6 Habits That Hold Men Back

A lot of talk surrounds habits that are “good”—activities that you should implement into your life. Meditation, weight lifting, reading, and drinking sufficient amounts of water are a few that immediately come to mind. And these are all things that every man should do.

However, it’s equally important to acknowledge the existence of any bad habits that you may have. And we all have bad habits. I am going to offer you a list of common bad habits shared by men everywhere in a moment, but first I want to define exactly what makes something “bad,” because honestly it can mean something completely different to all  of us.

In my opinion a bad habit is something that “takes” more from your life than it “gives.” And this definition can apply more generally than to habits. For example, a bad friendship would be one that “takes” more than it “gives”—a friend whose bullshit causes you more anxiety and stress than spending time with him makes up for in advice and camaraderie. The same goes for a girlfriend, a family member, or even a job.

You should periodically analyze your life and closely examine anything that may be “taking” more than it “gives.” Everything from your diet to your job to your relationships are fair game. Anything that fits this criteria should be removed from your life ASAP.

And often the things that you’re afraid to examine are the ones that need to be looked at the most. Relationships will always be this way, for example. Whether it’s your best friend who’s trying to pull you down with him or your girlfriend who’s causing you endless anxiety, they’re never easy to cut off. Even if you logically know that it’s unhealthy for your growth and development, there are emotions involved and this can make ending it seem almost impossible.

With that being said, here are six basic habits that are easy to identify, almost always bad for your development, and somewhat easy to remedy. They’re all positive habits, meaning I didn’t include things like NOT lifting weights or NOT reading books. Those are things you should START doing, but this list focuses on things you should STOP doing.

1. Watching Porn

From erectile dysfunction to social anxiety and lowered sex drive, the reported costs of masturbating to internet porn are numerous. And what are the benefits? Instant sexual release and learning about sex are the only two I can think of. And you can achieve the first without having to watch porn. At the end of the day, this bad habit can only “take” more than it can “give,” so stop making excuses and cut it off.

2. Eating Shitty Food

Shitty foods mean something different to each of us. I’m lactose intolerant so milk and cheese are shitty for me. Bread, pasta, and other gluten products are shitty for a Celiac. You need to determine what foods cause you bloating, constipation, diarrhea, or general lethargy and then stop eating them. It’s like putting regular gas in a Ferrari—it might run but it’s destroying the inside of the engine. Some foods that fuck everybody up equally include fried foods and foods high in artificial sugars.

3. Playing Video Games

Video games are addictive because they give you a false sense of growth. You start to identify leveling up your WoW character with actually growing and developing your self. Your neurotransmitters and dopamine levels become intrinsically tied to your progress in a virtual world instead of the real world. Sure, if you only play video games for a couple hours a week to blow off some steam, they might be “giving” more than they “take,” but this is rare—most people get addicted to this shit.

4. Watching TV Shows

This is similar to video games. While you won’t experience personal growth by watching 20 episodes straight of Lost or whatever the popular show today is, you will start to live in an alternate reality. And that’s what it is, at the end of the day—an escape from reality. And again, this is good in small doses. I get lost in Game of Thrones once a year. But you don’t want to be that guy who watches every show and talks about the characters like they’re his real friends and coworkers. Live your life, my friend.

5. Browsing The Internet

I don’t think I need to convince you of this. Endlessly browsing sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit is basically crumpling your free time up and throwing it in the fucking garbage can.

6. Living With Your Parents

This isn’t something that you do, like the other items on this list, but it undoubtedly “takes” more than it “gives.” You’ll never be fully independent until you’re living in your own apartment or house, paying your own bills, and scheduling your own day. Yes, there’s something to be said for helping your parents out, but you don’t need to live with them to accomplish this. When living alone your mindset will be different, and it will manifest itself directly though how you think, act, and feel about yourself.

Building good habits is just as important as avoiding bad ones. Check out my new habit-building course “28 Days to Alpha” by clicking here.

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264 thoughts on “6 Habits That Hold Men Back”

  1. Also, to add to watching tv, watching the news. The news is just lie on top of lie to make you angry but to make you keep watching. But in reality with 99% of the bad shit that goes on in the world, I’m not there so I don’t care. It sounds harsh but I think the news is a toxic influence and I’ve been much better off not paying any attention to the media fear campaigns endlessly playing the people against each other.
    Otherwise, pretty good list, nice and concise.

    1. I recently discovered this as well. I used to be into the whole libertarian ancap circles, so much happier now that I have dropped politics as a whole

      1. I try to engage in practical politics.
        ITs what you say and do everyday. Voting every 4 years is a minor influence compared to this.

      2. ditto. try and save you and your own, and inspire people along the way. thats all you can reasonably be expected to do.

    2. Truth. People constantly wonder why I am so care free. I literally just ignore television news and most sources of print news. I know a decent amount of what is going on in the world, I just form my own opinions from less biased reports.

      1. Not watching the news can save your life. I live in Illinois and have been without internet and such. During a pastt weekend this summer, 61 people were murdered. Mass gang war. The people I knew experienced elevated stress, fear, and paranoia. How did this affect me? It didn’t because my immediate life has goals that I need to accomplish. News is the worst fear propaganda to be wrongfully labeled as information.

      2. I used to watch Fairly Odd Parents instead of the news. It was much better and sent me to work in happy jovial mood.

    3. I waste lots of time on the internet, email, facebook and news sites….sometimes i think its much better to read one quality newspaper a day like the times and one magazine a month like the economist. You get much more of an indepth analysis instead of inaccurate updates which tell you little of substance.

      1. I just read the comment threads on ROK. There’s a lot of good ideas bouncing around here.

      2. Do a race through Google News. You’ll see the headlines, and you can see each topic handled from a view POVs. Get in, get out. You’ll be aware but not have to wade through so much.

    4. The news will always try to destroy the human spirit. The media, politicians, feminists, banks etc. So many groups of villains that will stop you from making any progress in your life.

    5. News is overblown way out of proportion. Take ISIS as a recent example. ISIS are a bunch of backwards fuckwads who have managed to run around the desert and gain control of a few even more backwards villages through fear tactics. They have zero power on the world stage and pose absolutely no threat to the USA. But all they had to do was decapitate one guy and get global 24 hour news coverage for weeks. It’s hilarious and sad at the same time. And the worst thing is, they know that’s how the media works, and they’re exploiting it for their own attention-grabbing.

      1. Those beheading videos seemed staged to begin with. “We want to show the world how evil we are by killing this guy, BUT we will fade to black before showing the gory part.” Bunch of BS.

      2. Like Marilyn Manson said – their agenda is to incite fear and keep you consumed.
        Crazy looking guy but he was intelligent.
        You see TVS everywhere, at work, hospitals, gyms. You listen to the news in the radio. Glad I just listen to my indie/underground music and my audio books.

        1.  I do know that, and I think that’s really ironic, that nobody said ‘well maybe the President had an influence on this violent behavior’ Because that’s not the way the media wants to take it and spin it, and turn it into fear, because then you’re watching television, you’re watching the news, you’re being pumped full of fear, there’s floods, there’s AIDS, there’s murder, cut to commercial, buy the Acura, buy the Colgate, if you have bad breath they’re not going to talk to you, if you have pimples, the girl’s not going to fuck you, and it’s just this campaign of fear, and consumption, and that’s what I think it’s all based on, the whole idea of ‘keep everyone afraid, and they’ll consume.’ 
          The guy is a genius. That was one of his best quotes on this topic. He also did a song called Arma-goddamn-motherfucking-geddon which is about the media’s fear and consumption campaigns.

    6. Exactly MGTOWarrior. Like these disease scares. It’s like the swine flu, and yet nobody knows anyone close to them who was affected by it.

      1. Yeah ebola is a bunch of shit. I have noticed that people catching it in the West appear to have a 100% survival record.

        1. I agree. I’ve read (Natural News, Mercola, etc) that if we take Vitamin C, stay hydrated, and are in moderate good health, Ebola won’t be a problem. And if someone does get Ebola, that basic colloidal silver will kill the virus. The powers that be are hyping Ebola, in my opinion, to increase the states power, pass laws to impose unnecessary quarantines, and set the precedent to force their vaccines on us.

        2. Quite right. And the CDC sold nurse Pham down the river. Tried to claim she didn’t follow their directions when they gave her bad instructions and inadequate equipment. It’s almost as if they want an epidemic. A doctor in Nigeria survived her infection by doing what you say.
          The whole thing reminds me of cholera in Victorian London. Spread by squalor and bad water.

    7. re: news very true.
      i can be having a great day and then i see some bullshit SJW thing trending on facebook, or something on the news and it pisses me off people are so boneheaded.
      you gotta torch out external drama creating devices (news, net, shite friends, crap girlfriends) like a bush fire with a laser beam. there simply is no time to be doing what you’re doing if you spend it worrying about other people problems

      1. That ice bucket nonsense got me so riled up. On the one hand I really laughed at such foolish lemming behavior but when you realize that millions of people were really doing it, my god…

    8. Agreed. News just makes you angry and distracts you from real issues. Like race, you think race matters because the news is always pushing it. But how often does race REALLY matter to the life even of a non-white? Media just adds fuel to the fire

    9. hahaha watching the news is a complete waste of time
      im disgusted by people who watch the ‘news’
      first of all theres nothing new ever , maybe 9-10 times a year something new happens, other than that its always the same shit u already saw over and over thousands of times = complete waste of time.
      Other than september 11, something like that or with close relevance i dont see any reason to waste any time with the stupidit they call ‘the news’
      This falls in the category of Browsing the Internet also.
      Just a spam of useless information that will provide zero knowledge, like he said just go read a book or an article like this one or whatever, where u can get some actual knowledge

      1. See, none of those things would be authentic, since I am entirely selfish. The only things I care about are knowledge and power. Like hell I would do something other People would benefit from and I don’t. And before you ask, no, none of the things above give me pleasure. They are means to an end and nothing else.

        1. You don’t know what you don’t know applies here I think…
          Leaving your comfort zone might lead you to find something else that triggers pleasure or puts you in the flow. Take knowledge for example, how do you acquire your knowledge? From the internet and books or first hand experience, in person? Which is more fun and rewarding? Which one pushes you to develop your skills further?

