Why Game Is Necessary (Part 3)

I’ve already written a couple of posts talking about the necessity of game, and for good reason. Whether it’s preventing the maintenance/expression of absurd levels of neediness or combating gargantuan levels of insecurity and self-hate, game (and red-pill knowledge in general) has a valuable and positive impact on the lives of many men. Sites like ROK have a key role to play in spreading valuable lessons and making men more aware so as to help them avoid the misery and embarrassment often inherent to life without the red pill.

There’s a more serious side to all of this, however. The internalization of the red pill and the lessons that come with it does more than just get guys romantic results and prevent embarrassment. It saves lives.

Members of a Westminster family said Monday they are mourning the death of a 1-year-old girl who was shot by her father.

Merrick McKoy, 22, allegedly shot his daughter to death after an argument with the child’s mother at her home at 7030 Stuart St., according to a news release from Westminster police.

McKoy also shot himself an unknown number of times and was taken to St. Anthony, police said. Police did not release an update on McKoy’s condition.

Kim Phanthavongsa told her family that Mc-Koy, her former boyfriend, shot their daughter Mia and then shot himself about 9 a.m.

Phanthavongsa had a restraining order against McKoy, police said.

A young man falls in love with a woman and has a child with her. She decides to move on from him and he cannot cope, because she’s his world. Like most beta males, he’s invested everything he has emotionally into his relationship with one female, and now the child has compounded that investment.


He’s never taken the red pill and doesn’t understand anything about the need for self-improvement, the possibility of meeting other woman, or the fact that he has no hope of sparking this relationship again. So he keeps pushing until things get out of hand, forcing a restraining order. Eventually, he escalates toward more violence and takes himself and a child with him.


Meanwhile, in Japan

A 23-year-old man was arrested on Thursday at Hachijo Island after police suspect that he murdered a woman in Chiba Prefecture. 22-year-old Shiori Yuasa was stabbed with a kitchen knife on Wednesday at around 4:30 p.m. in the shopping district of Ichikawa. She was rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead upon arrival.

The investigation revealed that Oka [the perpetrator] used to date the victim and had an altercation with her last September when he tried to get back together with her. At that time, he called the police himself to let them know that they were arguing but they only gave him a verbal warning at the time. Yuasa then transferred houses together with her 3-year-old daughter and fiancée to avoid any further confrontations. But in late October, Oka was once again detained by police in Ichikawa for unruly behaviour. He is expected to be charged with murder as there are no other suspects in the crime.

Man meets young girl. Young girl decides to move on. A man who has taken and digested the red pill will understand that this young girl was not the only girl in the world. He’ll understand that he can move on and find another girl (or girls) in time, and be happy. He doesn’t stake the entirety of his life and future on his relationship with a single female. But Hayato Oka had never taken the red pill, and the price was Shiori Yuasa’s life.


Meanwhile, in California

A Southern California man was convicted Friday of the murders of the father and sister of his ex-girlfriend and the attempted murder of her mother in a fiery attack that prosecutors say was an ill-conceived attempt to reunite the couple.
Authorities say Murtaza killed the relatives of Shayona Dhanak, who was a college freshman in 2007, after she blamed her decision to end the couple’s two-year relationship on her devout Hindu family’s opposition to her dating a Muslim.

Prosecutors say an obsessed Murtaza wanted to kill the family to eliminate them as an obstacle to the relationship and drive Shayona Dhanak back to his arms.

Another young man fell in love with another pretty young girl and, as is typical of beta males, made her the center of his life.


shayona dhonak

Her family rejected him and, eventually, so did she.


Men who’ve taken the red pill understand that such a thing would not be the end of the world. They understand that rejection happens for a variety of reasons (some less palatable than others) and is inevitable. They understand that, as men, they must get used to that rejection and learn to move on from it. Murtaza never took the red pill. As a result, he invested all that he had emotionally into his relationship with a single girl, and showed a willingness to destroy everything (his life, his friends’ lives and the lives of her entire family) in order to get her back.



And in Baltimore

A police officer was apparently having a difficult time coping with the fact that his ex-girlfriend was moving on with her life. She and her new boyfriend–a beloved firefighter– had just come home from a Halloween party when they were killed.
Hoffman and his new girlfriend, 26-year-old Marie Hartman, were gunned down inside his Glen Burnie home around 1:30 a.m. Sunday.

