2 Signs A Girl Will Cheat On You

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The opposite of a cuckold is a man who doesn’t tolerate his woman messing around with other men, an expectation that was reasonable up until these depraved times of open relationships and “polyamory.” If you’re like me, you don’t want to waste time and effort on a woman who will eventually cheat on you, so it becomes helpful to know the warning signs.

There are two female character traits that highly correlate to cheating. I’ve found these traits not in women who have cheated on me, but on women who cheated on their boyfriends, fiancees, or husbands with me. In many cases, I didn’t even know she had a man until after we had sex.

1. She has a high need for excitement

A girl with a high need for excitement believes that life should always be fun. She fears boredom and routine. She may share memes along the lines of “Life is short” or “Carpe diem.” The problem is that relationships are boring by their very nature. Within only a couple of months, they turn into a repeating pattern of eating, having sex, watching movies, and talking about the same group of friends. This is hard for some girls to tolerate. They will cheat not with the intention of leaving their boyfriend, but simply to live the fun lifestyle they believe is coming to them.

The same pattern occurs with a girl who is highly impulsive, meaning she needs to act on whatever random idea pops into her head so that she can see herself as “fun” and “spontaneous.” If she is in a club with friends and sees a hot guy, the impulse of “I want to sleep with him” is one she may act on, even though her loyal boyfriend is waiting at home.

Several years ago in Poland I was in a nightclub when I noticed a tall girl with nice legs staring at me. The conversation between us went well and I tried to move her to the dance floor, but there was a big problem: she had a boyfriend, and he was on his way to the club with his friends. I was ready to move on to another girl, but even after the boyfriend arrived, she kept looking my way. They all went upstairs. Ten minutes later, she came back to me. I knew she wanted to fuck so I told her to come with me to my place, which was only a five-minute walk away. I could tell it was thrilling for her to escape the club with a new man while her boyfriend was still in it.

Once in my apartment, the boyfriend called. She told him that she got tired and went home, but that he should stay in the club and have fun with his friends. She ended the call with “I love you.” We then had sex multiple times, she spent the night, and then we had sex again in the morning. She made effort in seeing me again.

2. She has a high sense of entitlement

A girl with high entitlement feels that her current boyfriend should satisfy all of her needs. If he doesn’t, then he is not holding up to his end of the bargain. She will then feel little or no guilt for fulfilling those needs elsewhere with other men.

Girls want to be satisfied in two areas: physically and emotionally. Physically, a high entitlement girl will expect you to give her as many orgasms and as much pleasure as she gives you, which is difficult unless you spend hours going down on her. Emotionally, she will want to remain in an attracted, happy, and contented state without any feelings of anxiety, regret, dissatisfaction, or fear of missing out. One man simply cannot satisfy both of these areas for eternity, but a high entitlement girl expects it. If you fail, she will cheat.

Another time a high entitlement girl cheats is after you get into an argument with her. She can’t believe that you made her upset, so in her mind it’s not wrong to feel better in the embrace of another man. If your girlfriend gets upset with you today, there is a line of five men ready to immediately fuck her. Fifty years ago, she may have only had access to the village drunk. If you don’t want a high entitlement girl to cheat on you, you must become her hostage and always keep her happy.

Not long ago I met a hippie girl in a nightclub. She wore a small backpack and had weird dance moves that suggested she was on drugs (she told me she wasn’t). Her hair went all the way down to her butt, which aroused me fully. We danced extra close but she would turn her head away when our faces got near. I didn’t push the matter and later she told me that she had a boyfriend. Things weren’t going well with him. I brushed it off and told her to do whatever she wanted, that I’m merely enjoying the moment.

When the dancing got boring, we went to my apartment for a “tea.” We ended up having sex five times. During one of the rounds, she scooped up my semen with two fingers and put it in her mouth while locking eye contact with me. Even with my level of experience, I felt disturbed. Before she left, she told me that her boyfriend has a low sex drive, but she didn’t want to break up with him. She did not make effort in seeing me again.


You may be thinking, “Don’t all girls have a high need for excitement along with high entitlement?” If you’re meeting them on Tinder or in the nightclub, then yes, most will fall into that category. If you’re meeting them in Westernized countries where #MeToo teaches them that they shouldn’t feel uncomfortable for any reason, certainly. Unless you carefully screen your women, it will be hard to avoid the cheating type.

