Is Nostalgic Patriotism The Problem With Conservative America?

Patriotic, conservative Americans have had a rough few years. There is no question that progressivism has marched over traditional conservatism and caused so many to ask, “What happened to America?”  It’s a crucial question that has been reduced to an exasperation and is often followed by a roll of the eyes or a shrug. Often, it concludes another discussion had by conservatives, scratching their heads at their dispossession and sighing at the futility to fight it.

So what did happen? In my opinion, the prosperity experienced after World War II provided a warm and cozy environment for progressive bacteria to grow and their ideas to spread, as the “greatest generation” eventually allowed their own children to undermine all that they had bled and died for. The shimmer of America’s golden age was too bright for many baby boomers who made concentrated efforts to dim it—and succeeded.

The revolutionaries of the sixties never officially revolted. They never took up arms and invaded the courthouses across America. They never rose up the workers to overtake the White House. They never got to plant their new flag on the Capitol building. They didn’t have to—they just took possession of our flag.

After decades of taking control of institutions within the media, universities, and government, leftists simply took our flag. It’s quite remarkable when you think about it: an entire nation’s way of life had the rug pulled out from under it. Some claim a globalist conspiracy was responsible and it may be true, but the failure of the American spirit, which had the opportunity to resist it, was as organic as rain.

The takeover was slow and drawn out because vast changes were simply a series of small nudges over time. Their progression was noted and scoffed at, but never resisted. Revolution was disguised as change and progression, and so here we are today—an enemy now waves our flag. Some claim that the enemy disrespects the flag and even spits on it with their policies, but I disagree. They handle the flag with greater care than most patriots, and why wouldn’t they? It’s their greatest weapon against you.

Does the patriot wave the flag or does the flag wave the patriot?

It’s worth questioning as the power structure shrouds themselves in the flag while they tax you, send you to war, legislate against you, violate your privacy, dumb down your children, empower special interest groups against you, etc. They then use guilt and apology to tranquillize you. And it works.


Like a parasite that uses the system of its host to thrive, the progressive uses the engine of America to “progress.” Other than radicalized union laborers, conservatives are generally the engine of America. Leftists are not conquerors—they can’t be. They are only direction-changers. Their “progress” is not action, it is emotion. The left is not the heart of a body that engines the limbs into action. The left is an emotion somewhere in the brain that causes hesitation, fear, and anger. It affects the body like a neurosis does, which is why it must wave the flag of the heart.

But just because an enemy waves the flag, it doesn’t mean that you need to march behind him. Leaders that have waved our flag over the last few decades have done so against our best interest, as any success was self-made, and often with resistance from the flag.

How to take back the right ideals

So why the continued allegiance? Do you want restoration or do you want warm and cozy feeling of days passed? Ideals have inspired little action. When we pledge such allegiance, we conscript ourselves to the engine of the machine identified by that flag. You are manning a crank to keep the engine running just because of the flag that is branding it. You disagree with where the machine is going and how expensive and deadly it is, yet you crank away because you read about a time when that flag was in better hands.

I understand that you hope that flag changes hands again; back into the hands of the people, but that machine isn’t going to just hand that flag over—not while you are working sixty hours per week for it, giving it thousands of dollars every year in taxes, or sacrificing your son or brother for it in some faraway desert. You’ve made it too strong.

An enemy has your flag. They stole it from you. They wave it inspiring, demanding your hard work, and sacrifices your lives on their battlefields. They brand their tanks with it and drape it over the caskets of your children, blinding you with pageantry—to keep you working, sacrificing yourselves for an ideal that they despise; an ideal that they are destroying with the very machine you fuel.

Their madness inspires suicide, but you keep grinding. You keep killing yourself to patronize an ideal that they have hijacked. You are the proud and willing flow of gasoline in their chainsaw that burns to cut down the tree of liberty that your grandchildren will never see. You pull their chariot and merely hope that somebody else takes the reins someday.  You rely on another vote to appoint a new hijacker.

Even voting for the right is doing nothing for it. It is only expressing to men feebly your desire that it should prevail. A wise man will not leave the right to the mercy of chance, nor wish it to prevail through the power of the majority. There is but little virtue in the action of masses of men. – Henry David Thoreau in Civil Disobedience

The fuel to fight back is in the heart of every conservative patriot—it only needs to be ignited. Consider this:  What if a movement emerged across America of conservative patriots burning the flag in protest of their dispossession? Imagine the fear that would consume progressives when patriots finally proclaim an admission that the flag no longer waves for them, that the flag will no longer inspire their own suicide, that reason has prevailed over symbolism and that self-sacrifice will no longer be idealized.

Imagine workers, policemen, soldiers, teachers, and entrepreneurs suddenly taking such passionate action simultaneously, nonviolently and safe from condemnation. Have you ever seen a progressive on the defensive before? No, because we never take an offensive. We have permitted them to maintain a constant offensive by condemning ourselves to a never-ending defense of our own values, clinging to symbol that they attack and injure, but only to the brink of death as torture.

They use the flag to mock us by banning it or censoring it because we let them attach our virtues to it. They ban the flag which bans our virtues. They use the flag to instill guilt in us by attaching past transgressions to it, so that even our virtues inspire guilt. They use our own virtue as a weapon against us. Conservatives are largely moral people who have had their own compassion and mercy used against them. In Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, one of the novel’s heroes, Henry Rearden, considers how his own virtue and guilt is used against him by his enemies:

What sort of code permitted the concept of a punishment that required the victim’s own virtue as fuel to make it work?  A code – he thought – which would destroy only those who tried to observe it; a punishment, from which only the honest would suffer, while the dishonest would escape unhurt. Could one conceive of an infamy lower than to equate virtue with pain, to make virtue, not vice, the source of motive power of suffering?…To count upon his virtue and use it as an instrument of torture, to practice blackmail with the victim’s generosity as sole means of extortion to accept the gift of a man’s good will and turn it into a tool for the giver’s destruction.

A tyrant will point his gun at you to get your cooperation out of fear, and a progressive will point his finger at you to get your cooperation out of guilt. I contend that in America today, the finger of a leftist is far more dangerous and powerful than the gun of any soldier we have ever seen. Conservatives should no longer permit progressives to instill guilt in them.

What if conservatives did begin to burn the flag? For every star on the flag that goes up in smoke, so would our guilt and participation toward our dispossession. For every stripe that burns, so would our ideals of self-sacrifice for a symbol that is wrapped around the guilt that is used against us.

Could the flame from a burning flag that was stolen from us ignite the fuel within the patriot that has been lured into a position of endless defense? Think of the chilling message it would send to the domestic enemies of America that have hijacked our nation. They will have to defend the flag. Consider how the useful idiots and other weapons of the left will respond as they will be the one’s fearing revolution. Imagine the terror in the eyes of the looters of the left when the engine of the machine that carries them begins to break down, and they see that the flickering light of a burning flag, when ignited by a patriot, illuminates the face of a rebel.

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281 thoughts on “Is Nostalgic Patriotism The Problem With Conservative America?”

  1. Conservatives need to realize that America isn’t the same country it was in 1776 or even the `1940’s-50’s. Old America no longer exist. The only time patriotism is useful is when you country is danger or treated by the outside. Otherwise it is just annoying.

  2. Conservatism is just a weak, dogmatic, and inflexible form of nationalism. Why not embrace the real thing?
    All first world nations need a healthy dose of nationalism every now and them to prevent them from slipping into comfortable utopianism. Think of it as a supplement for aging countries.

    1. Conservatism is a desire to maintain tradition and the way things used to be, whereas liberals is a desire to change society and introduce new beliefs and social institutions. The exact meaning depends on the context of the society.
      Nationalism is the goal of promoting one’s nation, which is different from conservatism.

  3. American was an idea, a bad idea.
    The American Dream, since the 1920s was propped up by the following fallacies:
    1) a euphoria of materialism (it was said by the Marxist philosopher, Kojeve, that America was closer to the Marxist ideal of a workers paradise than the USSR)
    2) a lack of responsibility (family, nation, religion) masked as FREEDOM
    3) egalitarianism: any man, given the right training can be anything
    4) optimism… everything gets better all the time (progress)!
    5) independence from prior traditions (rootlessness)
    And especially after World War 2:
    6) AMERICA was divinely providential in world history
    7) the US had a mandate to enforce HUMANITARIANISM around the world
    8) patriarchy (fascism) was archaic and must be flattened
    9) the market should trump any prior for of identity (cultural Marxism)
    10) global corporatism is good, everyone wins (Walmartization of the world)

    1. You’re not wrong. America peaked too soon thanks to that war and birthed the generation that undoes it all. The generational cycle and decline of Empires being a seemingly constant force in history.
      Every empire that crumbles has the same characteristics: public debt, women working, influx of foreigners, waning of native traditions and norms, promotion of perversion.
      I mean seriously, at least we now have the internet and can know better (at least in theory) about how to best educate the next society.

    2. don’t forget the stranglehold that the military industrial complex has on politics and government spending……1/2 of federal tax dollars go to the pentagon……. after WW2, none of the machinery of state was dismantled, instead they plunged into Korea and Vietnam, then the Cold War….. there was a second chance after the end of the Cold War, Clinton started big military cuts…. hence impeachment and the bombing of the Cole….. and then they quickly ramped up the War on Terror instead….
      It’s just way to profitable, building $50 million dollar fighter jets and $25 million dollar helicopters and million dollar armored vehicles that end up as smouldering wrecks…. who would ever want to give up that business model…… imagine the pork you can build into the budget for an aircraft carrier…… fucking fantastic, so long as you don’t glance at the social fall out taking place…..

  4. America hasnt changed much, the internet has just exposed the true motives of the people up top. America is a great place to get money and get laid, not much else.

    1. America died as a nation long ago, now it exists only as a concept in the minds of free thinking people, while the United States is just another socialist nation state waiting to fail and fail it will….. when the money gets tight states like California and Texas will move to for succession….. the great freedoms afforded the 1800s entrepreneurs are long gone… try building something like Coca Cola, Heinz or Macdonalds today…. no chance… you’re buried in red tape…..

    2. Not changed much!? I suggest you go and look at the demographics of the country from 1965 and compare them to today.
      Literally EVERYTHING about America has been changed in the past 50 years, its a totally different country and in no way a better one.
      The people up top?….Oh vey….you cant speak their names you dumb goy….

  5. I know it’s sacrilege, but I have a hard time waxing poetic about the so-called “Greatest Generation.” Their expansion of the Federal government was unprecedented in American history, and they shamelessly voted themselves Social Security, Medicare, and countless other entitlements. They paid a pittance into the system, retired young, and had all their needs provided by younger taxpayers for the rest of their lives, saying nothing of those with plum union jobs and state or municipal pensions (“Pension, what’s that?”) with little education and no debt. Those remaining of that generation now live in Florida, eat out 5 times a week, and spend half their checks at the Indian casinos. Never before was so much taken from so many by so few. In their defense, most of them probably weren’t as aware of what they were doing to the country as progressives today.