A red pill male not only understands how to deal with rejection, but accepts the fact that he cannot control female sexuality. He understands that women are not obligated to abide by the limits placed upon them in the minds of men who have put them up on massive pedestals and expect them to behave accordingly (chaste, like a princess awaiting her betrothed prince). Women will date and/or fuck who they want how and when they want, and he understands that there isn’t much he can do about that except adapt to it and focus more on his own romantic life instead of hers.


This police officer had never taken the red pill. He couldn’t accept his ex-girlfriend’s progress following the end of their relationship. He couldn’t accept the fact that she’d decided to start fucking someone else (which she was perfectly within her rights to do, having broken up with him). She was HIS special princess, not Andrew Hoffman’s. She was supposed to save her sexuality for him—it belonged to HIM.

The result? Everyone dies.


Young, sad beta males who’ve failed to take the red pill and live their lives shrouded in blue-pill delusions are not just embarrassing: they’re deadly. The emotional turmoil stirred up by their blue-pill entitlement and insecurity not only threatens themselves, but all of those who surround them.

Game, and the digestion of red pill truths that come with it, is necessary because its alternatives, if left unchecked, can prove to be more than simply depressing. They can be fatal.

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93 thoughts on “Why Game Is Necessary (Part 3)”

  1. One of the best texts on why game is necessary and why we need to overcoe beta males. Bravo!

  2. Blue Pill, Beta Male is just written all over that Police Officers face! Also look at his career choices, Marine then Cop he’s the ultimate White Knight. Poor Chump!

    1. As a former Marine myself, I will tell you that the Marine Corps is full of white knights and betas, mainly because most Marines come straight out of high school. If you want a lesson in female hypergamy, join the Marine Corps. Marine Corps is 90% male, 10% female. You do the math.

      1. Unfortunately, a lot of men join the service to “prove” that they are men. This is characteristic of the beta male. Alphas just know that they’re men.

        1. That’s why stoners who accomplish nothing with their lives are the real winners. They don’t need to prove anything to anyone.

        2. Stoners also age wonderfully. Compare the faces of a man that went to college, married and climbed the corporate ladder, had kids at 50 to another 50 yr old guy that spent his teens, twenties and thirties getting stoned. The stoner will look 15 years younger.

        3. Reminds me of a docu on transexuals. One guy was a gung-ho hero his whole life, even made it into the army rangers. Had a pretty wife and kid(s). But one day he decided he could no longer live a lie….

    2. Im a former infantryman and i agree. Theose guys are empty headed brainwashed blue pill betas. All married and cried like bitches when we deployed to AFG kandahar. Terrible

  3. This article is on point. I think most passion killings where the man slaughters his wife and/or kids comes down to blue pill believes being obliterated by a sudden red pill truth. The inherent hypergamy, ruthlessness and lack of empathy from females becomes too much for some blue pill beta to handle.
    Being forced to swallow the red pill takes you on the 5 stages of grief.
    1.Denial-“this can’t be true”, “NAWALT”
    2.Anger-“Why is it like this”, “Why is she doing this to me?”
    3.Bargaining- ” Please don’t leave me” “I promise I’ll be nicer”
    4.Depression-” what does it all mean?”, “nothing matters anymore”
    5. Acceptance-” Fuck these bitches” “I’m doing my own thing”
    Unfortunately, some blue pill betas become stuck on stage 2-Anger. Setting the stage for passion killings

    1. I remember a line from the first Matrix movie where Morpheus tells Neo
      that he never frees a mind once it reaches a certain age as it has
      trouble letting go.For some thought as you said, a sudden red pill was forced into them and their minds couldn’t cope with it and just unleashed a sheer wave of destruction and murder. Tragic indeed…

    2. For a girlfriend where little or nothing is on the line, I agree. The examples in the article fit that.
      But for an unfortunate sap who’s married up a ho, he commonly loses his house and half his assets, as well as his kids and will be an indentured servant for decades. If another man took your shit and put you in (figurative) chains, would you shrug it off?
      I’m surprised that these killings don’t happen much more often.

