All Women Have Sex Within 24 Hours Of Breaking Up With You

As a young man in my late teens and early twenties, I used to make a common mistake of getting into super serious relationships. Although I had no intention of getting married, I treated each relationship like it was life long commitment.

As with all young couples, after several months of dating you start to think about all the “other” people that you can potentially bang, and you start to resent being stuck in a relationship.

Your girlfriend will eventually go on a girls’ night out to “test the waters,” and after several massive arguments, you will break up. The next 24 hours after breaking up are crucial. If you don’t reconcile with your women, she will have sex with someone else within those 24 hours.

She doesn’t even have to look for someone else to bang, because she was already talking to other people:

  • She has other guy friends she grew up with.
  • She talks to other men at work.
  • She talks to men at school.

Some lucky bastard is going to be balls deep in your woman if you don’t step to the plate up immediately.

This happened to me at 6 or 7 times (that I know of), and two of the affairs resulted in children. And don’t take it personal, it’s just a women’s nature: they are breeders, they are nurturers, their bodies produce milk. Until they reach menopause, their bodies need a steady supply of penises for potential fertilization, and this urge is highest right after the emotional pain of breaking up with you.

If it’s not your penis, it will be someone else’s.

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78 thoughts on “All Women Have Sex Within 24 Hours Of Breaking Up With You”

  1. Who cares if your ex fucks someone else?! If you have broken up with her, there was a reason you did so. You should be spinning plates so that such a circumstance is irrelevant…if you are concerned that your now ex-girlfriend is going to fuck someone, then you know you are a blue-pill manboob who’s in love w/ a whore who, by the way, has no love or respect (she’s fucking someone 24 hrs. later) for what the two of you had…and there’s no telling if she was fucking someone behind your back while dating you.
    Once you break up w/ a chick, get over it and move on with your life…your life and time are far too precious to fret over who’s going to fuck your ex-girlfriend.

      1. I get the feeling they are losing the edge because maybe they are writing to much … I would rather read a core article once a week than two per day…

        1. maybe they should go hang out at /pol/ on 4chan, the Politically Incorrect forum, to get their edge back. Those guys are the edgiest fucking guys on the internet by far.

    1. Yup, this is on par with feminist agitprop from their internal rationalization hamsters. Just as his several women’s hamsters found easy excuses to justify housing random penis as anything but the random reason she broke up with him for; he is also justifying their actions towards him with a false alpha aloofness designed to cover his inner beta’s rejection of his inner eviction notice. I guess the beta did not pay the rent, poosey, and also brought the hamster law of manly eviction refusal and decided to keep it’s shop right where it is? Painful I’m sure.
      I guess this is the new starting point for those who enter the red pill as rookies. No longer humble and willing to give themselves no excuses for their short comings, now the red pill is seemingly getting cheapened because the public awareness is growing in its knowledge of us.
      It leaves me to wonder if we have a natural anti-body for the up and coming male version of said feminist hamsterization? Do we humble them with heavy male shaming, or let life do it for us? Essentially, are we responsible for their raising into real manhood, or do we not care at all?
      This smacks of an unwitting subtle attack on what the writers of this manosphere have steadily built up over the last decade. Far be it from me to go Catholic and declare a crusade, but I suspect a ready made answer is in order yes?

      1. you guys are getting really lazy and uncreative with these analogies.
        red and blue pills? hamsterization?
        jesus christ man, the world isn’t always so black and white.
        how bout not always plagiarizing someone else’s ideas to make a point in an attempt to sound like you know what you are talking about.
        worst of all, get over all this alpha beta bullshit.
        for one thing, nobody posting comments like these on an internet message board is the least bit alpha or anywhere close to alpha.
        furthermore, there are 26 letters and you are all acting like the second one is the worst definition you could possibly fit into.
        clap your hands everybody. and everybody clap your hands.
        we’re Λ Λ Λ & Ω M.
        we’ve come here on stage tonight to do a show for you.
        we got a rockin rhythm and a high tech sound that’ll make you move your bodies down to the ground. we got pointdexter on violin and louis and gilbert will be joining in. we got bugger presley on a mean guitar and a rap by little old me lammar. we got takashi beating on his gong. the boys and the Mu’s are clappin along.
        and just when you thought you seen it all, along comes a lambda
        four feet tall. so wont you come on out here on the floor so we can work out bodies like never before.

