Five Daytime Approaches

I got into day game a year ago after reading Roosh’s Day Bang. Though I am an introvert by nature, I was intrigued by the prospect of meeting high quality girls without having to deal with the ubiquitous nuclear bitch shields I’d encountered at bars and clubs. From approach number one, I kept a journal to help me reflect and improve with each interaction. I’ve been on a day game kick lately, so here are five excerpts from my journal that demonstrate the range of outcomes that will happen:

Approach #1

I had just finished reading Day Bang and began forcing myself into more day approach situations. I was getting coffee at a Starbucks when a slender, ethnic-looking girl walked in behind me. The blood rushed to my face as I lamely asked her whether the coffee mugs on display were any good. She mentioned something about putting soup in them, and I began staccato-like 2 minute ramble on the subject of soup. I was sure I’d blown it with such a dumb monologue but, to my astonishment, she began asking me questions about what I did and where I lived. She said she was in the area for her therapist appointment, but “I’m not crazy.” Lozzlozlzol. I asked for her number and she said she had a boyfriend.

Pros: Got approach #1 out of the way. Rambled on a bit about stupid, non-threatening things. Dropped elements of GALNUC routine in the book (got name, asked where she usually hung out). Got her asking questions during silences.

Cons: Mind went blank several times and probably started sweating. Used goofy subject matter. Probably smiled too much

Approach #2

I’d seen this girl before reading books at the coffee shop next door and generally looking pretty bored. Opener: “Do you have to reserve this seat ahead of time or is it always open?” We talked for a bit and she was polite but seemed uninterested in anything I had to say. She mentioned her job, so I asked about it but she did not return any questions. She said she didn’t get out much, so I offered to grab a drink with her and show her some places. She said she had a boyfriend and I told her they should come out with my friends sometime and got her number.

Pros: None

Cons: None

Approach #3

Saw her at a coffee shop while I was waiting for my drink. She was alone at a 4-person table, and made eye contact with me while she was looking around. I caught her doing it again two minutes later. I set up at a table about 15 feet away, with a clear sight line but not directly in front of her. After 10 minutes or so I walked up and delivered my opener: “Excuse me, you look absorbed in this book. What’s the topic?” She talked about reading books for grad school and seemed receptive to conversation, asked me to sit down very quickly. She asked about my job, and we had a lengthy conversation. It was 70-30 split of questions-rambling on my end, but rapport seemed good. I ran part of Roosh’s GALNUC routine and got her number to get a drink sometime. She seemed genuinely interested and I got her to laugh a couple times. We ended up going on a couple of dates.

Pros: Identified initial interest and capitalized on it. Left afterwards, didn’t hang around weirdly.

Cons: Probably should have ended it earlier. Still asked more questions than I should have, didn’t ramble enough. Too much “interview.”

Approach #4

Saw a strikingly beautiful girl walk into the coffee shop. My heart started beating immediately so I knew I had to approach. She looked around for a place to sit and settled near the back. I walked up to her and asked her about her computer, rambled a bit about needing a new one but did not continue long enough before asking her questions. I was more nervous than usual. She said she had just moved to town for art school and she hadn’t found much to do. I eventually asked for her number. Her exact words: “I’m not really in a position where I want to be giving out my number right now.” I told her it was nice meeting her and headed out.

Pros: Approached a very cute girl despite anxiety.

Cons: Didn’t ramble enough. Talked about “get your number” rather than “show you around” or something more innocuous. Need to develop better rambles

Approach #5

Noticed her from across the coffee shop but the seating arrangement was sub-optimal, with her at small table at the wall and me on the opposite side of the store with no space to sit down. She was using a laptop but appeared to be glancing up once in a while, not completely engrossed in what she was doing. I waited for someone to leave and then snaked a seat two tables away.

