How American Men Are Being Institutionally Oppressed

This article was originally published on Roosh V.

Successful political and social agitation by the progressive movement has cemented such gains that men can now be considered institutionally oppressed in America, even according to feminist definitions of oppression. Here are three definitions:

From a Slutwalk Wiki:

Institutional oppression is the systematic mistreatment of people within a social identity group, supported and enforced by the society and its institutions, solely based on the person’s membership in the social identity group.

From Wikipedia:

Institutional Oppression occurs when established laws, customs, and practices systematically reflect and produce inequities based on one’s membership in targeted social identity groups. If oppressive consequences accrue to institutional laws, customs, or practices, the institution is oppressive whether or not the individuals maintaining those practices have oppressive intentions.

From (cited in feminist papers):

Oppression is the inequitable use of authority, law, or physical force to prevent others from being free and equal.

Before I make the argument that men are oppressed, I want to first ask if you can document or describe any oppression that women are facing today. Is there a place or environment in America where capable and qualified women are actively discriminated against while men are not? I can’t think of a single example. We have completely solved female oppression, because as I’ve documented in the past, women are coddled at every stage of their lives and given more opportunities and leeway to fail than men while having the full backing and support from every single institution in America (besides the manosphere).

Females are so privileged in America that a woman can pop out three kids from different men and have free money automatically deposited in her bank account, have a wide variety of mainstream corporations (even men’s organizations) fight for any future disease she may contract, and have feminist-friendly writers on sites like Huffington Post and xoJane explain how men should man up and marry her because she’s strong and independent, regardless of the fact that she’s dependent on her government husband. If you believe women are oppressed in America, it’s possible you’re mentally ill (i.e. a social justice warrior) or living in a sheltered echo chamber with an allergy to truth and facts.

We’ve arrived at the point where men are so consistently oppressed from birth to adulthood that any notion of female oppression can be immediately laughed at on its face. Here are just a few examples:

— Young boys are drugged and zombified with methamphetamine based pharmaceuticals at three times the rate of girls, all for exhibiting normal male behavior. [1] [2]

— Young boys are methodically excluded from programs that can aid them in science, math, and computer programming, leaving them to fend for themselves. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

— Young girls are encouraged to invade traditionally male spaces like gaming and sports while men are excluded from female spaces. [1] [2] [3] [4]

— College males are presumed guilty when a female accuses him of rape and then subjected to a kangaroo court that can eject him from college without due process. [1] [2] [3]

— Media spreads propaganda against men by lying about their propensity to commit rape and violence while completely ignoring male victimization at the hands of women or while serving as custodians of the state in prison. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

— Women are being college educated at greater rates, leading to the relative economic impoverishment of men. [1] [2] [3] [4]

— Women live longer than men. [1]

— State legislation like California’s “Yes Means Yes” bill and New Jersey’s proposed “Rape By Fraud” law explicitly target and punish men for deeds that women will be given a pass for. [1] [2]

— The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) elevates the worth of a woman’s life above that of men while making every man a hostage in his own home when it comes to his wife being able to imprison him with a single phone call to the police by fraudulently claiming domestic abuse. [1] [2]

— Media treats a woman’s word as sacred truth, far more valuable than the word of a man. This allowed a case like the UVA rape hoax where the media establishment bought a completely fictitious 7-man gang rape story that was wholly invented by a privileged white woman. [1] [2] [3] [4]

— Men are publicly shamed as “sexist” and “creepy” for exhibiting a preference for young beautiful women while women are empowered when they state their male preferences, whatever they happen to be. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

— Divorce laws and courts give children to the mother by default even if the father showed he was more responsible. The court will also imprison the man if he’s financially destitute and unable to make payments while dragging its feet when the mother is shown to be unfit. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

True equality between the sexes, in terms of women not being oppressed greater than men, was achieved decades ago, but we have massively overshot to where it’s absolutely clear that men are treated as inferiors, criminals, and biologically deficient when compared to women.

All major institutions in America treat men like second-class citizens while elevating women no matter how morally challenged they are or how many mistakes they make in their lives or to the lives of their children. In other words, all boys born today will see less fairness, due process, and economic opportunity compared to girls with the same birth date. A boy born today will be institutionally, systematically, and deliberately oppressed by all facets of society while a girl born today will be given undeniable preferential treatment over him.

The first step any oppressed group must make is to be aware of their oppression. This awareness among men has accelerated in the past three years where more men have begun speaking out and putting their foot down at their further marginalization by American institutions. The only question that remains is what these men will do when the enemy, who will not voluntarily give up the power it has gained in the past three decades, decides to put down his revolt for good.

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158 thoughts on “How American Men Are Being Institutionally Oppressed”

  1. Small point.
    It is not institutional oppression that women live longer. It is however institutional oppression that we have developed a wealth transfer system from the productive working class (20-65 year olds) to the 67+ “retired’ class which are predominantly women. I don’t care to find the numbers so you can take them with a grain of salt but was something like men pay 60% of all payroll taxes, and receive 40% of the payroll based benefits.

