5 Most Common Forms Of Passive Aggressive Behavior You’ll Encounter

The feminization of our era brings with it some annoying concepts. Out of which, one that we are so used to and almost always annoyed by is the passive aggressive behavior (PA for short). Here it is defined:

…a non-verbal aggression that manifests in negative behavior. It is where you are angry with someone but do not or cannot tell them. Instead of communicating honestly when you feel upset, annoyed, irritated or disappointed you may instead bottle the feelings up, shut off verbally, give angry looks, make obvious changes in behavior, be obstructive, sulky or put up a stone wall.

I, as a man, would like nothing more than to have people telling me what they want and if they have a problem with me. I may solve it, or mitigate it or even choose to ignore it. I get somewhat annoyed when I get the regular “Everything’s fine” with a tone that makes sure that you understand that it is not.

Another classic is “[Stab you in the back] but don’t be offended”.  As we know, females use mostly covert communications. Here are a few examples of passive aggressive behavior…

1. By proxy (using other people)

PA persons (mostly females, but a growing number of males as well) will use other people to disrespect you. The PA person will talk to your friends and colleges and bad-mouth you in an indirect way or direct way (less sophisticated but with more intense feelings). This may also include blatant lies and “divide and conquer” tactics. The goal is to get people around you to like you less or convey the message that this person does not communicate to you.

2. By using the “Don’t get upset, but…”

Whenever you hear this it means that someone is trying to set you up. If you do get upset, they win – you were told not to get upset and could not behave as a grown man. If you don’t get upset, they also win – they were able to “soften the blow” and tell you something that you probably did not like and “get away with it”.


3. Evasion

This includes a lot of specific behaviors such as ignoring you when you react, the all time classic “You should know,” and its wing man “I’m not going to tell you”.

Other favourites are “It’s not my fault that [insert whatever is the topic here]” and “Well excuse me for being [insert whatever here].” The purpose here is to “punish” or avoid the target.

4. Victimization/lashing out

This type is when someone uses a sympathy card for criticizing others. Examples include changing the subject in order to attack you, sulking in order to get attention and sympathy, refusing to see their own part in the situation (because that will make them responsible), and using the “Poor me” scenario (unlike sulking, this is directly trying to get sympathy).

Another recurring action is blaming everyone else, besides you, for the situation. SJWs use this all the time.

5. Withholding

Here, the person will withhold behaviors or roles such as example sex, cooking and cleaning, running a bath, etc., all to reinforce an already unclear message to the other party. This goes hand in hand with evasion.

The classic scenario is your girlfriend avoiding sex but not communicating what happened. In a work setting, it may be ignoring requests, not going for lunch or coffee, and stopping recurring actions.

What to do about it

Behavior is caused by feelings. If you have identified a recurring behavior pattern, try to find out what emotions are driving it. If you can do that, you may assume control of the situation. In any case, here are some of my favourite tactics to handle passive aggressive behavior…

Identify it. Sometime it’s not that easy to identify the behavior. If it is occasional, it is not PA. If it is recurring, it is PA.

Explain it. Stand up to the PA person and tell them. Tell them how you are affected. Do not attack or judge, just tell them. Do not speak about what they are doing, but about what you are experiencing. This will take the edge off the other side, at least in some cases.

Own your part. PA is sometimes not only the other side’s fault. You may have some part in it. While you identify the situation, look into what you are doing. If you contribute to it, stop.

Control your responses. PA is feeding off you. One can “starve the beast” by not caving in and not falling back on automatic responses. By doing this, one stops the loop and reduces the PA behavior.

Set boundaries and consequences. If the aggressive behavior of others continues to affect you in a negative way, set clear boundaries around yourself. Define rules for what you will and won’t accept. Stay strong and focused and get on with your life.

Use game. If it is a girl you are dating and she turns PA on you, game her. I tease, neg, deploy amused mastery and cocky-funny humor. This reduces the edge and brings back the attraction. It does not, however, eliminate it altogether.

Disengage. If it is possible, and you come to the understanding that the PA person is doing it regularly and far too much, just remove yourself from the toxic source. If it is an LTR, move on. If it is a boss, find another job. If it is an employee, fire them. Get that toxic waste as far away from you as possible.

PA is annoying. If it is not noticed, it starts to suck the life out of you. Maintain frame and use the combination of the solutions above to combat it. It will never go away, but it can be reduced.

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169 thoughts on “5 Most Common Forms Of Passive Aggressive Behavior You’ll Encounter”

  1. Had a wonderful relationship start up a year ago. Came to a crashing halt last month because of some of the things described in this article.
    I’m almost 50, and I’m tired of this crap. The best way to deal with this?
    If you are not going to have kids with her, then there is no point. if she is the mother of your children (and hence the ONLY reason to “put up with her”), then follow the remedies prescribed in the article.
    Otherwise go your own way with zero fucks to give.

    1. The big problem with the “best years” clause is that most western women don’t even consider marriage until they are close to 30 now anyways. So the 30’s are now the “ten best years” for women when it clearly should be the 20’s. Meanwhile, a man’s 30’s have ALWAYS been the optimal decade for men to get hitched for women’s taste in man looks, career progression, maturity level, etc.
      We are getting shafted big time.

      1. That’s correct brother.
        The whole “old fashioned stuffed shirt boring square WASPish” thing that the left programmed everybody into thinking was “oppression of women” was in fact an entire “system” that protected the family structure and in the long term, protected women too.
        Our ancestors and grandfathers knew this, and it’s not like they didn’t have choices either (it’s a mistake of MGTOW to think men were oppressed by this system too). Our forebears KNEW of these things, but what was the alternative?
        The alternative is… everything we are seeing now. They could have warned us. But the silent generation was silent and the “Generation of 1968” steamrollered them and pressed on towards the destruction of the west (as planned).
        Hence we see only on old films a woman say something like “I gave you the best years of my life” – but this was back when women were getting hitched around early 20s the latest. They actually DID give their best years. Lots of them virgins too. So if a fellow wanted to get away from his marriage for whatever reason he ended up paying alimony.
        And that entire concept was based on fertility and support. A woman getting dumped from a marriage in her 30s was not going to put on the old high heels and start over. But there was no no-fault divorce either. It was a fair deal to the eyes of most men.
        So yeah, now they expect to suck cocks by the bag in their 20s when they are pretty, then after nearly 2 decades on birth control “settle” for a simp and expect all the trappings of marriage in the glory and respect it had 100 years go.
        As Terrence Popp says “fuck this I’m going to watch some Space Ghost”.

