How To Pass A Shit Test Like William the Conqueror

William the Conqueror was born in the 11th Century to an unmarried Duke of Normandy, the love child of his mistress. His illegitimate status didn’t stop him from rising to success in battle and leadership, eventually winning the status of King.

During his twenties, he sent a request to Matilda of Flanders for her hand in marriage.  Matilda sent back a reply that she was far too high-borne to marry a bastard. When his messenger delivered news of the lady’s response, William the Conqueror rode from Normandy to the neighboring Flanders on his horse, where he found Matilda.  He then threw her on the ground by her long, signature braids, in full view of her servants and onlookers. Then he rode off pridefully without a word.

After that, Matilda refused to marry anyone but William the Conqueror. They wed, and she bore him 9 children, including two future Kings. And yes, she was kind of a babe:

Chicks dig jerks.  Even hot, high-borne chicks.

The Lesson for Modern Men

In the Anglosphere, I have noticed a rise in this type of shit test that will henceforth be known as the “Matilda of Flanders Shit Test”.  This shit test is actually just an unveiled insult. Girls in the Western world will freely say “You suck” or “You’re a douchebag” or “Are you gay?” There is no wit.  It is all push, no pull.  It takes the enjoyable dance and rhythm out of a girl’s resistance and makes it a battle.  I consider it unartistic and grounds for hatefucking.

It will happen to you if you go out and approach, and a good Boy Scout always comes prepared. The standard game advice is to remain unaffected, agree and amplify.  This is fine and works… the first time. But too much Matilda of Flanders can not be tolerated.

Any good economist will tell you that when you subsidize something you get more of it. Well, the only subsidy a girl knows is attention. Attention is her currency, to be collected all night and jammed into her handbag alongside her orbiter’s balls. A girl will only behave up to the standard that is required for her to continue getting male attention. This is why a skillful retort to a bitchy shit test may only be rewarded with further bitchy shit-testing.

So What To Do?

The modern man is subject to a legal system, so it is not advised to throw every smart-mouthed wench to the ground. Today, a girl whose flirt of choice is an insult must be given a hard takeaway.  Ignore her, backturn, ride off on your horse, it doesn’t matter as long as you stop paying attention to her.

If you’ve already built some attraction, firmly but not butthurtedly stating “Do not talk to me like that” or “Talk to me when you’re ready to behave”, followed by a skillful takeaway may even result in the rarest moment on this precious earth:  a hot girl’s apology.

But if it is only attention she seeks, won’t she just get that male attention from another guy? Understand:  not all male attention is equal. The thirsty serfs that surround her will be happy to take her shit with a smile and ask for more. The Queen of a thousand subjects will soon bore of them all, but she will always seek out the King who reigns over her.

She wants to be ignored.
She wants to be judged.
She wants to be deemed unworthy, if only for a second.

It is only after being discarded and ignored and replaced that she can chase the most enjoyable pleasure a woman can have: winning over a high value man.

Don’t give her an orgasm, give her a challenge. Ignore, disapprove, backturn, withdraw affection, flirt with her friends, walk away. If your attention does not need to be won over, it is worth nothing to her.

But unless you have the steel balls of a Norman conqueror, do not try this.  It can not be faked. If she senses for a moment that it is a tactic, that you want her to chase you, all is lost. Instead, make it real.  Train yourself to be repulsed by a girl’s impolite behavior.  It won’t be hard. You must desire to remove these abrasive girls from your life and demand a higher standard of behavior from the girls you speak with. Embrace your natural disgust towards the bitchy, the slutty, the manjawed.

Only when she shows signs that she is ready to submit and accept her womanly role as a soothing feminine presence can she be given a second chance. Be ready for this to happen, but never expect it. You must be fully prepared to ride off and take your regal dick elsewhere for another high-bred maiden to suck on, nary to think of this ill-mannered wench again.

Kings don’t chase, they replace. William the Conqueror was prepared to do just that.  Are you?

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193 thoughts on “How To Pass A Shit Test Like William the Conqueror”

  1. LaidNYC, do you think as humans evolve toward a more open, more enlightened way of intimacy that women will shit test less? Monogamy was tied to the creation of agriculture and property titles. As we move away from those thing, which we are, do you think women will be less picky, less shit-testy and more open and expansive as this vlogger predicts?

    1. It’s an interesting theory but I see the exact opposite in practice. With less monogamy is coming more bitchy shit-testing, at least in large American cities.

      1. She says that most polyamorous Americans are not truly “there” yet. She says they resist monogamy rather than fully embracing polygamy. She says this is because many haven’t loved and accepted themselves enough to enter a monogamous relationship with someone who loves and accepts them exclusively and that this lack of love and acceptance in monogamy prevents them from loving and accepting in polygamy.
        I do think that stages of mate guarding and jealousy have to be worked through in monogamy before one can work through them on a multiple level in polyamory.

    2. she lost me at 5 minute mark. when she started talking about we all being one. totally wrong on a metaphysical level.

      1. “totally wrong on a metaphysical level.”
        Depends on which school of philosophy you adhere to. Some say we are all one. Some say not only are we not one, we are not at all (anatta). And there are several variations between these two.
        I interpret “we are all one” as “we are all interconnected”.
        Whether or not we ultimately exist is debatable. But in our current awareness, all of life is connected.
        Give it a watch. She discusses the different types of marriages and the purposes they fulfill.

        1. The people who think we’re all one aren’t reproducing much. They’ll be gone pretty soon.
          Only one thing depends on which school of mystical bullshit you adhere to, and that’s which con man takes your money.
          You’re more entertaining than the last thread-hijacking lunatic we had trolling this place. He was a bore. Stick around.

        2. “Depends on which school of philosophy you adhere to.”
          Whether you believe it or not depends on which school of philosophy you adhere to, but what is actually true or untrue is independent of anyone’s beliefs or any philosophical schools.

        3. Sorry, but I can’t have a conversation with anyone who seriously questions whether or not we exist.

        4. “I have known many gods. He who denies them is as blind as he who trusts them too deeply. I seek not beyond death. It may be the blackness averred by the Nemedian skeptics, or Crom’s realm of ice and cloud, or the snowy plains and vaulted halls of the Nordheimer’s Valhalla. I know not, nor do I care. Let me live deep while I live; let me know the rich juices of red meat and stinging wine on my palate, the hot embrace of white arms, the mad exultation of battle when the blue blades flame and crimson, and I am content. Let teachers and priests and philosophers brood over questions of reality and illusion. I know this: if life is illusion, then I am no less an illusion, and being thus, the illusion is real to me. I live, I burn with life, I love, I slay, and am content.”
          Conan the Barbarian.

      2. Cody, I enjoy your commentary usually but you are off the mark here. I didn’t watch the video but from the fundamental dimension of consciousness – the core of our existence – we are all one. It is the aim of spiritual practice to reveal that. It’s actually ONLY at the metaphysical level that we ARE all one – in the physical dimension we are obviously different beings, but our nature is the same and that is where Oneness applies.
        Imagine 4 pillars breaking through the surface of a swimming pool. Slowly they begin to rise and suddenly you realize they are the fingers of you hand – they are connected. A 5th pillar starts to arise seemingly disconnected but a bit higher and there’s your thumb, connected to your hand and to each of the other fingers.
        As long as we only view each other as separate fingers we cannot see the oneness. But it is still there, under the surface… How do you relate to the fingers of your hands? how do you relate to the other digits of reality, connected as you are to Source?