Thankfully, there are some women who just want to find a good man and have a family. They are willing to work out any relationship problems instead of immediately jumping on a new cock, and see fun as the temporal and meaningless distraction that it is. Maybe one day I will meet such a girl.

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67 thoughts on “2 Signs A Girl Will Cheat On You”

    1. Every girl in the world will cheat on you these days.
      If you don’t want to be a cuck, don’t have a relationship.
      You can’t be cheated on if you only pump and dump or pay for play.

      1. not every single one of them! but the majority for sure. all you need is a Benz and big wallet, then you can have 99% of all women. it is an extremely sad state humanity is in!

      2. @John Dodds
        You sire, frequently speak of prostitution: could you, perhaps, go into some details about it? For example; how to do it with as little risk of getting busted as possible? Street or escort? How to navigate that world? Perhaps, you can do a FAQ about it.

        1. I love when others try to give somebody work to do for being helpful. How about doing your own damn research and leave Mr. Dodds alone, the man is too busy banging prostitutes.

        2. Gremlin; just take a trip to Asia or S. America.
          Anywhere without welfare, has single mom’s seeking ‘help’ with their living expenses. You can even find yourself a nice enough (if slightly used) wife, but don’t make the mistake of taking her back to your home country.

        3. Gremlin,
          Its safe enough here in the US as well. Though considerably more expensive than a 3rd world country. I’ve been doing this for 32 years and never once been arrested. LE doesn’t care about the clients, at least in places like NY.

      3. @john : it depends on the country and the strong masculine values holding women from acting like sluts. can you imagine a girl in chechnia cheating on her husband ?! she’ll put herself in a “must go” situation.
        pump and dump is not a safe “game” anymore after the meeToo movement. I say this for young guys who are putting themselves in freaking dangerous situation, cause “Tyler” and “Julian” are telling them to “always be closing”.. they are pushing a semi-drank girl in a beast mode to get sex, until she wake up next morning and “decide” whether or not she was ok with this sex session.. after a look to the guy’s place, his status.. she might think that “after all” she’s not that ok.
        hookers still a safe semi-solution, providing you can get a boner without feelings in a pure mechanical way; living in a 3rd world Asian country with cheap hookers; and having taste for the local women type.

        1. Paid sex means, you are a customer and the woman want’s you to keep as customer.
          But with absolute beauties, you have the same issues as were told in the article.
          Thats the reason I prefere always middleclass looks.
          Btw sorry for my rusty english. I’m German, and we lost the war!

      4. That is a horrible way to live.
        Feminism is not as powerful as it pretends to be. An enemy always wants you to think it is far more powerful than it actually is.
        Right here in America, there are still very good girls, especially in the rural townships and some religious places. The only problem is, many of these girls tend to marry in their late teens and early 20s.
        Your sample size suffers from selection bias, making you think all the women in the world have imbibed feminism. Not true at all.

        1. In what possible way is feminism ‘not powerful’ in ANY post industrial country built on fiat debt?
          I’d be interested in hearing.
          The silence you hear is not peace, it’s the absence of fighting.
          Feminism has won.

        2. But all women will take every benefit of what feminism has wrought on men… Whether the ascribe to feminisms agenda or not. Not a single hatchet gash owner EVER has given up the power the state and courts has given it. Doesn’t matter if you believe or not, you willingly eat the same cherry benefits that feminists get, therefore you are no different.

        3. Hatchet gash? Wow. Just wow. I can’t even.
          The correct term is “front hole” you sexist misogynist.

        4. Reply @ Blackbeard..fine then. Brainless gold digging life sucking bleeding cunt. There, happy now? Why, yes, yes I am. Proudly. If only I could step on you tail and make you “Reeeeeeed!” louder.

        5. >Feminism is not as powerful as it pretends to be. An enemy always wants you to think it is far more powerful than it actually is.
          Actually from Art of War:
          >Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.
          Feminism tries to appear weak, it is actually strong.

