ISIS Terror Shooting At Gay Nightclub Dismantles The Liberal Narrative

The progressive narrative is that all people are “just like us.” Any differences between different groups of people is the result of racism, colonialism, or bad economic policies. The Islamic terrorist attack on the gay nightclub in Orlando has destroyed that narrative.

What we know so far


We know that the shooter, Omar Mateen, was an American-born Afghani Muslim. He had been on an FBI watch list in 2013 after he made inflammatory remarks to a coworker and stated that he had terrorist ties. The FBI interviewed Mateen but closed the investigation. He was put on the watch list again in 2014 after he made contact with a person who later became a suicide bomber. Again, the FBI closed the case as being nothing to worry about.

Although Mateen’s ex-wife said that he was not particularly religious, his father said that he hated the sight of two men kissing. NBC reports that Mateen called 911 and swore his allegiance to ISIS before he started shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. He also reportedly shouted Allahu Akbar while he was doing the shooting.

Mateen entered the nightclub and started shooting around 2:02 AM. There are some reports that Mateen was wearing a suicide vest. He was armed with a handgun and an assault rifle. The police treated it as a hostage situation but it sounds like Mateen was able to do as he pleased for nearly three hours. SWAT didn’t start shooting until around 5:00 AM. Experts have already pointed out that there are similarities between the terrorist attack on the Bataclan nightclub in Paris and the shooting in Orlando.

Obama reacts

Given that the shooting involved gays and Islam, President Obama had his work cut out for him. His speech writers took a long time to come up with a response. The President was silent until nearly 2:00 PM on Sunday after the massacre.

Obama said that the shooting was being investigated as both a hate crime and an act of terrorism. Predictably, Obama’s biggest criticism was aimed at the Second Amendment:

This massacre is therefore a further reminder of how easy it is for someone to get their hands on a weapon that lets them shoot people in a school, or in a house of worship, or a movie theater, or in a nightclub. And we have to decide if that’s the kind of country we want to be. And to actively do nothing is a decision as well.

Obama stopped short of calling it an act of Islamic terrorism. This is probably because the shooting pointed out a giant hole in the narrative that President Obama wants to prevail.

What is the official narrative?

The media, educational institutions, and the government all push one official narrative. On the one side, there are the “good” people who are on the side of progress. These are the gays, transsexuals, furries, atheists, Muslims, Jews, people of color, Hollywood actors, women, feminist men, bronies, and liberal Christians. Any differences between these groups are merely cosmetic. At the end of the day, all of these people are “just like us” regardless of how different their beliefs and practices are. What they mean by “just like us” is that these different groups are all just like liberal, heterosexual, middle class whites.


On the other side there are the “bad” people: Trump supporters, traditional men and women, conservative whites, masculine men, and theologically conservative Christians. You, dear ROK readers, are definitely on the “bad” side because masculinity is bad. Very bad.

The overarching narrative is that the bad people are what spoil it for everybody else. So the Left (and their cuckservative enablers) have led a jihad to minimize the influence of the bad people by importing more people of color, especially Muslims. The thinking is that by importing more good people, the retrograde effect of the bad people could be countered. The terrorist incident at the Orlando gay club has destroyed this whole liberal narrative.

Islam is not compatible with liberal culture


Homosexual being thrown to his death in an Islamic country

The mistake that the non-elite leftists have made is that they have believed their own propaganda. Because religion plays no role in their own lives, leftists believe that it doesn’t play a role in anyone’s life. They can’t imagine that there is a group of people out there that is willing to kill and die for their faith.

Islam is that group of people. Unlike Christianity, which allows men to create laws based on Christian principles, Islam has a strict code called Shariah that it claims is divinely inspired. If it is divinely inspired, it cannot be changed. Unfortunately for liberals, under Shariah law, the penalty for homosexual behavior is death. This is why homosexuals are hurled from the tops of buildings in the Middle East.

Another problem is that Islam views itself as being in a perpetual state of war with all non-Muslims. While Muslims are permitted to live peaceably for a time, it is only until they are able to gather critical mass to mount an offensive against the unbelievers. This is what we are witnessing in Europe and now in the US.

There are things we can do

No, not this.

No, not this.

Every time there is an Islamic terrorist incident, we always get the same response from our leaders: “It is very sad, but there is nothing that could have been done (besides restrict gun ownership for the entire population). Terrorism just happens randomly. Light a candle, hold hands, and wait for the next terrorist incident.” We must no longer allow our politicians to adopt this passive approach. There is almost always something that could be done to close the holes in the system that allowed the terrorist to act.

Islamic terror in the US is often related to a breakdown in US immigration policy. The family of the Boston bombers were admitted to the US under poorly written asylum laws. In her book, Adios America, Ann Coulter describes how the asylum laws are easily abused. Yet neither the Republicans nor the Democrats have lifted a finger to close the asylum loophole.

The situation with Omar Mateen raises similar questions. Mateen was born in the US, but his family is from Afghanistan. According to Pamela Gellar, his father, Seddique Mateen, is a supporter of the Taliban who also had a political Islam TV show. The father was running for president in Afghanistan. Why was the Mateen family admitted to the US in the first place? And why was an alleged supporter of the Taliban, the enemy that the US is fighting, permitted to remain in the US?

Once we know the answers to those questions we need to hold our politicians accountable to actually closing the loopholes that allows Islamic terrorists to gain a foothold in the US.

The current approach to fighting Islamic terror is not sustainable


The policy of the US when it comes to Islamic terrorism is to pretend that it has no relation to Islam. Thus, the US continues to import Muslims. But, each new Muslim arrival increases the threat of Islamic terror. To counter that threat, the US steps up surveillance, but to ensure it is not profiling, it increases surveillance of all citizens. One of the shocking revelations that came out of the Edward Snowden affair is that the vast majority of the information gathered on innocent US citizens has no relation to terrorism.

But it is impossible to watch everyone. Real threats, like Omar Mateen, will drop off the radar. As long as there is a large Muslim presence in the US, a certain percentage of terror attacks will get through. This approach is unsustainable. It is not possible to keep increasing the surveillance state and to keep increasing the Islamic population in the US. The only solution is to curb Islamic immigration. Donald Trump’s proposed ban on new Muslim immigration would go a long way of stopping the problem from getting even worse. Deporting known terrorist sympathizers would also help.


The Leftist narrative that everyone is “just like us” has been destroyed but don’t expect the masses to understand this. Our government and media elites will double down on the narrative and use this tragic incident as an excuse to grab yet more power and control.

Still, at least some people are going to realize that the narrative is a lie. They will become our allies as we set out to create a healthy nation.

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582 thoughts on “ISIS Terror Shooting At Gay Nightclub Dismantles The Liberal Narrative”

  1. I want to know what ROK readers think of the conspiracy theorists all over Youtube saying this shooting was another HOAX.

    1. Those are the automatons that spread misinfo, and help dismiss those with real and logical facts. They usually start calling it a hoax before the facts come out just to poison the water. IMO

      1. Yeah, I’ve noticed how every single terrorist outrage is proclaimed on YouTube as a false flag almost as soon as its happened just as every celebrity who does is now said to be a satanic blood sacrifice. Whether its disinfo or idiots trying to generate viewing figures the c effect is the same: anything that really does need scrutiny needs to compete with the bullshit

        1. true, I think people like Alx Jones contributed to this phenomenom unfortunately.

        2. Probably. It’s become another product. Alex reminds me of Anchorman sometimes

        3. Imagining him saying “whale’s vagina” in that gravelly voice…

        4. Ah yeah the videos in which youtubers think they are some kind of Dexter-ish forensic experts, analysing blood spatter and stuff.

        5. He just shouts everything. And it always echoes as though he was in a whales vagina

        6. I don’t mind the genuine tin foil hat types. They might always be into something but most of them now are just going for viewing figures and entertainment

        7. Yes exactly my thinking. It’s like the system absorbed tin foil hats as part of its anatomy.

    2. We go by logical facts and evidence in this corner of the internet. Conspiracy theorists, at least the ones I know, are all hard core leftists.
      I don’t see this as a conspiracy, not without any evidence to back up such an assertion.

      1. Roosh for instance believes all Hollywood A listers had to go thru sodomy to attain their current status. That’s certainly a conspiracy theory and Roosh is far from being a Leftist
        A lot of ROK readers believe 911 was an inside job as well if I recall properly

        1. I’ve seen polls showing that something like 60 percent of Democrats think Bush did 911

        2. I don’t think it’s as simple as that. If anything, he put those articles up to both demonstrate how corrupt and degenerate Hollywood is to the rest of us, and to get us thinking critically.
          There are parts of that theory which can be validly argued, such as the statements made by Corey Feldman and Elijah wood, and the expose on Bryan Singer’s pedophile orgies.
          Given those examples, plus the fact that child stars are usually fucked up for life, we can reach the same conclusion about Hollywood as those who believe that it’s run by a hedonistic occult society. The difference is that we used valid links and solid arguments to get there.

        3. The casting couch is a well known thing outside of ROK. Given the current trendiness with being gay in Hollywood, you can probably assume that some, maybe not all but some, folks are “recruited” in order to get a role, much like chicks were banged by producers to get a roll in the 1950’s. Don’t have any real way to prove that though, but I think it’s at least plausible.
          911, inside job? Who believes that, precisely? If it’s “a lot”: then surely you can name names, right?

      2. Many conspiracy theory’s exist because people see the facts and use them to make logical conclusions.

        1. There are different veins of conspiracy theories. Ones backed by evidence and a logical fact pattern are fine (fast and furious, anything involving coward piven, etc).
          On the other hand, there are theories which suggest that we were put on earth by lizard men. These are the ones I reject.

        2. Well yes obviously, interestingly enough the more conspiracies you believe the more likely you are to believe more. This has lead to what is called the grand unified conspiracy theory, which tries to tie aliens to obama to Jesus to the moon landing to the JFK assasination. Its actually pretty funny.

    3. As a former secular libertarian that grew up with many liberals and a recent religious conservative that hung out with many on the right, I’ve been pondering for a few years now which side has the crazier conspiracy theorists. I’ve seen em all on both sides. They hijack every public gathering, blithering on forever. Rarely does a moderator have the balls to tell them to STFU. Conclusion: conspiracy theorists are a universal fact of human nature and it’s not going away. They’re just as proliferate and obnoxious on both sides. And occasionally they’re right and you’re the dumb ass.

    4. I think it’s going to be status quo from now on that people automatically reject things their government tells them, because it has been shown to lie, and lie compulsively. Lie about things that don’t even matter. Lie about big, important things. But lie constantly and continuously. Therefore people will go so far the other direction and insist on proof of every little thing the government asserts. I have no problem with such a position. Just don’t put your faith in the hoaxers either.
      To your specific point, I think the motivations and cause of this particular individual event are of less importance than the overall theme and ramifications afterwards. Think about the twin towers. There is now growing evidence that it was not Taliban or Bin Laden but instead Saudi Arabia that was the cause. But step back and take a big picture view. Is the person and his reasoning (while important) really the big story? Or is it far more important what the ramifications were that came after (Patriot Act, TSA, FATCA, CISPA, ICE, warrantless wiretaps, no fly lists, endless war for 15 years, a bankrupt economy, high unemployment, etc.)?
      I would argue that as time progresses the individual actors are of gradually waning importance and the reaction by governments and society is more important. Look at Gavrilo Princep. He is the man who murdered Archduke Ferdinand, which resulted in The Great War. At the time I’m sure everyone was focused on who he was, why he did it, what nation he was from, what his beliefs were.
      But in the grand scheme of history, what mattered was how others reacted to it. That one murder resulted in the single greatest massacre of modern civilization, and the first crack in the wall that lead us to modern feminism and the insane world we lived in. Had the murder been handled differently, the world would be a far different place.
      So yes, it matters to a degree whether this guy was really disgruntled and hated fags or whether it was a sting operation, or what have you. But that’s a relatively minor detail. Because either is a *possibility* and could happen tomorrow. What is more important is what is done in the aftermath. I don’t know, but I’m thinking it will be increasing the War on Terror and ramping up gun control, 2 really bad ideas.

      1. And possibly a “need for an internet licence” and a “pre-crime beaureau ” like in Minority Report by Philip K. Dick.

    5. The FBI report on Sandy Hook stated that NO ONE died. It was a hoax. It is no secret that the Govt is taking Radical extreme measures to outlaw guns. Combined with TV soundbites and selected pics they brainwash the public who believe if it is on TV it must be true. It may not be a hoax but given what we know about govt going back to Kennedy, it is not imprudent to question that it might be. 911 did not happen the way the govt said.

