanna snap at me? So I do agree most girls are like that, i’m a female myself and no not bisexual, so don’t get the term “girlfriend” mixed up.
        But I do have a boyfriend, who I do cook for 95% of the time for. So every now again I like to be taken out, and I always try to look for the cheaper thing, and he eats the rest(small appetite). And sometimes I take him out(paying for it all of course), It’s all about fairness.

    2. Paying your fair share is not self-centered narcissism. If it is agreed that everyone pay for their own meals it really doesn’t fuck anything up. Trust me, I’ve seen both sides. I also hate how these comments and articles are aimed at women in general when it perhaps your “game” that is attracting women who upset you. If you were perhaps respectful then you could pick up a woman who would meet your needs. I, the only woman at the table, am 99% of time the one who leaves a tip because I know what it’s like to work hard for low pay and depend on my tips to pay my bills.

  12. Girls will strive to be like guys in many aspects of life (wanting the corner office, having sex with multiple people) yet will always expect chivalry when it’s convenient for them (having doors held for them, dinner bought for them)

  13. What bothers me the most is we all know women are a gold mine for the consumer economy. Since they started working they started spending more freely. You see home shows pushing home decorating to ridiculous levels, life for the high street and luxury fashion chains has never been better, high end dining has become the norm and so on.
    Yet once a man is in the picture they push this consumer mindset on him. Pushing for dates at posh restaurants, married couples filling their homes with useless goods and men buying their women only the nicest things despite reaching beyond their means.
    Women will pay for it themselves always with the expectation a bailout is on its way, usually in the form of marriage and higher purchasing power.
    Men have to stop allowing this. Refuse to date any women that will buy expensive things, then look to you to pay for basics (food,shelter) which isn’t basic anyways. No, for she will only accept the Michelin star restaurants and highest standard upgrades for the new home. You let it happen, it will just continue. Stop it at the source immediately.

    1. Well, if she pays for what she wants and for half of the dates, Juste don’t marry her and there’s no problem.

  14. My best flings or relationships were where I paid very little, and the women often bought me things or paid for me at least half the time (after the first date). And no they weren’t LJBF moves. Usually if you bang her well she’ll attempt to pay for you a few times.

  15. Another one to add to the list: I had a chick come over the house last week and told her to bring a dessert. Her “dessert” was a few pieces of leftover cake from one of her girlfriends’ parties. Wonderful.
    I will say that the cheapness is much more pronounced with Americhicks than foreign women. Europeans & Japanese are much, much cooler. And older American women (working, over 35) can be very cool about it, but only if they’re really into you. If they dig you, you can do no wrong.
    One final note. In my job I have to meet with married couples and evaluate their finances. You would be surprised how many married women flat-out refuse to share their money with their own spouses. I had a guy in my office (he just left 5 minutes ago) for a consultation. He’s been married for 15 years. He got himself into some medical bill trouble and needs to file a bankruptcy case. I asked this poor guy how much money his wife made and he told me “I don’t really know. She won’t share that with me.” You would be shocked at how often I hear stories like that. The guy’s own wife won’t even tell him how much she makes, or share her money with him.
    Totally different ethic here than in Brazil, for example. In Brazil, a couple are expected to pull together and build a life together. In America, it’s all about hyperindividualism: or, I should say, hyper-feminism.

    1. hyperindividualism indeed. how unnatural. we have strayed so far from our basic primate needs.

    2. I’ll wager that the friend of the girl never even baked the cake, purchasing it rather from some boutique bakery.
      Cookery is no longer a skill that girls take pride in, rather they almost seem to compete on ignorance of the topic. Young women seem to be proud of the fact that they can barely reheat something using a microwave and view this as independence.

        1. And men AREN’T fat? You all talk about what’s wrong with women like men are perfect. You say women should grow and stop being so ignorant then so should all of you.

        2. RPT and Neomasculinity and most PUA types emphasize fitness and low body fat. On the other hand, fat and ugly guys attract lots of women if they have status and/or money.

      1. I love to cook, and do take much pride in it. I can cook a hole meal in 30 minutes or less, fried chicken, vegi, bread of some sort, and a side dish. Plus deserts, it doesn’t always look like the ending picture, but it sure does taste good! And boy howdy do I love making my guy “fat”. Nothing pleases me better than a full guy. (simple cooking channel on youtube, such great simple recipes)

    3. All sounds kinda weird to me. Don’t married couples have their salaries paid into joint bank accounts. Don’t they see each others tax statement?

