Is Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau’s Cabinet Discriminatory Against Men?

The new Canadian Prime Minister vowed to achieve gender equality in his cabinet. And achieve gender equality he did. Half of the 30 ministers are women and a lot of them are visible minorities, which in Canada means that even though you might be a part of a small struggling community of Russian men, you don’t count as a minority group because your skin is the wrong colour.

The obvious problem with having gender quotas is that they most likely create discrimination against the dominant group for no other reason than them being born with the wrong genitalia. I’m not one to believe that two wrongs make a right, so I’m not quite sure why Trudeau and his followers think that you can solve alleged discrimination by creating actual discrimination.

It seems to me that the way to eliminate discrimination is to enforce a strict meritocracy. If that results in a cabinet full of white men or full of black women or whatever, so be it. What matters is that they got the job because they were qualified, not because of a birth accident. Furthermore, if I were a woman, I couldn’t help but wonder if I became a minister because of my qualifications or because of what I have between my legs.

Such is the paradox of women’s quotas: to empower women, you have to tacitly admit that women are not good enough to rise up by themselves so they need a little boost from the establishment. Who, other than a feminist, would be misogynistic enough to believe that about women?

Quotas do not lead to equality

ranger women graduate

The worst thing about quotas is that they aren’t applied equally throughout society. For example, there is a severe lack of male teachers and nurses but never do these equality advocates demand quotas in favour of men. Also, when it comes to jobs that aren’t so safe, well paid, and prestigious as politician or CEO, like waste collectors (we call them garbagemen for a reason), lumberjacks, sewer workers, and long distance truckers, to name a few, they are somehow perfectly content with having only an infinitely small minority of women doing these jobs.

It’s usually at that point that the following argument comes up: women don’t want these jobs! I’m sure they don’t want them and I bet most men don’t want them either. The reality is, they still have to be done. If women are so keen on participating equally to society, they’ll have to pull their fair share of the weight there too.

Instead, we’re running down a path where it would possible for a woman who has never picked up garbage once in her life to become the administrator of a public waste collecting company through gender quotas discrimination and essentially be given authority over men who are more qualified than her, simply because she has a vagina.

Women are overly represented in the cabinet


On October 19, the Liberal Party won 184 seats and 30 of these elected members of parliament (MPs) have been selected to become minister. Of these, only 50 are held by female MPs. It means that women represent a mere 26% of the elected MPs. Why then do they get 50% representation in the cabinet? Here’s another way to look at it. If you’re a female MP in Trudeau’s party, you had 30% chance of becoming a minister, while your male colleagues only had 11% chance, for no other reason than pure discrimination. Talk about male privilege!

One might argue that it is only fair that women represent 50% of the cabinet members since they represent half of the population. This argument doesn’t hold water. Ministers do not represent the population, the elected members of Parliament do. Women consistently participate in the democratic process at a higher rate than men and there are no systemic barriers preventing women from running for election, which is evidenced by the fact that there are plenty of women running for elections and that there has even been a female Prime Minister, Mrs. Kim Campbell.

Despite having all the same opportunities as men, women only manage to get themselves a representation of 50 MPs in the ruling party and 88 in total in the House of Commons, which incidentally also represents 26% of all the elected MPs.

This is not an attack against women. It has been well established by now that women in aggregate tend to make different career choices than men to more easily accommodate a family life. As someone whose grandfather used to be an MP, I can attest that the lifestyle of a politician is hard to conciliate with a family, because you’re always away from home and most women don’t want that. The point is, the low female representation is well explained by individual choices rooted in biology, not by systemic discrimination.


As with many things, it all comes down to equality of opportunity vs. equality of outcome. Justin Trudeau’s progressive policies are an example of the latter. The scariest thing is not the rampant discrimination against men, but rather the erosion of meritocracy in Canada’s uppermost ruling body. Harper and the conservatives in general might have their flaws, but at least they didn’t play the identity politics game the Liberals are playing — and winning at the moment.

As the Sweden of North America, Canada is used to general silliness and feminist dogma in the political establishment, but I fear that the reign of Trudeau as PM will destroy what little remains of Canadian pride and respect on the international scene.

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139 thoughts on “Is Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau’s Cabinet Discriminatory Against Men?”

  1. As a “Canadian”, seeing all that’s going on in Canada right now – it’s just a place to earn money rather than something you’re really attached to.
    We have no more values anymore (unless you accept Trudeau’s discriminatory feminism) and no defined culture aside from rampant consumerism and the satisfaction of hedonistic desires. Canada is so leftist we don’t even have a true right-wing party (the Conservatives come close, but not quite – more like toned down liberalism with more common sense, ex. meritocracy in cabinet).
    So my attitude toward this country is a decent place where I can earn money, as opposed to my true homeland and the land of my forefathers, Poland.

      1. Once upon a time we were Considered more British than Britian. That’s until Justin ‘s father came into power and tore that down.