        1. They need to be kicked off the pedestal and a firm “Pimp” hand broke out. Until men stop grovelling at a womans beauty like fools their attitudes will not change. Look in the eyes deeply and you will see the true monster and agenda

        2. Hear, hear, Jeep. Fuck yeah. That’s what’s happening. I’m in my early 30’s here, and it’s looking bad. It’s like women don’t grow a brain for the whole picture until they’re 30, because as in their 20’s they’re told to be teens. Too bad they can’t look like their intellectual age. Of course, then we’d have a fuckload of girls who look 14.

        3. Forget pimp hand. City ought to open up “spinster stacks.” Girls only apartment living. Make ’em cheap. No male visitors like the old days. Then sit back and watch them find out what life holds for old single ladies.

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        5. Women like to talk up how they ‘mature’ earlier than men, & there is , of course, some truth to that…but the second verse to that song, which is never sung, is that they STOP maturing earlier too. The majority of women will not truly mature beyond their mentality at 15-17 until they reach the WALL, barring serious trauma or dire situations.

        6. I’ve been noting this for well over a decade. Maturing means growth. They do “mature” earlier insofar as they reach a pinnacle of, as you say, about a 15-17 year old. Men are not far behind at all during this period, which they generally won’t bring up, and then we continue to mature, grow, intellectually and such up through our early to mid 20’s. Which makes us, get ready, adults in a sense that women will never…ever…be able to understand. While there are exceptions to this (Maggie Thatcher comes to mind), they are rare.

        7. I am so far past the wall I have forgotten what it looked like. I am here to tell you that the wall does nothing to cause women to mature. They stay the same most mature teenager in the house all their lives. I know tons of women in their 50s, 60s, and 70s; they haven’t matured since they were 16. They truly are still living in high school.

        8. If they haven’t learned the skill by 15, they will never learn it no matter how hard you try to teach them. That’s why it’s so important for mothers to stay at home and teach their daughters to cook, sew, and get a kid’s degree in homecrafts. A cubicle working mother sends her toddlers to a day care where they have mini play cubicles so the kids can learn to be like their cubicle mommy.

        9. You’re past the wall? Men don’t have a wall. Men have lifelong fertility whereas the female of our species loses fertility at half life. She then goes apeshit horny at 38-40 trying to relive being an animal in heat. The psychotic phantom fertility throes are there but she tries too hard to achieve the initial stampede of hormones when she was 15-16. She’ll try to screw the paperboy like she was a fertile female babboon BUT SHE’S NOT. She’s a dried up old funhole fuckbucket.
          NEVER MARRY or commit to a used old sterile fuckbucket. Otherwise you deny your kingship as male and you forefeit your helm as the lifelong seed bearer of our DNA chain upon this orb we call home as we race through space. MAN is king on Earth. WE RIDE this green orb through space, the greatest bitch mother of all MOTHER EARTH and we plough her face chiselling our civilizations high and we core her hot ass for the elements we need to build, smacking her big ass as we yoke and harness the great bitch in our glorious cosmic voyage. So if MAN can do all that, then like hell if we can’t smack our women young and old into obedience and harness them as per the architecture of nature. AND LIKE HELL if we’ll ever fall beneath our women or throw our best years of life in the trash can can by marrying or being devoted to an older used sterile sack. MAN is king.

        10. No thank you. I’d rather live in a cardboard box under the bridge than have to deal with my own sex 24/7. I can’t stand those bitches.

        11. No, no, no. Most of it is long standing untreated mental disorders such as personality disorder and poor emotional control. Usually this has been caused by a man who put up with this shit way too long and never kicked her ass out to the curb with the trash.

        12. i liked your comment, when i got to the “WE RIDE this green orb” i imagined the voice of the “ultimate evil” green orb from the brilliant 80s movie/comic Heavy Metal

        13. most women once on birth control have a very hard time getting pregnant when they are off of it. Most of them are sterile after age 25. Fertility clinics across the USA are overrun with desperate couples that cant get pregnant.

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        15. The sump will just be insurance, while they still ride the carousel. Since they are well past sell-by date, they will need to make it extremely easy to score, and engage in more and more degraded acts. The beta’ s resources gives her the time and money to do so

      2. The 30s are indeed still a good time to get married for men. And even then, someone like me, and I’m still unmarried and in my 30s, have a tough choice to make. Because, let’s face it, once men reach their 40s, fatigue will inevitably set in and by them if you haven’t married, it may be too late. But at least men can adjust to that reality more easily than women. At least a healthy, motivated man in his 30s and 40s with a well paying career can still aspire to more and be productive, unlike women that age.
        And another observation I’ve had for a while. While apparently women are the more “sociable” gender, later in life I’ve noticed it’s actually men who are more outgoing and friendly than women, who tend to be insufferable hags, especially the unmarried ones. Plus, if the incidence of women living alone with their cats is an indication, older men appear to look after their extended families more, especially for their brothers and nephews. After all, just because a man ends up not having children doesn’t mean he can’t be a good masculine role model for his nephews.

        1. It’s so important that men talk to other men when NOT in a “throw one another under the bus for pussy” game scenario. Men sharing their experiences and relating to one another is a powerful tool. Men process emotions differently than women do, so it’s of no use to have female-oriented programs, female therapists or programs created by women. There is power in hearing that other men are going through the same shit – online it’s pretty good to have websites and comments sections where you can relate, but to sit in a circle and share “war” stories… I’d recommend every man try that at least once.