    6. A hoax is when the event didn’t really happen the way it was reported as happening, such as the Sandy Hook massacre. A false flag is when the incident is blamed on persons or groups who had nothing to do with it. And there is the entrapment event, like Oklahoma City, or the JFK assassination, where some of the people involved are sincere, and others are there to manipulate the people and the situation so that it goes down the way the manipulators want and also make sure the blame is place where they want or to make sure that the situation is so confused and murky that nobody will ever in a million years be able to prove anything. If nobody died at the Orlando shooting, then it was a hoax. If people died but the shooter was a patsy under the control of intelligence operatives, then it was a JFK situation. I read that there were possibly 1 or 2 other shooters who escaped in the confusion. Who could they be? A lot depends on knowing if they exist and who they were before we can jump to conclusions. Don’t jump to conclusions before you know the facts.

  2. Now I’m reading that Mateen’s wife is claiming that he abused her. That’s 2 strikes against the narrative.

    1. His ex-wife seems to me a total attention whore. She’s out there taking full advantage of this tragedy to put herself right in front of the camera and play victim to draw sympathy. Sickening.

      1. Well, we don’t know all the facts on this. If she went to the police about his assaults on her and they did nothing, and she’s now gone to the media to say “Look, if the police had done their jobs then he’d have been in prison and wouldn’t have done this, but they wouldn’t take action for fear of offending Islamic cultural sensibilities.” Then fair enough, that’s the sort of thing that needs attention drawing to it. Might have been classier of her to wait a seemly amount of time, but otherwise I can’t fault her on that.
        If, on the other hand, she never reported the assaults to the police and has only come out with all this now, then I agree with your sentiments wholeheartedly.

        1. She was on the national TV spotlight even before Obama addressed the nation.
          If you truly want to help authorities, you meet with them in private and reveal as little of yourself to the general public as possible.

        2. True, which is why I speculated a hypothetical scenario wherein she’d gone to the authorities in private before and they’d done nothing, making her feel like her only other option was to go to the media. But like I said, if those conditions (namely, she went to the authorities before this incident and their response was wholly inadequate) aren’t met then you’re right to say she’s just an attention whore.

        3. It is very unlikely that if she had gone to the authorities regarding a domestic abuse situation that the authorities did nothing. They would’ve had every available resource at her resident.

        4. That’s probably true, but there is a slim chance that they would’ve been leery of offending Muslim sensibilities and so avoided intervening. That’s what happened in Rotherham when roving gangs of Muslims were noncing underage girls …

        5. True. Give an attention whore a little money and a camera…she’ll tell you everything.

    2. Dont think so. If you wanna rationalize, you can rationalize anything.
      Here, for example: Mateen abused the wife, that means he was an male abuser, that means he killed 50 people because he was a male abuser, so the problem is that he was a male, Islam is innocent, males are guilty.
      Jean Raspail said a few months ago a very interesting thing in an interview: everything is crystal clear right now. The ones that are still in denial right now, they will keep being in denial no matter what happens.

  3. Wait a minute, this guy calls 911 before the attack and tells them what he’s going to do, and instead of immediately attack him they let him kill 50 people over the course of 3 hours? Something doesn’t smell right. Looks like a pretext for gun control, because in prog-tard la la land obviously without an evil “assault weapon” none of this would have happened.

    1. You’d think that the police would’ve learned from columbine, particularly what happens when you let a shooter run around unchallenged by someone with a firearm of their own.

      1. Tear-gas the bastard the instant you hear shots fired. So far, none of the insurgents have had protection, so they’ll be temporarily unable to retaliate effectively. Then blow his ass to kingdom come.

        1. You got to see the bastard and the moment the gas hits the floor, what do you think he is going to do? Start shooting more club patrons. It was almost a no-win situation for the cops.

    2. Also, take note that this is exactly why you should be armed. The cops aren’t coming to help you. For three hours.

      1. And the FBI checked him out and said he was A-OK. That tells you all you need to know about the police.
        We need our guns back.

        1. Yeah – think about that the next time they want to talk about more background checks. This fuck had TWO, and was also under investigation for terror twice. Yet the organization that does both of those things couldn’t put it together. There must be a loophole somewhere…..

        2. No shit – these incompetent morons like to use their badge entitlement as much as they can except when it might actually matter!

        3. Not only that, but they completely absolve themselves of any responsibility. The exact quote from the FBI was “He was a known quantity.”
          The hell he was!? Known quantity implies you have accurately gauged the guy and his potential for harm. Which clearly was not done! Keep in mind the person in charge of public relations for the national police force is someone trained for the full time job of disseminating info to the press and is precise about the language they use. The statement means one of two things:
          1) They are lying–the guy was a “familiar name” as someone they had previously interviewed and investigated but they had no evidence of anything more and did not believe there was the potential for any more serious crime–in other words he was a completely unknown quantity.
          2) Their statement as made is true and accurate, meaning the government knew exactly who this guy was, that he was unstable and likely to kill, and allowed him to do so.
          Which is more scary?

        4. Let nut jobs have guns in the hope that one day they go on a shooting spree, so that the Gov can then take all guns away from good people.

        5. Its the same with the Boston Bombings, the underwear bomber, The Woolwich Killers, and many other killers. The authorities know who these people are and let them carry out their attacks. I wonder why.

        6. The background checks are for you and I. To keep us in line. Also, they can say “we did our job. Not our fault if he went nuts afterwards.”

    3. Progressive values – gun free zone, pussy cops that take three hours and are too scared to take the guy down. Remember terrorist attack attempted in Texas, shooter was gunned down, no massacre. Also after this attack, progressives will say how ROK and religion is bad. They never stop at attacking one group of traditional men who have traditional family values or religion, sadly, attack one and it will open the door to more progressive values. If it weren’t an Islamist it could likely be a Mexican gangster, even atheist gangsters are homophobic.
      I think this attack benefited progressives the most – they can say ROK & Christianity also have Islam-like elements of patriarchy. I haven’t seen anything that has benefited Obama’s agenda as cynically or well from gun control to gay marriage to Christians are bad as this. Remember the one shooting after progressives got confederate flags banned.
      Interestingly enough Putin’s gay propaganda in front of kids ban that progressives protest would have prevented such a massacre from happening.

      1. It is the job of the police to keep order, not to get shot.
        Which is exactly why you have the right to be armed.

        1. This. They’re not in it to protect the population, no matter what their motto is. If it comes down to me or them, they’ll always choose themselves.
          If society is to survive, we should each arm ourselves to protect each other first. As the Apostle Paul wrote, “Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others.”

        2. I dont agree. This is a matter of too much being asked. When you ask cops to enforce bans on cigarretes you are asking them to risk their lives and the lives of others enforcing an idiotic law. When you enact draconian drug laws you are asking police to remain honest in the face of unbelievable temptation.
          When for the sake of a quick buck and quicker vote you train youth to be feral you are asking police to restrain themselves from brutality in the face of unlimited provocation.
          We (or rather you, since I left the US) have too many stupid laws enacted by too many childish people. Most of who, should have been made to sit down and shut up.
          I had a Mexican friend, a real stand up guy, who got seriously involved in the community, he was a real prince, he told me that the school board was dominated by fat meddlesome women. Why? Because the real men generally didnt care. Thats just an example. The women are there to carry out our will, not make policy. Nerds exist because men abandon their obligation to strengthen themselves. These things are all part of the same problem.

      2. Dude, that is a BAD comparison. The situation in Garland, TX was one in which the event holders hired EXTRA security because the event was to mock the prophet Mohammed. So security was on high alert. The Orlando situation was not one where anyone was primed to look for a heavily armed shooter.

    4. Taken together with the fact he was on a watchlist there should definitely be an inquiry. Also 3 hours is odd. Why did they think it was a hostage situation?

        1. Right now it’s a bad idea for a cop to intervene before something happens. Imagine they can get to him BEFORE he kills anybody and they shoot him down, right now those cops would be being judged for using excessive force.
          However, you wait until there’s some dead. And then, you need to shoot him down to stop him, you do it. No problems, no charges.
          Modern America, cops won’t be judged for being too late, but they can risk their career for being too early and avoid the crime.

        2. Correct. Quite a few people of told that too didn’t believe it, so I tell them to ask a cop. He is not obliged to help you and even if you call one, they might refuse to show up.

        3. You can buy body armor actually. Very easily. Same kind they have, hell, military grade level 4 shit even.

        4. You can buy a tank, I know that for certain. Not sure about an Apache.

        5. Yeah, I was speaking of their aspirations rather than current reality. Believe me, I’m getting what I can now in case her Royal Cuntishness gets elected and tries to stack the Court.

        6. Absolutely of the same mind myself.

        7. Here’s the thing about buying tanks and Apaches etc…why the fuck shouldn’t you be able to?
          Bear with me for a minute. Let’s just use the tank example. An M1A1 costs around $5 million. Set aside the costs to fuel it, buy ammo for it, build a repair bay and stock it with repair parts for it, etc… How many people can even afford to buy the base unit?
          You’re talking a small sliver of the 1%. And, most of them could not afford to own more than one or two of them at most.
          To build any substantial army that could challenge the government, you would have to be a multi-billionaire that was committed to building an army of your own and not much else.
          And, let’s not forget, it takes four people to man a tank, so you have to convince three others to die for YOU personally, and you’re going to have to pay them, house them, etc…so that they’re on call for you whenever you want to use your tank.
          And remember, the government can come along anytime if pleases and fire a missile from 50 miles away and destroy your precious expensive tank.
          My point is, there is no threat to the government from allowing individuals to own serious military hardware because most people can’t afford it, and those that can cannot afford enough to be a real threat.
          So I have absolutely no problem with people owning tanks or anything else.

        8. I used to know a guy with a tank. They made him take off the big turret, and I guess machine gun if it had one, but otherwise the tank was his. He drove it on the interstate sometimes.

        9. I knew of somebody who had one too. Had the turret gun though, probably plugged up I’d wager.

        10. My father built a replica armored Vietnam era gun truck and drives it around town with welded/decommissioned .50 cals on turrets in the back.

    5. This entire incident is an argument against gun control. Dude starts shooting at 2 am and the cops don’t bother firing back until 5am? What in the living fuck is that all about?
      “Ok men, show up, hide behind your cars and wait for him to run out of ammo! Let’s get cracking!”
      Unfortunately, that likely is pretty close to what was actually said.
      Buy a frigging gun and carry it at all times. Cops will NOT save you and unhinged jihadis and leftists are out to kill you. Always. Be prepared.

      1. I heard a youtube video where someone who was being interviewed was saying how their was a second person holding the doors closed and not allowing anyone to leave. Apparently they were cut off immediately after they mentioned this. Not sure what that’s all about but there might be more to this than we’re being told.

        1. My only theory is they want to make this out to be a lone gunman as opposed to having multiple Islam people in this one event. If it comes out there were multiple people planning this shooting, it’s harder to establish the narrative than if it’s just one crazed shooter.

        2. I have a similar weird feel about those “two” terrorist, husband and wife team, the last time. I listened to the scanner for hours and for hours heard it was 4 people. Suddenly, it becomes two at the last minute. That makes zero sense.

        3. There are cover ups in this world to suit the narrative. I’ve only heard headlines on the radio, so not fully switched on to what’s happened. Eye witness accounts are vital to unpick what happened… links to any?

        4. There are also rumors going around that the wannabe bomber in California was related to this somehow. Considering how, around the same time as the Orlando shooting, he was readying himself for a similar assault, it’s definitely a planned assault similar to NYE in Europe.

        5. I understand the suspicion but in a chaotic situation like that the facts often get obfuscated and confusion runs rampant…it’s common that nobody knows what the hell is going on or who is doing what to whom…”the fog of war”. So it’s not entirely unreasonable that misinfo was disseminated

        6. Sure. If it’s once or twice, yeah, no question. It was the entire night, for hours and hours, over and over again. Just seems odd to make a mistake that big for that long.

        7. Info wars is all over it. They are the ones that broke the second person story.

        8. I actually read a plausible reason for this on a comment to the Dahboo777 video of the call being cut off. Apparently George Stephanopoulos interviewed a patron who said he was holding the door shut because he thought it was the gunman banging on the door.
          As for another interview I saw linked on Zero Hedge where a guy says he heard full-auto bursts, I’ve heard no counterarguments.