      5. @Dodds – Brazil and SE Asia want a floodgate of western expats to whiten the place a bit. It’s obvious why it’s being allowed. Carry on chap. Quite a niche you found yourself. Mind you that you’re whitening the place for free. They should at least give you some retail gift cards for the trouble.

      6. Wow that’s not true!
        Many women cheat on their spouses but MANY others do not. Especially pious women who fear God and His punishment. Women with high moral standards, those who were raised in respectful, conservative houses and tought from young age that adultery/infidelity is a despicable & vile crime, and an unforgivable sin.
        I think it also has a lot to do with “opportunity/chance”, in western societies married women (& men) can easily cheat with no real consequences (legal, social or even psychological consequences) because they have the choice to not be loyal to their spouses. They won’t be shamed for it for the rest of their lives, for example. They have it easy!!!
        Maybe their partner will leave them and that’s it? This sh*t will go on and on.
        Unless there’s a serious deterrence against infidelity in society, people will never stop cheating.

    2. Roosh, Where is the main photo of the Caucasian man cheating with a Japanese woman from? It is at the top of the post

      1. A very foolish Caucasian man it may seem. Look at all the samurai weapons on the wall ready to use. LOL

  1. i would watch out Roosh! Adultery is a serious crime! it destroys your soul and murders somebody else´s. your soul needs to repent, and stop talking about it.
    The shew of their countenance doth witness against them; and they declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not. Woe unto their soul! for they have rewarded evil unto themselves.

    1. Adultery is adulterating / bastardizing ones race. That’s the proper definition.
      God was not redundant. We are not to covet. Or commit sins of the flesh.
      Greater than those is race mixing. That’s what adulteration or adulterating ones species/blood is.
      There are dozens of teachings in the Bible in race mixing which is forbidden and was in the West until the 1950s.

  2. Roosh. Cute. Believing in the “good woman” (NAWALT) myth which seems to be his last straw, his last Fata Morgana.

  3. If you think getting rid of guns will make you safer, why not support getting rid of illegal immigrants?
    If you think getting rid of illegal immigrants will make you safer, why not support getting rid of guns?

  4. Authors got a small dick…. every women I’ve slept with orgasms in the first 2 minutes… all this drama you describe is also below my radar

  5. Why is dude arm still around the girl in the first picture? By the time that b^tch turn back around I would have been gone.

  6. Why is dude arm still around the girl in the first picture? By the time that b^tch turn back around I would be gone.

  7. #1 there’s accessibility between her & guys that are better than you.
    #2 you live in a country that considers keeping her in line to be domestic violence… Gasp!

  8. 1) She has a high need for excitement
    2) She has a high sense of entitlement
    So about 9 out of 10 Western wah-men you’d be in UK, US, Canada, Oz. Or most of the westernized world? Got it…
    The better question is, why even bother?

    1. Well said! Let me add to it;
      1.1: No Consequences.
      2.1: No Accountability.
      Pussies instinctively know that they are weak, pathetic & inferior to MEN! At the same time, they are fully aware of having NO consequences & accountability !!

  9. 1st she has pussy, mouth, anal, hands and tits. For some pervs also feet or other stuff on body.
    2nd she is a girl, 100% of “can I do better” guaranteed.

  10. 1) She dresses slutty whenever you go out with her.
    2) She openly flirts with other men in front of you.

  11. You forgot they gauge men who will never leave them no matter how many times they cheat and the whole “let’s take a break” excuse to cheat because in their mind its not cheating and the chump always takes them back

  12. Hey, that girl in the first pic is the one whose boyfriend left her for the exact same girl. Looks like she is leaving her guy for the exact same guy as well.

  13. We live in a crazy world, the West currently breeds sociopathic traits in females. Impulse & low tolerance for boredom are both traits of the sociopath, you can google that anywhere.
    Had this exact type. I still consider her features stunning & damn near physical perfection. She was also entitled, & in debt from that impulse wired into her DNA. I got tired quickly of supporting her once she moved in, & ended it. Think it took all of 24 hours for her to go fuck her boss as a revenge play.
    Learned a lot, but what stuns me now is really just how far better an actual mail order bride can be vs Western women. I met my foreign wife in public in the states, & have been happy for over a decade with her. Really, I think a girl from a rural area of a country without a welfare system is already that much more solid of a foundation to build from. Mine is from a very stable Central American country with excellent surfing, & has sound conservative reasoning in her head. Women are not all shit, just American ones.