      1. No, they don’t.
        All couples handle things differently. Some have everything jointly and each knows what the other is doing. Some have everything separate, and have a general idea of what each other is doing. And some (small minority) keep everything separate and don’t tell each other shit about what they are doing. I wonder if you could even call that a marriage, but that’s how some couples do it. I’ve seen some crazy shit.
        You would be amazed by the extent and level of male debasement out there. No self-respect. They will take unbelievable amounts of abuse from “their” woman just to preserve the delusion that they have a woman in their lives.
        I have one client whose “wife” kicked him out of the house, gambled away his money, and has been separated from him for years. But she won’t formally divorce him because she wants to keep milking him, and she wants to get his life insurance if he dies. And like a pathetic loser he is glumly OK with this arrangement.
        You have no idea how pathetic the average American guy is out there.

    4. Feminism is used as a bad word. Maybe it should be called Equalism because that is the definition of Feminism: Equality. What is wrong with equality? Bringing left over cake should not be a crime. Sorry, but you are depicting what ‘wargasm’ (which, among many things, is also the name of a song by an all female band called L7, by the way) as ‘spoiled.’ Cake should not go to waste. This is one girl didn’t even do anything wrong except meet you. I am also married and my husband and I share our money. We never owe each other anything. I pay for anything I can when needed and when a paycheque comes along I let him in on the dough. As much as he needs. Even sometimes the whole thing. When he is making lots of money it’s the same thing from him. I’m very low maintenance, and so is he so we’ve been able to afford not one but two houses. We are a team. As for these few women who do not want to share their finances, maybe they have trouble trusting their husbands because those men are not responsible with money or they have learned better in the past from exes. This does not mean women are cheap. It is actually proven that women are better with money than men. You can look that up. I personally am in debt because of an ex who didn’t let me know what he was making, but was definitely making much more than I. I tried to be fair by putting up a list of bills that needed to be paid and by what date and despite asking him to please have the money ready and set aside to pay half the bill I was always left to pay all the bills on my own and never paid back. I decided to keep a tally of how much he owed me which came up to over 1000 dollars in a few months. I let him pay me back through paying for my meals at restaurants and the beer and the toilet paper etc etc. until he had paid me back almost $1000 and I waived the rest. The final straw was when he was between jobs and needed a phone but he had poor credit so I put the phone under my name so he could have his own phone and bring it to work with him instead of taking mine. A few months later I notice the bills getting higher and higher… and then they disappear. I couldn’t find them, I asked my boyfriend if I had received any mail. No. I finally managed to get through to the company and they let me know that the phone bill had reached over $900. I had to change my number then rid of my phone completely so that the collections agency would stop calling me 5 times a day (I am not exaggerating.) It has been about 2 1/2 years since then and he has yet to pay that bill. I even took some money off in exchange for his iMac. Maybe this is why some women don’t trust their partners. Maybe they see this trend in their spouse and are smart to keep their own money to themselves because it is their money after all and why let someone else fuck that up when you work so hard for it? Same goes the other way. That was one mistake I made and I learned from it. I watch for the signs, my husband is extraordinary with money. We even run a business together now. I do not hate all men for that one man’s spending problem, and I don’t generalize.

      1. nothing’s wrong with equality. except that today’s western society is heavily skewed towards women, and men, as calm as we are, are beginning to get pissed by this discrimination.
        if you didn’t notice, the whole premise of this post was “how girls try to avoid being equal to men in all respects, when it’s convenient for them”.

  16. The sense of entitlement modern women have when it comes to paying expenses while dating is utterly amazing.
    I went on an overnight trip with a woman I had been seeing on and off for about four months. It was definitely nothing serious. She wanted to get out of town for a night and I agreed to go. She selected the (rather expensive) lodging and paid for it without consulting me. I figured since she did not ask for my input and she wanted the trip the room was on her. To “even it up” I paid for a (rather expensive) dinner that night. It roughly worked out that her share of the dinner bill would have been about my share for the room. I figured we were even and that was that. One thing came to another and we stopped seeing each other about a month later. I initiated the break up because the sex sucked and she was getting to be too high maintenance. She kept on calling and texting me so I blocked her number. About a month after that I received a letter from her LAWYER demanding I pay for my half of the room from that overnight trip and half of the mileage which was maybe about 60 round trip (figured out using the IRS business rate). I simply sent a copy of the receipt from dinner, divided it into two leaving her with a liability of a few dollars, and included a demand for my three bucks. Never heard anything back from her or her lawyer.
    This is just a prime example of how entitled, self centered, and vengeful modern woman can be. She tried to conjure up some debt, paid a lawyer (probably more then I “owed” her), to send me a demand letter, all just because I blocked her out. Absolutely amazing.

  17. >“it’s good wine!” “That’s why I’m not going to let it go to waste”
    They always say that women have better social skills, but come on.
    This is just rude. It implies that you aren’t worthy of even her leftovers, that giving the almost empty bottle to you would be wasting it.
    Thank god girls here in Europe aren’t like that (yet).

