3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Marry A Japanese Woman

Although I’ve previously spoken positively of Japanese women, as red pill men, we see the world as it is and not how it should be. Therefore, this article will discuss a few reasons why walking down the aisle with a Japanese woman in tow may not be the best course of action.

To understand why you shouldn’t, it’s first helpful to know that in Japan you have access to an assortment of martial arts. From weaponless combat of karate and judo, to other arts that practice with swords and spears, Japan has more than enough in terms of combat sports. While budo (武道) is not a main staple of contemporary culture, you can find what you’re looking for in terms of martial development.

One of the arts that I’ve always been interested in studying was kyokushin (極真) karate , which is a full contact style that allows almost everything except punches to the head. In the particular flavor of kyokushin I’m studying, they emphasize a concept called tai sabaki (体さばき) which roughly describes the ability to step away from the striking area to put yourself in a better position.

While sometimes it’s necessary to stand toe-to-toe with an opponent and keep striking until one gives out, seeing the trouble ahead of time and avoiding the onslaught teaches you to fight smarter, not harder. The same applies to getting married in Japan.

Martial arts are a gateway to understanding life

1. Language

Now before you click away from this article, rest assured that this will not be the usual diatribe regarding the lack of language ability (i.e. go to any Japanese language learning forum and read about how “hard” it is). The point being illustrated here is that while you can learn the language, it may take you some extra time to understand nuances.

Oftentimes you read online about how foreign men decide to wife up their sweet, wholesome girlfriends, only to find out she was mentally unstable much later. If the lady you’re with repels the local men, then you’re missing out on some social cues.

Locals see her and avoid like the plague. Foreigners wife her up.

Due to a substantial amount of stigma around mental health in the country, don’t be surprised if you encounter a few ladies who need to spend more time at the counseling center than the nightclub. Don’t make the mistake that many outsiders make by thinking you’re the big swinging dick in the room that charms the ladies out of their kimonos.

Oftentimes, if you can’t speak the language, you’re missing out on a big chunk of red flags that may not come out until after you sign up for the “love” contract. If she isn’t getting much attention from the domestic crowd, it’s your job to find out why and jump ship if she has tendencies to boil bunnies alive.

2. Sex And Obligations

Don’t think it won’t happen to you. No matter how high your bench press is, how much money you have, or how big your third leg is compared to the local clientele, once she becomes pregnant and little Ichiro comes on the scene, the sex stops and the obligations begin. While it is characteristic for women of different countries and cultures to go from the “maiden to matron,” it seems rather pronounced in Japan, where childcare and household duties become the main focus.

On top of that, be prepared to have conversations about her taking your salary and giving you pittance per month to spend. Known as okozukai (お小遣い), this was a system designed for women to pay for all expenses in the house (as well as a few handbags) while you receive monthly “pocket money” to do what you wish. Not to mention you have to watch out for hesokuri (へそくり), which is a hidden stash of your paycheck the lovely wife takes without you knowing.

Congratulations! You got married! Now give me your money.

Now you may think that you can just alpha your way into living how you wish, but if you get married to her, you’ll most likely be on a spousal visa (i.e. at her beck and call). There have been numerous cases where the foreigner didn’t want to be the sexless workhorse anymore, demanded better treatment in his relationship, only to see it unravel before his eyes.

With the amount of familial, community, and societal duties that arise due to your marriage into the system, don’t be surprised to see your wonderful girlfriend who showered you with attention, fizzle away with obligations while she “loves you in other ways” (read: no sex).

3. Laws

We have to be honest here. As an outsider, you’re not considered to be on the same standard as the domestic product. While people are overwhelmingly nice and hospitable, the general edict is that you are treated as such since you are a guest that will return to your native country. The man who decides to plant his foreign flag in the country will have to be ready for some adjustments.

Recently, I had the pleasure to sit down with a family lawyer to discuss various aspects of Japanese law. For starters, the rules regarding common law marriage are really vague. Although there is no set amount in Japanese law that constitutes a couple being married, if it “appears” that you’ve been together for “a while” (according to this lawyer, its a ballpark between 3-5 years but ultimately it depends on the judge and what side of the futon he woke up on that morning) you’ll be on the hook for divorce payments should you go that route.

While child support isn’t strictly enforced and alimony isn’t virtually nonexistent, you can run into a civil case where 50% of all assets accrued in the marriage will go to her should she decide to sue. That also goes for overseas accounts, should she find out about it (for more info, schedule a consultation).