  2. 5 and 6 are what nail me. Im going to move out soon (still saving money), but the amount of time I waste on Facebook. I really should just close mine or stop using it. It just provides no benefits. Im just scared to lose that connection to people, but I dont really have a connection with them anyway.

    1. > Im just scared to lose that connection to people, but I dont really have a connection with them anyway.
      Very powerful insight.

    2. Start connecting with real people live in person, as in face to face.
      It’s a bit harder nowadays with almost everyone’s face stuck to their smartphones but it can be done. Start a hobby or activity where you interact with people without using your phones.

    3. I got rid of facebook about a month ago. While I found occasional amusement in pushing others buttons, it was really just a negative drag in my life, and the people I really gave a shit about were easily reached via telephone. The first week was hard, but now it is smooth sailing.

      1. I have done it before when I needed to find a new job. I dont have a cell phone, so I cant even use that as a backup, but maybe itll force me to find real friends in the real world.

      2. I read about people who quit fbook sending out a final message to their friends list saying “here’s my phone number and email if you want to stay in touch”, sometimes even providing their parents’ contact info in case their own info changes. And often they will hear back from a grand total of one or two people.

    4. Quit FB over a year ago…don’t miss it. If you want to keep in touch with someone do they unthinkable–wait for it—hold onto something sturdy—CALL them on the phone or WRITE them a letter with real postage and everything..

      1. Me too, but I missed it enough to reactivate my account a few times. It’s been at least a year since I’ve last reactivated (and deactivated) my account and I don’t miss it anymore.

    5. Ready for the douche comment of the day? You’ve been warned.
      I only stay on Facebook so that I can bomb people with shit to make them realize how fucked up their lives are. I never comment on other people’s shit, and very rarely even look at other people’s pictures; first off, they are terrible (I’m a photographer) and, second, their subjects are so fucking bland (oh, here’s picture number 400 of my 5 month old baby)..
      So, what do I do? Only post pictures that directly increase your status in the minds of others. I post pictures from the top of mountains in Scotland. Roped in on a glacier in Banff. From the first camp of Mt. Rainier. From the passenger seat of a Maybach (and no, I didn’t post “IN A MAYBACH BITCHES”.. I didn’t post anything at all, I just waited for someone to ask “What kind of car is that” and then responded with “Maybach”). You know, the kind of shit that, I hope, motivates other people to realize that they can do more with their lives than sit around and take pictures of their kids and overweight wife.
      And, as much as I know I’m a douche for doing this; I have one friend on Facebook that has even better pictures than I do; all of his are “what the fuck; why aren’t I doing that”. And you know, I don’t think he’s a douche. I think I need to try harder. Of course, 99% of the population thinks “douche” and moves on. But that 1%, you might actually inspire them to do more with their lives.

    6. Here’s a technique I used to stay off Facebook:
      I check for messages and then I watch/read ONE video/article only, and I would instantly log off after that. I think it’s too much to ask yourself not to click an interesting story, but having the release of one allowed me to pick the best, so I didn’t get into the habit of clicking things (which is the social media disease that leads to addiction), but I also didn’t feel unduly caged. Half the time, I found myself picking and reading something worth my time.
      It became so much of a habit that I logged off many times without even thinking. Nowadays, I’m never spending over a minute on a daily Facebook check unless I’m responding to someone via PMs.
      Also, this line of yours really encapsulates modern human interaction — it’s quite poignant:
      “Im just scared to lose that connection to people, but I dont really have a connection with them anyway”
      The comfort zone is such a hard thing to remove yourself from…

  3. Another huge time waste in the TV category – watching sports. I think it’s okay to catch a casual game. But unless you actually play in the league or work as a sports caster, you are wasting your time. It’s not “your” team. The team doesn’t give a shit about you. Memorizing stats fills your head with worthless numbers. How about those pink breast cancer uniforms? Put that effort into game, business, or volunteer work to truly improve your life.

    1. Great point. I long ago gave up on sports. It’s no longer about comradery and competition among men of matched skills. It’s all about pushing the homosexual/feminist/anti-gun/socialist agenda of the global elite. It’s every red blooded mans duty now to abandon American sports and take that energy and develop skills of our own.

      1. Way ahead of you, only boxing remains the only male dominated sport where feminazis have not currpted it. We have a woman beater as the most popular boxer and there is nothing the feminazis can do about it.

        1. MMA is not bad as a sport but it is controlled by a beta who bows down to feminazis, dana white; which is why I stopped watching. Once the sport started to be marketed to women, I knew it was over:
          “Dana White, who recently indefinitely suspended Anthony Johnson after BloodyElbow.com revealed that he had allegedly knocked out two of his ex-wife’s teeth back in 2009.”
          “We always were proactive. Since we started ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ we’ve done full background checks on all the guys coming in. If they ever had anything, any violence against women, they didn’t get on.”
          “Dana White on the UFC’s handling of domestic violence: We always react morally first then business second”
          Sorry, no organization run by someone who bows to feminazis can be viewed as uncorrupted. When a woman who doesn’t even work in an organization can control if a man is hired not based on his qualification but based on his past of allegedly being violent against women, that organization has bowed to feminazi pressure and is compromised.
          if Floyd was in MMA he’d be banned form ufc according to white.
          If the police, judges, prosecutors and justice system have all determined that an accused man who is “violent woman beater” is not enough of a threat to be in jail or prison and be on the streets he should be allowed to work period.
          Women will admit the man is allowed to work, but they don’t want him working in that high paying job. They want him to sweep a floor. It is just another attack on masculinity because rich men don’t need femanazis.

    2. I have seen this type of comment so many times here, that its not alpha to watch sports. That its only alpha to be the athlete. And yet the athletes watch sports themselves. Not everyone can play a sport, but they can still enjoy it and the atmosphere of going to a game or watching it on TV. All of life is worthless in the end. If you cut out all these things, youll end up having nothing to do.

      1. You can watch a game. But every game of every sport with every member of each team memorized? Get real, you know people like this. And getting into pissing matches about how much you know about it? Please, there is much more to life than being glued to sportscenter. Then to top it off, ESPN is one of the most feminist networks out there.

        1. Sports is important entertainment. It is a form of social control that keeps plenty of crazy people off of the streets. Better to be an avid follower of a team than causing trouble in society. This is particularly true for teenagers and those in their early 20s. Sports is not a bad thing. It also brings people together in spite of racial and cultural differences.

      2. Athletes watch the sports in a different way than casual fans, they are watching their competitors, they are DOING WORK. Its like the difference between a boxer watching a competitor box to understand his style for a future fight vs a casual fan.

        1. aha only the ones that actually care enough to do it, seen many interviews with reports that they dont watch it at all because they dont care, only a few do

    3. One thing to look out for is this: if you have a habit of playing video games and stop, and find yourself watching TV instead, then the real problem was not video games. Video game were simply a vehicle carrying out what was wrong – something wrong – in the first place.
      Long long ago, back when leaded gas was still available at the pumps, I had a friend who was a year older get a DWI. Part of his being let out of jail for it, pending trial, was to go into any kind of outpatient rehab on a low level such that AA would suffice, but he his license was suspended.
      So there I was, 17 years old, and taking my friend to AA. Funny thing is, while having had a few drinks by then, never had a problem (and to this day, never had a problem) with drinking. So I sat in the back without experience or jading.
      Listening to stories from mostly men which all boiled down to “how I wrecked my life because I was a retarded weak douchebag”, I was bored and was looking around and could not help but notice something.
      Sure these people were off the booze – or trying to be. But the cigarette smoke in that place was epic. Off to my left a table. And on that table were three of those large coffee percolators and several trays covered in donuts, cookies, muffins and cakes.
      Then I realized something. These people traded one addiction for another. OK so they put the booze down, then double down on pigging out, coffee, cigarettes… they are still addicted. Alcohol was not “THE problem”. They were.

    4. Completely disagree with this. I’m an avid football (what you guys call soccer) fan. Huge part of my life and the life of the majority of men where I live. Watching one or two games per week is hardly a waste of time. There’s nothing wrong with identifying with your favourite team. Not advocating to spend all your money on tickets and memorabilia, but identifying with a team is hardly harmful to one’s goals. (no pun intended)

      1. Quite right. Frankly, I have never heard of anyone who was harmed in any identifiable way by a love of sports. I have been watching sports since I was a kid and yet I am still a success in my field. Likewise, I play computer games, watch TV and porn and so far I’m fine.
        To me, taking an irrational position against sports is indicative of your own feelings of inferiority. I have noticed guys that don’t know anything about sports seem defensive about it, mainly because not liking sports is something that is associated with women. That’s why this guy has really gone on the offensive about it. He is covering up his self-perceived inadequacies.

        1. “Frankly, I have never heard of anyone who was harmed in any identifiable way by a love of sports.”
          Plenty of people have been beaten senseless at stadiums over rival teams, killed too. Plenty.

        2. I have known plenty of people beaten senseless and killed at bars. Did the bars beat and kill these people?

        3. Thank you. Sports is a good part of life. They joy and the disappointment is the combination that makes you stay interested. Just like life.

        4. No I am just extending your logic. Obviously a love of sport doesn’t beat and kill people.

        5. Love is a hell of an emotion. Love can make you do right, love can make you do wrong. Just ask Al Green.

        6. I’m addicted to soccer, and think/have convinced myself there’s a lot of value in understanding patterns of play. It can teach you how to be a better player, even some morality (though it’s spread thin among the new breed of fashion model players). Getting off point, just a few examples of old-style players in the modern game would be Pirlo, Iniesta, Xavi, Totti, Carrick, Lampard, quite a few defenders.. ah, getting too far off point.
          But I have to be able to consider the argument that it’s a distraction – that sadness for days can’t be constructive. I was in a stadium where a stretcher came on for a collapsed fan. The 80,000 fans briefly paused and stopped deriding the opposition and gave him a clap, before getting back to their chanting. I thought it was quite sad – his soul drifting around the stadium as the fans briskly clapped his inconvenient death that was holding up play.