        2. 40 rather than being “too late” is more accurately described as past the danger point, or thinking with the big head.

        3. Exactly!
          I’ve read surveys and studies showing that if a man stays single until the age of 38, the likelihood of him EVER marrying is negligible.
          This indicates to me that, if you can make it to that age, the big head over-rules the little head, and you’ve seen the misery all your married friends are living in, and you remember all the hell you went through with your previous common-laws and exes…
          … and then you become like Emerson, who stated:
          “Women are like elephants. They are fun to look at, but I wouldn’t want to keep one!”
          … Or, you become like Leonardo DaVinci, who stated:
          “Marriage is like sticking your hand into a bag of snakes, with the hope of pulling out an eel.”

      3. Feminist men need to die. That’s where all the cultural failure is stemming from.

        1. They don’t need to die. They need to see tomorrow’s tomorrow. Foresight; that’s what they lack. Show them a day in the life, a decade ahead, and I guarantee a chunk would come back startled and sobered, begging for neomasculinity like James Stewart at the end of “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

        2. a feminist man is not a man anymore to me. he’s just a fucked up boy who is lost.

        3. The feminist men need booted out of office, thrown off the police squads, kicked out of academia, purged from clergy and the tenured ones in judicary must hastily end their tenures so they can be replaced. The manginas and male feminists do tremendous damage when in positions of influence and authority. Western man must slam on the brakes and stop their influence immediately before they do another ounce of destruction.

      4. Men can keep there “best years” into their 70s if they are lucky and or work hard at it.
        Females start going downhill after 25. Slowly at first, but certainly noticeable by 27/28/29. After 30 or so, forget it. It’s over for them. Some East Asian females can last about 5 or more years longer.

        1. I’ve meet 33 year old Asian women who looked very young (pass for 24 etc.). They definitely hold together longer.

        2. I worked for an Asian company once where the women in their 20s looked like teenagers.
          That’s why I always avoided any Asian porn. My then boss tried to give me some funny business card with a nude Asian chick on it, looking as young as they do, and I chucked it. No way was I going to risk some search warrant situation (long story), the assholes finding nothing on me, then finding that porn and saying “hey, we can say she’s underage! He’ll spend thousands proving his innocence and be ruined!!! High five we got him now!!!” .

        3. Most Asian aren’t retarded with their lifestyle choices (drugs, food, tanning, etc.) They grow up in families where structure is usually enforced. Typical Americunts are princesses from day one to grave.

        4. And they eat small meals.
          Rice and a little fish & vegetables.
          Take an Asian girl to dinner and guaranteed you will get 1.5 meals for yourself that night.

        5. I’ve seem some members of the local Cambodian community who happen to own a string of donut shops. I just refer to the as the Khmer Pastry Mafia. Occasionally, they hang out en force at the local Starbucks. Mind you, the men are clean and pressed. But the women. They wear nice dresses with heels Holy shit. I’ve seen mother daughter pairs, and sometimes I can’t tell which is which. And then you end up comparing them with the American women sitting next to them. And then I think, maybe they shouldn’t completely assimilate to American culture, lest they end up looking like yoga Raggedy Ann dolls.

        6. Am I correct that you live in Mexico? And there are Cambodians there? Is that right?

        7. I live in West Texas. But you are half correct. It’s an extension of Mexico, Alabama, and Detroit. And yes, there are Cambodians and they own donut shops. And their women are not fat and the rest of the populace is. If I didn’t know any better, I would think they were Jews.

        8. Haha.Got it.
          Still, wonder why/how a local Cambodian community would spring up there. We have a small one here in NY, in the Bronx. Have no idea how they popped up there either.

        9. A lot of Mexicans LOOK like Cambodians now that I think about it…. I’ve been to both countries too.

        10. But all I can say is, they’re smart and cunning. These bastards don’t even close on holidays. Partly because of culture, but partly, because there are many drunken fat bastards with a post Christmas hankering of frosted donuts and pigs in a blanket and these bastards know it.

        11. I’ve never had Cambodian cuisine, but I bet it tastes similar to Thai.

        12. That’s true. Go to southern states like Chiapas, and they look like Cambodians. Except Cambodians wouldn’t serve you tortillas with sweet and sour soup.

        13. Right on slim. Whenever I want to lose weight fast, I eat rice, white fish and steamed vegetables. Some of the healthiest people on the planet eat little more than those three staples, and live to 100.

        14. I don’t have an Asian fetish. I have a thin woman fetish.
          I know some guys go nuts for blonds but I think any young man who likes dark features and THIN has a billion or so ladies to choose from.
          And so what if she’s 21 and looks 16? DATE HER. Show her off at the mall. Walk by the purple haired ladies with your nubile young browned skin beauty and watch their jelly vibrate with hate.
          Anything that pisses white fat purple-haired feminists off is good for your libido and blood pressure and overall mental health.

        15. The only high school reunion I went to was my fifth (age 23). Tons of the too hot to touch women in high school had already become fat and ugly. I didn’t go to any more reunions because I would prefer to remember them as they were.

        16. Currently I am married to a 34 year old Asian woman. She routinely gets carded. Her patients (she is a nursing assistant working towards her RN) think she is a teenager. Our last time in Vegas they called the pit boss over to check her ID because they couldn’t believe she was over 21. He questioned her at length before letting her gamble. We have another Asian woman as a friend that is 44 and has a body that any 16 year old would kill to have.

        17. Amer-Asians I could live without. They are just as bad as Anglo white women as far as being stupid in the lifestyle choices, and are even more entitled. I never met one I could stand. If you want to find a decent Asian woman do what I did, go to Asia. It is in the culture not the genes.

