The Price I Paid for Helping a Single Mom’s Child

I was stupid. I admit it. But let my foolishness and naivety serve as an example the rest of us can learn from.

We all know you do not help out single moms (well…more so than you’re already forced to through taxation), but you never ever help out their kids. Allow me to explain.

I was brought up poor.  I didn’t have much in the way of toys growing up, and the biggest let down to me as a child, perhaps even to this day, was waiting Christmas after Christmas for just ONE toy I desperately wanted, only to rip open my “gifts” and see that my parents had used Christmas as another excuse to buy me the staples in life they were obligated to.

Clothes. Socks.
School supplies.

So I meet a “fan” over teh interwebz who is a single mother. I’m not bigotted, just firm with single moms, and so I accept her friend request and we develop a friendly online relationship.  Over the months, however, I find out that her child doesn’t have much in the way of toys.  The father is not around and the mother is tight on money.  And so I harken back to those cold wintery days in the early 80’s where I desperately wanted a REAL toy, only to have my months’ worth of hope crushed.  Not wanting the kid to experience the same, I idiotically let my emotions get in the way of my brains and asked the single mom what the kid wanted for Christmas.

The kid wanted some kind of Barbie doll set.  Figuring this would make the young girl happy (and more than happy to oblige reinforcing beauty, femininity, and other female standards on a young girl) I said, “Give me your mailing address.”

Went to the Amazon, purchase said Barbie doll set, and mailed it to the young girl.  Thanks ensued, smiles were had, and dare I admit I almost felt like I did something selfless and Christmasy.  The kid got her gift and her Christmas would go down as a pleasant and memorable one.

Fastforward 2 months.

I’m on the facebook and I see this same single mom, desperate for money, woefully outgunned by the events that transpired before her, whose child was no more than a stranger’s purchase away from an unsatisfying Christmas, celebrate the purchase of a… (are you ready for it?)

60 inch screen TV.

Pictures and everything included, there it was, a 60 inch TV this presumably cash-strapped single mom had just bought.

Somewhat perturbed, I inquired, “Dude, what’s with the 60 inch screen TV purchase?  I thought you couldn’t even afford your child gifts for Christmas.”

And in true financially and mathematically ignorant American single mom form she said, “I’m purchasing it on a five year plan.  You gotta live life!”


The lesson from my stupidity is not one of not helping out children.  Nor is it that we shouldn’t feel some pity or sadness for the child-victims of single parent households.  But rather to realize those children are beyond our help because any form of assistance, aid, or charity must first go through the single parent.  In other words you can’t just go up to some kind on the street and give them money no matter how genuine and altruistic your intentions, as it would be pushing pedophilia.  Ergo, since the single parent (99.96% the times the mom) is the head of the household, any help intended towards the kid must first go through her.  And since by default and definition single parents have bad judgement, you can expect whatever charity you intend towards a child to be wasted or squandered at least partially.

The core of the issue is that the biggest problem children of single parent households face isn’t one of poverty or lack of toys.  It’s the fact they have the inferior parents they do.  And since it isn’t the kid that needs fixing, but rather the parents, there’s not much your altruism and charity can do to help out those kids no matter how much you pity them.

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259 thoughts on “The Price I Paid for Helping a Single Mom’s Child”

  1. My mom had a broke friend who did something like this. Her friend was a single mom, and her kids never had Easter. She bought the kids baskets, and guess what happened? Their mom took them as soon as she left, and sold them for crack. That was the last time my mom spoke to that woman. She saw her kids again though. She just gave them each 100 dollars, and told them never to let their mother know.

    1. Who the fuck trades rock in exchange for an Easter basket? The Easter bunny breaking bad now? Fuck off, troll.

        1. Tide detergent is expensive as fuck. You could put together an Easter basket for less money than a half gallon bottle of Tide costs. Aaron is full of shit. Never in my life I have been approached on the street by an Easter basket dealer.

  2. I enjoy single moms. I sent one 1 BTC last year when it was $100, she helped me (and provided me with some nice sex) after I got robbed, so it was more honorable than mere sentiment. Now it’s worth more than what both her baby daddies give her in a month.
    Another one, different country, I got her a job. She hacked my FB and Gmail, then refused to talk to me in the aftermath.
    It comes down to the quality of the individual.

  3. You should have sent a box set of your books with “Worthless” and “BPE” front and center. With a note: “Open before handling money. Regards, The Capn”
    Best case: Kid learns to manage her finances. One fewer future welfare queen.
    Worst case: Ungrateful single mom indignantly whips up single mommy-shaming frenzy on facebook, inadvertantly giving you more plublicity, boosting book sales.
    Win. Win.

      1. Yeah, only half tongue-in-cheek here. As a kid I received a few gifts and a LOT of good advice I only truly appreciated years later. Books are good for a lifetime.
        As far as fun and games go, you can rest assured that single mommy will take care of kiddo’s need for entertainment and immediate gratification. After all, it’s clearly her specialty.

        1. The best gifts I ever got as a kid were books. I don’t mean the textbook kind of crap, or the coming-of-age story kind of crap. I mean books that taught me how to build models, how to build radios, how to make go-carts, etc… I ate that shit up as a kid. A little boys dreams of building stuff starts early, and if you can tap that in a digestible form, you alter lives this way.

        2. Yep. This is important today, as many kids are raised and educated entirely by women. There is virtually no male influence in their lives, except for what they read.
          I recommend pre-80’s Popular Mechanics, anything from Heathkit, old school Boy Scouts manuals, and so on. Unfortunately, the modern versions tend to be massively dumbed down and stiflingly politically correct.

    1. publicity, inadvertently: perhaps including a spelling and grammar primer would help too. I could use one for Christmas.

    2. Heh, kid is only 3 years old. Don’t think a book on economics and high end political philosophy was on her Christmas wishlist. 😉

      1. Do you know if it is her only child?
        It sounds kinda unlikely she got someone to lend her enough money for that.
        Maybe she read that part on your blog where you told a woman you lived on welfare and decided that was a pretty damn good idea, find out about welfare queens and so on.
        She have that opportunity to game the system, it would be stupid of her not to.
        SHTF soon, just a few years before things goes really hot, it is better to use all the remaining advantage of our current societies has. If she has some money then maybe you could get some.

    3. if he is smart, he knows how to use opportunities available, rather would become welfare king if the current society was not unsustainable.

  4. I feel sorry for the child. No wonder this country is so messed up. Morons like her having children and the child grows up never having any exposure to a real adult capable of making adult decisions. It’s kind of shocking we aren’t more messed up actually.

    1. Sad thing is in 10-15 years the daughter will be hopping on every dick in the world for validation.

    2. The majority of “adults” are children themselves.
      Smart people learn from the mistakes of others, even if these others are their own parents.

  5. This brings up an important discussion about charity and accountability. Let’s take the Christian model for example. The church has membership standards. The church has ministries. The church has clearly written standards and specific disciplinary actions including public repentence and excommunication. Whenever someone wants charity the church considers the person asking for charity. Are they in good standing? Are they truly in need? If it is a good church they will have what’s known as “small groups” which can be understood in military terms as “span of control.” These small groups use deacons according to 1TIM3 there are two levels of control, the deacon and the elder. There can be multiple deacons and multiple elders, all of which a men of a certain standing with certain responsibilities to provide for and correct others. If someone is truly in need it is known, and if someone is completely incapable of living on their own they often have a place in a monastery or ministry of some sort where they are cloistered or cared for.
    Without the church we have a new model of charity: cubicles. If you want to beg now, you get to do it in a nice cozy office where nobody knows you, and you don’t know anyone. They give you a neat stack of papers to discreetly fill out. They review your claims and give you your handout. There is almost no accountability. A woman can be living with her engineer boyfriend making enough money to drive dat Escalade, and nobody yanks her welfare.
    The scary thing is that I think this was all by design. I think the government likes it that way. At first I blamed churches for not providing enough. Then I started looking into churches and welfare recipients and found out that the church cannot provide for wants, and people just have too many wants, and will not accept a petty sum to cover only what they need. Why go to a church and expose yourself to scrutiny to get only the bare minimum of what you need when you can go to the cubicle and get enough to drive dat Escalade?

    1. Involuntary charity is theft. The govt and their fences (welfare recipients) are thieves. Thieves don’t like the church.

  6. What a dick. You didn’t put the fucking kid through college, you just bought her a Barbie house for Christmas, and you got laid for it plus some other help. And now you think you get to tell her how to live her life? Sometimes I wonder about the men in the manosphere. Being an asshole is no way to walk around the world and what this author did to this woman is a world class asshole maneuver. It’s a different thing if you are paying the bills, but you essentially are a “John” fuckwit. Grow up and stop being such an asshole.

    1. Glenn been drinking dat bong water again bro. Hey Glenn here’s a clue. Calling men on this forum assholes is like telling women they’re attractive. It’s like telling a gang banger that he’s a killer. It’s actually a compliment.
      And don’t concern troll. You haven’t sometimes been wondering about men on the manosphere. All you do is criticize and attack. You’re not “one of us.” Quit faking.

    2. Sorry about the learning disability, Glenn. With effort, you can improve your reading comprehension. Keep your chin up!

