We Must Not Get Complacent After The Great Election Victory

Congratulations gentlemen, after much ridicule, vitriolic leftist rhetoric, and subversion attempts we have prevailed. Donald Trump is the right man to lead the country at the right time when it is really and truly divided and hurt.

However we must stay vigilant because the Democrats and the left will be back after they lick their wounds and learn their lessons. It may take them 1 election cycle or an entire decade to field a suitable candidate, but the pendulum will swing back in their favor eventually. Once all all the post-election shock dies down, the liberal establishment will accept the fact that they lost fair and square and put their hopes into the wrong group of people.

The journey to this realization and the steps necessary to fix it will take some real effort and they probably won’t get it right the first time around. In the immediate aftermath of the election cycle I think the Democrats will still cling to their support base of feminists, SJWs, and all the other bottom feeders, but they will eventually realize that their useful idiots are the reason they alienated so many people and turned others into closet Donald Trump supporters. In other words they put their faith into the wrong people at the expense of alienating the white working class and even some minorities and legal immigrants.

The Original SJWs

To put some historical context into this, let’s go back in time to the early 20th century right around the time when the Russian Revolution was happening. Lenin, Trotsky, and their merry band of Bolsheviks were working hard to destabilize and discredit the rotting Russian monarchy. In many ways they were pioneers of Marxist propaganda tactics that modern day leftists have adopted so effectively. In their effort to spark the revolution the gloves came off and they fought dirty. All the disenchanted classes and intelligentsia were mobilized to attack the government. In their ranks they included the original SJWs, though to be fair they probably weren’t whiny entitled brats back then.


After the revolution succeeded, half the Bolsheviks wanted to keep pushing for a global revolution because nothing was enough for them, but the other half wanted to take a breather to the put the country back together. The half that wanted a break to stabilize won out courtesy of Stalin when he ruthlessly cut down the extreme wing of the party. He then went on to immediately wipe out the useful idiots who were used to stir up the revolution and focused on bringing the country back from the Stone Age. Trotsky got an ice pick in the skull for not shutting up.

Though not exactly a match for today’s situation, we can still draw some parallels. Some credit has to go to the left for bringing some important issues to the table. Even though we can agree that the Democrats have done some serious damage, we can also be intelligent enough to look back on the presidencies of Clinton and Obama and pick out some good accomplishments. Once they accomplished their goals of creating an “equal society” they found themselves directionless and that’s when we started seeing the ever more ridiculous and shrill calls for continued revolution. It manifested itself into what we see today as safe spaces, gender binaries, and all the other confusion plaguing society.

The American people were never given the time to absorb and digest all the leftists victories because they came in rapid succession. Gay marriage, LGBTQ, BLM, multiculturalism, refugees, SJWs, and all the other social movements that sprang up happened so quickly and were given preference over the white working class. Not only that, but not accepting it was met with a disdainful and aggressive attitude that reeked of condescension.

Trump is the necessary force to put a stop to all the excessive leftist nonsense because any more and we could truly have been on the brink of violent conflict. Hopefully with him in power we will finally get a breather and a long needed break from the progressive left that has had a virtual monopoly due to limp opposition from the right. While I don’t suggest to equate him to Stalin, he does possess a lot of the same characteristics such as an iron resolve and a mastodonic pair of testicles.

The Great Forgetting

I hope that in the next couple of years we will see an era of the Great Forgetting where all the loudmouth feminists, SJWs, and other far left elements slowly lose favor and fade into the background. In the Russian Revolution they were all either shot or sent to far away Siberian camps to do hard labor. Of course in 2016 we can’t do that, but I have hope that market forces will do the next best thing and cause them to keep quiet and actually get a job.


It will be a painful process and they won’t come quietly, but I believe that we will slowly see them getting phased out until they lose their platform. All the protests and petitions to ban the electoral college are going to become a PR problem for the Democrats once the dust settles and they will begin the process of disassociating themselves with the subversive elements. All the women and men they managed to corrupt will unfortunately become collateral damage as some are too far gone to bring back. I genuinely feel sorry for them because they were used for nefarious political purposes as cannon fodder. We will unfortunately see a whole generation of bitter spinsters and emasculated men as one of the consequences of long Democratic rule.

I see in the next 10-20 years America reverting back to simpler times and the anti-white rhetoric turning down many decibels. We may even see American women becoming more feminine once it become apparent that the government no longer favors feminism. The white working class needs to be given a voice to grieve all the unfair treatment they have been receiving for the last years. We need to be given time to make sense of everything that has happened around us.

A word of warning

We should take the time to celebrate this victory because we all fought hard for it. However we must not get complacent because the election result shows exactly what happens when you do. Just because The Donald is now the new President doesn’t mean that all the leftist will suddenly get with the program.


In the immediate aftermath we must still be aware that the legacy of the leftists is strong and the legal barriers they built are still there. In other words your tongue and your actions can still get you in trouble as seen by the poor white guy who got jumped by a bunch of black guys for voting for Trump. Keep your wits about you and be careful who you trust. It will take time to undo all the subversive damage and you can expect them to come kicking and screaming. I don’t believe we are going to stop seeing false rape accusations anytime soon.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the Democrats will be back. As I said earlier it will take time and they will go through a crisis, but eventually they will find strong leadership. They will learn the lessons and they will not be so careless anymore about who to put their faith into. I see them weaseling their way into appealing to the white demographic because this election proved they were the crux. Their message will be revised and they will pull voters back their way eventually. In order to do this they will not push such an aggressive Globalist agenda down people’s throats, but they will not abandon their dream altogether.

In the near future I see a Globalism 2.0 appearing that is much more inclusive and fair to the white working class, as well as the world in general. As humans we have always moved towards a more globalized society and all the bumps along the road have never kept us down for long. A more globalized society is inevitable, just the current way of going about it is not correct. The left will find a better mix in the future and people will buy it and support it.

To push Globalism 2.0 they will revive their army of SJWs, though in 10-20 years I can’t imagine what they will look like. The current generation of far left militia will move into the shadow realms much like the ones from where the Manosphere and PUA culture originated from and they will wait patiently for their day again just like we did.

Everything comes in waves and movements fade and come back. The militant leftism from the 60s was revived 40 years later and is now nearing yet another culmination. I don’t think anybody here likes them, but I don’t think we can deny that they aren’t effective when used correctly. So just be aware of that and realize that the enemy has only made a tactical retreat.

Now go out there and grab America by the pussy!

