There Is Scientific Proof That Feminism Is Failing Women

It is often stated that feminism is not only bad for men, but bad for women as well. While the negative effects of feminism may be obvious to any man who has traveled abroad and seen feminine, kind, loving, happy women with long hair, heels, and a strong commitment to their family, there is now scientific evidence proving that the cock carousel is disastrous for family life and women are LESS happy when given all the freedom feminism has provided them.

The Evidence

University of Pennsylvania researchers Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers studied the happiness of women in the United States from the 1970s through present day and found an astounding conclusion: the more society accommodated women, gave them jobs, and scholarships, and supported them living single, and encouraged them to pursue their own private dreams and goals, to dress and act as masculine as they wanted to, and to shun any ideas of universal beauty or happiness in pursuit of their own private desires, the LESS happy they were.

From the paper’s abstract:

By many objective measures the lives of women in the US have improved over the past 35 years, yet we show that measures of subjective well-being indicate that women’s happiness has declined both absolutely and relative to men.  The paradox of women’s declining relative well-being is found across various datasets, measures of subjective well-being, and is pervasive across demographic groups and industrialized countries.  Relative declines in female happiness have eroded a gender gap in happiness in which women in the 1970s typically reported higher subjective well-being than did men.  These declines have continued and a new gender gap is emerging–one with higher subjective well-being for men.

Life In Saudi Arabia

If you listen to Western propaganda, you believe that America is at the forefront of helping women by allowing them to vote, paying them the same as men, regardless of their performance, encouraging them to enter the workforce, giving them special advantages with divorce laws, and offering them the opportunity to be lesbians, or men, or invalids, or whatever they want to do.

Feminism not wanted or needed.

But let’s examine why there are such strict rules in place for women in places like Saudi Arabia, supposed ground zero for women’s unhappiness.  In Saudi culture, women are required to have a male guardian or chaperone with them when in public.  Driving a car alone is prohibited because it increases the chances of socializing with men, and eventually losing their virginity, and therefore ruining their chances of a happy marriage (see: every other culture on earth which has allowed women to comingle with men, ever). Is this a crazy idea?

Similar courtship rules throughout history

Despite what you have heard, the idea of romantic love and choosing who you will marry is a VERY new idea, really taking off in the West during the Victorian Era (1837-1901). Before that time, almost all marriages were arranged by the parents, and marriages occurred very early, girls as young as 12 and boys as young as 17 (note that even then a five year age difference minimum was enforced).

The man received a payment from the bride’s family known as a dowry in order to help care for her. A non-virginal woman would not only never be chosen for marriage, she was actually prohibited to marry in most Christian orders. A virginal woman was absolutely required or else she became a spinster dependent on her parents for the rest of her life.

About as intimate as a date could get, pre-feminism

In the Victorian Era, what many consider the peak of Western civilization, romantic love became an option for some. However, strict rules remained in place during courtship. After meeting a woman, it was not appropriate for the man to speak to her for a period of some time. Courting took place exclusively at the girl’s home, and always under the watchful eye of the parents.

The closest most couples got to an un-chaperoned date was sitting together on the front porch, with the girl’s parents indoors, which was allowed by the family once the man was approved. One can imagine that if cars were common in this era, women certainly would have been prohibited to travel in them alone. We have seen plenty of evidence why women should save their virginity for marriage. And yet feminism throws all this out the window.

Up until a couple of years ago, I would have called myself a feminist. Sure, I like women, and if they want to be free to pursue whatever dream they have, you go girl! It’s the standard narrative we’re taught in the West that women suffered for all these years under the white man’s oppression, and only now are they finally earning the freedom and equality they deserve.

Women Really Were Happier Before They Were Liberated

But, what if there is a reason that virginity is universally valued throughout the world in all cultures, that rules and customs for behavior between the sexes existed throughout history, and that religion and other institutions were established to have women subservient to men? What if women were actually happier when they didn’t have to worry about writing TPS reports, multitasking, balancing a budget, and finding emotional fulfillment?

As Norah Vincent discovered in her book Self Made Man, where she spent one year living as a man, females are very unhappy when living a masculine life.

Over the past 30 years, women’s education levels have risen and then surpassed men, contraception offered them control over fertility and allowed them to freely have premarital sex, technology and modern appliances have taken over many domestic duties, women have made huge advances in the workforce, and in many cases out-earn men. Social changes have accepted lesbianism, out-of-wedlock births, trannys, tattoos, piercings and neon hair.

And yet, the study shows that women’s unhappiness increased by the same amount as an 8.5% increase in the published government unemployment rate. In other words, the level of unhappiness women experienced would be the same the general population experienced if the U3 unemployment rate went from its current 5.1% to 13.6%.

Feminism causes unhappiness

If feminism is not making women any happier, what is the point?  It has already resulted in fatter, less pleasant, sluttier, uglier, less loyal women which makes men very unhappy. But if it’s demonstrably destroying the family unit while also clearly making women themselves miserable, shouldn’t it be thrown out tomorrow and the patriarchy restored?

Feminism. Bringing us all down.

As Roosh pointed out recently, an advanced, first world, modern society may not lead to happiness. Indeed, if we examine the Gross National Happiness, a phrase coined in 1972 by Bhutan’s King, who balanced every modern invention with the overall impact it would have on his people, we find that first world nations score poorly.

Spiraling Further Downwards

The study found the LOWEST satisfaction rates for the following questions for women: “How satisfied are you with:”

  1. Your friends and people you spend time with
  2. The amount of fun you are having
  3. The way you spend your leisure time
  4. The way you get along with your parents

In other words, basic things every human being on the planet enjoys. Is it any wonder that so many American women are mentally ill?

The causes of these 4 problems are easily seen when the same women are asked what they value most highly:

  1. Being successful in my line of work
  2. Making a contribution to society
  3. Having lots of money
  4. Being able to find steady work

OK I’ll give them #2, a fulfilling life is universally desirable, but the rest are valueless rat race goals that will only continue to deny them the four major grievances above.

Embrace Neomasculinity

Embrace neomasculinity and women who support it. Feminism is causing irreversible damage in the West, and many women are beginning to question it.  Their voices should be applauded and echoed so others can join the movement to end this disease.

In Saudi Arabia, a group of women organized a campaign called “My Guardian Knows What’s Best For Me” (reminds me of the old American TV Show Father Knows Best). These women demanded “punishments for those who call for equality between men and women, mingling between men and women in mixed environments, and other unacceptable behaviors.”

Further, they are pushing for sex segregation in malls and hospitals, the only two public places where segregation currently does not exist.  The only places men and women work together are medical colleges, some hospitals and some banks. One organizer states

The image in the West is that we are dominated by men, but they always forget the aspect of love. People who aren’t familiar with Shariah often have the wrong idea. If you want stability and safety in your life, if you want a husband who takes care of you, you won’t find it except in Islam.

Let’s work to make sure that’s no longer the case.


If feminism is a failure for both men and women, then the only logical conclusion is that every patriarchal society was correct.  What can we do?  While some argue that life is better overseas and that the West is a lost cause (and I will not disagree), whenever we encounter younger impressionable women we should shame and educate them that their career, snarkiness, sarcasm, and educational degree is of zero value to men.

If you have younger females in your family, stress this to them. And any time a woman mentions her job, degree, or other silly pursuit we should point out that scientifically speaking, this will only make her more unhappy, and she’d be better off watching an episode of Julia Child or learning a musical talent.  The logic and reason behind this will be ignored, but the shaming and masculine scolding will make an impression on her.

If you like this article and are concerned about the future of the Western world, check out Roosh’s book Free Speech Isn’t Free. It gives an inside look to how the globalist establishment is attempting to marginalize masculine men with a leftist agenda that promotes censorship, feminism, and sterility. It also shares key knowledge and tools that you can use to defend yourself against social justice attacks. Click here to learn more about the book. Your support will help maintain our operation.

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391 thoughts on “There Is Scientific Proof That Feminism Is Failing Women”

  1. Social media is accelerating women’s unhappiness. They see their friends’ posts of pictures in vacation resorts, new home renovations, and having a great time with the family or new boyfriends or attending a party which generate jealousy and envy. They are all happy while she’s alone at home in front of the computer or on her smartphone browsing photo after photo. Then she tries to up one over her friends with her own post and repeating the cycle.

    1. Honestly, I don´t think that a lot of people on facebook are actually watching other people’s pictures. Facebook is for narcissists. They don´t care about other photos but their own.

      1. That too, but if you understand how a woman thinks, posting provocative photos of herself and getting tons of likes, while boosting her ego, also create envy amongst all her other female “friends”. Knowing that others envy her is like her dose of crack.
        Why do you think women dress up so much at work, parties, or clubs? It’s definitely not for the guys. It’s to create jealousy in other women there because she’s the one getting all the attention from both men and women. She couldn’t care less about the sex. She uses that as a tool to latch onto the richest beta host for this parasite.

      2. Oh, people definitely watch pictures of others. But facebook is an informal linkedin. It’s a business card for your personality. A place you can mold in the way you think others should see you. It only serves a narcissistic purpose.

        1. And why do you hesitate? Have you ever got more business from facebook, or have you gotten laid from using it? If the answer is no you know what it best.

        2. I once got with a girl at a party, in her pants but not ‘laid’ that night, and got her number but there was a digit wrong. So went back to the facebook invitation and looked through the invitees till I found her so was able to get back in touch and continue something enjoyable. That was a few years ago. Then, recently, someone I was friends with in another city posted that he was coming to my city. I contacted him and the guy has moved forward ambitiously and positively, and now we’re back in contact, catching up again soon.. but it’s a small number of cases in like 7+ years of membership. Tried to deactivate today but I have to find someone to be another administrator on a fan page I created, otherwise the fan page will go offline if I deactivate and I’m kind of proud of it..

        3. If you really can’t do without, just delete all your comments on other peoples posts. Delete your pictures except like 2 or 3. Most people upload their whole lives to facebook and it removes all the mystique around you as a person. They know what you read, your favorite music, what you did last week, and last summer vacation. They know where you work, which school you attended etc. So if you don’t delete it, strip it, to the core.

        4. Thanks for your encouragement I’m deactivated. Set up a second rather harmless account under another name to be the second admin of that fan page so it stays live then deactivated. Actually was relaxing looking at the fake account and it’s absence of visual noise, “friends”, feeds, was peaceful. And, as you put it, all the information I donate to them and the various secret services. Damn addictive thing it is. Yes, I listed 2 good things that came out of it but could list about 5 bad – basically excessive stress that can go on for days when people you don’t really want to know anymore suddenly add you – a recent attack of that was the main reason for quitting. So yeah, I feel like I’ve taken another small red pill.

        5. Yes. But now you know what you should do: go out and meet new people and your friends and family in real life.

    2. True. It’s nothing but a cycle of “one upping the other” on Facebook. It’s humble bragging or outright bragging at it’s worst. Many of these women “fake” being happy. They may seem happy in that moment, but it doesn’t last and the attention is fleeting.

      1. Some of these women’s bitterness can be seen in the “inspirational quotes” they post like “idgaf about what snakes think I’m my own person” however, minutes later this have a whole provocative album uploaded. Quotes like this portray the fact that quite a few of these women are frakly tired of such efforts and claiming to be something which theyre not. From a psychological pov we can say that that leaves an empty void insert ones heart. Unrealistic desire unfulfillment can drive a person to question their emotional and monetary wellbeing.
        My advice to women is to detach themselves from the rat race of attention and find a hobby ie gym.

    3. It does throw me off sometimes, because I’m not going anywhere interesting on vacation, when I do I just to visit family. These women are not necessarily happy they are all living in a pretend world created on Facebook. I miss Facebook when it was just my guy friends and we would post stupid pictures of ourselves of our old drunken shenanigans, from days gone by. Now everybody is on Facebook and I can’t do anything anymore. One more thing ruined by women.

      1. Also @disqus_Stt1ymohTt:disqus @brotherhoodofvikings:disqus @disqus_pc9qbrYQYM:disqus @disqus_ljQaB37DUB:disqus I use social media strictly as entertainment and almost everything I say and do on there is obnoxious and silly, because I can. These people that mortgage their entire existence on there and hope that it will someway somehow advance their social or love lives or careers are shallow and empty at the same time, not to mention the rampant narcissism that is indeed like crack cocaine and the constant need for Likes and Comments to validate every nerve one twitches. For fuck’s sake, just look at all the gym selfies and check-ins. I’ve commented on more than one occasion “You do realize everybody else now suddenly has a gym membership and is doing all the same things that you’re doing on a daily basis, right?” If you’re going to attempt to brag, at least do it over something you can claim is actually unique to yourself or only so few people, not the latest attention-whoring bandwagon every other idiot jumped on just to fit in!

        1. Well stated! I deleted my Facebook account 4 years ago; it did not add any value to my life. In my opinion, social media has done more harm than good. it has led to the proliferation of the brain-dead masses; giving a platform to individuals who are biological “dead ends.”

      2. Facebook should have stayed what it was, a place where students mingle. Not your mother, or hell, your grandpa (like mine does). If it was just students, it would have been what it was intended to be: a fuckbook. A Tinder with profiles.

    4. Everybody knows it, but women tend to forget it the most: social media doesn’t make us more social, on the contrary. Deleting facebook is a liberating experience, I can recommend it to anyone. It also secures your privacy and makes you more present in the moment. The next time you go on holiday for instance you create 50 good pictures for yourself and your family instead of 400 mediocre ones to put on facebook for every nitwit you are “befriended” with. I even have people that ask me stuff now instead of spying on my profile.

      1. so many nitwits. Imagine breaking down your few hundred facebook friends into categories.. there’s less than 5 or 10 in the end that actually count

        1. Do an experiment: remove your birthday from facebook and watch how many people will congratulate you. We all know who our real friends are. Those are the people that you still here from when they get into a relationship, people that still contact you even when they moved to another city. People that want to spend a whole day with you, people that forgive you when you flake because of whatever (sick or something like that). The thing that Facebook calls friend is nothing more than an: acquaintance.
          If you want to show other people pictures you can send them all in an email. No problem nowadays with maximum attachment sizes up to 10GB with google drive.

  2. Unless things have changed in the kingdom since I was there, Saudi women aren’t allowed to drive at all – alone or otherwise. I was there in ’90-91 and Kuwaiti women actually had a protest parade in their cars.

  3. The problem is that there is no context any longer for young women to gauge their happiness by. What they experience today is “how it’s always been” in their short term mindset. They’ve been told that their grandmothers were unhappy and yet they never saw it first hand, so they accept the “wisdom” of their lesbian oriented teachers. If grandma was “unhappy” (never witnessed) and how I feel today is “happy” then I guess this is as good as it gets, goes their line of thinking. Forget the fact that they’re popping pharmaceuticals like candy and drinking gallons of wine per month, that’s just “dealing with life” and by golly if grandma had access she would have done the same! Their shrinks of course, agree.

    1. Too many of these ‘career gals’ are running the same route (popping those pills, drinking wine, faking the happiness and clearly unhappy). They all live in the moment but end up alone at night (or with another but still unhappy). The choices that they’ve made have led them to a promise that feminism couldn’t keep.

        1. Even the pill alters their mental state, and I think the majority of women are on it.
          I’ve started checking the medicine cabinets when I’m at a girls place, then later looking up the shit she’s taking. If you want encouragement to head down the path of MGTOW, this will scare you into it.

        2. Scary thought: We’re all on the pill, thanks to community water supplies and women flushing their drugs down the toilet in their urine when they take a piss.
          Do I own water filters? Oh yes, yes I do.

        3. You better believe I do as well. No fluoride (meant for topical use on the teeth, not chemical ingestion), drug residue, or particulate shit in my water. Hint: you need more than a Brita filter.

        4. To get out the dissolved stuff like fluoride and pharmaceutical drugs you need either:
          1) Reverse Osmosis (membrane)
          2) Distillation (boiling)
          3) Activated alumina or bone char filter
          This is the system I bought (no affiliation, don’t even live in their state, just a satisfied customer. If you call them, they are VERY educated on water filtration, probably the best customer service I’ve ever had.

        5. I find that boiling is really the easiest. Get one of those big brita charcoal filter 1 litre water container and fill it with water you just boiled and stick it in the fridge.
          I do the same thing to fill up a gallon jug at night too because of my exercise and diet plan I push to drink 1 gallon of water a day min.

        6. True, these pills are tiny, yet a microdose contaminates the blood supply of an entire dense human body since these pills are designed to be highly penetrable to reach the brain from the stomach, god knows how bad the water supply is contaminated already, they get into everything, health experts are now recommending we avoid fish! the oceans are filthy

        7. it gets worse they take the shit from cities and use it to grow gmo crops , so they are feeding everyone back their shit, and growing mutant DNA crops,
          Also, in cities, pollution in air is causing 27% increased risk of death from blood vessel damage and heart problems/cerebrovascular disorders
          they found it is SO bad, that it negates the health benefits of going for jogs in the city, since you breathe in everyone’s brake dust and pollution so it makes you sick. Everytime a car stops, it grinds the brake pad and tiny light particles get blown into the air and breathed in
          We live in a science fiction Bastille, but there is hope to repairing some of the damage in the future using not-yet-invented technologies, we will need it, or we’re gonna be screwed,

        8. While boiling will kill any bacterial life, it does nothing for particulate chemicals. The boiling they are referring to is distillation, where the water is boiled, the steam is caught, and then cooled so it condenses back down into water again, leaving the impurities behind.

        9. About the closest you’re going to get without a unit built into your water tank is a zero water filter. They can be a bit more expensive, but they seem to do the job well enough. Nearly all good systems are going to require some sort of power source.