        18. My 4’11” 103 pound wife can (and does) eat three times what I do. She burns calories by breathing apparently.

        19. I hang with my wife’s Asian social circles and you are stating a real problem. It is extremely difficult to know who you can letch after without feeling like a pedophile. The teen age daughters and the mothers are only distinguishable because, in most cases, the mothers are a little bit sexier.

        20. I don’t love Asians. I don’t find that very attractive on average. However, Asians have lower obesity rates. Many have strong family foundations that white American women never experience.
          I’m not going overseas to get a wife. If I did, it wouldn’t be an Asian. I simply don’t find most of them as attractive as whites or latinas.

        21. Oh, no! Not rice! That’s a white carbohydrate! dontchaknow. Just pour olive oil on everything and waddle off knowing that you are “healthy”.

        22. If they don’t own a pastry shop then they own a nail shop. Chinese girl nail shops – chop, chop.

      5. EXACTLY. Her thirties are her SECOND best ten. A man’s thirties (or maybe even 40’s) are HIS best.

        1. definitely true for me…
          and maybe 50s??
          I’ll let you know when I get to the other side.

      6. in UK fewer women in the up to 24 years category are having children than since world war 2. 30 somethings are the most common category of new mothers, but a worrying trend is plus 40s. What a tragedy for kids, not to mention men, and indeed the barely fertile women themselves

        1. The only age group of women in the US that has increased its number of first child births is over 40. That is just sick.

        2. unpleasant for the child. By the child’s teens the mother will be approaching 60 if not the other side (the other side of 60, put quite possibly the other side in the supernatural sense too)

    2. Personally, I think you should be aiming for younger women. My 50 year old friends usually date women in their 30s. You’re a quality guy, you can pull it off.

      1. Well I do actually but not all of them are younger.
        Some have been older but I’m no Macron.

        1. I’ve been gradually getting more selective. In my mid 30s now. Mid 20s is my cap. Beginning to think religious girls are the only ones worth a damn.

        2. I’m 51. 29 is my cap.
          The 7-29 rule.
          Have to be 7 & higher, and 29 & under.

        3. Haha, I only consider 7+ or better myself. 29 and under in age and 7+ on the attractiveness scale is deep into Americunt territory.

        4. Careful: Religious “girls” can go one of two ways: grow up into religious women, or rebel and make typical sluts look sensible… Red Pill says AWALT. It’s important to always think back to the oracle that is the Red Pill! lol

        5. AWALT from a biological perspective. Different environments shape women differently. In the west, it’s very difficult to find women that weren’t raised in modern feminist environments.

      2. Or go for broke and slay collegiate poon, show them frat douchebros how it’s done.

      3. Plenty of hot 32-year-old single women in countries like Japan or Vietnam would love to have a 50-year-old western guy whose (A. in at least “ok” shape, B. relatively likable and sociable, and C. has his shit together financially). Older men do have decent “plan B” options while 50-year-old women the world over are absolutely screwed.

        1. But a man should not have any commerce with them until HE decides he wants progeny and he must select based on that.
          Yes that’s right, men in control of reproduction. But look at how better things were when it was that way. All those “rituals” around mate selection, very often resulting in dances, were fitness tests for women. If she was too fat and stupid to dance she was going to crank out retards and autists and in earlier times that was a death warrant waiting for a cold winter.
          Modern way of a simp waiting to be “settled for” and he being the one judged by an ever fattening woman by how much child support he can pay has played out horribly.
          Now, as for Japan or Vietnam, no thanks. Why?
          The WORST thing you can do to your son, if you have one, is make him a half-Asian one. Daughters will do well: they are highly likely to grow up to be hotties and highly sought after.
          But the son? He’s fucked with a capital F. He’ll never be white enough for white women nor Asian enough for Asian women. Might as well tattoo “Nerd” or “INCEL” on his forehead in bold print.
          See when we don’t “settle” we make a better future for the yet unborn.

        2. I didn’t say anything about having kids. I probably wouldn’t want one at 50 anyways.

        3. Yup!.
          And C is the most important.
          But A & B are important too.
          I have A & C. I suppose in this case, 2 out of 3 is not so good…

        4. I’d like to think that. I feel like there are so many weak American men willing to be safety nets that older women still have more options than they deserve.

        5. Hmm why not? What’s wrong with saying to your 20 year old kid “your old man really is an old man!”
          Then drop dead, right in front of him. With a shit-eating grin.

        6. Because, let’s face it, not any 50 year old woman will land a President of France. Mind you, Brigitte Macron landed her boy toy when she was in her 30s and he was in his teens, but still.

        7. It’s the biggest problem in the US because US men travel abroad THE LEAST per capita compared to other 1st world nations. They just don’t even realize what options they have. People get too damn comfortable in the US with the “drive thru” everything culture and zero marketing towards international travel.
          Commercials and ads treat going to a different state like going to a different country.

        8. After spending all your money on hookers and booze, and owing hunreds of thousands to the IRS??? That is the perfect way to die!

        9. Unless we open their eyes.
          Think about it: if there was any endeavor that could fuck feminism and it’s biggest lie 7 ways to Sunday, it would be the educating of simps so that they stop being simps. And it’s easy: the best control of a man’s actions is shame. Shame the simps and they will respond and the carousel riders are doomed to a life of cat feeding.

        10. He’s a freak. Plain as that.
          Nothing freakier than a weirdo with a “mommy fetish”.

        11. I always thought that dying comfortably loaded (with $500,000+ dollars in readily transferable assets) to be one of the dumbest ways to die. It’s like….. congratulations…. you worked and saved so hard just to have a number attached to your final portfolio.

        12. That’s how it used to be. No man wanted to be caught dead with a slut/geezer/infertile woman. If weak men didn’t exist, neither would feminism.

