ROK Is Looking To Hire A GamerGate Correspondent

GamerGate is an internet movement that is attempting to clean up corruption and favoritism in gaming journalism on sites like Kotaku, Polygon, Rock Paper Shotgun, Gamasutra, and numerous others that have been pushing an extremist SJW agenda instead of reviewing games fairly. These sites have elevated women like Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian to professional victims who tear down gamers and label everything as misogynist instead of fostering real game development. Since all of the mainstream media is against GamerGate, this leaves a reporting void that ROK would like to fill.

What does ROK have to do with games?

ROK is a site that focuses on masculinity, travel, sex, and traditional gender roles. Gaming is not within our sphere. Out of 1,700 articles published here since we launched in November 2012, we have only written six about video games. These four are neutral in tone:

While two were critical of video gaming:

Video games are not our strength or passion and never will be, but there is one important thing that ROK and GamerGate have in common: we have the same enemy.

SJW’s have plagued our corner of the sphere (often called the manosphere) for many years. Here are some recent examples:

Two years ago the Southern Poverty Law Center put me on a “misogyny” list, which feminists loudly celebrated at the time in the hopes that I would become scared and quit blogging.

The same people who are involved against GamerGate are familiar faces to us, making me realize how deep SJW’s have infected various internet communities.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend

I personally don’t play video games or know much about the current industry. I’d estimate that most ROK readers also don’t play video games, but as of right now, we are fighting in the same cultural war against the same enemy. I believe a temporary bond would be prudent to defeat the far-left extremists who have corrupted gaming journalism and have been continuously attempting to censor and attack ROK’s promotion of free speech and male heterosexuality. Even before GamerGate, I possessed no ill will to video gamers. Their hobby does not interfere with my ideals like SJW’s do, who have labeled both me and ROK with every slur under the sun.

I also want to make clear that GamerGate is not our movement, and I do not want to lead, direct, or organize any aspect of it. I simply want to provide ROK’s bullhorn to disseminate pro-GamerGate news, because as of right now, it’s extremely difficult to get summaries of what’s going on without having to spend a lot of time staying on top of tweets and random image or video postings. I also don’t have the will to wade through GamerGate videos that can run well over 20 minutes in length.

Since ROK is a popular destination (1 million unique and 4 million page views a month), I’d like to introduce GamerGate to those who are not even gamers. That said, gamers must know that we promote a traditional masculinity that women and homosexuals may find disagreeable or even offensive. We completely understand if pro-GamerGate followers choose not to get their updates from us.

We’re looking for one GamerGate correspondent

I’d like to hire one writer who can publish at least one article a week in the 800-1500 word range summarizing GamerGate news by highlighting the most recent developments in an orderly summary that is easy for casual observers of GamerGate to follow. Everything must be sourced on facts and credible sources, and you will not be allowed to bully, dox, or harass those who are against GamerGate. You will also be free to use the ROK name to conduct interviews and other press inquiries.

ROK is a modest operation. We have no corporate office and our writers—most of whom are anonymous—live throughout the world. Our pay structure is $20 per article plus up to $40 in bonuses per week. For this position, we’re looking for someone who is passionate about GamerGate, plays videos games, is familiar with all the key industry figures, and can write clearly in plain language without unnecessary flourish or sensationalism. If you are interested, email me directly at [email protected] Attach any writing samples if you have them.

It’s understandable if gamers don’t want to associate with a “misogynist” site like ROK, but I want to stress again that we don’t want to become part of the GamerGate story. We simply want to provide accurate reporting on it to support the movement, because I fully stand by GamerGate and am hoping that it achieves its goals. If GamerGate loses then I fear our own battle with SJW’s will end in defeat as well.

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160 thoughts on “ROK Is Looking To Hire A GamerGate Correspondent”

  1. Why do people even give those women any attention at all for? Just ignore them and let them whine and complain all they want. If they want to change the way women are portrayed in videogames, tell them to go develop their own videogames and try to sell them, and see if the public will buy them or not.

    1. Because we have to address the issue at the root cause, and you have to bring that shit to the surface and cut it off. That root cause being the ideology of feminism which has slowly but surely creeped its way into every facet of a man’s life trying to control everything even one of the biggest male oriented forms of entertainment: video games.
      If they aren’t dealt with sooner rather than later, then it will merge itself with video game culture and one of the last male havens will be destroyed completing the feminist agenda.

      1. Feminism has crept into even America’s doctrine of nuclear warfare. Let’s hope women in subs perform better than women SS agents guarding the president.

