New Fox Series Promotes Infanticide As Abortion While Shilling For Planned Parenthood

Fox’s new series The Mick is pushing some old leftist ideology. The Mick just debuted as a so-called “comedy” that’s garnering mixed reviews, but it’s promotion of infanticide in one of the scenes of its pilot episode, as well as the old “rich people get away with things” gnome makes it yet another preachy vehicle for the left to promote its failing agenda. The plot of the show involves degenerate grifter “Mick” being forced to look after her niece and nephew after her sister and her sister’s husband go to prison. The series’ writers aren’t leaving many people laughing, especially with a pointless joke that got circulated in conservative circles comparing accumulating notches on a punch card by killing unborn babies to getting rewards for eating out.

This particular scene from the show reflects just how low the producers will go to push the abortion agenda down the throats of millions, as Mick has this conversation with her niece Sabrina:

Sabrina: That’s not gonna work for me. Yeah, I’m gonna go to this fund-raiser for Planned Parenthood. Probably crash at my friend’s place, go to the city tomorrow. So just don’t expect to see me too much. You know, we probably won’t see each other at all. Hmm. But hey, let’s catch up again in ten years when you need another loan.

Mick: Listen, Sabrina, I got a lot riding on this gig, so can you do me a favor and not be a big, giant, pain in the ass, please?

Sabrina: Maybe you don’t know this, but Planned Parenthood provides health care to over three million women in this country.

Mick: Oh, sweetie, I know all about Planned Parenthood. I should have one of those punch cards that gets you a free sub every ten visits.

Sabrina: Gross.

Why the writers of the show felt it necessary to insert PP into the series beyond promoting the Hollyweird agenda is unknown.

The producers of The Mick probably think they’re being edgy and cutesy by comparing the accumulation of gruesome infanticides to getting a sub sandwich punch card, but all they’re really doing is once again spitting in the eyes of and pissing down the backs of conservatives, like so many “progressives” who are actually regressing civilization.

The lame attempt at humor is obviously an attempt to jam Planned Parenthood into the national psyche and normalize the killing of unborn children, which makes the organization millions of dollars annually.

Dr. Robert Siudmack, a former abortion doctor defected from Planned Parenthood, and now campaigns against the organization which he says is totally money-driven.

I worked at the [Planned Parenthood] Margaret Sanger Center in downtown Manhattan for about a year before moving to South Florida, and it was all about the money, and how many abortions we could do in a short period of time. There was a set price, and obviously the more abortions one did, the more money they would make….

Unsurprisingly, Siudmack also said:

Abortion is big business.

Profiting from Infanticide

Leftists claim to hate abortion but the practice makes a ton of profit

Leftists claim to hate abortion but the practice makes a ton of profit

Indeed, disposing of unwanted children is how an organization like Planned Parenthood pays its bills and pushes its murderous, demographically suicidal agenda. Live Action News, an anti-abortion group reports:

According to their own recently released 2009-10 annual report, Planned Parenthood performed more than 329,000 abortions. Conservatively estimating that each abortion cost $450, abortion services brought in $148 million of Planned Parenthood’s overall $320 million in clinic revenue, representing 46% of its operating budget.

Killing babies is literally worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Dr. Anthony Levantino, who produced a series of videos illustrating how gruesome abortion procedures are and how developed the fetus usually is as it’s destroyed, also talked about how profitable abortion is.

In my practice, we were averaging between $250 and $500 for an abortion, and it was cash. That’s the only time as a doctor you can say, either pay me up front or I’m not going to take care of you. It’s totally elective… Either you have the money or you don’t. And they get it.

So, it seems profit motivates leftists too—even though they screech unendingly about “evil” capitalism from their Apple iDouche keyboards while lapping up their Starbucks lattes. It’s no wonder conservative radio host Michael Savage coined the phrase “Liberalism is a mental disorder” over a decade ago.

The Mick’s playing around with the abortion issue only confirms a claim made by Rush Limbaugh last year:

But when it comes to abortion, Hollywood will do anything and everything it can do to normalize it, promote it, make it look normal and healthy and make pregnancy look like the disease.

Hollyweird and Planned Parenthood are regularly in bed with one another, as both push a degenerate, feminist agenda in service of a Marxist, globalist agenda aimed at ending viviparous reproduction (as Huxley called it in Brave New World) once and for all. Life Site wrote:

The large list of actor-supporters of abortion is not surprising to pro-life leaders. The “Hollywood” establishment, they point out, has aggressively promoted a sexually liberal lifestyle that is strongly dependent upon abortion as a back up to inevitable failed contraception resulting from its sexual promiscuity.

Feminism = Deathstyle, Not Lifestyle

Strange bedfellows, the race-obsessed left and PP: “…human weeds,’ ‘reckless breeders,’ ‘spawning… human beings who never should have been born.” Margaret Sanger, Pivot of Civilization, referring to immigrants, African Americans and poor people

Strange bedfellows, the race-obsessed left and PP: “…human weeds,’ ‘reckless breeders,’ ‘spawning… human beings who never should have been born…” -Margaret Sanger referring to immigrants, African Americans and poor people

Of course, all of this cultural cancer is a result of 50 years of unchecked feminism. Feminism is literally a death cult, oddly a new twist on Anglo-American Puritanism and female superiority that is destroying the West culturally and demographically.

It seems the election of Trump has only made the left double down on its resolve to continue infanticide. But no matter what spin the whores of the elite put on the practice, the simple fact remains it is a barbaric way of dealing with irresponsible sexual behavior. Especially when there are myriad methods of contraception available to prevent pregnancy in the first place.

Dr. Levantino explains why he now is leading the crusade against abortion:

I looked, I literally looked at that pile of baby parts on the table, and I didn’t see all the things that had sustained me all those years. I didn’t see what a wonderful doctor I was helping her with her problem. I didn’t see her wonderful right to choose, and I didn’t even see the $800 cash I just made in 15 minutes. All I could see was somebody’s son or daughter.

Suddenly, this was looking really different to me. For the first time in my life it hit me very powerfully, that this woman had come to me figuratively and said…here’s $800, kill my baby. And I was the type of person who would look right back at her very calmly, and say why sure, I’ll do that.

When you finally figure out…that killing a baby that big for money is wrong, it doesn’t take you too long to figure out it doesn’t matter if the baby is this big, or this big, or even this big, it’s all the same.