        1. This chick channels entities, don’t listen to any of it. Its head fucking horse shit. Only reason anyone visits her page is she is attractive. That’s it. Read her post comments for the most gut wrenching beta drool you’ve ever read.

    3. Your assuming that humans are “evolving towards a more enlightened way of intimacy”. This whole new age idea that everything is spiritually “evolving” is a lie.

      1. “This whole new age idea that everything is spiritually “evolving” is a lie.”
        I’ve never heard any new ager say *everything* is spiritually evolving, but some people most certainly are.

    4. The spamming of this video is getting tiresome enough that I will address it.
      ” . . .as humans evolve toward a more open, more enlightened way of intimacy . . .”
      This bit of what is, on the face of it, nothing but meaningless drivel, is actually, below the surface, by framing it in the negative, an insidious, coercive form of shaming language.
      What it actually means is,” you will agree with me or you are a regressive Neandertal.”

      1. Not really, kfc. But some humans are endeavoring to overcome possessiveness and jealousy. That’s all.

    5. E.R., it is the most enlightened and difficult proposition to be in a monogamous relationship for the sake of both partner’s deepening and growth. We were made to fit together 1 on 1 and there is a sacredness to this. I think it’s premature to assume ‘we’ are moving away from monogamy.
      It’s really only in the Western neo-Tantric mindset that ‘open relationship’ flourish where no one really evolves but everyone is patting themselves on the back for how ‘awake and aware’ they are. I understand this arena quite well having spent over a decade in various groups / sanghas / etc. and seeing the damage created in both men and women who embrace this attitude. Truly knowing thyself can open the doorway to discernment. I have been far more celibate than my hormonally-driven body-suit would like but the quality of relationships has jumped remarkably.
      David Deida, who is a bona fide coach in the yoga of relationships, makes it clear we grow the most in committed partnership. In my experience, women cannot emotionally and spiritually evolve when constantly subjected to new men. And shit tests are even more important for an awake/aware/discerning woman, but not of the droll ‘buy me a drink’ kind. Just as men need to judge what women are suitable partners based on their past or current baggage.

  2. I wish I actually could pass a shit test by throwing a woman to the ground by her hair. That would be more congruent with my personality than passive-aggressive back turning and scolding.
    I think the fact that women are never hit anymore has greatly detracted from both their and our happiness.

    1. Although knowing women are weaker than men and always hating the idea of hitting a woman, some bitches just need a good jab. The older I get the more often I see women who use emotions to ruin mens’ lives. That would not have happened if she just got a fat lip and he was redpill enough to walk away. I’m not saying it’s right, i’m just saying maybe feminists should take that into account of their ‘equality’.

      1. Yes, I absolutely agree with this. For every guy that sprayed the walls of the house with his baby momma’s brains, there was a psychotic woman driving him insane like One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest.
        A man’s ultimate recourse is to violent response, whereas women are genetically adapted to avoid violence in favor of intense psychological manipulation – put the two together and you cannot expect to have one without the other.

      2. Dude think about it – they have an evolutionary advantage in emotional manipulation and we have an evolutionary advantage in physical combat. We have now engineered a society in which our strengths – our physical ability and aggression are banned, while theres are lauded and celebrated. That is the feminizing of society. For millenia personal prowess in combat was elevated as moral standard – but no longer. If she can talk shit to me that I can crack across the face. Is that not “equality” ?

        1. Pretty much the lesson of Fight Club, no? We already have a society where it is very difficult to get even males to fight.
          Back in 1913 there was a school shooting in Germany and staff there attacked the gunman even when they where alone against him.
          You compare to modern school shootings, even masses of people just run away like scared herds of cattle and few of those shooters have fully automatic guns and needed to reload frequently, leaving them exposed.
          But males are perfectly capable of playing that game too, even more than the average female if they are objective and have a good imagination.
          Remember that FEMEN is run by a dude.

      3. I partially agree with you, though as other commenters noted, why are our physical responses banned while their bullshit emotional responses are lauded and encouraged? Makes physical jabs acceptable on occasion. Especially … as women have been slapping or shoving men since the times of Shakespeare to show disagreement.

        1. Hmm.
          Also since women are now much more capable. As physical labor has declined, men aren’t doing the physically brutal tasks nearly as often (e.g., fishing, lobstering, trimming sail, bailing hay, etc.)
          Women, however, are encouraged to work out more, and especially with the popularity of CrossFit – they might be women, but they ain’t no ladies. And some of them are quite solid. It’s no longer a big brute (Bluto) hitting a tiny little girl (Olive Oyl.)
          It’s a 180# guy lashing out at the 140-150# harpy who has been harassing and emasculating him, possibly for decades, while also wielding the power of the state to make him “behave.”
          And she knows EXACTLY what she’s doing….

        2. There are more women coming into physical tasks … and yeah, lots are machine-driven.
          But yes, I can see we’ve got more female bodybuilders now. And women are certainly taking more care to be aggressive or build themselves up, so yeah, I see what you mean. It’s no longer a case of Superman cuddling Lois Lane against his chest.

    2. Well I do not subscribe to the “never hit women” idea….and I make sure women I talk to agree right up front.

        1. Got into a serious debate about the whole Ray Rice thing with extended family a few weeks back. Basically it was me taking the equal rights equal fights stance/ it is ok for men to hit women in some circumstances, especially self defense. Then there were 5 people shouting me down(all leftist obama worshiping feminists). This Video brought a smile to my face. Never knew Sean Connery had the same view as me.
          (yes I did watch the original vid after the spoof.) Takes balls to stick to what you believe on camera, especially when being called out like that. RESPECT.

    3. To true. However, for many men who will, it is a highly tax-payer paid ticket to the slammer. Why our women are out of control. And contrary to popular belief, so too are Muslim women.
      ALl women anywhere in the world. From Sri Lanka, to Guam. Japan to Brazil. And any where else for that matter. I have been around the world and I can tell you that yes, a foreign hotty is a breath taking sight to behold when she wants you alone. But don’t get it twisted.
      It is not that feminism is successful just because governments spurn it on with favor; but that it reaches to the inner bitch in all women’s souls.
      Personally, the best dismissal in my mind were from the forties in our country here in the USA. The face slap for an untamed bitch, and the sap for a bastard who forgets his place.
      You can do neither now. That is why we have an ever burgeoning nanny state for our single mothers, and the inability to put their hellish offspring in their place. Imagine if we had men of all colors and races in Philadelphia, armed to the teeth, take one look at the gang violence they had a problem with, and start picking up implements; and pulling guns and knives from their pockets.
      Kids would never be allowed to get that far by themselves. Instead, they would know better to not have an older leader at the helm. Good or bad, they would have someone at the head giving orders.
      Now, they just feel they can do whatever they want, and their stupid, unkempt mothers demand they get libraries, and parks. Purely so they can practice their “art” of graffiti. We are quite likely set for a similar catastrophe as 1920s Chicago.