    1. Look, I understand where you’re coming from on this, but really, it’s not the Greatests that are the problem, it’s the Boomers. If ever there was a selfish, narcissistic generation of entitled MFers it’s the Boom.
      AFAIAK, the Greatests get a pass. They grew up during the Great Depression and then they fucking BEAT HITLER, and then nuked Japan as an encore, b/c, well, MFers had it coming. And then they came home and built modern America.
      If you look where we went wrong, it’s not providing a base level of assistance to keep elderly people out of poverty, it was the perversion of this idea into the “Great Society”, where liberals and progressives traded “bread and circuses” for votes. Now it’s like we’ve become a nation of children.
      It’s the liberalism of the Boom that’s the enemy, not the Greatests. The Greatests knew when it was time to retire; the Boom sits around all day at the office, doing nothing and trying to soak up the bonus pool. And, unlike the Greatests, the Boom hasn’t saved anything for retirement; they think they’re just going to vote themselves a higher standard of living (they had better hope that GenX and GenY are ok with this). The Boom was the beneficiary of the greatest generational transfer of wealth in the history of the world and they fucked it up. They were given the ball, 1st and Goal on the one yard line and they fumbled.
      À bientôt,

      1. I agree that the greatest generation was better than the boomers by a large margin, however, it’s not as simple as that.
        I’m not a Stormfronter or Hitler-SS enthusiast, but I think the “Greatest Generation” took too much credit for a manipulated war which, compared to Asia and Europe, they paid relatively little for by way of blood and toil. Look at the death statisics!
        American didn’t liberate Europe or Asia, get real. That’s about as blue pill as you get. America mopped up and claimed credit… what followed was the birth of a narcissistic and shallow epoch of consumerism in the West and totalitarian communism in the East.

        1. First, what the death stats tell you is that if you field an army of peasants with inexperienced generals (yes, I’m looking at you Russia and China) then you’re going to have to fight a war of attrition. “How many KIAs you took” just isn’t a metric of victory.
          Also, the Greatests basically fought their way across the Pacific against a savage foe that they basically skull-fucked into submission.
          Plus, they grew up during the Great Depression. Anybody who thinks that the “Great Recession” was anything near as bad as the Great Depression has a head full of sawdust.
          As red pill men, our beef should not be with the warriors of the Greatest Generation, but with the simpering, slimy manginas and “male feminists” who curry favor with LOUD, OPINIONATED GRRRLLLZ.
          À bientôt,

        2. Look I respect my grandparents who fought in that war more than any generation in America.
          But, the real men (and women) who suffered in WW2 were in Europe and Asia, not the small percent (I believe it was only like 4 or 5 percent) of American troops that saw the battle field. Most of these vets were hardly heroes.
          It’s a myth that all these G.I.’s were storming Normandy, most got on the continent when the fighting was basically over.
          It also doesn’t change the fact that Anglo American involvement in WW2 was carried out under an illegitimate premise (Poland), which was LATER returned back to the USSR (defeating the point of involvement). America cornered Japan and Germany (two fine cultures) through economic and military restriction in the 1930s.
          My point is that the narrative of America as good guys who sacrificed the most in WW2 is childish.

        3. True dat.
          I certainly respect the GG but the bottom line is that the RUSSIANS won WWII and sacrificed the most to earn that victory – more than 20 million of them killed! And they weren’t all “peasants.” They had a gigantic professional army. But they were facing off against the most potent military force in modern history.

        4. First, I am the last person to denigrate the Russian war effort, *however* Stalin purging his generals didn’t exactly *help* when the time came to fight Hitler…the same guy that Stalin was happy to cut a deal with when it was convenient.
          Second, from the Soviet Master Blaster Himself: “Without American production the [Allies] could never have won the war.”
          The Sovs (and the Chinese) certainly lost more KIAs, but that isn’t a metric of victory.
          Also, without taking away from the Russian war effort in Europe, claiming that they “Won WWII” not only denigrates the efforts of the Western allies, but also ignores the Pacific War.
          À bientôt,

        5. “My point is that the narrative of America as good guys who sacrificed the most in WW2 is childish.”
          I think you’re arguing with someone else.
          À bientôt,

        6. That’s the narrative that legitimizes “The GREATEST Generation”. They were an exceptional historical force.
          Only, it isn’t true.

        7. I like your posts Mistral, but you’d have even better credibility if you dropped the “A bientot” footer. It smacks too hard of “Seacrest Out” when there’s no line to separate the sig from the content.
          There is no need for superfluous signatures,

        8. Celine said that Stalingrad was the end of Western civilization.
          I know what he meant by that.

        9. While I understand the Russians’ beef, the “Russia won WWII all by itself, except for a little bit of help that wasn’t really necessary from other countries” narrative is only acceptable when you’re having dinner with your Russian girlfriend’s extended family.
          One can argue quite reasonably that the hagiography of Ambrose and others gilded the lily, but there had to be a lily to gild.
          À bientôt,

        10. Even Kruschev admitted that without American trucks, shoes, and supplies, the USSR could never have taken Berlin. It probably could not have recaptured the Ukraine w/o US & British support.

        11. I’m a bit late here but I don’t really trust much of what Kruschev says about Stalin seeing as he (figuratively) and possibly literally pissed on his grave. Not that Stalin didn’t deserve that but the guy had a bias to make him look like a useless monster.
          I’m pretty sure if the US had just stuck to suppling the allies the USSR would have eventually ended the war with a domination of mainland Europe completely.

        12. Pacific? Bunch of Japanese militias on a few islands.
          In 1942, more German soldiers in Finland that in Libya.
          75 % of european axis losses from Stalingrad to Berlin, operation August Storm, pretty good for peasants.

        13. Why shouldn´t he have cut a deal instead of buying time? Should the red army have fought for Poland and its governement?
          He should just have built a Maginot-type wall from the Baltic to the Black sea instead of preparing for an attack.
          “Second, from the Soviet Master Blaster Himself: “Without American production the [Allies] could never have won the war.”
          Ha! Another fake quote.

        14. It is interesting that stopping Hitler is considered to be more important than fighting the american revolution, mexicans or even the southern independentists.
          It shows where the Powers That Be have their priorities, they don´t give a fuck about the USA.
          After WW2 was over, they simply wanted the US and its people to die out, to make themselves go extinct, only the cold war held them back for a while.

        15. You will never convince a patriot to study history. He will watch saving private ryan once a year and call it good.

      2. The lives of the Greatest Generation were front-loaded with hardship, but that shouldn’t give them a pass for coasting the rest of their existence. When you look at how much each generation paid in taxes versus how much they got out in terms of public benefits, what they got away with was highway robbery. My generation, by contrast, won’t even break even on things like Social Security and Medicare, and we certainly won’t get any pensions. Not to mention we are all but forced to get an advanced degree to get a job and take on huge debt, whereas most of their jobs required no debt and no education whatsoever. Most of them retired in their 50’s and spent the next four decades playing slots in Miami casinos. Most of them cook very little or not at all. Our retirements will look a lot different from that. As for World War II – I’d much rather have fought in that war than in a jungle fuckfest like Vietnam, for example.
        There was also an extreme laziness that set in with the Greatest Generation. How many of them actually bothered to keep with the modern world, and how many instead just “gave up” at some point and accepted total dependency on the later generations for their technology and to ensure they don’t get had by every ludicrous scam letter that arrives in the mail besides their government checks?

        1. Look, I just don’t think having to get a grad degree is the same as having to fight a World War. I’m not sure where you’re getting “they all retired early” from, but that seems like conjecture. As long as we’re imagining things, I would imagine that they tended to die sooner, too, on average, if only b/c of the comparative prevalence of cigarette smoking, but I digress.
          The problem with SocSec isn’t the Greatests; it’s the Boomers, or as I like to call them the “Locust Generation”. Their numbers, combined with a sense of entitlement and a lack of (at a generational level) planning for the future is what is going to bankrupt the social safety net, not the Greatests. Oh, and don’t think the “beer budget” is going to prevent the Boom from demanding “Champagne” level care. After all, they’re the Boom; they threw themselves a big “I Love ME!” party and expect Gen X and Gen Y to clean up after them, and be *grateful*. (N.B. Any article you see–and I’ve seen lots–about how Gen X and Gen Y lack a “work ethic” should really be titled, “Gen X and Gen Y Refuse To Be Treated Like Commodities; Boomers Outraged”)
          As far as educational debt etc., I think that’s something the Boom did to us. I remember getting a letter every year from my uni telling me how tuition was only going up four times the rate of inflation, as Boomer faculty and administration voted ever nicer things for themselves. After all, they weren’t paying for it, why should they care?
          À bientôt,

        2. We’re taught to worship the “Greatest Generation” because they did everything the government told them to do without question.

      3. The Russians beat Hitler, at tremendous cost. Give credit where credit is due. Learn your history. With regard to the European theater, America showed up late for the party, did the minimum, then took all the credit.

        1. “America showed up late for the party, did the minimum, then took all the credit.”
          That sums up American society in general, as well.

        2. You do understand lives lost isn’t directly related to battlefield success right? In fact, I could easily argue the opposite. Poland lost more combatants than the US. By your logic, they were more instrumental in winning WWII than America. How many fronts did the Russians have? Which country led the allies in war materials production? Who was trying to divvy up land acquisitions in Eastern Europe with Hitler? Russian losses were largely a result of their own incompetence and indifference.

        3. So how exactly did the Russians beat the Japanese? Plus, how well would they have done against Hitler without American trucks, American shoes, American industrial supplies, and American food. Also, the Ruskies stole our tank design (fair & square – the story is actually pretty funny – but they still stole it).
          If you site Stalinist propaganda that the Russians still use, you lose the argument immediately.
          In fact, you already have – by making the argument in your post you have admitted that you simply hate the United States and hate Americans. There is no point in arguing with you because your genetic hatred of Americans, low IQ, and total lack of success in life make it impossible to convince you otherwise. Most Americans aware of WW II will fully admit that no one suffered more than the USSR for taking down the Nazis (I knew that when I was 9!). What is always so interesting is that European/SA/whatever the fuck you are socialist manginas like yourself don’t have the balls to admit that without American logistical support and British guile (project Ultra anyone?), they couldn’t have won. Even Kruschev admitted that (can’t wait for the “b-b-b-b-but Kruschev was TEH STOOPID!!!” reply)
          “British Brains, American Braun, Russian Blood”

        4. First, I know my history, and “We lost more guys” is NOT a metric of victory. The Chinese lost more people and nobody is claiming they “won” the war because of it. (None of the foregoing should be interpreted as a denigration of the Russian war effort; I just don’t subscribe to the “Russia did everything, on it’s own, without any help from anyone that mattered”, narrative. Oh, and Josef Stalin supports my position, and he’d know better than anyone.)
          And the “Showed up late” narrative is specious–the Western Europeans imposed a harsh peace on Germany after WWI, making it ever so more likely they’d wind up with a Crazy MFer (people who are not slowly starving to death tend to vote for the ‘sane’ candidate), and then got to reap what they sowed.
          America, correctly, was in no hurry to get involved in yet ANOTHER nasty little European war within the span of a generation b/c Europe wanted to sprout homicidal dictators who couldn’t get along with each other. It just wasn’t our beef….until we got invited in.
          À bientôt,

        5. All this ridiculous american bravado and pea-cocking. You’ve never had to experience modern warfare on your own soil. It’s easy to play the big tough guy and gloat from your ivory tower with an ocean on either side knowing that you won’t have to pay the real price of war by watching your cities and childhood neighbourhoods burn and your children blown to pieces. Your rise to the “top” was made without any real sacrifice, without merit. Medals all round and hollywood movies galore, but the only ones who believe the hype is yourselves and the delusional Brits. The world won’t respect you until you have paid your dues in blood. A modern war on American soil would cool your warmongering rhetoric quite a bit.