    2. Ignoring these people is a viable strategy in some cases. But in other situations, this is not an option. For too long, men have assumed that the darkening storm clouds would clear up and blow away. We turned the other cheek, took the high road, appeased every outrage, rationalized every abuse. And where did this leave us? All they did was escalate their abuses, increase their demands, and solidify their control over the popular culture. Men–many of them well-meaning and honorable–stood by helplessly while the dregs crossed the moat and stormed through the portcullis of the castle. No longer.
      The first step is the realization that these people truly mean what they say: they will not stop until all of society (all over the world) has been transformed into a mass of bloated, useless, androgynous, tattooed, feminine freaks. They want to see the extirpation of the masculine spirit, nothing less.
      If we are to be so marginalized, if we are to be so relegated to the ranks of the dregs, it is better that we go out with resistance, writhing wounded on the battlefield, and choking on our own blood.

    3. As Quintus points out, it won’t just stop here. There won’t be any hobby, pursuit, ect off limits for them to destroy.

    4. Because that sounds like the strategy that allows organizations I find unfavorable to come into power.
      “All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

    5. Ignoring them might work if the media didn’t take their side for no other reason than “they’re being harassed!”
      Besides, telling a leftist to do something by himself is like telling a pig to read
      Whining IS their way of life

  2. To assist the would be writer here are sources: KYM (gamergate), Sargon of Akkad, InternetAristocrat, Kingofpol (those last 3 being good on yt and twitter), Breitbart (Milo largely), gamergate group on FB (seriously good), Encyclopedia Dramatica’s article on GG, and for images Imgur has a Gamergate tag.

    1. AND, can’t believe I forgot this, the sticky thread on 8chan. The /gg/ board obviously. It actually has a lot of info in the OP for ‘catch up’

  3. Just to make it clear we have #notyourshield with all the diversity saying they want their voice back

  4. SJW’s are losing as they are being scrutinized. Plain and simple. In their paradigm and echo chamber – they see this.

  5. Well I’m fairly familiar with the video game industry but I can’t write about it without getting super angry and that’s not conducive to good article making. Best bet is to reach outto someone who reads mike from d and p or those kotakuinaction guys if any of them are red pillers.

  6. Sargon of Akkad is the man and when it comes to reporting on GamerGate …probably the best. Sargon would probably do some articles.
    Thunderf00t is excellent as is Internet Aristocrat . Both on YouTube and both absolutely first rate YouTube vloggers.
    Bane666au is an expert at brilliantly dissecting feminism and is quit entertaining.

  7. Is anyone willing to hire me as ROKs ISIS war correspondent? You give the equipment and I will go live with Kurds or Syrian Christians and go along with them into fights. My material will be exclusive to ROK. First hand accounts of combat.

  8. As a side note once this thing reaches its zenith it will be interesting to see how many of the gamergate peeps begin to take the red pill and see that this sjw subversion doesn’t just exist in the gaming media but everywhere, or whether their ‘awakening’ remains domain dependent

  9. While the cause is just, I would suggest that ALL men completely get away from video games and television. If anything, let females take video games. I’ve never met a guy who kills it in business and life that plays video games as much (or at all) as most guys. Men should be exercising, starting business, and reading classics in their spare time.

    1. Let them take over a $93 billion industry? Are you mad? And bear in mind the studios that produce medical simulations pad their bills by toning them down for kids and putting them out on PCs. Are you going to trust an all-female team to develop the software used for training surgeons and pilots?

      1. It wouldn’t be $93 billion without males. If there was even a temporary boycott of all male gamers the industry would about-face in a sec and restore to sanity.
        Also, my own experience with games is that it made me soft, anti-social, and narcissistic all non-masculine characteristics. Since I stopped I have been able to live a much more positive life. I also come from the vantage point that games nowadays are almost full time jobs which require so much wasted time and energy which could be put to better use for mankind as a whole.

        1. Ah, I’ve never played anything like that, that seems mostly something geared towards younger kids. Outside of wargames if it lasts over 20-25 hours for a single playthrough something has gone drastically wrong. A lot of them seem catering to OCD people lately with tracking 100% completion and making you find collectible junk in out-of-the-way areas to artificially live up to their claims of length. And MMOs just want to leech you hard with little to no return. Total scams.

    2. Your supporting points are valid but are we gonna let the fems co-opt more of our creations? They can bloody well create their own stuff & then come & talk to us about equality when they’re ready to sit at the Adults Table.
      I’m not a gamer but as mentioned before me, the line stops here. The Neville Chamberlain ‘Peace In Our Time’ approach has been dead & done.

  10. I’m sure FOX News has some right-wing misogynist assholes who have already spend their whole lives pretending to be “correspondents” and don’t mind lying through their teeth.

    1. You lack imagination. Perhaps George Bush or Dick Cheney or maybe even the Koch brothers and Blackwater could have been worked in to your comment? Try harder

        1. “fucktard” heh. The way shitlibs speak. It’s like they got a list of approved burn words.