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186 thoughts on “We Must Not Get Complacent After The Great Election Victory”

  1. That’s one of the things I have to remind myself of when I think of current social trends. Everything moves in cycles and reversal comes once complacency sets in. It’s how the left lost this election, after all.
    The rabid SJWs I went to college with never seemed to understand that one day they’ll be looked down on in the same way that dirty, STD-riddled hippies from the 60s are today.

  2. Absolutely. They’re persistent, well funded and unconscionable bastards. We’ve been given another start for the Great Silent Majority. Don’t not waste it; the struggle remains.
    Trotsky got the ice pick. Like Joe Stalin or not, it was the right decision.

    1. Best comment: “First, any faithless vote cast is immediately revoked, the person is removed as elector and replaced, then the vote is certified.
      Secondly, not one of Trump’s 306 electors are defecting, the 15 electors are all from the 232 electoral democrats that are bound to vote for Hillary and not Trump. The 15 are trying to convince the Trump committed one’s to defect and it hasn’t been successful at all.
      This story is so biased, incorrect, and factually wrong and it’s clear that David didn’t do his research. No worries, Trump will be confirmed as President.”

      1. Yep. Dog and pony show for all the retarded Leftist cucks so they can throw their money away and make others rich. For seemingly being ‘educated’ and ‘enlightened’ they are mindbendingly idiotic and I love that.

      2. Haha, I just realized, when Dec 19 roles around and Trump is confirmed, then they will be crushed a second time.
        Oh, ohohohoho, this is DELICIOUS.

      3. Um… but what’s really to stop electors from being bribed (one way or another)?
        And if some are receiving death threats to change to Clinton then surely even more are being bribed.

    2. This is just more psychological warfare by the media. They are trying to get both parties riled up and upset. First the recount bullshit, and now this. Trump’s a done deal. The mob already paid the winners who backed Trump in the presidential wagers. That’s as done a deal as you can possibly get, and this is just a smoke-and-mirrors/psychological scare tactic.

  3. The next 4 years needs to be both a turbocharged assault on and gutting of perverted leftist values; and the building of conservative, patriotic foundations.
    Smash reforms through and do it IMMEDIATELY.
    Gut legislation and trade arrangements that hurt American people.
    Mend relations with Russia and reestablish the tightest of ties with us in the UK (take Churchill’s bust back. The one Obama fucking gave away).
    Make divorce law has hard on women as it is in men and you’ll see a damn sight less divorces. Women divorce now because the act of divorcing doesn’t cost them and may actually enrich them. Remove this perverse incentive.
    Roe v Wade – enough said
    Hammer public funded institutions that display anti-American values. Wanna take down the flag? Fuck you, go broke!!
    That’ll do for the first 3 months

    1. A repeal of Roe v Wade could lead to more relaxed abortion laws in some States.
      I never had an issue with that law because it allowed abortion as much as I had an issue with the federal gov not having the right to impose that on the individual States.
      The people have to decide for themselves how it should be.

        1. Yeah, she’s evil and crazy.
          Crazy people can be good.
          But evil people are always insane.

  4. Old saying: Politics is downstream from culture.
    The president doesn’t change culture. If anything, the culture changes the presidency.

    1. “Old saying: Politics is downstream from culture.”
      Who first said it? Andrew Breitbart hasn’t been dead that long.

  5. Balls in the left court. Balls in the right court. It may be a great game. It may be the best game ever. But sometimes the real action is going on at the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Association

  6. Is there any way to undue the gay marriage verdict the Supreme Court rammed down our throat?

    1. I find that interesting about our “laws” in this country. The left “passes laws” and then it is like it is permanent, done, final. Well, just UNDO it, right? The idea it is impossible is pure falsehood it is almost like no one wants to change them.
      Always the left, though. God given laws and rights constantly chipped away at, but never passed.

    2. I’m still not sure where SCOTUS gets the authority to effectively pass its own laws comes from. There are no checks and balances on it, which is antithetical to our government.
      More perplexing is that SCOTUS concedes that there are questions of constitutionality that can only be answered by Congress.

    3. Constitutional amendment or have a more friendly Supreme Court revisit the issue. Both are fairly unlikely, but I judge the amendment would be slightly easier.

  7. The cover picture of Lenin is fake. It is a paste-up. That crowd is just a backdrop. The shadows don’t match.

    1. Agree, background is lower contrast than pasted-in Lenin. His tie in the sunshine has blacker blacks than that arch in the background.
      (I see from comment count this is the original fatherofthree.)

  8. Well, we need to stop the massive influx of third world immigrants entering this country. That’s the first start. Democrats rely on those third world immigrants for votes. We also have to put a limit on the number of work visa immigrants coming in. None of them leave once they get an H1b work visa. Second, there needs to be continuous public shaming on PC folks and SJWs. We need more warriors like Ann Coulter, Milo Yiannopoulos, Tomi Lahren, Steven Crowder, and etc. to rise up and tackle the liberal elitists. We need more factual and rational articles from sites like ReturnOfKings and Breitbart to keep flowing. We need an actor like Mark Walberg to come out and shame other Hollywood Celebrities who have a political opinion. We need to boycott the shows of who do. We were successful with destroying Ghostbusters ticket sales. Keep the battle going and lets rid the madness of immigration, SJW groups, Instagram whores, feminists, fake-rape victims, matriarchy, and corporate douches. The battle may have been won, but the war has just started. Now, we grow our numbers, train others of the red pill truth, and build a new America. An America that once was great.

    1. Just remind the progressive utopians (PU’s) that the original Nazis hailed an immigrant and carpetbagger as the savior of their country. If Germany a century ago had stricter immigration laws, Hitler probably would have stayed in Austria and not have amounted to much.
      Of course, the PU’s don’t understand or believe their own propaganda about equality, feminism and fungibility. You don’t hear them worrying about some nonwhite immigrant, male or female, having the potential to become “literally Hitler” in the United States because they implicitly assume the newcomers’ inferiority to white people, and women’s inferiority to men.
      Otherwise, for all we know, some Guatemalan peasant girl who just crossed the border illegally will become the country’s dictator in 20 years and terrorize the world.

      1. Interesting etymology on the word “utopia”:
        The word comes from the Greek: οὐ (“not”) and τόπος (“place”) and means “no-place”
        It literally means, “no place”. Exactly what it is and where those who chase it end up because it is pure fiction.

      2. Just remind the progressive utopians (PU’s) that the original Nazis
        hailed an immigrant and carpetbagger as the savior of their country. If
        Germany a century ago had stricter immigration laws, Hitler probably
        would have stayed in Austria and not have amounted to much.