      2. We have a rich culture (eg. First Nations, fur traders mapping the miles and miles of rapids, etc.), but god forbid we celebrate that over the foreign cultures coming in. Trudeau is bringing in 25000 ‘refugees’ by Christmas; what kind of screening can be done in that time!?
        Most of my country is too Liberal and brainwashed to know any better. I’m glad I still hold onto values.
        At least Americans make immigrants assimilate. I have no problem with new recipes or something coming in, but our morals triumph your morals. Nonetheless, we do have some awful homegrown morals (eg. that quota the article is about).

    1. Cześć.
      I am not Polish, but I urge you to come back home now and let us make our stand together in Eastern Europe.

      1. Witam słowiańskiego czy wschodnio-europejskiego brata! xD
        Eastern Europe may become the last bastion of Europe quite soon. Luckily we have some fairly sensible governments and people, which can’t be said for Western Europe.
        I will see how events turn out (I am still young) but I am considering it.

    2. I feel the exact same way. But even now with Canadian economy being shitty, its not the best place to make money either.

      1. Fair enough, and the best way to make money – the Internet – is accessible from anywhere in the world

    3. I’m Canadian, and we have a rich culture, but god forbid we celebrate it over foreign cultures. Now the only ‘culture’ the younger Canadians know is poutine and Bieber.
      Nonetheless, I don’t feel like moving to any lands my forefathers descended from (Ireland, England, or Germany) as they aren’t much better, and I admire Canada’s wide tracts of land. Perhaps this can be turned around, although that could be wishful thinking.

      1. Well from what I can tell you are a “purebred” Canadian, as in your family has been here for generations, and your other reasons are valid. I’m a second gen immigrant (parents immigrated, I was born here) and as you said the only culture I’m getting right now is poutine and Bieber. It is a nice beautiful place though for sure.

        1. It’s a shame it’s taking Sweden’s path. And yes, my family has been here for at least a hundred years; one of my family members was a horse thief who I believe was either deported here or escaped here; I know he went here with an Irish woman of royal blood (but I have no royal blood myself, as she would have lost any of it for running off with a criminal).
          See, it’s stories like that that sort of encourage me to stay and fight for land that’s rightfully mine. And Canada does have a long history of trapping, the war of 1812, etc. My stepdad is a second generation immigrant from Italian parents, and he’s one of the most patriotic people I know.
          Obviously, I don’t pledge all loyalty to Canada, seeing as it’s not perfect. Nonetheless, I can’t understand why people think progressivism is actually progressive.

  2. The problem with quotas is that they exist only for cozy jobs, where you sit on a desk, have your coffee in front of you and play Solitaire all day long. There are no gender quotas for garbage collectors, sewage workers, workers in the uranium mines etc. It seems women are only as capable as men, if it’s about jobs that anyone could do (or in extreme cases, they have the standards lowered for them).

    1. The gender gap theory is true, but I suspect it’s because of the reasons you posted. Of course a male oilfield roughneck will make more money than a female desk jockey. Doing spreadsheets is not hard. Anyone with a basic understanding of MS Office can do it. Being out in the oilfield for days at a time, not so much. Also, the only physical perils in office work involve carpal tunnel, expanding asses, and water cooler gossip overload.

  3. How to recruit for a job.
    Step 1- find the best person for the job (regardless of age, gender, religion, skin colour, race, etc.)
    Step 2- hire them.
    No quotas no bias no discrimination just logic and success. Hiring ANYONE just to manipulate a statistic is bullshit. Jeremy Corbyn hired over 50% women for his cabinet here in the uk. Luckily he’s such a lunatic he has no hope of ever being PM so nobody gives a shit.

  4. Trudeau is discriminating against his own kind – white men.
    White men are discriminated against on a daily basis. It’s discussed openly and it’s in your face all of the time but no one bats a fucking eye at it. There are no quotas for hiring white men at all.
    But, we have nothing but quota after quota for hiring every other combination: women, white women, black women, plus every other race, religion, combo, etc…known on the planet.
    There is discrimination going on here (in the U.S.), in Canada and everywhere else and people just go about their daily business like it’s fine (they really don’t believe they are discriminating). Plus, yes..they are only going after those nice, cushy jobs in the office or high paying positions. There are no women marching to meet that quota of “equality” for trash collectors or any other “dirty jobs” being done by men.
    I say it’s about time we started looking out for us first, men. All men are at risk (the white men are just the starting point). Once white men are removed, they’ll aim for all men, next.

    1. “White men are discriminated against on a daily basis. ” – – – White men are also the pilots that BOMB other countries. They are also soldiers that go in and rob other countries. If White men don’t want to be targets at all, they need to STOP participating in bullsh*t wars! Say, f*ck it, I ain’t playing this game anymore. Be it marriage, POLICE, etc.

      1. Because white men are the only ones involved in war? Your comment is absurd. White men have kept the peace remarkably well. Muslims haven’t done such a great job historically.