      2. Honestly, I carry at times when I am not supposed to by law. I try to avoid these situations as much as possible, but on occasion I cannot avoid being in a shitty place where my weapon might be necessary.
        The way I look at it is, if something goes wrong, better to be judged by 12 than carried out by 6.

        1. Indeed. If you need to go before a judge, then I would rather explain that I carry for protection (everywhere) versus waiting for the cops to show up (already dead). If that means a fine, a little jail, slap on the wrist (whatever) then so be it….I’ll take it versus dead. It sounds like a better deal, your honor.

        2. while carrying at all times sounds good on paper….the reality is and i caution all about this….the law is specifically designed to fuck you simply for having a gun. some places carry felonies just for having a gun in a gun free zone and this are usually minimum sentences, so you jury of 12 wont do much for you especially if the law is designed in a hardass way like “you must prove you retreated before firing back” or the ever lovely “that guy with a gun saved my life, but traumatized me so officer arrest him please”(not all states have this law but a good chunk do).
          so my point being….if you carry where you cant legally….and you use it….bury the shit out of that body or be ready for jail. even if you live in a castle doctrine state, and have to kill a home intruder, i’d still advice burying the shit out of that body. or as i saw on one investigation TV show….this guy got away with murder for 30 years….why? he put the body in one of those plastic bins in the garage so nobody asked….everyone just assumed it was part of his usual messy garage. and everyone has tons of plastic bins. it was even his now ex-wife, they got into some kind of fight.
          cops are not your friends.

      3. Come on Ghost. Ammo is expensive these days, what with the DHS stockpiling it and all. Would you really want to waste a magazine full of quality ammunition when there’s a good chance he’ll just off himself when he’s done?
        And Hell, there was nobody important in that club just civilians.

        1. Heh. Ammo is pretty cheap again. Capitalism stepped up and market forces prevailed, as always.

      4. I heard on the radio -WABC? maybe?-that there was an armed off-duty police officer in there too…what happened to him? Why didn’t he fight crime and shoot back?

        1. I haven’t heard that yet. Interesting if true.

        2. It was reported there was a policeman working the door as a bouncer. So the response time should have been seconds not minutes or hours.

        3. “Hey Lou, there’s a shooting over at the gay club”
          “All right, let me finish this cup of coffee and get my revolver cleaned up and get my cruiser inspected by Frank, and then I’ll head on over.”

        4. Correct and I too have not heard more of his status. I thought I did hear he returned fire and the shooter retreated toward a restroom where many were huddled.

      5. I can’t stand to watch media anymore, even more so after the meetup debacle, but is ANYONE in media asking this question? That was my initial thought as well. Three hours? Police on a Saturday night are expecting fights / minor violence related to alcohol and should have a decent response force, I would be surprised if it took more than 5-10 minutes to respond to such a call in an urban area.
        It reminds me of Benghazi–the question nobody even asked was what the fuck were we doing operating an embassy in the midst of a civil war? No other nation had Libyan diplomats there I can guarantee you !! When no one asks the most obvious questions, you know you are being completely lied to and manipulated.

      6. They’ll be quick to blast your door down and flashbang an infant even if they have the wrong address of an alleged drug dealer, but hey, I’m just an ordinary citizen, who am I to be critical?

      7. there was a uniformed officer in the club. Second, too many guns in tight quarters like that could have just as many killed and wounded due to panic running and spray firing.

      8. In AUS we had a gunman take some hostages in a cafe in Sydney. The cops literally just surrounded the place and sat on their fucking asses for about 16hrs after which the hostages got tired of waiting and tried to do some heroic shit to save themselves. Bing Bang Boom dead bodies everywhere.
        Was a fucking joke, the cops aren’t going to save you people, you have to save yourselves.

      9. Agreed. Thats why I think they were either told not to move in or they decided they werent going to risk their lives for a bunch of people theyd rather see dead.

    6. False Flag…
      I like how he apparently yelled “Allah Hu Akbar”… just like in the movies.

      1. There is no evidence the CIA was behind the Boston Bombings on 911. Guys like you will make up a conspiracy for everything.
        Or am I jew trying to suppress the truth? Think about it.

        1. Nobody said the CIA was behind the Boston Bombings. But it was bigger than those two youths, believe me.

    7. Assault weapons have no role in the civilian population when you have plenty of side arms, rifles and shot guns available. Even Ronald Reagan, In a speech, said there was no reason to have such weapons in our midst. That said, I don’t like the idea of taking all weapons from the populace. Look at Mexico as a prime exampled of ONLY the criminals and the state police allowed weaponry. Tens of thousands dead.

      1. Disagree. What is an “assault weapon?”
        The second amendment was written to ensure that our citizens could always defend themselves from the government. When facing a government armed with “assault weapons,” whatever those are, it is best to be on equal footing.
        Millions of AR-15s are owned privately, they have been used in a handful of crimes. That’s hardly cause to ban them. The lunatic in Orlando could have killed just as many people with a pistol (I’d actually argue that in close quarters like that he could have killed more with a pistol). Don’t take your eyes off the real problem – the lunatic who kills people.

  4. The liberal narrative gets destroyed on a daily basis. But, with the help of a BIG Media Corporate machine, Alinsky “community organizations”, etc… They will push political Lies until people believe them. I already know how they will respond to something like this (call for gun contrl). But people have been systematically getting dumber and indoctrinated by our hidden masters. These useful idiots are calling for a World Govermnt without even knowing it (No Borders, No Nations,…) because they think they will reach Utopia.

    1. Remember 1963 Congress report. Goals of communism
      23. Control art critics and directors of art museums. “Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art.”
      24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.
      25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.
      26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”
      27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which does not need a “religious crutch.”
      28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.”

  5. Why call 911 to declare your alligence to isis? Have we outsourced 911 to Pakistan? I mean, is that how it’s done? Did he think he was calling 9-11? It just makes no sense. The world has become too complicated. Can’t we go back to blaming video games and heavy metal?

    1. Just to let you know that I’m going to answer the shit out of you.

      1. ok…but I really want to know if it is standard ISIS protocol to declare your allegiance to a 911 operator.

        1. Because pledging your allegiance to Dominoe’s Pizza just wouldnt make any sense.

        2. If you never read Seanbaby’s superfirends page you should. His bit on how the riddler’s only super power was to inform the super friends of exactly where and what the legion of doom was up to in a stupid riddle is brilliant.

    2. I personally don’t think there is such a thing as ISIS. It exists only in the mind as whatever you want it to be. To most Americans, it is some terrifying, dangerous shadow organization planning evildoing left and right. To this guy (assuming this bizarre 911 call was not staged and was a legitimate action he made) it was a group mirroring his beliefs that he wants to through his support behind. To any copycat killer, they can pledge allegiance to and support it, because others have done the same before them. But that doesn’t make it any more real.

      1. I suspect you are exactly right. The thing is, americans are, for the most part, idiots who only understand their world through movies and tv shows. Because of this, fighting any kind of war requires a bad guy. This bad guy needs a flag and a home base. Understanding something like a fighting an ideology is way over the heads of a nation where Julia Robert’s movies make hundreds of millions of dollars. Just can’t do it. ISIS is, essentially, COBRA from GI Joe. All they are missing is a Dr. Mindbender who can gather the DNA from all the worlds greatest terrorists and build a terror emperor, presumably who has a flying version of a Segway scooter and is dressed head to toe in gold.

        1. we agree here. However, the shooter is still a death to America terrorist even if the organization only exists in his head.

    3. It’s not terribly illogical. 911 would guarantee that his message got out to the media. It’s all public record after all. Shooting and dying without leaving any traces is not the style of a lot of these cats. Without attribution their “sacrifice” is meaningless. It’s also why so many terrorist groups jump up and say “we did it!” immediately after any bad thing. Gives them ‘street cred’ and acts as a recruitment tool I think.

      1. Furthermore, if there were multiple shooters, it makes sense for one guy to take the fall so the rest of the cell can plan the next attack.
        A brief glance into the history of the Assassin order (not the one from the video games – the real one) reveals that they would always plan an attack, carry it out, then let themselves get captured so the message would be clear. Calling 911 or leaving vocal Facebook messages behind is an extension of the same.

  6. He was on a watch list. He was a barely legal mateen who should have been a completely illegal one.

  7. “On the other side there are the “bad” people: Trump supporters, traditional men and women, conservative whites, masculine men, and theologically conservative Christians.”
    Conservative minorities are the worst in the leftists mind. Should read the comments section when people like Thomas Sowell, Condoleezza Rice or Clarence Thomas are brought up in their forums. The mask drops and you get a look at what they really all about.

    1. They were calling for Thomas to be next minutes after the death of Antonin Scalia.

  8. The muslims are the perfect useful idiots for destroying the west. Western leftists puppet leaders open their borders for them with a read carpet, and they are salivating and constantly plotting for their domination. But are being implanted for a reason. Problem-Reaction-Solution. The more “diversity” The more the media can race bate and push their agenda. The more it benefits the leftists.

    1. Exactly, it is a problem reaction solution. Then they will use it to attack Christianity and Men’s Rights groups and ROK – because “they also have patriarchy” and ironically it’s patriarchy that protects people from groups like ISIS, a patriarch president Bush went to Afghanistan and kicked their ass. Obama will not fight ISIS, he protects them for being “oppressed”, destroyed 52 battle plans from US military to destroy ISIS, deliberately underfunded US military.
      I would not be surprised if Iran was behind the attack to promote progressive values to weaken the US morale, so they can take over the west.. Christian countries in Eastern Europe didn’t fall for the leftist “refugees welcome” call – and most of those unscreened refugees are Hezbollah male militia. Iran massacres civilians in Syria to flood Europe with refugees while getting Europe to pay them billions to do this through Iran Deal and lift sanctions. Crafty bastards. Iran funds feminist SJW groups like Code Pink to finish what communists did to weaken US morale and work with George Soros. Iran is playing cold war on the US and winning, picked up where USSR left off with the help of George Soros
      1963 on the goals of communism.
      23. Control art critics and directors of art museums. “Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art.”
      24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.
      25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.
      26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”
      27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which does not need a “religious crutch.”
      28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.”

      1. The problem with you argument is ISIS are Sunni Muslims whom the Shia Iranians are fighting in Iraq.

        1. Sorry that’s not true. There was video of an Iranian general in Iraq this month there to fight I did in its stronghold.

    2. Germany was stupid for not holding the male immigrants from the Middle East back for more security checks. But actually read this weekend some are paying coyotes to go back home. Maybe too cold and too foreign for some.

      1. Some might think they were stupid. But this whole show seem pretty well orchestrated and organized. Notice how the media and everybody jumps on the same boat. All of a sudden everybody has turned into a secular Mothr Theresa. Eurocrats were already imposing quotas on its members. Thnk about it. There are many angles to this.

  9. “There are things we can do to prevent this in the future”
    … like shoot any liberal who still refuses to wake up that this is just the beginnings of a culture war.
    And what is it about the stupid queers who are welcoming Islam with open arms? It pisses me off because in the final analysis it will be straight men who will fight the freedoms that include (whether we like it or not) the right for queer boys to suck cock and eat their boyfriends shit, and all the other degenerate stuff they engage in.
    I’m completely straight yet I see this attack as a major blow to freedom. The whole gay community embracing Islam, while at the same time hating on their own fellow countryman who are straight, have just been given a far more vivid picture of what is to come if we do not change things in the other direction immediately.

    1. it will be straight men who will fight the freedoms that include…

      Why does it have to be this way?
      I’m not going to sacrifice my children to the state to fight on behalf of people who are not grateful for that sacrifice.
      And neither should you. Defend yourself and your family if needed, but there’s no reason to risk your own life for people who would gladly destroy your life, your property, your employment, your business and everything else you hold dear because you don’t agree with them.

      1. “I’m not going to sacrifice my children to the state to fight on behalf of people who are not grateful for that sacrifice”
        I hear ya – and hood point. I meant that if we fight for the Constitution, this doctrine protects homos. So fighting to re-instate the Constitution automatically covers this.
        But individual streets? The hetero-hating, goat fucking pervs are on their own.

  10. The left is avoiding to blame Islam like the plague, they are calling for gun control as expected. It’s like a knee jerk reaction reflex for them.

  11. We need to make it clear to women, gays, minorities, etc.
    Your run is over. Now you have only 2 choices.
    Western male patriarchy or Sharia patriarchy. Choose wisely.

