Why Are The Most Vocal Feminists Also The Ugliest?

When I was writing my last article, “When Her ‘No’ Means ‘Yes’”, I considered the possibility that it might cause a bit of a stir. But the magnitude of the enraged reaction it received on Twitter and Facebook was far beyond anything I had imagined.

…and so forth. On top of that, my eBook on overcoming last minute resistance to sex was banned from Amazon following the nagging of a nasty HuffPo columnist.

With morbid curiosity I waded through the Twitter feeds and Facebook messages of people calling me every name under the sun. They had absolutely no qualms about publicly calling me a rapist, demanding that I be castrated, suggesting I ought to be imprisoned, butt raped, and finally—perhaps after the sequential fulfillment of the previous punishments—executed.

A Statistic Feminists Have Ignored

In the process of sifting through these humanitarian Tweets and shares, I happened to notice something interesting: there is a strong correlation between how loudly a woman screeches her “I’m a victim of the patriarchy”, “all sex is rape”, “men are oppressors” feminist party line and how physically unattractive she is.

In short, the most vocal feminists are the ugliest.

To sexy girls and to guys who get a lot of ass, this all likely comes as no surprise. The ugly girls in school never got to date the cool guys. They wouldn’t even look at them. The pretty girls got all the attention, hosted all the cool parties, and generally enjoyed a higher quality of life. They received copious attention from the worthiest males by virtue of their superior genetics and social status.

So sadly, many of the ugly, socially awkward, unwanted chicks—rather than work to improve themselves and make lemonade out of lemons (as we encourage men and women alike to do here at ROK)—found an ideology that elevates their misfortune into virtue: feminism.

Opiate of The People

It’s no coincidence that the most insidious ideologies of the world, those responsible for incomprehensible death and destruction, always portray their target market as victims. This is the first prong of the strategy. The second prong is to sell these emotionally vulnerable folks a beautiful dream in which they are elevated out of their quagmire with little to no effort on their part and are simultaneously revenged against their evil oppressors.

Communism, for instance, depends on poor people hating and feeling victimized by the rich, because it’s the rich’s fault they’re poor. “If only communism were instituted, our poverty would disappear!”

WWII Nazism depended on convincing the German people that the Jews were to blame for all their problems. “If only we got rid of all the Jews, our businesses and communities would be restored to their former glory.”

And finally, feminism—perhaps a more virulent ideology than even the communism that destroyed my fatherland—feeds on perceived patriarchal victimhood and sells a dream to women that is heinously divorced from natural law: equality.

Of course, any time you go against nature the result is always weird and perverse (as Tuthmosis kindly pointed out).

To wit.

The Vicious Lie Being Sold To Women

Woman are told, in effect: “You’re no less attractive than those other girls. Just because they won the genetic lottery doesn’t mean they’re better than you. All women are equally beautiful by virtue of having been born. You’re just a victim. You’ve been exploited. Men are to blame. They’re hideous oppressors. All of them. (Psst…let’s get ’em!)”

Shakespeare wrote, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” But old Bill didn’t get it exactly right.

If a beautiful woman is scorned, it won’t be long before another man comes along and helps her forget all about the last guy who broke her heart. That, at least, confers acknowledgment of existence to the woman.

But if an ugly woman is ignored because no quality man would want her, no matter how witty and spectacularly GIF-laden her Tumblr blog may be, that is the ultimate scorn. It’s less than scorn. It’s a total indifference to her existence. A vacuum.

…and nature abhors a vacuum.

How Attractive Is The Average Internet Feminist?

Curious to quantify this phenomenon, I went through over 200 tweets from angry, female feminuts and rated the ones who had photos on the ubiquitous 1-10 attractiveness rating scale. Further, I mentally appended a “WB” or “WNB” to each datum (“would bang” and “would NOT bang”, respectively) to indicate relative penetrability.

A Representative Specimen (WNB):


An Attractive Outlier (WB):


On average, the angry female Tweeters hovered at 6/10. Frankly put, the majority of these chicks are Quasi Motresses. 

I get it: being ugly sucks. But you know what? We all have our own bag. So come on, ladies. Gather yourselves up, have some pride and make the most of this short life instead of blaming others—in this case, men—for your problems.

Feminism is warm and consoling like an opiate. It makes you feel good. It exonerates you of having to improve yourself, to move forward and to make honest assessments about yourself at the expense of your ego.

Now I admit that there were a few sexy girls amongst the Tweeters who threw me for a pleasant curveball. If it weren’t for these few attractive outliers, whose genetic largess graciously brought up the average, these girls could singlehandedly constitute the non-human cast of Lord of The Rings.

After going through all of those hyperbolic, inane Tweets, I’m in bad need of a shower and a booty call to one of my sexy Thai girlfriends. The catharsis is complete. Now it’s time to put these foul harpies behind me and get back to living the good life.

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135 thoughts on “Why Are The Most Vocal Feminists Also The Ugliest?”

  1. I’m sure there are more than a few ditto heads reading this site. Remember undeniable truth #24:
    “Feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream of society.”

    1. As much as I don’t like Rush Limbaugh, I gotta admit, he’s right in this statement 100%

  2. Being a truly ugly woman means you have virtually nothing to offer the world. “Demanding” (lol) “equality” is the last resort of the inferior. Only inferior people exert their energy extracting this “equality” from their superiors. The “struggle for equality” in all realms is first and foremost an admission of inferiority.