I asked how she liked her laptop and rambled a bit more than usual about wanting to get something I could travel with, talked about how iPad was good but a tool for consumption and not production, etc. She was very receptive and started asking me questions about what I was doing there, where I went to school, etc. We talked for a few minutes, and I told her I had to get going but said we should get a drink sometime and asked for her number. She asked for my Facebook and I told her I didn’t have one. She gave me her number and we exchanged a few texts later that night. We ended up dating for a while.

Pros: Approached a very attractive girl with sub-optimal logistics. Rambled longer than usual to create more comfort, which had been a problem in past approaches. Did not cave into beta-bait Facebook request.

Cons: None.

These five approaches amounted to several pleasant conversations, two promising numbers, and one quasi-relationship. All it took to be in these situations was drinking coffee and reading my book, which I would have been doing otherwise. They also illustrate the contrast between day and night approaches; the conversations were all pleasant, and the worst daytime blowout I received was when a girl made a lame excuse for not giving out her number. If you’re not talking to women during the day, make it a habit.

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  1. I agree…day game is quite fun. I have two rules.
    1) See attractive chick that crosses my path
    2) Start a conversation with her…then improvise that conversation.
    KISS method.

      1. You know what?!!! Your MOM probably did!!!!!!!!! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SNAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!
        You really are getting lame Carson. If you don’t like the comment don’t say anything. ‘Oh wait, I just said something!!’ I bet Carson’s ingenious mind of low level insults will point that out, I’m so screwed. Kind like how Carson’s mom and sister sandwiched me the other day.
        Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, badum duh!

      2. I love living in your head rent free.
        To think a virgin is effing you now.

        1. Rent free is good, having his mom pay the rent for his head for me is better.
          I too can troll.
          Sorry Roosh, I saw your rebuttal to Carson and Earl, but I had to man. This sort of sardonic humor was just too much temptation. Hahahaha

  2. Although it doesn’t command the same interaction as a phone number, sometimes with girls such as #4 I’ll ask for an email. The hamster justifies that email is less intrusive and personal than a phone number, and then you can google her to see whether she’s worth pursuing any further.
    This recently worked out in my favor when I found the girl’s email registered to a dating website for people with STDs.

    1. That is old school game, and I can’t agree more. An email can be blocked, and in the eyes of those around you is more or less like scoring a number.
      Couple the email with not caring about the outcome, and you will get a lot of opportunities to have girls buy you dinner.

  3. Well done. It’s good you’re keeping some kind of record/diary of your experiences. It’s the best way to analyze the pros and cons what you’re doing. You won’t realize how far you’ve come until a lot of time passes…bravo.

      1. Heartiste covered caveman game back in ’09:
        1.Take her by her wrist and go for the make out. High chance of failure, but I don’t think any witty one-liner is getting this chick.
        2. Go after her, grab her by the hand, and without breaking eye contact say, “you’re not walking away from me, not like that.” Pause. Wait for her reaction. If she recoils, forget her. If she doesn’t break eye contact, follow it up with, “lets get out of here.”
        3. (same link as #2) Wait until she turns around, then move up from behind and put your hand on her neck. Move it up into her hair, grab her hair, and slowly lean her back while twisting her to face you, and kiss from a position of total control. Then say “let’s go” and move out. This is the extreme manifestation of caveman game. When it works, your job is done. You may as well begin unwrapping the condom. The problem with any high risk venture are the odds of failure. 99 times out of 100, given the scenario I outlined, the surprise, from-behind caveman kiss will get you slapped and/or tossed out of the bar.

        1. Caveman only works for me if I’m visibly drunk. It’s not the confidence thing, it’s all about the excuse she can tell herself to justify my behaviour.

