3 Signs You Need Help Managing Multiple Women

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As a single man who has developed skills in seduction and no doubt taken advantage of countless opportunities, you will quickly reach a point where you have to manage a significant number of women until finding the one you love. Some women you meet become regular sex-partners, some only one-night stands, and yet others are to be deeper discovered.

But juggling many relationships, even superficial ones, can lead to many difficulties. If you’ve experienced the following three signs, you may have already reached a breaking point where you can not easily manage all your female contacts.

1. Your brain can not handle all the information required

She wants you to remember the details

Women you interact with give a lot of information they expect you to remember, but assuming you don’t have a deep relationship with all of them, your memory will eventually fail you.

With time, you may face awkward situations during which you can not remember things she told you, like her last painful breakup, her last amazing trip abroad, family issues, or her (un)preferred sex practices (which you should better not confuse with another girl’s), and we’re not even talking about all the details potentially related to logistics which you have to record somewhere anyway (addresses, door entry code, her clothing sizes, online profile URLs, etc.).

2. You often lose the menstruation lottery

"We can't tonight."

“We can’t tonight.”

It’s a question of probability that the more sexually active you are (with multiple women), the more frequently you may face the last minute rejection excuse of a girl saying she’s on her period. At this point, you may want to clarify in your mind the nature of your relationship with her. Is it mainly for sex or do you want to do non-sexual activities together and eventually to build a deeper relationship?

If you’re mainly seeing her for sex, make her understand that you should not meet again only to watch a movie, or else you’ll get the excuse regularly. But sometimes, your intentions are not yet clear, or you don’t want to hurt her by being so direct. In that case, you can still trace your sex-partners’ menstruation cycle on a calendar, so you can easily guess when to better meet them the next time and when to delay your meetings.

3. You don’t remember who’s who

“Who the hell is this?”

Let’s assume you often meet many girls in a short amount of time on top of going on multiple dates alongside having multiple online conversations in various messenger apps or social networks. That much activity is sure to lead to confusion, and you probably have already felt how it’s sometimes hard to remember who’s behind a contact in your phone despite you saved it only a few days before. You may have to regularly check your phone history to figure out who’s who and when to better text or call, which is an annoying process.

Smart men get the right tool they need

If you are not (or not yet) a monogamist, and have experienced the above problems, you need to organize and centralize the information you want to remember for each girl you meet. Since your mind was not naturally built to handle multiple women simultaneously, a tool is needed.

The problem of information overlap has been common since the modern pick-up scene started, but thankfully there are now better solutions than your father’s notebook, your phone’s standard apps, or even some business collaboration apps that are not initially designed for woman management.

Have a look at the Player’s Toolkit, a full-fledged women management app for men in their prime to seamlessly date many women. As a special offer for ROK readers, you can download Player’s Toolkit on Google Play for FREE until December 5 by clicking here.

Here’s a video which shows it in action…

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51 thoughts on “3 Signs You Need Help Managing Multiple Women”

  1. Yes! Just the app I needed. Much better than some Don Juan app I was using a few years ago. Cheers for the offer.

  2. Drop one of the girls with similar names. I had two at one time named Marti and Marly. Slipped up once and it got ugly fast (small town). Good list. I would also add a gimmick I use. I give each a nickname specific to them. It becomes like a file folder for the info on each girl. It’s a mental trick that worked for me. Chesty, horses, Penn St, talks about mom a lot. Sweetcheeks, Harley’s, Pitt, talks about Sister a lot. So I’m not paying attention and she busts me, I say “I was thinking about what you said about your mom last week. How’s she doing?” or “Sorry, I was thinking about trading in my Harley, what is your favorite?”. Pull push;)

  3. In the modern age everything is a commodity. Stop wasting your time chasing free pussy and go earn money, then you can have all the pussy you want and a much better life at the same time.

    1. I could die tomorrow in the pursuit of chasing paper and not have anything to show for it or any cool stories to be remembered by. How about just better time management? I don’t know why it is impossible to do both. If you have tinder it can take an hour or less to find pussy.
      The whole “I work my ass off for a better tomorrow” mindset ignores the fact that some pursuits don’t have to wait.
      Besides you said it yourself: free pussy. I have gotten laid broke and will continue doing so.