        1. It’s very clear you are an idiot, and I am certainly not your ‘dear.’ This isn’t Jezebel, this site doesn’t pander to your homosexual tendencies or warped view of how the terrible ‘white’ man is responsible for all the war, ‘dear.’ I have zero problem going into other countries to loot them, that is exactly what unchecked immigration has been doing to my country for decades.

        2. “warped view.” I’m pointing out FACTS! You’re definitely delusional. As delusional as Feminists and Anita Sarkeesian! >:I Sick f*ck! >:I

      2. Yeah, one of my only redpill friends tells me his military buddies are the WORST. He can’t say anything negative about this society to them, they refuse to accept it. He has been through a particularly nasty divorce rape, where she accused some really sick stuff that messed him up more than just financially, and knows this society and government are evil.
        But he can’t say a single negative word about it to his military buds. They are the biggest white knights of them all. The ironic thing is they all supposedly “hate Obama”—well who exactly do you think the military works for if not the executive branch and Commander in Chief! What tools. Literally.

        1. They are WILLING TOOLS! 100 PERCENT willing tools and fools! Someone tell you to do something that you know will result in danger to your nation and/or your family you say “NO!” and move on. Take the dishonorable discharge and f*ck their scrap wages! >:I More men and women in the military need to say “NO! We will NOT do this!” Pretty simple solution. Ron Paul wanted to bring them all home! Ron Paul, of ALL candidates, got the MOST votes from military men! They know this is all bullsh*t, yet they keep on participating in the bullsh*t!

        2. After reviewing your comment history your ideas are simplistic and that of a teenager. Read more and comment less troll.

        3. There was a pretty strong backlash from the military against invading Syria a year or so back. That really surprised me. But I think it probably stems more from racist hatred of Obama than anything. In other words, these same troops would gladly invade Syria for President Jeb Bush.

        4. It takes a genius to break down the complex into the simple. Thank you for noticing my genius! 🙂 There’s hope for you yet ! 🙂

        5. “..racist hatred of Obama.”
          Who was elected twice in a majority white nation. Me thinks your American bigotry is obscuring your view.
          I knew what Obama was by his political affiliation and I truly hate all of them. Your acceptatnce of “people hate Obama because they are racists” is what pigressives sell to the public to cover for his inept leadership and failed socialist policies. Sorry you swallowed and belive that tripe.

        6. I’m not bigoted and have supported black candidates in the past. I only am reacting to a lot of the hyperbole that “Obama hates America” “is a secret Muslim” and some kind of Manchurian candidate, which is why it’s OK to rebel against *him* but I don’t get any sense that people feel it’s in any way acceptable to go against the machinery of government itself. No, the feds are in charge, and we must all do what they say. I wish there were evidence to the contrary, and I’d love to see it, but so far I haven’t.

        7. “I’m not bigoted and have supported black candidates in the past.”
          Irrelevant. You slipped the pigressive slur of: ” But I think it probably stems more from racist hatred of Obama than anything.”
          That is exactly what leftists say and want others to believe in order to deflect any criticism of “dear leader.” President pissed away trillions, destroyed the economy, etc.. — racists! And you bought into it. You can oppose socialism and disregard the labels your enemies are going to throw at you.

        8. Look, I don’t care what leftists, or homos, or bigots, or racebaiters, or any other contrived group says. If there is actually a movement among those in the military (or *any* mainstream movement in society for that matter) against the leviathan federal government, then great. If you can point to some evidence or even anecdotal stories of this, even better. I simply don’t see it. Kum Jung Un may fully agree with me, but that doesn’t alter my opinion.

      3. We’ll have to disagree here. This mindset reminds me of the liberals in Europe thinking tolerance and acceptance will be rewarded by taking in more “refugees”….no it won’t …it will get you killed, if anything.
        And these are governments sending orders to troops to bomb these places (political leaders are not all white men giving orders). The pilots are not all white men….bad straw man argument.
        It is true though, that most (if not all) white men (or men) are garbage collectors. No equality speeches on that front.

        1. Nations with a MAJORITY WHITE POPULATIONS and WHITE MILITARY are BOMBING NON-WHITE NATIONS! Doesn’t matter if they take orders from a cat! They are STILL WHITE MEN doing the bombing, SELLING the GUNS! >:I If your supervisor told you to bend over and take anything up the ass would you say “Just following orders,” and bend over? Comeon now! >:I That’s lie a woman saying “I had ONE DRINK, therefore I was raped!” Even though HE had ONE DRINK too! >:I

        2. Don’t bother. All evil in the world is the white man’s doing according to Ross. Doesn’t matter that historically ‘white’ nations have been the one’s who have prevented Islam from destroying the civilized world for centuries, and continue to do so.

        3. Move to Saudi Arabia Ross. Everything is amazing there. If you disagree, you’re a bigot.

        4. Disagree all you want, facts remain FACTS! You want to disagree facts makes you no different than a feminist. o.O

        5. He reminds me of the many liberals who use convenient facts (or partial information) for an argument or debate. You can remove “evil white men” from any situation – say an office full of women – and it will only get worse. I think many of us on here have seen the damage done by women working in an office environment. A lot of petty bullshit and nonsense usually ensues (white man present or not) and the whole environment gets ugly. It’s high school bullshit part 2.