Another key point to mention here is visitation rights. While you may get lucky as far as not having to paying a lump sum should the marriage end, it is a double-edged sword in the sense that the woman will be the one in charge of visitation rights. So as the foreigner, if the divorce was particularly nasty, you may have to come to grips with the fact that your precious son or daughter will disappear in the wind.

Even with Japan signing legislation with the Hague Convention to stop child abductions, it still happens and it is an unfortunate reality in the lives of many divorcees.

(NOTE: The video shows a woman being swindled (which does happen) but the same concept applies)

This should be a given, but do not sign anything you cannot read, don’t put your livelihood in the hands of someone who may change their mind on how they feel about you, and get in touch with your inner zen and practice non-attachment, should you never see your progeny ever again.


This isn’t a piece that is designed to invoke fear, but rather shine a light on the realities of living in different country with a set of codified methods of behavior and social ramifications. While the smiles are real and the lifestyle can be great, understanding what can happen should things go south is a surefire way to protect yourself from unexpected outcomes.

Like tai sabaki (体さばき), this article seeks to help you avoid the pitfalls many foreigners fall into time and again. With red pill awareness, language ability, and economic independence, you can develop strategies to get the best out of Japan and what it has to offer. Marching down the aisle without knowing the rules of the game undercuts your legs before you even begin to walk.

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85 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Marry A Japanese Woman”

  1. “There have been numerous cases where the foreigner didn’t want to be the sexless workhorse anymore, demanded better treatment in his relationship, only to see it unravel before his eyes.”
    “On top of that, be prepared to have conversations about her taking your salary and giving you pittance per month to spend.”
    Sexless workhorse?
    Giving up your paycheck?
    Are there really suckers in this world who do this?
    Jeez, I guess my life isn’t so bad after all.
    Pretty damn good, actually.

    1. AS,
      There’s guys like that all over the world, once you get to the place where you can’t afford to walk away, you are screwed.
      I knew a chap in Thailand, real PUA, different woman every night. Then he met one girl who ran him out of money, then used him to work in her restaurant kitchen. He had no access to money, he wanted something and she bought it, but would never hand him the cash to buy himself.
      She got fat, denied him sex, he got ill and had a stroke. He was paralyzed in bed, she was banging a new boyfriend in the next room while he got to listen.
      It happens all the time, you can never let your guard down, and always need an escape route.

      1. @ JD
        What a nightmare!
        Poor guy. That’s a fate worse than death.
        I suppose it’s not so bad being ugly after all…:)

        1. Cmon man, stop putting yourself down. At least your gettin laid. I havnt had sex in years.

        1. True enough. She’s looking after him even though he’s no use to anyone. That’s real kindness, even if she is satisfying her needs on the side.

      2. @ John – Damn if that ain’t some black widow game she was playing on that guy with the stroke. There’s also ‘drinking’ game she can play. If you drink, she has options to either perturb you into a physical altercation or to make you so comfy and cozy that you enjoy your drinking buzz and she’ll keep pouring you drinks until you go to sleep. She puts you to sleep in other words. Whatever she says and does is all bullshit. It’s all to relax you and put you to sleep with booze. Yeah she negs and won’t put out when you’re sober and when you have your own agenda to pursue so then she gets real nice as she puts drinks in front of you and she keeps topping off your glass. She might as well just come at you with a funnel in your face. She controls her mood and services like a faucet, either curtailing or putting on the sweet honey until she has you sipping yourself unconscious. Then the place and agenda is hers once you’re snoring. “Zzzzzz”
        ONE women I know of, a neighbor in fact, had a hubby who was on all sorts of pain meds and head meds. He was a normal working guy but once he got home from work, she’d have a plate of pills and drink set out for him. She’d be all sweet and massaging on his back and she’d watch him until he gulped all his pills down. Then he was out like a light and I rarely saw him outside or talked to him from my own yard. Then the fat bitch wife was always on the poarch swing yapping loudly on her phone or driving off somewhere. ‘Pharma game’ if that’s what it’s called. She was older 40s with a big protruding hair do like some teenager or slut in the 1980s wore. I’m pretty sure women in burkas with their hair unseen and under control never pull this kind of crap. Can any muzzies vouch?