        Excellent use of rhetoric, even though that statement is disconnected from the historical facts and context.

      1. Don’t believe this for one second. All immigration is up and there is no end in sight. No science or discernment on who gets to come in. There is a flood of them coming in now before Trump becomes prez so they can take advantage of our ” citizenship by hanging out in the USA long enough” policy.

      2. And do your homework before you make such brash statements. The USA takes 1 million immigrants per year (from India, China, Mexico, and Phillipines the highest).

        1. This reply is for your kind of “low life” retards in this Country.
          Better you do your “homework” before you make such “Arrogant” statements” and vomit your “Inferiority Complex”.
          This Country is NOT doing any FAVOR and nobody is begging them to allow into this Country. What a moron you are ! Don’t even know whats called Immigration and who are called Immigrants ! OMG !
          No wonder why this Country (badly needs, and) is allowing people from India & China in different Visa categories ! Students, Researchers, Business Visitors, Professionals (H1B), Entrepreneurs etc. None of the mentioned categories (other than Entrepreneur, that too as a “prospective immigrant”) falls under “Immigration” !!!
          Do you even know the Qualifications, Experience and Expertise these people have !? That the tough process they go through (Exams, Visa Interviews and also being questioned by the “lunatic” CBP Officers !!!) !? That the Dirty Work Place Politics, Double Games and Competition they face in this Country (or any other NEEDY Country that has “low life” local people !) and come up successfully !?
          It’s not: “USA takes 1 million immigrants per year”. It’s actually: “USA SEEKS 1 million immigrants per year, even though they NEED millions more, because low-life retards in their own Country are growing in numbers and are good for nothing ! other than to leech out Tax Payers Money, Tattooing, Drugs, Looting Shops/Malls, Mass Shootings, Gay/Lesbian Clubs etc. !!!
          Ever wondered why there are Indians & Chinese in prominent and leading positions in the Education, Medicine, Pharmacy, Science and Technology, to name a few !? You and your kind of low-life retards in this Country will never understand anything that’s Good, Healthy, Positive, Constructive, Encouraging, Competitive, Rewarding and Beneficial !!! It’s no surprise that females in this Country are Slutty, Whorish, Walk bare chested and why there are hell number of pussy lickers and manginas !!!
          And hey, the good thing is, I NEVER faced anything called RACISM and I will NEVER accept that westerns (especially low-life retards) are RACIST. All I have face and/or encountered is: Jealousy, Envy and INFERIORITY Complex !!! Ha Ha Ha !
          This will be my last reply to you, because saying anything more is like: throwing stone on pile of shit !!!

      3. ‘Asians’ is a loaded word, and everyone knows it. And it isn’t really the Mexicans that are necessarily the problem. You can avoid the question but can’t avoid the consequences.

    2. The massive influx of immigrants is happening in Europe, and will hit our shores sooner than you think because our replacement rates are below 2 – all across Europe and U.S. You know it takes 2 people to make a new one and as long as the birth rates are below 2 the population shrinks.
      There is no way back from this. I posted under a similar post, see the link below.
      You want replacement rates of 6? Then take ALL women’s rights away (and treat them like cattle) and you’ll get that. Simple.

    3. There’s always been (and will be) a “limit” on “work visas aka H1B visas”. You rather should have said “reduce”, not “limit” !! H1B is a “dual-intent” visa program and it takes literally 5 years to even apply for the “so called” Green Card. After 5 years of getting a GC, one can apply for Citizenship.
      Why did this Country make the H1B Visas as “dual-intent” ? Who asked them to do so ? For whose benefit they did that ? Do you think Satya Nandella & Sundar Pichai couldn’t find better Jobs at any other place on this Planet ?
      “None of them leave once they get the H1B Visa” !!!
      Oh ya !! How many H1B visa holders are living on “EBT Cards” and leeching out the Tax Payers Money !? How many H1B visa holders are “Looting Shops/Malls” !? How many H1B visa holders are doing “Drug Trafficking” !? How many H1B visa holders are doing “Mass Shootings” in Universities and Shopping Malls ? How many H1B visa holders are doing “Protests” and killing On-Duty MALE Police Officers !? How many H1B visa holders are shouting slogans of “H1B Visa Holders Lives Matter” or “Brown/Asian Lives Matter” !!!???
      Coming to the “third world immigrants”; Do you even know “how many YEARS” it will take to get Citizenship ? Guess you at least know that only Citizens can “vote” in the Elections. Why do this Country/Government allowing “third world immigrants” ? This Country/Government will first conspire, lure few people in “third world countries” to leech out “Natural Resources” and/or to create “unrest” for own “vested interests”. To COVER UP their Conspiracy and the Destruction they did; this Country allows few people from those “third world countries”, as if they are doing any favor !!??
      *** Things will boomerang for sure, matter of time ! ***

  9. Democrats might indeed make a comeback, but feminists are flipping out over the up-and-coming competition (skip to the 1:07 mark to see this lifelike female robot in action). According to the research I’ve done, there are existing prototypes of similar robots that have realistic, warm skin, and they can fix you a drink, make you dinner, have a conversation with you, and fuck your brains out. (Man creates whatever he needs, while women become increasingly useless…same shit, different day.)

    1. Not surprising many women know they’re unfuckable and that will only force them further back in line. This is the world they wanted and they got it.

    2. I want to say they’re getting better, but they still freak me out. Robots are less creepy when they look like robots. 😉

        1. Actually, yes. That thing doesn’t freak me out. The weird girl but not a girl: freaky. 😀

      1. I agree. But once they get them down to where they are downright human – which they will – the whole game will change.

        1. True. But Denis Villeneuve is directing it (instead of Ridley Scott, who directed the original). And Villeneuve directed Sicario (2015), which is a really great film. So we have hope.

        2. Ohh shit I bet they’ll ruin it like Mad Max..
          Is the protagonist a black hermaphradite this time round??

        3. Who knows. But Harrison Ford is back. As for the rest of it, well…I sure hope they don’t SJW the shit out of it. That would be really disappointing (but not terribly surprising, as you noted).