        7. Well they didn’t know the guy did they? I can’t see that’s there’s anything else they could do.

        8. Well you could view the sad part as being that this guy died among a crowd of baying brutes who couldn’t really give a flying toss about him. His soul may have been emerging like a delicate butterfly from a cocoon and the first sentiment it faces is ‘Hurry the fuck up and go towards the light and stop delaying the game, will you? I don’t enjoy my pie as much when I’m not chanting my favourite player’s name’ from 70k fanboys. There isn’t much else they could do, no, but it’s a fairly corporate world when someone pops his clogs and nobody bats an eye. That’s why there’s value in being able to consider the merits of the ‘all sport is gay dewd (coz I was never good at any of them, or was so individualised that I was a liability in teamsports)’ viewpoint. The greed and egotism that runs through the soccertainment industry hasn’t much use for sentimentality as it rumbles along.

        9. But people die all the time. When they show those pictures of starving children in Africa on TV do you have a moment of silence or do you change the channel? I mean yeah, it sucks, but if I worried about all the pain in the world I would be seriously depressed.

        10. I did notice that they organised a minute of clapping before the Scotland v England game, for the fan who fell down the stairs and died. You raise an interesting point about whether or not feeling sentimentality/sympathy for the world at large is a proper state for humans. After all we are being informed around the clock of tragic tales that we have no business knowing, via sky misery. I don’t quite know what the answer is, and if people really have the capacity to care on a large scale. However, people can have an effect when there’s injustice in the world, and perhaps being aware of global developments is important for that reason alone.

      2. Well, I guess that depends on the person how much following “your” team affects other parts of your life. There are fans who actually get upset, demoralized and sad like their cat died when their team lost. I wouldent say thats very healthy.

        1. The emotional connection to one’s team is important. Sure you feel sad when your team loses. Comparable to catharsis when watching a film/reading a book. Difference is the sports team is real while the movie/book is fiction.

    5. Yeah I also think having fun, relaxing and enjoying yourself is a complete waste of time. We should spend all of our time working since that’s what we live for.

    6. A guy I work with was telling me about the time he went to the final game of the World Series between the Yankees and Mets, when the Yanks won at Shea stadium. He was saying everyone was hugging each other, complete strangers. That struck me as very odd. It’s a fucking GAME. A game that kids play. A ball game. A ball game that you’re not even a part of. The only thing you did was help pay these guys ridiculous salaries. I just don’t get it. I think team sports are great to help create a sense of team work and sportsmanship, but I prefer activities you do alone. Working out, golf, biking, skateboarding/longboarding/snowboarding, running. These are personal accomplishments that have positive effects on the mind body and spirit, not sucking the balls of other athlete.

  4. I am guilty of at least two. The switching of habits is a very important for fully using the same 24 hours, utilized by the highest earners and producers in society. Another really poignant article added to the manosphere. Good post Jefe

  5. #6 should be number one. The rest deal with everyday habits. Good advice on all Jefe.

  6. Advice from an old blue collar redneck who’s made every mistake in the book:
    1) Never marry or allow a woman to move in with you.
    2) Stay out of politics. Both parties work for Wall Street and the corporate global elite. And like women, neither one gives a damn about you.
    3) Learn early on who your REAL friends are. Who will fight for you when your back is against the wall. And it’s NEVER a woman.
    4) Never sign contracts. Especially contracts of debt or marriage. That’s the quickest way I know to ruin your life.
    5) Keep your mouth shut. Watch what you say and who you say it to. It can and will be used against you. That includes texts.
    6) Keep the govt at arms length. Stay under the radar. Don’t bring attention to yourself. Pay your taxes. Pay your bills.
    7) Learn a skill that will sustain you through life. Welding, plumbing, electrician, truck driver, builder, etc. And be good at what you do and proud of it.
    8) Never derive your self worth/self image from a woman. It’s a losing game. Women don’t give a damn about you. Derive your self worth from accomplishment.
    9) Never ever try to please a woman. Take that money you were going to spend on a woman and get a bass boat or gun instead. You’ll get more enjoyment out of it.
    10) Learn how to handle money and save like hell. Build retirement. Drive your truck till the wheels fall off. Watch your spending. And keep everything in your name. Don’t ever share accounts with anyone.
    11) Always be learning. Read books. Keep an open mind.
    12) Don’t be argumentative. Your not always right. Nor do you need to be. Sometimes it’s best to leave a fool to his folly.
    13) And don’t entertain fools. Get the idiots out of your life as soon as possible. They will hold you back more than you know.
    Well I hope these words of advice help you young men. I’ve made every mistake in the book. I hope you don’t. Always remember your greatest downfall as a man will always be women. If y’all have more to add I’d like to read them.

    1. “11) Always be learning. Read books. Keep an open mind.”
      “Keeping an open mind” is spewed forth so rabidly and apoplectically from the leftist fruit bats, that it has unfortunately lost it’s true meaning. The open mind is hungry for facts and has no tolerance for bullshit.

      1. You’re absolutely right. When people say “keep an open mind”, what they should say is “be able to entertain a thought without accepting it”.
        That’s what being open minded should mean. Where as too many people these days will do anything for attention and popularity based off the idea of some jackass.

      2. I think the key is don’t have a discussion with anybody that can’t elevate your thinking, or a person who is not open to changing their idea on a topic. I’m not saying don’t speak with a subject matter expert, but in more fluid areas of personal opinion or policy,

        1. Exactly. It’s all about growth. Surround yourself with people that elevate you. Not people that bring you down.

    2. Great advice. I would add be present for your family, or at least those who have been present for you.

    3. I understand having disdain for both parties but the alt-right is inherently political because of what both parties have done, is it not?

      1. I’m basically a libertarian politically, as are my male friends that I socialize and converse with, and in the past had always voted libertarian. So I’m familiar with third parties, and alternative parties and belief systems. But I do believe politics is a dead end and waste of time for a young man who wants to be successful. The culture determines a civilization’s outcome, not so much it’s politics. As long as will have no control over our women or children, there is no hope for our civilization. Young men need to look out for themselves, because believe me, no one else gives a damn about them.

        1. This post, short though it is deserves as many reps as the one that got you hundreds. Talk about knocking it out of the park, guys this is exactly where we are now.

    4. Great post. I was just commenting to a friend that our society has lost the meaning of “fool” to describe someone. Everybody now has a”valid” opinion, and should be heard and valued. Bullsh*t, some people are fu^cking “fools” and should be considered so, and everything that comes out of their mouths. It just shows how soft we’ve become, even to our detriment.

      1. Good point. The Scripture uses the term fool, most often in the wisdom books of the Bible. And it was used up to the modern era to describe someone who made bad decisions. I think the people that don’t like the word is because it probably describes them. I know the word fool, I’ve been one. Particularly when I said I do!

        1. Funny. I dont understand how these guys are able to suppress their urges. After self-preservation, sex is our secondary human nature, its a biological requirement.
          That is oppression of the self.

        2. He is old and experienced. He has suffered but also has probably eaten his fill of pussy. Hard to follow his advice if you are young and want kids no matter how sound the advice.

        3. Im 26 , want a family of my own. This is shitty time to be in, problem is I dont like messing about with theses girls. Still a virgin

        4. Well to be honest, it’s always a shitty time. You’ll be fine though. It gets easier as you get older.

        5. here’s some unsolicited advice. hope it’s not out of order: you’re a virgin so demand virginity from potential brides. chat a number of them up, and don’t mince around with guessing games. ask ‘when did you last have sex?’ on dates. take it from the angle of you’re their partner in crime and you can tease it out of them how many sausages they’ve entertained in their mouth pussy arse. get used to chatting loads up so you don’t get oneitis, but don’t fuck any until you’ve fully vetted them for sanity virginity and how generally decent they are (women are inferior intellectually to men, but can show decency with proper male constraint/leadership). don’t debase yourself by fucking sluts because you’re a prize – women go crazy for what they can’t have, and aren’t used to men pulling the ‘not til we’re married’ card. start compiling stories of the worst of female behaviour, feminism injustices, etc. you want to lead these girls to be red pill. show them that humanity is on the verge of a total fucking disaster, how the why kay dubya are socially engineering a catastrophe. she’s going to need a man, bottom line. her dreams of walking up the aisle in an addams family themed wedding might as well be gone up in flames. a decent man (you) and a quick vegas wedding with an elvis minister is the best she can hope for, and there’s a queue of other girls ready to climb over her if she hesitates for a second. let her take her chances on the slut carousel and see how marriable she is after a few whirligigs, while you’re going on to far greater things with a woman deserving of your efforts.

        6. Thank mr gizzard, will take your advice. Finding virgins these days is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

        7. I feel sorry for the guys in your generation. You’ve certainly been given a bum steer in that regard. When I was thinking about marriage in the late seventies no-fault divorce (his fault divorce these days) had only just started and the consequences to men were yet to be seen.
          Now we have three decades in which men have seen the consequences and the jury is in. Marriage is a no go area for men these days. My thinking goes in two directions here. If I were a young chap in the present world I would not be marrying and should my current marriage finish up for any reason – death, divorce etc – there would be no second marriage.

      1. Point one would be extreme for my Grandpa’s generation, but not for this present generation. I’m 100% against marriage now. Why? Because even if you believe you have found the woman of your dreams, the system is totally skewed against you. When your relationship goes south, and it probably will eventually, you can lose everything you’ve worked a lifetime for and you will receive the blame for the failure of the relationship. Your wonderful American princess can even have an affair on you and it’s still your fault because you did so and so to her. To keep peace and maintain a relationship with these entitled princesses, you have to continually kiss her ass to keep her happy, and if you don’t you risk the state coming down on you, losing everything or better yet go to jail because you’re accuse of abuse, etc. And do you really want to spend a lifetime doing this? Remember women have to be restrained and controlled by men to have a family unit with them, and you’re not allowed to do this in our culture, it’s a quick way to jail. Every man I know over 40 that’s married is miserable. I know some in jail cause they wouldn’t kiss their wives or children’s asses. I was almost one. Also women have a shelf life. You’re tired of her after 2 years. Maybe 5-7 if you’re lucky. After that you’re stuck with someone you’d rather not be with. It’s miserable, believe me! What’s the solution if you can’t suppress your urges? Get a girlfriend! Notice I said friend. Don’t marry them. Don’t move them in. Don’t sign contracts with them. Or get a string of girlfriends. Or get an escort. Or get a friend with benefits. Get marriage out of your head. That institution is dead. And don’t marry a foreign woman. Feminism quickly infests them also. I hope this helps you. My advice is for a young man to have a happy, stress free, successful life. And I believe nothing will derail your life like marriage or debt.