      1. Or worse, real gang violence like the 1800s. Not the nicey nice movie of gangs in New York with that fag Dicarpio.
        I mean real violence. With veterans, cops, and gangsters of the mafia variety. Not a place you want to live in.

      2. Really, about muslims? Any links?
        I have heard that arab males can be very influenced by their mothers.

      3. you mentioned Sri Lanka. Good to see at least a fleeting glimpse of my country name.

    4. If you do it right, you’ll only need to slap a woman at the beginning of a relationship. After a few months, maybe a year if she’s particularly dense, she ought to be trained well enough that a few harsh words will suffice to correct her mistakes – which by this point will be few and far between. By the end of the first year, you might need to give her 1 slap a month, max.

    5. Why is that do you suppose? Could it be because you’re so mentally and emotionally infantile that you couldn’t get your dick wet otherwise?

    6. I too think that a good hair throwing (in front of her serfs) would be excellent. However, it can be done verbally.
      My favorite line (and it must be said in front of her girlfriends) is “when you are done being a cunt and are ready to make a sincere apology I will be over there….” then smile, preferably at one of the friends, and walk away like an action hero walking away from an explosion.
      This has literally never failed me once as a response to this type of shit test.

  3. Heh. Nice one.
    The same attitude was displayed before the Battle of Hastings. Before the battle it was said that William put his chain mail shirt on backwards. His soldiers took this as a bad omen, which in those days could have meant a lot. Instead of arguing or agreeing, he simply turns the shirt around and says “today I go from a Duke to a King” and ignores the ‘bad omen’ entirely.
    Well, William won there too.

  4. Modern-day alternative: Grab and squeeze her upper arm as tightly as possible, so that you draw a wince or a pained expression. Lean into her face and growl: “Do not talk to me like that again” (or some other equivalent phrase).
    Or, you can just be like Don Draper, and stick your hand up her dress:

    1. that’s why women should wear dresses… levis are less than convenient for this trick….

    2. I’m so repulsed by the Anglo bitch, that even if one is reasonably attractive, they’re just not worth the effort. As soon as I start hearing that nasally high pitched Americunt accent, I just want to vomit.

  5. Did it this weekend. Girl was trying to mock me for mispronouncing her name. I didn’t reply, just stared at her with a relaxed expression on my face while her friends watched and waited for my reply. After an uncomfortingly long wait, I said “I’ll try to remember that.”
    It felt great to create that boundary.
    I’ve learned to improve my non-reactiveness by reviewing mistakes and thinking how I would have reacted if a homeless person said the same thing.
    Bonus round: what would someone who swims in pussy do in that situation (Brad Pitt)? Polite smile, say nothing, turn around and ignore.

    1. “Girl was trying to mock me for mispronouncing her name.”
      You are supposed to say “I didn’t mis pronounce your name…I just don’t care how to pronounce it because you are not important to me.”

      1. Too brutal, will work if she finds you very high status or very phsyically attractive, which is unlikely for most guys who are just at the name swapping point.
        Think it, communicate that attitude through you body language but don’t actually say it.

    2. Recently, I was standing in a bar talking to the cool barman, who is a buddy and very attractive to women. This American 6.5 comes up to us, flirting her ass off and desperately seeking our attention. I can’t even remember what she said but at one point she insulted me with something and asked me if I had a problem with whatever she said. I turned my head to stare directly in her eyes and said nothing for around 4 seconds. Then I smiled, said no, and looked back at the barman.
      She had to go to the bathroom to change her soaked knickers.

  6. Did it this weekend. Girl was trying to mock me for mispronouncing her name. I didn’t reply, just stared at her with a relaxed expression on my face while her friends watched and waited for my reply. After an uncomfortingly long wait, I said “I’ll try to remember that.”
    It felt great to create that boundary.
    I’ve learned to improve my non-reactiveness by reviewing mistakes and thinking how I would have reacted if a homeless person said the same thing.
    Bonus round: what would someone who swims in pussy do in that situation (Brad Pitt)? Polite smile, say nothing, turn around and ignore.

  7. Excellent all around. The prose here gleams. Well done, Laid. Except for the part about “any good economist,” because good economists don’t exist in the live state.
    Personally, I don’t brook any nonsense like hard shit tests, that’s grounds for immediate “nexting.” In my younger years, though I’d toy with a bitch for fun. I’d get her interested, then get her all hot & bothered, then go ghost with a quickness. Later, when I’d see said woman in a social context, I’d be wearing my best smug mug, and maybe a wink. Her scowl at that moment=priceless.

  8. I was at a club in Vegas and a not very attractive girl (I am new to game) gave me her voucher for a free drink and asked me to get it for her. I got it and then sat with my friend and drank about 1/2 of the drink before “accidentally stumbling” into her again and handing her the half drunk drink that she used her voucher on and asking her why she didn’t come and get it.
    She did give a half apology. Shit test passed.

    1. That was quick thinking but since your new to game heres a hint. The best chicks to score aren’t in the club.

        1. The gym. Scope out all the local gyms and join the one that looks most promising. Worked(s) for me 🙂

  9. You guys are pussies. If you wanna see the REAL shit testing watch this video. Yes, as if it isn’t bad enough that Indian Television (previously quite good) is copying trashy shows from degraded American culture, thus eroding our ancient Indian values which have stood the test of time, this show is a blatant insult to all good Indian girls everywhere.
    Previously a tall, handsome, well-bred Indian man was happy to get a decent Indian girl to assimilate into his family home and bear the next generation of links in The Great Chain of Indian Being. Now?! Now we are expected to look like slick westernized celebrities like Mallika Sherawat!!!! No longer is a nice Indian male 9 content with an Indian female “nice girl” 6.
    This is not just a huge shit test for women in India, but a shit test for Indian Womanhood everywhere!
    Just a decade ago, an ordinary girl like me could have gotten a guy like this. No more. I hate globalization and what its down to our values.

    1. If you misread, ROK does not like our americanized women in the west. Although I do believe a man who’s a 9 deserves more than a 6 I’d prefer he had what he wants a good feminine woman over a club slut or valley girl. I wish we didn’t have american culture or lack thereof here, let alone it bleed into other countries who idolize this shit.

      1. “ROK does not like our americanized women in the west.”
        But you americanized men are worse!
        “Although I do believe a man who’s a 9 deserves more than a 6”
        See what I mean?!?!

        1. Oh please don’t give me that. The Indian women who come here in the west slut it up hard ad bang out many many white men….only to marry some beta Indian man ” because their parents said so”. So many India sluts here.
          You indian women are far afr worst than white women..and that is pretty bad considering my own race, white women ,are pretty bad.
          I mean all they are god for is sex. Only Oriental and eastern European women are good for relationships.

        2. It may have never crossed your mind but the world goes like this.
          6 (you) at 23 gets male 9 who is 30.
          10 years later the former 6 (you) is now a 4 (remember womens looks is worth 90%) while the male is still a 9. This cant work.
          Now lets look what DOES work.
          Female 6 (you) at 23 gets a male 4 (remember male looks is only worth about 15%) who is 25 and from a relativly poor family but just finished his studies.
          10 years later the woman (you) is now a 4 while the man has made first steps in his career and improved to a 6.
          This MAY work because he knows he once was lucky to get you and may stay loyal to you for years to come.
          If you want to improve your odds to keep a quality man around for many years you better make damn sure you stay a 6 into your 40s with regular work outs, diets and plastic surgery when it needs to be.
          Also educate yourself and train your sex muscles so he gets tons of good sex. This will make him stay with you – not your ancient traditions who are not going to survive in the modern age.