  18. Women and their sense of entitlement…
    Visited a girl down in Richmond on my way to NC. She was saying that I should buy her dinner and take her out for drinks because “that’s what the men are supposed to do.”
    It was quite bothersome hearing those words coming out of her mouth. Never had a girl come out and say that she expected a free night on my tab. Might as well throw my balls in her purse and strap a leash around my neck.
    After telling her she wasn’t pretty enough to be acting like a spoiled brat, she ended up paying for everything. So that was nice 🙂

  19. I personally enjoy having a comfortable home. Tuth, you sound like you have a similar mentality. Nice furniture, food in the fridge etc. That is me. I’d say for every 5 girls I meet, 1 has a nice place of her own. Most of the time I walk into an apartment see hardly any furniture, no food in the fridge (they eat, just not healthy I assume), but a SHIT TON of clothes and shoes stuffed in closeted spaces and storage bins.

  20. What is peripherally related to this phenomenon is the fact that women have managed to marry the state, and convinced men to fund said state. They then engage in a very complex mental calculus to convince themselves they have no need for men, even though they’re dependent on the predominantly-male funded and actualized state for provision and protection like a bunch of crack whores.
    I consider myself a more classic liberal, but if you talk to a contemporary liberal woman about the state paying for her birth control, she’ll respond that it’s cheaper than the state paying for her abortion, as though that’s also just something she’d be owed. If you ask that same liberal woman if the state should pay for her abortion, she’ll respond that it’s cheaper than the state having to pay for all of her babies, because obviously she’d be owed that too. If you suggest she should raise her children in a economically secure family setting, she’ll respond by saying she doesn’t need a man. It’s hamsterism on crack.
    This female mindset of being deserving of provision is so pervasive because it’s never been challenged in our entire history. Most women think they deserve it, and most men think it’s their role to supply it. It’s why we have a runaway system of alimony and child support. The cheapskate phenomenon you’ve described is annoying, but what’s more staggering is that it’s currently the base model for our entire economy and reproductive philosophy. Expecting women to take responsibility for themselves and their reproductive autonomy is unthinkable at this point.
    Because, as you say, they’re cheapskates.

    1. I will tell you that I raised my daughter alone and did not get a nickle from her dad, after our divorce when my daughter was only 4 and I know plenty of other women that either got no help or very little. And as far as I know it does take a man and a woman to make that child. Whoever makes more, should pay more, it still generally happens to be men.

      1. “Whoever makes more, should pay more, it still generally happens to be men.”
        No, both parents should pay equally. This is equality and feminism. If you are a lazy person and you don’t work enough to have a high paying job, it’s your fault. Men shouldn’t pay more because you are lazy and entitled.

        1. It is proven that men make more money than women. It is not because women are lazy. My sister was a construction worker and that makes a lot of money. Not all women are built for these kinds of jobs. Think before you let your emotions get in the way of forming a legitimate statement.

        2. any job can give a very sizeable income, if you are good at it and you work hard. it just so happens that men are generally more responsible and independent, and end up working better, and are therefore compensated better. all the decent women i know have salaries in six figures. the rest are either dumb or extremely lazy. sure there are exceptions but same applies to men.

      2. 1) It takes two to make a baby, but it should also take two to make that choice. If the man also asked for a child, he should pay too. If the mother kept it without his consent, he shouldn’t.
        2) Earning more isn’t luck, it’s trading time, skills and stress for money, women happen to trade less of them. Making the efforts needed to earn more shouldn’t get you penalized.

      3. So…you either brought a genuine loser of a babydaddy into your life or you ran a good guy off. Why is that (opening your legs for potentially unworthy men) our problem?

        1. Well, then I could also ask you, why it’s our problem if your lady didn’t want to make babies for you? It’s kind of selfish to make more babies into this world anyway. Humans are stupid and should die off from wasting and destroying this planet. A very good example of this stupidness is almost all of the commenters here, unfortunately. I’m glad I don’t live in the US, most of you seem to be such bigoted assholes.

    2. And yet, despite having everything given to them on a golden platter, they still can’t manage to fulfill the one biological imperative they have: Having children. Birth rates are below replacement level (hence the population of Caucasians is dying off) in every Western nation.

      1. The world is over populated and if it is Caucasians who are now a minority, so be it. It is not the fault of women nor is it the fault of men, though men are more likely to be infertile than women. There are more seniors these days causing young people to work harder to pay the taxes to support the aging population. Higher birth rates result in lesser education, lesser food supply, more pollution, lower health, and other lesser investments in children which leads to lower incomes. As a wise Dalek once said “But there are millions of humans and only four of us. If we are supreme, why are we not victorious?”

