I Dare You

I dare you to go to the bookstore, buy a big-ass history book that weighs more than your balls, and finish it within a week.

I dare you to buy Starting Strength then go to a gym and do some squats.

I dare you to walk out the door and get embarrasingly rejected by the first cute girl who crosses your path.

I dare you to register a domain name, figure out how to use WordPress, and put your ideas and experiences into words.

I dare you to turn your internet off for a day.

I dare you to dress nice, go to a club alone, and approach ten women.

I dare you to buy a self-improvement book, put aside your ego, and learn something new from another man.

I dare you to delete all your porn, limit masturbating to only one day a week, and get horny enough to seek release inside a real vagina.

I dare you to do 100 pushups.

I dare you to stop talking about yourself in conversation, stop seeking validation, and simply ask questions and shut the fuck up.

I dare you to go for a long walk on Sunday without a cell phone and reflect on your goals and how you’re going to get there.

I dare you to visit a neighboring city for a weekend and see if you can get laid.

I dare you to fail with even though you tried your best.

I dare you to forget everything I’ve ever told you and figure shit out on your own. No one has the knowledge and ability to improve your life like you can. Take big risks and learn big from them.

25 thoughts on “I Dare You”

  1. Oh yeah pushups. I wonder why you never see people doing them in the gym. I use it for warmup after my initial 5 – 10 minutes of running. But damn, 100 is tough. Challenge accepted.

  2. Because pushups aren’t really used for strength, if you can do 100, you aren’t strong, you have got endurance. You need to do different pushups, like diamond pushups for a lower amount of reps to make you stronger. But apart from that pushups are a great assistance exercise for Bench Press.

    1. @Trzer Have you checked out the book “Convict Conditioning”? It’s basically a guide for working out with little or no equipment. In that book pushups are definitely an exercise to build strength (and endurance of course). The way it goes is that you accomplish a certain technique and then move on to the next, harder one. In the case of pushups the next step for me is doing 40 of them with my hands touching each other in front of my chest. Afterwards I’ll do exercises that will lead to one-armed pushups. I’m just doing this additionally to my normal routine, but the point is: It does help to build strength. As you said, similar to Bench Press.

      1. Yes, but that is excactly what I said, they progress to a more difficult pushup. I’m personally doing SL 5×5, but if CC is working for you that’s great, I just like barbells more 🙂

  3. i have Starting Strength and it can be a tough read, but because of it i have been doing barbell squats, dead lifts, and standing presses as well as bench presses. when i can find a good trainer for the Olympic lifts i’ll start doing snatches, cleans, etc.
    rock on men

    1. Olympic lifts are the tits. Check USWA site for local clubs in your area for a qualified coach, it can make all the difference. Crossfit coaches can vary greatly in quality, but if you find good one training in weighting is as much mentally challenging as it is physically; I love it.

  4. A scientific study concludes that mind wandering leads to people being more unhappy:

    It seems to me that really focusing yourself on a goal therefore will make one happier..

  5. After a 14 hour work day, I took a long walk through my neighborhood in the cold–no phone, wallet, just a set of keys. It was the most rejuvenating thing I’ve done in a while and I am now more focused.
    Keep challenging yourselves men.

  6. I downloaded a 100 pushups app for my phone. The first day I did one set of 17, about a month later I’m doing 5 sets of 25. All you have to do is start!

  7. No thank you; this whole business sounds like more trouble than it is worth, like pussy in general. Instead, I make myself happy without trifling with others.

  8. I learned how to cut a log in half with a handsaw without having any guides while making an amazingly accurate cut… it took a shitload of effort 🙂 .

  9. Challenge accepted.Appropriate day to start today since it is my birthday.

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