      1. Apparent learning disability, in my opinion.
        If it’s not a woman, it may very well be the whitest white knight of them all.

    3. “Being an asshole is no way to walk around the world”
      Yes, it is.
      Oh, and read the fucking article again.

      1. Giggling at the adult-children trying to sort me out. I’m a bigger asshole than the three of you put together, but I still don’t go around acting like I own a poor single mommy’s life because I bought her daughter some Barbie dolls. If that’s what you think defines being alpha or being masculine, well, that’s just pathetic. Get a life.

        1. “I’m a bigger asshole than the three of you put together”
          Not a chance you illiterate faggot.
          Once again, re-read the fucking article Glenn. Read it again. READ IT AGAIN. Dumb mother fucker.
          -Edit– must be a woman I’m dealing with here. Anyone with a cock between their legs can’t be this god damn stupid.

        2. If you haven’t figured it out, Glenn is a troll. So ignore him/her and it will go away.

        3. Why would one treat an emotionally unstable idiot on the internet in any way different from how one would treat an internet troll, which should be with silence and/or indifference?

        4. No, it’s that you’re more emotionally invested in internet interactions. It’s just words on a screen written by someone you’re unlikely to ever interact with again.
          I’m not saying to have no emotion on the internet, just to choose your battles wisely as you have much more freedom to do so (i.e. you can walk away with no consequences, unlike in real life).

    4. You are aware he never met this woman physically, right? and he never said a word about how to live her life?

        1. I am really doubting it’s a ‘he’. such inability to decode simple speech smack of a missing Y chromosome.

    5. You sound like a spastic of which the “bigger picture” is sadly lost on. And lol @ you thinking because he banged her it absolves the behaviour of these tax burdens. Fucking loser chode.

    6. He never mentioned anything about getting laid. He said it was an online relationship. Plus, if he did get laid, good for him. And he never told her how to live her life, though honestly if I was in his place, I would have.
      “what this author did to this woman is a world class asshole maneuver” What did he do? He bought her girl a set of toys and then asked about a purchase she made because it contradicted her past statements. You think that’s asshole behavior, but not the single mom who manipulates strangers into doing favors for her? I suggest you un-fuck your head, buddy.

    7. Captain Capitalism has a section on his website called “Asshole Consulting” where you can get honest but hard to take advice from the asshole in question. All I’m trying to say is he’s aware of any assholery he might be engaging in at any given time, and sometimes even charges for it.

      1. Everyone take note of who upvoted Glenda. Nos Feratu. The two of them are either total faggots or chicks. They need to be banned.

        1. I notice that’s the same Nos Feratu that got all pissy over men saying F You to big daddy alpha gov in that survivalist article and kept on spamming pics of Rambo and shit as a gay attempt to shame everyone. I’d say he’s a she aswell. The only person who would get as angry as she did would have to be some fat chick in a make work HR gig.

          10 Reasons You Should Become A Survivalist

  7. I know you feel betrayed (and you definitely were), but “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” It’s definitely possible that she is genuinely strapped for cash and some smooth-talking salesman tricked her into signing up for the 5-year plan. That’s one of the reasons why I don’t help these people out. They show repeated and chronic patterns of stupid spending and inability to correctly assess the consequences of their decisions.
    But fuck, I’m a single guy living comfortably with a positive net balance and even I don’t have a 60-inch tv.

    1. “It’s definitely possible that she is genuinely strapped for cash and
      some smooth-talking salesman tricked her into signing up for the 5-year
      Yet she was encouraged to reproduce and raise a child on her own. What is wrong with this picture?

      1. At least she did have a child and figured out how to game the system.
        She 1
        Aaron Clarey 0

        1. Yes, love, for the eternal struggle life is and should be.
          And charity is preventing the scum of the earth from outbreeding the self-aware and intelligent.

    2. Now we see why pre-modern parents would sell their children into slavery, and why people would purchase slave children. Some people are really just too dumb to have kids. It’s probably best for everyone involved.

    3. I’m not sure Cappy made a determination on malice or not in this article. Stupidity is reason enough not to help a single mother who would do such a thing.

    4. Lets be clear. When you say tricked her into signing up for a 5-year plan, you mean he told her she was buying a $40 vacuum cleaner but the bill of sale she signed was for a 60-inch TV on a 5-year plan with 22% interest.
      Because any other form of trickery, and you are just arguing she has no agency.

      1. Women have no agency. They never have. any agency they appear to possess is simply smoke and mirrors.

      2. Women have Shroedinger’s agency, which is always in both states (immature and empowered) until you ask them if they are empowered and thus collapse the waveform. They are the Quantum of the working world, existing in all possible states until cornered, and then they become victims.

        1. this is the same thing. those dots mean “add an “e” after the letter these dots appear over”. Also, that’s mostly southern german shit and was never super popular in northern germany to begin with

        2. I’m aware of that. There’s still a ‘c’ missing in “Shroedinger”, even if you account for alternative ways of spelling. The name of a scientific heavyweight like him shouldn’t be mangled beyond recognition.

      3. Salespeople are masters of manipulating people (especially poor people) out of their money. Sadly, I’ve even seen it happen to guys. Broke guy goes into a store and comes out spending 10x what he meant to spend. That’s why I didn’t make the male/female distinction. Man or woman, I don’t help people out who are incapable of helping themselves.

        1. There is so much blame to go around, but the bulk of it must rest with the parents. They have the unequivocal responsibility for the brats, and any failures must rest at their feet.
          There will always be parents who squeal that its not their fault the kids turn out bad.
          Its the teachers, the ADHD, the devil, the lack of social security assistance, the government.
          But I have no sympathy for this.
          And for the single mums, I have nothing but scorn.
          You married a potless loser. Its your fault.
          You married a nice guy, and then busted his chops till her fucked the neighbor. Its your fault.
          You fucked some guy without protection, its your fault.
          You married a guy who for no reason, ran off with another woman – its your fault for not picking a better guy.
          And at the end of the day. No matter who is the dipshit father, its your fault for not having an abortion if you were not 100% ready and confident in YOURSELF to have a baby.

        2. “….but the bulk of it must rest with the parents”
          The blame rests with a political system that allows people like these to breed and vote.
          Let’s face it.
          As an old economics professor I had used to say….There are problems in society that CAN’T be solved….
          So unless we are prepared for the horrible (temporary) side effects of the medicine we are condemned to living with the disease.

        3. Yes – certainly in Australia, the political system not only enables idiots to breed, but actively encourages it….through the tax system, and outright cash giveaways for anyone who has a baby.
          But until such time as there is an general consensus, as well as political and economic recognition, that the planet is over-populated already, then the powers that be will continue to allow idiots to breed like locusts.

  8. Cheap lesson.
    A certified beta white knight would have met the woman, married her, and… well we all know where that ends up, don’t we?
    One doll set = cheap lesson.
    Next time you want to help kids, do something to improve the world, like crush feminism.

    1. Ironically, it is only through crushing women and children that we can save women and children from their own stupidity. Every bastard child and whore you help propagates 10 more. If America were to snap their fingers and end the dole to whores and bastards there would be death and suffering and starvation across the nation for a short time, but in the long run would prevent death and suffering and starvation and molestation and dehumanization and medication and commodification for more than ever.

      1. I remember working at a middle school in the inner city once and overhearing a conversation between two girls and one boy. They were talking about how young their mothers were when they were born. One of the girls said her mother was 17 when she had her. The other said that her mother was either 16 or 17. The boy said that his mother was 17 and that his father was 14. It gets better. One of the girls then said “When I have my baby I’m gonna give it to my grandmother so can hang out in the street.” Just an anecdote that came to mind as I was reading these comments.

      2. Precisely why almost every civilization across history despised them, and I dare say – made everyone mother, child, etc pay for it. The chief problem with the West is that people are now insulated from their bad decisions. This “compassion” will eventually doom us.

        1. The only positive in the article is that the mother actually requested a gender-appropriate toy for her daughter. Can you imagine going out of your way like that and then finding out it was her son the Barbie was for.

      3. What we do or what are your traits in your life are eventually passed on to the next generation in our DNA – which is a genetic fact. A whore will eventually produce a whore in her future generations – even if her immediate descendant may not be a whore. No whore produced a saint. No bastard produced a saint.
        Even if society or religion may absolve these sluts/whores from their debauchery, nature does not. Because these traits/habits mutate their DNA, which they pass on to the next generation. Men willing to marry these whores/sluts out of love or pity to give these women a chance to lead normal, respectable lives should know that the whore/slut gene will STILL pass on to their offspring.
        America’s present problem of whoring/slutting also has to do something with the lineage of some of the population of this country.
        Some of the earliest Americans were actually convicts who were brought from Europe to work on the railway lines here. And so were the whores who were brought from Europe to reproduce with these convicts to populate the continent. These whores learnt to sew, knit, cook and went to church as “reformed women”.
        American population thus has a sizable number of its population whose lineage is derived from these “reformed whore/sluts.”
        But the whore/slut gene never died, it passed on in a dormant state to the next generation, waiting for the right circumstances to exhibit itself. Modern American women have that slut/whore gene which they have received from their ancestors.
        Russian women and other whore-like women – will also eventually pass a similar gene to their descendants – when considering their present whoring. Stay clear of any women who have these traits, when considering to have children.
        Thus the statement that “one bastard child or whore will produce 10 more” is brutally accurate – when observed from a genetic point of view.