    1. If you give them a choice, it shows you are weak, and so they will choose Sharia.

    2. Minorities? Hmm, I thought the problem with muslims is that many of them are deemed minorities by Euro-centric folk?

    3. I’m black and I’d chose the former any day. Sharia runned countries still have slavery in practice and true literal oppression of other minorities. Even if they let us live in peace, we’ll have to pay a Jizya tax, making life even more harder for those in abject poverty, and have refused to convert to Islam.
      It’s insane that the Left does not see the danger Islam poses to their lifestyle. I guess they’d rather value tolerance even if it turns their world into a hellhole.

  12. I love how the “homophobic” conservative media is doing more the protect gay people than the liberals who call themselves their allies. Liberals work for themselves and only use virtue signalling to further their interest.

  13. Basically all refugees are hardcore pussies. All they know how to do is run away from their problems. If they had any balls, they’d fix Syria, Iraq, etc.
    In the 1700’s we had a real problem here, British oppression. We fixed it instead of running away to France lol.

    1. While I agree with you…could this same argument be made for Western man who are fleeing to EE, Asia, etc. for foreign wives/girlfriends?

    2. Eh, but how did the colonists get here in the first place? Fleeing their own oppressive land. Same thing with people who lived in the original 13 colonies but headed out west to the frontier, where life was considerably worse, but more free. Sorry, but you can’t make blanket statements like “relocation is bad”.

      1. They were coming here for economic opportunities and religious freedom, generally speaking. Most of them had no war to flee from (again, generally). There is a difference. When all the young men from a nation leave, that’s a really, really bad sign.

        1. Agreed. And Putin could end all Syrian refugees in 6 months if the US simply backed off (not sure what the effects on refugees have been but he made substantial changes to the likely outcome of the war).

        2. WTF!? end it all how!? But putting a despot back in power? Putin needs to worry about Russia’s SHRINKING population base. His ass might be overrun one day by the Chinese, and former soviet republics and Iranian proxies.

    3. Someone who is willing to go into a gay nightclub and take out 50 people before being shot to death by the police, is not what I would call “a pussy”.
      Part of the problem is that we are retarded. We respect them for their culture and civilizations, things they dont deserve respect for. But we show them no respect for their ability to kill and fight.
      And that is why we import murderers who have no concept of how to live in peace.

      1. Taking out 50 people who were unarmed, well, not exactly the thing a man of courage does. It’s not a challenge and in fact it is very, very cowardly.
        There’s a reason that they don’t go to gun ranges or police offices and open fire. Because they are, in fact, pussies. A dude does go to one of those places and takes out 50 folks, then yeah, clearly not a pussy.

        1. “A dude does go to one of those places and takes out 50 folks, then yeah, clearly not a pussy.”
          Ah yeah like that one huge guy with an Austrian accent in the 80s. Did they finally catch him ?

        2. No, but don’t worry, he’ll be back.

        3. I sort of get his point though.
          I think any man willing to die for what he believes in isn’t a pussy, even if you and I think it’s a fucked up cause.
          He chose a place where he could do maximum damage. Running into a police station with the intent to kill as many cops as possible as a lone gunmen isn’t brave, it’s stupid.

    4. British oppression!? The people who keep the natives off the invaders? The ones who funded much of the infrastructure? How soon they forgot. Like a spouse who paid for the other to finish Med school then the latter bailed out of the marriage.

  14. The suicidal death cult of liberalism tried to befriend their ideological enemies who have proven they will kill for their beliefs and now they are surprised it ended up in bloodshed?
    I find it absolutely hilarious that the media attempted to form this alliance all so that they could disenfranchise the white majority in western civilization.
    The useful idiots are truly getting their comeuppance.
    To all liberals,
    It’s obvious your cult leaders don’t care if you get massacred. Why else would they pretend it’s all rainbows and hugs with a group that hates you?
    You all should be committed to insane asylums immediately. You are a danger to yourselves and everyone around you.

    1. Yes! I just typed in “islam” on Facebook and not only does it not say “trending” (it should), but the most recent pull-up articles about it are from June 7! Moreover, scroll down and the only mention of “Islam” I can find is leftist media posts defending Islam in the wake of what just occurred

  15. It is so interesting to see the Guardian (which on some topics actually has interesting articles occaSIONALLY)
    But the word Islam has disappeared from front page. Lots of touchie-feelie type pictures and article on fear of guns.
    But I am reminded of the HG Wells Time Machine book. It is as if they are trying to socially engineer a race of childlike Eloi.
    It has been 37 years since I read the book aND DO not remember the story well. But I remember the description. It was just a story back then, before I understood there actually are social engineers.

  16. I think the article title is a hair misleading. By all logical accounts, yes, this flies right in the face of the liberal narrative and should be a wakeup to anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together. For the left however, it’s business as usual:
    Hold hands.
    Sing Kumbaya.
    Light candles.
    Blame the NRA and guns.
    Ignore the underlying cause of the shooting (Islam).
    Unify against the common enemy (Supporters of the Constitution)

    1. This is exactly what will happen. Get your candles and your rainbow banners out, folks. It’s time to desperately try to sell the fairytale that there is a difference between “peaceful” Islam and violent Islam.

    2. Both you and the author have missed the crucial element that links virtually all mass shootings. Mental illness. There are reports coming through that this guy was unwell, much like Seung-Hui Cho who professed Christian motivations for his mass murdering rampage, for this latest nut, mental illness would appear to be the underlying cause.
      Furthermore, this idea that a concept (Islam) causes terrorist attacks actually feeds into the State driven narrative. The proximate cause of Islamic attacks is Western occupation of Middle-East (i.e. not Islamic) countries. Otherwise, how do you explain IRA terrorist attacks, Nicaraguan terrorist attacks, and the fact that for example, Muslims from Indonesia are not attacking us?
      Also, remember that the family of the Boston Bombers didn’t commit any attacks, the Boston Bombers did. And the Boston Bombers were strongly connected to the CIA. Think about that one.
      Many of you forget or are too young to remember the pretext for invading Afghanistan and Iraq – stopping Terrorism. Fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here. And here we are 15 years later.

        1. as michael savage says “liberalism is a mental disorder”
          as a christian, i tend to think it’s demonic possession myself. but i’ll concede mental disorder if it means we can start locking them up and banning their ability to vote.

        2. you can be american and a self hating liberal you know.
          so let me guess….by think for myself you mean become liberal am i right? think for myself to you means i must agree with you. it is completely impossible for me to be anything but liberal if i thought for myself.
          maybe of my own free will and accord i came to the conclusion liberalism is total bullshit?

        3. Homosexual?
          I think he hates himself on account of fatness and ugliness, not gayness. Doesn’t make him wrong though.

        1. I’m proposing that we stop letting these politicians lead us around by the nose.

      1. I think inbreeding has a lot to do with it. Perhaps also donkey shafting. The Arabs here in Denmark are pretty retarded. All of them.

        1. there is widespread suppression of a mental health study that listed 1 out of every 3 somali citizens to be certifiably insane. being poor, underprivileged and brown, explains some things.

        2. I think it’s amusing when self-hating shitlibs claim that having your country invaded by muzzies is a good thing because of “hybrid vigor.”
          For “hybrid vigor” to occur within a population it suffices that the natives not reproduce with their own cousins.
          So you don’t do what muslims do half the time.

        3. The leaders of the terrorist organisations tend to be very highly educated, usually at top Western universities. Interesting right?

        4. A nutritionally deficient diet in that rocky barren country sure would add to the problem. Mesopotamia & Persia were once upon a time great though.

      2. Indonesians did blow up a nightclub in Bali where there were a number of Australians . We can’t be sympathising with the perpetrator here on ROK. I read a similar post maybe it was on ROK that arab men in their youth are doing each other up the bum instead of women and this somehow leads to a latent murderous buildup. Mental illness, the various strains of it are not nice but way too much energy in the west goes into searching for an excuse for the perpetrator. They are a very hard, punishing culture, very black and white, why must we be so infinitely soft in response

        1. Yes I know about the Bali attack but did you read the Wiki page you posted? It actually supports what I am saying.
          Why would you want to sympathize with this guy? You should hold him accountable for what he’s done instead of claiming Islam made him do it.

        2. I had a read just then..
          But he added that the bombings were a sign of God’s displeasure with the Indonesian government. He said: “I suggest the government bring themselves closer to God by implementing his rules and laws because these happenings are warnings from God for all of us.” In an interview with Scott Atran from his cell in Cipinang Prison, Jakarta, Bashir said: “I call those who carried out these actions all mujahid. They all had a good intention, that is, Jihad in Allah’s way, the aim of the jihad is to look for blessing from Allah.
          …man if Islam is not what’s driving them am not sure what is. These people are nutjobs, watch some footage from the Brussels airport bombing if you find yourself feeling sympathy for their plight.

        3. Sympathy? Don’t be such a moron.
          All you’ve posted here is someone giving his opinion about the bombings. That means nothing. If you’re going to quote someone at least make sure it supports your argument.

      3. No question of mental illness but then you can argue any delusional killer is mentally ill and every terrorist is mentally ill. But you can’t argue that Islamic inspired terrorism and hatred for people are also factors in this and so many attacks. The system failed but the SJW’s and Clinton supporters want to ignore the system is failing because they are allowing people like this and people who follow these mentally ill behaviours into society.

        1. Crazy people will use any excuse. Elliot Rodgers claimed it was because he couldn’t get a girl. And he was essentially European from a wealthy family. So “not allowing people like this” into the country will not solve the problem. And you are playing into the government’s hands. “See you don’t need guns, you just need us to watch the borders”.
          You realise that there have been 133 mass shootings in America in 2016 so far? I believe this is the first “Islam” inspired one.
          Here’s the point. Saying that Islam causes attacks is like saying video games cause violence. But games don’t cause violence, people cause violence. If it was really true that Islam caused violence then couldn’t a killer then use that as his defense? “The devil (Islam) made me do it”.
          No of course not. Why? Because we hold people accountable for their actions, not something they read in a book somewhere.

        2. If they are terrorists or not is no longer the point. They are useless. Scum. Genetic waste. Degenerates. ->Out.

        3. I agree with you for the most part but please dont use the left’s bullshit numbers regarding “mass shootings”. That “study” has been thoroughly debunked. It is deliberately misleading at best.

        4. Fair point. I didn’t realize at the time that the numbers belonged to the “left”. However, they don’t need many cases. A handful is enough. The point is they will always use a “mass shooting” as a reason to ban guns which actually in my opinion they are reasons to stop drugging school children and feeding them toxic food.

      4. You honestly had a good point until you missed the fact that there was a muslim terrorist attack(Boston bombings) by two Chechen immigrants.
        I don’t really think that the two guys were mentally ill, were they? I also don’t think that the US is occupying Chechnya, are they?
        And there may be a pattern of mental illness, but it’s undeniable that a lot of terrorist attacks have been caused by varying Islamists. If even Islamic Chechens will cause terrorist attacks, then it’s a very foolish thing to doubt that other muslims won’t do so. The Philippines themselves have been under constant Islamic terrorism, and they have literally done nothing in the Middle East whatsover.

        1. I didn’t miss that but I am not convinced that the Chechen brothers carried out that attack. That whole episode is as strange as the JFK assassination and has the fingerprints of the CIA all over it.

        2. Yep. All it takes is Islam. I’m from the Philippines and I can confirm what you stated.

      5. How do you explain the rampant Sunni and Shiite sectarian violence? What does that have to do wth Western occupation of the Middle East?

      6. Yes, it seems probable. Most of these terrorists are usually from select Middle-Eastern states or Afghanistan instead of the other, populous Muslim states. Sounds like people who are motivated by revenge first, over Islamic world domination.

      7. I think the title is misleading too as are some the headlines in the papers that are trying to make this out to be a orchestrated Muslin terrorist act . This was no ISIS terrorist plot. Just a mentally unstable Muslim dude who seems got triggered by recently seeing two gay guys kissing to unleash his hate & anguish on a gay club, and latched onto ISIS as a last minute thing to feel as if he and his actions are part of something bigger and and more meaningful than just a shoot up fest on gays.
        Of course as anyone here could have expected, the ramp up in pressure to restrict gun ownership is coming on strong. Even got the pope now jumping into the debate.

        1. Yeah and its starting to turn out that he was gay, that he frequented that club and had boyfriends.

      8. I’m not disputing or doubting, but just curious if you have any more information or links re: Boston attackers’ connection to The Agency? I havent researched the subject but this is the first time I’ve heard it mentioned. Thanks.