    2. Nothing more pathetic than a male feminist, if you are indeed male. The sad day when you cut your balls off and handed them to women to proudly wear around their neck like a trophy.

      1. Sorry, but “you are a woman” does not count as as insult in the real world. And I don’t mind being pathetic, if the alternative is being someone like you.

      2. What is wrong with wanting gender equality (Which is what being a feminist is)? I do not think the strive for equality is limited to women. I also wish to live in a society where gender bias is nonexistent.

        1. I spoke with a feminist. The carry over is, your group has done nothing for men. Promotes making men softer, safer, independence from men, using sperm banks. And had to provoked before they begrudgingly admitted to helping men. By default your fight means the extermination of society for a paranoid equalist view. Humans are and can never be equal. So at the end goal you are supporting women becoming the new ruling class. The definition of asinine as the sexes need each other.
          Now on that note, get your mangina, self-hating self out of here! And don’t forget your tampon.

        2. Hello Red Hood,
          I feel you can not extrapolate your experience with talking to one feminist to the whole feminism community. I encourage you to research and read different feminist articles. There are many kinds of feminists and you might find some amazing things!
          I am a feminist, and I know many feminist. To the extent of my knowledge, we do not promote men to be softer, however we do disagree with people who shame men from being “softer” (I am sorry if that sounds a little redundant. For instance, we do not promote you to be softer but we do not like when you bash and oppress other men for being soft (I am not saying you do it, this is just for the purposes of this example 🙂 )) We do not force people to be independent from men, many female feminists I know have boyfriends and are happily married! Also I believe spermbanks are pretty cool, lesbians and other folks who do not identify as men lovers have access to them and can have kids! How cool is that? I do not know what you mean with “provoked before they begrudgingly admitted to helping men” Can you explain that point a bit more? My core philosophy is that society can have equality for everyone, is just that this system of oppression is so ingrained in our culture its hard to fight. I do not believe that feminisms aim is to make women the ruling class.
          Thank you for your point, I had a nice time elaborating on this.
          I hope you are having a nice day. 🙂

        3. Man, you have an interesting tone about you. Almost thoroughly pacified. Your way of living I guess. Listen, the feminists overall say a lot of good rhetoric. The actions you take as a feminist starts from the female agency. That is reverse sexism. You can’t accomplish anything of worth by replacing your enemies doctrines with your own. And we shouldn’t be enemies, unless you are promoting changing my nature. Then we are. I suggest taking a look at the patriarchy more. You might see the illusions better if you met the people.
          And while all the talk is great, feminism brought laws in the picture. The line has been crossed and this sexism is no longer cute.

        4. Modern feminists don’t want gender equality. If they did, they would be trying to evoke change in non-developed countries where women actually are disadvantaged. They are strictly concerned with marginalizing men as much as possible.

        5. Hi Red,
          Thanks for responding. I might have misinterpreted you but you said that female agency is reverse sexism? Personally, I define agency as capacity of individuals to act independently and to make their own free choices. Why would giving women Independence and free choice reverse sexism? I invite you to reflect on that :). Also feminists (on contrary to popular belief) do not wish to change anyone’s personality. If you identify as masculine that is totally cool and no one should change that, however, if your ideology involves policing and controlling others free choice (agency) whether they be women, men, heterosexuals, homosexuals, anyone really. The same way as no one elses ideology should police or control your free choice. Does that make sense? 😛 You asked me to reexamine the patriarchy a bit more. Can you elaborate on what I should be examining? Thanks!
          Thank you for taking the time to read this 😛

        6. If that were true feminism wouldn’t need to exist now would it? The name exalts one sex. Your group has done nothing for men at all. Your group praises the subjugation of men and call it the right for a woman to be independent. Yes means Yes. I have had this discussion with many feminists. So I’ll say this as plainly as possible. Equality shouldn’t be your goal. Respect and freedom. Neither you or your group have the right to say what I can or can’t be. As far as I’m concerned, until your group does a thing for men, your a bunch of colorful bigots. Actions talk. So cut the rhetoric and back up your speech.

        7. Female agency does not exist. Women are slaves to their uterus and frailty. Only by eradicating their humanity (removing/chemically treating their sexual organs or murdering their offspring in the womb) and by depending on males to provide technology, security, and legal privilieges, can women pretend to have agency. Take away these things, these crutches, and women have no agency. They turn into third worlders, where feminism isn’t even debated.

        8. I love how feminists have the sole monopoly on defining what is good for men, and then preaching how much they’ve done for men. And if I disagree and say that feminism ruins men and women’s lives by the millions, they assure me that I am an idiot, and they know what is best for men and women. Circular logic, all the way down?
          How do we know the bible is good? Cuz the bible says so.
          How do we know feminism is good? Cuz feminists say so.