    1. Where it gets REALLY hilarious is when you treat women (or a feminist) equally, she will accuse you of being a “misogynist”.
      Feminists have been lying to women for too many decades. Trying to convince them they are “oppressed” when in actual fact, they were PRIVILEGED. Take away those privileges, stop taking off your jacket and giving it to her when she is cold, pulling out chairs, drowning on a sinking ship or taking a bullet for women you don’t even know…. and now you “hate women”.
      The most vocal feminists are butt ugly. But it’s actually the reverse. Butt ugly feminists are vocal and need to bang their fists on the table shrieking any amount of utter nonsense and LIES for the same reason attractive women buy fake tits. ATTENTION. Its the only way they can get it.
      On one side of the spectrum you get attractive beauty queens lining up and falling over themselves for unearned privileges and a “CROWN” for being attractive….. and then directly across the street you get rabid unattractive women protesting it. And all for the purpose –>> media and male ATTENTION.

      If they don’t get attention, they lose their funding. And then they would have to learn to cook a roast in order to live rent free while a man works 70 hours a week to support her into old age. For a feminist, that’s hell.

      1. Sad thing is that if many of the younger ones just learned to be feminine…they could still get a nice beta with lots of money.

        1. This is an excellent point! In my teen years, there was a 4/10 I used to work with who was cool as shit to hang out with, but became a feminist when she went to Harvard. When she returned years later, she was still a 4/10 and still single. Eventually, she did too, improving her physique and appearance as much as she could (5/10), and dropping the ridiculous attitude. Met a nice beta IT guy who was equally awkward. She’s got 4 kids and a 4,000sqft house in the ‘burbs and seems really, really happy as a stay-at-home mom. Feminism does not stand up well against anno domini.

      2. They really don’t know what they want in life. Well, they do realize that they must have attention …

      3. I went back and read the original article convinced that it could not possibly be about actual rape and overcoming women through rhetoric and power. Yet, that was exactly what it was about!
        Seducing a woman and overpowering(rape) a woman are two very different things. I would argue that alpha men have no need for the latter. Further, men who buy into this video blogger’s ideas are weak and weakness is a huge turnoff for women. Women don’t respect weakness.
        If you have to manipulate and persuade a women to sleep with you against her judgment you are nothing more than a slithering, nasty little snake! Very creepy!
        I would suggest that men be skeptical of such advice unless you want to be an old pervert.
        Sometimes ROK articles are in the realm of virtue and nobleness and sometimes they are whatever this is.

      4. If you have to manipulate and persuade a women to sleep with you against her judgment you are nothing more than a slithering, nasty little snake! Very creepy!

        1. Don’t start sentences with “if”.
          That word has no place in reality.
          And your fucking stupid comment has nothing to do with anything I said above. But since you need an education…..
          You cannot manipulate a woman to have sex. It’s IMPOSSIBLE. Consensual sex only happens when SHE wants it to. If she spreads her legs merely because of something a man says then she is a fucking idiot who needs to rethink her motivations.
          You cannot “talk a woman into it.”
          She can only talk HERSELF into it.
          And that’s not a man’s problem.
          If I say “hello I am a doctor” and a gold-digging bitch decides to have sex with me based on that….. then SHE’s creepy and mentally sick. When she wakes up in the morning and realized she will never get her greedy claws on my cash , then it’s not MY problem. It’s —->> hers. She was beaten at her own game. SHE is the sick & creepy one for thinking she will get ANYTHING other than sex… and it was HER intention to manipulate.

        2. Regarding the gold digger, that may be true. I don’t understand how you could be so offended by this when the exchange of security and beauty has been made between men and women for centuries. Personally, I think it is sad, but historically it is common.
          It would be incredibly ironic if you told her you were a doctor and she presented herself as gorgeous only to find out the next morning that she is grotesque and you, poorer than a church mouse!
          Regarding manipulation:
          1) Part of the ROK philosophy is that women manipulate men into action that is harmful and goes against their inner desire/strengths/rights. Yet, you are claiming that it is impossible to manipulate another person into performing an action?
          2) Technically speaking, there are a variety of academic disciplines as well as practical careers that use MANIPULATION to induce an action…are you not familiar with lawyers, advertisers, politicians, etc.? (FYI, this is not a statement I have simply made up, but accepted fact in the theoretical and practical area of rhetoric.)
          Your comment is angry and emotional because there is a truth to the idea that I presented and it scares you. Any man that must overly exert manipulation on a woman for sexual gratification is not a king at all, but a snake. (You might be experiencing cognitive dissonance). Men and women alike can choose to be kings or choose to be snakes. The choice belongs to each.

        3. Right on, tom (and there lies the problem)…it’s always the man’s fault if the two of them have sex. She has to give consent but he doesn’t have to give consent? She is weak and she can’t make up her own mind (she has to be talked into it)? Where is the equality? You can’t have it both ways.
          Again, a woman’s attitude and thought process – it’s time for more payback (but no real equality).

        4. You have good points here but you are still missing a big one. We are talking about equality (don’t all women want equality?). If that is the case, then why doesn’t a man have to give consent during sex (only the female)? We’re taking all of the responsibility off of the woman (because she’s weak?) and placing it on the man. Again, you can’t have it both ways.
          Two adults (equal), two are responsible, two must consent and the two must live with the outcome.
          But we all know that the man would be laughed out of the room if he cried rape but if she cried rape he’s going to jail. That’s equality?

