5 Things Holding Back Young Men

The manosphere is full of examples of how men can improve themselves. Everything from how to dress, how to lift, how to approach money, etc, can be found through a quick Google search. Regular readers of ROK are aware of the benefits of self-improvement and have some knowledge of red pill philosophy. However, what about the young men out there? The ones with no knowledge of game who are not in the position to just up and travel the world in search of self-improvement? Why is there such an uneven split between younger guys making strides in life and so many more floundering with no direction? I’ve seen a few things that seem to be holding back young men from their full potential. Here they are:

1. They have no path

Ambitious male executive sitting in his office

A 20-year-old American college male, whether from a lack of father figures in his life or no adequate role models, have few clearly drawn paths of success that he can emulate. Gone are the days of rituals and rites to becoming a man, and only a handful of men experience the impact of wars that shaped many of our grandfathers’ view of the world. Without a path, many young males fail to gather a sense of ambition. No one is telling them how to become successful.

With all the “girl power!” and push for women to grow their career, many young males are simply checking out. My belief is that this isn’t from wide spread lack of options but rather the lack of any adequate reason. If you are 20 and can pull the hot sorority girl with no problem, why bust your ass to get into med school? If you are living off student loans and surrounded by girls who just want to hook up (Tinder), what reason would some guys have to bust their ass and head out on their own? This leads me to the next point…

2. They see too many girls


Typical American Campus

Undergrad degrees for women have exploded in the past few decades. From 9.1% in 1970 to 50% in 2012 (and now actually increasing past boys). In 1970 only one out of ten of your fellow classmates would have been a girl.  Some campuses are actually experiencing a severe lack of men. You would think that would be perfect, right? Wrong.

In college, I was friends with a handful of good looking fraternity men who held parties at their apartment. Every week they got with a new girl. It was clockwork. What were the other dudes doing? Sitting in their dorm, waiting for their dream girl. The current college scene is skewed for guys who already know game (or have social skills).

Picture this: you are a 20-year-old college guy. You have a crush on that pretty girl in your Women’ Studies class. You talk to her every day but can’t work up the courage to ask for her number.  You see her in class bragging about hooking up with more than one guy over the weekend.  You will soon grow to resent “slutty” girls instead of just improving yourself and becoming a guy that girls actually want to hook up with. The common hook-up culture has been discussed at length, but those girls will be hooking up the guys who already know game.

3. They don’t even lift


Young men are in poor shape. It’s so bad that it’s actually becoming a national security issue. Taking the time to become active is a long stretch (find a good program like 5/3/1 or Starting Strength and then spend 5 years improving yourself). For the chubby, young male who is bombarded with girls getting hysterical over “hot guys with abs,” the process would seem near impossible.  It takes a long process to get a body close to that.  To look hot, women just need to put the cupcakes down.

4. They don’t know about money


Few high schools offer classes on taxes and investing. Even few college men are taught anything about building a successful business and eventually become completely independent. Do you really think a young guy surrounded by slutty college girls would care about how to develop a 401k or what majors end up with better careers?

5. They aren’t assertive  


I’m talking about having the courage to simply be honest with themselves. To ask that cute girl out. To make new friends. Many young guys simply have no clue how to assert themselves or even hold eye contact.

What happens to those who are not assertive? Imagine having a hot, single girl as your roommate for over 5 years. And never being assertive enough to tell her how you actually feel.

MTV has a show called “Friend Zone” where you can see for yourself the lack of assertion in the modern younger male. Skip to 17:10 in this clip and see what could happen in this roommate situation after the guy spills his love to her (spoiler: harsh rejection).

The manosphere appears to be aimed at that frustrated man seeking to improve his life, but little is spent on on catching that guy who just started talking to girls or that guy who doesn’t have the means to quit his job and simply go abroad to bang hot foreign girls. I list these 5 reasons in order because this is what you get when a younger man addresses all these issues:

  • The realization of what it takes to become successful and established in a career
  • Knowing what kinds of girls to approach and avoid in college (and life)
  • Starting the path to being fit and realizing what it takes to get there
  • How to handle money and set up investments and stocks (long term finances)
  • Having the courage to be assertive in classes and work and actually approach the girls you like.

With so many online resources, it may be hard for a college age man to actually make sense of it all. If you’re 19, do you have the ability to leave America for a poosy paradise? Probably not, so keep it simple instead and start with the basics.

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  1. Excellent article. This is the kind of thing that makes ROK so valuable – and I dare say, a big part of the reason Jizzibel and HuffPo want to see this site fail. They don’t want young men getting off the reservation and becoming the badasses they were born to be. Powerful and independent men make poor slaves. God forbid the poor saps don’t “man up” and take one of those fatties to wife. Great shit fellas, really.
    Like the pimp says to his hoes: “Keep’em comin!”

  2. The 7 Things Holding Young Men Back
    1. No Philosophy
    2. No Diet
    3. No Regimen
    4. No Trade
    5. No Muse
    6. No Art
    7. No Craft
    No Septivium.

    1. yes the culture is completely ‘white bread’ now…
      just compare Pink Floyd with Jay Z and Beyonce.
      on the one hand you have the most incredible musical talent and varied composition…. mixed with artwork, poetic lyrics, visual live shows (that for some reason have not been surpassed in 3 decades).
      on the other you have rampant ‘look at me’ materialism, egoism, gangster attitudes, feminist attitudes – essentially a sickening sugar rush cocktail of nothing important whatsoever…. whilst at the same time the younger generations take this stuff on like it’s the second coming.
      there was a time when ‘artists’ wouldn’t be seen dead with the powers that be…. now Beyonce and Jay-Z are bosom buddies with the president and his wife… and they want to call themselves artists… excuse me while I puke.

      1. I agree with you culture being “white bread” insofar as a pop cultural context is concerned. The time of Pink Floyd was a time of a lot of experimentation and that experimentation resulted from a boldness. More often, in those times, new and fresh sounding stuff bubbled up into the realm of pop culture than today. Today, the shallowness and superficialities seem more common in pop culture than of the times in which Pink Floyd made their mark. I think the tastes of the culture at large have become pale and uninteresting.

      2. You don’t even have to that far back. There were some kickin 90’s bands like ZZ Top, Red Hot Chili peppers, etc. Music took it’s second cliffdive during the 2000’s and hasn’t recovered.

        1. There is good music out there you just have to stop listening to the radio. I learned this when I transitioned from Hip Hop to Thrash and Punk (I had to step away from jazz because that shit was costing a fortune in CDs in vinyl).

        2. There was always pop music. The 80’s was practically the decade of pop music. It’s just that (1) the music industry has become increasingly commercialized, and (2) people have become increasingly vapid. The average person knows who Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus are but hasn’t heard of real heroes like Edward Snowden.

        3. Celtic punk seems to have some life and manliness in it still (Dropkick Murphys, Floggying Molly, The Pogues, etc).

      3. lol Jay-Z aint bad. It’s just that his stuff from the 90’s was way better than the shit he’s put out recently.

        1. Yeah, actually, he is that bad. He even wears bling from the “5%’er” black groups that declare that they wish to literally murder whites wholesale. Fuck Jay-Z and fuck his fat arsed pimped out “famous, boss woman!” whore.

  3. Glad I found this website at 19. However a lot of this information was passed down to me from my father. He always knew the true identity of women, and always told me that college isn’t an experience, it’s suppose to be a full time job where your ROI should be getting into Medical School or any other profession.

  4. I am a 21-year old in a small university so I am not gaming there. I’m gaming elsewhere thanks to PUAs, I am quite a good seducer.
    I study in school without caring what other people think about me because it’s for the future. I am open, talkative and networking but I do not fuck in my college because I don’t want to get a bad reputation if something happens.

    1. That’s smart. No man should date women at his own college, no matter how small or big the school is. Men should be MGTOW on campus, and save their game for off-campus women.
      This article lists five things holding men back. Of course there are others, and one of these is a man needing to learn to protect his life from being destroyed by a false accusation and kangaroo court while he spends four years in a feminist indoctrination camp. Like lifting weights, preserving his reputation and options by keeping his legal slate clean is part of how a man values himself.

      1. Totally agree!
        The alpha male in university knows that women come later and that the future value of education is more valuable. Keep up with your philosophy! Objectively it’s the right one.

  5. Some additions:
    – The lack of return-on-investment of the university, even with STEM you are going to have to compete with hordes of H-1B immigrants;
    – The utterly feminized workplace where gossiping and backstabbing colleagues are on the order of the day;
    – A job market that’s anti-merit, hypergamous HR twats refusing skilled men because they looked ‘creepy’;
    – Affirmative action favoring women that is rampant from kindergarten to graduate school;
    …well, what else do we have?
    Why would any man even bother anymore with investing time, energy and money? All the cards are stacked against him. You don’t keep throwing money in a rigged fruit machine at the local casino either.