        6. Sorry to tell you you sound racist..
          All whites are the same…
          All Black are the same…
          If the black get bombed it is because they are not as bright as whites otherwise they would be doing the same.. Does this sound enough racist to you ?

        7. Oh, they ARE bombing! They are dropping POPULATION bombs in EUROPEAN countries!!!! Making babies at a faster rate!!! 🙂

        8. It’s not White men from European ancestry that are pulling the strings. It’s Ashkenazi attached to both sides of politics, Hollywood, media in general and feminism. By far the most common disruptive force and the ones with money and motivation. George Bush was just a useful idiot and so are most of the liberals.

        9. I’m pretty sure there are more women voters than men in most western democracies. No connection there, though, right?

        10. Allow me to debunk this ignorant idea.
          1.In the African World War (2nd Congo War you had massive bombing raids by the Rwandan, Libyan, and Ugandan Air Force (and others). The only limiting factor was the lack of technological infrastructure. But don’t worry-they still managed to kill around five million people and rape three million women.
          2. ISIS has aircraft and has bombed the Kurds, Iraqis, and others. Saddam’s Iraq and his enemy Iran bombed each other heavily the 1980s. There Saddam developed his strategy with SCUD missiles.
          3.The Mexican Air Force has bombed insurgents in the Rebel strongholds of Chiapas state.
          4. The Venezuealan AF bombed villages of Yanomamo and other indigenous people simply for target practice.
          5. The Indonesian Air Force has bombed separatists in multiple areas of its territory.
          6. The northern Sudanese used WWI aircraft to strafe civilians and drop bombs in South Sudan.
          There are plenty of examples of air campaigns by non-First World nations. The major difference between the first world and the third world is one of capability.
          Condemning whites for bombing others is the same as flipping over the monopoly board because you just became bankrupt. All over the world people are playing the same game, some are just more skillful than others.

      4. @Ross…Islamic Arab people bomb other countries, Asians bomb other countries, black Africans bomb other countries. Every race has bombed other countries during many wars. Why is it only white that you see? You unwittingly just proved his point by blaming only whites for something many, if not all races do, or have done in the recent past.

        1. “black Africans bomb other countries. ” – – – WITH WHAT AIRFORCE??? >:I Holy SH*T You’re a deflecting, delusional, fabricating FOOL! WHAT AIR FORCE is in AFRICA!!!! When has Rwanda BOMBED any country? When has UGANDA bombed any country!?? When has SOMALIA bombed any country!!! >:I FWARK! You sick f*ck! >:I Who has DRONES bombing CIVILIANS! Ain’t AFRICA, ain’t CHINA! It’s AMERICA! A WHITE NATION!!! >:I WHITES are doing the majority of the POLLUTING, the BOMBING and the KILLING and ROBBING of NON-WHITE NATIONS!!! >:I Haliburton, ExxonMobil! Majority of the world’s toxic waste is dumped in AFRICA, yet produced in EUROPE and AMERICA!!! >:I So f*ck you for being this ignorant! Sick f*ck!

        2. You tell ’em Ross. Robert Mugabe and Idi Amin were STRONG and ENLIGHTENED BLACK leaders who were only denied their richly deserved Nobel Peace Prizes because of Nordic INSTITUTIONAL RACISM.

        3. You don’t need an airforce to use bombs on people in other countries you fool, and you don’t need a nation state either…you specifically said “white men”…so my response stands. Asians, Islamic Arabs and African blacks have all used bombs against people in other countries. Every race has utilized bomb technology at some point in warfare or terrorism, so it is not just a “white man” thing. And btw, your use of capital letters is ridiculous.

        4. Lol! When has Rwanda bombed anyone? Uganda? How about the second Congo war in the early 2000s.
          Those countries do have air forces. They are just small and technologically obsolete by western standards. They kill and terrorize plenty though
          Even ISIS has an air arm.

        1. “Don’t be absurd, we send black soldiers in to do the robbing.” – – – LOL! “Operation Darkie” ( Southpark reference) comes to mind. 😛

      5. “White men are also the pilots that BOMB other countries.” WRONG. Other countries are now bombed and their peoples of color (including children) assassinated by faceless drones, as commanded and approved by your master Obama.

      6. White male bomber pilots usuallly happen to from countries where, in all likelihood, women have the vote, right-?

    2. Have you observed the amount of women on sports networks now? Here in New England we have a channel called NESN. There’s literally more women than men on the network now. There’s sports shows which are hosted by two women. It’s completely unbearable! They’re turning sports coverage into a giddy girls night out.
      There’s no arena’s left for MEN. The daily women’s talk shows still focus on Women and are spaces for women. Sports which used to be a place for MEN are now overrun with bimbo female “sports reporters” who are borderline turning segments into “how hot a player is.”