        9. “I do not believe that feminisms aim is to make women the ruling class.”
          That would be because your ilk typically have less common sense than an anencephalic, autistic child on LSD that’s been drinking well water poisoned with arsenic for over a year.

        10. “What is wrong with wanting gender equality (Which is what being a feminist is)?”
          You can’t get away with that malicious lie here. We know better!

    3. Obvious you’re not attractive and have spend your life trying to please women. Wake up, if you can’t serve yourself, you deserve to live out your days as a piggy little subject like you are doing now.

      1. Probably the most amusing part of this whole thing to me is that so many of the male feminists arrayed against us are the spitting image of their chief ‘insult’ of gross slobbish white cishet misogynerd neckbeard. Tom Hatfield, Devin Faraci, John Walker, Frank Cifaldi all look like they live in fucking caves and haven’t seen a razor since they got a computer, and half of the people against us are grossly overweight on top of that. Big fat sacks of dough.
        Speaking of Devin, for someone that runs a site called Badass Digest, he certainly doesn’t live up to it. Got his ass thundered by an avant garde drama filmmaker. That’s right, big tough ‘badass’ devin got wrecked by a Chick Flick director.

  11. Dear nerd, I don’t respect you and I think your “hobby” of playing games instead of pussy is stupid. I also don’t think anyone on this site cares about video games, but I need to prove a point against a new feminist movement. Prove you’re a real man and write about games for me.
    Signed, Roosh

        1. Actually we all identify as transgender for all conversations where gender is mentioned.

        2. If you don’t like the rules or content on this site then go elsewhere. I know your usual MO is censoring speech you find unfavorable but you feminazis haven’t discovered how to punish thought-crime yet.

        3. Hi Armenia4ever.
          I see your point but, That, to me, actually makes no sense. Unless you really identify as a trans* person (And not when it is convenient):
          1) Look up how the trans* folk community has decided how to use their language, because your use of gender language can be offensive to some folk. I have attatched a link with a simple image on how the language works.

          Here’s some terminology about gender that many people get wrong! To learn more, go here:
          Posted by Trans Student Educational Resources on Wednesday, October 15, 2014

          2) The fact that you all claim that all #gamergate activist (Or whatever your community identifies as) all identify as trans* people ignores and normalizes the oppression and violence trans* folk go through every day.
          I hope you are having a nice day.

        4. The fact that you are trying tell me as a transgender what language I should and shouldn’t use is downright shocking. So is the implication of my identification as transgender supposedly normalizing violence and oppression. That is blatant transphobia and I suggest you stop.
          I highly suggest you check your cis privilege and refrain from telling us when we can or can’t identify as transgender.

        5. Hi Armenia,
          I believe you have misread my comment. “Unless you identify as a trans* person”, I am not here to oppress you identity and how you use the language of your own identity. I just shared the language that the trans* community has generally agreed to use. Despite that you can use whatever language you want for your own identity. 🙂
          However I do find problematic you you assumed that the whole #gamergate community identify as trans* folk when talking about gender. The implicature of this statement suggests that literally everyone in the gamergate community become trans when its convenience. I do believe that gender identity is fluid and can change but not for convenience. Posing as a marginalized minority for your benefit is claiming the benefits of that minority without the oppression that they undergo.

        6. “Posing as a marginalized minority for your benefit is claiming the benefits of that minority without the oppression that they undergo.”
          Gender identity can change at any moment at any time. You are forcing binary gender on someone – specifically myself – according to your definitions and then implying convenience as the cause. That is transphobic.

        7. Hi Armenia,
          As I said before, I am not defining your gender identity or anything, I am just examining the assumption you made for your whole community. I see what you are saying, and I am sure the gamergate community has a whole variety of gender identities. But you previously said that you all identify as trans* folk when talking about gender. Is that not forcing gender identity on other folks?

        8. Hi Armenia,
          You previously said:
          “Actually we all identify as transgender for all conversations where gender is mentioned”
          That is the quote I was referencing previously.

        9. Yes, I am homophobic, transphobic, sexophobic, and arachnophobic. I can also assure you that you would consider me very racist.
          While we don’t have a rule written against transsexuals, that is merely an oversight. The letter may be lacking, but the spirit of the rule is this: Men who enjoy and celebrate being masculine are the primary participants in discussions here, and men who challenge our ideas are welcome, but non-men or emasculated men are not invited. (Gender is binary.)
          Masculine male safe space here.

        10. Ahh I see. Then I have no problem with your statement 🙂 I am sorry this discussion happened then.

        11. I can speak for Return of Kings, Gamergate, and all of humanity. I can identify the entire planet as transgender. How? My college professor told me that gender is fluid. My college women’s studies professor can’t be wrong, so all people are in fact transgender, whether they agree with me and my professor or not.
          Further, all creatures are transpecies, because evolution. There is no such thing as species. All creatures are transitional organisms. Therefore humanity is also fluid. Therefore humanity and gender don’t exist. Therefore you can be whatever gender or species you want, or none at all.
          Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time.