    1. Powerful points to made: as males we pay most of the taxes, use less of the taxes, die earlier than women (many of us worked our whole lives for) while women live longer and keep receiving our money and the money of faceless men she didn’t care about and probably would not have respected in life, while we are corpses buried in the dirt. Dead and forgotten, worm food after being used by spoiled rotten bitches. Also, women’s diseases get much more funding for treatment and research than diseases men only get. Most of the homeless are men and women have more resources to help them stay off the street, etc. Etc. Etc.

      1. While women can take advantage of any government assistance program out there, there are ADDITIONAL female-only programs that cater just to them.
        Example: The SNAP foodstamp program in the USA is open to all (including women). And then just for fun there is the WIC (Women Infants and Children) program that ONLY gives food to women with fucktrash. Also, while there are a few female only educational institutions left, I’m not aware of any male-only ones.
        All of the male schools now accept women and a lot of the female schools just shut down completely (they actually taught women-oriented curriculums in a successful way but it’s much more fun to go party with frat boys and dumb down the curriculum for everyone and make a women’s study department at Harvard so you can take that and have the same credentials as a guy who graduated from the engineering school.)

        1. First, we Raise consciousness. Most men, and of course women, don’t even realize how imbalanced things are. Extremist Gynocentrism. If aliens of higher intelligence studied human apes they would conclude our species worships the vagina.
          Sadly many men wouldn’t care but enough men will.
          Then there must be organized, heavily funded political action campaigns and serious organizations dedicated to issues facing men and fighting feminists and whoever, traditional trad con pretend allies. Internet discussion will not change things in and of itself, of course. Anybody know a rich guy?

  2. “Patriarchy” is a conspiracy theory. It’s unfalsifiable and is exactly like blaming everything on the Illuminati.

    1. Bashing patriarchy make as much sense as bashing reproduction among human specie. Which means none. This is how we evolved for hundred of thousands of years. Idiot feminists think they can change the way humans reproduce by writing stupid theories. Are these pathetic idiots ever tired of being proved wrong and achieving nothing?

      1. The Patriarchy is a pseudonym for men from a time when saying all men oppress all women would have drawn criticism. Now big Feminists say it with impunity and funded by your tax dollars.

    2. I once brought this up with a girl who believed in this idea with fanatical zeal. I proceeded to ask her if its ok for me to blame the Jews for my economic problems. After all they are overrepresented in many major industries and fields. After that she told me that there was mountains of historical evidence that proves the existence of the patriarchy and that she would return with it. I haven’t heard back from her since. I dont know what kind of mental gymnastics it takes to draw connections between a few powerful men and some shadowy, all encompassing global cabal that has never existed.

      1. Modern feminism simply couldn’t exist without the following:
        1. Modern medicine
        2. Birth control
        3. Wealth
        Prior to modern medicine the high infant and child mortality rate ensured that women could not put off having children like they do today. Even now the birth rate in feminist countries is unsustainably low, and needs to be supplemented with immigration. Prior to birth control, promiscuous sex was far more risky for single women. Birth control has only been widely available relatively recently. Only in a wealthy society can feminism exist. In a survivalist society gender roles become increasingly important because gender roles are optimized for human reproduction.
        In other words, adopting feminism even a few hundred years ago would’ve resulted in extinction. Even today we’re heading that way now, considering the unsustainable birth rate in Western countries. Feminist societies tend to rely on non-feminists to supplement their abysmal birth rate (Latinos in the USA, and Muslims in Europe).

        1. Close, but it’s really unhindered debt, which fuels all the social engineering and coercion plus socialism and marxism. Without those even with medicine, birth control and wealth men would being doing fine. And that’s the tragedy of it all, life would and could be really great. That said, when enough men wake up it will change.

        2. A red pill(unaware) guy at work informed me of Margaret Sanger. She opened the first birth control clinic. I think our current affairs are the result of her wanting to stop ‘back alley’ abortions.

        3. “1. Modern medicine
          “2. Birth control
          “3. Wealth”
          1. Divorce laws. Children go by default to father. The woman only takes her dowry and what money she earned herself and set aside into a different account in her own name. Divorce rate goes back to 1% in one generation. Feminism crumbles to dust.
          The divorce laws changed before female suffrage. Which is why democracy is such a bad idea, it leads to universal male suffrage, which leads to changing the divorce laws, which leads to feminism, which leads to female suffrage, transformation to the welfare/warfare state, and on and on it goes, until social and economic collapse.
          Patriarchal monarchy limited only by Orthodox theocracy. The model that sustained the Byzantine empire over 1000 years and then the Russian empire until 1917 (with a mere 74 year “hiccup” of Communism and 8 years of transition of Yeltsin, now we’re almost back with Putin).