      1. Men need to turn off all of these shows. ESPN jumped the shark a long time ago..pretty sad. They all have given in to this female perspective and they all do these “touchy feely” bullshit segments on players (read: drama) bullshit. I stopped watching this shit awhile back when they left the actual sports out and started doing these “lifetime” series segments.
        I can’t stand watching a network where a woman gives her two cents on what’s happening. Who cares what women think about sports…I don’t.

        1. I turned off ESPN a while ago. I am not a Boston Sports guy so my TV isn’t locked on NESN. However … if I’m flipping channels and land on NESN, it’s always a woman reporting or two women at the desk. They have one commercial and when I saw it the other day it was easily 85-15 women to men.

        2. I couldn’t do it any longer (awhile back). I watched how women have “hijacked” these sports shows with stupid drama (little stories) about the athletes where as men just want to see sports, talk stats, etc…
          The whole thing turned into a soap opera and reality show drama network. It’s now The View but with sports stuff behind it. I can’t do it so I got rid of cable TV a while back (useless).

        3. Haven’t got much choice if you are a Boston fan. BTW, at least for the moment the NHL aspect is all guys – but I’m sure they’re working on ruining that too.

  5. Corporations are hiring the best and brightest people while governments
    are hiring based on quotas and feelings, but that has nothing to do with
    why corporations are taking over the world

    1. Corporations started pandering to women (for the almighty dollar) and they started promoting (and hired women to higher positions) to appease their customer base. It really had nothing to do with the “best and brightest” and it had more to do with PR and their image (see, we hire women in high office buy our product).
      It was a good move by a few to make more money but it threw plenty of talented men ‘under the bus’ to make women happy.

      1. Exactly. I’d say it’s a very small minority of corporations that are men only, and the rest are full of women, HR employees, minorities, etc. in make-work jobs.

      2. That’s Right, and who is going to spend the Money in a Family?… The Woman…The Companies market everything from Image to Product Directed at women, because they know the money Flows easy from a woman’s hand.

  6. Congrats to my fellow Canadians, we’ve literally voted in somebody that HATES US. We’re always just a few years behind the Americans aren’t we

  7. And next come gay and fat quotas. Means:
    We need 50% female, 50% male, 50% gay, 50% fat.
    Ah, heck, make stupid quotas, too. You would not want to put stupid people at a disadvantage. So 50% stupid as well.
    That makes 250% morons.
    Oh, damn. Boys, we need to find us a larger parliament.

    1. You are posting this sarcastically but, let me tell you as someone who lives in Canada, that wouldn’t even surprise me anymore. That could very well be legislated tomorrow.

    2. Might as well. Airlines already are making seats bigger for fat people, instead of, I dunno, telling them to seek a healthy living.

        1. Sure. Charge them for each asscheek. But jokes aside, surprisingly enough, it does add quite a bit of weight, which does lead to more fuel being burned. For the same reason the aviation sector in general, but the military in particular, have been getting rid of their paper technical orders with tablets. Simply less weight, even if it’s marginal.

        2. it really would be the fair way to do it. But if they wanted to make it fair and didn’t want to peg it to something like weight they could just measure you. Like those things you put your carry on in to make sure they fit. You sit in a thing and if any part of you goops out you have to pay extra.

      1. Wolves when reintroduced into forests, from which they had been exterminated, have lead to resurgence of flora, fauna and plant life as they predate.
        I suppose very fat people, and I don’t mean Marilyn Monroe Voluptuous or a size up from that, are insulated from consequences.
        I suppose the only form of natural selection to prevent dysgenics is male preference for attractive women (and conversely so)
        Obesity isn’t entirely the fault of the sufferer, they do tend to have a different biology that sets their resistance to appetite and satiety signal that tells them to stop eating and of course all the other factors such as modern processed foods but I suspect healthy eating of whole foods would be unlikely to make many people grossly obese.

    3. In modern western Governments, The Stupid Quota is already in effect, and its Quota has been exceeded.

      1. Yeah, it is the only safe way. Imagine that the amount of minorities was a power of 3. Imagine the torment of legislators who need to divide 100 seats by 9.

    4. But wouldn’t 50% of males have to identify as females and 50% of the females have to identify as males making it 25% male 25% female and 50% transdoodles or whatever they are called.
      Also, I think you underestimate things. It will have to be 100% gay. And the females and males who identify as gay males will comprise the 50% of the people who aren’t fat. They need to be super fit but will be required, through legislation, to tell fat people how fabulous they are a minimum of 20 times a day and must remark on fat bitches cleavage as being “terrific” whenever they aren’t listening to lady gaga.
      The laws will be so complicated and rigorously enforced that the government will have to hire everyone to the department of Fagland Security and pay them exorbitant wages….but, since the government prints money, by hiring everyone and paying them whatever they want then we will have no poor people!
      This can’t possibly fail.

