This Accidental Experiment Shows The Superiority Of Patriarchy

Patriarchy has been extremely successful, despite its recent vilification. Most cultures worldwide are patriarchal – to find examples of successful matriarchal societies you either have to turn to ancient history, remote outskirts of the world or feminist fiction. However, this hasn’t stopped the feminist collective from queefing out books and even a hashtag hailing the end of patriarchy in a textbook example of incestuous amplification.

What patriarchy, after its apparent downfall, will be replaced with remains to be seen. Hamsterizations aside, there is surprisingly little data available about what life would be like in a society made up of only men or only women. An enterprising social scientist might want to perform an experiment where groups of men and groups of women are left to their own devices, having to work together to survive against the elements and build a civilization from scratch. However, this scientist would have a very hard time convincing ethical review boards that the inevitable suffering of his participants would weight up against the value of the data.

Luckily, reality television is not bound by ethical constraints and once in a while, in its never ending quest for viewer ratings, reality TV accidentally performs a very interesting experiment that social scientists would never be allowed to do.

Quite a few years ago, I had the pleasure of watching the Dutch version of Survivor (Expeditie Robinson) with my feminist roommate. That particular season would have two islands, one populated by men and one populated by women. My roommate had been promoting that particular series to me and the other students in the house for weeks because it would show us, according to her, what a society run by women – free from the evils of patriarchy – would be like.

And it did. Oh it did.

Here is what happened: initially both groups were dropped on their respective islands, given some supplies to get started and left to fend for themselves. In both groups there was some initial squabbling as people tried to figure out a local hierarchy. The men pretty much did whatever they felt was necessary – there was no leader giving orders. Men who felt like hunting, foraging or fishing did so. Another guy decided he was fed up with sitting on sand and started making benches. Others built a hut that gradually grew and evolved. Another guy cooked every night. Within days a neat little civilization was thriving, each day being slightly more prosperous than the previous one.


The women settled into a routine as well. The hung up a clothesline to dry their towels, then proceeded to sunbathe and squabble. Because unlike men, women were unable to do anything without consensus of the whole group. And because it was a group of at least a dozen women, consensus was never reached. During the next few episodes, the women ate all their initial supplies, got drenched by tropical storms several times, were eaten alive by sand fleas and were generally miserable. The men on the other hand, were quite content. There were disagreements of course, but they were generally resolved.

Eventually, the people running the program decided something had to change. In order to help the women out, three men would be selected to go to their island. In return, three women would take their place at the men’s island. The look on my feminist roommates face during this episode was priceless.


Initially, the three men selected for the women’s island were ecstatic, for obvious reason. But then they arrived at the island and were greeted by the women.

‘Where is your hut?’, they asked.

‘We have no hut’

‘Where are your supplies?’ they asked, dismayed

‘We ate all the rice’


And so on. The three men ended up working like dogs, using all the skills developed by trial and error in their first few weeks – building a hut, fish, trying to get the women to forage. The women continued to bitch and sunbathe. The three women who were sent to the men’s island were delighted – food, shelter and plenty of male attention was freely available. They too continued to sunbathe.

And that my friends, is what patriarchy is. My former roommate, unsurprisingly, is no longer a feminist.

Now this might all be a fluke, a white raven, an exceptional case not representative of society as whole. But that particular season of Dutch Survivor is not unique. CBS broadcast several Survivor seasons in the US, where men and women started off in separate groups. In most cases (the Amazon and One World), the result was the same. The men quickly got their act together, getting access to food, fire and shelter while the women spent a lot of time and energy on petty little squabbles, eating their meager supplies, getting drenched in storms and generally being pathetic. The opposite situation, where men didn’t get their act together while women quickly built a functional micro society, has not yet been observed outside of feminist fiction, and it probably never will.

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731 thoughts on “This Accidental Experiment Shows The Superiority Of Patriarchy”

  1. The women were just not lucky. It was not their fault. You sexy misogynist. This TV show is unrealistic. Think about how I must work hard constantly to prove that I am a strong and empowered woman.
    I hope you got the irony -_-

    1. Don’t worry….I’m sure there’s a few posters on here who are more than happy to take your sarcasm literally and scream about how it is “proof” that you’re lying about your gender.

  2. Schopenhauer, one of the most influential philosophers to have lived, had this to say about women:
    “Women are directly adapted to act as the nurses and educators of our early childhood, for the simple reason that they themselves are childish, foolish, and short-sighted—in a word, are big children all their lives, something intermediate between the child and the man, who is a man in the strict sense of the word.”

    1. I used to read stuff like that from Freud and Marcuse and think ‘omg, how sexist’. Then I looked around, and realized it was all true. Einstein said WWIV will be fought with sticks and stones. If the feminist ‘war’ on men is, it definitely will be.

      1. Hey, I hear you. I used to believe men like that were misogynists and so on as well. It was hard to accept that all this talk of equality was nonsense. Reality has a way of smashing you in the face though.

        1. We judge others based on how easily we can form mental narratives about them. Men who talk about women like that are ‘misogynists’ who are ‘just bitter’ because ‘no woman likes them’.
          The reality is pretty much the opposite. The men who had women falling all over them were usually pretty misogynist by today’s standards.

        2. just a quick look at the “Mad Men” phenom proves that. Feminazi bitches just looooove the womanizing alpha male the show presents. yet they are so damned stupid they don’t even see any contradiction there.

        3. Speaking of that: I’m currently banging a post feminist girl. She started woman’s studies classes at her college, she doesn’t bring up anything much about it. We’ve never had a conversation about feminism or women’s rights. She’s got the female symbol with a fist on the top of her back.
          I’ve told her i like being single but have fun with her, she said nothing wrong with having fun, she’s stuck by so far, she dresses up in sexy outifts for me, grabs me beer out of the fridge, doesn’t question my decisions and brings positivity to y life.
          How is she submissive and acts accordingly you ask ?
          I maintain my frame, stay alpha, do what I want, fuck her good, pull her hair, slap her ass. She becomes putty in my hand.
          This wouldn’t be happening if it wasn’t for the ROK writers, ROK members, and Roosh V forum. My hat’s off to you gents !

        4. Nice story but I wouldn’t waste time with such scum if I were you. Why reward her wretched behavior? If you are truly an alpha you should make her drop her Bitch Studies class.

        5. notice i said post feminist, she created those classes, she’s not in them, and it was years ago, she’s obviously flipped.
          The only reward she gets is a good fucking and the load to go with it.

        6. oh when you said “started a class…” I thought you meant “began taking a class”.

        7. If you want even more hypocrisy, do a google search for how many of them were defending Bill Clinton’s RAPE of a woman in Arkansas.

        8. Or…she has him brainwashed and “allows” him to think he is the big “Alpha” because it serves her purposes…at the moment.

        9. Yep, and they swooned at the Lewinski affair, wishing it was them. They threw the scorned Hillary under the bus and rallied around Womanizing Willie.

        10. Making her do it is not Alpha.
          When she tells him she did it of her own accord he knows he’s Alpha.

        11. I encourage to write and share your experience of coming to terms to help others.

        12. I’d consider her 100% refeminised if she can cook, clean, sew/knit, make babies, nurture them, please her man and stay loyal to him. Maybe she can do all of that except the last two.

        13. I honestly doubt that because I’m seeing genuine displays of affection towards me, even after she found a condom wrapper underneath my bed one of the first few times we hung out lol. (we’ve been fucking since late January, along with a few other regulars & randoms)
          I have no problem losing her and finding another, I’m hanging with her because I WANT TO. Not because I’m infatuated, or getting the dopamine hits from the sex. I keep it max twice a week seeing her.
          Even if what we’re doing serves her purpose, it serves mine as well, so the war is at a stalemate, until she makes the next move, because I’ll maintain my frame and won’t compromise and do things on my own accord.

        14. I see what you’re saying here, but she did all these actions years ago. But I asked her about the feminist tattoo and her history with it. It was the first and last time we talked about it.

        15. She can do most of that, not dealing with babies. She def pleases me, loyalty ? I haven’t asked for that yet and I won’t until I want to, which won’t be for awhile since I’m slowly getting to know her, I’m very weary of females and their intentions. I’ve stepped back and thought with my brain and not my dick.

        16. It’s the biggest example but there’s numerous others. Feminists are more than happy to abandon their “principles” if the person responsible for violence against one of their “sisters” is a prominent leftist or other media darling.

        17. It’s because women want to be raped…. by a certain type of guy.
          If you’ve ever been told you’re too nice by a girl who shows interest, particularly if she’s a feminist, it’s because she wants you to skip all the game escalation and get all “rape culture” caveman on them.

        18. HAHA….no.
          It’s because of the same reason that they’re feminists. They are the type who will instinctively parrot whatever they’re told to believe……and when those in power circle the wagons around one of their old, they will do what a good little lapdog does and obey.
          I’ve seen the type. Their conditioning is so powerful that they’ll find a way to rationalize away positions that conflict with their “beliefs”.

        19. Good luck. But remember that what you’re playing with is more dangerous than nitroglycerin, about as sensitive to ‘wrong’ handling, and just as fatal (to you). Slip up just once…and it’s ‘game over’. Remember, the ‘legal’ system is HER friend, and is always on HER side.

        20. I have a novice question any books on frame building you can rec or is it all self improvement and trial by fire?

        21. Are you cohabiting with her? If so, BE CAREFUL! All she has to do is call 911 and say those three magic words “I feel afraid”; and be wary of the laws in your state about the time limit for when cohabitation becomes a ‘defacto’ marriage.
          And just be careful she ages — when she starts to talk about marriage, kids, or having a family, kick her to the curb. Feminists don’t want husbands or marriage, so make them live by what they preach.

        22. The only “misogynist” men are the violent, abusive thugs and ‘bad-boy’ types — and it’s truly astonishing how the women LOVE them!

        23. “…they don’t even see any contradiction there.”
          It’s called “cognitive dissonance”.

        24. Dude, the condom wrapper probably helped you, not hurt you. Infact I should leave more of those just lying around.

    2. I am not trying to be contrarian here, but just like the liberals control many media to support Feminism, what proof we have that the people behind this “reality TV show” are not anti-Feminists? ( remember how many “realities” are staged such as Duck Dynasty) .I am not implying that the women necessarily would do better, just what real proof we have? some of us actually need participate in it. Not see ,not believe, at all

      1. “what proof we have that the people behind this “reality TV show” are not anti-Feminists”
        If there’s evidence fine, but why would you need proof simply because the outcome contradicts counter-intuitive blank slate liberal orthodoxy?

        1. Because these women may be hired actresses, we need to question everything in life, that’s the way to be the most safe, since actually nothing could be 100% safe, we need them to hire Feminist activists and make them compete against some men, to see what a motivated woman could achieve

        2. feminist activists would be motivated by pride & ideology, so could be expected to behave atypically, even if they may still be lacking in self-sufficiency. No such circumstances will be ‘naturalistic’ however this may or may not have captured fairly ‘natural’ dynamics? There are no lab experiments for this sort of thing. The only evidence is history

        3. On 10-12-13 the food stamp system went down for 8 hours in 16 states. The viral vids shown from there prove that some people are so lazy even hunger wont make them work. You would have to search youtube for them because they are bad enough they get banned and moved around.

        4. Because the men in that season, unlike the women, had already had to demonstrate basic survival skills BEFORE they joined the series – they had to prove they could survive in a jungle before they could accede to the expedition and ‘join’ the women in the adjacent island. If you put a team of experienced FEMALE fishers, wood artisans and hunters and pitched them against basement-dwelling 200 pound betas, what result would you expect? I thought so. Also, female reality show contestants are generally selected on the basis of what would ‘make them patalable for the audience’ – attractiveness AND/OR bitchiness, respectively. Think Snooki. What makes her ridiculous makes her appealing – we love to hate her and her kin.

        5. Surrrre. Please show me where these female civilization builders are. Uh, huh, that’s what I thought. They don’t exist in history.

        1. Dude holy shit great find yet again re-affirming the truth of society, men make businesses work. She essentially comes to this conclusion herself in the last few paragraphs especially hitting out with “if i were to do it again i would employ only men”. A High 5 from Scotland!

        2. The irony is that she complains about women being discriminated against in the TV business yet she turns around and says she’d higher only men. Lol.

        3. The beauty of it is she maintains all the way through that men are overpaid compared to women then she concludes by saying that if she were to start another business she would only hire men. Frankly the only reason a lot of women get jobs at all is quotas, shaming and government jobs that are really little more than wealth transfers from hardworking men to useless women.

        4. Exactly mate, I’m a first year law student here in Glasgow, Scotland and in this first year of law school the hypocrisy of females has became irrefutably self evident. Studying law as you can imagine the course is divided along the lines of 60% women to men. The female hypocrisy became clear through my experience in tutorials (this is essentially a smaller class consisting of about 15 people overseen by a lawyer or a lecturer). Contrary to all these ’empowered’ women taking control of the syllabus the way this usually works in reality is that after the minute of awkward silence after the tutor has asked a question me and the two other lads fire away answers giving stacks of case law, precedents, solutions etc while the TEN women stay quiet for the whole one hour class some even having the audacity to take ‘selfies’ during the fucking tutorial. Two months of this went by and it was same old same old, the guys answering the case problems the chicks staying quiet and ‘snap chatting’ each other. I remember one tutorial which was for the ‘Law and Society’ class in which we dealt with women’s rights so as you can imagine these girls that kept their mouths shut for near enough two months (other than for sucking cock for free drinks at the uni bar) instantly started rattling out everything they’d been indoctrinated with since childhood i.e the patriarchy, old boys club and inherent male workplace discrimination. As dictated by standard male protocol me and the other guys kept our fucking mouths shut as far as dissenting opinion was concerned as opposition towards feminism in U.K universities isn’t taken lightly, (hopefully one of my American friends here can inform me as to whether that’s the same in U.S universities, I hint at poor Mr Larry Summers of Harvard here) this usually comes in the guise of endless chastisement from peers (feminazi’s) and liberal professors. I remember at the end of this tutorial the girls who rattled of their tirade against everything man when walking out the room pointed at me and a few of the other lads and said something like “I hate people who don’t pull their weight and ride of other people’s answers” to which another replied (most likely riding on the high of her tirade against the male tyranny lol) ” erm like yeah, women work twice as hard as men its like erm scientific fact we rule the workplace in terms of dedication”, needless to say the lads just about pissed themselves with laughter. As time went on in each tutorial since that Law and Society one i.e. contract, criminal etc the men were left, right and center firing cases, precedents and solutions where as these same ’empowered’ girls were just sitting back keeping their mouths shut and taking ‘hot selfies’. After our end of year exams we went to the university union (uni bar/club) to celebrate our exam results the guys unanimously got Firsts with the exception of one lad who got an upper 2:1 ( which is pretty damn good considering he’s all nightered every exam since he was born) where as when we got talking to the chicks from our tutorials about their results on average they barely passed the highest one we heard got a lower Third class pass mark (I’m not sure what the U.S equivalent of the First class pass is but for my university it just means a pass of 75% or over). I was at the bar talking to the more vocal femicunt the one who said something about women working twice as hard as men, I asked her what she thought about her result and I have still not forgotten her words she said ” eh it doesn’t matter i only picked law so I could brag to my girlfriends about it haha”. Being an avid ROK reader i wasn’t shocked more angered but I eventually became happier knowing people like her will most likely amount to nothing and that as soon as that chick hits 35 GAME OVER. This piece of information and the night with her hot German friend who was in Scotland on some EU university student exchange program was really sweet justice. If you’ve been reading this whole thing then i do apologize for making my comment this long but essentially this is what I’ve observed in my first year at university cheers to you all boys, have a good one from a 19 year old law student and a loyal ROK reader!

        5. Jeeb. your post was both top notch and hilarious but next time break it up into paragraphs.

        6. Good story, but if you are still concerned with “chastisement from peers (feminazi’s) and liberal professors” then your country has no future. If you can’t tolerate some chastisement, they will win every time. It’s time to stop caring what the enemy says or does in their lame attempts to shame you. Stand up for what you believe in, no matter the cost. Only then will you be able to call yourself a man.

        7. That’s true but to be fair it sounds like a major part of the problem was also her criteria for hiring them. Good luck getting “strong and independent women who fight for what they want” to actually behave like decent human beings and work well in a team.

        8. That sounds disappointing but not surprising. In England it is about 51% (and rising) women entering the legal profession now, with quotas having to be filled. Women are now complaining (see felicity Gerry QC) that women aren’t equally represented at the ‘top’ (so it’s men’s faults they’re dropping out to have children or find easier jobs) meaning social engineering for equality of outcome as well as equality of opportunity is now called for.
          I even spoke to an Eastern European girl who is a first year law student who said she was surprised at how some of the English girls just expect to pass by turning up.

        9. You have the right. As a reasonably successful male working here in the US at Encorpera, I can tell you that the majority of mistakes and errors made – are made by females. Of course if they were made by men they would probably risk losing their jobs.
          The females that make the mistakes and errors on the other hand — get promoted.

        10. Good story dude, but here in the USA law school is the dumbest waste of money for any young dude here. The ranks of new lawyers here is beyond excessive with no openings for them once they leave. Maybe its better in the UK.

        11. cracking example !!!
          the funniest thing about this is that if a man set out to form a men only production company, he’d be hammered with equality law suits and equal opportunity claims, before it even got off the ground…

        12. I can understand where you’re coming from as the situation, although getting slightly better, is the same in the U.K. Since the economic crash a few years ago all around the Western world the demand for qualified law students has significantly decreased. The great thing for me is that in Scotland unlike the rest of the U.K university education is free as the government pays for you so excluding the postgraduate diploma of legal practice I’ll have a minuscule student debt.
          One of the telling things about the job market I learned is that if you want a job straight away it’s best to stick to the practical subjects. The notion that high class law degrees will give you employment straight away is a frankly bullshit. I have two brothers the oldest one who studied law and topped his class had to spend the best part of a year applying for jobs at firms before finally getting a job down in London (well played i might add) whereas in contrast my other older brother who studied mechanical and electrical engineering managed to secure a job with Mercedes in his final year of studying. Although I have every intention of busting my ass to make it in the field I know that in about 5 or so years once I’ve finished university the job market will be extremely tight. But if I’ve learned anything from my dad and reading ROK you’re only going to make it in life if you bust your ass and do the best you possibly can.

        13. the saddest thing is that a woman with nice tits and a 3rd class degree, will get hired to a big law firm at about the same rate as a smart man with a 1st class degree.

        14. That sounds good on paper but try pulling off that shit in the real world.
          Its better to fly low under the radar – knowing what you know – and advance yourself.
          Of course, never pass up the opportunity to clandestinely trip up females any chance you get…lol.

        15. Please don’t be an apologist for the cowardly way of life. Being beta cowards who just want to fly under the radar is what got us where we are today. Real men wear their heart on their sleeve when the situation warrants it, and are never afraid to voice their opinion, no matter how non-PC it is. If you can’t stand up for what you believe in the context of a University classroom debate, you are hopeless. It is safer to do it there than just about anywhere else.

        16. I graduated med school in ’76 and have no idea what goes on in Unis today but I can tell you that the professors especially in law and med never missed an opportunity to make you look stupid or embarrass you. I don’t think that students today could tolerate this stuff. Here’s just a small typical example taken from an old TV series. And btw, were those female students actually taking photos in your class? Something like that would never be permitted in the past and in fact they would be throw out of class if they did or in fact anything the professor didn’t like.

        17. Yeah they did and at some points it was just blatantly done right in front of the tutor who was a PHD student yet he didn’t have the balls to pull them up on it he just looked and then went back to speaking about the questions we were issued.
          The more serious tutors and especially the lawyers wouldn’t put up with this shit so when it came to them it was done more slyly just when the tutor inst looking in the space of 5 seconds 1000 snap chat photos of some chicks tits are taken and sent half away across the city to probably some poor beta licking his mobile screen dreaming of some pussy.
          It’s sad to see that our education system on both sides of the Atlantic is abused by some in this shitty way.

        18. I can completely understand what you’re saying Toby but I tend to somewhat agree with the first approach mentioned by the guest comment. In today’s society voicing dissenting opinion to the feminist narrative can land you in hot water especially in the sphere of education, now I know I’m not someone prominent in a teaching position for example that will be fired for going against the norm but the question I ask myself is do I really want an angry liberal, feminist professor who I’ve just spent the hour schooling on the reality of female entitlement, bias and incompetency to later be marking my paper? No fucking chance.
          But your comment of where we are in society because no one spoke up reminds of the old adage “evil triumphs when good men do nothing”, and it is unfortunately right on the money.

        19. I know where you are coming from. I just see it as ceding the debate to the hysterical screeching cultural marxists, and white guys’ propensity to “go along to get along” is what gave these fools so much power to begin with. If anything is to change, we need to turn the table so that it is THEY who are afraid to voice their strident anti-white-male opinions. This will only happen when we stop caring about being punished for our thought crimes. We need to start shouting our position from the rooftops.

        20. Flying under the radar will get you mere survival at best.
          source: 43 years of flying under the radar.
          Nothing ventured, nothing gained, dude.

        21. haha thanks I wrote that at three in the morning last night in one fell swoop, I’ll remember next time to break it up evenly I know it might be a pain in the ass having to read a singular comment that fucking long. Cheers!

        22. “The office was like a Milan catwalk, but with the competitiveness of a Miss World contest – and the low cunning of a mud-wrestling bout.”
          The sad thing is part of me would still want to work at a place described like your article, but I am not man enough to tame 50+ shrews.

        23. Believe it’s time to make a political stand?
          Cultural Marxists have been losing debates against self-aware human beings for decades. But they still win hearts and minds because they have the most effective propaganda. E.g. “Justice”, “Equality”, “Gender is just a social construct”, “Patriarchy oppressed us for thousands of years”, “Take back the night!”, etc.
          Look into history and you’ll find that many stood up against them but lost miserably but not from lack of courage. Elite sponsors of social engineering control education (public tax payer funded schools, the ultimate weapon of indoctrination), the media (most media is run by conglomerates controlled by the tribe).
          The masses are asses. We have to be smart about making a stand. Use their own weapons and propaganda against them in a way that is both effective and clever: e.g. “Feminism is a social construct”.
          Time to learn practical politics: it’s brutal and effective.
          Here’s a good start (just ignore the race politics and replace with feminism, there is much to learn here):

          [audio src="" /]

        24. There is no such thing as ANYONE getting anywhere without at least a 2:1. Period. And chances are, if you’ve been accepted at any one top university in the UK, you’ve had to sit an LNAT. You’ve also had to avoid getting kicked out because of your results. Later on, you will have to convince someone to pay for your LPC, hire you in advance, then keep you in training for two years. Sorry, honey.