    1. “Affirmative action favoring women that is rampant from kindergarten to graduate school”
      This is huge. I didn’t really even pay it any attention until I got rejected from some of the top colleges while a girl I know who can’t even begin to compete with me on an intellectual level was receiving likely letters (guaranteed acceptances) that outright stated that she was accepted for being a female in engineering. In the end, I think that all the institutions that practice affirmative action will flounder due to a simple lack of actual talent.

      1. I was rebuffed at graduate school when I asked why there were special financial incentives for females to graduate, but none so for genuinely disadvantaged students like those with disabilities.
        There were women who were allowed their PhD with just a single first-authored publication on their name, the rest co-authored with somebody else.
        Needless to say, I now have nothing but utter contempt for higher education. It has become a charade, it isn’t about merit anymore.

      2. Right on . Medical schools for example. Every year they have over 50% women or near parity men vs women. If med school admissions were merit based you would have some years 80% men 20% females and vice versa but every year there is EXACTLY 50% women in med schools. This is because women think that jobs should mirror exactly the percentage of women in the population. Not based on qualifications or merit just raw numbers. Then if you add in the quotas for lesbians , sherpas , minorities making white males well and truly fucked.

        1. Today’s medical schools are affirmative action cathedrals. Doesn’t bode well for the quality of healthcare in the future.

        2. As a current medical student I gotta dispute this. Unlike most STEM fields medicine is not heavy on the math outside of physics and chemistry ( algebra 2 level math) and relies a lot on memorization and cellular dogma , and enzymatic reactions. This is far easier than computer programming , or advanced mathematics . Women can handle biology pretty easily , organic chemistry weeds out the weak women and if you get past that the MCAT does not have mercy based on sex. The women in medical school are extremely unattractive, but they earned their place. Now computer programming majors that is a different story…..

        3. “Women can handle biology pretty easily”
          The million dollar question is: will they remember it years after parroting it? That’s what they are primed to do: to repeat authority figures (and to submit to them). Much information they ‘learn’ is forgotten the moment they walk out the exam hall.

        4. They’ll remember it. The thing to remember is that the patriarchy makes the advances in a particular field and the rest follow. The history of men is one of exploration so that others may parrot what is learned from exploration. This is how civilization developed.

        5. You’ve just described one woman I used to know who is a self-appointed “brilliant leader”. While she is capable(or was when I knew her) of accomplishing almost any task you gave her, she wasn’t what I’d call a leader because the extent of her intellect was parroting what the authority figures she was exposed to told her.
          Last time I checked, leadership is defined as “the ability to influence others”. You can’t influence anyone if all you do is agree with them.

        6. You’re describing modern education in general. Memorize information for a test and then forget nearly all of it by the time you’ve finished taking that test.
          The problem is, when faced with actually having to DO something, get their hands dirty and have a real experience, women just fall apart.

        7. Women have a warped view of what true leadership is. There was a recent article here on ROK on the ‘ban bossy’ campaign that had some good comments on this issue.

        8. Which explains precisely why they do so “well” under the current “educational” system.

      3. It’s not just women. My aunt used to work in a high school’s guidance officer, and she told me that about 8/10 of the scholarships were open only to minorities.

        1. the number 1 and 2 “minorities” receiving scholarships and set asides for work are white females and gay/LBGTXYZBBQ white males.

        2. look around it really has not helped black men .if you see a bro on a white collar corporate job trust me he has a degree or experience.white women get the most contracts not black folks when folks give out minority contracts.a lot of folks still will hire a white with a hs degree over a black with a college degree.i saw it three times at two different airlines

    2. What’s even worse is altering or removing metrics that favor men. After changing computer systems I got called into the office as I was the slowest worker there but the most productive. I said the first part was impossible but realized the system was set up that people who cherry pick the simplest jobs got lower times , but the more complicated jobs that they wouldn’t touch gave better output numbers.

      1. We do that a lot in America. Unemployment rate too high? No worries! We’ll fix the problem by just not counting people who are “not actively seeking work”!

        1. That’s the new American way: Shoot the arrow and then paint the bullseye around it. God, out society is just eating itself with its own misguided stupidity and its idiotic quest for social justice.

    3. Yes, the backstapping, the gossiping. Fucking hate it and people think i’m strange for not partaking in such activities making me a target for such activies for some reason.
      But why cry about it, competition like this is where a man should thrive in. Imagine if we can overcome this shit, force this society on it’s knees and make it healthy for humans again?

      1. There cannot be any genuine competition within a system that’s so thoroughly rigged against men and so thoroughly anti-merit. No man, with the exception of a few genuine sociopaths, thrives in it. Men should either opt out or/and destroy it. Trying to ‘game’ it is suboptimal and can be extremely costly.

  6. Entirely too much porn, video games. Get off your ass and go outside or something. Nobody cares about your high score or the newest pornstar you masturbate to.

    1. the moral right to be self important, attention whoring, parasitic, sexually frustrated little bitches….. and complain about it the whole time.

  7. Excellent article. As a twenty something myself, I cannot relate to many men of my emasculated generation. Guys like Cody Stark and others are just a few who I can say, I actually share a common plight/cause with. There are reasons for this male malaise:
    1.) Co-ed education- boys cannot concentrate on getting schoolwork done with the specter of some teenage and twenty something year old ass hanging around. If the patriarchy is to reemerge, co-ed education on all levels will have to die. Men and women were NOT meant to work together.
    2.) Mindless entertainment: Pornography and video-games have ruined male wanderlust to actually go out and “conquer” the world. Hey why go out and kick ass and take ass when you can do it vicariously through your favorite Modern Warfare character and pornstar?
    3.) Cultural Marxism: This is the most important, and something numerous articles on this site keep failing to identify. The decline of God, male spaces, true militarism, female obedience etc. When patriarchy has been legally legislated out of existence by every scum politician, lawyer, civilization destroying purveyors of filth in the media and feminists; what do you think is going to happen to the state of boys when a father can’t even raise his voice in his own home and discipline his wife as he would his child?

    1. The worst part is that by even acknowledging any of these problems, you’re a pariah in the eyes of most people. I think most men and boys know these things are all problems, but they’re just too afraid to speak up. Guys at my school will be willing to agree with red pill knowledge that I drop, but they’re afraid of the backlash that occurs when they speak out themselves. It’s going to be near impossible to reverse anything as long as there’s still the notion of
      Thoughtcrime regarding anything that is even somewhat critical of the current political and social climate.

    2. I cant help but wonder with CA letting tranny guys into girls bathrooms at high school how many straight guys are going to put on a dress to get in there?

      1. I don’t understand why I can’t just walk into any bathroom on want on a whim and claim an on the spot gender identity crisis. I could have a couple a day.

      2. To see… a bunch of queuing girls needing to pee. Fuck yeah, totally worth to put a dress for. I really don’t get why you’d want to creep into a ladies room?

    3. The decline of god? dude Buddha is the truth, but nevertheless the point is that religiosity is decreasing, former devout Buddhist countries have become quite indifferent to spirituality, like Korea, Japan or Hong Kong, they need to remember the miracle Lord Buddha did in order to gain Korea:
      The Biographies of High Monks of Korea records that King Beopheung of Silla had desired to promulgate Buddhism as the state religion. However, officials in his court opposed him. In the fourteenth year of his reign, Beopheung’s “Grand Secretary”, Ichadon, devised a strategy to overcome court opposition. Ichadon schemed with the king, convincing him to make a proclamation granting Buddhism official state sanction using the royal seal. Ichadon told the king to deny having made such a proclamation when the opposing officials received it and demanded an explanation. Instead, Ichadon would confess and accept the punishment of execution, for what would quickly be seen as a forgery. Ichadon prophesied to the king that at his execution a wonderful miracle would convince the opposing court faction of Buddhism’s power. Ichadon’s scheme went as planned, and the opposing officials took the bait. When Ichadon was executed on the 15th day of the 9th month in 527, his prophecy was fulfilled; the earth shook, the sun was darkened, beautiful flowers rained from the sky, his severed head flew to the sacred Geumgang mountains, and milk instead of blood sprayed 100 feet in the air from his beheaded corpse. The omen was accepted by the opposing court officials as a manifestation of heaven’s approval, and Buddhism was made the state religion in 527 CE. The Honchō Hokke Reigenki (c. 1040) of Japan contains a collection of Buddhist miracle stories

      1. In the type of world we live in, I promote Buddhism to any religiously curious man looking for tranquility

      2. Another person who has left Christianity not because of an empirical thought process but rather they didn’t like the harsh moral judgments, and thus has decided to follow Eastern Mysticism. This might have been a troll post however, that thing about the milk was quite amusing.