        5. I think it’s pretty obvious why men don’t have to give consent. They’re the ones pushing and forcing the action 99% of the time.
          If women were always willing and ready for sex, men would not have to write books called things like “When No Means Yes.”
          Out of curiosity, if a 3rd grader mugged you, would you call the police? Or would this just never have happened because the average 3rd grader could never overpower an average adult make? If you agree with that, you now know why a man would get laughed out of the room if he accused a woman of rape.

        6. Again, we’re talking about equality. Feminism plays to it when best serves them (i.e. strong and independent) but it acts like “the victim” when it is convenient.
          We’ve see this happen time and time, again. Are women strong and independent or not? Women can’t have it both ways and they can’t tap into it when it suites their needs.
          It’s getting old and people (especially men) are starting to tune out the nonsense. People who once supported “equality” are getting tired of hearing about these victims. It’s bullshit and it’s nonsense.

        7. So a woman is a third grader and a man an adult? By that logic women should neither had the right to vote nor the right to own.

        1. Women make less than men for a number of reasons.
          Women jump in and out of the workforce to have babies, go back to school, any of many reasons. “Women are 50 times more likely than men to take time out of the workforce, for care-giving and other reasons.” — Independent Women’s Forum
          Women are not good negotiators for higher pay. They are 8 times less likely to negotiate their starting salaries than men.
          Men take the higher paying “death and exposure” jobs while women take lower paying safe and indoor jobs. — Warren Farrell, ex-board member of the N.O.W.’s N.Y. chapter
          Women have more absences from work than men.

    2. Isn’t it strange? Men left behind by society respond to their situation by learning what makes women tick, gaining wisdom, and improving themselves. Women in the same situation respond with hatred and want to pull everyone else down to their own miserable level and ensure that nobody is experiencing human joy.

      1. It’s because women lack capacity in logic to understand why they are truly in the situation they are in, whereas men do not. Feminism is nothing more than a means to control men to prevent them from revolting. With our empire declining, men dropping out of society at alarming rates, and the potential for a future population and resource crisis (declining population), it is no wonder the men at the top created feminism. They are doing what men do, find ways to ensure their survival.

      2. Well, some of us do get bitter and legitimately misogynistic in the meanwhile. Even given that, you don’t often see angry guys blowing up to 400lbs and then sitting in a circle with friends so they can tell each other they’re beautiful and wonderful while eating 5lbs of raw cookie dough. We either retreat and quit, or push forward with better understanding for our troubles.

        1. To many people (not just women), sites and forums like this are the exact equivalent, for men, of what you accuse women of doing. You sit here and discuss how much you know that the vast majority of society just doesn’t get and applaud each other for not swallowing the blue pill and hate women and just marinate in toxicity. What is the difference?

    3. Christianity is filled with the same bile (the last shall be first, et al.) because it was a slave religion. I’ve been asked by red pill friends, “Why are you so anti-religious? Religion kept people in line!” Precisely that. I will not be held to the will of inferior men where it can be avoided. The last thing I want is some busybody in a suit trying to impose their will on me.

  3. “They had absolutely no qualms about publicly calling me a rapist,
    demanding that I be castrated, suggesting I ought to be imprisoned, butt
    raped, and finally—perhaps after the sequential fulfillment of the
    previous punishments—executed.”
    Heh, yes. The “gentler sex”. If women were in charge of things there would be no wars.
    And you shouldn’t be surprised at all the vitriol you’ve faced. You’re talking about extremely irrational and emotional creatures.

  4. I am an optimist, so I believe that even Dworkin could have contributed something to society. She looks like she could have pulled a plow. On second thought, her feed costs alone would likely have made her a liability, even as livestock.

  5. The angry coming from angry feminists is just another form of attention whoring. For ugly girls, that’s all they got.

  6. For any feminist who shouts “apparently no means yes” , they should be forwarded to this article (written by women and directed at Men) on HOW WOMEN ARE COMPLETE SHIT AT COMMUNICATING AND GETTING A POINT ACROSS:
    That’s right fellows and gents. Women openly admit that they don’t mean what they say and provide you with instructions on how to lower yourself to understanding “girl talk” because they have yet to learn how to speak like adults – or communicate effectively.
    All languages were created by MEN. From programming languages to classical music and of course your native tongue…. men speak less words but still managed to build civilizations and communicate effectively while women were NOT. Even with all the yammering they do (and the accomplishing they don’t do) they believe MEN need to learn how to speak THEIR language….. and attempt to translate into Manglish for you by using lengthy & unnecessary paragraphs.
    If “no means no”.. why did a woman get pissed at me when she said no and I said OK and put my pants back on and got ready to leave?? Because no didn’t mean “no”, because she sexually assaulted me at the door on my way out and wanted me to stay.
    As a Man… I had to actually tell a WOMAN “no means no” and LEAVE. Because women just don’t fucking get it. So, no only means “no” when MAN says it.
    Saying “women are better communicators” is like saying a Hummer burns gas….“better”.
    Women are terrible communicators and we see this every day when they dress like prostitutes while pretending they are the opposite – not prostitutes. That’s bad communicating.
    The first less in in successful communication is shutting the fuck up and listening. Women know as much about that as donkey knows about playing a flute. Shutting the fuck up and listening has served men very well in the professional world… but try and teach a woman that, and she thinks you’re being cruel.
    If you want to communicate with women effectively, I would recommend a good set of color forms and puppet of Oprah Winfrey. Your results may vary.