        4. I figure there’s always going to be something wonky. But they may be “good enough” for some folk.

        5. I think Niagara included a photo of a character from “Blade Runner” in this thread. The replicant in question was Sean Young. Now, I am convinced that 10, 20, 30 years from now, robotic females who look, feel, and act exactly like real women will exist. At that time, men’s attitudes about fucking them will change. “Hmm. Do I want the 10 who is well-mannered, fucks like a professional, cleans my house, cooks for me, and never gives me a bit of trouble…or do I want that 7 with four kids and a bad attitude.” There will come a time when it will be a no-brainer. And at that point, all the guys who used to say, “I’d never do that,” will be doing it. Many of them, without actually realizing they are banging a robot…especially if they start walking freely among us, and are no different than humans. Hell, what do we know – maybe they already are. Creepy shit.

        6. If that’s true (which I don’t actually think for a myriad of reasons), humans are done. At least in the west and probably Japan where people can afford the bots.
          I mean really, waste time with a real girl, or just get a fake but perfect bot?
          Not really a question. 🙂

        7. Well, if the NWO has its way, humans will be done – except for maybe a couple million or so, to keep around as servants. So there’s that. Which would make the whole thing part of their social engineering effort. Which it undoubtedly is. But I hope it doesn’t go that way. However, I think it will. To a large degree. Have to wait and see. “Were you out with that goddamned robot of yours, Bob?” – “Yes, dear. She sucks better than you do.” Etc.

        8. For my part, I still prefer actual women. Robots just aren’t going to work for me.
          Here’s my problem with the robot thing however.
          1) It’s very difficult to pose as human from a computing standpoint. A lot of these robots are programmed specifically to mimmic explicit actions. And even that takes mountains of work. To actually mimic an entire human is virtually impossible. There’s always going to be some quirk and it’s going to be freaky.
          2) Despite what abject idiots like Musk and Hawking say (yes, I just said Hawking was an idiot, has been for awhile), we are NOWHERE near anything remotely resembling AI. Anybody saying we’re close is selling something.
          3) Counter intuitively, it’s pretty difficult to mimic a human mechanically. Sure we can get the general shape just fine. Maybe we can get the skin down. (Haven’t managed yet though!) But the movement itself is extremely difficult. Fluid, natural movements that don’t look like a robot are the issue. This will go along with point 1. You’ll have some quirk that isn’t mimicked by the software coupled with a mechanical issue that isn’t quite human. The end result will creep out most people except for wackies. There’s even a term for it called Uncanny Valley. Robots that don’t quite make it, even though they may be close, tend to produce a reaction of: that’s creepy!

        9. Yeah, they give me the “that’s creepy” sentiment in their present configuration. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. Some women are tripping out about the issue. Heh. It’s okay for them to use vibrators and sex toys, but if men have a shot at getting a substitute for their 24-karat-gold vaginas? Oh fuck no. Some robot ethicist (that’s her title) went on a rant last year about this. She is pressing to stop the construction of lifelike female robots. Much like a whore, who realizes the up-and-coming competition will reduce her to blowing winos in an alley. It’s pretty amusing.

        10. If Sean Young is smart, she will license her image for these sexbots. She will be a hit. Dick’s ideas are prescient, maybe too much so

        11. Tech advancements are about 30 years ahead of what we have access to, meaning they have been working on advanced AI for over 30 yrs, we just dont know about where they are

        12. Yeah I love that. We can do it, but men!? Oh no, can’t happen!!!! *insert incoherent feminist shrieking here* 🙂

        13. We do for AI. We aren’t there yet. We’re not anywhere near being there. We likely never will be. 😉
          Now, about mimicking humans, yes. That’s something that certainly will be happening more and more. Whether or not it will ever reach the point where it’s not creepy to most people is the question.

        14. @disqus_x7fMsV4NOk:disqus

          2) Despite what abject idiots like Musk and Hawking say (yes, I just said Hawking was an idiot, has been for awhile), we are NOWHERE near anything remotely resembling AI. Anybody saying we’re close is selling something.

          I think you mean emotions. Emotions are unlikely to be emulated by bots in the near future. However intelligence or should I say problem solving can be and that´s the scary aspect…

        15. There will be some feminist/homosexual shit in this movie. I’d be willing to bet money on it.

        16. The AI Hawking and Musk talk about isn’t remotely possible today. I’d say it’s more likely we’ll get to the next star system first. That’s why their idiotic comments on the matter are both hilarious and asinine.

        17. Problem-solving and “Skynet” capabilities without a hint of emotion, pure reasoning and zero nuance is highly likely to happen before 2050. Your perfect Blade Runner sex-bot is still in the realm of fantasy, Skynet or similar system devised in order to automate decision making and manage nuclear arsenal is not. The scientists are even working on carnivore robots. Wake up, military limited AI to massacre civilians is within the next 10 or 20 years a fact…
          I hope you weren’t one of those who said automation of cars was impossible in this century, along with unmanned trucks…

        18. Nice try but.. um… I’m sort of a computer scientist. 😀 We’re not there. We’re not even close. You might say we’re many parsecs from getting there. 😉
          None of this is special knowledge or anything though. Just check out the abstracts on the latest AI papers. Even perusing those you can clearly see how far from reality Musk and Hawking are. 😀

        19. Probably. And it will be chock-full of female superwomen, who can do more physical feats of prowess than any “mere man”…

        20. Nice try but.. um… I’m sort of a computer scientist. 😀 We’re not there. We’re not even close. You might say we’re many parsecs from getting there. 😉

          I would say the same of you. The main problem is that you seem to think that for an autonomous truck/car, automated warehouse or hunter robot, a human like intelligence (however you define it) is necessary. As a fellow engineer and specialist I can tell you that if you don’t need such a thing for autonomous transport, hunter robots are just around the corner. My apologies if I used the term incorrectly.
          Just for the record, you can check this

        21. Oh, I’m just talking about AI that can think like a person. That’s what I meant. Musk and Hawking were harping about that. More Hawking actually than Musk. Musk just made a few comments about it, clueless as normal. (I think he wanted his name in the headlines next to AI.)
          Turns out Hawking wrote another asinine article just the other day. Talk about somebody going off the deep end… 😉
          For killer robots, that’s another thing. There’s been a lot of work on that already. A lot of cool stuff actually. Have you seen some of that robotics work for that sort of mecha-robot looking concept? Still would get wiped by an RPG though…
          Well, it’s interesting until you realize who’s probably going to implement it and who it might be sent after.
          The good news is the government is notoriously horrible about security of any kind. They’d probably get the killer bots going and they’d either malfunction horribly or be easily hackable due to asinine choices on the part of the government. 😀

    3. No thanks man, if I have a robot in the bedroom the only thing it’s going to be doing is vacuuming the floor or something.