So, it would be nice to see TV shows abandoning their preachy, holier-than-thou narratives when it comes to the issue airing on prime time television. Unless they want to continue the destruction of the ivory tower they live in as the fortunes of a once decadent television empire fade away and fall to dust.

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287 thoughts on “New Fox Series Promotes Infanticide As Abortion While Shilling For Planned Parenthood”

  1. Abortion has to be one of the worst evils out there. This act of murder not only destroys the child, it enables women to behave like sluts with little consequence which aids to the breakdown of the family

    1. If you murder a pregnant woman it counts as a double homicide. If a woman gets an abortion she nor the doctor is charged with murder. Logically if a life ends in a heart beat it begins with a heartbeat, but then again feminism isn’t based in logic.

    2. If you squashed a few sea turtle eggs or spotted owl eggs you would go to prison for killing an endangered species…yet a 6 month old baby which is still inside its mother is cut to pieces and sold for parts, yet the same whackos who argue to save turtle eggs ( unborn turtles) will argue it is not morally objectionable to kill a baby in utero.

      1. Maybe if there were over 7 billion sea turtles out there we could change their minds. OOPS. I forgot the sarcasm key. The mention of leftists and minds in the same sentence should have clued everyone here about that.

      2. Single cell microbial organisms fossilized on the moon is considered life but a developed and feeling fetus is not. Yea, makes perfect sense

    3. Does a person who needs your blood to live have the right to force you to give blood (against your wishes)?
      Does a fetus (that’s not even a person legally) have the right to force the woman to stay pregnant and keep it alive (against her wishes)?
      Stop giving special privileges to a fetus.

      1. Does the government have the right to force me to provide for my child to stay alive?
        I didn’t know not being killed was a special privilege!

        1. No it doesn’t. That’s fascism.
          So are you saying a woman gives up all bodily rights during the 9 months she’s pregnant.

        2. Repeal the fascism of 18 years child support and then I will worry about the fascism of 8 months of a gut. First month is free.

      1. I occasionally watch JC on YouTube.
        In fact I watched Carson due a 1967 interview with Ayn Rand about 2 weeks ago. She was saying some real crazy things like “you don’t need to go to war against commumism. Just stop supporting them and they will collapse under their own evil” & “military conscription is morally wrong (referring to the ongoing Vietnam conflict). Better to have volunteers who know why they fight.”

        1. Yup. I was chuckling thinking about how the California governor at the time probably watched and understood her.

        2. Yes it was. Apologies I did not insert the //sarc tag. I realize for some ROK readers English is not the native language.

    1. I dont watch any tv except on rare occations but I caught the second of the KC – Pittsburg game Sunday. Just about every commercial played made me want to puke especially some of the Toyota ones. Everyone else in the room loved he programming. I think people become numb to how bad it is it after a while and it just becomes normal like a cigarette smoker not knowing the smell of tobacco is on everything he owns. Sad thing is once you loose you intellects natural repugnance for television that’s when the real programming normalizes and inculcates itself in you.

      1. The new Bud Light spot touts cans with your team’s name on em. Guy is thinking to himself “Bud Light- with my team’s name on it!!” like this is actually a great idea

        1. I first saw those team-cans on billboard and thought: “Oh, great, nothing like re-combining two awesome (sarc) American traditions: Excessive drinking and sports spectating!”

      2. If there was any thought that there was even a scrap of masculinity left in the NFL seeing the promo for the Lady Gaga half time show at the superbowl should eradicate it.

        1. There never was a scrap of masculinity in the NFL. Its creators deliberately made the game on a Sunday and using a pigskin ball to give the finger to Biblical teachings (Not to touch pigskin and the keeping Sundays for rest). They then designed the game where the guys are wearing the most homo tight pants and pass the ball through each others legs. As a non-American, it amazes me that Americans can’t see how gay the NFL/ American Football is. There is a book called Into The Endzone by Alan Dundes, showing how every part of the game and the names/ terms are all made as homosexual innuendos.

        2. The stuff about the tight pants, passing ball between legs and homosexual innuendos I feel is more of a case of people finding what they are looking for. Football is an excellent and masculine sport to play. As for the NFL having sunday games and making balls of pigskin as an FU to the religious, I am going to seriously need some very good scholarship on that to believe it. It sounds pretty made up to me.

        3. The sport – and its cousin rugby – were both created by Freemasons, even according to their own history – as was the modern codification of soccer. Look into baseball and Freemasonry, and everything about it too is Freemasonic
          Masonry is basically a jewish sect used to subvert and guide Western civilisation towards jewish goals, so it isn’t a big leap to see the Sunday Football and the pigskin as mockery of Christianity, given the 3 main American sports are openly Masonic.

        4. OK I am going to stop here because tin foil lunatic conspiracy nonsense just isn’t my forte. Going to go with my original idea that the idea that football is some kind of anti Christian, homosexual conspiracy is clown shoes crazy

        5. I want to see the validity in that statement, but any true bible believing Christian (not a church pussy) knows the Shabbat is saturday. Sunday is baal worship and disguised paganism/satanism to worship the “sun” not the “Son”

      3. I think that people reinforce the programming to each other in groups. When you talk to most guys (even squares), deep down they know something isn’t right. Conversely, I’ve watch a few women have a consensus building influence where people will kind of just go along and laugh at the right places and tick the boxes in conversation.

      4. While watching football, I have programmed myself to hit the mute button just before a commercial break. I see lady gaga is going to ‘sing’ at the super bowl. I won’t even watch the game, I am so sickened by these leftist sideshows and crap

        1. I never watch TV without taping it first. When replay the recording I skip over the commercials, and halftimes, and worthless commentary.

    2. I just think this is why WE need to build and grow more media outlets of our own. We need movies, TV shows, music, etc that is built around and glorifies our values in a clear, uninsulting, non-hypocritical way. And then we’ll need an infrastructure to get it broadcast to the masses. If ((someone)) won’t give you access to their channels, call an end-around and build your own.

  2. and how many I know are so fucking miserable – and ultimately useless to themselves, their heritage, and country…
    But, fun for fucking, while it lasted…

    1. I read about a former satanic occult member who used to partake confess to something similiar and he confirmed abortion clinics are full on board with it.

  3. Leftists bark about how it would be so great to have a socialist government, but they want nothing else but capitalism to allow them to profit heavily from their garbage rhetoric and actions.