        12. Hi Sgt POG,
          I do agree that all gender is fluid, the way I interpret that is that gender identity is subject to change, not that everyone is a trans* folk.

        13. Decide what the fuck you want to be you can’t be both or what ever the fuck you think you are.Get counseling and take some meds I don’t give a flying fuck anymore about you’re confusion.Man or a woman or just shut the fuck up you don’t have a say in a normal society.I’m tired of the musings of freaks like you’re self.

        14. “The fact that you are trying tell me as a transgender what language I should and shouldn’t use is downright shocking.”
          The fact you have (or had) a penis is also downright shocking.

        15. “Gender identity can change at any moment at any time.”
          Laydeeeeees and gen – tel – men.
          Preee – sen – ting the disappearing/reappearing dick!

  12. So now the war truly begins. While the West battles external barbaric foes like ISIS, internally, it battles against cultural corruption and filth like feminism and SJWs. We must not surrender one inch of territory, to the external and internal enemy, without a fight. And for every territory lost, we must make our enemies pay very very dearly for their gain.

    1. Its pretty funny though. Should the outer enemy win, their first act would be to behead all SJW’ ,feminist, lesbians, faggots, jews etc etc.
      A collapse of society is not really in these peoples best interest so why they keep weakening our society is anyone’s guess.

      1. They can’t grasp the idea that people could mean them harm for reasons completely unrelated to them. They believe it’s all a “reaction” to what the west has done to the barbarians.

      2. The “collapse of society is not really in these peoples best interest so why they keep weakening our society is anyone’s guess.”
        That’s because they are the useful idiots. Knowing not what the do, they neither possess capacity to understand their purpose.

        1. They assume they can keep whipping the horse (men/taxpayers) to maintain their society and privilege.
          They might notice white men checking out of society and marriage so they double down on the ‘man up!’ bullshit because they need us to work hard so they can parasite off us

      3. “Should the outer enemy win, their first act would be to behead all SJW’ ,feminist, lesbians, faggots, jews etc etc.”
        I always console myself knowing that if we lose then at least the leftoids will get what they have coming.

    2. Just got banned from Gawker for the following comment on this article
      My Comment:
      “Brands like Adobe and Intel, willing to distance themselves from independent publishers over the spurious claims of a limited but dedicated group of misogynists and trolls, share an important core value with Gamergate: Misogyny. ”
      The apology after that is fake. Corporations do not appreciate irony or character jokes. In the words of the Warren Buffet, The Oracle of Omaha
      Snark is not journalism. You are doubling down – if i was managing your group, you would be terminated. Immediately. You do no insult your customers as a group, then follow up on twitter and insult them individually. Then you insult your advertisers. If you were selling stock I would short it with impunity.

    3. “The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati” between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.”
      Allegedly written by the Confederate General Albert Pike

    1. Here is the explanation: women are welcome to join gamers, until they are obnoxious twits, and then they are not welcome. You will be asked to go away. Or the men and their friends will go somewhere else you are not invited to follow. Because you are an obnoxious twit. Go away and make your own games and stop trying to police people’s thoughts. You’re not everyone’s mommy.

  13. Probably the single best mistake the mainstream media made was thinking female gamers would be against it just like female feminist devs. Bask in awe as this feminist weenie reporter gets his ass salvo’d constantly for 30 minutes straight. WRONG fucking guests to pick up. he thought they might be easy just because they had pretty faces I bet.

        1. Ditto.
          Women in the Goldilocks Zone are typically pretty hot.
          On another note: Anyone else notice how the all of the women w/o pitchforks (above) could get the pipe whereas I wouldn’t fuck 90% of these SJW (below) with another man’s dick?

        2. Ugh…she’s butt ugly. Yikes. Of course bad looks and feminism/lesbianism have no correlation….

        1. Some of the best responses I’ve ever seen to loaded and leading questions.
          Note actual journalists aren’t supposed to ask leading questions when conducting interviews – whether that includes one or more people in said interview.

        2. Overall, did pretty good. They called out the misogyny tactic to deflect criticism. And emphasized the poor ethics well.
          They however didn’t answer well why bringing an ideology like feminism or another to reviews was bad nor did they explain well why sjws are considered bad by gg.
          I see where they were going but they’re assuming the listeners have some knowledge about the shitty way sjws debate but they didn’t say games don’t need ideology to determine what’s a good or bad game.

    1. Interesting thing is that even Zoe Quinn herself retweeted, but they are sending such little traffic. They have a lot less support than the mainstream media would like you to believe.