        1. Actually, it’s not genes per se (genetics) but their expression (epigenetics) that predisposes children to all kinds of health problems inherited from their parents’ lifestyles.
          Throw in the attitudes and beliefs that make up their mentality (memetics), which as the author of The Garbage Generation compared delinquency to hemophilia in that is carried by the females but expressed in the males, and you can see how stuff like this is passed on intergenerationally.
          What does this say about Australians (the Botany Bay penal colony with both male and female convicts), French Canadians (the Filles du Roi or King’s daughters who are though by some historians to be orphans or even prostitutes), and other populations whose female ancestors were from the lower rungs of society.

      4. Sam Kinneson (RIP) had the same lesson about feeding the starving Africans. You can google it on YouTube. His take was that they are starving because they are living in a desert where you cna’t grow food, and the more we feed them the more they will stay in the desert and starve. The humane thing to do is to stop feeding them so they have no choice but to leave the desert and go where food can be grown.
        He was wrong in that most African starvation is caused by warfare and not by desertification, but he was still right that the longer we feed those in untenible situations the longer those untenible situations will continue. Single motherhood falls under the same rubric.

        1. Africa based on resources, should dominate the world. I’ll leave it to you as to why they don’t. Hint: It isn’t because of white colonialism.

    2. If the child is need of food,medical aid or some essentials,then I do not consider it a mistake to provide that Kid with these things.The child is genuinely a victim of this woman,an absent father and the State.
      Toys are not essential to making it through life,regardless of all the Santa Claus propaganda that Hollywood and mainstream media churn out.
      As a man you should have the agency to decide between what a child needs and what a child(the younger or the older one) wants.
      Yes,Cpt. Capitalism let his generosity get the better of him ,and for his act he might temporarily dine at the table of White Knights.But in the court of Kings he should be admonished.
      The Heartless Asshole prepares you for a life of grit and thus to become a Conqueror;the Bleeding Heart prepares you for entitlement and thus perpetual Victim-hood.

    3. A single mother can be usefull, if she games the system for welfare and have a job beside that, so she is less demanding and smart enough to use available opportunities.
      Just that if you have a pet cobra, don´t seize it with your bare hands.

  9. And thus is the reason I help no one I haven’t known for years and who has earned my trust. I once bought a loaf of bread some peanut butter and cheap winn dixie brand jelly for a “homeless” family I saw on the street. I have no idea if they were actually homeless but goddammit I’m not going to give you money for drugs/alchohol, I have no problem feeding people though.

    1. When the Unicef collection comes around I always say” I don’t know what is worse the 5 cents on a dollar that actually goes to charity or that they poisoned more kids than anyone in history”. I give at the end of the year to the local food bank ever since I was driving along and saw a big line of white women and had to ask what the line was for.

      1. That’s why I only give to individuals and if it’s squandered I only have myself to be mad at. Funny story I was fishing at the docks about 10 years ago with a buddy and some black dude on a nasty bike comes up and says “hey big cat I need a dallah tweny seven for my 3 piece.” I gave him a dollar and my friend gave him some change and about 30 minutes later he rides on by and waving a drum stick at us yelling “yall is awesome much love brothers!” Well worth a dollar in stereotypical entertainment if you ask me!

  10. “I told y’all niggas About god damn takin’ them hoez to the cheeseacake Factory Lettin’ them hoez order strawberry lemonade and popcorn shrimp. They ain’t goin’ do nuthin’ But try to get all your motherfuckin’ cheese!”
    – Big Boi, OutKast

    1. Haven’t bumped Stankonia in a long ass time, thanks for reminding me of that song, man!

  11. Just thought of something twenty minutes or so after reading this: IF you are in a situation where you are struggling financially, struggling to the point where had to ask someone to get a toy for your child for Christmas, why on Earth would you let ANYONE know that you not only purchased a 60 inch flatscreen television but purchased it on a payment plan? This is ghetto behavior, like buying chrome spinna rims and living in the hood or being in public housing but making sure to get the newest pair of Jordan’s. This is the type of “ish” that makes me have a “Bill Cosby Moment”. SMDH!!!

    1. She does not value Aaron’s gift. That’s why she admitted to going into debt to satisfy her own material wants.

      1. I get that part, completely. I’m just curious as what happened to her “let’s keep this on the lowdown” instinct. Hell, I would have lied and said that someone gave me a 60 inch flatscreen as a gift. I probably would have lied about the size as well.

        1. Taking something for granted means taking it for granted. If you give me something and I find no value in it, I will unwittingly be absolutely callous as to any sacrifice you made for me.

        2. Future time orientation, and understanding consequences require a min IQ of 85. Below that people cant understand the fable of the goose that laid the golden egg. Sadly my TV is only in the 50s but I didn’t acquire debt for it.

    2. When i used to visit the projects in NY I saw people who look like they stepped out of a music video.
      Wearing the latest Jordans while trying to avoid stepping in the piss covering the elevator floor and walls.

    3. I read “SMDH” as suck my dick, hoe. Please use the generally accepted acronym (SMH), or spell it out.
      Unless that is what you intended, in which case carry on.

  12. As a product of divorce, and being raised by a single mother, this made me laugh really hard. Then it made me slightly angry. Then laugh again. I was the middle-man debt collector for money between my (at the time) asshole pops, and “cash strapped” mother. If I wanted gear for baseball, my mom gave me the sob story and I had to employ tactics that would make a debt collector blush, just to get my pops half of the dues. Same went for clothes, school supplies etc. Its no wonder I got a job the day after I became legal in the state. All of this strained my pop’s and I’s relationship to the point where I didn’t speak to him for a good 4 years. It wasn’t until my 20’s that I looked back and remember all the afternoons spent in Neiman Marcus at the heels of my “broke” mom. Never trust a single mom.

    1. You learned. I’m glad it was while you could still repair your relationship with your father.

  13. hmm, when you give, …the giving itself, you have to think that the action itself will produce a harvest…somehow, someway…there has to be some good out of this…somehow!

  14. Big mistake, but hopefully you and others learn from it.
    Fifty cent said it best, “I don’t give a shit about anotha’ nîggas kid”

    1. Fifty cent was also the child of a single mother. So also was Larry Ellison.
      So the point to be noted is the problem is not the kid; the problem is the mother. These individuals made it big in spite of no support from their mothers.
      50 cent probably understood it from his own childhood that’s why he said that statement.
      The kid should not be blamed for the sins/crimes of his mother.
      Single mothers should be:
      1. Socially shamed and boycotted for giving birth outside of wedlock
      2. Separated from their children by the state to be raised by the armed forces. The kid must be given a good disciplined upbringing by the armed forces to become future soldiers. This approach automatically destroys the concept of welfare schemes for single mother bitches, who usually leech of the money to support their own luxuries instead of the needs of their children. Thus these women will be compelled to work and fend for themselves.
      3. These women should have a lot of their social privileges reduced by the state.
      With all this – the disease of single motherhood will gradually be eradicated from society.

    1. come on mate, I don’t think he should “confess” what he did, nor should he feel remorse for doing a good deed to a child in need.
      rather, he learned a mistake and tells the tale to his humble readers.
      it was a great article. and lesson learned

  15. I see nothing wrong with buying the kid a doll set. You bought it for the kid and not her cock carousel riding momma. Expecting a woman to be a responsible adult in exchange for a barbie doll present purchased for her kid set is pretty fucking stupid if you ask me.
    If I was so inclined to to buy the kid a present I would do so expecting nothing in return from the mom.

  16. Never ever support some other mans sprog, even more so, if the birth father isn’t paying any maintence for it.
    In my country, we have a baby bonus for every new mother. At one stage, it was 6000 per child (I think it has fallen to 4000 now). Plus, the single mothers pension. On this welfare allowance, there are commission flat/house accommodations, for less than 100 a week, rent assistance on top of that, heavily discounted medicine, free health care, school children bonus’s, half price public transport, free education courses at some private colleges, plus many other things I haven’t mentioned………and, a decent whack of money every fortnight. Depending on how many children you have, you can do very, very well. Many have never had a job, or will bother working again. It’s not usual for some women to have 5 children to various men. They usually sit in their heavily discounted housing commission flats complaining that they are doing it so so so hard. These slags have pay tv connections, brand new televisions, the latest mobile phones and iPads, covered in tatts, smoke, drink etc.. And none of it has been paid anyone, but the tax payer.

    1. That is f***ing bullshit. And I bet no one in the media dares to say a thing about it either.

      1. You do very well on welfare in my country. Very well, indeed. That’s also why lots of people get on boats and risk their lives, to claim refugee status.

      2. “And I bet no one in the media dares to say a thing about it either.”
        Hard truths don’t get the clicks and tv ratings from the deluded masses.

        1. You have to be very careful what you say. There are tough laws on racism, sexism, etc, etc,. You cannot say anything that will offend even if it’s the absolute truth.