      3. Banging some other guy in the next room ain’t problematic if the wife got fat.

      4. IMHO … John Dodds is one of those rare gentlemen who has genuinely been around and earned his tee-shirts.
        I would like to think I fall into the same category as he, but I was never as social nor as observant as John appears to be.
        Nonetheless, I’ve got plenty of footnotes to (occasionally) share about Thailand and a few other venues in SE Asia.
        As regards the PUA relegated to the Kitchen by his “long-time” Thai lady … I’d say he falls into the “Lucky” category.
        Most Western males who’ve traveled a bit prefer to wear rose-tinted glasses while visiting or reminiscing about Thailand.
        Now, I dare say much of it is justified … but from what I’ve seen, experienced, and heard from the grapevine … the Land of Smiles is also home to plenty of hard-nosed bitches who’d eat up our weaker specimens at the first opportunity.
        About 10 years ago there was a case reported on Thailand’s domestic TV news that told of a Brit Expat who had married a Thai lady living in the “Bridge over the River Kwai” area (Kanchanaburi). She had born him a child. They fell out and were seeking a divorce. He insisted on seeing his child.
        She invited him to a local restaurant to “talk things over”. He agreed, and foolishly went there alone. Predictably, she wasn’t there to greet him, so he sat quietly for a while and waited. A hired gunman arrived and within moments, had shot him (the Brit Expat husband) dead on the spot.
        The wife was subsequently arrested and put on public display (as they like to do in Thailand). But we never find out if such women ever complete their sentences. For all I know, she could have been released after a few years.
        Over the years (since the 1980s) there have been MANY cases like this one. But it is notoriously difficult to provide meaningful statistics about Thailand, because too much of the darker stuff get’s efficiently covered up.

      5. Ah, the true nature of women does not transcend borders, languages and culture.
        The 3 reasons not to marry a Japanese Woman is more simply stated, 1. She’s a woman, 2. She’s a woman, 3. She’s a woman.
        That rule applies to marrying any female.

      6. What did your friend do to manifest that situation and be attracted to such a manipulative woman? Was he putting out a lot of negativity that eventually caused him to become a victim?

  2. You must be a total schmuck to pay anything in case of divorce
    Just take the first plane out.

    1. RICO
      If you have sold the house in the West, cashed everything out, you would be getting off the place to the streets.
      Nowhere to go back home.

      1. So don’t cash everything out.
        One country for your citizenship,
        One country for your life,
        One country for your assets.

      2. When the first sign the relationship is coming to an end start to appear, you play nice and clueless while you send back all your wealth out of the country. Then eject without paying a penny.

  3. Nobody is perfect, but Japanese women are still a Grade A choice for a spouse if degenerate, leftist, and chubby western women are off the table for you (and most women tick at least one of those three boxes.)
    They want to stay feminine even if they are studying friggin’ tankery like in Girls und Panzer. lol

    1. And the “read more” for this article is: “18 Reasons Why You Should Never Date Or Marry A British Woman”.
      Reason 19: They need to have 6 cocks at one or they aren’t satisfied. That’s a nation of total slappers all right.

    2. I’ve been married to a Japanese woman for almost nineteen years. Overall, I’d say she is far preferable to the majority of American women. My only two complaints are:
      1. Not as much sex as I’d like (but most married guys seem to deal with that)
      2. She is barren, and I very much desire to have children. Still, it is God who blesses families with children, and He has not granted that blessing to us. My wife has tried to conceive to no avail.
      On the other hand, my wife is:
      1. WAY more feminine than American women
      2. Far more pleasant personality than most American women
      3. WAY more submissive in heart and deed, than most American women
      4. Hard working, and careful with our money
      5. Very good cook
      6. Chaste (virgin when we married too)
      7. More culturally conservative
      8. Seems to respect me
      Keep in mind that my experience is different than that described in the article for several reasons.
      1. My wife is a very devout Evangelical Christian. (Japanese Christians are very rare)
      2. We met in the States (in college), and our entire married life has been in the United States. I’ve been to Japan 6-7 times over the years, usually about two weeks at a time. I enjoy Japan very much, but have never lived there long term. I don’t think I would want to. I like guns too much.
      Basically, my wife adjusted to my conservative Evangelical American lifestyle. She recognizes me as the head of the household. She knows that I make the budget, and have the final say regarding finances. We definitely do not practice the Japanese system where the wife controls the purse.
      Maybe Japanese women make better wives here in the States than they do in Japan. On the other hand, it is also possible that they can get corrupted by the degeneracy of feminism in America (even in conservative Evangelical circles). Evangelicalism in pretty badly infected by churchianity, cuckservativism, and white knighting.

      1. > barren
        > feminine
        lol that’s what you get for having yellow-fever. But thank you for not spreading ur beta genes. I see she wears the pants too, of course. If you wore ur pants you’d have a white woman.