        1. Can this be the new theme song of the Manosphere?
          Duck Tales Theme – YouTube

        2. Huh. Oh, is that Revenge of the Nerds from the eighties? It took me a while to process. I had to look it up after copying and pasting just to check.
          That was really lame. Also, outside of the rationalization hamster (University of Man I think), most of that is actually what I made up myself. Or maybe I reinvented the wheel?
          Either way. I guess I should have used the word “Wuzzy” like from the old David DeAngelo shit I read way back in 2003? It is a cross between wuss, and pussy.
          Speaking of your comment, Wuzzy sounds about right.
          Did I plagiarize enough for ya?
          If you hate the alpha beta analogy, do something about it, like inject something worthwhile that everyone will use.
          Other than that, stop speaking in broad terms. Your (place word for beta here) is showing.

      2. wow dude, my brain can’t even understand half the words you said. i guess i’m just a dumb fucking barbarian redneck who thinks women are chattel.

        1. Your words, not mine. Although I agree with your introspection (The examination or observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes: “quiet introspection can be extremely valuable”). I recommend you emphasize on being quiet when you do it.

        2. And you should drop off the drugs. I don’t know if Viagra is supposed to be mixed with crack-cocaine; but if ever I think of it I will be sure to give your coroner a call.

  2. When I read the tittle I thought this was going to link to a research or something with science to back it up, not a short post full of hate and heartache disguised as “it is just the nature of women”.
    I can give you the shorter version of the post right here:
    Tittle:All women are whores
    Body: Women are sluts because I got cheated on 6 or 7 times.

  3. And this is why you shuold not ever engage in a serious relationship with a western whore.

  4. Well those must be the chicks with some morality.
    Some chicks don’t even wait until the breakup to have sex with other guys.

    1. broke up with my chick in December. 10 min later got laid. It’s pretty easy to land, but this article kind of misses the point on how it happens.

  5. I’m almost dropping RoK. This article may have a good point, but the poorest reasons to justify it.

    1. This might actually be a case where NAWALT is true. If you are dating NYC girls that drink and frequent bars and clubs it is probably true though.

    1. Yeah I was pretty interested to see what would be written based on that title. Not to excited about what I just read.

    2. Yeah I was pretty interested to see what would be written based on that title. Not to excited about what I just read.

  6. This is the reason that the average man will take being dumped harder than the average woman will receive being the subject of a breakup.
    The typical man who gets dumped is not going to have immediate access to new pussy. Far from it. In his emotionally volatile state it may take him weeks, months, a year or longer to get back into the game.
    But even experienced guys with game could take a few days, a week or more to bed a new girl.
    Meanwhile, the average girl will be able to have sex within a day of the breakup. And because of the lack of sexual inhibitions in modern society among women, she quite likely will.
    Guys can moan on here about the lack of statistics to back up this article, but anybody who’s been around knows it to be true. Modern women hook up very quickly after breakups, to celebrate their freedom, as a way for making up for lost time, and even as as a kind of prophylactic against ever getting back together with the beta man they dumped.
    One corollary is that with each breakup, the girl becomes sluttier and sluttier. The virgin who breaks up with her childhood sweetheart fucks her friend the next day. The 25 year old girl with only a few sexual partners goes on a six-month casual sex spree after parting ways with her ex-fiance, etc.

    1. It illustrates that there’s no such thing as “super serious” relationships with western women. Even if you’ve been with a girl for years, engaged or married, it’s just a matter of logistics for her to hop on another cock. Christian McQueen told the story on the Manosphere Radio interview of a girl he banged, who mid-sex answered a phone call from her fiancee!

  7. I think most guys understand the reality that if you break up with a girl it’s likely some guy or multiple guys will be trying to fuck her. If you’re broken up with a girl the last thing you should worry about is who is fucking her. It’s over move on. She’s an idiot if she just bangs some guy right away.