        13. Damn thats tough. And mostly true.
          Have been thinking more and more that weatern is fucked…
          Get asian partners$++
          Maybe have kid??? Dont know. Its all about me now and my old age…

        14. I’ll put it this way. When it’s porn with a man and a woman pretending to be step mom and son, it’s fun. When it’s in real life, it’s weird. And the saddest part, it’s just so normal. Combine that with Trump hitting on Ivanka, it’s like we went back to the days where royal families kept their lines “pure” by banging each other.

        15. The Egyptians and Byzantines I think encouraged (enforced?) brothers and sisters to marry & reproduce.

        16. Funny you mention it. A former superintendent of ours died last week of cancer. The man has been pretty much crippled for a few months. Turns out he had a collection of Harleys, a boat and a cabin in a lake and even his wife was superloaded with cash. Even she was telling him to retire as he was in his 60s already and other wouldn’t hurt him much if he retired early. Poor bastard didn’t heed his wife’s wise advice, kept on working, and didn’t get to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

        17. The best way to shame them is to start a fad. Maybe use a slogan or acronym basically sending a message to men no more compliments to women or chasing. If they do they are weak low lifes with no self esteem. Then get it out there and make it cool

        18. My father’s goal was to die owing as much as possible; they can’t get it from you after you are dead. He said the flaw in his plan was that it was difficult to get people to loan you money long term after you are 80.
          When I told my sons that I was going to follow grandpa’s plans they were not happy. Then I told them that they could not be held liable for any of my debts after I died. After that they were 100% onboard.

        19. All Americans, male and females, are brainwashed that the whole world outside their immediate surroundings is just too dangerous. Read any State Department notice on just about any country. The travel industry specializes in telling people they need to be in special resorts (arranged 100% by them) within any foreign country where everything will be decided for you and you will be shielded from the evil locals. You might as well be in a stalag with barbed wire fences and machine gun towers.
          I credit my early adult life in the Navy getting me over that programming. I learned young that other countries were no more dangerous than any big city in the US. I know of at least one man that would not be satisfied with that finding. He went to Vegas and refused to go more than one block from the strip as it was just too dangerous. You have to be careful everywhere, but foreign travel involves only a slightly greater vigilance, along with a little research.

        20. I know of one of those foreign chicks with the older, overweight American husband. She’s looking for a good time. Question is, does he know about it or even care?

        21. …Hanging around old people’s homes in a dirty mac, trying to lure the inmates with a greasy bag of breath-mints…

      4. Never pursue any woman over 25. Never. If you are too old to do that effectively then you are too old. I married my wife when she was 25 and I was 52 (turned 53 the next month).

        1. There’s so much Hero in what you did, I can’t even begin to cover it effectively.

        2. It is much easier than you think. I know quite a few guys that are smart, but not cool or good looking, who did the same. You have to have the guts to get out of your comfort zone, and look at your world wide opportunities.
          BTW She was the one pursuing me. I was pretty adamant that she was just too young. She eventually dragged her mother into it, who assured me that she was not too young. Of course her mother met her father when she was a freshman in one of his college classes. Her mother is two years younger than me.

        3. I aim for mid 20s because those women are more attractive, have more quality years ahead of them, and are better mating partners. They are also more commonly indoctrinated with feminism and more reliant on technology.

      1. Just look at their Tinder profiles, with their pics of them going to wine and dine at high end places or riding expensive cars. Oddly enough, this might be the only times these broads actually get dressed up. Mostly, they just waddle around in yoga pants and flip flops.

        1. Yoga pants would be a plus at least. Heck where I’m at we rarely get that too.

        2. Especially see thru pants. Remember the ruckus when Lululemon pants turned out to be defective because you could see women’s panties through the fabric. Turns out, didn’t matter. Women should know when their red booty shorts can be seen through their yoga pants and they don’t care. Classic outrage followed by classic attention whoring. The more things change the more they stay the same.

        3. If by red booty shorts you mean the red lace thong (70% of the women’s underwear market) then you are correct. I was in Coco Bongo in Cancun one time and there were girls dancing on the bar between acts. The bar had lights that shined up the dresses. One girl’s little black dress became transparent when the light under her lit up. After a while her friend noted the fact and pointed it out to her. She clenched her arms over herself for about 3 seconds, then shrugged and went on dancing as before. Under the dress she was wearing a black lace demi bra and a tiny black lace thong/G string panties. Women are all exhibitionists by nature.

        4. Pretty much. Just like with whoredom in general, they can deny it, but when you buy them a Coach purse and she gives you a five star blowjob, it becomes poetic justice.

      2. Well, the have longer, saggier tits to go with them. And saggier other stuff too…

        1. And this is why I miss high school. Back then, girls were so much simpler. Plus, everything was literally in it’s place and bodies were more symmetrically balanced. No cockeyed tits or varicose veins. And here they are, telling us how sex with older women is better. Bollocks I tell ya!

        2. Some are very hot in their 30/40, even 50s
          Thinking about banging one this weekend in the hamptons…
          Gotta try it…

        3. Nothing wrong with aiming “low” when it comes to age. Just know your state/country age of consent laws and be wary of fathers with shotguns.

        4. Hey, go for it!
          I know I am out of the mainstream with being obsessed with the younger ones and all. But if you like the older ones, more power to you!

        5. Well i dont.
          Just thought it would make life easier if they are not too disgusting.
          Saw plenty in the bars that seemed ok,,, but id had a few.
          And plenty more with massive plastic surgery- disgusting

        6. And definitely ask for two forms of ID. There is this Spanish porn producer by the name of Torbe who unwisely didn’t follow that rule which, given he’s in the industry, should have known better, banged a 17 year old on camera, and now the Spanish partyvan has taken him to jail.

        7. No. Never been.
          The Jersey shore a bunch of times when younger, but never the Hamptons.

        8. Yeah, she pulled the victim card conveniently after she was outed as underage and many men went to jail. Mind you, there should be an age of consent, but it’s useless if the girls don’t want to be “protected”.