        25. I agree with everything you said. Time to use the left’s tactics against them. Everyone who cares about this should read “Rules for Radicals” written by a nation-wrecking communist snake, and used as the handbook for libtards everywhere.
          Who is it that is vulnerable to the false promises of “equality, justice, and compassion”? Women, and Christian beta males (with liberals comprising large numbers of both groups). They are the major two target groups to focus on.
          I could write a book about this (and I might), but one brief point is that the most effective weapon I’m aware of to win hearts and minds is to convince men of the simple meme that liberals=feminine beta wimps and conservatives=masculine alpha males. It’s the truth anyway, and it is very effective because beta simps will do just about anything to increase their chances of scoring some poon.
          Examples are abound of how masculine, conservative, womanizing, bigoted men get the lion’s share of hot women. Time to point out those examples, tirelessly, to any man who will listen.
          We must learn to distill complex concepts into simple memes, just as the left does. Here’s another one: Liberalism=White Genocide. Just make stickers that say that and plaster them all over town. It has a truth to it that resonates with anyone who has half a brain.
          And YES, it IS time to get political. Time to step out of the shadows, and make ourselves known.

        26. Just makes you shudder doesn’t it? Could you imagine if people like her had to give you legal advice or had some agency over your financial assets. I’d rather trust my 9AM morning shit with drafting a contract than this bitch.

        27. I have recently returned to university here in america to brush up on my skills. (It’s called continuing education). Have had several classes with the afformentioned femicunts.
          I have laughed at their taudry little shenanigans, and corrected their world views.
          I’ve also scored with 3 (now former) feminists. Rather easily might I add. After only a handful of weeks? I had them eating out of my hand, in the traditional women’s role. All 3 got black balled out of their little circles.

        28. Who needs the constant exposure to female drama, backbiting, whining, and catfighting just to get a paycheck? Not to mention the constant ‘walking on eggshells’ just so you don’t ‘offend’ some offensive harpy who’s constantly looking to be ‘offended’.

        29. wrong ghost story. like many ur confusing private with public. in my private life I stand up at every chance for it really matters. in my public and political dealings, could care less most of the X. go along to get along, less there’s a clear gain I don’t bother like most smart peeps incl alpha dogs

        30. exactly, power is power. time to scream is before they got power. b it with ur food, grades, judge or cop, best to go along to get along. who u get intinate with or close to is in ur purview of control

        31. Agree. Even worse, the woman received grants, loans, free rides, etc…to get that 3rd class degree. She took a spot that may have gone to someone more qualified.
          In the end (after her brief “career”), she marries a beta to play mommy. A true waste of resources.
          I’ve seen this happen many times. The professional woman opts out to play mommy after all of the time and money is wasted (carrying any debt with her to the new husband).

        32. Discipline is what is sorely missed today (good show, btw).
          Schools are all about the money (today). They just need more customers to sign up. This wouldn’t happen today because it represents a threat to the school’s bottom line (all schools).
          Even the schools with a tradition have traded up the tradition for the dollar. It’s sad because society needs discipline (badly needed here in the U.S.).

        33. Just beware of false “rape” charges and allegations, even for “rapes” that ‘happened’ decades ago or were completely fictional.

        34. “…some of the English girls just expect to pass by turning up.”
          It’s because that is all that they’ve had to do before now.

      2. Its good to be sceptical, especially of reality TV. However, Germanic countries are known to be feminist and egalitarian, so the likelihood of a anti-feminist or women bias is slim.

      3. I was lucky enough to have been one of only 2 men in a conference room with over 30 women including some proudly ex-military women when a big spider dropped down from the ceiling near the speaker. If your argument is that people wouldn’t avoid work to the point they would eat all their food and go hungry you must have missed the viral you tube vids from 10-12-13 when the food stamp system went down for 8 hours in 16 states.

      4. the real proof is the world you live in. all the jobs that are innovative, requires technical skill and jobs in maintainance(not sanitation/room service etc) are done by men. we dont see women in trucking, service, repair, construction etc… WE SEE WOMEN ONLY WHEN A SUCCESSFUL COMPANY HAS SET UP. they come up then and cry for equality. all the top companies has been set up by men .
        the day when women are atleast half the work force in the meanest of the meanest jobs then we can acknowledge equality.
        Remember this. The people you’re trying to step
        on, we’re everyone you depend on. We’re the people who do your laundry
        and cook your food and serve your dinner. We make your bed. We guard
        you while you’re asleep. We drive the ambulances. We direct your call.
        We are cooks and taxi drivers and we know everything about you. We
        process your insurance claims and credit card charges. We control every
        part of your life.
        We are the middle children of history, raised
        by television to believe that someday we’ll be millionaires and movie
        stars and rock stars, but we won’t. And we’re just learning this fact.
        So don’t fuck with us.” —– fight club.
        the same things cant be said of women because they donot do these jobs which keep the civilization moving forward. most of the jobs are a pink jobs which men can even do…………!

      5. 60 minutes in Australia did a segment in the 1990s? early 200s? where they simulated a plane Crash in the outback. One group of men, one of women, and their task was to trek to a lake for “pick up”.
        The men quickly formed up into roles (one guy was Moral officer, one was the navigator, one looked for food and one as in charge of camp fires and cooking), and got the job done. The women sat around talking about “feelings” and, surprise, surprise, NO ONE feels good when stuck in the Australian outback in 40 degree heat, and wanted to quit almost instantly.
        Thing is, in the real world, we need both the male pragmatism, and the female obsession with making sure we all feel OK. Men and women should work in unison, not in competition.

        1. “…Men and women should work in unison, not in competition.”
          Suuurrreee…tell THAT to the Feminists and Vaginazis, and let us know how THAT turned out.

        1. They have to stack the deck (when men are involved) or else women would never win.
          Want proof today? Have the best in the NBA play against the best in the WNBA.
          In that arena, we have the best athletes of both sides playing the same sport.
          The result: the women would get crushed.

      6. These “experiments”, like the one on this reality TV show, are not new. We’ve done them time and time, again, over the past few decades (they first start showing up on TV in the late 70s early 80s). Men versus women shows (or sports events – teams) because women were, again, trying to prove they were “just like men”. In most cases, the women could not compete (whether sports or surviving on a island).
        Men are very different (they get shit done). You have some arguing but they usually figure it out to complete a goal.
        Women will argue, complain, back stab, hold grudges, etc….and a goal doesn’t matter (even though they say it does). They’ll hold that grudge til the end of time with the mindset “that bitch is trying to destroy me”.
        You put these two groups on different islands – the island with men will always make gains (above and beyond) the island with women.

    1. GTFO magina white knight. We don’t want your kind on here. You will show respect to your red pill males .

        1. It’s possible, but it’s equally likely he’s just another omega male(with delusions of “alpha”) that’s so socially inept that he can’t detect even the most obvious forms of sarcasm.

        2. haha , that was a funny mistake, I’ll claim responsibility for that. I should not have logged on while drinking. Alcohol impaired my ability to read sarcasm.

        1. She’s adopted thank god theres no relation she’s pathetic and I hate her fat ass.

      1. you know as much as i do that women deserve respect……………………..if they lick my balls and fry me some steak

        1. I don’t need any woman to do anything for me. As far as sex goes, if you just turn that off in your mind, women have no device left to manipulate men with.

        2. Only coconut oil and grass fed butter in my kitchen. Good luck causing a heart attack with that.

        3. I assume you’re just saying this because you have this built up anger towards women because you’ve never been laid by one. You can’t blame women for your faults and having an attitude like this you’ll forever be a virgin. This post is referring to reality TV, I take it you’re American if you are stupid enough to think that reality TV doesn’t minipulate the viewer’s opinion on the ‘carefully sellected participants.’ They chose ditsy girls and masculine guys for a reason. There are plenty of feminine guys out there, take Justin Beiber and every other young pop artist/fan. Why didn’t they chose these males? Well explaining this to you might be too difficult for you to comprehend so I’ll stop there.

        4. Your post is 100% predictable Feminist bullshit. Nothing more than bumper-sticker slogans and scripted agitprop for the Useful Idiots. Let’s take a look:
          “You can’t blame women for your faults…”
          He didn’t blame women anywhere for anything. Since you’re stupid and indoctrinated you can’t understand that. You’re talking about things that don’t exist, but you’ve been indoctrinated to believe they do exist.
          “…and having an attitude like this you’ll forever be a virgin.”
          This is typical Feminist shame language to tell men that your cunt is a universal good and only if you agree with the dip shit Feminists will he have access to your cunt. No man that can improve the world he lives in, like the men in this article, needs your cunt. In all likelihood, your cunt will spawn other dumb cunts just like you, making the world they built a shitty place filled with dumb cunts (aka your offspring)
          “I take it you’re American if you are stupid enough to think that reality TV doesn’t minipulate the viewer’s opinion…”
          I take it you’re a run-of-the-mill foreign dip shit to think that men need stupid women like you. Your cunt is good for one thing. If it shits out a spawn that spawn will share your trash DNA. That’s the danger intelligent men are aware of.
          “There are plenty of feminine guys out there, take Justin Beiber and every other young pop artist/fan. Why didn’t they chose these males? Well explaining this to you might be too difficult for you to comprehend so I’ll stop there.”
          You should have stopped immediately and never posted a comment in the first place.

        5. Are you from the Netherlands? have you seen the show?
          Because i’m dutch and i loved this show.
          i agree with you that the comments are somewhat over the top, but this show had a great diversity of participants.
          of the 4-6 years i have watched this show there have been masculine guys, fat guys, ditsy girls, and women that have been in the army.
          there where people of all different kind of race and religion, and all kind of professions. one year you had a male cook and a female architect, the other year a female cook and a male fisherman.
          every one had their own little task and the people that malfunctioned where voted out of the contest.
          and no they did not only choose masculine guys, there have been multiple gay man on this show and most of them made it really far and held the group together. (not implying every homosexual is feminine)
          People had to apply to play along, of course the program chose interesting people. but still, already wanting to try this makes you quite a strong person.
          and last: over the 4-6 years that i have watched this show, women where almost always the problem in the group. there was occasionally a meat-headed guy that was full of ego, but most of the time it were woman who did nothing but bitch and tried to weasel their way into the competition.

        6. You really did not bring up Justin Bieber and be expected to be taken seriously. That idiot does not even know where Canada is on the map, let alone build a fucking hut. He probably would be found dead on an island and next to his corpse a bunch of cans and a note “THERE WAS NO CAN OPENER”.
          All jokes aside you actually agreed with the article but you are just too mentally challenged to realize that.
          “masculine guys” = masculine – male and even from your phrase = survivor and smart
          “feminine guys” = Feminine – female and even from your phrase = dumb and stupid, that would probably die on one side of the island a bigass hotel exists.
          So to sum it up, even you think that female are second to males, and THAT IS WHAT IS BAD. Since you think you will not do that because that does not represent you.
          That being said, there are a lot of smart women in the world, and even the smartest are not feminists, you want to be better than a man. FUCKING BE don’t go around the internet thrashing people. Stop crying in the mirror when you do not see your covenant (yeah i went there) agreeing with you.
          As an end, I freaking love women and everything about them, but I would not touch you with a ten feet pole. And no i`m not american.
          O and before i get jumped on by any wannabe amazon out there, i would read her post closely and see that i was right when saying she is to blaim.
          PEACE OUT!!

        7. STOP SENDING ME EMAILS. I have unsubscribed about 10 times. Why am I still receiving emails??
          Subject: Re: Comment on This Accidental Experiment Shows The Superiority Of Patriarchy

        8. and this my young flamer is why you decided to post as guest and not with a user name, no they aren’t going to put pop idols on an island so fuck off

        9. So if explaining your point might be too difficult for the person you’re speaking to to comprehend then what’s the point in even commenting? Clearly you’re not trying to actually have a debate on this subject, everything you said here was strictly a personal insult. You have no merit to your argument it’s all just lashing out at someone who said something that offended you, you’re not trying to resolve the matter but more so trying to manipulate it to make this person feel bad or insecure so therefore i conclude that you’re a woman and deem your comment invalid.

        10. i am far to be a virgin, but he is right… i have relationship, but we are still separated and i like it more this way. i can cook and wash clothes for myself, its easy and woman complaining about it are pathetic. well maybe i am not ironing too much and putting order in my wardrobe so perfectly, but i can live with that 😀 and actually, men are better cooks, look at restaurants, you can barely see women cooking there

        11. Let the adult men talk and go somewhere else with your shaming language — it doesn’t work anymore, and it shows that you’re either a feminist, a tradcon, a White Knight, or a simpering mangina.

        12. That’s because, to the spoiled and over-indulged women of today, cooking is a patriarchal invention that is “sexist” and “oppressive” — that’s why so many of them can’t even boil water let alone cook a meal.
          And for the feminists, tradcons, and White Knights lurking here — YES, I CAN COOK. I learned a long time ago in my teens; this last Thanksgiving, my Virginia Cream of Peanut soup got raves from the family.
          (And a tip for the other MGTOW: a crockpot/slow cooker is an essential item for your kitchen.)

        13. This isn’t just in today’s reality TV world. This “experiment” has been done time and time again over decades (one example: there used to be a show called the Battle of the Sexes).
          Men will never convince hard core feminists (now or ever) – even in the face of hard facts – that what this show represented is the truth. Women (feminists) have the luxuries, opportunities, benefits, etc…today because of men.
          Strip away all of the security for women in our society (today) and things would reverse. You only need to look at many third world countries to see that reality.
          Women have the luxury of “feminism” due to the protection of daddy government (in the west).

        14. Good points (I watched a few of the shows to compare).
          Yes, in every show you have nothing but females fighting and complaining (it’s in their DNA). Men would have an argument, figure it out (a solution) and move on. Women would harbor “feelings” and the attitudes progressed (in every show)…things didn’t “get done”.
          It’s the whole “getting it done” with men that shows the difference between the two. In the end, men know that they need to get shit done. Women will bitch, argue and complain “just cause”….it’s a disease.

        15. Women as wives aren’t required anymore. Men can live alone and seek prostitutes when they want sex. Far cheaper and you always get what you want.

        16. It’s not just that women aren’t required as wives anymore. It’s that so many of them have become unfit as wives. Over 50% of all first marriages end in divorce. About 65% of all 2nd and 75% of all 3rd marriages, end in divorce. 70-75% of all divorces are sought by women. Men are growing wise to the hypergamous nature of women and feminism has ruined many of them as companions to men. Between the courts and this nature of women, men woke up to the screwing and are turning away. Research MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way). Forget the prostitutes!

        17. Getting women into bed is easy. But soon they cease to attract. The charm withers. The mystique evaporates. Eventually you wonder why you even bothered. This may happen while you’re in the prime of life. Then you will redirect your energies and feel better than ever.

        18. True. It’s difficult to do (especially when you are young and your hormones are raging), but it becomes easier as you get into your thirties.
          But when you finally accomplish it, you wonder why you wasted so much of your time, effort, energy, and money on chasing women (especially nowadays, when women have so little to offer.)

        19. Other than insults, ad-hominem attacks, and shaming language, what was the point of your rant?

        20. I think feminism ruined large numbers of women. You are correct about women having so little to offer men. What they do offer is too often to be supported and have their lives augmented by men. Over 50% of all 1st marriages, end in divorce. The figures climb to 65% and 75% for divorces in 2nd and 3rd marriages. Women are the seekers of divorce in 3 out of 4 cases today. Since no fault divorce became the “norm”, and women are usually entitled to half the assets in marriages gone sour, it isn’t too large a leap to look at this end result and the above statistics and see marriage in the West today as too dangerous to consider. Those interested in a growing male phenomenon against this outcome are encouraged to research the acronym MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way). It begins with the red pill.

        21. What’s even the need to seek a whore, when one can get pussy for nothing. All the feminist nonsense of sexual liberation has affected women negatively. Now men don’t need to marry and provide financial security to women for sex. They can get if for free.

        22. I have 5 slow cookers / crockpots, from small (soup for two) to insanely (turkey) big, and you are right, but a great set of high quality pots and pans are an idea too!

        23. There you go, attacking his manhood by saying he’s never been laid. Whatever happened to ‘ending gender stereotypes’. And resorting to name calling? Those are called ah homonym attacks, because you can’t really refute what they have to say. Also, if you had checked you would have seen that equal numbers of men and women for each of these shows had college degrees. And the guys weren’t anymore masculine than any other guy you might pass randomly on the street or in a store. As for those feminine guys (kinda funny you mention the Beiber since he is no longer a kid and is going for a macho look) they are more rare than your average guys and normally would never sign up for a show like this. Now, I won’t disagree that reality TV doesn’t try to manipulate the show by picking and choosing who to put on, however for shows like this they don’t really manipulate the participants’ choices.

        24. This comment just to piss off the ‘Guest’ if she still has not figured out the unsubscribing part.

        25. Aside from turning off the great pleasure of sex, sex dolls are extremely realistic now and feel fucking great.
          It’s pathetic… I know. How could half the human population be less valuable than a chunk of silicone? So sad…

        26. That sounds awesome like a ray of hope shining into our dark world. BUT it’s not so easy. You know I’m telling you the truth because it’s hard to swallow.
          All of your efforts still support females through taxes. Even without marriage, they still steal from us all.

        27. The fact remains, motherfucker. Masculinity trumps femininity in every- fucking-thing. AND there is only ONE source of it. Women can only feign masculinity.

        28. Even when you try to sympathize with what is right, You just HAVE to sneak in a command to men. Fuck your crock pot and fuck you. Don’t tell men what to do.

        29. EVERYONE READ THIS POST^ AND CONSIDER THIS: How the fuck can you use reason and logic to fight an enemy who obeys neither? …
          YOU CAN’T!!
          Violence is not an evil conjuring, IT IS A TOOL!
          Our ONLY effective weapon against this psychotic TYRANNY is VIOLENCE!!!
          Please, I beg you… let us unite, organize, and destroy this evil.
          Should we attack one at a time we will be labeled “crazy” and “terrorist.”

        30. Yes, that’s true. However, irresponsible spending and debt acquisition will bring the system down in the near future and a lot of this foolish social spending will no longer be sustainable. The US economy is and has been tottering for the past 10 years, or more. Fundamental economic change has to occur or it will not recover.

        31. who wants to manipulate men its too much trouble and useless when i can do things myself instead of waiting around for them to do what they promised

        32. you darn right i sought a divorce i got tired of supporting his lazy butt and his family also. he couldn’t even clean house while i worked just layed around and watched tv all the time

        33. really i always thought it was mens attitudes of do this do that get me this get me that. make you own darn sandwich and get off you buns and get your own drink

        34. BS can you open a can without a can opener. can you go to the river and wash clothes and dishes. can you cook over a campfire using a rock as a pan, do you even have the ability to grow a garden, can the food or even hurt for it. i doubt it. i supported my family for 4 years in the high dessert while he set around wringing his hands and couldn’t even find work or truck in the water and wood much less chop up the wood.

        35. oh boy….we have another “exception to the rule” in the house, gentlemen.
          They always come out of the woodwork with these articles.

        36. Oh look we have female bitter troll on here. Their so cute when you get them angry and feminized.

        37. That’s because your not worth keeping promises for my bitter little pill. Go cry with the other used up old hags in your safe spaces because we don’t grant pussy passes here dear.

        38. Dee Horn So you got a lazy bastard and will never get over that fact. Let me tell you he is the exception and not the norm but continue to harbor your bitterness and continue to be miserable.

        39. You are such an utter coward you could not even use your discuss account name to post that.

        40. I’ve been doing that all of my life. I was raised in a family of six: my mom, dad, older sister, and two younger brothers. My dad always worked and did the more hard chores around the yard and garden when we kids were younger, and our mom cooked and cleaned while my older sister and I washed and dried the dirty dishes (we couldn’t afford an automatic dishwasher), dusted, and watched and cared for our two younger brothers (Mom also taught my sister and I to darn and hand sew).
          When my youngest brother started kindergarten, our Mom went back to college to get her degree in teaching; my sister and I ‘moved up’ and started doing the heavier household chores: she did cooking while I vacuum cleaned the house and learned to wash and dry our clothes (in addition to all of our old chores). All of us kids also started to help our father do yard chores as well as help in our vegetable garden (in the winter, we shoveled snow).
          As I got older, I took over mowing the yard (also learning about power mechanics and engine maintenance along the way) as well as some of the heavier yard chores. I also learned that I have a talent for fixing appliances, so I helped repair ours; I also learned to cook (and found out that it’s not as difficult as women make it to be — I’m no professional, but I know my way around a kitchen and I will NEVER go hungry).
          My point is that I know how to run a household and I can easily take care of myself. I don’t need a woman to “go make me a sandwich” or “get me a drink”, I can do that myself — in fact I can probably do it better than most of them. I am heterosexual, have never married nor have I ever fathered children, but I am not wealthy nor do I think that I’m handsome. Now — can you tell me just what does the feminised First World woman have to offer me that would make interacting with her justify that risk?

        41. I AM a man. My Armed Forces induction physical proved it to the Navy.
          It doesn’t change the fact that “a man on his own has to know how to take care of himself.”

        42. No, Dee went for the sexy bad boy rock drummer, jerk. She’s more pissed at herself than at men. Remember Dee: HYPERGAMY is not your friend!

        43. This bitter drivel that you post, reveals you for what you are, for all the world to see!

        44. Chaos reins in the female mind and heart. Beware the male that has to learn the hard way, the depth of treachery that a modern woman can turn towards him. When observed over perhaps 50 years or more, with several of them, a man begins to wonder what they are and why he ever wanted their companionship. Far too many aren’t capable of making far reaching commitments to men with determination ! They aren’t good risks !!!