    1. You said it, he should be worrying about why he is caring about it, and not having his own side note already lined up.
      If he had done that in the first place, he would very likely not have had to worry about it.

  8. I think most guys understand the reality that if you break up with a girl it’s likely some guy or multiple guys will be trying to fuck her. If you’re broken up with a girl the last thing you should worry about is who is fucking her. It’s over move on. She’s an idiot if she just bangs some guy right away.

  9. “Some lucky bastard is going to be balls deep in your woman…”
    Love the use of Hodgetwins terminology.

  10. What an incredibly paranoid post. If your gf has sex within 24 hours of breaking up with you, she was already cheating on you. Plus, who cares? After breakup let her do whatever the heck she wants.

  11. Another terrible article from TheCaptainPower, and yet more proof on the whole that ROK needs far stricter quality control, lest it descend into an un-rescuable joke.

    1. ..that article must have taken ten minutes to write on the bus to Roosh V’s office, like a kid doing his homework at the last minute.
      Better to not publish anything than that.

  12. what was the purpose of this? More book reviews please and less inane articles.

  13. If you are worried about this, you have more work to do on yourself. All breakups are final.

  14. There are good women out there. Shame they are few in number.
    And us as guys need to value the right things and behave well too.

  15. Interesting. but only beta’s give a f*ck if their stbx is sucking strange co*k. I disagree, however with the reason. It’s not because they are wire for breeding (which they are), but for bio-evolutionary reasons, she is unconsciously securing her next supplier of mammoth meat so she doesn’t starve to death. Human’s have to eat every couple of days or they die. Evolutionarily speaking, women are incapable of killing a mammoth to get their required food. So they promptly secure another provider by fu*cking them. Pretty simple

  16. I’ve gone nearly a week without substantial food, I’ve spent a week not talking, I’ve gone four days straight without deep sleep, I’ve spent a whole day thrashing the trail without a water bottle. So I do not excuse, care to understand, or give two watery shits as to the reasons why women ‘need’ to screw someone within twenty four hours of a ‘serious’ (WTF that means) relationship breakup.
    Women are empowered children with a vagina. One could almost consider them like a cell phone (or any other electronic device.) They have to be constantly ‘plugged’ to stay relevant, and are quickly rendered obsolete.
    Of course who are the losers who have to snag ass on the rebound? Seriously who wants to be used to help some Ameriskank work out relationship issues. Plus what man would put up with being a beta orbiter for a week much less however long it takes the sperm sponge to figure out that she is done with her current relationship.

  17. This article has to be a joke. It reeks beta pedestalizer.
    Often women monkeybranch, never swinging away from one cock until she has the promise of another. We need an article on spotting the monkeybrancher and harvesting her.

  18. I pretend to break up with one of my harem girls and she spends the next 24 hours crying not fucking someone else.

  19. Butt hurt. They break up with you – maybe for good reasons – so they’re free to do whatever. True, if they WANT to get laid within 24 hours, and not all do, few will have any problem doing so.
    Get over it.

  20. 1) All girls do not have sex with someone else within 24 hours of a break-up. If she does, she is a whore who was cheating on you anyway or who was setting up something else while still with you (which is still cheating).
    2) Who cares? I’ve learned the hard way to never try to get back together with an ex. The world is full of attractive, single women; there is no reason to make yourself miserable by begging and pleading to be with a girl who doesn’t want to be with you.

  21. All men, all women…. right off the bat it’s pretty foolish to use the word “all”. The thing about all statements that declare all of some thing to be all one way is that they’re almost always wrong. Now there’s irony for you.That said, the whole premise of this article is wrong. The fact that a woman will have sex soon after a breakup should be a comfort, not a concern.
    One thing that held me back from divorce was the foolish notion that my wife would not find someone, and without my support, wind up destitute, or living with her parents. Fact is, she got laid 24 hours BEFORE we broke up. At first it stung, but then I realized it was a blessing. I was out of a place I didn’t want to be in. And 24 hours after that, before we’d even split apart our stuff, I was getting laid.
    The fact that there’s frequently going to be someone out there willing to take your place within 24 hours of a breakup should be seen as a liberation. A reminder to take that door to freedom for men sustaining a bad relationship out of some misguided desire not to have their partner suffer because of a break-up.
    This isn’t a problem, or a threat, it’s a fucking gift.

