Why The Globalist Establishment Is Doomed To Fail

It’s easy to get despondent over the current political situation. The progressive, globalist elites appear to be firmly entrenched in their positions of power. Even the election of Trump hasn’t moved the needle very much. But the appearance of being in control is a ruse. The end of the globalist neoliberal order and the elites is now inevitable.

The elite want to appear invincible

The great Chinese military strategist, Sun Tzu, tells us that “All warfare is based on deception.” One such deception is for an army to give the appearance of great strength even if its real strength is much less. A castle might not be sufficiently manned to mount a good defense, but invaders will think twice about attacking if the fortress itself looks impregnable.

The elite use a similar tactic. They only comprise about 1% of the population so they are aware that they must keep the 99% placated if they are to maintain their lock on wealth and power. They do this in several ways: welfare keeps the lower class satisfied, Hollywood and sports distract the middle class from reality, and the managerial state keeps the brightest vying for the highest paying jobs. From the moment we enter kindergarten until we graduate from college, we are taught that the neoliberal system is the best system for making people happy and prosperous and that all other systems would be steps backwards.

The system looks strong… but it’s not.

The reason the elite are trying so hard to keep you from asking questions is because the neoliberal system is cracking. The whole selling point of the neoliberal system is that it was supposed to create wealth: There would be more to go around for everyone. But the actual results are much different from what we were sold. Only last week, the Washington Post ran the results of study that determined that while the elite are getting wealthier, the middle class is not:

America is getting richer every year. The American worker is not.

Far from it: On average, workers born in 1942 earned as much or more over their careers than workers born in any year since, according to new research — and workers on the job today shouldn’t expect to catch up with their predecessors in their remaining years of employment.

Stagnant or falling earnings have put a squeeze on working- and middle-class households. The trend has also widened the gap between the rich and everyone else as, overall, the economy has continued to grow overall but the bulk of those gains have ended up in the pockets of the affluent.

It’s not just middle-class Americans who are suffering under the neoliberal order—a brilliant article published in the City Journal describes how globalization has affected France:

A process [called] métropolisation has cut French society in two. In 16 dynamic urban areas (Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, Toulouse, Lille, Bordeaux, Nice, Nantes, Strasbourg, Grenoble, Rennes, Rouen, Toulon, Douai-Lens, and Montpellier), the world’s resources have proved a profitable complement to those found in France. These urban areas are home to all the country’s educational and financial institutions, as well as almost all its corporations and the many well-paying jobs that go with them… Cheap labor, tariff-free consumer goods, and new markets of billions of people have made globalization a windfall for such prosperous places. But globalization has had no such galvanizing effect on the rest of France. Cities that were lively for hundreds of years—Tarbes, Agen, Albi, Béziers—are now… “desertified,” haunted by the empty storefronts and blighted downtowns that Rust Belt Americans know well.

But globalization is doing more than just enriching certain cities while impoverishing others. It is also forcing the middle class to leave the cities that their ancestors built:

[There is no place] in France’s new economy for working people as we’ve traditionally understood them. Paris offers the most striking case. As it has prospered, the City of Light has stratified, resembling, in this regard, London or American cities such as New York and San Francisco. It’s a place for millionaires, immigrants, tourists, and the young, with no room for the median Frenchman. Paris now drives out the people once thought of as synonymous with the city.

All those wealthy people need services but those service jobs don’t go to native French workers, rather France imports a third world underclass to the necessary work. These workers are kept in public housing at taxpayer expense:

Public housing is now used primarily for billeting not native French workers, as once was the case, but immigrants and their descendants… In the rough northern suburb of Aubervilliers, for instance, three-quarters of the young people are of immigrant background. Again, Paris’s future seems visible in contemporary London. Between 2001 and 2011, the population of white Londoners fell by 600,000, even as the city grew by 1 million people: from 58 percent white British at the turn of the century, London is currently 45 percent white.