        3. I’m sure there are some Indian women who go west and slut it up, but there are plenty who don’t. And there are plenty more in India who do not and that is primarily who I was talking about.

        4. “6 (you) at 23 gets male 9 who is 30.”
          I would gladly settle for an older gentleman in his late 20s-early 30’s if he were a 9 or 10 no problem.
          “6 into your 40s with regular work outs, diets and plastic surgery when it needs to be.”
          Healthy food and exercise yes, but plastic surgery is a thing of your degraded culture, not mine. My culture appreciates natural beauty and good health, not pumping our bodies full of dangerous, carcenogenic chemicals. Plus my culture doesn’t have a gym culture as such. Our work outs are in the home or morning and evening walks through the neighborhood. I would never marry a man who was too westernized, I could never respect him. Only a good Indian boy with good Indian values for me, thank you very much.
          My original complaint, if you bother to read it thoroughly, was that some Indian men were becoming spoiled by western media and trash culture. That includes the plastic shmastic surgery furgery. Those types can either come back into the Indo fold and reap the rewards of a good Indian wife (like me), or they can go to hell.

        5. All those Indian women that have the option of leaving India gladly slut it up. I would say it is a huge majority of Indian women that slut it that go west.
          You have no idea how slutty Indian women are. If me and my friends see an Indian man with a hot Indian woman, we literally cold approach them and steal the woman and make the Indian guy look bad. Would we have a relationship with an Indian woman…hell no !!

        6. you nailed it dude.
          women need to marry “down” and man marry “up”
          women today want to marry up but that cant’ work for this reason.

    2. You bitch about how much Western dating culture is ruining things in your culture, and here you are talking about how outrageous your own hypergamy is. So basically you are complaining that the men in your culture are starting to learn their own worth and a male 9 knows he can do better than a 6? Sounds like an improvement to me. Time to step your own game up instead of complaining that the party is over and you can’t rake in high value men when you are barely bangable and even less wifeable. Typical. You sound American as they come. Hypergamy is a terrible habit in western culture.
      I know very little about dating and marriage in Indian culture, but if what you say is true then I say bravo if men over there are becoming more alpha and realizing their own value.

      1. Read what I wrote above, Stalin. Indian values and culture are to be maintained. Those young Indian men that maintain them will get the reward of a good Indian wife (like me) and cultured family life. The Indian boys who chose to follow cheap, materialistic western “values” can go to hell.

  10. Shit test??…… Next !!!. I’m not proving or letting any bitch try and get the better of me no matter who she is..

    1. Women are constantly testing you if you don’t have them on the defensive. And even then they try their damnedest.

    2. true, but one should try and pass these tests if only as practice. you never know when wit comes in handy.

      1. Listening to them prattle on about what they want is just sad. Even if they were attractive to me, it’s just like what you’re saying, what do they offer? What makes them entitled to any of their preferences? I thought men and women were equal. Where’s my tall muscular rich doctor wife that I can boss around while I dress up in expensive clothing and wear makeup all day?

        1. women are all secret lesbians, surprised to see a man become his slave, the power keeps them going.

        2. where’s my rich career girl, looking great all the time, banging me on demand and paying for it ALL ?
          where is she?
          oh wait she doesn’t exist, men follow their lead.

      2. What do they bring to the table?
        1. Strong family connections and family values
        2. Strong morals instilled in them by their parents and grandparents (like they mentioned in the video).
        3. Nigerian culture (for Nigerian men, which is who they want).
        4. They are healthy/fit in physique
        5. Facial attractiveness – smooth, clear skin and nice features.
        6. The desire to have children and raise them in an intact family according to the morals and family values instilled in them by their own families
        7. High level university degrees
        8. Good careers
        Nigerians are currently the most and highest educated immigrant demographic in the United States and like these ladies said, higher education is very important to a Nigerian family and is stressed strongly in a Nigerian household. So men who were raised in such a family culture will seek women who were similarly raised.
        I say these women bring to the table the same things they are looking for in a husband and that is fair, equal and just.

        1. LOL! Thanks for the laugh. I really enjoyed that.
          Remember. Once in the US women become poisoned just like all the other women no matter where they come from.
          I got in a cab in Cologne and the taxi driver was black so I asked where he was from. He was from Ghana. He was talking to his wife on the phone. When he finished I asked him if he would bring her over.
          He said “Don’t be stupid. Women must stay where they are born. If you bring them to a place like this their eyes are opened and soon they run off with another man. This happened to many of my friends who brought their wives to germany. They all run off with another man.
          Keep them where they are born. Keep them near their mother. Never show them the outside world. They are happy with that.”
          And he looked at me a bit and asked me “you go to school?” I told him yes, that I went to university and was one of the top consultants in the world at my job etc….
          And he replied “You smart white guys sure are dumb about women.”
          And when I was in Ghana my driver their said to me “You take one of these women here, poor women, women with nothing, and you take her to Europe, and you give her a good life? In 6 months time she will forget where she is from.
          You must never let your woman travel. She will leave you if you do.”
          Poor uneducated Ghanan taxi drivers knew more about the nature of women than I did! LOL!! Pretty funny really.

    1. These chicks are from nigeria? The nigeria in africa, that one?
      Well in that case you have country full of dirt poor, uneducated de-facto slaves.
      These girls speak english and claim an education.
      Most people in nigeria are not educated. IF a family is local middle class, they may have the means to pay education for 1 child. The eldest son, never a woman. Women are considered worthless in nigeria.
      Well these 3 got education so they must MUST be upper class princesses.
      And i mean it – their fathers or uncles or cousins are most likely some sort of local cacique and they grew up as princesses with stylish cloth, education in english, servants who do all the work in the house.
      They never had to work a single day, nor any other person of their family. They look at the poor and they see themselfs as higher beeings. Thats why they expect so much – they are used to it.

      1. I have traveled to Nigeria extensively. it is a shit hole. You have to worry about catching malaria, no eating the food, a coup, being shot, being robbed, being murdered, once you get off the plane a funky smell from the country hits you and will remain on you and your clothing and luggage until you return home and was them. The majority of people are poor. There is nothing to like about the country…seriously. The girls in the video seem nice, not very attractive, naive…but nice. They have their preference, good for them.

      2. What I gather is that they are 2nd generation – the children of immigrants, or they may have been born and partially raised in Nigeria, and then moved and primarily raised and educated in the USA. They are university degreed, middle to upper middle-class working Americans (they do have jobs/careers). They work!
        Nigerian immigrants are the highest educated immigrant demographic currently in the USA. Like these ladies say, education is highly stressed in a Nigerian household and most Nigerian immigrants hold multiple advanced degrees.
        They expect their equals – university educated and career oriented Nigerian men. Can you blame them? Why should they settle for less when they don’t have to?