    1. Communication encompasses more than language and admittedly, women use a whole lot more tools of communication apart from just language. If you are just focussing on language, then really it is not that male-friendly, apart from computer code which is purely and essentially logic driven.
      I’ve always believed men to be logical processors and women to be parallel processors. Men simplify complex situations while women complexify simple situations.
      Men tease out the real and essential core of what it is that needs to be communicated. Women like to provide essential communication with context and history because each piece of information can be interpreted in many different ways depending on context.
      Men’s communication serves his need to get things done quickly and efficiently. WOmen’s communication serves her need to make sure everything falls nicely into a bigger picture and there is more organisaiton of a very chaotic and complex world that we live in.

      1. “women use a whole lot more tools of communication apart from just language”…..
        No PEOPLE do. All people.
        Including men. Especially Men – with something called ACTIONS.
        Men have something women don’t – integrity. We are talking about a simple “yes” or “no” here. The difference is as wide as the grand canyon and is not open for interpretation , conditions or context. When you break it down, there is no grey area. Yes is not “yes if you buy me dinner first”. No is not “no but OK if you keep calling me and persist”. Even the very statement “women are better communicators” and “no means no” are utter bullshit. And everyone of them KNOWS it. There is plenty of documented evidence to support this bullshit.
        The “no” she tells her boyfriend or husband of many years is a “yes” for some nameless stranger in a parking garage.
        The only reason women place conditions, reinterpretations and context on this….. is to see how high on his hind legs a man is willing to stand for her approval. To see what great lengths he is willing to go to try and turn her “no” into a “yes”.
        Fuck that. She can get a puppy for that.
        No means no. Get out. Or get yourself out. Period.
        The time has come for women to be called out on their shit. LOUDLY.
        And even when it’s all said and done, women GROSSLY over-simply it themselves by tweeting “apparently no means yes”. In this climate you simply cannot take women seriously on any level and they brought it upon themselves.
        Women’s sutble “signals” must be ignored. It’s not the way to communicate in a society where a man can go to prison because she “changed her mind” the next morning…. or didn’t even know the difference between “yes” and “no” HERSELF. It’s not open for interpretation and her convenience.. because the LAW doesn’t re-interpret it.
        You don’t vote “maybe”.
        Allowing women to get away with this childish nonsense is the reason they are miserable tragic failures in their personal lives over and over again and why so many women are single against their own will.
        That’s not called “falling nicely into a bigger picture”. The situation – and their silly interpretations – are totally unacceptable.
        I’m not PAYING for some dumb bitch’s mistake and failure to communicate. She will jump on my cock with 100% enthusiasm or she can get the fuck out. And if she doesn’t, I will.

        1. ohhh luv this pic. i actually met girls from conservative countrys that have this thinking. very refreshing to hear. but of course they view western men as spineless doirmats thatll let u do whateva u want…..cant disagree with em there.

        2. It’s rationalization…nothing more or less. They want to enjoy the thrills of sleeping around without having to feel shame.

        3. It all boils down to women being a mass of inconsistency, and they still haven’t figured their shit out. “For guys, a guide to girl talk”. What utter lunacy.
          For women … a guide to shutting the fuck up: You want to see your personal lives improve overnight ladies? Shut the fuck up and 50% of your problems will vanish instantly.

        4. Bravo, tom. I could not have said that one better.
          I think Chris Rock says it best.

        5. Ya been readin the Bible? “Ye wives, be in subjection too your own husbands; that, if any obey not the word, they may without the word be won by the conversation (conduct) of the wives…” — 1 Peter 3:1
          “Without the word.” That is, be quiet. Women tend to run their mouths to try to get their men to do what they want. “Conversation” has an old meaning of “conduct” or “behavior.”

      1. I think Dave Chappelle (during one of his comedy routines) outlines this one the best when explaining how women dress and the message it sends.
        A woman needs help and she walks up to him. He’s dressed like a police officer and he says to her “just because I’m dressed like a police officer doesn’t mean I am one”. Hilarious.

    2. “The first lesson in successful communication is shutting the fuck up
      and listening. Women know as much about that as donkey knows about
      playing a flute.”
      LMFAO. You have the best lines Tom. 😀

    3. “Saying “women are better communicators” is like saying a Hummer burns gas….”better”.”
      This quote is money.

        1. Flapping your lips without engaging your brain does not count as ‘communicating.’ FYI.

        2. To the pictured battleaxe: ‘Shut the hell up, you, you call that blathering communication?’ 😛

    4. Nice…and agree. But, remember…it’s always about the emotions (I guess). If she is saying “no” and she’s in a bad mood then I guess it means no. But, if she’s in a good mood or wants to have sex and she says “no” then it really means try again or yes. I know….learn their language, too funny.
      I always try to read the situation (from experience) and go from that point. Usually, I’m right…the other “no’s”…I guess I’m not listening (but it works out well)…lol.

  7. The pretty ones can be explained by severe mental illness or trauma. Maybe they WERE actually raped as children by a trusted man, and thus see all men as dangerous.

    1. Or they were once fat and/or ugly ducklings. Having lived on both sides of the looking glass. they are redpill as hell and they don’t like it one bit. They know all too well that just as fortune turned their way, it could very easily, oh so very easily reverse. I agree that building your fortune and future on somthing more substantial than just your looks is the way to go. But for many less intellectualy endowed women, it is all they have.

      1. Agree. It’s more advantageous for a woman to be pretty with average intelligence than to be below average looking with high intelligence; or even average looking with high intelligence really.
        As much as they claim otherwise, women are not that passionate about things that require serious mental effort; and they certainly don’t look for men that are like that either.

