How To Fight Politically Correct Language

As a fan of the English language—even with its quirks and inconsistencies—I really hate seeing it butchered. Political correctness has been doing quite a bit of butchering over the years. Their fetish for erasing differences between the sexes figures prominently, along with other ideological considerations, of course.

The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis states that a language’s structure has an influence on how people think about the world. As Edward Sapir put it:

Human beings do not live in the objective world alone, nor alone in the world of social activity as ordinarily understood, but are very much at the mercy of the particular language which has become the medium of expression for their society. It is quite an illusion to imagine that one adjusts to reality essentially without the use of language and that language is merely an incidental means of solving specific problems of communication or reflection. The fact of the matter is that the “real world” is to a large extent unconsciously built up on the language habits of the group.

Politically correct language is an attempt to engineer this effect. Orwell’s addendum to 1984 concerning Newspeak is relevant here, touching on changing language as a method of thought control. Aside from mass surveillance, this is one example of how Orwell’s predictions have become rather prophetic lately.

The cultural Marxists have quite a bit of terminology loaded with unstated assumptions meant to promote their views. For instance, many words ending in “-ism” or “-phobia” are shorthand to label something as bad without having to explain why these things are supposed to be bad. We can fight their linguistic brainwashing attempts by having fun with them and making their efforts look silly.

Politically correct butchering of the English language

screaming feminist

Chill out, babe!

Beginning in 1976, there has been an alternative spelling for the delightful and beautiful people I love so much: womyn, or wimmin in the plural. This is done by some of the same who aren’t quite so delightful and beautiful themselves! Rarely, this spelling is used by a handful of male feminists, the equivalent of chickens voting for Colonel Sanders. (If they’re going to take “man” out of “woman,” then how about if they fix “menstruation” and “menopause” too? We don’t have anything to do with that, and we don’t want to either.)

Since I’ve studied Anglo-Saxon, I could quite easily explain that man was a generic word for human being, and that wer and wif were the gender-specific versions. Instead, rather than casting my pearls before swine, I’ll simply take this as a sign that she has a chip on her shoulder and certainly isn’t worth taking seriously. If you have to interact with someone misspelling “woman”, then start consistently spelling “woman” as “babe”. That doesn’t have “man” in it; everyone happy yet?

During the 1990s, politically correct euphemisms came into vogue. For just one funny example, I remember them twisting themselves in knots deciding what to call a “manhole.” We can’t let all those babes in hardhats feel slighted, now can we? All those pointless word games show the subjectivist goal of trying to change reality by changing the language. Still, all that goofiness was a waste of their time. Calling someone in a wheelchair physically challenged won’t help that person walk. Anyone who thinks that makes a difference must be mentally challenged. (Oops, I just committed ableism!) Whenever you see things like that, have fun showing them that they’re intellectually differently abled.

Then there’s the usage of CE and BCE as substitutes for AD and BC. It means the same thing, just putting a fig leaf over its origins. I’m not objecting to this annoying calendrical bowdlerization on religious grounds, but rather because this is an assault on tradition and a proxy attack on Western civilization. No matter what one’s religion is, it takes a special sort of willful ignorance to deny that Jesus was a very influential figure in the ancient world. Fine, let’s start the calendar with Julius Caesar, the original JC. Whenever you see BC and BCE, start adding 100 years to the dates and continue to use BC and AD, but insist that this now means Before Caesar and Anno Dictatoris.

Many recent PC academic terms are based on Greek, Latin, or a bastardization of the two sometimes with English thrown into the linguistic meat grinder: kyriarchy, cisgendered, heteronormative, blah blah blah. Whenever you see a barrage of these made-up terms adopted from Greek or Latin because they make the speaker seem intellectual, then throw in some German phrases. For instance, das heißt (that is to say), Weltanschauung (world view), Wille zur Macht (will to power), und so weiter (etc.)  German sounds cool and bracing, while using made-up Greek and Latin terms makes the speaker seem like a neckbeard who has a collection of vintage NPR coffee mugs autographed by Daniel Schorr.

Martian pronouns

martian invader

Martians talk funny.

Lately, as part of a push to erase distinctions between males and females, we’re now seeing an uptick in attempts to use made-up gender neutral pronouns. Whenever I hear someone say “they” instead of referring to a singular “he or she”, it makes me cringe. I find similar efforts in other languages to be less irritating; if I see amigo/a or Student|innen, it doesn’t make me want to throw rocks.

Now we have a batch of made-up pronouns, “xe / xir / xirs” being the most popular lately as substitutes for “he / him / his” or “she / her / hers”. It’s not even consistent, since there are lots of variants, for example using ‘z’ in place of ‘x’. Not only is the thought behind it annoying, it’s just plain ugly. If an artfully crafted sentence is like an original Van Gogh, then using yucky made-up pronouns is like a kid in the museum “improving” it with a can of spray paint. It doesn’t sound like English; it sounds like Martian.

We do not want this to catch on. Since Martian pronouns are starting to come into vogue with people who don’t know what sex they belong to, we’re probably going to see more of this in the future. Now is the time to stop this linguistic hideousness in its tracks before it becomes the next smelly little orthodoxy.

Showing its ridiculousness is the answer, and I have a solution. Whenever you see someone writing with Martian pronouns, then write back using Old Norse pronouns. If you prefer, Japanese or Swahili will work too. Still, I’ll admit that I’m biased, since I’ve studied Old Norse in order to get in touch with my roots. Other than that, it does have a somewhat distant relation to English, unlike Martian. Finally, Old Norse has a certain vital spirit to it; the Vikings were cool that way.