        45. I think a lot of the difficulty of resisting sex is due to culture and peer pressure. Sure it would be hard anyway, but when you get constantly called a loser for not being a PUA at 14, and every single billboard and TV show has almost naked women almost all the time, that doesn’t make it easier.

        46. Amen. Sad to say it, but it’s so evil it must not persist. It cannot persist, and it will not persist.

        47. I am a halfway decent man. 38 years old. In good shape, decent looking, good finances. Average 6 inch dick (bigger around than normal though). Moral, I don’t cheat. Reasonably intelligent. You and me, lets go on a date and see what happens. Maybe we will both prove each other wrong

        48. I been living by myself since my thirties, I don’t need a Woman for anything. I grow and cook my own food too. It just is not worth it, I do what I want.

        49. I would like to see you survive a year without any assistance in any way from men. No use of deliveries by truckers, mechanics, remairMEN of any sort plus all the services MEN provide to society. You would not be able to use. Just plant you in a great big field with nothing (as most tools are made by MEN) and let you go for it. It would be great reality television to watch. Men have nothing to offer, rediculous. Then there are manginas, like the near woman you decided to marry.

        50. Same here but, I am one of 12 kids. We were raised with the same deal. When I was married my wife would bitch and complain all the time and put me down even though I could do everything she could do and do it better than her but for three things… Bleed for 3 days and not die, give birth and express milk.

        51. @ iamcurious Amen brother, I was able to do that in my mid 30’s after a bitter divorce. The feeling of freedom was exhilarating and allowed me to rationally choose who I wanted to be with. Nothing really feels better than to de-fang the worthless bitches.

        52. It’s better for all single people to pay higher taxes – single women do make good money, than for millions of men to lose their homes, their children, and a significant portion of their incomes. The burden is spread out, and married men aren’t raped by the system.
          And, if men get their acts together and act as a group, then we’ll have more power to influence the culture and government. Think that might just be on the horizon.

        53. Funny, every other divorced, strong, empowered cat lady has the exact same story.
          Obviously it’s because all men are lazy.

        54. Household chores are much easier to do now. There was a time when it was a full time job. Cooking required a lot of understanding of food preservation, you needed to stoke a fire with firewood and then pull the water out of a well. Then laundry was done at the lake with rocks and cleaning solution. Cleaning is much easier to do now as well. All that was labor intensive and women today whine about our modern day chores. Who do we thank for making it easier? The Y chromosome as usual

        55. Guest could also be an American feminist. They hate America yet they dont leave

        56. Ive been MGTOW for over a decade without noticing there was MGTOW. My First, and last, divorse left me destitute. After Awhile I realized that I had much more money than I realized. I still go out with women for sex and such, but always dutch.
          What lead to my divorse was the fact that she couldn’t, or wouldn’t do anything. Laundry on floor, dishes never washed, maggots in her car, pets never taken car of, list goes on. After that the divorse raped me financially and emotionally. NEVER again! Women want equality? Bullshit.

      2. Lmao, trolling. I fell for some of those too. Could’ve kicked my arse.


      4. Wow. How the fuck could you not notice his sarcasm? The part “logic” kind of gives it away.

    2. We´v got over 9000 thinking brains and they are all mentally raping women!

    3. Did you ever hear the story about the little girl who cried “Rape”? It goes like this. She kept using the “rape” word to control the men in the village and all the people would come to her rescue. She had her way and loved the way she could always get the men to respond to her false accusations. Soon everyone figured out what she was about and did not come to her rescue any more. That is when she really did get raped and everyone just ignored her words. Nobody was there to help her.

    4. Hi! No disrespect at all, but I would like to describe why I do not believe it is feasible to apply the results of this so-called experiment to the general population. I just started taking Stats a month or so ago, so please kindly overlook any mistakes, though I would be more than glad if you could point them out!
      First of all, I would like to point out the inadequate procedure this experiment used to choose its participants. It is obvious that these gentlemen and ladies are all from white, upper to upper-middle class families. This is hardly indicative of the general population. Results of an experiment can only be generalized to the entire population if the subjects are randomly chosen from the entire population the experimenter is attempting to describe. Thus, the results of this experiment cannot be applied to the entire population as the subjects are not indicative of the entire population it is attempting to represent (i.e. the entirety of the male and female genders)
      Second, I would like to ask if this experiment is simulated well enough that the conditions mirror real life situations. If the experiment does not emulate real life situations, it would not be accurate to apply results of the experiment to real life. In this case, the experiment attempts the replicate the experience of being stranded on a desert island. However, all participants are well aware of the fact that they will not be put in severe danger. Thus, they have a significantly lowered sense of urgency, leading to inaccurate results. In this experiment, the conditions obviously deviate from the real life situation it is trying to examine, causing the results to, thus, deviate from the truth.
      Lastly, I would like to point out that experiment has not arbitrarily divided the subjects into their corresponding groups (i.e. male and female) as it is infeasible to do so. Due to the inability to randomly assign experimental units to groups, the experiment does not represent a cause and effect situation and it is hardly accurate to imply that gender causes or influences capability.
      Thank you for your time and I welcome any critique… xD

  3. Maybe nuclear war really is the best option at this point, the post apocalyptic ruins would leave women begging for our help like it had been throughout history.

    1. yeah, nuclear fallout, black rain and skin peeling from our bodies in the perennial darkness of winter seems like a way kinder fate than a slow death by pussification

        1. Aye, same here. Knowing the “law” in such a way as to take it out of your life is rational, any other use of the “law” however is irrational.

  4. Hopefully all feminists will shut up.
    Just one thing: If this shitty kind of event continues in the ‘patriarchy’, or if it was part of it, whether forced (by women) or otherwise, where the women bitch and moan and the men work like dogs, OR the women come and invade a space occupied by men and find food, shelter, and male attention freely available – this needs to be expunged from there right here and now. This bullshit has gone on for two millennia unchecked, and men will keep paying the price. The women have to learn to contribute their bit, and toe the line if necessary when they’ve stuck their noses into our tents with a sweet feminine smile. Ugh.

    1. “Hopefully all feminists will shut up.”
      Keep fucking hoping. They’ve got more than equal rights now and they still keep screaming. They’ve got nothing to scream anymore except “I am fat, alcoholic, foulmouthed, out of shape, and tattooed like a 60 year old biker, and I demand the right to be loved and adored by a chiseled young Adonis!”

      1. Too true, women will never be satisfied with what they already have, it’s all about getting “MOAR!”
        Crack addicts ain’t got shit on feminist.

        1. “More” is not a bad thing; it’s inherently required for progress. Why do you think society has gotten to where it has? Because people wanted “more” in all cases. More free time, more luxuries, more survival, more safety, more intellectual stimulation, more more more. It’s human nature to want more, regardless of whether you’re male or female – you want more.
          The difference is less about gender and more about what’s allowed. If you let someone be lazy, they will tend to be lazy. If they have to work to survive, they’ll fight to get more. If they can slack off and have someone else hand them more for free, then they’ll just demand more and come to expect more without reciprocation.
          We, as a society, treat women like children, and so long as someone has the option to be a child forever, there’s really not much motivation to ever rise beyond that. If we stopped treating women like children? Yeah, the current generation would fail miserably beyond all belief. The vast bulk of the single mothers with children from four fathers living off alimony, child support and welfare would be screwed over when all of those disappeared… their children, however, would learn to work to survive as they’d be forced to grow up into adults by the time they’re 10 years old since they don’t have an adult to take care of them, just an older child.
          This has been seen time and again throughout history in such situations, though again, it largely ends up being that the mother treats her daughter with preference, so the male child is more likely to learn to be useful and the female child is more likely to act like her mother. If the mother is left to starve, however, and the daughter told to earn her keep or GTFO, she will learn to be a useful member of society as well.
          If, however, you go the standard route on here of “lol women are good for sex so keep a harem and feed/clothe them for sex” then you’re just going to train a generation of whores because all you’ve done is told them they can have all the sex they want and they’ll not even have to earn it, in fact they’ll be rewarded for being useless still.
          Hold women to the standards of men, force them to survive of their own accord, that they must produce work to live, and you find that women are quite capable of working hard when taught to do so.
          I’ve known plenty of women who are perfectly capable of working their asses off, many of them much more so than the average man: the reason is always the same, though, and it’s the same reason men tend to strive for excellence: because they have something to prove.
          The whole equal hiring practice dealie has led to most women just expecting to get a job and keep it despite being useless, simply because that’s what they’ve been told they deserve. They “deserve” respect for… for… for what? Doing less work? You earn respect, you don’t get it handed to you on a platter. As such, these women keep being told they deserve respect for doing nothing of value other than “working in a man’s job, which’s so hard!” and they’re given nil because they’re useless.
          The paradox, is that this also produces some of the hardest working women out there as well, the few who are raised by male standards and told they HAVE to do take pride in their work, and they don’t get respect unless they earn it… those ones realize that if you have your job handed to you for free, you have to work twice as hard to earn the same respect as a man, so they do exactly that if they want to earn respect.
          The problem is that we tend to generalize all women together as being useless. It’s largely true because this is what they’ve been allowed to be, and in fact encouraged to strive for: uselessness. When we look at the larger picture, however, we see that when you teach a woman from birth accountability, she’ll typically be a harder worker than the average man since she has to work harder to break even for respect.
          As such, if we ever want to see equality, it’s not going to be garnered through equal outcome of forcing women to be paid for playing in the ball pit and drooling on themselves, it’s going to come through forcing women to meet the same expectations men do, and after a few generations, it’ll naturally fix itself over time.
          The problem is people want to see things fixed NOW, so they try to shortcut it, and the shortcuts just exacerbate the issue further, making it worse rather than better.
          Equality is achievable within our lifetime, but it would have to start now, and it would have to be maintained no matter how many are sacrificed in the process from those not willing to take care of themselves. There would be an awful lot of collateral damage all around, and it would be a painfully black mark upon our record as a society, with enormous amounts of women starving to death… and this would cause a problem since it’d mean that women would be artificially increased in value, and men would start wanting to take care of women for sexual favours in return. This would break the entire plan, so there’d have to be a dismissal from men for wanting sex as well, unless a woman earned it by being an equally hard worker as the man.
          This would be hard on everyone, but it would produce equality in about 60~80 years or so once a few generations of women had been held equally accountable for their actions.
          But the chances are our society would collapse in the meantime or be invaded with its weakened infrastructure in the interim.
          Unfortunately, almost no one’s interested in equality. Not the feminists, not the “alpha males” (and the guys on here who call themselves alphas have no clue as to the definition, please stop bastardizing the term. Also, betas are closer to second in command, not doormats, the term you’re looking for is delta male.), and not the ones claiming they want equality.
          Equality is a long, painful process to attain, and everyone suffers during the process. Since we’ve already covered that people want “more”, not “less”, the chances of any generation being willing to be the one that lives in misery so that their grandchildren might be better off is slim. It used to be the norm, but they didn’t understand what was wrong; now that we know, it’s probably too late since most of us just want to reap in the benefits of a dying society.
          If you want women to be equal to men, the key is to hold them accountable on all levels in everything they do to the same level you hold men accountable. This includes the self-proclaimed “alpha males” being forced to reject sex from women who aren’t their equals.
          As it’s highly unlikely anyone on any side of the matter has the strength of character to actually succeed in that, feel free to return to your festivities and debauchery, just don’t delude yourselves into believing you’re somehow better in this matter by birthright. You just haven’t been given the option to be as much of an abject failure as most women have been allowed to be. If you had the option to be completely useless, have sex all day and do no work, yet still be respected for it, you’d probably be right there alongside them.
          Brag that you were held to higher standards and lived up to them all you want, there’s no shame in that. If anything, there’s respect to be earned from such, but don’t brag about being given the tools necessary to be a better person.
          Being handed the psychological tools needed isn’t an achievement, it’s still just having something handed to you. It’s just in this case, the tools given are chastisement, shame and accountability. They suck, but that’s what you need to better yourself. If you want to see women match you, give your daughters the same tools of chastisement, shame and accountability. They’ll hate you for it now, but they may thank you one day when they turn out not to be total useless husks because they were forced to better themselves to survive.

        2. The concept of Equality you’ve abundantly elaborated upon doesn’t exist, not only because of the reasons you stated above, but because it is a flawed concept of Equality, measured by your own subjective views.
          The truth is, Equality has never existed, nor will it ever exist in society, at least not between men and women. That’s because there are numerous social, psychic, spiritual, physical and biological factors at work, all of which play a part towards the development of the societal standard by which Equality is often measured.
          History repeats itself due to no lack of intelligence and philosophy, but rather because we, as human beings, are slaves to a biological programming that cannot be undone.
          Thanks for sharing your thoughts, but I stand to believe that suppositions proposed in the monumental void of pertinent evidence are fleeting rhetoric at best.

      2. They fucking well will fucking shut the fuck up. 😛 When their (and our own) safe havens collapse and the structures go down to reveal the kind of harshness which a civilization-less world will unleash upon them, they will scream out our names, the names of all men … first to help them out (we better not) and then in orgasm.

    2. You can’t get normal women to shut the hell up, not even the rare nice, genteel women, so I doubt very much that you’ll find loud, brash, arrogant grrrrl pwrrrr ™ slags shutting their pie holes anytime soon. Or ever.

      1. I admit it’s hard, people, but come on. The STFU knife thrown like cold water on a girl can work very well indeed when there are few or no men left to help them at all. No orbiters or white knights, or even a significant amount of them gone, will dent them badly. Very badly. How are they actually able to do all this babbling? Bouncers, police, bumbling idiots, etc. are enabling them. Usually ’cause they’re desperate for sex. When sexbots or some other ‘plethora of female’ day dawns, watch what happens to the happy, satisfied men who didn’t get to tap anything in their lifetimes and the disgruntled, skanky hoes and slatterns who fill up our planet. (Not the real women.) They will have the choice to do what they’re told or suffer 100% rejection.
        Voila tout.

  5. You know, this gave me a good idea. Find an empty island, get some supplies, and send feminists to colonize it. They won’t be feminists for long…

    1. ‘Where have all the good men gone???!!!!!!!’
      ‘There are no real men at all on this island!!!
      ‘Can’t a real man step up to the plate now????!!’

    2. Someone once said, “Without men, civilization would last until the oil needed changing.”

    3. Actually, there have been 3 ‘lesbian communes’ that have attempted this so far. and failed utterly. “But the concept is sound!’ they exclaim bitterly.
      One of those, sassafras, has been thoroughly explained away as being a failure of ‘cooperativeness’ and ‘closeness’.
      in addition, the ‘egalitarian’ communes have also failed, although the ‘kommujeres’ in germany..sorta work, but they are capped at 30 people, and ina 30 person ‘tribe’ pretty much any sort of government can work.
      However, male-dominated ‘religious communities’, ie. branch dravidians etc. do not fail. They get shot up by the FBI, shut down by the EPA and DEA, or blown up by the NSA, but they don’t generally ‘fail’ as such.

      1. Blown up by the NSA? Oh, come on man. You discredit yourself and your entire argument with idiocy like this. The NSA is a spy organization, they don’t blow things up.

        1. I was being rhetorical, talking about social interactions and infiltration, not explosives. Nice job desperately trying to figure out something to nitpick, though, PMSing?

        2. the government is a monopoly protection racket… like any mafia… thus should other organizations begin offering ‘protection’ they will simply defend their turf… like any mafia would…..

        3. No you were not “being rhetorical”. You don’t even know what that means. Stop talking for our side. You’re hurting us in the eyes of the world with your stupidity. The NSA does not blow things up. Others see idiots like you post crap like this, immediately see that you’re wrong, and don’t pay attention to anything else you say. Stop it. Just stop it, now.

        4. oh boo hoo hoo fuck you. Do you really think we are playing a popularity game here?
          Grow up. Popularity games are controlled by the MSM and elite, and put to work by feminism and liberalism.
          You are clearly another one of those retarded ‘shoulder to shoulder’ cocksuckers. Mass appeal is useless, fucktard. I will say whatever the fuck I want, go try to shame someone else.
          “hurting us in the eyes of the world”. who gives a fuck about the yes of the world? The eyes of the world are NOTHING. The eyes of the world will DIE when the American economy collapses. The place to make changes is HERE, not the rest of the world. Changes made right here, by individuals, make lasting ripples that will change the world.
          You commies and egalitarians and ‘concern trolls’ have had your chance. Go fuck yourself, it’s our turn at the tiller.

        5. btw I am not ‘talking for our side’. Just the fact that you give a shit about communal approval proves that you are not on ‘our side’. You are on the side of the weak, the pathetic, the approval-seeking, the white knighting concern trolls.
          I suggest you hang out at AVFM, that’s where ‘your side’ is at. Worship women speaking about men’s issues. Jerk off over wooly bumblebee and girlwriteswhat, desperately seeking female approval for your demands for ‘equal rights’.

        6. Lets not split hairs. Members of alphabet agencies have either blown things up or supplied the stuff to do so. In Philly people where trying to split hairs over was responsible for the MOVE attack, when the obvious answer was all of them. Unless you are more well informed than Snowden, stop saying what the ABCs do. Before Snowden if I said the govt has been spying on me, since I liked Angela Merkel of facebook you would think I was crazy.

      2. Just like socialism, which has NEVER worked! When the latest group of socialists are informed of that fact, their typical response is “That’s just because it wasn’t done right!” Insanity* in its most pure form.
        *Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again, while still expecting a different outcome.
        Ex.: “But the concept is sound!” = “That’s just because it just wasn’t done right!”

        1. Oh, I know… standard socialist reply. “Socialism has never worked” “That’s because socialism has never been tried!”
          Hurr Durr. I miss the days of lining people like this up against a wall and shooting them.

        2. Tell that to the socialist monarcy of denmark, where socialism, does work, and has worked for the last 50 years.
          Recent sandnigger immigration has made this effort harder, but i can assure you that the ideology works..

        3. so you are pointing at an ideology that has ‘supposedly’ worked for less than a single lifetime, that is already prey to it’s own weakness, as ‘working’?
          ANY government can work for less than a single lifetime. From breastbeating socialism to thought-control tyranny.
          Try again, commie.

        4. It’s been observed that Socialism only ‘works’ until it runs out of other people’s money.

    4. Even better send the food over in large containers, like 50 lbs. bags, or 5 gallon buckets.

  6. Psychopathia Sexualis (and I paraphrase): “Whenever a society becomes too successful, the men become effeminate, the women corrupt the courts, and the society crumbles.”

    1. Fixed:
      “Whenever government gets too big, the men become effeminate, the women corrupt the courts and destroy their families, then society crumbles.”

      1. Fixed:
        “Whenever men become effeminate, and allow women to make the government big and corrupt the courts, then society crumbles.

        1. It’s more like :
          The layers of protection provided by agriculture, construction, mechanization, technology and telecoms…. cushion a society so that women have a louder voice.
          Some men, (especially worthless power grubbing political types) forget the roots of their comfort that are provided by hard sweat and blood (a barrier to control nature – making life easier) and begin getting wrapped up in emotional social bullshit normally reserved for women.
          They do this because women make up a large part of the comfortable society and represent an easy target to pander to.
          The most laughable thing about it is that it’s essentially the female role to ‘handle’ all that emotional social bullshit, but instead of handling and building their own women’s politics, education and institutions and working along side men to make a better world… they simply invade the men’s world and end up dragging it down.

        2. “They do this because women make up a large part of the comfortable society and represent an easy target to pander to.”
          Men pander to women to either make themselves wealthier, or get votes and gain power.
          As always, The 3 Gods in this world that most people worship; Money, Power and Sex are behind every action humans take.
          Females are little more than useful idiots that feel they are accomplishing something by “taking a stand” and making making important statements on “Twitter” .
          What simpletons they are.

        3. Let us not overlook that the worthless power grubbing political types actively do the bidding of their elite sponsors (follow the money). The elite patiently brought about this social engineering in a focused and concerted effort over many decades, even centuries if you go back to the equality ideas of the enlightenment period. They do this to control and destroy us.

        4. Karen Straughan has an excellent video called “tyranny of female hypoagency” that describes the reasons women invade men’s worlds. Her theory is women’s power comes through coopting men to do their bidding. This video is worth watching.

      2. makes sense as we are seeing now but do you guys have any examples of other nations in the past that crumbled?

        1. Rome. They actually had the West’s first “feminist” movement, and got to the point that Roman men were mocked by other cultures as being wusses. The movies we see today are from when Rome was a badass patriarchy, but the Western Rome basically withered away under undue stress from social programs and giving their women too much power (which is to say, any power whatsoever).

        2. actually no. every great civilization in the past had feminist movement, feminism merely prove to be one more regular milestone in the lifestory of an ageing and decrepit civilization. For more read “the fate of empires and search of survival” very interesting read and red pill material.

        3. Interested in your recommended reading, I searched for that book on Google. I found on “The Fate of Empires and Search for Survival” by John Bagot Glubb. Under the title there was the link to buy the book on Amazon. I clicked it and the link was dead, Amazon said the page couldn’t be found. I then searched the title directly on Amazon, and it wasn’t found, but the first search result if gave me was “Mothers, Leadership, and Success” by Guy R. Odom and Terrel H. Bell. Seems rather strange. I bet feminists complained about the book to Amazon and so they stopped stocking it, and some feminist Amazon employee replaced it with this fem-friendly schlock about mothers and leadership. You can always find these vestiges of feminist censorship not so well hidden online.

        4. You also find subtle examples of leftist/feminist censorship in any bookstore if you REALLY look and observe the display and presentation of their books.
          A few years ago when bestsellers by conservative male authors were being sold in the bookstores, many customers noticed that they had to ask the staff for them — it turned out those books were being kept behind the counter and in the back rooms, while the other bestsellers (that were written by ‘acceptable’ authors — i.e., feminist and leftist ‘PC’ types) were prominently displayed and taking up the majority of the shelf space.

  7. This situation is contrived, btw. In a survival situation on television, men still have their primary responsibilities, food, shelter, protection as front-and-center. However, in a real survival situation, women’s responsibility is pumping out babies. Absent of having to care for young, the women on these TV shows have almost no responsibilities for which they are suited.

