A Treatise On Respect

In my line of work I all-too-often encounter the type of people who are demanding of respect. These people are also the ones who are the most overly obsessed with the concept of “respect” and being “respected.”  They are overly sensitive towards what they perceive as being “disrespected” or slighted. These people use the word “respect” like it were nothing more than a cheap slang buzzword, and they have no idea whatsoever about what true respect even is. Often they have their own twisted value system to define respect and what is considered worthy of it.

These are also the psychopathic kind of people who not only demand personal respect, but are also overly demanding that their rights and property be respected as well, while at the same time displaying little regard for the respect, rights, and property of others. In dealing with this type of person on a daily basis, it made me consider my own thoughts on the concept of respect.

It seems to me that those who are the most outwardly obsessed with the concept of respect are usually the ones who deserve it the least. I am a firm believer that true respect is earned and never demanded, but the way I see it, there are basically two kinds of respect: basic respect and true respect. Like most things in life, these categories fall along opposite ends of a spectrum. The center point of this spectrum is common courtesy, general politeness, and manners.

Basic respect is on the extreme negative end of the spectrum, and is the absolute lowest form of respect. It is treating someone with absolutely nothing more than basic human rights and dignity. This could include nothing more than providing food, water, a prison cell for shelter, a fair trial, and a humane execution. This is the absolute bare bones level of humane treatment, reserved for the absolute extreme worst examples of humanity.

The purveyors and orchestrators of genocide and mass slaughter, and the truly evil on a large scale, would fall on this end of the spectrum. They may be terrible evil people, unworthy of freedom, trust, respect, and friendship, but in theory a civilized society still extends them basic human rights and dignity, free from cruel and unusual punishment. Obviously most people, even the truly heinous, do not usually fall on the extreme end of the spectrum.

The center point of this spectrum is common courtesy and manners, and it reflects the general interactions with people that we come into contact with in our daily lives. It is treating those we meet in passing, or don’t really know well, with common courtesy and politeness. It is the baseline for which most socially well-adjusted people treat each other. If someone is rude or wrongs you, or you learn something about them which you find offensive, then your perception of them will fall a degree on the spectrum, and it will govern the way further interactions with that person are conducted. By that same token, the more you get to know someone, develop a relationship and trust, or learn of attributes that they possess which you find admirable, then your respect for them may increase.

True respect, on the positive end of the spectrum, is genuine and based on character, accomplishment, trust, and honor. It is the respect which does not need to be demanded, because we automatically bestow it on those we deem worthy of it. True respect becomes more relative, subjective, and personal the further along you go, due to individual preferences and priorities about which attributes and accomplishments constitute and are worthy of it.

We all respect different people for different reasons. Although there can often be a large general consensus on certain people deemed worthy of respect by society as a whole, generally speaking, there is usually more of a consensus as a society about who is considered unworthy of respect as opposed to who is. However, as our society grows more fractured and marginalized and our culture and values decline, I think it will become much rarer for there to be a widespread consensus as to who we deem worthy of respect.

Respect is a dynamic concept, rising and perhaps falling over the course of a relationship. It is also important to note that a person may very well possess admirable and contemptible qualities or history at the same time, and therefore respect is a relative and individual judgment and balancing act. It requires critical thinking and one’s own personal character, core values, principles, and judgment to assess the character of another.

In the end, we are all human, we have all made mistakes, and even heroes have their faults. Be careful about placing someone on a pedestal, and be careful about bestowing respect based solely upon superficial qualities. The important thing to remember is that no man, no matter how worthy of respect, should be praised and exalted above others to the point of demigod or superiority status. All men are equal in their humanity, but not all men are equal in their character.

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57 thoughts on “A Treatise On Respect”

      1. Yes.
        The lack of self respect is a big part of what makes me so uncomfortable with modern women.

        1. Very true. Also they tend to define disrespect as someone who doesn’t lick their boots or constantly kiss their ass. Then they wonder why they’re always surrounded by fake friends and beta orbiters.