        6. Actually we have the USA and Britain to thank for creating this mangina paradise. Hitler always said he was fighting for the future of the whole of Europe because he knew what the alternative was. And now here we are in a multi-cultural hell-hole full of iPhone zombies glued to their TVs watching pointless American garbage while 100’s of thousands of in-compatible immigrants pour in. But Europeans are waking up to the truth of American/Brit hegemony and this is why more and more are voting for right-wing nationalist parties.

        7. “All this ridiculous american bravado and pea-cocking.”
          Kindly read this part again: “None of the foregoing should be interpreted as a denigration of the Russian war effort; I just don’t subscribe to the “Russia did everything, on its own, without any help from anyone that mattered”, narrative.”
          “It’s easy to play the big tough guy and gloat from your ivory tower [snip]…”
          You’re arguing with someone else, here.
          À bientôt,

        8. “Which country led the allies in war materials production?”
          In other words…”Which country’s government cronies were profiting the most off the war?”

      4. And what did we win from them ‘beating Hitler’?
        Communism? Marxism? Social liberalism? Multiculturism? ‘Diversity’?
        How wonderful.

        1. I think your presenting these as foregone conclusions once the Reich was cashiered. I don’t think that’s necessarily had to be how it went. Communism existed prior to WWII, after all.
          À bientôt,

        2. Exactly, Woodrow Wilson became president as early as 1913 and handed the US dollar to the big bankers that same year, this fully 20 years before Roosevelt.
          Roosevelt wanted his war not for the lul but because liberalism could not hope to survive if the 3rd Reich did.

        3. In other words, Patton’s advice should have been followed instead of FDR’s Soviet-sympathizing leadership fucking the people of Europe over:

          “In my opinion, the American Army as it now exists could beat the Russians with the greatest of ease, because, while the Russians have good infantry, they are lacking in artillery, air, tanks, and in the knowledge of the use of the combined arms, whereas we excel in all three of these. If it should be necessary to fight the Russians, the sooner we do it the better.”
          Two days later he repeated his concern when he wrote his wife: “If we have to fight them, now is the time. From now on we will get weaker and they stronger.”
          Patton said to Patterson: “Let’s keep our boots polished, bayonets sharpened, and present a picture of force and strength to the Red Army. This is the only language they understand and respect.” Patterson replied, “Oh, George, you have been so close to this thing so long, you have lost sight of the big picture.” Patton rejoined: “I understand the situation. Their (the Soviet) supply system is inadequate to maintain them in a serious action such as I could put to them. They have chickens in the coop and cattle on the hoof — that’s their supply system. They could probably maintain themselves in the type of fighting I could give them for five days. After that it would make no difference how many million men they have, and if you wanted Moscow I could give it to you. They lived on the land coming down. There is insufficient left for them to maintain themselves going back. Let’s not give them time to build up their supplies. If we do, then . . . we have had a victory over the Germans and disarmed them, but we have failed in the liberation of Europe; we have lost the war!”

      5. See above. The Great Society was a product of the Greatest Generation (a term I hate). They had hardship as young adults, but then went to work in the longest and greatest economic boom history had ever seen. They then retired just as wages stagnated and inflation soared. Their retirement pay was of course protected from inflation. And they were forced to live on a fixed income while the boomers dealt with a cut throat economy where job security was a thing of the past and incomes bounced around constantly. I understand that the millennial have lousy chances in the shit economy we see today. I have multiple children in who are millennials. I have to deal with their issues almost as much as they do. You all should remember that the 60s were when the greatest generation was firmly in control. We boomers were school kids. The shit stirred up in the 60s was not all bad. Civil rights were the right direction to go, but the implementation was for shit. The black community was starting to do pretty well when the white greatest generation decided to subsidize deviant behavior and fatherless families. The pointless and destructive war on drugs was also the product of the greatest generation. They left a huge shit pile for the boomers to clean up just as the boomers are leaving a huge shit pile for the millennials. Each generation has its turn with the shovel.

    2. To be fair, the Boomers created political correctness though. That alone should condemn them as the worst generation

      1. The Boomers *did not* create political correctness. They merely accepted it without question.

        1. who did, I was under the impression it came about from them and through their support of it?

        2. Heh. Well I won’t disagree. Saul Alinsky did his thing after all, and his ideas need political correctness to work.

        3. “You merely adopted the political correctness. I was born in it,
          molded by it. I didn’t took the red pill until I was already a man, by then
          it was nothing to me but frustrating!”
          Sorry, couldn’t help it.
          Love that movie and that scene.

        4. My favourite movie (though it’s not the best, objectively). Fucking awesome comment, man.

        5. “you want to know how i got these scars”-the Joker- both stories relate to either the Joker’s mother or his wife being psychologically disturbed and unhappy and with that wanting their son to be happy and yet the only way to give the impression that he is happy is through his personal disfigurement. The Joker resembles a man who has been destroyed by women and now wants to enact revenge through the dismantlement of the patriarchy.

        6. Don’t forget that the Joker’s backstory changes ever time he tells it…’If I must have a past, it might as well be multiple choice…’

    3. In about 40 years there will be another generation that complains the Millennial generation ruined everything for them.

    4. So true…they were the first generation to be almost completely schooled by the government…and it shows.
      WWII was a war for imperialism and crony profits just like all the ones after it.
      Search for and read Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler’s “War is a Racket” to find out the truth about Federal wars from the head of the Marine Corps.
      This article is the same tripe we get from the mainstream media (Fox News, Tom Brokaw, etc.)

    5. As is typical of most Americans you can’t put things in their correct historical time frame. The greatest generation is my parents; born in 1920. The social security act was passed in 1935; my parents were 15. What did they have to do with voting themselves social security benefits? Medicare was voted in with the Great Society of Lyndon Johnson in 1965, and that you can lay at the feet of the Greatest Generation, along with no-fault divorce (1969) and default mother custody (which started with the tender years doctrine in the late 1800s). But most of your generation blames no-fault divorce and default mother custody on the Boomers, like me, who were 10 years old in 1965. What bastards we were for not going out on strike and closing down the 4th grade. We should have barricaded the streets and burned down the capital building. I know your generation would have. Every generation has played a part in the historical decline of the United States and its causes. Quit trying to shift the blame on one generation or another and start with, what can you and your generation do from where you are right now? Every generation has had to ask that question. It is your turn now.

    6. The greatest generation. It is interesting that stopping Hitler is considered to be more important than fighting the american revolution, mexicans or even the southern independentists.
      It shows where the Powers That Be and its propagandists have their priorities, behind the sitcom patriotism, they don´t give a fuck about the USA.
      After WW2 was over, they wanted the US and its people to die out, to make themselves go extinct, only the cold war held them back for a while.
      They do not have any loyalty and gratitude whatsoever to the nations and cultures that fought their war for them, only as enemies that needs to be corrupted and destroyed.

  6. White people need to stand up for ourselves. We’re one of the smallest ethnic groups (hispanics, blacks, han chinese and indians all outnumber us) so we need to stop thinking we’re the majority and that our displacement is a real possibility.
    I know this is not explicitly about race but the western values that made America are white values, from Aristotelian logic to Enlightenment values.
    That is how the America of the past survives.
    To be honest, this drastic action is not a bad idea. But the media will spin it as us revealing our true nature like we’re secret reptile people. Be ready for that. When they get scared they throw insults like a toddler throws his baby food.

    1. yeah it’s funny how a company or university is forced to hire across racial and sexual boundaries and have an ‘equal opportunity’ work place, even if that means hiring less skilled people and being prejudiced towards ethnic minorities, shutting talented white males out of the jobs…… it’s completely unrealistic to demand that a company has a balanced racial and sexual profile in it’s work force…. the best person gets hired and if they happen to be black, white, yellow, male or female fair enough, but mandating it through laws and social shaming is completely ridiculous…. nothing in nature is evenly distributed…… you always get clustering…. why shouldn’t a large corporation like Apple be made up of mainly white males, as it was when it first started….. why shouldn’t a different company be made up mainly of blacks or asians or women….. if they can cut it……

        1. Hispanics and West Indians, however, do, and some of them even name their kids after the ancients, like Aristotle and Hippolytus. Rather than having affirmative action, let the best man win regardless of his color.

        2. West Indians I know little about. Hispanics who come to the US do not based on their voting.
          And many hispanic countries are socialist, so I doubt even the ones who stay do.
          To be honest, trying to take the fruits of western civ and divorce it from the people who made it and nurtured it is not an uncommon shill tactic so expect stony faces when you make the argument. I am not saying I think you’re a shill, but that racelessness is simply a denial of reality.

        3. I don’t know what you mean by shill but I live around many people of color. They don’t really belong to a different civilization.
          Maybe Asians and Middle Eastern people belong to a different civilization due to religion, but what civilization are blacks and Hispanics a part of? If someone’s not part of Western civilization, they must be from some other civilization.
          Black West Indians are educated under a British system, and Hispanics’ culture may have indigenous influences like Taino, but ultimately it’s rooted in Spain.

        4. Sorry. Shill is a term usually used to be an umbrella for concern trolls, people who try to confuse issues, etc. Again, I don’t think you are at all but be prepared for people to treat you like one in alt right circles. Just a fair warning.
          Hispanics are devoted to Spain in a sense, but they often see Spain as outside western civ and groups like La Raza openly despise Anglo American practices (which are probably more western civ than Spanish since Anglos were bigger players in the long run).
          And many Hispanic stars (especially attractive females) are annoyed when they find out they are more ethnically European than indigenous.
          So I am skeptical.
          As for Blacks, they also generally despise whites. And while historically they are not without reasons (even though those institutions were ended by whites and other groups victimized them as well) they have been taught to blame their problems on the white man and his system. Many do not agree with this, but many do.
          And the white man’s system is Western Civ.
          West Indians, like I said I don’t know. But ultimately I remain skeptical of your claims.

        5. Thanks for the explanation. I think there used to be a better way of integrating immigrants and dealing with a diverse crowd, but somehow something changed. And I’m not sure if this is minorities’ fault. Like who taught minorities to despise the white man?
          While I’m more liberal than you, I think that due to geography, the main source of migration will often be Latin America and the Caribbean. I think that a major test is going to be how society integrates them.
          If the US eventually becomes predominantly Latin American by race, who is going to be ‘oppressing the minorities’?

        6. Not quite, I suspect I misunderstood. I think whites will still be more successful. The thing with discrimination is that it usually goes upwards. A good example is how the Chinese are viewed in southeast asia. But whites will be a minority and more vulnerable. Especially if the new majority ever bans guns (and with their voting record I think they would).