    3. I disagree. The white liberals yes. From all accounts there are two noticeable trends that no one is mentioning. The people are talking and reminding each other of what happened when China took the people’s guns away. And others are mentioning how guns would have saved the lives of countless in Florida. Gay men aren’t going to let this be co-opted into the narrative because a large majority of the gays murdered were black.
      Aspect two is the relationship between gay black men and Muslim activists begins and ends at the corner store. While the religion aspect is being dodged left and right, that the men mowed down were both black and gay, is not going unnoticed. The groups are also starting to distance themselves from factions within the liberal argument, noting co-opting the murder to further a cause as opportunistic.
      The schism will only further if the two key factors, well three, aren’t addressed. How come the police were slow to react? Black people don’t care and are used to this lackadaisical approach to black citizens. Expect fags to start arming themselves. Why were liberals so keen to mention several causes when it was one lead factor, hate on fags, that caused the bloodshed? What will be done to stop local terrorism? This will force the Democratic party to address bigger issues and starting with gun control, expect the fall out to begin.
      This radical destroyed 3 narratives in one go so expect the fissure to grow as the weeks will do their best to sweep that the nation lost 50 black, gay, lives.
      EDIT: 50 Hispanic, minority, gay, lives.

    4. “For the left however, it’s business as usual:
      Hold hands.
      Sing Kumbaya.
      Light candles.
      Blame the NRA and guns.
      Ignore the underlying cause of the shooting (Islam).
      Unify against the common enemy (Supporters of the Constitution)”
      Good list. If I may: add in “blame a few innocent white guys”

        1. Fuck these people. My God in Heaven, how I loathe leftists.

        2. I’ve decided that every time I hear “angry white male shooter,” it’s got to be a Muslim insurgent.
          (I refuse from this point on to call them “terrorists.” They’re combatants in a “holy” war, and should be treated as such).

        3. Well in all irony an “angry White guy” did shoot that one singer girl from The Voice (I don’t know her fucking name, I don’t acknowledge mainstream media) after one of her concerts the night before in the exact same city.

      1. It’s easier to blame white people now, just as it’s always easier to scream at nice people who won’t fight back.

    5. Yea they matter what their response will be “But not all are like that”. Really ? How many does it take then before “enough” is like that. Even if there is 7 attacks a day, you will get the same suicidial response.

    6. Unify against the common enemy (Supporters of the Constitution) &…..don’t forget Russia & homophobic Vladimir Putin in that goulash ???

  17. Ahh Yes, lets all dance to the tunes of our Media(TM) overlords.
    When a black man shoots up a nightclub=gangster
    When a white man shoots up a nightclub= mentally ill
    When an arab man shoots up a nightclub= Muslim with direct ties to ISIS
    Once again, ROK proves to be hopelessly blue pill when it comes to politics and the different variables that influence world events. Stop watching CNN/BBC and other mainstream media channels, their job is to race bait and have different races and cultures at each others throats so you don’t notice the man behind the curtain(TM), and to their credit, it is working very well.
    On the immigration question, I use this analogy. Imagine you live in a neighborhood with a high rate of burglaries and you dont improve your home security, can you really blame the burglar when he takes a chance with your house?…Its like a woman blaming the guy when she gets pregnant, its her own damn pussy. Responsibility is the name of the game. I would be more critical of the FBI than I would the perpetrator.
    Here are some red pill news websites that pull no punches..

    1. “We know that the shooter, Omar Mateen, was an American-born Afghani Muslim. He had been on an FBI watch list in 2013 after he made inflammatory remarks to a coworker and stated that he had terrorist ties. The FBI interviewed Mateen but closed the investigation. He was put on the watch list again in 2014 after he made contact with a person who later became a suicide bomber. ”
      “He also reportedly shouted Allahu Akbar while he was doing the shooting.”

      1. I don’t see how you get “ties to isis” out of that. Maybe it is your conservative brain washing. If you read it closely it is quite clear that this is the fault of the patriarchy.

        1. oh yeah, and rape culture.
          I saw on the comments section of huffpo that everyone is saying that this wouldn’t of happened if we didn’t have so many guns. If I had a facebooks I would totally reply “it wouldn’t of happened if we didn’t have so many arabs and faggots”

        2. “I don’t see how you get “ties to isis” out of that”
          Its because neocons, like leftists believe in a boogyman

  18. Muslim’s greatest discovery that changed the face of the world : sodomites can’t fly.

      1. It was all a lie. I’m sorry. They’re not fabulous and they don’t fly.

        1. Think about all of those who went through years of homosexual sex believing they would eventually grow dragonfly wings.
          No they won’t. All the aids they got was useless.

  19. The leftist narrative will continue. They will use sophistry to deflect this atrocity in such a way that it serves thier narrative that the evil white cismales are responsible. They will deal with it by doubling down. They will use it push more gay agenda stuff, more gun control, more anti-male propaganda.

  20. perhaps gays and feminists would celebrate your death simply because you spread all this hate against them. 🙂

      1. see… so much hate. when your entire life philosophy is based on hating and condescending towards others, all you can expect in return is hate.
        it’s natural. 😉

        1. What that fellow did is the direct result of hate being spread irrationally, based on people’s weaknesses,as well.
          Same pattern of action. People being taught that other people deserve to be despised.

        2. Hate being spread irrationally by Islam, not Roosh or ROK. We call out the depravities of modern civilization and the effects it is having. We don’t call to have gays thrown off buildings or a woman to be killed if they do not pay the proper respect to their man.
          By siding with Islam and not calling it for what it is, the left is effectively promoting the hate that you despise.

        3. this isn’t even good trolling. Man, I miss the days of good trolls. Fuck, I would even take chin up guy over this dipshit. I mean, there is so much meat on these bones you would expect at least a decent troll.

        4. Their quest started similarly by calling out various imaginary depravities. It is just when they started taking themselves too seriously that it turned into crime.
          Perhaps it would be a great idea to step back a little bit and ask yourself what makes you better than a gay man or a woman.
          Your sexual preference?
          And if you hate depravity, what about all the money Roosh made teaching men how to fool girls into sleeping with them? Is that not depravity?
          Or your depravity is allowed, but ours is not?

        5. Not even kidding. I like the trolls. They are like kratom articles. They don’t make any sense, they give idiotic advice, they have absurd solutions to non existent problems and they are excellent for lulz and raising the traffic on the site.

        6. It isn’t “fooling” a girl to sleep with you to better understand their motives and psychology. That is like if someone was trying to start a car with a screw driver and you handed them the key and said “try this instead” would you call that “fooling the car into starting”
          A lot of guys out there, especially ones raised without a masculine influence, have no idea how to talk to girls. All they know they got from their mothers who, most likely, told them that women were special and needed to be respected (probably because their mothers were still upset about the men leaving them or doing them wrong) and from television which is, at best, idealized and more often than not written to appeal to the women and not the men.
          So there men are, poking around in the dark, like a 13 year old trying to get a bra strap off for the first time and here comes roosh and points out women’s actions and the psychology behind them which gives these kids an insight into what women really are looking for and how they can be understood. Women may seem totally irrational, but their behavior is totally rational once you understand the rationality.
          Once you understand something you can chose for yourself if you still want to engage it and if you do you are on stronger footing.
          So, in short, go fuck yourself cunt.

        7. Condescending? A jihadi murders 50 gay people and you are concerned about ROK being condescending?

        8. “Perhaps it would be a great idea to step back a little bit and ask yourself what makes you better than a gay man or a woman.”
          Strawman argument. Try again.
          “And if you hate depravity, what about all the money Roosh made teaching men how to fool girls into sleeping with them? Is that not depravity?”
          Yeah, what lolknee said. A tool is inherently immoral. Only the wielder of the tool can determine how it is to be used. Some men use Roosh’s insights into women to bang a lot and some use the same insights to land a LTR.

        9. well, they were raised by mothers who were their sole providers, as said fathers left them pregnant and disappeared in the fog, right?
          i was raised by a single mom, too. she paid for my food and education. and damn right I respect her. and obviously i hate the jerk that left her to cope with the responsibility by herself.
          thou shouldst not bite the hand that fed you, my friend.
          and i am not a “cunt”, i am a “person”. 🙂

        10. “well, they were raised by mothers who were their sole providers, as said fathers left them pregnant and disappeared in the fog, right?”
          Some. Maybe other cheated. Maybe others were cheated on. There are any number of reasons a relationship may end. The larger point is that if a young boy has only a female influence he will not grow up to be a young man.
          “i was raised by a single mom, too. she paid for my food and education. and damn right I respect her. and obviously i hate the jerk that left her to cope with the responsibility by herself.”
          Is this why you are such an insufferable faggot with low cognitive functions and a nasty attitude towards men?
          “thou shouldst not bite the hand that fed you, my friend.
          and i am not a “cunt”, i am a “person”. :)”
          And thou should’st bite the pillow that…oh nevermind…doo easy.
          You are cunt. A worthless shit that causes problems by your very existence.

        11. I think that was part of the problem, she wasn’t only a bad troll, but was not even good at witchcraft either (hence haywire).

        12. perhaps she is. but she paid for her mistake caring for me.
          at the same time, I see so many texts on this website hating on single moms as if their kids were not future human beings and as if caring for them was not a tremendous effort.

        13. it’s dante-esq. To be stuck in a world with trolls, but none of them being even a little funny or smart.
          Reminds me of that time when I was the last person on earth and there was finally time to read but I broke my glasses.

        14. lolknee: your attitude seems much nastier and more aggressive than mine.
          or perhaps the masculine influence in your life made you the judge of who has worth and who has a lack thereof.

        15. to be fair, I am pretty fucking condescending. I mean, I am not sure if it is bad enough o kill 50 people in one shot…but close, close.

        16. Mmm…no. We blame the women that leave their husbands for selfish reasons. We then attribute the single mother household environment with developmental problems in the child. These claims are typically backed up by studies. The kids ARE future human beings, but statistically, they are human beings that are going to be a drain on society. We wish to prevent that. Now is that hateful or compassionate towards the children?

        17. yes…but I am positive you are being haunted by evil spirits *pulls collar and clears throat*

        18. Maybe there should be a new crime: Murder in the first degree: with condescension. Worse than hate crime because you are really patronising towards the victim before offing them

        19. The articles do not make that difference. they say “single moms” and that is it.
          I agree that once you have children, you should reach all your future decisions considering the best interest of the children, whether you are a man or a woman. Or if you do not intend to start a family, just use contraception.
          Indeed, there are lots of irresponsible mothers. As well as there are guys who leave their families to fend for themselves for selfish reasons.
          How do you wish to implement said prevention? Name a few concrete actions.

        20. What if the guy is the one seeking no-fault divorce, because he met a younger, hotter woman while his pregnant wife had a rough pregnancy?

        21. What about it? He wouldn’t be allowed to leave the marriage for selfish reasons and even if he did get out, the government would make sure the woman is financially taken care of. The issue is women initiate a larger number of divorces than men do. Men are held accountable, women are not. That’s the largest disparity in marriages right now.

        22. You see tradition and call it hate…who is the hater now? YOU are the outlier…

        23. Twilight Zone…then they played the sad music like “oh shit, now you are effectively blind!” “HEH HEH!”-The Simpsons

        24. My faith teaches me that homosexual acts, masturbation, sex outside of marriage are mortal sins…I just come here for the traditionalist message…I am not trying to bed hotties, I am married…but I DO wish to understand, realistically, how women actually think and add some game to my marriage. I am a sinner too… and try to hold myself accountable for my sins….wheras some do not, they are called sinners.

      2. oh, Roosh, it seems my reply hurts.
        I will repeat it, just for your reading pleasure: when you earn all your money teaching certain groups of people to minimize and prey on others, you simply cannot expect anything but hate. you’ve worked for it.

        1. You mean like Marshall Kirk or Valerie Solanus ?
          “After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90’s” is a worthy read for those who still think the homosexualists movements are just innocent luvers whot want to be happy.

        2. “We shall sodomize your sons, emblems of your feeble masculinity,
          We shall seduce them in your schools, in your dormitories, in your gymnasiums, in your locker rooms, in your sports arenas, in your seminaries, in your youth groups…” Michael Swift, gay activist, and not a minor one.
          They minimize themselves.

        3. “they said “seduce” not “rape” seduction implies consent.” ,said every child molester ever.

