8 Ways To Forge Strength Through Challenges

We, modern men, need to constantly improve ourselves in a hostile world like ours that tries to debase us. While the lesser “men” embrace weakness and degeneracy, we must embrace strength and discipline. While whiners complain about how unfair the world is and how it’s better to just disengage, we must engage the world with greater willpower and defeat our enemies. Towards this end, I propose that we become both resilient and antifragile in every way possible.

The following are ways you can turn a seemingly negative circumstances into strengths.

1. Stress

Although stress has been maligned as the plague of the modern world that wrecks our mental and physical health, the way you perceive it makes a profound difference on how it affects you. New studies have shown that those who see stress as being toxic suffered damaging health effects while who saw it as being helpful were able to turn it into a source of energy to push them through their challenges.

So, next time you feel stressed from whatever trouble you may be facing, remember that it is your friend. You must reframe the sensation and believe that it’s your body trying to help you. By changing how you processes stress, you can use it to succeed in life.

2. Obstacles

Your response to obstacles reveal the kind of man you really are.

Whatever obstacles you may face in your endeavors, you have two choices: become frustrated and discouraged by it, or see it as an opportunity to grow stronger. Like stress, it’s the weaker man’s inclination to view an obstacle as a confirmation of his own helplessness, but you must do better and face up to whatever gets in your way. Use every occasion to grow stronger from your obstacles and if you aren’t facing enough of them in your life, you need to get out and start doing more things.

How you deal with obstacle will show your true nature as a man for the world to see. So, don’t pussy out or moan about what you must overcome; instead, be determined to rise above it. Your honor is at stake.

3. Failures

Failures are inevitable in life. Although you should always try your best to succeed, you shouldn’t be afraid to fail either. Just as with obstacles, view every instance of failure as an opportunity to learn and adapt. It’s not failure itself that is bad, but not learning from it or giving up so easily. Remember: winners don’t quit; they try to do better.

4. Rejection

Rejection is a specific kind of failure that is often the most painful of them all. It’s especially difficult because it’s often unclear whether it was actually your fault or not. I would say that it’s best to assume full responsibility for all the rejections you face and see what area you can improve to better increase your chance next time. As long as you’re willing to learn and as long as you’re willing to try again, you will grow. Master rejections and you’ll be placing yourself far above other men.

5. Physical Discomfort

This is why Russians are so tough.

It’s well known that the human body is designed to be anti-fragile. Your bones get thicker with every blow and your skin gets tougher with every scrap. Pain and discomfort of all sorts also become more bearable the more you expose yourself to them. The more harshness you endure, the stronger you become over time. But inversely, the more comfortable you are, the softer you turn and the weaker you get.

One simple method you can implement to become more healthy and energized is to start taking cold showers. The benefits of doing it are many, including: stronger immune system, enhanced mood and energy, better circulation, boost in testosterone level, and so on. If you are having trouble getting started, start by doing just 30 seconds at the end of your usual warm shower and go from there. You want to train yourself until you can comfortably stand under the coldest water for at least five minutes.

6. Fear

You can’t really turn fear itself into a positive, but the process of conquering your fears can have a transformative effect on your life. Some of the proudest, most exciting, and memorable moments of my life were when I defied fears by doing a presentation in front of hundreds of people (I had a terrible stage-fright), going rock climbing (I have a terrible fear of heights), and traveling for the first time by myself to a foreign country.

One thing you can do to completely turn your life around is to do what this man did and make a list of all the fears that you wish to defeat. Write them down in an order from the least fearful to the most and start knocking them down one by one. It’s impossible not to become a better man once you conquer them all.

7. Anger

Like fear, anger is not something you can transform into a positive trait (I’ve heard of people “transmutating” their anger to re-channel the energy into other activities, but I’ve never had it work that way). However, it is a good focal point to master your mind to become more stoic. It can also serve as your area of focus if you practice meditation.

No matter how unpleasant, your anger will teach you a lot about yourself and only if you allow it. It will reveal your weaknesses, insecurities, and any other areas of your life in need of improvement. As one of the most base and primal of human emotions, you shouldn’t just shirk it as something that is unneeded; instead, make it your friend.

8. Negativity And Pessimism

For the longest time, I felt guilty about being “so negative” because I was constantly told by everyone else that it was a bad thing. Smile, they said; think positively, they said; your life will improve, they said. I was constantly berated for not being part of the North American positivity cult. It’s no wonder why people there tend to say that they’re doing “great” even when they’re feeling like shit (a habit I have yet to fix).

But in contrary to the long held belief that positive thinking and attitude gives you a better life, studies have shown just the opposite: Forced positivity can actually harm you. For some people (like me) positive thinking backfires and makes things worse. Also, bad-tempered people who are pessimists have been shown to enjoy more successful marriages, be healthier, live longer, be better at negotiating, and more successful overall in life. So, if you’re a natural grouch like me, it’s time to embrace who you are and tell the fake-ass, positivity people to shove it.


The road to self-improvement is an ugly and a bumpy one. I honestly can’t say that I enjoy it. But no matter what, I know that it is a necessary part of being a man. I can’t imagine myself not trying to be better in spite of all the difficulties. I refuse to live a life of complacency. Some people mock and insult our efforts, but know that their opinions don’t matter. Lesser men have no say on what it means to live. So, fight on and prosper, for this is your one and only life.