    1. That is the point. Women aren’t suited to lead a village. They are suited for raising babies and interconnecting communities.

      1. they are not even that well suited to raising babies and interconnecting communities….
        if they were, then we’d have peace on earth and a utopian paradise by now….
        look at how much technology men have built to make a better society…. look at how far the family unit, child rearing and global politics has come in 2000 years….
        family life is a mess, there are more broken families, teen suicides, drug and alcohol problems than ever before.
        and if women were good at interconnecting communities, Michelle Obama would be having tea parties and kids birthday parties with the chinese premiers wife and we’d have global peace and co-operation.
        instead she’s attention whoring for the cover of Marie Claire, and basking in the limelight of being the first lady… whatever the fuck that means.

  8. This experiment was not realistic. Not at all.
    If we put an island with 3 men and say 20 women in a REAL SHTF situation with no outside help in sight, it would go like this.
    Alpha male declares himself king. Takes ~18 women for himself.
    Beta male #1 and beta male #2 become his officers. Each gets one woman of average quality.
    Then the men build weapons and a house. After that the best looking 5 women become alphas harem, others will be responsible for cooking and cleaning and others for foraging and hunting (=servants, slaves or whatever you wish to call them), all under the supervision of the 2 beta males who themselfs are controlled by the alpha (king).
    That’s how it goes in the free wild. Strength > feminism

    1. Eventually, a hierarchy develops. But the point is the initial result is that the men work together to overcome problems. Women are not built this way. They prefer to create the problems.

      1. Women indeed create problems, and bigger problems for men.
        Perfect observation.

        1. women tend to create problems and drama to entertain themselves, get attention and sometimes to win power…

      2. Or the women stand around, complaining and bitching about the immediate problem(s), waiting for “George” to solve the problem(s).
        And once the immediate problem(s) are solved, they start complaining about something else — sometimes a petty problem, or creating a make-believe problem so that they can complain about it.
        Just like modern Frankenfeminists and Vaginazis do.

    2. Not necessarily. Those mindless polygamous societies were all but overrun by the stable one-man-one-woman societies. Even Islam made polygamy necessary because of all the men dying in the wars. Stable marriages with one man highly motivated by wife and kid always trumps over the one where the Alpha rules over 5 unmotivated Betas and hoards all the women.
      That’s why feminism left to it’s own devices would lead straight back to mud-huts.

    3. Wrong. In a situation like this is almost entirely dependent on the nature of the environment and the people’s skill mix dictating the the power structure. If one guy can hunt and he’s the only one who knows how, it matters not if he’s 5’4, bald, hairy, stinky with 3 toes and a stammer. He’s the man and everyone knows it. Their survival depends on him.
      Zombie apocalipse! Who would you bet on, club promoter Jersey Shore guy or Grizzly Adams redneck motherfucker?

      1. You need someone to be king, because there will always be disagreements, and someone has to arbitrate and make the final decision.
        The downside for the king, is that if he fucks it up, then he might be overthrown in a coup.
        In any group, you need someone to take the lead, and be responsible for the outcome, and this authority has to be recognized by the rest of the group.
        Which is why in any male-dominated, goal orientated enterprise, there is a strict order of seniority.

    4. In your dreams. I think it would be more like Lord of the Flies, after #2 and #3 team up and kill the king.

    5. That situation is more for chimpanzees.
      And you know what those two chimp betas do?
      They team up and kill the alpha male. The chimp betas actually hold each other testicles in their hand as a signal of trust (either one of them could crush the others’, neutering it).
      I’d imagine humans would connive similarly.

    1. It goes beyond not caring. The hapless women probably even despised the “booring” men doing boring stuff like building stuff. Placing far greater importance on sun bathing to look good for the show’s producer; who is, after all, the alpha male in all this….

  9. There may also be another mitigating factor: medical nano technology . They can produce sperm from bone marrow which means now dykes can have babies. The japanese have claimed to have developed an artificial womb. Just a matter of short time when we start popping kids out of a blender or something. Whatever the case, the future is going to be a freak show

    1. the present is a freak show. More of the same is easy. If one day I decide to have a kid, I don’t want to walk too far to the nearest vending machine

    2. And why would dykes have babies? Even non dykes don’t seem to want them anymore; preferring to have some government sanctioned lackey in a white coat rip them to pieces and toss them in the trash.

      1. For what ever reason dikes have kids, there seems to be a narrative push for gay parenting to be considered normal. I don’t know what would be worse them having a boy that would hear man hate all his life or a girl that would get licked all day.

  10. I’ve decided that since this society hates me for the “crime” of being a man, I’m going to take as much as I can out of this society, and give as little as I can back. I encourage other men to do the same. If enough men do this, there will be a critical mass and a day of reckoning when the Lords of Lies, the Plundering Politicians, and the Media Mayvens will be brought to their knees. They have already bankrupted this place by their reckless fiscal policy, let’s just make sure that they don’t put the yoke on our backs to pay for 40+ years of Liberalism and the effects it has wrought on this once proud nation.
    I literally have no vested interest in seeing things continue the way they are. I know that many other men feel the same way.
    There are two options: adopt a minimalist lifestyle and save every dime you make so as to remove as much money from the System as you can, and take it somehwere else when you expatriate; or you can do as Aaron Clarey suggests and live a minimalist lifestyle here at home, making as little money as you can, $15,000 a year or so, which will have the effect of starving the beast of what it needs most – your tax dollars.
    I am sick to death of the Matriarchal State stealing half my money to give it to poor damsels in distress on their bastard children, and using my own money against me to put yet another nail in my coffin each day – telling me how awful I am for the crime of being male in the 21st century. It’s time to fight fire with fire. Let’s make our existence here purely a mercenary one.
    This society sailed men down the river over a generation ago. It’s time tor return the favor.

    1. Destroying society won’t be “getting them back.” It’s exactly what they want. They want you to despair and quit.

      1. I’m all ears if you have a better plan that doesn’t involve having a Red, White and Blue cock stuffed up your ass every day.

      2. What they want is mindless slaves. The new common core math teaching will try to kill off the ability of people to do math in their head.

    2. Living on 15k$ a year in the US isn’t enjoyable, choose the other option.

      1. 15K a year? I would call it “living”. Even “surviving” would be a stretch.

      2. Have you even read Clarey’s proposal for minimalist living? Or are you just throwing shit up on the wall to see what sticks. Use game and get a bitch to pay for some of your living expenses with her free gubmint check. I know a guy who does this quite well. Or best of all, as has been said, “It doesn’t take much for a man to live on.”
        It depends on what you want. Do you want a shiny new technogadget and cookie-cutter sedan? Or to refuse to feed a system designed to make you into less than a man?

        1. You sound angry.
          I’m not criticizing minimalist lifestyle, it’s my philosophy, but 15k$ in the US is still awfully low.
          Anyway, if you want to “starve the beast”, the other option is best, earn as much as you can and spend it in another country.

    3. The important thing is men need to withdraw their financial support (i.e. tax revenues) from a society that treats them as villains and second class citizens.

    4. If you are hoping for a collapse you had better be able to go 10 years without buying food.

  11. if women ran the world wed still live in huts. in asian socities they say they are overgrown children due wearin their emotions on their sleeve. very few respond rationally.
    u can look at some isolated tribes thay are matriarical in asia n they are livin like a 1000yrs ago.

  12. what these experiments actually showed is that women would die out if men arent there. the only thing we nedd of them is just breeding thats it. its like they are a factory for makin more men so we can survive n thrive in nature. this is essintially pre islamic ancient bedouin philosophy.
    if men n women were 2 different species that reproduced asexually. the world would be a sausage fest and the only females species will see would be their remains in a mueseum.

    1. Bollocks. Just the male species would be lions, the female zebras. Herd animals and top predators.

    2. the science that we are taught is just one way of looking at things….. we are taught science like it’s a gospel truth, but it’s just a relative view point… everything in the 4 dimensions is relative to your point of view.
      taking a different point of view…. let’s make the entire sexual reproductive strategy involve 2 separate species with a ‘symbiotic’ relationship. each needs the other to reproduce.
      females can be the life and soul of the party … eg. Bees, Lions, Polar Bears etc… they do all the hard yards… in others the males are more important.Bulls and Stags protect the pack etc.
      in humans, the male takes a lead role and the female takes a parasitic role… some parasites like your intestinal flora are useful and symbiotic… others are destructive…
      it’s got to the point where we’re moving from the former into the latter….
      what has caused this is the 5% of females that are actually quite brilliant, capable, smart etc….. trying to force their way into male roles….. fair enough in a way if they can cut it….. but the other 95% don’t cut it…. that’s the problem.

  13. LOL!!
    Like I’ve said before. Men build civilization and women get the benefits from it. Equality? Sorry, that’s pure fiction. It’s a man’s world and always will be. Maybe it’s time most beta men get their heads out of their asses and realize that attempting to put women either on a pedestal or pretend that they’re “equal” is nonsense.

  14. Great piece! This site just keeps getting better. Not surprised this show didn’t air in the US. Heads would have exploded. Anyone got a video they can link?

    1. the link is in the story but its in Dutch. You can still grasp most of what was covered even if you don’t speak it.

  15. I think the guys should have at least been rewarded with sex for the things they did for the female colony. And the lucky bitches who got to move to the men’s colonies and got to access food, should have been made to fuck before they could eat for free. And made to COOK. A little bit of Big brother style sex in the survivor would have made things more evident – that women’s actual purpose on this planet is to provide sex for reproduction. Sunbathing seriously? What were they thinking? Is this survivor or survive the sun? Ain’t bothering much about Dutch bitches now – guys should only fuck them and let them dry their cunts in the sun..

    1. Since the men were basically saving their ass, providing what was necessary and so forth a little obedience and service is not asking too much. Their is a natural hierarchy to life. No amount of legislation or some twisted political ideology is going to change reality. If anyone is “sexist” it’s nature.

      1. Another great patriarchal system is what you see in lion prides. The male sits and relaxes, while the females hunt to feed the male and the family. It makes perfect sense as the male has to be well-fed and kept strong to fight off intruders. Modern women could learn from that,
        Modern feminists consider themselves as “lionesses” without actually having an iota of the industriousness of actual lionesses as seen in the wild. The female human species of the modern feminist society has fallen much below than the female species of the animal kingdom, as exhibited by the lack of industriousness of these “modern” women, in this survivor series.

        1. I think this is the nail on the head.
          Like much of modern anglo society, a core trait of feminism is the belief that you’re entitled to be treated as “special” without having to a damn thing to earn it.

        2. before computers, there used to be armies of female secretaries working punch card machines, manning telephone switches, secretaries, personal assistants etc. etc. etc…. there was a time, especially in WW2 when this paradigm was in place…..
          women did all the bitty work, to keep the men hands free for the real battles…

  16. They should have just let the women into the men’s area in order to see which woman would fuck her way into comfort the fastest. I mean, this is “reality” tv, isn’t it?

  17. I’ve got a funny story that proves how true this phenomenon is regardless of the circumstances. One of my earliest internships during school was on a trading floor on one of the giant banks you’ve all heard of. The entire intern class was given the same project and told to select their own small teams to work on it.
    I went straight for a few of the other business or compsci majors I knew (all men, no surprise) and arranged a team of four. The girls mostly teamed together, but there were a few mixed teams too. Two weeks later at our halfway check-in, my team and one other were already done. None of the girls-only teams had even agreed on who was going to do what within the project.
    HR, in its infinite wisdom, decided that this somehow wasn’t “fair” and redistributed the groups, breaking apart our male team to “help” the girls figure out how to do bond pricing analysis and make a trade recommendation.
    Keep in mind that this is a top-3 investment bank. How you’re preparing your future employees for a completely meritocratic market where intellect and talent alone are rewarded by coddling them for their own inadequacies beats me. Years later I still can’t get help but laugh at how ludicrous it was that we literally weren’t allowed to win because we were better.

    1. Since all major companies are contributors to the feminist cause – no surprise there. However the top dogs of all major companies are mostly chosen by merit and the bitches can scream all they want – there will never be equality, because it simply cannot exist.

      1. I’m not sure “merit” is the word I’d use. They did a study on this and found that the most important factor in getting a board seat isn’t competence or providing meaningful input, but flattery of other board members.

    2. That reminds me of a time in junior high when we had to pretend invest in stocks. My group had me, my friend, and two girls. It was like 2004, so right during the early Iraq War. My friend and I wanted to ‘invest’ in defense and oil companies. The girls wanted to invest in Abercrombie because of their new fall line coming out.

      1. I went to an elite undergrad business program. The girls were physically unattractive, had masculine, harsh personalities, and still got fawned over by all the limpdicks. There were so many times I saw guys doing their homework or problem sets, ‘tutoring’ them with difficult material, or white-knighting in some other way.
        As always, when the girls hit recruiting and the few seats each bank set aside for ‘female hiring initiatives’ were full, they moaned about how unfair it was to see a firm taking almost exclusively guys for the banking or sales and trading internships.
        Funny though: when the guys were grinding out advanced corporate finance problem sets at 1am or staying in on a weekend to learn the complexities of interest rate sensitivity in an LBO, the girls were nowhere to be seen.

        1. The only females I have ever seen in a university library at midnight were Asian.

    3. And HR is always the problem (filled mostly with women). Instead of looking for the brightest and most competent people they are trying to make everything fair and equal (lol). This always leads to disaster (or at best average results). Sure, let’s be fair and average…isn’t that what we all strive to be, today? (lol).

  18. This would never make it onto American television. If it did the feminists and jizzebels would make some BS excuses. I am so tired of all the censorship, propaganda, and political correctness. The only thing slowing the country down from becoming a complete hellhole is the pissing contest in congress. I do not want to know what this country would be like is the liberals had total control.

    1. I do not want to know what this country would be like if the liberals had total control.
      They will when there aren’t enough conservative whites to counterbalance the liberal whites and nonwhites. We may be at that point already, in fact.

        1. Or when China stops covering our debt.
          That economically-retarded dimwit occupying the Oval Office doesn’t seem to understand that just printing a piece of paper does NOT give it value, in and of itself.
          But I guess that the education for a “community organizer” doesn’t include even one course in Basic Economics 101.

    2. The Republican controlled House is the only thing standing in the way of Liberal BS. If the Dems had the House, Senate, and Presidency, things would be infinitely worse than they are now….

    3. If you want to know what the country would be like if the liberals had total control, read Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”.
      It’s a long read, but it is almost frightening how prescient Ayn Rand was with this story.

  19. The value we contribute to a woman is only for how good her genetic material is for creating a MALE scientist or some other type of highly intelligent male that will advance the society. That is the only logical explanation one can conclude, and is why it it erroneous to judge a woman on her intelligence, it is only her LOOKS that matter as intelligence will come genetically from ONLY the male, the woman need only be a good presentable vessel that will guarantee successful assimilation of a male. The value of all women is to create the highest quality male that will advance the society/civilization and improve it’s survival, that is why the greatest pleasure is the release of our genetic material in the most genetically acceptable woman possible regardless of her intelligence, stop requiring intelligence in women, intelligence and civilization building is a MASCULINE trait and hence why the eiffel tower is simply a giant french schlong and why we build large phallic towers for pleasure that woman travel to in aww of these phallic towers and gaze at them all day long, that is all. I think the truth is evident anyway.

    1. Her genetic material is quite immaterial, intelligence is passed through the male.
      Her main value is how hot she is, how aroused she gets the male. The more aroused, the more population paste he is going to squirt.

      1. IQ is at least 85% genetic but we have not made any headway in finding genes for it since it is a 3rd rail. Dr James Watson who won the Nobel Prize for discovering DNA had to step down as head of the lab he created because he said the obvious conclusions of IQ being inheritable means equality cant exist.

        1. Have you ever noticed that Feminists and other Lefties are all for “Freedom of Speech” JUST AS LONG as they agree with it and are not ‘offended’ by it?

      2. Oh, my goodness. I am totally going to steal “Population Paste”. That’s hilarious. My childfree pals and I call it “Baby Batter”. Thanks for the laugh!!!

    2. Oh wow, are there really people this ignorant of genetics?
      Look up sometime what percentage of the genome a Y chromosome makes up. Hint: it’s minuscule.
      I have an I.Q. of 130. if you have children with a woman who’s go an I.Q. of 80, good luck getting children that can string two coherent concepts together, as your feeble attempt to rationalize your preconceived notions about women is a hilarious preview for what is to come, genetically speaking.
      I.Q. is inherited, but the average I.Q. of the *entire* population has been steadily rising. Why? Because we have better nutrition and better access to educational and child developmental material than we ever have before. Another hint: children raised in single parent households have lower I.Q. Parental engagement in learning, and providing emotional security so they can focus on growing those neuron pathways matters in “civilization building” I.Q.s.
      If your poor little brain can take it, have a look at this

      1. I think you fail to grasp the point.
        It’s not the fact that the Y chromosome makes up only 1% of the DNA of a male human cell. The point is that while having such small “fingerprint”, the Y chromosome produces what is nothing less than the most fantastic, and significant part of the human biology.
        That’s right, you guessed it. The thing that women hate. The thing which we are always blamed for thinking with. The thing lesbians even need a rubber version of. And the thing that MTF patients will never experience having, because it’s hardwired to our physiology and responsible for cultivating science, creativity, technology and more.
        The cock.
        You see, modern feminists, and all-around idiots look down on the cock like its this plague of society. But it’s the organ that drives the human spirit.
        That’s why low testosterone levels affect men’s productivity. Why athletes are encouraged not to ejaculate before certain physical events. It’s what gives men the edge, what empowers us to push beyond our limitations. It’s what women will never have and can never understand. It FUELS man and has created monumental levels of technological achievement.
        That’s why gender fluidity is a farce. It’s like telling a VW they can perform like a Lamborghini Reventon just because, from an anecdotal standpoint, the VW feels it thinks like a Reventon, even though being a Reventon has NOTHING to do w/thought, but rather by its build and engine.
        Women are constantly trying to emulate being a man, but they completely miss the point. Wonder why they haven’t achieved what they feel eludes them, the wonder of being a man.
        That’s because being a man is biological, plain and simple.
        And you can’t create a man with surgery. You can only be born one.

  20. When I was a kid it was natural for us boys to go in the woods and make a village of improvised camps. Of course sooner or later a “war” would break out and all the camps would get trashed, but that was the fun of it! 😀 Nobody told us to do it, it was just in our genes. That’s what men are great at: building and destroying civilizations!

    1. o making forts so true. Even among us coddled overprotected kids with such watchful parents that nature is there like playing in a bunch of boxes as some castle or blanket forts. Even smashing stuff together to make like weapons or some powder of certain rocks. Stick fighting and tree climbing was fun for me(sad part was a lil girl showed me but quickly became better). Or even seeing if I can make something out a somethin simple like a rope outta of a plant or something.
      Creating things is in our nature….girls just pick flowers and decorate

      1. yeah, when I was a kid me and only one other kid built a fort, with a palisade and even a 6 foot deep fire pit!
        That’s why I say men are BRED to work… we just need to find out what sort of work makes us happy.

      2. “Creating things is in our nature….girls just pick flowers and decorate” hahaha

      3. “Creating things is in our nature….girls just pick flowers and decorate”
        You just said that a little girl showed you how to climb trees. It doesn’t make you wrong, but I’m always amused by arguments that seem to refute themselves.

    2. Boys also like taking things apart to see how they work, whereas girls never do that. That says a lot about the cognitive superiority of the male mind.

    3. good observation… when it’s all built up there’s nothing much left to do but tear it down again….
      add in some bitchy females and too many rules and regulations and the tearing down is almost automatic….
      buy yourself a gun !

  21. Surprised?
    Men are designed to take charge and survive in a life or death situation……women are designed to nurture the young.
    Also worth noting is that the “princess” complex was on full display in these shows. Whereas in the past women would often make a meaningful contribution(like with the Little House in the prairie book they made me read in grade school) to the family’s survival efforts, these modern, spoiled, prima donnas don’t even understand the concept of having to work to survive. Without everything handed to them they’re helpless.

    1. It would be poetic justice if the lazy bitches in this program got skin cancer from just laying out in the sun all the time.

  22. Hmm. If you put a bunch of Mexican peasant women on an island instead of spoiled Dutch broads, I bet you would see a different outcome.

    1. So you’re saying that once the material of a prosperous society reaches women, they become ruined?
      That we should never let women financially evolve beyond peasants?

      1. you should never give women control of the purse strings, period. the only reason women have money in the west is makework jobs and affirmative action. they are a huge economic drain, and contribute virtually nothing to a functioning society that men can’t do much better.

      2. ONLY if they have to bear the responsibilities for their OWN actions! Their habit of wanting rights and unearned privileges without any responsibilities is PURE BULLSH*T!

    2. Only if you also have Mexican peasant men telling them to makem some enchiladas, they are mucho hungry already!

    3. If a woman is pretty much struggling her entire life, working just to make it to the next day, then yeah, she’s probably a better bet than a western woman. I guess it’s like conditioning a dog.
      I live in a large developing country and they are building a subway next door. The large 300 ton slide-crane-rig that they use is operated every night by a cute petite woman who dresses cute. Don’t know what to make of that. All the dudes seem to trust her fine. She’s Asian BTW.

    4. Plausible. They should make a series of experiments with different social milieus.

  23. Women generally can’t organize themselves, let alone a group, or anyone else.
    I’ve seen this is action myself.
    Back at university, I was big into the sailing club. We had male and female members, in about equal proportions, and would organize to all meet at a certain place at a certain time.
    Some of us would tow the boats, and some would just rock up.
    But without fail, I noticed that if a group of men showed up, things would happen… they were task orientated. They would want to rig the boats, start cooking the sausages, get some ice so the coke and beer was cold.
    The girls were useless. Not only could they not rig a sabot, they had no motivation to try. I think this was a combination of their assumption that a man would show up eventually to save them, and the realization that they would probably fuck it up.
    A man in that situation would try to figure it out. Probably fuck it up a few times, but at least produce something that could stay afloat and catch some wind.
    But the women, (as in the situation above), would just sit around, sunbathe, gossip, and just be generally useless.
    God knows what would happen in a ‘for real’ survival situation with a group of women, but it would be damn funny to watch.