Old Norse grammar is as tough as the winters in Aldeigjuborg. Still, it has a couple of interesting features. It has dual pronouns—like Anglo-Saxon had—for “us two,” “you two,” and “the two of them.” Actually, it had a gender-neutral usage for plurals, without some dweebs trying to force them to do so. If referring to a group of both men and women, you use the neutral plural. Isn’t that something everyone can be happy about?

So here’s how it would go.

SJW: “It’s about time that we revise the Marxist slogan to ‘From each according to xir ability, to each according to xir needs’. You see, ‘his’ is gendered and that can be very triggering.”

You: “If Leonid Brezhnev were still around to see þik, then hann would weep bitterly for hans cause. Hverar wasting time with politically correct pronouns need to get þau priorities in order.”

Doing this will point out that if he/she/it won’t use English properly, then two can play that game. I’ve done this before, and noted an amusing increase in snippiness. You might not win their hearts and minds that way, but at least they might quit butchering the English language, or hopefully shut up.

This is far from an exhaustive list, but consider it an example of what to do.  Anyway, have fun mocking their silly word games and bizarre terminology.

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355 thoughts on “How To Fight Politically Correct Language”

    1. Reading ROK is always depressing. I even started listening to Nirvana and cutting myself with razor blades because of ROK. But that’s okay. The redpill is the ‘harsh truth’, or let’s say ‘die bittere Wahrheit!’

        1. In the someday what’s that sound?
          Broken heart and broken bones
          Think about some capsules of horse pills
          One more quirky cliche’d phrase
          You’re the one I wanna refill
          Rape me
          Rape me, my friend
          Rape me
          Rape me again
          I’m not the only one, Aaah
          I’m not the only one, Aaah
          I’m not the only one, Aaah
          I’m not the only one, Aaah
          Hate me
          Do it and do it Again
          Waste me
          Rape me, my friend

        2. For a less-depressing vibe, there’s the Vagina Song…
          I really like vagina
          I like it very much
          And when I get vagina
          I use it like a crutch
          I use it in the kitchen
          I use it in the hall
          I get it on my fingers
          And I wipe it on the wall

        3. This reminds me of this song and how I thaught it was funny ten years ago – now I know it’s actually serious:

        4. But no such like cheeseburger. It’s the return of the yuppie and i couldn’t be more pleased.

        5. LOL! quadruple-pleated pants. You could hide a few turkies in there, waltz right outta the super market

        6. And they say there were no hidden messages or deleterious effects from Rock & Roll or Rap music. Maybe I should play this at a NOW convention.

  1. “German sounds cool and bracing.” – Oh, du kleiner Charmeur! Das ist wirklich süß von dir. Manchmal klingt deutsch aber auch einfach nur barbarisch, beispielsweise wenn ich zu dir sage: “Steck deinen dicken Schwanz in die geile, feuchte Fotze!”

      1. Hm, some people say it’s Rache, others say it’s Reich.
        I can clearly hear ‘Reich’.
        Edit: Listened to it again. He clearly says ‘Reich’. But I noticed something else:
        They say: ‘Wir müssen DEN Juden ausrotten’ (‘We must kill the jew)
        instead of
        ‘Wir müssen die Juden ausrotten’ (‘We must kill the jews)

        1. Ja.
          But I wasn’t correcting what Cartman said (which as you said is grammatically incorrect), I was saying how the phrase should be in an ideal world….

  2. I’ve never actually heard anyone, even degenerates like milo stewart, use these pathetic new pronouns.

  3. On a less depressing note…my father moved to South Carolina years ago. He didn’t understand the lingo. In Texas, “y’all” means everybody (a group of people, primarily); so he had familiarity with that one, having spent some time in Texas. In South Carolina, “y’all” means the person to whom you are speaking (primarily). So he had a problem at his bank. And he was speaking with a teller about it, and he said something like, “Y’all screwed up my account.” And she glared at him and said, “Y’all, HELL…” Turned her back on him. It took him a few days to figure out why she had gotten so hostile…ha.

    1. Only a schizo would take y’all personally like that. I was in a club once and was running this opener (approach target) “Are you here alone or are you with a group of people?” While she’s answering, break in with “I swear it’s crazy in here. I have to switch around my personality so much in this place, it’s like . . . I AM MY OWN GROUP OF PEOPLE” (giggles) then she starts testing you to see all the ‘people personalities’ you can entertain her with. I did Ronald Regan. I had low rider (Cheech Marin) beaner speak down pat. I did the Haji towelhead. The pimp nigga. Several WWF wrestlers. And behind it all was eventually ‘pussy hound’. lol

    2. I don’t understand that one myself. Here in Georgia y’all means more than one. By saying y’all to an employee at the bank as in the example you gave above would mean the whole bank in general instead of the one employee.

      1. That’s what my old man told me and he’s sticking to it. It’s very confusing. I just say “you”. But never “he” or “she”. No, no. That would be politically incorrect…

  4. I recall this one Benny Hill skit where he was making fun of feminists, changing masculine syllables to feminine ones.
    Gullible= gullicow
    history=herstory (this one is actually used!)
    I have to borrow my father’s Benny Hill collection to find the skit and upload for posterity.