  1. All traditional societies in the past placed a great deal of respect and honor in accomplishment for two reasons,
    1) They wanted more people to achieve great things
    2) It was extremely difficult to accomplish feats because of the extremely limited technological and scientific state of the world
    Respect in my opinion does have a baseline of courtesy and politeness but it can be lost very easily because I am much more impatient than I used to be. Respect is a necessary trait for a functioning society, just as it implies that ideas like guilt and shame exist in society. These are more or less positive traits because they encourage people to be respectful and not feel guilty by committing wrongdoings or bring shame upon themselves and their family. The victory of civilization has been one with tradition, creation, and use of the brain over the more animalistic instincts. It is no surprise that the same people who attack “respect” are the same people that have been tearing down civilization for decades. No surprise.
    They are people that first and foremost believe animal instincts are superior to a highly-functioning society with technological advancement, and attempt to destroy to foundation of such a society.(family, tradition, honor, and creation) This would be bad enough but these people also believe in this bizarre anti-nature concept called “equality”, which as the previous article explained, has been a colossal failure. The modern society has moving towards a regression for decades, first socially, then morally, then legally, then financially, then it all starts tearing apart. The cluster fuck starts to compound upon itself, the system actually feeds into itself like feminism(feminism makes women unhappy—->unhappy women turn to feminism). Problems like single motherhood are reaching biblical proportions, but rather than tackle the legal and social anti-father behemoth, our society doubles down on the hatred of “deadbeat dads”. I think the world stands at a crossroads, a point where we must look at what works historically or risk losing everything. I now realize a collapse that simply ends everything would be to convenient, I’m starting to believe that in general things will just keep getting a little worse every year until it’s an unrecognizable turd.

  2. Give respect where respect is given. Set your boundaries first so the world respects you. Nothing says encroach on my freedoms, like weak boundaries.

    1. You’re right Red Hood’s Assault. Setting boundaries is SO important. People can take advantage of you if you have not established healthy boundaries for yourself and others.
      When you set boundaries you can start to see what all these red pill guys are saying about becoming selfish. That is the start of the unplugging. Put yourself first.
      Other people may think its selfish, but who gives a shit. At least they will respect you. And if they don’t, they are the type of people you should screen out of your life.
      Cool article. -d

      1. I second the boundries setting. First set your limits, so that others can sense when they cross the line.

  3. People that demand respect are in general insecure control freaks. I usually have a mutual respect for others but after a certain line his been crossed that’s it.

  4. Great article and long overdue.
    The basic principles of human interaction are those that often go unappreciated and / or subverted.
    Let us appreciate Respect. In ourselves and others.

  5. In order for anyone to respect you, you must respect yourself first.
    Why do you think most women get away with the kind of shit that they pull on their pussy whipped men? These men have no spine or backbone and will automatically get walked all over by their girilfriend or wife. People will notice this and it can have a severe bad effect on you as individual, which will result in other people not giving you any respect either.
    As a man, you must learn to build and develop your own value system, based on principles that can help to create a positive energy around yourself. It must help to keep you strong and more importantly, give you self respect. It is also important to ensure that you make it clear to your partner and those around you, who you truly are as an individual. Even if it means being direct and firm in your manner, you will be surprised to see that people will admire your tenacity, even if they do not agree with you. This in turn, will build a level of respect that will be given to you.
    In times like this where collectivism, feminism and dirty poltics will try to destroy your individuality, it is imperative that you as man, learn to build your own self respect and to live by your rules and stay firm with them, because by doing so, this can help to create self esteem and to help conquer the demons around you.

  6. As a 16 year old boy, I’m so happy I’ve found this website. You guys teach me a lot of things, I am ever so grateful..

    1. Good on ya, young man. Swallow that red pill now. Here’s some advice, or at least the advice that I would give to my sixteen year old self: Get out there and bang, bang, bang. Get some experience under your belt before you head off to college, or join the service, or whatever it is you plan to do. I did just fine for myself in high school, but I worried too much about what the “popular” girls thought about me, and missed so many opportunities as a result. Once we had a new student move to my town, new girl. She was incredibly cute and had a great body. She asked me to a dance, and because the popular girls thought she was awkward and weird (maybe she wore different clothes than them, had a different haircut), I turned her down! My buddy, ever the opportunist, asked her to the dance right after I told him. Guess who got laid?
      Bang as many girls as you can, they don’t have to be considered hot or popular by your peers. With experience comes confidence, and with confidence comes women and success.