        1. Europe is the Faith, the Faith is Europe..Hillaire Belloc. There can be no Europe without Christianity. The biggest deracinated nancy boys on the face of the earth inhabit a land which has completely forsaken Christianity and are pathologically self-loathing….Scandinavia.

      3. His concern is with the West as it is with most of us that comment on this board. We do not care about Asia other than it being a competitor, indeed an enemy. As Lance Christopher alluded to, a large part of the reason for this malaise among you men is indoctrination by cultural Marxists who seek to destroy Western Civilization. Young men need to be taught that they are a part of something larger, they belong to the greatest Civilization that ever existed and they have a duty to defend and advance the interests of their civilization and people. Men need something greater than themselves and their fleeting pleasures to live and strive for.

    4. Also, to add on: Men don’t have any incentive to bust their asses in an anti-male establishment.

      1. Hell, working in most corporations or any government job is downright dehumanizing.
        Why the hell would you bust your ass for no reward, with the expectation that you’re supposed to be HAPPY for the opportunity to lay down in the mud so your bosses can walk across your back?
        The only way to go is to work outside the establishment. Work for a small company that values it’s people, or go into business yourself.

    5. There is no god, brotherman. It is perfectly possible to achieve a sense of direction without believing in fairy tales. I agree with you on all points otherwise.

      1. Firstly there is a God. 2ndly we would both agree that the idea of God is what helped guide western civilization and under girded its morality

        1. It did guide us, for a time. When we had no other explanation for the ways of the world.
          We’re not that ignorant anymore. Many of us aren’t, anyway, and the number is growing every day. Lack of belief in a god due to basic observation of the world is not connected to the downfall of our society, it’s one of the only things left to raise us up.

        2. There is a God, we are his children, he loves us all and made the universe just for us to inhabit. This video proves it:

        3. Derp derp, there is bad in the world and I believe God should only allow good, despite there being no indication of this in any given holy book, ergo there is no God.

        4. Oh, just how wonderfully lucky we were to have been born in precisely the exact right part of the world with precisely the exact right “holy” book with precisely the exact right “interpretation” (how there can possibly be an “interpretation” of something I’m apparently supposed to believe is “absolute” is way beyond me) of precisely the exact right divine entity out of the several hundred million who’ve been worshipped on this tiny little blue dot floating through cosmic wastes of emptiness in a staggeringly, immeasurably huge universe, where there are more stars than there are grains of sand on all the beaches on planet Earth, with said universe being governed by a supposedly all-powerful, all-loving being who, in the context of and against the backdrop of this incomprehensibly huge universe, cares very deeply about whether he’s being worshipped or not by the talking, hairless primates on that tiny little blue dot (and how they use their genitals, as well as who wins football matches, academic recognition and wars).
          Come on, man, we’re too old for fairy tales. We are the creators of our own future. There’s nobody “up there” to “save” us. You are the master of your own fate, and this is the one and only life you get, and you can’t afford to waste your time (which is extremely precious) on imaginary friends. You are capable and your time is short. Use it wisely.

        5. The more evil you create, the more good you’ll be able to form in the end. If you aren’t prepared to destroy things…
          But it’s like ppl want God to ‘god up’ according to their short-winded and distrustful understanding.

        6. So this God who created the universe and wanted humans to behave in a certain manner decided to have no contact with humans for a few hundred thousand years after creating them, and then only having sporadic contact usually with one person in an isolated area so he could tell them what he wanted other humans to do. He would then send his son/prophet (Christianity/Islam) to live amongst us with virtually nothing they ever said would be written down until several centuries after their death. He also didn’t bother contacting any geographically isolated humans. He would also never bother to get rid of glaringly obvious contradictions in the Bible (Koran too probably, but haven’t read much of it).
          Does this sound like something an omnipotent being would do? And why did he make flesh eating bacteria or parasitic organisms that would eat their host alive very painfully over several days if he was some kind, merciful God and not a total psychopath? What was going through his head at that point in time?
          Also, none of these arguments disprove a non-personal god, just the Christian-Judeo/Islamic “I’m everybody’s best friend” god.

        7. What is “good” for one is “evil” for the other. Whom should God favor, since none are perfect? Good and bad are relative. Alan Watts explains all of it perfectly in his many many lectures.

        8. None of that was actually factual. He has been in contact with his people for thousands of years, he spoke through authority figures sometimes multiple ones and sometimes to large groups, he sent his son to live among us and die for the number one problem facing men today: sin. His words were written down by eyewitnesses within 25-50 years of him saying them and the writings which i describe are the single best attested documents of antiquity. Ive seen easily hundreds of “contradictions” in the bible and the funny thing is that when you look deeper you either find that its author wouldnt know contradiction if it destroyed his logical universe or the contradiction requires you to manhandle the text instead of dealing with it properly. I thus far have not seen one single viable unexplainable contradiction.
          Everything exists for one purpose, the self glorification of God in the redemption of a particular people from all corners of the earth and judgement upon his enemies whether here or in eternity. God isnt everybody’s best friend.

        9. He should and does favor himself. He determines what is Good consulting nobody and nothing but the most holy and wise counsel of his will. He spells out what Good and Evil are in scripture which are his self revelation.

        10. Thats not luck, that’s God’s design, who are you to question what he wanted to do and therefore did? If anything this should tell us how immensely powerful God is.

      2. There is a God, or rather there is God who creates and enables evil in order to achieve a greater good. That doesn’t sit right with me, the ends justifying the means, even if its God doing it.

    6. Girls and women dressing slutty just cheapens the learning environment. I don’t know about other guys but I find it hard to take education seriously when I feel like I am in a whore house. And that’s besides being distracted.

    7. Sometimes I wish I was born in 1956…not 1986 my birth year. Society over the last quarter century has changed so unfavorably towards women and instigated male decline in our culture. Shocking.

    8. Yes. men are too stupid and weak to concentrate on their grades and bettering their future when there are hot women around. *eye roll* Maybe that was YOUR excuse for not doing well in school, but some men do just fine in spite of that.

    9. Absolutely. There is a million bullshit articles out there about how boys are “failing” in school and that the problem is with THEM. Men forged civilization. Everything in modern society was built or discovered by men. We are NOT designed to sit in a dank room and listen to somebody talk bullshit all day. We were created or adapted (pick your poison) in order to hunt, fuck, fight, kill, explore, build, and master the world. Physical and mental achievement is the male impetus. The female impetus is to control males- and thereby achieve some measure of vicarious success.
      Where feminism really goes off the rails is when they suggest that this state of affairs (observed in almost every society of the earth before 1900) was somehow unnatural, unjust, unfair, or what have you. There will be a reckoning though – this charade only works in the little bubble created by industrial capitalism and when they inadvertently pop that bubble with their socialism and their bullshit the world will come crashing down on top of them.
      Then the cries of “we can do anything men can do” will melt before declarations of “prove it.”

      1. A man who allows woman to control him is a total pussy. Men should control women, not the other way around.
        Are you sure you are not a feminist?

  8. I fail to see how men dropping out of society is a bad thing. The more men, especially younger men, who drop out and go MGTOW and stop working, the faster society will collapse.
    When are you faggots going to realize that society NEEDS to collapse? There’s too much of this “man up” and “we need to save civilization” bullshit on this site nowadays. Whatever happened to just trolling feminists for the lulz? Too many moralfags nowadays on here. Take your false morality and stick it up that funky little ass of yours, bitch. Fuck society, and fuck everyone! We don’t owe anyone anything.

    1. Enjoy eating roots and berries and wiping your ass with grass after society collapses. If you’re so against morality and other people, why don’t you just play the system and acquire as much material wealth as possible. Living in extravagance in a degenerate society seems far more pleasurable than living in destitution in the woods. But yeah, society is already fuckin’ screwed, I’d rather just hold on to my air conditioning and cheap food for as long as possible.

      1. I think you’ve misunderstood what I was trying to say. Society needs to collapse so that we can restart and build it up right again, this time without all the parasite liberals and communists and jews. Once society collapses, people will be FORCED to wake the fuck up and DO SOMETHING and face the problems. Until society collapses, people will remain lazy and too stupid to do anything to fix the problems plaguing the modern society. So in this sense, a collapse is REQUIRED in order to get people to wake the fuck up.

        1. Honestly, I think you’re probably right. Some kind of catastrophic change is going to have to occur, whether or not it results in a full collapse of civilization. Without any sort of struggle, people invariably become complacent pieces of shit who aren’t worth the resources it takes to sustain their pathetic lives. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

        2. Arent the prospects great, either youll have to man up to inhumane requirements of wealth and fit, or to live a shitty life without those, or to see the society to collapse. While being promised stars and moon by well-off baby boomers. Fuck this.