      1. Seriously. At that point just go hire a prostitute.
        Man, it really says something that the culture has gotten so depraved that paying a whore is actually a “step up”.

    4. Women will ultimately do whatever the men tell them to do. Your problem isn’t the women, it is the men that backstab other men.
      I was commenting to a friend the other day that women simply cannot grasp the reality of men. Among men, if you make the mistake of showing weakness at the wrong time, in front of the wrong sociopath, then you are in deep shit. In our world we know that we are forced to interact with a wide range of assholes who would think nothing of taking advantage of us for their own gain, or just to amuse themselves.
      This is a major part of the reason we don’t go around blabbing our feelings, because while for women that is a healthy thing to do, for men it can be a death sentence.

      1. I totally agree. I can’t tell you how many jealous beta males have plotted my destruction over the course of my lifetime. In my opinion, they are way more vicious and vindictive than women, on average…

        1. The culture that can learn to work together as brothers while respecting their individual rights is the culture that will achieve what humanity has been trying to achieve for millennia.

        2. I don’t think that will ever happen, unless it’s achieved forcibly. After being alive for six decades (in three weeks it will be the big 6-0), I have come to the unshakable conclusion that men are predators. They are demented, delusional, and they have an infinite capacity for justifying any horrendous thing they do. Which makes them no different than women. It is a large red pill to swallow, but having worked in the field I work in for the past 15 years, I have seen the true nature of mankind. And it isn’t pretty. We’ve all been misled about so many things. Not just about women’s true nature, but about men’s as well.

        3. I agree with this.
          There is really only short periods of contentment for men. When SHTF we’re the first to suffer and the last to recover.
          Our intellect may separate us from other animals but we still have the same innate desire to compete to the bitter end.

  10. The left is still in power. Even if the patriots control presidency, senate, house, state governments, left controls the culture.
    Left controls academia (universities and K-12) and all the braindead TV for zombies. They control the language you must use at work (although not online when you create an alias).
    Donald Trump is not being treated like a president elect. Even at work, I would endanger my job by admitting I voted for him (although I have confided in a couple of people, perhaps an error.)
    Current situation is surreal. It is revolutionary to support the government. Becasue we can all sense the shadow government.
    The eye of Sauron is never sleeps. So we can never sleep either.

    1. Yes and would add the libs/progs/dems own the “deep state” or the bureaucracy and the administrative state which NEVER goes away….

    2. Jill Stein’s recount is trying to delay the Electoral College vote that is coming up soon.
      If the recount is still ongoing after that date, Trump can’t become President.

      1. Update: true, but now Pennsylvania is settled. Should have at least 280. Now, here is what I hope. That they DO NOT finish on time is Wisconsin and Michigan. And Jill Stein and Hillary get blamed for depriving the people of Wisconsins and Michigan of a voice.
        But still Trump gets in. Pennsylvania puts him at 280.

    3. If you cut off the source of funding, then a lot of these shadow government projects get canceled.
      It’s like a fungus, get the damp of the room and it dries up.

      1. Exactly. Cutting off the funding can sure be a “death blow” for the leftists and the so called “shadow government” projects. Time to move the pawns and crush them !

    4. “The left is still in power. Even if the patriots control presidency, senate, house, state governments, left controls the culture.”
      eEllection for the President (largely ceremonial role) in Austria is being seen as a litmus test for the Center Right in europe…
      We shall see. Actually think Merkel and the globalists are on the ropes…

    5. ” Even at work, I would endanger my job by admitting I voted for him ”
      enlightening statement.
      What I suspected form faceKook posts…

  11. Ever notice how everyone of these leftist revolutionary vermin were mostly lawyers or educated, never really missed a meal or the hardest life for the times they were in, and yet presume to create a miserable world so they can rule over others. Marx, Lenin, Mao, Castro, Allende, Che, Obama, and too many others to list.

    1. Cuba will probably become something like a normal country in another generation, with the rule of law, a market economy, full shelves in the stores, the ration books long since discarded and forgotten, and perhaps a new Trump resort on the island.
      People will then look back on Castro’s life and wonder what all that communist utopianism accomplished in the long run.
      Good ideas give you good fruits; bad ideas give you ashes.

      1. Or it will descend into chaos and or criminality wihtout the iron hand of the state to rule..
        examples in history abound..

    2. I believe the term is Champagne Socialist. There always seems to be a strange connection between Socialist revolutionaries and capitalist investors. E.g. Vlad Lenin recieved U$20million from Jacob Schiff of Kohn, Loeb & Co who was at the time, one of the wealthiest bankers in the US. This may seem strange, what could there be in common between Communism and High finance? Easy, the Communist economy relies on a state centralized banking system controlled by the State, which makes crooked deals , swindling and charging usurious interest rates that much easier.

      1. Wasn’t Marx funded by a friend of his throughout his entire adult life? Never held a job or anything. Also, Hitler was supported by alot of big time players, ever people like henry ford from america.

      2. “. This may seem strange, what could there be in common between Communism and High finance? ”
        Exactly. Communism didn’t die, it simply got re-branded – and it is still a corporate entity like any other government.

    3. Listened to a Stefan Molyneaux YouTube podcast “The Truth about Che Guevara” and it is startling on what a murderous psychopath Che was….

        1. “Yet college kids are running around wearing T-shirts of his face..”.
          Indeed. The “Che” brand – simply a way to make $$$ off of stupid twenty-somethings.
          Che was a hired gun like every other ‘rebel’.

    4. And some (like Pol Pot) turned around and actively targeted their own intellectuals for elimination. Hypocrisy or (more likely) Machiavellianism.

    5. They want to control every aspect of your life while shamelessly faking that they care for the common man.
      That’s the joke of it all.

      1. “They want to control every aspect of your life while shamelessly faking that they care for the common man”
        Quoted for truth.

  12. “we can also be intelligent enough to look back on the presidencies of Clinton and Obama and pick out some good accomplishments”
    Not sure if serious.

    1. I can think of a few for Clinton. (None of which were his ideas.)
      NONE for Obama.

      1. “Clinton and Obama and pick out some good accomplishments.”
        I was going to ask the author to name a couple. Along with Hillary’s but she doesn’t matter now.

      2. Iran deal. Or you wanted another desert storm but this time on a larger place and with a lot more American casualties should you invade? If anything is the only good thing I think he did.

        1. Iran deal was just kicking the can down the road. I might have chosen to let the Saudis and the Israelis deal with it by feeding them intelligence on which sites to bomb and which people to assassinate. (That is, not convinced there was any ground war and invasion necessary.) But now, Iran has time for research and development and obfuscation, all the while reaping the benefits of international banking access and increased trade.