          “…15 years have I been waiting to sit upon my throne…”

        4. Of course, none of the creatures that invented and pushed feminism ever even considered that this would be the end result. Cause they’re, you know, smarter than everyone else. Peer reviewed studies say so.
          It’s all just a big cohencidence.

      2. This. Here’s an experiment I always encourage would-be feminists or feminist apologists to try:
        Step 1. Take a feminist blog or piece of literature; Any piece of mainstream writing from Simone de Beauvoir, Germaine Greer or Naomi Wolf will do.
        Step 2. Copy it into a word document.
        Step 3. Use the find and replace all functions to change all instance of the word men to blacks, Jews, gays or any minority group of your choice.
        Step 4. Re-read the piece and see if you can still convince yourself that feminism is not a hate-movement.
        At its core, Feminism is a poisonous bigotry that would not seem out of place at a KKK rally.

        1. I had a woman I know “correct” me for saying “chicks” in reference to women, as if it were meant to denigrate women.

        2. I had one of my clients correct me after saying ‘girls’………she said “you mean women!!!”. Seriously?

        3. These gals — I mean “women”, seriously have to get a life in a huge way. They are quite pitiful, to say the least.
          Women that are self assured, have confidence in who they are, and what they believe in, POSITIVELY DO NOT have to harp on such sheer inane stupidities. They NEVER resort to such petty behavior!
          The Patriotic Conservative women (and I repeat myself), that I know, would never focus on such foolishness. Myself included.

        1. If you read the Protocols of Zion and study a little about The Creature From Jekyll Island you will find that the Jews ARE to blame for many/most of our economical woes.

    3. Patriarchy is the Old Testament God for modern day liberals and feminists. Feminists are the Ultra Orthodox Scribes and Pharisees of this religion. Logic,facts or sense will not persuade these people. They have devoted their lives to it. Asking them to prove it exists will have you driven out of society. patriarchy is blamed as if its an invisible hand.” i didn’t get the job.” Thought process,patriarchy. “I can’t dive that car” patriarchy. ,’men won’t date me because i’m fat” thought process patriarchy. These people may as well be dancing in circles with bones in their hair and nose and chanting to some sun God to allow it to rain . if it rains it was the praying. if it doesn’t they have angered the gods. no matter what the result it will always be patriarchy’s fault.

    4. Same applies for feminism. This site tends to put all the blame on women and feminism, wouldn’t you agree?

      1. While I have seen my share of conspiracy theories on this website, there’s real evidence that feminism exists. Criticizing feminism isn’t a conspiracy theory.

        1. One thing to add about women being inferior.
          They are inferior in terms of civilization building, resource management/procurement, and culture achievements.
          They have biological superiority in terms of reproduction and child caring, nurturing, etc.
          The issue is that fat disgusting warpigs convinced a whole lot of girls that the ways are they are superior in are really useless which they are not. This is because those warpigs were biologically fucked up and didn’t value traditional female services and even if they did they were at the bottom of the totem pole so wanted a way out.

        2. How are they biologically superior in reproduction? A women can only reproduce with one male in a span of nine months, I can impregnate thousands during that same time. Again, how is the former superior?

        3. They have biological superiority in terms of reproduction and child caring, nurturing, etc.

          Women are superior in many thing concerning sex and house, e.g. lactating, cleaning etc.
          Men are superior in everything else, including procreation:

        4. Just like white knight manginas and other losers try to convince alphas and other real men that they should change their ways, i.e. become spineless suckers.

        5. I know this is a bit of topic, but you ever use an animal as reference for feminist, please use a angler fish.

      2. This site blames the problems caused by feminism, on feminism. It just seems like “all the blame” because feminism causes quite a lot of problems. There’s a reason every major civilization have been patriarchal by modern standards.

      3. I do agree. I thought this article would focus solely on the government. Instead the author cried and sucked his thumb and compared himself to a WOMAN. I wish these men would stop being little crybaby b*tch boys and MAN UP!

  3. A woman in the West today occupies a unique position unheard of in the rest of history because a woman in the West today can always acquire food and shelter, one way or another, by spreading her legs.

    1. That has always been the case. Oh, wait, I guess not for the fat ugly ones. Now we are forced to support the unwanted poor genetics.

    1. Just to clarify, what the study actually says is that men who do not hold benevolent sexist views of women (ex. women are kinder than men) are seen as more misogynistic.

  4. Wonderful article. This really sheds light on many inequalities that the mainstream media is afraid to analyze in detail. And let’s not forget the inequality in incarceration rates. The left points out the fact that black people are incarcerated at higher rates than other races as an example of institutional racism. But if you point out the fact that men make up 50% of the population, but 92.9% of prisoners are male, then these same people will not cite it as an example of institutional sexism against men.
    Remember, to the left, racism only applies to non-whites, and sexism only applies to women. White people and men can’t be discriminated be against because they have “held positions of privilege” for “all of history!” The end game of feminism isn’t equality between the sexes. It’s special treatment for one sex at the expense of the other.