  22. Haha, let me guess. The author’s girlfriend fucked someone else within 24 hours of dumping him and now he’s so butthurt he is going to write an entire article about it, claiming it is gospel universal truth that applies to all men and all women.
    Stay mad, white boyz!

  23. No offence to the writer, but this article kinda makes me worried. It was articles of this softness that makes me worried that ROK will become in 2-3 years . I really hope that does not happen, I really love ROK.

  24. There may be some truth in it (many girls do rebound quickly) but sorry this is a terrible and weak article.

  25. 24 Hours is probably too soon to make a blanket statement. However, the righteous King Flex once said that all women get dick every two week, and that sounds reasonable to me.

  26. As a victim of oneitis for most of my life I can say that I relate to what the author must be feeling and have gone through to have written this.
    However after reading BlackKnight’s “Five Daytime Approaches” I see that a building a harem of spares is important for single men hoping to retain relevant in today’s dating market.
    I’m going to pick up a copy of Day Bang I think. Clubs, bars and dating sites are not really my thing. However the risk of being broken by a woman again is not one I’m going to take.

  27. This article is ridiculous. Sure women will often go looking for attention and validation after a breakup and sometimes that includes having sex, but that’s not the rule. In that scenario, her main goal is to boost her self-esteem–not to get laid.
    The real truism is if a girl breaks up with you, she often has another guy in the wings. She’ll rebound.

  28. “Some lucky bastard is going to be balls deep in your woman if you don’t step to the plate up immediately.” – We call this Oneitis.

  29. Lesson learned: fuck another girl within 24 hours of breaking up. you’ll fell MUCH better and wonder why you didn’t break up earlier. No pussy is worth feeling bad about. Pity the stupid dick who knocked her up and has to pay child support – – be happy it wasn’t you!

  30. You can discuss if this article is bad written yes or no, but the author just takes a fact of life and puts it on paper. Somebody has to do it. Why would a girl make herself tired with masturbating herself when she can have a guy do it for her?

  31. Dude that’s just weak. You setting her vitality above your own. You pedestaling your woman by assuming you own her. If she does not reciprocate your allegiance let her go, she is not worth it. Stop worrying about who she fucks and think about your self. It doesn’t matter if you think that you’re the shit or you’re shit you won’t make any progress dwindling in the past. You made a poor choice and next time expect her to worry sick who you will fuck. Chill back and eat a cheeseburger. Life iz good.

  32. I disagree (to the author of this article)
    During my last breakup I phoned my ex in the middle of sex (this happened within 24 hours of breaking up with her), just to see what she was up to.
    She was elated to hear me call up to the point where she heard another girls’ moans.

  33. Just broke it off why my ex, bitch won’t stop calling and texting. She’s “upset and damaged from dating a jerk like me” and still says “she can’t find anyone better if she tried. ”
    Sure sounds like she’s on another cock.
    Maybe the author should reevaluate who he’s dating and how he up keeps the relationships. In LTR’s you have to play it like a chess game and see a few steps ahead so every outcome will be a product of what you demise
    . If she had a sexcapade with in 24 hours of breaking up, you should have saw it coming. Not because all women do this but because in relationships women act according to the way you as a man act. Man up, if it happened 6 times in a row , the same damn thing each time then it surely isn’t them. Its you!

  34. “All” women have sex . . . How does the author know this? Is there some system by which “All” women who get laid within 24 hours of a breakup have to send him a post-card? If you are anything like the nerd protagonist in this article, your woman has been fucking someone else long before the breakup.

  35. How would you even know if they banged someone else 24 hrs after?
    Personally, when I break up with a girl, I go out right away and go nuts.
    So generally, I’m the one that’s banging someone else. I could give a shit less what she does.
    Man up bro.

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  37. I thought it meant that all women who you break up with, have sex with you again within 24 hours, which has been my experience

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