        1. I like what you say, but how do you propose reproducing? Nothing has been suggested to replace time tested marriage for rearing and raising a family.

        2. Adoption, perhaps? Plenty of unwanted kids in the world, and you’ll be doing a service to some poor bastard who otherwise was due for prison by the age of 21.
          Maybe you fake a gay marriage with a friend so you can vault past all the other safe, heterosexual, infertile families that want kids but can’t have them because idiot bureaucrats are terrified of their leftie masters.

        3. We’ve reached the point where continuation of the species is no longer relevant, its about keeping your arse out of jail and living your life. If you want to risk everything for some kids you probably wont get to see grow up, no one is holding you back, but you’ve been warned.

        4. Only single women and homosexual couples are now allowed to adopt kids. Not an option.

    5. I’m making this my required reading before i start my day or when i come to the end of my day. Thanks for sharing.

      1. I agree with you. I could write a whole essay on that point. Real wealth is food. And you need arable land to have food, water, the basic necessities of life. My advice for a young man would be to work and save and work toward that goal of self reliance, self sufficiency. Society is collapsing, and modern women will not help you. We are own our own. As Aaron Clarey says, just enjoy the decline.

        1. On that note, aquaponics greenhouses and mushroom cultivation allow for small-scale sustainable cultivation independent of the slowly imploding infrastructure and petroleum-based agriculture currently providing for the masses.

    6. Wow. Misogynist much? Methinks you got burned a bit by one or more women. I hope that someday you realize that there are decent women in this world; could be though that you are not worthy of any of them.

      1. ‘I hope that someday you realize that there are decent women in this world; could be though that you are not worthy of any of them.’
        john grew wise from experiences, he now realized that life is too precious to be geared towards any effort of ‘realizing that there are decent women in this world’ – it’s pointless at best.

    7. I needed a mentor like you in my 20’s. I made many mistakes and never had a good male role model(dad died when i was 22, uncle when I was 10, both grandpa’s gone a long time ago). Thanks for sharing all the advice. I hope young guys take this to heart,

    8. 1. My wife has always had my back, even when no one else did. Hard times built that trust, respect and that love (yes, love), I’m not giving that up for anything.
      9. My kids are my greatest love, not myself. I think that my predecessors have adequately shown that the greatest joy comes not from buying crap for yourself, but in building a family and a giving to others.
      2 & 6. I’d adjust this a bit; stay aware of politics and what politicians are doing. Too many of my family members have served to just let those rights won through blood and limb be wasted. How about, “never trust the government, they only mean to empower themselves at your expense”?
      10. Many of us might die before we get a chance to enjoy the fruits of our labor. And, often the government gets waaaay too big of a portion of that retirement. So, I spend when I want to spend because I’m not counting on my money being worth a damn tomorrow (inflation and our national debt being what they are).
      The rest are fine, but I might add a few…
      14. Don’t procrastinate, its better to have time to spend relaxing after you’re done than to try and get it all done at the last moment.
      15. Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. I’m talking about firearms, of course.
      16. Stand up for your principles and ethics, even if (or, especially if) it means your job.
      17. Don’t tolerate bullies or mobs. ‘
      Note: I’ve never met a bully that could take being hit in the nose and they always deserve it.
      18. Get a (big) dog.
      Note: Pick them out yourself and get them from a pound/shelter. They know (somehow) you saved their life and they will be loyal to you for it. You’ll know the one for you when you see them.
      19. If you have kids, spend more time at home than at work or any place else. That time invested in your kids will not only will pay dividends for you, but it will keep the rest of us from having to pay for them (children out of wedlock, welfare, prison, etc.).
      20. Take responsibility. The biggest problem I see in society today is the lack of personal responsibility.
      20a. If you do something wrong, ‘fess up, take your lumps and move on with your life.

    9. Lots of truth here. Like the Feminazi Gloria Steinem said: “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”

  7. Wait a minute. We shouldn’t watch a show where cannibals bind and gag people, hit their back of their heads with baseball bats and slit their throats to bleed them out?

    1. Yeah I feel Jefe is one of the last writers here on RoK still putting out game and self-improvement articles…
      Without that this site just goes in circles about the next thing that sucks about women and the west. A more even distribution of self-improvement and theory articles would be optimal.

  8. Another one that many of you will probably consider a bad habit: Getting into motorcycling. Once you do, pretty much everything else stops to matter.
    It’s too cheap to motivate one to earn much money. Even driving a half Million Dollar Ferrari sucks compared to riding around on a $2K beater bike (I’ve done both), and adds nothing practical to the equation. Waking up every day in a $10 million dollar mansion next to a model, you still just want to get the heck out of there,so you can go ride somewhere, and wake up the next morning all dirty in a little tent next to a lightly policed good riding road. Your business goes down the drain? More time to ride……
    While every interesting “hobby” tends to take priority for people, motorcycling is simultaneously practical enough that it displaces practicalities that are left in place if one is, for example, into river rafting; or even bicycling unless one is really hardcore. It makes you content to have one set of leathers and be dirty all the time, since riding is such a socially accepted excuse for just that. You no longer need cars, buses or all manners of other clumsy ways of getting about. Bikes are better pretty much anywhere, anyway. And since your bike takes you where you want to be, but where you want to be on it is far away from crowding, it trumps any nesting drive one may otherwise have. And, being your “hobby” as well, it removes any desire to splurge on anything else. ‘Cause everything else sucks anyway…..
    And riding is pretty much all the game you need. Not that it really matters, since even simply lane splitting down a crowded freeway is still infinitely preferable to wasting away next to some skag…..

    1. Ha! I never thought I’d see someone describe riding in this manner, but as an avid rider, I agree.
      I do look at it differently though. Riding is literally the only single activity in existence that can teach you every skill a man needs for a successful life.
      1. Risk Mitigation – riding is dangerous as fuck. It takes a certain mentality to get on a bike, and a totally different one to stay alive on one. Guys who ride for life are masters of managing risk/reward.
      2. Physics and Scientific understanding – riding doesn’t excuse stupidity. If you ride over a log, you crash. If you don’t know what counter steering is, you’ll crash. If you try to do anything outside of the bike’s limits, you’ll crash. If you survive the crash, you’ll learn a very valuable lesson: The laws of the universe are absolute. They don’t make exceptions for you, nor anyone else. Learn them, and respect them.
      3. Little clever mistakes, not big stupid ones – We all learn by making mistakes, but the best way to learn is to start with a theory and make little mistakes. Charging it without a clue and making a big mistake can lead to disaster. Ever heard of riders described as “organ donors”? Those are the big mistake guys. Ever seen a MotoGP race? Those are the clever little mistake guys.
      4. Courage – the one defining characteristic of any successful man. If you’re risking your life for a joyride, how the fuck can you explain being afraid to talk to a girl, ask for a raise, or say no to a shitty deal? Dancing with death gives you a whole new perspective on life. You no longer put up with idiots, and refuse to do what you’re told and throw your head down. You live life for yourself, according to your own principles, and don’t compromise for someone else’s gains. Your self-respect becomes a pillar of your personality.
      There’s more, and I could go on for days, but riding is the one activity I subscribe to any man looking to improve his life. So many lessons to be learned.

  9. I have some problems with this list.
    1 and 2 are obviously true.
    3. Video games aren’t bad in and of themselves. Video game addiction is though. An hour of online multiplayer isn’t going to kill anyone.
    4 largely true but i refuse to stop watching game of thrones and black sails. It’s too good of a show.
    5. were doing this as we speak. lol. Just stay off of social media and you should be fine. The internet should be used as an educational, practical use only. It shouldn’t be your life though.
    6. some of us have no choice. if you don’t make a lot of money it is actually a good idea since you can save money and pay off debt quicker when you don’t have all of those extra bill to pay. the ones that can will obviously do so. this point is misguided in my opinion.
    The point is that just don’t waste all of your time with useless nonsense. That doesn’t mean we have to abandon all pleasure activity.

    1. “An hour of online multiplayer isn’t going to kill anyone.”
      an hour a day is a bad habit. shitting away 365 hours a year. i agree occasional video game playing isn’t too bad.

      1. I used to be a “gamer”, played games growing up, bought new consoles and games on release day and everything. My friends and I were immersed in gamer culture and it was all we would talk about and do. It was about 4 years ago that I just got so burned out on video games that I had to stop playing them. I realized that they didn’t really get me anywhere and sometimes they were just another area of my life that I wasn’t “getting” something from. I felt like I could be doing something more constructive.
        I’ll take a break from studying or work to play a round or two of a shooter and I go back more focused, with a clearer idea of how I want to accomplish something with a fresh set of eyes (necessary for my line of work).
        One of my friends with a successful start-up plays Super Smash Bros. avidly. It’s all in how you balance things. An hour a day is hardly a waste of time, if I play any longer I start to get bothered and I do something else.
        We can argue the dangers of sitting too long, but occasional gaming isn’t going to handicap you for life. Gaming addiction will.

    2. An hour a day is WAY too much. Games are an energy-draining activity. That’s one hour of productive brainpower you’re pissing away. It might not feel as hard as, say, doing math, but it’s using the same level of mental energy (if not more). How many hours of productive brainpower does the average person have per day? I’m pretty sure it’s not more than 5 or 6.
      About shows, lots of shows are ‘good’. One year you’re wasting time on GoT, another year it’s breaking bad, next year it’s the next new ‘amazing’ TV show, and so on. It’s a never-ending cycle. Break free.
      I agree with 5 and 6 though. I live by myself but in this economy it makes total sense to live with your parents if they are fine with it. Actually, if you’re the one making money and taking care of them, there is much masculine virtue in doing that. Manly men used to do that in traditional societies.