    1. “Mine is from a very stable Central American country”
      “Very stable” and “Central America”
      That can only be Costa Rica.

  14. Women are really only loyal to and love the first man they fall in love with when they are still virgins. Unfortunately, adult men who are ready for commitment never have access to these women and instead these girls fuck boys their age who are mentally still children and not remotely ready for a child to be conceived. It’s more unnatural for a 15 year old girl to fuck a boy her age than to fuck a man who is 30. Girls 15-19 are in their physical prime while men 28-35 are at their most valuable from a provider standpoint balanced with their physical capabilities. Relationships aren’t based on what you have in common. That’s just modern feminist bs. They’re based on good “chemistry” with the other person and mutual benefits for each party. Girls should be getting pregnant in their teen years but it should be with an older man 25+ who can provide for them and the baby. Society would be much better off this way.

    1. “Women are really only loyal to and love the first man they fall in love with when they are still virgins.”
      Only very young women are capable of love 15-25 years old, more likely at 15, less likely at 25, impossible after 30. Women after age 25 are normally cold, heartless gold-diggers.

    2. @ Matt – You mention the mean age of 15 as being the timeframe when cohesive (vulcanizing) bonding is possible with a human female. You sir are correct! A 15 yo female learns quickly, too quickly for a 15 yo male to keep up and keep frame. But an older male, even 2-6 times as old who has shagged a few females has the wisdom to keep a 15 yo female answerable to his frame and if family is what he seeks, then he has frame over his choice breeder woman. For the experienced male, training a 15 yo noob comes easy like second nature and her 1st loyalty is fixed for life.
      The only thing that can disrupt her loyalty is by her exposure to corrupt culture. You have to remove the social marxist/feminist component which aims to perturb all females to rebellion against cis male dominance – and then the post pubescent 15 yo female is ripe for the picking for family formation.
      IN 1967 a large amount of white western females still were unaffected by the homoglobo white population control mandates that we see today. White 15 yo girls were considered adults with respect to marriagability, and they were GOOD TO GO. This was before the age of helicopter parenting that infantilised maturing males and females alike, and before the family court tyranny that aimed to impose the nanny state’s policing of contact and interactions between the members of the remaining traditional family units.
      The nanny state family ‘minders’ are as much an enemy of any family in the west as a Bolshevik mob or an armed bunch of MS 13 recruits looking for a random victim to attack with a machete during their initiation rites. It doesn’t matter if family court or nanny state operatives have state or county name tags. Soros funded equals ENEMY. Commie is commie and that’s the depth of our predicament in the west.
      But back in ’67, a 15 yo was as good as it gets. LOOK at the ’67 swing dance contestants. This is just a random smattering of ‘mate-play’ for viewer entertainment in the days of early TV, but notice the guys are mostly 18 and most of the girls are 15!! The dancing isn’t overtly sexual, but the mating inference is so overtly obvious. It’s 15 WHEN YOU TAKE HER! Start pure. Then ‘keep it pure’ like it says in the Winston commercials.

      I cannot see ONE HITCH of trouble commencing breeding any one of those young noob girls right off that there Hollywood set, can you?? Tell me any one of them looks like a little kid or too young to start a family. Bullsh¡t. The feminist k¡ke front just wants to arrest white reproductivity, that’s all.
      I like the 2nd blonde 15 yo with the southern twang. I bet she could fry up some mean scrapple.

  15. Im not a student of game or actively looking for intell to game women but I enjoy reading Roosh’s experiences in the modern dating/sexual quagmire. They have a candid reality to them that cuts through all the bullsh1t and masturbatory bravado you usually get with other authors. His red-pill perspective on it is quite entertaining and relatable.
    I’ve read his ‘why I can’t use a smiley’ short book a few times now in one sitting and I’m sure il read it again at some point.