        7. If you look at the history of the LA riots, South Africa, and the racial history of the Caribbean, you’ll notice that the discrimination is actually directed at a middle group that has foreign religion.
          For example, the incidents in Indonesia and Malaysia with Chinese and Indians, is because they are an intermediate group, with foreign religion, that were shoved into there because of colonialism. It’s the same thing with Jews in early Europe.
          Moreover, the Chinese and Indians migrating to Southeast Asia were from more homogeneous areas and did not understand Islam. If they had gotten people from North China and Northwest India, there would have been less of a clash because those areas are more religiously pluralistic.
          Whites and blacks belong to the same religions, have the same native language, and are generally not clannish (except for recent migrants from some areas in Southern Europe). I strongly doubt that there will be a major black / white clash because the religious differences, clannishness and extreme social inequalities are not there.
          So hopefully this lessened some of your worries, actually I feel it’s more likely that black and white citizens may team up against immigrants in a nativist move. Sort of like Steve Sailer’s concept of citizenism.

        8. Yeah, like Black American and Black Hispanic, not sure about Africa. I think Ethiopia is eastern.

        9. Eastern civilizations are basically just the east asians and the indian countries. Not even the middle easterns are considered eastern. If you look at the world from east and west. You basically have the westerners being the near east, africa europe and the americas. The easterners being the east asians and south asians (indians, pakis, bengalis).

        10. I think traditionally, the division between east and west is at Istanbul and then follows the line up to the Urals. Remember that the occident / orient division was originally the division between Greece and Persia.

        11. Certainly for Europe its kind of fluid indeed. For instance, –Islam is considered a Western religion, along with christianity and judaism.
          -Turkey is often considered the gateway between middle east and europe or “East and west” as you put it.
          -Finland, is also considered the gateway between east and west (or at least this is how finns viewed finland until the 1990s when they wanted to join the eu and eastern started to mean muslim extremist)
          -At one time russia and its satellites was also viewed as eastern in a sense, as they certainly were not western culturally speaking. Yet now Poland is hardly called eastern. In fact many parts of russia and eeast europe were controlled by east asians like the mongols, turks and hunnic invaders; along with other central asian migrants like khazars aka jews.
          -In fact even the Germans were often viewed as savage easterners in WW1 propaganda, they were often refered to as Huns and it was said we aare going to “stun the hun” in reference to germanics asiatic admixture.
          -The middle east holds a weird position. Places like Israel, syria, iraq hold some crucial importants for early christians and many were part of the roman empire. They are also some of the first places to have civilization and many theorize that western civilization into greece was more or less a transplant of african and near eastern civilization.
          -It would be hard to say middle east is entirely eastern given the whole influence of the near eastern christian religion on modern western nations.
          I am not entirely sure when the occident and orient division was originally made, but I know it has been quiet fluid.
          My understanding of the ancient greeks, but you may be talking a later period, is they did not viewthemselves to be like any of the groups surrounding them. They viewed theselves as different from the persians but also different from the neighbouring groups in eastern europe who they use to invade and enslave and kill for fun.
          -Also it is kind of weird to classify the urals and north west asia as eastern depending on the time line when the germanic and slavics and early indo europeans all come from there.

        12. No way that Islam is a western religion. The middle east was the template for stereotypes of Asia that persist to this day. In fact the word Asia used to mean Syria and Oriental used to mean a Turk or Arab

        13. It is. In fact many of the Christian and secular scholars research demonstrates that Muhammad, prophet of islam, was raised by a christian heretic. These countries were all christians and jews before they were muslims.
          The reason an oriental use to mean a turk is because the turks originate from china.
          You are incorrect that Islam is not Western.
          “Western Religions: An Overviewby Felix Just, S.J., Ph.D.
          The common core of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam is faith or belief in one God…”

          “Western religion refers to religions that originated within Western culture, and are thus which historically, culturally, and theologically distinct from the Eastern religions. The term Abrahamic religion is often used in lieu of using the East and West terminology.”

        14. i want to know what you’re smoking. that shit must be good.
          look up the greco-persian war to know why countries are called eastern vs western.

        15. Greeks never viewed themselves as Western, plain and simple. They never viewed themselves as even related to the neighbouring states who they held disdain for. Also much of ancient greece was in modern turkey anyways. Not even in europe.
          The ancient greeks shared a huge border with the persians such that they could not have defined themselves in such a way nor did they. In fact the term occident is of latin origin.

        16. my bad, the romans. but the persians were definitely considered eastern culturally. btw the turks were not from china they were a nemesis of china

        17. Turks and Mongols originate from Central Asia, a very different culture from East Asia. I was reading Aristotle’s Politics the other day and although it’s in translation, he frequently contrasts Hellenic culture with Asian i.e. Middle Eastern culture. For example, he associates Asian culture with despotism, a stereotype that persists to this day.

        18. It simply doesn’t make sense, looking at a map, ancient greece was basically all the way around the border of turkey with persia being in the interior. Much of ancient greece was more eastern than ancient persia.
          The turks originate from Western china. The word go-turk is the origin of turk and first appears in chinese writings. They were expelled by the chinese emperor and chased out of china and invaded and pillaged their way across asia right into turkey. In the ancient period there were no “turks” as we know today in ancient turkey. The turks, much like the huns and mongols were simply another group of asiatics who moved their way into europe and were hated by china.

        19. Mongolia is attached to china. The go-turks, use to live in china, they were EXPELLED by the chinese emperor. Problem is, at the time of Aristotle, most of Greece was IN ASIA (turkey) aka Asia MINOR. And the greeks were despotic themselves, they use to rape and kill and kidnap their slaves and go to war just for the purpose of killing. They use to kill children from birth with disabilities and engage in rampant gay sex and pedophilia. The Hellenes are hardly in a position to call anyone despotic.

        20. i don’t care. the stereotype that the west is ‘civilized’ and the east is ‘despotic’ comes from what the greeks said about the persians, not about what they did. this ankh nigga brohistory is going nowhere smh

        21. “for as the barbarians are by nature more prone to slavery than the Greeks, and those in Asia more than those in Europe, they endure without murmuring a despotic government” – Aristotle (Politics 1:14)

        22. This is a bit shaky. The greeks themselves are largely located in asia at the time of aristotle. And the quote is not very clear. The barbarians were white people at this time from central asia groups like the slavs who would later move into europe.

        23. “For Herodotus, the Scythians were outlandish barbarians living north of the Black Sea in what are now Moldova and Ukraine.”
          —Michael Kulikowski, Rome’s Gothic Wars from the Third Century to Alaric, pg. 14
          “”In the 1830-1850s, researchers thought that the Indo-Europeans had come from Central Asia, then considered the “forge of peoples”. This concept relied on historical data about regular waves of migration by the Sarmatians and Turkic-Mongolian tribes of Huns, Bulgars, Avars, Khazars, Pechenegs, Cumans, Tatars, Kalmyks and others from Central Asian steppes to Europe over the last two millennia. The Russian and English colonization of Central Asia that began at that point further fuelled European interest in Central Asia.”Ukraine One People’s history Sturu P. 234”
          If Asians were savages and whites originate from Asia, then the greeks clearly thought whites were savages.

        24. Scythians, Cimmerians etc were not a Western culture until Northern and Eastern Europe were Christianized. This is not about white vs brown / yellow whatever in terms of race. Culture is not race.

        25. did you hear wtf i said? Btw greeks are white. Not all indo-europeans are white, hence the term *indo*. we all know the scythiansm, huns, avars etc were barbaric tribes at the time.

  7. The main thing this country needs is to build things again. The light
    bulb, Converse, Levis, TVs, radios and PCs are all foreign now.
    Budweiser is gone and Pabst isn’t even American anymore. America made
    the world and then gave it all away.
    The greed and apathy of
    suburban neighborhood life has only helped to keep corporations in
    control. Everything is illegal and they all have 911 on speed dial in a
    last ditch effort to keep nostalgia alive. That life is done. It just
    needs a few more people to realize it.
    Move to a city or buy a
    farm. Buy local/Made in the USA as much as possible. Never feel guilty
    about stealing from a multinational corp. Keep the internet free.
    Disregard copyrights and Torrent everything. Movies, music and books on
    the web are free again. They just are. Publishers are just going to have
    to figure out new ways to make money. Do your best to crash it all down
    and make way for new American business and creativity.

    1. I haven’t paid for a movie, game, or song in 15 years. Screw the corporatist copyright scheme. If you look at what copyrights were originally, they bear only the slightest resemblance to the everlasting cash-sucking monstrosities they have become.

    2. What will “crash the system” is increasing numbers of middle class whites doing the math and going on welfare and section 8 and the myriad other benefit “programs.” Everything is predicated on Joe Schmo working himself into an early grave while supporting about five other parasites. The parasites are government employees and contractors, social welfare program recipients and their kids, and corporations that have rigged the system.
      The people who pay most of the taxes have had about enough. You see this with huge numbers of doctors dropping out of practice. Up in the top income third (but not top 1%) in the professions that make the country actually function, a lot of men are checking out. The system really can’t take very much of this. I regard the military as parasitical, but for it to even function as well as it does requires a lot of very competent white men. Guess what? The officer corps is calling it quits in droves.
      You have Hasidic communities in New York state gaming the welfare system like crazy. They have all the angles figured so that they barely need to work, but because they’re not ghetto trash they build nice orderly communities and live pretty well. It’s only a matter of time before more middle class whites follow suite. Why work so hard and pay so much in tax to people who hate you, all while having your wealth skimmed by a parasitical financial system? Just get yourself into the bottom 10% of the income scale and take it easy instead.
      “Starve the beast,” as the man said.

      1. I have to say this at least you included everyone. From Welfare and section 8 to Government employees as well as Corporations. Usually people don’t include all these area. It’s not just “white males” other men also do not like those people who game welfare, and don’t take personal responsibilities. In ghetto society many people also work extremely hard to stay afloat without gaming the system…and they have a hard time getting out of the ghetto no matter how hard they work. They hate people who don’t need welfare but game the system probably more than you do. Within my community we have many people that work extremely hard and our welfare use in raw numbers as well as bulk numbers is lower than those of White people. However it would seem we are the major abusers of this system, because of stereotyping. I believe welfare is a tool for those who really need it, but its not just “white males” that work hard…many people in the ghetto usually work twice as hard too.

  8. tl&dr vesion: Baby Boomers are the cancer killing America. Until the Baby Boomer generation is dead and gone, nothing is going to change. Die Boomer Scum.

    1. the millenials are worse, as the are Gen X. BUT they are more inept. Hilariously so.
      The alt-right could almost bully them into submission as GamerGate has shown

      1. Actually the millenials are some of the most intelligent people I have ever met. The Millenials give me hope for the future.

        1. They don’t think in terms of this autistic paradigm “liberal vs conservatism”. They’re just interested in living life, having fun, and having swag. I’ve learned quite a lot from the millenials (people under the age of 21). They are very wise people.

        2. You may want to have a peek at how they tend to vote. I’m all for living life and having fun, etc.–I’m quite good at it myself–but elections have consequences and when the Millenials vote, they tend to vote the wrong way.
          À bientôt,

        3. They might be intelligent, but millenials do tend to be very liberal. It is only due to the indoctrination though (media, education, etc).

        4. Yea they’re idealistic liberals. I was the same way when I was 18 years old. Stop hating on them, man. They are good people. In the end, all we can do is enjoy life and BOYCOTT AMERICAN WOMEN and go for super sexy foreign women.