        10. The issue with the water supply is a hard sell. You see, people are so dumbed down now they can’t make correlations.
          Sure, the water supply is NOT going to make a dude grow some moobies and there is not always a mangina hipster nearby to point out as an example. So when speaking of the estrogen-like pollution in the water, guys will have that programmed giggle come out and say “huh huh huh I don’t have tits! huh huh huh!” but they fail to notice that their pattern baldness is 10 years ahead of schedule and their backs and shoulders are getting more hairy then their fathers and grandfathers had.
          You see what people don’t know is that the endocrine system does fight back. But you have to be healthy, meaning that when you get that shot of munipical estrogen from the water supply and you are healthy the endocrine system can correct and regulate that out.
          But the average sucker with his crapped out endocrine system and lack of health cannot regulate that out due to poor progesterone regulation. Therefore when the endocrine system shoots up the T to counter that E, it spikes wildly and you get a lot of T becoming DhT (and hence more baldness).
          Following that, the downspike results in a drop, in which the endocrine system is acting like a pancreas after a sugar high, and here comes the crash, so the same guy will be a brony by the end of the week.
          Bottom line is: don’t fuck with the endocrine system. Stay away from that water.

        11. “Even the pill alters their mental state.”
          Not sure if I read this here, or elsewhere, but yeah, its frightening- the pill can cause women to be attracted to not-so-masculine men, because it trick the body into thinking she is pregnant. Apparently when you are REALLY pregnant, you dont want to be around masculine men, you want to be around softer, non threatening men, and women.
          Another example of “better living thru chemistry.”

        12. One of the deep dark secrets (right alongside the research indicating that abortions contribute to breast cancer risks) is that the birth control pill was not something intended to be taken for a decade or more.
          Imagine that.
          What happens when you take a pill that fucks with your hormones for too many years?
          But the pill had little other purpose, nor even one justifiable perhaps. Maybe it was said that it could be used to “space out” children if a mother did not want to crank out one after the other. It might have been good for women in war zones where rape is a reality, or women with a calling for humanitarian work in zones where sub-humans are prone to commit rape.
          But, no, it was all about… riding cocks while in college. So that was like 4 – 6 years then after college some dating for a few years then marriage. So maybe 6 years at best on the pill.
          Now it’s like what?
          They start young, maybe 15 or 16, then ride the carousel to 35. At best then, 20 years on a pill that fucks with their hormones.
          This is why when they settle for the thirsty beta they have that one kid and the fatocalypse hits, and the kid is a “AAA” kid (Adnoids, Asthma, Aspergers) not accounting for 20 years of epigenetic damage as well. Then by 40 she’s obese and huffing and puffing after the kid and despising the pathetic beta dad.
          Yeah, that’s working well.

        13. Sound advice. Check the medicine cabinet.
          I’d suggest carrying enough rope to perform a hasty rappel out of the window in order to take the first exit to GTFO if need be.
          Paxil, Prozac, Efexor and others. Know their names!

        14. The pill definitely changes a woman’s mindset while she is on it. Several studies have shown she behaves much more like a pregnant woman and tolerates the provider not exciting male. When she goes off it to become pregnant by that same male, she is likely to find him repulsive and leave in short order if he dosen’t quickly plant his seed. The truth of the old axiom about keeping women “barefoot and pregnant” keeps them docile and happy.

        15. can you explain more… ( if you have anything more to say)
          interesting stuff because I notice those symptoms in me, in comparison to my dad/ granddad

        16. In the simplest terms:
          There are three levels to this.
          1. You are not exposed to the estrogens and other crap that women are pissing into the water supply, and whatever is being leached from the plastics as well (all estrogen-like chemicals). You body will be normal and on whatever track your genetics put it on regardless of health (in that regard)
          2. You are exposed to the crap but you are healthy and eat well and are in good shape, meaning your body can beat it. Hormones are measured in tiny doses and your body can regulate against the exposure.
          3. You are exposed to the crap and are unhealthy, living on a diet of hot pockets and Doritos. Your body either can’t fight the estrogens (check if balls have died and are rotting in the sack so unlikely the case) or being unhealthy, your body OVERREACTS to the estrogens causing your testosterone to flail widely at times. You’ll either have too much (excess breaking down – with the help of stress – to DhT that increases baldness) or on a rebound from your body throwing in a heavy shot of T, too little. Imagine what a car does when it hits a bump but does not have a dampner – the spring just keeps bouncing. Without the ability to regulate hormones (read: health) this constant battle between your system throwing in huge spurts of T and then dropping it off because it can’t regulate from the rebound means less hair on your head, more on your back, and girlish fat on your gut and maybe moobies too. Might as well die (what’s left of ) your hair blue and get problem glasses and a good shave (on your face, not your back) and go infiltrate some feminist meetups and report back to us.

        17. In my school’s sex ed they explained the nature of the pill: Derivative of compounds found in pregnant mare piss, and tricks the body into thinking its pregnant. Cursed with a good Thankfully living in the country means no drugged water… unless there’s some 1984-style microphones in the bushes I can’t see.

        18. I’m a professional counselor. I know truckloads of women on meds, mostly antidepressants. A goodly number of them self-medicate using what is being pushed on the latest women’s holistic health web page.
          Of course, a goodly number also self-medicate with alcohol, drugs, or excessive amounts of sex.

        19. I’ve been using a reverse osmosis filter, but it takes everything out of the water and If I don’t drink some Evian “spring” water once in a while, I feel very tired and lethargic.
          I’ve heard of distilled / carbon filters. Which water filter do you use?

      1. Ending up alone is at least a form of justice. I pity none of them, not one. They’ve chosen their path, now they reap the consequences. But that’s ok, Mr. Fluffycat loves them no matter what!

        1. It’s a start, but ending up alone isn’t near punishment enough. Hell, as I look around the world I realize I love being alone.

        2. Men do solitude much better than women I think. We can live alone, be alone and not even be on Facebook, and be content. Maybe not plastic 24/7 “happy*, but content.

        3. I don’t have a facebook. I can’t understand for the life of me why I would want to know what is going on in the minds of people I intentionally avoid running into.
          I was talking with someone about Hurricane Sandy here in NYC. I was one of the lucky ones. My office building was in an area totally shut down so I couldn’t go to work. Despite that, my direct deposit was fine. Also, my home was totally unaffected. I had the foresight to call fresh direct and have a huge grocery delivery before the storm hit and was lucky and had electric, internet, television etc.
          I had streaming music, tv on mute and roasted a chicken and potatoes or made a stew. No where to go and nothing to do I had what might have been one of the best weeks of my life….totally disconnected, well stocked and with access to books and movies and music enough for a lifetime.

        4. I would have to disagree with you. I do pity them. But much in the same way I pity a child in one of those donation commercials. They have no idea what’s going on, and are being used as a prop to benefit the ones who are running the show. While I am of a younger generation, I see women miserable because they are being sold a misery pill. And then being sold more does of said misery pill when they find themselves miserable and seek a cure.
          It’s the snake oil salesman. Sell them something, and then sell more of it to cure the side effects of the snake oil. Feminism is socialism at its most base form. Everyone is equal, because everyone is equally miserable. And should any one person try to rise up out of the misery, the rest of the crabs in the bucket drag her back down.

        5. Fucking eh!
          my coworker is a 29 year old male with a lot of potential; his prime years are ahead of him. However, he is committed to his 33 year old gf whose prime years are WELL behind her. I subtly encouraged him to date younger women but gave me the “I don’t want a pet project” spiel. Seriously, I’ve never met a beta like this guy before.

        6. Being alone and loneliness are not the same thing for a man.
          That “guru/wiseman” on the mountaintop archetype is never around a woman. For good reason.

        7. That’s a truly patriarchal approach you have there, and there is nothing wrong with that.
          Unfortunately, the screeching banshees have the thrall of the women, who have taken on their base desires if, not for feeling empowered personally, are in fear, that any “yielding” to the so-called patriarchy means they’ll be barefoot and pregnant and making sandwiches for some hairy 300 lb welder.
          Thus women, having resorted to human traits considered to be the worst to have (envy, fear, the need to feel power over someone), are deserving what they get.
          As much as we say that when good cops do nothing about bad cops, therefore are no good cops, then as long as women do nothing about the feminists and SJWs there are no good women, and are therefore not worth saving.

        8. Which, I think, goes back to my first statement. I pity them, in the same way I pity those children in the commercials. The money stays in my bank account at the end of the day, however.

        9. If they were open to reason and tried to understand when I explained the trap that they’re caught in, I could pity them. Try to tell a woman under 60 that the reason she’s unhappy is because she’s sold her femininity based on a lie and she’ll scream at you until she passes out.

        10. How I know you dont use facebook: “I dont have A facebook.”
          I honestly cant believe, as the years have gone on, that people willing give up more identifiable info on that site(where do you work? where did you go to school? Give us your phone number just in case…whatever)

        11. I’ve never understood the aversion to solitude that most people, especially women, have. It’s one thing to be on top of that mountain, as you say, but quite another to be able to compose oneself in quiet at one’s own leisure. If you want to see people, you walk out the door and see them…on your terms.

        12. Worse, they don’t even know that they shouldn’t be broadcasting that kind of information to the world. Used to be, one needed a warrant to obtain that information from others, excepting very close friends. There is nearly zero sense of privacy any longer, especially with young people, they literally have no concept that some things should probably remain unsaid.

        13. it makes no sense to me at all. I mean, maybe if I lived in the arctic circle or was working on a pipeline for 6 months out of the year and even in that case….ehhhh…..I just really don’t understand what value people are drawing from it.
          Didn’t realize “don’t have a facebook” is wrong. I only recently stopped saying “aren’t on the facebooks” 🙂

        14. For a while I had (foolishly, for not having realized the nature of women) supported those “outdoors women” programs in the Hunter ed system, having been an instructor, because I was under the impression that women would hunt the way I did.
          And when I hunted, it was me, a bow or rifle (depending on the season), a pack with some essentials, and little else, for days in the field unsupported. I would sleep under trees or under the stars and not see a soul out there.
          Women can’t do that, I found, and not from reading an article, but from hands-on observation. They freak out. The Germanic “forest maiden” thing oft in legend is simply that: pure legend. The druids were on some good herbs when they conjured that one.
          Women are the reasons why you go to the hunting camp and see RV’s with generators and appliances and lights just blaring away. I’ve heard many a fellow hunter say stuff to the effect of “she insists on coming but won’t come out unless we have the RV and generator”. Sadly this is also due to the “gun world” being full of beta shmucks, Tradcons mainly with that ingrained women ruling the roost thing so deep they don’t even notice it. They don’t know that the deepest hunting tradition is to leave the women at home and a true tradcon woman knows not to insist on going in the hunt (and become a logistical nightmare because comforts) but know that the man can hunt but she can honor that harvest and her mans efforts by cooking the game most exquisitely.
          Sadly such days will not come again until fire has done to humanity what God promised to stop doing with water.

        15. they don’t even know that they shouldn’t be broadcasting that kind of information to the world
          Part of that you can blame on uninformed(not ignorant) parental units- they simply(and yeah its by design) do not know what social media is, and how its there to monitor everything from cradle to grave- truly frightening. If they knew this(and I have a friend with a tween, we had this discussion, and she is banned from social media, he checks her phone to make sure she doesnt use social media apps) this nonsense could stop tomorrow.

        16. that is worse GoJ, but I will go further. Not only do they give out that info which is bad as CCC pointed out, and not only do they not know that they shouldn’t which is worse as you pointed out, but they actually think it is a GOOD thing…that it gets them closer to celebrity status, more Kardashian like. The way I wanted to be the short stop for the mets when I was growing up, they want to be celebrities who have everything from their address to their labia in the public domain.
          It started out as dangerous. Then it became stupid. Now is is closer to fucking brain dead. You can’t even call them morons–it is an affront to morons everywhere.
          It isn’t a negative side effect! It is the Goal!

        17. I have long theorized that if all those unhappy and obese women realize that this was DONE TO THEM on purpose, cities would burn/

        18. I don’t think that they *can* realize this. The propaganda from cradle to grave is so very strong, and they have so much ego (and social approval) invested in continuing the “lifestyle” that their brains automatically reject, violently, anything that tells them that they’ve wasted their life on a lie. It is, after all, all about teh feeeelz.

        19. Wanted to be SS for the Mets- i think we grew up in the same era where the SS sucked balls.
          I dont think they think its a good thing, they arent thinking at all.
          We are dealing with children here, not known for their long- term thinking. the onus is on the parents, who arent aware of how potentially destructive posting EVERYTHNG about their lives will be down the road…

        20. That is why I refer to the internet as the internoose- kids dont see the long-term implications of posting everything on the web, they are slowly hanging themselves…

        21. Indeed. They would sooner see people in death camps before they face up to what they have become and what they have become beholden to.

        22. Guess I come from a very different background. Women in my family do indeed go hiking and camping alone but it’s more of a safety issue that may keep them from certain adventures than a creature comfort problem.

        23. He’ll learn when he catches her talking to 40+ year old men. Women only pursue younger men to use and discard them.

        24. I’ve tried, numerous times to numerous women. And not once was it pretty. Instant blow out argument from hell. Had one the other day in fact. Back to Nihilism.

        25. No shit, the “young women” we see nowadays got such strong doses of it from Disney, they’ll intolerable in any sense, until they die.

        26. Women take responsibility for their actions? Dr. Jeep suggested this?
          I can’t even…
          Prepare for the Apocalypse everyone.

        27. true, the real ugliness will come out once people are no longer feigning kindness just to go along to get along
          wed end up seeing the demons come out and it could be very ugly , almost like the “zombie” phenomenon is a prediction

        28. women aren’t supposed to be alone. They live to nurture and obey and serve and please. Try doing all that by yourself. We men may love solitude, but we have to acknowledge that women are not men.

        29. This shit is going to get out of control in the years ahead. The vast majority of women in the west are going to be cat lady spinsters… I guarantee it!

        30. Yeah, occasionally my email program asks me for a phone number. “In case I forget my password”. No. Fucking. Way.
          One of the new trends post-facebook is Instagram, it’s what most of the kids are moving to now. It’s basically a social networking site that is more photo oriented. I was about to sign up until I learned that every photo you post on there becomes the property of Facebook (who bought Instagram) and they can and will use them for advertising purposes. I am a part time photographer, and there’s no way I’m giving them my work for free so screw that. I’m sure I’m already giving up enough privacy by using some google products (not the search engine) and general apps on my ipad.

        31. I vividly remember this 17 year old girl I met years ago, super hot, great body, friendly, back in my beta days. I met her once and got her number. The first time we hung out I was so turned off and disgusted when she basically admitted via text after I left how she was disappointed we didn’t have sex in the car and that she normally hooks up with guys very quickly, and did so a week ago with someone.
          This was a small town rural girl, not at all what I was expecting. It was nice to get a warning sign and move on before wasting any more time (I wasn’t interested in banging her yet, I think I was a virgin at the time) but I just could not believe the kind of gross personal info she revealed to a complete stranger she just met.

        32. You clearly haven’t visited many socialist societies. In the midst of spitting out cliches, you clearly have yet to figure out that unfettered capitalism is actually a main culprit behind the cultural decline.

        33. You might have possibly noticed in the course of, how many decades on this earth (two?), that women are wired differently than men emotionally.

        34. I’m sorry, I believe the word you want is Mercantilism. America has never actually seen unfettered Capitalism in its lifetime.

        35. Sounds good to me. It will be fun to see them steaming and fuming as aged, fat, clown haired, hairy armpitted fools when “their men” are all off with Russian or Asian women. The catharsis will be delicious.

        36. Actually, the spinsters I know of tend to like dogs because they can walk around and socialize around the neighborhood. It’s their proxy for a baby stroller.
          I did have a fluffy cat myself and he was my best friend. 17 years he was already following me to sitting next to me to show he cared. When friends looked after him when I traveled, he was friends with them too and they had to buy a cat because they appreciated how loyal he was.

        37. Hehehe. Old Disney movies taught women learned heplessness (the princess in the tower) and this was the start of the victim paradigm. Later, they taught them how to be butch transexuals: Mulan, Pocohantas, and Brave.
          But even so, old Disney had a bright side: The Cinderella and Snow White cartoons featured the women doing… housework.

        38. Unfettered socialism becomes fascism. Unfettered capitalism becomes crony capitalism. Both are largely indistinguishable. Obamacare is nothing more than forcing Americans to buy overpriced insurance from private companies.

        39. a 4 year age gap is nothing. i know couples with 10 to 22 year age gaps. Besides, she may be the best, sweetest, most compatible woman he’s ever met. There is such a thing as love, you know.

        40. I don’t know. I know some older woman/younger man pairings that have latest . But they are usually under 15 year gap. Every couple I know with more than a 15 year gap, no matter if its the man or woman who’s older/younger, the younger one always trades up for someone their own age, sometimes even younger.

        41. Once or twice every year when I’m bored I check how my exes are doing. Most of them are on facebook. Now they’ve aged a bit of course, but that’s not the point. I am curious how many of them will end up as a single mother, or will just let themselves go and turn into hogs. I can recommend everybody to look up daisy from ten years ago. Would you still want to date her now? I don’t.

        42. But these guys are everywhere. They’re the overwhelming majority. With all due respect how could you have never met one?

        43. False. The Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen, had a wife just as enlightened and wise as he was. Of course, she spent 10 years in silence meditating staring at a wall…which is considered an amazing achievement for a woman and perhaps a lesson for Zen wives as to that value we treasure most.

        44. Someone else must’ve been cooking and cleaning then. I’m a meditator myself and my general rule is to only date women with a practice, but I let up on that recently because most of them are way more dedicated to their practice than I am and I simply didn’t want to meditate that much. I wanted more interaction. So I’ve started dating women outside of the Dharma for now.

        45. Remember what DT Suzuki said: never trust anyone who doesn’t wake up without a hardon and never lend money to anyone who doesn’t practice zazen…
          Too little time left for other endeavors with the Sangha babes, then? Never understood the point of a zendo to begin with. Honestly, when you can pick up a copy of Transmission of Mind, WTF? Yeah, it’s pointless to get lost in the abyss or get lost in girls lost in the abyss. If you’re focused on the heart, it’ll all work itself out in any event.

        46. That aversion is based on the fact that most women have a parade of men showering them with attention early on. Once that hits the wall they don’t have the learned skills of dealing with solitude that men have learned from being treated like $hit by society.