  11. Look. When my fav#1 “s*** tested” me around christmas 2009 I just started dating another woman who went on to be my fav#3. The two of them competed for my attention and “possible future money” (after all they were not competing for me personally) most of the year.
    My fav#1 finally decided to break from me in October 2010 and we remain good friends. Fav#3 wanted a clean break and we do not keep in touch.
    2010 was my transition year from “beta, nice guy, provider, loser” to alpha. And fav#1 was very interested in the new “alpha” me who did not care what she said, thought or did. Women dig alphas beyond all logic or reason because alphas a mostly bad for women compared to a “beta, nice guy, provider, loser”.
    If a woman s*** tests you? Just replace her. It is not like that is hard to do. If you live in a western country? I would not be dating any of the women there anyway. I would rather be celibate than touch a western woman every again. They are poison. I have more self-respect than to date western women. They can not even make it to honest for goodness sakes.

  12. “Kings don’t chase, they replace.” – LaidNYC
    Keep this at heart next time some bitch starts nagging and whining. Remember a woman has a shelf life of 15 years from about 15-30 (3 of those years they’re off limits legally), or more appropriately 12 years of shelf life in America. As a man you remain high value well into your 50s provided you maintain yourself. Do not settle and do not bargain. Kings do not bargain with terrorists, which 95% of Western woman have become; just emotional, psychological disturbed and confused terrorists with the power of the “courts” behind them. A woman’s beauty is but the blossoming of a flower, pretty while it lasts and very,very,very short lived. If she lacks melanin she’s sure to start showing signs of aging at 25. Don’t settle…

    1. “12 years of shelf life in America.”
      There is no American age of consent. It is a state issue. In most states the age of consent is 16. There is usually also a “fudge factor” for those close in age.
      Don’t rely on what you’ve heard from your bros. Look it up and find out what the legal reality is where you are.
      “Don’t settle for the Angloskank.”
      South Korea: 13.

      1. The age of consent is largely a Marxist invention to destroy patriarchy and was a white Jim Crow reactionary law in the Southern states to prevent white women from fucking black men. It affects girls more than men, because it cuts three vital years of her prime off the marketplace. According to the Bible, Mary was 13 when she was married to Joseph and conceived Jesus. So is the Christian God a “pedophile”? Biologically, heterosexual pedophilia is very rare, true pedophilia is being attracted to girls with no semblance of sexual development. Biologically as soon as girl gets her period, she’s ready to conceive. In better times, girls were married off at 15 to older established men. Not only that, go to any high school in America and the girls in the macro sense possess no biological attraction to males of their same age. If a girl is in the 9th grade, she’s dying to get with the 12 grade football captain senior, if she’s a senior, she’s dying to date a guy in college who’s a senior. America is the most unnatural country on earth. It’s illegal for men to be with younger women (young women who’d prefer older established men) but it’s perfectly legal for homosexuals to marry and adopt children. This is a cesspool of megalithic proportions.

        1. The modern concept of Age of Consent arose out issues in Victorian London’s East End, to combat forced prostitution of young girls at the hight of their desirability.
          It was then co-opted by the leftist “progressives” for their own ends, as is their wont, and they have warped it into something new and “progressive,” as is their wont.
          “Biologically as soon as a girl gets her period, she’s ready to conceive . . .”
          As I have written on this very blog, all sound, traditional age of consent concepts, across all cultures, including that of Christendom, have been based on one simple concept:
          “If it bleeds, it’s good to go.”

        2. Yes, age of consent laws are bullshit but before the heavy hand of Feminist government threw innocent men in jail for doing what is natural, fathers inforced the same policies through direct violence.

        3. “”Biologically as soon as a girl gets her period, she’s ready to conceive . . .””
          Take a biology/human reproduction course. First menarch is the beginning of puberty, not its culmination. That is why pubescent girls often die in childbirth.
          Also, you seem to think that because North (or was it South?) Korea’s age of consent is 13 that you can go there and have sex with whoever you want 13 onwards. WRONG. Korean parents have a little something called love for and protection of, their children. (I know that’s hard for western people to understand since your parents can’t wait to get rid of you and make you move out at the stroke of midnight on your 18th birthday).

        4. NOT OLD ENOUGH TO BREED!!!!
          Take a biology/human reproduction course. First menarch is the
          beginning of puberty, not its culmination. That is why pubescent girls
          often die in childbirth.
          Also, you seem to think that because
          North (or was it South?) Korea’s age of consent is 13 that you can go
          there and have sex with whoever you want 13 onwards. WRONG. Korean
          parents have a little something called love for and protection of, their
          children. (I know that’s hard for western people to understand since
          your parents can’t wait to get rid of you and make you move out at the
          stroke of midnight on your 18th birthday).

        5. “fathers inforced the same policies through direct violence.”
          Yes, Bobby McGee, you are right. (see my comments above). And not just violent threats either, sometimes gun shots and even murder. These creepy pervs on here best be thankful they at least have the forewarning of state laws. At least they won’t risk their lives now.

        6. ” . . .you seem to think that because
          North (or was it South?). . .”
          You seem to be an idiot.

        7. You’re the idiot who divorces breeding from sex and yet tries to use “nature” as an excuse for men to have sex with pubescent girls. Nature results in “breeding” when someone has sex you nut butter. Condoms and bc pills are not nature. First menarch is the BEGINNING of puberty, not its end. That is why it is NOT healthy for pubescent girls to become pregnant. Their bodies are not prepared for that yet. Too small.
          You will look for any excuse to avoid a spiritual life and indulge your most depraved desires.
          Sick individual from a sick culture.

        8. ” So is the Christian God a “pedophile”?”
          And an angry, jealous, murderous sociopath as well!!!
          The Abrahamic faiths are full of pedophiles, incest mongers and all manner of depraved people that are accepted as forefathers, prophets, saints and idols.
          “Biologically as soon as a girl gets her period, she’s ready to conceive,”
          Wrong! Were did you get that information? Not from medical science. The first menarch is the BEGINNING of puberty, not its end. That is why pubescent child birth is extremely dangerous and often leads to high mortality rates for the mother. Her body is not ready for it.
          “and usually starts developing breasts around the same time.”
          Starts developing is not the same as fully developed. That’s another area where pregnancy and child birth are not healthy as breasts that are not fully developed often do not lactate.
          My god read up on some actual science.

        9. “Christendom” has always been ignorant and anti-science.
          We have SCIENCE now and don’t need to take ancient, pre-scientific, uncivilized, tribal, desert dwellers words or customs for shit.
          Science has shown us that first menarch is the BEGINNING of puberty, not its end.
          Why do you think pubescent childbirth has such high mortality rates, even when adjusted for other factors such as access to clean water, health care, etc?

    2. “A woman’s beauty is but the blossoming of a flower, pretty while it lasts and very,very,very short lived.” that sir, is an excellent statement that all men should remember. We have the power…we always have, we always will. Gentlemen, We, high quality men are the catch. Don’t let these women try to confuse you into thinking you are lucky to be with them. Its actually the other way around. they are lucky to be with you. REMEMBER THAT when you are pulling pussy. ALL women without exception are looking for that one man to take care of them, no matter what they say or what job they have. Why do you think men can “cheat” on women and they take them back but when a woman “cheats” on a man, she is forever a whore in his eyes. He might take her back but he has a permanent fuck around card. Yep ladies that’s how it works. Cheat on your man once, he can cheat on you a hundred times. I know, double standards suck, lol. Its great to be a man!