  4. Abortion is what (((the elites))) want thrust upon non-echo worthy white women, which is the only race of women who watch FOX is any substantial numbers. Makes sense.
    South Park parodied abortion in a big way in this scene

  5. Abortion can be good and bad. Singapore has a good model to follow in this regard. We need to encourage low income, poorly educated, and minority women to have abortions. I think this will better our country making us more ethnically homogenous and therefore happier and more harmonious

    1. Abortion is only truly acceptable when it’s a result of forcible rape or incest. Of course, those make up fractions of 1% of all abortions.

      1. Agreed but let’s not get bogged down in principles. As a man I absolutely abhor how women can unilaterally decide whether the father’s child lives or dies.
        We must focus on pragmatism and on improving our country. I think any realistic White American would agree we need less minorities in this country (especially blacks). One way to shrink their population is by encouraging abortions in their communities. This is one of many ways we can make our country great again

  6. And let’s not forget the “Impregnated by a rapist” argument. I can’t believe people still believe this nonsense. Sure enough, a guy brought it up at work the other day. My response, “No, that never happens. It’s a myth.” He laughed.
    Ten years ago, I dated a girl who claimed she was raped, got pregnant and had an abortion. I didn’t know nearly as much as I do now. My reaction was a simple, “yeah? Ok.. hmmmm.” But isn’t it funny how chicks use this to get attention. Essentially what they are telling you is some disgusting creature ejaculated inside her body and now the creepy guys baby is growing in her body and the creepy guys baby was removed from her body. This… is how you get attention? Anyway, it’s irrelevant because it’s a lie.

    1. Ask her if he is in jail…….. “No, there wasn’t enough evidence”
      Really? so a guy forced himself on you, leaving his DNA in you, and no doubt either some drug residue or bruises (necessary to commit the act) witnesses to the screams….etc. And you say that there is no evidence.
      No wonder the feminists say 90% (or whatever the number of the day is) of rapes go unpunished, Because the “rapes” are regretful behavior on the part of the girl, not actual rape.

      1. “Why didn’t you say anything to anyone?”
        “Because I was embarrassed.”
        “Yeah, I was so embarrassed I couldn’t even talk about it with my parents.”
        “And talking about it with the people at planned parenthood. That was probably weird.”
        “No, they’re cool, I’ve known them since I was in high school.”

        1. “Yeah, I was so embarrassed I couldn’t even talk about it with my parents.”
          But I can talk about it now with someone who’s basically a complete stranger.
          Utter, total, bullshit from these slags.

        2. “I was embarrassed” So….to save you from embarrassment, you are willing to let a dangerous criminal walk and possibly rape again?

      2. Oppression Olympics. Saw it often in the military, where they’d try to be out-raped compared to each other.

      3. like all (non-civil) legal issues – law suits etc…
        if they consult a lawyer, before doctors(1st), police(2nd).

      4. Some people women just don’t want to have your child.
        And personally, i wouldnt want to have a baby with most women, so abortion is win win. Anti-abortionists value life too much. Its an illusion that you matter.

        1. You value life too much, you’re not special mate.
          in the last 30 years the human population has fucking skyrocketed. Its like 6 billion more people or something insane. Its unsustainable. if you were an alien looking in, humans are a cancer. Our cities constantly expanding, smoke stacks, factory farming. Humanity is a joke. You wouldn’t raise a baby that wasnt yours, and all of you complain about socialism and leftist, who is going to feed and pay for these children born to poor people when they are drunk on drugs etc.

        2. since 1927 the world population has increased by 5 billion.

          The U.S. population in 1900 was 76 million. In 1950, it rose to 152 million; by 2000 it had reached 282 million. By 2050, it is expected to reach 420 million.

          pretty crazy if you ask me. Cant be THAT much abortion happening that it even warrants this article with figures like that.
          5 billion precious little snow flakes.

        3. the population increase was due to a revolution in sanitation techniques. Simple things like sewer systems with toilettes included, doctors that washed their hands after treating dying patients (just ask Semmelweiss and how he was “awarded” for discovering something that now seems to us like common sense) and a healthier environment ensured most of humanity didn’t die like flies, not our birthrates. Birthrates and population growth rate have fallen and most estimates and forecast have had to checked and corrected in view of this

          Moreover on what grounds would you objectively define the world is overpopulated? After all complains about overpopulation go as far back as the Ancient Greece and Rome

          What most frequently meets our view (and occasions complaint) is our teeming population. Our numbers are burdensome to the world, which can hardly support us. . . . In every deed, pestilence and famine . . . wars and earthquakes have to be regarded as a remedy for
          nations, as the means of pruning the luxuriance of the human race.

          That quote is from the 2nd century AD when the Earth barely had 190 million people according to our calculations. Our problem is population density in certain places, our pernicious industrial practices, overconsumption and the quality of the population.
          Should we have an overpopulation problem we would at least try to set up space colonies however no one is even trying….that in itself tells you something.

        4. Women are too baby hungry for abortion access alone to be a solution to population. Either we force the abortions or it is pointless. The ones who need it most are not choosing it. Sterilize.

        5. Let me reiterate, the world has no over population problem. Every where except sub-Saharan Africa has a less then replacement birth rate. And in Sub-Saharan Africa they are still mostly dying like flies. The world population grew because the capacity for human life increased. It will peak about 9 billion sometime in the next 10 to 20 years. After that the world will see a huge drop in population.

    2. Visited my mom last night for dinner and of course, politics came up bc the evening “news” was on. The conversation eventually rolled around to abortion and after I walked her through the logic, she eventually fell back to this argument. God bless her and her kind. So oblivious to the level of training and indoctrination she’s received.
      Funny part was, as she, Dad and I talked about politics and the continuously shameful behavior of leftists who will be skipping the inauguration, like Cleveland’s congresswoman Marcia Fudge, she let slip with something very telling. She explained that during the campaign season, she took one of those quizzes that asks you about your beliefs and tells you who you should vote for. She took it and it came back Trump. She was frustrated by this, so she took it again, this time slowly and deliberately, trying to find any hidden meanings or trick questions she might have missed the first time through, and again the result was Trump. Then she got really angry and found 2 or 3 alternative sites with the same sort of test — every one told her to vote Trump. Yet “she doesn’t like him and would never vote for someone as scummy as he is.” It’s like that on every issue with her — spitting out the liberal narrative she’s been trained to regurgitate, but when you dig down and walk her through things, you know damn well she’s going to end up contradicting herself. She is my mother and I love and respect her greatly, but…God help us all. Women’s suffrage was the worst mistake America has ever made.