    1. There is some correlation between testosterone levels and violent crime, so one would not expect women and men to be equally represented in prisons.
      However, it would be interesting to look at specific categories of crimes that women are known to commit, ie check kiting and drug use, and see what the ratios are.

    2. Special treatment is what the left is after; I agree we have massively overshot the equality stage at this point . Yesterday I said it was rude that Kanye West has twice now interrupted an artists acceptance speech. And I was told I thought it was rude because Kanye is black. Then we were told that if Paul McCartney did it I would think it was badass. They went on to explain to me I found it rude because of my subtle Racist beliefs. Pointing out a consistent pattern of rude behavior is now racist .

      1. You should have pointed out that they were the ones equating rudeness with being black.

        1. It’s just ridiculous . How do you have a discussion with someone who speculates how a stranger would react in an imaginary future scenario and then condems me for it ? Racism and sexism are serious problems in this world , issues that people continue to die over. Those words have lost their meaning in the U.S. Theyve become words to throw around when someone calls you on your bad behavior .

      2. I’ve had people try this one on me in the past. I’ll usually tell them that it’s inconsiderate or bad manners (for anyone)…or that I was making an observation. The racism (or sexism) was their idea…not mine.
        So, who is being racist (or sexist), here?
        Try it some time….it’s pretty funny to watch.

    3. They’re cherry pickers. The only consistency in Leftist ideology is that they’re anti-white male.

      1. The end game of all this is the extinction of the White man, and therefore the White race. White women, like all women, are too stupid to see this. The muds are also too stupid to see it, either. They think they are going to be in charge if Whitey is out of the way. This is why NONE OF THEM should ever have a say in anything.

  5. I’m making a motion here and now to change the term “Social Justice Warrior” to “Social Justice Whiner.” It’s an insult to real warriors, past and present, to use that term to refer to these authoritarian narcissists, 99.5% of whom wouldn’t last two seconds in a situation requiring any sort of actual qualification as a warrior.

      1. Whiner seemed most appropriate, since that’s what they spend all their time doing instead of actual “warring.” Real war comes along, guess who fights it? Not them, that’s for sure…

        1. “Whiner” is a stingy slap to most males with testicles, even those weaker fellows with apparently detachable sacks.

    1. ” . . .99.5% of whom wouldn’t last two seconds in a situation requiring any sort of actual qualification as a warrior.”
      At least they give us the amusement of not knowing it.

    2. Most of these whiny lefties would have been culled by nature prior to the warm and cuddly arms of civilization. Whiny weaklings wouldn’t have lived long.

      1. Granted it started out that way, but they’ve started embracing the term as a badge, and actually believe themselves to be some manner of warriors. Pathetic, but maybe it’s time to just start calling a spade a spade.

        1. You’re right, some are embracing it. They’ll probably embrace any insult after awhile.. Hmmm, but changing the negative description helps. Also using language they would be hard pressed to embrace. Reminds me, calling feminists Feminist Liars, I like that, because they are and it gets them where it hurts. Dalrock writes about the Ugly Feminist.

      1. I know. It’s lost on them. They truly, honestly think they’re some kind of warriors now.

  6. So why haven’t the 80% of people who are not insane lefto-faggots created an alternative media yet? There has been talk of this for a decade, but they still have made no dent in the media market, even though 80% of people are still basically sane.

    1. I don’t think it’s 80%. Most women and nearly all black and Mexicans are infected by leftist thought. Of the rest who are sane (white males), most are too busy WORKING to start alternative media en masse.

      1. I don’t know. Black and Mexican MEN, while they vote democrat due to lack of real knowledge, are otherwise quite red-pill about women. Plus, they have no affinity for weird faggots and SJW androgynes…
        Mexican men are generally apolitical to begin with..
        The problem is that the media being left-wing makes otherwise sane people vote for, and excuse, insane extremists…
        Being an uninterested person who votes Democrat just out of default is very different from an insane SJW. Plus, Republicans are pretty committed to misandry too…

    2. And the internet alt-news sources and right wing radio are what precisely?
      Why, they’re things that claim a majority of male viewership/market share, that’s what.

  7. “Women are being college educated at greater rates, leading to economic impoverishment of men”.
    Feminist: “but then even if the wage gap doesn’t exist, when taking into account hours worked, education, over time, etc, how can this point be correct?”
    Because education (particularly uni/college) doesn’t relate to resultant income. More women may be in uni, but more men are still enrolled in education for higher paid jobs, eg STEM. More women are still enrolled in useless degrees (ie women’s studies and the arts). Also, more men are in trades (don’t require a uni education) and trades usually pay pretty well.
    This point of Roosh’s refers to the corporate middle management jobs, in which men are slowly being wiped out of.