    2. Or they were once fat and/or ugly ducklings. Having lived on both sides of the looking glass. they are redpill as hell and they don’t like it one bit. They know all too well that just as fortune turned their way, it could very easily, oh so very easily reverse. I agree that building your fortune and future on somthing more substantial than just your looks is the way to go. But for many less intellectualy endowed women, it is all they have.

  8. I dubbed Mondays “Misogynist Mondays” at work and tell my female cohorts to iron my shirt, make me a sandwich, fetch me some Scotch, etc. The women find it hilarious and go with it, thinking I’m kidding. Hell, do they think I *wouldn’t* eat a sandwich if they brought me one? They’re entertained by it, except for one beaut with whom I work…
    She looks like Rosie O’Donnell during an ugly cry. Here’s a woman who said that men shouldn’t have to be the ones who
    propose marriage in a relationship. After all, she said her mom proposed to her
    dad. I held off on asking if he’s gay and put forth a more provocative question. “Did she buy him an engagement ring?” “I don’t know, but
    he wears it around his neck on a chain.” And I like Cinnamon Toast
    Crunch. What the fuck has that got to do with anything?
    She caught me browsing RoK once, as she often eavesdrops and snoops on my daily activity. She was appalled when she saw it. She probably thought I was here ironically. If only she knew…
    Attractive women are too busy living their lives to worry about feminism. For these other girls, it’s all they’ve got.

    1. Women should be the ones to propose marriage as they are the ones who benefit from it the most after she divorces him. And lets face it, chances are the marriage will end in divorce forcing the man to pay legal fees, lawyers fees, alimony, child support for children who might not even be his, and half of his assets at the time of the divorce. If he doesn’t pay up he goes to prison. Welcome to the [email protected] up current state of affairs.

  9. Good column. This could easily be quantified, which would make for an interesting little study.

  10. Did any one notice that on the 3rd twitter screen shot from “Lisa” the first five letters of her handle is ecoli (e coli)?
    Which happens to be: a gram-negative, facultatively anaerobic, rod-shaped bacterium of the genus Escherichia that is commonly found in the lower intestine of warm-blooded organisms…
    Coincidence? I think not.

  11. I strongly suspect that the few hot feminists that send angry sadistic messages are amateur pornstars, were molested as children, and/or are dykes who will turn fat and ugly in a few years.

    1. On the rare occasion that you find feminists that are attractive, look carefully and you will find that they are usually lesbians.
      You see, all throughout adolescence (born) gay women have the (mostly straight) girls that they fall in love with snatched away from them by us.
      And that is why they hate men so much.
      Simply put, we are competitive rivals for them.

    1. Google hits for “interesting woman”: 242,000
      “interesting man”: 2,370,000
      About 10x more for “man”
      Boring is also about 10x more for “man” (thanks betas), but:
      “annoying woman”: 90,600
      “annoying man”: 101,000
      About the same

    1. When I saw it I thought he must be using a logarithmic scale where a 7 is 10 times prettier than a 6

  12. Those fat and ugly feminists that scream the loudest that “no means NO,” are actually hoping to limit the amount of sex the genetically gifted attractive women get. And, in so doing, hoping that some hapless male starving for sex will find himself scraping the very, very bottom of the barrel where the fat and ugly feminist will finally have the chance to scream, “YES, FUCK ME HARD.”
    Hey fat and ugly feminists, it isn’t going to work. You only really have one option. Lose the weight, learn how to use make up, and get an overhaul of your personality. In some cases you may need extensive plastic surgery to have any hope of getting my cock rammed into your ass. In some extreme cases, it is entirely hopeless and you should just give up. If you are this last case, try having sex with animals if you find you can approach them without scaring them away.

  13. I never find anything offensive, with one exception: pictures of Andrea Dworkin. H.P. Lovecraft couldn’t have dreamt up anything that disgusting. For those of you who don’t know, Dworkin is the creature appearing in the image above the article title. Google image search at your own risk.

    1. “H.P. Lovecraft couldn’t have dreamt up anything that disgusting.”
      I lost it!

  14. “Why are the most vocal feminist also the ugliest? ….Numbers don’t lie”
    You forgot to add Jewish. Another red pill lite article , Allllmost there but not quite. Maybe next time.

    1. The fact that that ethnic group’s women tend not to fare well in the looks department undoubtedly worsened matters.

    2. Excellent point. The history of feminism is clearly dominated by J-tribe ideals and agendas.

  15. How’s that third tweeter. Earth hour ecolisa. A solid representation of modern day feminazis.

  16. Hot, non-feminist women don’t have the time to be feminists.
    Not going to the gym = 4 hr/week;
    Not doing make up = 5 hr/week;
    Not looking after long, beautiful hair = 5 hr/week;
    Not dressing in well-chosen, stylish clothes to accentuate femininity = 5 hr/week;
    Not being fucked = 10 hr/week;
    Not cooking for a good man = 7 hr/week.
    That’s at least 33 hours of extra time each week that haggard, obese feminists have to hate men, feed their cats, and bitch on twitter.
    All of the ‘choices’ feminists make give them more time to sit in front of a computer and hate the result of their choices.

    1. People who are successful don’t have time to be leftists. Why do you think there are so many left-wing activist groups/blogs etc? Because successful people are too busy creating to spend all day complaining.

  17. It is still so stupid about all these feminist complaining and shaming men for obvious reasons. I mean if they want attention, just eat healthy and grow your hair long . If you have a facial deformity, just fix it through plastic surgery.
    WOMEN, YOU’RE GENETICS ARE MEANINGLESS…. if you put in work.