        1. I believe this was already done. It was part of the design features for when Al Gore built his weather machine to control the weather and cause strange meteorological phenomenon

    5. Harrison Bergeron was a novel by Kurt Vonnegut to critique extreme egalitarianism.
      In the year 2081, amendments to the Constitution dictate that all Americans are fully equal and not allowed to be smarter, better-looking, or more physically able than anyone else. The Handicapper General’s agents enforce the equality laws, forcing citizens to wear “handicaps”: masks for those who are too beautiful, radios inside the ears of intelligent people, and heavy weights for the strong or athletic..

        1. It was recently made as “2081” rather than as “Harrison Bergeron.” You can rent it on YouTube. The website of the film is
          It seems to be faithful to the original 1968 story however obviously can’t get into the gender and race issues.
          Biology explains inequality almost entirely both between genders, race and individuals. It’s why we aren’t allowed to bring it up.

  8. He is a government spoon fed drama teacher, what did anybody expect? He works for the government that has repeatedly posted job ads that say ‘White men need not apply.’ Let that sink in for a minute. Getting a job because you have a vagina doesn’t make you the best person for that job, but he is a Marxist so why would he give a shit? None of this is going to cost him any money? The Liberal government of Canada has never been held accountable for the billions of dollars that they have embezzled and wasted, from the ORNG Air Ambulance scandal to the Teachers Union bribe to the gas plant scandal. Why bother being surprised now? The people of Canada are getting EXACTLY what they deserve. I’m making plans to move abroad and never come back, and every talented and bright person I know has either done the same or is making the same preparations. Good luck Truedope, voters seem to like it when you pick the pocket of your own people while destroying their future.

    1. He works for the government that has repeatedly posted job ads that say ‘White men need not apply.’

      If that’s true it’s a good sign. I have lost jobs before in America by being a white male (was told I failed a basic math test to be a part time bank teller–I was a National Merit Scholar and majoring in math and finance at the time, and told them that was bullshit and asked for the results. They had a “problem retrieving them” but would “get back to me.” Then how did you know I failed? **blank stare** A few months later I was working as a full time bank loan officer for one of their competitors.
      I realized this was quota bullshit, but most guys don’t realize what’s going on. It needs to be overt and publicly acknowledged before men will see how society is really stacked against them. Then we will start seeing red pill acceptance in huge numbers.

      1. “I failed a basic math test to be a part time bank teller”
        Was that really about being a white male You do know banks like to have attractive young females as bank tellers .. just like companies want to have hot young women as their receptionists. It’s obviously grossly unfair.. but I’m not sure it’s really about quotas and being a white male as you describe. A brown or black man wouldn’t have gotten the job either.

        1. Everyone else in the testing room was a black female. I do not know what the specific quota was. I only know I was eliminated for a bullshit reason. Banking is a “work your way up” field, and the branch managers I came to know later always worked their way up starting from the teller position, so I don’t think banks avoided hiring men as tellers as a blanket rule. I also came across overt racism in the field, so I don’t doubt it would have been even more difficult if I were a brown or black man.
          My best guess is the banks needed a certain number of racial minorities, and made a decision that teller was the least dangerous place to put them, and chose to hire almost exclusively black females for that role. Although as a side note, stereotypically speaking, black females have a tendency to follow rules more strictly than many other groups; that is why you will often see them working in boring bureaucratic positions like the DMV where it is very important to the government that the rules be followed to the letter, no matter the circumstances (ie the “sorry sir, you were in the wrong line for an hour, go stand over there” mentality).

    2. tell me where you end up expating to boss. 10 years from now Canada will not be recognizable.

      1. Don’t know exactly where yet friend, but you can bet the climate will be warm and the female company even warmer.

  9. A list of the cabinet positions the women are in (
    -Indigenous and Northern Affairs
    -Public Services and Procurement
    -International Trade
    -Justice and Attorney
    -International Development
    -Canadian Heritage
    -National Revenue
    -Environment and Climate
    -Democratic Institutions
    -Status of Women
    Some items of note (disclaimer: not Canadian)
    Most of them are either lawyers, MPAs, ‘culture studies’ majors, or soft science majors (the ‘hard’ science major is running Science, but she’s a dual geography / anthropology major). The National Revenue service is run by someone with a background in social health services. The only bright spot is the National Defense minister who is actually a combat veteran and a man (for the moment).
    Looking at the positions that have women, seems like typical progressive strategy to change the internal culture by redefining Canadian heritage (other than immigration), increase government spending, and import more immigrants to help with changing the internal culture.

    1. well it’s not like Harper’s government was any better (see my post below). it was his Grand Imam MacKay who was the main proponent of the Swedish “nordic model”.

      1. Like I said, I’m not Canadian, but I agree that the only real difference between ‘conservatives’ and ‘progressives’ is the rate of societal decay.

  10. Harper so far was the worst progressive feminazi piece of garbage. he introduced the Nordic Model of prostitution in Canada – a policy originally created by feminazis in Sweden. when given the opportunity, our “conservative” Harper was only too happy to copy a socialist feminist idea. that’s because it perfectly suited his main agenda – to impose his moral “values” on others.
    i voted for Trudeau just to make sure that this POS Harper doesn’t stay in office. not a fan of Trudeau’s rhetorics – but i do hope he will be done soon with the election gimmicks like “gender equality” and start doing something reasonable.