      2. They’ve also lost all girl game – the art of convincing a man to commit. Every woman I’ve dated for the past ten years has disqualified herself from serious consideration, perhaps as a shit test gone wrong.
        – Admitting to affairs with married men and considering herself the victim
        – ‘Accidentally’ showing me photos of her ex-boyfriends, who look like me except a bit buffer
        – Admitting she stopped having sex with her ex or was abused by him but stayed with him to save money
        – Admitting she went to nightclubs all the time when she was younger but ‘got sick of that life’
        – Complaining about her unfaithful DJ ex – with that faraway cockstare in her eye
        – Telling me she was a victim of domestic violence, then later trying to get violent with me. One follow the other like night follows day
        – Single mother admitting her son is out of control
        Should’ve listened to their grandma.

        1. Yeah, the usual routine stories and cop outs they all have on deck. Always playing Perpetual Professional Victim to try and seem saintly in light of their (often repeated ad nauseam) poor decision-making and also elicit a shred of sympathy from us when we have none!

        2. Mothers used to sit their daughters down and tell them about the wall and using their best years to get the right man to give them what they wanted in return for giving him what he wanted.
          I cannot figure out what was so wrong with that, but then consider that the cultural Marxists set out intentionally to wreck the family.
          They knew exactly what they were doing.
          In the end, we are going to find that there is only one way to deal with these people.

        3. They have no idea what a man wants in a woman for commitment. Not a single clue. They think being a wild, unpredicatable slut gives herself value so she shows it to you on purpose basically saying “valuable men want me”. Women don’t realize how disgusting and foolish they look until their late 20’s and they finally find out what being a respectable, responsible human being is really about. For many its too late by then.

        4. The worst possible scum of the Earth are women 55-85yo who had super-beta husbands, or should have been dropped in divorce, but rode a free life. When they’re sentimental towards women 18-45 and feminism. I was at Outback Steakhouse eating lunch with my mom a month ago and overheard a group of 55-68yo apx women literally talking about “hot guys,” divorce money, and planning their next vacations paid for by exes or new old men they’re dating. Made me fucking sick a fuck.

        5. That age bracket is the golden age of feminism: A rich supply of breadwinning men from strong economic times: The 1950’s and 1960’s. Simultaneously, young women of those eras were told if they wanted a career, they could “have it all”. Their view of the time was that women should do as they please and men were objects to support them. Not all women were scum and those remain married or loved their husbands as they passed away but a minority were the “material girls.”
          “hot guys?” wanting women of that age. Don’t think so. I think they were probably engaging in “locker room talk” you overhead with them making false bragging bravado to each other.

        6. I met a girl online about 2 decades ago and survived 2 of her shit tests. After the 2nd lay, she started revealing more of her bad stuff to me (she had bipolar disorder so not only would I have to worry about her going crazy on me, but I’d pass those genes onto any children we had together) and tons of entitlement attitudes. They all said “Run away!”
          Which is promptly did.
          I wouldn’t be surprised if she never learned precisely why I left. Someone advised (I think it was Dawson Stone) that it’s a bad idea to ask for, or receive, explanation for why you or they are being dumped. People tend to be dishonest about it and it doesn’t do much good anyway. Why give her tips on how to fool some other poor guy? I hope she threw those red flags for the next two decades and saved these men from a big mess.

        7. Women don’t realize how disgusting and foolish they look until their late 20’s….
          More like until their late 30’s. I think 40 is the big point of awakening for the female sex.
          A very unpleasant awakening with lots of regrets.
          To be fair, it´s not much of a difference for most men.

        8. it’s true…these cumbuckets who think that they are successful women because they have fucked their way into middle age….it’s disgusting

        9. I remember hearing my LTR girlfriend’s mom say the phrase “starter husband” when I was still innocent. At the time I didn’t realize that it wasn’t a joke.

        10. “she had bipolar disorder so not only would I have to worry about her going crazy on me, but I’d pass those genes on”
          It is particularly horrific to witness bipolar disorder progress into complete skitzophrenia and psychotic illness and to see someone truly lose their mind. Frightening stuff. Nothing compared to “bipolar disorder”
          1.1% of the population has this permanent illness.

        11. “Their view of the time was that women should do as they please and men were objects to support them.”
          That’s what feminism or as they called it at the time, suffrage was about. Over a century ago that’s how it started.

        12. When women approach me they often use the line: “I’ve only got one child…” (or x number of children)
          I’m a single man with no children. Do they really think that sounds good to me?

        13. I don’t think there is “a wall” but rather multiple walls. The four-oh barrier is probably the most formidable. Some can crack the others at 24, 27,30, and 35 but 40 almost always throws sand in their gears.

        14. This birthday is an invisible barrier separating the old from the young. 50, 60, 70 isn´t that hard to handle because you´re already used of being no fresh apple anymore.

        15. Its more sadistic if you dont tell them why. She will overthink every little aspect of herself. If she was disrespectful, disloyal, etc. the best revenge is to leave with no explanation.
          You’re right though, if you do tell her why, she will just become more sneaky with the next chump.

        16. Hehehe. It surprised me how some women seem to refuse to learn. Years later when I heard about such women through the grapevine, they were always up to their same old tricks and falling for the same bad boys over and over again. They rationalized their bad behavior and shit tests so well, that they prevented themselves from learning anything from it.
          After all, most such women can get a dozen guys to hit on them at a bar or online so any rationalization is going to work in the beginning. They tend to seek out women friends who support and agree with them. And the LAST thing such women want to do is admit that a guy who dumped them was right.
          There seems to be an endless supply of chumps up into the 40 something age range until their lifestyle catches up with them. My wife was a wingwoman for a friend and remarked at how bleak the singles landscape is for women at that point.

        17. She reminded me a lot of the inner-city black woman paradigm: She was materialistic and shallow and unreliable, but she made up for it by being quick to hop into bed. I think The Rules, the classic Game that women have learned over the centuries, requires keeping men sex starved long enough to train them like dogs to put up with such nonsense. But for me, I put up with it just long enough to get sexually satisified and at that point, she was sexually and emotionally charging up while I had no emotional or sexual grip on me from her whatsoever.
          I just happened to be smart enough to use a condom and leave before she could use a baby hostage on me. I shudder to think what my life would be like now if I had knocked her up.
          You know? A lot of men don’t like condoms but I found I loved them. It was like driving around in an armoured car. It also helped that they made me last longer. I had a simple explanation for them: When I put on a ring on it (and not an expensive ring at that), I’ll take the condom off.

        18. Yeah, you have got that right, but that is their true nature and fortunately we here recognize it and can act accordingly at least.

        19. Nah, they never really do, ever. You know this, but it is a nice thought. It is always too late, white knights just sugarcoat theif infantile nature by giving them outs.

        20. I know people say you shouldn’t marry young, but sometimes I think its the only way to get a good girl. Marry her before she is so jaded and has ridden the CC too long to be valuable.

        21. Although women mask their aging with dying their hair and thus prevent themselves acknowledging they already have greying hair from 25 and up, the mirror won’t lie. And if it’s not biology, the wrinkles and the cellulitis, that tells her that she isn’t what she used to be, then it will be her 30th birthday. Now she can’t fool anyone anymore. If it weren’t for the women’s magazines that tell her she only has a good 3 years left before her eggs finally dry up, it will be her mother hinting that a grandchild would be nice. Then the panic strikes, especially in those who didn’t land down a sucker who is going to be a spermdonor and ATM.

        22. ‘Fraid not. For me in the technology industry, for example, fifty is the new sixty, and sixty is the new dead. Plenty of H1-B candidates in the world eager to leave their shit hole countries and come to the US. Little as they are paid – about half of what a US citizen used to get for similar work – it’s much that they would have gotten in their home land. Plus, they get clean water, sewers…

        23. But their language and management skills suck so it is still up to tail-end boomers to coordinate their talents.

        24. Live the fantasy! LOL
          I’m 48 and dating a 26 year old. She showed up at our last date with her hair in a pony tail, and wearing a hoddie, mini-skirt, knee socks and running shoes. The rest of the day I suffered a certain paranoia about how everyone was looking at us and thinking about the dirty old man and his 16 year old student. Frankly, it was great!

        25. Roissy says pony tails are a boner killer. And if 40 is the new 18, 26 just might be the new 3….. or 3 months.

        26. Nope, not ever. I recently had a girl I banged a few times back in 2001 (I think?) try and really dig her claws into me after she recently got divorced and had a child. It was glaringly obvious that all she was doing was trying to find a bill splitter (any sucker that would take the bait would do!) to try and recreate the quality of life she had when she lived in a two-income household. Hell the fuck no, not interested in picking up the scraps of some other schmuck and a woman’s failed marriage is NEVER my problem to endure!

        27. Absolutely.
          They egg each other on and compete for the harshest secret acts of how many guys love “me”, cause I’m valuable.
          In women’s spaces this is what is going on. Women are screaming at each other. “I’m not worthless!”, in fever. They’re burning up. Miserable at 29 with several abortions, me treating them like shit, or divorced at 34, single kids everywhere, everyone’s lost.
          Battered, bruised, and alone.
          Patriarchy is benevolent guidance from all of our fathers. For thousands of years. Our fathers, that we’ve lost, discarded and abused, thrown all of their wisdom away, weep in their graves. For our lost generation.

        28. A few years back I had a 45 year old woman I worked with go straight, blunt, vulnerable, and offer me a weekend of carnal delight at her apartment. Her kids were gone with their dad , she told me she had plenty of wine, movies, and she’d order us Italian.
          She dressed up that day. Black long skirt, low cut sweater, push up bra, eyebrows careful plucked, and that darkness in her eyes.
          I looked at her. Up and down. Blonde, probably 150 pounds, short, with big saggy titties. Offering me whatever I want if I’ll just fuck her and love it.
          I don’t love it. I mostly hate it, now.
          I remember thinking, “there’s a twenty year old girl who is texting me right now. And I’ve already fucked her a bunch of times. Why are you even talking to me?”
          And I said, “no thanks, I’ve got plans.”
          A week later she walked up to me and turned red. Sputtered out, “Sorry about what I said to you…”, and she looked like she was going to puke, “I’m just lonely”.
          I didn’t even care. I was picking up a nineteen year old. Who I later helped move and she gave me that awesome queen size bed a couple of us guys fucked her in. I still occasionally message with these girls on snapchat and texts.
          I was thirty three for fucks sake. Falling asleep at night dreaming about being a father. Wondering what love feels like and why don’t women care?

        29. I think it’s important to understand that not all women are bad. I married a nice woman when she was 25 and she was relatively sexually inexperienced and appreciates men. Growing up in a materialistic culture, she had some bad habits that needed to be addressed by strong and virtuous men (namely, me). It’s easy to blame the women but we have greedy men who encourage ruining women, PUA’s who decide to just go along and contribute the ruin,etc. The tragedy of the commons.
          Note that our fathers helped to create this problem with their chivalrous ideals and not addressing the issue themselves,
          For single men, it may appear that all women are nuts or evil because frankly most single women are rejects or psychos who move from man to man and this gets worse as they get older. Or they have other issues. In addition, they’re women after all so left to their own devices, they tend to make irrational decisions.

        30. I noticed that too. It used to be that most girls hid their decadent and messed up pasts from guys, but more and more are volunteering information that would chase any normal guy out of the room.

        31. My psyco-ex really messed with my mind because she could keep a spiffy body all the way into her 40s. She was a complete mink to begin with but by the last time my wisdom failed, she had learned how to properly suck cock (finally). Still, I had to do the whole snake catcher routine to emotionally keep a noose around her neck attached to a long pole so she couldn’t get close enough to poison me.
          That was a long time ago. Right now I am dealing with a long distance situation with a 5’9″ BMI 19 but not quite model-body girl 22 years my junior.

        32. In addition, they’re women after all so left to their own devices, they tend to make irrational decisions.
          That must explain how I started my own real estate business in 2008, all by myself and with no male help, when everyone around me (mostly men) were losing their homes due to foreclosure, and today I am still going strong. Because I was left to my own devices and made rational decisions.
          My “devices” and “decisions” actually work to my advantage, Bubba!
          Good one!! If your comment wasn’t so sad, it would actually be funny.

        33. “tend to” is a loose generalization while statements about “everyone” is an absolute one. Everyone around you lost their home due to foreclosure? Everyone?
          Most people I know in the middle class didn’t lose their homes. They cried to the banks and got forgiveness (basically, kind of like bankruptcy for the masses) or just waited for the value to go up again in the next bubble (which is peaking now.)
          All that said, philosophically, RoK is about discussing the ways that men can be irrational too: White knights, beta males, save-a-ho’s, sexual begging, etc.

        34. That sums it up very well, I totally agree. I have heard variations of the above points by women and thought to myself, ‘your days are numbered baby and no I am not reproducing with you’. We have all had those conversations that indicate moral bankruptcy and planned our escape, months before it happened.

        35. Yes and many of them are physically hideous. A lot of women in that age group cannot hope to snare a man. If they are older than 55, forget it! You know this GRock!

        36. Baby boomer women have engaged on a scorched earth campaign on men and expect to live forever at someone’s else dime.

        37. Do they?
          How many children do you have?
          Who will remember your dreams after you are rotting in the grave?
          Go forth and live up to your teleology. Have some babies and raise them right.

        38. Who the fuck do you think you are to dictate to others how many children, if any, they should have, you self-righteous prick?

        39. I’m sorry I don’t waste my time trying to talk to insane hate filled ideologues. I only use that time to make fun of people like you so I can laugh about how pathetic you are.

        40. YOU’RE the hate-filled one, you delusional twit.
          There’s very little difference between you and ISIS/Muslims. Women are nothing more than breeding mares/servants. Religious losers like you long to impose religious doctrine on others to keep control over them, namely women. Otherwise, if people (namely women) had free will, they would NEVER want to have ANYTHING to do with you!!!

        41. I have two dates this weekend and have almost never been alone in my life. I’m fine with women having jobs just not these useless government make work bureaucrat jobs that are paid for by stealing my paycheck that I could be using to save money for a future family.
          Along with more of my paycheck then being stolen to provide welfare for single mothers. An entire class where you can statistically call all of them child abusers.
          Women are lovely while they are young and miserable as shit once they get all old and mentally fucked from being worthless sluts. So they turn to feminist hatred to blame shift their mistakes onto men.
          That’s you. I mean take some fucking responsibility for yourself. You wanted to be my equal and now you are. Which means I’m holding you women responsible for your own actions. Like you’re a real person. You are responsible for children because you, women, have all of the power here.
          And you’re all really fucking it up for the men who created civilization for you. Not having enough kids and we’re being replaced by the brown horde. We’re being replaced by Islam.
          So you either give up some of your fucking power, hand some of it back to men, or you shoulder all of the responsibility for children.
          One thing a woman like you is going to have to realize is that your real estate crap doesn’t mean shit to a man. Your age, being thin, beautiful, with long healthy hair, and having am agreeable personality are the things men find attractive.
          So you’re delusional about your league and for your own happiness you should take your clothes off and stand in front of a mirror. A good hard look.
          That’s your league.
          No amount of feminist indoctrination, gaslighting, shaming, brainwashing, and all the rest of the horrible emotional abuse you inflict on boys and men are going to change that.
          Now off you go. Wash your face. Take off your clothes and go take a look in a mirror. Welcome to reality.

        42. People lets not forget how the feminist movement in reality started:
          by grieve.
          1950 the economy was running that good that employees were missing so instead of getting foreigners (as we do today) smart people (mainly in usa) after the fact that a lot of woman worked in factores in WW2 as ther mens were at battlefronts came to the idea that woman can do their part too. instead of stepping back and maybe letting the economy run a little bit slower and steadier people decided that its not enough so they realized that only 50% of the work force is beeing mobilized. the rest 50% were woman who, back then, were mainly responsible to give birth to the future work force. so basicly back then we stole our own future by discarding future genarations (1950 average kids count per family 3, today 1,5) in behalf of having a boom from 1950-1970. after that ever since, the us economy never again reached a peak like in 1950/1960
          etc etc
          so if you want to change this problem u talkng about, you first need to realize that its OUR grandpas who decided its a good idea to let woman work have a career and let them run for money etc… why? becauces they were greedy.

        43. Hello Tom,
          I have a friend who worked as an MRA and did considerable research on this subject. A few common misconceptions (corrected): Women have largely ALWAYS been in the workforce. Look at pictures of textile factories in the early 1800’s and you’ll see working class women manning (pardon the pun) the machines. Socialism of the late 18th century, which was a working man’s movement (and not what it is today which is geared towards the elites and public aid classes), sought to raise men’s wages by pressuring employers to lay off or pay women less if they were married and also to give married men preference in avoiding layoffs. This helped to reduce poverty since single men (and married women) had fewer obligations.
          The “greed” was the corporations that sponsored the women’s movements of the late 19th century. Like with immigration today (and back then), the corporations wanted cheap labor and fast profits. And just like today, if you asked “grandpa” about immigration (including from Eastern Europe), they would oppose it. This is why Trump has surged in the polls: He’s speaking truth to power and is unlike all the rest of the candidates.
          Regarding WWII and “50% of the workforce utilized”, again, even today, women do not comprise 50% of the EFFECTIVE workforce. On the contrary: the majority of welfare recipients are women and therefore a net drag upon society. Career women require a support team of affirmative action quotas and government agencies to compete in addition to daycare that consumes a portion of the female workforce.
          So why did women work in WWII? Because if you read 1984, people are willing to make personal sacrifices for a nation in wartime. If women had stayed in the factories and men had never come home, the country would have collapsed much like Europe and the USA are experiencing today. Single women worked in the factories for about 4 years or so because delaying childbirth by 4 years isn’t a big deal. But after about 5 decades of the so-called civil rights act, look at the mess the economy has become.

        44. I can’t remember my source, but I think I’ve heard that Chinese women are risky, as quite a few of them are gold diggers…

        45. Chinese culture makes their girls value financial stability. They want you to own a condo and a car, and make enough to support her and your one or two babies.
          Certainly there are some who will try to . . . “montetize” their youth and good looks. I dodged one of those but frankly, I haven’t met any gold diggers. The one who was most wrapped up about how much money I had and was making was a business executive pulling in close a million RMB a year (almost $200k); she fucked my brains out but couldn’t handle an LTR with a guy who earned one tenth of her salary (as an ESL teacher)
          Your bigger worry is the “silver digger”,

          If you are shopping for a “mail order bride” then it really becomes an issue. The best proof against that is to tell them that you want to live in China and are happy with your Chinese salary. The gold diggers and green card diggers will drop you like a hot potato.