      1. FITZ
        Ohio really sucks. The Midwest sucks. I’m from Southeast Michigan and I know.
        Be realistic. The economy ain’t coming back and that is why Gen X left. Your state is a ghost town bro.

    2. If you have good game you can score pussy for free without worrying too much about having lots of money.
      Of course, money helps, but still…

    3. Bob, if you have a lot of money you can certainly BUY plenty of sex or become a sugar daddy. But even so, no matter how much money you have/earn, if you’re ugly, and/or short, and/or have no game, you’re gonna get cucked. Those sugar babbies will use and discard you. Or even if they stick around and tie the knot they’ll fuck hotter guys behind your back.
      Money did not exist when humans evolved. It is entirely artificial. Women are not “wired” to want money. They exploit the economics of marriage to use sex as a for of currency in exchange for it.
      If you’re a beta provider who can’t perform in bed, she’ll fuck alphas on the side while still living on your dime.

      1. If a man has plenty of money, he wouldn’t care if a women fucks other man. If I was a rich man there’s no way I would want any type of commitment!

    1. And what’s the problem with that? You can choose to be beta-tester if you want to receive the future updates before they are released. Or simply choose the standard install if you don’t want that.

      1. I believe the comment was referring to the term ‘BETA-TESTER’
        Now say that out loud and tell us what comes to mind.

  4. This thing has zero reviews, and a whopping “1+” downloads, yet wants access to my contacts and all files/photos on my phone. I’d love to try this out, but I have a hard time trusting something coded in eastern Europe that wants access to my personal info. Can anyone here vouch for this?

    1. Zero review means everything has a beginning, and this is the beginning. There is no fake review at least.
      The privacy policy says that no data is collected. In fact the app does not ask for internet access, so of course it can not leak your data at all. The access to the contact list is required for importing contacts and the access to your pictures to import pictures. Honestly, there can’t be a more minimalist permissions list for such kind of app.
      Did not understand exactly what’s the problem with eastern Europe.

  5. Recently called a girl by the wrong name. She went nuts. She was really pissed off. We banged fifteen minutes later. Any questions?

    1. Yes. One. How does it feel to role play as a pirate called “Captain Morningwood” and lie about your sexual experiences online?
      Actually one more question. Have you ever had a real life interaction with a woman that didn’t involve them laughing at you?

  6. What happened to the manosphere? There used to be good shit on sites like this. Now it’s all racist trolling and meaningless articles like this? Why would I need instructions on managing multiple concurrent relationships? This shit is basic common sense. We don’t need a whole article telling us how to do it. The manosphere’s time is done. It’ll fast become another troll site like 4chan and Stormfront.org. So sad.

    1. Yea, I used to actually come to sites like this for solid advice. But the manosphere has been largely overtaken by race trolls and the authors are encouraging it. I barely come to manosphere sites like this anymore and while in the past I would have been a staunch defender of the manosphere, it’s a complete 180 for me now. I will gladly join others in mocking it now.
      The manosphere today is all about hating women, jews, negroes and leftists. It’s not the same collection of sites it was 5-7 years ago where you actually had very thoughtful and helpful articles that were largely politically neutral.

      1. “But the manosphere has been largely overtaken by race trolls”
        So true. You should see the comments section of the article about Prince Harry. By God, I never though humans could be that stupid until I read some of those posts.

        1. The tinder experiment article was even worse. I thought I was on Stormfront when I scrolled to the comments.

      2. “It’s not the same collection of sites it was 5-7 years ago where you actually had very thoughtful and helpful articles that were largely politically neutral.”
        It was largely ethnically neutral as well. Yea, I know, hard to believe huh.
        But it’s true, there was a time when the manosphere wasn’t about convincing people to hate Jews and Negroes. Now it seems every article drips with contempt for anything perceived as “non-white”, whatever the hell that really means, and even it doesn’t, you can be sure the commenters would take it there.
        The manosphere has become a steaming pile of horseshit now. It once had such potential though.