      1. “Why do you think men can “cheat” on women and they take them back but
        when a woman “cheats” on a man, she is forever a whore in his eyes. He
        might take her back but he has a permanent fuck around card. Yep ladies
        that’s how it works. Cheat on your man once, he can cheat on you a
        hundred times. I know, double standards suck, lol. Its great to be a
        First, there is no such thing as “cheating” until and unless both parties explicitly agree to an exclusive, monogamous relationship. And unless that exclusive, monogamous relationship is legally bound in a legal marriage, there is no legal binding.
        Second, if in the above case of a mutually agreed upon monogamous, legal marriage one of the spouses has an affair, of course it means the marriage has transitioned from closed (exclusive, monogamous) to open (polyamorous).
        Third, there is no reason why anyone *must* make even a legal marriage closed/exclusive/monogamous. More and more couples are agreeing to open marriages these days. Learn more here;

        1. I agree mostly….unless you’re married, its not cheating. you are 100% correct on that sir.

        2. this video has good points but polygamy marriage is flawed…
          why would a man sacrifice his retirement, kids, house to a woman that will sleep around, fall in love with another man and take all hist assets away?
          polygamy only works outside of marriage

        3. The answer is to simply “cheat” right back instead of being all butthurt and emotional.

        4. If he have several wives, they can´t exactly cut the house in several pieces. nor would there be agreements over who would keep most children and retirement.
          F1: Hey, what? I did all the planning here, I get most of the money and the house is mine!
          F2: I have the most children, i am 24 not 30, I´ll get most of the money, not you!
          F3: I take care of them, not you, I have enough evidence to lock you up for child abuse and gross neglect so the money is mine and you better shut up about it.

      2. “REMEMBER THAT when you are pulling pussy. ALL women without exception are looking for that one man to take care of them, no matter what they say or what job they have.”
        That’s what I think when a girl blows me off…I imagine her being 40 something with a fat bald husband and looking back at her missed opportunities…

    1. Lately I’ve been watching again his James Bond movies. They are full of brilliant examples of destroying shit tests. Attractive secretary he just met and asked out for a drink: “And how should a girl answer such an invitation from a total stranger?”, Bond, with his trademark assholish smile: “You should just say ‘yes’”. Boom!

      1. I believe it was David Letterman who asked him to say “pussy” for the audience ….. in only the way Sean Connery can.
        “Ah yesh….. Pushay.
        You really gotta get your tongue around it.”
        And the crowd goes wild.

        1. Idris Elba as James Bond would be the only Bond movie women would stand in line and pay for (with their own money, that is).

  13. Actually dealt with a shit test just like this earlier today with a woman I had just pulled a number from online. We had great banter, build good attraction and enough comfort through the interaction to schedule a first meet. After some back and forth to work out logistics, I sent a simple text with the day, location, and time. Got back a text saying something along the lines of “dont tell me what to do” I didn’t respond. Three minutes later I got a “fine, see you there.” Still a bit off and terse, especially in the context of an otherwise great banter we had going. So I didn’t respond, and still haven’t. I’ll probably just call the day of as confirmation, and love calling because it gives me the opportunity to demonstrate I’m unphased while hearing the whispers of doubt about her own worthiness in her voice.
    Thing is, the shit test doesn’t bother me any more. It’s part of the biomechanics now in this polyamorous culture. She has to weed out lesser men, so she shit tests and shit tests in order to filter through the sniveling, apologetic masses and find the bona fide man amongst boys. Shit tests have to be responded to properly, and viewing them as an offense I think makes it harder to really appreciate that she has a need to do such things, otherwise she’d be spreading those precious legs for every bloke on the block (at least early in interaction, in LTR relentless shit testing is unforgivable).

  14. Shit test I get :
    ” how many girls have you slpet with:
    Shit test my 5’1 friend gets:
    “you are way too short for me”
    “get lost midget”
    How do me and my buddy counter these shit tests ?

    1. If the shit test is really unpleasant, like “get lost midget”, I wouldn’t bother with the cunt. That’s not a shit test, it’s an insult that closes the door to further interaction.
      Mild, playful ones can be handled easily. I’ve dated several chicks taller than me. I remember the most recent one, on our first date, remarked with a grin “good thing I didn’t wear high heels tonight”. I shrugged nonchalantly and replied “Yeah, I know you have that defect (of being tall), but don’t worry .. I don’t expect you to be perfect”. She laughed and punched my shoulder lightly saying “hey I’m not the one with the defect!”. Minutes later we were making out in my car.
      I think she also asked whether I’ve slept with “a lot of women”. My reply was a few moments of faux reflection, followed by “it depends how much ‘a lot’ is”, or something like that. She laughed and we changed the subject. In any case, play it cool and look unfazed. Many answers can work. The important thing is really showing that you don’t care about it and show that you don’t attach any importance to what she thinks about it either. You can play vague (“It’s complicated” “Depends what ‘many’ means”), or agree and amplify with a playful smirk (“Dunno, I stopped counting a while ago”), or make it ridiculous .. like if you know that she’s asking cos she already figures you’re a ladies man, you could say: “Actually, just between the two of us, I’m a virgin”. Or you can turn it around, for instance: “Why, you want to compare scores?”. The previous example of turning the height shit test back to her is also a good example. Take something that seems to work against it and turn it around in a way that she has to qualify to you instead, even if it would be absurd.
      Whatever you say, it’s attitude that matters most. Never look apologetic for who and what you are. Be playful and fun.

    2. “how many girls have you slpet with:”
      “None, I usually leave right after we f…..”

  15. 1) ““Talk to me when you’re ready to behave”” = too soft.
    “You dont talk to me like that girl. Know your place.
    (turn your back to her and ignore her for the rest of the day, no matter what.)
    2) “subject to a legal system,”
    Dont expect to become a true alpha, as long as you subject yourself under a legal system. No fear.

  16. Shit tests are acts of war. A woman who is shit testing you is fighting you and for you to win you have two ways to use against her:
    1) Ignore everything coming from her until she gets exhausted. This is similar to the situation when your enemy is fighting too much until he gets exhausted while you are using minimal force. In this situation she will realize that her shit tests have no effect.
    2) Shit test her heavily until she gets exhausted. This is similar to when you use too much force against your enemy until he gets exhausted. In this situation she will realize that no matter how powerful her shit tests are she has to pay for it.
    In fact such methods can be used not only on shit testing women but on bullies too. The essence of these methods is to show the enemy that he can’t easily mess with you and that the price for doing that is heavy.

    1. “Shit tests are acts of war.”
      No they are not. They are qualification tests to put the man down.
      You might compare it to bullying but not war.