        1. “Caucasians”, by even the most liberal definition of the word, have always been a “minority” of the world’s population, although plurality is probably a better description.

    3. This is an unfair generalization. The United States is supposed to be the best country in the world, without these ethical needs which are supported by the majority of the world (not just the United States) the country might as well fall to the level of some countries in the middle east or Russia, even. You shouldn’t be angry with all womankind for a few women who have managed to upset you.

  21. Great article. While on occasion I do like spoiling girls that have earned it anybody have tips or tricks to sure that doing something special for her remains “special” and not an everyday expectation?

  22. Jesus Christ, this is so spot on. Western women haggle like, nay, worse than african merchants and are always trying to get you to spend more on useless shit they don’t need, even when they have money. Notions of fairness, equality are completely lost on them. I remember this one chick I met at a bar one night with my buddies. Me and my buddy both got a round of shots and let her and her friend have one. We went back to her place, she bummed my smokes and blow, i fucked her till she screamed, dug her nails till I bled and came like 3 times. She was below my usual bang SMV but I was feeling good and she wasn’t too bad looking. I asked her for some food, a reasonable request after all I had given her. You’d be shocked at the answer I got.
    It’s for this reason that even though my new russian girlfriend is crazy, I’d rather deal with her craziness than the shitty attitudes of Western Girls

  23. It’s simple. You see relations as transactions. These women are taking what they can get from the corporation, and they aren’t that scrupulous about it because they’re not quality people–they are “second-string fuck buddies” that you don’t respect very much, as a CEO or a man. So why would you expect them to respect you?

      1. No, your mother did. She told me to respond using the same metaphor the author used. She’s a clever lady, tell her thanks for me.

        1. follow my every thought closely girl, one day you too may catch one and claim it as your own

    1. Come on, men on RoK aren’t representative of the whole male population, at all.
      Most men respect women far more than they should and still get burned hard, your argument is invalid.

    2. No, it’s women who see relations as transactions. When I was young and naive, I thought that relations with women were about giving love and receiving love. Yes, yes, I was stupid, I know.
      It’s women who are worried about your status, your money, how much you earn. Men are not that way. No young man will date Hillary Clinton because she has money. About rich men dating young women, they are dime a dozen.
      Now that I have money, I have lots of women interested in me. In times where I have been poor, no woman wanted me (well, the cleaning lady did because she earned less than me: this is not joke).
      Women put prize to their vaginas. They want money/food for their sex and their love. It’s that simple. It’s the same in every mammal. Luckily, there is the option of renting and not buying.

  24. Well fucking played with the Gin and Tonic. As a gin drinker, I too get irate when the women in my life say stupid shit like “It tastes like pine trees!”
    I also get mad when anyone orders a vodka martini.
    Hooker, if you wanted to have a fruity drink that tasted like unicorn piss, you shouldnt drink with men. Go have a god damned appletini.

    1. “I drink whiskey all the time! I’ll try that nice scotch!” … one sip of the nectar known as Lagavulin later … “All I taste is burning. Do you have something I can mix with?”

      1. Wait, you have Lagavulin to a chick? Honestly, what did you think would happen? That is a man only whiskey.

  25. This is something I’ve noticed time and again and thought about posting on myself.
    Great article, Tuth.

  26. This is a pointer that clearly demonstrates why women, in a mental sense, haven’t evolved to be where men are. They actually don’t undertand the obligation side of money.
    A simple question wuold be to ask any nice guy “How many of you aspire to earn enough money so that your spouse would’t have to work.” The response would nearly be universally “yes”. Ask a woman and she’d recoil in horror. Even if she earned enough to satisfy the material needs of the household, thus improving the value of the family by having a full-time household parent, like all feminists she hates and devalues children and the family unit, and would gladly sacrifice them for “more stuff”.
    The same goes to women not understanding why their degree isn’t viewed as ‘attractive’. It may infer a greater probability of earning more money, so so what, it’s not like a man is going to see any of that extra money. There is no benefit to him, but increased hours in a cubicle is a certain drawback.
    Women, mentally, are still too primitive in their thinking, they don’t understand that with all rights come responsibilties, and with the right to earn a wage comes the responsibility to pay your own way.
    They may not like that feeling, but hey… that’s what equality feels like.

    1. If you’re married and the wife earns more, be a stay at home dad. Nothing cures a woman’s spendthrift nature faster than providing for her family.

      1. Not a good idea, being a stay at home dad put yourself at risk.
        A woman will get a huge alimony in case of divorce, but a man won’t, so if she leaves you, you’re broke.