If it were only a matter of a small number of economic winners and a large number of economic losers, that alone could be enough to spark a revolution. But globalization has also created diversity at levels never seen in history apart from military invasions, and that is creating its own problems. The new immigrants feel more solidarity with members of their home country rather than their new country. Every ethnic group is permitted to desire the good of its own tribe, except for native Europeans or Americans. The animosity between ethnic groups simmers just below the surface wherever the native population comes into contact with the new immigrants. This can be seen in French public housing:

[Public housing] is getting fought over tribally. An ethnic Frenchman moving into a heavily North African housing project finds himself threatening a piece of property that members of “the community” think of as theirs. Guilluy speaks of a “battle of the eyes” fought in the lobbies of apartment buildings across France every day, in which one person or the other—the ethnic Frenchman or the immigrant’s son—will drop his gaze to the floor first.

The Elites are ignoring the evidence

There have been numerous signs that the natives of Europe and the US are getting fed up with globalization. In the UK, the Brexit vote caught all the prognosticators off guard. Trump’s victory in the US and Le Pen’s near victory in France tell us that the native populations of these countries are very unhappy. You don’t need to be a divinely inspired prophet to see that this is a power keg.

Yet despite these clear signals, most of the elites are fully invested in opposing even minor democratic reforms. Emmanuel Macron, the winner of the French presidential election, dismissed the rise of the French nationalists by saying, “There is no such thing as French culture. There is culture in France and it is diverse.” British leaders are dragging their feet at implementing Brexit. And in the US, the “conservative” Republican-controlled Congress managed to fund Planned Parenthood abortions but not the border wall with Mexico.

To be sure, there are some of the wealthier elite who do realize how precarious their situation is and are taking steps to protect themselves. Moguls like Larry Ellison, Peter Thiel, and Steve Huffman are buying islands or vast compounds in New Zealand that they can escape to in the event of a revolution.


Nothing lasts forever. The Egyptian, Greek, and Roman civilizations came to an end. The current neoliberal order is no exception. It has become unsustainable so while we can’t be sure when the dismantling of the globalist order will begin, we can be sure that its days are numbered.

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143 thoughts on “Why The Globalist Establishment Is Doomed To Fail”

        1. It’s hard being a super picky intellectual voluptuary. I share your burdens.

        2. Right now, I’m smoking a fine cigar, drinking perfectly brewed mocha Java coffee, and washing it all down with a meticulously crafted Ballast Point IPA– all while casually working on academic research. I own bourgeois! But I’m in love with the world out of sheer gratitude for all the wonderful stuff in it.

        3. “But I’m in love with the world out of sheer gratitude for all the wonderful stuff in it.”
          Beautiful sentiment – worth repeating!

        1. I read that article you linked. Strange how they speak so glowingly of the Muslim husband, e.g., how the children had their mom’s facial features and their father’s color. And how driven and intelligent he was. I guess you and I are a couple of white dum dums, huh? LOLZ
          Seemed like the tone of the article was very apologetic and was trying to make allowances for the husband: he had “anger problems,” he was stressed from being such an elite surgeon, on and on. He a good buy, he dindu nothin.

        2. No sympathy: she broke up with Whitey because “they had drifted apart.” Man, I wish the women I dated sought out my approval. Goes to show: you gotta treat them like shit and insult them if you want them to stick around.

        3. Typical vapid elites trying to create the illusion of happiness, a veneer of luxury belying spiritual rot. Part of the reason I truly despise the rich. I can be content in an empty room with my thoughts or walking in the woods with a girl just talking. These rich pricks who need to fill the void in themselves and their relationships with expensive shit sicken me.

        4. There is a particular personality type that goes into US medical school I think. In Europe is totally different.

  1. I believe they are doomed to fail due to the sad fact that they are spiritually dead. Soulless people are miserable, just look at the ones you have to put up with at work.

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  2. Okay, so there is a problem. What is the solution? Are we going to magically roll back technology and society so that we don’t have global trade and instant communication with nearly all parts of the world? The vacuum cleaner, electric range, and washing machine has basically eliminated the need for the so revered gendered roles of yore. How do you stop millions of people for wanting plastic trinkets and gadgets so much that they will willingly send their kids off to die in proxy wars (and fucking be overly proud of it)?