  17. I admire this site for not censoring the comments..
    However myself I don’t think it’s right to hit a woman (or anyone for that matter).
    If you hit a woman you firstly lost control of the situation and secondly went on to loose control of yourself.
    If you hit a woman your nothing but a thug who can’t control your emotions and have yet to learn that woman can’t control theirs.
    If a woman looses control of herself, walk away and leave it it to her to find you once she has regained control. If she is not the type to regain control and wants to continue making an ass out of herself then just stay away.
    It’s not for men to displine or teach woman. They are big girls they must do it for themselves or they loose out.

    1. Screw you man. Where’s the EQUALITY? If a woman hits me? I WILL HIT HER BACK! THAT IS EQUALITY!
      YOu stupid cunts can’t handle equality. Funny how women aren’t demanding to join the military draft or go fight on the front lines. When women make up 50 percent of the dead soldiers in war? THEN perhaps you can talk about equality.

      1. Equality is for lame ass Marxist pussified rabble…
        You enjoy being equal to the girlie’s there buddy. Maybe if you are a good boy they will lend you a tampon cause clearly you need one right now.

    2. WTF are you talking about? No one was talking about hitting people. From the article “The modern man is subject to a legal system, so it is not advised to throw every smart-mouthed wench to the ground. Today, a girl whose flirt of choice is an insult must be given a hard takeaway.”
      How do you confuse turning your back on a woman to hitting her?

      1. I was referring to other people’s comments mate..
        The very first line of my note was mean as an indication to that end.
        Like you, I was wondering why some people took the article as a green flag to start discussing their views on why it’s okay to hit woman.
        But like I said, I think it’s good that the site does not censor people’s comments. People should be free to express their views and I took the opportunity to express my view on some of the things I was reading in the comments section.
        And, if anything, my comment is in full agreement to most of the things said in the article.

    3. Regardless of whether it is justified or acceptable, not all forms of violence constitute a loss of self-control. In particular corporal punishments can be delivered in a very controlled and planned manner.

      1. It wouldn’t be hard to argue against the corporal punishment aspect of your statement…
        But there is self-defence. And when it is genuine self-defence then I would say it’s obviously justified. If a woman is trying to kill you then you should use all force necessary to save you own life.

        1. So were you replying to me at all? I believe that “having lost control” and “being justified” are entirely orthogonal concepts.

        2. I struggle to see what is so controversial about my last comment. Those two things quite obviously have nothing to do with each other, and I would have though that the vast majority of judges in the first world agree with that.
          Maintaining or losing control doesn’t imply being justified or unjustified, nor the other way round.
          Maybe you’re more likely to do unjustified things once you lost self-control, but that’s about the only connection I can see.

        3. You are a lawyer defending a client that got punched in the face.
          You are arguing for self-defence but the prosecutor is saying your client lost control and retaliated with unreasonable and justified force.
          In witch case do you think your client will win his case:
          – His attacker punched him the face so your client punched him back
          – His attacker punched him in the face and so your client proceeded to beat the attacker to death with a baseball bat

        4. The former.
          So now we’ve established that being justified matters in court – as we would hope.
          Also, you constructed the example in such manner that being justified coincided with having remained self-controlled.
          Here are the two remaining combinations of the two to the two equals four that are missing:
          – His attacker punched him in the face repeatedly while my client lay on the ground. My client got a panic attack, draw his weapon and shot the attacker dead. (out-of-control, but justified)
          – His attacker punched him in the face and my client retaliated a year later by sending him his dog’s head in a box. (in-control, but unjustified)

        5. I would agree that pulling out the gunning and shooting the attacker is out of control and it is excessive use of force. If I was the prosecutor I would be arguing for manslaughter. I am not sure about the US and I live in the UK but in South Africa where I grew up as a gun owner you are expected to be responsible. Saying you panicked might get you off for murder but they would still try and take you down for manslaughter. You might want to watch the upcoming Oscar Pistorious (“The Blade Runner”) case for an example.
          If your client retaliated a year later by cutting off a dogs head, I would say that your client is extremely out of control and has possibly even mentally ill. However, this is not a case of self defence but rather, in the first instance one of animal cruelty and maybe an extreme form of harassment. If I where you I would argue for clinical insanity. I mean what person cuts off an innocent dogs head unless they have lost control?
          LOL. I think we are in agreement on some things…

        6. You watch to much TV 🙂
          I am not sure who you work is going to make it any less a revolting act that takes a somewhat deranged mind to carry out. And deranged definitely constitutes a loss of normal healthy faculties.

        7. I don’t have a TV, but I got your point.
          I exaggerated the examples, because exaggerated examples have the advantage of being more clear to understand – in case everyone involved understands that motivation.
          The fact remains that many unjustified acts of violence are perpetrated for reasons other than lack of self control. I can’t understand how that isn’t obvious.
          Take judicial errors, take parents spanking their children in unjust cases, or take simple robberies.
          The claim that all injustice comes from a lack of self-control is ludicrous.

        8. Also, what you implicitly claim is that all people working in butcheries are deranged, as they carry out the very same heinous acts – merely for a different reason.

        9. John,
          I am going to impart some advice here mate. Take it, leave it, get angry, it’s your choice.
          Never argue for the sake of arguing. Learn to pick your battles in life and learn the difference between open discussion and arguing.
          Woman are kings at arguing and they will never let you win. You won’t learn to win by wasting your time arguing.
          My friend, there is a huge difference between killing an animal for food and killing and animal to enact revenge upon another. Now that should be enough but if you want me to go in to detail on modern abattoir techniques and how their practices are legally regulated I will be happy to do so. And don’t start telling me you are Chinese and your favourite cook book is called “101 Ways to Wok Your Dog”.
          A true gentleman can engage in a conversation and make his point without resorting to argument.
          And never use word you have yet to fully understand.

        10. Thanks for your advice, guilty as charged. I like arguing, even though sometimes a discussion ends up being rewarding for other reasons.
          Now I’m going to impart some advice to you here: You should become a politician – you have all the traits you need: Patronizing smooth talker, calling people friends you really don’t like, who has an unusual lack of capacity for conceptual thought.
          Know your strengths and weaknesses, and seek situations in which your strengths count more.
          In particular, don’t go for professions where you have to argue (jurisprudence, for example), because logic will be an important part of that.

        11. Thanks John. Just not sure politician appeals to me, better to live an honest life 🙂
          Besides, I have already chosen a profession and I am quite happy with it.

  18. You know, you guys should be happy that women are acting like such bitches. You see, the more hateful, arrogant, and bitchy women become, the more men will wake up and take the red pill. And eventually, enough men will take the red pill and they will realize that women are not even necessary and will start to replace women with artificial wombs and virtual reality porn and sex robots.
    Women are scum and need to go the way of the dinosaurs- obsolete and extinct.

    1. “and will start to replace women with artificial wombs and virtual reality porn and sex robots.”
      when real sex dolls become mainstream and accepted like the female dildo, huge drops in marriage will happen and the “hot” girls will start dating down considerably, asking guys out themselves etc..

      1. Don’t count on it. VR 3D tactile holographic porn will allow the “hot girls” to create their very own Micheal Ealy’s and Ian Somerhalder’s.
        What would they want “real men” for?

        1. Making babies, providing resources and money. The same things they have always wanted us for!

  19. There a lot of shit tests, some incredibly complex.
    This assumes the chick is a bitch, but high value women might simply be in a bad mood for the moment assuming you have bad style because previous guys were. It’s best to use humour to break that defence mechanism if it is a shit test or if the women could be genuinely nice, to an artful player.

