The Greatest Adventure

Its the year 2023 and you’re the first human being to set foot on Mars. You and the rest of the Mars One team have been anxiously awaiting this moment for the past 7 months accompanied only by the dim hum of your gliding vessel. You’ve been training and planning for years and have devoted the rest of your life to doing something no one has ever done, or may not ever do again. The history books will forever hold your name, your legacy.

Mars One will fund this expedition by creating their very own Truman Show. Everyone on earth will watch you as you live free from laws and society. They’ll get to see the spectacle of human nature in its full glory as you set up a colony on Mars.

After a while you’ll feel the burdening constraints of isolation. The constant scrutinizing of your actions will make you feel like a zoo animal, but you will keep working because what you are doing is great. Lost is the time of great adventurers who sail the seven seas discovering new lands, bizarre flora/fauna and new civilizations. Lost is the time of this freedom. Mars is your salvation.


Yes, this is a romanticized version of what could happen, but what greater of an adventure is there? You could be stuck in a barren, uninhabitable, void of isolation with no cute girls. Aliens could attack and suck your brains out for use in crazy experiments or you could spring a leak in your space suit causing your head would explode. Well shit, I’d take the legacy of this great adventure over going to the same lonely planet guide tourist trap spots any day. I’d take years of isolation over years of going to the same bars talking to overweight, stuck-up women.

I’ve always wanted a grand adventure, something that would change the scope of the world, influence how everyone thinks and how everyone acts. Think about men who have changed history and how society at its most basal level functions. Ancient philosophers who wrote timeless truths, psychologists who’ve changed the way we interpret, leaders of nations in the 20th century and more recently technological innovators: Zuckerberg and Jobs among many who have facilitated the change of society into what it is now.


These men devoted their existences to these purposes. They sacrificed many things to achieve what they did. They constantly worked to refine and re-evaluate their progress.

Although a guy like me can only dream of changing the world by hopping on a space ship and colonizing another planet — being the first man with an interplanetary harem — such greatness is not attainable for most people.

What can most people achieve?

We here at Return of Kings are not average; we strive to be above average. We work to mold the world to our will and improve ourselves. We may not be able to change society as a whole, but we can change how we adapt to society. We can educate ourselves in the ways of social interaction so we can have control over our interpersonal relations for the purpose of women and jobs. We learn the benefits of health so we can live life to the fullest. We work hard for money so we can have more freedom. Some of us may have children and some of us may have wives, but we will all leave a legacy in the man we have built ourselves into.

Self-improvement may be masturbation, but it allows us freedoms which we would never have. Self-destruction on the other hand is the way many people lead their lives.

A recent source of entertainment over at the forum is that of a young woman who angrily asked Roosh to remove a photo of her from his most recent and controversial post. Instead of asking nicely — or in the very least neutrally — she asked with anger. Instead of saying “Could you please take picture x from article x off of your site, I don’t like that you used it” she said “Take the fucking picture of me down” and the rest is history.


Some extremely talented computer hackers [read: a guy with Google and a girl with no privacy settings on her Facebook profile] dug up a time line of this girl’s transformation. Kosko gives a good breakdown on the forum, but it reads as follows. She starts off with a look in her eye that suggests she’s happy with her life and ends hollow and unhealthy after years of self-destruction. She may have had many good times along the way as indicated by the photos posted, but where does this all lead? How does one have a fulfilling life if happiness is created by something like partying and self-destruction?


She is not free. She is constrained by her choices and she is one of many. Freedom is improving yourself. Building oneself is the greatest adventure a man can go on, even for getting the first ever Mars flag.

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11 thoughts on “The Greatest Adventure”

  1. Bill Burr had a good joke about Steve Jobs. He said something like: “Yes, Steve Jobs changed the world. First the world was one way. Then he came and shouted at nerds until they built his ideas. And then the world was completely different.”
    Also I don’t know about a Mars Flag. Wouldn’t the girl have to be born on Mars for it to count? We’ll be dead until that happens.
    But all in all I liked your post. And you can still have adventures. Not like in the 17th century perhaps, but just being open to new stuff can yield some surprising events.

  2. What I am planning for my grand adventure is to sail around the world solo. Since doing it nonstop would be a grind and nothing but an endurance test, I’m planning on making various stops and enjoying the adventure.
    Yu can talk about changing the world, but I really don’t give a fuck. Thisis something I want to do for me.

  3. Venus is where the hot chicks are. Unspoiled by dick and somewhat desperate. There you’ll find me radiating enough coolness to chill out the planet.

    1. Then you are obviously a dumbass. It was pretty simple to follow and it was summed up in the couple of sentences:
      “Freedom is improving yourself. Building oneself is the greatest adventure a man can go on, even for getting the first ever Mars flag.”
      The feminist was an example of what not to do. Waste your time partying all the time, eating whatever the hell you want (as seen in the picture of Roosh’s blog),etc.) You can enjoy those things but these should not make up the the majority of your activities.
      Work towards self improvement whether it’s going to mars, founding apple computers, facebook, etc.

  4. Fuck that, I’ll wait until Mars is safely colonized and stocked with hot alien bitches before I set foot over there.

  5. Article by “Western Cancer” and a picture of a dead guy who carried that disease prolifically staring me down halfway through the page… No, thanks. I didn’t even read the dribble, but I hope every man here strives to know: Mars has been colonized and terraformed for years. Reference black government projects and more specifically the Farsight Institute Mars Anomaly.

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