    1. There was another lost British them regarding PC. If I remember correctly he told the PC brigade to piss off if they didn’t like his show.

  5. All this shit is happening because we men do not have the balls anymore to make use of force against the communists. Forget about Old Norse and this stupid crap: we need to organize ourselves and go out on the streets, like the Arabs or Turks do.

  6. Orwell, in 1984, predicted this (among many other things). It is simple: if (((they))) control your language then (((they))) control your thought process.
    The most efficient form to fight politically correct language is to have politically incorrect thoughts.

      1. Hey Holden, how’s your fencing?
        Now, seriously speaking, most people are already conditioned. They don’t even need Crimestop because they are incapable of thinking incorrect thoughts.

  7. Well, Hill almost fainted at the memorial this morning, was whisked away in a car. Will they be employing a “Weekend at Bernie’s” strategy before long? Just put shades on her, carry her around?

    1. This is joyous news. It’s too high profile of an incident to be swept under the rug. The cat is out of the bag. Her goose is cooked.

        1. My friend, I believe I have fuller and more manly eyebrows than most of you cats can even dream about. This excellency gives me the godgiven right to delete them just to mock you.

        2. Something is wrong with Hillary. Seriously wrong.

          I wonder if she’s still alive and hasn’t been replaced with a body double or a robot.

          If hillary were to croak, they would taxiderm her and put sunglasses on her with glass eyes beneath. She’d move her arms and legs with prosthetic cables, hinge joints and motors with a battery pack concealed within a hollowed out region of her body cavity. Her voice would be digitized, every syllable and projected through slimline flat Koss speakers implanted in her jowels and upper mandible – – a remote controlled puppet literally.

          YOU THINK they wouldn’t do that? You think they wouldn’t try to go that far with such a sham. Don’t put it past them. Or better yet, try to imagine if there isn’t anything imaginable that you COULDN’T imagine putting past them. Fifteen years ago, a plane that has yet to be clearly seen in any footage crashed into the most surveilled building in the country, The Pentagon. And they stick to their narrative. I think they were rushed that morning and among the countless branched compartmentalized fubs, someone was reading the NFL prize code inside his Snicker’s wrapper and he forgot to turn on the hologram projector of a 757 as the smaller drone came in. Again don’t discount or doubt anything. No one can say for certain the origin or lineage of Obama and the sex of his ‘wife’ Michelle. But they’re as believable as any crisis actors.

          There’s no telling anymore. Our government is completely out of our hands and has been so for decades, maybe even a century. The fed was a sham. The Pearl Harbor stand down with the inoperative radars was a sham.
          But I’ll speculate that Hillary soon won’t be Hillary and her ‘handlers’ will be more of the same schmucks in dark sunglasses. Only they won’t be injecting epipens and teleprompting Hillary. They’ll be remote controlling a robot or commanding a trained double.

        1. Is it as warm in the US as it is in germany right now? We have 30°C today (no, I will not convert it to Fahrenheit, stupid Muricans!).
          I think it’s the warmest 9/11 of all time in germany.
          But the temperature is still not high enough to melt steel beams.

        2. I think ww3 will be fought over the whole Fahrenheit/Celsius thing- thats the true never ending cold war. It feel like 85 degrees with the humidity right now

        3. When I was a kid and didn’t know about the difference between Fahrenheit and Celsius I felt really bad for you Americans when I switched to CNN and there was a ’85 Degree in Miami’ caption.
          I thought you were melting 🙁
          Edit: Btw: Why cant Muricans use the SI units?
          Please use kg! No, we use lbs!
          Please use m! No, we use ft!
          Please use km/h! No, we use mph!
          Please write the date like this 11.09.2016! No, we write it like this 9-11-2016!
          This is twothousand: 2.000! No, this is twothousand: 2,000!
          You are the true hipsters, heh?

        4. winner. I can imagine our Prez saying this on the state of the union address, right before relations break down, then he hits the red Staples button and levels europe

        5. If you people knew how to measure temperature there would be no need to convert it. 🙂
          I don’t know right off the top of my head what 30c is but, in South Georgia it’s a helluva lot hotter than that.

        6. Haha.. how does one explain that Liberia and Myanmar are still measuring things by the size of the English king’s foot?

        7. There was a movement to try to get us to switch about 20 years ago. We gave up because it was too hard. Many government offices still have to convert maps and legal charts back to English system manually because they were ordered to do everything SI.

        8. Centigrade is pretty easy, really.
          20 = perfect
          25 = nice summer day
          30+ = unpleasant
          100 = blood boiling (literally)

        9. I think a lot of that had to do with the industrial side and factories not wanting to change machinery out and changing to it due to cost. It would be easier once it was all changed over.

        10. nice one, however there are now guys in dark glasses sizing you up, and they’re not wearing them because of the sun

        11. post brexit, a lot of British shopkeepers (like the Quatari owners of Harrods probably) are thinking about returning to imperial measures

        12. She should be a downloadable character in the xbox marketplace. I would play a video game as her. I would be amazingly powerful for about 4 seconds and die, but I would still play as her- wreak a lot of havoc in those 4 seconds

        13. I suppose. Although anything for export is going to have to be metric. I think that’s why so many companies like Coca Cola sell things in 2 liter, 3 liter sizes in the USA. Better to have one system than separate systems for different countries.