      1. Screw that man. Don’t listen to this kid, don’t WASTE time bang bang banging and chasing pussy like every typical thirsty teenager. Spend time building your mind, growing a business and focus on one thing: being as rich and successful as you can. Pussy will easily fall into your lap afterward. Getting laid is not that big of an accomplishment. Anyone can do that. Being a multi-millionaire at 25 is much bigger deal.

        1. i think i could have survived until 25-30 without cuntbags making my life difficult…… problem is … it’s not socially correct and you’ll feel like a dork….. so much of the world is driven by women, not just career cunts, but if the bosses wife likes you, she’ll whisper in his ear to promote you……. that’s game…. so banging pussy is important… it’s just not no#1 priority…..
          the thing is that game and banging women makes you confident and nonchalant around women, and that makes them like you, even if you aren’t banging them, they find you interesting…. if women are attracted to you, men will also gravitate towards you…..
          you’re in the zone so to speak….
          the biggest advice is just not to deal with women on their terms….. never get into their BS world of emotions and neediness etc. etc. etc. – James fucking Bond…..

        2. I don’t know… Very few successful men achieve so by doing their passions in moderation. Steve Jobs would not be where he ended up with Apple if he wasn’t living, breathing it night and day. Focus on success and building wealth, pussy can come later and at much easier cost.

    2. Absorb what you find here but don’t forget to question & scrutinize as well. That’s what men do.
      Welcome to this space.

    3. don’t get married, don’t have kids…. not until you have millions of dollars, lots of real estate and an army of lawyers…..

    4. 16 year olds. What do they do? Worry about what everyone else is doing or thinks. They worry about video games. These are all pointless things that are a waste of time. It’s cool to hang out with friends but it’s better to read great books(i just finished mastery by Robert Greene or 48 laws of power and you may branch from there) buy a car and be serious about plans to break free from your parents. Can’t live off their tit forever. Don’t fuck with drugs. You’ve got a long life to do that later. Weed will make you apathetic and stagnant in your goals. You might begin drinking around this time. That’s fine. Do that in moderation. Don’t compete to finish a sprite and vodka with your retarded buddy. Let him throw up and laugh at his expense while he’s out for the count you will be with the ladies to razzle dazzle your magic on them. Don’t get a girl preggo and you’ll be sitting pretty.

    5. Its good that you decided to read something which is less mind numbing than the modern papers, websites and books. However, read this stuff with a caveat. A lot of people here are obsessed with “scoring” and taking advantage of vulnerable women with psychological techniques. If you must, use this info to talk to girls, get to know them and realize who you should or shouldn’t give the time of day to. However, for your own sake, do not go on an all out binge of trying to defile everything that moves. Fornication really destroys the soul. We are all God’s children, weather men or women and as such deserve not only respect, but also love.
      Much of the philosophy and anti-Communist articles here are good and to be commended. Also, great entertainment value in the comment section.

    6. Be grateful to have all this great insight and experienced perspective.
      Be grateful.
      The massive level of information and solid teachings in the so-called manosphere, especially when contrasted with what generations before you had.. it’s fucking crazy. It’s great. Generation X and Millennials weren’t taught shit. Less than 0. Fucked in different ways but mostly fucked. Then some started learning through brutal experience and spread their lessons on the Internet.
      Share it with brothers and brothers from other mothers.

    7. Ziggy. This is great place for you to learn the ways of men.
      BUT there are alot of misguided people here as well who are solely concerned with fucking anything that moves.
      And that is really not what this is about.
      This is a about putting women back in their position,
      and in that undertaking, what you really want to do is go Biblical.
      By that I mean that I mean that you should always and foremost focus on The Lord our God Yahwe.
      He is real.
      Now a few quick insights at the situation:
      And we are in the middle of Harmagedeon
      So read Revelaiton from the Bible and get a grasp of where we are.
      Two insights for you:
      The whore of Babylon is “Feminism”.
      The mark of The Beast is “Equality”, because 666 Equals 666.
      So be a good soldier and fight against “Equality” and “Feminism”
      God has placed women under men in His creation, so our aim here is to fight Feminism and “equality”.
      In other words:
      God Himself thinks women belong in the kitchens, and that they shold be virgins / save themselves for marriage.
      That is the main point you shall fight for:
      Getting a humble and chaste virgin bride for yourself, who does not speak in public and submits herself under you, as under The Lord.
      – That is your aim.
      And if you fight on Gods side against Feminism and Equality,
      Then He wIll fight on your side,
      Take care, Kid
      Member of The 300 / and A Knight of the Round Table,
      who fought and won at “Tattooed Bitch Ridge”
      And if you see my name around, just ask me if there`s anything you wonder about. Take Care, Kid.