        5. I live in CA. The Millenials are waking up. The same people who are trying to ban guns are the same people trying to censor video games. Pot,Skateboarding,Vaping..ect every thing the Millenials love is under attack by the left.
          They do spit out some propaganda but it’s nothing that a short explanation on how there getting fucked out of 1/3 there paycheck cant fix.

        6. The data shows it. As does my personal interactions with ’em. But liberal more in the identity politics uptown or left-coast style. Not too concerned with the plight of the American working class -they may pay a little lip service to working class “bread and butter” issues inbetween expressing sympathy for X minority group.. gays or what-have-you… but they’re post protectionist and globalist. Working man’s problem’s? What’s that, he’s a man so is privileged. I’ve even been told by a white activist that white people don’t do the working class jobs any more. Heh, kids.

        7. It’s really weird that in Europa liberalism , means libertarianism and libertarianism, liberalism.

        8. I am not “hating” on them. I am just pointing out that they vote the wrong way. As b/w the GOP and the Dems, the GOP sux LESS. Why? B/C the GOP doesn’t hate men for being men, and they don’t want to jack taxes up to the moon. As as straight white guy, with a good job, that’s what I care about. The Millenials voted for Obama b/c it made them “feel good” to vote for a black dewd.
          Oh, and I discovered foreign girls starting with a Polish exchange student when I was 21. Haven’t had a US girlfriend (fuck buddy, yes, girlfriend, no) for 16 years.
          À bientôt,

        9. If you break millennials down into ethnic groups, you’ll find that ethnic demographics are more responsible for the support of Obama among millennials than any change in attitudes.
          The real political crime was that the boomers made it do the choice was between Obama and Romney. Which is exactly why these fake conservatives have to fade out.

        10. I’m a millennial and I’m far from liberal ,you’re basing the values of my generation of the urban members of my generation. And thus if you talked to blue collar rural millennial you’d see a big difference in political persuasion.

        11. I’m on a campaign to get us to stop misusing the perfectly good word ‘liberal’, which originally had to do with individual liberty, when we’re talking about cultural Marxist subverts…they used the good name liberal as cover, don’t let them get away with it.

        12. In a lot of ways I’ve found a good many of them to be (seem) far better than my generation…I was their age in the late 70’s- early 80’s, a child in the 60’s. They seem to really care in a way few did in my era & it gives me hope for the future. But some of them are really tragically morally corrupt at an astonishingly young age.

        13. It’s a shame millenial energy has been co-opted by sinister forces because their boomer parents left them with little guidance.

        14. The Democrat Party has been effectively co-opted by Cultural Marxists, not so with the Republican Party. There are, however, many ‘progressives’ among the ‘ruling class’ or ‘establishment’ Republicans. These are the RINOs. They need to be pushed out of leadership by the very patriotic elements in the party. They can be easily identified by their support of amnesty for illegal aliens & their disdain for the grass roots ‘Tea Party’ faction.

        15. I was generalizing, which is something we can do. I’m from the deep south and blue collar but we’re looking at national generational trends. So when looking at urban and rural, white and blue collar when can generalize. Btw. writer Bret Ellis (apparently a conservative Hollywood gay man) did this in a funny, insightful piece with his observations about millennials, “Generation Wuss”. He ain’t talkin’ about us blue collar proles so much. Sill there’s so truth there. (I heard about the article from Leiter Reports, a blog by a left-wing law professor. Leiter liked the article and then I was reminded of it when reading Taki Mag.) Anyway.

        16. We’re all the “tea party” to them even when we’re not. The liberals or “liberals”, “progressive” bloggers, pro-feminist websites, activist groups.. They need something to unify the diverse mob in the insanely large tent of the Democratic Party: White Heterosexual Males. Also white working class males even tho they are supposed to be for the “little guy” they extended a middle finger to us decades ago. Sad.

      2. I agree they are pathetic, but that is because of what they have been given.
        The greatest generation fought WW2 and worked their hands to the bone. But then their children, the 60’s generation, took everything they were given and threw it down the drain. Never has anyone been given so much and passed on so little as the hippy generation. Today’s youth are not spoiled and rotten like the 60s children, and they could overcome the horrible situation handed to them. GamerGate is a testing ground.

        1. yeah but who raised them? An entire generation of children didn’t spontaneously decide to be shitty on their own.
          They’re simply a product of their decadent environment.

        2. The “greatest generation” was staging strikes during WWII and contracting VD at unprecedented rates. The strikes were a huge problem that hampered the war effort. This idea that Americans back in the 1940s were particularly heroic and unified needs to die. They were a bunch of crazed socialists with a mean authoritarian streak. Can you imagine a political consensus to steal and nationalize all the private gold in the country? That happened.
          After WWII the “Greatest Generation” bulldozed all the great american cities and built out the horror that is suburbia. The architectural traditions were gutted. Pretty much everything built in America between 1945 and 1970 is total garbage. This was also the era of “The Organization Man” where all bland conformists thought they were entitled to punch a clock. What exactly did the Greatest leave us in terms of culture? All the important American art and music came from people before or after them.
          Many of the things that suck about millenials are actually echoes of the negative aspects of the Greatest Generation, in terms of collectivism, risk aversion, conformity, entitlement, and authoritarian leanings. The boomers of course suck in many ways, but in some important respects they swung the pendulum away from a bunch of collectivist fascists.

        3. If you’re trying to frame the greatest generation as further to the left than the rotten boomers you have quite the task.
          Regardless of the creation of suburbia ( not a bad thing, really. The vast majority of people will never be concerned with aesthetic living), they tended to stay together and protect/provide for their children- the absolute primary task the boomers utterly failed at.
          You can hate us all you want, but the boomer selfishness and narcissism will render them villains in future textbooks.
          Not many instances in history of one generation utterly robbing their posterity.

        4. Why do they call them the “Greatest Generation”? Because they ran head first into machine gun nests? The Greatest Generation is a great lie created purely for propaganda purposes.

        5. The greatest generation was a very traumatized generation. Their parents were the shell shocked of WWI, they were the children of the great depression, they saw the world & their friends blown apart in WWII. They REALLY wanted no one else to have to live through those things…they craved stability & normality.

        6. Absolutely correct.
          There were a lot more actual men in it though, and women were by and large of better quality (or at least, better controlled). But end of the day they were in love with uniforms and socialism, even if they didn’t realize the latter.

    2. Same old tired refrain. As if the Millennials have a lot to brag about. Hmm, let’s see. Since you want to throw stones; Here’s an article that demonstrates how full of shit you really are.
      The standard beef about the pimple ranchers, uh I mean Millennials is that they are narcissistic, overconfident, entitled and lazy. This study reinforces that stereotype, saying: Compared to previous generations, graduates are more likely to want lots of money and nice things, but less likely to say they’re willing to work hard to earn them.” Oh, and lay off the tattoos, you look like ex-cons.

      1. Nothing is more important in life than swag. Swag is God. And remember, Boycott American Women!

      2. Tattoos.
        How smart can the Millennials really be? They are all willing to stick Hep C needles under their skin and pump cheap Chinese arsenic ink under their skin just to make a fashion statement.
        I’m a older Millenial in my early 30s. Just like any other generation, half of them are good, and the other half are just worthless dipshits.
        I truly believe that the Millennial generation will be the last American generation to experience or respect human civil rights. They will not be able to preserve America in it’s current form.

      3. Millennials aren’t sixty years old. It doesn’t matter what they’ve accomplished.
        One thing they haven’t done is wreck a superpower. And a boomer calling another generation narcissistic is unwarranted.

        1. I actually have no problem whatsoever with millennials and agree that in many ways they’ve handed a shit sandwich. It was the “Baby Boomers are the cancer killing America. Until the Baby Boomer generation is dead and gone, nothing is going to change. Die Boomer Scum.” comment that was worthy of retaliation. Peace.

        2. Well- the thing is that our generational resentment can make unnecessary enemies. Those boomers with good sense ( I.e. Steve Sailer, Ghost if Jefferson, etc.) are vital. It’s not as though any young person came up with alt-right ideas out of thin air.
          The biggest victims of the leftist boomers are those boomers who served in Vietnam.
          But the real reason boomers take heat is because leftist millennials are too far gone to worry with.
          You really just have the first generation born into true prosperity. Some recognized it for what it is and tried to defend it, while others used it as a means to never grow up. Same with millennials. You have those of us who sense the end of prosperity and are cautionary, and those ruled by denial because they are scared of reality.

        3. I’m not a Boomer, Isidore, I’m GenerationX. GenX is in its 40’s now. Strange but true, heh.

        4. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. From the enormous Counterculture of the 1960s to the hypocritical “just say no” and the tragically ironic “greed is good,” to allowing the Patriot Act, then later NSA to spy on the entire population and giving everybody in government a free pass to steal from the young so as to keep their home prices up, and the stock market from imploding. Boomers are bar none, the most egotistical generation America has ever seen.

    3. This.
      Let’s run down the list:
      Did boomers ruin the family unit. Yes.
      Did the G.I. Generation fight against the communists so the Boomer generation could give all our jobs to them. Yes.
      Did the boomers’ shortsighted gains for their generation and only their generation end with their children being dependent on service type jobs, thereby becoming slaves in their own land. Yes.
      Is the national debt is sky high is because 40% of our government’s spending goes to some type of insurance: social insurance, retirement, health benefits, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. Yes.
      Are these systems bankrupt but needed to pay for the boomers’ healthcare and pension plans. Yes.

      1. Kinda.
        –Ruin the family unit? No, turning a blind eye to feminist and Big Gov efforts to replace Dad killed it.
        –Fight communism? Fuck no. They busted ass to make sure increasingly socialist policies became par for the course. Kept the military machine spinning, sure, because military business destroys things and makes a small segment of people very, very rich.
        –Made us slaves in our own land? Abso-fucking-lutely.
        –National Debt? The debt is sky-high because every dollar in your pocket is borrowed at interest into existence from a very small group of ethnically specific people.
        –Pay for boomers healthcare? Fuck ’em, I say, the gov’t they put into power wants them dead, its their problem.

    4. Agreed about the boomers. They still have such a strangle hold on the culture. If we get Hillary we get all these aging boomers AGAIN .
      Heard that John McCain is going to run again for a 6th senate term.
      Boomers =solipsism . It’s all about penis pumps and power chairs with these fucks..

    5. …do you worry that posing for homosexual greeting cards hurts your chances at legitimate employment?

  9. Patriotism is for ‘tards who’ve been indoctrinated with this flag-waving ‘Merica bullshit. Guys like us need to abandon the ‘Merica doctrine and utilize the internet to find more desirable locations. No sane male should be willing to fight the good fight when there are locations which aren’t crashing and burning. Make money, save it, and when the first sign of trouble hits (out of control crime, conscription, terrorism) dip out of the states. The one reason to stay in the US is money and once that’s gone, use the global network to find someplace that isn’t a completely morally depraved shithole. Look at Roosh, “fighting the good fight” from some obscure country in EE. America is dead boys, let’s start acting like it.

    1. Maybe you are too young to remember when the country was decent and the future still bright. America used to represent what was best about European Culture and was a land abundant with natural resources and opportunity. You once had a higher class of people here as traditionally the Europeans with ambition, intelligence, and gumption were the ones to make sacrifices to cross the Atlantic. Now it’s a dumbed-down cesspool with the immigrants generally being of a different caliber. But I’m of the opinion that the good genetics largely remain and it’s a matter of “waking people up” to get them to use their natural intelligence and morality in a constructive fashion. The “America” as it used to be known has a chance for a comeback, but not without major changes in how people think and act.