    2. You must be from Australia… the ‘baby bonus’ gave it away.
      I think the ‘baby bonus’, as well as the Paid maternity leave policies were the most diabolical ideas.
      $6000 is nothing compared to the true cost (inclusing forgone income), of having a baby. And anyone who makes a baby/no baby decision based on $6000 is a moron. In a massively over-populated world, encouraging people to have kids for cash, is unethical in the extreme.
      And the Paid Maternity Leave is simply middle class welfare, at the expense of the taxpayer.
      And if women can get this, then I was Paid Windsurfing Leave.
      As usual, as in so many countries, the person who consistently gets shafted is the single white male.

      1. India, Mexico and Pakistan are overpopulated, not Australia.
        The solution is 0 for an abo baby and 22 000 for a White baby. -)

      2. Let me tell you, Patrick lots of ferals line up to collect on it. Given that these women were totally useless and a job, would be out of the question for their lazy arses. The baby bonus and the single mothers pension, was hitting pay dirt for them. No working, and money to boot. Plus, the more children you have, the more benefits and money you get every fortnight..Guess who gets nothing from the government and pays tax for everyone??……the single tax payer (mostly white males).

        1. Spot on…. It was pure pay dirt for them, and the single taxpayer takes it up the ass as usual.
          It was pure political bribe from Abbott, who had a massive problem with his perceived anti-female conservative stance. Which I think was beaten up by the ALP in a disgraceful way.
          All we heard was that ‘Tony Abbott has a problem with women”, but at no point did we hear … “Well, do you think Penny Wong has a problem with men”.
          That smug arrogant bitch was as anti-male as you can get. But being an asian (looking) lesbian, she was politically bulletproof. And she acted as such.

      3. There’s a HUGE difference between paying you to go windsurfing and giving a mother time off to support her child in the most delicate time of its life. It’s not like moms on maternity leave, paid or not, are on vacation. They spend their days cleaning up shit and piss filled diapers and trying to feed the kid, both messy and unpleasant affairs. Since newborn children are so vulnerable to infection and sickness it’s irresponsible to send it to daycare, which is a breeding ground of disease. Plus, most countries offer paid maternity leave for mothers and often times paid paternity leave for fathers as well. Some of the countries on this list are Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, some of the happiest countries in the world. You might want to do your fucking research or just develop some common sense about the reality of having a child before you judge a policy that helps women support their children properly.

        1. >>>> WHITE KNIGHT ALERT <<<<
          Another white knight hero to the rescue…. shaming single men into saving women from the consequences of their own bad decisions.
          You obviously missed my point, so I will make it real simple.
          If you can’t afford to raise your child “properly”. Don’t fucking have one.

        2. Part of raising a child properly is being there to take care of it. Now obviously you miss the part of men can get childcare leave too in some places and not all moms are single. Mom’s and dad’s both need to participate in the taking care of their children, and paid leave for that very purpose is not a bad thing for a company to do.

        3. This is a white knight or a female. I suspect, a female. It’s stupid bitches that can’t afford to have children that keep breeding them in numbers. You do your research, fuckhead.

        4. I agree that both mums and dads need to have a strong hand the the raising of kids.
          But expecting a company to pay a woman for work she is not doing, is counterproductive for the economy as a whole. And detrimental to a planet that is overpopulated already.
          I would also argue that imposing this requirement on companies is counterproductive to the “official” femen goal of more women in the workplace. I certainly wouldn’t hire a woman knowing that she could drop out at anytime, and I would have to pay for her chosen lifestyle choice.
          And as a pure biological perspective. The choice to have a child is up to the woman 100%.
          She can fuck, or not fuck. She can use the pill, or nothing. She can choose an abortion or not.
          Her choice is isolated from the man, who just donates the sperm ..(which is something the femen hardcore seem intent on pushing as they break up the traditional family unit).
          So, if you have a baby, then its all on you.

        5. Actually it helps the economy by giving people money to spend, to put back in the system. Part of the reason economies collapse is because people don’t have money to spend on consumer goods.
          Companies give people paid vacation where employees get paid for work that isn’t done, so why can’t they give moms and dads a few weeks off each to take care of a newborn?
          Actually giving women maternity leave for just a few weeks isn’t a bad idea since the company would specify exactly how much leave is allowed. It would encourage women to seek employment knowing that they can be secure if they get pregnant. Then they go back to work just like anyone else and support their child.
          It may be the choice of the woman to have the baby, but it’s not always her choice to become a single mom. My mom didn’t want my dad to have a mental break down. They were supposed to get back together when he got better, but he just left after he got better. She didn’t want him to leave her alone. He just left.

        6. I’m pretty sure I’m male. I mean, the dick hanging between my legs might be some indication of that.
          Then maybe we should teach sex ed better in schools so less people make poor decisions about sex and encourage men to help take care of their offspring better so women don’t have to be single moms and mooch off the system.

    3. The problem is that in 20-30 years time when your country is bankrupt and with all kinds of social problems (like teenage pregnancy) NOBODY will look back at these policies and blame the politicians/enablers/lefty progressives etc….they will blame MEN… and find other ways of extracting money from us.

      1. spot on! i can just hear them now: ‘well if these damn men wouldn’t go around fucking everything that moves, we wouldn’t be in this predicament!!’. i swear, we need some form of eugenics..

      2. “Civilization” is a state of exception and hence collapses sooner or later.
        Especially when the retarded and stupid , weak-minded cattle-like people are reproducing more and faster than the intelligent, strong-minded people.
        The only real men are the ones that says no, refuse to feed the beast any further. Sure they can be killed but they can´t be made to work efficiently enough to support the current society which is already unsustainable.

  17. Ah well she would have bought the tv anyway. At least you did a good deed for the kid..
    One gets the feeling the kid is gonna go down the same route as the momma anyway lol.

  18. Captain Cap –
    I salute you. What happened in it’s totality speaks about you, not the mis-guided woman.
    If I see someone dumpster diving for breakfast, that will loosen $10 from me faster than the guy sun-bathing at the off-ramp.

  19. Financing a fucking TV for five years??? Jesus, I didn’t even finance my last vehicle for nearly this long.

  20. Know why to many people like that.
    Why pay the electricity bill when we can rent a 60inch TV and buy a TV package with hundreds of channels.
    This is a true story and this act was done by a married couple with kids.
    FYI don’t ask the kids what they got for their birthdays.

    1. Man, I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it myself as well.
      It’s heartbreaking.

      1. Another problem is if you’re that person who gets them the gifts, as they get older the kids start feeling more entitled to them and will want more.
        Essentially you become their parents.
        Every relative who splurged on a niece, nephew or grandkid when they were young now wishes they’d thought better.

  21. You didn’t pay a price. How were you negatively affected at all by her actions?
    All that really happened is that you did something nice, and then a stupid mom did stupid shit. 2 completely unrelated events.

  22. Since when are women into big TVs? Is this skank so desperate she is hoping that it will help entice guys into sticking around longer? Maybe she should put it in her daughter’s bedroom

  23. 2 months post Christmas? Sounds like the Christmas of po’ folk: tax time!

  24. ”I’m purchasing it on a five year plan. You gotta live life!”

    Dafuq? She put herself into five years worth of debt for a 60 inch tv when she could’ve bought an excellent 32 inch for a mere $3-400?! That would be good enough, there’s no need for 60 inch tvs if it’ll take you five fucking years to pay for it!

      1. hmm, either conn’s scammed the fuck out of us or they’re that much cheaper now than they were in 2011. leaning towards the former. Still, even better!

    1. The question is who is stupid enough to give her a loan?
      I rather think she gamed the system or helped a robber or dealer hidding a few things.
      Perhapse she even have a few obamavoters in her home.

  25. Dude, been there. Just take it for the life lesson it is and walk away. Thanks for the post, though. It’s a good reminder.

  26. Giving aid to a single mom with pups is akin to giving foreign aid to Uganda. What did you expect?
    But thanks for sharing your lesson here. I’m sure it will make an impression on those are inclined to listen to their inner charity rather than face the harsh reality of the western female and her ability to rationalize anything and everything.

  27. I love this website and all its advice, but maybe you spent too much time on facebook this winter looking at other people’s purchases instead of at the gym.
    You’ll get more and BETTER pussy by spending the time you wasted on female “admirers” and what they are purchasing. Ignore them, and get in gym and get better pussy this summer by getting ripped..

  28. I met a single mom with 2 kids. I was so “nice guy” that i married her, paid off her debt, helped her get her degree, bought her a new car, and so on…
    Of course she’s probably BPD. I’ve been through 7 years of hell and am finally out of that shit. I did learn quite a bit about myself and life. Some people without male role models have to learn the hard way.

    1. Man, sounds awful.
      Maybe you would consider contributing an article about it & what you learned.
      ” Some people without male role models have to learn the hard way.” <– THIS!

    2. “Some people without male role models have to learn the hard way.”
      Today, that would be most people.

    3. We all go through this hell, in one way or another. “We are a generation of men raised without fathers… maybe the last thing we need is another woman.”