        14. in Britain we used to imperial measures instead of the metric system which was brought on joining the common market (the EU before it became the EU). Instead of grams and kilos shopkeepers would use ounces and pounds (gold is still sold in ounces sometimes but most things have migrated to metric). Lengths used are inches and feet, rather than centimetres / metres.

        15. It was 90 degrees and very humid yesterday and it didn’t cool down much at night so in the early hours of today it was a humid 70’s but there was no sun so she wasn’t getting sunstroke.But in NY it can chage pretty quickly so when the north wind stated blowing it became cooler and drier and will be 50’s tonight.
          There’s no need for metric and in fact in Europe they had their own way of measuring things before they used metric in every country.
          In everyday life it doesn’t matter if you use quarts or litres, pounds or kilos, or inches instead of cm. because everyone knows what you mean by a quart, pint etc
          I prefer farenheit because freezing is 32 and boiling is 212 (180 difference) whil celsius is 0 freezing and 100 boiling (100 difference). Farenheit is more precise and you don’t have to quote temperatues like 15.5 c degrees and just say 60F.You also don’t have to start going into the negatives like -10c instead of saying 14F. It’s rare in the temperate zones to have to use – in the temperature and below 0F would be very cold.
          The pyramid inch was accurate and the Roman inch etc which was used in English countries until recently is the same as today.

        16. A comma is used to separate thousandths like 2,000 which makes it easier to read. A decimal point is for fractions.
          2,000.50 Two thousand dollars and fifty cents.

        17. Roman.Some of those statues in Rome acted like a bureau of weights and measures.Today if you wanted to know what the official foot is you would go to the bureau and there is a brass ruler that is the official foot. Back then you would go to the statue and the foot on it was the official foot.
          There was a Roman Emperor,Maximinus Thrax, who was 8 1/2 feet tall.When people doubted that he was that tall or that their measuring system was different I mentioned the statues to show their measurements were the same. Their foot was the same as the English foot.

        18. One thing good about the modern age is that when I was a boy you’d have to go to a freak show to see this and they made those shows illegal.But today you only have to turn on the net to see these freaks.

        19. The old measures were still used somewhat.If you go to buy a sportcoat you’d still get a size 42 (or whatever) and shirts are still 16″…. etc. Same as US. Shoes were still the old English sizes 10-11-12 etc almost the same as the US.

        20. There are two types of country in the world; those that use the metric system, and those that landed men on the moon. It’s 248,000 miles to the the moon. How much is that in kilometers? Who gives a fuck. The Eurotrash ain’t going there unless we take them.

        21. I know in some European languages they use commas for fractions and decimals to separate thousandths, e.g. 3,14159265… or 9.000.

        1. Some of my best friends live under bridges. and they like to eat goats- whole. not that there is anything wrong with that…

    2. I watched the video she didn’t faint she just lost her balance a little because of the demons flying around in her head.

      1. Nah! She just went finding her safe space from all the bad people that say things she does not like. The poor thing…

      1. They still didn’t say a single word on german television about Hillary’s health while they are discussing Trump’s health (who is literally Hitler and Putin combined according to german TV) all the time.
        And they didn’t talk about the assassination attempt on Merkel in Prague.
        German media is up there with north korean media.
        And btw: as a german you need to pay ‘Rundfunkgebühren’ so you have to pay 18€/month for TV and radio even if you don’t use it. If you dont pay, you’ll be thrown into jail.
        It’s so disgraceful…unbelievable.
        Edit: I spoke too soon, they are reporting about Hillary:
        But they are still not talking about Merkel and how she is hated in every white nation.

        1. My uncle who lives in london tells me that if you don’t pay your television licensing tax you can get in big trouble. They treat it pretty seriously there.

        2. I never pay it, on principle of the BBC being complete khunts
          TV rots the brain – and there are better ways with vodka of doing that

        3. Yes, you are right, a fellow student of mine sits in jail for not paying.
          I dont have a TV but I still pay it because I like fresh air. It’s so shameful…And why can I read The Sun or Breitbart to find out about the Merkel assassination attempt but not a single german news outlet tells the story?
          I press for the death penalty for all german ‘journalists’. They are the biggest disgrace in the history of this country.

        4. Aw now, you’re doing the valiant people at Junge Freiheit, Eigentümlich Frei, Sezession, Tumult, and others on our side a great injustice by condemning German journalists wholesale. (I know what you mean, though.)

        5. Because officially it’s not a tax, it’s a “broadcasting service contribution”, or as one state television executive put it a couple of years ago, a “democracy fee.”

        6. Same here in Germany. Worst thing is that those gov channels are strictly terribly produced and boring as shit. Maybe good for old conservative farts who ‘appreciate the so-called German culture’.
          It’s called GEZ here. 20 EUR per month.
          Since I moved into my own flat, all their post went straight into the bin. Why should I pay for a contract I did not agree to for a product I never use? By now, they have ‘sued’ me many times I think or whatever. But aside from scary letters nothing has happened yet.

        7. There’s an option on the licensing form, for if you don’t watch what’s considered a ‘live’ broadcast; then you don’t need the license

        8. Haven’t been paying it the last 4 years tho. I rememer a uni guide by BBC 3 a while back threatening students that they cannot have a TV in their room unless they paid the tv licence. Joke

        9. for some reason your post reminded me of the “ze germans” line in snatch

          Also, GEZ is literally hitler.

        10. Yes, every household has to pay it, although I doubt that they go after the Turks and the Middle Easterners, who would just smile at them and close the door in their face.