        4. Why not ? If they can consent to sex change operations, surely they can consent to getting sodomised.
          Plus the gay movements are historically tied to pedophile movements, and not just in the US, every where.
          Be proud of your history, fag.

        5. By the way, did you know that the first gay diagnosed with aids was a minor ?

    1. You’re just phoning it in here Scooter. Say something to cause people to get mad, then call them hateful when they respond to your troll.

        1. Kind of the reasoning behind my post as well, heh.

  21. These Muslim misfits need to target American synagogues consistently. Only then will we see our (((elites))) address this immigration disaster.

    1. You’re hitting the sauce early I see.
      Always wondered, could Superman actually get drunk? Alcohol is a toxin, that’s how it makes you drunk. He wouldn’t be a very good Superman if he could be poisoned, right? So it stands to reason that he couldn’t get drunk, right?

    1. you are one inch from perfect. make it a faggot flag and that might win the interwebs

      1. haha! it has to be the US flag because trendy lefties and the LGBTQXYZABC community are anti-american.

        1. maybe some hybrid or maybe put ralph in skinny jeans.

      1. Super Nintendo Chaumers was one of the best lines ever.
        Also, that ralph pic needs to be used for the flag face. SO perfect.

  22. “The terrorist incident at the Orlando gay club has destroyed this whole liberal narrative.”
    Unfortunately, no it hasn’t. They are currently doubling down on the gun control rhetoric. Although, the fact that all the victims are gay is definitely fucking with their heads. However, I suspect no matter how many people are executed they won’t allow themselves to commit the thought crime of blaming islam.
    Both this shooting and the San Bernardino one could have been prevented easily. In both cases, the shooters were saying dangerous and violent things to their co-workers, but no one said anything because they didn’t want to be an “Islamaphobe”. They were practically saying, “I am going to kill many infidels in the name of islam”, but no one said ANYTHING. Now there are piles of dead bodies, but at least no one was being “islamaphobic”.

    1. A good point. I tell people that I don’t mind being racist (or sexist). It’s saves time (and lives). Everyone should start practicing it. Point out a potential terrorist when you see one (I say).
      I always carry so I’m already on alert.

  23. Even if the rate of violence stays about the same, as America becomes less white, these rampage killings will involve nonwhite shooters and rack up proportionately more nonwhite victims on average, like the Orlando incident. The media will have a really hard time of blaming these shootings on white men in any plausible way.

    1. The media will have a really hard time of blaming these shootings on white men in any plausible way.

      Problem is they’ll continue to do it anyway, and leftards will believe it.

  24. I live about 25 minutes away from Pulse. I’ve actually been there before with an ex on our first date. We both went with a gay mutual friend and I have seen the place inside and out. There is NOT a lot of room to go run and hide. Let me tell everyone that the people inside Pulse are fun, loving, human beings. They mean no harm.
    This is an absolute tragedy. The worse part is that I have already started seeing Facebook posts about “Spread Love, Not Hate”, “Islamaphobia is the problem”, “Gun Control Now”, “Christian Conservatives Caused This!!!”, and other nonsense. The far liberal left are blaming everyone and everything except the real source of the problem: radical Islam.
    We are not spreading hate when we say we need to deal with radical Islam. This is about survival people, and regardless of your political affiliation and ideological leanings, if you refuse to accept the reality that there exists people among us who want to kill innocent human beings like those in Pulse, than you are part of the problem as well. I, for one, am taking action.
    Yesterday morning – and afternoon – I purchased my first personal defense handgun (a Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm). I am also getting a concealed weapons permit. I am not afraid to defend those I love and care about. The same goes for friendly strangers. Enough is enough. Either take a stand against this evil or stand back and let those who are willing to do so, do so.

    1. Not sure if you have experience shooting handguns, but please take time to train with your weapon. They are much harder to shoot accurately than most people think at first.

      1. Solid advice. Every guy I’ve seen pick up a handgun the first time get surprised when they can’t hit at 25yrds.
        Long guns are much much easier

        1. My first time out I hit at 25yd. Of course, I was nowhere near what I aimed at, and it was about as optimal a situation as possible.
          Get someone who knows how to shoot (and correct poor shooting) to help you through your first 100 rounds. After that, pour a box through every weekend or so until you’re comfortable.
          Then, try it while tired and after you wore yourself out on pushups to simulate real pressure.

        2. Read Massad Ayoob’s books, they are supposed to be pretty good…also try to do combat handgunning range…with popup targets et al…

        3. For actual range practice, I prefer to have a more experienced shooter with me over attempting to directly apply what I’ve seen or read.
          Another good idea – get some dry-fire rounds (bullets with 0 powder and a rubber or spring-loaded firing pin) and practice technique. It takes a while to master the smooth motions required to quickly bring a gun into proper sight alignment, and this helps practice with reduced cost.

        4. Heh what I do is run flat out for a few hundred yards until you sweat and then go shoot.
          Then you have quite realistic simulation of what the real deal is like.
          But anyway the sad thing is many guys out there won’t learn hot to shoot properly no matter what you try.
          I used to teach recruits handgun handling in the army…
          I much prefer any long weapons because it’s not so easy for them to poin it at me by mistake.

        5. And that’s at a controlled range. Try aiming accurately when adrenaline is coursing through you.
          I’m so out of practice, I’ve stopped carrying for bear protection when hiking and opt for pepper spray instead. I figure a big cloud of spray is a better chance than a shaky handed shot to slow a bear’s roll.

        6. I’m still bringing a 1911 but I have done a lot of training running until I’m getting exhausted and then shooting, and figuring out how far and how well I can hit with it.
          I have done the same thing with a lot of different guns to figure out how well I can use them and how close I have to get to hit reliably with my hands shaking and adrenaline pumping.
          I have specific training and I was a good shot before that, but honestly most guys aren’t good shots even at 50yrds with an AR15 if they had to run a half a mile before shooting.

        7. You ever watch or try the biathlon? Those guys are insane at calming themselves.
          Most people are terrible shots. I watch dudes in my dog club miss planted birds all the time. Not everybody is lucky to be a redneck like me who grew up shooting every weekend as a child.

        8. “I used to teach recruits handgun handling in the army… ”
          Ouch. I always felt sorry for the range cadre as I saw some of the morons they had to deal with.

      2. I was trained long ago in the Navy; 1911, 45 cal. automatic. Still my first love. However, I would not count myself as capable to handle a gun now. It is a perishable skill that you must not only learn, or relearn, but must also maintain. Periodic range time is a must if you are going to carry. Remember, in Texas gun control means hitting what you aim at.

    2. you said not much space to run and hide? i have a question then: how do you speculate that some people got out alive, and some clubgoers were able to hide in the bathroom and have text convos and post on twitter amid the incident?

      1. Towards the back of Pulse is a door which leads to an outdoor patio. But the door itself is only meant for one person at a time to enter and leave, not several at once. Next to this door are the restrooms, and they too, are rather small. If everyone was trying to flee at once, there would have been a large amount of people in one section at once.

    3. It just occurred to me that the shooter didn’t use a shotgun. In those quarters, when the goal is to kill and/or maim as many as possible, what’s the excuse?

      1. Shotguns have mad recoil and limited ammo. They’re lucky he wasn’t running 100 round mags in his AR, more people could have been dead. Now, take a Saiga 12, rack in a 20 round drum, and have more….then you got something.

        1. Or a KSG with 15.
          Still, your point is well made. Shotguns are great building sweepers if you have a team with you who also have rifles. Takes way too long to reload compared to switching a magazine.

    4. and this is the reason why so many on the left will be killed by these “radical” Muslims…or Muslims. They refuse to accept the fact that many of them are dangerous and do not agree or side with them.
      I don’t let a grizzly bear inside of my home….because it’s dangerous. That is a fact. There is a reason, right now, why we shouldn’t be importing all of these “Syrian refugees” at this time. The government does a poor job at vetting and terrorists will get into the country (with the government’s help).
      I say let them get ride of some of those on the left if they don’t want to see the real danger. At some point (when enough of them are dead) they’ll realize “hey, maybe those are grizzly bears”.

      1. Vetting terrorists, vetting mental illness/crazies who are NOT Islamist. Did you not see the cops arrested a guy in L.A with a van load full of tactical/assault weaponry at a LBGT event He was white/and not Muslim and could have even more damage than the nut in Orlando.

    5. Christian extremists in my hometown are standing in front of the local high school with a huge banner stating we should love our enemy ISIS. This is the typical response from the Christian extremists to the terrorist attack in Florida. Terrorism is bad, sometimes, but as soon as ISIS starts killing gays, everything is hunky-dory!

  25. Restrictive gun laws do not spare France from mass shooting events. It is irrational, at best, to believe restricting access to weapons in the US would have a different outcome.
    But, I’m preaching to the choir here.

    1. I’m a shooter in France. It’s already pretty damn hard to get your own gun, and as a result of the shootings in Paris, they’re making law more restrictive for us as we speak , when the jihadi bought their ak47 from the black market.
      Control freaks.

      1. Criminals get weapons from black market -> restrict the legal market more heavily. Makes sense, in a totally nonsensical way.
        Of all the firearm-related murders in the civilized world, how many have been committed using legally-acquired arms? If I had to hazard a guess, <1%. They need to crack down on the criminals if they want to actually fix anything.

        1. It’s almost like they’re looking to create the Al Capone effect again, but this time with guns.
          Every pretext is good when it comes to stripping you away from your rights.
          Most French don’t shoot and don’t give a shit about it, but the rights of shooters are their rights too, they’ll only realize it when it’s too late.

      2. I caught that on the news this weekend. The EU needs to crack down on citizens with guns who have nothing to do with crime or terror. Disturbing logic they possess.
        Those who hammer their swords into plows, plow for those who don’t.

    2. Depends on how stupidly restrictive are the gun regulations. Exhibit A is not France but Mexico where private gun ownership is basically nonexistent. Thus, you have the citizenry living in fear and adding to illegal immigration to the U.S.

  26. I must be out of the “loop” but, what the hell does the “I” in LGBTIQ stand for?

      1. What Critical Masquerade said.
        (Psssst, Eden … it’s ‘Intersex’).
        Probably the least offensive part, actually. Intersex people really ARE born that way, and there’s only so far surgical procedures can go to help them.

        1. They’re being drafted against their will and are used to push the agenda of degenerates.
          It’s like a lobby of psychotic murderers using kids with down syndrom to get acceptance.

        2. It’s like when potheads drag out cancer patients to argue for pot legalisation. “Look at this poor cancer patient! Smoking weed helps relieve the side-effects of chemo – don’t you want cancer patients to get any help they need to live as pain-free as possible?” Yes, but you just want to get stoned, and if it weren’t for the fact that you can use the cancer patient as a useful prop in your argument you wouldn’t give two shits about their wellbeing. When was the last time you donated to a cancer charity, Mr. Stoner?
          Similarly, trannies and fags will drag out intersex people to argue for ‘acceptance’ of people who were ‘born that way’. “Look at this poor hermaphrodite! Getting surgery and hormone therapy to become as close to one gender as possible might help, but if surgery won’t help, then shouldn’t they be accepted as they are? If you bring in laws to prevent trannies from using the ladies’ toilets where will this poor intersex person go to pee?” Fair points, but you just want to preach degeneracy, and if the intersex person wasn’t a useful prop to further your argument against the ‘gender binary’ and ‘heteronormativity’ and in favour of sex change surgery, you couldn’t care less about the intersex.

    1. So my article for this week was going to be how corporate America was jamming the new abbreviation down our throats, but it got shelved for an article on this. LGBTQQIAA is Lesbian Gay Bi Trans Queer Questioning Intersex Asexual and Ally.
      I shit you not.

  27. – Orlando Mass Shooting: Another Obvious False Flag and Government Psyop
    – LGBT AGENDA: The Hidden Back Story Finally Exposed
    – LGBTTTT AGENDA: Debasing American Society and Corrupting The Planetary Civilization
    – Multiple Suspects On The Loose In Orlando – Why The Media Blackout Of Eyewitness Accounts?

      1. Samuel L. Jackson would agree. He stated in an interview regarding the San Bernardino attacks that he wished the attacker was white — not that the people hadn’t died. Just that the attacker was white.

        1. I wish people would stop asking actors their opinions on shit. Sam Jackson should just be yelling “mutha fucka” and asking about big kahuna burgers. I don’t even blame him….it is the idiots who keep wanting to know what they think about shit.
          Fuck, this is an actor. who cares what he thinks about anything other than acting?