  29. At what point must we examine whether these kids should be taken away from these mothers and raised in orphanages?
    I hear foster homes are terrible, but shit like this makes me wonder what is worse.

  30. That lesson was low cost, high value, in my opinion.
    I often feel sorry for these kids of single mothers. It really is a no win situation if you want to help. The government forces you to, through taxation, then wastes most of the money. It also uses your money to attack you (since you are a man).
    You can’t give directly to the kids. You don’t want to give any money to the bitch whore that had the kid, since she will waste it on herself.
    What I typically search for are methods of helping that force the maximum amount of humiliation on the mother as possible. Soup kitchens are good for that. At least you know that no kid should have to go hungry when the soup kitchen is running.
    I have also given money to organizations that support foster parents. I figure that works out pretty well because the child has been taken away from the bat crazy mother in many cases. (I realize that a lot of good men lose their child to foster care because of bat shit crazy mothers, but at least I am helping those children). It’s not perfect, but good enough.
    I have given used and new toys to charities that distribute them for Christmas. I figure most of those toys go to the children of single mothers. Now that I think about that, though, I have not been nearly selective enough in choosing those organizations. Ideally, such an organization would require the mother and child to come in to their facility in order to receive the gift. The mother should be required to answer a long questionnaire and bring proof of her poverty. She should then be asked to promise to never bear another child. Alas, I think those charity organizations are far too nice to do something like that, even though doing so would be best for society at large.

  31. I have seen worse – but I completely blame myself for it.
    Fell in love with a single mom from the CIS when I was in my 20’s. She was great in bed; and I was blinded by the terrific sex I used to get from her. Thought of marrying her and having a family – that’s what I wanted.Ultimately, spent all my income on her to land in debt. When she realized that I was of no use to her financially, she left me for a richer guy. By the time I was deep into the pit of debt. Debt is one of the worst things a man can get himself into the modern world. I got exploited by a lot of so-called “friends” for the next few years to work for cash to pay off my debt; in the end I had to go to prison to clear my debt. And still not been able to psychologically recover from the traumatic events in the past few years. I lost all faith in life and people – especially women now, whom I’ve begun to hate in many ways as I can’t trust them as creatures anymore – and during the past one year, discovered red pill. Wish I had discovered red pill long back during that time in my life when I was with her – I wouldn’t have done those mistakes.
    Nevertheless, I learned one thing in life – women (especially single mothers) always put themselves (or their child) before their men in life. She may give you the best fuck of your life, be the most romantic woman you’ve ever met, and all the caring/loving shit – but you can never be #1 in her life, before herself and her child. You’re always going to be after them; you’re in fact a dispensable financial tool for her, and your job is primarily to provide. Everything she does – is often a lie, meant to exploit your resources.
    Single mothers are the worst kind of whores – who give sex in return for resources – but whores usually are upfront about what they do, unlike single mothers who hide their whoring with emotion which they use to trap you. Well I blame myself for falling into the trap. I just want other guys not to undergo the same pain and suffering that I did; so brothers, beware about “helping” single mothers. They usually can take care of themselves – as they’re women – and women are more adept and have more options to take care of themselves in this world. Their classic trump card? Sex. And every man is willing to help a woman if she offers him sex, and single mothers (or women for that matter) know how to use sex for advantage. We men – on the contrary- seek sex for pleasure and comfort. So you’re much better off helping yourself – or other deserving people. You can learn from my story.

      1. I know.
        The past few years when I was working off futilely to pay off debt was like a prison – not to mention the actual prison I had to go to pay off my debt. Those years made me hate both men (my friends who exploited me) and women (the most – I see all women as untrustworthy manipulative lying whores and bitches now). I have developed a relentless hatred and apathy for single mothers, and whores (and especially women from the CIS).
        Now the focus in my life is only on myself – but I am bit late now as compared to my contemporaries – in my 30’s now. Marriage and relationships are things I don’t believe at all now – all are a lie.
        I do sometimes wish I could turn back time – or at the most discovered red pill when I was younger and with her. Life is full of traps and women are the biggest trapdoors in life.

        1. I feel bad for you but don’t let one woman rob you of future happiness, there are wonderful women out there. I was a single mum when I met my now husband, been 12 years and we have an awesome relationship. he is an alpha and im quite dominant also, i have amazing respect for my man, and i appreciate the benefits of an alfa, i show him by taking a traditional wife le,(cooking,cleaning,raising our kids) but i still like to voice my opinion

        2. Mate I was thirty odd before I got into my chosen career. There’s still time for you and as they often say, living well is the best revenge. Go and listen to Tom Leykis. He has got many a man back up on his feet.

        3. “Mate I was thirty odd before I got into my chosen career. There’s still time for you and as they often say, living well is the best revenge.”
          So much this.

    1. Thank you for sharing that man, it’s an eye-opener. 30’s is an excellent time to start being a red piller! I’m in the same boat, and I’m just glad I didn’t find the manosphere stuff in my 60’s, hehe.

    2. Once you have money agaiin, you can get a single mother to sell you her children, no need to get chain…. married.

      1. With that experience with that single mom from the CIS, I’d never do that experience again – either with a single mom, or a woman from the CIS. Enough lessons I have learnt in the past few years, which I will remember for a lifetime.
        I just shared my story so that no one does the same mistakes as I did so as to land up in prison – for falling in debt out of love for a single mom. And I’m sure no one has fallen so much as I did – out of the things I did for a single mom.
        I read once that “no good deed goes unpunished.”
        I guess in the modern world , “no man’s true love for a woman goes unpunished – by her.” Because love – in reality – doesn’t exist. That’s why I wish I discovered red pill then.

        1. If she hadn´t been a single mom, would the situation have been any different? She still would have been married to your wallet and even if you had a job to keep up with that, you know SHTF is coming pretty soon.
          If you had been with a yankee woman, you would have prolly been forced to pay 15 years of child support if you got a job, you probably would have much less sex and caught herpes too.
          Put simply, there are better things in life than to get married and all that beta stuff.

          Reproduction is just necessary to keep societies going, like military service. I would be okay with paying a in-vitro and cloning taxes.
          The current society sucks but I am pretty confident it is a passing phase, a brief, unsustainable respite before plunging into another spiral of real progress. One fueled by bloodlust and greed – they only things that work guaranteedly (and interesting to boot).

    3. “I have seen worse – but I completely blame myself for it.Fell in love with a single mom”
      LMFAO. Was so tempted to stop reading right there. NEVER fall in love with a single mom. NEVER. I learned this the hard way.
      God speed moving forward.

  32. No man should help single mothers.
    The state often plays the role of the husband for these women; when you choose to “help” these women, you willingly involve yourself into a polyandrous relationship where the other guy is the state.
    The reason why the disease of single mothers afflicts society is because of state support to them. The state “helps” them – like a boyfriend, and a husband. Let these women help themselves by working. Or by selling themselves.
    Why should we encourage the welfare of single mothers? Because they help to increase our population/demographics? They’re actually responsible for falling demographics. Men involved with them often choose not to ever marry or reproduce again. That’s enough to destroy demographic levels.
    Let the scum of single mothers be destroyed.

    1. “The state often plays the role of the husband for these women; when you choose to “help” these women, you willingly involve yourself into a polyandrous relationship where the other guy is the state.”
      Huh that’s interesting since my mom never got help from the government and is still supporting 3 kids by herself, without a man, without food stamps, without welfare, or social security. My mom has worked her ass off for the past 10 years to support us since our father left and refuses to help out at all. Single moms are such scum right?

      1. I’d say congratulations are in order for all of your mom’s hard work…oh wait, if what you say is true – she’s merely doing what any self-respecting adult is SUPPOSED to do.

        1. Of course it’s fucking true! Why would I lie? It’s my dad who is the scum Single Mother Hater should be talking about, an asshole who leaves the kids he wanted without a father. He’s the scum. Not my hard working mom.

        2. You’ve missed the point. You’re mom gets no special accolades for busting her butt and taking care of you and your siblings. That’s whats a responsible adult is supposed to do.
          My point is that there are plenty of loyal, hard working men of the single and non-single parent variety who get no such respect or acknowledgment at all for doing what is in reality, not that hard [raising kids].
          Yet as soon as a mother does it -“oh my gosh what as strong woman, how does she do it!!”

        3. But everyone on this site keeps saying how all single moms are fucking irresponsible bitches when it’s not true. And the reason men don’t get as much recognition as single parents is because there are more single struggling moms than there are single dads.

  33. I knew a single mom who was my landlady. She had 4 kids by three different men, surprisingly all of them monoracial. She spent all of her time badmouthing these dudes and in particular the richest one and was trying to squeeze him for every penny. She was hot and I was young and I listened to her. Never banged though.
    I did, however, often babysit her son (and insane slut-in-the-making little sister) who was a good kid who liked to play Legos, and I honestly felt bad for him since he was bright, hopeful and seemed like he had the chance of growing up to be a productive young white kid, and I really bonded with the poor bastard (no pedo). In retrospect it probably wasn’t a good idea but I did have fun with the kids and it felt good trying to make a difference when the poor little sumbitch was pretty much dogfeed for the rest of his life because of his whore mom. But I wouldn’t do it again.

