Top 3 European Cities To Visit If You Have Two Weeks Or Less

If a man has only two weeks of vacation a year, he might be hard-pressed to fit everything into a trip that he wants to achieve. Assuming your average single man in the West hopes to game some girls, see some culture, and not waste too much time in airport lines—a trip to Europe can be difficult.

After hopping around this continent for nearly the last two years, I’ve hit upon a group of cities that I think can offer men most of what they are looking for, without wasting the most precious resource he has—time.

I’ve picked three cities that are all close together (offering easy connections by train, bus, and even boat during the nice weather), have a mix of many parts that Europe has to offer, and are mostly safe from refugee invasion. These three cities are Vienna, Bratislava, and Budapest.

Vienna, Austria

This is the cultural stop. Austrian women are called by the locals as “bland”, so it’s not exactly the ideal game situation. But, Vienna itself is a beautiful city with lots of interesting things to see and do. If you had 14 days in Europe, you could easily spend 2 or 3 in Vienna and not run out of sights to see.

Vienna definitely has it’s fair share of migrants who are attempting to rape and pillage the locals, but after spending time in both cities in 2016, I can safely say that it’s nowhere near as bad as Paris. It’s definitely not a cheap city, but considering the next two cities on the list, stretching the budget for a few days shouldn’t be an issue.

Lastly, if you happen to have a girl in Europe, or perhaps you meet one you click with in the other two cities, Vienna is definitely not a bad spot to bring a girl for a few days. Watch her eat a couple sausages, see some sights, and save your partying nights for one of the next two places.

Bratislava, Slovakia

Just an hour from Vienna by boat, bus, or train, and about 2-3 from Budapest, Bratislava will give you an off-the-grid experience into European culture. While the city center is quite nice, once you venture more than a kilometer outside of the center, you’re met with the rundown and Soviet style housing that is so prevalent throughout Eastern Europe.

And that’s one of the main reasons why I’d recommend Bratislava (even though I said so differently last year)—it will give you an insight into how different things can be in Europe, and it’s a stark contrast if you’re coming from either Vienna or Budapest. If you enjoy the run-down and beaten nature of Bratislava, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy trekking further east to a place like Ukraine on your next trip.

The girls are pretty, and Bratislava overall is not slammed with silly British stag parties that flock to Prague, Poland, and Budapest.

It is worth noting that Slovakia uses the Euro, and not their own separate currency. But, they certainly don’t have the wealth that a country like Austria has. Despite this, the prices are relatively affordable (expect to pay about 5 Euros for a mid-level meal).

Finally, Bratislava is also a short hop away from Brno (1 hour) and Prague (4 hours) in the Czech Republic, should you fancy adding another country on to your list.

Budapest, Hungary

You can get to Budapest by Vienna via train in about 2 hours, or about 2-3 from Bratislava. There’s also bus connections if that’s more your cup of tea.

There was a stark contrast between my 2015 and 2017 trips to Budapest, so I’ll say this—get there while it’s still good, because it may not be for much longer. There are far more British and American expats, prices are rising (still quite cheap), and things never tend to improve once that happens.

With that being said, Budapest is a fun city to party in. You can get out every night of the week in the ruin pub district if you so wish. On weekends, the Hungarian clubs are great fun. There’s always festivals and events going on (the Red Bull Air Show is a goal of mine for next year).

The local Hungarian girls can definitely be harsh, but for a short trip, you’ll likely be able to pick up a non-local girl at any of the foreigner bars (get there early to avoid the super-sausage-fest that occurs after midnight).

Closing Thoughts

Yes, there are definitely places in Europe that are more off-the-grid, have hotter women, or are more interesting to see than these three. They all have their pros and cons. However, I do believe that these three cities can provide a bit of everything for the single man who has limited time.

When you factor in an hour from the city center to an airport, an hour of waiting before the flight, plus flight and another trip to the center, it’s easy to spend 5-7 hours in transit for what amounts to a measly two hour flight. In Europe, it’s far better to take the train and spend that time enjoying the countryside and sipping a drink as opposed to fighting the airport madness.

These three cities offer easy connections and a taste of everything, and then you can plan the next trip based off of what you enjoy the most.

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11 thoughts on “Top 3 European Cities To Visit If You Have Two Weeks Or Less”

  1. Eastern European cities are starting to get crowded with love migrants (I can accept some blame for this). I remember in 2011 I would go to the club and be the only foreigner. Now there are a dozen or more. Go to Southeast Asia, I hear it’s really easy!

    1. What kind of migrants?
      Visegrad countries to let them in, so i am a little surprised, are you sure they are not “coloured” tourists coming from other european countries?

  2. Poland is probably ruined by now if there are British Stag Parties. What a bunch of losers.

  3. I am from Austria, living close to Vienna. In your linked article about Austrian woman I wonder where in Vienna or around you might have found a person with a “Hitler-moustache”? I haven’t met a living person during the last 40+ years with such a moustache. You might have seen men with “normal” moustaches, similar to the one of Karl, the last Habsburg emperor:
    But that is, as you can easily recognise, quite different from the one of Hitler. Otherwise you could also claim that Burt Reynolds had a Hitler moustache.

  4. If a man only has two weeks of holiday a year, he is doing something wrong.
    That said, I’d add Ljubljana to the list. Beautiful small city, close to major hubs, full of new EU sponsored infrastructure.

    1. welcome to the corporate world. It’s sad that most people have to work an entire year and can only take off for 2 weeks

      1. I live in Czech Republic and I have 5 weeks + 5 sick days, all fully paid and I am working in corp as sw developer….

  5. I’ve been to both Budapest and Vienna back in 2010. It was around 6 years before I discovered the red pill, but I still enjoyed them as I originally come from the countryside. One thing I hated about Budapest were beggars. Vienna was amazing but too expensive for me. It should be noted that there are around 300,000 ethnic Serbs living in Austria and most of them are in Vienna. That itself definitely improves overall quality of girls in Vienna, at least when it comes to looks. Serbian girls born in Austria are pretty much like girls in any Western country. Tattoos, piercings, drinking, smoking. And I can understand only around 50% of stuff they say in Serbian.

  6. I’ve experienced EE on many occasions due to family still living there, and I can tell you that year by year I’ve witnessed the decline in quality of women there. Coincidence me thinks not as the cell phone and other (((they))) commissioned technologies have started eroding one of the last bastions of feminine delicacy remaining.

    1. Internet spreads the disease.
      Yesterday i watched a documentary about Jakarta, capital of Indonesia, a country ruled by shariah.
      Well, at one point they showed a group of students in arts who gathered to paint a fresco.
      They were young adults between 18 and 25 i guess, and they had phones probably more modern than the one we get in the west.
      Guess what the mural was about?
      A man giving a cunnilingus to a woman with a zombie invasion in the background, in acountry ruled by shariah!!!
      One of the most oppressive religious state!
      They will fall too…
      Even in Iran now they have parties <ith alcool and sex involved and it began with the internet era…
      Internet is a tool to spread stupidity…

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