        11. Used to be the same shit here in Germany. Now they changed it to make it ‘more fair’. Now it doesn’t matter how many TVs and computers you own; every household pays its ‘equal share’.

        12. I can’t even comprehend something like that. All jokes aside that’s fuckedupper than a football bat.

        13. Democracy fee? SMH. And I get bent out of shape for having to pay extra for a CDL and communications taxes(telephone tax).

        14. That’s some of the silliest stuff I have ever heard of, and they are always talking about how stupid Americans are haha.

        15. We Americans pay something similar, it’s just not broken down separately like that. Likely included in your income tax, or possibly one of the myriad fees in your cable bill.

        16. Now they;re extended it to streaming too. Last week got a email from HR warning against streaming in the office. Soz paying a licence for a shitty football match.

        1. first you are using german next thing you are watching scat porn. I suggest sticking to english.

        2. Germans are mad for do do porn. The why is beyond me. Probably having to do with the Prussian culture

        3. Ok, we should stop now with discussion about this. If we don’t, we’ll start discussing Prussia, then Von Bismarck and there it goes up to the Friedrich the Great and then at least to the Heinrich I and his obsession about poop and that it all started from him.

      2. Haha. Oh man. Noooo, she’s totally healthy and stuff! Am I the only one who gets the chills seeing how this is being kept under the rug? Just how far are those people willing to go?

        1. I’d almost forgotten about how John Ashe conveniently died in a “weight-lifting accident” the day before he was going to testify against Hillary.
          I thought it was the British who were supposed to be the modern masters of political assassination, but as all Hillary’s whistleblowers are dead and Nigel Farage is still alive ‘n kickin’, perhaps Hillary could make some more money by giving them a refresher course?

        2. The barbell to the throat is almost a comical rendition of crazy old kgb tactics.

          I wish i could say i was surprised at the total lack of attn the hit got.

          Was it his first day ever lifting and he tried 300??

          Anybody around? At all????
          And most people think things are on the up and up.. Fools.

      3. Look at how they all crowd around trying to block any view.

        Dude had a hell of a blind.
        They wdre not looking in his direction at all.

        1. Yup
          Nothing to see here – she’s a strong independent hell hound and doesn’t need help in even the most mundane of tasks

      4. It must be all part of the show.
        Surely there is a contingency plan? They know this cannot complete/compete.
        And now we introduce the savior of the left….?????

    1. I have found that using the term sodomites around leftists cause them to do back flips and other amazing tricks.

        1. If most leftists knew what my views where they would put my picture in the dictionary beside evil(literally Hitler).

        2. Like bob dylan said: If my thoughts and dreams could be see they’d probably put my head in a guillotine but it’s alright ma I’m only dying.
          I think that people would be totally aghast if they ever knew the depths of my apathy, greed, narcissism and hedonism. But in the end, it’s kinda fun.

        3. are you saying our secret intelligence services can’t see our thoughts and dreams yet?
          Isn’t the eye of horus operational yet

        4. Out of interest would that constitute mail fraud, or would there be some bogus legal grounds for silly shit like that

        5. I wonder about that as millions voted for Hillary and Lyin’ Ted, and those 2 might be the phoniest, most “reptilian” sociopaths on the planet.

        6. An atheist white man is as well. In fact, any white man is like the devil to this handful of mental patients.An atheist which was cool to these libtards a few years ago is now like the devil to them because it became associated with things like men’s rights and the right for some reason.Don’t ask me how this happened but in their confused deluded minds they somehow associated some things with men and that means bad.You’re really only dealing with a handful of psychos but the media blows everything they do all out of proportion.If a dozen of them have some demonstration and the cops are just standing around yawning and waiting for them to go home, the media will write about it.

        7. You seem to be the kind of person I usually choose as friends in real life.
          A (virtual) glass of Port for you, then!

        8. Ha! I’m not religious and they still hate me. Maybe it’s cognitive dissonance. A non-religious person is by their definition a liberal, therefore I can’t exist.

        9. It happened because we see that the US became rich and powerful because the original society and government enabled people to by interfering minimally. That system works best, a truth liberals hate.

      1. What never fails to impress is the reaction you get from actual pufters, when you drop this label on them.
        They act like they are all atheist and don’t believe in ‘any of that religious crap’, yet you tell a dirty shirt lifter that he is going to hell for packing fudge & they sound the national fag alarm

      2. I’m not sure I’m that keen to see gay men doing backflips or balancing balls on the tip of their nose or whatever

        1. Could be gayness but my guess would be the short term effects of LSD. There is such a thing as a dual diagnosis though

        1. You missed the point. It’s not to make up new terms but just to use the ones that existed not long ago or may still exist.The reason being is that it’s a link to the past when life was more normal.The Marxists are trying to obliterate the past and substitute their words and definitions in so that the average millenial has no point of reference to things even as they existed only a short time ago like the 80’s.If you have no connexion to the past then what you’ve been taught just seems like the norm.

        2. I like the term buggery because buggery equates to a crime so immediately makes you think of something wrong and bad. Plus it has a negative connotation of AIDS = the bug.