        1. Well, the sad part is this: who is to blame? If the media is owned by Jewish people and the media spews anti-white and anti-(heterosexual) male propaganda, the media reaction to the Rolling Stone Rape Hoax being a recent and significant example, what do you think is going to happen?
          If the media was dominated by Black Lesbians (just say) and spewed anti-Jewish propaganda, supported false stories against Jews, etc. are you telling me Jews wouldn’t resent Black Lesbians?
          This is a simple case of cause-and-effect. It has gotten so bad in recent years, the Rolling Stone example just being one of many, that something had to explode. The pathetic part is that it will be the “Joe Regular” Jews, who are essentially regular people like anyone else and were never involved, who will likely suffer for it.

      3. ” it’s a complete 180 for me now.”
        For me too. I used to think it was the greatest thing on the internet. Now, it’s just another Stormfront, as many other have implied. I really don’t like reading all the racist garbage in the comments or the many of the overtly racist articles being published now.

      4. OMG, like white people are being invaded by people who are destroying our nations, destroying our race, murdering us, committing massive amounts of crime, sucking on the government tit, and voting around 90% leftist….How dare masculine men talk about these things. People like you are such sensitive faggots. Go back to reading Huff Po. What faggot white wouldn’t talk about all the anti-white hatred and other bullshit going on these days?

        1. “OMG, like white people are being invaded by people who are destroying our nations, destroying our race, murdering us, committing massive amounts of crime, sucking on the government tit, and voting around 90% leftist….”
          Yet you still have the luxury of talking shit on the internet. Yea, things are sure bad when you get 3 square meals a day and have the freedom to waste time hating on the internet. STFU you privileged faggot.

      5. Problem is, it would be a REACTION to all of the hatred and contempt- often reflected in law- by those groups towards heterosexual white men. What do you think Black Lives Matter and feminist groups are like; the media just never calls them on any of it.
        How often have you ever heard of a “hate crime” being perpetuated by blacks against whites? How often are false rape accusers punished in any way, even by simple disciplinary action if in college? The so-called “rape shield laws” essentially put the burden of proof on the accused, and it is obviously the goal of feminists, with their “always believe the accuser” attitude, that any semblence of justice must be abandoned- if she says so, jail him. Period. Even cases proven to be lies are still treated by feminists as if they SHOULD be considered “real.”
        I seem to remember an episode of “Roseanne” in which she was kissed by a lesbian and should not have been so offended- what do you think that episode have been like if a man had done that?
        Men are expected to even give their lives protecting women, who are always the weaker sex when it suits them, those same women willing to have them fired or jailed for any slight or even imagined offense.
        This has been going on for a long time; having been on this world for half a century I saw it heading here for decades, not years. It just amazes me that the things you complain about didn’t happen sooner. Wise people would take it as a warning.

    2. I know, right?
      I miss the humorous articles like the classic “8 essential rules for banging a single mom”. Enough of the racist beta neckbeards already! They whine and complain about blacks(and Jews) because they can’t get laid and think that black guys are stealing their women. Which of course true but that’s natural selection when you’re a fat white pussy who spends more time trolling the internets than you do in the gym or at the bars working on your game. 😉

      1. Jews are stealing money, white women are being pillaged by black men 🙂 Pathetic
        MC Serch needs to retool his classic verse,,,,,,,,,,White cat is poor luck 🙂

  7. LOL, reminds me of one girl who was always complaining about how I repeated stuff I had already told her…Had to play dumb, I couldn’t exactly say “oh sorry, I thought I told the other two that story!”

  8. Seems like a lot of work to put on a beta facade while trying to spin plates. Why not just be upfront about things? Some may not like it, but for many it just makes them want you more and compete with the others for your attention. The few who don’t like the truth, who cares?

