How Book Publishing Got Cucked

Before I decided to take the leap in to self-publishing, I tried to get my novel published by one of the Big Four only to receive a slew of rejection letters. Perhaps my work wasn’t good or perhaps there was something wrong with me (there was). But perhaps due to financial and social factors the legacy publishing industry is seriously compromised—seriously cucked—creating an almost impenetrable barrier for men who want to present novels with traditional masculine perspectives sans the usual political correctness. Authors like Wilbur Smith, can still get their work out there due to a bestselling track record (he’s been around since Ian Fleming actually wrote James Bond novels) but for new guys? No chance. How did it get this way?

Corporate Consolidation

The Big Four (basically companies that still PRINT and bind physical books and actually pay you for your work, giving a work at least mild prestige) have the same problems as the Hollywood studios. Due to being bound to the accountants of their corporate overlords (Simon & Schuster is owned by CBS, HaperCollins by NewsCorp, Penguin Random House by Bertelsmann & Pearson and Hachette Livre is a French multinational) they are bound to making a profit, therefore bound to trends, bound to what’s popular, bound to what people are spending money on in the current moment.

Nothing wrong with addressing consumer demand. If they like toasters, give them toasters. But creative works aren’t dishwashers, tires or earmuffs. But the companies try anyway, they have shareholders to answer to after all. They follow trends because there’s really nothing else to follow; the need to turn profit is too great and the overhead is too high. A book launch has practically become like a Hollywood production in terms of budget.

Due to the rise and appeal of self-publishing, the Big Four have to dangle the carrot of a big advance, which lessens the amount of books they choose to publish, then they have to spend big bucks on marketing said book. Since there isn’t a large pool of books to hedge against (a successful novel offsetting the failures), since the days of backlist bestsellers are dead, almost every book needs to be a home run of some sort. So, if one book about teenage wizards sells, you will see a glut of books about kids endowed with supernatural gifts (Harry Potter begat Percy Jackson which begat Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and on and on).


Not books but BRANDS

It’s like what Ayn Rand wrote of architecture in The Fountainhead: “It was not necessary to design buildings any longer, only to photograph them; the architect with the best library was the best architect. Imitators copied imitations.” (Doubtful The Fountainhead would have been published today)

Literary Agents

But legacy publishers don’t want to spend too much time and money vetting everything that comes through the turnstile. They have literary agents to do this for them. The literary agents are the pimps of this trade but unlike real pimps—who have to resort to deceit and/or forced coercion to lure in their hookers—the agents have the luxury of the whores begging them for a place at the table.

They don’t have to go looking for material—it comes to them! Because every agent knows that if an aspiring novelist wants to see their book on the Barnes & Noble bookshelf (preferably at the front of the store), they need an agent to present their works to the publisher. They know they have the keys to the gates.

That’s why there’s websites and articles and panel discussions at writer’s conferences regarding how to write the perfect query letter to agents. Some authors spend a couple of weeks on their beseeching letter. If you’re lucky, in about two months you’ll get a form reply thanking you for sending them a sample of your work but unfortunately it just isn’t for them (“While I think this has potential, I’m sorry to say that it isn’t quite right for my list.”).

A Corrupted Culture

An obvious sign of a feminine run business—most literary agents are women—nobody wants to come off as mean or judgmental. No, everyone wants instead to be seen as grateful and courteous. No one wants to get in to anyone’s bad graces after all…

But why? What’s wrong with burning a few bridges? Because there’s less and less bridges to burn. The byproduct of this is everyone being scared of everyone else because there is less pie to pass around. If I anger this executive today, I might not be able to make ends meet tomorrow. Consolidation in a business run mostly by women and beta males has created an environment of political correctness and groupthink. They’re committing “liberalcide” (thanks to Stefan Molyneux for that great word). It’s no wonder then there’s no surprise or outrage when you see an agent say: “If your story concerns a straight, white, male then I’m not interested,” (real quote).