  27. Personally, I always instruct women I’m seeing to bring food with them or other gifts. They frequently cook for me when they come over. I very rarely give them anything aside from sex.
    I suspect you’re either a.) not asking women to do things for you, or b.) not giving them enough reason (stain-the-sheets-good sex) to. Either way, I’d hesitate before making sweeping generalizations about women because of it. In my experience, do things right, and virtually all women will be willing to spend a lot more money on you than you ever will on them.

    1. “Either way, I’d hesitate before making sweeping generalizations about women because of it.”
      I was kinda with you until you said this. Your suspicions are vague, and that comment i quoted.That is female lingo. Plus.You contradict yourself. Here is why, you then say this:
      “In my experience, do things right, and virtually all women will be willing to spend a lot more money on you than you ever will on them.”
      ^^this is a sweeping generalization. Assuming that doing things your way would work on ***virtually all women***. You could be right, MAAAAYYBBEE, but the possibility exists that you could be wrong even when applying your prescribed “technique”. Hence, generalizations..even ones you don’t agree with, are valid to the individual.
      Generalizations: Can’t address and solve problems without them

      1. Fair point on my panning sweeping generalizations, then turning right around and making one myself.
        And yes, of course, generalizations are generally valid to the individual; the author here (and the majority of the commenters, apparently) has women consistently act cheap around him and take things from him rather than give to him and do for him… so, to him, that’s how women are.
        The problem is in assuming that a generalization is EMPIRICALLY valid without having tested it or searching for alternatives, which is what the author seems to be doing here. Rather than saying to himself, “Women are behaving cheap around me. Am I causing this?” and seeing if he can change that, he says to himself, “Women are behaving cheap around me. Therefore, women are cheap.”

        1. You make some good points. But,
          “The problem is in assuming that a generalization is EMPIRICALLY valid without having tested it or searching for alternatives, which is what the author seems to be doing here.”
          This would be true if every woman you date is exactly the same. Which is impossible. If you date a number of different women and (this would be far to many variables to even consider…age, attractiveness, social background etc.) and they all display that same character trait of cheapness, then it is within his “perception” to generalize.
          Essentially, dating IS testing and searching for alternatives is it not?
          Oftentimes, you wont see the red flags right away. Because that is the next line of thought; that men are not “picking the right women”. Which is another aspect of female logic. Not saying that is coming from you just putting it out there.
          Women do this all the time with men. With them, one bad apple can spoil the entire bunch. Hear it all the time. Men are dogs, men are jerks, all men think about is sex….
          “All men are rapists?”
          Is this ..projection? Do we jump at them for making sweeping generalizations?
          They contradict themselves when they face criticism, and will then say “it’s wrong to generalize”. It’s quite rare to see guys say it. I’m being general here.
          This is what we do in society. We generalize, we judge. The Scientific Method starts with a generalization.
          “…so, to him, that’s how women are.”
          Here is a question:
          Is the author wrong in his statement? Or an even better question..
          What is the likely hood that the next woman you encounter is NOT a cheapskate? You won’t know until you date her.
          The possibility exists, which is why generalizations are also used to highlight a trend.
          Authors also use these as a hyperbole for rhetorical effect. It makes us think about it.
          In the end, Perception is reality to the individual. We don’t know anything about the author to say what he has or has not done. I’m not defending him. But sample the readership. Men from all walks of life from all over on this comment board have numerous tales, or know of friends and situations that know what is like. I have dated women that are cheap, and some were generous. I have lived all over the US. The article is an opinion of someone else’s experiences with women wherever he is from. It’s better to simply be objective about it since it’s his reality and not ours.

        2. Interesting perspective. I’m of the opposite mind, though – I bristle at and back women down on unsubstantiated generalizations too. “All men are rapists!” gets a, “You mean like how your father raped your mother and made you? I’ll call 911 right now and have them come lock him up for his crimes,” from me. And then I take out my phone and ask them for their family’s home address and they freak out and back away from their wild claims.
          I’d feel a great deal of discomfort listening to a woman say, “All men are rapists!” and having to think to myself, “Well, maybe she’s been raped by every man she’s ever met,” because that’s just being objective about it, just as I would with hearing, “All women are cheap!” and having to think to myself, “Well, maybe this guy’s been used and bamboozled by every woman he’s met,” and not challenging either of these statements.
          Maybe it’s just a personal annoyance with people blathering on with extremist views and spewing their own vitriol all over the internet without ever stopping to consider whether the problem is them, instead of the targets of their blaming and victimization.

  28. When you go out next time, sit down, let the server go thru the preliminaries while they hand you the menus. Let them leave, excuse yourself from the table after 30 seconds, find the server on your way to the bathroom and tell them to make two checks; your food/drinks on one and whatever your date orders on the other. Wash hands in bathroom and smile in the mirror. The night is yours.