    2. it’s perfectly reasonable to use feminist and lesbian interchangibly, because the theory behind both is identical. Hysterics might imply there’s a womb involved, and I can’t be sure but I imagined those sort of girl gadgets would have escaped at the first opportunity on discovering that feminist genderfluid is made of sulphuric acid

    3. You’re not making any sense. Just use words as their intended original meaning and that will be enough to drive the libtards crazy.
      Hysteria, hysterics etc is from hystera and applies to all females when they behave in some irrational agitated manner without any rhyme or reason. It is simply their chemistry and hormones as the original doctors who coined the word hysteria knew.Even females don’t understand why they behave the way they do and have no insight into their condition and most of the time they just want attention from MEN.

      1. Problem I can see with that is if we bring back ‘Hysteria’ as a diagnosis then chicks will get to write off their behaviour as ‘I have a medical condition; I can’t help it!’ Also, IIRC, the treatment for Hysteria was for the patient to be fucked by her therapist. Cue “Honey, I have Hysteria, but I can’t afford to be treated by a therapist; Bob – he’s a first year medical student, darling – kindly agreed to treat me for free! I thought you’d be pleased how I’m saving us hundreds of dollars, sweetheart … “

        1. True, but not lessened to such an extent that women should never be held responsible and made to face the consequences of their actions. They already use their pussy passes to get off lightly; no need to give them a medical condition to use as an excuse on top.

        2. I agree, and am firmly against the pussy passes that are rampantly issued. On the other hand, I honestly do view women of any age as children, and not in an insulting way. I simply don’t expect more out of them than I would a child, and I believe it is foolish and dangerous for others to do so.

        1. Absolutely.
          You’re an adult at 18 and can do everything a 40 or an 80yo can do.We don’t have rules where an 18yo adult female can only screw 20yo men.
          In fact, sex is less important than adult things like voting, signing contracts, taking loans, marrying etc because whether you’re 18 or 80 you’re going to be held to the same standards of responsibility legally.The age of consent for sex is generally 16 in most places but you need parental permission to marry if you’re under 18.In many places you can marry with your parents consent at 14 so if you marry some 40yo it’s perfectly legal to have sex because the statutory rape laws exclude husbands.

    4. I guess I’m going to have to pull out some big ass big money nouns and adverbs to counter the childish degradation of a well established language. Big words to combat small minds.

        1. Really? Im part Italian too- and I approve of her message. I dont get the black guy/my sandwich stuff though

      1. I heard that.
        Gibsmedat should be “Please gibs dat to me”.
        Motherfucker should be “Copulator of Female Parents”.
        Bitch, ho – all of that should be wiped out. At once.

      1. Bernie is a joke. He’d have lost to Hillary even if it wasn’t rigged. The only reason the DNC bothered to fix it is so that Hillary wouldn’t come out covered in mud afterwards, and that looks like a miscalculation.

      2. Teflon Don was right about Bernie wanting to go home and go to bed. Bernie never expected to get so popular, he bit off more than he could chew, which is why he rolled over and tucked tail to Hilldog The Hellhound

        1. Bernie has been a political opportunist for decades.
          There’s a case to be made that his entire Presidential run was just to get the freebies like the 600,000 USD vacation palace. Maybe he needed the money, his wife did bankrupt an entire college.
          Thankfully his rise seems to have helped The Donald as every Berner is really 2/3rds a Trumper.

  8. When was the last time a woman even went into any manhole, anywhere, ever, to bother making a fuss about the word? I bet you can count the total on one hand!
    EDIT: Especially nowadays, since it would be really hard to take a proper selfie in one!

  9. Partially PC pickup line:
    “Excuse me…Ms.? It is not my intention to offend you. For I would rather chop off my white, idiotic, simpering, male head than do such an unspeakable thing. But I could not help but notice you from across the street. For I see this brilliant light inside of you – an effervescent, all-consuming light; a light of absolute royalty and uniqueness and aloofness that has all but blinded me. And alas, I am but a mere peon, this much I realize, bobbing like a lonely buoy on the Sea of Insignificance, surrounded by the Ocean of Great Hope. But if you would favor me with one, single, extremely generous turn – by spending only a few of your remaining precious minutes with me – I would pound that fucking pussy until your nose bleeds…’Ms’.”

    1. I’m old fashioned so I prefer the Richard Gere way when he met Keaton in a bar.He gives her the once over then steps back a few feet to look at her butt.Then says to her ” you’re all right”

  10. Microsoft Word 2016 – the latest edition – has started flagging gender-based words and offers suggestions to make them gender-neutral. For example, for the word “brunette” Word suggests “brown haired person”. It’s becoming harder to fight politically correct language nowadays.

        1. Boycotting Apple and Bud Light is easy. Microsoft is hard, because then all you’ve got left is Chrome (google, who’s as SJW as any Tech company) and Linux.

        2. follow the link i posted so you can shut that shit off. I am reading about it now. It started with word 07 and has been getting more and more “advanced” and in 16 it is defaulted so where before you had to intentionally turn it on (i guess if you were a faggot or had to appease a sociology professor) now you have to intentionally turn it off.
          Bill Gates probably rolling over in his grave.

        3. My office buys all apple products. They already ordered an iPhone 7 for me, I use an iPad in the field and I have a powerbook at home that is the computer I use.
          I don’t really care about their politics. I find the products reliable and easy to use. I am not much of a tech guy so I don’t use very much but the stuff I use has always worked well for me.
          I would have to say, even if I didn’t get all the apple products for free I would still buy them. I just like how they work,

        4. What about languages like Spanish where lots of words are “gendered”? Are other language versions M$ Office apps afflicted with this PC bullshit as well?