So the poor economics has resulted in subsequent cultural decay (or cultural decay has resulted in poor economics). Liberal gender politics are playing a crucial role in a business model in decline. But rather than to reflect and set a correction course, they’ve doubled down, and now the business is cannibalizing itself. This ever more consolidated business is only looking for something that will cast a wide net, make them a lot money, but at the same time virtue signal to the correct groups while hopefully appealing to as many critics as possible to bring them prestige so they can pat themselves all on the back for thinking or promoting the right thing. Meaning they have to find the most generic and least offensive shit possible.


Typical Drug Store Bookshelf

Please note that most of the edgy, politically incorrect material is produced by gay men (Bret Easton Ellis, Chuck Palaniuk and soon Milo Yiannopoulis). Milo pointed out on his podcast that gay men have “less to lose” than a straight man with a family; an accurate assessment in today’s easily offended snowflake culture. So what’s a straight white male author to do?

For adult work, if the lead is straight, the protagonist being another race helps (James Patterson’s Alex Cross). But if the main character is a straight white male, the best friend needs to be black, maybe Hispanic, but they prefer black (note the characters of Robby Jackson and Domingo Chavez in Tom Clancy’s books) or if the character is a loner he needs to help the appropriate disadvantaged groups (think Jack Reacher) fight typical villains (Corporate America or rednecks). If it’s an international spy thriller, the protagonist MUST question, maybe even refute the mission his country gave him because, hey, the U.S. is just as evil as her enemies (Robert Ludlum, Eric Van Lustbader etc.). Face it, successful contrived novels is a very narrow target to hit and it takes time to hone those skills.

Authors Looking To Score


This Could Be ME

But maybe it just isn’t the business and social conditions of the publishing industry that have a problem. Maybe the motivations for this type of author (myself included), the one who endlessly submits himself to this sort of literary panhandling, are wrong. It’s kind of like all those reality shows: American Idol, The Voice, Cupcake Wars, MasterChef, Top Chef, The Bachelor and all the rest—they all emphasize the big score.

If you have the right skills or right looks or right personality (i.e., right minority background with accompanying sob story of being a single, disabled mom) then a panel of judges—a panel of gatekeepers—consisting of at least one handsome but mean Brit (Simon Cowell, Gordon Ramsey etc.), after putting to shame all the wannabes, all the jokesters who thought they were talented, after the initial rounds (usually the most entertaining), then they will decide, THEY will determine who is the NEXT American Idol, MasterChef, Top Chef or Bachelor/Bachelorette, and THE CHOSEN will receive all the riches. And the chosen are usually that likable, talented, grateful, humble chap—or that sympathetic yet cheerful in the face of adversity minority with a plight filled back story who makes a mean chimichanga…the only reason anyone would subject themselves to that level of bootlicking is the possibility of life-changing riches at the end.

Instead of grinding away, blogging, hustling, connecting via social media, establishing a customer base—instead of taking those steps—the author sees the amount of money a few are making (J.K. Rowling is the richest woman in England, Stephen King is a land baron, James Patterson is worth north of $200 million etc.) and think that could be them too…as long as I please the gatekeepers…but the gates have gotten taller and taller. It’s become a literary lottery. And the chances of succeeding in this industry are only slightly better than your average Vegas slot machine or Reality TV competition.

This industry, a mix of bad business and bad politics is slowly imploding and without a dramatic correction it will only get worse. But men like me thankfully have a fail-safe: Self-publishing. Thank God for the tech boom that brought it about. And thank God for guys like Roosh, Mike Cernovich, Vox Day, Barry Eisler and J.A. Konrath for showing the way.

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157 thoughts on “How Book Publishing Got Cucked”

  1. Not sure feminism is to blame for these trends. After all, the market dictates the sales, so if men prefer watching television or playing fantasy football, you cant blame the publishers if women are the demographic still actually purchasing books.
    Plus the rise of the ebook has been a disaster for the more vulnerable publishing houses.