        3. Your big mistake is thinking that the inevitable collapse, which IS coming, is going to happen all at once. Read the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. We are witnessing history repeating itself, the exact same shit is happening. Problem is, the fall of the Roman empire took TWO HUNDRED YEARS. This is what we have to look forward to. This collapse, which, I repeat, IS coming, will last for CENTURIES. No one alive today will live to see the end of it. Maybe, if you’re lucky, your great-great-grandchildren will.

    2. Despair is exactly what feminists want. You want them to win, asswipe?
      > Whatever happened to just trolling feminists for the lulz?
      That doesn’t help anything, trollfuckmonster. It might make you feel good but who the fuck cares what makes you feel good? The rest of us have a culture to fight for. And it’s worth fighting for.

      1. Whoever said men who go their own way are in despair? That’s YOUR projection, faggot. Ever since I gave up all responsibility and went MGTOW, I am fucking ecstatic.

    3. While society might need to collapse, by the simple weight of debt math alone, it wont be pretty for a decade after it does. The best places to game are the worst places to survive a collapse.

  9. All good points. Being an “independent” woman is revered in our society (is there anything more laughable).
    However we are never encouraged to be independent men. To take care of our own finances, our own bodies and our own sexual needs is almost starting to be frowned upon by the feminist culture of the day.

  10. I’m 34, I noticed two HUGE differences: A) Too much internet research: young men research everything to death instead of getting out in the real world. B) Too lazy to work shitty jobs: I saved my first $10K working at a catering hall.

    1. If it were not for the internet I would have never discovered the red pill. I am sure there are more men like me.

  11. On second thought, why does the author of this article assume that young men should even try to “man-up” in a society that hates them, especially white males. Again, like so many others on here, unless you’re advocating dismantling this Cultural Marxist country, root, stem and branch then no man should say to another man, “hey even though you cannot really legally be man, still man up, don’t rebel against the state though, but bitch about what you cannot change, but try to work within the narrow perimeters that have been set for you.” Fuck that! When you guys start to realize who the enemy is, then you’ll be able to give real advice. Other than that, why should these young boys even care to support a system, country and group of treacherous scum politicos that absolutely hates them, seeks to displace them and disenfranchises them for women? “The Conqueror” really isn’t advocating on conquering anything.

    1. Exactly, all this “man up” shit is moralfaggotry. Man up and be a part in the modern feminist society. Don’t MGTOW, don’t drop out. We need you guys to KEEP BEING GOOD LITTLE SLAVES!
      That is all you are to the modern society as a man. A SLAVE! Well FUCK THAT!
      Drop out and make your own way in life. Fuck society, fuck women, and fuck everyone too.

    2. I wonder what is going to happen when the taxes really dry up and Russia/China/Iran get off the petrodollar…

    3. I have never heard the term “Man UP” used in real life for anything passing for masculine or rational self intrest behavior.

    4. yes,basically it’s just a prison mentality… keep your head down and STFU… the miners in the USSR had no performance incentive, no bonus, all equal and etc… so they kept their heads down… drank plenty of vodka to numb their spirits and all worked as little as possible… that worked great until there were coal shortages… but it is what it is…. when in jail … know your place….

    5. Good points, but here’s my answer:
      Unless you do “man up” you aren’t going to be able to compete economically in those countries that do have something to offer.

    1. George Soros just committed $80million more toward drug legalization. Anything he favors is bad for civilization.

  12. I have some to add:
    -Hard work being punished through taxes.
    -White countries being flooded with non-whites, destroying said White countries.
    -Corporate world = castration.
    -Very few marriageable women to look forward to wifing up. (Not to mention the unjust laws).
    -Too many laws for everything.
    -Baby Boomers forcing their unbelievable/unfathomable debt/immorality onto younger generations.
    You get the behaviour that you incentivize.

    1. Obama’s first 4 years he raised the national debt by more than all presidents before him combined. Oddly France of all places has a youth rising Generation Identitaire movement after indigenous French got beheaded by muslims, and socialists pushed a 70% of income tax.

    2. Absolutely. Plus, if you want to throw in the towel, so to speak, when you realize you’re up against these problems, there is a mind-boggling amount of mind-numbing entertainment for you to consume and distract yourself with, and it’s very easy to access. Giving up is a more attractive option than ever for plenty of young men.

      1. Luckily, I’m a Canadian, so there are plenty of wilderness spots where I can set up a cabin by a lake to escape the bullshit – if only for a time.

    3. “White countries being flooded with non-whites, destroying said White countries”
      Way to be racist.

      1. So when can we expect the Chinese to import 120,000,000 mexicans. After all, if they don’t, then that means the Chinese are WAYCIST!!!!!11

        1. So every person of color is “imported” haha… I guess that counts all the willing slaves and the native americans too?
          I guess I was wrong about the manosphere .

      2. Stfu with your “racism” bullshite. Flooding white countries and ONLY white countries with hordes of non white turd worlders is white genocide.

        1. You are acting like a little thunder cunt to be honest. All feelings, no logic.

        2. And you are acting like a blue-pill sheep in manosphere wolf’s clothing.
          You haven’t fully swallowed the red pill and it’s evident in your desperate clinging to the “white European consciousness = RAAAAAYCISM” canard. You’re spouting exactly what the blue-pill world — and the elites who run it — want you to spout.

        3. Illegal immigration is not the same thing as racism and you are seeing it as the same. I am white but my half sister is not and she got called a spic(even if she is not hispanic) for no reason. Actually one of the few last girls who is a true woman.
          So go fuck yourself. I am done with his site. Congrats you have one less.

        4. You said:

          Way to be racist.

          So, I responded:

          You haven’t fully swallowed the red pill and it’s evident in your
          desperate clinging to that hoary old “white European consciousness =
          RAAAAAYCISM” canard.

          Being opposed, as a white man, to the dilution of white lands by the deliberate infusion of third-world browns and blacks who are programmed to look upon their new countries as 24-hour ATM machines, and who expect said countries to conform to their cultural norms rather than the other way around, is predictably characterized as “racism” these days. And you played right into this, alongside your laughably feminine outburst of high-school emotion (i.e. “go fuck yourself”).
          My suggestion: come back to this place when you’ve grown up a little. When you’re truly ready for the red pill.

        5. I am very much against immigration. Against any kind of immigration actually. But the descendants of the slaves that worked the fields at least deserve to not be in this category.
          It’s funny that you mention a myriad of things that I didn’t even touch.
          Don’t know who is worst, you or feminists.

        6. It’s funny that you mention a myriad of things that I didn’t even touch.

          Actually, I didn’t mention a “myriad of things” but rather one issue in particular:

          your desperate clinging to that hoary old “white European consciousness = RAAAAAYCISM” canard

          And that was in response to you saying…

          Way to be racist.

          …when Northy mentioned non-white immigration into white countries. Also, I said nothing about

          the descendants of the slaves that worked the fields

          What I said was:

          the deliberate infusion of third-world browns and blacks

          which would indicate that said browns and blacks are from other lands, and thus, not descended from any slaves that “worked the fields” in said white countries. Furthermore, what does bringing up “descendants of slaves” have to do with European countries where the use of enslaved African labor wasn’t even a historical factor?
          Reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit, is it, kid?

  13. Remember: these men aren’t our enemy.
    I see far too much “durr durr fuck them, bluepillz are st00pid, LOLZ!” attitude. They’re not the enemy. They need our enlightenment, not our hatred. Even when they reject the red pill, we need to keep gently nudging them in the direction of wisdom. After time, they’ll get it. What they DON’T need is freaking asswipe internet keyboard heroes getting their jollies from going off on anyone who isn’t a “true Alpha, bro!”
    You catch more flies with honey than you will with vinegar. Show tolerance and the greatest restraint with our lost brothers. Show them the path of enlightenment, but do not push, and absolutely do not shame them for failing to follow. When they are ready, whether it be 1 month or 10 years from now, they will come. Until that time, it is our duty not to come off like total pricks and scare them away.

    1. Any man who would tear down my door in SWAT gear for slapping my wife or trying to seek custody of my children is an enemy. These men are far and beyond redemption.

    2. Such moralfaggotry. You are too naive to understand yet that it is impossible to “wake people up”. Most people are braindead and they WANT to be braindead. No amount of “redpill” will wake them up. Therefore, you are WASTING YOUR TIME trying to wake them up, which is impossible anyway.
      You do not owe anyone anything. YOu do not owe them your efforts to “wake them up”. If they are too stupid to wake up themselves? Then let them remain asleep. Let water find it’s own level.
      I stopped trying to wake people up a long time ago and am just going my own way now, and I feel so much more peaceful now. I feel free of this burden or responsibility, that we need to “fix or save society”. Fuck society, let it collapse. Society has to collapse because only a collapse will wake up these stupid fucks. So in this sense, we should be cheering for the collapse.