      1. The point you just made is worth an article in and of itself. Sites like Jezebel, XoJane, DailyDot, Salon, Slate, ect would have us believe that Quinn has unrivaled amounts of supporters.

        1. Here’s proof:
          She retweeted it to her 37,000 followers but less than 20 are viewing the site half an hour after, and this number includes my own tweet about the post from both my personal account and ROK’s account.

        2. More and more projection from the feminists. And they’re always the ones accusing US of using bots.
          Also if you’re familiar with the JournoList scandal it seems to be recurring. First, on 9/11 (finally something ELSE to remember this date for, although the date released changed due to the article being updated) a whistleblower on their group gave Breitbart a ton of their private mailing lists’ mails. Was also the day we caused Unilever to pull out

          Then after blatant internal collusion among MSNBC this is what their GG-segment’s producer had to say.

          Brianna Wu is a self professed friend of Eric Johnson who was guest in the MSNBC çoverage’ along with her. Eric Johnson’s show, Re/Code, is owned by NBCUniversal, MSNBC’s parent company. from KotakuInAction

          All Gamergate wanted to do was cut the legs off a few of the already-acknowledged-crappiest-sites out there, Polygon, Destructoid, Kotaku, Gamasutra, NeoGAF. Now it looks like they’re going to get into a fight with all media at once, just because sjws think defending a friend(with benefits) means more than having any moral center or occupational integrity. Good job on that, guys!

          and yet they will defend paedophiles tooth&nail if they are on their side

          If you find this link dump beneficial or the future article writer does, feel free to send that $20 to Mankind UK instead.

        3. Heh. Zoe Quinn is no more a developer of video games than you or I. Last year, she, and two partners, made a text-based choose-your-own adventure on the subject of depression using free online tools from No programming was involved whatsoever. (Think of a ’90s web developer who just used FrontPage and couldn’t code HTML, let alone js or Perl.)
          Depression Quest’s code was, needless to say, unoriginal, its theme decidedly uncommercial, its use of language trite (just read her description for grammatical errors). It was rejected by Steam, the Amazon Marketplace of downloadable video games, last December, and the subject of mockery in online forums. Quinn then began claiming rampant sexism was “holding her back.”
          To counter this alleged sexism, a group called The Fine Young Capitalists undertook to fund a female-developed video game that would involve actual video game development. They had a campaign with Indiegogo, and the website 4chan raised almost $20k for it from its members (the /v/ group). 4chan was for its efforts allowed to create a character in the game. They designed a geeky teen girl with normal human dimensions. It was quite tasteful.
          Quinn was enraged by this project, and attempted to shut it down. She claimed that it was anti-transgender (The Fine Young Capitalists would only accept a transgendered developer if she identified as a woman. Brianna Wu would have been accepted, but not some guy who was just claiming to be a woman for the purpose of securing funding) Quinn’d also gotten her “sexism in video games” thing down, so Depression Quest, despite being uncommercial, unprofessional, and unplayable, was accepted in August thanks to the SJW-type pressure she’d brought.
          The game for some reason got glowing reviews, and that’s when her ex-BF posted on Quinn’s alleged sexual shenanigans with industry journalists.
          Then came the culture war things. But, really, if you’re getting crap like Depression Quest shoved down your throat, and told you’re a failure as a human being for not just accepting it, you’re gonna be enraged, and you’re not gonna give up.
          (I’m not a gamer, but I’ve been following this since the beginning. I remember loading the first text-based CYA from a cassette onto an Apple ][ in the early ’80s, and was so impressed I wrote my own version of one in BASIC when I was 8. My program, however, had things like random dice rolls, where you needed to get a certain score if you wanted to get past the monster. My mom gave it very good reviews.)

  14. This is probably the best thing you can read on it Roosh. /pol/ as any chan-familiar person might know is so ridiculously far right they regularly call the most conservative politicians socialist scumbuckets. And yet whose tactics did they use to achieve such success? SJW tactics. They literally have no idea how to actually fight against their own passive-aggressive letter campaigns, and it’s flipping them the fuck out and causing them to shout things that normally /pol/ would be shouting, especially against any minority who is a part of this. This is also part of why they keep tearing down anyone who tries to ‘be a leader or voice for the community’ because that runs counter to the Black Bloc based tactics of social anonymity.
    I don’t know if utilising those kinds of tactics would work in real life or bolster the defenses of a tea party protest, but it’s certainly something to think about.
    The only named people are Sargon, who is ‘lead researcher,’ Internet Aristocrat, who is kind of both lead in-movement newsman and lead shitposter (the guy delivers burns like nobody else), and Milo Yiannopolous who is the lead reporter.
    I would like to write such articles, but unfortunately I’m wrapped up in RL politics as well, and also doing a bit of research myself (as there is some crossover with the academic feminists at the heart of this takeover attempt & Swedish/German far left)

  15. I volunteer to write on Gamergate. I have followed Internet Aristocrat’s videos and also play a lot myself. If you want me to document, I vouch my services.