    1. Got to wonder, which came first? Did the available books slowly crap out and leave men disinterested? Never mind what’s been assigned for high school and college level reading lists – how would a guy develop a taste for reading if it’s never been encouraged as part of his life?

  2. “When an organization becomes feminized, priority shifts from efficient and profitable production of goods and services to the development of labyrinthine rules for the comfort and security of women. Ossification and organizational death are inevitable.”
    Every. Single. Time.

    1. I watched over the decades as the fine art/gallery scene underwent this transformation. Quality plummeted. The purpose of galleries and art itself of being creative beautiful and sometimes shocking in content (rather than just visuals) changed to this comfort and security of women, promotion of far left ideals, any creation is fine art, everyone is an artist, and an intolerance for anything “masculine” in nature.

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          Who do you like the football games this weeekend?

        2. Heh. Post a selfie while the EMTs are en route – what is the world coming to. NFL – Atlanta -6 vs. the Seahawks today is the weirdest line that I have ever seen for an NFL playoff game (which points hard at Atlanta winning, although I’m laying off of the game due to its weirdness). The only game that I really like this weekend is the Cowboys tomorrow at -5 against the Packers. I’ll cough a few hundred up for that one, for sure, unless the line takes a nosedive (which it probably won’t). Looks like a lock…but there is no such thing as a sure thing. Only a 90% sure thing. The Cowboys game is one of those 90% sure things.
          ***Update: On second thought, with the line in the Atlanta vs. Seattle game now at Atlanta -6.5, take the Falcons -6.5, because Vegas is begging the plebes to bet on Seattle.

        3. See this is exactly my point. If men are sitting on their collective butts watching sports instead of finding books to read, you can’t really blame publishing for trying to find their targeted audience; women.
          That said: Pats, Packers, Steelers, Seahawks.

        4. LOL. No way the Pats dont win it all…I wish Brady would retire already, the AFC is anticlimactic

        5. Us men can multitask. We can mess with computers, read books, and watch the games. Unless you are a basketball fan, in which case watching each game will take up all year.

        6. He might win the AFC easily, but the NFC teams can give him trouble. Although you might be right since Eli is gone. 😛

        7. “Help. Ive fallen and I cant get up! Time to post a selfie.”
          Blame the patriarchy for footpaths.

        8. That’s a terrible thing to wish for cheeseburger! You’re wishing to ruin 16-19 of my Sundays every Autumn/Winter. Now, is that a nice thing to do?

        9. Im a Jets fan. Our LB knocked out Drew Bledsoe during a game, enter Brady. 15 years later, he wont go away

      1. Yupp,,As they say ?? Not because there’s snow on the roof, that there’s no fire in the chmney ??

    1. Man this picture brought out visceral emotions in me. I want to insult this girl right to her face.

  3. Any breakdown on who buys the most books? Even if white men arent #1, Im pretty sure they are #2. If you want to increase book sales, you want to fish where the fish are…yet publishers are nonplussed as to why they cant get sales to increase

    1. I think it’s an age thing: young people do not read. It’s 50+ crowd who are reading nowadays.

      1. Yep, and most are older women and the bestsellers often involve romance and crime, similar to the popularity of channels like ID and Lifetime among the same demographic.

  4. Stick with the classics.
    Take science fiction. It’s been taken over by Leftists.
    Stick with Verne, Wells, Heinlein, Clarke, Doyle etc

    1. and even if some of these authors were socialists, it was in terms of idealism / utopian ideal not in terms of cultural marxist “we’re all equal” tripe

  5. When I was in middle school, I used to read the Redwall Abbey books by Brian Jacques. Funny how nobody reads the fantasy novels with subtle Christian themes written by a Frenchman but everyone reads the sorcery shit written by a woman.

    1. Oh wow, Redwall was the best! I think I have Martin the Warrior around here somewhere. I haven’t thought about those books in years.