    3. bullshit, douchebag. Men only learn through pain. if there is no pain, there is no education. If things go well, they will never notice the evil in their midst.
      Frankly, Blue pills ARE the enemy. And they will always BE the enemy until something comes and affects them personally. It is men’s greatest strength, and also their greatest weakness, to hear about a risk factor and then willingly ignore it.
      That is why things have to be made worse, not better. The worst thing that could happen to men is that the feminists and liberals STOP aggressively pushing more and more punishing anti-male measures, because that would stop the learning curve until it’s too late.

    4. You are in essence trying to cuddle them, you’re basically crippling them. When you cuddle them like that, they’ll make excuses and regard you as crazy or stupid.
      We cannot mince our words. They have to be hit with the truthbomb HARD, not like a gentle soft breeze but a brick to the jaw!
      In the words of my father “Son, you gotta learn the hard way”

  14. The author needs to speak for himself.
    The reason that men despise slutty girls/women is because what they do is inherently disgusting. Our reaction is completely normal and rational.

    1. I agree! It’s amazing what men are willing to accept these days. The very concept of one’s wife having been used as a semen repository by other men, would have caused our ancestors once a upon a time to kill that bitch. The very concept of marrying a non-virgin is abhorrent and something that could have only come from the bowels of Cultural Marxist hell. Sluts served a purpose, and that was in the brothel. Men despise sluts who try to come off as being more than a slut.

      1. I agree completely.
        “The Conqueror” has a mighty strong male hamster in his head. It rationalizes sluttiness like a female hamster would – except he is doing for the benefit of the woman!

      2. If you’re not the only person she’s given her sex to, she doesn’t deserve to be the only person you give your commitment to. Boycott the fuckin’ sluts. They’ll still get married to some poor fucker, but they’ll be unhappy as hell.

        1. It really is that simple. If I’m limiting my genetic potential to just you, where a twenty something such as myself could be impregnating multiple women, maximizing my gene pool, I’m shutting all that down for the exclusivity of not only fucking you but supporting you. I do this not for monogamy, but so my progeny can actually have the benefit of having a father raise them into proper civilized humans. If any other dick was near you, that contract is nullified, plan and simple. How do modern men not get this? God these men are sad.

        2. LOL, any man STUPID enough to marry an American woman, a “used up slut”, DESERVES to suffer. Fuck them, I feel zero pity for them.

        3. My god man, you’re dropping some real truth bombs. But what about well intentioned girls who were in relationships with previous guys, only to fuck them and get dumped by them? Their intentions were still to be committed, are they on the same page as the gutter sluts?

        4. no man would leave a woman if she kept him satisfied…
          outside of work / professional life, men only want : Food, Sex and Relaxation…
          men only leave women because they are depressed, depressing, frigid, stressful to be around, unimaginative, boring, tedious, small minded, clingy, jealous, manipulative, obsessive, and so forth.
          you think that even a wealthy guy with only a 6 would leave her if she regularly had kick ass food on the table, kept the house nice and her body nicer… and sucked him off a couple of times a week ?

        5. Yes, it’s the fault of their mothers, although some of these women my have redemptive qualities. However, these types are few. Relationships don’t mean shit. A true parent would never willingly allow their daughters to give the pussy away to any man. This is why women going to college has to die, they go there at 17-18 and come at 21-22, completely transformed into ravenous sluts, some girls fuck the entire football and basketball teams. Most women today are having too much fun on the alpha carousel and do most of the dumping.
          They hit 30 and realize, “oh shit, the pussy ROI is plummeting in value,” and then a bunch of thirsty beta males come to the rescue. The whore who in past generations would have been beat and thrown in a brothel by nearly every decent European civilization (once upon a time), gets to choose a well financed beta male. She hits 35, and takes the guy for all he’s worth. Fathers traditionally married their daughters off at 15-17 to men of known repute and establishment, they preserved their daughters virginity for either their husbands or the convent. The concept of fucking 20-30 men before marriage is purely Satanic. The real Satanism comes from the social acceptance of it. O mighty Babylon!

        6. Well, it’s the natural recourse. Sluts end up fucking all the alpha males within a 50 mile radius, and end up settling for that one decent modestly successful, yet utterly servile beta male, only to be miserable, divorce him, take his entire life’s worth, and his children. It’s things like this that makes me glad I’m an omega….

        7. Small correction;
          “… they preserved their daughters virginity for either their husbands or the convent.”
          It was actually more like this: the sluts got to chose convent or brothel, the unmarriable (fugly or weakish), crazy and of bad character (we’d say narcissists, borderliners and such) were sent to convent or had unfortunate accidents, spinsters became good aunts and the amusement of the village and the rest were married to men of good repute and were happy ever after …

      3. Actually, the head of a penis is shaped like a squeegee to shovel out other mens competing sperm, lubricate the shaft like a piston, and also insert one’s own genetic material into the female for competition

        1. That doesn’t make any sense.
          Where do you idiots come up with this twaddle?
          From no ass getting always taking smack roissy?

        2. “Actually, the head of a penis is shaped like a squeegee to shovel out other mens competing sperm” — That is a theory — and one that makes absolutely no logical sense.

        3. Pal, the point is our very own sch-longs were designed with competition in mind, even our sperm has it’s own natural spermicide that seeks out and destroys other men’s foreign sperm which may be in a woman who might of had 5 partners every few weeks , our ancestors were no “angelic” orderly folks, i don’t believe there was some “greener” time. We simply know more now and it is creating the illusion that life and civilization is somehow getting worse, all it is is delusion and anxiety caused by the age of unlimited information, the future is getting better that is all

        4. yeah so then the whore can lie about who the child belongs to and have some poor soul raise it not knowing its his

      4. That’s also a core problem. We (the men of America as a whole), have been so dumbed down and so weakened that we put up with a lot of disrespect and treacherous behavior we shouldn’t. We REWARD a lot of blatant attention seeking.
        It would be within our power to shut a lot of these down. We could slut-shame women who post the slutty pics on facebook, ostracize them from any social circles we are involved in, and whatnot.
        But we don’t. Because men these guys think primarily with their dicks.

        1. That’s why I am trying a no fap, no porn challenge. So that I am not ruled by my dick instead my head.

      5. Very true. American standards are extremely low these days. Like the saying goes: Shit goes in, shit comes out.

    2. I was invited to a wedding this weekend, but I couldn’t help being a little sorry for the guy. The bird he was marrying use to be the biggest slut in our regional town. Not only was she a slag, with a young child to another man, but over 30, making her 5 years older than him. He’s not a bad guy, but I’m not sure what possessed him to marry such a person. I’m being generous here, but I give it 7 years before he goes back to living in a one bedder, 25 train stops from his current location

      1. Desperation, lack of options, and sadistic social programming all play a role in this poor bastard’s self-imposed debacle.

      2. Dear God, I’m guessing you still have time. You have to talk to this poor son of a bitch. Just imagine if this were you, and not knowing anything about reality aka the red-pill. Imagine 7-10 years later when “homo-sapien feminus parasitus,” saps him of all his money, energy and creative output, just think, “you’d have done nothing to stop this.” At least talk to him for 2 minutes over the phone, if you have his number. It’s not even about him anymore, you owe it to the manosphere. Every marriage to a cum dumpster Western whore is a loss for us, a loss for the our cause and victory for the civilization destroying Cultural Marxists.

  15. Awww you poor manginas always so sad and depressed and oppressed. Women are so powerful and stomp on your faces so much. You poor cry babies with crack whore holes for parents.

    1. Let’s remove societal protections and see which gender does the curb stomping then.

      1. Under patriarchy women had more protections. You’re a deluded mangina worthy of the used up nasty whores you fuck and brag about fucking.

  16. These “man up” types of articles need to stop. The modern society sees men as nothing but SLAVES. Why should you be a willing slave? Rather, you should drop out of society, contribute as little as absolutely possible, and thus help society collapse. Society MUST collapse before any real change is going to happen. So MGTOW really is the best option for men right now. Drop out, enjoy life, and let the modern feminist society burn. Let’s see how “big strong independent” women are when men are no longer willing to work and keep society functioning. Women only do the useless desk jobs and paper work types of job. Women never do the real work of keeping society functioning, being engineers, being soldiers, building houses, etc. At this point, any man who contributes to the modern society should be considered as a traitor of men, since he is contributing to the modern society which treats men as SLAVES. STOP TAKING PART IN YOUR OWN OPPRESSION AND SLAVERY AND FREE YOURSELF, DROP OUT, GO MGTOW! Stop being a goddamn slave.

    1. Correct we should allow social Darwinism its course. To clear the path from the parasitic humans and save nature and the animals within it. The Goddess awaits destruction of your type. So we may start new and build a civilization of worthy beings.

    2. The best way to be MGTOW (in my opinion):
      – save up some money
      – change identity or get fake one
      – completely vanish and disappear from the face of American society
      – move to random, unknown, or low-key country
      – establish yourself there by learning their language
      – establish some business with that money you saved up
      I don’t know, you got any more ideas for anything else to add to that list?
      This will take intensive planning, but it is possible.

