7 Benefits Of Testosterone That You Probably Don’t Know

You already know that testosterone is the biological cause of masculinity, but did you know that your T-level is also a marker of your overall mental health? Or that it determines how strong your bones are? That’s right. The impact of this hormone is far wider than most men think. In this article I’ll discuss seven things every man needs to know about testosterone.

1. Low Testosterone Can Make You Depressed

Australian researchers brought 3987 men into a lab and assessed them for depressive symptoms. The men with testosterone levels in the lowest quintile also had the highest prevalence of depression (1).

On the flip side, an analysis of 16 human trials with 944 subjects revealed a significant positive impact of testosterone treatment on mood (2). Similar results were found in a Japanese study that found 6-months of testosterone treatment to relieve depressive symptoms from 63% of subjects (3).

If you’ve been wrestling with a bout of depression, it’s likely that declining T is a contributing cause.

2. Testosterone Improves Your Mental Cognition

Men with low testosterone and memory complaints significantly improved performance on various measures of cognitive functioning after 24 weeks of testosterone treatment (4). The same is true for otherwise healthy men who, when given testosterone, showed significantly improved performance in verbal fluency tests (5).

The exact mechanisms of testosterone’s influence on the brain are not exactly known, but researchers theorize that it plays a role in preventing brain tissue decay (6). This could explain why low testosterone is directly linked with an increased chance of developing Alzheimer’s (7).

3. Testosterone Keeps Your Bones Strong

108 men over the age of 65 were randomly assigned to wear a testosterone patch or a placebo patch for 36 months. Bone mineral density was measured before and during the treatment. At the end of 36 months, the men with low pretreatment testosterone levels experienced a significant increase in overall lumbar spine bone density (8).

Other research has found low testosterone to be independently associated with the risk of osteoporotic fracture in elderly men (9). To maintain strong and healthy bones well into old age, ensure that you keep your T-levels in check.

4. Testosterone Drives Your Competitiveness

As men, it is in our nature to be competitive. Research is now beginning to show that it is in fact testosterone that fuels this drive.

64 male subjects were assessed for their T-level before and after a rigged one-on-one competition. After the first round of competition, subjects decided whether or not to compete again. Interestingly, fluctuations in T predicted the individual subjects’ decisions to compete: losers who experienced a spike in testosterone were much more likely to choose to compete again compared to the losers who experienced a drop in T (10). Similar results were noted in university tennis players: testosterone levels were higher for the players that won their matches compared to those who lost (11).

5. Testosterone Increases Your Dominance

Men with high testosterone are more likely to engage in dominant behaviour that is intended to enhance one’s status over another (12). Now, at times this behaviour can be expressed aggressively, like is the case with chronically aggressive prisoners (13), but it doesn’t always play have to play out this way.

In a study of young boys, aged 6-13, researchers found that the ones perceived as socially dominant by their peers had higher testosterone levels compared to the boys perceived as being less socially dominant (14). Furthermore, researchers found that the boys noted for showing physical aggression had lower T compared to the boys who had no history of physical aggression. These aggressive boys with low T also had lower grades and were unpopular with their peers. The researchers concluded testosterone levels to be positively correlated with social success rather than with physical aggression.

6. Testosterone Makes You Less Risk Averse

High risk equals high reward, right? Well, that’s what they say anyway. But to that point, many media commentators said that testosterone was to blame for the 2008 financial crisis. They said that it was the Wall Street warriors with jacked up testosterone levels making risky decisions that led to the collapse. Whether that’s true or not, who knows, but the research performed in this area is interesting to note.

A financial traders morning level of testosterone is an accurate predictor of his day’s profitability. Researchers found that a trader’s willingness to engage in higher risk also set him up for the highest chances of scoring big (15).

Gamblers with high testosterone also tend to engage in greater risks (16). This was found to be true in both men and women. In yet another study, MBA students with high levels of T were more likely to pick riskier career paths (17).

Your relationship to risk is a major determinant of how your life turns out. This is not to say that you should go all in all the time, but if you look at the men who have achieved greatness, they are also the ones who have engaged in a hefty amount of risk.

7. Testosterone Makes You Live a Longer and More Virile Life

Low testosterone levels are independently associated with an increased risk of death from all causes (18).

794 men, aged 50-91, were followed up with for 20 years (19). During this time, 538 deaths occurred. The men with low testosterone levels were 40% more likely to die compared to those with higher T-levels. This relationship held true even after considering factors such as age, body fat, lifestyle, blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

To Sum Up

Your testosterone level is a major determinant of your overall health and well-being. Not only does testosterone help you maintain a lean and muscular physique, but it also ensures that your mind is functioning near peak potential and that your bones remain strong and healthy well into old age.