  6. Having a reliable faithful black sidekick goes back pretty far: think of the Cayman islander Quarrel in Ian Flemming’s Bond novels.

    1. We know in reality, Quarrel would have been like, “Fuck this shit. Dr No? More like Dr. Ah hell No! I’m outta here cracka. You on your own honkey!”

  7. I remember some chicks at my college obsessing over the Hunger Games series of books. I suggested they read The Long Walk by Stephen King’s pseudonym Richard Bachman. That idea got shot down, despite the stories both revolving around a contest held by a powerful government for the public’s entertainment. So I suggested the Japanese novel Battle Royale, which is along the same vein and is much more detailed (about a 1000 pages) and brutal. Shot down again. They did not care about these books it turns out because each one lacked a strong female protagonist and a romance subplot. Go figure. Both came out before The Hunger Games, by the way.

    1. What’s funny is that authors have their works go out of print for political reasons: Stephen King;s book Rage was about a school shooter and it has gone out of print so as to not inspire real shooters.

    2. Well theres a new Wolverine comic out, written by a woman. The twist? Wolverine is…a woman! The most violent character(at least, in my day) is now a broad. They’ll like that, shoot this reco over to your girlfriends

    3. If the “Hunger Games” was some obscure and relatively unknown book series that nobody cared about, not one of those chicks would obsess over them, female protagonist or no female protagonist.

      1. Every chick I have ever known has pushed me to read Harry Potter. They are all like a hive mind when it comes to books. They all read Fifty Shades, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and maybe a few others but they lack the variety of most male readers. Oh, and non-fiction is a no no for most of them.

        1. which is why publishers love them so much, as long as something is a little hype they are going to buy it. they are cash cow.

    4. Funny. I wonder if Stephen King would ever have been popular if he was a Milennial or late Gen X. Things were so much different in the 70’s compared to now in so many ways.

      1. He wrote a scene about a little girl getting gangbanged by her friends in the sewers so I say he could either be hated or celebrated by women today.

        1. Ah yes. It. I have no idea how he got away with that. Then again, George Martin described Daenerys getting railed by the Dothraki lord in the first GOT book years later. It is interesting both are quite on the SJW side of the political equation.

        2. King is a massive Liberal, but I have a feeling he would not be as popular if he was just starting today. Carrie might be popular because she is powerful later on and religion is slammed, but I just do not see any publisher now picking him up when it comes to most of his works. In fact, I am sure we would not have most of our classics if it came to the publisher’s decisions now. King is best for his short stories, actually. I much prefer those to his novels.

        3. Ditto – his novels are too full of expository BS compared to his much better and more concise short stories.

        4. Even back then, in 1987 or so, I remember reading that passage of the novel IT and thinking: WTF did I just read??

      2. I actually slogged through the whole Dark Tower series. It was interesting in parts, but overly padded. Of course there’s a strong black woman (Susanna Dean / Odetta Holmes) with an irritating catchphrase (“I didn’t go to Morehouse or no house!” Sigh.)
        Won’t even talk about the t.v. adaptation that has Idris Elba (very black) as Roland (very white in the books.)

      3. His taste in music and cars would have to be VERY different, and his overall themes would need to be much more politically correct. But anyone starting out now would not have the advantages he had.
        Of all boomer fiction writers, he is the most nauseating with his political posturing after living the life he’s lived. King is where he is in life precisely because he was able to sell to 77 million of his peers – the overgrown children, mostly white, mostly left leaning baby boomers. He would never make it in the current demographic market with his formula applied today.
        King has always been a hack, but at least he was a talented hack. He profited handsomely off of a less diverse, more homogenized, masculine, and civilized country back when more people paid for good fiction. Now idiots like him lead the charge against preserving what’s left of their once great country while denying how they directly benefitted from a (misogynistic, racist…) culture they claim to despise. I guess it’s ok to be hypocritical once “I’ve got mine!”
        Future fiction writers will be left with a dwindling audience interested only in being spoon fed basic crap as pre-release for equally crappy screenplays.