  29. Women at cheap? No shiat. They expect men to buy them what they need. Look at the James Brown song Man’s World.

  30. Last friday I brought a girl to my flat and she was just being so annoying. First she started tu use my laptop and demanding my password to login as myself, I obviously didn’t give her anything. Then she started to pour herself vodka drinks without even asking my permission, opening all the kitchen draws looking for glass, ice, soda, etc. The only reason I didn’t kick her out, was because I totally hate fucked her, but at some time it felt as a I have brought a 5 year old child… completely annoying… oh and this not happened in USA, it happened in Argentina with an argenitne girl

  31. I have not encountered this phenomenon which is really strange. I’m currently seeing three birds (living in the UK for the last 8 months) and all three of them more than pay their way. If they don’t at least wanna split then most of the time they’ll pay or offer to pay. This could be due to the fact that they’re more the “good girl” type than the typical British slappers – perhaps I’m sure if you just select your girls a little more carefully you could avoid the money grabbers.
    Also, I don’t think this is anything new for young girls to be doing. My sister and her friends used to regularly see guys (usually older) and rely on them to take her and her friends out and pay for them for drinks, food or clubbing back in the late 90’s / early 2000’s when she was round 17/18 years old. And this was in South Africa. Think about it – they aren’t earning much cash, if any and rely on their parents for support – so when they get cash they spend it on their appearance and fashion so that they look good, which in turn gets them more attention and suitors, and thus potential financial perks.
    So I think this kind of thing can be expected from the more ‘sociable’ 16 – 24 years old girls while the slightly older ‘good’ girls between 20 – 24 are more inclined to be less materialistic and be more inclined to pull their weight or more. If you want to fuck / see these social barbies, you should expect it to cost a little more. I prefer the good girls that haven’t yet realized their beauty because once you help them realize their full potential you are rewarded in so many more ways.

    1. This used to be pretty much my experience too. If a girl is working then she offers to pay.

  32. This is also the real reason why marriage as an institution is coming to end, because women can no longer mooch on the majority of men. Either because they out earn the men or the men are refusing to be slaves.

  33. Iv got to admit, I’m getting really bored of the constant female bashing on this website, in the articles and comments. Everything we dislike about women is stems from of our culture and how they are treated by men (beta). At the end of the day, all people (male or female) are going to take advantage of things if they have the oppertunity and have been told all they’re lives its okay to do so. If the roles were reversed would you not act the same? All I’m saying is dont hate the player, hate the game. All though I share mostly the same opinions, it’s pretty boring hearing everyone wine and complain about women all the time.

    1. It’s because the modern feminist woman causes most of the problems in men’s lives and they have nowhere else to complain to.

  34. Part of equalism means splitting the bill and splitting the work equitably between people, regardless of gender. I have to agree with you on this one. Several women I know need to step it up when it comes to paying for what they ordered on a date (and maybe taking him out every once in a while too!)

  35. I must have an insanely great screening process because every girl I date is the opposite of this.

  36. Like all things in life, the issue of guy’s paying is contextual and you can break all the rules and still win.
    If you have made it, have the resources and genuinely don’t care about $/£100 here or there, paying for stuff without keeping a mental tally and forgetting about it 5 minutes later will not come off badly, as long as you’re not taken advantage of and set boundaries, allbeit larger ones than other people. In the same way that people go out for drinks on the company, the company will still look at what you’ve got, and if you used it to pay for a taxi home from a takeaway while drunk on a saturday, then you’ve taken the piss and you’re fired, in this way you respect the one paying for stuff.
    However if you’re getting you’re life up and running, having to prove and establish yourself in a lot of areas of your life including job, then having a weak grasp of what goes in and comes out of your wallet is poor management of important things and weak – people smell the anxiety and stress on you of paying for things you don’t want to.
    When i first read mystery’s game, it was clear to me that asking to buy a woman’s drink as an opener or whatever is weak – if you are coming from the frame that 90% of guys are coming from, i.e ‘how many drinks equals a fuck for you or do I need to get you a meal too?’, this is not what george clooney thinks when he hands his credit card to the waiter at the end of the date without a second thought.

  37. One thing I learned (the hard way) after my divorce was that most of the women I meet and try relationships with are basically gold-diggers. In my during/post divorce haze I was in a relationship with one. I bought every time we went out, I spoiled her with gifts and ‘Ooooo – I really would like that’ things. I also lent her money and have yet to be paid back (I’ve given up on that sadly). When we broke up and I looked over the carcass of what was my finances (post divorce; lawyers, IRS, etc.) – she took me for $4000 total. A sum that still angers me today. In life you learn from those mistakes and now I always insist it is dutch on the first date. My FWBs always know it is dutch regardless.