The aim of this article was to have you understand the importance of keeping your T-levels in check. Now, a lot of the research cited above has been performed using testosterone treatments, but this does not mean that you need to consider it as well. Unless you have an ailment that is holding your body back from producing T, there is no reason to consider artificial treatment. The natural route is the best route. Step one is to measure your T to find out where you are, after which you can begin making the simple changes in diet and lifestyle to ramp up your natural production.

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42 thoughts on “7 Benefits Of Testosterone That You Probably Don’t Know”

  1. WHY LOW T?
    There are several reasons:
    1. A basic reason is the adrenal glands and the testis are depleted of nutrients, so they produce less testosterone.
    2. Some men produce testosterone blocking chemicals. The most important of these is called SHBG or sex hormone binding globulin. Doctors consider this a problem. However, in fact the body may produce SHBG because the man is in a four lows pattern, and testosterone in any form makes the pattern much worse.
    Unfortunately, some doctors give these men testosterone replacement therapy, and this causes cancer and other serious problems.
    3. At times, the body makes enough testosterone, but converts too much of it to estrogen or to other hormones. This is also often a compensation. However, some doctors give these men testosterone, which is just converted to more estrogen, in many cases, making the men more ill.
    More doctors are prescribing testosterone replacement hormone therapy because it is quick and easy, and it makes the men feel better almost immediately. However, this does not alter the harmful longer-term effects of this therapy in many men.

    1. What long term effects? If testosterone was so bad, then all men would end up with these ailments you speak of.
      Come to Australia, where TRT is just about nigh impossible to get and see how it is. I know for myself as I have hypogonadism and am on TRT, and it’s been the best thing for my life moving forward. My bloods are far healthier, my mind, my body and my frame are getting better by the day, yet have no inkling of these symptoms you speak of.
      I notice those without T problems are extremely quick to bash TRT, but I’d love to see some of you in that predicament and how it feels, and to live in a country where testosterone is actually illegal and the chances of even getting TRT if you need it are completely zero!
      You call yourself a doctor, you’re not a doctor’s asshole.

      1. How long has Test even been prescribed en masse? Yup, since the commercials started on TV which was at most 5-6 years ago. No one knows the long term effects on the male human species yet. I’m sure it feels great, as I’ve heard from many.. the core question is: “Does it burn up the male body and shorten life spans in the long term?!?” I think subtle gene editing might be safer than adding hormones the define what it means to be a man. And certainly, I too am no doctor. I do see what it does to guy using it lifting, there seems to be a lot of good, but the bad side is rarely discussed or suddenly POOF, the dude’s not in the gym for 2 months after he gets all swole. Hmm, I wonder why that is?

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    2. Tons of guys who really don’t need test are obviously using it for body building. Where I live it’s a common practice among die-hards that get stuck at a wall they can’t surpass. The side FX you mentioned above are certainly why I never tried it nor want test injections nor currently need them… eventually you’ll pay the piper. I figure if my sheer will power to succeed and raise my test levels through good exercise aren’t enough, I don’t need medical test for any extended length of time. Like anything, including heroin (never done), and steroids, a little bit of the aforementioned is actually GOOD for men. Problem is, most guys get used to it and can’t live without it. The truth is the TRT replacement craze, hasn’t been tested on society long enough to be certain of the long term FX. I understand much like other posters here, their doctors determined issues they have may “require” TRT. I think this has, and will become a crutch to quell overall wider spread health issues which are causing the low test in the first place, or the health issue at hand.
      Most guys lifting say “Man, it’s not steroids, you gotta put in all the hard work lifting and eating right, you just recover much faster, thus you can cycle through your routines more fully and regularly without fatigue and you heal up quicker.” <<< doesn’t that sound like you’re burning up the human body faster? The thing is, it is Roids. I mean seriously, do all your organs also suddenly benefit in some way from TRT too? Well I’m definitely no doctor, but any fool who entirely trusts modern MDs has a breach in common sense too. I’d question a doctor heavily before he puts me on a fucking additive hormone, the very one tied to creation of everything male-oriented (muscle size, libido, alertness, aggression). When you outright start replacing glandular hormones — it just might be biology’s way of saying “change your lifestyle and activity type, not your body’s chemistry.”
      The other thing I notice with guys on test – they become irregular in the gym, and can never get that “T-High”, or have to cycle Estro on the down swing, and they become moody, etc. Would I “try” TRT ? Maybe if I was 60+, but anything younger I think you’re really risk throwing yourself into a hormonal tail-spin, and come on now, does the doctor give a fuck? Nope, he wants to make you his customer. Think about it. If you’re say 58 or younger, hell even up to 70.. get on a mostly strength routine heavy on legs if possible, or compound lifts, and definitely “some” cardio to clean the pipes, and I promise you your T-levels will jump dramatically. Leg days where you can’t walk right for a week… THAT’s what makes test naturally.