      2. @ Bart
        I have had 2 Korean SB/GFs and my experiences are similar.
        Korean females are MUCH MORE feminine and gracious than American females. I have been to Korea 4 times with the 2nd girl (whom I no longer). At the Shinsegae food court she would not allow me to dispose of my own lunch. It would have been an insult if other females saw her allowing me to clean up after myself, so I let her do it. Now that is what I call feminine! On the downside, they are very materialistic, perhaps even more so than American girls. A nice $100 handbag was unacceptable in her eyes. Had to be the Louis Vuitton. And the pestering for it was nearly constant.
        But all things considered, I will take thin, feminine and somewhat greedy over chunky, crude and slutty every single time.

      3. Thanks for this account, and may blessings continue on your marriage. An honourable life is a happy life – yet so few people realise this.

      4. Bart,
        “1. Not as much sex as I’d like (but most married guys seem to deal with that)”
        Once or twice a month is the norm for white men who married western women after four years marriage, then nothing over 50 when you sleep in different beds. They normally ‘police you’ to stop you masturbating as well (American Beauty was spot on).

        1. JOHN
          A lot of them are eager to fuck younger men.
          In Arizona I knew a few over-40 women who did not have sex with their husbands but prowled around for younger males.
          Women-even more than men-are inclined when they are older to have sex with younger men.

        2. JOHN
          Older women are inclined to fuck MUCH-YOUNGER men for biological reasons that a young man’s sperm count is higher.
          Humans are wired instinctively for reproduction and an older woman will not knowingly know why they want to be fucked by younger males but instinctively this is caused by the wired in knowledge of a younger man’s higher sperm count. This is encoded in all women’s sexuality on the subconscious level.

  4. As always, use a condom. Don’t commit to shit.
    Thanks for the heads up.
    And you’re right!
    Red pill men see the world as it is (supposedly).

  5. Rule No.1: If you can not put the women of your own country back to their place, do not assume that you would be able to do so with the females of another country.

      1. Yes, probably best to stick to the AWALT you know than “AWALT + getting treated like a permanent outsider” in a foreign country. I have dated several transplant or American-born, 2nd-gen Japanese and HK/Chinese…it’s a lot easier to contend with the cultural differences this way because you’re still on your own turf.

    1. I think Japanese women should be considered honorary white women.
      We come to the third world for a reason, desperate women with poor educations.
      And that ain’t Japan (or Korea).

      1. JOHN
        Chinese Merchant women of Southeast Asia are kind of a happy medium.
        They’ve never been a prostitute and have SOME morals unlike a former bar girl.
        Often, like my wife, they have a business and are not after your money entirely.
        They may not have sex every time you want it but a large white dick keeps a woman happy (Learn to wield the tool, fellows).

        1. Peter North
          You are right.
          I have noticed that ethnic Chinese women if Chinese communities in SE Asia tend to be really decent- your description seems to be accurate.
          Sadly most of girls from mainland China do not intot hat category…

        2. @peter north … yes, that’s a good observation. But the White Man’s ability to pull those Chinese Merchant women of SE Asia (CMWofSEA) has taken a nose-dive since the 1990s (the start of the New World Order). Read my book if you want to understand our side of the how’s and why’s.
          One of the hottest girls I ever met was a CMWofSEA. She was running a small travel business in Bangkok. It was she who got me to visit Pattaya (for the first time) when it consisted of little more than a rudimentary “Walking Street” plus three roads, that Dolphin roundabout, and a score or so of shabby (but cozy) hotels.
          She needed to get me “out of sight” before switching to full-lust mode. Impossible to forget! Our first tryst took place in a room covered with mirrors. She had the Chinese equivalent of a “Marylin Monroe” body and face. Sadly, I couldn’t keep her because I was repeatedly absent, in the oilfields, for periods that were way too long.
          Some of the most desirable girls of this type used to be concentrated in Ipoh, Malaysia … thanks to the tin mining industry. But once airline travel became more accessible, they all started to shift to Singapore. And as you know, Singapore is too damned expensive!!
          In Thailand, these Merchant Chinese types do not have a particularly good reputation. They are generally regarded as arrogant, conniving, thieving bastards who think they are superior to everyone else. Right now, I have four such households as near neighbours.
          And furthermore, a great many of the Merchant Chinese womenfolk are as ugly as the arse end of a scabby dog. The current trend (for most) is for them to be obese by the age of 20 years.
          There’s a lot of truth in what you say about those Merchant Chinese women … but to be spot-on you will need to attach a couple of pages of disclaimers.