    1. That is pussy thinking, thought.
      Real disadvantage for a child is to be spoiled and not know jack shit about the world, become one of these students with 100K or 250K in debts for womens, puppetry or ethnic studies, become a complete blue-pill smuck who sees all women as angels.
      Learn to get tougher is the real privilege.

  34. What we have lost is a sense of shame. In the good old days, those sluts would be sent to a Magdalene Laundry where they would have a productive life washing clothes and giving blowjobs to deserving priests. Meanwhile, the kids would be given up for adoption and received into good Catholic families where either the husband was shooting blanks or the wife’s womb was all fucked up. Shame is what we need to get back to in order to restore Western society to ass-kicking mode.- slut-shaming, marriage promotion, and the removal of all feminist ideas from the culture. Women need to learn early that good girls don’t give up their pussy. Bitches who sleep around and have kids need to be shamed. They need to be called sluts, shunned, and boycotted. The whole culture has got to go back to its roots- control of women’s fertility and sexuality in order to produce stable marriages, agreeable and servile women, and a harmonious society.

    1. Great comment. Especially the hard-hitting and much-needed point of slut shaming, single mother shaming and the boycott for such women.
      But certain things: “Women need to learn early that good girls don’t give up their pussy.”
      – That’s a misnomer. A lot of girls who take virginity vows today are blowjob experts and anal experts. The idea should be no good girls don’t give up their bodies, whichever orifice it may be. And I guess a lot of Magdalenes in the good old days used to give not only blowjobs but also anal to deserving priests.
      I am not for adoption of the children of single mothers by civilians. These children should rather be raised by the military – to be trained to become future soldiers or spy agents, a la semi-Sparta or Hitman. Women who give birth outside wedlock should be made to realize that their offspring will be taken away by the armed forces.

      1. Well yeah, sexual activity in general needs to be discouraged in women, and a lot of those priests were faggots. All of that is true. I like the armed forces idea too, at least for the males. For the female children of single parents, some sort of sex work would be in order. Because in a reformed society where girls don’t put out, we would need sex workers to make up for the reduced chances to score.

        1. What made these tendencies exist? That is right, natural selection did.
          Reformed society is one where the retards and weaklings are not rewarded with reproduction at the expense of the 3%, dumbingd-won and thus inevitably dooming societies.

      2. The irony is the mother of Josuah. She wasn´t exactly married to Yaya or the angel that told her she was going to be pregnant.
        The Roman Empire is a better model, it wasn´t based on priests keeping the populations dumb and irrational, Romans made their Empire bigger the hard way.

      3. Why don’t you men stop fucking girls then? Hypocrites, you talk about ‘game’ how to basically bait and catch pussy, then criticise women for falling for it.

    2. Yes, there used to be shame when it came to providing for one’s family or child in the case of single parents. Shame and pride, that is. Humility and making personal sacrifices for the best for one’s loved ones.
      It seems like now the only case where I see that any more (generally) is from 1-st generation immigrants here in the USA.

    3. There is nothing alpha about monogamy.
      Old catholicism = collapse of Roman Empire, dark ages, shitty. stagnant societies that broke down into religious wars, religious wars that secular leaders (aka alphas) ended, along with the stagnation.
      Quiet litteraly shitty, hence the black plague, because the great majority “people” lived worst than pigs in western farms today. Is that your model?
      Monogamy exist to reward the weak and retarded at the expense of the smart, women at the expense of men.
      Rewarding the garbage of society to maintain power did not do any good.
      Feminism is really an evolution of the “patriarchy”, the provider role just expanded from one woman supported by one man to most women supported by working men. The difference between small companie and multinational corporation.
      The irony is the mother of Josuah. She wasn´t exactly married to Yaya or the angel that told her she was going to be pregnant.
      Roman Empire is a better model, in the bronze age they seized a territory half the size of the current USA, kicking everyon else´s asses big time.

  35. Have any of you guys seen the movie Elysium? Basically in the movie society is broken up between the elite and the masses and the elite have escaped the planet to build a utopia while the masses are living in hovels and are poor as shit. The elite have strong father figures, (Like the Roman Patricians, the father people) who are competitive focused and are strict monogamists basically the wolf strategy of mating for life and raising pups together, teaching them to hunt and integrate socially with the pack. It’s a response to selective pressure for individual excellence. They trade short term pain for long term pleasure. While the plebeians are basically infected with a defeatist femcentric mindset, trading short term pleasure for long term pain. Basically having a rabbit strategy of pumping out lots of cheap offspring and fucking whatever moves. It’s a response to overwhelming predation. The father people have leadership, guidance, wealth, and wisdom passed down from father to son and so the power is concentrated. It’s the difference between the eagle and the chicken. Do you know why the eagle is the symbol for power in many national emblems (Hitler’s Germany, USA, etc.)? When there is a storm building up on the horizon, the geese and other birds run away from the storm to find shelter. But the eagle loves the storm. When clouds gather, the eagles get excited. The eagle uses the storm’s wind to lift it higher. Once it finds the wind of the storm, the eagles uses the raging storm to lift him above the clouds. This gives the eagle an opportunity to glide and rest its wings. In the meantime, all the other birds hide in the leaves and branches of the trees. Learn to love pain on the path of success because it’s only temporary. The only reason the alphas are alpha is because they have the balls and are willing to do what 99% will not.

    1. I made a point of not seeing that movie since I would have been cheering for the “bad guys” instead of retards like Matt Damon.

      1. Haha, Matt Damon, that noble advocate of govt schools who sends his own kids to private school

        1. Well maybe if more tax money went to educating the children of this “great nation” rather than spending too much money on military crap and the salaries of the government officials, then the education system in this country might not suck so damn much.

      2. The movie is tedious, an insulting to your intelligence. Transformers was better – and I hated Transformers.

    2. Yeah, that totally explains Zeus and his antics.
      At least the Greeks knew better than to make him a beta pussy, already back then they knew that alphas are not monogamous.
      Brutal societies have tribalism and seeks to rise up. have-it-good societies have monogamy.

  36. thats why we need important reminders like this. We should have captin save a ho or white knight shaming week.
    I met ghetto people like this they are beyond help. They say they want wants best for their kids but thats all newspeak. THey literally smoke,drink and snort their money away. And they spend money like its gonna rot.
    litterally dont know how to handle money

  37. There was no way that woman was going to buy a barbie for her daughter either way. You did a good thing.

  38. I always like to remember the story of the CEO of Kelloggs who grew up poor in Mexico City and sold cornflakes on a hand cart in the streets…. he rose all the way to CEO and then he became GWs attorney general (for the latin vote)…
    rich kids can be miserable and poor kids can become great…..

  39. Mistake 1: “befriended” a woman. Doesn’t RoK propagate that there is no friendship between men and women? So you put yourself firmly in the “orbiter” category.
    Mistake 2: Projecting your experiences on the girl.
    Mistake 3: Facebook.
    Mistake 4: Projecting your priorities and experiences on the mother.
    Mistake 5: Thinking that single parents are bad parents “just because”.
    That woman you talk about might be stupid, financially naive and ineducated – but she probably loves her child, which is more than what the father does, who obviously isn’t around to take care of his own flesh and blood. So who’s the bastard around here?

    1. This was the stereotype 40 years ago of the innocent unwed mother abandoned by a man of loose morals. And it’s was and still is often true. But what we’ve seen in recent times is skyrocketing divorces initiated by women thinking they’ll get a big payday in family court and then winding up in poverty when their horse doesn’t come in.
      It happened with a friend of mine. His wife was drinking and not taking care of the kids and he was having a serious conflict with her about it. His daughter asked him if he was getting a divorce and he said that IF that happened, it wouldn’t affect his relationship with her. The mother took that “IF” word as a shot over her bow so she served him with papers a week later.
      She thought she’d get alimony, mucho child-support, and the house. He and his lawyer had tons of documentation and got shared custody and since she had a decent job, she didn’t get alimony either. She got half of the house and after sale, she got a new home with a mortgage. A month after finalization, she got a bill for $10,000 for needed home repairs.
      She called her ex (my friend) with an offer to get back together. He declined.

      1. Harsh. I’m glad he declined. What a …, hm, is there a word for female jerks? “Bitch” seems just not to cover it.
        Maybe I’m just too old for this shit. The sheer thought of such blatant egoism revolts me.

        1. Just to show I’m not a misogynist (not that I’m in denial about it. OK, moving on…) I hold him partially responsible as well.
          He married a “bar girl”. He likes to drink and party and he didn’t use a condom because she was on the pill (or said she was) and he knocked her up and got married. After marriage, he settled down and took care of the kids. She didn’t. Also, he lacked the skills to properly escalate conflicts. He let the situation (and other complaints) stew for years and then it blew up rather than what I do with my wife: I get sufficiently annoyed to blow up (but before it’s super critical) and work it out with her. Maybe we spend a night in silence in bed, but we don’t let everything stew to a point where things can’t be worked out.
          When I was 16 and my mother found a playboy under my bed, she calmly walked downstairs and told my father: “He needs The Talk”. My father then grabbed me, took me to the living room, and gave me a lecture about what sex is. Always use a spermicide condom until you’re married. Period. Never sleep with crazy women. On your wedding night, your wife will be nervous because she’s a virgin so make sure she’s drunk. That worked on your mother.
          This all sounds like common sense, but a lot of young men don’t get this simple advice.