        5. Yeah, the way it works is that the company needs to spend money to lower tax obligation. So? New iPhone comes out. Let’s order. You need an iPad? Here ya go. Want a brand new laptop for home. No problem. The only thing is that I have to sign for stuff and agree to give it back (or its monetary value) if I leave the company, but I am not going anywhere so its basically just free stuff.
          As a non-tech savvy person I have always found apple super intuitive. I mean other than email, the web and basic word editing stuff I really don’t use much of anything. Maybe I look at some cad stuff but never make it, just go over it. I understand that people say that PC or Linux is better or that for phones Android is better, but for my purposes easy to use and not having to put a lot of effort into it is about as good as it gets.

        6. Windows is necessary for a lot of fields (I use one program for work that is Windows-only so I run Win7), but other than that, there’s alternatives that are just as good and cheaper or free. Libreoffice does everything my Word does except for Visual Basic for complex documents–I use one product that is a Visual Basic plugin calculation thing (not even the Mac version of Word does that). But you could also write your own spreadsheet to do essentially the same thing.
          I occasionally try out a live-boot usb stick Linux (try Linux Mint–just plug it in, reboot, and you have a running “live” version of Linux–no saving of documents but it’s a good way to trial). I’m surprised at how far it has advanced and how much you can do, but I agree there’s not a viable option to Windows in many cases. However, Windows 8 blows, they were shamed into skipping Win 9, and Win 10 is a government spymobile parked on your desk. I think Windows will continue to wane and eventually be eclipsed.
          Anyway, using a live-boot Linux program is a great way to do things privately–go to a coffee shop, boot up your live Linux, and do whatever you want. All cookies or trackers will disappear the moment you reboot, so you can be fairly anonymous.

        7. I own a few Apple products, and an Android tablet. The build quality, battery life, and ease of use is far superior on the Apple. The only problem is if you upgrade your iOS 3 generations, it will slow down the thing so much you will need to replace it, and there’s no going back.
          The frustrating thing with Android is the lack of an actual home button. There are only spots on the screen to touch and sometimes apps lock up / don’t behave right, and there’s not an easy way to close them. I like how the apps tell you what they are doing (ie this app is going to access your contacts and your photos) but really Android is so hackable I don’t really trust those descriptions to be true.

        8. You’re literally a fracking urban tech-junkie. You use apple and read books on it. And apple is for faggots. Generally speaking.

        9. Also, the computers in my office all updated themselves to Windows 10, mine did it right in the middle of work. MS taking liberties big time.

        10. I don’t see how. First, they are free. Free is always better than not free. Also, apple is easy to use and suits my needs amply. Enjoy your paperback I will just be over here with all the content.

        11. Yeah, the forced obsolecense would be annoying to me if I was paying for the products but as it is I just have to fill out a form and in 2 weeks I have a brand new tablet or phone or whatever and just have to hand the old one back in.

        12. There are alternatives to Chrome. I prefer the derivatives of Firefox as they give you both improved performance over the actual product and spite SJW Mozilla at the same time.

        13. I’ve yet to see a reason to move on from Windows 7, 8+ offer no improvements (net or otherwise).
          The sole hype for W10 is DirectX 12 but that has been a stunning failure to date. There is an OS-independent alternative to it that has proven successful.
          The time is right for Linux to strike, but it won’t. Linux is too fragmented and the “king” of Linux, Ubuntu, was baking in Windows10-style spyware “before it was cool.”

        14. A tablet in the field? People are still believing the myth that tablets can perform enough useful work to merit the insanely high iPad cost?

        15. Build quality on modern Apple devices is appalling nowadays, even the screen on the iPhone 7 is a fossil, a woefully inadequate and ancient piece of technology.
          Like ASUS, Apple is becoming a tech company that is banking on its reputation of quality from yesteryear while cutting corners and selling slapdash goods in the present.

        16. Yeah on construction sites jobs are coordinated. It’s not about value. It’s about reducing tax burden by buying toys. I play with big numbers

        17. I wonder if that practice survive Trump’s much-touted tax code reform. Companies buying heinously overpriced goods just to lower their tax burden strikes me as representative of a profound flaw in the tax code.

        18. Why? We either spend the money or are taxed on it. Better to buy office equipment that we need than to pay the money to uncle same in the form of taxes.

        19. Because a tax code that makes unsound purchases seem sound and become the norm is a tax code gone wrong.
          Another reason why I wish Trump were still the man he was in 2011, the one who was pushing for a 0% corporate tax.

        20. Not sure why you think it is unsound. I use my lap top phone and tablet for work every single day. It’s not like we are buying porches. Hmm that’s an idea. Trump is just another reality tv guy. None of them impress me. None of them will change anything. In the end, very wealthy people with big companies will do very well and the people they trust will do ok too

        21. In this case, you don’t need to put the word gendered in quotation marks, because that is exactly what it means. Words have genders. people don’t.

        22. These things are cheap and you can get the best one for $1k.Any real businesses don’t even worry about this trivial stuff.

        23. I’m the same way, I don’t care for their politics but, the stuff is easy to use. I use a company I-Pad and I-Phone 6. As long as I don’t have to pay for it, who makes it is irrelevant.
          If I didn’t need that stuff for work I wouldn’t buy it myself because I do not support the work of commie stooges:)

        24. $1,000 dollars for a tablet is ludicrous, no tablet can provide a real return on that.
          When a tablet is costing as much as a full-fledged PC (or even a 2-in-1), something is amiss.