    1. When that girl who was going for the worlds record of “youngest female around the world solo” Abby Sunderland failed some said that she was stupid to not lower he sails when winds got above a certain speed. I said she might have known to lower them but was not physically able to and didn’t know her limits.

  24. You can determine the truth about females just by looking at what they do for fun.
    Nightclubs are outlawed in Saudi Arabia simply bc women love nightclubs and dancing and competing for alpha / foreign cock. Most men are happy spending their weekend nights chilling on the porch with their wife / gf or playing games. Of course being complicit in that is a free woman’s worst nightmare.
    Men love playing complex video games created by other men. These games feature self improvement and world building. It’s funny even Asian girls love to party like retarded frat boys when they’re 28 and fast hitting the wall but you’ll be hard pressed to find an Asian guy who likes to party. It’s amazing the genetic difference between men and women even within a ethnic group that tends towards conservatism. Which proves tradition and stability all derive from men.
    Anyways it’s pretty obvious that women don’t give too flying fucks about anything except themselves n alpha cock

    1. Nightclubs are outlawed in Saudi Arabia ‘cuz Islam.
      If most men are satisfied playing games and chilling with their wife/ gf (and I don’t think most men are), then it is ‘cuz most men are boring simps who have little passion, drive or sense of adventure.
      Video games are largely a waste of time that don’t promote anything.

  25. The premise of what transpired in this survivor series could very much be the fodder for another article “this accidental experiment shows why marriage with western feminism-bred women would be a bad idea”.
    I wonder if these women got married – they would make lousy wives – like most women in the Anglosphere and modern feminist world. Expecting their men to slog it both in the office and home.
    This explains why the rational male in the 21st century chooses to put off marriage. Because it doesn’t make sense anymore to commit to a female parasite who’d leech of his sweat, blood and money, all for the supposed fallacy that she would give him sex and comfort on demand. The precise female attitude is seen in America, that’s why men knock up these bitches and let the state pay for supporting their bastards as these women themselves are not worth the type who’d make or run a home. Never bring home a cow when you can get milk for free.

  26. From the Survivor The Amazon wiki: “The season began with the contestants divided into tribes split by gender for the first time in Survivor history. The all-male Tambaqui tribe flourished early on, creating a sturdy shelter and fire during the first two days, while the all-female Jabaru tribe couldn’t get anything done. . . .Despite winning four out of the first five challenges, Jabaru quickly became a very dysfunctional tribe.”

  27. the American version od survivor did the same thing, except the women won, no joke. but this was dude to both female and male camps being on the same island.

  28. OK so is the patriarchy beta by nature or is there some misconception that all things alpha have nothing to do with civilization?
    I’m not trolling. Just wondering. There seems to be some active stereotype that alphas are the guys out partying all day and betas are the ones who are responsible for keeping the utilities going. Yet I have worked in many jobs and find that alphas run things well.

    1. I think patriarchy just values the male first, because given free reign the female will destroy everything and ditch the beta male. You can’t ditch the beta male because he composes 85% of the population, probably more, and then they will stop trying or revolt (obviously can’t revolt now, but betas go nuts sometimes like Brevik or the Dark Knight shooter). In a lot of patriarchies monogamy is enforced so that most men have a chance at marrying…. if it’s not and there are alphas hogging all the women, then this will lead to violent revolutions.
      I think women and liberals don’t quite understand that you can’t deprive men of companionship without expecting consequences…

      1. Which is why the situation in China (males vastly outnumbering females) ought to scare the bejeesus out of anyone paying attention.

        1. They will either have some major wars or they will benefit from eugenics, as the lowest 25% of men wont be able to get a woman.

  29. I’m not aware of any (successful) society/ civilisation which was built, organised, headed, and developed by women.
    The reason feminists have decided to take over in recent years is because conveniently, all of the heavy lifting (literally and figeratively) had already been done by men.

    1. Or maybe the civilization has come to a standstill, the heavy lifting for newer avenues in my opinion has been somehow outlawed these days.

  30. Female led societies might be more peaceful and cooperative but I say fuck that. Gals would run civilization like an HR department. There would be mass suicide from the vapid , inane chick talk. Men may be more violent and warlike but men created the Hoover Dam, Panama canal and the Sistine Chapel. Give me the power and the glory of the Patriarchy anytime.

    1. Women led the world and we would have nuclear wars. Women hate and jealous of each other.

  31. Kudos to the writer, you added this story as a comment sometime back, nice that you converted it to a full article, now I can share it much better.

  32. Women are baby factories. Reason being is because they can’t do much of anything else.

    1. I reached this conclusion myself too.
      It sounds bad, but taking into account all the evidence, this is the logical conclusion.

    2. And the sad thing is, that the majority of them are now showing that they are mentally and psychologically unfit to raise any of the babies that they now make.

  33. Civilization comes from the Y chromosome. Period. Anyone who fights against patriarchy is fighting civilization itself.

  34. I used to be a feminist because in high school I thought
    that all the smart women were supposed to become intellectual and ethical
    people who care about society and “social issues”. I wanted a
    high-powered law career and thought I would be making bank and also be able to
    afford a babysitter to raise my kids. This was me at 18. I started college and
    quickly realized that I couldn’t compete intellectually with the guys.
    Looking back, I wish I would have joined a sorority as it would have suited my innate biological desire to be caring, loving and social. My GPA and my social life
    plummeted to such a degree, that I began to understand how emotionally
    devastating it was to “act like a man.” My sister was trying to warn
    me about this, but her advice was contradictory. She told me that I should
    value being feminine more, but since I’m in college trying to forge a career
    path, I shouldn’t be having fun, but instead forget about having a social life,
    unless I really want to indulge in having sex with a hot guy, or get a
    boyfriend. Furthermore, I should uproot myself from my entire family and
    remnants of a social structure that I have in California, and move to the
    Midwest and try to get a job out there–because it’s cheaper to live.
    Basically, encouraging me to be some rugged individualistic male. I fell for
    it, and for two years, tortured myself by adopting a solitary personality,
    slagging away at reading and writing papers, and being confounded at why I
    couldn’t come up with original thoughts, didn’t have the mental faculties to
    focus and as ROK posters have commented about women in other articles, had to
    rely on the fact that I was good at regurgitating information, cheating with
    the help of men (essentially a “white knight”) and being super nice
    to teachers who gave me the occasionally A grade for being likeable. Which is how I made it through high school as well, but at least in high school I didn’t feel guilty about acting like a girl.
    Anyways, feminism is a social poison.

    1. Is this “for real”, or is this a joke? I don’t think that I’ve ever known of a modern female that had this sense of honest introspection.

      1. The common factor here is not anything to do with gender, it’s that self-aware and critical thinking people are rare in general.
        Believe it or not, some women can break away from the rat race. Some of us realize the power of social networks.
        Just like *some* guys can look beyond toxic masculinity. Some.

      2. She also hangs out on forums where people support the idea of gender fluidity..namely that masculinity is something that can be nurtured in the brain. Therefore, some women think they are gender fluid…biologically female, but their minds can slide male. It’s women like these that profess to be asexual, existing somewhere in the middle ground between male and female. So they think they’re too masculine to be totally female, but they don’t have a cock, so they aren’t quite male.
        Utter rubbish. It’s the neo/bio-queers of the 21st century.

  35. Civilization was built on greed and prejudice. Women care too much about social issues, that’s why they spend all day talking about tolerance or something while men get things done regardless of who we might step on.

    1. I don’t know, women are pretty damned good at stepping on people for social status too.

    2. Women are VERY slick at TALKING about ‘peace’, ‘cooperation’, and everything else that would make them APPEAR ‘good’.
      But as any man who has sat in a courtroom across from a future ex-wife has found out, they have NO compunction whatsoever about swearing falsely on a stack of Bibles, lying under oath, and crying ‘crocodile tears’ on the stand (and laughing about it in the hallway). When it suits them, they are without honor, ethics, or scruples.
      But this is to be expected from the same gender that heartlessly murder their own helpless unborn children by the hundreds of thousands every year — with the full support of society, the media, the legal system, and the government.
      Pay no attention whatsoever to what women SAY — watch what they DO.

  36. I agree with this, but please keep in mind that there a *few* of us women left who have the knowledge, skills, strength and fortitude to take care of ourselves. Not all of us are lazy, weak, whiney little bitches.

    1. I wish that I could have learned as a child all of the stuff that Boy Scouts learned!

  37. perhaps in the amazon or wilderness…but we live in a modernized world. or at least i do.

  38. Some anthropologists believe that the Neanderthals became extinct because it was a matriarchal society where there was no division of labour between the sexes.
    This resulted in the poor extraction of resources from the environment which lead to their ultimate demise.
    In other words, Neanderthal chicks wanted to ‘go grrl’ and join men in the labour force and fucked things up.

  39. The patriarchy is a defective system that’s not compatible with today’s world both socially and economically. That’s why the patriarchy is being demolished all around the world and those who insist on staying patriarchal will only lag further and further behind.
    You can cry and develop insane pseudo scientific theories all you want, but the serious studies and statistics don’t lie.
    Just google women empowerment smart economics and educate yourselves.

  40. “In most cases (the Amazon and One World), the result was the same.”
    “The opposite situation, where men didn’t get their act together while women quickly built a functional micro society, has not yet been observed outside of feminist fiction, and it probably never will.”
    The opposite situation and exception being Survivor Vanuatu. You might want to regard it as an exception to the rule but the statement ‘not yet been observed’ is untrue.

  41. One critical, fatal error with this post:
    There is no Patriarchy in the West. The Patriarchy died in the mid 1900s, being dead precludes the possibility of being superior.
    These girls (I shudder to call them “women”) are lazy and self-entitled and expect men to do the hard work for them. That’s a totally different issue. Bring in some egalitarian minded women and they’d cream these girls.
    Bad form, guys, bad form. Women aren’t inherently inferior. They are, however, victims of a radical feminist entitlement culture that demands all the privileges of being a member of society without any of the burdens. The Patriarchy, if it were to be revived, would actually keep women weak. I’d much rather live on an island where men and women build shelter-equivalents together and “Patriarchy” and “Feminism” gave way to an EGALITARIAN society.

    1. Women are biologically inferior. They have neither the strength and intelligence of men. I read it somewhere, women’s brain stops developing at the age of 16. But men’s brain continues developing. 16 y.o girl has same intelligence with 21 y.o girl. Maybe that explains why women are tall children.

      1. Not really true; what’s been found is that men have a more shallow bellcurve than women. This means there’s more average women than there are average men, but there are more overly stupid men than overly stupid women, and more overly intelligent men than overly intelligent women.
        This means more male geniuses than female geniuses, but also more men who are stupid than women who are stupid.
        In terms of actual average and median intelligence, however, the numbers between men and women are almost identical with virtually no deviation.
        For things like how “men are better at math than women”, the measured deviation is smaller than p-value, thus leaving the data as not statistically relevant.
        There are, however, some values which have been found to be largely different in how the male and female brains work; men are better on average than women at spatial orientation, while women are better than men on average at organizing information.
        The male brain is significantly larger than the female brain, yet the female brain is significantly more efficient in several key areas, especially related to conscious thought, memory creation/retention, and linguistics, which, as far as any test so far has been able to prove, seems to negate the size difference entirely.
        A more recent study found that the methods by which men and women process information is vastly different, but that the end, overall quality of the information found is pretty much the same, just the methodology of arriving there is different.
        There is, however, one major area wherein men are significantly superiour to women as a whole, which is often portrayed as women being the better of the two due to a failure to understand what the study said.
        Women are often claimed to be better at multitasking than men, but this is actually false. Both men and women suck equally at multitasking, as in everyone fails hardcore at it. There’s a small % of people who are exceptionally good multitaskers, but these numbers are almost identical for both men and women, so it’s irrelevant.
        The part that people got confused on, was that the study found that men are vastly more effective at hyper-focusing on a single topic; if a man puts his mind to working on a single thing, he’s much better at focusing only on that one thing and devoting all of his attention towards it, blocking out distractions. Women, in contrast, have a much more difficult time not having their mind wander, and are distracted more easily. This, of course, isn’t universal, but it is vastly more common for men to be able to hyperfocus than for women.
        This was just misunderstood as “if men are good at doing one thing, then women must be better at doing multiple things!” in reality, however, women are no better at doing multiple things simultaneously, but men are better at weeding out distractions.
        So, there is in fact the one area where men are more effective than women, but it doesn’t contribute to intelligence; it just contributes to being able to use their time more efficiently is all.
        As such, no, brain structure really doesn’t explain why many women act like children at all. That’s pretty much explained succinctly by treating women like children. If you let someone act like a child they will have no reason to grow up. Men aren’t allowed to remain children, they’re forced to learn to be an adult so… they tend to act like adults, though less so during the current generation, also for sociological reasons.
        The self-called “alpha males” act largely like children themselves in most regards, and the entirety of the MGTOW movement can be claimed to be acting like children as well; both are, however, a product of the society.
        Women who are raised to hold themselves accountable and responsible for their own actions tend to act perfectly fine as adults, which’s seen with great regularity, which kind of rules out the biological factor pretty fast. The issue is simply that most women aren’t taught to hold themselves accountable, they’re given a lot more leeway than boys, so you get tall children as you describe.
        If you let a woman act like a child, and reward her for it, she’s going to probably continue acting like a child. Not exactly rocket science, there.

    2. I would agree, except I do not believe the majority of human breeding population is compatible with a TRUE egalitarian society. Looking at how courtship works today it seems a complimentary society would be more suitable. Which would be patriarchal, but ideally not necessarily oppressive.

  42. Hi I really hate your website, and I think you are all a bunch of fucking shit bags who should fuck off back to hell! I suppose you think I am a white knight. If I was a white knight I would chop your head off with my sword and shit down your neck

  43. I watched Survivor years ago, there was 1 version where they split men and women, put them on different island. The women didn’t build hut as well.

  44. Got one comment. My wife occasionally watches “Naked and Afraid.” I hate the show because it puts the naked and almost completely un-equipped victims in untenable positions (like barefoot in a part of the African veldt covered by thorny plants….), but, on at least several occasions, the women have done better that the men, at least in my humble opinion. In most of the cases, the man was injured and/or suffered an infection which required him to be extracted. I don’t recall any instances of this happening to the woman, but I only see it in passing.
    Of course in NO case have they built huts, etc. Their stays are usually dedicated to finding or making enough potable water not to die of dehydration and keeping calorie consumption low enough to survive the 2-3 weeks without completely starving to death.

    1. I have seen these shows as well, and I cant help but think there is clever screening being done behind the scenes. Producers love to control the narrative.
      Another thing is that the people on that show are self-claimed survival specialists, and while I do not claim to be such a thing I could have carved out a significanly better experiance than MOST of those self avowed specialists.

    2. the only reason the men in that show need to be extracted due to whatever is because the women are too afraid of trying whatever it is that needs to be done so they send the man to do it
      an episode where the woman did nothing but hold down a hallow log while the man killed a boar inside it with nothing but a rock tied to a stick he made himself
      an episode where the man was seeing if food was edible or not but succumbs to a serious sickness
      women are either worthless in survival situations oooooor they are overly cautious and nothing gets done with their partner

  45. Here are a few pictures that sum up the effects of female incompetence:

    1. “Okay ladies, we want you to sunbathe and complain all day, to show everyone you’re worthless” is exaaaaaaaaaaactly what the shows producers said…. LOLOLOLOL

  46. I don’t even know where to start. There is no such thing as an “accidental experiment.” And you wrote this based on a reality TV show.
    Doesn’t surprise me that the person who wrote this is of the mental capacity to A) watch reality TV, B) think it’s real in any way, and C) think that anything that happens on the show could in any way be construed as an “experiment”, or something that accurately mirrors gender roles in our society.
    However mean your mom was to you as a kid, you need to let it go. You’ll never get a girlfriend by hating women to the point that even a mindless reality TV show can inspire you to write a blog post about it.

    1. Oh dear. Dear oh dear. Dear oh dear oh dear. There, there, now. Have your biscuit, obedient little boy.

  47. Amusing article, but unfortunately, it is very easy for someone to respond to this scenario by claiming that the women were acting as they were conditioned to, as were the men; the argument would go that women are taught to vie for social dominance over their peers for the best pickings of what the men produce.
    A detractor would further point out that of course a two groups of people, one likely with more experience in being self-sufficient in a survival situation than the other, will necessarily perform accordingly. Perhaps they might even go as far as to claim that women, given the same life experiences and expected to the same level as men, would be just as good at organisation and survival, which I don’t agree with, but the example discussed certainly doesn’t dismiss.
    What you’d really need is to actively control for knowledge/experience/expectations in some way for both genders, and then demonstrate that the females still fare worse due to innate biological differences- likely their downfall would still be infighting and general social toxicity, but probably over a longer period of time and without such a glaring quality of life differences as in the show. That would demonstrate the true lack of merit in a matriarchal society, and could not be waved away as parading around “victims of the patriarchy” or some such, to bolster the egos of men, as is usually (and to be fair in this case, correctly) done.

    1. Its alright claiming that women are socialized in a vastly different way that results in disorganization, but at the end of the day women have to live in the same society and work similar hours to men. Go to the same schools, read the same books, compete in similar sports. There really isn’t that much difference culturally that would account for their ineptitude in this scenario.

  48. A feminist could simply say that the women, having been molded by a patriarchal society prior to the reality show, were never given a proper opportunity to acquire necessary survival skills. I don’t buy it for a second, of course, I’m just saying it is impossible to intellectually corner feminists with facts and real life scenarios.

      1. facts are facts, how people receive them make no difference… feminists always reject fact for that reason, they accept ones they like. It has nothing to do with the merit of the fact, just if it suits them.

    1. Feminists will twist ANYTHING to suit their ‘Victimology’ narrative — look at what they did with the self-immolation of Thomas Ball!

  49. $4.1 sex see manual /// @

  50. Of the few things that the Bible got right, gender roles are perhaps its best subject. Women, due to their secondary sexual characteristics, are built emotionally. They work on feelings. This works for their child-bearing and nurturing status. Men are build, due to their secondary sexual characteristics, to be logical. They are build to manual labour (testosterone aiding in muscle growth, wider shoulders, etc.). The men and the women balance each other out. Men keeping the womens emotions from taking too much importance, and women keeping the mens logic from overthinking things. A feminist view is skewed, rejects all real scientific evidence, and in the end will lead to the downfall of the established state to a failing, emotional, inadequate system that will destroy the infrastructure of every culture it touches. Women should be equal to men, that is true. But they should not be superior to men

  51. Well, this is stupid. So instead of considering the fact that boys and girls are socialized differently and are encouraged to learn particular gendered skills from birth (and discouraged from learning certain “opposite gendered” skills), you’re going to jump to immediate conclusion that the inability to build a hut or forage/hunt/etc. must be some innate trait that could never be overcome by simple education. Can’t be that survival skills are learned! Can’t be that most of these women have probably been conditioned to prioritize doing typical housewife chores over what is still thought of today as “men’s work”! Great use of logic there, guy.

    1. Yes, because those men probably know how to build huts, fish without fishing rods, and simply survive in the wild. Come on, in this sort of technological society, the average man is no more skilled than the average woman in basic survival skills. I’m betting on the thousands of years of patriarchy coded in our DNA.

      1. Yes, dude. Out of all those men there probably were at least a few who were at least introduced to those skills as kids. I grew up in cities surrounded by technology, and I sure as heck was. I was also taught that these skills were “manly” skills, so I always paid attention when exposed to any information on the subject, while girls are taught that these things have nothing to do with them so do not pay attention. Further, there are studies that have shown that parents treat babies who they at least believe are boys rougher and encourage them to be more independent than they do with girls. You don’t think being taught to sit still and look pretty from infancy would cause girls to turn out a bit helpless as adults while boys who are consistently taught to go get their hands dirty would end up more proactive? Yeah. It sure as heck isn’t “coded in our DNA.” Men and women have the same DNA! The one chromosome difference we have shows no evidence of having hardwired instincts coded in, that’s for certain. All this is using an ambiguous situation to confirm your own sexist biases.

        1. Then we ought to head over to China and choose some top male and female graduates. Parents don’t allow either gender to work. They’re often spoiled, and never get their hands dirty. You won’t find many boys who spent their childhood exploring the forest, camping with friends, or doing masculine after school sports. My several trips there has showed me that TV is nothing more than Ninja Warrior type shows and “ancient style” soap operas. It’s about as close as you’re gonna come to having two equal groups of both genders.

        2. so men and women are the same? same desires, same instincts… that is feminist rubbish and completely debunked.

        3. carrying or finding firewood requires, like, so much ‘manly’ training hahahaha

    2. Good for you, Michael. I’m a woman and I’m happy to see a man stand up for women and their rights instead of just making the easy joke. Best of luck.

      1. he took the easy option alright, went with the social consensus… nothing is ever down to women themselves.

    3. …. but when they had to survive, it wasn’t a lack of knowledge that let them down.. it was laziness and bitching. Not an inability, you don’t need much, any ability to try, it was an attitude and an inability to work with others.

    4. so what exactly were the ‘gendered’ skills these women possessed? lololol

  52. Looks like a bunch of bullshit to fuel the ego’s of small dicked men like the author.

    1. so they made up the fact the men built these things and worked together while the women got no where, bitched and were lazy? it’s a patriarchal conspiracy? … but the same people who lied about women getting paid less for the same work?

  53. Patriarchy is what creates the culture in which these pathetic results are generated, you moronic idiots. Congratulations on stroking your dicks. Female suppression in culture and stereotypes of females is what makes them not strive to kick your shitty asses and prevail for their own ends, ending up with results as shown above. Get it? Women are freaks if they work like dogs – men like you will talk shit on them for not being ‘feminine’ enough. I wish you were born a female so you fucking get it. Some day you will, til’ then, fuck off.
    Shit like this is why I constantly fuck men over. Because I’m so god damn infuriated with how stupid fucks like you still exist, I try to make men on a whole suffer. Yeah, I know that I sound “ridiculous” etc. (It is.) But consider what the fuck you’re breeding in articles like this. All it really makes me want to do is just completely screw over every guy I meet, so congratulations.