      1. Alot of men still care about their freedom. If you removed that obstacle, you’d probably see it more often. But if a man goes and takes out his cheating ex wife who robbed him of half of everything he’s worked for in the process, he’s going to prison for a long time and depending on how old he is, may die in prison. For a 50 year old man, 20 to 25 or 30 years may very well be the rest of his life.

  4. Very sad stories. I’ve seen this happen once to a guy I knew in the service. He was dating a stripper, she got bored of him, and he became borderline suicidal. Pussy has that effect on the weak-minded. You see this played out, on a smaller scale, in nightclubs all across America on a typical Friday or Saturday night. How many fights get started because some girl gets hit on, and the boyfriend goes berserk.
    The world is 50% women. If guys could just realize there is no scarcity of attractive young females or females period, maybe things like this wouldn’t happen.

        1. You don’t need a war, you need females aborting male babies so it will be pussy paradise for future males and for us when we get older.
          And if you have war, how do you know it won’t you fighting in war risking you life.
          Abortion of males is the answer

        2. I hope you’re being sarcastic because that sounded just like what them rad feminists will say.

        3. It is nothing new, I mean china and India are aborting female fetuses in droves and that created an unstable environment of thirsty dudes. Anyways, I said it was extreme and there are better alternatives.

  5. Points well made. I can guarantee you we won’t have many women commenting on this article or any ‘outrage’ about it, because it’s something that doesn’t directly benefit them or threaten their sense of entitlement.

    1. Ur right. They just lovvveee that so many will try to learn game..thereby mass approaching them in hordes.

  6. Spot on. The ironic thing is that these women would problably not have left if the guy was red pill. Blue pill behavior is repulsive to women: predictable, boring etc. Great illustration of the destructive nature of the blue pill mindset.

  7. Article makes some interesting points, but riddle me this. Why have betas existed and thrived for millions of years of evolution? What is the point of all this beta-bashing? Aren’t you glad there are betas so you can cuckold them and knob more women, than if all the males were alpha? I just don’t see the historical context here, or where exactly you want things to end up.

    1. Beta males are very important for maintaining society and doing labor. Women never od labor…and alpha keeps them to himself and has sex with all the women and the women spend time raising kids.
      Ofcourse Society had to expand, so marriage was invented so a beta male could get a women.
      Remember, women go for the top 20% of males while males go for 80% because woman want the best.
      So if a beta male could guarantee getting a woman, he would work harder and thus society would be maintained more .
      Now without technology, countless wars were stated to keep the male population in check.

    2. Betas are useful idiots. They allow alphas to differentiate themselves without much difficulty, as well convince women that they’re not sluts, they’re just “sexually liberated.”

      1. What happens if a guy is born with the mindset and personality and intelligence of an alpha but is 5’1 and average looking…he will be beta by default.

        1. As a short guy myself (5’4″), I will say that people like Napoleon and Andrew Carnegie prove that Alpha comes from within. I have learned through painful experience that height does indeed matter to women, but can be overcome through self development, confidence and ambition. Short guys have no choice but to become leaders to compensate for the hand nature dealt them. I can say from my own experience that the road is not pleasant, but through persistence and balls, one can break through the height barrier. I’m 41 and a successful filmmaker, and my last girlfriend was a gorgeous 20 year old girl from Eastern Europe.

        2. I have a 5’1 friend that I’m trying to get laid…been quite the struggle. Dude is more social and dresses better than me. Yet here I am a 5’11 guy stealing girls from beta boyfriends.
          He cannot just become famous or a leader, will take some years…I was looking for a way he could be non-famous and still get laid consistently.
          I push him as hard as possible and he listens. He pushes himself hard aswell.
          Results have been two fat Latinas and two hookers..not the results I want for him, he deserves more and something stupid like height should not stop him.