        46. Hmmmmmm…..that’s quite a long post coming from someone who previously claimed not to “waste time trying to talk to insane hate filled ideologues.”
          1.) I wonder how those “dates” of yours are going to pan out in the long run. On the third date (if you get that far), are you going to tell them to “get back in the kitchen and make you a sandwich?”
          2.) What makes you think I support big government/high taxes? Do you think entrepreneurs, either male or female, like to have a huge percentage of their earnings stolen to give to deadbeats?
          3.) “So they turn to Feminism to blame shift their mistakes onto men.” Do you know what really led me to Feminism? Seeing how miserable and pathetic all those church-going Christian women are like! Witnessing first-hand how controlled, miserable and pathetic they are. And they wanted me to convert to their misery? Ha!
          4.) “Which means I’m holding you women responsible for your own actions. Like you’re a real person.” We weren’t real people before? Just paper cut-outs or something? You seem to have assigned yourself some high-and-mighty role, holding others responsible for their actions. Who died and left you in charge?
          5.) It takes two to Tango, Bubba, which includes the baby-making department. What woman in her right mind would want to form a long-lasting relationship with you? Let alone have children with you, when you display that kind of hostile, negative and condescending attitude towards her? Did you ever think about that? It’s the woman’s fault for not wanting to have anything to do with an ogre like you?
          6.) You think that I built my real estate business to attract men??? Men like you who are vain and self-centered seem to think the whole world revolves around them! You falsely assume that all women’s actions are geared towards attracting/getting men, and when you encounter the real world, you’re shocked to learn that it doesn’t.
          7.) I look very good in the mirror naked, Bubba. What makes you think I’m fat, old and out of shape? I purposely wear no make-up and low-key clothing so they can leave me the hell alone.
          Have you seen what those “church ladies” look like, both young and old? They’re walking tub-of-lards. I don’t think they’ve ever seen the inside of a gym, let alone worked out in one.
          8.) I don’t hate men. I hate misogynist attitudes like you display, and like what ISIS/Muslim cultures display.
          9.) Back to my looks again. You seem to have this deeply entrenched belief that because I choose to be an independent woman, that it automatically means I’m fat, ugly, old and out of shape. Wherever did you learn this? What makes you think that?
          By the way, you coming to this site for dating and relationship advice (Pick-Up-Artist techniques, ROK general view of women) is like an obese woman going to the 300 lbs. circus lady for health and fitness advice.
          I’d love to see how your Pick-Up-Artist techniques you read about here on ROK pan out in the real world. You might be in for a disappointing shock to learn they don’t usually work out too well in real life, regardless of what you might’ve been told.
          Welcome to reality.

        47. No the red pill techniques I forged worked out spectacularly well in banging women. I just don’t want to do it. I want more. I want a real commitment. Not even for me. But for children.
          And yeah you created your dumb business to try to get men. Why lie to me? I’m not even going to reply to the rest of your dumb shit. Who do you think you are replying to?
          I’m no stranger to women. You want me. I know it. You know it. So shut the fuck up about your retarded business nobody cares about and get your ass back in the kitchen. Hell don’t get your fat ass back in the kitchen. Go in the bathroom and purge fatty. Nobody wants a high and mighty fat old bitch who thinks her business makes her more valuable. Go lose some fucking weight and make yourself feminine. Or die alone.
          Or maybe you can come back and tell me all about how I can’t get laid. Lol. Lol.

        48. Funny, true story. Was hanging out with some guys and gals at a popular watering hole. The server comes and takes drink orders. One small female at the table says, “I’m 26, but I guess you’ll want to card me since I look a lot younger.” The waitress looks at her and replies, “No, I don’t guess so. I can see the crow’s feet starting to develop next to your eyes.” The look on the girl’s face was priceless. Women are vicious to each other as well as to men.

        49. Building and maintaining a real estate business during the housing crash of 2008 takes a lot more than coming across it like a blind squirrel upon an acorn in a yard.

      3. They think they can have it all. but they are sorely mistaken. Life is not a Disney fairy-tale; you don’t get prince charming in the end. but they’ll have their degrees and career. these women truly believe that at a particular junction in their life everything will fall into place like a puzzle e.g., married at 30, kids at 33, etc…Didn’t know they had a crystal ball with them. Too bad for them, they’ll have to settle for cats, “meow” bitches!

        1. Hehehe. I knew an amateur psychiatrist who wrote a dating book “Get Smart With Your Heart” that advised women that they could have it all: Sleep with the bad boys in her 20’s, settle down with a provider in her 30’s, ditch him for another bad boy in her 50’s.
          And hey, I think for a brief window in the 70’s through 80’s, this was possible. That’s about the era that this author and I were from.

        2. To a certain degree it is still happening, but has slowed down a bit. I attribute this to the manosphere; more and more men are waking up to the rigged game they’re playing. Thus, women are having a slightly more difficult time finding some beta chump who will provide them with provisions and security. Personally, I will never sacrifice for love my servitude or fortune.

        3. In black cultures, it’s the “ho” culture. The men have stopped living up to beta values since their women have no respect for betas and putting on “player” alpha-male game. That seems to be the paradigm a lot of men here are falling for.

      4. One way to make a girl think twice about her “career”? Tell her how much you value a woman who is dedicated to her children, how you love a woman who takes care of her husband.
        If she still wants to have her career as her husband and her dog as her child? Well that gives her something nice to reflect upon when she’s old and alone.

      5. Ya wouldn’t know it by the stupid shit they post up on Facebook, ahem, I mean FAKEbook.
        They’re trying so hard to convince themselves and others that they are happy and they deserve all the happiness that equality, career, money and possessions can buy.
        Funny how it just ain’t working for ’em.

    2. Not to mention how 1 in 4 women end up being addicted on some type of anti-depressant, mood altering drug. When our grandmothers actually had a lower standard of living and hard to work crazy hours indoors or outdoors to keep the household stable. Fucking millennial broads man,

      1. They’re convinced that if they aren’t “happy” 24/7, then they must have a problem. They use drugs to blunt real life, where things are not always a fake porcelain smile “happy”. Parent dies? Take a drug! Kid fucks up in school? Self medicate! Didn’t get that promotion you “felt you earned?” Ten pills for you!
        It’s the mindset of a spoiled adolescent, refusing to acknowledge, experience and grow through adversity. Without pain there is not real growth, without failure there can be no success. They are literately short circuiting any chance they may have had to grow as a human being by not accepting that life can be difficult and working through it.
        Men deal with shit and grow, women pretend to be men except for “the hard parts”.

        1. Thats right on. They actually think they know what being a man is all about. All of the wannabe-male females I have met think suppressing their feelings, hardening themselves, and controlling every situation is the recipe for manhood. They have no idea about most of the shit we have to go through and the difficult journey from boyhood to manhood.
          There isnt much distance between being a young girl and a woman. I think women would have more empathy for betas if they really understood the massive responsibilities placed on a man’s shoulders, especially in the dating market. Instead they expect a perfect man with no weaknesses. I dont even think its hypergamy as much as it is spoiled, arrogant, solipsistic, narcissistic entitlement.

        2. “Except for the hard parts”. THIS! The joke on them is that the hard parts are what make a man a man. So that they’ll never be.

      2. There is a great documentary on the breast cancer industry and how most of the shit women use for grooming increase their risk. Companies sponsor Susan Komen events and then encourage women to be “strong” and fight it. Insane.
        Woman fucking drench themselves in toxic chemicals, taking drugs for depression, stacking another one for anxiety and dumping hormones.

      3. In my line of work (counseling) I find a goodly number of women chasing the feminist dream and also self-medicating with drugs, alcohol, or excessive amounts of sex.
        Which leads to more money for me as the self-defeating and self-destructive behaviors only lead to more unhappiness.
        And you want to know a dirty secret? Counseling doesn’t help. Women only want to spout off their list of grievances against the world and want the world to change for their convenience.
        The only cure is a stable home life and a stable community (ie; a sensible community of worship). Those two elements have turned around more women’s lives than the literally thousands of counseling hours I have done.
        Interestingly, I have much better success with men who come and talk with me as they are really interested in results.
        But as for counseling women? It’s a day job that pays the bills.

    3. I disagree a bit . There is context.
      Look at the career girls. The 37 year old company lawyer who’s twice divorced, addicted to wine, cigs and pills; and who looks 10 years older than she is.
      Few people really envy these women. Not when they’ve seen the train wrecks up close

      1. I’m a lawyer and deal with these train wrecks on a daily basis. I pity them sometimes, in between laughing at them inside. And game / red pill has helped enormously in dealing with them on a professional level too.

    4. Propaganda plays a role, but memory is short too. Remember, the animals on Manor Farm thought they were happy under the pigs

    5. Lets also not forget the “role models” that young women have these days too. These women aspire to be just like the trashy sluts they see on TV or hear on the radio. This coupled with their absolute dependence on social media for validation from their peers pushes them into buying the illusion of a glamorous life that is as impossible to attain as it is unsustainable to keep. What these young women don’t realize is that the “role models” they worship so much are probably living an even more miserable life than they are. Behind closed doors you can bet the likes of Kardishian, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, etc. are probably eating fistfuls of pills just to work up the courage needed to look at themselves in the mirror every day.

      1. This is weird as fuck but someone showed me this clip of a new song Miley Cyrus just performed recently. She’s gotta be on some hardcore drugs to make her dress up like a unicorn or whatever, but wow, you can tell there are some serious serious mental issues with her. It’s really sad and pathetic. She almost has an emotional breakdown on stage. Her father is 99% to blame for all this. By the way, I was shocked she *can* actually sing well.
        I remember when she was actually attractive, when she had her Disney show I was dating a Russian girl who looked just liked her and that was a compliment at the time.

    6. I have to say, I do not agree with shaming women (or anyone else for that matter). Chronic feelings of shame are ancient early evolutionary emotions that are actually harmful and a sign of mental illness. Those who we would expect to feel shame (abusers) do not whereas those who do feel shame tend to be the victims. If you induce feelings of shame in your daughter, sister, girlfriend, you will make her worse not better.
      Personally, I find the best way to motivate a woman is to tell her what you like about her not what you don’t. A woman wants to please you. For example, I got my girl wearing skirts and heels by telling her how sexy she looks in them, not by telling her how awful she looks in sneakers and jeans. Women love to feel desirable and sexy and they will wear whatever you want, if they know it turns you on.
      You yell at her about her teenage boy sense of style you will trigger her defiance emotions. Although, of course it helps not to date a woman who dresses that way in the first place.
      I note the five year age difference in the article for “teenagers”. Today this would be considered obscene. But as I have said many times, it is right and proper that a man should marry a woman significantly younger than himself. In the example above, the girl is old enough to bear children and the boy (he would have been considered a man in those days) would have had several years of real work experience, not this bullshit “school” they make us all do today, where you learn pretty much nothing that teaches you how to earn a living.

      1. I’ve mentioned in the past that I find complimenting actual nice girls in front of “problem children” girls seems to be a pretty good path. A smooth unblemished skinned beauty complimented for not covering her body in ink and piercings, said in front of skanks, serves both her self esteem AND acts as an indirect shaming to the skanks.

      2. Yeah this is one thing that troubles me about many here, and specifically I’ll say Roosh’s appearance on Dr. Oz. A lot of people who saw that probably reject anything Roosh said out of hand because the root of what he was promoting (fat-shaming women) was mean-spirited and hurtful.
        I prefer by far your method of telling women what is sexy and desirable about them. What if, during the Oz segment with the fat women verbally assaulting Roosh if he just addressed each one with something positive about them.. Hey, you have really nice hair, and I see you are wearing heels, you, I can see you took some time with your appearance with your elaborate nails and jewelry, if you went to the gym 3 days a week you would feel so much better from the endorphins and you could have a really attractive figure. You’d get a lot more attention from guys, would be healthier, and would feel happy about your body.
        It’s a basic premise of motivating others that it’s far easier to attract with honey than with bees or whatever the analogy is.. If our society would just idolize and encourage beauty and thinness I think the message would be obvious to the fatties. But also showing more of the success stories where huge landwhales were able to become thin, so they can see it IS possible, they just have to not be lazy.

        1. Yep and then he probably could have shagged those fat chicks after the show…. uh if he wanted.
          In my view, positive reinforcement is more effective than negative. Negative creates resistance and anger. Positive creates cooperation and warm feelings. If the woman feels good around you, she will want to be around you more and will act accordingly to get more warm feelings. I tell my girl how sexy she looks in the gym gear and she can’t wait to put it on. You can’t overestimate the importance of “feeling sexy” to a woman. This is her primary value proposition (or currency, with which she attracts and then keeps a man).
          Part of the problem is that women’s lack of self esteem leads them to attack successful women, rather than do the hard work and become successful (attractive) themselves. Much easier to sit on your arse eating chips and gummy bears. They convince themselves that the successful woman must be doing something wrong and they attempt to shame her (to get a body like that she must be neglecting her kids that evil bitch!), to make her as fat and miserable as they are.

  4. Great article. The points made here are profound, but nothing new to the readers of Roosh and ROK. Instead, this knowledge should be something taught to women at young age. But of course, that’s a rather impossible task for today’s impulsive, narcissistic, entitled lot that we have to deal with.
    And down goes the civilization.

  5. The life of the modern “good girl” is a marathon nightmare. Imagine that all you wanted to do was get married and be a stay-at-home mom, but you were born into a middle class family.
    Maybe you have younger siblings or, if not, you babysit frequently. You’ve learned enough about childcare to be ready for marriage by around fifteen years old. Unfortunately, because you are a middle class American girl, you have to go to college and put off that family for another seven years.
    Because you are truly a good girl, and realize how valuable your virginity is, you maintain it through this time. You are ashamed of any partial compromises you have made.
    After seven years of torture, passing by men of ever-decreasing quality, you’ve passed by the greatest gift you ever had to offer to a man: the years of your youth. But no one can doubt that you, a tested virgin who wants to stay home with the kids, is the best kind of girl to marry.
    So men, which do you want? The good girl or the young girl?
    You can have both if you spread your seed with the young whores, then find a worthwhile college senior later in life. But the good girls, they CAN’T have both. When it comes to making love, our girls have been taught that “good” and “young” are opposed to each other.
    So of course she is unhappy. The best player sat out the match.

      1. I know (and briefly dated) a good girl who remained a virgin to age 35. She was still attractive for 35, but could not compete with the 23 year olds I typically date. However, she went on to marry a good guy and is now working on her third kid.
        I don’t blame her for ‘wasting’ her youthful years. She saved her body for the good husband she has now. Plus it took me 30 years to discover redpill. With all the feminist shit shoved down women’s throats they don’t hear anyone telling them they should marry young. How else would they know?

        1. Agreed, but there should also be institutions which instill this to young women who have less than ideal fathers. Church, government, television, movies, and social shaming used to do this.
          Once you hear the message from multiple mediums it starts to sink in (see: SJW indoctrination)

        2. I agree there should be, but there aren’t. It’s entirely up to fathers now, because mom is off being “empowered” and the rest of culture is a profoundly huge lie.

        3. That’s encouraging to hear that even if a woman remained a virgin till she was 35, she can still find a husband. I’m waiting to find a man that also wants kids. I never knew youth was so important in a woman to men until I read some articles on this site, since no one told me this earlier.
          The common mentality is that a career is first priority, and a husband and kids would follow later (even though I value family more than career).

        4. A career is much more important for a man than a woman. That being said, I almost never discuss my career. It’s just simply not interesting to most people how I earn a paycheck. Focus on bettering yourself. As a man I travel, read, work out, develop skills and hobbies, and try to become more self sufficient (gardening, cooking, building and fixing things). I also work, but if you wanted to ask me one question about any of these things, would it really be “what is your job?”
          As a woman work on developing a fit body, musical talent or singing or dancing, become a good cook. Learn how to nurture and take care of and support a man. Nothing difficult, it’s the small little things that drive us crazy over a good feminine woman–someone who fixes us a nice drink when we’re thirsty, brings us a sandwhich when we’re working, gives us encouragement. Basically emulate what women of 100 years ago did to attract the opposite sex. Above all be happy and kind. That’s all men really want from a woman. Be thin, happy, and kind.

        5. Thank you for the insight/advice. There’s not much info geared towards women on how to be a good (future) wife.
          People act like it’s a crime for a woman to be a normal, feminine woman, and for men to be normal and masculine. Society really was more healthier back 100 years ago (physically, mentally, etc).

        6. The fact you have little/no debt could be used to your advantage in meeting a man- a young, practical woman these days is rare(no YOLO)
          You need to find someone older, early 30s too. Stop reading Cosmo too 😉

    1. That sounds like me. My parents are more traditional, but even so there was no other option at 18 than to go to uni since it’s very rare to marry that young here. I know I want a husband and kids.
      I see all these obese, tattooed and/or party sluts getting good men to settle down with (one obese woman said at a party, she fell backwards and hit her head when she passed out drunk, and her paramedic boyfriend “forced” her to go to the hospital). I don’t even know where to meet a family-oriented man. Men seem very indoctrinated with feminism here, and some have even admitted to being afraid of women. If I say anything against feminism to anyone besides my mom, I basically get mocked/shunned.

      1. Where in Canada do you live?
        I live in the epicentre of the feminist hellhole itself, Toronto.
        What kind of man are you looking for.. and what age range? We should talk.

        1. I don’t want to say where I live, but I live a few hours away from Toronto.
          I’m looking for a traditional, masculine, Christian man who also wants kids someday (and who opposes the new curriculum’s ideology of raising kids to be transsexual freaks), aged around 24 to early thirties.