  18. There is something else that needs to be considered……female looks are(mostly, but not always) a function of how fat they are.
    It’s not just that feminists are ugly. I’ve seen some fairly homely women who are able to net a good man by excelling in other areas(like your stereotypical southern “honey mama” who has a sweet personality and excels at running a household), or by toning their bodies so that they could compensate for other shortcomings by having a good figure.
    The feminists don’t just look bad. They aren’t willing to do the hard WORK necessary to improve their lives, and they make excuses instead. Apparently working to improve yourself isn’t as fashionable as whining about society.

  19. It all wouldn’t matter if government didn’t put a gun to your head on their behalf, if they had to rely on merely convincing people their beliefs are correct and having those people voluntarily comply. Centralized government is the problem, militant feminism is just a symptom.

    1. They have been plenty successful in convincing people their beliefs are correct, otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to get the government to point that gun to your head. It’s called democracy, and nobody has been able to come up with a better idea yet.

  20. I’ve been called out my whole life by people for always telling it like it is. More often than not I’ve always been attacked or put on blast for being “negative” or “mean” or “depressing”. More often than not it’s always been by some fat stupid ugly bitch not necessarily in that order and not necessarily with all those qualities but definitely most permutations as such. But I digress…in my later years I realized that those people were just people trying to slander me for speaking the truth. Guess what guys? The truth hurts. We live in a society that doesn’t value honesty. A certain level of duplicity is required to succeed at any endeavor. If a fat bitch walked into my business I can’t call her fat. I have to call her “full figured”. What kinda fuck shit is that? I’m tired of all this PC fuck boy shit. When I saw thru all the lies I realized just how alone I really was. People are delusional into thinking life actually means anything. It just boils down to fools trying to lay the hottest bitches and ugly bitches complaining about how unfair reality is. Everything else is all just side shows that humans tell themselves that there’s a point to life. As far as I can tell i’m just gonna fuck and con as many bitches that I can until my heart stops. Yeah I’m demented but at least I was honest about it. That’s the hard truth. I’ve made my peace with it now make yours. Fuck the one time.

  21. Can you imagine the stench coming out of that woman’s twat? Like sour yogurt and seven day old underpants, christ.
    It’s a pity that ugly women are feminist cunts, and attractive women are delusional, insane carousel riders hoping for a fairytale ending to their debauchery. Isn’t there a middle ground?
    Why can’t women be interesting, pleasant, nice, decent, intelligent and full of character, like most men?
    ‘Sup with that?

  22. Because the ugly women are weeded out of most other groups, or at the very least either shamed or forced to be in the background. The problem isn’t that feminists tend to be ugly, it’s that you’re used to seeing groups of women that are hand picked to be at least moderately attractive in just about every other group of visible women out there. The girls at Hooters aren’t meant to be representative of the entire female population, they pick the sexiest women available so that they can sell you whatever it is they sell at a Hooters. Any women who aren’t at least a 4 on the sexy scale are generally told that no one wants to see their faces, and most just comply.
    For attractive women, it’s unfortunately very easy to throw the rest of the women of the world under the bus when society treats you like a princess, and it’s all too easy to fool yourself into thinking that the way your treated proves that women really aren’t being mistreated, and that the people lavishing you in attention are doing so because they value you as a human being and not only because your body’s morphology excites them sexually.
    In the end, this is all about trying to invalidate the arguments of feminism out of hand without having to do hard stuff like use logic and reasoning. Oh, you’re a feminist? It must be because you’re ugly/fat/bitchy/skinny/flat etc etc, and because you’re undesirable, your opinions are not worth considering.

  23. It is called Sexual Validationism.
    Less attractive women erroneously perceive that they can boost their sexual market value with men if they signal that they are in greater sexual demand with men.
    And they do this by ‘bragging’ about being bombarded with sexual harassment/assault.
    This is the actual reason there’s a disproportionate amount of complaints about catcalls and whistles coming from precisely those women that common sense tells us should be getting little or no sexual attention of any kind.
    It’s erroneous because the practice underestimates how much more visual men are in assessing women’s SMV.
    However this DOES mean that men ‘bragging’ about being stalked, harassed, texted, etc. by women WILL boost a man’s SMV as perceived by women.
    They are, in fact, unwittingly revealing an important difference in the way their brains work that can be exploited by Game.

  24. Sir, you must be reading my mind. I was literally pondering this last week. The evidence is pretty strong. Ultimately, these feminists are about attempting to address the poor hand they have been dealt by nature by re-writing the laws of society in a way that benefits them under the guise of addressing issues of ‘equality’, ‘patriarchy’, ‘misogyny’, ‘discrimination’ etc. etc.
    Notice how attractive women aren’t ideological-to-the-core feminists? Why? Their place in society provides them with value, so there is no need to address it. Sure, they’ll float with the general tide of feminism due to the general associated benefits, but their time and effort is more productively spent focused on looking attractive, maintaining attractiveness and maximising the value they receive (if in misguided fashions like attention whoring) for it.

  25. You must understand that all feminists have their lineage probably derived from Henry Edward Longshanks of England.
    The sequential punishments that they wanted for Vincent seems to be derived from Edward’s law to punish men of guilty of high treason by the “hanged, drawn and quartered” punishment.
    Speaking out against feminism has become an act of high treason by men in modern society.

  26. Umm, am I the only one that thinks this article got it backwards? 6/10 is above average attractiveness. Surely 5 is the average, a bell curve spread evenly over 5, trailing off towards extreme beauty at one end and extreme muntedness at the other… For this article to have any scientific merit the result would have to have been 3 or below.