        2. and he got those mother fucking snakes off that mother fucking plane. I love sam Jackson. I even think it was fucking hilarious when some dipshit talk show guy asked him about his upcoming movie and was referencing Lawrence fishburn and Jackson was wearing a tshirt the next day in picutres on twitter that said “not Lawrence fishburn”
          But who the fuck cares what he thinks about things?

  28. The Pulse shooting reminds me of the old joke about the Iran-Iraq War. Too bad both sides can’t lose

  29. So now, libtards and social justice warriors have a HUGE dilemma.
    The two groups of people they cared for most were the LGBT community and the “religion of peace.” But now, one has turned on the other (shocker! It was the Muslims! Who would have guessed they would be the ones to cause the problem?!) So these fucking demonrats have to choose: do they want gay rights? Or do they want to let in Syrian refugees and have transparent background checks and watch more people die.
    Michael is definitely correct in suggesting that their entire narrative has been completely turned upside down. But it is because SJWs must pick a side: LGBTIQ57FHFE8R4U? Or terrorism and rape? Tough decision (sarcasm).

  30. To anyone thinking “So Muslims and Gays are fighting now? Good riddance, they can destroy each other and save us the trouble.” Remember: homosexuality isn’t the only thing Islam objects to; next time it could be you enjoying an ice-cold haram beer that some suicidal bomb-toting Muttawa takes umbrage with. Be prepared …

    1. My thoughts are more along the lines of “Muslims and gays are fighting now? Surprised it hasn’t happened sooner.” The left is a bunch of warring factions that have set their difference aside to fight Western society. Regardless if they win or not, they will eventually turn on each other.

      1. That infamous scene with the Judean People’s Front/People’s Front of Judea/etc in Life of Brian was written as a satire of the various splits and schisms among the left …

    2. God sends idolaters (Muslims in this case) to punish his people when they are behaving in a degenerate way that goes against all of His laws and commandments

      1. So when a Kafir is shot by some Mad Muttawa for enjoying the same drink which Jesus transfigured from water for a wedding, it will be God’s way of punishing the Kafir for …. ?

    3. In Saudi Arabia it is an offence punishable by death to convert to Chrsitianity…yet they are our ally. feh!

    4. Haram Beer would be an awesome name for a beer. It could be in the line of my over proof wine called Lot’s Alibi (bonus points to everyone who gets that name)

        1. I don’t think it was a threesome. I think he drank wine and banged one daughter and the next day didn’t remember anything, drank more wine and then banged the other. Threesome is possible, but don’t think it is mentioned in the scripture the way the drunken daughter banging is.
          Lot’s Alibi is the best name for an overproof wine

        2. Possibly. The threesome scenario sounds too much like an adult movie of the 70s I used to watch as a teen.

        3. knock knock
          oooh someone is at the cave entrance ill go see who it is
          did someone order some kosher treats?
          oh its dad and he is drunk again
          bow chicka bow bow

        4. Remember that it was the idea of one of the daughters to begin with, and the other daughter went along with the idea.
          Sick, sick, sick…

    5. “Destroy each other”? What will the Gays use? point fingers and say “pew pew pew” and “zzzzap”? The West will fight Islam for them, meanwhile the Gays will be protesting the governments treatment of Muslims.. oh wait, this is already happening.

        1. The government will offer the Islamists “free dental care”…they just won’t tell them that the dentists are gay and the dentists don’t sterilize their dental ‘tools’…

    1. nope. I am with you with the exception of it being lulzy and good for trolling giggles.

    2. You shouldn’t be. A bunch of fags die in exchange for a Trump victory. Celebration!

  31. I have two things about all this that are just floating around in my head:
    1) So, the dad’s excuse is basically: “my son was ‘triggered’ by something he encountered.” when you boil it down. Is this the step leading to “triggerings” being an allowable legal defense due to the offense the person took/felt? The attempt to normalize the ultimate violence to feelz ratio rationalization? So that there is precedent when the “protests” of political candidates or masculine meetups (or other “problematic to the narrative” folks) have the “protest” crowds intermingled with paid mercenaries/militants?
    2) Lot of people throwing around that PC needs to go (over the last 48h especially), and so it must, but is the fear of that common sense and other traditional uprising (anti-feminism, etc.) away from the progressive globalist narrative a suitably sufficient worry to allow the “left” to sacrifice pawns in order to stifle dissent?

  32. And of course, right on cue, the Left is wallowing in the blood of the dead, dancing gleefully as they scream for “gun control!”. This dude went through twenty layers of background checks and training, and they have no freaking clue. Or more likely simply don’t care. Bunch of pathetic stinking ghouls, the whole lot of them.

    1. I propose the following by way of response:
      “You can’t take guns away from gays! How will they defend themselves against homophobes?”
      “You can’t take guns away from women! How will they defend themselves against rapists?”
      “You can’t take guns away from blacks! How will they defend themselves against racists?”
      And so on until we’re back to square 1 where nearly everybody has the right to bear arms. The tricky part is finding an ending for:
      “You can’t take guns away from straight white men! How will they defend themselves against … ”
      That the SJWs will buy.

    2. Our puppeteers must be deeply divided right now because every major news outlet over here in ol’ Europe is screaming Radical Islamic Terrorism at the top of their lungs. Guess the GBCBJJKL crowd really is their favourite child over the muslims…

      1. It is sorting out the victimhood hierarchy isn’t it?
        Great screen name, btw. Really dig your hands of fate, bro. Send Torgo my regards. Heh.

    3. That’s Standard Procedure for the Leftists/Democrats: “NEVER let a horrible tragedy go to waste — use it to push our Leftist agenda!”
      They did the same thing with 9-11.

  33. After it was blamed on Islamophobia, I no longer fucking care what happens to gays.
    That was the final straw that broke the camels back.
    Thee most pathetic thing was a mod on a site yesterday saying you can’t tie this
    to religion or politics, what the fuck is that about when it’s Islam.
    They are willingly leading themselves to the slaughter with ignoring the reality of Islam.

    1. and that’s why many of them will end up dead. When you ignore facts for too long then it can get you killed.
      I don’t know how many of them need to die before they wake up but I’m sure it will be quite a bit. They don’t like to use fact, stats, etc…it’s all about feelings.
      Ask them how they feel when they are dead…killed by the very thing they protected all of this time.

    2. It’s not so much that Stupidity kills; it’s the denial of Reality that these idiots possess.
      Reality doesn’t care about what idiots think. And ballistics and explosives don’t care about politics.

    3. I know, it’s mind boggling, right?
      But here’s the thing I realized. Islam is one of the biggest attackers of Western Civilization. For the left to drop their alliance with Islam, and attack it like they attack Christianity would be losing their biggest chance at destroying western society. It will weaken the Left severely if they start attacking Islam.
      The left has to put up with Islam, and give it a pass no matter what. I guarantee you that fucking hundreds of faggots could be killed by some muslims the very next day, and the Left will STILL not blame it on Islam, because Islam is too important of an ally to them to give up.
      It sickened me so much to realize this, but it makes so much sense. In order for the destruction of the “regressive” western society to have a chance at succeeding, the left needs to stay allies with Islam.

  34. I was going to click on your link but got distracted by your ample cleavage. Sorry.

    1. I agree…nice tits. We should give those things a name. But remember…those women are looking for equality and they don’t want to be objectified (while the pic screams “look at my tits”). Too funny.

      1. Only feminist fat chicks don’t want to be objectified. Attractive, thin beautiful women on the other hand can’t wait to receive your longing stare at their wares.

        1. Well, I personally believe that feminist fat chicks really wish (with every fiber of adipose tissue of their being) that they could be objectfied just as the attractive, thin beautiful women are. But that is obviously not possible,.. So they come up with every sort of rationalization as to why being sexually objectfied is bad (and they even come up with pathetic shit like “stare rape” in a desperate attempt to feel desired) and all the typical BS.. but if they were offered the chance to just magically wake up as a hot big-boobed blonde that turns male necks wherever she goes, they would do so in a heartbeat. No question..

  35. Female authority will erode a cultures ability to withstand even the most obvious of enemies. Islam has declared its intent, preached its hatred daily, acted on those hatreds consistently, and yet those who have gained authority over our culture are still desperate to deny the threat. Reason does not posses the power to overcome their addiction to self righteous posturing. The combined affect of feeling smug and superior to those around you while feeling compassionate and enlightened for aiding the “unfortunate” no matter how savage, is too intoxicating for any right feeling leftist to avoid.

  36. The relationship between the LGBT community and Radical Islam is akin to that of a woman being repeatedly punched and kicked to her death by an abusive husband, dismembered, shoved in the trunk of a car, buried in the woods, and her Force Ghost returning saying that it was all an act of purest compassion while she professes her eternal love for her husband because he’s still her equal. She never defended herself because she was terrified of offending him and hurting his precious feelings, of which he had none, along with the mind of an escaped fat bearded T-101 with an IT degree.
    With the sheer number or recruits in the making, if Radical Islam has its way, every member of the gay community would be a potential target in a sick computer game left on cheat mode – infinite bullets and a vast armament of weapons supplied by our own government. Even bearded hipsters would be in the firing line, confused as Jews.

  37. As Tragic an event as this is… it begs the question. If Gay clubs were targets of this sort of thing on a more consistent basis, would less men and women chose to be gay? Would less gays chose to flaunt their lifestyle exposing our children to such depravity as if it is a viable option for how to live their life? I by no means applaud this action or condone it, but shit.. if a child’s hand didn’t get burned when they touched a hot stove, they sure as shit wouldn’t learn not to do it. Most things in life that are wrong are met with painful consequences in order to curb the possibility of it being repeated, no?
    Furthermore, if anyone in the club had been carrying a fire arm, id bet a lot less people would have died if not maybe completely avoided any innocent lives lost.

    1. don’t underestimate the power of denial and short memory of people ! everything will continue like before when after a certain amount of time

      1. Oh I know, that’s why my thought of this being a more normal occurrence, would they go back to hiding or prevent the currently straight youngsters from becoming gay?

    2. Christ, nyc “pride week” is coming up and it is going to be totally intolerable…more so this year than in years past because of all of this nonsense.

      1. Yea man, its like fuel to the fire, now they are identifying as victims even more than before. A single act like this just makes them think they need to rise up in the most passive way possible.. sans guns apparently.. wtf

      2. If there was ever a reason to consider getting out of the city for a week and going camping, surely this would have to rank fairly high on the list.

      3. My God, we’re in for some heavy faggy loving sessions from the establishment.

        1. There is a serenity and sense of peace that I have that few others posses, insofar as I do not watch television and I am not on Facebook or Twitter or any other social media. Outside of articles on the internet I’m literally exposed to almost none of the propaganda and repeat-message psychology tricks that they use.

        2. yup. In new York it isn’t just a parade…it is “pride week” with all sorts of fun going on culminating in the huge fag walk.

        3. Same here. I learned about the “Je suis Charlie” stuff a few day after it started, and that’s a lot considering how fast informations go nowadays.
          What really annoys me though is when you’re forced to watch or listen to it. Like when there is a TV screen or a radio on in the restaurants. Luckily enough I don’t go to restaurants that much.

        4. How can you live in France and not go to restaurants? That’s like living in America and not owning a firearm.

        5. I only go with my dad, when we celebrate things.
          My dad is also the king of Coq au vin, while my mom is the queen of Quiche Lorraine.
          I also have a friend who hunts and once he brought a venison leg, soaked in red wine. Best thing I ever ate.

        6. I wish I could love myself in my apartment every week. I know how to avoid it though. I never go downtown and I don’t live on the parade route so other than annoying signage on the subways and shit I can avoid 90% of it. I did, once, accidently, get stuck crossing 5th avenue not knowing the parade was going by. Police would open walkway across 5th once every 20 minutes and I just missed the cut off so I was first in line watching the Sodom and Gomorrah homecoming for almost a half hour.

        7. I would get PTSD from that too.
          It’s really messed up, when you think about it isolately. A state sponsored public parade of arrogant deviants.
          Like a satanic parody of a religious procession.
          I don’t think there is another culture in history in which such an event could take place.

        8. it isn’t just the event that is state sponsored. It is a week long of events. Telephone booths and subways all have posters on them about tolerance and pride etc etc
          The city spends a fortune on being out and proud.

        9. nah. I like the city. My plan is to retire to an ocean side community in the Carolinas but that is not for a while still.