      1. America was always shit…. a place to make money based on abstraction (mammonism). Read my above post and see if you agree with any of it.
        What exactly does or did America stand for? If you say “the constitution” or “freedom”, you prove my point. Those concepts mean nothing, they just justify mental laziness and sloth.
        The old world America hates so much had tradition, patriarchy, and purpose outside economic development. Yes, life is very comfortable in America, but can much more be said?

      2. I’m certainly too young to remember a country with a bright future (millennial). I’ve heard stories of America being a great country this and that, and while I’m sure it was true to an extent, from my perspective it’s a folk tale. Humans must adapt, and young men such as myself should not succumb to pulling a sled through mud for the rest of our futures.
        I’m not sure if I agree with your statement on Europeans with ambition and intelligence crossing the Atlantic. Taking a look at immigrants of the past: Irish, Italians, Mexicans, Central Americans. They were all losers in their home country, barely scraping by and coming here with no skills or education. Lucky for them, there was an abundance of unskilled labor positions for them to fulfill a working class family existence.

        1. America is comprised of the genetic garbage of the rest of the world (as am I). Everyone who came here was able to live like a king when they arrived, that’s why America has such a positive self description.
          America has no high culture, just Vegas and DisneyWorld.
          (But, I do admit, materially, this was a utopia from 1945 to 2000.)

        2. Might I add that today’s immigrants are of a much higher quality: Arabs and Asians mostly come to this country loaded with cash and education. Take a look at the cars these Arabs drive when they get to the US!

        3. They dont come in in big enough numbers to account for all immigrants. And Arabs? Please. Most backward values ever.

        4. Fair enough. BUT, and I do detect a bit of this from you, part of saving Western Civ is for Western Europeans to realize that America’s problems are not because it’s right wing and loves guns (any video on European Socialism will invariable have Europeans making this point) but because of its demographic issues. White America is safer than most of Europe, and White Americans do better in school.
          That is a lesson I think needs to be learned, especially for Europe right now with its immigration policy.

        5. Arabs??? Look, America is what it is/was because of white Europeans. If Arabs had values and where capable of creating a first world civilization they would do it. With the exception of the UAE it’s a 5th world toilet.

        6. Im not sure this is true, if you can find crime statistics which show what the crime rates are for white western Europeans you will find what I know is the case here, that “diversity” is really the crime problem.

        7. When I made the point of higher quality, I was referencing money and education. I don’t have any facts backing this up, but the Arab immigrants that I’ve observed seem to be flush with cash. I currently live in a luxury building next to a university in a flyover state. Arabs are everywhere, driving $30k-$80k cars at 20 years old.

        8. Well that’s obvious.
          I’m not a Nazi supporter, but I do sympathize with the Germans and Japanese (I admire their warrior culture and mono ethnic identity). Their cultural ideal was much better than the USA or USSR, based on materialism.
          Most blue people can’t accept that. They think man was born to shop and fuck, the rest is merely details.

        9. Fair enough, but I think it’s easy to confuse what we see around us for what the “norm” is. With that being said, I will still wager to bet that most Muslim immigrants are not what you see and are largely from 5th world hell holes, this is probably true of MOST immigrants from anywhere in the world today. I think we can all agree the US government is not in the business of handing out visa by and large to the educated groups.

        10. If one were to discount gun crime the following cities from the US (who have an ethnic component we will politely say) the US would be the third safest country in the world: Chicago, Flint, Detroit, Oakland. And the vast majority of gun crime in the states is committed by gangs, as it is in Europe now that they are experimenting with multiculturalism I imagine.
          And every stat I have seen of western Europe shows the immigrant populations are over represented even correcting for socioeconomic status.
          But I am open to changing my mind as always, but I don’t think it is possible as Robert Putnam’s research on diversity has given a theoretical credence to this explanation. So I am not just saying the brown people are the problem so that is clear.

        11. Pretty much what i would have guessed without looking at the stats. We know diversity is a boom for some people but it’s long overdue for white people get from diversity and if we do some soul searching the answer is a big fat ZERO 99% of the time.

        12. Thats what no one seems to appreciate. White Europeans build societies, Arabs throw up tents and crash Lamborghinis.

        13. …most Arabs I’ve met, rich and educated included, are silly children and dumber than the average fast-food worker.

        14. Dude, I’ve spent literally years IN those countries. Those people are the result of 1000’s of years of floating thru life going from tent to camel. They don’t have family names, their definition of “truth” is whatever is presently expedient. America is on its ass, we do not need more screwy muslims running around in Ferraris demanding to be respected.

        15. When White men run countries, you get clean water, paved roads, classical music, and men on the moon.
          Whatta we have today? Kardashians and chicken nuggets?

        16. The immigrant safety issues in Europe (France, UK, Norway) stem EXCLUSIVELY from African and Muslim immigrants.
          White people can live together with guns, without guns, with socialized programs (like Denmark) or without, and be just fine.

        17. Nahhhh, they’re not the problem. They just seem to pop up whenever violent crimes occur. And not just here, in Europe too. The 6.5% of the US population that black men represent somehow accounts for 75% of the violent crime here, but of course that’s discrimination…just ask ’em. And of course the MUSLIM gangs kidnapping primarily White British girls for sex slavery, that’s just, uhh, media spin.
          No need to sugar coat it.

        18. There are plenty of opera houses left open, museums to see, music scenes and literature to be found. I can spend every weekend for the next year going to new exhibits of art, attending various symphonies and plays, sipping mulled wine while reading Shakespeare and otherwise being cultured, right here in the middle of Nowhere, Ohio. If you don’t feel high culture then you’re doing the wrong things in life.

      3. America has no chance for comeback, not if you learn from history.
        Study the fall of empires like Rome, Persia, Hellenistic Greece, and the British Empire.

    2. Everyone knows that America is a stagnating and declining empire, exactly the same as Rome was. However, Rome was in decline for centuries before things got so bad that they could not even defend themselves anymore. The same is going to be true of America. The general direction is downward and nothing is going to change this. But it’s still going to be quite powerful for decades or even a century to come. In a situation like this, patriotism is a useless and futile position because you are trying to move against the flow of the river.

    3. If I may summarise by borrowing an aphorism from Josh Waitzkin’s excellent “The Art of Learning”: when confronted with having to cross a field filled with thorns, you have two options: burn down the entire field and cut every thorn out — or make yourself some sandals.

      1. Interesting that jews always recommend tolerance and self-adjustment for Americans but use guns, internment camps, and American military might where their own interests are concerned.

  10. America remains the greatest country to have existed. The whole point of so-called “progressives” is to convince everyone otherwise. It is central to their power. If America is indeed great, why do you need progs – you don’t. Among other institutions, the progs have taken over public education with their public employee unions and raised a blue pill generation in their own image.
    It is blue pill to piss and moan about this country and cry that the American dream is gone. It is red pill to ignore the weak minded detractors and make your way successfully.
    Within the nearby metro area where I live, a woman in her 40’s emigrated from South America and started a small restaurant that served small plate tapas. Several months ago greeting her customers in the now very large venue, she nearly cried as I congratulated her on the success she enjoyed. There were nearly a hundred people enjoying her food and reservations were booked out for days.
    I appreciate the observations of the malcontents, it is what you believe as perceived through your various filters and your blue pill educators. I’ve been an adult on this planet for nearly 40 years and experienced both the good and bad in America.
    You know little of what you speak, just ask the little old lady from South America.

    1. So it is blue pill to observe the decline of the USA because of one single recent immigrant. Nice logic there.

        1. I’m sure you can find successful little old ladies anywhere in the world. Her example doesn’t really prove anything

        2. But if you want a constructive suggestion, getting rid of dual-national citizens out of American Government would be a good start.

        3. Oh so posters have been lied to and White Knight Alchy rushes to their rescue. Being lied to is part of life. If you can’t handle it, you are indeed fuc7ed. Good luck.

        4. …and yet here you are. Greatness my ass; our country is getting crushed and kind-hearted suckers like you keep emptying our pockets to look out for people you think can’t survive without a piece of the pie, courtesy of your fellow Americans’.

        5. So, I’m emptying your pockets? How’s that work?
          Last I checked I create jobs and pay taxes (lots of taxes).

        6. Type-o, my mistake. Emptying YOUR pockets. What a man earns belongs to him, not to some other idiot off down the road somewhere.

    2. I understand your argument that some of these criticisms of America being a complete shithole are unfounded. I agree some of these complaints are ridiculous when comparing America to most other nations. However, there are legitimate complaints to have about the direction of our country and voicing them whilst providing improvements is not blue pill.

      1. Good points….and it’s one of the very reasons why we are here at ROK. To share notes and to find solutions (new ideas) to our current problems.
        I enjoy how men gather to share notes, ideas, thoughts, suggestion, etc….to better ourselves and to find solutions.
        It’s who we are as men.

    3. America is ideal for mediocre people who wish to solely piss, fuck, eat, count pennies in their bank account, and go shopping. It’s the bourgeois dream … protection from real danger or risk.
      For the rest of us, it lacks any spiritual meaning.

      1. The whole point of America is that government is NOT supposed to be lending you spiritual meaning. That’s up to you, your family, your local community. Looking towards a centralized government to give you spiritual meaning in life is seriously scary, dude.

    4. Super. Lucky for us you’re here to straighten out everyone who “knows little of what they speak”.
      Guessing she came here legally at least? How much of her income is she shipping back South and out of our economy? The responsibility of American government is to its citizens, not to would-be immigrants around the world. You offering an emotion-filled pitch and blue-pill name-calling over the beauties of serving everyone BUT American citizens is exactly what the author is talking about.

  11. The author’s general idea that we must have a return to conservative principles is correct. This includes limited, Constitutional government, traditional gender roles, and the promotion of the free market.
    To those who say that America hasn’t changed much, this is incorrect. Prior to the growth of the American welfare state and the sexual revolution, American society was one in which government was small, debt was virtually nonexistent except for during wars, the free market drove national prosperity, and gender roles were strongly adhered to, with men being men and women serving largely as homemakers. Originally, unlike most nations, the national bank wasn’t even allowed to print its own money, all the way from Jackson until 1913.
    None of those things can be said today, because of a trend of growing government, Constitutional deviation, and corruption that began with the Progressives and continues today. As the author accurately notes, the beliefs of the hippies of the ’60s, which were radical at the time, have now largely become mainstream.
    However, I would disagree with the idea of burning the flag as a solution. The flag is not the problem; it represents all that is good about America (freedom, equality under the law, etc). The problem is our current leadership, and they are the ones against whom we should direct our energies.

    1. “The problem is our current leadership, and they are the ones against whom we should direct our energies.”
      The problem started way “back when” and it has continued through to our current leadership. Many GOP leaders haven’t actually taken us back to “small government” either. Both Reagan and Bush (plus W) didn’t do us any favors, either. It was business as usual with politicians making out, first….corporate America, second…and fuck the rest of us.
      Let’s be honest…I haven’t seen a GOP leader yet deliver on that “smaller government” promise (always made during the primaries).
      It’s why so many of us are pissed at them as well.