    1. Funny when people don’t want what they can’t have. *Didnt get the job you applied for (didn’t want it anyway). *Didnt get accepted to the university of your choice (didnt want it anyway). *Didnt get the guy you wanted, (didn’t want him anyway). Common defensive behavior. I think it’s important to move on with life when you fail but I also think it’s important to be honest with yourself. If you fail to get what you want, you should make the changes necessary to achieve it the next time around. Failures are opportunities for growth. Invite challenges and create infinite growth possibilities. You’ll never achieve your goals if you respond to intimidating challenges with, “I don’t want that.”
      And “dating life?” Sounds like a high notch count. Your “dating life,” should consist of meeting a decent guy when you are young, start a family and create nice memories. I would never settle down with a girl who has said the words, “dating life.”

      1. I like this. Make that change, don’t blame jews, go make some paper. You are not keeping girls become you are soft dicking her and Trey is balls deep, step it up.
        Good insight there, hopefully you will now practice what you are peddling with the sermonette!

  9. Pretty sure Return of Kings is now just weeks away from shutting up shop altogether.
    Every blog runs its course; I don’t think anyone would disagree that RoK is at the end of its life.

  10. A couple of hot pics that make my pee pee harder than a ten pound bag of jawbreakers.

  11. Not that my one comment will make a difference
    The Culture turned hard Left the day that Perez Hilton attacked Carrie.
    Miss USA 2009
    Main article: Miss USA 2009 controversy
    Hilton served as a judge for the Miss USA 2009 pageant in Las Vegas on April 19, 2009.
    During the Q&A portion of the contest, Hilton asked the Miss California USA representative, Carrie Prejean, whether she believed every state should legalize same-sex marriage. She responded that she believes marriage is between a man and a woman due to her upbringing. After the pageant Perez Hilton made derogatory comments about the contestant and told ABC news “She lost it because of that question. She was definitely the front-runner before that”,[58] leading some to believe that the answer directly had caused her to lose the competition.[59] Prejean stated that Miss California USA officials had pressured her to apologize for her statement and “not talk” about her Christian faith.[60]
    Also, in 2015 there were leftists articles and authors in the Manosphere. This was as Obama was screwing literally OH, MI, PA and WI.
    The States that gave it to Donald Trump.
    As for Jew and Negro hatred, I’ll let you all battle that one out.
    But my observation is whites don’t really really know Blacks.
    Jews, too complicate for me to explain here.
    But the USA is fighting for freedom right now.
    17 dead Police by Bkack Lives Matters
    Meet-ups Shut Down!
    News Media backers of Communist Hillary
    College Stalinist committees to persecute young men that went on dates.
    Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro didnt pick to be vocal, they were choose by the gods of Freedom to come against this Transgender Tyranny.
    Mind you, Ive been Red-pill since 8th Grade, if not from when i was age 5 and I observed whore behavior against my will.
    A cultural war wages, which side are you on?
    John 3:16
    Romans 10:9
    Be Saved
    Jesus is coming back again
    Father God actually loves you deeply and wants you to choose him, not the dark side.
    * first time poster, dont know if I’ll return.

  12. Amen! For some reason last summer I was dating Kayla, Kaylee and Kelsey. It was so weird. I messed up a lot.
    However, my mistakes gave the girls cues that I saw and dated a lot of women, raising my SMV in their eyes.
    Me: I thought your dad lived in North Dakota. Oops.
    Her: (slightly amused) Must be your other girlfriend
    Me: (with a Skype grin) possibly

  13. If women are to become better than they are now then men must set an example, especially for children who still learn by observation.
    A man should not have multiple partners at once. Choose carefully each time, one at a time. By carefully choosing, moving slowly, the chances of finding someone worth a relationship are greatly increased (some things never change).
    This is the honorable way of doing it. We cannot condemn women for being loose if we ourselves take advantage of that; this creates a vicious cycle, one started by the Sexual Revolution of the Boomer 1960s and from which we have yet to recover decades later. If we men become honorable, well…watch how society improves within a few years. Teach by example; we’ll never be perfect and will foul up at times but we can certainly try for better.

    1. History doesn’t move backwards, it moves forwards. Stop acting like a 19th century beta white knight and learn to up your game.

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