    1. Harper is what you called a traditional, religious conservative These idiots are clueless about the current sexual market and what women are really like now.. they still cling to the outdated notion that women are pure and uncorruptable (which is odd because the Bible very clearly stresses the exact opposite) and that men are the source of evil and that it is their sexual desires and lack of “manning up” is the problem. There has been much written about these traditional conservative fools on the Manosphere so I don’t want to repeat it.. but you need to understand that’s where they’re coming from.

    2. p.s I didn’t care for Harper for many reasons, including the one you stated.. but I just couldn’t bring myself to vote for Trudeau. I knew from his antics and rhetoric even before he started running that he was a strong feminist and he would pander to women and feminism. The guy is a typical mangina and beta male… idealizing women all the way and blaming men for everything. I knew his policies would be about supporting and empowering women at the great expense of men. I can’t vote for anyone like that, sorry.
      The guy is also too young, naive and inexperienced to be Prime Minister. He lacks the strength, gravitas and masculinity to be a leader. He’s too eager to be liked and to be popular and leadership means to sometimes be the bad guy and do things that are unpopular but are still the right thing to do. I think this guy is going to be a disaster.

    1. And “gay voice” and “gay demeanor” and narcissistic personality.

  11. Yep you don’t get rid of sexism and racism with more sexism and racism. Isms are dumb anyways.

  12. Low T–JT is a fucking mangina…a puppet for more experienced politicians who will push him around like a red headed step-child. He sounds like an effeminate faggot to boot.

  13. Leftists loathe straight men, white men especially, thus all these quotas and equality blabber. Leftist utopia has no place for white straight men.
    Ironically, many men are collaborators in their own demise. I’ve met a lot of angry men lately, the gasket is about to blow.

  14. Canadian baby boomer here.
    Is it me, or does Justin always come off as an earnest high school student council president???
    I watched his father ride the big wave into power. Didn’t like him either, although the old man was brilliant. I could have had a beer with him. But the son? Nope.
    Justin is a puppet manipulated by old Liberal whore insiders who know that appealing to every twitter ripple is the way to govern.
    I fear for my country and my savings.

    1. “earnest high school president”- hahahaha
      “There is NO reason why our students shouldnt have the right to more than one type of milk- 1%,2%, whole or skim milk. It is our right as Canadian citizens!”

  15. Help women, now, because it is now that they are being oppressed the most. And finally men are realizing how much hate they had on women, finally.
    – Because millions of years of human evolution were nothing but lies
    – Because good men help women, and when women have it all, we still need to find a reason to depict women as victims. That is what non misogynistic men are doing
    – Because if we fix this, women would be liberated ? Because the moment we remove all this bias, women will be able to stand by themselves and not be eternally dependent on men, then we will see how equal women always were
    – Because if women were found to be significantly inferior, if we have scientific evidence that Darwin was correct about women’s inferiority, then it must be sexism
    – Because if we give people what they deserve by merit, women would get equal recognition. Hence merit works, hence equality works.
    Merit and equality in society, a dichotomy. You can’t have both, completely.
    Privilege and freedom, a dichotomy too.
    – Because women getting benefits also means that they are degenerating, and becoming less and less, due to atrophy . Life balances things out.
    Despite everything against men, this is the wrong time to be born a female.

    1. This is why the men who survive the west and learn to thrive and self actualize will be the baddest motherfuckers on the planet.
      Whatever does not kill you makes you stronger.

  16. When a really severe situation happens, Justine and his cabinet are going to collapse under the strain. And Justine will bear the brunt of it.
    And if Justine really cared about “equality”, he would demand more female garbage collectors.

  17. Here in Scotland the ruling SNP recently circumvented party members with the National Executive Committee having a behind-doors, closed session on all-female candidate shortlists. The session was closed to the media and the NEC refused to release voting numbers hinting at a Diktat being issued. They knew they couldn’t get it past conference.
    Anyway, this is what Leftists will do should they face resistance on one of their policy shibboleths.