  8. The “Patriarchy” is a God given right. The “Patriarchy” reflects the Trinity: Father, Son, Holy Spirit. All evil/false religions are based on a Matriarchy. Liberalism is Satanism. Satan wants to do everything in reverse that God did. A matriarchy is the opposite of patriarchy. Through Liberalism, there has been a slow progressive push to allow for women to have special rights when it comes to anything in society. If they want to pop out 3 bastard kids and have it paid for by man, then they can do that. If they want to kill an unborn kid, then they can make that call and not the father. If they want to have a career and have a big $100K+ job in the corporate world, then affirmative action will make it so. If they want to have an endless string of boyfriends and endless string of sex partners, social engineering will make it so by “normalizing” such behavior through such nationally broadcasted ‘sex in the city’ types of mainstream media movies and shows and music. If a woman wants to file for divorce because she wants to go have sex with more men, then ‘no fault’ divorce makes it as easy as 1-2-3. And again, mainstream media will normalize divorce and even celebrate it to encourage such abominations against God.
    The more independent men are, then smaller the government. The more ‘independent’ women are, the bigger the government. Women have NOT achieved any of this on their own. It took global elites to change and establish laws in society backed by military / police force and a court system to ensure women are given special rights. Women seem to think they did this all on their own and are truly “beating men” in life as if that’s how it should have been all along.
    In a nutshell, the story of Adam and Even has more truth than most realize. The “Eve’s” of today are willingly believing the social engineering lies fed to them through mainstream media, and then taking the apple essentially selling mankind out to the overall end game goal of global enslavement.
    Women have not achieved anything. If I were a global elite, I could finance politicians to establish laws that would allow for dogs to have special rights in society beyond man. Could the dogs achieve this on their own? Of course not. To collect welfare and have mankind pay for a single mom’s kids is theft no different than stealing a car. When that single mom is standing before God one day at the day of judgement, she’ll be told go stand next to the rest of the thieves. She won’t understand why until she finally realizes that by accepting welfare money that she has participated in theft and she is no better than any thief that robbed a liquor store.

    1. “The ‘Patriarchy’ reflects the Trinity: Father, Son, Holy Spirit. All evil/false religions are based on a Matriarchy…. Satan wants to do everything in reverse that God did.”
      Satan doesn’t do everything in reverse, when God establishes a natural balance/order of things, Satan will happily tip the scales in either direction, thus both feminism and a religion which is so “patriarchal” (polygamy) that society gets distorted (lack of females because rich get so many wives, thus sodomy and bestiality. Oh, and inbreeding, because for Uncle to let you marry his daughter, your cousin, you need to promise to let one of Uncle’s sons/grandsons marry one your future daughters with your wife/cousin).

  9. I call bullshit on the entire article. Yes, your facts are completely accurate, but the conclusion you draw, that men are an ‘oppressed group’, is screaming leftist bullshit.
    First, accepting the definition of ‘oppression’, or even the idea that oppression actually exists. Men are entirely capable of altering the country or world, to eliminate those things. And guess what? Those men, the same men as us, are the ones pushing the leftist, feminist agenda. They are creating the environment that allows feminism to gain power… they are enforcing the laws that you think means ‘oppression’.
    Oppression is a word those who WILL NOT change things use to justify getting the shit end of the stick because they are too cowardly, stupid, or lazy to make the necessary changes themselves. It is not some other group doing the ‘oppressing’, it is other men… men who crave power, men who bow and scrape to women, or men who are so desperate to be thought of as ‘nice guys’ that they will willingly betray their own, stab their own brothers in the back, for political, social, or financial gains.
    So please, try to use the right term… we men are NOT being ‘oppressed’. We are BETRAYED.
    Women are not our enemy, Their protectors, keepers, and enablers are the enemy. And this enemy… an enemy who has destroyed our culture, ripped from us our family, our immortality, our liberty, and our right to be men and human. These men deserve no mercy. Ignorance is not an excuse. pussy begging is not an excuse. They have mercilessly destroyed our lives… How can the sentence for the murder of an entire civilization be anything less than death?

    1. Noted.
      Everyone gets corrupted though, if they ever make it to any important post powerful enough to change things, steer things in another direction. Not to mention that to even be in such a position of certain power, you have to be already corrupt in the first place. So how do you push back?
      In any field of life, work,sports, family, social circles, public places etc, as soon as a man as much as thinks of saying or doing something to “keep it real”, he bites his tongue, thinking of other men who were ostracized, penalized, shamed, shunned, stripped of their wealth etc.

    2. The enemy are not men. The ones driving this are not even human, they are the spawn of Satan.

      1. granted, but they still have facial hair and manparts. Beasts in human form, they still qualify as male.