        9. Lol, that’s the one. Not gonna lie, the man is a bit of a hero if you ask me. True, he pays the girls for sex, but it still takes a substantial amount of game and personality to convince chicks to sleep with you when you’re not particularly attractive. After all, not everyone can be a chick magnet like Channing Tatum.

        10. @AutomaticSlim:disqus
          I spend the summer around Southampton/Montauk
          I’m not one of the lifestylesofrichandfamous – but am, by circumstance, in proximity of it. and is fun/entertaining.
          I have similar age/background to you. And have been organizing regular redpill guys – get-togethers.
          If you want to come out on a Sunday or during the week — for a night — you can stay over…LIRR
          Let me know.

        11. YES! and quite fondly. The pornographers were shitting bricks when it was found out that she was only 16.

      3. Funny that. It should be opposite: less baggage and “needs” as they get older. And if there is no use for them, they should be finding value in something else. But they still act like all they need to bring is a vagina.
        A smelly one (trust me when a woman is past 30 you can smell it). Thank God our noses are not on our dicks.

        1. My gf – im in 50s she is 30s says they have more baggage as they are set in their ways…
          Damn smell it??? Shit thats why god invented tequila i guess

      4. Is it any wonder young men are hitting the gym, getting tattoos and then hitting tinder and “to hell with the relationship”?
        Requirements. hahahahaha.

    3. Indeed. These birds run their lives according to some mixtape from their teens. They have virtually no ability to improve their lot; nothing compels them toward introspection – not even divorce or their last three eggs basting the Wall at 100kph. Yet they love to dance like teens full of possibility.
      There is no corollary for the kind of masculine self-improvement, redpill awakening or any other measure of harsh reality that men must confront. At least the MGTOW, or other variants of poolside or fuck-all, understand the landscape and their place within it. No such thing for women. They simply flip the tape over and play the B side.
      Inside every bird, no matter her age, is a perpetual motion machine where a 17 y/o manic wunderslut is slow dancing in a burning room between tantrums because the sugar cereal she loves hasn’t reappeared in the pantry.
      Its all catch and release now. When that tape jams, that’s when you jam.
      We’re all equal, all grown up, all consenting adults. They lowered the bar, we’re just taking them on their word. No kids, no legacy, no family, no tribe, no community – well then take your PA and your boxed wine psychotropic delusions to the next guy. I’m going fishing.
      And yeah yeah, younger women are the bees knees. If you can pry them from their phones, their selfies, their tendonitis of Tindr thumbs, to exist in reality long enough to plant your flag.
      There are always a few good ones out there. But these older birds were young once too. Yet they somehow managed to get oldish and remain single. Hmmmm.

    4. Yep! Some of these 40 something and early 50 something have dried up cunts already but still want a guy who has $250k house with a white picket fence but don’t bring anything to the table either.

    5. I wondered where you disappeared to doctor.
      Pre fertile and post fertile women are the same mindstate.
      A PRE-FERTILE female just wants to play house
      A POST-FERTILE woman just wants to play house games too.
      Pre fertility and post fertility women are of the same frame. They both dream of things yet or past. The post fertility woman’s job its done. If you pair with an old dry hen post fertility, she’s just like the 7 yo. She wants to drive around in the dream corvette or rearrange furniture in the sterile house that produces no progeny. If you scorn kids or have a mommy complex like the guy in the photo, then an older sack is the ticket. She needs help and imagination from someone else to help her pretend to be something she’s not. The man in the ‘old lady/young guy’ photo was from an article where a young guy marries an old post wall single bag.
      IF YOU SYNCH with your seedline and your bloodline, your instinct to seek a fertile young breeding piece is a lifelong endeavor. Not pre pube or post crypt with spider webs . . No – BUT RIPE and fertile. SWEET and succulent like a ripe banana or plum. The sweet urchin smell of a young attractive fertile female turns the boulders in your prefrontal cortex and you realize YOU DO have an instinct – and it is to propogate. Like you know the smell of anything that is ripe, the flood of messages innundates your brain. In the grocery store, you know when you smell and parse a sweet plum that it’s a good one. A ripe plum jumps right in your mouth and the sweetness treats your tastebuds like a king, and the seed pit separates and jumps right out your mouth like it’s fertile and ready to plant. RIPE is what I’m talking about and you have the instinct to seek only wholesome ripe goods when your tastebuds haven’t been burned with sucralose and toxic artificial sweetners that allow you to consume dead frankenfoods.
      I equate porn and mind scrambling lgbtq sex propaganda like the sweet aspertame that burns the tastebuds all the way upstairs to the amygdala of the brain. Fiending for old used up, washed up women is as degenerate as lusting for a goat or donkey or eating rotten fruit.
      I WOULD though keep an older woman around as a senior sisterwife. She can teach the younger wife how to make bread and give tips for the nubie wife how the king likes his balls drained. Always keep an older wife if she functions well in her natural place as such. She’s not fertile and she’s reduced in function, but she can always snap to it and bring the plate of sauce when the king claps. If she’s a jealous bitch, well then NO woman has a right to claim any man all for herself and “there’s the glue factory bitch” I would tell her.

    6. Children or no children, that’s not an excuse to stay with someone once the relationship has died. My parents ‘stayed together for the children’ and it fucked us all up. It was so tense at home for so long. We almost celebrated when they finally decided to divorce.

    7. Jeep, I have been dating this girl for the last 2 years. Thought she was really something special since she was very mature and always cut the cake evenly so to speak. Never any passive aggressive behavior, UNTIL, she brought the kids down to meet me (long distance relationship) I said 2 words about one of her brats during a stressful situation and my morning coffee disappeared for the entire 2 weeks, cold drinks several afternoons….. gone too. My blood boiled, where did my unicorn go I thought she was different…? The ghost of my old man whispered in the back of my mind… “they are all the same son….”… She went back home to pack up and move down. Big disagreement ensued where she agreed that [missing coffee and special drinks] was “my punishment” as she was “pissed” with me. I was like keep your shit right where you are at ! I do not need that 8th grade garbage in my life at my age (I am 45)… I am divorced from a mentally unstable woman of 25 years and once I woke up I am done with shit tests, psychotic behavior and bad manners from women who think they own men. This was different however and I gotta tell you to be able to have reached a point where you can say “no thanks” take your crap dog and pony show up the road is a great place to be.