    3. This country is entertained to death. It gets in the way of work, self-reflection and growth. I flipped on a tv on a treadmill briefly and saw a “Plane Repo” show. Really? A show about repossessing aircraft? Damn.

    4. I never played WoW casually. It was basically another full time job. For that matter, I have never met anyone who plays anything online only play it for one hour.

  10. I see it like this:
    Some of these on the list aren’t that bad if they stop you from doing others. For instance, if you have down time, it’s better to watch tv or surf the internet than to watch porn or eat shitty food. While it’s good to strive to be doing things that are positive for you all the time, you will have down time or times where you won’t have the physical and mental energy to do any more positive in a day so it’s better to do the “time killing” activites mentioned above (such as 3, 4, and 5) vs. the ones that have a more direct negative impact (such as 1 and 2).

  11. Good article but then the sad part kicks in – do we really need to be reminded of obvious things? Looks like without being said, guys cant figure out that leveling up wow account isnt better than for example taking swimming classes or learning how to fix a car. Do they really dont understand how miserable they look or it’s some sort of manhood challenge who wastes more time? Are we even self-aware of our actions?

    1. It’s like the old joke about frogs in boiling water, or the fish that don’t realise they’re in the water. Sometimes you need to point out the obvious.

  12. There is no substitute for a man’s own reality. Those around us live in our reality or us in theirs. It’s your choice which.
    To 1, 3, 4 and to some degree 5: living either vicariously or voyeuristically is the chicken shit way out. Let weaker men and the feminine (often the same thing) live through your exploits. “You are the hero of your own story”, said Joseph Campbell. Start acting like it. Be that guy.

  13. I think this article has perfectly described the modern day man-child. I really find it sad when I see my friends, who are in their late twenties, still playing video games and getting high in their “man caves”. A sad pathetic state to witness, and correlates with the decline of today’s man.
    May I also suggest the following to the list- travelling.
    The importance of this is to understand that travelling is the real way of discovering who you are an individual. The sad fact is that apparently 75% of Americans do not even hold a passport and 80% have never even left the continent. This is pathetic and goes to show you how out of touch many Americans are in this world- always watching television and thinking the world revolves around New York. Fucking hell, if you have not travelled, grow up, get a passport and go abroad. I don’t want to hear excuses about being in debt or stuck to a job etc. Heard it all before. If you have the money and time to spend on an Iphone or the latest gatchet, then travelling is not a problem.
    The idea of travelling helps you to break out of your security blanket and comfort zone, and to experience something new in your life. Just your wits and your backpack, you would be amazed to discover new potentials that you once never knew you had before.
    The problem with living in the west, is that you have all of the mainstream media telling you that there is no better place to be, other than your own country. You need to break away from this. Your family, friends and your environment will try to hold you back.
    By travelling to another part of the world, you will have the opportunity to learn about other cultures and value systems and this in turn, will help you to grow as a man, to expand and broaden your horizons and your mindset.
    Remember, you only have once shot in this life. Make it count.

    1. True. Traveling certainly did open up my eyes, open up my mind a bit, and light a fire under my ass.
      I had to ditch a few of my friends (just like i talked about in point 2 here http://grandadmiralgame.blogspot.com/2014/04/three-steps-to-stop-being-social-degen.html) because it became painfully obvious that they were satisfied just living a life of low-end jobs and gaming, while wanting to drag me down into their abyss as well, and shame me for not wanting to be a part of it. It was indeed difficult to cut off ties, but it was better than glorifying a mundane existence.

      1. Thing is is they are probably disgusted with themselves anyways or will be eventually… They don’t logically think that their way of life is better… its just easier to drag others down than to build yourself up.

      2. You have to cut the dead weight and allign only with the ambitious or you will get sucked down.
        Birds of a feather flock together … eagles are rare, so you won’t have too much company if you go for excellence.

    2. Very true. Travel can change you. You stop getting so caught up in some of the petty issues that seem important if you are stuck in the USA all the time.

    3. Travelling. Even within the continent, absolutely give you a greater perspective and allows you to see the bigger picture much clearer

    4. See that’s it right there
      The manosphere engages in self-reflection to turn men into successful grown ups, while the feminist world tries to extend their childhood idealism through whining and blaming others

  14. I’ve learned in my time having a constructive outlet is about the best thing you can do. instead of having a man cave for you put all your video games and other stupid shit, instead build yourself a workstation. Instead of playing video games, build something at that work station. Electronic, woodworking, even something along the lines of model making. anything that’s creative and allows you to work on something to build your skills and build your mind, you can’t lose.
    if you happen to be in the basement while working on projects, do some laundry while you’re down there. You’ll be surprised how warm that dryer makes the basement in the winter.

  15. Get off the TIT boys and girls. Whether it’s the ‘boob’ tube or the cigarette butt that you plant your face into, sucking for a fix is a habit that needs to stop.
    Cigarette manufacturers knew what they were doing a century ago when they designed the standard 80 mm cig which is the SAME DIMENTIONS as a typical protruding TIT NIPPLE. A 12 yo kid will put a cig in their mouth for the first time and take a drag. There is then something familiar about it, but they can’t quite put their finger on it. It takes them back in time somehow while it brings a rush of pleasure. IT’S A TRICK and NO IT’S NOT YOUR MAMAS TIT this time. It is one more reason cigarettes are psychologically addictive as well. REAL TITS ARE BETTER. Stop shaming and start gaming.
    The ‘boob’ tube is similarly addictive, but is more like smothering your whole face into a set of pussy lips in full bloom. Only you fall asleep in front of it and awaken much later smelling only like yourself.
    GET OFF THE GOVERNMENT TIT. Say no to the free assistance with strings attached. Learn to think for yourself. If that’s too hard, then just go head first into every situation and you’ll be forced to think on your feet. You will learn. The benefits will be reciprocal. A man will seek and find better avenues and a woman will not be sorry in the long run for running to the women’s ‘help’ center. Government ‘tit’ assistance is for losers. If it doesn’t stunt you from growing, it WILL leave you with missed opportunities and bridges never crossed. You still die fat, dumb and malcontent.
    Whether it’s ashtray breath, milk under your nose, or a mangina mustache, GET OFF THE TIT.

  16. Great list. I think #6 also applies to you when you live somewhere else, but get all your monetary support from your parents. My goal is to make enough money to pay everything I owe them back – so their retirement is secure. Then I will feel truly free.

  17. Gluten free diets are devoid of scientific basis except for the few people with celiac disease. That’s the kind of hippy bullshit white liberals believe in just because everyone else is doing it.
    Everything else is good though.

  18. I ussually enjoy articles from ROK; but on this one, besides from point 1, I desagree completely. Evasion is necessary for a good mental health.

  19. I chose to move back home in my last year to complete my degree. Also because my parents had been slapped in the face with rough times. Its been a year now.
    The Pros: Living with my parents now that I’m a little older was great for solidifying our relationship. I was a bit of a rebellious juvenile and me and my folks had a lot of trouble understanding each other. Now that I’m more mature its been great to get to know my parents better and for them to know me better. Also they appreciated that I prioritized their health and well-being first.
    The Cons: Banging girls in my bedroom at my parents place just aint as much fun as banging girls in my own place… period… Also, and perhaps the most important, its hard not being able to structure your own living space to the full extent of your liking. Making compromises, my parents watching TV in the middle of the house on their down-time, not enough space for guests. These things while seemingly small start to get under your skin and hold you back. Also not to mention the fact that not taking care of everything yourself all the time starts to make you lazy. No matter what… to my mom and dad I’m going to be that little kid and at least some part of them will always treat me that way. I was far more bold when living on my own because there is a sense of pride in surviving completely on your own.
    Will be leaving ASAP, but with the benefit of a better relationship to my family, including my brother as well.

    1. What about money wise ? If you give up part of your control, don’t you lose financially as well ? I can easily relate to your story. Good luck with your objectives and lots of health and well being to the fam !

      1. Money-wise I’m ok. I worked throughout my entire university education and got as many scholarships and bursaries as I could… taking jobs wherever I could… I have standards for my career but not for just making money where I can. Hell, right now I mop up vomit at a nightclub every weekend haha. Also I lived with my ex-gf to save cash.
        And yeah my family is doing much better than a year ago thanks.

    2. Hey Clark I know you live in Toronto, but if you ever visit Montreal give me a call we could shoot the shit and approach some girls. Fuck if anybody who lives in Montreal reads this, I will be organizing a mastermind group of redpill men or teenagers, just leave a comment so I know you exist, cause its getting desperate on this old Western Front!

      1. Specialized honours undergrad in Cognitive Science (mix of psychology, philosophy, computer science, linguistics). I’ll be done my MA in experimental psychology by the end of the month. The lab I work in specializes in multisensory integration.
        You did engineering right?

        1. Well to be honest I’m going to try and adapt my background to a different career track.
          Neuroscience is fascinating… its a young science with deep implications and yeah… I went for it because I loved it. But I’m afraid that the academic track is a dead zone right now. While neuroscience/psychology has better funding than many other programs, I’ve met too many PhDs in my academic training to bank on it and roll the dice… I come from a hard-working blue-collar background and not from excessive wealth and power where I have a lot of room to fuck up.
          The pay during a 5+ year PhD is below the poverty line… and then you spend another 5 years as a post-doc making around 30-40k/year… and THEN if you’re LUCKY you might get a professorship position… and THEN if you’re LUCKY you MIGHT get to be on tenure track and not have to find a new job every year or two or whatever… Right now academia is clogged up and everyone wants a PhD in neuroscience because its an incredibly interesting topic.
          And this is going to sound rude… but a lot of women go along this PhD track and get husbands to bank-roll this whole process for them… so no matter what they’re taken care of… for a man it can become a very real risk to acquire the prestige of professorship (I’ve seen this in my male post-doc friends who became busted dudes)… Oh and I’ve also seen quite a few women become crazy cat (and dog) ladies because they overestimated their sexual market value and became undatable over-educated beer worshipping fat-asses…
          Anyways that was a little long… and was part of my justification for leaving academia… a decision I had to make this year.
          To answer your question. What am I going to do now, these are the options I’m most interested in:
          1. User Experience Design – I’m currently reading books and doing research into this new field. It is basically about applying psychology, ergonomics, and design to consumer user experience research. So like… working with consumers to test the layout of some new technology or product… The pay is decent and it gives me a chance to apply my education to a relatively new field. They hire people of all backgrounds btw (engineers included) so if it fits with your personality there is an idea. Colloquially its called UX Design.
          2. Industrial/Organizational Psychology – basically… psychology of business environments and organizations. With my education background I could join the military for a little while and work as an officer doing recruitments and psychological profiling. Build optimal teams with people of different personalities and skills etc. Than the army would pay for me to do a formal PhD in Organizational Psychology which has good career prospects in industry.
          3. Audiologist – My research has been about audiovisual perceptual integration and so I think I could become an ear-doctor (2 year masters). Help people with hearing disorders.
          4. Teach English abroad. Whichever long-term career track I do, I think I want to see a bit more of the world before I get sucked into a particular track. I really want to see if the women outside of Toronto Canada are a different breed for myself… This city gets to you after a while if you don’t mix it up.
          Anyways.. that is where my head is at. If you got any feedback it is appreciated. My primary motivation is knowledge over money. But obviously money is necessary.