    3. Women used to do the very real work of raising children and maintaining a household. They don’t do that aymore. THe average woman is just as useless as the average beta male.

  17. “Ok, let’s go home. Let’s go home. Let’s go home, ok? Ok, let’s go home. You ready to go home? Let’s go home.”
    “We have a brother sister relationship.”
    Woah, manly chin McKenzie crushed this dudes entire life. Can’t help but laugh though, that shit was funny as fuck.

  18. That and colleges are left wing indoctrination centers where anything competitive or masculine (i.e. worthwhile) is demonized as bigoted, intolerant, fascist, etc. Ignore that shit and go for the gold.

    1. Dude, your comment harps on a thought I’ve been trying to define and develop. I’m still working on it so it will be more anecdotal than an expression of a lesson or moral. I went to an all male college that had the features of a far left indoctrination center. Furthermore, it was next door to an all female school. I was not mentally prepared for this because I was a lazy student in high school and so I did not have a foundational knowledge to compare with the leftist and feminist dogma that swirled around that atmosphere. I did not have the assertiveness to stand up to stuff and I passively adopted that crap and evolved into a total mangina. My laziness in the academic realm only compounded matters. I found myself engaged to an attention whore and knew there was something wrong but, once again, the combination of my lack of assertiveness and stupidity kept me in the relationship. Mix into this lethal combination my acceptance of the idea that “men should unconditionally serve women”. I was a fucking mess. Through some act of mercy, the gods smiled down upon me and sent the relationship down into flames (something I partially saw as a curse). I was forced to fend for myself and develop my character. I almost fucked up and bought into the idea that I should read something by John Bly. Long story short, I learned to develop a love of myself and learned to focus on me. I also learned that I have skills and talents of my own. I’m still on this journey and I am a completely different person than I was when I graduated from college. I still have bouts with the ideas of my former self but at least now I know these tendencies are terrible and awful habits that get in the way of doing the things I need to do to be right on my own terms and not those dictated by a dogma that denies the individuality that is natural to manly existence.

        1. It’s Morehouse College in Atlanta. It is across the street from Spelman College, an all female college.

        2. I am transferring to Morehouse School of medicine after STEP 1. It is a leftist indoctrination center just like Howard University. Al word to the wise do not get married , especially to an Atlanta bitch.

    2. The end must have started to come in the US when they turned our prestigious military academies such as West Point, Virginia Military Institute and the Naval Academy into co-ed feminist acceptance indoctrination centers.

      1. I attended an all boys military high school in California. It’s still in existence fortunately, though I’m not quite sure how it’s being run nowadays. I grew up as an only child being raised by an overbearing grandmother, a gay uncle, and a mother who is the definition of hypergamy. My father is a great man I admire and respect, but he worked hard to provide and I didn’t see him often. At a young age I knew something was wrong with how I was being raised, so I asked to be sent to military school. I succeeded in many aspects during my four years there. My new family became men I admired, respected and wanted to be like. It helped make me the man I am today. I can’t help but wonder how I would have turned out if I would have stayed home to be raised in a fucked up family and gone to a public high school filled with degenerates. When I die, my assets will go to this school because I am eternally thankful. There’s been talk of making the academy co-ed. If it does, I’m adjusting my will. Boys need male role models for success in life.

        1. Sir thank you for this comment. This elucidated and confirmed already so much of what I was thinking. The apple is only as so good, as the tree it falls from. You can definitely see this from the children of my fallen generation today. I dated a girl who had her own father deported, she was a true head-case. The process of Modern Americanization that people go through in this country is corrupting and simply, evil. We men of the manosphere, are holding on to something ancient, the patriarchy. I make no secret of this, as opposed to other men in the manosphere who simply want “equality” under the law. I want the death of feminism and Cultural Marxism, by any means and the restoration of the ancient patriarchy. Hopefully, when I have children, hopefully all sons, this will be the model I will use, if God forbid I’m not around. As to your will if it already exists, simply add a caveat, “that if this institution were to change itself into a co-ed institution, that the proceeds from my will designated for said institution, will no longer go to said institution.” As simple as that, I’d advise you to tweak that immediately, given the state of the nation these days.

    3. Depends what you study. Do useful stuff like sciences or engineering. You’ll get none of that bullshit. If you’re doing liberal arts and you feel emasculated it’s no one’s fault but your own.

  19. Females are a pox on todays young men. College is a place to go to get scammed via student loans that will cause you years of financial suffering for the opportunity to be indoctrinated in a world skewed in favor of females.
    My grandfather when he was a young man became an apprentice to a chef. In those days it mean you received a very small salary to become what was in effect a slave. However, in return you learned everything about the career, And how to be a man.
    Young guys need to say fuck you to their fuckwad parents and that bullshit about College. They need to learn a trade doing something they feel they might be passionate about. The average person will change careers 9 times in the life anyway.
    Young guys need to seek out older trusted advisors / mentors. And not married with kids type faggots. Men that understand the fucked up world we live in today.

    1. Well Peter Nolan is one of those older mentor types, who is not married and who understand exactly how fucked up the world is, and who is controlling the world (the Illuminati). ANd yet you guys shit all over him instead of accepting his wisdom and advice. Bunch of useless eaters, I hope the Illuminati succeeds in starting World War 3 and killing off billions of people, including the majority of westerners. The vast majority of you are scum who deserves to be exterminated.

      1. Yet Nolan insists on worshiping faggot Jesus and gets fucked by it each night crying out his undying love for the fagish god who circumcised him and sexually molested him when he was a child. Oh yeah he’s the man Lol I am sure girls go crazy over a deluded moron mangina who worships faggot gods. Lolololol this site is fulllll of faggots.

    2. Most of the guys I know who are married with children are completely sackless. They have no real world useful knowledge to offer anyone. They have neither the time nor the inclination to learn or preach the truth about anything. They are too busy being browbeaten by a tyrannical woman, and too afraid to say anything about it as they are all one tiny mistep away from being divorce raped and having their lives completely gutted. Do not listen to married men about ANYTHING. THEY DO NOT GET IT!!!!!!! They live in a different world, basically a prison where prison values rule.

  20. Feminists want men to fail. For every young man that fails the chances of a woman taking his place increase. The idea was not to elevate women, but to bring men down. When you remove incentives for men to work hard men stop working hard.
    I see no incentive to work any harder than you have to. I get more take home pay making 65k at an easier job than when I was making 85k in a high stress job. Why should I bust my ass off only to make less money?
    The current system is messed up.

  21. Young men resent sluts because it seems like all women today are becoming used-up sluts. This is partially due to peer pressure and bad parenting and what not. No man wants the mother of their kids to be an ex-carousel rider. It wouldn’t be a big deal if most young college age men(18-22) were reaping the benefit but most chicks bang the same few guys which are only like 10-15% of all guys. Most of the time these guys have neither money nor looks. These carousel riders then get knocked up and become single mothers looking for a beta to take care of her kids. Young guys just don’t want some frat guys sloppy seconds.

    1. Think about it, we are mammals, do other highly intelligent mammals are monogamous, I am not sure about elephants or dolphins, but nevertheless chimps our closest family members are NOT monogamous, they enjoy sex without responsibility and that’s it, they are following their nature, and forcing people into monogamy is AGAINST the instinct, accept it.

      1. Yeah, but chimps live in the forest and throw their shit at each other. We’re not chimps, chimps are below us, why should we follow their example? And I’m pretty sure dolphins and elephants are both monogamous, but I don’t actually know and I don’t care enough to look it up.

      2. The absence of female obedience and monogamy to one mate is the absence of civilization. Again, if we are going to fuck everyone and not really give a shit about pairing with cum-dumpsters, then let’s just get rid of civilization, marriage and the protections that it afforded everyone. I’m tired of these people mostly women, who want civilization guaranteed but are living with the wild-jungle modus operandi on sex and marriage. It’s simply this, “bitch if you’ve sucked off, had someone else’s dick in your ass or vag, even if you beat someone else off, I DO NOT want to commit any of may resources to you nor do I want my children coming out of your cesspool pussy, and if you happen to get pregnant I do not want to be around you, let the betas take care of them.” End of story. No prisoners in 2014.

          If every man here devoted 30 minutes a day to spreading the truth about how shitty American women are, we’d have an antifeminist revolution overnight.
          Send antifeminist links to men for 30 minutes a day. If we all do this? It will cause a tidal wave of antifeminist TRUTH!

      3. thats nice. did a chimp discover electricity? did a chimp create the theory of relativity? no. chimps are filthy pieces of shit and just because we share a common ancestor doesn’t mean we should act like them.