        1. I suppose you’re right. I have been thinking for a while now that there should be some sort of intelligence test included when anybody goes to vote, and your vote is only counted if you pass the test. We’d be a lot better off if only the informed had a say in governance.

      1. “She is my mother and I love and respect her greatly..”
        I would dissuade you from respecting your mother. Love and honor her as it is her due, but your respect is something that is earned from others. If she is spitting out progressive talking points, challenge her on them and dispell them point-by-point. If she still clings to the narratives, openly dismiss her as you’re both adults in this realm.

        1. Well said. It’s bc of the Old Man and the Sea. I use “love and respect” probably too often, but love and honor is definitely more concise. Thanks man, I appreciate that.

    3. My ex-girlfriend’s sister had a son she claimed was the end product of “date rape.” Apparently her ex-boyfriend “coerced” her into having sex and got her a little liquored up and took advantage of her. No shit, they raised this kid telling him he was the result of rape. How fucked up is that? His biological father wasn’t in prison, by the way. In fact, I’m pretty certain the law never got involved. She was from a religious family, and she got pregnant with him at either 16 or 17. I’m pretty certain that had something to do with her bullshit claim. “I’m just a victim, not a slut, I swear!”

    4. These days, there is absolutely no justification for needing an abortion after a rape unless the rapist literally holds you captive for a month. It’s called plan B, and can be gotten over the counter fairly cheap. If you’re raped, take it within a day and no problems. Some woman who sits around waiting to find out if she’s pregnant instead of taking a simple preventative measure is fucked up. As you say, this is most likely attention whoring.

      1. I think that should be part of the raoe kits they give at hospitals since they tell you not to wash out the semen which would increase the risk of pregnancy.
        In Sweet/Vicious she showered before seeing the nurse though wtf.

    5. Statistically less than 3% of all abortions are performed due to rape (and realistically it’s probably < 1% due to rape accusations). Look at the numbers previous to Roe v. Wade and the introduction of birth control and compare them to today. Number of abortions sky rocketed, number of illegitimate children skyrocketed, number of children in foster care skyrocketed, number of single mothers skyrocketed. If birth “control” actually worked shouldn’t the numbers bear out the opposite? Birth control has nothing to do with controlling birth but controlling women into abandoning their traditional roles.

  7. Infanticide should be a crime punishable by death. Considering there’s been 100million abortions since roe vs wade…all that human potential terminated in the womb on a whim…

        1. Some sites are polling about 6 million babies were aborted in the last 5 years. It seems totally feasible to a nation pushing female scholars, at least 30 million babies would have been axed.

        2. Been a decade since IIRC the number, but Roe vs Wade was 73′ — 44 years. Total number could be higher today, but I think 100m is out of scope.

        3. Agreed. I remember seeing videos of the ice cream scoop and hangar methods of abortions being told as a practice happening, and this was before the turn of the century. It is easy to see abortions from the first decade couldn’t have been more than say 200k a year. Once the AIDS scare started hitting home, it likely raised numbers coupled with the messages of we all could be what we wanted to be.

        4. Clothes hanger method I only know of one instance. Some worthless bint gave herself one of those on her bathroom floor. Apparently the kid wasn’t her husbands and she was afraid he would find out if she went to the clinic.

        5. Not sure of the fallout (assumed hubby dumped her after going to the hospital). Felt sorry for my patrol partner. It was only his 2nd day on the job. LOL.

        1. Thats more inline with what Ive read, 60 mil or so. Thats about 1.5 million a year, the population of Manhattan. Imagine that? A whole Manhattan disappearing every year

        1. That is hilarious! Guess if you were a fuck up everywhere else in life, you had better get killing yourself right.

        2. Bill Hicks used to joke about Christians killing abortion doctors in the same way. Made a lot of sense in the 80’s, because of the irony aspect. I wonder what he’d be like, were he still alive.

        3. Yeah he was definitely not like other “comedians”. Not somebody you go to see, expecting to laugh til you shit yourself. But I’ve definitely lol’d once or twice listening to him. His bit about his mom finding his box of pornos on VHS after he dies…funny stuff.
          I also respect his advocacy of psilocybin use, especially considering that he said these things during the ultra stigmatized “Just Say No” Reagan years.

      1. How so? Murder is punishable by death in most states. It’s logical.

    1. I’ve met loads of humans. If 100 million of them were wiped out my guess is that we lost about a dozen who weren’t totally insufferable anyway.

    2. The real horror about the whole abortion racket is rape is the least popular reason to get an abortion while I’m not ready to have a child being the highest. For an innocuous move, Planned Parenthood had a stroke of genius. What if we convinced women from the age of 25-38 were their golden years and having a child would ruin that? But what do we call it? How about Tuesday on NBC?

    3. Sander’s views on blacks and the need to cull the herd lest their fertility rate and lack of productivity/ creativity sink America was logical and smart thinking. It is only wrong insofar as it has now targetted white women to abort their offspring.

  8. Yeah, I don’t understand the inability of people to use birth control. If you’re not responsible enough to keep your legs closed or keep your cock in your pants, at least be responsible enough to take a pill or whatever.

    1. Exactly! Given the advances in birth control that far outpace “the pill”, abortion should practically have been obsolete 20 years ago. But, ya know…money…

    2. Spot on. Women have like 18-20 forms of birth control. Don’t let them get away with that “oh, I’m allergic to that one” nonsense. Every type of medicine has some form of side effect, but I bet dollars to doughnuts that at least one of them won’t be so unbearable that a woman can’t deal with them. I’ve always wondered why they don’t just pop a “plan B” after the deed’s done just in case. And pregnancy’s just a part of the equation. If 80% of these broads are hooking up with the top 15% of guys, who themselves are slinging sausages like a carnival vendor, they’ve GOT to know, on at least a subconscious level, that they’re turning their nookie jars into STD-laden petri dishes.
      What I also can’t figure out is WHY we even have abortion with all this birth control lying around. Do women just get a sick thrill out of having the power to end or bring forth life? Or is it society’s way of keeping a “final solution” in its back pocket in case Sally Sue gets knocked up by Danquavious or Jorge? I knew a lot of mixed chicks back in the day who told me their mothers were given an ultimatum: either get an abortion, or get disowned. As evinced by the mixed chicks in question, a few of them chose the latter, but you can see for yourself that, given the scarcity of mixed people in America, about 90% of them chose the former.