  16. The girl you had in Poland… She left the club without telling her BF and that was fine with him. No one who is in a real relationship does that, and no one in a real relationship would be fine with that.
    If I was at a club with a GF and we were hanging out with a bunch of friends, and she suddenly disappeared, I’d assume she went to the bathroom. After a bit I would call and if she told me that she had randomly left and that I should stay and she’ll see me later, I’d say “fuck that, where are you?” Are things in the dating world that fucked up right now that someone in a relationship can just randomly walk off from their SO in a club and just be like “oh, I got tired and left, see you tomorrow!”

  17. Yep Costa Rica, grabbed a tica. Sadly, even they are getting pozzed & abortion will soon be legal there Im sure. Here’s a few pro tips: Always fly into Liberia. Limon has a Chinese population, you might giggle when you buy a brew from a store & hear the chinito clerks jabbering Spanish. Find a tica with some Chinese in her, the rest will be history.

  18. Quick question… When you found out that you had been sleeping with somebody else’s girlfriend, were you sorry at that time when you found out or do you regret it now upon reflection?

  19. May your penis wither and remain limp as you head into a lonely old age where even you revolt even your paid carers. A pox on you.

  20. Females cheat when 1) they have a chump 2) believe they are seizing an opportunity in which they hope to trade up.
    Lower quality pseudo-alpha males willingly score with cheater females. Studs tell women to fuck off when women tell them they have boyfriends. At most, studs will accept a blow job or hand job.
    True high quality males are out of reach of cheater females. Women will buy stuff for a high-quality male — clothes, dinners, drinks, drugs, concert tickets, laptops, tablets.

  21. Rhoosh,
    I don’t know if you still believe this way by banging another man’s girl regardless of any reason. We are supposed to be a tribe. You don’t bang other guy’s women regardless. Okay, they are a thot, go after single thots, let them suffer without, because keep in mind as another writer once documented. She came to you not because you were all that, if it hadn’t been you she would have gone after another guy as I’m sure she did the next week. She is never yours, it’s only your turn.
    If I had a girl that cheated on me I would first throw the girl out, then the guy. Too many guys go after guys when the trouble is the girl. Don’t give them the time of day.

  22. “scooped up my semen” wtf?
    Fuck this world. It’s evil (Gal. 1:4) and wicked (1 John 5:19) anyway, this vale of tears (Ps. 84:6). It’s a shitty world, has always been (well, at least post-fall) and will be destroyed anyway.
    I mean, you can’t make this shit up: women and men just having sex for fun, race-wixing (I’m myself a half nordid-half alpinid bastard), and not even Philosophy PhDs know Latin anymore, let alone Greek. This world and time i s a b s o l u t e d e g e n e r a t e s h i t.
    Fuck this place, the golden times from Constantine to Dante are gone and won’t come back.

  23. “Thankfully, there are some women who just want to find a good man and have a family…
    Maybe one day I will meet such a girl.”
    No.No you won’t. Because you are a cunt. 🙂

  24. I used to have sex with married women and say that I was doing a favor to anyone
    who’s woman I was fucking because they need to know what kind of woman they have.
    However… I didn’t make it a habit of letting them know but you know what’s weird?
    The women often would! Stupid things! I mean seriously! Like letting a husband find
    a tape I made of her in the shower! We were just playing around, it wasn’t porn, but it
    still was obvious we had been having sex and were seeing each other.
    And she “accidentally” leaves it in a different state for her husband to find.
    It’s crap like that. Many woman actually want to hurt men. They purposely make sure
    they’re found out – and if the hurt men over react… Well… Jail for them.
    It’s a sick game. I no longer act how I used to act. I am 45 now and married.
    I believe God brought my wife and I together, she’s definitely one of a kind and
    right for me. It would suck so bad if I had to enter into the singles scene again.
    Even if for some reason my wife and I broke up, I would never wittingly attempt
    to enter into any kind of serious relationship again. Things are just too corrupt now.
    My wife and I started dating right around when the “internet” and all these stupid
    gadgets which are now commonplace were coming out. It was still normal, during
    that time, for people to look each other in the eye and not constantly be ruled by
    a phone. Now it isn’t. Even my wife succumbed to it, it’s our biggest argument
    actually – her mindless addiction to social media and devices. People of both sexes
    have been so dehanced now, I don’t think any successful relationship is possible
    unless they’re both wise and above all the negative “trends” that come along which
    only destroy and bring people farther apart.

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