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195 thoughts on “8 Ways To Forge Strength Through Challenges”

  1. Nice read. I would suggest having a relationship with at least one psycho woman…if you can overcome that one, you’ll be stronger than steel.
    As an aside, Donald Trump told Leslie Stahl on “60 Minutes” last night that he will indeed build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico (part of it possibly a fence), and deport or incarcerate 2 to 3 million illegal immigrants –

    1. Yeah… But for how long at least? Because some of us would like to keep our sanity intact by the time the relationship end.

    2. Sorry, Bob this time I disagree , thinking of other men I know psycho women destroy a man’s psyche and live them empty, breaking up with them is also a problem as many have the tendency to stick and stalk you.
      For the wall the best known formula has been presented by Hungary, which constructed a fence, some laws need to pass fast so that it will be effective (damaging or/and passing it being a crime), plus by Russia there was an excellent example of law-built walls. In a few words the russkies removed all the incentives for illegals to migrate and most of them left by themselves.
      Let’s hope he builds all these walls, although I think it more of a certainty that he will protect the borders.

      1. Disagreement makes the world go round, my friend. I think Trump will build the wall. He was talking about how that was his field (construction). I think he might build it to keep Americans in…heh. But we’ll have to wait and see on that one.

        1. True, you should watch if there would be battlements and on the inside, the Great wall of China was made to keep the Chinese in not to keep the barbarians out (due to bad construction and manning some hordes managed to break a part and get in). The evidence is the fact that it is the only wall with battlements on both sides, so that soldiers would be able to defend the wall on both sides.

  2. Alright boys, well if any of you are in, near or willing to travel to new York and want to start having fun while forging strength it is almost Polar Bear Club time. You want to have an absolute blast, meet loads of hot and in shape women, strengthen your body and your resolve then come on our to cony island with the kneeman this winter on New Years Day (and subsequently every sunday) to go take a nice icy swim. If it snows all the better. Only down side is having to see the knee man in a speedo and chuck taylors.

      1. it is a great time. The new years day one especially. Usually draws a few hundred people who all go running across the beach into the ocean. I’ve been there with snow at like 3-4 inches and people making snow angels on the beach. A lot of very hot women. Then afterwards everyone hits up the bars and parties the day through. After that it is every sunday. A decidedly smaller though no less cool of a crown.

        1. Once I get through hell down here (summer in the desert), the last thing I personally want to do is go anywhere that has an extreme climate. Sounds like fun though. Minus the cold weather, snow and masochistic swimming in ice water. Heh.

        2. No crossing of the Mason Dixon line until the groundhog gives me the thumbs up, but thanks anyway!

        3. Oh there’s nothing at all wrong with wanting to see an attractive woman dressed appropriately. I personally think that she looked sexier in that movie dressed like that than even your modern 9 looks in a bikini.

        4. Yep.
          And of course, that brunette, whose name I do not know, who was strutting around in her undies in the snow, was also pretty easy on the eyes.

    1. I’ve been in awe of those psychos all my life….
      It dwindled for a bit, right? seemed like a handful of fat old rabbinical types (on TV anyway) for most of my yute.

      1. that’s how it was back then. On new years day it is usually a hundred or more and most of them in their 20’s. It is kind of like santacon but colder and more hilarious. People show up in costumes and with tea sets. After the time on the beach and jumping around the water everyone hits the bars. Further, most sundays het a few dozen people on the turn out and I would have to say that while there is still the handful of fat old rabbinical types, the vast majority seem to be in their late 20’s. I’ve met a lot of girls and had a lot of fun when I have gone.

        1. I just hope the hipsters and new diks don’t ruin this vestige of Old New York.
          But really, who can argue with the upgrade in scenery you describe?

        2. fuck old new York. Health department closed mcsorely’s I saw this morning. They can cure and then reopen if they can afford it. All these old shitty things that people say bring “character” are actually just dirty shitty things. I lived in NY in the 70’s and 80’s. It was dirty and crime filled. The city keeps getting better.

        3. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a ‘grit-fetishist’ nor am I lost in second-hand nostalgia.
          It’s not the oldness or shitiness that appeals. For me, I just appreciate the things that grew and thrived there, even if they do have to die someday. Too much of what I see there now was recently planted, fully formed, like all the damned Starbucks’s and TDBanks….the homogenization is unfortunate.
          And all these monied diks moving there for their own pre-conceived ‘city experience’, as if the City is some sort of over-priced theme park! Old New York as I put it belonged to the New Yorkers. If you had the balls to move there, you learned to adapt. Now, people bring the ‘burbs with them.

        4. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a ‘grit-fetishist’ nor am I lost
          in second-hand nostalgia.
          It’s not the oldness or shitiness that appeals. For me, I just appreciate the things that grew and thrived there, even if they do have to die someday. Too much of what I see there now was recently
          planted, fully formed, like all the damned Starbucks’s and TDBanks….the
          homogenization is unfortunate.
          And all these monied diks moving there for their own pre-conceived ‘city experience’, as if the City is some sort of over-priced
          theme park! Old New York as I put it
          belonged to the New Yorkers. If you had
          the balls to move there, you learned to adapt.
          Now, people bring the ‘burbs with them.