        25. The unsoundness is that tablets are being purchased on the “merit” of their high cost, the private sector’s analogue to the the infamous high-cost items bought by the feds to preserve their budgets for the next fiscal year.

        26. That’s cool but I think it’s too late. Windows just ended the “free upgrade to Win 10” program a few weeks ago. So I don’t think there will be any more auto-updating to Win 10. Anyway, Win 10 doesn’t provide any new features I care about, but loses a huge feature in dropping Windows Media Center, so I will stick with Win7 for a long time.

        27. It seems to me that the relationship is actually the other way around.
          The improvements in functionality from one generation of “iDevice” have been negligible (or negative) for some time now.
          So if the tax code weren’t telling companies to either blow their money on superfluous upgrades or coughing it up to fund “King Putt’s” next golf vacation, I couldn’t see why a company would drop piles of cash on, say, upgrading iPhone 5/6->7.

      1. Wow. That’s scary shit that they were thinking about that in 2007! The author of that site uses “actresses” as an example of a word one should eliminate. The only reason I can think of using gender-neutral language is to refer to large groups. IE when you talk about “All residents of NYC” as opposed to “the men of New York.”
        In the case of actress, obviously the author intends to speak only of female thespians; otherwise the word actor would have been used. I can’t imagine an example where I meant to convey a female actress but using the word “actor” would do anything but obfuscate my point.
        It’s one thing to try to castrate male words, but when they are doing the same to female words, it really does reveal how they want the world to be one genderless androgynous non-thinking non-feeling automaton drone.

        1. actress its one from a long time ago. Maybe 10 years already since male and female both call themselves “actor”

    1. Change the language setting from US to British English and voila, no more butchering of the English language. Too many colours or favourites have gone without “u”. And this solves the PC lingo BS also.

        1. American Barbariannnnn, z’s are for peasants and s’s are the ones you should be using. For the the love of the Queen, man, get it right!

  11. I have never approved the neutering English so I have taken to using the old words liberals discard such as I use the old term Aviatrix for female pilots and gendering the words that are neutral reworking them like the Germans do I use the term Cousiness to describe female cousins and Senatress for female senators and Teachress for women teachers and so on. I always speak of Men and woman or boys and girls instead of ‘persons’ and when I do use the word ‘person’ I use it interchangeably with Liberal who are by nature Neutered. When I talk of Ships I use SHE instead of IT and well Say She It for describing those who think otherwise.

  12. English isn’t my mother tongue. But desecrating a language infuriates me because it is a cultural and historical significance. It seems as if these degenerates go out of their way on purpose to be offensive. I still don’t understand what xe / xir / xirs actually means and in what context we should use these. These nimrods should just create their own language and leave English alone.

    1. language is an institution, and those marxists be marching through those sorts. It’s all coming down I’m afraid

      1. I am of Asian origin, seriously contemplating going back to where my mother came from. In the newspaper a headmistress of a ridiculously overpriced private school for girls denounced calling “girls, girls”. What is going on?

    2. I still don’t understand what xe / xir / xirs actually means and in what context we should use these.

      The Newspeak Dictionary holds the answer.

  13. in college my RA was a linguistics professor.
    #1. English sucks because unlike romance languages, gender is not implicit.
    #2. Orwell was right.
    #3. Humans are chimps.
    #4. WW3 is a war of words.

  14. Too much work. The problem with all this bullshit is that it comes from people with way too much time on their hands. Maybe that is why the Christian Bible states that one is supposed to earn their living by the sweat of their brow. The manual labor jobs I had when I was younger left me too exhausted to stir up shit.

  15. “Beginning in 1976, there has been an alternative spelling for the delightful and beautiful people I love so much: womyn, or wimmin in the plural.”
    Actually, womyn IS the plural. The singular is womon.

  16. Many moons ago I recall watching the Today Show on NBC, Katey Couric referred to someone as “physically challenged”. I wondered for quite some time what in the hell that meant. I made jokes about it for quite some time- folliclely challenged, vertically challenged, genitally challeged etc but, that stuff ain’t even funny no more.

  17. How to fight politically correct language? Easy – don’t use it. As we gain influence making people aware of how language is used as a political lever is key. It starts with people using “sex” as opposed to “gender”. When there is enough critical mass then you petition the government to to stop using “gender” and replace it with “sex”. Its the same thing these freaks did to get “gender” into common parlance. No one was looking or caring when “they” filed a petition to have all government documents use “gender”. That being said, regardless of outcomes, people are beginning to take notice when documents are no longer using “mother” or “father” etc. That’s encouraging.

  18. Refuse to accept or understand it when “they” use it. Or, as I often do, reinterpret it to mean what you want it to mean. I.E. “CE” is Christ Emmanuel and “BCE” is Before Christ Emmanuel.

  19. Sapir, Orwell? You left out the greatest rhetorical sleight of hand practitioner in modern times, Noam Chumsky. He has repeatedly used his linguistics chops to bamboozle otherwise presumably intelligent people. Or maybe not. His most ardent sycophants are anti-semites and communists.

  20. Speaking of politically incorrect, here is why the federal government has tried to make home schooling politically incorrect. Your kids might turn out as fantastic and informed as the young man in this video. This kid is only 16 years old and he’s not taking the federal governments shit lying down. Here’s the link:

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