  6. This article calls for me to reveal my dirty little secret.
    Seeing women, of any age, enjoy the fruits of feminism turns me on sexually.
    Girl “exploring her sexuality” with dozens of Chad “McFelon” Thundercocks? Yes please.
    Woman who wanted to have kids but didn’t settle down early enough/got divorced/spent too much time focusing on her “career”? Sweet Jesus.
    Woman back to work within two months of giving birth because they need her income to make it? Hngg.
    Hearing a woman lament her six figure student loan for a degree worth hogshit? Don’t get me started.
    The woman next door who makes 6 figures, lives in a nice house and drives luxury foreign cars but pops uppers, downers, tranqs and alcoholic beverages like her life depends on it? Makes my day.
    I know it’s a sick deviancy but I find myself going out on dates with women I have no interest in ( overweight, over 25, single mothers etc etc ) simply to interrogate them.

    1. Your own personal sociology experiment – I get it. About 80% of my dating experiences wind up being something perversely similar. Ironic, 80%, the same percentage as women initiating divorce filings.

  7. Because its all bullshit and just flat out incoherent. Here we have the present day left and sjw’s acting all righteous and zealous as if they have finally cracked the code for some better moral order. But, how do we reconcile this push to put women into positions of power and prominence? Because the overall message of how to fulfill one’s life is not really things like “coexist” and “self actualization”…no, its go out and be better than others. Get all the trappings of a superficial life, otherwise, you’ll never “have it all” and you deserve to “have it all”. What I really detest about the whole push for women in work and in this or that, is its made all of our lives, men and women, about keeping up with the jane’s and joe’s. Watch a tv show and it shows you everything I’m talking about, note, the ridiculously embellished portrayals of women.
    I had to endure watching no more than 5 minutes, FIVE fucking minutes, of “blue bloods” the other day. Observe: two female (of course) corporate lawyers meet up for the first time since they went to law school together. They exchange salutations with the bravado of a Navy SEAL. And jokingly, talk about how one only slightly beat out the other as valedictorian. Law school, bravado…fucking valedictorians? Oh, and within that same discussion was this gem – “how’s your husband…didn’t you marry that drummer?” Answer: “oh yeah he takes care of the kids I go all over the world and work on massive corporate deals”. I shit you not, those were the lines. And it was done in a “this is just how things are” nonchalant manner complete with girlish “I never did any real work” mannerism. I wanted to punch out the fucking tv. Is this really how women have to be treated in order to fucking inspire them to get off their lazy fat fucking asses or to boast their sweet little egos? For fuck sake, the Marine Corps never treated me as if things were just flowers and cupcakes and “golly me” I’m a valedictorian. Shit, and I did graduate top of my classes (no, not fucking #1), but I busted my fucking ass and it shows.
    No wonder why women (and men) are depressed, who the fuck can even come close to that ideal! I’m sure if I kept on watching it would be revealed that both of these women when they get done with their 18 hour days are also accomplished ochoatheletes and “oh you ran the Mt Saint Helena marathon yesterday too…so did I, what a breeze wasn’t it”. So, what’s the message here? Obviously, women can be a high powered attorney and first in class. K, how many fucking times and in not so different ways can that be said. But it also says this is real fucking easy for women to do. Therein is the cut because here is the very obvious implication: if you are NOT a high powered attorney and maybe just a regular attorney who graduated from law school not as the valedictorian then your shit because, as you can see, its a breeze because these two bimbos are showing how they both did it in their sleep.
    And if you can’t find time to fit in a 2 hour power workout and complete BUDs training times 2 after you work 18 hours a day (which means you’ll only sleep 4 hours a day and be the super mom at home) then you are shit too. Because, even though the very actresses who are, in real life, anorexic, drug addicted, part time escorts (ahem prostitutes) who in their emaciated state would probably die if they ran a 5 k and failed out of school because they were the “art” kids aka excuse for being a fuck up, if you don’t meet these impossible standards than you are shit. Oh, and all the while the very real gravitational tug of just being a real woman and having kids/family et al is also nagging somewhere in the recesses of their consciousnesses.
    Yep, I can see why people in general are depressed.

    1. “I can see why people in general are depressed.”
      Life is about “energy”
      The less energy you have the harder life is, the less you can accomplish, and the worse your future outlook is, No energy = no future
      the food and water and air are contaminated probably lowering overall energy, plus the scarcity increasing in the money supply causing a big futile rat race that needs more energy, plus keeping up with increasingly sophisticated software that does 1 billion calculations per second. ah shit, yeah the collapse is coming

  8. Women denying their nature to pursue the nature of men, something had to give eventually. Everything in life is a trade-off. You can’t have it all.

  9. I have read similar studies. What I take away from it is that feminism and women trying to act like men has exposed women to all the shit that men have put up with for the last 10,000 years. They don’t deal with it well.
    Look at suicide rates: women attempt it far more often but men get it done at 4 times the rate.
    Look at the mythical “wage gap”. Do you think guys make more because they take jobs that make them happy? Additional studies have shown that women tend to take jobs that give them life satisfaction rather than money.
    Then there are the divorce statistics where something like 70% of divorces are initiated by women, and maybe another 15% are filed by men at the instigation of their soon-to-be ex-wives.
    Women are inherently unhappy and have a low tolerance for unhappiness when compared with men.

    1. When I point this out to some women they quickly point the finger at the men in their lives. It’s like they are wired to not take any responsibility for themselves. How can you blame a man when you picked him!

      1. I hate to give the whole “alpha” thing credit, but the beta thing is that men please women in all the big areas of life. We are programmed for that.

        1. And that pervades ALL interactions. Women file for divorce because the guy was an ass. Women kill men because the guy deserved it.
          Always the man’s fault.

        2. Precisely! they don’t even provide any logical argument. immediately default to the guy doing something which then justifies the ends (divorce).
          The guy must have done something, anything for the woman to initiate divorce, GTFO!

        3. From the article. Not sure if it’s satire but replace a handful of words and what you have is a management plan for children:
          “Here’s what I’ve come up:
          Tell your wife that you love her.
          Show your wife that you love her.
          Listen to your wife.
          Talk to your wife.
          Physically acknowledge her (in a non-sexual way).
          Anticipate her needs.
          Remember that your wife is the most beautiful woman in the world. And make sure that she knows that you know it.
          Let her recharge her battery.
          Help her soar.
          Mind the small and simple.”

        4. This is standard “marriage advice” nowadays. In no way shape or form is any advice given to women to attend the needs of their men. The few times I’ve seen an article that deals with men and their needs, it’s framed in condescension and “If you really think you must…I suppose…then XYZ” where XYZ usually ends up being something that brings the woman pleasure and has little to do with the man.
          Marriage/relationship counseling is no different, in fact it’s Cosmo advice on steroids. It always comes back to pleasing her, being there for her, taking care of her every whim. The man? Hey, he should feel honored to be her servant.
          Fucked up shit.

        5. I’m amazed at how many men take this so called “advice” as gospel. It somewhat relates to your comment about modern women and their grandmothers. Men have be brought up to feel guilt for their masculinity; they believe the current state of affairs is completely normal. they refer to their situation as “that’s just the way it is.” A male coworker of mine used that cop-out several times; I tried to get him to snap out of the matrix but it was a loss cause, even let him borrow “the rationale male.” we do not talk about inter-gender relationships anymore for the sake of me not hitting him upside the head!
          I went through the article and the author received tons of backlash from red-pillers and men who get it; they nailed this guy to the wall!

        6. The very tone of the article is shocking.
          “Women initiate divorces 80% of the time, ergo, it must be men’s fault”.
          Fucking unbelievable.
          The trapped kind of men, that is trapped by their own mindset, are difficult to deal with as you say. I really don’t get how stupid and brainwashed one has to be to go along with one’s own destruction.

        7. I think it stems from men’s logical mind. Obviously there has to be a cause for a grown woman screaming like a 3 year old child, so the guy looks for answers. “Maybe if I bring home flowers every Friday it lowers her stress and she won’t flip out on me?”
          Yeah there is a lot of bad advice out there, but the truth is so crazy about women (redpill) that it is hard to accept, so men will try lots of other options before accepting the cold hard reality that women are almost like a different species and cannot be considered equal to man in any real way.
          However, guys who don’t get the truth when exposed to it.. I don’t understand this. It didn’t take me long after being exposed to ROK and other writings because they resonate so well, they obviously speak to inner truths about the sexes. It’s jarring to hear such talk for the first time, but easy for me to accept. Then again, I have an open mind and a predilection to think most of what I am told from the guv’t and media is bullshit.

        8. My theory is that men , for several reasons, are afraid to be alone. and they think that pussy is made of gold. they do not realize their true potential in the SMP.

        9. We both know that men who do that are only treating the symptom, but not the cause of the problem.
          Men who reject the red pill, in my opinion, lack confidence and the backbone to accept the harsh realities of our civilization. if they accept, by default they reject everything they’ve been taught (gynocentrism). For them, life is so much easier if they follow the program, they feel that they are playing by the rules, and if played fairly, they will be “rewarded.” but you and I, as well as the ROK readership, know the game is rigged. men also crave sex on the regular; they’ll put any resemblance of classical virtues aside for steady pussy. for me, no pussy is good enough to put my dignity and integrity aside. Conversely, that is the same mentality that draws pussy to you!

        10. I’m convinced women may physically mature quicker than men, but mentally most are locked in at 16 in maturity for life. The brain housing group shuts down for child production.

        11. How many married men do you hear say:”I have to check with the wife,” or make some half-witted remark about keeping their “better half” happy. I think I’m going to start ripping on these people in public, and if the husbands wants to swing at me, after I tell him his better half looks like a hyperthyroid farm animal, with satanic horns, well, so be it.

        12. Too many! The coworker in question read a few ROK articles and the oneitis chapter in ” the rationale male” and still nothing, NADA! he just doesn’t want to snap out of it. he thinks he is red-pill, but he is grossly mistaken!

        13. I’ve had one, just one girl say to me something to the effect of: “Most guys have no clue the allure they can have on women. Only the men that are awake to it know, and they’re very dangerous to us.” << “us” apparently meaning the long game hypergamous slut bags everywhere you look.

        14. Precisely! Very interesting what she said and the fact that she said it. on a similar note, I ration my attention to women like if it’s a scarce commodity; i know they crave it, and when you give too much (most men do), they grow disinterested. men need to carry in them the abundance mentality; whether true or not it doesn’t matter, the point is it affects your behavior and attitude; let it do the talking for you.

        15. Patrice O’Neal had a podcast episode about attention (not always physical) being the #1 valuable thing a woman craves. I figure when a girl I’ve been fuckin goes MIA, she’s either got some dude dickin her, or another guy(s) vying for her attention by unloading his time to her.. and his wad eventually since the only prize she can give for said attention is sex.. or the illusion of getting sex at minimum. That’s why modern girls suck. It’s not just that they’re unfaithful physically, but they’re unfaithful on all 3 types of fidelity: physical, emotional, and financial. 12 years ago, pre-manosphere, a good friend of mine, now 41 and still unmarried and single, said:”Man, you’re payin for it one way or the other, be it your time, your money, or your emotions.” << I have yet to prove that statement remotely incorrect.

        16. Agreed! The trick is to get what you are seeking from women at a minimal “cost.” Or acquire maximum utility for the price you pay.

        17. I’ve actually seen one blogger, a woman, give out good advice to women. She hangs out sometimes over at The Rational Male, goes by “girlwiththedragonflytattoo”. She has her own website where she rather consistently shames women for being so selfish in relationships and with sex within marriage, and does so in a very poignant, non-egocentric way. Rather refreshing.
          That said, she’s about the only one I’ve found, so that makes her participation a statistical anomaly.

        1. True, and especially to the extent – in Canada – that you have common law marriages because the law says so. . .after two years.

    2. Women don’t perform well at suicide because they don’t want to kill themselves. It’s all just attention whoring.

      1. Partly that and partly their vanity in that they want to leave a beautiful corpse. Society places no pressure on women to do much of anything. On the other hand, men are told to succeed or die trying. That ends up as their exit plan: if they don’t succeed in life, the sure as fuck are not going to fail in killing themselves.

  10. me to women: I don’t care how many degrees you have. I am not going to fuck said degrees and they surely will not raise my children.

  11. Are feminist women really “liberated”? They traded in the old “patriarchy” (or at least their distorted version of the 1950’s), for a new set of rigid behavior rules.
    Look at their reaction to Carly Fiorina – they want to support a smart female candidate but can’t because it’s against the rules to like anyone who isn’t for abortion-on-demand at any stage of a pregnancy and big-government liberalism in general. They are more controlled now than June Cleaver ever was.

  12. “The anti-depressants epidemic: One in three women take pills to relieve despair during their life”
    Read more:
    A quarter of women are currenty on anti-depressants or some kind of other mental illness pill
    “One in three women have taken anti-depressants at some point in their lives, researchers say”
    The study by women’s campaign group Platform 51 found that 48 per cent of women currently using the drugs have taken them for at least five years, while 24 per cent have taken them for 10 years or more.”
    You know, these pills are going into the water supply since the 1980’s and they find trace amounts of all this shit in our bodies
    “Over the past 30 years, women’s education levels have risen”
    Our pseudo education system is based on the false idea that you can buy intelligence, Sorry folks but passing tests does not make you smarter, unless you are using some sort of alien technology, reading and memorizing facts does not increase intelligence, but slightly increases knowledge…most male dr’s admit that by the time they finish their phd, they forgot at least half of what they learned
    Do you know why education takes so long?
    because 100 million americans are unemployed and there aren’t enough jobs to go around, so the role of education isn’t to make you a genius, rather it’s to delay your entry into the workforce to give other people a chance to earn a living while you are stuck still lining up for qualifications and making professors and colleges rich

  13. Relationships these days are fucked, but here are some direct quotes of what I told my girlfriend:
    Love doesn’t just ‘happen’.
    It doesn’t appear. It is like many other things in life: you have opportunities and you make choices.
    Similarly, love is like any success: you need the opportunity, the right choices and then LOTS of hard work.

  14. Oh, this deserves a whole ROK post in itself:
    Advent of the virgin births: Women who have never been in a relationship paying £5,000 to get pregnant
    This could really catch on because virginal teen girls have no inner resources and no sense of personal identity, so they tend to do what they see other girls doing. Wait until a virginal female celebrity has a sex-free baby.
    If someone in the golden age of science fiction had written a story set in, say, the year 2020, where the author postulated that teen boys would masturbate with sex robots and avoid contact with girls, while virginal girls would go to clinics for artificial insemination so that they could become mothers without the indignity of having icky boys’ thingies penetrating their bodies, at the time this would have sounded completely preposterous. Yet this could become our reality in the 2020’s and beyond.

    1. In Australia, it is a growing trend for 30 something spinsters to get knocked up via a sperm donor. Deliberately denying a child a father… how selfish are these man-hating feminist bitches?

  15. Charles Darwin has become a kind of secular alternative to god to a lot of moderns, but I point out just how traditionally he lived. He came from intermarried wealthy English families, and he married his cousin Emma Wedgwood around the time they both turned 30. I feel pretty confident about Emma’s virginity (Victorian era, no contraceptives and all that), and I have never come across anything in the Darwin biographies I’ve read to indicate that Charles had any premarital sexual experience.
    So assume that Charles and Emma married as adult virgins who had lived long enough beforehand to become emotionally mature and responsible. Despite their late start, they got busy: Emma became pregnant 10 times, and seven of the Darwins’ children survived to adulthood. Reportedly the Darwins have about 100 living descendants now.
    Yet if some adult male virgin in America’s flyover country, like, say, Arkansas, married a virgin woman (not necessarily his cousin) and proceeded to make a lot of babies with her, like Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar in Springdale, today’s secular humanist liberals would mock them as ignoramuses and hicks. You really have to wonder what these critics would say if couples like the Duggars downplayed the religious reasons for their fertility and stated instead that they admired the Darwins and wanted to follow the Darwins’ example.

    1. to a degree you are correct…however the key is, as you pointed out, ” He came from intermarried wealthy English families”
      In the words of a still somewhat black michael jackson….if you can’t feed your baby (yeah yeah) then don’t have a baby”
      The problem is that it isn’t, for the most part, wealthy people knocking out 10 kids. They are the ones having 1 or 2 kids, packing their asses off to private schools and then ivys and then moving them through the chains of power. I always laugh when people look at kids and say “that’s the future.” No it’s not. The future is in Choate and then in Yale. The idiots you are looking at are the future of mcdonalds employees.
      2 morons who can barely afford pants, regardless of race or religion, pumping out 10 kids is the reason that more than a third of my paycheck is missing every week and if I am going to get robbed or shot chances are it will be one of these retards that I am footing the bill for who does it.
      It is why I am all for abortion. I know that that isn’t a popular sentiment here and I do understand and am sensitive to the reasons why, but as I look around this world I feel that abortion isn’t nearly common enough

      1. The welfare state and abortion came about as tools of eugenics to reduce/eliminate the reproduction of the unfit as they were called. Like most interventions, control freakisms, they backfired and we got the opposite result.

        1. I am all for eugenics. I am also all for putting a well intentioned theory to the test. Problem is, you need to know when to leave the ship behind. We have managed the rate feat of burning ourselves while drowning and kicking our own ass all at the same time

        2. Be careful what you support when it comes to things like eugenics. Everyone thinks they are of the sort of stock that should go on and reproduce. That they will be allowed to by the powers that be. The reality is they probably wouldn’t be.
          The welfare state has proven useful for other purposes so we should expect it to continue.

  16. Shit. Reading stuff like this makes me think about leaving my current girlfriend. For sure not a virgin (she claims to have had sex with 7 guys before we met, and she was 20 when we met). She’s very feminine and beautiful and so great to be around, but we do fight often, and of course knowing 7 other guys plowed through her is unbearable. Compound that with the fact that for every slut I’ve slept with, I’ve thought afterward, “God I feel sorry for the poor bastard that ends up wifing her.” At least 7 other guys are saying that about me now.
    Maybe I should break up. But I’m weak as fuck with women that I fall in love with. Sluts I have no problem discarding after busting, but love is another beast entirely. Not to mention we’re doing long distance, which gives me the freedom to fuck around, but it’s also hard on the relationship.
    Furthermore, how the fuck do you find a virgin in the city anymore? Virtually impossible. You’d have to to rural and there you’re sacrificing looks. And if you bring her to the city later on, she’ll eventually get corrupted by the vices that be.