    1. You just pegged pretty nearly 95% of every married man I’ve ever met.

    2. by “pegged” I meant “accurately described” and not “strapped on a dildo and fucked them in the ass”

        1. It is actually an old idiom as angry women would throw their slippers at their husbands without damaging them, men who feel alright with this literally and figuratively (being bullied by their wives into doing what they want) came to be called as such.

        2. I would walk out the door and never come back if a woman did that to me. But I make that clear in the beginning. Saves a lot of shit tests. “If you ever bring trouble to my door I will teach you the waking, screaming definition of the word.” These slippermen should try it. Works every time.

      1. “..men here we call them slippermen (pantoflakides)..”
        Thats funny as they are called “slipper heroes” (Pantoffelhelden) in Germany.

        1. Probably to a superior sense of irony, as I read it I started seeing an old man in his pajamas running through a hail of slippers, while dodging Japanese wooden sandals, all thrown by his wife, angry at him for some reason…

    3. When my grandmother was still alive, I brought over my then girlfriend (now wife) for the first time for Thanksgiving. My grandmother was on her last legs, and she had only another year and a half of life yet (which obviously we did not know at the time). She was weak, on oxygen, could barely putter around. The women folk (her daughters and daughters in law) all pitched in to help make Thanksgiving dinner, with grandma still doing her best to contribute.
      After the dinner was up, my girlfriend (now wife) walked in and asked if she could help clean up. My grandmother smiled and was smitten with her from that point forward. The funny thing is, that I walked into the kitchen to grab some remant turkey off of the plate and walked over and was about to kiss my girl when my grandmother literally (Hitler) whacked me on the back of the head and told me “This is not a place for you, you have no business being here in the kitchen, get back in the front room!” For you see, the kitchen was Woman Domain Only. Period. And even 1.5 years from death and barely able to move around, this 4’11” frail little old lady was determined to ensure that proper gender roles were observed, and one of those rules was “no men in the kitchen”.
      Miss that woman.
      Your graphic reminded me of her. She’d have pulled out her .38 and shot any man who dared to walk in and tried to cook or clean dishes on Thanksgiving.

      1. reminds me of my favorite old saying. My grandfather had a man cave…it was called “the house” and he kindly allowed my grandmother full control over the kitchen and a small room for her sewing machine.

        1. I love when people throw that “man cave” shit at me. I answer basically like your grandfather did. Also when I talk about my motorcycle at work and some hag chimes in with “I don’t know why your wife let you have that, I’d never let my husband buy one!” “Yeah, well see, I’m an adult, not a child, and I don’t spend my time groveling for permission at my wife’s feet.” (actually said this once….the glares I got from the 5 women at the table was…priceless).

        2. Man cave has always been such a curious thing to me. To see how guys are so proud of it. I mean, I get women acting like the way you say. They root for their own team. Understandable. But men don’t just willingly get subjugated, they are proud of it

        3. I *loathe* the self effacing “happy office guy” who goes on about “the boss back home” and “I’ll have to ask the boss about…blah blah blah”. Fucking grinning little schmucks. It’s literally (Hitler) all I can do to not stand up and punch them direct in the face. Needless to say, when work-from-home became a “thing” where I work, I jumped at the opportunity.

        4. I would love to work from home. That said, I would need a separate room for it….if that makes sense. When work is over work is over and even looking at my desk or files etc would bother me. Even when I was in graduate school and had a desk in my apartment to do my school work out I had it sectioned off so I couldn’t see it during other times. I imagine this isn’t such a big deal outside of a city where space is hard to come by. My last apartment I had a separate room where I had a little home office set up and that, by New York standards, made me a real fancy pants.

        5. Yeah, I have an actual office, with a door. Big ol’ oak wrap around desk.

        6. sweet. If you are like me you will feel a sense of “the day is over” when you close the door.

        7. It’s a little difficult to focus. But the pros definitely outweigh the cons. It’s cool to be able to check ROK for instance, but I really shouldn’t be on here now.

        8. I can check ROK from my office (obviously). Still, I see def upside. That said, I like getting dressed and going into my office. Smiling at the beautiful well dressed women on the subway and street, having my secretary be flirty, sitting in my office and feeling kind of cool. I wonder though. My friend travels 3 weeks out of the month for work. I always thought that would be cool. I don’t even leave manhattan let alone fly city to city. He says he envies my stability and I tell him I envy his ability to roam. I guess it is like that. The things you don’t do yourself are easy to romanticize. But everything has its ups and downs no doubt.

        9. bingo. My grandma had a room like that. There was a bunch of thread, an ironing board and a singer. I remember as kids my cousins and I were always afraid of that room. Like it was the haunted room or something. No one knew what the hell went on in there. Now that I am older I imagine my grandmother probably had her little nips of brandy in there.