  2. Totally dig the signs on top of the article.
    Fine. Don’t Stop. Whatever. Until you get T Boned by a bus, then it’s WAAHH WAAHH! Got no monies for my surgery! Plis donate to my GoFundme! Thanx!

  3. Chicks simply ghosting on you on Whatsapp etc. is pretty much the top passive-aggressive behavior they do nowadays. You ask a question, see if they want to go on 2nd date or whatever… and you know they’ve read it and just haven’t bothered to respond. (ie. the double blue checks)
    It’s their way of saying they don’t have the moxie to just tell you that they are not interested in you, and would rather play a combo of dread game and psychological annoyance with you rather than just giving you an honest answer.

    1. Simple solution; block and delete the moment they disrespect you. 90+% of the women I get to know end up in that category these days. Treat them the way they deserve. Don’t let them get you upset.

      1. I have a strict 2 message rule on communication apps anyway. If I’ve asked a question twice, or just anything in general where a response is expected (again, twice), then I go silent myself. Keep your value intact and don’t give off the desperation vibes.

        1. To me it’s directly indicative of their trustworthiness. Clearly a trait most Americunts fail miserably at.

        2. Nah, man. Women everywhere. They excel at the same passive-aggressiveness across all borders.

        3. I never had an issue with it in Latin America. Not that women weren’t flaky like all women, but they wouldn’t play the texting game Americunts play.

    2. It shows they are immersed in the female privilege of being the sought after sex and that ALL chivalry and social niceties are off the table. There was once a time where a woman would feel OBLIGATED to tell ANY (respectful) suitor: No, thank you. Thank you for the invitation, but I must decline.” Women bitch about ghosting but nobody does more ghosting now than women. Before I was married and was (cleaning up) on dating sites, maybe 1 in TEN dates would flake and even THEN they would at least come up with a corny excuse. “I um, painted the dog, and now he needs to dry…” and I would just say “Okay, cool, lol don’t smoke around your dog” or some shit. Dating 15 years later post divorce, I find women flake like CRAZY with zero text or even lame excuse. Social media has turned ALL of us from human beings into little avatar clicky things. I’m 46 – it’s up to YOU YOUNG MEN whether or not YOU will (collectively) put up with this shit behaviour.

  4. “running a bath”
    That’s a role or duty?
    Turning on a faucet?

  5. I like passive aggressiveness in people, it immediately shows how weak they are. I feel it’s the last resort for people in sorts, I mean how can you act like that and respect yourself afterwards?

  6. I usually just ask straight up, no point beating around the bush.
    If you’re fat, you’re fat to me. If you’re sexy, you’re sexy. Always been brutally honest and my inner circle loves it.
    If also gets rid of people you will never, ever get along with.
    If you don’t have thick skin, you’re not good enough for me. My time is invested in worthwhile endeavors not drama and shit that the usual westerner falls for.

    1. Sorry. Women, you can’t live with them, and you aren’t allowed to kill them.

        1. Actually, I sort of sympathize with the guy because the airlines are treating seat assignments like other comfort amenities which should be free such as basic seats that can be sat in for more than an hour without cramping or a beverage (when security prohibits you from bringing liquids), etc.
          EVERY seat on a flight should be comfortable (within reason) and seating assignments should be available within reasonable parameters (such as not sitting in the children’s section, etc.)
          Rather than making the (near) obese buy two seats, create special eeats that will accommodate a person with 1.5X frame and charge more for it with preference in assignment (paid) to those people similar to the exit row who use their FF status to land them. The middle seat in a row should be MORE comfortable than aisle or window to make up for being crammed in-between two other people (give them EXTRA armrests.)
          The airlines are effing us over by reducing comfort while making us buy it back at double price.

  7. Frankly it looks like a passive-aggressive form of rejection to me when a woman insists on sucking your penis – anything to keep it away from her vagina.
    From her perspective, if you’ve gotten through the various barriers starting with the simple rejection to the point where you both wind up in bed naked together, and then she has misgivings about letting the situation get this far out of control, she falls back on oral sex in the gamble that you’ll come in her mouth so that you don’t ejaculate in the organ nature intended.

    1. Lol! Dude, dufuq?!
      You know, and I’m just putting this out there, that there are *two* people involved in sex and you have every power to take your dick out of her mouth and place it somewhere else. 99 out of 100 times I’ve found the woman perfectly receptive to this. Blowjobs in a full naked situation are foreplay, not some “passive aggressive attempt to keep you from vaginal sex”. Geesh.

  8. Is there any ONE shit-test that ISN’T passive aggressive in nature? I’m trying to think of ONE!

  9. Sometimes ‘Don’t get upset’ really is an admission that they’ve messed up.
    Son at about 8 couldn’t stand having his clothes get wet. If he splashed water on them when washing up he’d take a hair dryer to them. One day he comes up to me,
    ‘Promise you won’t get upset’.
    “Can’t promise you that, but I will try – what’s up?”
    ‘I have to show you’
    He leads me over to the nice couch which has his shirt draped over one arm. Removes the shirt to show — he melted a big ass hole in the fabric. Nasty. Just like melting a nylon rope end.
    I couldn’t help but laugh. Nobody had ever told him you could melt some fabrics, just rope. So, good little discussion on why firefighters, race car drivers etc. wear Nomex and natural materials. Then, he was quite relieved that I would tell his mom why we’d be buying a new couch.