      1. There is no excuse for not using birth control, and multiple methods at that. As a personal anecdote, I was allergic to a pill, went to the doctor for help/advice (note I kept taking it until the appointment) and the doctor recommended patches, hormone rings, different pills and so on and helped me pick something I thought would be most practical and enjoyable for me and my boyfriend.
        A lot of these options were free or subsidized, and the others were pretty cheap. I chose a different brand to stop side effects and pay 10$ a month. Ridiculously cheap, compared to the price and consequeces of the alternative. There is no excuse for that.
        Also, as per a recent meme, “If yo hoe had an abortion, ever, run nigga, that pussy haunted”

      2. Protip: Always offer to make a girl coffee in the morning and grind up a plan b into it.

  9. Here in the political correct hellhole of Norway: women can now on taxpayers money choose to take selective abortion – if its twins, the woman can choose to abort one of them even it is a healthy child. Its perverted and sick. So – which mother will do such a thing. I have not found any numbers other than the fact that many women are coming from abroad to get this done, and they pay for it. But its reasonable to guess: single mothers which have paid to be inseminated at a hospital because they do not want a man in their life. Other single mams or couples that from economical reason or pure laziness – feeling its to much of a job with twins.
    Up and coming: free eggdonasion (paid by taxpayers) – for all females which cant produce healthy eggs – be it they are old sluts or because of some STD. (Leftist argument: it should be a human right for all humans to get a child. BS – they mean – for all females, even lesbians which usual buy an insemination package.)Next up from the liberals – I guess it have to be old sluts which no sane man will get a child with, getting both the eggdonation + insemination on taxpayer money. Then all women can ride the cuck carousel – and when old (35-40) go pregnant with donor egg and semen. If such a child even have its “mothers” dna – I have no idea. Liberal leftism in all forms are pure evil.

      1. They just don’t know when to stop. I have no problem with gay people, even transgendered people. I don’t have a problem with anyone that acts right. I don’t believe that women have penises, that dudes should be using the ladies room or that we need to purge heterosexuality from our civilization. There’s no room for tolerance on their part though, the narrative demands revenge.

        1. I would go further to add I am completey apathetic to them and their pathologies (live and let live), however the fact they require I subsidize them, demand platitudes of “acceptance” and indoctrinate my kids that their deviancy and parasitism are acceptable is simply war by other means.
          You and I, nor no one here for that matter, do not need a leftist, but by G-d do they need you.

      2. What about Classical Liberalism? Or, as we sorta call it nowadays, libertarianism?
        Maybe an invalid question since the common definition of “liberalism” has transformed so much since the late 1700’s.

        1. Classic liberalism is what the founding fathers was advocating and would get your branded a right-wing hate monger these days. The word liberal was hijacked long ago and now being discarded for “progressive.”

    1. And yet the push to demonize and stop men having kids with surrogate mother and buying and selecting eggs just like women buy sperm in a sperm bank. In Sweden is illegal to do it if you are not a faggot married to another faggot. Straight male are evil probably a pedo. Left logic.

  10. So leftists and femihags don’t reproduce. We should celebrate that.
    Much better than single moms.

  11. I no longer have television/cable and if I did I would almost surely not watch this show. That said, getting a punch ticket for planned parenthood where you get a free sub at your 10th visit is pretty funny.

    1. Yeah, I thought that line worthy of a chuckle or titter, though haven’t heard it in the overall show’s context. Appeared to me that “mick” was rather making fun of the abortion industry and by proxy, PP. Didn’t think it was a ringing endorsement of PP.

      1. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be a political, moral or social statement…sometimes it is just a funny abortion joke. I know that abortion jokes really scrape the bottom (of the barrel) but sometimes a joke is just a joke and this one, while not a side splitter, was pretty good. You know like:What’s the worst thing about getting your keys locked in your car outside an abortion clinic? Having to go in to ask for a coat hanger.

    1. I’d like to get behind you on making fun of Uppity Negro day, but fuck…..for a Monday off of work I don’t care if they have a Pol Pot Parade right down Madison avenue.

      1. I hear ya…I like the time off, too. I’m just pointing out what isn’t so obvious to most. It’s a habit of mine.

      2. St. Patricks day, you wear green, go to the pub, maybe have Irish stew, dress up as some Paddy. I think we should do the same to make MLK day fun. Wear your pants 4 inches low, otherwise you get pinched, have chicken, watermelon, and KoolAid for dinner. Grab a 40 of cheap malt beer, maybe run out from your kids for the day…..

        1. That would be great. Walking around with pants around ass drinking a grape soda. Maybe rob a 7-11

        2. I used a line this last Black Friday.
          “This whole Black Friday thing is an utter fraud. I went out of eight stores this morning and not a damned one of them was selling blacks”.

        1. If there were not a sufficient amount of 3 day weekends built into the year it would also be a problem — for instance, the steam valve on my murderous rage would probably blow.

        2. ive got to agree. 4 days seem good. 5 or 6 is simply overkill. i’d rather go a hard 4 like 10 hours a day, than split that into a 5th day.

    2. First off, who makes these pictures and where can I find a repository of them? I see a lot lately that are in this sort of format, similar font and layout, etc. I wonder if it’s the same person making them all. Maybe it’s you, even.
      Secondly man…it’s hard to hate on the I have a dream speech. At least, that’s my perspective. That line about all mankind being judged by the content of their character rather that any trait inherited through the biological lottery? Say what you will but I’m with the guy fully on that tip, I don’t care about anything else the guy said or did, I’ll just take that meme and use it to teach my kids. Fucking drives me crazy to see that message being perverted by blacks within the black community nowadays.

      1. I make these pictures myself. I don’t have them in one location as of yet. Will notify people here at ROK if and when I do.
        Martin Luther King Jr. plagiarized much of his “I Have a Dream” speech. But then, he plagiarized his Doctor of Divinity thesis and roughly half of everything he ever wrote. Here’s a good link on the plagiarism matter –
        I suggest you do your own research on the plagiarism issue. Even the King Foundation has admitted he plagiarized much of his work. King hung out with leftists and commies and was a notorious abuser of women. Gotta dig deep to find all of this out. But a saint, he most definitely wasn’t.

        1. No shit, plagiarized you say? I had never heard that & will definitely read up; however, it’s THAT specific message, not the messenger, that has earned my respect. I have heard all about his philandering and some other bad things.
          I just did a quick Google and easily confirmed your statement about the “Dream” speech. Nice to have a new fact to share with people.