      1. Some of them do at the local levels. At the Federal level though, yeah, not a lot to be shown as progress towards reducing government.

  12. I see some Millennials taking heat in the comments. As a millennial, let me point something very important out: My generation is evidence of just how far statist and progressive indoctrination has come in the public school system.
    If you indoctrinate kids for 8 hours a day with progressive liberal ideas, we shouldn’t be surprised when they actually vote for said ideals. (When we actually bother to vote.)
    This is no accident. Quotes from John Dewey, the founder of the American public school system:
    “I believe that the community’s duty to education is, therefore, its paramount moral duty…Through education society can formulate its own purposes, can organize its own means and resources, and thus shape itself with definiteness and economy in the direction in which it wishes to move.”
    “I believe that when society once recognizes the possibilities in this direction, and the obligations which these possibilities impose, it is impossible to conceive of the resources of time, attention, and money which will be put at the disposal of the educator….”
    “I believe that with the growth of psychological service, giving added insight into individual structure and laws of growth; and with growth of social science, adding to our knowledge of the right organization of individuals, all scientific resources can be utilized for the purposes of education.”
    I went to private schools as well as being homeschooled for several years, so I was deliberately introduced to multiple different worldviews. Many of my friends though did not and it takes a long time to show them the various amount of progressive presuppositions that influence their thinking. One has to literally deprogram them.
    The internet obviously helps, but its really hard to have an indepth conversation when most of my generation refuses to read past two paragraphs because its a “Wall of Text”. (Thanks twitter.)
    Something that B here pointed out: What exactly have we been given? The job market is crap, (Most of those created jobs are all part time.) the cost of living continues to rise, we now have to buy healthcare, ect. Once you realize that you are paying 50% when you take indirect taxes into account, (Taxes on literally every sale, your gas, phone bill, going to a concert, ect.) you realize just how much money the government is taking from us.
    I’ve become so angry with the system in general that I’ve given up. The only way to fight back is to literally bleed the system dry. Part of my revenge on the government for forcing me to sign up for healthcare has been to sign up for Medicaid as well as SNAP (Food stamps.) I’m going to apply for every last program/benefit under the sun.
    Kudos to Captain Capitalism for this idea as well as the ugly truth.

    1. You’re absolutely right. Like Lenin said, gimme a kid for 10 years and I’ll give you a Bolshevik. What I’m enjoying though is the teenage kids now have heard so much of it, calling each other “nigger” or “wetback” is like an inside joke…the louder the message about what beautiful clothes the emperor has on, the bigger the joke becomes.

  13. The 40 year old liberal is a dirty and sad animal… It holds on to ideas it knows would fail. Mostly fat middle aged women who are unmarried and will never marry because who wants to be with crazy cat women..

  14. This is EXACTLY what the problem is with white America. They don’t understand that their image of America is based on a white America and it exists wherever whites exist so their loyalty should not be to their flag but to their people.

      1. …especially when taking any interest in the well-being of their people is labeled “supremacist”.

  15. As a Gen-X’r, who “served my country” and all that. I am completely MGTOW on “America” now. It sounds cliché, but really this isn’t the country I grew up in, and if that’s perceived as racist or “you people” stuff. I don’t care. I will discourage my kids from serving in the military, and it is my hope to emigrate to Latin America, for good or bad. All the people who hate this country have ruined it, and I want to shift the costs of the welfare and military state, onto their shoulders, squarely. In ten years, I can tune in to watch all the Social Justice Creeps being executed by the very people they sought to “help”.

  16. America’s decline really set-in in the 50’s, after Sputnik when power and ambition shifted from industry to academia: theory became more important than action and the practical, and credentials became more important than skills. What made America great was the ease in which it allowed people to develop skills in a short time, which they could trade for labor or develop into entrepreneurial endeavors.

    1. Morally perhaps, but I think the economy was definitely not in decline in the 80s or 90s. We seemed to weaken with the W. era & now, although there are mixed messages, I think we’re still in a fairly deep “recession”. I’m not saying any one party or president is at fault though.

      1. The economy will NEVER recover. Automation, outsourcing, and artificial stimulus will make sure the elites continue to amass wealth but the middle class, the true measure of prosperity, will decline. America will be the proverbial “rich country of poor people.”

        1. Sad, but very possibly true…the cost just to survive these days is rough for the average person, insurances, healthy food, all the automobile expenses, keeping an updated wardrobe, healthcare, saving $ for retirement(if possible), it’s a war

        2. You forgot kids … average kid cost 250 to 400K from the age of 0 to 18, not counting college.

        3. I didn’t include that since I personally wrote that off my list of things to do many years ago, lol.

        4. You forgot kids … average kid cost 250 to 400K from the age of 0 to 18, not counting college.
          I tell this to my son and daughter when they get a bit rebellious. I then add “Now, do we consider that money a gift….or a loan”. heh

  17. Burning flags is nothing more that partaking in the childish games of symbolism that progressives like to limit their opponents’ actions to. Until we move past that kind of look-at-me displays, we will always be playing a game in which they are the judge.
    Burning progressives would work. By definition, as there are finite numbers of them. Eventually, if pursued diligently enough, there would be none left. And we would have won.
    Expecting those with a monopoly on the use of force to simply give that monopoly up because we “signal our displeasure with them”, is just unrealistic.
    I suspect expecting the victims of over a century’s worth of pervasive progressive indoctrination to burn those they have been suckered into believing are the best and brightest, or to engage in such a taboo as political violence/terrorism (read: freedom fighting), is equally unrealistic. But one could always hope. The Somalis did pull it off, but then again,. those fiery buggers are of cradle of civilization stock…..
    Most likely, we will have to resign ourself to waiting for help from the outside. As the cancer continues to weaken what once was America, it becomes less and less able to withstand challenges from less afflicted competitors from afar. Until it simply gets run over by better people. The way this place is going, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving lot.

    1. Burning progressives would work. By definition, as there are finite
      numbers of them. Eventually, if pursued diligently enough, there would
      be none left. And we would have won.

      Sir, I like the cut of your jib.
      On a tangental note, Somalia started in *worse* conditions than it exists now. When they shed their government things actually *improved*. However, since they are still dirt poor and look like all other shit hole African nations, it’s not evident to the Western eye.

  18. The rightwing in this country is an utter farce; it has absolutely no ideology at all, and exists purely to benefit the specific group of people that fund it.
    The idea that conservatives are some kind of backbone of our economy is transparently ludicrous. The technology industry- the one area of the american free market you can argue is genuinely exceptional- is hardly a bastion of American conservatism. The economic sector that IS rightwing is the financial industry. The financial industry is nothing but thieving parasites that make and do nothing except enrichen themselves AND theyre underpinned by government welfare.
    Americas decline can be squarely pinned on endless pointless foreign wars and the collapse of the industrial economy. And what party do you think the kind of people that send factories to China vote for? You can ask Mitt Romney.
    The destruction of skilled manufacturing jobs has economically blighted men and forced us to compete with women for jobs theyre more suited for.

    1. Peter Hitchens also laments that the Tories are completely “denatured and only care about money.”
      No real patriotism

      1. Capitalism is anathema to real patriotism…and patriotism is frequently its pawn. We live in a country where people that defund schools and send jobs to China say they love America with a straight face.
        I just noticed the article was written by a cop…which makes a lot of sense. Cops, or as I like to refer to them, “wife beating, dog shooting, professional bullies”, are the systems most brutal lackeys.
        Home of the free…now take a piss test before you start your minimum wage job at pizza hut.

    2. The economic sector that IS rightwing is the financial industry. The
      financial industry is nothing but thieving parasites that make and do
      nothing except enrichen themselves AND theyre underpinned by government

      Yet even with all that, NYC is somehow Democrat central, and the very wealthy vote overwhelmingly Democrat.

      1. The bankers all live in Bergen county or Long Island
        …and look at NYCs last two mayors.
        Post Gulliani new york is basically a playground for billionaires in manhattan.

      2. All politicians are parasites. It’s why they can easily change sides if they don’t think they have support from their current party.
        It’s why it is truly useless to vote in this country. Politicians are bought and paid for (and it’s more in your fact, today, since Citizens United passed).
        America was sold out a long time ago and the few (including the lawmakers on the hill) are greatly benefiting from it while the rest keep working away.
        Don’t let any politician tell you “who you are”…fuck them. Look out for yourself, only.

        1. Politicians are practically irrelevant when the “free market” is allowed to run everything.

        2. …but who would siphon money off all those hard-working people if not an elected parasite??

        3. I was with ya’ brother until this.
          Don’t let any politician tell you “who you are”…fuck them. Look out for yourself, only.
          I’d amend that a bit, if you don’t mind.
          Don’t let any politician tell you “who you are”…fuck them. Look out for yourself, your family and your friends.
          Gotta keep the patriarchy, the real one, always ready to bring forward when the time is right. Can’t do that if we abandon family and friends in a retreat to atomism.

        4. Sure..and good point. I was pretty much including the important groups (family, close friends) in that broad statement “look out for yourself”…but good adjustment.

    3. There is no right wing in mainstream Western societies, just a bunch of soft, senile conservatives
      It always cracks me up when I hear some leftist faggot bitching about “right wing extremism” while living in a western country

  19. Let’s get real here, no matter how much we try to ignore facts, it doesn’t take away the truth of the facts. The Frankfurt School of Philosophy and many similar types, incubated, nurtured, and permeated the current climate of mass degeneracy, utter disillusionment, confused roles between the sexes and fragmented family life. It’s only controversial because most of those academics possess a common ethnicity, the same way many US crack dealers may be black. Yes it’s unnerving to state a glaring observation, but true. All this bullshit about boomers, Xers and millennials is just PC speak that only conveys generational differences and symptoms but not the problem.
    It’s an argument fit for a child who’s not ready for the unkind and unpleasant truths of the real world, but truths that must be told nonetheless much like the redpill. I care for all my Jewish friends and associates, so by no means is this a canard against Jews, but if we want to get serious about the roots of feminism and current societal degeneracy we cannot ignore the roles that certain Jews have played, much like we can’t have a serious argument about inner-city crime in major US cities without discussing the underlying cultural element within the black community that breeds criminality. If certain authors what us to take such topic seriously, stop with the child’s play.

    1. I think you have to look at the CIA as well. Journalist Gary Webb and LAPD Detective Michael Ruppert uncovered the CIA backing and funding of the crack trade in the late 80’s, and they are the ones who authored Operation Northwoods and started MK-Ultra. Societal Control has always been one of their mission goals, and it’s in their interests to keep society weak. Granted, they have had a Jewish director, and a Bush director as well. But overall I think a lot of the societal deconstruction would have occurred regardless of the involvement of the group you mentioned. After all, they did (the CIA) play a big part in creating Feminism.

      1. The jewish involvement in banking (federal and otherwise), leftist academia, government, law, and cultural marxism in general is a far cry from a “wild conspiracy theory”. And I’ll tell you something a leftist will never tell you, don’t just take someone’s word, “LOOK INTO IT YOURSELF”.