    1. You’d have to to rural and there you’re sacrificing looks.
      Oh come now. That’s typical city boy thinking that buys into the Leftist narrative that if you aren’t in NYC then you’re some kind of fat, lazy, rabid hillybilly.
      Flyover country, you should come out here sometime. You’d be surprised.

      1. I live in a major city in Asia. It’s the same here. Values are diminishing in the face of Western influence. Asian girls are fucking just as many guys as their Western counterparts.

        1. Do you live in Toyko by any chance? I’ve heard women are getting sluttier there, they are much more discreet about it. I know an Aussie guy that slept with 10 girls in 2 months there—-7 had boyfriends— and said they loved to be plowed hard and are submissive in the bedroom.
          Maybe the sluttiness is to combat the grass eater phenomenon?

      2. Yeah I’m tired of that bullshit too. I’ve been in the deep south in the middle of nowhere one day and then in downtown Manhattan the same week.
        There’s this crap notion that “flyover country” has no women. But I know rednecks and hillbillies: they let these false ideas of their lives run free because it keeps out the Yankees and hipsters.
        That’s right, don’t leave New York, because you’ll get fucked in the ass by a big hairy redneck. Happens all the time! Sqeeeeeeeeealllll like a pig! weeeeeeeeeeee!

        1. I worry sometimes when I reveal what life is like out here in flyover country actually. I want men to understand that there is more than the myth sold to them that big cities are your only place and hope, but in doing so I’m a bit afraid that I’m letting the cat out of the bag, heh.

        2. I’ve always pictured myself living in the middle of the country with a younger, traditional woman, far far away from all the flash and bullshit. One day I’ll drive westbound and see what it’s all about. Cat’s out of the bag!

    2. Eh, Don’t “leave her” without setting up a replacement or two, let her leave you, slowly and silently, and say nothing
      She will respect you for it later^
      it is the way of the lion

    3. Just reframe your thinking about her. She isn’t necessary to your life or the source of your happiness, she’s a companion to enjoy the things you already enjoy with and a sex buddy for as long as it lasts. Ultimately Western women like you describe your gf are completely replaceable, and if she meets the guy of her dreams (rich, underwear model body, etc) she’ll move on without a second thought.
      So, she’s secondary to your life and that’s ok, don’t even think about marrying her because there’s simply no reason to ever

      1. Actually she’s Japanese, from Japan. I’m sure she’s had sex with more guys than the average Japanese at that age, but not by much. The East is getting just as fucked up as the West. Slowly but surely.
        Good advice though. But actually I would love her to be the mother of my children. It’s just, after reading a post like this that describes pre-feminist times and current-Muslim times, you can’t help but stop and think. But I’m not optimistic that there are any non-virgins left anymore, except in Middle Eastern countries. Is that what life has come to? Anticipating the day when you’ll have to go the extra mile to find a Muslim to make her your wife?

        1. In the US at least, there are still girls raised in traditional family structures who see themselves in traditional roles. Not common in the cities, but rural areas yes. And I don’t know about Japan, but girls in the country who’ve spent a lot of time outdoors and eating natural foods can look really fucking good.
          Your average rural girl may have slept with a couple of guys, finding an 18 year+ virgin is still nearly impossible, but in a lot of cases a girl raised in the country going to church will actually feel genuine remorse about stepping off the path. In those cases I’d usually recommend at least being open to the possibility that she could still be wife material

        2. Yeah. If it doesn’t work out with her and I ever move back to the US, going rural would be the only option left once I’m ready to settle down.
          It’s amazing how absolutely irrevocable feminism has been in destroying traditional values. I’ve now slept with nearly 50 women; close to 40 in the last two years. And it’s no great accomplishment. It’s bespeaks of the state of things, not just in the West, but in the East too. I’d much prefer to marry, settle, start a family, and live a proper life of meaning and value.

        3. Dude . . . it’s great. One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen was when I was wasting time screwing around trying to date regular American girls . . . then my family sent me a picture of a girl interested in getting married . . . beautiful, 5 years younger than me, dressed in lovely traditional garb. My sister talked to her and asked if she would be interested in me, and she said yeah, we should talk to — her father.
          The really beautiful thing though . . . In the picture, this adorable creature was holding a cute baby boy. That was the picture she chose to send.
          Just seeing that healed my heart.

        4. Jewish girls in America (if they are religious) will probably have virgin daughters, if you have some problem with muslims 😛
          Course, the likelihood that anyone but a Jew will marry or fuck one of them is absolutely 0%

    4. Hate to tell you bro, but a huge part of game and turning the tables is simply, in practice, doing what women have done to guys. Re-categorize her, obviously don’t let her know what category she resides in. And treat her accordingly. If she’s no longer LTR material, let her believe wtf ever she wants, but treat her with your actions, not necessarily your words, as a downgraded bitch. They’ll either start to perform, or fade away.
      I for one am very aware that if the wind blows in another direction, or just 1 night out with her girlfriends, could easily mean she’s swept off her feet by another cock. Lost your job, low on funds? She’ll stray. Starts hanging out with new girlfriends? They empower her and she strays. Be the opportunist women have been for decades and watch relationships shift in your favor. It also forces you to shit can the bad ones.

    5. It’s tough bro, but swallowing the red pill isn’t easy. Never forget, women grossly understate their sexual histories. If she said 7, it’s more likely to be 17… at least

  17. I have to believe this is a lost cause. This generation of Western women have simply been bombarded with the feminist agenda for far too long to break free of the unhappy vices and destructive actions. The most desirable trait in a women (for me) is pure happiness almost all the time. Just an overall good mood and a smile.This would placate most men, but is in fact such a rarity that it is seldom, if ever, seen amongst the modern woman.

    1. I had one of those always happy girls once….and than she turned lesbian. Truth.
      Smiling, sunny people are often very fake personalities.
      Be aware!

  18. Pick up artist advocates that women shouldnt be allowed to drive so that they cant mingle with men and lose their virginities.
    Isnt that a little bit like a fish advocating for draining the water so he doesnt have to swim around in polluted water?
    Frankly I think we ought to be paying for their gas. Its the least we can do. Lol.

    1. the world is the way it is. If it is going to crash and burn, let’s get our rocks off as often as possible. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t wish in our hearts for a world where things were different.
      Using your fish advocating theory it would be more like a fish finding ways to get high on polluted water while advocating, while being realistic about its impossibility, it lived in a clean and clear pond.

      1. The hyprocrisy amuses me. People going around saying one thing and doing another. Don’t preach traditionalism, and then turn around and fuck everything you can take home. I may be an asshole, but at least Ill admit it.
        Besides, I doubt a traditional relationship is all that great. I know plenty of older guys that have them. They all hang out at the shop to avoid family life.
        I personally like to do whatever the fuck I want. Traditionalism burdens me with the responsibility of adopting an adult female, just to get my pickle tickled twice a week.

        1. I happen to agree with you and wouldn’t want a traditional relationship. The way the world is now suits me just fine.
          There are some here that would argue that a world in which traditional relationships and values are the norm is a better world. Are they right? Maybe, maybe not. Truth is, I don’t fucking care. I don’t give a burning rats asshole that our world is sinking into a hole of shit. I don’t care about politics, morals, values or, frankly, anything that doesn’t directly effect me. At most it is fun to watch. Like baseball.
          However, I can see the people here who preach traditional values while at the same time trying to bang everything that walks as something other than hypocrites. I feel they are more like people on the titanic who just decided that polishing the rails is a waste of time.

        2. I agree with your last paragraph.
          If I may offer a bit of insight here on your second paragraph? It’s easy to disregard morals and values when you live in a society that still runs on morals and values (or at least, has some vestige of them churning, like we do). Real chaos is a very, very bad thing, and a world full of amoral people would be a world devoid of people in a generation, tops. Anton Chekhov wrote an interesting story along this line of reasoning with his Ward No. 6.
          And as to politics, how does the quote go? “You may not be interested in politicians , but politicians are very interested in you”. They directly impact you whether you care about them or not, iow.

        3. Id disagree. They are hipocrites, and to their own detriment. In the same way they shun sluts, women shun pickup artists. If they ever did happen on that truly traditional girl, by their definition of traditionalist women, shouldn’t she avoid him? I think its perpetual, and if everyone has that attitude you described, itll only get worse. No mystical referree to stop the clock and call foul.
          Again, I dont care either way. Im a capitalist. No one should have a monopoly on my cock or wallet.

        4. I think you have a good point and like you, I don’t care either.
          I like how you put it: Im a capitalist. No one should have a monopoly on my cock or wallet.
          Maybe I am trying to see the best. Who knows. Essentially, however, you and I agree about life…..I am just being more charitable….probably to my detriment.

        5. A society run by amoral principles isn’t necessarily a chaotic society. A society can be run by greed, lust (for women or for power) and any number of other principles or some combination of them all. I tend to like a society where everyone is out for their own, self interested, selfish goals. I think that in the end it produces a workable result. While I agree that chaos is bad, I don’t think that imposing a system of rigid and structured morals is much better. We are working with humans and need something humans understand….self betterment (in earthly, not heavenly terms).
          I’ve heard that quote about politics and think it is bullshit. I also don’t believe that any politician or political party has an impact nearly close to as direct as most people believe. Real political power died with the Caesars. The vaudevillian show we have going on filled with song and dance men all with a different tune of the same song may want us to dance, but aren’t, in my opinion, very important. I don’t see a difference between voting and cheering for a baseball team just as I don’t see a difference in my life with any political party or politician any more than who the world series winner is.
          The truth is, when I work hard, avoid bullshit and act with courage and energy my life is very nice and when I slack off, act like a moron and a coward and let my responsibilities fall by the wayside my life sucks. I don’t need some guy with a 90 dollar haircut to blame for my fuck ups any more than I need some abstract group of people to thank for my success.
          Let me know when absolute monarchy comes to town….then I will care who the chief is.

        6. What you’ve described as your ideal society is actually very close to a well laid out and defined system called Objectivism, a la Ayn Rand. It’s hard to escape, values and morals, heh. I get what you’re saying and I prefer that kind of society as well.
          Politicians do affect you directly, every single day, with every 200 new pages of law that are written into the Federal register per day. Your taxes aren’t voluntary, cops will shoot you for violating the laws politicians write (well, sometimes, it depends, you probably won’t get capped for jaywalking), and massive overarching legislation which you are ultimately forced to comply with, all from politicians. I despise the worms myself and avoid them as much as I can, but they can’t be circumnavigated entirely outside of fleeing to a jungle outside of the borders of these united States.

        7. No issues with what you say here (with the exception of being shot…which, as crazy as this world is, white corporate types who stay away from drugs, crime and public intoxication are rarely harassed by the police…let alone shot).
          Other than that you seem spot on. However, the idea of caring about it seems counter intuitive to me. I can’t effect it. I don’t think individual parties or politicians have nearly the amount of power they like people to think about and any appeal to values or morals I instantly write off as pandering to morons.
          I may be a bit Ayn Randy. I’m not ashamed.
          I am certainly not going to waste my time participating in a system where I have zero impact. It’s like pressing the button at a cross walk. If it makes some people feel better about themselves and not notice what’s going on, great… for me…I will continue to work and look at the bullshit involuntary taxes, laws and regulations part of the bullshit I have to put up to not have to spend my days guarding my possessions from savages.
          All in all I have a very high quality of life. Who wins the next presidential election will have less than no effect on that. So I stand by my comment that I simply don’t care. As for them not mattering….you have a point…however, they matter in the sense that lightning matters. If I don’t run around pointing a 4 iron in the air during a lightning storm I will probably be fine. I may loose my lights from time to time but the chances of it actually impacting my life in a way that isn’t a mere blip, despite it being frequently inconvenient, is close enough to zero for me to forget the whole thing.

        8. I call bullshit where I see it. Its an itch. It naws at me til I point it out.
          Needless to say, in a world that ends when feelz are hurt, I don’t have a very big social circle.

        9. Yeah that’s quite true.
          I mean, these guys don’t know about traditional girls cause I guess they’ve never known one. Where I’m from (Iran) a family does a background check on a guy before giving him their daughter, and yeah the girls do shun PUAs
          These guys just dont get it though

  19. It is said in the article that women are less happy when they live a man’s lifestyle, which I think is true. However, is the opposite true aswell? Are men unhappy when they live a woman’s lifestyle? I can only speak for myself but I’m a full-time student and I live alone in a rather large 4 room flat. Of course, I have to do all the cleaning, the laundry and the cooking (real cooking from scratch most of the time) by myself, which is traditionnally the woman’s role. Truth is, I take pride in maintaining a clean living space, I dutyfully iron my shirts and my trousers so I look good in them and I love cooking meals like my mum use to do when I lived with my parents. It doesn’t make me feel less manly and it is with pride and a strong sense of accomplishment that I look back on my daily ‘feminine’ tasks. Does anyone else feel the same way? Is it just that men are naturally more indenpendant and it doesn’t matter to us what needs to be done, we just do it the best way we can?
    I’ve read my comment and I realised that surely the parts of a woman’s lifestyle that differ from a man’s emcompasses far more than what I mentionned. Just off the top of my head I can think about how women interact with other women and form social hiearchies, how they may be conflicted by the fact that their biology screams they should settle down and be a housewife while feminism screams even louder that they should be “a strong and independent woman”… Anyway, just wanted to clarify that but my question still stands. Thanks, fellow patriarchal shitlords!

    1. Taking care of yourself and your environment isn’t any sexes role, it’s something bachelors have been doing since there have been bachelors and it means that you have a proper sense of self respect. And cooking is a man’s domain, especially at the higher levels where you find world class chefs. Women cook too, and generally become the cook in the home after marriage, but that doesn’t preclude men from doing it nor does it make it a feminine task.
      I think men taking pains to emasculate themselves and become feminine are miserable though, and it seems clearly obvious when you see a self debasing “man” trying to play up his feminine traits.

      1. There are many example of such men on Youtube (Zenistrad1, Ryan Wiley, Hannibal the Victor, Kevin Logan, etc…) and now that I think about it, I’m nothing like that.

    2. I’m a student and take pride in my property from cleaning and maintaining the lawn to fixing bits and bobs around the house. Cooking, I got that on lock down and can take care of myself.
      My question is, are we still living and believing in a fantasy which does not look likely to happen, or at least without many opsticles and that fantasy beingg a traditional family?
      Or at least a more contemporary version or a traditional family.

      1. Fixing things around the house is amazing. I have more tools than most students will ever need, most of which were given to me by my grandfathers, and I think playing handyman is a great masculine hobby – or sometime task – that serves as a counterweight to everything else we have to do that is less masculine.

    3. If you´re a full-time student how are you able to afford a 4 room flat?
      Is daddy involved in your “independence”? Seriously, tell me, I want to know. I’m becoming a little passionate here because you remind me of my last girlfriend. She always laughed about the small, shitty apartments I´ve lived in although I was working my ass off besides university. She, of course, got everything paid by her stepdad (in her late 20s). Still she claimed: “I don’t need a man.”.

      1. Astute question: I cannot afford it but where I live, education is really cheap and I get really generous student loans. I do receive quite a lot of money from my family compared to most people I know but my parents are in no way rich and I pay for the vast majority of my things. I’m also well aware that paying for most of your expenses using credit is far from being independent, I was strictly talking about domestic tasks
        The reason why I have a such a big flat is because when I rented it, my girlfriend was supposed to live with me and pay for exactly half of everything but just after we had signed the lease, she learned that she would have to go to another college and couldn’t live with me during the week (her new college is a two hour drive away from our place). She did pay her half for about the first 7-8 months even though she was only there on week-ends but I could clearly see that she was not able to afford the rent when she had to pay for college (it’s a private institution so she pays much more than me) and for the car she had to buy. I’ve known her for more than ten years and she’s a loyal gal: that’s why I’ve allowed this situation and I know she’ll repay me with interest when the time comes.

  20. I remember growing up in Russia, and my parents were always monitoring my sisters’ behaviour: making sure they’re home before late, approving/disapproving their choice of friends and so on. Now, both got married to men they commited to years ago as teenagers. They’re both happy with kids, being nurturing and caring mothers.
    I, on the other hand, chose an “advanced” life in the West chasing all bodily pleasures for over a decade. Now, im ready to settle down. If I never moved, I would’ve have kids by now.

    1. Do you feel as if that decade was a waste of time or did you learn something from it?
      Do you think that you would be in a better position if you didn’t experience and learn what you have “in the west” or would you feel like there was more to life if you hadn’t experienced it?

      1. I think it was/still is a great experience. I went a full cycle from admiring everything Western and loathing Russia to slowly waking up to the truth. In Russia many kids still desire the full experience of the Western Liberalism, however only after being fully emerged in that lifestyle one can make a proper judgement.
        Yes, first years were great. Everything was new and shiny so to speak. But later I learnt that freedom of speech, for example, is so extremely limited by all the “hate speech” laws (I live in the Great White North) that you cannot really state any opinion without being called names.
        You know the situation we’re all in now. Im thinking of going back. I believe my experience and knowledge would be well useful. My biggest fear is having my future kids growing up in all that degeneracy modern West has to offer.

  21. Well they sold them a dream. They said jump in and they said ok. They just neglected to tell them the pool is full of shit. Surprise!
    Sell the dream. Std std. Sell the dream. Std Std std.

    1. Even if you point this out to them after it’s too late and they will still argue with you in denial. They would never admit they were wrong, even deep down inside they know it’s true.

  22. I would mind if it was just the feminazis tripping over their strap-on and to their future cat infested domain, but it’s when the take the family down with them that sucks.
    This happened yesterday in Germany. Father is suspected of crashing his BMW intentionally with the kids on board after his wife seperated from him. The local DA is going to indict him for murder if he lives as he claims the motive was the seperation.

    1. Ouch! Guys, never so much as stub your toe over a flighty runaway cunt. Even if he caught up to her, it’s hard to hold on to a blob of slime. She’s already decomposed and rotten, liquified from the inside out. Best game a live healthy virgin with some meat on her.