        2. He was also most likely a Freemason. He hinted at it once, and his final sermon, the night before he was killed, was given at a Masonic Temple. Not that Freemasons are bad, necessarily, but all of this strongly points at King being a puppet controlled by forces much larger than himself. Interesting subject, in any event. The overall aim, I think, was to convince people that non-violent resistance works. It doesn’t. Only in orchestrated cases. That’s my opinion, having researched King, Gandhi, and that entire clusterfuck at great length…opinions vary.

        3. Stanley (((Levison))) wrote most of Kings speeches…very similar to Obamas career with his ghost writers. Blacks are just performers with zero substance.

        4. ‘Before he was – allegedly – killed’. More likely that he was retired to a ranch somewhere and given a new ID, meanwhile the sympathy he gained propelled the Civil Rights Movement – also known as the destruction of white civilisation.

        5. Yeah, that’s my take on it. But you never know who you are conversing with here. Funny how his coffin photo displayed no facial destruction. And didn’t really look like him, either. The red pill comes in many sizes and doses…that’s for freakin’ sure.

        6. He did like those orgies. Hoover had the evidence on top of it all.
          MLK day was never a big deal when I was a kid, but when anyone would ever say “Happy MLK Day” the standard reply was “and a Happy James Earl Ray day to you too.”

        7. Damn, that’s a classic response to the King-lovers. Haha. The Masons approved. We know this, because of the national holiday and the fact nearly every major U.S. city has an MLK Boulevard (or similar). “Job well done, MLK, now get the fuck out of here and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.” To which King probably replied, “Shee-it, I need this gig like I need a hole in my head.” Be careful what you wish for, etc.

    3. That fell to the wayside when they got the right to vote. Now it’s about containment. Keep the population from expanding too rapidly, but don’t exterminate a viable voting block.

      1. Yep. But if the NWO gets its way, you can bet they will be first in line for “final solution” arrangements. Don’t shoot the messenger here. Just sayin’…

  12. More blatant propaganda. I’m seriously thinking these fuckers are at war with general population.
    Bad – Conservatives, conservatism, self-reliance, Christianity, the Nuclear family, thrift, modesty, genuine generosity.
    Good – Leftism, Collectivism, muh feels, abortion, narcissism, self hatred, self harm, degeneracy, “alternative families”, lack of retraint, whoring around, self pity, aversion to truth, anything other than Christianity
    It’s become that fucking blatent.
    The next new show should just be the lists above overlaid on Bruce Jenner table dancing to a Spice Girls song whilst smoking a meth pipe

    1. about shows with alternative families, my grandmother who watches crap TV (loved Jersey Shore for some reason) and laughs her ass off…real conversation
      Me: Grandma, are you watching any new shows?
      Grandma: yes. a very funny show about some faggots and a Puerto rican girl
      Now I am no fan of Modern Family, but I think the shows existence is totally justified by giving my grandmother the opportunity to use that line,

      1. The two white gays have an adopted Asian kid. I know two white lesbans who have a kid, a black kid- is art imitating life, or is it the other way around? How is your kid supposed to relate to you(and vice versa) when you dont even look alike?

  13. I tortured myself and watched the premiere episode of this bilge. To me, the show was a regurgitation of “Sunny In Philly” skits.

    1. On a scale between j-walking and mass genocide, how bad would masturbating to this be?

    1. good, this little shit should be in jail. You don’t see people trying to stop her from going to her meetings of the dry cunt harridan club

  14. Abortion is about terminating a pregnancy.
    Does a fetus have the right the force the mother to use her body (against her wishes) to keep it (the fetus) alive?

        1. Amoral or immoral?
          And morality doesn’t make things true to anything that doesn’t pertain to morality.

        2. Your lack of understanding is not surprising given how your kind normally becomes the first and most reliable group of useful idiots for every tyrany especially those of the leftist variety. Once you let the state determine when life starts you begin the slippery slope we’ve become accostumed to; the road to perdition literally… Is a power no thinking person woukd leave in the hands of braindead women let alone bureaucrats and wanna be elites.

    1. Killing your own child is still the most degenerate thing you can do.
      Only a [barbarian] decides his behavior based on his rights.

        1. I’m not a biologist or an embryologist so I can’t give you an answer.
          This is going to turn into a red herring.

        2. I wouldn’t give a biologist or an embryologist the time of day, and if they had an opinion it wouldn’t hold any more weight than yours (or mine for that matter).
          Ask yourself, when does life begin and work your way from there. Answers will vary.

        3. Well life began about 600 million years ago.
          And if we’re doing this game with words and semantics, then jerking off is worse than abortion because you’re killing millions of potential babies.

        4. Live began 600 Million years ago with what? You are avoiding an answer when life begins, but have at it. I wouldn’t equate semen in an old sock to aborting a baby, but that is your square to round.

        5. What part of “at birth” don’t some understand? Likewise why do they conflate “living cells” with “being alive” when it suits?

        6. I didn’t know, so I asked. According to your source (theory) life began with worm-like strings of microfossils. Maybe.
          You made an authorative statement: -“It’s not a child at that point.”
          I asked you when do you believe you are human? Is that specific enough for you?

        7. Even if you only want to characterize it a potential child, killing it is still the most degenerate thing you can do. You’re enabling sex without reproduction, which is degenerate.

        8. I would not force a woman to carry a child to term, because I don’t care if she acts in her own interests or not. If they feel like shooting themselves in the foot, then i’ll just go and win the evolutionary game myself.

    2. It’s the mother’s “right” as much as her right to put a gun in her mouth and off herself. The rational legality doesn’t make it any less odious…

      1. Not a human yet. At least not until a specific time period.
        Are you going to force a woman to stay pregnant?

    3. You sound like a feminist. The fetus is a human being and thus has the right to life like anyone else.

      1. “The fetus is a human being and thus has the right to life like anyone else.’
        -For the sake of argument I’m going to agree that a fetus is a human at a very late stage of the pregnancy. I also agree that a fetus has the right to life like anyone else.
        However, a fetus does NOT have the right TO FORCE a woman to keep itself alive.
        You don’t have the right to use my blood to stay alive if I don’t want it.
        Who are you to force someone to be pregnant?
        -I’d prefer abortion to be legal yet be paid out-of-pocket, or covered by insurance.

        1. the fetus is human from the moment of conception.
          And the fetus is not forcing the woman to keep it alive. Again, you’re using feminist talking points. Why? Are you a feminist?