    2. If you weren’t raised and ingrained with their culture, you need a niche and some special game to get quality goods out of their culture. They’ll unload their crazies on you. Similarly if a westerner doesn’t even know his own trad western culture, then HIS OWN western community will dump the crazies of his own culture onto him.
      Off to Japan – – but if you breed with their leftovers you produce even more devolved or crazy tree monkeys. Now if you defeat their awaiting Ninjas and manage to breed with their finest bred Miss Japans, then you produce a new hybred litter where one alpha member might show new undiscovered accentuated traits along with a slew of more gamma siblings. Dog and cat breeders millennia ago used this principle to distill the mini pocket pals and even the lifesaving St Bernard and the super smelling and retrieving hunting companions. With Caucasoid globetrotter man/Japanese woman breeding, don’t expect a 1st generation hybrid batch to yield 100% of anything exceptional. It takes many many generational re-folds and litter selection/elimination to solidify a new patent breed with marked valuable traits.
      That said, a Caucasoid guy just getting his dick wet and loyally serviced is another story. Even with the perfect Miss Japan who’s father holds a PhD in astrophysics, a Caucasoid breeding stud likely produces a 1st gen litter of tikes that begin to mature into an unmanagable circus of radical genetic combinations and you might see one golden boy or girl in the set with the potential to expound on some newly distilled trait. The finest DOG CAT AND HORSE breeds didn’t just pop out of thin air either.
      Yeah pussy feels good. Real good especially when it is curtailed and you’re jonsing for it but haven’t invested in loyal pussy that awaits clean when summoned. Breeding aside, wherever you live in the world p4p is unavoidable in ‘marriage’, in hustling for it or getting it from a ‘p’ vending machine woman. Until ‘breeder market value’ takes off and semites are barred from regulating the market, it will continue to be a wild west of feminism for the man to negotiate.

      1. People are products of their enviornment. I am glad you are not afraid to mention why a beta like you can’t create a guaranteed winner!

        1. Yep we’re a product of our environment. Did you know John Travolta’s daddy was a cannibal chief from the Congo tribe Mangbetu. Here he is dancing at 1:50 in the clip as Mrs Travolta tittie feeds little John John to the left.

          Daddy Travolta Sr. was well known in the bush. Here he is performing at the 1956 cannibal woodstock with their sister tribe Magweto. It was big. Big chief daddy T enters the floor @ 1:50

          Many a saucer lip goes abuzz when he leads the floor. You can feel the gina tingles he generates in those gals. Fast foreward to 1976 and we see little John all grown up. The evidence is irrefutable. Race is all a result of environment and nothing more. Another interesting revelation that can then be uncovered is that having a cannibal grand daddy from the Congo influences your proficiency to jiggy jiggy dance.

          I don’t know why I never put the pieces together and figured this out before. Man they should give you an honorary degree or something.

        2. Just kidding. All respects to Mr Travolta. He was the first to break with that swag but he wasn’t always stuck in jigaboo mode. He’s 100% Italian.

          He must have studied Elvis’s moves. It was Elvis that imported that African thing with the pelvis and all.

    3. warriorhun,
      Just not true, in your home country they have police accusation and divorce rape on their side. Outside the western world you can just move on with little or no financial damage.

  6. Do u think that it’s a coincidence that Japan has the worst demographic collapse in human history… ever????

    1. Japan is severely overpopulated and has been for centuries. 20 million on an island nation that size world be plenty. The real question is whether those Japanese who are still breeding are higher quality or not. If yes, then Japan is on the right track.

  7. Having lived in Japan for quite some time, as well as having American and European friends who wifed up local women, the author has no idea what he is talking about. It’s actually a good thing that he remains single and let the alphas save Western Civilization.

  8. I still think japanese are top if the list.
    Dont think you can have equal rights living there.
    And if ahea been here too long- canbe corrupted…
    Have date with one next week. She just got back from teip to africa, and has short hair. So probably ruined

  9. As one who was formerly married to a batshit crazy Japanese woman, making sure she is not a crazore or hardcore feminist (yes, they do exist and they will destroy you Asian-woman style, with a knife in the back or poison in your cup) should be foremost if you want to wife one up.
    Also–if at all possible, take her out of Japan and back to your own country where the rules don’t favor her so much. I have never seen such blatant cultural navel-gazing and ethnocentrism as during my time in Japan. Outside of foreigner friendly places like Tokyo, you will be discriminated against openly if you are a gaikokujin and at best treated like an exotic animal. Don’t be fooled by the fake smiles.
    If you are shopping for an Asian wife or girlfriend, I might suggest looking at China. You get all the interesting history of the culture, language, and history, without all the creepy isolated island ghosts and 1,000 year sushi (it’s a thing).
    On the other hand, if you can find a trustworthy Japanese woman, who can double as a guide (and I am sure there must be some left), Japan can be an awesome place to travel, especially off the beaten path.