      1. 20 students remaining.
        15 students remaining.
        10 students remaining.
        Horribly effective writing that is lost on the Hunger Games fans. Battle Royale was pure horror. I loved ever page. Every student had a personality and not one character was wasted.

  8. I think with self-publishing through Amazon (bookbaby), the stigma traditionally associated with self-publishing (used to be called vanity press) has been removed. Now you can have some graphics student do some nice cover art so it’s no longer a barebones plain publication.

  9. ” It’s become a literary lottery. And the chances of succeeding in this industry are only slightly better than your average Vegas slot machine or Reality TV competition.”
    The publishing (and entertainment in general) industry has always been that way. The internet is a godsend to amateurs who are good enough to make a buck without vast marketing machines behind their work, but making a living at writing is just really hard.
    I would venture to say it’s harder now than it’s ever been because many many people pirate anything and everything.

  10. It comes down to tribalism: Jewish literary agents will only give deals to Jewish authors. That’s the elephant in the room.

    1. Let’s start an alt-right book club. This month we’ll be reading Saul Bellow’s Herzog, the post-modern masterpiece about the ennui afflicting successful Jewish Americans. Oy vey!

      1. The first rule of alt right book club is you don’t talk about alt right book club
        Saul Bellow’s Ravelstein (2000) was actually a really good book

  11. For the most part, only White male authors can write about things beyond their own experience. Black and Hispanic authors only write about their experiences as a black or hispanic person. Jewish authors focus on Jewish identity issues. Only white males will write books imagining aliens or talking animals or other cultures.

    1. I’d throw Asians in there as well. They’ve made some incredible fantasy and science fiction.

      1. are you talking manga or graphic novels? I can’t name any asian author other than tess gerritsen

        1. Manga, anime, novels, ancient myth, and religious thought.
          Too tired atm to find u some references.

        2. Battle Royale was from a Japanese author and is brutal, intelligent, and just fun to read.

        3. I find that the vast majority of anime reuse the same old formulas and archetypes too often, substituting quirks for real development. The characters aren’t relatable. I remember Miyazaki saying something to that effect in an interview. I have watched parts of Berserk and Helsing, it did have the action part down. And those kinds of shows don’t necessarily need great plot to watch; I’m guilty of it myself. I like mind games where the viewer could solve the problems themselves if only they were smart enough, rather than pull out some plot device or ridiculous logic. I’ve only actually liked 4 or 5 anime ever though, I might be too critical.

        4. I agree modern anime just like modern books,movies, and video games have sold out and gone with what is safe instead of having pride in their work and creating something new. Yea i also feel like most modern anime(shounen especially) are mere unrealistic power fantasies. I mean come on how many times will we have some lame guy main character have a harem of cute girls that he didnt even work to obtain

        5. guin saga, vampire hunter d. although they have been adapted in manga they are originally from books and they are damn good.

  12. It would be funny if Milo wasn’t really gay. What if it’s just a cover for him to say things that would get a straight man crucified? He has the whole androgynous schtick too: the “thin white duke,” “the pale emperor,” “the snow white dandy,” “ziggy stardust,” the “man who fell to earth” etc. It’s been done over and over again.

  13. This has been going on for awhile: think of Stephen Hawking’s 1988 “A Brief History of Time.” It was a horribly written book, completely unapproachable by the layperson. But everyone bought it because it featured wheelchair-bound Hawking crumpled up in his chair on the cover. He looked smart with his robo-cart and his speech synthesizer and people wanted to appear smart by buying his book.

    1. That’s a piss poor example. Hawking is a genius in his field, who was already famous before he got published. And A Brief History was was never intended to be a “For Dummies” book.

  14. The genius of Jewish authors is their ability to expand any event – no matter how mundane or trivial – into something that others will read.
    Only a Jew could turn a trip to the doctor to get a prostate exam into a short story filled with wry humor and insight.