        10. Meanwhile, finding a chick who even knows how to sew these days is a very rare thing.

        11. this is my new go to if someone ever shows me their man cave. “Nice treehouse”

        12. I admit I lack the discipline to work at home. Tried it now and again, but I really need a different ‘scene’ to stay focused. Also, I don’t want that crap (the ‘job’ – not to be confused with ‘work’ )contaminating my Sanctuary.

        13. I learned a while back to get all of my real work done early and up front. Never leave anybody wanting or waiting, and get your deliverables in on time and under budget. That leaves me with a good 6 hours a day to fudge around basically “on call” in case something comes up that I’m needed for. 2 hours a day at my salary? Fuck yeah I’ll take that!

        14. I hear ya – leave that shit outta site!
          and regarding spatial constraints….
          My Long-Suffering Wife was working full time from home while we were renovating our 800 sf rowhouse….
          Don’t miss that shit one bit!

        15. It really is. The only thing that’s different now than when I was in the office is that I’m very social and a bit of an extrovert, so when work is done I have to hit the gym and sometimes a bar to get in my “face time” with actual human beings, live and in person.

        16. I have no idea how to sew or how to have children, but I suppose if you can do both you might as well teach one to the other.

        17. Being able to sew on a missing button, or patch a hole in a pair of pants is a good skill for any man to have. Self-sufficiency is power.

        18. I hear this shit a lot too and it drives me crazy. Gotta love how a woman takes a “man” and reduces him to one (cuck) room of the house.

        19. Yup, you always need an excuse to get cleaned up and out of the house. Otherwise, you will find yourself hanging out in attire like the losers in Wal-Mart.

        20. My old boss was pretty much like that. I despised him. When i quit the job eventually and some time later wrote him an email telling him honestly what I thought of him, he falsely sued me for hacking his stupid computer system because it crashed a few days later (he was really illiterate technologically). This led to cops who unquestioningly believed him (it’s a “Strafverfahren”, that is, it is like … federally a crime or whatever. Not civil court, but … thing.. whatever). They came and took away all my computers while ignoring my good arguments and my offer to help them out and give them the data they wanted. I insulted those cops and eventually, I got a bill over 6000 EUR for insulting them.
          I hope Karma will give me an opportunity to come back at that fucker.

        21. Best possible scenario: You work a job you love with a project you love with other people who feel the same way and you basically talk high-end language with them about the project. Amazing.
          My usual experience is much more disheartening: Being one of two men in an office otherwise pretty much full of women who kept chattering about nonsense all the time (and were completely unable to comprehend anything deeper about the job you were doing)

      2. Your Grandma-in-law had it right. God made men and women different to compliment each other. I would be pissed off if I was working in the garage and some woman tries to take over what I am doing. Of course I can cook, but that is only when circumstances make it necessary.

      3. She must have been a very sweet, very smart woman – but she took no crap, too, which is admirable. My grandmother was much the same way. She would shoo the men out of the kitchen. She wouldn’t be caught dead allowing a man to cook a meal or do dishes. She worried about everybody in the family, went the extra mile to insure everyone was happy and satisfied (especially during holiday meals), and nothing made her happier than seeing everyone at the table stuffed and smiling.
        Thanksgivings are awesome, aren’t they. Thanksgivings of yore, most especially. Ah, the memories. When I think of holiday memories I think of grandmothers and family members, true, but I also think of cold weather and snow and hot chicks all bundled up in their winter finery. There’s nothing like taking a hot girl’s clothes off, in a car, with the windows all fogged up. That first skin-to-skin contact, and that sense of urgency. Nothing like it. The holidays are great. Ho-ho-hos – everywhere!

        1. I’m all about hot chicks in bikinis, but there is some major charm to a pretty girl in a tight sweater and long skirt.
          Cold car makeouts are a rite of passage here in the Midwest. Getting the windows steamed to the point that it seems like a sauna = good clean fun.

        2. Heck yes it is (a rite of passage). I grew up one state over from you, in Indiana. And I have a vivid memory of a winter long past, which your post made me contemplate. You guys undoubtedly have some of these, too. So I was a junior in high school and this girl that I was dating was a smoking-hot blonde. She might have been the horniest girl I ever knew. Every guy with a pulse wanted to fuck her but she was mine (at least for a few months – heh). We were outside, in late winter, right next to the high school football field. There was this little ticket shack, about the size of a large phone booth, and this old guy used to sit in there during football games, and sell tickets. We went inside the shack and we had some cherry vodka that we’d brought along. She had on this polyurethane zip-up coat. It was blue, with fur lining and a hood. It was colder than fuck out, and after I chugged the last of the vodka, with my eyes glued to her as I finished it off, she unzipped her coat very slowly, pulled it open wide, lifted up her shirt (no bra), and I saw her tits jutting out, her nipples rock-hard like pencil erasers, and she said to me, breathlessly – “Fuck me, Bob.” Just three little words. Man. I will never get that out of my head…and I don’t want to, not ever.

        3. It’s so sad that women don’t understand any longer that looking like *that* would benefit them in so many ways that they now crave but cannot get because clown-hair/tatts/fat/self-mutilation.