  4. The best thing for almost any situation is arrogantly funny humor. She will catch the drift that you are joking if she is cool, will not if she isn’t.
    Say something like (in approach #1) “You put soup in them huh? Is that an offer?” Make sure to wink when you finish. Then keep the conversation light, few if any questions as when you do take her out you will most likely be the guy who exhausts his conversational bag in a few minutes. If she says she has a boy friend, say “So, you get soup at a homeless shelter?” in a mocking, but slyly serious tone. When she gets mad or playful, smile.
    (Approach #2) Terrible idea to offer a girl to take her boyfriend with you. You started a conversation, and she promptly ended it. Just tell her some good places to go. Then leave. That is not going anywhere.
    (Approach #3) Good, not too much to add. Just make sure that when you get the number, amplify the humor a little bit and then leave. Too many questions provides too much opportunity to mess things up. Even for a champ. Less talk, more bang. Unless your nature is extroverted and you know how to steer a conversation like a seasoned sailor can steer a ship.
    (Approach #4) Difuse her stuck up behavior by humor. Look at her with understanding and say “Move to your left.” “Okay, how about that position?”
    When she laughs, then ask her questions about what is bugging her without directly asking her. Diffuse, re-direct, score digits, leave and then bang. Beautiful girls have vaginas, vaginas tingle with humor, beautiful girl will bang like ugly girl next door. Hulk says “SMASH”
    (Approach # 5) Goo approach.
    The men here who just started need more articles like this.

    1. I tend to dial back the cocky humor during the daytime even today, and #1 was my first day approach ever so I was preoccupied with not sounding like an idiot.
      Re #2, I never considered doing anything with the number — it was simply a slightly less awkward exit from the situation than “Oh, ok” and walking away.
      Thanks for your comments.

      1. No worries man. I applaud this sort of honesty. As iron sharpens iron, so does one man sharpen another. I also respect that you can take this comment for what it is, a compliment.
        That too is alpha.

  5. Fair play to guys who regularly do daytime approaches. I keep meaning to but time and availibility of attractive women in the spheres where I work is a problem. This can be rectified of course, so I keep getting reminded that I should (and will) go out and ‘daygame’. Props to guys who keep ramming down useful messages down our throats to benefit us.

  6. Dude this was good. You went 1 for 5 on solid approaches and it was in the most difficult of circumstances sober day game. If you work out regularly please post on how to pull in the gym, it is the one place I have never had success. I have pulled at a girl at a club who went to my gym, but never straight up at the gym. Women are so focused in the gym and typically have on ear buds. Just hoping for a quick pointer or two…..

    1. Step 1)…see attractive girl at the gym
      Step 2)…start a conversation with her
      Why do you think a girl is at the gym? She’s making the bait look good for a shark to notice.

      1. Whatever, it’s better to talk to her, gym or not, than be a virgin. You ARE that guy who was called out for being a virgin by that troll, right? I don’t understand why you’re even commenting here. Go out and get laid, dude, THEN I might listen to what you have to say.

  7. Some of the openers were to obvious, especially the computer one. something more innocuous would have probably been better, but if its all you had to work with it was what it was. My favorite trick is to walk by a girl and audibly say something out loud that i think is funny. if in a bar, i tell a joke to a friend loudly in ear shot from a girl. if she smiles or laughs, depending on the surroundings i either turn toward her, or if i am confident she will come up to me, i leave it. sometimes i can attract a girl this way without even having to approach. it’s slightly more advanced sniper game but works wonders. if she smiles or laughs or takes notice, but not so much i am confident she will approach, i just start talking to her as if she invited me to. this leads the girl and many times it gives them that illusion of that fateful encounter. they think they “met” you by some odd occurrance rather than it being calculated.
    asking a hotty for a number is tricky. can be generally a bad idea unless she is obviously into you and you have really hit it off. then again, i actually never ask for a girl’s number anymore. i give mine out, and since i started, i get 10 times the amount of call backs then girls picking up from before. the more indirect your offer to approach or get a number, name, etc the more it seems to work, by simultaneously being confident and a bit aloof. the hotter the girl, the more indirect about everything i become. if it comes time to get the number, i give her mine and dont ask for hers. if she is unsure, it will give her time to think it over removing the pressure. although i rarely go for the number either anymore unless it’s incidental, i try to go for the close if possible. then again the hotter the girl, the less indirect you are, the wider the gulf. its always a bit of a calculation.