        3. I agree it’s not easy. Your friend may have to take PUA seminars and work on faking confidence until he can break through these barriers and develop real mojo.
          Personally I have adopted the long-game strategy. I am developing myself on all levels (professional, body and game) with a view to a decade-long transformation into an Alpha. I realize that its going to take time and there is no easy fix.
          I was a disaster with women as a young man due to the added psychosis of religious white knighting. I suffered heartbreak after heartbreak well into my 30s with the LJBF speech. When I finally started waking up from the blue pill coma in my mid-30s, I realized that it was going to take me a long time time to build up the masculinity I had failed to develop my whole life. It’s been a painful journey and I can only say that I am on the early stages, but I have learned that I have no choice but to be aggressive in my approach to women to make up for my height.
          I am going down the road of the “direct game” approach which is to be straightforward about my attraction to the woman from the onset and let her reject me upfront if need be. That way I don’t waste the time and resources on someone who has already put me in the “friend zone” because I don’t meet her physical criteria. While I’m still on the journey to become a “natural” with women, I can at least say that I cam gaining the reputation of a man who is fearless, which is a major boost in women’s perceptions of me being confident.
          I would suggest your friend work the direct approach. It hurts more in many ways than indirect seduction techniques but it can compensate for the hand nature dealt him by forcing him to develop bravado. I also would recommend that he read “How to Become an Alpha Male” by John Alexander, which has helped me tremendously in finding my personal power with women.

    3. I personally dont think any man enjoys being a cuckold. And I wouldnt enjoy cuckolding any man, beta or otherwise. Where we “want things to end up” is where we dont have to worry about this stupid shit anymore.

  8. This is what the red pill is all about. It’s not about banging chicks, it’s about saving lives. This article points out where actual lives could’ve been saved. Even more men’s lives have been saved from depression, insanity, a “rut,” meaninglessness, etc., by ingesting the red pill. Being better able to bang chicks is just a side bonus to the true red pill, not the goal. Living a full, good, meaningful, productive, masculine life is the goal, and the world is all the better for it.
    Thanks for reminding us the real reason for the red pill.

    1. Good point. Female emotions, loyalties, reasoning, etc. are like shifting sands. The red pill helps men avoid building on sand. Sand does not care that you have built a mansion atop it.

  9. Blue pill beta males are some of the most dangerous and deranged individuals on earth…their social timidity and restraint will eventually become too much of a burden to bear.

  10. The vast majority of mass shootings are due to beta/omega males not getting any pussy and having nothing to lose in life. Do you really think the Columbine guys or all the copy cats after the fact would have done what they did if they had a rotation of cute girls who enjoyed their company? Hell not even a rotation, just the knowledge they can go out and with a little work connect with other humans. The knowledge they have some sort of value and are not complete wastes.
    Chateau Heartiste said it first “game saves lives”. This was back during the George Hudini gym shooting. Another classic case of a guy getting zero pussy, having zero game, zero RP knowledge. The mainstream internet caught wind of the Chateau posting “game saves lives” and called it disgusting and a bunch of other mainstream shaming/bashing. I bet most people will read this article and the others in the series on ROK and automatically say “omg disgusting!!!! these were just crazy people!!!”.
    Men who get zero pussy and feel they will never get pussy are some of the most dangerous mother fuckers around.

      1. Not really, Snowden did what he did for political reasons, not because of his girlfriend. It’s a completely different situation. If you followed the article correctly you’ll see that beta/omega male commit acts of violence against their ex-s for personal emotional reasons

      2. Edward Snowden is not beta. How many of you would have the courage and the conviction to do what he did for what he believed in? I have the biggest crush on the guy. He’s amazing.

        1. Yea NOW you have crush on him. Before he was famous I bet you wouldnt event look at him. Now its too late though, the guy is swimming in pussy. Ha ha they never learn..

        2. Pretty sure he was “swimming in pussy” way before that. The guy was making 6 figures in his 20’s, in a government job he couldn’t tell anybody about.

        3. Top gov jobs are in the lower 6 figs, which is considered average middle class income. But I guess if you’re a min wager, I suppose it would seem like a lot. It’s been shown time and time again, even articles posted on this website, that money does not = pussy. Game = pussy, regardless of being rich or poor.

        4. Doesnt change that fact that money and power=wet pússy. Then you still need game to capitalize on it, since women are too chicken shit to approach

      3. Im sure all the russian girls want nothing to do with a smart young american man who no doubt is quite liked by Putin.
        Hell, maybe he was just sick of american chicks.