  20. This article points out something very important: planting a seed. Just like how any publicity is good publicity, any emotion response to an approach is important to success. Anger is often an outward response for jealousy, so that angry woman might not be as much of a lost cause as you initially thought. The important thing to realize is that seeds grow. Some take longer than others; so one might be fertile by nights end, but another may be ready after a couple weeks. However, watering the seed too much will drown it.

  21. this site is so fucked up, like really. youre all white supremist douchebags with superiority complexes, and you all need a good kick in your fragile little balls

  22. are you fucking kidding me? i cant believe there actually is a post like this.. u know what, this whole side is just sexist and disgusting. how the hell can you al just read this and think: *yeah, this must be right. im sure a woman only wants to feel unworthy and ignored, that’ll make her ready so i can fuck that bitch* fuck no. are you guys really that stupid? im almost impressed what some of you can think of women, when you clearly do not understand the gender. fuckety bye

  23. “Train yourself to be repulsed by a girl’s impolite behavior. It won’t
    be hard. You must desire to remove these abrasive girls from your life
    and demand a higher standard of behavior from the girls you speak with”
    The author could have just posted that and skipped all the rest of the writing. Simply put: Don’t enter into a ball busting conversation or relationship if that’s not your thing. Some people like that edgy, biting back and forth conversation as a prelude to foreplay or even romance. I usually find that comes from people who have deemed themselves high value and really have to play games with another person who also likes to play games in order to break down each others walls of insecurities.
    Also the author keeps mentioning “girls” and these tactics are usually done by girls. How about instead try dating women. Mature women generally do not engage in these antics. Very attractive women won’t be easily taken by charm, they need deeper attraction. Don’t confuse deeper attraction with rudeness, bitchiness or hostility. You just need to present something more than “you’re so hot” to peak their interest and don’t be butthurt if you can’t. Sometimes you’re not their look/ideal and anything you say won’t amount to much.
    I personally don’t like drama. If a women disrespects me I’ll just tell her in the most serious way possible. If she wants to make fun of me or keep pushing then she can find herself a ride home and I’ll go finish the evening in the company of someone more pleasant to be around. You don’t have to have any game to understand this, this is simply called self-respect and no man, nor woman should put up with unsolicited and unwanted abuse.

  24. I’ve been dealing with my bitchy wife for 26 years. This Christmas was finally the last straw for me. She has always been disrespectful, mouthy, and generally difficult. I took the red pill a year ago but have struggled with the implimentation. I have demanded respect from her without results.
    I haven’t initiated sex with her for 6 weeks. I really havent talked to her any more than necessary but have been minimally kind She finally initiated a week ago. Tonight she starts kissing on me. Maybe we will finally see a turn around.
    Is this the equivalent of treating her as a king would do? Is something more required? Question is, where do I go from here?

    1. She has been this way for 26 years but it sounds like she is coming around. Stand your ground, reward her when she is good but show little attention if she is bad.

  25. What kind of girls those bloggers date ahaha. This is the third post I comment on. The behaviour you described is of an insecure ugly girl. Find a higher quality woman instead. I am starting to think that your girls in the US are really really shitty. I just moved to Vancouver and I can see were you come from. Sorry but I have seen the ugliest woman in my life in the west. The don’t shit test. They just behave like shit. It is an extension of their personality and not a personal test for you to pass.

  26. Wow. I really thought this site was some sick parody at first…
    If you think it’s ok to beat a woman you are not a man, you are a pathetic coward and a piece of shit. Stooping so low as to beat a woman or any person weaker than you to satisfy your own ends makes you a sick, sociopath, plain and simple. It sounds as if for most here the only thing stopping them is the law, not fucking principles or integrity.
    The stupidity and danger of the advice posted here is only surpassed by the comments. Most of you just support this bullshit because:
    A) You have some inferiority complex and this shit justifies your disgusting thoughts and opinions.
    B) Your dads were shitbags or they weren’t around to teach you how to be real men.
    C) You lack the intelligence to formulate your own opinions or to see the merits and faults of other people’s opinions and would rather swallow and regurgitate this poorly disguised sack o’ bullshit.
    (See what I did there with your stupid advice lists?)
    And before you start chucking any of the familiar rocks like the unevolved cavemen you are, I am not some angry, minority feminist with a chip on her shoulder. I am a normal white male and I have had long fruitful relationships with a number of women without having to resort violence or threatening violence to deal with a problem. I have been a practitioner of martial arts for 12 years and I have a healthy understanding of violence and when it should be employed.
    Assuming that gender roles should remain the same as they were in medieval times is as retarded as assuming the world is still flat. People like you just slow down the progress of our species. You pull these bullshit evolution facts out whenever they suit your purpose as if our society functions like that of chimpanzees or gorillas. What is applicable to wild animals does not serve our evolved society in any way, so save all your bullshit about being polygamous or suggesting we are as men, naturally inclined to be violent and dominating over the opposite sex. Resorting to contrived pseudo-science to justify one’s self like this asshole:
    Ray Wolfson
    “Yes, I absolutely agree with this. For every guy that sprayed the walls of the house with his baby momma’s brains, there was a psychotic woman driving him insane like One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest.
    A man’s ultimate recourse is to violent response, whereas women are genetically adapted to avoid violence in favor of intense psychological manipulation – put the two together and you cannot expect to have one without the other.”
    Being a real man has little to do with women and even less to do with being physically violent like the stereotypical douchebag this site would have you emulate. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stand up for yourself but physically abusing someone who can’t defend themselves makes you scum. And the modern ‘man’s man’ you see nowadays is some self-absorbed moron who spends far too much time working on his muscles or removing his chest and leg hair.
    Yes you know who you are….you sir are a fucking pussy.

    1. Attraction is all primal. We might have evolved today but to court a woman with values via our society doesn’t work (nice guy) . U can’t beat human nature, we interact on a conscious and sub conscious (primal) level. U shouldnt beat up a woman, but if she hits u first, put her in her place otherwise u have given your nuts to her and she becomes the dominate one which leads to a break up cause women want to be an alpha not beta. They only feel attracted to a male that acts more dominate than her. I personally slam a woman to the ground if she hits me in a rough manner so she knows next time never to hit me again! Just like a police man would as well as security guard. They act this way to send a message that they are in charge and to show respect. What kind of message do u send your woman if u want away… Dont buy into the blue pill bullshit, wake the fuck up dude!!

    2. All I read was beta beta beta beta beta beta beta beta beta beta beta beta beta beta beta

  27. The rest of the history of William I and Matilda should probably be noted:
    William was singularly and notoriously faithful to her. He valued fidelidy to the point of punishing knights and nobles in his mesne (Newly-united England) who philandered or exhibited excessive licentiousness, denying them gifts of land or title until they properly wifed up the natived and showed control, restraint, and values of true warrior chivalry.
    A well-documented story of a literal true King.

  28. Everyone should be doing this anyway. She either wants your attention and will change to get it, or never did in the first place so there is no loss on your part. Never ever tolerate disrespect.

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