  10. Here’s an idea: flip this shit on its head; start demanding in female dominated spaces.

      1. To highlight how ridiculous it is when women claim to be excluded. Men go in, demand representation, and also demand the rules be changed for male friendliness and inclusion. Tone police the fuck out of negative male aspects of these spaces. It will show the insanity of women coming into industries and demanding it all be changed to suit them. Find something that is entirely female centric and invade it. If we are denied, we point out the exclusion and misandry. Do you get it?

        1. Bravo.
          Unfortunately, society is so saturated with Average Frustrated Chumps ready to White Knight that any efforts at being real are met with 10x the opposite force–namely thirsty chump White Kinghts.
          How can we teach men the fallacy of White Knighting?
          How can the larger population be reached and suggested? How can we put the Red pill out there wiithout seeming to do so?

        2. Why should we waste our time going into spaces we don’t want to or enjoy going into?
          Some female-only advantages I wouldn’t mind, like access to the WIC program for single fathers (Who actually HAVE to buy formula, since we don’t lactate) and shelters for bullied men, but as far as the girl scouts, ‘the vagina monologues’, tupperware parties, and women’s tennis, who the fuck would want that shit?

        3. Fuck yeah lets get in the vagina monologues. Its not a waste of time if we prove our point by demanding representation in it in the same fashion they do.

        4. That’s interesting. Because if you blew it out to ridiculous proportions, the point would be made.

        5. I’ve been saying this for years, but what are we going to do? Force our way into being Hooters girls?

  11. Make no mistake American (and Canadian and all Western white) men. Your life is being assaulted. And you need to fight back.
    You will be assailed in a million ways every single day that: you are wrong. You are paranoid. You are a wimp. You are angry. You have a small penis. You do not matter.
    All of these things are shaming tactics. DO NOT BE SHAMED.
    There is a system in place. The system is there for you to be cowed into second-thinking your instincts.
    As Rollo Tomassi says, we live in a feminized society. It is a degrading, doomed society. Take it from an anonymous internet tough guy: YOUR IDEAS MATTER AND THEY ARE TRYING TO SHAME YOU.
    Stop it. Stop being shamed. Be a MAN and say NO to the absurd system that surrounds you.
    The pendulum swings. Stand tall, men. Especially you short guys–you were dealt a bad hand fro nature and it is your particular challenge to DEFY IT.
    Men: You are born with reason and logic and POWER–use it.
    Take care of “good girls”. They exist and they should be cherished.
    Sluts are garbage. Remember that. But also remember many girls become sluts by being simply simple. You can bring them out of sluthood. You can change them because you are a man. In the modern West, many, many white girls have fallen to sluthood but can and should be brought back.
    One note: do not abide mudsharks. Mudsharks are unacceptable. Period, paragraph.
    Be firm. Stand by your principles. Be the man your father hoped for., regardless of his status in any way shape or form.
    North American women are just starting to realize they are playing a game which hurts everyone–but STOP thinking women MATTER. THEY DO NOT MATTER. What matters is YOU. YOUR MANHOOD. YOUR SPIRIT AS A MAN.
    A little Bach helps.

  12. Lmao. This is high comedy. If there is a complaint because women are gaming a.d in sports…that is lame/bland/dull…and first world problems. Next yr gonna say that women don’t belong in the business world and what not. I cannot stop laughing at this. Because women are being educated men are being left to “economic impoverishment”-wouldn’t that have to do with the individual? I cannot stop laughing at this. But I guess I am a mangina or white knight. This seems like a hurt ego who cannot deal with that men are not in control anymore…and why should we be? The individual controls themselves-this drowning in male tears is only out of fear that you can’t be equal or at least see women at eye not a thing to own.

    1. so why do women cry at work when they fail and men don’t ?? why do women need engineering scholarships, specifically catered to female only applicants, if they are “smarter” ?

      1. Common, men cry. Crying is human. There are scholarships catered to “men only” as well.

        1. With doin just a little research I found numerous scholarships for women and boys. It is a good and healthy thing that the playing field is becoming equal. The whole aspect of this page needs to be called into question when it states on its about page that “boys are born masculine” it’s a trait all the sexes have a mixture of “masculinity” & “femininity” (and I say all the sexes purposely because there are more then 2) like I said this page is funny to me. It’s a joke. Creating false restrictions to keep one gender above another is nothing more then glorified slavery, not “family values”! But the funny part of it is how more further advanced we would be without THIS fear that lays in misogyny. In the end it only shows how truly weak US men are.

        2. You’re picture is funny. It’s really funny to me. It’s a joke. It’s high comedy.
          And you might want to lose about 200 lbs before you go around calling anybody weak, you fat, androgynous hedgehog. The only reason you’re pathetically flabby ass isn’t dead is because there are masculine men out there growing your food for you, building the home you live in, and protecting you from people who would love nothing more than to prey on a weak, pudgy ball of dough like yourself.