        2. “The fetus is human from the moment of conception.”
          -No it’s not.
          “And the fetus is not forcing the woman to keep it alive.”
          -While technically true the fetus is dependent on the life of the woman.
          I don’t have the give you my blood if I don’t want to, even if it means you die. I’m not killing you.
          A woman doesn’t have to let the fetus use her body, even it will die. She’s not killing it.
          Are you too stupid to understand this.
          So is anyone with a different opinion from you a feminist? People must hate you.

        3. “A woman doesn’t have to let the fetus use her body, even it will die. She’s not killing it.”
          and if i leave a newborn unattended for a day, it will die. whats your fucking point and whats the difference? a child is literally 100% dependent on another human being for several years of existence. it really isnt until they are 6 that get any true signs of independence and could theoritically survive to an extent by themselves.
          but using your logic, a fetus is not alive because it is not indepedent….well neither is a damn newborn. or 4 year old.

  15. I find most of the opinions here in ROK quite fascinating but a bit contradictory; On one hand most men (and some women) who comment on articles say a son or daughter raised in single mom environments grow up to be the famous cock carousel riders we avoid if one is looking for a good wife and they also cause the degredation of the family unit(daughters)or they become criminals or the hipsters and feminized men we cannot stand (sons). So riddle me this; would it be better if they were never born? Also abortion, as dark and morbid as it sounds, keeps the human population in check which is needed because thanks to the excessive consumerism mentality, nobody wants to spend money with the potential of a very (I am talking generational) long-term return of investment in colonizing space and our environment is taking damage to the point were it will not be able to sustain a high population.

      1. And how do you suggest we do that?Feminism and Progressivism (regressivism)has a choke hold on our culture, a Navy SEAL veteran once told me; “you cannot un-ring a bell.”

      2. Like so many things the Left hopes to legislate, it has to be accomplished on the individual or tribe level. We can’t expect any government policy to “fix” whats wrong with people

    1. Riddle me this, prior to abortion being legalized, why were there very few children born out of wedlock?
      Reason is, because abortion and birth control enabled an immoral lifestyle.

      1. This is the present back in the older time people were taught to be moral, but now thanks to stupid liberals and “intelectuals” moral relativism is taught and promoted in society.

      2. I think that abortion and birth control enabling immorality was only the first step and quite tame at that. Afterwards came the normalization of immoral behaviour (nay, encouragement), causing abortion rates to rise

      3. Correct. After college, a buddy got his girlfriend knocked up. For the following weekend after it had been known with us guys, he referred to her as his finance. Two weeks later he broke up with her after encouraging her to go have an abortion, which he paid for.

    2. Do basically, human life is an economic calculation to you.
      You may want to skip over all of the articles talking about religion and virtue on this site.

      1. Yes you are correct in the USA and other places we are merely economic calculations, hence the reason why everything is going to hell and people are acting out because we have lost our humanity in the process of “becoming more developed” that is why I seek greener pastures.

  16. Clerk: Welcome to Subway, may I take your order?
    Customer: Ummmm…yeah. I’ll have the six-inch Planned Parenthood sub.
    Clerk: The one with no mayo, no meat and no eggs?
    Customer: Uh-huh. And don’t toast it, I don’t like ’em dark.

    1. not abortion but:
      What did the jewish pedophile say to the little boy?
      “Hey kid, wanna buy some candy?”

        1. Abortion is a tricky issue for me. I mean, on the one hand I like killing babies but on the other I like giving women no choice.

        2. OK you forced my hand:
          Q: What’s easier to unload, a truck full of babies or a truck full of bowling balls?
          A: Babies – because you can use a pitch fork.

        3. So my wife walked in on me fucking our daughter the other night. Don’t know what shocked her more, that I was fucking our daughter or that Planned Parenthood let me keep her.

        4. “Gather round, kids…it’s time for ABC’s new Saturday morning cartoon show…’Old Enough to Pee, Old Enough for Me’…”

        5. Black guy and white girl meet at a club and start to get intimate. They go back to the girls house and are really going at it. The black guy goes to open his pants and the white girls says “wait, before you reach for what you have in your pants tell me, is it true what they say about black men” the black guy says “yes it is” pulls out a knife, stabs her and robs her apartment.

        6. a misnomer. I rephrase to “if there could be grass on the field its open for play” I refuse to play with anything that isn’t totally waxed clean.

        7. Black woman in South Carolina is talking to her neighbor over the fence. Every once in a while, she stops and says, “Michael cut that out.” And one of her 17 kids stops acting up. After about the seventh time, her neighbor finally asks, “What the heck are you doing, how do your kids know who should stop acting up?” The black woman says, “When I started havin’ chilluns, I decided to names dem all Michael, and dat way, when dey acts up, it’s easy to manage ’em.” Her neighbor then asks, “What do you do if you want to talk to one of them individually?” To which the black woman says, “Then I calls dem by dey last name.”

        8. oh that’s fucking gold Bob. Just gold. Also, could really hear the voice in my head. “don you tell me whutta be doin with my chow….he’s MY chow.

        9. True. His daddy was probably a minister or some shit. It still counts as six though because…the girl likes it twice as much.

        10. How do you know if an asian robbed your house?
          Your homework is done, your computer is upgraded, but two hours later theyre still trying to back out of your driveway
           How do you know a black person has robbed your house?
          CCTV footage showed your items floating out at night.

        11. Alternate version: How do you know a black person robbed your house?
          Your entire family was raped and murdered.

        12. That strong independent woman can easily defend herself from these five lads that appear to be heading to church.

  17. Leave us face it modern liberalism has strayed from the path of promoting virtue by eliminating evil to absolute embracing of evil calling it good or to be exact labeling the whole agenda of evil as ‘Civil Rights’.

  18. I hardly watch TV these days and certainly nothing on Fox. YouTube has better fair these days not to mention selection.

  19. I’m not even anti-abortion but I hate when it’s treated flippantly. IE, this “punch card” joke or Lena Dunham saying she wished she’d had one for feminist cred it would bring her.

    1. On a personal level I think it’s reprehensible, but I can certainly see some merit to it. But yeah, not a joking topic.

      1. I don’t believe there is anything you can’t joke about. Disallowing people to joke about something is the first in a series of very bad steps and is exactly what the feminists did with PC culture.