        2. IMO, avoid academia … I have brilliant friends who are there working as slaves hoping to one day become a prof. Academia is a bubble, so hiring for full time positions is about to get a lot worse.
          Audiology sounds good, but you mostly work with the elderly. User design I have never heard of.
          It’s nice to want knowledge over money, but in this economy I won’t bank on that working out. PHD is an acronym for poor, helpless and desperate.
          Have you thought of the oil sands on Canada?

        3. Nah… for me going that route is last resort. I’d be willing to pick up a trade someday for safety measures but doing that stuff as you get older wears you down. My dad is an example of that… Got an injury and had to say goodbye to his autobody and carpentry… those can be harsh environments. Do that in your late-teens early twenties is a great idea but I’m well past that stage. I have savings so its not like I’m hurting right now. If it comes to that I’d do it though.
          I’m gonna see what I can get with my credentials. I’ll try and reroute the education I’ve been building. I’ve got research + statistics + programming experience under my belt. I’d like to try and fall back on those skills before I make a 180 and go into something completely unrelated.
          It wont be long until aspiring academics drop that track like me and fill the industry market. I’d like to play my cards before that happens. Check out UX Design, that seems like something I could excel at. I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on it.

        4. UX sounds interesting like IT, except more specialized. It would be congruent withe your skill set. I have heard for jobs like that employers want skills more so than a degree. At my firm there is a technology division run by guys with an IT and engineering background.
          I have tried coding and hated it. Dropped my computer Sci class in college.
          The real problem for our age demographic is that going down one path precludes others. The sort of salary and stability our parents knew about is a thing of the past. So your choices in life are critical. My dad worked in finance right out of college making the equivalent of 90 today …. and it wasn’t an elite firm, jobs like that were plentiful in the 80s.
          You might only get two or three shots at a “good job” …. so you have to not let opportunity slip away.

        5. That is good advice.
          Same here… my mom went to work for Bell Canada straight out of highschool. She started in the mailroom (sounds like a cliche nowadays) and was picked up by the higher ups because she took her job seriously.
          She’s been with them ever since. That simply doesn’t happen anymore.

        6. Mail room … lol.
          Today you need a masters, three certifications, and ten years experience to even be considered for a job that pays for a family of four.
          Law school .. 150K OF DEBT, MED SCHOOL 300 to 400k.

        7. I know someone who is going to do medical school in China to avoid the debt. I think they’ve worked out some way to either transfer the credits or they’ve gone full ex-pat. Just throwing ideas out there.

        8. My goal is to make a ton of money from 25 to 40 and retire. House and car paid with one rental property.
          As a single guy, if you can get in the range of 750k of savings, you can essential retire if you know how to invest. It’s no sure thing, but a 5 percent return on 750k nets you about 38 a year, which is a livable passive stream. To counter inflation, you need to reinvest 12 of that 38, which puts u at about 26k a year passive with a growing portfolio.
          THOSE ARE EXTREMELY CONSERVATIVE NUMBERS. I could place the numbers at 1.5 mill savings and 8 percent returns.
          It’s doable.Getting married and having kids ruins any hope of financial independence though.

        9. I’m playing a similar game. But I think I might retire in some other country to live off investment money.
          26k here is nothing, but in the Philippines for example its quite decent. If you can manage to find another place where you can live with yourself… whatever that is for you as an individual… it seems like an option.
          Even if I was a millionaire here in the West I think I might still be miserable. I need to see other places before I place my bets on the traditional western way of life.

        10. Those fields sound too esoteric to me to get an idea what one could do with them.. could you expand on what you plan on working on?

        11. Well, the west as a cultural entity doesn’t really exist anymore … it’s a grave yard. The rest of the world is overrated … most non western countries are absolute hell for the people living there.
          You can’t escape the degenaracy. Ex patting will be less attractive over the next three or four decades because you won’t have the same buying power or security.
          26k is livable if you have your house and car paid for. Food, insurance, a bit of travel included.

        12. read my other post with Dr. Orange. I gave him a few career tracks I’ve been thinking of.

  20. As a 21 y.o I can say most young people (and definitely a few of my friends) do 3, 4, and 5 regularly. Whenever my mates start talking about this new trash tv show that they are watching I feel alienated cause it sounds too stupid to invest your time like that. I would also add to the list finding pleasure on material BS. So many “tech geeks” obsessed with getting the latest iphone, tablet or whatever. To me it just means they’re trying to fill a void in their lives cause they lack direction. Most of the expensive stuff people buy nowadays adds almost no value to our lives. Money is better spent on experiences or simply saved for later.

    1. Big Bang Theory. I’ve seen this show, have never been impressed, yet I have to endure almost daily references to it. From the few episodes I saw, it’s about bunch of clueless white knights and a snow white princess on a pedestal.
      I’ll give the Cathedral this: It sure knows how to take shitty sex jokes to new heights and make pussy pedestalizing propaganda that the Beta manlets lap up like kittens lining up for a milking.

    2. It’s alone at the top, bro. I was the same way when I was your age. I loved to read philosophy type books in my spare time while everybody was gossiping about the latest episode of ____________ and I definitely felt like a loner all throughout college.
      Then I discovered this site and met a few other people who were similar.

  21. The first 5, I 100% agree on as being hindrances on a mans success in life. The last one I mean you can cut guys some slack on. The economy is shit, rent isn’t going down and owning your home is not easy to achieve unless you want to sign away your financial freedom by getting a mortgage.
    But yes at some point a man should move out of his parents home. When that time comes, well I think that depends on the individual. I think when you have the opportunity and your stable financially then I think that it is a good time to move out. But I don’t think men who are in their 20’s should necessarily be embarrassed. This embarrassment is a cultural thing and nothing else. Asian families have up to 3 generations living in the same household, its only American culture that teaches parents once your 18 you go to university and kick your kids the fuck out of your home. Which is idiotic; why not let your kids stay home for a little longer and actually save some money to be able to move out.
    Anyways good article I agree with your points, #6 is debatable I’d say as being a negative…up to a point though. If you’re 40 and still living with your parents wtf have you been doing since finishing post-secondary?

    1. You should consider vandwelling (yep,living in a van). I see it as a steping stone more than a lifestyle (but it will change you), but when stretching dollars, your expenses won’t go over $300/month. Even a part time job will have you eating well. A fulltime + part time job is a overkill, but not for someone with lofty goals..

        1. I envy the homeless. They are truly in a bad spot, but their situation can only improve (if they want it to). That being said, that lifestyle has to have a endpoint in mind. I figure I will give it up when I’m able to pay for an apartment (utilities) without having to work for it, or maybe not.

  22. What are some opinions about reading online? This includes blogs, articles, ebooks, and the like, not the major social media sites. I’m okay with this for myself as long as it isn’t excessive.
    I am spending a lot of time online too trying to get my website up. I didn’t realize how hard that was… oops.

    1. I think his point was meaninglessly browsing the internet. One can research a lot on the internet. From the classics to woodworking to butchering a chicken. There is nothing wrong with using the internet to further ones knowledge or skills. Provided that one acutially puts to use the knowledge/skill one is researching.

  23. In other words ‘Man up’ and slave away for society, and other males who have had success in this shitty system. Not everyone gives a shit about getting rich so they can chase pussy all fucking day. No one would argue that self-improvement is important, but it is very tiring hearing about how some men who were able to play the system want others to follow in their footsteps because it made them whole. Just because people are interested in things that you ‘alphas’ are not, does not mean they are ignorant, and do not improve themselves or have ambitions.

    1. I’m not quite sure I understand your disappointment with the article or the slaving away for society bit. You can be entirely selfish and slave away for yourself. For example, I see traveling as quite selfish. It’s entirely for your own experience and in no way helps anyone directly yet you grow and learn from it. It also takes discipline to create a financial situation/structure that allows you to do it… p.s. chasing pussy all day is not mandatory either, it’s not an end goal and there is no end until you die.

  24. Well, besides your generalization of video games you’re right. People that get addicted to mmos can’t really blame the mmo, if it wasn’t for the mmo they’d get into something else, maybe something worse, like tv, or drugs. It’s like a fat guy blaming walmart for making him fat, if walmart didn’t exist he’d go somewhere else.

  25. This is so spot on. Doing a few can hurt but every habit adds up. From lower energy eating junk to social anxiety from watching porn.
    Just the other day i went out and finally got the nerve to talk to a girl. We danced a bit and she was so docile, so glad to be with me. The thing is, i was holding back on talking to women there because of the toll on these bad habits.
    Its not that you cant do it, it just becomes difficult. It doesnt have to be that way.

  26. Another great article from Jefe. Jefe always gives advice on how to improve yourself. There is way too much MRAesque complaining on this site recently. Im tired of seeing articles complaining about feminism. Its one of the reasons i prefer ROK to Heartiste. But we need to get back on the male improvement, game improvement model and less on the MRA model. Great article Jefe, keep giving us something to improve ourselves with.

  27. What about reading this site? It ties into number 5. I recently discovered ROK and the red pill and i’m kind of hooked.
    between work and school i do about 16 hours a day/5 days a week but any chance i get i am reading articles and skimming through comments.

