The Girls Of Poland And Ukraine

I invite Eastern European travel expert Kyle Trouble for a comprehensive discussion on Polish and Ukrainian girls, in addition to examining each country’s culture and living standard. We focus on sharing the ideal type of game that is necessary to succeed for both casual encounters and long-term relationships that could lead to marriage and family creation. For Western men who are dissatisfied with their women, Poland and Ukraine may offer a viable path to more fulfilling intimate relationships.

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18 thoughts on “The Girls Of Poland And Ukraine”

  1. Have you spent much time in any of the smaller countries in EE(Bosnia, Crostia, Serbia, Albania, etc)? There are a lot of articles/guides about Russia, Poland, Ukraine, but none of the smaller ones & I wonder if you might have different experiences there?

    1. Balkan countries are not easy places to score, too competitive, that is why you dont hear about it. Many other places with beter ROI

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  3. My brother is being a ‘romance’ tourist in a place called Varna, Bulgaria (Black Sea beach resort) for the next month. He’s already found a topless bar where sex costs around $60. Beer, food and accommodation reasonably cheap.

      1. 60 usd a pop? I can get that in Australia for about the same price 20 min fuck n go.
        I heard in Germany and Netherlands prices are around $60, it looks like globalazation is having equalizing effect on prices of pussy worldwide, at the expense of hookers in richer countries.
        Even decent Pattaya girl charges 2000 bahts for shortie, $60.. Vietnam is even more expensive…

    1. You should start an business there, instead of using the poor people for your sex illnes..

      1. I ain’t in Bulgaria, I don’t have Sex with no white sub races.
        I’m a philanthropist, already funded my wife’s high school education, and now half her degree. Already funded her younger sister’s high school education, and will soon be helping with her degree. Not to mention at least two other young women to whom I have generously contributed money for their degree courses. Sex illness? They should be giving me a bloody award for educational charity work with poor farm girls in the 3rd world.

        1. Can’t see how? She has no rights to any of my assets, if she leaves I can immediately replace her with a new one.

        2. So, you’re an extreme beta male sniffing after teen aged gooks in some oriental shithole. and you dare question the “whiteness” of others!

        3. Says a guy whose country destroyed the EU.
          I do like your Doner Kebabs on a Friday night out though.
          Enjoy your large hairy women, I’ll stick with the LBFMs.

        4. In your case I withdraw my earlier comment. I was referring to people who were losers.

        5. Strangely enough, most of the great American philanthropists did believe in sub races and eugenics. Adolf got most of his ideas from the American Eugenics Society (c1922).
          Still going strong way into the 1960s. “American Eugenics Society & Subraces”
          Wickliffe Draper is a fine example.
          Frederick Osborne is another.
          George Eastman (Eastman kodak).
          All the big American philanthropists were playing this game.
          I guess your commie education on American history is a bit lacking.

        6. My commie education? I am european and i am a ukrainan patriot. We don’t have anything to do with commies – AND they called us subhumans all the time.

  4. how do Polish girls “stack up”? Go over to the busty dot pl site to find out

  5. Why can’t we have a communist, red pill awakening where females are seen as bourgeois, truly oppresive and priveledged while we man have to endure their “shit-tests” and frivorcing every single moment. Isnt it time to call it enough?! Red pill Comrades, Its time to unite and strike back for what they are! Red-Pill Men of The World Unite!

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  6. actually you should ask them what they think about the global situation and what is to think about Putin and Russia – not how to fuck them.

    1. Men are for discussing, women are for fucking.
      Don’t they teach you commies anything?

      1. That’s just an stupid decadent answer. No Woman are not for fucking. WOman are for get married (in christian way) and to have kids – teach them to be good christian man and females.
        Transition of religion, culture, love and virtues.

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