  22. OH MY GOD! I was in a nightclub in Poland and I saw Roosh kissing another man and then they went into the bathroom together and the other man pounded Roosh up the ass with his cock!!!!!

    1. I saw that too. Totally! They also took turns eating eat each others fecal matter.

  23. I did not take my career seriously until I was 28 because of the ridiculous amount of ass I got in college. First my major was biology/ premed after one semester of unrestrained hedonism I changed it to psychology because I was fucking 2-3 girls a week drinking and smoking and partying. I graduated with a 2.0. I then went to grad school and got a bullshit MS in counseling while continuing my unrestrained debauchery at 25 with undergrad whores. Then I entered the workplace working for next to nothing with student loans to pay, and top shelf pussy was not as easy to come by with 50 hour weeks and little money plus a shit car. I went to law school and was taking the bar as the economy collapsed. I worked shit law jobs for little pay with even more student loans. I took the patent bar and made a little more money but the student loan payments and living expenses left me with next to nothing. I bit the bullet and I am now in my second year of med school ( which was my initial direction) paying cash instead of using student loans. The women look awful, the cadavers smell like rotting chicken and I study no less than four hours a day outside of class. Pussy is great ,but an abundance of it with no work to get it ( ie: college ) will make you lose focus on the big picture of your life goals. I love medicine but it takes time, discipline , and repetition. Hot , anal teens are easy fun and addictive and requires no discipline , but a heavy price career wise if you do not focus on your shit. Being 38 in medical school sucks , at 18 I figured I would be rich by now.

  24. Oh man that kid confessing his feelings…. no fucking spine whatsoever. It’s not uncommon. From what I’ve read here, I agree and disagree with different sentiments. People who have no hardship definitely become pieces of shit, no doubt. I’m sure society will collapse at some point and rightfully so. But I don’t like the idea of just sitting back and playing video games as an excuse to “choke” the system because it’s void of self-improvement. We become pieces of shit through complacency and I’m even guilty of that to some degree, but to use inaction as an excuse, to say “well the system hates me so I’m not going to empower myself by making money” is a bunch of lazy bullshit.

    1. Take your white knight bullshit elsewhere, faggot. I refuse to contribute even a single penny to the modern society. Let the niggers, feminists, Jews, and other scumbag races take charge for all I care. We white men can sit back and jack off to hentai all day and night fueled by an amphetimene rush.
      ANy of you guys ever done meth? You can jack off and cum like 8 times in a 12 hour period. That shit makes you HORNY AS FUCK!

  25. This is a nice start- I’m ashamed to admit it, but I was too scared to try joining the military at 18. My father was pretty disappointed- not that I chose not to follow in his footsteps, but rather that I let my fears dictate my pursuit of goals. He made this clear, but he was a disabled vet himself- got shot to shit in Korea at 18. never fully recovered, so he wasn’t strong physically by the time I came into the world.
    For my own part, I started working on oil tankers when I was in my late 20’s. My first day, the captain assigned me a ‘sea daddy,’ a middle aged Cape Verdean guy who had been to sea for 20 years, to act as my mentor and trainer. I stayed with him for 2 years on board and learned how to be an able-bodied seaman (equivalent of an NCO).
    That was 20 years ago, and I’m captain of my own ship now. My sea daddy is retired, but we still talk every 2 weeks or so, and I visit him every year. He was the first guy I called after I proposed to my wife, and he’s Godfather to my first son. His youngest kid is one of my engineers on board.
    Lack of role models, lack of participatory education (passing down of physical life skills), lack of male mentorship as adolescents, especially from fathers, is a terrible drag on our quality of life as adult men. For my part, though I was an adult, having a secondary role model who taught me in a way that my father wasn’t physically capable of doing finally pushed me into adulthood.
    So far as I can see, the optimal way to produce well-adjusted men is to invest in well-adjusted boys, and that’s a tall order- fatherhood is a terrible, terrible risk, and fragile as a new-laid egg. Without female accountability and recognition of the critical nature of fatherhood, boys are at shameful risk.

  26. This describes a LOT Of folks on here in a nutshell:
    ” You have a crush on that pretty girl in your Women’ Studies class. You
    talk to her every day but can’t work up the courage to ask for her
    number. You see her in class bragging about hooking up with more than
    one guy over the weekend. You will soon grow to resent “slutty” girls
    instead of just improving yourself and becoming a guy that girls
    actually want to hook up with. The common hook-up culture has been
    discussed at length, but those girls will be hooking up the guys who
    already know game.”

    1. It’s not a question of being timid to approach sluts, I do it all day. It’s a question of VALUE and the slut overestimating her worth. The cost most sluts here charge for entrance are not costs most reasonable men are willing to bear. The fact that a lot of college sluts today think that they can have monogamous relationships or worse, marriage with us is an insult. I’d get my dick wet in slutty pussy all day, but do I want to financially support her? No. Do I want my progeny coming out of her cesspool pussy? No. Do I want sluts legally confined to brothels? Yes. Do I hate the fact, that there are so many authors on this site who tell these lads to spend money on game, drinks, dinner etc, just to impress the slut? Yes. Again we all love our sluts, I know I do. But I want to minimize all risks, both financial and social, associated with them.

      1. I said “a lot of posters” not “Lance Christopher. If you’re the exception then more power to you.

      2. Do I hate the fact, that there are so many authors on this site who tell
        these lads to spend money on game, drinks, dinner etc, just to impress
        the slut?

        Absolutely. I’m both amused and amazed by those in our ranks who seem so eager to carry the gynocentric torch of “expend every bit of mental energy and capital you have on improving yourself just so you can bang higher numbers of used-up, ridiculously entitled, STD-riddled whorebags and inflate their sense of self-worth while you’re at it!”

  27. Gentleman. What is going on right now is a result of a war that’s being going on for over the past few decades now. The war for men to be truly men. More and more young men are taught to worship women (pedestal), put up with women (shitty attitudes), not hold women accountable (slut wear, buyers remorse rape, WHITE KNIGHTING), be a provider to promiscuous women, be entertainment (actors, shape personality to women), give power to the pussy, and finally allowing unequal equality.
    Men are now shamed if they speak about anything that can jeopardize the feminist movement or anything that doesn’t involve women (all men’s club, etc). We must be PC in public or face ridicule.
    We’ve been reduced to merely holding debates in forums and comments now, a bunker, a shelter to speak only under the guise of the 1st Amendment, which becomes more skewed as time goes by.
    Gentleman. To keep real men alive in this country we not only have to continue to strengthen ourselves, but be on the lookout for fellow men as well, it sounds ludicrous but we are just as much to blame for the beta male epidemic as they themselves.
    We are already divided as it as in America. Political division, financial class division, race division, health division, and finally male division.
    It’s time to push back.

  28. A big problem nowadays is the all but total elimination of all-male environments.
    Boys and young men need to be immersed in all male environments where they are free to be men (at least some of the time). That means having no girls around, since men behave differently in the presence of females. They need a space where they can act as men with each other. But nowadays, feminism has forced women on us in every sphere. All that the cathedral cares for is the ‘advancement of women’ by any means, and men and their needs be fucked.
    The environments that have helped men flourish for millennia are now being abolished because they are too dangerous, too rough, too sexist, too rude, too .. whatever hurts the little duck feelings of the bullshit PC crowd. The result? Less and less true men, and more and more spineless manginas.
    Boys have no longer the guidance of strong male mentors – the most vital element for turning men into boys. They are forced to act unmanly all their lives, so as not to incur the wrath of their gynocentric school and work environments. Once women infiltrate previously male only spaces, the decline is inevitable. Anything women cannot cope with is eliminated so as not to give men any ‘unfair advantage’. Anything that makes women feel uncomfortable or unsafe is likewise watered down As Uncle Elmer would say (hat tip to him), the purpose of businesses becomes less and less about producing high quality goods and services, and more and more about safeguarding the feeeeeeeeelings of the female employees. The result is overall mediocrity. Men than suck at being men, and women that suck at being women.
    No wonder the once glorious western civilization is in decline. It’s a tragedy.

    1. Yes. I wonder though, it doesn’t seem like private, all male associations are illegal in any sense (right? Somebody please correct me if I’m wrong here). Every all male institution that eventually let in women did it because of some kind of shaming pressure to make it happen, or at least the ones I know about were (that elite golf organization that finally let in Condoleeza Rice or something like that recently, out of shaming).
      If all of that is true, then what’s to stop us from forming true Red Pill, men only organization(s) in real life? I mean it’s not like we can be shamed by feminists and their white knight beta boys, and it’s not like we’re going to tolerate the white knights in our ranks and would eject them upon discovery, so I don’t see where they’d have any real power to stop us.
      In fact, there is an organization here in my locality that is private, all male, and focuses on comraderie, shooting, poker and Scotch. Has a $800 a year fee to join, and they screen their membership pretty rigorously. Don’t know if the main leader is technically Red Pill but he’s done a heck of a job keeping out the limp wristed beta types and women. Maybe we can start on that model, though perhaps with an entrance fee level more appropriate to the blue collar/working man and work from there?