  23. The 4 most important things to modern women:
    1. Alpha penis
    2. Defeating her female competition (being more attractive, weddings, perfect husband, social media image, etc.)
    3. Her “career”
    4. Beta bux (and more alpha penis)

    1. Hardly now. She would much rather have all of alpha fux, bux and a ring. Marrying the man whom every other woman wants confers massive status on her. Beta bux is just a worse option she more often than not has to settle for.

      1. Only a very small percentage of women will marry a man that every other women wants. If we use the common figurr that 20% of males are alphas/high value than less than 20% of women will get one long term. This means that over 70% of women settle for a beta provider.

        1. Yeah, that’s what I said, I think I said “more often than not has to settle for” up there.
          That doesn’t make it a “most important thing” for her, shown by how she more often than not divorces Mr Beta Bux.
          No, the simple truth is that the Blue Pill is almost as prevalent among women as among men. They don’t know what they want, they are in denial about their true sexual nature, and when they are faced with impulses emanating from it, they hamsterize them their hardest. If Mr Beta Bux doesn’t make her tingle, that proves to her he must be a bad man somehow and that she is in the right to divorce-rape him.

    2. 5. Cellphone.
      Women above all love attention, they can’t live without their attentiondevices. I have a lot of students (young females) that absolutely have a problem with keeping focused during my teachings. You wouldn’t want to know how many times every day I have to tell them to put away that cellphone. While young boys don’t really have a lot of problems with this. You tell them once it isn’t allowed and they listen. They probably don’t even have a large circle of text-buddies. It’s probably the girls texting the older boys anyways.

      1. I should have just made #2 validation in any form. They need to be constantly validated by external sources.

        1. Indeed. I find it hard to rationalize their need for constant attention, but I think it just comes down to women want to feel security trough validation.
          Let’s say you live in a tribe and you are a woman. You are physically weak to begin with. When no one pays attention to you as a member of the tribe you’ll feel vulnerable, especially when no man wants to protect you, for the echange of sex (or even alone the pretense of sex). Men still have their physical strength. They know that as long they bring back meat from the hunt they’re alright. They don’t have to say a word to have a secure place in the tribe.

        2. For whatever reason women dont have a sense of self independent of external confirmation. Sitting alone in a room a woman literally doesnt know who she is or what she wants. Every guy goes through the struggle of asking their girl what she wants to eat and she sincerely has no idea. Its almost impossible for us men to know how that must feel. A beautiful 10/10 dime female needs to have thousands of likes on her selfie to feel beautiful, every single day. Their opinion on issues is reliant on the opinions of others, so they parrot the popular topics they hear (abortion, feminism, global warming). Independent thought seems to be out of their realm of capabilities.
          It explains why they want men that are extremely sure of themselves, otherwise there are two indecisive people in a relationship.

  24. It’s logically inevitable that movements and political causes that celebrate the choices of minorities ultimately will make a majority of people unhappy. Roll that around in your head for a minute.
    Max’s observation that everyone likes the idea of feminism and women being what they want to be sounds noble, but such an idea has a chivalrous bias built into it. Would we say the same for men? Can men all just choose to be artists and sit at home and look after kids while women support them? What if eveyone decided they only wanted to do work they liked? Real Life is tough and feminism has never been about accepting the hardships men face equally.
    Yes, a society that enforces social norms makes life tougher for those who want to buck the system: Men who want to be househusbands and women who want to be Nobel prize winners, but is it worth making life a little easier for those mavericks at the expense of nearly everyone else? And ultimately, as living standards have plummeted due to feminism, high crime from children of single mothers, welfare state costs, etc, doesn’t everyone including the mavericks also suffer? Only man-haters and unscrupulous cronies in the system have profited. Everyone else is worse off.
    As women flooded the workplace, wages fell and living costs rose. Single parents spend about as much to maintain a household as a married one does. Etc. Feminism is at best a wash for the lucky few and a detriment to the rest.
    Max does a great job of documenting how what many people today consider “traditional” such as dinner dates is as radical to a person living 100 years ago as gay marriage is today.

    1. “Yes, a society that enforces social norms makes life tougher for those
      who want to buck the system: Men who want to be househusbands and women
      who want to be Nobel prize winners, but is it worth making life a little
      easier for those mavericks at the expense of nearly everyone else?”
      This is fucking brilliant. This is the thing no one says . . . this is the hardcore truth. This society now exists to give the radical extremes there due, at the expense of the entire fucking system.

  25. The common trend with most “isms”, everyone must be equally miserable..
    Women are now committed to feminism, happy or not. If they were to suddenly change direction they would have to admit that they were wrong, and we all know that ego and pride are far more important to these women. I’m also willing to bet that the minority of women who are the engine behind feminism are happy to watch their more attractive, more capable female competition being dragged down.
    Do whatever it is you have to do to cut these feminized women off. Date foreign women, minimize your taxes, shame them as they hit the wall for making poor life choices.

  26. I’ve known few women who were happy. They’re always complaining, claiming to suffer, claiming they’re oppressed, complaining about men…
    Since they’re miserable no matter what they need stricter controls on their behavior so they can be unhappy while causing minimal trouble.

    1. Women are unhappy because they were not born men. They know men are superior at most things and it used to be an accepted part of life. They would be much happier if they accepted this time honored maxim.

  27. Great article. You can see everywhere the scowls on the faces of young women these days. They definitely look unhappy. Here’s an obvious explanation…
    “Empowered” sluts bang on and on about their careers as a form of self-identity, and place that above everything else. However, the reality is that the vast majority of jobs are unfulfilling, soul destroying and suck your zest for life right out of you. Seriously, who in their right mind would work if they didn’t have to? Prior to feminism, only ugly women had to work – decently attractive women had it made! This of course made the ugly women (feminists) insanely jealous. But then, inexplicably, emboldened by feminism, they entered the workforce in droves. Now, even though few would admit it, they are discovering that spending 40 hours plus in a cubicle each week shuffling papers for people who couldn’t give a rat’s ass about them isn’t empowering – it’s soul destroying. Glamorous careers for women like those portrayed on Sex and the City, where you are hardly ever at work and have plenty of disposable money as a “journalist” (ha!) to live the high life in NYC are pure fantasy. Unfortunately, they are so blinded by years of feminism and go girl propaganda in schools and the media that they can’t see how sad and empty their lives really are. And even if they could, the price of everything is now so expensive (to reflect the two-person income household) that they are trapped.
    The only winners from feminism have been the corporations that are seeing soulless women buy, buy, buy….women had it made: a far easier life, and a much higher quality life than they have now. They weren’t stressed, irritable, snarky, bitter after being pumped and dumped for many years whilst riding the cock carousel, giving their bodies to men who didn’t care about them. They were much happier when work wasn’t the overriding thing in their lives and they had a family that loved them.. wow, what a massive surprise.

    1. This article is great for pointing out that women have no place but domestic work. We’re talking ‘total reform’ here but it’s come to that. Some old articles I’ve read by pua’s were about gaming women in their workplaces or gaming working women period, which would be feat for a magician in the old days. The pua art has to be top notch and keen today in comparison to traditional times. Pua’s now are sharp as a tack and still we lose the sperm wars in the end unless we yank our women out of the offices and walmart slave crews right away.

  28. Anybody who knows women knows that women loathe freedom, and feminism by extension. But what can women do? Speak out? They are women. It is not their place to speak out or fight against injustice. The hucksters of feminism exploit the feminine traits of obedience and submissiveness to push their cause. They know that women will not openly oppose them and that men benefit too much from the free pussy to advocate morality.
    People are stupid to think that Islam is misogynist. Half of all Muslims are women. It couldn’t stand without the active participation of and perpetuation by women. Muslim women are very gracious and tender and charming, and it is clear to see why Muslims prefer their deeply flawed religion to the empty, loveless, secular humanism of the West.

  29. It is tough love we must give them.
    Feminism is the only way women will find out that men make it look easy. Because we don’t stop and bitch about it.
    Once we hit bottom, the only way we can go is up.

  30. Very true. I highly recommend you this:

    It is a Jew feminist talking about being 35 and single.
    Bleak portrait of a whole generation. (The comment section of this video is priceless, it seems invaded by MGTOWs.)

      1. The purpose of the video was to illustrate that even when this woman wins the lottery, it’s her messed up head that chases them away. The last guy she dated was “perfect” by her own admission and she dumped him because “27%” of her wants to be free.
        What a spoiled, irreponsible, and hopeless person.
        As the comments pointed out, she’s forever cinderella at the ball (pardon the pun on “ball”) chasing after the slipper high.
        Note that her mother also got divorced after 33 years of marriage. it’s possible that there’s problems with bipolar disorder in that family in which case, it’s perhaps good she does have kids. Maybe this is a sign she has a mental defect.

        1. To me the most important message was the father. While playing golf, half interested in the discussion at hand, he simply said don’t hold out for perfection. I am far too choosy with women. This is not to say I should lower my standards, but if and when the time comes to settle down, as long as she checks a few major boxes (thin, conservative family, raised in foreign country, naturally happy), I don’t think the rest matters a whole lot.
          There were plenty of ‘good enough’ husband material guys this woman has dated, but she holds out for perfection, the guy who is a multimillionaire, looks like Brad Pitt or whoever the hottie of the day is, and lets her be a free empowered woman. All women holding out for this will go to the grave single.

        2. I don’t think that’s what happened. I’m chuckling a bit in that this woman may appear to meet a lot of your standards at least for the first few months of dating. When she’s being banged and having a good time, she probably appears happy. It’s when it comes time to decide upon settling down that she flakes out because she doesn’t want to give up partying.
          As I said, I don’t think this guy was sent packing because he’s not perfect. This woman truly is, by her own words, in love with herself which means she’s a narcissist. One of her parents, either the father or mother, probably also has a similar disorder which is why one of them gave up and got the divorce even after 33 years.
          In terms of this woman’s upper educated Jewish values, she’s not only a narcissist but also a materialist. She likes “stuff”: Going out fancy places, traveling, meeting new people, fancy stuff, etc. In a way, such women are like technological hermits but instead of living in the woods in a log cabin, she instead lives in a condo surrounded by people but also somehow alone. This appears to be her “traditional” values in a sense, at least how she was raised.
          Family background does tell a lot about a person. Sometimes people come from broken homes (I did) and resolve to do better. Sometimes they model themselves upon it.

        3. Nevertheless, if she wants a baby she will get one with the first beta orbiter around. Not a problem for bipolar, mentally insane women. Plenty of suckers are lined up behind her. She will make this suckers life a living hell while still fantasizing about the “73% perfect guy” for the rest of her miserable slut life.

        4. She may not find that as easy as you might think for medical reasons. In 5 years, she may not be able to have a kid at all.
          At 30, as the woman says, things really do change and it’s important to remind men here. For us men, we have time. 10, even 20 years, isn’t fatal to start a family. We can date someone for a year or two, see if they’re flakes, then start trying to have a kid.
          For biological clock ticking women I dated, it’s like the finals exam is tomorrow and they started studying at 9PM the night before. I think this woman got this last quality guy precisely because she was independant and not looking for a family and he could enjoy being around her. That was a good aspect of her personality. The problem was the close. She flaked out when he genuinely wanted to get serious. Most of the clock tickers in the states I know can’t even get past the first date and asking for my W-4, sperm count, and whether everything I do will be perfect for the next 50 years (in the meantime, they act like total jerks.)
          She also has this fun job of traveling as an assistant producer. As us men know, those primo jobs are hotly contested, like with high SMV sexual partners, from younger women and men. I wonder how much longer that gravy train will last for her…

    1. This kind of woman had so many sexual encounters, so many boyfriends. She is looking for the all-in-one. But he doesn’t exist. She waits until she gives in to the social pressure. Then the betachump will marry her. But she will be unsatisfied and divorce him. Then, she will become an old spinster, complete with cats and fleece sweater. Now, imagine a picture of an 80 year old lady in a stuffy apartment holding on to a box full of mini-dv tapes. “My precioussssss”
      It’s so predictable.

  31. Why feminism? Because it benefits the ruling class. A short list:
    1) The state gets the children at an earlier age.
    2) Diminished influence of the parents/family on the children.
    Those are the most important and become clear when reading the works of social engineers going way back.
    3) Twice the labor for the same money. Corporations increased the labor pool which drove down labor prices while the prices for goods, services, and housing got bid up. Now it requires 2 incomes to do anything.
    4) More tax revenue for the government. The work done in the home was not taxed. Work done by women outside the home is taxed. Work done in the home is now often performed by commercial businesses, which is… taxed.
    5)Weakened family units. Easier to rule. easier to scare.
    6) Population control. Less children per woman.
    7) Women vote for state control and bigger government.
    I can go on. But nearly universally feminism as it has been practiced benefits the state and those who control it. Forcing people into things is never a good idea but feminism has simply supplanted the old order. There’s no more freedom for women than there used to be. Just what is accepted and what is not has changed.
    Historically, humans like their rules selectively enforced and these old timey courtship rules were probably no different. However without them to some significant degree societal breakdown is probably inevitable.

    1. 40% of American women born between 1970-1974 never had any children(I imagine its even higher for women born in the second half of the seventies)

  32. What’s with Saudi praise? Have you even been there, bro? I have. I’ve travelled throughout the Middle East and South Asia where sex segregation and arranged marriages are the norm and I can tell you that’s why there’s so many otherwise straight guys over there engaging in sex with other guys (until they get married and sometimes even after). Saudi women may not want to go nude but they DO want to drive, and that is why the law currently changed. And yes, some Saudi women actually do manage to cheat on their husbands, who knew?
    “Before that time, almost all marriages were arranged by the parents, and marriages occurred very early, girls as young as 12 and boys as young as 17 (note that even then a five year age difference minimum was enforced).”
    “Note that”? Note from where? Where’s the evidence for a five year minimum age difference? Gandhi was married at 13 and his bride was 14. That’s from the LoAM (Land of Arranged Marriage) India itself.
    Actually most if not all people, men included, are unhappy with too many choices. Some study was done that showed Americans with too many choices were just as unhappy as Russians during Communist rule with no choices. This study showed people are happiest when given 3 choices.
    The best relationship model is not the strict sex segregation of Saudi Arabia and arranged nor probably the over exposure and hook up culture we have here in the US. There’s a happy medium and that would be chaperoned dating with a view toward marriage with a partner of your choice. But anyhow don’t give too much credence to hook up culture. The vast majority of women and men are not promiscuous anyway.

  33. Alot of the posts here refer to women,as in ALL women. The truth is it is western women and mostly American women. Look on the internet for web sites catering to foreign men looking for American wives. There are none. ZERO. Why? It’s a known fact WORLD WIDE that American women make the WORST wives. Now look for web sites catering to American and western men looking for foreign women. There are HUNDREDS of them and literally millions of men are signed up and looking. MILLIONS of American men are married to foreign women and many more are in the process. This year I got married to a wonderful Ukrainian lady. She is so kind,caring,loving and womanly. NOTHING like an American. Sadly,like so many other good American nice guys I learned the hard way from the major problems American women bring into a man’s life and home including anger,resentment, HUGE levels of stress,a domestic life of HELL and financial destruction. SO,rather than going through all this complete nonsense trying to figure out how to act so that women will like us and think we are so manly and confident and “dangerous” or other psych trip STUPID garbage, do yourselves a MASSIVE favor and avoid American women like the EBOLA Virus!

    1. I just deleted all my 1500 spam messages from the past month. All of it was western ho bags who I never met saying ”hi, remember me? Wanna fuck tonight?” Then there’s the credit score bullshit and the Asian brides and Russian brides. Note the Asian and Russia sites offer brides while the American sites offer cheating wives and milfs and the ‘christian dating’ sites offer fat post wall single moms.The wifey Asians are the Korean and Filipino but not the south Pacific Oceanic Asians. The south Islanders are genetically matriarchal with tall large bossy women. I’ve never seen a bride site for Fiji or Tahiti. Nothing for Congo or central Africa either where near complete circumcision of males persists. Ukraine/Russia sounds like the gold mine for procuring a wife to maintain the structural integrity of the white tribe and to maintain your sanity as well. Western men with slavic/Germanic/Baltic/Russian wives should network to form a tribe or tribal mindset. A tribe is as strong as its numbers and a tribe has no borders. National borders cannot divide a tribe.

  34. What’s with Saudi praise? Have you even been there, bro? I have. I’ve travelled throughout the Middle East and South Asia where sex segregation and arranged marriages are the norm and I can tell you that’s why there’s so many otherwise straight guys over there engaging in sex with other guys (until they get married and sometimes even after). Saudi women may not want to go nude but they DO want to drive, and that is why the law currently changed. And yes, some Saudi women actually do manage to cheat on their husbands, who knew?
    “Before that time, almost all marriages were arranged by the parents, and marriages occurred very early, girls as young as 12 and boys as young as 17 (note that even then a five year age difference minimum was enforced).”
    “Note that”? Note from where? Where’s the evidence for a
    five year minimum age difference? Gandhi was married at 13 and his bride was 14. That’s from the LoAM (Land of Arranged Marriage) India itself.
    Actually most if not all people, men included, are unhappy
    with too many choices. Some study was done that showed Americans with too many choices were just as unhappy as Russians during Communist rule with no choices. This study showed people are happiest when given 3 choices.
    The best relationship model is not the strict sex segregation of Saudi Arabia and arranged nor probably the over exposure
    and hook up culture we have here in the US. There’s a happy medium and that would be chaperoned dating with a view toward marriage with a partner of your choice. Think American dating culture during the 1940s and 50s But anyhow don’t give too much credence to hook up culture. The vast majority of women and men are not promiscuous anyway.

    1. Saudi Arabia is fucked up.
      However many other muslim countries have it down I think. The whole ‘dating’ (marriage) scene around in countries like Turkey or Iran revolve around hypergamy. Plenty of families waiting to give their 21 year old virgin daughters to successful men, so that encourages men to chase success.
      Course you can always get your dick wet if you want by going to liberal cities or overseas if you want.
      That’s basically the model the West had until the early 60s – basically the golden age of the West.