        2. Even if Iran wants the A-bomb, to start a war (most likely to use it as an insurance policy), that’s their problem. Neither Europe, let alone the U.S. should intervene except to offer diplomatic services…

        3. I’m a big supporter of the Iran Deal myself. It was time to bury the hatchet already, we have a common enemy in ISIS, and anything that pisses off the Israelis and Saudis is a good thing. I’ve had enough of their scheming and manipulation.

        4. I’m not following. It’s their/a problem only if others have reason to stop them? Because Obama intervened to stop them diplomatically (ostensibly with the goal to prevent, but only achieved delay). Or are you saying it is okay to let Iran have the bomb? Even if it is only for insurance, I’m not entirely comfortable with letting them insure their ongoing legacy of provocations.

        5. Another deluded idiot.
          Nothing says we got a good deal like an airplane full of cash and billions more for the Number 1 terrorist nation.

        6. Sorry but the first sponsor of islamic worldwide terrorism is Saudi Arabia and co in the Arabian Peninsula.

        7. What I said is that a Middle East conflict shouldn’t be a problem of the west. It’s time for the west to achieve energy independence. If Israel and Saudi Arabia want to stop Iran so badly from getting the A-bomb, well, they should do it themselves and pay for it themselves.
          In regards to your second point, “Is it ok for Iran to get the bomb?” I would say no, in an ideal world, however the nuclear genie escaped from the bottle a long time ago and there’s no turning back. Since that’s our landscape right now, many nations will strive to acquire nuclear capabilities because they know the score for those who don’t (Libya, Iraq…) and the hypocrisy of the West doesn’t help things (Israel got only God knows how many bombs and no one says a damn thing, Iran tries to build a reactor and the whole world goes bananas and stands still). Hence such a development was to be expected and impossible to stop. The delay the U.S. got from Iran could be the perfect opportunity to rush all programs aimed at achieving energy independence (solar, wind, nuclear, hydrogen, shale gas, etc) and start to cut ties from the region. At least that’s what a healthy leadership would do…

        8. That his statement was false. Iran is no good guy but we are in good terms with the number 1 sponsor of terrorism worldwide. It’ s pure hypocrisy.

        9. Iran arming Shia militias is pretty innocuous compared to what other powers are up to in the region.

        10. In regards to your second point
          Wasn’t trying to make a point, just trying to work out what exactly what it was you were saying. I think it’s mostly sorted, now.
          Anyway, I don’t share the idea that Iran getting the bomb is inevitable, so I can’t use the delay as a basis for calling the deal good.

        11. Is inevitable…without getting involved in another unnecessary war that shouldn’t be waged by Americans or Europeans but by Arabs and Jews…

    2. Well, the far-right candidate in the Austrian Presidential elections just lost…. to a guy who supports immigration and gay marriages.

    3. Obama opened up space to private industry.
      Oh, and he encouraged millions more people to purchase firearms and take responsibility for their own defense.
      He all but destroyed the Democrat Party, and brought about a dramatic change in the attitudes of millions of previously disengaged people.
      I’m sure these weren’t intentional, but there they are.

  13. Unfortunately the reality of the demographics situation means we won’t be enjoying our victory for the long term. By 2045, and I just looked this up yesterday, whites in the US will be a minority and that will be the end of conservatives ever having power or office again. Of course, the shift will happen much sooner as not all whites vote conservative. I think maybe we get Trump re-elected and then the liberals will be in control from there on out.
    The fact is Trump did not win in the landslide we all thought he would, most of these states that gave him a landslide delegate count were extremely close. Hell Texas was only 52% for Trump, that is terrible. The demographic warfare the leftist globalists have done on the United States is going to come home to roost, it’s too late, it’s over. The chances of some baby boom happening with “white” Americans in the next few years is slim to none. Either way the under 5 population is already minority-majority, and in the new few years the 18yo population will tilt minority-majority as well. It’s simply too late to overcome the changing tide.
    It’s just an objective fact that latinos and blacks have a much higher birthrate than whites and that combined they will take over the ethnic majority in the US in less than thirty years. We will get a break from the madness with Trump, hopefully for eight years and hopefully get a beautiful lasting wall on the south border to piss off the globalists too. But I don’t see it lasting. The marxist rot is in all of academia and has poisoned the majority of minds that have passed through it, all of our youth, who, as we see in future demographics, already are going to be voting liberal because of their upbringing. The damage is done, unless the tiny percentage who see through the bullshit like us increase, which is unlikely.
    Europe is next, Germany’s under 5 population is already 40% German. Of course not all of those 60% are muslim or Arab, but the fact is Germans are not birthing at even replacement levels as with the rest of Europe. And Europe is importing migrants who pump out kids like crazy at a rate I think well over double their birthrate itself. That is, the raw human import of muslims in, say, Germany per year, is well over the birth rate of German babies per year, or hell, that number could even be just referring to the general birthrate in Germany, including non Germans, which would be even worse haha. Madness.

      1. That’s never going to happen. The only scenario that occurs is a violent uprising, revolution, or extremely damaging war type conflict where humanity is plunged back into a real patriarchy. Otherwise that will never be palatable to the vast majority of the zombies out there.
        This is all besides the fact that will change absolutely nothing. Minority men vote liberal just slightly less than women.
        I’d rather women be de-feminized and de-marxisted and learn to love our ideology and traditionalism than to simply brute force take way their voting rights anyway. Over half of white women voted for Trump, so it is possible for them to vote our way.

        1. Women can’t even vote their own self interest.
          There will be no uprising, only a slow and painful death.
          Just listen to those 2 vids.

      2. Ironically, that’s probably the final end result of this. Once things get too chaotic, some strongman will show up to restore order. And wipe away a lot of freedoms in the process.
        I think we’ve got some time before that however. But then, I thought that about the US going to hell. I may be wrong!

    1. Well said, I agree on all your points made – especially about Trump wining not-by-landslide means that there are plenty of white, self hating liberals running around. And that Trump could very well be, at best, a mere 8 year speedbump in the globalist agenda.
      I’ve said it before, but unless every white family goes Brady Bunch and starts having 6 kids of their own, the math says whites are done.
      I don’t know if this means that the USA could fragment into a few other nations, with whites congregating into 1 or 2 of them for self preservation. But it seems as if it is liberal whites with their liberal / socialist attitides are the ones voting for their own extinction.
      The idea of the USA fragmenting and one of the fragments being an all-white majority seems like wishful thinking.
      And I’ve already repeated this before – but I’m glad I never had kids. And I am fully aware that this is what the elites want – but I refuse to give them more cannon fodder.