    2. 100 years ago (WW 1 era), all these useless, sexualy starved beta men would be dying in droves on foreign battlefields to serve the interests of the elites. The ones that survived would come back and be strong, productive, fearless members of society. Nothing will shove the red pill down your throat faster than being part of a brutal, savage war. You’ll figure out the true nature of the world when you see people getting brutally slaughtered wholesale. Nowadays, there are no wars for these men to fight. No cleansing of the male ranks. No real way to distinguish oneself from the herd. We now have millions of frustrated, weak men competing for an ever increasignly limited number of quality women. We are on the verge of a demographic nightmare.

  29. I hate the dickwringing about “self improvement” for some reason.
    I don’t oppose the act of improving one self, but the repeated droning about it is annoying.

  30. While I agree it is important to learn that, I don’t think it should taught in school. those skills are meant to separate people within society, alphas and betas if you prefer. And teaching those skills to those who didn’t reached out for this, didn’t go out of their comfort zone to realize how things works would make their life too easy.

  31. As I have said before, a lot of the above advice comes from fathers, uncles, teachers, and other strong male role models.
    As an uncle to 2 boys, I have seen myself what happens when these are all removed…. soppy, weak, cry-baby mummies boys.
    I live 9 flight hours away from my nephews, and thus have minimal influence on them. And they problems are obvious.
    One step dad they can’t bond with, and one dad who flew the coop when they were young.
    No other uncles nearby.
    Male teachers who are unable to enforce rules because of the politically correct nanny state of many western countries. No detention, no caning, nothing.
    But the overwhelming obstacle for them is a mother with a masters in psychology, who believes you can talk to a 4yo like an adult, and totally eschews anything that could be called real discipline.
    And despite these handicaps, the difference in their behavior around me, and their grandfathers is obvious. Their behavior improves significantly, and they start talking on a more adult level, because they want to engage with a man, about the manly things they are starting to take an interest in….. girls, cars, making things, places,..etc.
    I’ve quoted it before, and I will quote it again – “We are a generation of men raised by women… I’m wondering if another woman is really the answer we need”.

  32. I wish I had taken the red pill while I was in college. Then I would’ve gone somewhere, I drank the feminist koolade, and now I’m unemployed with no direction at all. Within all setbacks come great lessons…

    1. If you graduated go to community college take biology 1, chemistry 1&2 , organic chemistry 1&2 and physics 1&2 . Take the MCAT and go to medical school. Only the first two years suck, the last two are hoop jumping and residency prior to licensure is one year in most states. 5 years and your whole life changes, 4 years if you do summers with no time off. It is worth it, but it is a hard road. There will be no sex those first 16 months of medical school, but an avalanche of pussy post graduation. I have been where you are, you cannot change the past but you can shape the future.

    2. need to use the past tense. You had no direction. The red pill has given you a direction and the means to achieve it. Good Luck with your new future.

  33. Hey all, I bet you’re all sick of JohnnyMangoes and his whining.
    Want to know how to fuck up a kid?
    1) Be a beta male father who pretends Jeebus is gonna help you and you never have to improve yourself
    2) Teach your son that women love nice guys and virtue and honor
    3) Be an insane mother who digs only alpha males and has no grounding in the reality and doesn’t give two hoots about her children and wants to live in a perpetual fantasy world of being something she’s not (i.e., a princess, Kim Kardashian, married to Prince William, or white, in my case)
    4) Be a beta male and marry said woman instead of focusing on yourself
    5) Teach your kids to hate themselves
    6) Not be there for your kids

    1. That’s a decent list, though I do disagree about a few minor points (see below)
      1) Be a beta male father who pretends Jeebus is gonna help you and you never have to improve yourself
      The culture of 1910 was highly religious across the West, and those men were by and large hard, violent men with clear direction and a very ‘can do’ spirit. It’s something else other than waiting on the Lord that’s causing this.
      2) Teach your son that women love nice guys and virtue and honor
      Right on man, this is a huge mistake and leaves the lad with no abilities to truly deal with women as they are.
      3)Be an insane mother who digs only alpha males and has no grounding in the reality and doesn’t give two hoots about her children and wants to live in a perpetual fantasy world of being something she’s not (i.e., a princess, Kim Kardashian, married to Prince William, or white, in my

      Be careful with this one, you’re not really distinguishing the (sorry) fake PUA “fake it till I make it” former beta who learned a bit of game from the actual traditional alpha male who excels in life not only with women, but with everything he casts his gaze upon. A woman would be quite rational to want the warlord-chief or the captain of industry or the highly driven, hard edged male. Wanting leeching surfer boy who can snag women by the boatload but who is as worthless as a bag of hammers at a screwdriver convention though, yeah, clearly you’re observation is correct in that regard.
      4) Be a beta male and marry said woman instead of focusing on yourself
      5) Teach your kids to hate themselves
      6) Not be there for your kids

      Yep, cosign this.

    2. Absolutely concur. This Christling approach of self-hating and neglecting the kids to run off and defend democracy on the other side of the world has become the new American way.

  34. It is not as much as role moels or too many girls but no purpose, lack of objectives.

  35. This video says it all with a very funny and clever device – a conversation with God:

  36. These are all good points but don’t address the overarching problem: men operating under a fem-defined self-image and playing by rules rigged to make them lose. Here’s what I mean:
    -Women’s studies class? The problem isn’t not asking the girl out, its being the kind of guy that takes that class.
    -Ambition? Path to success? Nonsense! A man’s only obligation is to himself. Our society has become one in which a man’s most efficient course of action is inaction.
    -Tell you friend-zone-girl how you really feel? Horsecock! By the time it gets to this point you’ve obviously got no other options on the hook. You’re screwed.

  37. The Friendzone clip, hilarious. Rough-looking future cat-lady in comfortable shoes doesn’t wanna “ruin our friendship.” Nice move on his part though, “I don’t want a pity-date, we should just go.”

    1. The fuck? Seriously dude, go back to college or to a trade school unless you want to be confined to menial wage jobs for the rest of your life.

  38. Nice article but your last point: ”and simply go abroad to bang hot foreign girls.” is something to be encouraged. Not only does it open up the perspective of the traveller on the inflated pussy stock bubble in the west but also exposes guys to real femenine women.

  39. Ok, i’ll start off by saying all that is being said about College, false rape charges, etc. I was saying over 17 years ago, and people looked at me like I was crazy; I never attempted to go to University for all the reasons being mentioned now back then. One thing that was very clear to me that College, MTV Spring Break, and all the hook up “care free” parties; if you didn’t have 6 pack abs and look photoesque in a jock strap, at best you were going to be used and shit on, at worse faced with a false rape accusation, or a severe beating. What happened is a whole generation of college aged men did not get the memo, so you had fat, unattractive, or just nerdy men acting like the Brad Pitts and Ryan Goslings, so the rape and sexual assault accusations went though the roof. Understand this, Unattractive and Sexual Predator are synonymous in western culture. And one has to understand no matter how much you work out, diet, and kill yourself in the GYM you WILL NEVER GET a lean muscular physique; it is a birth right plain and simple. The sooner more and more young men wake up to this the better off they will be……

  40. If I was a young guy today, I would just take full advantage of the hook up culture. Girls are sluts today and easy to bang. Put up an emotional wall. Have cool guy roommates for your companions. See 5 hot chicks at a time. Bang them. Call them a slut. Next them. Bring in a new one. Repeat. If every guy did this young girls would stop riding the CC and not be so easy to give it up to just anyone.
    As an adult with a son I think one of the best things you can do is encourage your son to join a fraternity. In a fraternity a guy learns masculine characteristics, game, the truth about women, and how to trust and validate himself through his close friends rather than thots.

  41. Young men need to find what they want to bust their asses for to further themselves. I know it sounds cliche, but it’s true. What do you want to make, ideally it should be physical, but written or artistic work is fine as well. Make sure this is something that won’t be completely ruined for you doing all day every day. And make sure you’re doing this for yourself, in this world today, you must produce your own purpose, and you will be of no use to anyone else until you have figured that out. You won’t necessarily make more money, but your quality of life will be greatly improved as will your luck with the ladies.
    Continue wage cucking until you have enough of a cushion to work on your project full time, but in the mean time, start laying the groundwork so that you can get all of your money from it – build your website, start drawing designs, etc. At this point it should be obvious, but I’ll say it anyway, this needs to be something you produce because you will be selling it, it cannot simply be something you do – if you play guitar, make sure you record to sell on iTunes or similar. Likewise, it should be obvious that this is a philosophy, not a plan, you need to do the planning yourself.

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