    1. I’m skeptical your “walk by and say something funny” sniper game would work during the day when people are less proactive about being openly social with strangers. Though it is certainly an option at the bar.
      Also, I have approached hundreds of girls and I can’t recall a single call I’ve gotten from giving them my number, and I did this a lot early on. If this works for you then more power to you sir, but for me giving out my number has a 100% failure rate.
      Numbers do flake, but I’ve found a much better ratio on numbers gleaned from daytime prospecting as compared to night.

      1. Not “walk by and say something funny” . Though it can be done. I find a way to be by her for some reason, a varities of ways this can be done. I’ve done this most recently in a hospital, mcdonalds, and a library to great effect. Although, yes, it is more effective at night but that is because alcohol smooths interactions over moreso.
        *shrugs* for me, for some reason asking for the number unless i’ve “got her” and know already beforehand she will give it to me by her give back attention, has resulted in close to similar results for myself. Also this may be because of how I look. I’m 6’1″ and 240 pound bodybuilder with long hair and a beard. My viking game probably necessitates that i mitigate my intimidating presence by the non-chalant handing of a phone number, whereas if a another man did this, it may seem weak and he could have compensated by pressing for number making him seem adamant and strong in contradiction to his visual appearance. By me being so forward and also looking intimidating already, asking for the number may make the girl a bit nervous and so by giving mine to her, i reassure her I am not pushy and not as concerned, thereby allowing her to think it over and come back to me, usually with amazing success. So this may be Case-sensitive to me, which is probably the case and i did not think of it when i wrote that. so good call. also this is in cases where the girl may not be eating it up. im mostly talking about situations where i feel like the girl’s responses and her expressions, attitude, lack of touch, whatever say she is still unsure and for that reason to press for a number does not work for me. Then again this is all speculation. But for whatever reason, it often, most of the time, works for me. these “iffies” often get turned into “definitlies” when i do this, whereas before by pressing for the number on an iffy, id get rejected or lied to or flaked on. if my A game is on, then of course it doesnt matter either way whether i offer it or ask for it because she will want it. but of course, im not always spitting A game.
        *shrugs* again as has been said each man has his own style of game. My viking – sniper – retreat game probably wouldn’t do for other men. Not that I am superior, just different and my game works for me. one of those different to different guy things.

      2. also for further notes, i dont tell the girl my number and have her put it in her phone or something. As a i am a college professor, a filmmaker and artist, i have cards made up, which i hand to her, so if i haven’t worked my occupation into the conversation yet, she can see what i do without my having to draw attention to it. this plays into own style of game again, but it is different than giving a girl your number on a piece of paper or having her type it in her phone.

    1. I read through the journal and I also have supermarkets, farmer’s markets, airports, and the mall in there. But yeah, I happen to like coffee and an hour or two stint at the coffee shop fits well into my weekend routine, so most of my approaches occur there.
      I prefer this venue because I can be doing something I enjoy such as reading or writing while surveying the scene in wait for prospects. For me, this beats walking around doing something I dislike (shopping). To each his own.

      1. Sometimes I like to hide in bushes and approach girls from there. If she runs away, NEXT. But if she’s curious, do a stop-move and pull her from the walking path and have your way. Statistically a fair few girls have fantasies about being raped, and also having sex in public places, so it’s a win-win. Roosh can back me up on this.

    1. That’s because you’re ashamed of your own desires, that, or you find the creepy thing convenient so your lack of approaching in coffee shops or anywhere is justified.

    2. Peterless Woods –Yes, people should only meet at their stockbrokers, introduced by Social Registry approved Harvard grads. Not all of us are herd animals.