    3. Diabetes mellitus refers to a group of diseases that affect how your body uses blood sugar (glucose). Glucose is vital to your health because it’s an important source of energy for the cells that make up your muscles and tissues. It’s also your brain’s main source of fuel.
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    4. Spot on. A lot of times, TRT addresses the symptoms (low libido, depression, fat gain, etc.) while completely ignoring the root cause (a sub-optimal lifestyle).

  2. While positive testosterone effects are noted, it would have been useful to mention cons. For example: premature aging, acromegaly effects, balding, etc.

    1. Been taking zinc, manesium, and selenium to boost my T. It seems to be working, but I do notice my hair thinning. I wonder if it’s due to the high T or me getting older.

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  3. Women also outlive men in every age cohort largely due to testosterone too. Pros and cons to everything and such.

  4. The flip side of high testosterone is impulsiveness and aggression, which as the author stated, is tied closely with taking bigger and sometimes foolish risks.
    Black man far and away have the highest testosterone among the races, and are far and away the most aggressive, violent, impulsive, hair-trigger tempered, etc. which societies like the United States have to pay dearly for while culturally similar countries like Australia and Canada largely avoid having to deal with this urban scumbaggery element.
    Black men are also the least prone to depression and general have the highest natural swagger and confidence. Again, they reap some of the positive benefits of High T as well.

    1. Not true, no study has any correlation with blacks having any higher natural test. (Although western countries are being bombarded with test reducing chemicals)
      They actually have a high level of estradiol, which leads to the symptoms you incorrectly attributed to test.

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      2. Does this take into account the fact that blacks only represent a significantly proportion of the population to whites? why is the black incarceration percentage so much higher?

      3. X, you can’t think people are so stupid they will miss what you trying to hide. Blacks are only 13% of the population, but are busted for 52% of the murders. Wonder why you left out that a small group of people are doing all this crime? Duh.

    3. As usual the poseurs rush in to obscure the truth. Testosterone is an AMPLIFIER than increases the body’s functional capacity. Blacks, and most of their fellow inmates, have excessively high ESTROGEN levels that, when combined with low IQ and the ability to reason, leads to disaster. The available testosterone in the blood merely enhances the primal ‘acting out’ that comes with the inability to solve problems.

      1. And if pure strength comes from testosterone levels, assuming peoples of african descent have hight T than europeans, why all strongmen are europeans ?
        While africans are mostly represented in marathon and sprint.

  5. No wonder leftists are so depressed. Horribly low t levels. Explains why any man would support Hillary.

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  6. Most people don’t now this but antibiotics drastically reduces T levels . I know this happened to me recently and I didn’t realize what the cause was

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  7. It depends on your age and sexual health whether testosterone replacement is a benefit to your life. Also TRT doses are significantly lower than supraphysiological doses taken by elite bodybuilders, which can be anywhere from 5 to 20 times or more than natural levels. All TRT does is put you back into the normal range of testosterone.
    Risk of long term problems is very, very low. Testosterone doesn’t cause cancer. What it might potentially do is increase the growth of pre existing cancer.
    Increased balding is possible, but it only slightly speeds up what is going to happen anway if you are genetically predisposed to balding. Once again not much of a problem with TRT doses.
    When a man ages, at some point you are going to realise that you don’t have the same sex drive that you used to in your younger years. You can still get a boner, but you can’t have sex as many times in a day that you could. Your ejaculations will not be as forceful, and your sex drive will reduce in frequency to less times per week.
    That’s something no one really seems to talk about. Testosterone can improve it but you will never reach the heights of your sexual desire that you had in your younger years.
    Premature aging? Never heard of that as a problem from testosterone. Where are you getting your evidence from?
    Acromegaly, that’s from too much human growth hormone, either natural overactivity or from exogenous sources. You are not going to get significant change in facial features, hands or feet from using testosterone in TRT doses, unless you are a woman. I’m not even sure testosterone by itself does cause true acromegaly, in men.
    Most serious bodybuilders use HGH in conjunction with steroids, many observers who don’t know better attribute acromegaly like changes to steroids, erroneously.
    What exogenous testosterone can do is negatively affect your ability to produce viable sperm There are fertility drugs you can take to counteract this, to varying degrees of success. Some pro bodybuilder are reputed to have gotten their wife/girlfriend pregnant whilst on heavy steroid cycles. Who knows the truth? It could be genuine, or maybe the postman/neighbour etc is the father, or maybe they used fertility treatment from their own viable sperm that was frozen?
    Also if you decide to come off T your natural ability for your balls to do their job like before is not going to be as good. Once again that’s not really an issue if you are old or have genuinely low T, you will be better off with TRT.
    I wouldn’t recommend trt or steroids for men unless they genuine have low T, or at the very least are properly informed and aware of the potential risks. Do as much as you can under your own steam.
    As for testosterone and aggression, common sense would suggest there is a connection. Young men seem the most aggresive and impulsive when they are at the height of their nautral testosterone between the ages of 16-25.
    Neutering male pets and work animals is a common technique used for making them less aggressive, and more controllable.
    My personal experience with Test’ and steroids I feel calmer and more level headed, and confident in myself, not aggression. There are some steroids, perhaps high level test usage that can cause negative aggression. The general consensus among users is that if you are already an aggressive arsehole, steroids can magnify it.