        4. This is so true. And I try to pass advice along like this, on occasion, to young women. If they worked on being sweet and feminine, they’d have far more top-drawer suitors lining up. Some of them actually get it, when I tell them this, but I think peer pressure and “being in step with the times” is more important to them. They have plenty of time to be bitter harpies, if things wind up that way. Starting life out in that fashion guarantees that their life will never be worth a damn. But you can’t really tell ’em anything, can you…

        5. Tatts and self-mutilation are permanent. The clown hair and fatness can be corrected in time. It does require effort.

        6. clown hair can be fixed be it connotes a mental state that may not be able to. As for fatness….there is a line. That 10-20 pounds that chicks gain when they first get to college can be dealt with. But there is a line that once crossed will never be uncrossed.

        7. Basically the modern society has managed to make boredome into a contagious disease. Most people are too bored to do anything worthwile today and as long as an easy way exists for them to avoid doing anthing they ‘ll take it, men and women alike.

        8. Women are far more social than men, these means that they define themselves by the group and not through an inner working, this is the reason also for which I believe women lack volition to far greater degrees than men, hence the need for them to be passive and confronting, socially.

        9. I bet both of those grandmothers were 100 times happier than any “modern” woman who “has it all” with a C-suite job, a big house, two nannies to take care of her kids, etc.

        10. She was very content. When she was younger, my mother told me that she’d have the house clean by 10am or so, every single day (she ran a tight ship) and then would sit and watch the noon news, a soap opera, and then would get up around 2pm, and put on a dress and makeup for my grandfather’s arrival home from work. She’d literally dress up like it was Sunday Church Time, every single work day, for him, and a meal was on the table waiting for him as well. She raised four children and was proud of them all.
          Meanwhile, modern women have no real man in their lives, and come home every night exhausted, to a bunch of whiny cats.

        11. “I’m in my glory”
          – My 80-something grandmother-in-law once.
          No shit – she actually said that when I offered to help with dishes (I know, I know…)

        12. On a related note, every time I overhear a nagging wife berating her husband about some dumb thing he forgot to do, I think about all the power a woman has to truly get what she wants, in a positive way, versus resorting to nagging. Nagging is miserable for both parties, ineffective and destructive to the relationship, but it is the go-to husband/wife dynamic.
          Any wife who really wanted to improve her marriage could use the same tools she uses with her orbiters or her “work-husband” and get much better results. Just a little encouragement, a little positive reinforcement, and any wife could have her beta-shlub husband literally (Hitler) jumping through hoops. Instead, she nags. She berates and tears him down.
          The Red Pill has taught me why, of course — she no longer respects him. She sees his weakness and resents it. She wants him to just get it. She would rather nag him and berate him because he disgusts her, etc., etc.
          She is nagging not because she wants her husband to do something differently or better. She is nagging because she wants another husband.

        13. Hell, throw in a blow job whenever he does something on time/right/whatever and betcha he’ll always be sure to pay some heed to her requests. Modern women can’t be arsed with this though, its “so degrading”, meanwhile they spend their every hour degrading their husband in front of the world.

        14. Exactly. 90% of these poor schmucks would walk through fire for a handjob. How much work is that?

        15. the skin is too stretched?
          if yes, fucking god help them…
          However, the solution is the Ali G MINGA rule:

        16. love Ali G. “waaaaaiiiit…..back to Slovenia”
          Some combination of the skin being stretched and the soul irreparably damaged. Also, there is a lot of evidence that suggests that fat cells can never be obliterated. You either have to lipo them out or accept them after a while. If a girl has been 25 or more pounds over weight for 5 full years she will never be thin and beautiful

        17. Lol since you’re talking about my area of expertise…
          Adipocytes take 10 full years (in average) to be completely replaced. So, what you said is more or less right, since most people can’t be that long without regaining a few pounds, and that’s all it takes to reverse the loss of these cells.
          HOWEVER (and this is a big however), the number of cells itself is of small interest for aesthetic purposes. An adipocyte can “stretch” up to 100 times (or more) its original volume, and the only way to control the cell is to modulate its endocrine signals (most importantly, insulin and IGF, but also other mediators, as ghrelin and leptin).
          Some very expensive pharmacological ways of decreasing the numbers of these cells are being studied, and using antiretrovirals was found to be very promising.
          Liposuction… well, it works (and makes me richer every day), but only if you have full commitment of the person being treated. Why?
          1. Difficult to design a procedure in some cases, as obesity “weakens” other systems (heart function, autonomic responses, bone structure, you name it)
          2. Post-op can be really crude and painful
          3. If dietary adjustments aren’t made, the fat will simply grow in different, more “internal” and toxic ways; basically, imagine you remove fat ABOVE your abs, and it will gow UNDER them, turning the abdomen into a huge, solid barrel of fat; no good professional will want to follow this patient anymore, since we need good results for growing our clientele (this is a very, very competitive niche, especially in the top quality sector).
          Miracles are made, and these hands have sculpted marvels, but only for those who are both self-disciplined and able to afford the best.

        18. glad to have an expert on the panel. I was kind of aware about the ~10 year replacement but if the girl gets fat at 25 and stays fat until 29 and then decides to be 100% perfect with diet and exercise non-stop for 10 years and happens to have fantastic genes and loses everything….well, she will be 39 when it is all over and, as such, totally worthless anyway 🙂

        19. oh and one other thing, if you ever are at a professional conference and run into muhman Dr. Nowzaradan you tell him that lolknee thinks he is the fucking shit.