        3. You start off by saying that we’re the one’s crying? And then say its normal to cry…typical woman.
          Look, fucktard, no one is crying about so called female advancement. Specifically, we’re discussing how so called female “advancement” has occurred due to coercion and via enacting the very “constructs” that feminism is so vocally against. You mentioned sports and business…great examples, because in both of those areas women are forcibly being added and the mechanism to do this results in discrimination on a systemic basis. You mentioned how there are male scholarships, so what…are there mandates to hire just men? Are there mandates to ensure the # of male athletes equals the # of female? And what is the result of these mandates, eh? Answer: preferential treatment of women over men…the very fucking thing you assholes complained about.

        4. Presuming this thing’s avatar is actually its’ real picture, I’m perplexed at its ignorance of how feminism has only worked to reduce its value as a human. If you really are fat and disgusting, you’re support of feminism is empowering people who will only continue to look down at you and consider you inferior. Frankly, by the sound of this troll, its probably a female.

        5. Useful idiot is the term used by the inspiration feminist leader, Karl Marx… Or maybe it was Vladimir Lenin.
          Regardless of who said it, it applies and you nailed the context perfectly Towgunner.

        6. The playing field is beyond equal when 60 percent of college graduates are women.
          Academia has become openly hostile to men, so men no longer go there.

        7. Odds are that this is a womYn pretending to be a man to gain standing in a man’s forum.
          That is a special kind of pathetic.

        8. Well with at statistic wouldn’t it be optimum for men? Isn’t having more women in university great, cause more chances for sex? But isn’t this who thing underlined with a fear towards women? This is a recent change. In time things will settle. Men have held the upper hand for eons. Why shouldn’t there be a shift, some kinda change. It is bogus to claim that certain jobs are for men and not for women. As it is bogus that is feminine that women wear high heels. An individual rules themselves. Not society,church,government-this is bland male fear….feminism is but a reaction to this. Personally I hope it scares you to death. There is no honor in brute force. There is no honor in the controlling of another(unless they want to be controlled) I am bored of being told that in being a guy there are certain things I have to do, and there are things I can’t do. I control my own personal existence. It is good and healthy that men may have to fight for what they want. Maybe be better husbands, workers and such. But in the end does your success or failure effect me…or does my success or failure affect you or anyone? The words of article, and page are a joke. Everything at the moment of “male rights” is a joke. There is a cowardice in rape, there a great cowardice in fearing women, there is a great cowardice in not sharing(which means giving up power) there is a great cowardice in taking responsibility of one’s action-I don’t care what women do, my reaction is towards men. Because all this idiotic cowardice is effecting me to the point I want to choke all men to death. Cause this whole attitude is boring,dull and repetitive. It just reaches back to supposed “good ole days” and to repack it all this attitude just wants women bare foot and pregnant doing what men say.

        9. This website states that “scholarships geared towards men specifically are not very common.”

        10. TLDR
          Upshot is that if womYn were in the 40% they’d be screamin’ about institutional discrimination.
          Feminism is not about equality. It never has been. It is about deconstruction of Western Civ, gyno-superiority and about gynofacism.

    2. But I guess I am a mangina or white knight.
      You’re very good at the guessing game. Congratulations.

  13. Go MGTOW and save yourself while starving the beast. Government depends on your money going into women’s purses.
    And no MGTOW does not mean celibate.

  14. The point is that oppression is a fulcrum from which professional victims leverage their personal interests, whether or not it’s actual oppression is irrelevant.
    So the feminist makes it seem like being inferior to a man makes her oppressed without actually contemplating whether or not she actually is inferior. Even thinking about it is mentally taboo for these people

  15. describe any oppression that women are facing today
    Well, there’s manspreading, and there’s women having to pay for their own tampons. There’s also long lines at bathrooms, which is patriarchal oppression from what I’ve read.
    Honestly, I don’t know how women get out of bed everyday facing soul crushing issues like those.

    1. Apparently it costs three Flucking thousand dollars a year to keep a skank like Sandra from having a baby.

      1. Cannot stop laughing, now. I am literally holding on to my sides.
        Thank you so much! : ) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Yes, men are oppressed. We need to admit this, acknowledge this and confront this, otherwise, nothing will change. Are we being like the weaklings and acting the victim…NO, just because you admit that you’re oppressed doesn’t mean we’re being anything like these whining crybabies. Heck, its the old adage, you have to admit that there is a problem first. But, from how men are portrayed on tv to how women are being advanced at our expense…these are things we need to come to terms with. At this stage in the manosphere’s development its critical that we awaken men and inspire the moral outrage necessary to exact change. Too many men are still blue-pilled, therefore, if we want to shake things up, sometimes we have to be provocative hence using terms like “oppressed”. Once more, its true! In terms of acting the victim, well, consider that our “agenda”, if you will, is to remove all the support, i.e. pro-female discrimination, such as hiring preferences, school admissions, sports proportionality etc., from our society. That’s very different than asking for male specific programs etc. In fact all we’re asking for is real fairness and a real “level playing field”. Because we all know that in lieu of having those training wheels women wouldn’t be “taking over” and men…oh for fuck sake, gents, look at today’s technology…it can be so much better than this. Perhaps that’s the message that needs to be sent that 1. we’re oppressed, 2. its doesn’t have to be this way and 3. it can be incredibly better.