    1. I think 6/10 or above-average attractiveness is a reasonable average for women between the ages 18-29 since these are their prime reproductive years, then the average dips off gradually as women get older. The above-averageness attractiveness of women in their early years is balanced out by the below-average attractiveness of these same women in their later years.

  27. “The fortress of a woman’s chastity is the more fiercely defended, the less it is threatened.”– Victor Hugo

  28. Even a cute woman becomes ugly if she is a hardcore feminist in my view. I met one of them two years ago when i returned to study as a mature age student. She was kind of into me at the start, and while she was a bit socially awkward, i would have fucked her, but after going out for coffee with her and hearing all the feminist bullshit she was yapping on about, i just didn’t bother trying to hook up with her anymore. The fact that she was 10 years younger than me with big tits made no difference. I just stopped talking to her after that and it pissed her off.
    She was also the biggest sexist i ever met too, a fact confirmed by plenty of other men who befriended her or tried to get down her pants that year.
    The vast majority of self identified feminist women with a (pseudo) academic/intellectual bent are ugly or below average.

  29. Progressives need to get their story straight. I thought they kept scolding us about eating properly and staying fit, as in Michelle Obama’s campaign against childhood obesity.
    So why don’t they come out and scold all these malnourished, obese feminists to eat better food and shape up?

  30. Since when has 6/10 been bad?
    Dudes on the internet are just way too lenient with their ratings….

    1. I define 6/10 as cute, good enough to bang, but not good enough to be a girlfriend. Skrillex girl is a 6/10, but could be a 7 or 8 if she was normal-looking. For reference, the “attractive outlier” posted is a 7, whereas the “representative specimen” is about a 4.

    2. 6/10 is about average for all women, isn’t it? I hate feminists too, but it seems to me from your observation that there’s no difference in attractiveness between feminists and the overall female population.

  31. feminism=control. or to all you simple people…money. they want your money through divorce, child support, affirmative feminist action…whatever. and after they get it and then decide as women they want to be women again and be protected they want protection. basically they own you because you want to Fuck them. curb your desire and they have no power. as long as return of kings keeps spouting how to fuck women instead of how to control yourself, you’ll be a slave. accept It or change your thinking.

  32. I’m ugly and I’m defiantly not a feminist. I do my best to look my best and I don’t blame anyone but myself. however, I don’t think all feminists are feminists because they are ugly. There are actually quite a few women who believe in the things they are saying. Some of them are really attractive. People are different, so don’t think its fair to say feminists are feminists because they are hideous. Feminists are feminists for a variety of different reasons. Just sayin’

  33. Feminism is part support group for bitter, unattractive women, and part source of altruism by naive women who can’t control their empathy

  34. Pretty girls don’t benefit from embracing feminism as it diminishes their power over men by claiming to be a “strong independent women TM” thus reducing their potential to extract resources from men.

    1. Yes but they are also more likely to engage in double standards. Pretty women in the western world can have it both ways; they reap the benefits of being attractive in addition to deriving benefits from living in a feminist society that caters to their every whim; and THAT, above all else, is why most of them are such tremendous cunts, especially to men who they perceive as lower status.
      Very attractive women are deadly in the western world. They have their way and they know it. That’s also why the whole cougar phenomenon and older women fetish bothers me, because it extends their power well into middle age, thus prolonging their mental adolescence.
      Who wants to deal with a 50 year old child?

      1. You’ve made a very good point. Pretty rich white girls with a silver spoon up their ass still complaining about the very same patriarchy that provides them the shelter and protection that affords them all the luxuries a girl could want.

  35. These chicks aren’t altogether wrong – but for the wrong reason. We all know that there are times when a “no” is offered as merely a hurdle to be overcome. However, If a women is saying “no”, regardless of if she means “yes” get the hell out of there. Nobody needs sex that bad to risk a “misunderstanding’ that could lead to arrest. Plus it teaches a lesson that such dangerous games are not to be tolerated. I admit I have not read the article in question (gotta go back and do so) – but I am pretty sure that giving men advice on how to overcome “no” is just bad advice.

  36. I have never, repeat, never seen a pretty feminist. I have seen decent looking women who are but here’s my theory: These women think they are gorgeous because lots of beta males hit on them but they want alpha males. When the alpha males don’t call, they hate the men for their “sexism”.
    (Naturally) pretty women have always been the easiest to talk to and pick up and I’m a 4 out of 10. They are comfortable and know they are pretty and either accept the reality that alpha males can be jerks or prefer nerds (who are wusses) because they don’t need alpha males on their arms to impress their fellow women. Most of the time their fellow women are backstabbing them out of jealousy.

  37. Hey, didn’t you forget the MOST IMPORTANT ideology selling a dream to emotionally vulnerable people??: the MRA movement!! It aims to give men a pseudo-masculine identity alienating them even more from their female peers (who also just happen to be human beings, but this should be ignored). The creators of the MRA movement benefit from getting muuuuch traffic to their ad-financed websites, selling a loooot of books online and gaining (at least) some internet fame by releasing provocative blog posts and tweets.
    How ironic this post is. Like the USA accusing Putin of invading another country after what happened in Iraq or Afghanistan.

    1. I agree completely. This author claims that feminism is like an opiate that makes people feel better by thinking that their misfortunes are the result of being a victim of an “enemy”, but that’s exactly what this website does, too. RoK is nothing but radical feminism in reverse.

  38. “WWII Nazism depended on convincing the German people that the Jews were to blame for all their problems. “If only we got rid of all the Jews, our businesses and communities would be restored to their former glory.””
    Better rethink that statement, brother, as the Germans were no fools.