        20. “she will be 39 when it is all over”
          Au contraire, mon cher, au contraire, it’s only the beginning! I hope, at least: facelitfts, mammary corrections, laser resurfacings, etc.

        21. Living on the upper east side of new York I have seen some very excellent work…some that nearly fooled me….but the hands never lie….

        22. Haha, just the kind of thing I’d do! He’s a great man, and a good model of professionalism in this area: we do miracles, but you must behave.
          And the rest is just what I’ve written in the form of a video! 😀

        23. Don’t want to take away from your business, but lets focus on educating women to not be fat and harridans in the first place…

        24. do you do vaginal rejuvenation?
          Is that common with older/well-used wealthy broads?
          Not a fan of the boob and face work. However, perhaps, I’ve only seen poor workmanship…
          my baby-mamma, after childbirth, was sewn up like a choir-boy by the OBGYN (no homo)(no pedo)

        25. Those are the kind of memories that become bitter sweet as you grow older. They are also reminders that you have truly lived. Irreplaceable.

        26. Do I do vaginal rejuvenation? No, I do not. The last time I did something ObGyn was in Brazil, many years ago (I mean 20th century!).
          Is it common with older women? Well, it depends. First of all, and to be clear, we are talking about a set of different procedures, from the most internal ones (repositioning/attachment of the uterus or modulation of vaginal elasticity) to the more external ones (labiaplasty, removal of striae, etc.). The latter I (as most of my colleagues) would accept to do, but the former are almost an exclusive of obstetricians, or even general surgeons, depending on the most advantageous point of access (if your wife had a c-section, you’d benefit a general surgeon’s opinion, even if an obstetrician could do both approaches; it’s always advisable that the obstetrician who intervened in the first place reports all of the patient’s information).
          To be completely honest, from what I see being done (or asked to be done), in 90% of the cases, it’s the husbands/boyfriends who convince their women to seek this kind of surgery (african warlords/arab sheiks with blonde pets? Definitely!, remember I am in the french market, where this is common place…). Women are more concerned with the visible portions of their bodies.
          There is a bigger difference between bad plastic surgery and top quality plastic surgery than there is between the latter and non-intervened beauty. And then, there is a huge difference between each professional’s personal touch (this is absolutely art; noone can do it as I do, as noone could sculpt like Michelangelo did). My personal policy is to avoid the “doll look” at all costs, which for some reason is highly popular in Japan and in some elitist, young European environments.
          Anyway, if you want to see a good example of quality plastic surgery, take a look at Scarlett Johansen. Of course, a good canvas always helps, and even in this case, I would have done her nose differently.
          “sewn up like a choir-boy by the OBGYN” – most obstetricians these days are too concerned about lightning speed procedures (because of the risks posed by the baby’s low O2 pressures), and they go too easy on the scalpel (“my baby tore my V to the A”- this is IMPOSSIBLE! It was the surgeon who did it, as a safety procedure, and it is physiologically impossible for a baby to stretch the vaginal canal to the point that it ruptures). So, congratulations, your child is now a possibly smarter human, but your woman’s genitalia might need some repairs. No one can have it all.

        27. Just adding: if your sex life as a couple isn’t as pleasurable as it was before she gave birth, and you are not planning to have a new baby soon, it might be a good idea… But, as always, do it only with the best (someone experienced and specialized in that precise procedure). Less than that, spare your money.

        28. Facial architecture is my favourite realm of intervention (and I’m a procedure designer), liposuctions are just a plus.
          So, I fully subscribe to your concern.

        29. hey great, thanks for the info…
          not my wife anymore. kids is wonderful…
          my solution is to get younger women. less invasive (on the wallet)

      4. If you would throw in grand-dad pouring the gents a scotch in the front room, that could have been my grandparents house.

        1. Actually my grandfather would do that. He’d get a couple of fifths of fine Scotch as gifts, then promptly share with the men (and, in small portions, the older boys) as we watched football. I still have one of the Scotch gifts he got, from way back around 1980 or so. That’s some fucking *old* Scotch now. Bottle still sealed.

        1. Yes, but at least I have a good visa-free passport and the financial means to do so. Patrice O’Neal observed this after having to travel to Brazil to meet real, feminine women.

      5. yup
        Nearly identical experience. In fact it was only when my grandmother actually ACCEPTED help that we knew she was “getting old” (84 or so).
        I do indeed miss her.

      6. Grandma: “Get out of the kitchen”
        Harold: I’m a strong, empowered man and can cook Thanksgiving dinner as good as any woman. Your attitude is sexist!
        Grandma: Loads 38 and shoots Harold who died a virgin, male feminist at 38.

      7. Good story. The farmers where I grew up had a saying. When a young boy complained of fatigue out in the field, the farmer would say, “wanna go back to the house?” (With the women).
        Also reminded me of a quote by Dave Attel, “If I’m good, mama said I can lick the bowl, that’s how you queer up a young man, all that bowl licking.”