      1. In India hypergamy isn’t too bad because parents arrange marriage within same castes. The men don’t compete for women because every man, no matter how “low” is guaranteed a wife who’s his equal in the pecking order, same caste and socio-economic position. The problem with arranged marriage is that sometimes the two never gel. Sometimes you end up spending the rest of your life with someone you never grow to love, or even like. And divorce is such a taboo there that most people in that situation will just tolerate.

        1. It’s a stable life, one where you are guaranteed a wife and children.
          Many RoK members dedicate their lives to ‘game’ so they can get women. But often, many of them sacrifice careers and education in the process. It’s difficult to balance the two.
          I know of many arranged marriages that haven’t worked, and yet, I know of many more loved marriages that haven’t worked. marriage in general, all the time, doesn’t usually work. However, Indian society is at least stable.
          The caste system is present in Eastern Turkey (my homeland) too. Hell, the girl I am engaged to is extremely beautiful, and often I just reflect how it must be like for westerners, who don’t have the perfect partner waiting. They have to find one, and thats difficult and time consuming.
          There are advantages and disadvantages, basically.

        2. “The caste system is present in Eastern Turkey”
          – I saw the class system at work in Turkey but I didn’t know about any caste system. Could you explain?
          “Many RoK members dedicate their lives to ‘game’ so they can get women.
          But often, many of them sacrifice careers and education in the process.”
          – Maybe that’s why they think education and careers should be verboten for women too?
          Read below….
          “While some argue that life is better overseas and that the West is a lost cause (and I will not disagree)”
          – And yet immigrants just keep coming here for a better life than what they had in their own countries. The grass is always greener eh? You write like someone who has never travelled the world, at least not on a budget similar to the common man in any country you might land up in. And Bhutan? The happiest place on earth? It has an alcoholic epidemic through the roof!
          “whenever we encounter younger impressionable women we should shame and educate them that their career,snarkiness, sarcasm, and educational degree is of zero value to men”.
          – We can do without the snarkiness but a prospective wife’s degree and career is important not only to most educated, professional men, but to most men’s parents if they come from a good, solid family. You speak of arranged marriage and seem not to know that degree and career are 2 of the things grooms’ parents look for in a daughter in law.
          “And any time a woman mentions her job, degree, or other silly pursuit we should point out that scientifically speaking, this will only make her more unhappy, and she’d be better off watching an episode of Julia Child or learning a musical talent. The logic and reason behind this will be ignored”
          – Because there is no logic and reason behind it. Who’s going to pay for her music lessons? Adult women are expected to contribute financially to their parents’ home even if they live with

  35. Are you aware of Saudi’s high divorce rate, bro?
    Trade your freedom for safety?
    1984 Big Brother Trigger Warning Alert Ahead!….
    “In Saudi Arabia, a group of women organized a campaign called “My Guardian Knows What’s Best For Me” (reminds me of the old American TV show Father Knows Best). These women demanded “punishments for those who call for equality between men and women, mingling between men and women in mixed environments, and other unacceptable behaviors.”
    Further, they are pushing for sex segregation in malls and hospitals, the only two public places where segregation currently does not exist. The only places men and women work together are medical colleges, some hospitals and some banks. One organizer states
    “The image in the West is that we are dominated by men,
    but they always forget the aspect of love. People who aren’t familiar with Shariah often have the wrong idea. If you want stability and safety in your life, if you want a husband who takes care of you, you won’t find it except in Islam.”
    Let’s work to make sure that’s no longer the case.
    Its not the case NOW!!! Plenty of people have stability and safety and care and love without Islam. And beware of people who tell you that you must trade your freedom for safety.
    PS: Is this is an Islamist site now? I know Roosh’s dad is a Shia, but come on! Things are getting ridiculous.

  36. Lol, guess what guys, PUA’s have a pretty tough time in Saudi Arabia. The religious men just marry as virgins too (and do you guys really want that?) and the ones that want pussy have to go for the super sluts or go overseas.
    I do feel sorry for the Western man and the lack of proper women to marry, but the women are a product of the culture that the men also helped contribute to that culture. If you dedicate your whole life to fucking lots of women then there will be a lot of sluts. Supply and demand.

    1. Most American men are not sexing lots of women and neither are most American women “sluts”. Most Americans have “relationship sex” not sex with a new partner every weekend.

      1. It depends how you want to define “slut”
        What do you think the average notch count of a woman who’s been to four years of college (lived away from home), worked in a major city for a few years after that, lived in her own apartment before about age 30?
        At that point in her life, you would be hard pressed to find one in the West with a notch count lower than 20, and it is not at all unusual to find several with notch counts well above 100. (Always remember to take whatever number they tell you and double it, at least.)
        That, my friend, means they are sluts. So what if they stretch the number over ten or fifteen years – do you really want to be the last man in a 100 man gang bang? Even if you do, you probably won’t be the last one when she moves on to the next dick (with your money) in a few years.

        1. “Always remember to take whatever number they tell you and double it”
          If I doubled it, it would be a mere 6-10. Most people are just not interested in a lot of anonymous one night stands or a string of FWB, spinning plates, etc. Not even most guys, despite what PUAs tell you to get your money. Most people are merely interested in relationship sex.

        2. I refer to women, not men. Regardless, I’m not sure if you’re over 45 years old or in serious denial, but your numbers are nowhere close to reality for the average young western woman nowadays. The success of Tinder is testament to the current market conditions.
          You should read a few more articles around here.

        3. Just because you meet 10 peeps on Tinder doesn’t mean you had sex with all 10 of them. Most Americans are having sex with boyfriends and girlfriends, not strangers from the net.

        4. You are awfully dismissive of the notion that the US has become quite a bit more promiscuous – do you seriously doubt that? The culture has moved on since whenever you last dated regularly.

    2. That last sentence is illogical – a man can dedicate himself to fucking lots of women all he wants in a place like Saudi Arabia, but because there are not a lot of sluts, he’d be wasting his time, and perhaps getting arrested in the process. The women have to be the ones who decide to become sluts, a decision which only results from an expansion of choices available to them in all facets of life.

    1. Heh, is it also the case that when men are not around women sit around in a room wearing lingerie and having pillow fights?

  37. Take a look at this web page, especially scroll down to a reply made by a childless woman who calls herself “Hope”.
    She writes:
    “My maternal instinct began in my teens and has continued until now. But
    in my 20s I wanted to complete my college education and establish my
    career. I don’t regret this for a second. I believe that women should
    be educated, involved in and make significant contributions to the world
    outside the home, and rely on marriage for love and companionship, but
    never for an income.”
    She prattles on about how it was the fault of men in her life for never having gotten pregnant and then gives the following chilling advice to young women:
    1) Frantically seek a husband in your 20s: if you need to divorce, that’s
    okay, but make sure you’ve gotten pregnant at least once (alternately,
    save all the money you can while in college and in your 20s, coz you may need it in your 30s and 40s, see below)
    2) If you’re not married by the time your 30, decide to become a single
    mother and start insemination right away (or refuse to use birth control
    no matter where you are in a relationship)
    3) if you’re not pregnant by the time you’re 35, quickly decide on adoption
    and be grateful if you make it to parenthood by age 40
    So my advice to you guys is to always wrap that rascal and make damn sure YOU flush it down the toilet so women only have access to your sperm on YOUR terms.

    1. Sadly, entirely rational advice given the modern expendable nature of men and the ease of which women can dispose of us… but keep our money.

  38. Ghost, you are one of the best commenters on here and you made great points just now. You know, though, through experience that they will never be “happy” no matter what, will always blame men for their babyish decisions and will defend the basic tenets of feminism vehemently with the corporate-owned political candidates scrambling to kiss their landwhale asses and procure this huge voting bloc. I no longer could care less about women’s happiness and focus only on myself and am much happier for it after experiencing the soul-crushing experience of banging a large number of American women. Sure, there are some nice (relatively speaking) girls left who don’t embrace feminism completely (I am in the MidWest), but most are hopeless and I will teach my sons to put their own happiness first and putting lame-assed women roughly last for their own well-being as men.

    1. “I no longer could care less about women’s happiness and focus only on
      myself and am much happier for it after experiencing the soul-crushing
      experience of banging a large number of American women.”
      – So you willingly bought into the lie that promiscuity would bring you happiness and now you’re “soul-crushed” that it didn’t?

  39. The problem isn’t feminism, or at least its not the *only* problem. The problem is our shallow, materialistic culture, which was probably designed that way from the very founding of the United States of America by the rich, materialistic elites who founded it. Less is more and the more choices you have (beyond 3) the less happy you will be.

    1. Good point, but who gets to decide which choices we have? Should the government? Or should people be responsible for restricting their own choices? Govt. will inevitably drag down the innovators, in my view. People should have to figure out how to resolve the paradox of choice for themselves.

      1. You are mentally hung up in democracy. There is no need to agree upon who makes the choices. In reality, someone is in power and people either obey or do a revolution. The question is: 1. How to get power. 2. How to make people like it.

  40. Actually, he’s right. Feminism is damaging both to women and men. If you want equality, embrace humanism. Feminism, quite a long time ago, was based on the idea of equality. Modern feminism has embraced the ideas of token female counterparts and the idea that being equal means tearing men down so you can stand above them. When I read Emily Dickenson, I ponder how this is comparable to Walt Whitman (who is from the same era), and I view this need to destroy a man in order to feel superior no different than the arguments women make to support feminism.

  41. I have another interpretation.. men and women today are just as miserable as each other. It’s just that today women bitch a lot more than they did in the 70s, being far more sensitive to triggers, microaggressions and other feminist evopsych crap, giving the illusion that they are less happy than men.
    At the same time, the neutered simps called “men” in today’s society have resigned themselves to lives of servitude and humiliation, far more so than they would have accepted in the old days, so giving the illusion of being “happier”.

  42. “While some argue that life is better overseas and that the West is a
    lost cause (and I will not disagree)”
    And yet immigrants just keep coming here for a better life than what they had in their own countries. The grass is always greener eh? You write like someone who has never travelled the world, at least not on a budget similar to the common man in any country you might land up in. And Bhutan? The happiest place on earth? It has an alcoholic epidemic through the roof!
    “whenever we encounter younger
    impressionable women we should shame and educate them that their career,
    snarkiness, sarcasm, and educational degree is of zero value to men”.
    We can do without the snarkiness but a prospective wife’s degree and career is important not only to most educated, professional men, but to most men’s parents if they come from a good, solid family. You speak of arranged marriage and seem not to know that degree and career are 2 of the things grooms’ parents look for in a daughter in law.
    any time a woman mentions her job, degree, or other silly pursuit we
    should point out that scientifically speaking, this will only make her
    more unhappy, and she’d be better off watching an episode of Julia Child
    or learning a musical talent. The logic and reason behind this will be
    Because there is no logic and reason behind it. Who’s going to pay for her music lessons? Adult women are expected to contribute financially to their parents’ home even if they live with them.

    1. I don’t know about you, but when it comes to women, college degrees, bank accounts and careers don’t give me a hard on.

      1. Hard ons don’t make a marriage. While physical beauty is the first thing we notice, when it comes to building the rest of your life with someone, how they think, what they think and how they manage their money is extremely important.

        1. Physical attraction is important. But after the tarnish washes off there has got to be more.
          Why would any man want an uneducated, most likely lazy, impoverished partner? Maybe to feel superior? Dominate? This sounds more like a hyena tactic than the true alpha wolf male these men want to reflect.Ones pick of mate reflects how ones views him/herself. Period.

        2. “Why would any man want an uneducated, most likely lazy, impoverished partner? Maybe to feel superior? Dominate?”
          Lazy people can’t be dominated. They let nothing and no one get in the way of their laying about.

        3. It’s a false choice – career women don’t make better wives than those who choose to be wives and mothers. Nor does one necessarily have better financial sense than the other. But I can say for sure that educational status, career and wealth do nothing for the first element of a relationship – attraction.

        4. Attraction? Meh. I’m “attracted” to at least one woman I see in the streets every day. Doesn’t mean I wanna know them. SlickyBoy I don’t know which country you are from, but here in the USA the demographic with the highest marriage rate and lowest divorce rate is the upper middle class, professionally employed, university degreed demographic. They just do families better than their lesser educated, poorer fellow citizens. Its not the case for everybody, but the statistics show the general pattern. And my personal experience bears this out. I don’t discriminate against women who have not graduated college, but I’ll have to look very closely at *why* they didn’t. I’ll have to examine if they display the same future time orientation, drive, discipline and good decision making skills that the women I know who graduated college do. Personally I would rather be with a career woman who chose to leave her career to stay home with her kids than with someone who did not have the forethought, brains or skills to have a career in the first place and just by default stayed at home.

        5. I think you may be equating “she has a degree + a job” = “career” which wouldn’t be your fault, that’s how they see it and so does most of the country (USA, where I grew up). Truth be told, most of those women in cubicles don’t have careers so much as they have something to occupy their time between parties. They got there with no “drive” beyond filling out a FAFSA for student loans to get some bullshit major.
          Also, don’t forget whether or not she has a real career or a cubicle one, the minute she leaves it to stay at home and raise the kids, guess who’s responsible for her invariably large student loan debt? You want a wife with a mortgage to go with her, well have at it.
          Even with true career women, in the process of having it all they often expect the man in their lives to have nothing. Exhibit A, Megyn Kelly:

        6. Career, job, whatever. The point being, we all have to make a living somehow. I would never EVER consider marrying, or even dating for that matter, a woman who lived her entire life being supported by others, expecting others to pay her way through life. I have a strong work ethic and I expect other grown adults to have one also. There’s just no excuse for a grown single adult to not be working, unless she (or he) needs to be there for her or his kids. Then, once the kids are old enough and in school, they can go back to working. Especially today we rarely have more than 2 kids and house chores are not very laborious. Unless he or she has some sort of home business they are also running, or they are writing the next Great American Novel, I can’t see what they would be doing all day.

        7. “Career, job, whatever. The point being, we all have to make a living somehow.” The point being that just because some mouth breathing idiot got herself into Whatsamatta-U and has a five year bachelors degree in basket weaving (with two changes of major in the interim) does not, ipso facto, make one educated, nor is it testament to any level of discipline. All career fields are not created equally, nor is the effort and skill set required to be successful therein.
          Are you a teacher?

  43. I think women need to feel desired and like they are a star. Women used to get that from their partner/husband. Women were told they needed to start acting like men by sleeping around with everyone under the sun, being career focused only, delaying marriage until they were way past their wall etc. Many women actually started doing that and because of that men started having many more options for sex because of all the women willing to give it up any time and bouncing from one D*ck to another. Now, men have no need or interest in partnering up and the men that actually want a good long term partner don’t consider a girl like that a valuable candidate. See, these girls act like men, and the men they are attracted to are not attracted to men. I would never feel comfortable being married to a woman who had slept with 100 guys and blown 100 more. A woman that openly admitted she put her career above me or our children and a woman like that does not deserve the man’s devotion or to be desired. You could “desire” a chaste woman because she was pure and you were not, she was good and you were not, she had self control where you lacked it… now the girl is not any better than you, but needs you to look at her like she is and when that doesn’t happen, she isn’t happy. She runs from guy to guy getting told whatever she wants until he gets in her pants only to then find out the guy didn’t really believe it or mean it and then she has to go to the next guy… and they wonder why they’re not happy.

  44. There are many good reasons to oppose the degenerate, vulgar, Marxism that is called Feminism, but not the argument from history presented here – it is incomplete. For most of human history, the human race was ruled by dictators, tyrants, and other strong men. Some were called Kings, others not. For most of human history, the human race was mostly diseased, starving, and poor. The liberation of the human race starts in the 17th century, with the English Civil War, when Colonel Rainsborough who declared in Putney Church “.I think that the poorest he that is in England hath a life to live, as
    the greatest he; and therefore truly,”
    The evil that afflicts our time is that Feminism, being a species of Marxism,, is allied with the tyrannical power of our time. This currently include the leaders of the global economy. Feminism succeeds in getting women to indenture themselves where, after their decades of service, they are discarded as thoroughly used up. With no man to protect them, no family to support them, and bereft even of what once were the consolations of reiigion, they are left to with and die.
    When women finally see this, they will reject the slavery of the commercial enterprise and the government agency – but not until.

  45. Seems they are realizing that: “LOS ANGELES — This summer, Silvana Arevalo put aside her life in San Francisco — a successful career as a chemical engineer, a great salary and lots of friends — and headed to a quiet place outside the city in search of an answer to a question that few women ask these days: Should I become a nun?”

  46. You lost me when you said that 1st world countries are less pleasant than 3rd world countries. That’s obviously not true or Somalia would have a lot of illegal aliens from America

  47. They’re pretty much incapable of making life desicians, and it’s cruel of feminists and SJW to put the burden on them. When you talk to guys about their failed marriages or the issues that come up in relationships, what you consistently hear is about the females inability to think and act beyond the 8th grade level. And for all their blabber about rights and advantages, why do they consistently talk about careers, college, free choice, etc. But then use manipulation and hidden strategems to get into men’s wallets and use relationships for personal gain.

  48. I think women shouldn’t have the right to vote, but arranged marriages and sharia is just too much. It’s basically “Hey women, you’re as dumb as 8 year old children, so you better let us men treat you like baby-making factories, and you’re going to learn to obey and love your masters and arranged husbands which you don’t find attractive at all, ok?” – “Yes master, I’m just a dumb, irrational woman, please tell me what to do!” Does that sound healthy to you?
    The muslim woman in the article learned to love her masters, but so did many slaves in history, and stockholm syndrome victims.

    1. Taken to extremes, indeed it can be unhealthy. But there’s no denying that most women deep down inside want to be led. Those that don’t usually wind up alone – or turn into equally unhappy lesbians.

  49. The Muslims aren’t the only game left in town for happy, unmolested women. The Mormons do a decent job also. I’ve also heard that even though the Indians in many cases still practice arranged marriages, many of them turn out quite well. There’s plenty of other problems with those cultures too, but feminist bullshit isn’t one of them, and they’re still able to raise families.

  50. I’ve never seen so many angry women before. I remember in the 80’s everyone got along, we even knew our postman’s name. Now, everywhere I go I see these stressed out, pissed off women.

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