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All Women Have Sex Within 24 Hours Of Breaking Up With You

As a young man in my late teens and early twenties, I used to make a common mistake of getting into super serious relationships. Although I had no intention of getting married, I treated each relationship like it was life long commitment.

As with all young couples, after several months of dating you start to think about all the “other” people that you can potentially bang, and you start to resent being stuck in a relationship.

Your girlfriend will eventually go on a girls’ night out to “test the waters,” and after several massive arguments, you will break up. The next 24 hours after breaking up are crucial. If you don’t reconcile with your women, she will have sex with someone else within those 24 hours.

She doesn’t even have to look for someone else to bang, because she was already talking to other people:

  • She has other guy friends she grew up with.
  • She talks to other men at work.
  • She talks to men at school.

Some lucky bastard is going to be balls deep in your woman if you don’t step to the plate up immediately.

This happened to me at 6 or 7 times (that I know of), and two of the affairs resulted in children. And don’t take it personal, it’s just a women’s nature: they are breeders, they are nurturers, their bodies produce milk. Until they reach menopause, their bodies need a steady supply of penises for potential fertilization, and this urge is highest right after the emotional pain of breaking up with you.

If it’s not your penis, it will be someone else’s.

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