    1. David Jacoby was locked in a loveless sexless marriage to Sarah Weinbaum. He got more intimate contact during his prostate exam than he got from his wife the past 2 years … oy gevalt!

  15. Not to mention the fact that the overwhelming majority of editorial assistants who actually sift through submitted books and review them and decide what gets bumped up the chain for consideration are rich spoiled Jewish girls from Vassar and Oberlin and other lezzy dyke factories.

    1. Same happens to TV shows. A female executive did not even give Breaking Bad the time of day. Not Jewish, but still!

    2. Indeed. The gatekeepers of all published content are of this ilk. Add to your list: single-and-loving-it! pear-shaped bitter femcunts; married duplicitous ballbusting go-girrl careerists; faggot, envy-ridden, bitchboys; and backstabbing white knight cucksters.
      Like vegans and crossfitters, I can ID these people at a cocktail party within seconds of meeting them. None of these types leave anything ‘at the office’; they are always censoring, posturing, signaling.
      The same SJW/Prog/Feminist/Diversity cultists guard publishing across nearly every platform. Unless you produce and publish your own content, it will not survive.
      Even worse, attempting to push your truthspeak through the gatekeepers will get you run out of most organizations or associations.
      And if you do self-publish and rely on third party adverts or contracts, be prepared for economic backlash at some point. The prog Stasi will make every effort to starve you out.
      The blackball exists. This, among other converging anti-truth mechanisms of the fem-progressive boot heel, is why I ejected from academia and research.

  16. Could this also explain why there has never been a book written from the perspective of a German living through the firebombing of Dresden while we have hundreds upon hundreds of books about Jews suffering in box cars? “Oy vey was it crowded! You think the 6 train is crowded. Fah-get about it!”

    1. Oy vey was it hot in there! You think a schvitz at the 92Y steam room is hot? Fah-get about it!

    2. Hellstorm by Thomas Goodrich is a rare one that details some of the atrocities the German people endured. I highly recommend it.

      1. How about Slaughterhouse 5? Written by Kurt Vonnegut, who was in a POW camp on the outskirts of Dresden and worked on the clean up post fire bombing.

  17. I’m working on two novels:
    One is an account of a Haganah soldier in Palestine in the 30s. Moshe was a brave Zionist willing to do anything for his people and his nation.
    The other one is about Radola Gajda, the Czech fascist leader of the 1930s who served in the Czechoslovak Legion toward the end of WW1.
    Which do YOU think is more likely to be picked up by a publishing house?

    1. The book on the Czech guy but only if you write in a way in which reveals the truths the publication wants to hear and then agree to write a sequel about how his actions lead to 30’s and 40’s Europe.
      Somehow I don’t think they might be keen on you writing anything about Israel.

    2. If you can work in some lampshades and soap in that first novel you’re a shoe in to receive literary awards and acclaim.

    3. Put them both in. Make them secret gay lovers or something. “Forbidden passion … in a world on fire! Could their love survive?”

  18. Isn’t 50 Shades actually very un-PC? I’ve never read it but IIRC it’s about a rich chopper-flying alpha man and rape fantasy.

    1. One need not read that trash to shove the “porn is bad” argument right back into the feminists’ face.

    2. Because it’s “women’s porn” (also referred to {with typical hypocrisy} as ‘sex-positive’ pornography), it’s not un-PC.
      “50 Shades of Grey” incorporates just one aspect of a typical plot for a “women’s porn” story — where the main female character is ‘attracted’ to the typically ‘wealthy but emotionally/psychologically distant’ man, and the main female character is convinced that her “love” for him will change him into a man that she can “love” and will simultaneously ‘make him a ‘better’ man’. (Does that sound familiar?)
      If you research ‘women’s porn’, you will find that it parallels the fantasies of feminism-influenced women.