  16. It’s like the floodgates have opened and the manginae are pouring in by the dozens.

  17. One wonders if the SPLC is behind the recent spate of KKK recruiting efforts in minority neighborhoods.
    The pros know how it works.

  18. I really enjoy what you are doing. I have recently started a YouTube channel to highlight the social and political problems men are being forced to face and listen to in the wake of SJW’s. I only have 3 videos. Upload mostly once or twice a week in hopes that I can spread the word about this cancer. Look me.up if you want. It would be good if you could share some of my content with other who might be interested. Here is a video I made today about gamergate.

  19. I’m not sure if this will fall on deaf ears but, the so called quest for “gender equality” is destined to fail. Nowhere in nature do you truly ever see gender equality. There is always a male leading and a woman, if not multiple women following. Take a lion’s pride for example. There are numerous examples of this. Ancient tribes all run the same, men go hunt, women stay and take care of the children. Women are by nature, the nurturers. I don’t know when the reality of this got so frowned upon that women said “Fuck this!” I still can’t figure out why women being loving, caring nurturers became demonized. And it was women who chose to demonize themselves and that which by nature defines them! It’s madness. Feminism might have gotten started on a path where they just wanted to get treated better and have the opportunity to make the same $ but today it’s just completely fucked up to the point that we as men, have to question if we’re going to lose our jobs because a woman doesnt like us and you looked at her wrong, or go to jail after consensual sex if we piss her off afterwards. Feminism today is not about balance or equality. It’s a power shift. It’s putting the control into the hands of women. Equality doesn’t exist in nature but the balance is struck when the roles we were meant to play are followed. We’re just so fucking smart we know what’s best lol. Good luck with that.

    1. Not deaf years at all. You can smell the canned rhetoric and lies. I wonder if they studied under the tutelage of Jim Jones?
      Equality will never exist as long as humans deign they need to be led. It is always thinly veiled bigotry and will lead to control. Not a one of these feminists deserve respect if they promote equality. Not a one.
      I’m two steps away from supporting the artificial womb just from talking with them.

    2. “Equality is a reactionary movement against reality”
      Their incessant whining has won them the last 50 years, but they will not outlast the unwavering truth.

  20. The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy.
    We should learn to remember that and we’d create less enemies out of the country. Pretty much every enemy we’ve had to fight in the last 30 years, we’ve created. The Taliban, Saddam, ISIS (ISIL), Iran, FARC, Noiriega, and more.
    We can’t ignore the world, isolationism isn’t the answer, but we should remember the above statement about enemies. We can see what’s up with GamerGate, but should be mindful not to create another enemy for ourselves.

    1. Also this Chris Kluwe is gay/LGBT obsessed. He got the vapors when Michael Sam “came out”. Typical SJW causes…

  21. We will not sacrifice free speech and free association. We’ve made too many compromises already, too many retreats. They invade our male space, and we fall back. They emasculate entire forms of media, and we fall back. Not again. The line must be drawn here! This far, no further! And WE will make them pay for what they’ve done!

  22. It’s a not a bad idea, but honestly Roosh, you should try to offer a bit more than $20 per article. Think of what would happen to the guy who takes up this job. The equalists will hound him forever, slander him at every turn, and probably destroy his reputation for a very long time. You need a bigger carrot.

    1. If take it just as a shot to prove myself then ask for more as my writing abilities proved to take off. Gotta start somewhere man.

  23. A more profitable course of action while having a greater impact on gaming is to start a masculine non politically correct gaming site.
    There is a huge hole in the market in that the people that majority of guys that play video games are actually into old school bloodlust and sex and don’t actually give two shits about SJW nonsense as evidenced by gamergate yet the men that run video game websites are essentially a collection of Simpsonesque ‘Comic Book Guys’.
    If someone could create a well put together ‘Bro’ gaming site, it could make a fortune simply due to that’s what the actual gamers want but it’s not being given to them because those big gaming sites are run by mega corps that have to play into the bigger narrative and the smaller ones are run by nerdy gammas.
    For a Proof of Concept check out the popularity of Olivia Munn. A model who basically hates video games but got in on the gaming gurl thing before it was trendy and gained a massive fan base.
    Now imagine a Red Pill gaming site complete with sexy women as eye candy and appealing masculine men doing the reviewing.
    Whoever can pull this off can make some money I would think.

    1. I was actually thinking something very similar, and Mike was tweeting about it. Instead of getting their news from proven corrupt and unnecessary “journalists,” gamers should just be able to contribute content themselves. Combining this concept with a revitalization of masculinity is a winning formula.
      Hell, I might look into it myself.