    1. William Rubin – “I wouldn’t recommend trt or steroids for men unless they genuine have low T, or at the very least are properly informed and aware of the potential risks. Do as much as you can under your own steam.” << This is my point entirely. Knowing human nature, especially in women, but also in many men… which is to find the easy way out of everything, and doctor could/should rather put men through a physical therapy routine for a month with a licensed physical therapist to see if basic strength training can raise the levels or not. I don’t question the chemicals in food, etc, lowering T-levels, BUT let’s be realistic here. Do most people even regularly exercise? Do most people that DO regularly exercise actually push as hard as they claim or “think” they do. Nope. I’ve seen entire gyms full of pussy-boys and flab-girls who never achieve more than slight changes to their physiques after years of “attending” a physical fitness establishment. They likely don’t need TRT, they need 4 months of leg-days. See, almost no one that lifts in most gyms likes leg days for 1 simple reason, (unless you “truly” lift like you’re supposed to, balanced, well rounded)… You walk on them, and it feels like your life is moving through molasses due to the undeniable pain with each step.

    2. I’m a 62 year old white male who has been on TRT for 10 years and there are a lot of misconceptions out there about Testosterone replacement. My level was very low around 200 where the lab test norm in the USA is 400-1000 depending how old you are. I inject 1/2 mg every week and this brings my T up to 500. At this level I notice no mood enhancement, weight loss or muscle mass increase.
      But for a few years I increased my Testosterone Cypianate injections to 1 mg and it took my T level up to 1000 the high level of normal and I started making huge gains in the gym. I’m a tall skinny guy who could never bench over 225 and now hitting 300, maxing out the lat pulldown machine at 350, doing tri pushdowns with 150 and for the first time in my life have totally ripped abs. I still felt no mood enhancement and maybe some sexual enhancement at 62 but when I started at 52 I had stronger sex drive of maybe a 40 year old.
      So, with my 10 year experience free test level really helped at 1000, but that is nothing compaired to what huge body builders take, I’ve seen them shoot that much everyday plus stack 5 other roids on top of that. This is where they run into problems and die young, but Arnold is 70 plus and started roids in his teens so maybe he stopped for a few decades.

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  9. Why do fixated on testosterone? It will take care of itself if you stay from junk food and drugs such as caffeine and alcohol.

  10. Testosterone artificially manipulated has a BOOMERANG EFFECT. A few cycles of it in the gym with your homosexual fuck buddies and soon your testicles fit in a thimble. Not only does use of it lead to looking physically like a cross between Joe Rogan and Roosh but in a short span of time your cardiovascular and endocrine systems shut the fuck DOWN. Nothing like stroke, organ failure, and impotence to impress the cum dumpsters on Tinder with.

    1. Your post is hilarious but I was given a prescription of T because it got lower than 200..I felt zero energy and no sexual drive after being the horniness man on the planet

    2. “Not only does use of it lead to looking physically like a cross between Joe Rogan and Roosh”
      You say that like it’s a bad thing

      1. Rogan looks like a cookie cutter tatted up freak who never even wrestled much less was an mma fighter and rooosh looks like a 1990s computer nerd . Just google roosh girlfriends most of the women he fucked were 6s at best . He’s a pretend pua artist

  11. Nice piece, maybe testosterone will make some manospherians post a photo of a busty chick, at least once, maybe, lol!

  12. This emphasis on testosterone numbers in and of itself is misleading at best, dangerous at the worst. I hardly know where to begin. Men with what is considered “low” testosterone levels have been known to father children. Some men who have average or above testosterone levels may still have an assortment of problems relating to their health and sexuality. Also taking any test reading alone and not in context will not give the whole picture of a man’s health. Taking supplements or other artificial stimulation can cause serious problems that are hard to rectify. Lastly the world is full of people who are outliers of one kind or another. My advice to any man is to live as physically vigorous that one possibly can. Most of us lead sedentary lives so fill in your time with interesting pursuits, eat well and never forget that the gym is your friend. If you find yourself unhappy with your present condition find a competent endocrinologist. This subject is a lot more tricky and complicated and articles such as this are not a help.

  13. Meanwhile, the ultra-wealthy elites who use socialism as a weapon, while propagandizing it as our humanitarian future, know full well THEY will run it, and they have no qualms about placing severe limits on the freedom of populations. They want to impose those limits.

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