        10. Yeah, as soon as I sell my priceless art collection and my 16th arrondissement townhouse I will retire to Corsica and wear nothing but Vilebrequin bathing suits while I lounge around my villa or take my yacht, the disco volantis, out for some deep sea fishing. smh dude.

        11. You can live cheaply in Corsica. It’s not like the Cote d’Azur.
          You can buy an old house in the mountains. Only get down to buy your saucisson and deliciously smelly cheese, or to go to the beach.

        12. that does sound nice. I would probably start making my own wine and showing up to lunch with the guy who makes cheese, the baker and the guy who makes saucisson and sit around and talk about the tides or some shit. A perfect life really.

        13. Fucking every year my school has a goddamn drag show and they put posters up to advertise it. This year i had enough and took down about 50 posters.apparently according to one of my friends it was the least attended one in the last 3 years. Can stand this degenerate shit

        14. I get some exposure to it via my bank. My freaking bank. They put “Celebrate LGBTSLKWERJO Month!” with pictures of smiling faggots on their ATM kiosks. Makes me sick.

        15. Thats sickening. I live in a very small rural town and had almost no exposure to faggots beside the 1 queer that went there but he was an outcast loser so i just thought that was the nirm. Then i went to arizona state and now i see it everywhere and its sick and the acceptance is worse to make it even worse now one of my friends ive known since 1st grade came out as gay so i have to see it almost everyday.

        16. I saw neighbors 2 dont know if u heard of it but uts a rogen movie so much feminist bs i had to walk out, the fact that i cant even watch a movie these days without being expised to it is bullshit

        17. I know about not calling them French. I made that mistake once.
          A place I always thought would be nice to retire is Juan les Pins.

        18. It’s like the powers that be just can’t stop shoving these people’s “lifestyle choices” in our face, 24/7/365. I’m not some Muslim dude who wants to gun them down, but I can easily see how somebody who was religious, any religion, might get really angry at the constant barrage of bullshit. Doesn’t mean he should kill people, but I get where it could really get old, fast.

        19. Not only that but if u object to it it’s like u are some kind of monster, they honestly make it out to be like ur the Orlando shooter just for saying u dont agree with the gay or trans way of life, that’s what really g ets me like fine if we are really going to have to live in a world where gays and trans are considered normal than fine im not happy about it but I’ll deal with it, now when u start saying that because i dont agree with it i could get fired or threatened that’s where i draw the line.

        20. In the 80’s, I heard that the people from Corsica would commit acts of terror against people from other places who wanted to move there. Is it still like that ?

        21. Tanned Mediterranean B-cups (tops) strolling about and a few goats to have something to shout at!

        22. Nice until you get a few boats of you know who trying to fuck Pierre’s goats.

        23. Lorraine is a truly beautiful place to visit. Best steak I’ve ever had was in Blois. It had a bit of goat cheese which gave it so much taste.

        24. “Sodom and Gomorrah homecoming” — good one! I gotta remember that!

        25. Consider yourself lucky, a few hours north it goes on for months, lasts all summer

        26. Ancient Greece?)) Ancient Rome?))
          (true..not exclusively gay…but a “free-for-all” for sure… e.g. Fors Fortuna festival…and, Hell…even some of Saturnalia…:)) Fun times.))

        27. Those would not take place in public and would not be state financed if I’m not mistaken.

        28. I’m going to need some proof for that assertion before acknowledging my mistake.

  38. I am torn, on one hand this is a horrible tragedy on the other what are homosexuals but a group that is, lets face it, hostile to us? These are the people that are putting urinals into women’s rooms and trying to force us to say ze zer or zit. They operate on this pitiful platform of woe is me, I’m a victim and then tell us we have no authority over their lives, which they use to make this into a crusade for freedom because, after all, they just want to live. For the easily swayed it can be compelling, but, those taken by this are being exploited. You see, they then go on to violate that very principle by telling us how to live? Um, sorry homo, did you not just say that its wrong for me to tell you how to live? Why do you think its okay for you to tell me how things are? Answer: its not! Pardon, forcing us how to live, whether that be with baking cakes, religious traditions et al. Sorry, but, we need to be reminded that homosexuals are no friends of ours and, in fact, they are the enemy.
    That being said, I, like everyone else, do not care what they do or how they live and I do not think they should be killed for it. Its clear that this Muslim hated them, but then again, homosexuals, whether they admit it or not, hate me? How is their hate any different than the Muslim? homo’s will say, I am this way because I am, so don’t judge or hate me. Okay, (I’m not sold on the genetic or innate theory), but, fruity, I am also the way I am because I am i.e. masculine and traditional, ergo, why are you judging and hating me?
    Lastly, this is a deterioration of the leftist narrative. When you look at the left, its quite astonishing that such a diverse group of people are held together. Muslims, Blacks, cross-dresser, homo’s, pedophiles, various ethnic groups, women…but also monkey wrench wielding hard hat union construction workers who are very masculine etc. These groups are all hostile to each other. One strategy that the right should be pursuing is to deflate this big tent. It doesn’t take much, this incident in Orlando will do much work for us. Philosophically, it will also negate the idea that “all are good” *except white heterosexual men, especially Christians (ahem the kind of men that would have run into that fire fight). And when that notion, which has brought us to this debauch state of “trannies” and masturbating pedophiles profiled in salon, is rejected it will say something very significant – yes, people, its a fact of life, like it or not, you MUST discriminate. Today, the urge will be to discriminate against Muslims and with each attack it will only grow, but tomorrow, once its okay to discriminate again, it will be, ironically, homosexuals. And too bad so sad, but, it is about time. This time around, I hope and genuinely think that even after its okay to discriminate we will revert back to some racist nation. But getting stuck in the ass is not noble – not to a Latin American, African American, Chinese…or the white man.

  39. You know they will make a made for tv movie about it.
    Some very polite and debonair fag will be drinking a martini and turn to another homo who is about to sit at the bar and say “excuse me sir, may I push in your stool?” right before the violence breaks out.

    1. @disqus_q7cnnyJ7N9:disqus can I enter this line as an early entry to Friday competition

      1. you know GoJ just when I think I have you figured out you surprise me.

  40. You know this Omar Mateen guy’s background resembles Roosh’s, don’t you? He’s a Pashtun, and the Pashtuns are an Iranian people who speak a language related to Farsi. Roosh and Omar could be distant cousins.

  41. I like gay people and in principle do not have a problem bringing my wife to a gay bar. I would just rather go to a redneck bar. Let’s say I took my wife to the Pulse dance club and a terrorist started shooting the place up. It’s filled with 300 gay men, not women and children, who scamper to the back corner like a litter of baby pigs in a sow crate. Not wanting to be a target, I follow suit and push my wife and myself to the back of the pile and shout over the hysteria “There’s 300 of us and one of them. Let’s charge this terrorist mother-fucker!” In response I hear “You go first and tell me if it hurts” followed by “Let’s wait till the police to show up.” We know how that story ends.
    Let’s say instead of taking my wife to the Pulse I took her to a bar filled with 300 men, no women or children, just rednecks and cowboys. A terrorist walks in and starts shooting up the place but instead of cowering to the back corner everyone ducks under the tables for cover. I shout to the men “There’s 300 of us and one of them. Let’s charge this terrorist mother-fucker!” Anyone that paid attention in history class knows that it won’t end well for the lone gunman facing 300 men armed with fists, guns and knives.
    I like gay people and think there should be more of them. I just won’t have one as my friend.

    1. Why should there be more of them? They are an evolutionary dead end. Seems counter productive to want an increase.
      These numbnuts don’t go into places where there are armed and/or aggressive masculine men, for a reason.

      1. Your point is my point exactly. I met my brother in Colorado last week and on his way he stopped to take a picture of a woman who was taking a picture of her daughter outside of their car with a bear sow and her cub in the ditch. My brother’s wife was furious because he could have been attacked. My brother said not a chance. As long as there was a woman and child between him and the bear he was safe. I am safer if I have real men as friends and the terrorists have easier targets.

        1. I clearly missed what is now obvious irony from your original post, heh, my bad. Got it now.

  42. If Elon Musk’s project to colonize Mars ever turns into reality, I wonder if Musk will succumb to political correctness by sending “gay couples” to Mars, despite the fact that they won’t make any Martians once they get there.
    At least colonizing Mars makes more sense than keeping the borders of the United States open so that the world’s diversity trash can “colonize” our full-enough country. Not only would the social process on Earth have to select for the highest quality people to send; but the environment on Mars would tend to destroy all but the hardiest and most capable of the colonists, who would then pass their genes onto their Martian descendants. You just wouldn’t see Mars filling up with all the defective people who have an easy go of it on this planet.

    1. Musk is a dreamer. I can respect that – we need dreamers to come up with the ideas we wouldn’t have on our own.
      But there are many problems with colonizing Mars. We don’t have a good way to get back (need about the same rockets it takes to get there, based primarily on the planet’s gravity), communications would be all but non-existent (cosmic radiation scrambles communication between rovers and Earth routinely), and the planet currently cannot support life – we’d need to essentially build the ISS on the planet to get started.
      I just don’t see these problems getting resolved in our lifetimes, especially if we have to engage in warfare any time soon.

  43. Why is it when a muslim commits a crime, its radical islamic terrorism or Islam is the reason. However, when a white christian shoots up a school, rapes or mass murders nothing is ever mentioned about radical christian terroism or the million people they killed in Iraq that lead to the formation of ISIS. Or when black people commit crime and they do alot of that, they blame the government for their poor living condition or racism and never blame the violent hiphop/rap culture. Hypocrites..
    Donald trump said the iraq was a mistake, killing innocents almost a million .. a fuckin mistake and he said we all make mistakes. Now he has the nerve to bring up this radical islamic bullshit and act all high and mighty. Dont get me wrong, I used to like him but I hate hypocrites.
    Islam degrades women? Blacks call their women bitches and hoes all the fuckin time.

    1. You don’t hear about white Christian shooters shouting “Go Jesus!” or “God is awesome!” or (insert Christian equivalent of “Allah Akbar” here”) do you clever tits?

      1. This is the main reason I call most western countries hypocrites. The claim that the chruch and state are separate, … These people go to chruch preach love yiur neighbours and lpve your enemies, once they leave their churches they go and vote for a mass murder, stronger military and more weapons for war.

    2. Well, last check, it’s because they are in fact openly declaring that they’re killing for Islam. That might be the prime reason, I’d wager.

      1. Western christians kill and destroy anyone that goes against their ideology. They just dont use the word christian, they like to use democracy, freedom and equality as a blanket to cover it up.

        1. Western christians, they go to chruch leave, vote for warmongers and more military .. kill innocents then claim its the government. Or someone like you would say secular

        2. Maybe because none of what you speak is motivated by a religious imperative unlike the inbred, rabid Muslims, you imbecile.

    3. They say it’s radical Islam because the shooter always yells Allah akbar before shooting. White shooters aren’t yelling praise to Jesus when they kill.

    4. Islam degrades women? Blacks call their women bitches and hoes all the fuckin time.
      Perhaps there is a difference worth considering. Black women can change this, immediately, simply upon deciding to do so. The majority of women under the yoke of islam have extremely few options to change their condition.

      1. Not under Islam, but under opressive men. Now if you look at history, the christian church would opress women, kill gays and murder apostates .. does that mean christianity is a bad religion?

    5. Hypocrite?… you use this word but I do not think it means what you think it means. When were human beings not allowed to change their minds? This “Triggered” me. I keep hearing talk of flip flop and hypocrite. So if I ever say something, I have to stick to that opinion or the ideal of that statement till death or be called a hypocrite?
      I’m pretty sure that Hypocrisy is an action, as in, claiming one ideal or belief yet acting in a different manner. NOT saying one thing then later modifying, or saying one thing then years later saying something different or opposite. You liberals need to get your fucking vocab straight.

      1. I’m not a liberal lol. If the US did really modify or change anything. Why does it still support syrian rebels? Why does it support Israel against Palestine? Why does it still kill people in Afghanistan? Why does it support Turkey and Saudi Arabia the two heads of the snake that are the main breeders of terrorism. Get your facts straight

        1. You aren’t Liberal, you still need to get your vocabulary straight. I said nothing of the US or anything specific, I was implying about your general idea, leaning towards the comments on Trump. What “facts” do I need to get straight exactly?

    6. Black men did not call their women “bitches” and “ho’s” — in the numbers that they do now — before the 1960s and the advent of welfare.

  44. And watch how the LGBT crowd double down on virtue signalling by supporting yet more mass Muslim immigration.

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