  17. As much as I love the Manosphere for the universal truths that it helped popularise through the study of women behavioural patterns, I equally loath it for the incessant whining about feminism and male oppression in the US.
    Get The Fuck Out of There.
    Go far and wide. You will struggle, you will lose in quality of life but the rewards are well worth it.
    “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.”

  18. This is stupidest article I have ever read and it sounds like a man-boy crying for his mommy. I could barely get through the whole article. Men are oppressed even though they still make $1 to every $0.75 on average that women make? Men are oppressed even though women are still EXPECTED to have the children AND “bring home the bacon” because our Sissy men aren’t going to PROTECT and PROVIDE while women have the children and raise them? Men are oppressed even though a great deal of them expect their wives to be BEAUTIFUL, pop out 10 kids, while holding a spatula in one hand and vacuum in the other? But men are oppressed. This is PATRIARCHIAL SOCIETY. The laws in this article were creating BECAUSE women are oppressed and Society had to balance out the fairness for quality of life for women with men. Men have been living the high hog. Sleeping with this woman here and that woman there. Cheating and beating and not looking twice at their children. Now that men are being held accountable for their actions, they want to cry a river. As many women as I know who have been sexually abused (a lot of the abusers have never been reported), I think the laws are clearly substantiated. There might be some things that can be done better but the system definitely isn’t perfect. I have two sons and they are Black. They have been oppressed for being Black. Not for being boys. Boys are too hyper and they do need to sit stil if they are going to learn anything and not disrupt the class for the rest of the children. Boys are ENCOURAGED and EXPECTED to be good at math, science and technology while Girls are meant to take Home Economics. Give me a break. This article and this idiot’s mentality is everything that is wrong with our jacked up society. If men will admit that have MUCH room for improvement and stop trying to run a perpetual Boys’ Club, get ther acts together, treat women well and then they won’t have to deal with half of the penalties that are listed in this blog.

    1. Laughing so hard I couldn’t finish.
      This is clearly a case of aggravated TLDR.

  19. equality is not about oppression, it is about proving oppression. Women are the oppressed sex because there is an entire military industrial complex (you know what I mean) dedicated to proving how terrible it is to be a woman, and at the same time labelling as misogynist any evidence that might point in the other direction.
    Oppression and victimhood = gold, lots of gold
    Mining that gold requires constant fresh evidence of male nastiness

  20. This is very sad indeed, if you do mess up and marry one of these illustrious women from the usa get ready to be dumped on constantly. From my stand point it’s hard not to call it a conspiracy. Women are the most irrational people I know. Has any one stepped back and considered the fact that they wear heels. Just think of that you can’t run they look painful and in top of that it’s a norm for them to put on makeup that’s by its self is weird. When you study you’ll see that any society were the Women are a dominant force is doomed to complete failure. If you marry your wife can literally screw you out of your future and collect money forever. Then by the time a women is 16 she’s had three gang bangs run on her, she’s all used up by the time some poor sapsucker lays eyes on her, you won’t get anything first. Any wisdom you try to impart will go out the window and be replaced by maralyn monroe or snookie or Kim kardashian and you’ll be miserable all your life .

  21. “Before I make the argument that men are oppressed…
    No argument to make. The evidence is overwhelming. You are simply stating the obvious.

  22. Presidential candidate Herman Cain told black people they should stop complaining about oppression, blaming others for their problems, and work harder. Maybe men should not play the victim and carve out their own destiny instead of talking about how they are being oppressed.

    1. Yeah… terrible comparison. Black people should stop complaining about racist oppression because they are not institutionally oppressed by racist government policies. American men are oppressed.

      1. Sounds like you want to be a victim the rest of your life instead of being an alpha male and taking charge of your own life. Victim mentality is what is destroying manhood.

        1. Sounds like you’re just not very smart. I’d say a true victim is a person too ignorant and confused on the concept of being an alpha male to speak up about obvious injustices.

        2. Interesting. Usually people who live under the boot of oppression band together and protest, push governments to pass legislation granting them equal rights, and invite the press to document oppression. All I’ve seen in this post is people commenting on an internet article. Pick up a video camera and document your oppression and feel free to post it here.

        3. Feel free to go fuck yourself, you vapid faggot. I don’t need your fucking direction.

        4. LOL. That’s the best way to build a men’s movement – lose your temper and start cursing instead of doing something constructive with your time. God bless, bro.

        5. “God bless, bro.”
          With that line, you essentially outed yourself as a homosexual. So what god are you citing?

        6. Happily married to a house wife. Said God bless to counter your anger 🙂

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