    1. “The vast majority of mass shootings are due to beta/omega males not getting any pussy…”
      Interesting hypothesis, one that I agree with. I wish our society had the balls to do unbiased studies on these controversial issues. I imagine if a legitimate, respected institute even did something as simple as publishing a paper about the Lanza’s, Harris’s and Holmes’s dating histories you’d find a lot of sexually frustrated, pissed off guys at the height of their sex drives.
      Ironic thing is, after these guys carry out their kill spree and become famous, THEN the girls who wouldn’t give them the time of day before suddenly want their seed. Look at the female fan mail Breivik receives. It’s a real catch-22 for some of these Betas/Omegas out there.

      1. There actually was an online female fan club dedicated to the surviving Boston marathon bomber as well.

    2. Definitely seems to be true. I sure if we sat down and profiled these shooters we’d realize that’s the case. I believe that was the case Virginia tech. I specifically remember a talk radio show host came to same conclusion. Maybe if the guy got laid lives would have been saved. Don’t know about the Columbine shooting, too young to remember any details and the Micheal Moore Documentary was utterly worthless. This something I am probably going to look into. If I find myself going back to school for a PHD I found my thesis paper.

    3. No coincidence that Islamist suicide terrorists are promised 72 virgins in heaven if they die for their faith.

  11. I think it’s kind of silly that we have to call it “game”. Rejection, female hypergamy, and embracing the abundance and relative homogeneity of women—These are facts of life that every man needs to be able to accept and adapt to. It’s called being a fucking grown man.

  12. I don’t know if game would have helped these crazy people not be crazy. Maybe if you got to them at puberty with it. How many of these nutters were raised by single moms?

  13. While I agree that blue pill males can be extremely dangerous (even though this article conveniently ignores the fact that most blue pill males are not this murderous), I can’t really say with a straight face Game is the Messiah of all.
    All Game really does is teach men how to survive, how to adapt; it teaches men how to get better at playing by women’s rules to get laid. But it does nothing – absolutely NOTHING, to convince the girls to repent of their wickedness. If anything, it rewards them for it.

  14. Great post. The nest time feminist try to downgrade this site or the red pill get them to some to this post and ask them to they do he same with their followers. Feminism is a hating, bigot disease that must be destroyed.

  15. Great post. The next time feminists try to downgrade this site or the red
    pill get them to this post and ask them to they do he same with
    their followers. Feminism is a hating, bigot disease that must be

  16. I am not a gangster but I stay strapped because these weak men cannot handle rejection and it can be deadly. You white dudes got it easy, most of the time these weak men are reasonable and want to fight at most. Black people ( ghetto niggers especially ) want to jump you or immediately escalate to gun play. I am at all times ready to kill because any woman 6 and above is fucking someone when you initially meet them, no telling how he will react to the you taking his ” true love”. Have not had to kill yet , but I have had some close situations where my cooler head prevailed. The worst part is when she is a slut , you hit it first night, and beta boy has invested his life in the hoe.

    1. I know its easier said than done but MOVE!
      Find some liberal white suburb town where you are the only black guy.
      You will own all the pussy in that town.
      Nobody will criticize anything you do for fear of being branded a racist.
      As long as you arent causing actual havoc the cops wont want to be arresting the only black guy in town all the time. (In the north at least)

      1. This is fucked up but I gotta say it, stupid niggers will bring the violence to you or your home no matter where it is. I have found that when you are successful or educated niggers hate you even more because you are black and made it. Trust me on this, I almost never date black women anymore because I have to much to lose if things get violent. Black people in this country are going to need two or three generations to straighten the niggers out so we can get somewhere positive socially and economically as a people, until then I carry one on the waist another in the ankle holster.

        1. Not a gangster, not a hard ass, just prepared because I learned the hard way. When you have seen men jumped and beaten to death in front of you, seen a man get his head blown off in front of me on a HBCU campus , had a home invasion attempted on you, and been attacked while trying to reason with a man, and been jumped by 8 men and only lived because I was armed( they had bats and were literally going to beat me to death for “acting white and not being down”) you give up on liberal beliefs and stay strapped. I hope for the best but expect the worst. there is no worse feeling in the world than not having a gun and being at the mercy of a group of ignorant men. I will not be the one getting knocked out on WSHH by a group of stupid niggers, fuck that shit. Jack I have no animosity toward you, but live around ghetto people for a year and then reread this post and rethink your statement. I had no option financially but to live around ghetto people for five years, I will never go back.