    1. Wow, that was quite the hysterical tirade….It’s spelled ‘chauvinistic’ btw, so YOU should not be calling anyone stupid! Tell me something Ms. Femi-nazi, do you suck cock, or pussy, with that filthy mouth? Judging by the content of your misandry laced post, I think you are probably just the typical, fat, feminist, ugly, bull dyke bitch that will eat anything – except cock? So stfu!

      1. She is actually very useful in the sense that she sums up perfectly what she is: all sound and fury, signifying nothing. Without any doubt at all, she’d be in the non-productive section of that little Survivor experiment too. And then she’s be a victim, or more accurately: a survivor. A “Survivor” survivor!

        1. she is a perfect example of a woman unwilling to take responsibility. Just like the women on the island who would not do anything as they needed complete agreement, so they were not more responsible for any unwanted outcome.
          This was a classic feminist hypocrisy line “All it really makes me want to do is just completely screw over every guy I meet, so congratulations.” …. her aggression is men’s fault… like everything else.

    2. lol… even when women fail, it’s men’s fault. thanks for adding that point YMS(?)I
      Everything is anyone or anything else’s repressibility/fault except women! Feminism in a nut shell.
      …and you add in presumptions based on prior restraint and NO back up at all, all so you can keep your moronic belief that women are responsible for nothing… and when that comes to nothing bad, it’s female nature, nothing good… it’s oppression.
      I think you probably wanted to screw over every guy you ever meet before now, but the fact you would do that because of this… even further proves how moronic and vile feminism is.

  54. Women who participate in this kind of emissions are usually lazy and beautiful, they want to be famous. Maybe ugly women would be more hard-working?

    1. A good point. We don’t know the background of these participants. Were there a number of tradesman with the skills to make such things in the men group and were the women “princesses” who worked in offices ?

      1. you don’t know that either Andy. But you are still seeming to take that angel… wonder why?

      2. or did they pick a bunch of lazy dudes and ‘motivated independent and strong’ women to put the balance towards woman-power, but ended up failing miserably?

    2. ….. but surely the men should be of a certain similar type as well. Sometimes you have to ask yourself how many times you have to make excuses to keep your beliefs.
      men who participate in these things are surely the same? either that or men and women are inherently different… which feminism opposes, well except for “admitting” negative differences in men.
      Also, the experiment mirrored life outside the island pretty much exactly.
      less attractive women do have to do less, don’t less attractive men also?

    3. you know that women are actually less able to lead than men. not intellectually, women just are less inclined to take a risk, so to just do something without everyone agreeing, is a risk and the consequences of that would be on her. That is demonstrated in the show, not proven by it, it doesn’t need to be proven, it is already known.
      It does appear very black and white, the women utterly useless and the men really shining. Life isn’t that black and white. But this does show significant male traits and female ones. They are true, but in isolation from other traits and variation of character, ability, personality.
      The selection and the people who would go for this could be a factor alight, I really wouldn’t have an issue with that being given as a factor. But as it goes with what is known already, that really doesn’t matter.

  55. am quessing this is the reason why men is more dominent then women i quess i don’t know

      1. it is sexist to talk about women failing and/or perform a test that they fail at.

    1. how, showing women not doing well is sexist? discussing it is sexist? but saying all male society oppresses women and that men are rapists and wife beaters is not?

  56. On the women being a certain type for a reality show, as a feminist moron said in usual hypocritical blindness….. surely the men should be of a certain similar type as well. Sometimes you have to ask yourself how many times you have to make excuses to keep your beliefs.
    men who participate in these things are surely the same? either that or men and women are inherently different… which feminism opposes, well except for “admitting” negative differences in men.
    Also, the experiment mirrored life outside the island pretty much exactly.
    less attractive women do have to do less, don’t less attractive men also?

    1. I believe the rational argument is that on a reality show like Survivor, the women who are cast tend to be ditzy girls who will create drama and intrigue. The men are cast for their brawn and DIY attitude.
      So within the microcosm the show has created, it is of course idiotic to present this as some sort of mirror to reality. Of course the side selected for their survivor spirit will do better than the side selected for their ability to supply drama and eye candy.
      I know that your confirmation bias won’t let you see the logic here. But you are hurting your cause when you bend over backwards to grasp at straws like this.

      1. You know my confirmation bias won’t let me see the logic here! lol you have just blown your credibility out of the water in one sentence.
        You also ignore that is matches in pretty well with society, exaggerated, yes. Women are not that useless or incapable and we know that.
        Unfortunately you are presented with a situation and reject it immediately based on a speculation, or as you like to call it “logic”. There would be very little way a casting crew could know the women they cast would be so utterly useless.
        As for my cause? another presumption, you know… you did have an interesting speculation, but when you start making it a rock solid case to reject something that doesn’t suit you, reject my view in advance because of a confirmation bias you show in bucket full…. misrepresent me say it did mirror life outside the setting, which it does… men are the more active in industry, DIY and women are more into sunbathing and less interested and less able for DIY, also less able to lead a group… so I am not saying the experiment would be by it’s method a good mirror on reality, I am saying what it shows is mirrored in reality….. as for grasping at straws, well that goes well with you feminist “logic” i.e. weak tired rhetoric based in an ideology that has more than confirmation bias, it has one answer for everything before the question is even posed, and it prohibits responsibility for anything on women.
        In fact, you are mirroring the women in the program (maybe you are a man I don’t know) … they didn’t want to take the lead as they didn’t want the responsibility. As is life, males are greater risk takers so not afraid to take the lead.
        To say that shows like these sure cast in a way we should be careful what conclusions we draw, would have been a fair point. But the conclusions in the show are ones we see elsewhere to and are commonly known, so it more confirms and illustrates things in a very black and white way.
        But you frantic rejection of the linear take on this, your blind hypocrisy to your own blatant general bias as well as confirmations bias… well, it help a lot, so thanks.

  57. OR this might be because a reality show like Survivor will mainly cast women who are ditzy eye-candy, while the men they cast are resourceful DIY studs.

    1. are you saying that the majority of men they bring in are highly-skilled brain-iacs? haha

      1. No, I said that they tend to cast handy, outdoors-y types. Not sure where you got “brainiacs” from.

  58. How can you study patriarchy and matriarchy using experimental group composed of members of patriarchal society only? This is biased metodological hell. How can anyone call this “experiment”? (I’m a nature scientist and I feel like gouging my eyes now…)

    1. lol… sounds like the ‘communism hasn’t worked because it hasn’t been properly implemented’ lines.

  59. Good article. I think men are just naturally more diligent. Women make good care takers instead.

    1. True, they were basically waiting for someone to build a house around them, feed them and impregnate them.

  60. As a viewer of survivor, I’d agree to an extent. The problem with this accidental experiment, is that in order to have higher ratings, these shows generally cast “hott women” who live like this in their every day lives. I have seen quite a few women, generally older moms, who if you had an island of them it would run quite smoothly. Not saying that good looking women can’t be self sufficient, but they generally have people desiring to take care of them all their lives and are spoiled and haven’t been taught how to do things theirselves.

  61. True. My wife will ‘squabble’ about myself doing yard work, over watching re-runs of some gawd awful TV shows that even she is bored with. Once I get out there and start working, she ends up coming outside to work, or does something worthwhile inside.
    However, she will sit and debate the merits about doing the most ‘non-fun’ but important things until the sun goes down (can’t work then!) if you let her… but always ends up getting fulfillment about those very things she argued against.
    Put her, her sister and mother together… good luck! get my brother, father in law and myself together and all kinds of crap is finished with almost zero bickering (other than a few ‘maybe try this?’s’).
    sorry about that, rant over.

  62. You need to make a comprehensive list of these – its been done a few times – I think the Apprentice did it a few times – but also it would be natural for producers to show women in better light and ‘ratch’ the performance and make it easy for the women as its the politically correct thing to do as these shows are fake to a large extent.

  63. Great article. That Dutch version of survivor should be played (non stop) on television in the U.S..

  64. It’s not like they edit that footage to tell a particular story or anything. That you or your roommate thought this show would be an example of anything other than fodder TV to sell you commercials means you’re both dumb as bricks.

  65. excellent article !! Feminists keep yapping that they don’t need a man because the truth is far too bitter for them to accept.

  66. Uh, yeah, ’cause this has nothing to do with how they have learned to behave in the society they grew up in. Right. This cannot be used to draw any conclusions, scientifically, because a proper experiment would need to be done on individuals who have grown outside our society, in a cultural void, basically apart from all that forms the roles in today’s societies. And since that would need them to have caretakers [who haven’t been growing up inside the structures we have now, so that they wouldn’t impose the same cultural norms on the kids and thus taint the experiment] so as to not become emotionally disabled, this is basically impossible. And to throw the kids into a cultural vacuum without such caretakers, by themselves, would be infanticide, because they could not take care of themselves. Q.E.D., this experiment cannot be done ethically and Robinson is not the same.

    1. There are societies in which men mostly don’t do anything all day except occasionally hunt and fish and otherwise enjoy leisurely pursuits while women do most of what could be described as “work”. They’re hunter-gatherer societies; in South America; Africa; even Scandinavia and far North America. They are paleolithic in nature where other more technologically-oriented people have not contacted them.
      These societies are in no way superior.

  67. Boy these comment thread feminists are ignorant. The only response they have is, it is the men’s fault. I say all the feminists should be dropped on a remote island to create their utopia free from the contamination of patriarchy. When I say free, I mean distress signals will not be answered.

  68. What absolute nonsense. Look at the table to the left – just look at it. I am a man and most of my kin who dont take regular survival lessons or were boyscouts would ever be able to construct something like that without being taught how.

  69. I’d say feminists are the worst people on earth.
    But you’d have to assume feminists are people

  70. Yes that sounds lovely. Women who were brought up as sumbissive to men will be what they were brought up to be. Only a few will think outside the paradigm o what they know…..

    1. So much independant and powerful… how many years of feminism? Stop complaining, Rosy . You can do it too.

  71. This shows me that us females should stop bickering and do our own thing. Learn to fish and build and stuff. As an added bonus, the population of females is higher than men. so all the people thinking that men should be a certain way and women should sit and take it amuse me.

  72. There’s no way you could get me to stay on an island with a group of women who’s only concern in life is getting a tan. I remember that group from high school. I can guarantee you If they had put some rancher’s and farmer’s wives on that show then it would have been a totally different story, but cute, dumb, and superficial pulls in the ratings.

  73. May be more indicative of the attitude of women who want to be on a TV show than of women in general…

  74. Intresting. Very intresting. I do find that when guys who are friends do fight, (which is rare) it never lasts long. The most ive seen is about a day.

  75. This doesn’t prove anything. It’s obvious that these women didn’t know what they were doing but they do not respresent 50% of the worlds population. You know the people participating are picked, right? I can’t believe some people just go like: OH, just like I thought, women are stupid and deserves a lower rank in society because of this. Now that IS stupid. -.-

  76. That
    system isn’t patriarchal though, it’s uterocentric and that
    “experiment” proves it. In a traditional society, men are the disposable
    protectors and providers; woman are the paternalised protected and
    provided for group.
    happened was that when they segregated the genders, female priviledge –
    the expectation of being protected and provided for – got the better of
    those women, and they were so paternalised and infantalised that the
    notion of providing for themselves was an anathema to them.
    the situation became so bad that the producers decided that the female
    island was in need of rescuing and so they sent in 3 disposable providers. The
    women in question however learned nothing and the glorification of the
    notion of men only having value as disposable providers and protectors,
    continued unchallenged.
    fact that the masculinist-overrun manosphere thinks that male disposability is a great
    thing (which is exactly what arguing for a return of what was here
    before amounts to) and can’t see the blatant misandry which this example was filled with, is ample evidence of why there is an irreconcilable
    schism between the MRM and the manosphere – with the manopshere being as
    much on the wrong side of history as feminism is. After all, behind every successful feminist woman, there is a successful male protector and provider.

    1. I was not aware that engaging in productive activity could be construed as “caveman”. Interesting. Perhaps one should realize that the vast majority of inventions that have made your life as well as the lives of so many others were largely created and/or maintained by men. The article is simply providing an illustration of such on a small scale.
      It is interesting to note that despite a century of feminism men still hold 95.6% of all patents. Obviously, these acts are hardly suitable to mere “cavemen”.

  77. The only time women would have the upper hand in managerial skills is if they’re already supplied with the resources ie. Office, Home etc. Explains why there are so many men homeless.

  78. There are men just as hopeless or even worse. You cannot assumethisistrue for the whole population on such a biased sample.

  79. There are men just as hopeless or even worse. You cannot assume this is true for the whole population on such a biased sample.Which makes your argument invalid

  80. This article reminds me of another where some idiot was claiming that fat people do not deserve love. These *actors* are getting paid to do what they are doing. It is a show. Get it? “Reality Shows” aren’t reality.

  81. Astonishing pile of garbage, with the habitual amount of lack of understanding or will to understand anything whatsoever….go back beating your wives and children after your traditionnal dick waving contest gentlemen…writing is definitely not for you.

  82. The problem here is the archy part of the word. This implies rule, as in men rule. What happened on the island wasn’t accomplished by men ruling, but by men doing.

  83. Why should a woman learn to do anything such as building, hunting, fishing etc when the opposite sex (half the world’s population) is able and willing to do it for her?
    Women let men work for them, think for them and take on their responsibilities – in fact, they exploit them. Yet, since men are strong, intelligent and imaginative, while women are weak, unimaginative, and stupid, why isn’t it men who exploit women?
    Could it be that strength, intelligence, and imagination are not prerequisites for power but merely qualifications for slavery? Could it be that the world is not being ruled by experts but by beings who are not fit for anything else – by women?

  84. I study ‘patriarchy’ from an evolutionary perspective. I have to say your idea of what patriarchy is, is just as clueless as most feminists. Putting a group of pampered Westerners in a desert island is not a scientific experiment. There is a huge amount of anthropological data on what men and women contribute to survival in first world cultures. It’s utterly ridiculous to assume a superiority of either sex in this environment, in a species which have co-evolved and work as a team to survive and nurture offspring.
    If you want to begin with some basic science and research, here are some starting points. Otherwise, this kind of stuff is just as dismissable and contemptuous as radical feminist rubbish and you become part of the problem, not the solution.

  85. You can’t cite Survivor as a “social experiment.” Survivor is what they call “unscripted drama.” Its a total misnomer because it is actually scripted.

  86. As a man I’d like this to be true too, but most winners of the series named are women… Didn’t watch the shows though, but if that’s true then we need to work on finishing stronger.

    1. The problem with Survivor is tribal, because even though the Women don’t
      do anything (literally) they can convince one or two guys to join their
      alliance, and then proceed to vote out all the men (they call this the
      black widow tactic, which became popular in one of the very early
      seasons of Survivor). It’s sad.
      If you can convince men to stop thinking with their dicks, you might be able to fix this issue.

  87. The problem with Survivor is tribal, because even though the Women don’t do anything (literally) they can convince one or two guys to join their alliance, and then proceed to vote out all the men (they call this the black widow tactic, which became popular in one of the very early seasons of Survivor). It’s sad.
    I wish they would make a show like Survivor, except without challenges and without tribal. It would just be people making their own little stone aged village on a deserted island. Actually, maybe there could be challenges, but they would be different than the current ones. Like, maybe they would just play rugby or Lacrosse, to mimic war.

  88. Why did she stop being a feminist? Because 12 randomly chosen women didn’t make it on an island suddenly you don’t believe in equal chances and equal pay anymore? You don’t believe women have the right to their own body because men are physically stronger? Feminism does not mean women are superior, or that we do things better, it’s about having equal rights. Society was built on both men and women, so why are men always in charge? As a feminist I am not saying women she rule the world, but I also don’t think men should necessarily. This ‘experiment’ proves nothing and this article is just another prove of how ignorant men are about gender inequality and feminism.

    1. I have begun to understand “equality under the law” to mean omnipotent govenment

  89. On some level, there is a point here. Men and women are different, they have different strengths and weaknesses, and certain settings will cater to one more than the other. I think more males are engineering inclined on average as well as aggressive so in primitive environments in competition for resources, males will have an advantage. However, this is a pretty false experiment by it’s sample bias wherein, assuming you don’t intentionally seek out the most lopsided personality disorders for ratings, you still have only a pool of contemporary people to choose from where men have still been in the “walk it off, win the bread category” and women have been in the “shut up and be pretty” category so its really no wonder at all that the differences in their island survival experiment were so drastically different. Do this with a primitive tribe in africa and then draw your broad gender conclusions, but not after choosing the women most motivated to fit into the limited ideal of a woman in contemporary culture, and an emotionally imbalanced one at that.

  90. Or maybe women have been socially conditioned to be that way because they all grew up in a patriarchal society?

      1. Huh? This very article disagrees with you on the assertion that it has not existed for some time. Most sociologists would disagree with you as well. I suggest look up patriarchy on wiki. I get the feeling you don’t know what it is, but then I’m not sure if the author knows what “the patriarchy” actually means. I suspect not.

  91. the thing he’s failed to mention is that most of these women were probably picked for the show based on their looks. and so its not really a fair sample of women.
    the other point which saddens me is that good looking women are used to other people doing things for them, so they’ve probably never learnt to be real individuals (is that sexist?)

  92. We are aware that a reality TV show is neither an ‘experiment’ nor is it, strictly speaking, reality, right?

  93. I can’t believe the idiocy of this article. People like you are the reason why good men are vilified in our society, not women and not feminism.
    Since you like to use reality TV as an example of how patriarch and matriarch based societies work (as stupid has that is), then perhaps you should watch the first few weeks of Utopia (I believe it aired on Fox). About a dozen people are sent to live at a remote location and together they need to build a fully functional society that is ideal to all of them. It is a mixture of men and women and they all bring various skills to the group. Each week, a different person is allowed to lead the group using whatever vision they want to get things done. At the end of each month, they have to vote on who to kick out. That person who is kicked out is replaced by two new people. The current members of the group get to vote on who of the two new people to keep at the end of the following week.
    During one week, there was a woman who got to be in charge. Instead of imposing her own values, she decided to share leadership with all the women in the group and everything was decided by a committee consisting of these women. In that one week, they were able to get more done in terms of harvesting food, raising chickens, milking cows, and building shelters then they were in the previous 4 weeks.
    So your notion that a society of all men is better than a society of all women, based on the Dutch version of Survivor, is ridiculous. Because at the end of the day, there never will be societies consisting of only men or only women. We have to live on this planet together. And there is enough proof that women would be just as effective at leading societies as men. Even your precious reality TV supports this.

  94. I think it’s funny how you try to make your argument. Even though the facts seem to present themselves as being obvious to interpret in the way you do, you totally forget one important thing. I think you should consider that both men and women are a product of the society they live in. A society in which women are shaped into individuals that dont build huts when they’re kids, while men do etc. The way they are formed is determined by specific culture. This doesnt tell us that women can’t be like men if they were raised like men. Do you get my point? Patriarchy,the culture that forms men and women, maintains itself, in a way. Besides, what if a same sort of experiment was being done except the goal was to form a friendship with a tribe that’s totally unfamiliair? Or to decorate the island in a cosy way. Women have other qualities (instead of organizing) that men don’t have. ‘Even though’ I’m a man, this article makes me kind of angry…

  95. That was so funny, those threw women that went over to the men had a very good vacation you can bet on that.

  96. Well if the roommate stopped being a feminist, than she was obviously a feminist for the wrong reasons

  97. it can also be argued that the women were never conditioned to “forage” for themselves because of the patriarchal society that they were born into in the first place!

  98. I don’t really think this proves anything… It’s a tv show where the people there are obliged to take care of them if anything serious were to happen… Not to mention that, just as like not all men can be leaders, same can be said about women, but it’s also true that men generally are thought from a younger age a variety of life skills that are deemed important which women are not thought… that’s what I mostly hope for in feminism…

    1. Maybe we were taught several thousand years ago, but nowadays at what age are men taught how to build huts, forage and fish… I must have missed it.
      The fact that we have been taught and required to do these things in the past means that men have evolved to be intrinsically better at them.

      1. It’s not that you missed it, you are not paying attention or you are not as perceptive as you would like to be. Men are still thought to be the ones that should fix stuff around the house while women should be the ones cooking and cleaning. With the surge of female empowerment many females have elected to be lazy and ride the wave… a few females that go on a show for the sake of being on TV does not make or speak for all women.
        Different expectations are placed on each gender. Ever heard of the Pygmalion effect? Expectations, gender bias, and stuff like that do affect ones mentality, even if you like it or not.

  99. ..but the kind of women who are on this show..! Only a total sexist could allow that to represent all women for this kind of “experiment”!
    I know very few women who would act like that. Lazy, sunbathing, wasteful bitches, that is. The men, on the other hand, are really, I mean REEAALY it. PEOPLE who are very fit have got a lot of energy and are going to get very restless, very soon and will want to work. Just imagine if we swapped those women with men with the same percentage of body fat and muscle weight as those skinny girls. NO ONE would put that on a reality show, with the manly-men as the opposing team, because it’s pretty damn obvious who’d get the most work done. “New season of ROBINSON EXPEDITION! SKINNY VS BUFF!” I’ve got a feel I’m wasting my time here, but seriously How’s that for logic?