      8. Wow!!! A real woman!!!
        When my woman suggest I cook, I just laugh and tell her it’s your job! I ask her, she needs anything fixed?!? She says she no… I say that’s my job! If you want equality, go date a weak beta male!! When I’m around, I’m the man of the house, in charged, if you don’t like it, fuck off!! It always gets them so wet!

  3. In general for one to overcome an obstacle, he needs to bring to it more force that it can handle. People without volition cannot generate enough energy to force themselves through an obstacle, the loser mentality, or else called as learned helpessness, are ways that help conserve energies, passively though. For this reason most men get into that spiral to protect what little energy they have as their lack of volition does not allow them to push forward. There are though people who were forced in that part of self pity and passivity. This article is for them.
    Also, on a side note, a personal belief based upon ancient wisdom I believe that female sex acts more passively and socially because it lacks volition so it was mostly recognized as cthonic (earthly). This is the reason why most women never develop abilities of self-control and this is the reason that men that lack volition are considered feminized or domesticated, as women were domesticated by men so that they may live better more constructive lives, that is why in traditional societies women in general also feel better.

  4. Now come on Corey, who in his right mind would want adversity or challenges? Why not just absorb all of the softness of society? And it has benefits too! If you just give up and let the low-T flow, you’ll get to not only look like these guys, but also, look at the high quality women you can snag!
    (Mug shots of idiot Leftards arrested in Portland for protesting democracy, courtesy of Heartiste)

        1. There’s a Democrat cuck over here saying the Hillary may have surpassed Trump by at least 2 MILLION votes in the popular vote! What is the story now? These fucking idiots will just not take a beating. I’m afraid rubber hoses and a jute sack are what is needed…….

        2. Two things:
          1. If she had more votes, they came from the deep blue zones where it was already assumed that she’d get their vote.
          2. Electoral College is a great thing and fuck these little twits and their “abolish the only thing that keeps two major cities from controlling the fate of the entire nation!” bullshit.

        3. Exactly, listening to Moore in the Trump tower yesterday complaining about the Electoral College, “it’s a hang over from the era of slavery!” Would he be so negative about it if Hillary had won? I fucking doubt it!!! Ask a liberal that question if they have a problem with the result……. such a bunch of sissys…..

        4. I’ve seen estimates that up to 3 million non-citizens may have voted in the election.

    1. triggered.
      btw did you see the link I put on tele about the guy in a truck with the pipeline protesters. I think you will like it very, very much

      1. The man continues to drive forward, until agonized screaming can be heard, in which protesters start screaming “There’s somebody under the car!” The man ignores these screams and continues to drive forward, also running over another protester’s foot.

        That’s beautiful. I wept a bit in joy.

        1. I feel like he acted very restrained. I saw an interview today where the protesters were all triggered “he pulled a gun on us”
          I don’t know what was going through that guys head but my first thought watching it was “this guy is probably thinking about what happened to Reginald Denny

        2. I’m thinking of producing limited edition bumper stickers, either:
          “I don’t brake for liberals (sjw’s)”
          “I accelerate for liberals (sjw’s)”
          Maybe a wheel with a stick man/woman/trans getting squished…

        3. don’t bother with sticker. ….they will understand once you make contact.

    2. They literally (Hitler) look like mutants. The riots are just Soros-funded cosplay for these freaks.

      1. While there are exceptions on both sides, generally leftists look really, really horrible, where those on the right are generally attractive and even if not drop dead gorgeous, at least they keep themselves clean and hygienic.

    3. To prevent the coming to power of such people, who held it for nearly 50 years mind you (1968) the inquisition was made….

      In the middle ages the Proto-Feminist Cathars required a whole crusade to be stoped, they weren’t violent ’till war broke against them, but with the spread of their beliefs the whole of European civilization was under threat. They were against procreation (childrearing) mind you. Even worse a more violent version of them had risen in the east as the bogomists in Bulgaria but due to its violence it was managed to be subjugated faster, in the end though before their deathpangs they merged… Anyway we have failed to deal with Marxism during it’s gaining-in-on-power and now we have to fix the damage it caused. Still we can have finally a chance at that.

      1. Probably right. That said, plenty of their parents are probably loaded. This kind of stupidity isn’t born from poverty

        1. Oh guaranteed. Poor kids who have to learn to work to live, don’t have time or patience for purple hair or letting their T levels drain to those of a post menopausal woman.

        2. I saw a Twitter rumor saying that young Alex Soros himself was seen participating in one of the demonstrations, lol. Probably not true but made me laugh.

        3. def 9 I would also think 4. IN fact, other than 2 who is probably the sleezy dope dealer that is banging all these rich peoples daughters, I would bet that most of these kids come from families that, if not wealthy at least on the happier end of middle class.

        4. Every single person in the pacific northwest strikes me as homeless. Had to parse it all out.

        1. ha, that would be like when the union here got caught getting undocumented day laborers and paying them to protest. I forget which union that was, but it was pretty fucking funny.

      1. They present a good argument against allowing the rabble to vote.

    4. Embrace libtardism ! Oh you forgot to mention they’re from Portland… Loving the pooping Ricky Gervais in the middle though.