  24. For anyone from Gamergate coming to this article now, if you plan to carry on and become an ‘outside’ or offline voice for the battle too (The Huffpost gals, or people who are prior activists like Mulp or mjanetmars) I found an article you may wish to take heed of.
    You may not be in position at your companies to fire everyone else essential of course, but you can certainly show them up. The rest is good advice to keep in mind, however. There’s lots of ronery Matt Leeses from the other side to take monetary advantage of over Twitch if you really need to go that route to be self-employed.
    The more you are willing to sacrifice of yourself for victory, the less they can actually hold over you. (in fact if they know you won’t care, it may not even be brought up.)

  25. ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend’ We’re treading dangerous water with groups which could pollute our cause.

  26. It seems that some anti-GamerGate people have now tried spreading a rumor that the Ottawa shooter was wearing a GamerGate shirt through Twitter, despite it being blatantly false. This is just another example of how SJWs operate solely through character assassination and vilifying their opponents rather than debating the opposition’s arguments with facts, logic and truth. Probably because those three things are all against them. Anyway, if not for the fact that a friend of mine mentioned this in passing on skype, I would probably never have noticed this since I don’t actually have a Twitter account. It’s for that reason I fully support ROK getting a GamerGate correspondent to give a brief rundown of major events on a weekly basis, because I shudder to think of how many equally reprehensible things they’ve done already, and will do in the future, that have completely gone unnoticed by me and many others simply because it’s impossible to find a succinct breakdown of events relating to this whole debacle. People deserve to know, and these SJW lunatics deserve to be hung out to dry.

    1. it does not matter what shirt someone wears.
      except for the sjw, because they care about inner values, not looks or race or gender or clothing.
      there are unstable member of society who need very small triggers to freak out. the tragic this shooting may be, it will by highly entertaining watching the sjws spin a spectacular and evidently supertrue story that will disappear after 1 million tweets and three days, because the new series of broke girls starts or whatever…

  27. …if nixon had been a female, the washington post would have been burned to the ground. woodward and bernstein, these misonixic pigs would have been killed by a lynchmob. nixon would be presidentress for life…
    i wonder if LW1 knows that its not about her. maybe it was, but now she is a vehicle that many people use to push their political agenda. she will never recover from this, and the reach of gawker media and everything related to them will be restricted to sjws from now on. i dont know if sjws play the games that make the industry money.
    ok, a couple of bucks for the crappy mobile games the females in the company play on their social media multi-purpose dumbing machines may still flow.
    but my colleagues and me are already voting with our wallets. most of them have kids and are planning christmas presents. we dont have a black friday idiocy, so prices go up towards christmas. one even revoked an expensive buying decision after checking on the gawker sponsors list… =)
    a doctor in neuroeconomics (!) in our company put it that way: gamers are pretty much united because they want ONE thing: good games.
    sjws have a harder time, because their aims are not defined properly: if you ask a few, they all will give you a different awnser what they want in games. and of course they dont want to do it themselves, they just want to alter the industry to their favor, even more difficult.
    the more difficult your aims are to defend, the less likely it is to succeed. thats why the have to do this heavy mental gymnastics to make their points ‘provable’ and rely mostly on propaganda and rumors… i love it. last night i missed out on CL football, because i needed to laugh my ass off browsing gamergate…

  28. I used to have respect for this site but this??
    You guys are a bunch of mental masturbatorial ass clowns…. A gaming forum? Please. Pull your heads out of your collective asses.
    Self improvement and reflection. Intelligence. Game.
    Video game forums??
    …this must be a joke I didn’t get. I fucking hope so.

  29. There is one thing everyone can do (without being related to each other) now that many more people are aware of these feminist marxist tyranns. Sent a nice email to the companys who advertize on gawker etc. and let them know that these bastards are insane. I mean, its not difficult to find an article or tweet of the hatemongering idiots, archieve it or make a screencap and insert it into the email. That shit works and we only have to tell other people JUST SENT AN EMAIL to the advertizer!
    I´m sure the tumblre crazies always use a page where they go, read their daily dose of precious meat… and coordinate their “attacks” on people or businesess. These people think they are on a real duty!
    So even the majority of gamergate people might not want to be associated with ROK
    this is a way that is independant from each other. And why not use it ?
    And in my emails I never mentioned gamergate at all. You just write as a consumer or “concerned” individuall. Nobody knows with what you are associated with and thats a good thing 😉

  30. Roosh, I.would gladly accept this position. Im an avid video game player but also an avid reader of your forum and articles. I drive 18 wheelers for a living and id happily oblige to write. Online gaming is one of the few ways I can socialize with people I’ve met over the years on this career path I’ve chosen…and I too hate the extremist SJWs in my online gaming. I would thoroughly enjoy being the bridge between you and #gamergaters
    Please feel free to message me via twitter.

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