    1. Being a gaikokujin is bad enough, but being a kokujin would be worse. I’m a tall, blue-eyed, white American, and Japanese people generally view us fairly favorably.
      If you are black, mestizo, Indian, or something else, they are less accepting. (But are still generally polite,)

    2. If I were Japanese I would look down and with suspicion on women interested in foreigners, Japan is in many ways a perfect country, they should always frown on mixed marriages. Switzerland used to strip women married to foreigners of their citizenship up until 1992. Your former wife’s case confirms one of the article’s points, more likely than not, such broads are spinsters to be, that no Japanese man in his right mind wanted to be with. Japanese women one can meet outside of Japan are a different story.

      1. I should have clarified. I met my wife outside of Japan. She was a feminist and crazy to boot. Of course in my younger days I let my johnson do the thinking and none of that seemed as important.
        There was an advantage to her being in my country speaking my language at the end. And thankfully, no kids.
        Another thing I should have mentioned…virginity in the western sense does not seem as prized among the Japanese. Buddhism is fairly silent on stigmatizing extramartial sexual relationships unlike Christianity. So even a fairly innocent seeming Japanese girl has likely ridden quite a few cocks starting at a young age.

        1. The primary technologies we’re observing presently in the case of Cern,satelites unified by europe is not limited to one country…with the addition to extra technologies for the population.We see a dramatic increase in isolation castrated away our focus in manhood.The focus we sacredly seek is a tragedy in exchange for immorality as a basic wants and need no wonder a tiny lizard just shit on my right shoulder.It is crawling as pathogenical virus among all continent even in mongrel dogs successively.It’s coming to terms with the best history and strategic unification.

  10. You know that you are in hell when you live in a police state and those who criticize tyranny get banned and everyone else who mentions the police state supports it.

  11. Feminism is everywhere as we speak.
    Letters and Syllables (AF),(CA),(AS) is a virus that takes growth on the planet english (NOT) Mars.What language we speak it is still brother to english.
    One instance its spreads throughout every continent no one knows.

  12. Getting kicked out of the country, no obligation to pay alimony, little child support and that little not collectible if you are out of the country, no way to get hold of foreign assets if you are out of the country, not such a great welfare system for single mothers DUDE from the preceding, the bitch gets a severe beatdown in case of divorce, including man initiated divorce because of no sex bullshit. The man just needs to travel light, be prepared get a job elsewhere at any time, and be prepared to never see his children again until they are adults. Toughen up and embrace the samurai mentality, in other words, and the result is a paradise for provider type men who marry Japanese women. Same system in all of Asia, and FSU, btw, probably Africa and Siuth America too. Abandonment by a kind foreign husband with good job (good provider type) is NOT cause for rejoicing for women in those parts of the world.

  13. Again, going to Asia simply for women is one-note futility.
    1) move to Asia if you want to be able to go into a fried chicken or ride a bus without fear or annoyance.
    2) move to Asia if you are tired to hearing people complain that (They) are running everything, down to your choice of underwear.
    3) move to Asia so you don’t have to give a shit about the problems in your own country.
    4) move to Asia if you don’t want to be divorce raped.
    5) move to Asia to be your own man. I say what I want, do what I want, don’t care what anybody thinks.

    1. Travel to Asia a few times a year and plan on spending most of my time there starting in 2020; I agree completely about not going just for the women. Personally I enjoy SE Asia because pretty much everything is hassle free (and cheap) – transportation (local/domestic/international), accommodations, healthcare/dental, good food, cell phone/internet, and pussy. It just feels right being in a society where everyone doesn’t play the victim card.

  14. No man should ever get married it’s a raw deal for men it’s too risky.

  15. Really insightful, thanks.
    I have a thing for Japanese but I would never wife one of them up, because I couldn’t stand a son who don’t resemble me. No racist.

  16. Any man who frequents the manosphere and still entertains the idea of getting married is hopelessly doomed as a beta cuck blue pilled loser for life.

  17. I am not indicating the author is lying…however I know at least guys of my age group (I am 43) who married Japanese women and had children with them.
    Both of them are still married to their wives. (One still lives in Japan)
    They do not seem to have any of the issues the author describe.
    Mind you, I understand things have changed in Japan , too. (I haven’t been there since 2000.)