  14. Complacency is a state of mind for losers.
    – Be complacent in a marriage/ltr, and your woman will fuck other men.
    – Be complacent with your government, and it will balloon and rule your life.
    – Be complacent with your culture, and degeneracy will reign supreme.
    – Be complacent with your body, and your fitness/diet will go to shit.
    – Be complacent with your job and, you’ll be stuck for decades.
    Never grow complacent. There is room to learn, room to grow. Complacency will kill your drive and remove your ability to have some semblance of control.

  15. I believe America has a chance of decelerating the anti-white man, self hating rhetoric,but, Nordic Europe and countries like Australia and Canada are fucked beyond the point of no return on this issue.
    Nordic men for example, unlike their brothers in mid-west america do not have the spine and guts to stand up against their own subjugation. They’re pathetic and weak, how sad, it is to think the Vikings came from this stock.

        1. Interesting. But I thought the Australians would view themselves (logically speaking) as the continuation of the British in Oceania, not something else, because they are not anything else. Their identity should be found in the British Isles, as an offshoot of the motherland. Isn’t it?

    1. As a matter of fact, for a long time I thought the USA is a lost cause, a lost country for straight white males, period. And look what they badass motherfuckers have just done! Never imagined possible in my lifetime!
      And just like in the USA, in Europe and I suppose in Australia, the majority of straight white males are just as ready to destory the Cultural Marxist system like our American brothers were!
      The mere hope that the electing of Trump carries to the rest of the world is enormous, but one thing is clear: it will not just happen magically. We will have to work for it, we will have to fight for it.
      One of the main message of the SJWs was that resistance is futile, we already lost no matter what we do. It was simply not true, we can win!
      But to win, we have to act, we have to work hard, we have to fight. In the political spectrum and in our private lives both. We should not lay down crying, waiting for death, accepting our genocide, no! We have to fight and we have to fuck, so our sons will carry on the fighting and the winning!
      Best wishes to all fellow reactionary fighters in Australia and Nordic Europe!

  16. You don’t deal with leftists, you don’t give them a break to catch their breath, you want their vitriolic ideas to die then you beat them back until they have lost all will or reason to continue. Start with their leaders, and the lowest end drones, like news reporters and churnalists. Attack their media, their NWO music, their multi-cuntural mocha-tinted mediocre masses, their anti-family values, everything.

      1. How about just launch them into orbit? No sense wasting a perfectly good space based nuke.

  17. I see where you are going with this so we need to keep the left close before they become the disenfranchised next election cycle. Stroke their ego abit because a humiliated adversary is dangerous.

  18. The electors havent voted, and Trump hasn’t been his first day in office. They are fighting us for every inch.

  19. The Democrats are doubling down on a lot of their mistakes. IE, Pelosi is probably going to hold onto her leadership role. For being a party that purportedly embraces change and has a stranglehold on the youth, they’re very rigid and run by a gang of old farts. No, it’s never “your turn”. A political party should be a meritocracy. A Gabbard/Webb ticket would be pretty formidable but the DNC thugs would strangle their campaign in its cradle.
    At the same time, I’m afraid the Neocon congress will try to hamstring The Donald. They’re a bunch of snakes who love overseas adventures and globalism as much as Hillary does.

  20. It’s not over. Jill Stein’s recount in Wisconsin is being done to specifically hold up the Elector election that’s going to take place soon.
    If the Electors for the Elector College do not hold the vote, Trump can’t become President while the recount is ongoing.

  21. I have never been sucked into the political game.
    never voted – don’t believe it, and don’t care.
    Was a supporter of Bobcat Goldthwaites’:
    “Blaming Ronald Reagan for the economy is like blaming Ronald McDonald when you get a bad cheeseburger”
    but, with Trump — I’m sucked into the melee.
    This time is different, right? maybe, who fucking knows?
    At the very least there will be some great pussy grabbing:
    Especially when he meets heads of state and their wives:
    Perhaps when he meets Angela Mercel:

  22. The marxist party of america, aka the democratic party, will go even further to the left, with Bernie Sanders running the show, assuming a full red ideology or…they will try to moderate the speech in order to seduce the working class…This is key in my eyes, because the hard working man, in every culture and civilization, specially in the West is, by nature, a traditionalist and a nationalist. The only thing he wants is to have a good decent job, a faithful women and a healthy family, being at the same time, a God fearing man who loves is Nation, and also is respectful of private property and the just and honorable fruits of ones labour.
    This is why marxism never had a revolution based on the working class, not one single western industrial power had a communist uprising by the working man. The Bolshevik revolution was made up by soldiers and the true working men that wanted a democratic nation were wiped out by Lenin and his lunatics. I believe they will adopt a new discourse, one we have to be alert, to gain these votes again. In Europe the war is full one. Austria being the first battle. Notice how the lines on both “armies” are the same, all over the West…The green party is based on women, public figures, eurocrats and mass immigration supporters…The nationalist party is favored by working and family men, traditionalists and citizens that want to control their own nation. So, in conclusion, the battle for the West has just begun brothers and its going to be massive.

    1. They haven’t learned anything. They still refuse to see why they lost. They’re just going to continue to double down on all the rhetoric that brought them defeat.

  23. This was never a republican ve democrat election, it was always insider vs outsider. It is simply wrong to promote it as such. There was more of a direct threat to a Trump presidency posed by the republicans than the democrats initially, and up until recently. Guys like Mittens, real marines for the party are probably do ting money to the recount effort. Those greedy duplicitous little turds HATE the idea of an outsider having any influence or bringing up trade deals etc. and they are exactly as bad as the worst liberals. The narrative is already being shifted back into the republican vs democrat frame. People are loosing frame and perspective on this already. In the months after 9/11, everyone knew it was bullshit, over the course of time that reality was changed and simply bred out. They just wait and apply constant pressure.

    1. You’re on the money about frame. ROOSH and others cracked the pussy code and spread it in the west at a time when the west was as beta cucked and sheeplike as it had ever been. The Elites relied on their control being impervious to sheep without the cheat codes. The pussy code is basically universal and carries into the workings of politics and power structures. Many betas never concisely controlled anyone with frame, but the micro politics of managing the she beast was the tidbit of knowledge that the masses of men needed to also break out of the Elite’s grip and become unmanagable FOR THEM. We un-defined ourselves as the Elite’s trusted bitches for once.