    1. This happened to me early on when I found ROK, eventually if you follow the advice on here you will find yourself cutting back naturally, don’t sweat it.

  28. > You’ll never be fully independent until you’re living in your own apartment or house, paying your own bills, and scheduling your own day. Yes, there’s something to be said for helping your parents out, but you don’t need to live with them to accomplish this. When living alone your mindset will be different, and it will manifest itself directly though how you think, act, and feel about yourself.
    post university i moved back home to be with parents (family illness) and i definitely saw a weakening on my resolve from returning home. honestly at the moment i’m there for two reasons 1) cost, i cant afford to rent in this area and need to save sufficient money for the ‘sabbatical’ i’m taking to work on business full time
    2) sick family, but again after about 3 years of this my position as doting son has left me basically drained of life force. i think my parents know it too.
    so damn true. article is spot on

  29. Did I stumble across a trad con site or perhaps you have been co-opted by the feminists? All that stuff can only hold you back if you obsess on it, otherwise its just cheap entertainment and probably more fulfilling than the company of some vapid twat.

  30. I just got home from the jogging around the lake…it’s almost 8pm, I’m about to cook some dinner and relax. Should I not watch any TV at all or play a game on PS4? I think TV and videogames are ok to pass the time when there’s absolutely nothing else to do. What else should I do on a Sunday night?

  31. 7. Jerking off.
    When I was a young pup, my guy friends would put each other down by saying so-and-so was “jerking off”. Now, this was meant somewhat symbolically, but still – whether you were doing nothing or actually masturbating, it had a connotation of time-wasting. Curiously, this put-down isn’t bandied about as much anymore.

  32. That’s right men, doing things you enjoy are holding you back. How can you ever enjoy life if you’re doing things you enjoy?

    1. Your avatar kind of gives away your posts intention.. you’re clearly trolling (right?).

  33. I don’t see the big issue with living with your parents-it’s the most intelligent financial decision that you can make. I come from a fairly broken home, so it’s not a viable option for me, but if you have a happy and healthy relationship with your parents it’s a great move to live with them until you can afford certain comforts in life. Forget the shaming that women give you. You’re saving at least $10k/year in rent and living with people you (hopefully) care about. If I could, I’d live with my parents until I got married (this is normal in traditional cultures). Women who frown on it don’t understand family values or planning your financial future.

    1. A girl I dated many years ago used to give me shit for living with my folks in first year university.
      What she wasn’t telling me at the time was that her parents were the ones bankrolling her to live in the downtown studio apartment we hung out at. She dumped her boyfriend that she moved here with from the Manitoba as soon as she found out they would pay for everything. After she went seriously into debt she had to move to butt-fuck-nowhere Canada to live with a beta-male… and she’s still there to this day…
      Textbook story alpha-fux/beta-bux story… Don’t listen to chick’s shaming bullshit, they don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about most of the time…

      1. Between the mortgage on my apartment and student loans, I just get by. And I have a good job … I don’t know how thelse liberal art majors are feeding themselves (I have nothing against lib arts, I just know none of them have good prospects).
        If I can advise any young man… rent free and debt free is bliss … STAY AT HOME UNTIL 35, if you can. I know plenty of millenial women who don’t care and still want to fuck, so long as you have a car.
        No I’m not kidding. There is no way to prepare for the future except to save and living at home will do that. Unprecedented times we live in.

    2. The one downside of living with parents I see is depending on how your parents are. Many of them try to use their kids as personal slaves to run every aran they can think of and will drain your life force, especially if one is sick.

  34. True Independence is essentially freedom from all the mortal bindings that hold us back in the world and prevent us from attaining greatness and realizing our full potential.
    More often than not, they are almost always forms of entertainment and distraction, be it TV, video games, the internet, women or your own self-constructed psychological vices that you cling to ever-so-dearly with a solemn, sickening sense of contentment.
    The only real limits there are in this world are the ones you set before yourself, the sooner you realize this, the sooner you will become the man you were destined to be.

  35. Don’t see a big issue with living with parents, if one is independent minded and parent’s hold little sway. If they are major players in your life, then yeah maybe it’s better to move out.
    I would add staying out of debt, debt is a huge silent stalker just waiting to crawl up on a guy and take him down, debt also makes you a slave to the lender. Stay away from it.

    1. Debt is evil. Credit is evil. Don’t take these words lightly. If you operate on credit, make sure that you have enough cash in your reserve/fuck off fund (FOF) to pay off any amount of debt that you hold immediately otherwise you’re playing with money that you don’t have and you’ll pay for it severely in future limitations if it gets out of control.

  36. Only three on the list strike me. 3 been playing videos games for almost two decades, so in a sense I guess I am addicted. 5 I Browse the Internet mainly for music or to watch a few YT videos. 6 living with the rents mainly because it’s 10-15mins away from the college I go to and my job. Already been established that they plan on moving next yr after I graduate. So I’ll basically have to the place to myself.

  37. Number 3 is bullshit. Playing some good video games can be pretty much equivalent to watching a good movie: there is a story that can be both entertaining and enlightening and the artistic direction can be fantastic and inspiring.
    Of course spending all your time playing WoW is a bad idea. But completing a couple of games every year can have certain benefits. I am speaking here about scientific papers published in high impact factors journals and not someone pulling facts from his ass:
    And you can also learn quite a lot by just getting involved in online gaming communities. I am not really an online gamer myself but my brother did learn a couple of things from his involvement in a community, including managing a budget, balancing the advertisement to generate revenue without hurting the design of a website, administrating a website etc. Not rocket science skills, but that can always be useful later on and it is ok if you just invest a moderate part of your time and energy in it.

    1. Or you just could read a book instead of playing videogames and achieve further enlightenmnent.

      1. Who cares about your books? Video games are the highest form of entertainment. If you don’t like playing video games (and I talk about true video games, with an amazing story and gameplay, like Uncharted 2 and The Witcher 2 for example), you just don’t know how to enjoy yourself.

        1. Yes, The Witcher came in mind of course.
          Deus Ex: human revolution and recently Wasteland 2 are also good ones.
          Some other games are slightly less story driven yet very challenging with am interesting artistic direction like Dark Souls 1 and 2.
          Plus, you can definitely read books and play games. They aren’t incompatible. I also have the feeling that playing video games might be as good if not better than reading fiction (because reading a novel doesn’t improve your reflexes or multi-tasking skills).

  38. Other than point 2 (Shitty Foods) I do not think this article identifies any bad habits of note. It is a complete myth that watching porn causes erectile dysfunction or effects your libido. Don’t worry. Enjoy your porn. The point on computer games is equally silly. Most people do not get addicted to computer games. This is actually impossible. Likewise, nothing wrong with TV shows. Browsing the Internet? Not sure how that could ever be perceived to be a problem, unless you are supposed to be working. What the author has done has identified activities that may or may not be symptoms of an underlying problem rather than identifying the underlying problem itself. That is, a lack of drive, ambition and goal driven activity. If you pursue your goals, your leisure activities (which may or may not include porn, games, and TV shows) will not be a problem.
    Living with your parents long term obviously is an issue but it can provide short-term benefits (allowing you to save money, pay off debt etc.). But in the long term as a man you should be taking adult responsibility for yourself.

  39. I can identify to a lot of what’s been written here.. as usual Jefe nails it with a well constructed and written article.
    I can look back and see for a time in my life i was a mirror reflection of all the above points, heavy game addiction.. drinking coke everyday, junk-fueled diet, couldn’t talk to women.. i found comfort in my escapism; the point made about video games giving a false sense of growth couldn’t be more accurate.. it takes so much from you.
    I went through a drastic transformation of lifestyle some 4-5 years ago after getting in deep with substance use; i cut back on all my escapist habits and made a decision to take back the reigns of my life, i focused on nothing but work and myself for a couple of years and then used the money i earnt to spend 2 years travelling abroad.. which opened my eyes to everything, i was introduced to an entirely different pace of life, traditional feminine women and other people with ambition for self-improvement.
    Now im spending my time working, earning money and putting together plans for a potential business overseas.. no more bullshit. I think once you reach the absolute pit of your own comfort zone, where there is nothing but stagnancy.. you either make a choice to remain there or leave and never return, ever.

  40. WTF?
    Was this list generated by a ROK writer or one of the cunts that showed up here menstruating about the tattoo article ?
    I mean seriously, how many fucking times did one of those sluts use “watch too much porn, play too many video games and live in your mom’s basement” as a default insult to whomever the bitch was squawking at.
    This shit is not advice!

    1. LOL! I have to say, other than 2 and 6 I do the others frequently in my spare time. So far, it hasn’t ruined my life.

  41. Again, as some commenters said, this is what most nagging female will use to shame us. Esther Villar was right in The Manipulated Man, we enjoy being a slave apparently.
    All I read in this article is:
    “Quit porn, bust your ass seducing jaded females who want nothing to do with you so in the end, maybe they’ll reward you with some sex”
    “Quit playing video games, it’s for children! TV shows are a waste of time, while you watch them, you don’t work and make money, so you are of no use to a woman!”
    “Don’t browse the web to educate yourself, the more you know, the less chance a woman has to deceive you!”
    “If you live with your parents, you won’t be motivated to earn motived to support my expensive woman lifestyle.
    Let’s comment each point in detail:
    1. Seriously, what do you have against porn? It’s a healthy release for those who don’t want to chase women day in day out.
    2. This is the only good advice in the article.
    3. Why do video games always mean WoW for these brainless alpha’s? What about video games masterpieces as Mass Effect 2, The Last of Us, The Walking Dead from Telltale games, who will teach you more about “alpha” behavior and the human condition than a lot of your oh so precious books. Because reading is always virtuous and any other form of entertainment is pathetic right?
    4. Same as with TV shows. What about Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, The Wire, or Deadwood? These shows are not just about entertainment. They transcend entertainment and will teach you a lot of useful insights about life.
    5. The internet can be a goldmine of information and useful entertainment when one knows to use it. Even Facebook can sometimes be of use to meet girls, if it’s what you’re interested in.
    6. I live with my parents, my two best friends too, although one is a lawyer and the other working in finance, it’s a smart move financially if you ask me. But it might be different here in Europe, it’s more accepted. Why this obsession of living alone too? Again it’s so you can slave your life away and impress some women with your “independence”, as if you didn’t depend of your boss or the government to some extent.