  40. My semifriend just left his wife and kid in another state and moved in with a twice divorced mom of two. I emailed him about why it was a bad idea, but he wouldn’t listen. Fuck him now.

  41. The woman didn’t buy the TV on a “five year” plan.
    She bought it on a “five man” plan.
    One man to pay for the home and home appliances, one man to pay for the kid, one man to pay for the groceries, and the last two: to pay for her. The last two are the ones most likely to get to bang her.

  42. Stop beating yourself up. You did a good thing for a kid, end of story. The universe will repay you in some way for your kindness.
    If you are going to give gifts, don’t attach strings and never expect reciprocity.

  43. Fuck charity…the best way to help people is to help yourself first via self improvement, wealth building, health and fitness etc. People will benefit from your efforts by extension as you forge your environment to suit your own needs.

    1. I see what you meant, but I don’t agree, charity can make a big difference in the right circumstances.
      The problem is how many charities spend so little of their donations on the actual cause. Then there are scammers who claim to need money, losers who waste whatever they get (and keep repeating it perpetually), and more.
      With the exception of donating one’s own time & physical labor I have to wonder if there are any real charities any more.
      I suppose outside of helping the poor overseas there’s not much where one’s charity is really appreciated. Even the poor in the USA have advantages no one else has.

  44. Thanks for the article. Id still like to say; your act of buying seemed purely unselfish and only aimed at pleasing a child. I really dont see anything wrong with that, Even though the mother gave you a false impression about her economical state, your act was one out of kindness and not about scoring points with the mom getting into her pants etc. Ok so lesson learned, but i really think there is no shame in giving a child a Christmas gift purely without any hidden intentions and only out of kindness. You did something good under the circiumstances to the best of your knowledge. Shame on the mom for misrepresenting her fincancial status etc etc. But i think you should pride yourself for beeing a decent human beeing. Wether smart or not, right or not, any point or not, to “help” or to give a kid whos with her single mom a gift like that is another discussion.
    If your act was about getting close to the mom or in her pants, i would call it stupidity and lower form beta traits. But to do that action without other motive simply than wanting to please a child on xmas, because you could relate to the scenario that the mom had put in front of your eyes. i think its a great act. That the life she portrayed to you is another thing, you didnt know this and maybe you were naive to believe her, but your act was still one of pre unselfishness, If it was me i wouldnt feel stupid, its another thing if u gave moneys directly to the mom. In my worst beta days I have sent money to (one) girl over western union for flight tickets etc to come and see me. On more than one occasion, and also just sent Money just to help her out. Just to make her happy. She would come and see me 1 or 2 times, but still.., that my friends,.. is stupidity.

    1. I agree. Charity is especially wonderful if it’s a small act of kindness that generates massive dividends. For a small amazon purchase, you bought a lifetime of happy memories for a little girl. In addition, you showed the little girl that men could be unselfish and kind towards a child without beta male sexual motives and that’s also a wonderful lesson.
      Funny related story: A friend of mine runs a used book store and saw a middle aged woman and her cute daughter come into the store. The mother ran to look at and purchase romance novels while the little girl rummaged through the nickel bin. After the mother had made her purchases, the little girl asked if she could buy a book about American history she found interesting. The mother said no. So Frank ran up and said: “It’s yours!” The mother gave him an evil eye.
      That moment made Frank very happy. Sure, it’s not his kid but it was a moment that the kid probably now remembers with fondness years later.

      1. Thanks for sharing the story. Yes, moments like this when youre doing something just out of pure kindness for another person and no hidden beta agenda is a beautiful thing, no shame in that. Your friend made this Little girl probably very happy and she will probably have that memory for a loong time.

      2. Lol, the whore probably thought American history was too white, racist, and patriarchal to be worth spending time to read. The books she probably bought were “romance” like 50 Shades of Grey, or other books where she gets manhandled (i.e., rape fantasied) by a 6’5″ cowboy with a Harvard degree and a jaw like the business end of a shovel.

  45. Powerful story, thanks for sharing. Needless to say they try to shame us constantly into accepting their baggage and paying for their shit, like those memes that say “A REAL MAN will accept a woman’s kids and raise them as his own”.
    No you’re not a real man if you do that. You’re just an idiot. (Not meaning to insult men who were pressured to do that and didn’t know any better).

      1. Yeah, ever notice how all those ‘man up’ and ‘be a real man’ slogans all involve the man in question being someone’s slave?

        1. Yes, and I’ve seen it frequently at:
          1. Internet discussions where users (usually other men!) attempt to shame men and revert to the “man up” cop-out
          2. Situations like the Maury Povich paternity test shows, in which the male is rewarded with applause & other attention for being the “sponsor” if you will for another man’s child

        2. I actually heard a (male) ‘psychologist’ on a TV program say “why should it matter so much if your child is really yours or not?”. And this was not about knowingly choosing to raise someone else’s kid. The topic was about men who find out their kid is not really theirs. Why should it matter?? Un-fuckin-believable!

        3. The psycho logic of the “psycho-logist” : ” why should it matter so much if your child is really yours or not?”.

        4. If we’re going to go by that logic, then why should women be treated any different? Let’s make it “equal” — there shouldn’t be any records kept about what woman birthed what baby, and they shouldn’t be concerned whether the baby is theirs or not, and they shouldn’t have any problem whatsoever with being ‘issued’ ANY kid from the hospital!

    1. Feminists: “A REAL MAN will accept a woman’s kids and raise them as his own”.
      Reality: ” A REAL IDIOT will accept a woman’s kids and raise them as his own.”

  46. Interesting story, and and enjoyable as well as educational read.
    This reaffirms the result of attempting to help those with a “victim” mentality and/or very irresponsible decisions & behavior.
    I’ve learned also that helping others who claim to be in a truly disadvantaged position often means being subject to them taking advantage of the kindness of others.
    Unfortunately, getting burned by helping someone only to find out later they were lying or continued their stupid & irresponsible ways means probably not helping those who honestly are in need of help later in the future.
    It sucks to have your goodwill wasted on losers & liars, sometimes without a sincere “Thank you” in return, but it’s a great reality check, I’ll tell you that right now.

  47. First off, most of my best friends are women but these are
    conservative, honest women who are willing to take criticism and give
    it. There are good women in the states, but they are often married
    young because after all, isn’t that what a smart woman would do?
    said, about the TV on the 5 year plan. I don’t think the mother was
    being dishonest. She DOESN’T have the money. That’s why these easy
    credit offers on TV prey upon such people. I looked at the fine print
    on my HDTV for an ad for Rent-A-Center. A big screen TV that cost $800
    retail at the time had payments of $50 every two weeks for several
    months and ultimately cost the purchaser $2,500. If the consumer could
    have simply put the 100 bucks into a jar for 8 months, they could have
    paid for it outright. It’s a tragedy. They couldn’t wait 8 months and
    ultimately, wound up with 2 year’s payments.

    1. It is sad. Go into any small coffee shop in the states and you will see a person that probably works an hourly job playing with three Apple devices (MacBook, iPad, iPhone) all at the same time. I used to wonder how these people afforded said devices since I always buy stuff up front. Finally, I befriended a former Apple repo man and he let me know all of that stuff were on payment plans, and the majority ends up getting repossessed. The best part is when he would go take a MacBook from a hipster they would always start a verbal altercation because they believed the computer was actually their property. You know you are living outside of your means when you are doing a payment plan on anything besides a house or car…

      1. I don’t even buy a car on a payment plan unless, of course, it was a 0 percent interest promotion at bottom blue book value.
        Hmmm, thanks for the tip. So apple repossesses the devices. I want to buy a used one (searching on craigslist). Will have to see if Apple has a backlot where I pick one up…

    2. But they’re not preying on anyone. It’s the individual’s responsibility to check things like terms, interest rates, and more.
      I hear the phrase “predatory lenders” used so often. Another feel-good phrase that has no basis in facts. All lenders or finance companies are required to clearly provide terms and in the end, the lendee AGREED to the terms.
      Poor judgement deserves no excuses.
      But yes I agree with your other points.
      Also, why does it always have to be a new TV/electronics, etc? Why not lightly used or excellent used condition? I don’t understand people.

      1. I appreciate your point, but keep in mind that’s precisely what predators do: prey upon the weak. Those who lack the judgement to avoid dirty tricks such as super tiny font. Whether we should have a society that seeks to protect the weak is a topic that I’m sure we could spend several hundred KB discussing and debating. But for now, suffice it to say I find such companies disgusting and reprehensible. Fair enough?
        I agree about buying used electronics. One of the best purchases out there. During a move last year, my beloved 20 year old Panasonic microwave died. I went straight to craigslist and bought one used for 25 bucks rather than going to the store and paying $80. My wife spent a few minutes cleaning it and we’re happy. But a lot of people don’t do this for some reason. My wife had to educate a recent immigrant that it was cheaper to shop at Ross or Burlington Coat factory than the mall.