    1. It would be useful to categorize a reasonable interpretation of what “don’t get upset” should entail:
      The person gives you information that will require you to accept some sort of mess you need to deal with and (usually) that person’s fault.
      To avoid getting upset, the best way to do this is what you just did: Make the other person accept responsibility for their mess. He has to pay for the new couch. If it’s a mess I have to pick up (such as someone doing something I told them not to do),then I get to tell them they’re foolish and need to listen to me better in the future and to be more respectful of my opinions AHEAD of theirs. When someone else is messing up, that means they need to accept a submissive role until they are not messing up anymore. This means they need to sacrifice some of their autonomy.
      When I finally looked at issues with other people in that way (I wouldn’t cover for them anymore) then I started to relax more. They’d lose my trust or even my respect but this was THEIR problem, not mine. They’d have to EARN it back. So yes, I’m “upset” but not super upset but now they have a lot of work to do.
      So they better not get upset. 🙂
      And amazingly enough, when I don’t get upset and just tell them the work they have to do, they seem to take it pretty well too.

  10. just tell them what they are and to go fuck themselves.
    no man should deal with such brat-like behaviour in long term, it has to be straightened up from the very beginning.

    1. Always argue the point and stay on point, never deviate and do it with a slight smile of sarcasm, turns the table on them. If she does not know or can’t tell, then tell them to grow-up and stop behaving like a spoilt brat. works wonders. Just keep your cool and don’t lose your temper.

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  12. Guys, what to do with a girl with that annoying PA behaviour, BUT with a little child together? It happened to be that we became parents and she changend her behaviour after some months during her pregnancy. Our child is now 8months old and I am sill suffering now for about a year from her grueling passive aggresive annoying petulant complicated commanding Behavour. She is 29, I am 31. She is really dumb like a cow because she doesn’t understand to change her behaviour for a good relationship…
    Please advice, I tried so many things, but I am still trying for our child.

    1. New territory, but I wouldn’t’ve allowed such behaviour in the first place. It’s been going on for so long now you may have to shock her out of it.
      PA is ultimately not a dominant, but a submissive attack- perhaps you yourself are passive and are not displaying enough dominance.
      “She is really dumb like a cow because she doesn’t understand to change her behaviour for a possible working relationship”
      Awalt. Hence the ‘I can’t find a good man’ from the 28 year old clubwhore.

    2. You can’t change her behavior; you can only change your own. Don’t contact her first when she give you silent treatment. Don’t take the bait when she is angry but won’t tell you why. Do not reward her bad behavior with attention or gifts.

    3. Pull the trigger. Pull it now. She will pull it later, after wasting years of your life, and when it gives her the greatest payout. Do it now. Life is too short to spend it with such a woman.
      If you had the choice of staying with her for the benefit of your child I might recommend suffering for your mistake of getting this skank pregnant. But that choice is not on the table. You are just waiting for her to frivorce you for cash and prizes.

      1. Plus if he waits, there are more assets to divide, and he’ll be higher up the ladder in his career meaning more child-support and alimony. Also, the longer you’re together (depending on the state) the longer Alimony is paid for. Another thing to think about: my kids were in pre-school / grade 1,2 age when they were sat down and told the news. Each kid sort of “broke” in their own way – it’s fucking horrid to watch. Mommy had to be haaaaaaapy and be damned the husband and be damned the kids: baby she’s WORTH IT!! (Every time I hear that song I throw up a little..) So, in a strange way, I think it’s better for a child who is baby or toddler age than for a child who really understands what’s going on. For older kids, the family unit is the center of their personal universe, and mommy blows it the fuck up. Women say all the time “Oh, me and my ex are BEST BUDS now and everything is okay!” Um, yeah. Maybe. I think even when the parents divorce reasonably or amicably it has a profound impact on the kids, and even later down the road when they try to form their own relationships.

    4. 1. Stop listening to her and doing what she asks you to do. Do what you need to do.
      2. If she doesn’t make a decision on where to go for dinner, you pick. When she complains, turn around and eat at home or get take out and eat at home. She’ll be bitchy for a week, but just ignore it and do what you need.
      It’ll suck and life at home will suck, but don’t give in. Work on improving yourself and set as an example for your little one. Make your wife understand she is not the most important person in your life. You are and then your kid. If she threatens to leave you, say, “Go ahead. Leave. I don’t need you. The child stays with me.” Understand when she threatens to leave, it’s a shit test.

  13. If you are a male that practices pa behavioral traits – you are not a man.

  14. One of the main techniques left out is:
    Avoiding responsibility while (falsely) appearing to be submissive.
    What this means is when someone avoids taking action that might make them liable (sort of like the signs posted above with mixed messages) and then complaining about their needs afterwards implying that the other person is inconsiderate. This is classic passive aggressive behavior. Example:
    A) Where do you want to go to the movies?
    B) Whatever you want.
    A) OK, so let’s go see Dunkirk.
    B) I would prefer a romance. Don’t you think about my needs or do you only care about yourself?
    It can be stunningly effective. For example: In England there are some cities that have ordinances against men “annoying” women with daygame by making “unwanted” approaches but the only way for men to know if an approach was “wanted” is to approach them. This is the “mind reader” demand that many women so enmeshed in this mindset come to think is reasonable: “All the men are so stupid because they don’t know what i want and I shouldn’t have to tell them!”
    It’s surprising simple as it is effective: Call their bluff and take them at their word. This requires one very important thing that many men have a problem with: Reading instructions and remembering every single thing she says (especially if a red flag appears). If she says “it doesn’t matter, you pick”. Then you pick. When she sulks and later complains she doesn’t like your choice, don’t start to apologize and try to reason with her. Say: “You said, and I quote: “It doesn’t matter you pick” and I picked! Don’t be angry with me because YOU can’t make decisions!” Men often think in terms of understanding the person and making a decision and forgetting about the fine details because they assume that the other person is trying to communicate to the best of their ability. Passive-aggressives and psychos take advantage of this to the max.
    This is one of the biggest shit tests women make and I’m surprised it doesn’t get more attention on this forum.

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