  19. Want to get a book published?
    Here are a few suggestions:
    1. Ghost write for a person of color, preferably a woman
    2. Subvert all that is good and traditional
    3. mock white males or vilify them (paint them as the antagonist)

    1. This suddenly made me realise that the French term for ghost-writer is actually “nègre” (literally nigger)
      and now we literally have to do the opposite.

      1. in the past, jewish writers would anglicize their names to get published. Now we have to semify our names.

  20. don’t blame ’em, they say every succesful writer of sum sort got rejected big time lots of times, don’t get discouraged and try again and again until you succeed, and take a step back and check if there are things in your books that need to change

  21. It’s a big Jewish circle jerk: Jewish authors getting contracts from Jewish-owned publishing houses, being represented by Jewish literary agents, going on NPR being interviewed by Jewish journalists, and having their books praised in reviews written by Jewish columnists. It’s all wrapped up with a neat little bow, wouldn’t you say?

    1. I just had a big LOL moment because my professor recommended some literature for my bachelor thesis – and it was all by jewish authors and I was just like ‘Nah, I’m not gonna eat this shit.’

    2. alexander solzhenitsyn won the nobel prize for literature but for some strange reason “two hundred years together’ couldn’t find a publisher in any english speaking country.

  22. I didn’t know which article to post this to, so this is a bit random.
    This woman journalist is kind of on our side, but she probably doesn’t know it.
    “There you go, my lovely,’ says the greengrocer, handing over the sweet potatoes.
    ‘Is the “lovely” for me or her?’ I ask playfully, gesturing at my five-year-old daughter. Whereupon an odd thing happens. The greengrocer blanches, swallows and stutters, ‘I didn’t say “lovely”. I didn’t call anyone “lovely”.’
    And what was a good-natured little interaction between two people on a bright and frosty Saturday morning has suddenly been warped into something strained, worrisome.
    Why? Because the man thinks I’m going to ask to speak to his boss, accuse him of a smorgasbord of ‘isms’ and demand some form of retribution/compensation for the affront suffered.”
    She links to this:
    — “Last year, a building firm was investigated by police after a young woman, Poppy Smart, complained about “lecherous” men wolf-whistling at her in the street.
    The 23-year-old filmed the builders’ behaviour and handed it to police.
    It was believed to be the first time police had ever investigated wolf whistling as a potential crime. The investigation was later dropped when Miss Smart said she was happy the men had been internally disciplined.” (Chilling!)
    Celia Walden says this: “[Flirting is] about – as Wikipedia will remind you – ‘a social and rarely sexual activity involving verbal or written communication as well as body language by one person to another, either to suggest interest in a deeper relationship with the other person, or if done playfully, for amusement’. Amusement – remember that? And I’ll tell you something that’s not covered by that definition; something so deeply off-message that I’m half expecting my keyboard to rise up in PC outrage and auto-delete the following words: when talking to a man, I like to be reminded that I am a woman.”

    1. Sorry mate the blue pill conditioned mod deleted the only red pill comment on here. Better luck at rational male or other manosphere sites.

    2. Well things are pretty (&*$#-up in the UK on that front. One of the many reasons I avoid that island. 😀

  23. Is it just me or is anybody else getting tired of seeing the word cucked over-used. That’s so 2016.

  24. I don’t think JK Rowling is the richest woman in England or even close. Both she and the Queen are a way down the rich list. She is worth a few bob though can’t dispute that.

  25. Getting fiction published by New York is a pointless exercise. Lowlist and midlist authors jumped to independent publishing years ago.
    Do whatever you want, on your own. Publish electronic, paper, and audio, all on your own. Learning curve is decent to steep but it can all be done independently now, and you keep 70% royalties. You can even get into BN through IngramSpark or Createspace.
    The only reason to even try traditional publishing is if you have an egotistic need for outside validation. But that’s not manly.

      1. Some people tell me the movie adaptations were racist.
        I just respond “Well, there were arabs und blacks in the movie just take a look at these orcs and uruk hais.”