    2. I think you have to look at the CIA as well. Journalist Gary Webb and LAPD Detective Michael Ruppert uncovered the CIA backing and funding of the crack trade in the late 80’s, and they are the ones who authored Operation Northwoods and started MK-Ultra. Societal Control has always been one of their mission goals, and it’s in their interests to keep society weak. Granted, they have had a Jewish director, and a Bush director as well. But overall I think a lot of the societal deconstruction would have occurred regardless of the involvement of the group you mentioned. After all, they did (the CIA) play a big part in creating Feminism.
      A good question might be, what degree of influence do the Jewish and Elites currently have over the CIA? And if there is influence, how has it evolved over time?

      1. I’ve had some interaction with the “Clowns in Action”. The trait I noticed more than any other was not “intelligence” or anything else. Getting the “blue badge” seems to hinge on accepting whatever the company line is, no matter how ridiculous it is. Even normal conversational questions are seen as inappropriate, because hey, CLASSIFIED….just do as you’re told.

    3. Agree. And the fact that you have to tippy-toe around saying anything about it only underlines what a serious problem it is.

  20. “just because an enemy waves the flag doesn’t mean you need to march behind him.”
    and this is coming from a cop?

    1. Not all cops are bad. I’ve known cops who have recited the 2nd Amendment back to sneering progressives as the reason that they would not bother open carriers (carrying sidearms in a holster on your hip). They are not all cut from the same cloth.

      1. i’m sure there are cops who are good people, but just being a cop means you are putting your life on the line to enforce the current regime, which the author claims has been taken over by enemies. it just seems a little bit hypocritical.

  21. Increasingly more and more gen x’ers lack any first hand experience or childhood memories of what traditional hardworking landowning self sustaining family life was like. Raised by single black widow or preying mantis bitch mothers or by the state, many youth sadly can only connect to their ancestral patriarchal creed by viewing the pictures in dated books depicting the way of life in the past.
    When old lithographs of generational patriarchal family reunions, thanksgiving diners at a homestead and young men working and training in the trade or craft of their father are all that remain of golden ages past – then undoubtably we have a HELL OF A CALLING awaiting us.
    Sure MIGHTY MEN can YANK BACK the hands of the clock and give life extension to the age of decency, a feat which becomes compoundedly larger with time, but IT IS POSSIBLE still. MANPOWER IS GREAT. Never doubt it.
    We haven’t yet reached a point where there is no one alive who actually remembers experiencing patriarchy as normalcy. Yes, at that point it would be very hard to revive, perhaps like restoring ROME or EGYPT from their modern day preserved ruins back to the dynamic functioning engines and skylines as seen in the artists pictures of their heyday.
    Some gen x’ers surprisingly emerge from beneath heaps of carousel bitch mothers slop. Alive and vibrant, they crawl out and away from the whore and her bitch system in all its trappings and scream ‘HAIL PATRIARCHY’. Proof that the patriarchy NEVER DIES. It is clearly spiritual.
    IT IS SPIRITUAL absolutely.

    1. GenX’ers are in their 40’s. I think we have some pretty decent memories AND experience with land owning and hard work and family life.

  22. If it takes someone pointing the finger of blame at you to goad you into action over something you feel guilt about then the fault lies in you. Not the leftist.

    1. “If it takes someone pointing the finger of blame at you to goad you into action over something you feel guilt about then the fault lies in you.”
      I’d agree with that in a mature adult. Since these fuckers start on kids the second they get to preschool, no American alive today ever had a chance to make up their own mind. Every American sees themselves as a servant of the “underserved minority”, a “nearly-there” fashion-icon, an identity gained through a job they trade most of their life for, and a loyal patriot to America via”our greatest ally” Israel.
      ….other than that, your thoughts on “conservatism” vs. “progressivism” sounds more like something a half-wit college professor might spew to a up-and-coming office drone.

      1. I think you might find the thoughts on conservatism vs progressivism make a bit more sense if you consider that I go by the dictionary definition of the words and what they stand for and do not give a damn what random Joes on blog site think the words mean.

        1. Given that dictionaries, as of late especially, twist and contort themselves according to the politics of the day, I’d advise perhaps going with something with a bit more foundational honesty for your definitions.

        2. Just stating the truth. I can pull out a dictionary from today, one from five years ago, one from ten years ago and one from fifty years ago and find the words “conservative” or “liberal” meaning entirely different things.
          If you are unaware of this, I have no idea what to tell you except to get out more and experience the world outside of your narrow views.

        3. Are you not referring to the idea of libertarianism and the idea that liberals these days tend to favour big government whereas old liberals did not.
          That’s not what I’m talking about.

  23. The flag is a symbol of oppression, dictatorship and war. It is Lincoln’s flag and he demonstrated all three.

    1. The South shoulda been left alone. But as an enemy of the Federal Reserve, Lincoln was alright. I have no idea what was going through his head by not following thru on repatriation to Liberia, so enjoy your emancipation, coal train, but save the hand-waving.

      1. I think he was too busy being dead to follow through on his saintly plans for black people. That said, Lincoln never did anything for anyone else, only himself.

        1. I think he was too busy being dead to follow through on his saintly plans for black people.
          Yeah?!? Well Obi Wan Kenobi was dead and HE had the balls to come back and help Luke prevail against the dark side! But Lincoln? Noooooo, heck no, he just took the lazy way out and let his death be permanent. Bit of a slacker, he was.
          That said, Lincoln never did anything for anyone else, only himself.
          Quite true. He was cut out of the same narcissitic micro managing cloth as Jackson and Hamilton.

  24. Two books that have helped me immensely in understanding the political developments which began in earnest with WW1 and last until now are
    * Political Ponerology by Andrew Lobaczewski
    * The Evolutionary Psychology behind Politics by Anonymous Conservative
    I post them here because I’m convinced that they are obligatory lecture to get a grasp on the degenerate politics of the “West” as a whole.
    Get them. Read them. Understand them.

  25. The burning of flags is an act of hatred that should only be reserved for the standard of one’s worst enemies. If we burn the flag we burn our own heritage and ancestors. Furthermore, the left is pretty anti- “merika” to begin with so burning the flag is often not something that they would oppose. Burning the flag does nothing for conservatives of any stripe.

    1. “America” is gone. Whats left is a feminized, diversified, multiculturalized shit-show hand-out party that serves the interest of “NOT-YOU”. That’s not your flag, those aren’t your representatives. If you feel any motivation beyond staying alive and out from under the microscope, that’s you being hustled.

  26. While those of the “Greatest Generation” were off fighting foreign enemies, they let domestic enemies get away with things like, Wickard v. Filburn.

  27. I’m a cornball and biased but I’m a fan of the good ‘ol USA. The USA has done alot in it’s short history. Certainly America is one of the “least worst countries”….

  28. Dammit that’s brilliant stuff. It’s 1000% true that the only thing holding Americans down is our willingness to comply with demands of freeloaders and parasites. But this Greatest Generation song-and-dance though, gimme a break. Those suckers went to war against their OWN KIND, and why? So that the race of people who started sucking this country dry in 1913 would have a legitimate country to run their scams from…or I could be seeing things, sure, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, sure, but never mind the drug cartels just down the road, in fact, just open the border and call it good.
    Meanwhile, the values and good sense that built the greatest country on the planet and landed men on the moon is being hustled into believing that Tyrone can be an airline pilot if we just turn a blind eye to his felonious past and inability to read.
    Time to start taking the hard line against all the diversity apologists and patriotic hi-jackers; you don’t have the stuff? No one cares if you have a vagina, a fat ass, or a hyphenated ethnic identity. BETTER is BETTER. Sub-standard, or “special” or just “different” is not BETTER.
    And burn that fucking flag down. To me, its like being a hot chick; whatever bar hot women are hanging out in, that’s gonna become the “hot” scene. Doesn’t matter about the building, or the service, or the name over the door; the scene IS wherever it IS. You could call industrious Americans the Joe-Lunchboxes if you want and they could live under a flag that’s green with a slice of cheese on it. IT DOESN’T MATTER. We are better because we are better….time for Natural Selection to do its work, if you’re in you’re in, and fuck ’em if they can’t make the cut.

  29. That’s the problem with conservatives, they come with their own form of moral orthodoxy, just like the liberals. You need some real, utilitarian leaders in charge.

    1. The problem with “utilitarian” leaders is that they end up doing what they feel is the correct thing even at the cost of morality and virtue. Consider the Reign Of Terror.
      Men are more complex than utilitarianism, but less nuanced than full blown idealism assumes. What was particularly unique about the American revolutionaries is that they rather grasped this back in their day, and mixed heady idealism with a healthy dose of realistic appraisal of human nature. We’ve lost that balance, but we can get it back I believe.

  30. I am one of those that went downrange when my country asked that of me. I am not sworn to the people, or for that matter to the government. I am sworn to a document whose ideals are still noble and when honored lead to a society that while not perfect is worth fighting for.
    The problem is that the people and the politicians in this society have become so selfish that they never mind when the government bestows yet some new power upon it that they could never legitimately give it. So, a beast has arose and gone from servant to master, and it will have the support of at least half the population because it bestows gifts upon them.
    I look at this system now and I know it will collapse without me, or us, doing a thing. The problem is that the system is people, and a great many are going to get hurt and lose their lives.

  31. Great article Anonymous Cop.
    What if a movement emerged across America of conservative patriots
    burning the flag in protest of their dispossession? Imagine the fear
    that would consume progressives when patriots finally proclaim an
    admission that the flag no longer waves for them, that the flag will no
    longer inspire their own suicide, that reason has prevailed over
    symbolism and that self-sacrifice will no longer be idealized.

    Or, what we adopted our own flag, as we have in fact. The Gadsden. And its effect has been noticed, look at how fast the leftists sneer at Gadsdens and those who carry them. They scream every insult in the book, but the numbers on our side keep growing.
    I really think that many of us knew deep down about the transfer of our cultural traditions to the Leftists, which is why you see far more rattlesnake flags at rallies and across the internet now. Thirty years ago this would have been an impossibility, we’d all still have been draped in red white and blue.

  32. This country’s misery
    Speaks greatly of enmity
    Of this I sing.
    Where no more fathers thrive
    Land of the feminist’s pride
    From every jail cell’s side
    Great punishments bring!
    Flee from this country, me
    Quick to the airport’s glee
    My passport in my glove
    Won’t miss the chicks with grills
    Can’t stand the legal bills
    I paid for some dove.
    Made fat on government cheese
    And free things that grow on trees
    Sweet entitlements throng
    Let men’s efforts partake
    Of victory over devils awake
    Rocks in prison they may break
    The justice prolonged.
    Our fathers brought to thee
    Fraternity of liberty
    To this we should sing
    Forbearance may be our right
    When presented with any slight
    But I prefer to flex my might
    And celebrate free men as Kings.
    (to the tune of “America, My Country, ‘Tis of Thee”)

  33. Somehow, I don’t think it is the progressive left that is the source of (all) problems, author, but those who would convince you to turn against them specifically.

  34. This is worrying coming from an American. Your country has a written way of doing things. It’s called the Constitution, a ‘rule book’ compiled by your nation’s founders. Referring to those you disagree with as ‘enemies’ and all but calling for armed insurrection comes close to putting you in the category of a ‘domestic enemy’ of the USA. Under the circumstances Americans approving of this post should take a long hard look at themselves and consider if you have any business calling yourself an American…

  35. Question. Why was the picture of three African-Americans seemingly attacking a white guy?

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