  24. I agree wholeheartedly and constantly remind those that supported Donald that eventually the hoopla will die down and the loony left will begin making a comeback on the backs of those who get short shafted by the Trump Admin. They lost a battle,not the war.
    just look at the 1980s which gave way to Bush and “compassionate conservatism” and the NWO. Then Clinton, who was successful economically with the urging of a Republican Congress, and then Bush II and then Obama, with the PC and social progressiveness getting worse and worse.
    Being a “Gen Xer” though, I do worry about the “lost” generation of young men. Are there enough that were “saved” that I won’t have to worry about fighting a war on American shores in my 50s and 60s, and working in my 70s and 80s until we can get another physically inclined, smart (with book knowledge AND common sense, AND emotionally stable) generation to take over.

  25. “In the Russian Revolution they were all either shot or sent to far away Siberian camps to do hard labor. Of course in 2016 we can’t do that”
    We can still dream.

  26. @Erik
    “In other words they put their faith into the wrong people at the expense of alienating the white working class and even some minorities and legal immigrants.”
    Bless You. OMG ! OMG !! At last I found someone who mentioned (positively) about LEGAL Immigrants and their support to Trump. Kudos !
    It’s a open FACT that Majority of the Immigrants (especially MEN or should I say ALL MEN ?) supported Trump and prayed to their GOD to make Trump as the President. Don’t ask me the reason(s), I guess ALL of my Brothers here know the reason(s) !!
    As a side note to Erik; by saying “minorities”, are you referring to “Muslims” !? If that’s the case, then you are wrong Bro !! According to the official statistics; Muslims are 1% and Hindus are 0.7% (same case with other faiths, for example, Buddhism) !!!

  27. I blame the housing crash on Clinton. Didn’t he sign the bill pressuring the banks into affirmative action? AKA lending to people with poor credit and failed background checks?
    It took 4-6 years for the balloon to pop, and everybody blamed Bush Jr.

  28. I don’t think we have to worry as much as you think. I’ve been in direct response marketing for 8 years now. Here’s the marketing perspective of this:
    For 50 years or more, the left has branded conservatives as uneducated, white, racist hillbillies. If a voter doesn’t want to see themselves as that kind of person, they vote democrat. Unbeknownst to them, this has advanced the socialist agenda quite a bit, destroyed marriages, ruined male female relations etc as you all know.
    But that’s their only card! The fact that this “racist” conservative (Trump) won 30% of the Latino and Asian vote, is a huge spike through their only offense. Catholic Latinos and Asians are just as concerned about terrorism, job loss, and war as my family in Ohio. And they are both equally as weirded out by transgender bathrooms, and worried about criminal immigrants. And their population is increasing quite a bit.
    If we show flexibility with some social issues, and some well spoken conservatives show up in the media, we could destroy that old branding. Especially if some conservative role models for blacks and Latinos gain popularity. Then We can reinvent our image as the rational thinking side. ( which we usually are. We’re skeptical and philosophical about everything. Very male based thinkers.)
    If the left goes further left, they will only alienate more voters and lose bigger.

    1. For 50 years or more, the left has branded conservatives as uneducated, white, racist hillbillies.
      You got half of that correct. The left has also has noticed that most affluent, older, whites tend to be conservatives as well.

  29. Stalin completely reversed the SJWism of Lenin and Trotsky. He destroyed feminism, promoted family values, banned abortion and homosexuality. He was a monster for sure. But he made the Soviet Union very socially right-wing.

  30. You cannot allow feminism to be the voice of opposition. You have to crush them while they are still in retreat. Meme it and spread the word. Spam Donald’s twitter account if need be. SJWs need to be stopped and destroyed.

  31. “… were all either shot or sent to far away Siberian camps to do hard labor. Of course in 2016 we can’t do that…”
    Well, not unless they give us the legal and moral justification anyway. Then it will be open season.

  32. The problem with leftist ideologies is that they transform back into the same thing after the PR dust is settled and results have to be seen.
    Democrats can dress it up however they like but until they transform the ideology completely it will always be the same .
    What i’m saying is that it will always be flawed.

  33. we must end affirmative action. that is a HUGE source of the wasted collegiate resources. merit only hires and cut off their voting base of more illegals and immigrants and welfare recipients.

  34. “Donald Trump is the right man to lead the country”
    PROBLEM #1: Calling politicians “leaders”
    The term “sheeple” comes to mind.

    1. Exactly. Politicians are NOT leaders. They are RULERS. Leaders say, “This is where I am going and what I am doing. Who’s coming with me? ” A ruler says, “This is where we are going and what we are doing whether you like it or not. Comply or die”.
      Calling politicians “leaders” is doublethink.

  35. One would also have to keep an eye open for internal subversion / sabotage within the current movement, anyone not conforming to the mainstream alt / new right movement agenda needs to be called on their Bullshit and properly excommunicated, quite visibly and with great pomp and ceremony.
    I.e. SJW type calls for wanton violence and discrimination, we are not Nutzies…

  36. Gender relations is a zero sum game. Anything that begins with “women’s …” automatically means that privileges will be made available to women at the expense of taking away liberties and resources from men. You cannot magically provide for women without someone else having to suffer for it, and in the gender context, the excluded group is by definition the men, in racial situations, it’s the white people, and so on…
    The moment a man is stupid or complacent enough to say that “wait a minute, maybe it’s not such a bad idea to hand over wealth and privileges to women for no reason at all” he has already lost the game. You either win or lose in the trench warfare that’s become gender relations in the modern world, and you have to look at every single situation as a battleground where you must decisively crush the irrational and moody demands of women and their enabler overlords or else utterly pay for it with your freedom or financial resources. This simple reality must be embraced if men are to take back the dominant position that’s rightfully theirs in the western civilization.

  37. Just dropping by to let you guys know that you are truly a bunch of punk-ass pieces of shit.

    1. Your girlfriend called, she wanted you to pick up some tampons on the way home. Sorry to leave her such a gooey mess.

  38. See, this is where the Right falls short. Why waiting for the Left to recover? It’s been over a hundred years of this shit now, and we still haven’t learned that the leftists will never, ever accept to live and let live, or leave us alone?
    There’s a reason why the dregs of society are deemed that way. We should drop the kumbaya bullshit, go on offensive, and destroy them in a way they will never rise from the gutter again. And that’s still being far better than they are, since they kill or imprison their detractors, once they manage to get total control of the State.

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