      2. That’s pretty much where I am. I think it’s pretty horrible to abort a healthy kid from a philosophical/ethical standpoint.
        From a legal and personal freedom standpoint, it just seems really impractical to treat a fetus as a full human. IE, should a coroner and homicide detective show up to investigate a miscarriage? And would our schools be equipped to handle X10 the number of retarded kids?

  20. it´s funny how this is only promoted in the first world, in all the third world is illegal or very difficult to have an elective abortion.
    The third world government relies on people having a lot of kids so the family is enslaved and poor, if you give the option to the poor to be free from this, the system would crumble you need more poor people to sustain the elite. if suddenly the uneducated people start having 1 or 2 kids instead of having 8 and live in misery and those few kids will have more resources and chance to have an education and then who will be willing work the shitty work, the system need them. And they want them to replace the white race, because those people will never revolt against those in power, elites hate the concepts of liberty and freedom that the western civilization brought to the world is a constant fight. So they the whites must be destroyed and replaced with farm animal, The proles only need to work and reproduce.

    1. Feminism, contraception and abortion are being pushed worldwide. The only thing hindering their advance is the corruption and lack of c0mpetent bureaucrats but don’t worry they still go forward. Btw your silly commebt shows your European history…or have never seen a genealogical tree.

      1. Mexican, well Mexico have European roots. some. But still, third world country. Abortion in Mexico is seen as murder an as abomination by the majority of the population, it is so vilified that not even the feminist touch the issue. Even the hardcore leftist purple hair liberals are against it, There is no push for the government because Mexico have a socialist health care system in bankrupt. It is OK when the life of the mother is in danger and in case of rape. Only in Mexico city is legal to have an elective abortion. And in the past women were sent to prison for it, but not today. Mexico is a hardcore catholic nation, and the catholic church is against it. But you are right this is going forward sooner or later. Our president is a criminal globalist, with a NWO agenda.

        1. Sorry for the typos. I was writing from a cellphone. I meant your ignorance of European history. If you see a genealogy of any american or European you will find that families with 6, 7, 8 or even >10 children . The amount of children is not the factor behind the poverty, if anything is an alleviating one since it’s a lot easier for five children to take care of their parents than one or two in the absence of social security.

        2. western European first world countries suffer from low birth rates, historically yes, but today that´s not the case. Abortion is for white countries only It´s just the agenda of the white genocide and the big replacement.

  21. “Michael Savage coined the phrase “Liberalism is a mental disorder” over a decade ago.”
    Michael Weiner’s (his real name) fake conservatism is also a “mental disorder”. It’s just the flip side of liberalism. It’s a false paradigm to put us into one of their two little boxes.
    Weiner and his ilk prefer to murder innocents through warmongering.
    Liberals prefers infanticide.
    I reject both.

    1. liberalism is a mental disorder is spot on.
      but of course your conclusion is wrong. the right is not spewing warmongering….in case your tiny brain hasnt noticed….we are at war, with muslims, and within our own borders we are fighting an idealogical war of what kind of place we want to be. and there is a very real race civil war looming too as 150 years of forcing whites to accept muslims, blacks, mexicans and whatever else is hitting critical mass.
      also our liberal idealogy is coming home to roost because liberalism is a mental disorder.
      the right only war mongers if you will because it absolutely must otherwise the left would kill us all. get your pacifists bullshit out of here.

  22. as a thought experiment.
    select a few relatives born about 100 years ago.
    count how many kids they had, and then how many grand-kids.
    extrapolating from that for me:
    5 kids -> 20 grandkids -> 20 great grandkids -> 2 great-great-grandkids.
    2 instead of 500

    1. Yup, I am into geneology. 10-15 kids was not uncommon. Now with 6, I am looked at as having a huge family. We will get stares and comments if we travel to Oregon or California.

        1. We found that 3 or 4 was the toughest. More than that, and they help out each other. The oldest girls will change diapers, feed, and entertain the baby. They play together, rather than needing all the attention from mom and dad. Food bill does continue to grow however.

  23. TV is for idiots. Spend time with your kids, read, learn a language or really anything, build a business, but f-ing stop watching TV

  24. I watched that dudes youtube videos on how vicious abortion is. It’s fucking horrible. I don’t know how someone can do that for a living.

  25. I’m not at all surprised about the more they do, the more they get model. Planned Parenthood receives about 2/3rds of their budget from the federal government, or roughly 360 million dollars, last I looked. Not sure if the stats in this article are more accurate, but either way it’s big, federally supported business.
    As with any other branch of government, metrics mean statistics that can be converted to funding during the next budget cycle. Planned Parenthood has effectively become a de facto federal government agency dedicated to abortions. At least if it were federally run, they would be honest about the arrangement.

  26. There’s nothing more telling than the hollowed out look of rage that wells up in the eyes of a Pro- Choice bitch when she’s left with the unavoidable, unquestionable fact (no matter how she labels it or excuses it) that what she is advocating is literally (Hitler) killing children.
    Pro-choice women are a complete turn-off for me. I find them so repulsive that I wouldn’t even have a one night stand with them. Let them die alone and miserable, as they deserve.

  27. The left isn’t worth a fuck at all at this point. They are cowards who cannot fight physical battles unless they are in big groups. Only thing they have is words and cries because thats the only way they’ll ever get their point across.

  28. Proposition:
    Abortion is morally justified as a pre-emptive strike against the rising generation of superpredators and social parasites. By reducing the pool of potential criminals – young black males and females – we are preventing a whole string of crimes, from mass murder to generations of parasitism. What traitor hears me and says not amen? But some of them will be innocent, you say? Dresden rules apply. On a site where the activities of young black criminals is frequently discussed, , eagerly await a reasoned, non-pejorative response.

  29. Television is designed to trick your brain into thinking the message you are recieving is tribal knowledge. It is astonishing to see people more influenced by writers they have never met than their own friends and family. It’s even more ridiculous that these people think they are in control of their lives.

    1. Yup, you think gay marriage ever would have been anything more than a joke had it not been for television?

      1. Way to cut right to the heart of it. Gay marriage is so unnatural that prolongued ubiquitous brainwashing is the only way to make it ‘normal’ in such a short period of time.

  30. I don’t even care about babies. I just think opposing abortion is more equal since both parents would be deprived of the choice to not become parents instead of just men.
    The consequence of pregnancy would probably also make girls less slutty. Slightly. Or use more protection at least. Be a tad more thoughtful.

  31. Abortion = Murder.
    There are some doctors that have murdered more babies than Nazi death camps killed Jews.

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