    1. Porn mess up your brain, makes you become a pavlovian dog and some studies linked it to attention defficit.

      1. There isn’t any proof of what you’re claiming. You won’t sleep with models because you refrain from masturbating, sorry to burst your bubble.

        1. “You won’t sleep with models because you refrain from masturbating”.
          You can put words into my mouth if it makes you feel any better.
          I don’t even advocate quiting porn and masturbation just to get real women, and I would point out to you that it is possible to get off without watching moving pixels.
          Porn is like T.V., movies and videogames. It keeps you inside with electric signals getting into your brain. It makes you a connected zombie.
          It’s just part of the matrix they’re slowly building around us to keep people asleep. While your reality is becoming more ugly and shitty, your virtual world is becoming everyday more appealing.
          “Tittytainment” like Brjesjinski said.
          It’s the “freedom of daydream” which Adous Huxley described while prefacing “Brave New Word”.
          “A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the
          all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of
          managers control a population of slaves who do not have
          to be coerced because they love their servitude.
          As political and economic freedom diminishes, sexual freedom
          tends compensatingly to increase. And the dictator will do well
          to encourage that freedom. In conjunction with the freedom to
          daydream under the influence of dope and movies and the radio,
          it will help to reconcile his subjects to the servitude which is
          their fate.”

  42. I don’t understand these articles sometimes, you tell us to not watch porn or browse the internet.Yet you are posting lengthy articles on the internet that have basis on research you’ve done on the internet? You also tell us women are bad and not to trust them but to steer clear from pornography? Am i missing something? How am i supposed to stay away from the biggest collection of information the world has ever seen, the internet, and learn? How else am i supposed to take the edge off when i have other things to do without beating it? Some of the articles are great and i have learned alot from this site but some of the points yall keep trying to drive home are very hit or miss. It feels like you are trying to fit all men into a mold, very much like the feminist do, and tell us to act like this and do this so we wont be “crushed” by the opposition. It almost seems like some of you are scared of women. I myself do not trust them but i am by no means scared. They are mysterious creatures to whom which you should tread lightly but assert yourself.

  43. How about an addition for #7, stop putting women on pedestals. Putting much of your time and energy into a woman can be equally self defeating. Too many guys I know drop everything to please their LTR gf. They give up hobbies, even work pursuits in order to spend more “quality time” that she demands. It’s rare to find a woman that’s ok with just hanging out on weekends-you have to set that precedent early on so she can take or leave the arrangement. It can be self limiting and doesn’t really help your self improvement.

    1. Marriage ruined my life. I don’t know how else to say it. American women are full of nonsense. They will drain you of all your time, energy and money. And I married back in the day what would be considered a “good woman”. I couldn’t imagine marrying these tatted, pierced leftovers of sluts that young men have to choose today. Never put a woman on a pedestal. They don’t deserve it and they’re not worth. Sex is overrated anyway. If you’re lucky you get 2 good years out of a woman and then you’re stuck paying for her sorry ass the rest of your life. Pursue hobbies, skills, crafts, and find your mission in life. If you have a girlfriend along the way, fine, just don’t marry her. Have good friends, male and female, just don’t sign contracts with them!

      1. Sorry to hear you had to find out the hard way. However, these sort of cautionary tales can help the younger guys and still single guys-I realize that’s of little consolation but it’s important I think. I also agree with your opinion on marriage and I’ve thus far avoided it at 37. You just have to tune out all the shaming crap everyone throws at you. Best of luck to you on your post marriage journey.

        1. Yes it is-it peaks around 35 I’d say but starts shortly after 30. You’ll hear it all…peter pan syndrome,”man-up”, “you’ll die alone”, “you’ll never truly love”, etc… The list is extensive and in extreme cases, you may even get called a homo. Although they can marry now too so it doesn’t quite hold the same weight. You have to learn how to deflect and ignore all this crap. I assume you’re younger?

        2. Wow they’re starting early these days! Ignore it my friend-you are way too young to get involved with an LTR right now. Focus on yourself, your career, passions, etc… and by the time you’re in your 30’s, they’ll be chasing you. Oh i forgot these recent shaming nuggets an ex just threw at me-basically making you feel like you have some sort of mental illness which you’ll run into alot:
          1) You’re emotionally unavailable
          2) You’re a commitment-phobe

    1. Great article. I agree. Billionaire investor Peter Thiel is investing in tiny houses. He believes they are the future, he’s investing in them and he lives in one, in Portland I believe. He did a podcast a while back with Tim Ferris, I think, on this subject. If I were a young man, I’d get a tiny house in the country and live as inexpensively and self reliant as possible. Great link. Thanks. I’ve bookmarked it.

  44. I’d also like to see some ways for the young guys out there to help them move forward. I agree, first we need to ease up on these items listed. Second, I think the following are a few good ways to improve your standing:
    1) Read, read and read more. any topic that interests you, find a book and read about it. Wikipedia can only tell you so much.
    2) Get outdoors and enjoy nature. It has a natural calming effect on humans. Yes even in the winter-the quiet can be very peaceful.
    3) Eat clean and stay hydrated(goes along with #2 in the article)
    4) Keep a small solid group of guy friends
    5) Learn how to play an instrument-creating music is a pretty cool feeling and can build some great camaraderie with other musicians. Get a band going preferably.

    1. Great points. Especially number 2. Nature puts things in perspective. It’s calming, and mentally and spiritually uplifting also. I think modern people are too far removed from nature and I really believe that’s why people no longer know what’s important and what’s not. And I can guarantee that if we had to return to nature without the benefit of modern technology, women would ditch feminism in a heart beat! Life would return to its natural order. Friends, books and music, recipe for a good life.

      1. Nothing like unplugging and setting out into the wilderness. I went on an outdoorsy trip once with a GF and all she could do was piss and moan about her phone not working while we were surrounded by nature’s wonder. It was a turning point for me in that relationship.

        1. I’ve had the same thing happen to me. My wife and daughter always whined and complained when I took them outdoors. I soon found I was better off to go by myself or with male friends.

  45. What holds you back I knowing a woman is who is narcissistic as hell and because she’s hot, you STILL jump at it! I was just reading a post on a social media site and this one chick post MORE pics of HERSELF and blabs more about men not measuring up… She ain’t bad on the eyes but her bluntness/prickly nature I’m is why her single status will be forever.

    1. Singlestick
      Violin making
      Violin playing
      Strength training
      Boat building

  46. Browsing the Internet is a bad thing? I suppose it is if you browse through bad stuff. I spend at least one or two hours everyday to watch documentaries and read articles about science, history, etc. and I do not think the habit is “bad” in this specific case.
    However, I agree : when you lose your time on Facebook to “like” cats or attention whores pictures, it is!

  47. omg that was a good article!!! :O Fantastic work, this was sensible and not pointlessly offensive. Really well done. I might sound sarcastic but I’m genuinely impressed and relieved and pleased.

  48. I’m not going to comply with a man-up rant simply because it’s written by a manly man on Return of Kings rather than a feminist shrike in the mainstream media.

  49. In regards to porn. The only way porn can really give more than it takes is if you’re learning from it or gaining something OTHER than jack off material.
    I use sexy pictures of naked women to get better at drawing. But if you’re just using it to unload and nothing else, you’re losing the game.
    And in regards to the Internet, this article is way off base. The Internet is so much more than Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit. We don’t think it is because we’ve confined ourselves to Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit. But there is a whole world of awesome waiting beyond the walls of social networks.
    Giving up the Internet isn’t the answer. Laying off social networks is. Go visit some WEBSITES or FAN SITES, go check out some PERSONAL HOMEPAGES (remember those?).
    Or Hell, go visit a FORUM or shoot somebody and EMAIL.
    Live life, man!

    1. hey this is exactly what he said…..dont waste your time with sites like this ” x x x x x ”
      the whole point is dont waste hours and hours browsing useless bullshit sites where u gain 0 knowledge and go to places more productive

  50. I’m merging myself in the mindset where I’ll prioritize three things during the next five years of my life: university degree, money, and travel. I’m cutting out video games, television (for the most part), and porn. Next year fast/cheap foods will go and so will most entertainments of today’s age. I will get a car this November and drive myself to a labour and construction job. My only form of “pleasure” will be books, documentaries, chess, old school (only non profane) and classical music. I think I’ll keep watching that Glengerry Glen “Always Be Closing” scene. It makes perfect sense. In this world you have to be a closer…or you’re on the streets. You have to be ruthless and cut-throat. No more partying around, no more feeling sorry for yourself, and most important of all: no more giving a fuck what anyone thinks and tells you otherwise.

  51. 1 used to be a problem for me, but that is cut way back. I think the only one I still need to get under control is 5, but then I’d need to cut out ROK and I don’t wanna.

  52. You forgot binge drinking alcohol. Robs you of your testosterone, destroys your liver and brain function and usually makes you feel like shit the next day.

  53. Well written. Especially 1 and 6. Living with your parents makes it seem like you’re an overgrown kid.

  54. About facebook discussions
    do people even keep in touch with each other on that crap??
    People with hundreds/thousands of friends i bet not even 10 of those would piss on fire to save you
    Im disgusted by any kind of ‘social media’
    Its to amuse the minds of ignorant people who do nothing but comment about someone’s looks on a photo or post a reply about whatever idiotic self proclaimed smart sentence someone has posted that he copied it from somewhere else to try to convince his friends of his pseudo-intelligence.
    Photo commenting, and bullshit replies to another bullshit its all that goes on in there, nothing else, save your time.
    Dont even need to mention you or your baby can be the ugliest son of a bitch alive, and your pseudo-friends will compliment you and that fetus you should have aborted looks.
    Its infested with attentions whores (men and women) trying to get some selfsteem from their online friends to escape the miserability of their lifes
    And the rare times i login per year i dont see any intelligent life down there.
    The numbers speak by themselves……hundreds of millions of users…..cant all be smart.
    Rather be or alone around a few smart people than surrounded with idiots.

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