  38. I got a call on my phone today, only to answer to an automated voice telling me that ‘I could be entitled to wipe off 70% of my debt if it was over £10,000’
    Its tragic that irresponsibility is now institutionalised.
    When your opinion of yourself is significantly decreased by being in debt, owing people favours and money and not doing the best that you can do, and this is important to you, it is often assumed that other people are the same, but the sad fact is that being a parasite is addictive.

  39. It does vary in different cultures. Nothing looks more ridiculous than seeing my wife and her sister arguing over who is going to pay the bill when they go out. Generally one will try and palm it and sneak off and pay it before the other realises.

    1. Family is different, most men would gladly pay for their sister, mother, aunt, etc.

  40. I’m from Ghana in Africa and thought this was a problem with African girls, but to think this even happens in America? Gosh, all girls are really cheapskates.

  41. So funny and so true! Have you ever seen a woman buy a round of drinks? I only know of one in my extended group of married and single friends who does. She buys them because she makes a lot of money and all of her friends are poor; she has to ‘buy’ their friendship. I also laugh at how women are such cheapskates around lunches and taxi cab rides. Three women get a $23 cab ride and spend 10 minutes trying to split it 3-ways w/ tip. Pathetic. Guys just say, “I got it” and move on. You also never see women buy lunches for each other. Guys? – I have a few buddies that are on the rolling forward pay model; “I got it today, you bought lunch/dinner etc. last time.” Done.
    One thing that is similar is how women get very bossy and upset about ‘keeping score.’ My wife has learned to not fight me when another person or couple offers to pay for dinner or drinks. I will usually tell them no, it is okay. However, if they insist, I always agree. I tell her that that if he wants to buy us dinner, that is fine. It obviously is something he feels strongly about, makes him feel good and it is actually rude of me to fight him on it. My wife used to get so upset and then remind me that we need to return the favor. I always do in time. There is always a right time and place to reciprocate. Women seem to not understand this concept.

  42. Thanks a lot for this article!
    Fortunately I live im Germany, were I can legally go into a brothel for having good value for money by banging honest girls: “You would like to fuck me? Its okay, pay 120 Euros!”
    I love that. No ambidextrous sluts make me pay for their believe that they dont need to give anything back they get.

  43. The VERY BEST and ONLY thing to do dude, with these STUPID, DUMB and MORONIC BITCHES is DUMP THEM, and DUMP THEM ALL N-O-W dude. and leave them, far, FAR BEHIND, for some OTHER SUCKER.
    Just one THING tho, do not, I REPEAT, DO NOT, EVER. let THESE BITCHES back into your LIFE, no matter their their situation is.
    Because they CAN and WILL repeat the same GAWD DAMN process ALL over and over A-GAIN, all because they ARE nothing more then STUPID, DUMB, IDIOTIC and MORONIC USER B-I-T-C-H-E-S, PERIOD.

  44. Why do you serve a fuck buddy ‘top shelf liqour’ and make her home cooked meals.
    You brought this on yourself by overpaying.

  45. Actually you are the cheap one, according to your stories, – if I guy I was seeing would ever elude that I would be paying I would not see him again, and so would most of my hot friends…

    1. “I am entitled to your money, give me free stuff because I’m a WOMAN!”. How sad, you really believe you shouldn’t have to pay for your own stuff while expecting the man to pay for stuff that isn’t his. Pathetic.

  46. Bought a girl 150$ worth of food and drink at a nice restaurant. Had only 50’s and 100’s in wallet, valet couldn’t break it so she paid the 5$ valet fee. Get home and shag followed by immediate sleep. Next morning make her breakfast and on her way out asks me for the 5$ back… I then ask her for my 150$ back. You can finish how this ends your minds.

  47. By now I’ve read a few of your articles – especially the one aspect of the feminists accusing you of having “mommy-issues” somehow got stuck with me. I thought about it – but…no…that’s not it. And here I found the aswer.
    These are the girls you’re going out with? These are your friends? Your potential girlfriends?
    No wonder you hate feminists. These girls play with you. You are a little lapdog for them. You are the source of their entertainment. They don’t have feelings for you. This is what girls do, when they are having fun with a man. They are laughing at you. You are their tool. Someone to take money from. Well, considering the low opinion you have of the female gender in the first place…no surprise there. They feel you consider them inferior to yourself – that’s why they use you. And for the romance and the appreciation they need, they go to someone who does treat them well. And doesn’t just hand-over money, because he cannot stand up for himself. You’re such a poor, naive boy. I feel sorry you.
    Where I come from they’d call you a Pantoffelheld. I think in English the term is “Pussy-whipped.”