  18. Even if the author is right about the risks…Japanese women are still desirable compared to the obnoxious average White European/American landwhale.

    1. I bet Japanese girls don’t curse at cabbies and others, using the F-word at the tops of their lungs. I see and hear that all the time in NY.

      1. AUTOMATIC
        White Gen Y are frigid Lesbians WHO ACT like street sluts.
        They are foul-mouthed, crude, without any self-restraint BUT they don’t fuck the way those kind of girls used to.

  19. I’ve had a thing for Japanese girls ever since I was 13 or 14. This article makes me a bit depressed, not going to lie.

  20. Ok.. I lived in Japan for 7 years and yes I was married to a Japanese from Yokohama. First off, if you don’t speak Japanese and read it pretty fluently, you aren’t living on the local economy PERIOD. If you live in Japan, you most likely got there because you work for a US Corp or for the US Mil. For me it was the latter. So,
    1. If you meet and marry a Japanese girl, she will speak English pretty decently.
    2. She is into your Foreigner culture (Western) so she will think none of the cool rules that apply to them in the marriage, apply in this one with you. You will have to set her straight on that.
    3. Yes, some go matron on you, but you keep her in check by going out with your boys a lot keeping her wanting to go back to her former self. Sexy and fun.
    4. In time, with effort, you can learn Japanese and speak it well enough that it will make your wife nervous. (They don’t want that).
    Concerning your rights there in Japan.
    1. You have none! You are NOT Japanese…DUH!
    2. Never ask HER for a divorce, she will clean your clock. If she asks you, she will try to come up with some abuse claim, because, yes, you can sue her for some settlement too. She doesn’t want to pay, even if she is rich.
    3. Children belong to the MOM…ALWAYS AND FOREVER! Even if you move to your home country…get a divorce there, and the court Judge Says, you have joint custody. Its not RECOGNIZED in Japan. Doesn’t matter what docs you have, if she gets on a plane (even if you kid is the citizen of your country) and she makes it to Japan with a Birth cert, you WILL NEVER SEE YOUR KID again. Its one of 5 reasons for my divorce from my Japanese wife. Didn’t want that. Keep in mind that Japan needs MORE JAPANESE…so that’s part of the issue, the other is in their culture, when a couple separates, the mom is expected to take the kids and form another union (family) with another man. Father is replaced by the new husband. The biological father is expected to form another family with a single mom or Single lady…too much drama the other way around. Now there have been cases, where the Mom married another Japanese guy, kids in tow…..years go down the road, new husband says “Hey lets go to Hawaii for a vacation (Japanese LOVE Hawaii, they tried to buy it in the 80’s). Husband, wife and kids from former American Husband show up at US Airport. USCIS has had a detain entry for her name and passport since she left the US many years ago. Wife is separated in a holding tank. Children are held by Child Protective Services. Husband is told, you can go Sir….enjoy your vacation. Meanwhile, US Authorities verify the State where the divorce took place and abduction (remember she in the eyes of the US Law abducted the kids without permission from Dad). At least in one case I know of, the kids were returned to the Dad, and the mom had to appear in court. She was eventually put on a plane back to Japan, but she was a felon in US law. so it should have gone the other way.
    Meanwhile back in Japan, the JGOV (Japanese Gov ) is screaming that the US abducted Japanese citizens……ooops nope. All kinds of Docs and case files show how they ignored our laws, from the state they resided before are produced to the JGov by the US Embassy, crickets are chirping on the Japan side…

    1. Amazing story. It seems the kids would be mothershocked for awhile, having to switch mothers and all, but a course of red pill biological daddying might fix em up.
      A side effect could be that all the court meddling in the family dynamic would make the kids quiet natured and kind of subdued in a way. It’s better to see daddy stand up to the state like Goliath. The state having the last word is like the state overriding daddy’s authority. It can make kids grow up kow towing state wogs and their agenda. Show your kids that daddy isn’t afraid to hunt the enemy.
      It’s also amazing that CPS served the biological father’s interests. Historically CPS is used in conjunction with women’s services to do court advocacy making kids and mothers wards of the nanny state while removing fathers with walking papers and a legally binding schedule for child support. It is nanny state restructuring of the family unit replacing the father with ‘state husbandry’. Also CPS was notorious in the 80s-90s for badgering unfriendlies of the state – home schoolers, Christian evang’s and the like. They’re like hired rent a cops who will even deliver quotas of kids to meat market traffickers if called to do so. A real barrel of trash the CPS is but it depends on who hires them and for what purpose. They won’t go away until the trafficking business is squashed. That’s their biggest bread basket.
      Geez you think it would have been simpler to just drown the bitch like a river rat once she showed signs of turning bad on you. When you remorse over such options waived, you know she was bad. I wonder if there is a Japanese word for when a woman turns all matron or matriarchal rooster bitch. “whack yu dong” . . nah that’s Chinese. Assuredly there is always some way to game whatever a woman does, no matter how obtuse or insurrectionist. Really a woman isn’t supposed to screw you over until she dies from old age. Then you’re screwed because she’s pushing up daisies and she’s no longer able to service you. There must be a way to game that too and have her cook your meals and drain your nut until the bitter end. They have far too much help and assistance enabling them to screw you over on a whim and before their life service contract is up.