  17. This article will save lives, I honestly will be sharing this with every man I know, younger brother especially. Let no one control your emotions!!!

  18. Such men are idiots, although I suspect psychotropic medications may play a part in some of these tragedies. An alcoholic stripclub waitress XGF of mine always said, “Just let it all go,” and she was right.
    We need more mens’ resource centers, if only to tell freshly dumped men, “Fuck that cottage cheese ass bitch, fuck your brains out in Thailand!”

  19. What if all men took the red pill? It would still be fine, even with the increased competition for available women. The reason is because we would have a world where men were real men and women had been forced to drop all the crap that they’re allowed to get away with now and act like real women.

  20. This article, among other things, just made me a lot more wary about a girl telling me about a psycho ex. Yikes, to think you could just die over some beta cunt being a beta cunt

  21. This article highlights something that isnt unique to the bluepill vs redpill battle.
    Its about delusion vs reality and the consequences when reality is directly at odds with the delusion. Some people accept the reality and disabuse themselves of their false perception of the world – this is *healthy* and happens to most people in a variety of things.
    Some people, a small percentage, cannot cope with the reality because they have based so much of themselves in the delusion. You see it with fundamentalist religion, rabid nationalism, ethnic/racial pride, and (in this case) how to have a relationship. When reality shows up, they do anything (and everything) in their power to ignore it and fight it – including killing the messenger.

  22. It also wonder how much bullshit they put up with from these females just to get her and get along. No one ever ask this. Maybe they put up with so much shit and invested so much time and then she moves on to the next dick that gave her attention they went all out. I can tell they had no game and experience with females but I also wonder how much manipulation and hoop jumping they put these simps before they walked away. As a result the victims was the innocent child, family and new boyfriends. I feel especially bad for them. The games females play is mental and men response physical because they don’t know who to deal with the endgame.

  23. George Sodini (google him) is the PERFECT example of what happens when you try to learn red pill but don’t see immediate results because you don’t understand the EXTREME IMPORTANCE of self development.

  24. Agree with this. Men need game to attract women on there level. However, these dudes weren’t born with much luck on the facial side. That first dude maxed out what he could get.

  25. There are two ,and only two non – violent ways to prevent this shit.
    1. Give all beta + omega males a sex doll so they can meet their needs, but ofcourse the sex dolls are robotic so they can also experience some sort of knock off of femininity that western women lack.Make the sex to be as close as possible to the real thing. We have 6 billion people, no way do we need to reproduce further.
    2. Abort male fetuses ( I know this is horrific, but it beats fully grown men dying in war) . this will make the country a pussy paradise in 18 years time for us older men plus they will be more women so there will be an equal ratio of young women to men in the 18-45 range.
    Men need more women, cannot dispute it. Women and feminist will have an issue with this, but fuck them, give them an advantage and they spit in our faces.
    Atleast men protect and meet women’s needs.
    Doing something like that will enable there to be a brotherhood and peace amongst men.

    1. I don’t agree with your second option, even though it is hypothetical. Instead if we started to raise boys to be men and teach them the ways of winning and losing. The “everyone gets a trophy” system is what is screwing the new generations. Raising kids with delusion of being special will not help anyone. Now only being 25, I see a lot of my generations problems in the future just as Athlone has pointed out a couple in this regard but the I deserve to have what I want is destructive.
      Now your blow up doll theory I’m ok with. Let them “stimulate” the economy by purchasing those toys. I’ll invest, they can buy, keeping them in and me out enjoying the nightlife with out their white knighting/beta bullshit.

      1. No that’s fine, I understand. I was not expecting people to be cool with my second opinion…it was just an extreme way to shift the male to female ratios in favour of men down the track…rather than have wars all the time…I mean can you guarantee that you won’t be the one fighting that war.
        Blow up doll is possibly the best one, like everyone wins,women will only get alphas hitting on them, alphas won’t have to endure beta/omegas/white-knights and betas + omega males will be happy and satisfied.
        but I can see it blowing up at some point, like a beta will want to bang a chick once in a while, so I think for the blow up doll idea to work, prostitution has to be legal.