  48. I just showed this article to my boyfriend.
    He wants me to tell whoever wrote this how sorry he feels for him.

    1. this site is why I hate people though. I hope I won’t ever meet a man who is such an asshole, basing every woman on some his bad experience with a stupid girl

  49. I’m a guy and guys have bought me loads of drinks as friends. You know how many times women have bought me a drink in 2 years? Twice. Yep, fucking twice. I don’t buy shit for women as a result.

  50. lolololololol, I can’t. This is too funky fresh for my bones. Reminds me of how my girlfriend completely paid for our trip, badges and hotel room for an anime convention when my work went out of season. How she works her ass off in a bakery and makes enough to take care of her disabled vet father. This article also makes me think about my single mother (she left my dad when he started drugging) who raised me, took care of her mother with cancer, and cared for her sister who couldn’t work for a year after being hit by a drunk driver. She lost her job, which paid $20 an hour, doing mass photo technician work when the whole world switched to digital, yet she still finds full time work and does her best to support her two daughters with her new husband.
    But I can kinda see your point, If you never had a strong female figure in your life it makes some sense why you would believe this.

  51. Fuck you. This is wrong. Stop objectifying women, we have rights too, we’re all human. How would you like it if women judged every decision you made? Feminists don’t think women are better then men. They just don’t want to put up with bullshit like this saying all women are the same and aren’t good for anything. Maybe you just need to widen your mind set a little bit. Don’t trick yourself into believing this. So many women contribute to society in ways you couldn’t even fathom, but all of our ideas get pushed down because for some reason women are less “qualified” to make decisions in some people’s eyes. We were all born equal and you are in no way better than anyone else. Stop shoving your uneducated opinion down everyone else’s throats just because you will never care enough to look beyond your own bullshit and realize writing things like this doesn’t help anyone.

    1. For the life of me, I can’t tell if you’re serious or not. Poe’s Law and all that jazz.

  52. You’re sad by stereotyping and thinking every girl is the same. When ever I go on a date with any guy I insist on paying for myself but they always seem offended and not take the money offered. What you should do is get to know some normal ladies who don’t just fall for your cash, and you are kind of a dick to make them pay for themselves while you’re the man. If they offer the money take it if you’re greedy or be a man and refuse it, and if they don’t then pay for them and delete their number straight away. If you don’t like the way it goes I recommend calling a hooker next time, cause boy there’s nothing for free. It’s us who have to put up with your over hanging soggy sweaty balls.

  53. When my friend got a divorce from his ungrateful wife, she thought she could live on her own. Within a few months, her windows went bad and the repair bill was 5 grand. In the old days, he would have found windows at a discount wholesaler and installed them himself for maybe 1/5th that. She asked to reconcile. He refused.
    For all the talk of the liberated, independent woman, most of them live like the
    protagonist of “Confessions of a Shopaholic”. That’s why many of them view men paying for them on dates as an entitlement for the expenses of “dates” for women of designer bags, shoes, clothes and nails. Most men don’t care about designer labels. We’re fine with a pretty young girl with dollar store painted nails and Burlington Coat Factory clothes that they have worn for the 2 years. We don’t want them coming in a burlap sack, but a decent set of clothes doesn’t break the bank.
    It’s ironic that the value of a decent, breadwinning man today is as valuable as it was back in the old 1950’s.

  54. I’m a girl and I pay for my food, movie tickets, b-ball game tickets, etc. when I’m going out on dates with my boyfriend…every time.

  55. I pay my own way. I’ve contributed $437,000 to my partnership with my husband. I work full time, I cook, I clean, I spend moderately. I wouldn’t want it any other way. I am an American woman. Not all women are the same, just as not all men are the same. Use your brain.

  56. And who’s the fool spending money on these bitches just so he can get his dick wet?

  57. This looks like another post about a guy who hasn’t encountered females before and is ‘spouting off’ based on assumptions due to frustration without ever having spoken to an actual woman (as opposed to a blow-up doll). Every woman I know offers, and then insists, on paying her own way. There are a lot more cheapskate, trashy guys than there are girls. Savor trying to find a new way to screw people over though, you pathetic POSs.

  58. First observation is that the major asset that women have is their looks, and frankly I a willing to pay for that albeit not explicitly. The hottest woman I have been with in over a decade said flat out in her online profile: buy me a gift. So after a bit of discussion I dropped about 20 bucks on a cute little sundress. On our third date it was her birthday and she wanted a gold necklace. I found something nice for about $150 and she fucked my brains out that night.
    Secondly, women are cheap if they don’t value you. Once they have an emotional attachment then they start to buy you stuff. My present girlfriend comes over and basically says: here are some clothes I bought for you, try them on while I wash your dishes and then we can have sex.

  59. …funny how i was thinking exactly the same…nothing seems to dry pussies more than having to reach for their own vallets..

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