    2. I’m surprised the JP gov even dared raise a stink about the “abduction” of Japanese citizens with the kids. As far as I knew, If you are mixed or not native to japan – as in a foreigner born in JP, but not Japanese by blood – you are NEVER considered a Japanese citizen.

  21. Just the fact that a Japanese woman is dating a foreigner is a red flag. Especially if you don’t speak Japanese, you are dating among a small group of women with a foreigner fetish and they are far from being the cream of the crop in Japan.

  22. A guy I know described his marriage to his ex-wife as “The Japanese Occupation”

  23. Mr White man, stop marrying or looking at any women…And stop eating white man, you too fat.

    1. lil’ Kim Rocketman
      must be whiter than white.
      He’s even fatter than
      Henry Kissinger feasting on Golda Meir.

  24. Why is is that in wm/af couples the white guy is always a beta dweeb?
    Every single time.

  25. I’ve spent time in Japan, past experience shows
    The Good
    1/ Trying to find a fat Japanese woman in Japan is like finding a “needle in a haystack”
    2/ The average Japanese woman is far more feminine than most if not all Western Women.
    3/ The average Japanese woman has far better manners than most Western Woman.
    4/ Japanese women can be highly experimental in the bedroom.
    5/ Japanese women on average dress far better, even casual dressing, there’s no such thing as a 90 foot a$$ in a pair of tights wandering around on the weekends.
    6/ Japanese women are open minded to dating Foreign men.
    The Bad
    1/ Some Japanese women can be almost robotic in their behaviour.
    2/ There’s a high chance a Japanese woman has worked in the Redlight / Porn Industries, it would be around 30 percent today with thousands more entering the industries every year.
    3/ Japanese women can be violent, knifings in Japan happen on a regular basis, my first week in Tokyo I saw two Japanese women punching on outside a Host Bar.
    4/ Sex stops after the babies are born – not necessarily some do, some don’t, some stop having sex with their husbands BUT have flings with other men.
    5/ Tradition in Japan generally means the wife stops working sometimes after marriage almost certainly after having kids – Some do return to work, most don’t.

  26. ” once she becomes pregnant and little Ichiro comes on the scene, the sex stops and the obligations begin. ”
    This is something i hear sometimes and read often in the red-pill zone.
    But yet, I can not understand it.
    What type of man would tolerate a situation like that? Can you explain?
    This is an honest and straight question – and I promise I will give an honest comment, from my dark-triad corner of the world in return.
    “where the foreigner didn’t want to be the sexless workhorse anymore, demanded better treatment in his relationship,”
    Now this i DO understand and let me tell you – thats a big, fucking mistake you made here and there.
    You do not “demand” better treatment – you mention it, and if it is not to your liking you leave her stone cold. She may (or may not) get a second chance if she changes her poisonous behavior but this is something you must never allow.
    The last person you allow to have any power of you is your own wife (or children).
    ” grips with the fact that your precious son or daughter will disappear in the wind.”
    As I always wrote – never marry and live with a woman in her own country. If she is from south america, bring her to asia (or at least a different SA country). If she is from japan, move to singapore or greece or whatever – just get the fuck out of her home country and away from her family. Top priority!
    !!!She can only have ONE king, and that better be you not her elder brother, dad or grand pa or the goverment.!!!

  27. Race doesn’t matter as much as guys think, it all depends on how much a society enables a woman.
    Bring a Japanese woman to America and she might as well be a fat white girl with tattoos.

  28. Only Japanese men should marry Japanese women. Race mixing is harmful, unnatural, and gross.

  29. I lived in Korea a long time .I dated both Korean and Japanese women.Both are awesome.You can make a list of 100 reasons why you shouldn’t marry any women.Its not about her.If you let her do these things to you then its your fault.If you let women take money from you then you are weak. Doesn’t matter if she is Japanese or any other nationality.

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