    1. Leaves me totally indifferent. Conan by Robert E Howard is exponentially better and is so visceral sparks fly off the page so to speak.

      1. The full Conan saga is some of the best ever written.
        Recently I just read The Broken Sword by Poul Anderson…was written before LOTR. Check it out.

    1. One of the few female authors whose book I read a lot of Agatha Christie, that’s about it really

    1. A woman won’t fuck you just because you have the same politics. That red pill truth is difficult to internalize for stormcucks.

  26. There are plenty of authors that push out politically incorrect thrillers. But then again, I can think of a couple that started off self-publishing for similar reasons as above. Once you get a mild seller then suddenly they want you. 😉

  27. Good analysis. Watch Harlan Ellison’s famous rant (very interesting sci fi writer, by the way):

  28. My reading books, come mainly from a site called many books …All type of books on this site & FREE…

  29. I’ve almost given up reading newly published books. They are mostly garbage. The self published books are even worse. But luckily there are thousands of old books I haven’t read yet, and many favourites worth a second read.
    I love Science Fiction (only men read SF), but that has all been replaced by fantasy (for gays and girls) now.
    I absolutely refuse to read anything written by a woman.

    1. Check out The Crimson Shamrock and Pumpkin Farmer, two recently publisher thriller/satire novels set in the Bay Area.

  30. I would happily scarf down a bucket of shit than read any of the disgusting tripe that proliferates and masquerades as ‘reading material’.
    I’ll stick strictly to the classics-Penguin Classics suffice as far as getting my fill of works by Dante, Poe, Greek philosophers and so forth. I read Lovecraft and other similar weird fiction authors and books pertaining to historical figures/history and sport (being that I want to get a coaching licence in soccer/football and also am what is a termed a ‘shooter’ in the vein of Billy Riley, Billy Robinson, Karl Gotch, Georg Hackenschmidt et. al). Beyond that, the rest should be killed with fire.

  31. Read “Trust Me I’m Lying”, you can find it online. Tells you all the strategies to overcome this bullshit.

  32. You guys should make an article about publishing books. We should be putting out media of our own.
    I’m working on a fiction series btw

  33. Milo’s book deal is compelling in the sense that even though he has less to lose because he’s gay, he’s still facing the same backlash that a “cisgendered” straight white male would face to publish the “Dangerous” book. Just a few days ago, Milo was at UC Davis where students got violent, throwing bags of shit at people and eventually the event was cancelled.
    What is more important than the book though are these campus tours. He’s exposing the stranglehold that liberals have had on campuses and how ridiculous their ideologies are. It is funny these people call Milo and his supporters “fascists” but Im not sure they really understand the definition of fascism. Or that calling people racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic etc has no real effect and the people who are actually those things can get away with it because now everyone who disagree with the cultural Marxists are those things.
    Whether there is a net positive gain for us straight men remains to be seen, but I think Milo is doing a pretty good job so far. He definitely is self absorbed and doing much of this for attention (and money obviously), but I believe a lot of what he says has merit and its cool that someone is taking the fight to campuses throughout the country and trying to shed light on the other side of the coin instead of allowing feminism to reign supreme with no one questioning it.

  34. It’s been very obvious whenever I pick up a “nonfiction” book that leans unusually to the left, I flip it over and whaddya know, Simon and Schuster. The CBS connection is no surprise, nor the connection to hippie singer Carly Simon; been nothing but a liberal orgy for decades now. But I admit overall the situation has gotten worse with consolidation.
    Vox Day detailed the decay in his book SJWs Always Lie how the science fiction awards have been corrupted to the point of meaningless SJW participation trophies. At least for aspiring novelists, the old way of becoming a paid author is long dead; self publishing is the only way to go, and I’m sure the big houses are doing whatever they can to limit this avenue for all but the “right” authors.

  35. Say what you will but Chavez Ding (Domingo Chavez) is the best character to use in Rogue spear. But was a master at everything

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