  100. Patriarchy can be define as ”a social system in which: males
    hold primary power; males predominate in roles of political leadership,
    moral authority, social privilege and control of property; and, in the
    domain of the family, fathers or father-figures hold authority over
    women and children.”
    How are the scenarios in this show representative patriarchy when the men are living on an island separate from women? Patriarchy is something borne from the coexistence of men AND women. Going on the [false] assumption that things would actually unfold this way if this was real life and not a reality TV show (it’s most likely scripted to some extent) – all it shows is that men are superior to women when it comes to hunting/foraging/building stuff which yeah, they generally are.
    It doesn’t provide support for patriarchy as it exists in our society today. There are lots of stupid things about modern feminism, you don’t need to stoop to their level by trying to glorify patriarchy (badly, at that).
    P.S. if I was stuck on an island, I don’t think I would make it a day! Plus it would be lonely without a nice strong man to do allll the stuff for me :p

  101. You know, the actuall skill needed for survival on island does not tell you anything about advantages of patriotism. For instance: you really can not use one example of a TV show as a proof of anything. People going to such shows are not really representative of a population. Futhermore skill set is not really part of natural ability, but something you learn in life. Therefore the womans inability to do those things is not really matter of gander but a matter of individual. There is gender factor involved in a way – man would be more likely to have been tauch similar skills because they are man and therefore it is expected of them to know that…

  102. correct me if i’m wrong, but while the feminist movement is against patriarchy it is not pro matriarchy but equality of genders. 2nd of all, you didn’t have patriarchy nor matriarchy in this case so your whole rant just fails before it even starts. and are you really calling a tv show an experiment? really? survivor? an experiment?
    so next time before write whatever this is please do some research about the basic stuff regarding whatever you want to write about. and for know just read the definitions of feminism, patriarchy, matriarchy, gender equality and experiments in general. just the definitions, you don’t have to go in details.
    oh yeah, don’t believe everything you see on tv

  103. I would like to live in this so called ‘successful’ world of yours. Perhaps it’s a world where violence does not exist. It also makes me wonder if women are the reason for WW1 and WW2? If women are the reason why men kill other men? If women are the reason why men rape other men? If women are the reason my men torture other men? It would be nice if people as ignorant as yourself started to see the word Feminist as a way of making the world a better place by living and working equally, instead of thinking we are trying to take over this ‘successful’ world you live in. So congratulations, you have discovered that some men are better at doing some things than some women. The same goes visa versa. Doesn’t make anyone better than anyone else.
    Fuck the show, not everything you see on TV is real, even if it does have the word ‘reality’ in it. If you believe this is a well calculated and fair social experiment then I feel sorry for you. You will never appreciate a women for everything she could bring to your life. I hope soon you open your eyes and see how equal we all are deep down and the amazing and terrible things we are all capable of. It doesn’t matter what we look like or what organs we have. If you start treating everyone equally you might be surprised at how much people will start treating you a bit better. My guess is, not that many people actually like you.

  104. Grr. Just talked to my girlfriend. We would have done exactly what the men did, and led dem other sheeps.

  105. Take 12 random men.
    Take 12 random women.
    Repeat a thousand times.
    Instead of vetting out 12 bitchy, incompetent women and 12 easy-going, athlethic men.
    Then it would be somewhat interesting to see the results.

  106. Well, i bet I beat A LOT of men out there in survival, but it has nothing to do with that I am a woman. Its because I am a thinker and a doer, and I haven’t gotten spoiled during my childhood. Love // one whit boobs and pussy, who loves cock and hope that we could try to treat one another like HUMANBEEINGS, not men and women.

  107. We are meant to be together. In the long run, things we can’t achieve as men would’ve emerged.
    Sociological experiments last years to get the statistics right.
    Then again, this one was/is extremely valuable.

  108. lol when you have to resort to reality tv to back up your ideas, you know your argument is lost :p

  109. Someday it’ll be obvious to everyone: TV shows (especially “reality TV shows”) are not real life, and cannot be extrapolated to real life. They made a good TV show. Survivor is not fucking social commentary.

  110. This is not an experiment, not a fair one at least. You can’t take 12 women who have grown up in today’s society, which is pretty much patriarchal, leave them on their own and expect them to successfully build a society. It’s like taking someone (regardless of their sex), who has never been taught how to work, fend for themselves, and has been served for all their lives (in a few words completely spoiled) and leave them to survive by themselves in the wild or in the society. They would probably fail.
    For this experiment to be fair you have to choose people of the opposite sex who have been brought up in the exact same way, with the same values, opportunities and equality. If you teach a woman from day one that she’s not as good as a man is, she’ll probably embody that for the rest of her life.

  111. Despite this being so obviously satire I just have to leave this here:
    Well, the main difference between the patriarchy and matriarchy is not whether the group is made up of only women or men. It’s about who calls the shots. You could have a group where decision making and leadership is in the hands of a woman but the work is performed by men, that’s matriarchy. Of course in this case the men have an unfair advantage in already being (in most cases of these shows) more physically capable of enduring the harshness of this wilderness-life. Perhaps some of these men already have backgrounds in hunting, building or managing a team effort because those things are deemed masculine by our modern society, while the women might not have the same background in those areas. Even if we look at societies that claim to be matriarchal, rarely do they feature women hunting, building or going to war. A matriarchy doesn’t mean that standard gender roles are reversed entirely, it means that women (typically mothers) are in positions of governance over the society. Therefore, the fact that women, who have for centuries not been in positions regarding the survival in the harsh wilderness, perform worse in a social experiment like the dutch Survivor does not mean that men are superior. It merely means that for a very long time and especially in circumstances such as the ones in Survivor, women have relied on men’s abilities to hunt and build and protect them. It does however not mean that women shouldn’t have equal rights to the same things men enjoy such as positions of governance, equal pay for the same work and respect from their superiors among other things.

    1. Your answer is…freedom from government interference. Fairest anyone can ask for

  112. Dear Author, let me first address your “Superiority Of Patriarchy” main conclusion. By definition, patriarchy means domination of males over females in the society. If there are no women in the group (even if for the sake of delegating them to the margins) one may not speak of patriarchy. This little detail makes me feel that you have no idea what you are talking about here in the first place.
    Secondly, I would like to discuss your conclusions about, in this particular instance, female group being less successful then the male one at the survival on the uninhabited island. Casting for this type of shows, producers tend to choose “girly girls” and “manly men”, promoting the established societal ideas of ma

  113. Dear Author, let me first address your “Superiority Of Patriarchy” main conclusion. By definition, patriarchy means domination of males over females in the society. If there are no women in the group (even if for the sake of delegating them to the margins) one may not speak of patriarchy. This little detail makes me feel that you have no idea what you are talking about here in the first place.
    Secondly, I would like to discuss your comments about, in this particular instance, female group being less successful then the male one at the survival on the uninhabited island. Casting for this type of shows, producers tend to choose “girly girls” and “manly men”, promoting the established societal ideas of femininity and masculinity. In other words, when you choose for your show 12 Paris Hilton type women, place them on uninhabited island and expect beauty queens to outperform buffed men… Well, you are in for a disappointment. One may not disagree, that average female would be considerably more skilled and less good looking comparing to those displayed and discussed above.

  114. Dear Author, let me first address your “Superiority Of Patriarchy” main conclusion. By definition, patriarchy means domination of males over females in the society. If there are no women in the group (even if for the sake of delegating them to the margins) one may not speak of patriarchy. This little detail convinces me that you have no idea what you are talking about here in the first place.
    Secondly, I would like to discuss your comments about, in this particular instance, female group being less successful then the male one at the survival on the uninhabited island. Casting for this type of shows, producers tend to choose “girly girls” and “manly men”, promoting the established societal ideas of femininity and masculinity. In other words, when you choose for your show 12 Paris Hilton type women, place them on uninhabited island and expect beauty queens to outperform buffed men… Well, you are in for a disappointment. One may not disagree, that average female would be considerably more skilled and less good looking comparing to those displayed and discussed above.
    Overall, even though we are used to speak of gender equality being in place in modern first world countries, one may not fail to notice stereotyping and expectations forming gender identities from a very young age. Just like that, boys get tiny plastic soldiers, remote controlled cars, and air guns to play with; while girls are given dolls, kitchen play sets, and toy make-up. Throughout their lives, males are somewhat expected to perform “manly” tasks, like being able to use hammer, fixing household appliances, erecting a tent, etc. Meanwhile, if a woman is routinely performing those tasks, she is likely to be labeled “weird” or “boyish”. How many female welders have you met? What about female miners? Or female soldiers? (bravo, Israel)
    Furthermore, democratic nations promoting gender equality tend to outperform other societies. After all, who do you think you are, dear Author, to advocate for denying 50% of people on Earth their political and civil rights? In case you will be wanting to share your opinion on anything else, please, try to think before spitting up another diarrhea-like comment on the internet.
    Sincerely yours, female 18 year old starting to believe that some humans have evolved skipping the natural selection process and currently manage to go about their lives without a brain.

    1. Patriarchy. Gender identities. Gender equality. I am forty years older than you. Don’t throw away your life with words and phrases and the comfort they give you. You’re tricking yourself with your verbal facility. Go out and enjoy life, but not as another brick. You’re too young to devote yourself to this prison you embrace. Twenty years from now, you will not like it so much when you see that the satisfaction you obtained today was only a mirage that detoured your life and kept you apart from that which you cannot get back. You will see, my dear. The future is forever full of the sorrow of unmet needs of youthful soldiers.

      1. Thank you for this thoughtful comment. It’s nice that you took a moment and tried to comfort me. However, being convinced that thoughts and opinions, unless conveyed through words and reinforced with actions, are of very limited value. There is no age limit to being yourself. In fact, that same being yourself, I am strongly convinced, is the only way not to become “another brick”. And routinely standing up for my ideas does not in any way impede me from living the life I want to live.
        On the other hand, I really do see your point, Hippiefreak, and it’s a very sweet thing to say, especially to a stranger. And your last sentence undoubtedly deserves being quoted over and over again. Thank you once more.

    2. Now would probably not be the right time to point out that the same thing happened in the Australian, the British, the US, and the SWEDISH versions of the Survivor show, would it?
      I mean, your little toy and “gender as a social construct”-theories looks so *pwetty* on paper. Unfortunately they don’t belong in the real world, even when the participants come from a overtly feminized nation, that doesn’t raise children with the gender specific stereotyping and expectations you mention.

  115. The women I know , the ones that have raised children, tended to the animals, grown their own food, sewn the families cloths, baked, cooked, and managed the household, would not eat all the rice instead of building a hut. Come one, where did you find these airheads?

  116. never been to this site before. from appearances, i’d assume it’s a satire site.
    if it isn’t satire, it’s the greatest thing i’ve ever read.
    if it is satire and the things in the article are fake (i don’t watch reality TV bullshit for the most part, so i don’t know), then it’s a great satire piece that will rile up a bunch of humorless feminazi’s, and it’s still pretty good.
    what worries me is the fear that, though intended as satire, the article was still based off of things that actually happened. because that would mean that the article, while intended as satire, actually missed it’s own point and exposed something many people are intentionally blind to. in that case, i don’t know what i feel

  117. You do realize that these particular men and women were socialized by a patriarch society and “learned” their behaviour thus depending on norms and social roles that tell those women that they just have to be beatiful to find a man to provide for them, whereas men are told that they are only valuable if they fulfill that role of “provider”? If you did the same thing with a group of people from a matriarch society, i am sure the result would be more or less the same but the other way round.
    (Real) Feminists don´t want matriarch societies though. They want equality. So in an ideal world to a feminist that truely understands the concept of feminism, both groups would get along simply by everyone being themselves, sharing their talents, respecting each other and doing what is necessary without fulfilling social roles of provider or weak damsel in distress to be saved.

  118. This is such bullshit. Its not scientific at all, its just some tvshow making “good” television, thats all. They have auditions and can choose “stupid” women on purpose, but you wouldnt think about that, now would you, because youre to goddamn busy to be a freaking misogynist and loving your goddamn glorious penis. But we all know all women take care of the households and call the shots… You men cant handle day by yourselves without starving to death.
    And all of you who use this as a source that just proves how stupid you are.

    1. “Its not scientific at all, its just some tvshow making “good” television, thats all.”
      Of course. But it does provide an illustration of reality outside of television, even if it was done unintentionally. Men built civilization and have always done so regardless of protestations to the contrary. Let us illustrate:
      *95.6% of all patents are held by men despite a half a century of [second and then third wave] feminism.
      *91% of the nation’s electrical engineers are men.
      *97.6% of electrical power line installers and maintenance workers are men.
      *95.5% of water and liquid waste treatment plant and system operators are men.
      *95.9% of aircraft pilots and flight engineers are men.
      *98.4% of aircraft mechanics and service technicians are men.
      *91.9% of computer network architects, who design and implement all our computer based communications systems are men.
      *94.2% of radio and telecommunications equipment installers and repair technicians are men.
      *93.4% of garbage collectors are men.
      *78.2% of all workers in production, transportation and material moving occupations are men.
      *82.4% of all industrial production managers are men.
      *97.5% of all extraction workers, providing the raw materials to run our economy are men.
      In white collar jobs the vast majority of CEOs and billionaires are men.
      And all of the above is still in place despite many decades of feminist indoctrination. Rather telling in my opinion.

    1. The difference here is, that men and women were on the same iland. The winner used her machiavellian drive to eliminate the men.

  119. Women are now only good for one thing. Sex. They serve no purpose other than sex. Men are lying to you, they dont want to hear what you have to say, they dont want to hang out with you. They only want sex, unless they are gay, then they want to play with your hair and hear you talk about how much men drive you crazy.

  120. What does “who can make shit better on a beach” have to do with wanting equality? We all have different skills to be utilized. There are plenty of spoiled people around today (male and female) who cant do shit and complain all the time. Is this article meant to be a joke because it sure seems that way. Have any of you ever seen the show Naked and Afraid? There were plenty of women on that show who did a much better job then their male counterparts. Regardless, adults generally try not to have a “boys are better! Girls are better!” type of attitude. Adults generally want people to be treated equally and fairly. I don’t think that is too much to ask. That seems pretty logical to me. This site is a joke. It is literally a site dedicated to complaining about women and feminism yet at the same time it condemns all women for being complainers. Can you say hypocrisy? lol dudes come on. Chill out. Women aren’t coming for your dicks so calm the hell down.

  121. Within days the men had built a functioning society? Maybe season two they should send 3 guys to Africa

  122. I remember when I began to realise that most Reality TV was scripted to follow a narrative that would be viewed by a majority of the targeted demographic, I was age 8. Both you and your feminist roommate are not very intelligent for believing a TV show could enlighten details about a demographic of people, but you wrote a whole article about it which displays an especial level of stupidity. Beyond that using one sample size for defining a whole group of people is completely unscientific and I hope to god you are not trusted with any form of brain research.

  123. I remember when I began to realise that most Reality TV was scripted to follow a narrative that would be viewed by a majority of the targeted demographic, I was age 8. Both you and your feminist roommate are not very intelligent for believing a TV show could enlighten details about a demographic of people, but you wrote a whole article about it which displays an especial level of stupidity. Beyond that using one sample size for defining a whole group of people is completely unscientific and I hope to god you are not trusted with any form of brain research.

    1. And why, pray tell, would a reality TV producer want to script a narrative that validates lowbrow notions of dudebro misogyny?

  124. Only a Caveman could write an idiotic article where mishandling the concepts of “patriarchy” and “matriarchy”. Idiots like you are the greatest obstacle to the movement of male rights. Thanks for screwing us

    1. Yupp….. Heard of Sweden.. That where all the young male born are castrated at birth.. This is your Swedish male. A gelded man ! As well the Swedish “matriarchy” is being rogered well by the imported male from Mid East, Africa !

  125. Latest season of The Island with Bear Grylls also bears this out, to great comedic effect.

  126. Great article!Let me tell you something you really need.You met an amazing girl. She’s hot, hilarious, and chill. Obviously you want to peak her interest and get her thinking about you as soon as possible—but how? This plan changed my life, and made me new,see my view of it:>

    OVERLY MALE DOMINATED NATIONS? ARABIC COUNTRIES IN THE MIDDLE EAST, you mean??? YES THESE HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL in some regard, one could argue. Remember that “SOCIETY” is a term created to define roles and used impose an order in which WESTERN society has lived in since the legend of JESUS was used to create a MONOPOLY OF POWER based on faith. The EAST has their male deities as well. GRAND excuse to maintain a source of power. JUST LIKE CAVEMEN, trying to impress their potential mates and scaring off animals with the use of FIRE until eventually being exterminated by the ICEAGE (arguably produced by the CO2 produced by the fire itself!)

  128. How a female run society would work: day one: omg, we are in charge,this is wonderful, everything will be great now. day 2:they talk, day 3:talk some more, day 4: they bicker about who should be in charge. day 5: they agree they should not bicker, still no leader, day5: they bicker about who should lead, again. day 6: one of the smarter ones takes charge. day7: other ones decide she is too bossy, she steps down. Day8: The men finally get fed up and perform a coup. day9 trough ∞: Proffit

  129. I know this is old and i just saw this now but i had to add a comment.
    All of these feminists scream and yell for equality and to destroy mankind or whatever. Yet none of them have the balls… or ovaries, enough to go to Iraq, or India, or even Iran to fight where real oppression is, and where rape is as common as morning coffee is to us, or Tea if your in the UK.
    My point is, if your not solving a problem, your probably creating one.

  130. Naturally people are arguing about this article and missing the point. Men should be appreciated, instead of hated, for what they do. Feminists have gotten so lost in their man hating dogma that they can’t objectively see that men contribute a lot of great things in society. People like the writer of this article are simply tired of the hate. There’s nothing wrong with men and they way they do things.

  131. Women are morons. End of story. Artificial wombs, cloning, and other replacements will be men’s solution in dealing with the dead weights of life.

  132. If someone on the woman’s side stood up to take charge and say something rational like “Okay, ladies, we need to band together. This will be a viewed as a battle of the sexes, and it’s up to us to prove that we can hash it in the real world even better than the men! We need to work together to make this island ours. Hell, I’m sure they wouldn’t let us die out here, but we have to pretend there is no help outside, and our survival depends on this!” How quickly do you think she’d be shouted down? Who really “bans bossy”? Usually not guys.

  133. I’m shocked that a big muscular male brain like yours didn’t notice that all the women who go on these shows are young wannabe models and actresses? Not exactly a diverse sampling of female strengths.

    1. Let me guess—- “wannabe models and actresses” are not really women. Sorry, models, actresses, beautiful women and those below a size 10 are real women. You just wish they weren’t. Does it make the competition too hard? I struggled for over 20 years with the fuglies telling me that my great hair wasn’t real, that my body wasn’t real (size 2 at the time), that my brains weren’t real (STEM), that my beautiful eye lashes weren’t real. Common, really? Your bad looks are very real, as is the fat that most of the fuglies carry around with them. I would rather look at Victoria Secret models, then the so called average woman, and with the amount of average women coming out of the Victoria Secret stores, so would those who are bad mouthing the models. Post script: Sorry to the guys who read and comment here, for the diatribe.

      1. Congratulations on completely misunderstanding my very simple comment. I’m not saying beautiful women aren’t real. I’m saying that the demographic of women sampled by these shows are interested in modeling and acting. Women who are interested in survivalism, engineering, construction, hunting, and real world leadership are probably out there doing those things and not sending their headshots to TV studios.
        Also I’m not sure why you’re addressing me as though I am a woman? Maybe your eyeballs aren’t real.

        1. I apologize for my mistaking you as a women, but there are women named Charly and there is a woman in your photo. No I did not misunderstand your statement. So now, beautiful women are not into survivalism, engineering, construction, hunting and real world leadership? Angelina Jolie–after more than a decade of service as UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, she was promoted to the rank of Special Envoy to High Commissioner Antonio Guterres. If you would like more examples, I do have more. Not many women, no matter the looks, are into hunting (I am and I love it!) and fewer are into survivalist activities (again no matter the looks), and not many are engineers or into real world leadership (no matter the looks). I find that a lot of women are into nothing and do about the same, so given that this is true, they would not do anymore than these women who were on the island. I see you didn’t complain that the type of men on the island weren’t more diverse, is that because they were not picked on? Do you think that if they were all wannabe models and actors, they would have failed? Do you think adding fat girls would have improved the odds against failure? I can always add more for you if you need me to. Right now I want to go watch some Tahitian dancing.

        2. OK so we agree that women are just like men: they can be attractive or not, competent or not, and successful or not at all the things it takes to run a society. So, this article is empirically nonsense. Which is especially true because its argument is that patriarchy (i.e., what we have now) = the best way, because “men pretty much did whatever they felt was necessary – there was no leader giving orders.” Look around you — does that fantasy resemble actual reality at all? Is this country run by chilled out beefcakes staying out of each other’s way? No. It’s run by petty opportunists who are just as eager to sabotage and step on each other as their female equivalents. One is not better than the other. And frankly even if this dumb piece of click bait were right, I’d rather live in a less efficient world than one where half of all humanity is considered subordinate to the other based on their genitalia.

  134. The experiment shows something else, more sinister. The women did nothing, yet eventually they got all the benefits of the labouring men.
    Rgardless of their creativity and skills, the men ended up the servants of the less capable, lazy, empty women.
    Very sad guys.

  135. patriarchy didn’t end just because a couple groups of people of one sex had to live on a couple islands for a while. They continued their culture and roles they were taught to have.
    The producers of the show shouldn’t of sent people over.

    1. How convenient that any and every empirical indication of women being in any way inferior to men can be blamed on The Patriarchy. Is your position falsifiable even in principle?

  136. lol I’m dutch and the program wasn’t an experiment it’s a reality tv show where people gang up against each other to vote each other off the island. Prove yourself to resourcefull and people see you as a threat and you will be kicked of the island. This show wasn’t about survival it was more about cunningness. A women won the show btw. This article shows the retardedness of this website for thinking reality tv proves anything.

  137. I feminists really destroyed the patriarchy, there would be nobody to maintain modern technology and infrastructure, and we would eventually revert to living in mud huts.