      1. Actually I mentioned that they’re from Portland. Click the “Read More” thing, you’ll see where I mentioned it and attributed the photo to Heartiste.

    5. Crazy, kind of gay, burned out from drugs, and, I’m guessing, mostly from relatively privileged backgrounds. Not much changes over the years.

    6. The top center guy literally (Hitler) looks like a caveman or cro-magnon man or some similar throwback.
      What a rogue’s gallery of human debris.

  5. If anything anger is energizing. Anger makes you most radically open to change.
    That is wether good or bad.
    It is something that we shouldn’t forget even if or especially because our feminized society condemns any form of aggression.
    They key is to know when and how to utilize it.

      1. I don’t like that sentiment. This is one of the things that should tell us how far from reality we are. How feminized we have become.
        For one, what makes you even think that I mean just getting “mad” according to the typical stigma of being blind of rage?
        To learn to channel your anger is in my eyes a necessity for every man, just as much as is conquering your fears.
        There is always a time in life where anger is sorely needed. A moment where you won’t get anywhere without the assertiveness of aggression.
        Get it together and tell me what’s bad about anger when it leads to good results? When you have been able to control the energy as you see fit?
        When you don’t get angry or only “get mad” in a mindless fashion than society certainly has taken a heavy toll on you.

        1. From my understanding of the expression it is as you say, “controlling the energy (anger) as you see fit.” Getting even can take many forms, making oneself a better man, improving your financial situation, etc.

        2. Isn’t getting even about apologizing to the other person, talking it through and giving a hug? I wouldn’t have thought that it can be applied for other situations too. But that may only be due to my non-native understanding of English.
          Above all, I agree with your sentiment now.

  6. Men are meant to PRIORITISE exploration and not women through game or socialism. They are the side dishes, modern dumbass.

  7. As for #8 there. Self-criticism is good for you. Being negative maybe not so much.
    Those are two different things.
    Negative is being always angry, stressed or depressed. It ain’t good for you in long term. Sure little anger or stress now and there keeps you motivated, but what is a point of living if that is all you feel?
    Being negative is life without joy, because that what this fucking word means.
    Self-criticism is another thing. Sure it can lead to being negative, but if you can see what downfalls you have, then you can change them.

  8. I experience all points at the moment as I am doing an internship as an environmental engineer and I have a fucked up dim light vision due to LASIK.
    For example I will start working at 4:30am tomorrow (“fuck, way too early”) and it will be in the open (“fuck, freezing cold german november + fuck, It will be dark and therefore my vision will be highly distorted due to the higher order aberrations induced by LASIK that get visible when my pupils are large”). Also it will be in the height at a chimney (“fuck, I have fear of heights”) and I will do the specific measurements needed tomorrow for the first time (“fuck, I will fuck up”).
    So I either die from falling down the stairs or freezing to death or I will grow as a man – there are no other possibilities.

  9. Fuck standing in a cold shower, just go work outside all winter like i do, then you get to appreciate a nice hot shower.

  10. I’ve been surprised it seems like many parts of Eastern Europe couples seem to love to fight, but there is still a loyalty. In South America they tend to avoid negativity. Both places have survived dictatorships and horrible economies, so it seems both are viable methods for dealing with stress.

  11. “Forced positivity can actually harm you. For some people (like me) positive thinking backfires and makes things worse.”
    Thank you. Some of the times where I felt secretly most miserable in my life were when I was pretending to be happy. The problem is I am (or used to be) very good at that pretense. It was a skill I developed very early because I felt guilty and ashamed of having ‘negative’ emotions. I fucking hate that positive thinking shit.
    It is basically self-esteem doctrine on steroids. Forcefeed yourself lies to feel good about yourself. The cultural Marxists (wanted to use that buzzword so badly) act like ‘giving someone self-esteem’ is a favor. It is the complete opposite. It teaches people they aren’t allowed to fail, be sad, angry or anything like that. Instead, they make everyone become attached to being ‘special’ ‘super skilled’ ‘beautiful’ ‘equal’ etc. They motivate everyone to invest all their emotional energy into this narcissistic self-image, paired with disallowing them to NOT be total narcissistic cunts. Which further down the road makes these people actual failures and crybabies. Although, here’s the thing: While they may appear like crying over little bullshit that shouldn’t hurt them, we are ignoring how much they have learned to invest in that self-image and how much they were punished when they didn’t live up to it. Whenever that self-image is threatened, all that pain from the year-long indoctrination comes up at once.

    1. I see that now in the news with all the crybabies throwing tantrums because Hillary didn’t win.

  12. That’s all excellent, but this is much easier said than done:
    “By changing how you processes stress, you can use it to succeed in life.”

  13. All good points especially the rejection part. I know many men who went through everything and seem like they were at their top but simply could not handle rejection well.

  14. How can you be responsible for other people’s actions, such as rejection? Rejection has nothing to do with failure whatsoever. However you improve, there is no guarantee that you will be “accepted” by all women. Taking responsibility for all rejections simply doesn’t make sense, because no one of us is God to be responsible for other people’s tastes. Taking on responsibility for other people’s actions, and specifically for rejection is a sure path to nervous breakdown and extreme neurosis.

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