  18. Do anyone can guess, what Justin Trudeau & Bawack Obama, have in common ??
    Think ?? It’s easy ……

  19. Of course that faggot Trudeau is discriminatory towards men. It’s the only kind of discrimination allowed today and we find it in abundance everywhere n the West.
    At this very moment, I am having my roof replaced. I did the deal with a white man. The white man owns a company with the required trucks, lifts, etc. This morning, at 6:45, the crew showed up. It was 14 men. In fact, it was 14 men from El Salvador.
    Not a single woman on the crew. Women do not want to do hard, dangerous, outside, and dirty work like this.
    Why is it worth pointing out that all these men are from El Salvador? Well, as a customer having a job done, I am quite happy to see these men from El Salvador. I got a good price for the roof replacement. And these men work fast and they work happy. They are good with their hands and do quality work.
    I know for a fact that at least half of them are illegal. I know that because I speak Spanish. I joked with them so they trust me, thus one confessed to me.
    I have nothing against men from El Salvador. I’d rather have them work on my roof than some stoned white kid or lazy ass black kid. But here is the thing: The same people like Trudeau that think women should get all the good jobs are the same people that think its OK to let illegals walk in and take these manual labor jobs. If these illegals were not here, the white man who owns the company would have to find white and black men to do the work. That would be more work for HIM to teach them the work ethic that their single mothers did not teach them. But they would have work, learn how to do work, and the entire country would be better for it. Instead, the white boys are playing video games and jerking off. The black kids are protesting that “black lives matter” when they are not committing crimes.
    As you can see, the destruction of our society is well-planned and systematic. Force men out of jobs they are made for, from engineering to management. Put unqualified women in those jobs, keep them working so they don’t have babies. Then squeeze men from the bottom by letting in laborers that work for cheap off the books. The people that do this do NOT have good intentions. They are out to destroy the West.
    This can’t be fixed through the democratic process. We let the mentally ill and sadistic people gain too much power. They have to be overthrown by force.

  20. Mr. Trudeaus is a cuck and a fag. He wants to destroy his country by importing millions of muds and making degeneracy state-sanctioned. No surprise that he fills his cabinet with women, as women are more easily controlled by jewish cultural marxism.

    1. And that is saying something because his father was a big disappointment despite all of his gifts.

  21. A weird fact that I picked up: the percentage of black in poverty is higher than the percentage of whites; however there are two whites in poverty for every black. So, who do you target to eliminate poverty?
    Women are a slightly different topic because they are 51% of the population.
    I don’t know whose dictionary these fuckheads are working from, but “empower” means to make better or stronger or something to that effect. It does not mean being their crutch or putting them first in line by fiat because they can’t make it on their own.

  22. Oh fuck it. I guess I can repatriate to Canada in another 5 years. The last thing I want is to drop my Chinese bride into a (cess)pool of feminist nonsense that might damage our relationship.

  23. I’m Canadian, and this quota is one of the stupidest things I’ve heard a government do.

  24. Let’s address that “two wrongs don’t make a right” implies that discrimination against women was due to sexism against women similar to that against racial minorities. An example I love to bring up, and watch the chivalrous white knights/feminists squirm is the Titanic. Suffragettes were on the boat but did not raise the issue with the captain or crew and even claimed to be heroes while rowing away and saving their own skins.
    Since we all know the false “gender equal pay gap” myth is due to women choosing to be housewives and other lower paying occupations supported by men, inequality of women in the workplace is due to actual privilege. It’s like someone getting to retire early because they won the lottery and that person then arguing that they don’t have an “earned income” anymore compared to some working stiff.
    So don’t just mention jobs women don’t want such as taxicab/truck driver or garbageman but also the other “paid” professions, kind of, that are dominated by women: Welfare recipient, housewife, retiree on government pension, alimony, child-support, and marrying up in income.
    Feminists claim that men should be feminists too because then women will be “free” to marry for “love” rather than money but most women including feminists would rather not. So ultimately, women’s increased income means wage deflation for both genders and pushing non-competitive men out onto the street homeless to commit crimes until they harm women (which feminists then insist other men accept the collective blame for.)
    Oh, and that leads to this final fun observation: Notice how the left is saying that not all Muslims should be judged for a few terrorists yet feminists regularly march on the street demanding all whites and males (or both) “check their privilege” and accept the collective blame for any bad white male anywhere? If a CEO is rich, I’m to “check my privilege” that I could be a CEO but shouldn’t a migrant Muslim then “check their privilege” to commit terrorist acts?

  25. All these gender-bending policies, in the end, will bring them down. Exactly as having ladies in our Congress and Senate have wrecked the discourse in Washington. In Europe and the West in general, the downfall began with the inclusion and forced participation of women in government and industry. Bit by bit, societies slip under the rule of women. Worst of all, at a time when new monster-killer cultures are at the doorstep and indeed, inside the borders and threaded into society. The feminist hordes in government and the ruling classes think THEY are protected, think none of it applies to THEM.
    But it does and now that they have subjected their men to discrimination, ruined their men’s prospects for work, education, for an existence with even an iota of respect, when the Muslim-bad men exert their particular brand of patriarchy, just who the Hell do they expect to protect the new, shrew-led society? Hell, if/when (I’m betting when) Islam takes over, the men will get their privilege back in spades.
    So, why support a Feminist Matriarchy if you’re the poor White, broke bastard they hate anyway? We White bastards are really the only ones standing between the nasties and the feminist-led Governments. When it gets really, really ugly, when do the white guys in the military and police departments bail out on the feminists that hate them even as they are protected by them and the men just go home to their families? I wonder at that.

  26. Canada and America were great places to holiday 10 years ago but as the socialist left make these once great countries crazier by the year – Asia has become the holiday destination for me

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