    1. This. Replace “Jews” with “the powers that imposed the Versailles treaty on us”, and the statement would be much closer to what actually made Germans vote for the Nazis. And, for that matter, the statement would be largely true too.
      The Nazis didn’t get to power because of their antisemitism. They weren’t hiding it, but it was far from their main selling point. The majority of all who voted for the Nazis didn’t do it because of Nazi antisemitism, they just didn’t oppose it either to any extent that would have kept them from voting for them.

  39. Sooo true. That’s why if your at party/club and if a hot girl has an ugly friend, they always try to pull the hot girl away. Stop hating ugly girls

  40. Whats up with this “a no is a no”-crap?
    It most certainly is not.
    I`ve had girls start off by saying:
    “No, no, no! No, no, no!.. it`s too big for my asshole!! Au, au, au, no, no, no!”
    And then a little bit later: “Uh, uh, uh, uh. Oh. oh oh..”
    Before they finish off with “Yes, yes, yes, ah ah ah, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me harder!!!…”
    So, to conclude.
    These claims that “No means no” – are just pure and utter bullshit.
    I know from personal experience that a womans “No, no, no” can change into a “Yes, yes. yes, fuck me harder!”
    And that you can take to the bank.

  41. As I’ve said, at least a fraction of a modern-day Feminist’s motivation is jealousy. Some are jealous of us because they realize that they haven’t been endowed by God with the focus, drive, ingenuity and dexterity that we as men have. Others like that minke whale Andrea Dworkin were jealous of other women because they perceived, oftentimes correctly, that attractive women had more “options” in life, including the option of sexual intimacy.
    La Feminista proclaim that MGTOWs and MRAs are bitter because we can’t get laid. Stones and glass houses….

  42. I think allot of these feminist want the most handsome and most wealthy men also popular men ,you know the prince charming they were promised as a child and now they’re finding out. That not every woman can afford a prince charming ,like not every man can afford a hot girlfriend but at least were realistic about our prospects and were not trying to go after women. We know we can’t get! Ladies if you’re that nerdy girl in High School then you need a Sheldon ,because you can’t afford prince charming.

  43. I came here seeking answers and thank God I got them. Every banshee I see taking part in this whole “Feminist movement” looks like an actual troll. I now need to start cutting some of the girls I “threw a bone to” off because of their nonsense. I swear it is like they are begging for the world to become shallower by isolating themselves into their little ugly group and the rest of us not wanting to have anything to do with them.

  44. It might be relevant to make a distinction between ugly due to unfortunate body shape and face, and ugly due to neglect of that body. In the latter case it could simply be a matter of feminists being less likely to want to “comply with patriarchal beauty standards”, or whatever the ideologically correct formulation is.

  45. BlackHerring:
    Your words are meaningless and you know it. You harass what you cannot maturely debate and as such represent the typical modern feminist. Sites like ROK, complete with the childish trolling from the likes of you are exactly what the world needs to see. Your troll, er, true colors are showing.
    Detailed Discussion

    To many people (not just women), sites and forums like this are the exact equivalent, for men, of what you accuse women of doing. You sit here and discuss how much you know that the vast majority of society just doesn’t get and applaud each other for not swallowing the blue pill and hate women and just marinate in toxicity. What is the difference?

    It is doubtful that those who actually do see sites like this as a rough equivalent to “[women] blowing up to 400lbs and then sitting in a circle with friends so they can tell each other they’re beautiful and wonderful while eating 5lbs of raw cookie dough”, are being honest with even themselves.
    The biggest difference is in how the women (who figuratively gain body fat to clearly unattractive levels), are inescapably unattractive, and complain to sycophants to aid and abet personal denial. In contrast, discussing issues like the one here (specifically, that those who surreptitiously rally for more privilege under the disguise of “equal opportunity”) is largely unrelated to the individual appeal of the participant. In reality, it is pro-feminism advocates who attempt to associate a penalty of self-inflicted unworthiness to anyone that doesn’t put women on a pedestal. Basically, “men who are critical of modern feminism are automatically unattractive”, according to the SJW.
    The vast majority of men share the same views that feminist attempt to shame into silence here. They just don’t actively participate in a discussion. This is so with many topics let alone one, that without steady moderation against flame baiting and trolling, is one where most comments are seen as an invitation to harass and name-call the poster. For example, sodium levels in fast foods are an issue that affects most of us, yet do most of us actively participate in a discussion? Are we to label those that do, just prejudiced against salty meals because they personally can’t cook? Seriously, you need to apply better logic than you have so far if you wish to be slipping in the red herrings.
    As far as hating women, the post by Paul really refers to potentially making misogynistic comments rather than having a prevalent attitude of this. This is another fundamental flaw exploited by those who support feminism. Even if a comment could be seen as supportive of a policy that negatively impacts women (or hateful of women altogether) it doesn’t automatically make the person behind that comment a “misogynist”. There is a vast difference between promoting something within context, and having a general outlook of such.
    At any rate, you have chosen to respond to a post that is a year old, and to a poster that is clearly not notified of your actions. That is the Internet forum equivalent of skulking around in the night to spray paint graffiti on a wall. If it wasn’t crystal clear that you are nothing more than a troll before, it is now. Your words are meaningless and you know it. You harass what you cannot maturely debate and as such represent the typical modern feminist. Sites like ROK, complete with the childish trolling from the likes of you are exactly what the world needs to see. Your troll, er, true colors are showing.

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