    1. In my experience, when someone disrespects you, not sinking to their level ends up pissing them off far more in the long run than if you sink to their level and retaliate. I guess it could depend on the situation, but generally a life worth living is enough retaliation because most people never accomplish anything more than taking a shit that ends up in a river everyday. They’re are jealous of people who have enough self confidence to not give a crap about them. Going out of your way to disrespect someone says more about you than them.

      1. I used to have the same line of thought but life has taught me differently. The thing is, taking the “high road” is really just in your own head – in the real world a man has just been disrespectful to you and you either deal with it or don’t. I remember the last time that happened to me; a guy mouthed off to me in a college class in front of everyone and I truly didn’t care because I had the same attitude you are describing. Truthfully I could have kicked this guy’s ass with little effort – I wish i would have. I remember there were several women in that class who would flirt with me, but not after getting punked by a pussy. As easy as it is to recognize an insecure dipshit acting out his insecurities on other people, the folks around don’t see that – they see you getting punked. So even though I didn’t bother with the guy because I absolutely knew I could destroy him, the people around me only picked up on the fact that he got away with mouthing me. It’s fucked up but people really do still function on a chimp-like level and that is something intelligent people have to learn to adjust to.

        1. this is why game is important – women especially see a single guy as a loser, jerking off to porn…… i was single for a couple of years, I just couldn’t be bothered and I was never happier, but I lost that sexual tension, that James Bond flirt that makes women turn to butter…. that’s useful in so many more ways that getting laid…. a flirt at the DMV get’s your license printed same day, a flirt at the real estate gets you cheaper rent… 1/2 the world is women so knowing how to deal with them, also makes you popular with the men.
          putting a man in his place either requires cutting whit and sharp mind, or violence that you are prepared to go through with. as much as people ‘abhor’ violence it’s the only language some people speak.

        2. I can see where you’re coming from in relation to dealing with men. I was more thinking in terms of dealing with women, they tend to be the more protected class so any retaliation against them can quickly be misconstrued as harassment or some sort of criminal offense. Generally not worth it. But yea I couldn’t agree more in terms dealing with men who disrespect you especially in public or the workplace.

        3. The “cutting whit and sharp mind” route is the way to go if possible because of the overly black-and-white laws regarding self defense. By law you have to wait to be struck – in the real world if you wait to be struck you will probably lose the fight. I honestly wish dueling was legal, it would make for a much more polite society.

  7. One thing to bear in mind, both for yourself and in observing others as you go through life, is that there is the man who DEMANDS respect, and the man who COMMANDS respect. The former is entitled, insecure and unworthy; the latter is confident, honest and fair.
    Their will be times in your life when you face adversity, or things don’t go your way and people will remember how you handled yourself in those situations.
    À bientôt,

        Srsly. Someone has some unresolved issues.
        À bientôt,

  8. You only talked about the level of respectability others have in your eyes, but what about your level of respectability you have on men’s eyes? What about being a man who earns respect among his peers and superiors?

  9. Good piece – it is articles like these on ROK that give lie to all the attacks of the haters.
    IMO what I think is rarely considered is the utility respect provides to men. For most women, and weak men, respect is an abstract, wooly concept – most sense when they are being disrespected but do not consider it much more than a ‘feeling’.
    But for men it is far more than that – it is the tool that guides our lives. We are competitive, we seek to win. But you can’t spend your whole life fighting every other man you encounter to see who’s ‘best’.
    Instead, we use respect as a proxy. Respect is the metric that we use to measure each other, without the messy business of having to get into a confrontation all the time.
    Men’s respect radar is finely tuned – it has to be; we sense people’s worth, and make decisions based on how respectable we perceive others to be. This is why women and weak men hate to be judged – they know they will loose respect. And more importantly, why we encourage men to self improve – for this is the path that will lead to greater respect.

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