  138. I’m not sure why I’m even bothering to post on a site like this, but here goes: there is an obvious flaw to this “research.” That is, all of these women grew up within our current framework: the patriarchy. How do we know what women would be like in a society that had better models for them as people and higher expectations of their abilities? Study after study has shown how crippling negative messages are, more than anything else (and this might be the reason, more so even than more direct examples of prejudice from the larger society–like jobs denied on the basis of race–that historically oppressed minority groups have failed to thrive. The difference with Asian minority groups? Not that they are “superior;” simply that, with some exceptions–Japanese internment camps in WWII or the racism against and ghettoization of the Chinese who built the railroads, both specific to one time and place–there is not the same widespread legacy of racial discrimination against them, and there are “positive” stereotypes about their abilities and cultural values, if anything). Mindset is everything, and cultural messages are powerful. The cultural messages most often received by women (this site is but one rather egregious example) is that we are illogical, not that good at anything, inferior to men in most tasks, and only good for sex and baby-making. What makes you think women raised in such a society wouldn’t behave exactly as they were raised to be?
    The only real test of this comes if we can change the cultural paradigm. In a society in which women were truly raised with the message that they were equal to men in all things I think the outcome might be quite different. But we may never get to such a society, so the point (for now) is moot.
    FYI, a lot of the evo psych model of human nature is predictably biased. Now scientists believe women brought in the vast majority of the food supplies back in the good old days with their gathering. Hunting is rather inefficient in comparison (though it provides protein; and pride. Pride is important!). Women were also more than capable when it came to all sorts of difficult domestic tasks, which includes building of shelter, weaving of clothing and blankets, building fires, making furniture and cookware, etc.
    There are cultures in Africa that are very close to equal, in which both men and women hunt, and both men and women spend a nearly equal amount of time on childcare (often carrying the child along for the hunt in a little papoose). Are you suggesting that such women, if put on an island by themselves, would not be able to build shelter, gather food, create fire, and find a way to look after themselves? Get serious.
    I would guess that women from less spoiled countries would also be better at these tasks. Modern women from developed countries are generally bewitched into believing beauty is the be-all and end-all, and beyond that a few job skills they don’t need anything else. They’re certainly not encouraged to be independent and self-sufficient in any kind of survivalist way.
    Clearly the results of this “study” prove nothing.

    1. Damn the patriarchy and it’s oppression of women! Also, damn any sense of personal accountability for adhering to these gender roles in society, because if you’re a woman all you have to do is be attractive and manipulate men will do everything for you, but if you’re a man you have to be able to support not only yourself but another person financially before most women will even bother with you.

      1. Marriage rates are in decline, as are birth rates. Men in the Western world are rapidly catching on to the reality of modern women. Research MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way). Increasingly, men are realizing that, in all too many cases, women bring nothing to their lives. In America, 54% of first marriages end in divorce now. The rate increases to 65% for 2nd marriages and 75% for 3rd. 75% of all divorces are sought by women. When they leave, the state gives them 50% or more of all assets. Men gennerally take a beating from these women and then get a financial beating. Increasingly, men are saying, NO! The Bible speaks of a time when women will change the natural use of themselves and that happens in the general time period where “the love of the greater number will cool off”. Surprise folks! We’re there!

        1. I used to think MGTOW was a movement for selfish assholes based on the views of feminists and how they thoroughly demonize it, but after watching some MGTOW advocates on YouTube I found they made sense. Some are a bit over-zealous, but a lot of their arguments I find are valid. Western women act like they’re the victims in society when they’re the ones most catered to. They obsessively argue about the alleged huge gender wage gap, when the only factor they consider is taking the total income for all jobs while ignoring the fact men occupy more of the high-paying jobs in STEM fields while women seem to be more inclined to gravitate toward lower-paying careers.
          When faced with that counter-argument what do they say? It’s the patriarchy and a misogynist society imposing gender roles on women. They don’t even dare consider that women should take personal responsibility for their careers, because they’re perpetual victims who just can’t win because the cards are stacked against them by privileged white males. The ones that bitch about never getting ahead will likely never get ahead because they’ve convinced themselves that trying to do so is futile.

        2. Woman has been in rebellion since the Garden of Eden and she managed to convince Adam to join her in it. The Bible is full of examples of women of evil intent. Feminism led women into rebellion against their role as mates and against men. Finally, the destructive effect of such rebellion has been felt in the lives of so many men that men have increasingly come to recognize that many women aren’t good risks for marriage. Divorce has grown to such levels that marriage is now too risky. Marriage rates are in decline as are birth rates. MGTOW is the result of waking up to this.

        3. Let us not forget that women get pregnancy leave. Men do not get this, if they do get time off because their wife is expected to give birth, it may be a couple of weeks at best. Also, men are more likely to work overtime than woman. This is what victim status is like. You can act however you want and its supposed to be okay because you have been a victim of the evil patriarchy. There have been numerous articles showing the wage gap is a myth, that it’s more closer to a few percentage points AT BEST.

    2. Contemporary Western woman have been stuffed and gorged on can-do attitude and the notion that “anything men can do, women can do better” since the day they were born. They’ve been indoctrinated to think they’re awesome just because they have vaginas, and that they need no men.
      You might have benefited from actually reading what the article actually says. The difference in outcome between the two islands was not attributed to the superior survivalist skills of the men. Both groups had to learn everything from scratch by trial and error. No, the difference was in social organization. The women spent their time bitching and squabbling. The women didn’t abstain from trying due to any sense of defeatist inferiority. They went on the beach to sunbathe because they wouldn’t get things their way.
      I would guess the very opposite of what you are asserting, that women from a more patriarchal society would have done way better. They may have been less narcissistic and self-centered and more abiding of working for the benefit of the group despite not getting their way in everything.

    And here’s another example. Typical women thinking they can do something as well as men and nearly dying bc of it. Most of these women were probably aspiring actresses/models thinking its going to cakewalk. Of course Bear Grylls goes with the politically correct response.
    I love women I love everything about them. What I don’t like is women trying to tell men how to act or how we should be. I don’t agree that feminist want everything equal only when it’s convienent. Which happend a lot. Especially when women beat on a man them when he loses his shit and fucks them up they claim “How could you, I’m a woman!”
    Saw literally a video of exactly that yesterday. A woman getting up in a man’s face talking and screaming then she punches him. The man calmly walks over and uppercuts the bitch knocking her out cold. Then interviewing the woman who got knocked out for acting like she should be able to put her hands on a man without any self defense from said man.
    The reporter asks “How did you feel when you saw the video? ”
    Privileged entitled woman says “I couldn’t believe he would hit a woman that hard!”
    Reporter “Did you attack the man first?”
    Privileged Entitled Woman (stutters) “I Wah I uh um can’t not supposed to talk about this without my uh lawyer.”
    Video cuts.

    1. These “feminists” don’t want equal rights, they want special rights and privileges. True equality is when you hit a man and he has the right to defend himself by hitting back, not crying when you get smacked back because you thought you were a princess that society has to cater to, even when you throw a bitch-fit and assault someone. Women deserve equal rights… and lefts.

  140. So if feminism want to “smash the patriarchy”, what do they plan to replace it with? Right now, the “patriarchy” is paying their salary, fixing their roads, connecting their internet, taking out their garbage, illuminating their living room, and constructing the cars they drive to work. What exactly are women going to gain by demolishing that institution? The stone age?

    1. They don’t care. As the irate responses here show it’s all about the fee-feelzzzz….

  141. Now we just need to extend the patriarchy concept to ‘if you don’t pitch in and do your share, you don’t benefit from anything’.

  142. I know this is an old post, but I’ll comment anyway. This far from being an experiment or accidental. Taking a reality television show as a serious representation of reality is really really really dumb (that’s three reallys). These shows are almost alway contrived. Female contestants are almost always really skinny, have large breast, and are extremely bitchy, lazy, and self centered. These depictions don’t have to do with “not being lucky” as one commenter sarcastically put it. They are chosen because that is what sells to the audience that watches the show. I do not know if they are coached or not but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they were. If you haven’t noticed that dramas and reality shows in general have a habit of turning the bitchy, helpless, diva or “princess” factor way way up (as compared to real life) than I can’t really do anything for you. Bigotry that blinds a person that much can’t really be penetrated.
    Funnily enough, this survivor episode is a great example of institutionalized sexism. Why not pick a quite submissive female contestant? Why not a fat one? Someone else stated that there’s large variety of women on the show which is observably false. The commenter mentioned that there was a woman from the army as well. So what? Not all people from the army have the same personality. She could very well have terrible qualities for working in a team outside of a military structure.
    Only an idiot (or willfully ignorant person, or prejudiced person) would think that the participant selection in these shows is random. The selection bias works both ways as well (what kind of person is going to try to be on the show and does this differ between genders?). Reality shows try to manipulate perception as “Guest” put it. Labeling this episode as a genuine experiment that shows superiority of the patriarchy could just be a really stupid error on your part. However given the vain of this website I would posit that you severely lowered your standards for evidence and argumentation because you wanted to confirm your pre-existing bias. You aren’t upholding masculine values by the way, but rather, calling prejudices “masculinity”. You are clearly sexist. Going off your pre-occupation and seeming anger towards feminists and feminism, you are are probably a misogynist as well (less confident about that one). I don’t like using the word misogyny because it is abused like crazy but I think its appropriate
    Finally; you failed to acknowledge one pretty obvious point. Even if this show was indicative of difference between genders, on what grounds would that mean these same differences exist between sexes. The tendencies could very well be caused by or enforced by the patriarchy in Western culture. If that was true it would really suck. It would mean the patriarchy handicaps close to 50 percent of its population through social forces. A woman from 1700 victorian England would work on a team quite a bit differently than a modern American woman or an Amazonian. The disparity between women in different cultures and generations is much more significant than with men; fortunately modern society is generally much more enlightened (in first world countries at least). This isn’t biological or evolutionary. Its entirely cultural and social. At the risk of over using this word, this is all really obvious stuff. Don’t lower your standards like this. I mean using a reality tv show to draw such wild conclusions, c’mon man; remember that you are the easiest person for you to fool. There is actual research done on gender and sex differences. The scientific community holds that psychological differences (when they exist) are predominately social and not biological. For instance; the iq gap between sexes used to be really large (over 15) and now there is no (statistically significant) gap now in first world countries. I can post some sources if someone wishes me to, but its easy to research. Try “gender differences” in wiki+FOLLOW THE LINKS (don’t just use what’s written on the wiki page)..

  143. This all may be true George but that’s a lot of its it is equally possible that the article is right and your just trying to make excuses.

  144. Excellent article, proving once again, that patriarchy has been and always will be, the natural and best social system. Men are born to rule. Women are born into submission. It really is that simple.

    1. I noticed there are a lot of butthurt manginas and females hear complaining about it. Denial, denial, denial. Besides, where are all the civilizations women created? None? That’s what I thought.
      When you think about it, we don’t even need this article to see reality here. We’ve got thousands of years of history to draw on. Glad you get it Taryn.

      1. Yep. As the old joke goes: denial….it’s not just a river in Egypt.
        They can be butthurt all they want. Facts are facts and no matter what they do or how hard they try, those facts aren’t going to change. Don’t know what they think is going to happen if all that’s left are girly men and women, but I do. The utter collapse of society as we know it, that’s what. That’s why we have to fight them.
        On a better note, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

        1. You too Taryn. Thanks. Guess I’ll be gaining a few pounds this week. 😛 I can work it off though like always.

  145. Maybe you and other “red pillers” would like to go live in a utopian all-male society? I’m female, and I swear I won’t complain about the “inconvenience” of having men on sites like this absent from my life.
    Feel free to get your own island and show us women how it’s done.

    1. Oh, we got several “islands”. They’re called Europe, North America, South America, Africa, and Asia. Also known as civilisation.

  146. Yes, because we all know “reality tv” has SO much “reality” in it and is never EVER edited for effect.
    Spare me. The whining of men about the downfall of patriarchy and how things were obvs better in the “good old days” sounds a lot like the whining of Christians who bitch that they don’t get super special treatment any more. Wah! No one lets us run roughshod over everyone else! WAH!
    PS, kids- for decades psychological and sociological experimentation has proven that single sex groupings of EITHER gender tend to fail. Only fairly even mixes of both tended to thrive, and it wasn’t because the men magically took over. In fact in most of these experiments the males did worse in high pressure situations.

  147. i totally bet she’s not a feminist any more.
    there’s a big difference between bringing men who have a general background in camping, at the very least to a situation like this and women who haven’t left their apartment or the city their entire lives. of course they’re going to sit there and sun tan until someone comes help them. that’s what they’re used to. notice all the women are gorgeous? THAT’S THE POINT. they aren’t women with a background in survival. they’re a bunch of prima donas with a background in nail salons.

  148. You could not find a more false and deceptive piece of “research”. Clearly a matriarchy is not going to work as well as a patriarchy IF you take women who have been raised in a 3000-year-old patriarchy and suddenly say, “Okay, do it all for yourself.” It is like dropping a bunch of Afghani cooks into a French restaurant and saying, “Okay, you are in charge of tonight’s service. We open in three hours.” But I can guarantee you, if that island had a dozen Russian farmers’ wives called Olga and Svetlana, instead of women picked for their photogenic appeal, they may very well have had their huts AND something to eat (which might not have been guaranteed for the men).

      1. Your lack of intelligence, lack of personal value, and propensity for insults, are all duly noted for the public record.

    1. Please identify any ancient society where the women did the hunting and the men did the collecting, and which society survived into the era of agriculture, since your amusing argument seems to be “It’s coz they’ve been stuck in a patriarchy all this time.”
      Sex roles work. Get used to it.

      1. Unfortunately, your reply contributes nothing to the discussion, especially the arrogant assumption that if men do the hunting and women the collecting, then by that fact alone the men are “superior” (which IS the word used in the heading). Whether gender roles exist and whether they “should” exist are irrelevant to the proposition of superiority, and thereby your assumption of a male’s supposed natural right to dominate women.

      2. In ancient society men were hunters and women gathers. However, I have to conclude women that are closer to their tribal sisters in actions would fair better then the women on the show. In some tribes women do take part in catching fish

  149. Sadly for the creators of this article, the whole story shows why women now are winning in western societies.
    Women have developed a very important skill and it’s plainly obvious in the above article: Modern women are masters at manipulating men.
    Think about it. The women in this contest didn’t do anything. They enjoyed their time, sunny beach and plenty of food so they took advantage. When they ran out and became in danger, white knights showed up to take care of things and make everything alright again.
    Had this been the past or real life, then somethings would have been different, but the outcome would have remained the same. If this were real life instead of some television show, the only difference would have been is that the women would have had to give sex in return (which they usually do).
    In real life, if the men were strong enough, they would have gotten the sex before the women got what they wanted, and if they were like most men today, then they would have given men the sex as a reward for the help instead of as payment.
    Up until the last half century, life had been in general a good symbiotic partnership between men and women. Men provided for the women and took care of them for life and in return women made a homes for their men and carried their children. It worked very well and got us from pre-stone-age until now.
    But now things are changing. With modern technology and modern amenities and safe societies (usually all created by men) women don’t need to depend on a husband to provide food and protection. They now have the option to rely on Big Government to keep them safe. And if they can’t find a job or they have children and need/prefer to stay home with them, then Big Government provides the financial support (which is usually taken from a man.) Men don’t even have a say in procreation anymore and they’re usually the ones paying for it. Even when an adult woman rapes an underage boy (statuatory rape) Big Government would force the victim boy to pay for the woman’s offspring which she decided to keep and he had no valid decision in producing.
    Basically, just like this contest, the producers (big government in the show) made the men work for the women.
    The west is doomed if it stays on this path.

  150. My dear man, what you are had described is either matriarchate and patriarchate.
    You watched two groups of persons. A group of males which presumably were encouraged in childhood and adolescence to play war games – which included forraging, hut erection and not to forget to check if they had military background.
    On the other hand you had a fine group of princessess (and be sure that ”princessiness” was a key election criteria!) which imagined in their pink perfect world that participating at such a show would mean worldwide acknowledgement to them. Check the background too, focus on pageant criteria. A woman with the attitude of ”i am beautiful, fuck me while i stand glamorously on my back and for Pit”s sake do not dream to mess my precious coiffure!” is as useless as any other sex toy. Even more dangerous.
    In both cases, the guys were totally and wastefully chivalrous (a man should be polite and helpful to a female, not a gonflable manequin)
    Most of all, even the Bible says that give the man a fish and he will feast for a day. Teach the man to fish and he will have food for himself and for this family for the rest of his life. So, the guys should – if hyper gentilomes – give the idiots a fish today, cose they were starving and miserable, but tomorrow take them to forraging, teach them the basics, and then send them on their way, not slaving for princesses.
    And yes, this show is a perfect example of why patriarhate is crap.
    (Mostly for producing such female exemplares)

  151. let me count the mangina;s roger thats 1 roman thats 2 ian thats 3 and hammer thats 4 now i am tired couldnt be bother with the dozes more lurking around

  152. let me count the mangina’s roger thats 1 roman thats 2 ian thats 3 and hammer thats 4 now i am tired couldnt be bother with the dozens more lurking around

  153. This does not prove that men/patriarchy is superior, but only that patriarchy is still going strong and has deprived women of their natural talents, teaching them the fiction that they have to rely on men to have a living. How can a few days of a testing situation stand up against millennia of education?
    In an ancient society of hunters and collectors, women must have had their equal share of such skills, or mankind would not have survived. What you see is crippled female power, crippled through a competitive and leasure-oriented society.

    1. The very fact that you are describing common sense activity (rationing food, constructing a simple three piece shelter etc.) as ‘skills’ tells me everything I need to know. In an ancient society women cooked the food the men brought home. The tribe would never risk their future children by exposing women to the perils of the wilderness. Men and women are different. Women can’t do everything men can do. This is reality.

        1. Let me guess…….giving birth? You have to do better than that. Men can’t have children without women, but women can’t have children without men, thus negating your argument. Got anything else?

      1. ‘The tribe would never risk their future children by exposing women to the perils of the wilderness.’
        This is of course the foundational principle. As The Chateau puts it so very aptly: eggs are expensive, sperm is cheap. Women are infinitely more valuable in reproduction terms; the vast majority of men are disposable.
        Feminism is merely the 21st C impersonation of the same principle. It’s all about Her. He can go hang. Same old, same old.

    2. In an ancient society of hunters and collectors women still would not have been hunting prey. There would have been a distinct and rigid division labour around sex roles, which in turn were based on simple biological truths. Indeed the very phrase “hunters and collectors” indicates the sex roles: men were the hunters, women the collectors.

  154. At Marine OCS there are five training platoons for NROTC/ECP students; four male, one female. OCS is probably the most stressful event in one’s life up to that point. Leadership billets are randomly assigned on a weekly basis in order to test unit cohesion and leadership ability of specific students. The men all hated each other (at OCS people get dropped) but worked as a team to get through the day. When you platoon sucks ass, the instructors punish you. If you’re shit is together, the instructors just move the training schedule along. Regardless of who was in charge, from the shittiest to the best, the men would work together so the entire unit would not get punished. A favorite example comes from assembly after chow. The men would line up in formation without prompting, count off, and march in unison. Women, however, HATE each other and will not work together regardless of the situation. Take the chow hall example: When a woman that all the women hated, or some hated, was in charge they’d would purposefully fuck up formation and the entire platoon would get smoked BUT the leader would get smoked harder. Even more hilarious, LtCol Germanio, the recently fired BN Commander, was a Platoon Commander when I was student. During a hike, the women would split off from the men because (we all know why) double-standards. Anyway, during hike recovery, one of the ladies told me that then Captain Germanio fell on her face leading the hike and all her students just stepped on her knowing full well they were walking on a commissioned officer. If that was a male commander in a male platoon, we wouldn’t have dared step on a superior officer.

  155. BS our family is and has always been a matriarchy. if it wasn’t nothing would get done. the guys are always promising to do this that and the other and it never gets done. my daughter just finished re furbishing 2 bedrooms and the dining room from stripping the floors and redoing them to painting walls, staining and replacing the wood around the bottoms and tops of the walls, staining and redoing doors and repairing holes in the walls done by the grands. and not one male helped do anything. we clean the yard and carport as well as the house, cook etc and still work. they do crap. well they don’t have time to help because they do what? nothing constructive at all

  156. The reason matriarchy ruled so much in the old days is men were so busy off fighting women got along real well without them. and it was always the kings sisters sons that inherited. because lets face it you always knew who their mothers were but not their fathers. with all the rapes of women who knew who was their father. with royalty you knew the children were royal if they were thier mothers you never knew what the fathers brought home as a wife or concubine and who wanted that as their ruler try reading your history. women did everthing while men were off playing at war.

  157. This article is such garbage. The author makes a case for their flawed logic based on a TV show in order to prove how worthless women and feminism are. The reality is the author has no understanding of history or their own hatred of women. If you have ever been on the set of any film production, you will discover how 99% is actually staged.

    1. When I WORKED on the set of a film production as a PA the other male production assistants and I spent 15 hours per day carrying heavy lights, stands, cables, cameras and dollies while the females who “worked” in the wardrobe department spent about 5 minutes picking out which outfits the cast would look cute in then lounged on beds/couches for the remaining 14 hours and 55 minutes while being paid the same amount per hour as we were, so why don’t you stfu SHpielberg? Oh wait, there was one male douchebag on set who did even less than the wardrobe chicks by doing nothing but kvetching about not getting the right kind of Starbucks coffee because He claimed He could tell that it did not contain all 25 different ingredients He ordered, it was (((the director)))

    2. ‘The reality is the author has no understanding of history or their own hatred of women.’
      Awwww, that’s so cutesy-cute! Good little boy! Did you get your cookie?

  158. Well done chaps! The powers that be will merely stop showing anything that shows reality.They’ll manufacture shows where the women are the great achievers,and they wont feel any guilt that it is all lies.

    1. It is reassuring to, at least, note that there are others, like yourself, that see it for what it’s worth.

  159. “to find examples of successful matriarchal societies you either have to turn to ancient history, remote outskirts of the world or feminist fiction”
    Or reality shows, it seems.

  160. Ridiculous. My parents, married for forty years, were both capable people in their own way, but my father was completely helpless in the kitchen. I am not saying he could not have learned if he had to, but the man could not even make decent coffee. My brother and I used to say that if he had outlived my mother, which he did not, one of us would have had to take him in just to make sure he ate properly.
    My Mom, on the other hand, managed on her own quite well after Dad died. She had managed quite well on her own before they met as well.
    This is no reflection on my Dad, of course; men of his generation often did not cook. And naturally enough he did certain household repairs himself that my mother had to call in professionals for.
    But to suggest that either sex is incapable of fending for itself just because of their genitalia is absurd, ridiculous, and insulting to BOTH sexes.

    1. Interesting enough, I know how to cook, clean, and iron. I actually enjoy the latter. Nowadays, as I’ve pointed out in this blog, both men and women need to crosstrain in skill usually meant for the opposite sex.

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