  48. I work in the ED, and some of the pt’s come in with overdose on cocaine/pcp which they bought using food tickets. On the other hand tax payers money is paying for their ED visits. Most poor people stay poor because they just buy “stuff” instead of investing in assets.

  49. Single man + welfare + fathers child support!
    Single father = little money left after paying child support ($150-250 a week) where they can’t see their kids unless the mother says so!
    Who has it better???

  50. At least she hasn’t been called up by a lawyer telling her you’re act of kindness means you demonstrated “parental interest” or some such in the kid; and that you could therefore be liable for child support payments for the rest of your life. Even stuck in Dystopia, the safest thing to do is always to distance yourself maximally from the Dystopians. If left to their own devices completely, they will thankfully soon perish.

  51. You gave a child a gift. The kid got the gift and was happy. But you feel the parent owes you a new found financial outlook? You gave the kid a gift, the parent doesn’t owe you anything.
    If you give change to a panhandler, do you check on him 3 months later to see if he’s sobered up?
    I used to be like that. But upon reflection, I don’t think it makes any sense. Gifts should be given freely. No strings attached.
    If you give a gift and demand the person respect the gift, open it in front of you, write you a thank you card, think about you fondly for the gesture, anything, the gift loses it’s essence, then the gift… It becomes payment.
    It’s especially wrong to give something as a gift, and then get upset when the person doesn’t use it the way you want them to. You never told them how they were supposed to use it. It’s like forcing someone into a contract they didn’t sign. “Oh, I gave you X, didn’t you know you that meant you were supposed to turn your life around and start acting way more like me?”
    That kid will watch the TV and enjoy it. Don’t guilt trip people over a $50 donation.

  52. Even kids learn from a young age.
    They even want the same chances (free money) in life.
    Welcome to the modern disease of welfare single mothers.

  53. On Instagram I now see every woman has an wishlist on their profile. Especially if they are attention whoring or just plain whoring. If she’s a domme, buy me whips and dildos. Foot fetishist? “I can’t live with out these pair of (insert name of expensive designer shoe).”

  54. Single Mothers get a lot of free help, and there’s a lot more free help available when they’re done rooting through their friends and families wallets.
    If you go to a woman’s shelter they have a literal toy room full of brand new toys that they just hand out to single mothers who go there for a weekend because their boyfriend abused them.
    But they never give these women the help they need, the honest truth. These women have a pathetic sense of altruism where they truly believe they’re giving all they can to their kids and at some point “splurge” themselves into more debt….because there will always be a sucker to bail them out no matter how hideous or awful they might be, because the kids are cute. Kids are always cute and you can use them to get free shit.

  55. What’s the problem? The child probablyy wouldn’t have received her doll without you and now she has one. You did it for her, not to help out the mom.

  56. I agree with your single mother analogy but you lost me at “my parents used Christmas to buy me things like “clothes and stuff” you should thank your parents for raising you and being able to afford that. Now that you’re an adult you should remember shit happens to everybody and you survived and they made that happen. My girlfriend is Filipino and at Christmas sometimes they didn’t get anything but food and celebrated with a tree and she talks that it was very special because of that and she got a new dress to go to school in sometimes. other times she got nothing. ever eat the family dog because there was no food? there is no welfare in the Philippines. we’re spoiled here in the US and we all need to take a piece of humble pie and realize things can change in an instant and be grateful to our parents. they did the best they could especially if your parents were still together and made it out still married. you got more in childhood by having 2 parents together than most men do now and I guarantee you most men who grew up in single mommy homes would gladly trade the new x box for their father at Christmas. stop being a punk with those statements about you only got school clothes. at least they weren’t on welfare. you’re obviously too young to realize a lot of shit that happens in life yet.

  57. the only change we can bring about is no matter what she looks like, how horny you are, let them suffer. however they can vote…which is the problem and that’s why they didn’t want to let women vote. we are suffering now for our mistake.

    1. to add to that. would you let a group of single mothers have a say in how Apple ran their company? what you have now with them voting is like if you let a bunch of irresponsible people work on the board of directors for Apple and choose how much they think they should get paid for being stupid. they’d all vote for themselves to make idiot decisions for the company and get paid 500k a year to do it. Apple would be bankrupt within a year. that’s what is happening to the US and the fabric of this country.

  58. That’s the thing that’s fucked with single mothers today! My old mate that I grew up with and his 2 brothers, the kids never got any toys or anything but EVERY Friday and Saturday night she would be out partying! Free money from her ex, government payments and as well as white knights buying her stuff all the time!
    Kids weren’t allowed to see the father where she made out that he was a monster who wasn’t at all, just a nice bloke that was very religious! This seems to be the trend with soulless Western women today!

  59. D’oh! (Mama’s gotta take care of Mama first… then the kid gets whatever’s left– just like if you got “frivorced” are payin’ alimony/child support out the butt!)

  60. You make it seem like all single moms are like this. I grew up with a single mom and 2 siblings. Our dad left us and never helps out, we’re all young adults trying to start out life in the real world. My mom has to take care of all of us on her own, with no help from her family or my father. Every penny she ever gets goes toward rent and groceries and other essentials for us to be able to live. She wants to give us nice things, and feels terrible about not being able to “be the best mom ever” but you know what? She tries so damn hard and puts her kids’ needs above hers every fucking day. She’s provided for us everyday for 10 years without support from the man who married her and then left her. Not all single moms are as selfish and irresponsible as you make them out to be. In fact, I think my father was the irresponsible one for leaving his wife to take care of his kids all by herself. She’s the responsible one for sticking around and working her ass off for us. That’s all.

  61. Soooo basically the only “price” you paid was the cost of a Barbie doll. Say $20 or so? That’s a cheap lesson to learn.

  62. If we really had a government that was concerned about the general welfare and the welfare of children, we’d have mandatory birth control for women like her and the sperm donor father.
    Instead we live in hellish society where ‘nothing ever trumps female choice’ is the overriding value.

  63. Unless you’re reasonably wealthy, anyone popping one out these days is borderline insane IMO.

  64. I see a corralation between this and third world countries is incredible. Don’t don’t to relief aids because their governments, like the single mom, has bad judgement or their citizens would have to resources to provide for themselves.

  65. You weirdos seem to think men have no part in single parent-dom. WHO DO U THINK FUCKING MADE THE BABY? men’s irresponsibility. And then u run away and leave the woman alone to raise the child, all whilst bemoaning the plight of single mothers.

    1. You spread your legs. Women are the womb gatekeepers. He’s an irresponsible man because you chose to make him that.

  66. As a single Mother. FUCK YOU. Not every single Mother is like that you fool. Could not have happened to a nicer person.

    1. People like you remind me of why females once again, cannot argue on the basis of logic, but merely histrionics through knee jerk emotions.

  67. The only mistake you made was acting like an internet friendship is real. Offering help for a poor child should never be regretted so.
    “you can’t just go up to some kind on the street and give them money no matter how genuine and altruistic your intentions, as it would be pushing pedophilia.”
    What the?

  68. I don’t see a terrible price paid. You wanted to give a kid a happy Christmas because you knew what it was like to not have a special gift and you did that. The Mother’s irresponsibility isn’t relevant and you lost nothing.

  69. Not all single mothers are bad. Not all single mothers are whores. I am a single mother of 3 daughters. Their dad and I divorced when they were 11, 8, and 4 years of age. He never paid child support, nor helped out with anything financially or otherwise. Most of their child hood I worked 7 days a week and 5 nights a week, plus had a seasonal home business. We have never been on welfare and therefore the state could care or less about unpaid support. My girls did whatever sport they wanted to do despite the costs involved. Cheer leading, track, bowling, softball, soccer, to name a few. They always had Easter baskets, Halloween costumes, prom dresses, birthday parties and a good Christmas. They dressed well, ate well and lived well. I raised my daughters to be responsible and respectable young ladies. My oldest daughter is still in college, she married last spring and they own their home and are expecting their first child next spring. My middle daughter is a licensed cosmetologist, works part time at a dept. store and is a straight A college student. My youngest daughter is living life as a happy and carefree teenager. I will be buying her first car for her 17th birthday. I bought my other daughter’s their first cars as well…My only regret is that I missed out on a lot of their childhood. I have struggled with finances but the welfare of my daughters has always been, and always will be # 1.

  70. I don’t think it should stop you from helping children. It’s not like you mailed a check to the mom, you mailed a Barbie Doll set that there is no way the mom can use herself. So you accomplished your goals: you gave a little girl a happy Christmas and promoted femininity. Sure, it sucks for that kid that she is raised by an irresponsible single mother (sorry for the oxymoron) but the best thing you can do to help that child is fighting feminism because it’s feminism that created the single mom epidemic and made it so that mothers are considered the primary care givers even if they are completely irresponsible, abusive, addicted to drugs and unemployed/wouldn’t be able to put food on the table if daddy government wasn’t there.

  71. We did the same with the single mom in our department. All of us secretly bought her kids Christmas gifts when she mentioned she couldn’t afford them. After the holiday, we noticed the broke single mom always had cigarettes, her hair and nails were always done. She was always tan.
    Thus ended the charity.

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