  8. good old direct street game saves a lot of time, don’t have to think of opener either besides telling her her u dig her

  9. Excellent post. Very realistic, not like those who claim to have the magic dose to succeed in 5-out-of-5 approaches.

  10. Been thinking about this article for a couple days now. The more I think about this article, the more I love it. I think Black Knight needs to be praised. Why? Because he’s in there, trying, making things happen, stirring the pot. The fact that he bought “Day Bang” and had the conviction actually to put it into practice shows (1) ability to self-reflect and target goals; and (2) strong personal discipline; and (3) the humility to accept advice from someone else. These qualities are vital for success not just with women, but for life in general. He also had the presence of mind to systematically record his experiences and actually try to learn from them. Not many men are willing to put themselves through this sort of a crucible. Not many guys have the stomach to face rejection after rejection. It takes guts, and guts is enough.
    Although most of us at ROK are already game advocates, it is important to remember that 99% of guys out there never approach girls, and never make an effort to get outside their limited social circle. So when I see an article like this, it really makes me feel good that someone is actually trying, is in the game, is fighting. He’s going to learn more about life itself from doing this than he realizes.
    Well done, Black Knight. Motivate us. I know I’ve already said it, but I just want to say it again. Keep up the good work.

  11. Day game isn’t for me. Way I see it, unless you’re pretty lucky, all you’re going to get is a couple of numbers for a couple of dates. I prefer night-game, generally you’ll either get a number or, more likely, go to her place (or yours) and fuck. i.e. Skip the fucking dates.

    1. Bro. The hottest women I’ve ever gotten were from Day game. It catches women off guard. Plus, they are more likely to view an encounter with less suspicion because of the lack of alcohol and lack of the typical setting. It’s not about luck. It’s about skill. it takes practice. Do some approaches and dont eve shoot for a number, and after a bit you’ll get used to it. The idea here is to think outside the whole “go to a bar or club to get laid” box.

        1. The idea is to engage a female in a place where she does not immediately suspect sex. Get moderately good with Day game and your sex life should improve automatically. Maybe just me, but mine did drastically. I am actually more likely to pull day game now than night game. It is potentially that good because most sluts stay within the night game paradigm (though of course this is not foul proof). Try it.

  12. 5 thumbs up.
    You went out and tried. Something almost all men I know, do not do, and the very few that do are growing into giants.
    Because failure is success. Failure means you are trying. Trying will only result in getting better.
    Success is not a single entity that is born out of nothing, success is the fruit of failing.

  13. Daygame for me has been very difficult. I’m a social recluse so my chitchat skills are almost non-existent. I target high traffic areas like bus stops and shopping malls when school gets out. I usually just ask girls about their bag, which is difficult to talk about, as I try to not get too personal. I’m gonna start chatting with everybody I meet now to get some better conversation skills, which will come handy in real life. Another great benefit I discovered from daygame is that it reduces sex drive. That’s to say instead of masturbating myself into a coma sometimes (i exaggerate, but ZMA supplement really does increase sex drive), I just go out and daygame, this cuts down approach anxiety almost to zero as you become sexually driven. Talking with women also for some reason reduces that sexual drive, at least for me. So seems to me for those who need help controlling their sex drive, daygame is a good option.
    One problem I’m having is when should I stop a conversation? I’m starting to suspect that due to living in Australia (with some of the worst women in the world, although I target immigrants so it’s bearable), that ‘looking away in disinterest’ is typical female behavior here and not something I should take personally. Cause I think I let some conversations end too soon because I thought they showed disinterest ie is looking at their phones while I’m talking to them disinterest? Is looking at a passerby disinterest? Or should I just wait for a full couple seconds looking away that clearly shows their disinterest?
    Ha I can also attest to the ‘don’t scare the cat strategy’, in a jovial mood I started talking to this recently immigrated Japanese girl who had a Disneyworld necklace on, and foolishly skipped the daygame techniques and starting being my usual chirpy self, laughing and smiling. And she literally got up and ran away, haha (we were in a train stop)

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