        1. I totally understand what you are getting at, and I know you were playing to an extreme idea. Personally I know I can’t go to war cause asthma is one of those things military doesn’t like.
          As far as prostitution goes, I’m 50/50 with it. As a service for beta/omega (secret service lol) yeah absolutely. But the negative would be the possible disease/drug issues. Althoughif legal it would be highly regulated and taxed courtesy of your friendly big brother.

    2. Aborting male fetuses will not work – the world has become a smaller place, e.g. there are hordes of Chinese males who will fill in that gap …….

  26. I recall reading about a case in the late 1800 US about a man who shot dead the man sleeping with his wife. Here’s the kicker…The killer was acquitted. Society back then felt that such action was justified. But, really. it’s pathetic when these betas don’t realize that women have agency — you really cannot blame another man for taking advantage of what was, for him, easy pussy. At least not in our modern culture.
    I’ll also say that you cannot merely blame lack of Red Pill knowledge for the pathetic actions of these men. You have two things going on: First, the Sexual Revolution and other changes in society since the 60s have more so than ever allowed top males to dominate the fertile and peak years of women. Pussy is zero sum. Top males basically hoard female erotic capital at the expense of lesser men.
    At the same time, prostitution remains legally prohibited, to the effect that you risk serious charges if get caught engaging in it and the quality of women who enter the profession is massively degraded by that legal prohibition. Only wealthy men can truly afford quality tall girls AND get away with it…for the masses of lesser men, it’s simply not an option.
    So the price of pussy is massively inflated in modern America as a consequence of the Sexual Revolution sanctioning women’s willingness to “share” top males out of hypergamous impulses while society has NOT sanctioned compensatory practices for the men who “lose out” as a result. The advice that’s being offered in this article is problematic because even of all men became Red Pill, hypergamy will rule supreme and the top males will still hoard female erotic capital to the exclusion of lesser males.
    Most men who lose out or are desperate betas thankfully do not cowardly resort to murdering people, but there is real anguish out there that can easily be addressed by a change in public policy.

  27. I’m not so sure simply changing one’s thinking will change this. Sexual jealousy is wired into us. When you know you’ve managed to punch above your weight class, it’s kind of hard to not feel a certain anxiety of home girl slipping through your fingers. You feel you’ve arrived, and then, blammo, it’s taken from you. A lot of these guys come from controlling cultures or tend to in controlling, authority positions. Disrespect is intolerable to most of them. Red pill doesn’t change this, and being willing to throw down to keep a girl can be alpha in moderation.
    Anyway, as long as we have complete sexual anarchy in our society like we have, and as long as some will win and some will lose in this milieu (indeed a majority of men will lose), then we’ll have a lot of this violence over unleashed female hypergamy.

    1. I can only think of one or two situations where deadly force is warranted to defend a woman. When a woman decides a f*ck another guy, whether you two are committed or not, isn’t one of those situations.

  28. Great article. It really is the manginas and white knights that are the scourge of our times.
    I run my show, I bang chicks…if she’s not into me, I just find another girl on the girl tree.

  29. I was beta in my last relationship, but I learned so fucking much about my weaknesses and strengths post mortem. Taking the red pill and opening my eyes to the world made me realize how much of a beta simp I was. It has seriously shaped my world differently and granted I’m only at the beginning of this never ending journey I am becoming a better man.

  30. The whole Chris Brown – Rihanna – Drake love triangle and the reactions of both men to finding out she’s fucking them both(and probably other Hollywood heavy-weighters) at the same time, shows that even rich and famous people can get oneitis. Two guys, worth millions of dollars, fighting over a single trick.

  31. Those women they got desperate about, were not even beautiful : this is the saddest, most beta part of it… Just look at the pics : To get crazy over an average-looking chick!! I mean, I might understand that a man be driven to despair when loosing a wonderful, very beautiful woman, but, these ones on the pics, were hardly bangable… Their men deserved better-looking women, and better lives for themselves!

  32. Game is necessary because you worship women. Game is the frankincense and myrrh used in the Temple of the Goddess.

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