        1. No, the elites wouldn’t be able to control anything if the US voting base were not so ignorant and weak. The stupidity of the American people empowers elites. Make them pass a citizenship test and only allow those that pay federal taxes (both standards less than half the country can achieve) and the elites have zero power over the country.

  3. While I like Michael Sebastian articles, this one is excessively optimist. The Globalist Establishment is not ‘doomed to fail’ because most people (white or not) simply don’t give a flying fuck and they are not struggling in any way against it. The effective resistance against the Globalist Establishment is basically less than 0.001% of the global population, and their ‘acts of resistance’ [sic] are basically 1) bitching and whining in the internet, and 2) LARPing in the internet as ‘presentable resistance movement’.

      1. With some notable exceptions (Rothschild, Warburg, Rockefeller) the Globalist Elites are not dinasties. In fact, I think they know their Pareto well and use the doctrine of Circulation of the Elites.

        1. I’m suggesting hanging them from the nearest lamp posts or giving them a 9mm headache.

    1. Think of it this way; the AVERAGE American is overweight, carries discretionary debt, and watches tv five hours per day. HALF of America is more useless than that slob.

      1. I honestly can’t comprehend how they can watch 5 hours of TV per day…I don’t even watch 5 TV hours in a week!!

        1. Beats me also. I’ve stopped entirely and would sooner slurp down a bucket of shit than watch that idiocy. And the longer I’ve avoided that, the movies, the radio and so on the more it is grating if I have the misfortune of being exposed to such.

        2. It’s sickening. They’re zombified by it and what they believe as a result of it is laughable.

        3. My wife’s parents are like that. We’ll meet for dinner and all they can discuss is television. They watch seasons at a time. My wife and I are like “ummmm, we watched an old episode of Star Trek Voyager over the course of two days…”

        4. “I don’t even watch 5 TV hours in a week!!”
          I have not watched t.v. in over 5 years. I don’t miss it.

        5. The little TV I watch is only as a listening exercise, as English is not my first language.

        6. In fact I don’t like TV at all, I do it mostly for improving my listening, as English is not my first language.

        7. As a means to an end that’s fine. Whatever it takes to help with language proficiency.

        8. I used to watch the news and you have all sorts of different angles but it all comes down to one agenda. Even if they look diametrically opposed. Fox news has all of a sudden switched to real journalism with facts while CNN has become what Fox used to be. Multiple players are created for the world stage by one single entity running the entire shitshow. Literally 50-100 people probably run CNN and every other news outlet.
          MSM is the head of the beast. Cut it off.

        9. One among many heads of the Hydra so to speak. We need to be Heracles and proceed to cut each off and then cauterise the main stump so that it can never sprout again.

        10. Curious Joesph, are you ever coming over to the united States?

        11. Hydra is a better analogy because there are many heads from Law and Courts, MSM, Religion, etc.
          But looking deeper this beast exists on the plane of illusion that 95% of the planet has been tricked into believing is the only reality. Your birth certificate, SSN, passport, etc. all prove your existence within it. Fighting the beast and killing it brings no rewards for tomorrow a new one will appear in its place. It is a man made illusion that permeates the reality of God’s kingdom. No man can be forced to participate in the illusion or else divine intervention would be apt to soon follow. Freewill can never be tampered with.
          I concede that fighting is not the best answer. Non-compliance, extraction, and self-education I think would provide better results.

        12. It would but there are times where you must stand and fight if and when necessary.

        13. I can’t comprehend it either but I see it every day. Yesterday at 5 pm it was 80 degrees or so, sunny and with 3 hours of sunshine left people were going home to watch tv. a it actually said to me “I can’t want to get home and put my feet up and just veg out”

        14. Not this year. I was considering going to D.C in November for the National Policy Institute Conference but looks like they are not doing anything this year (maybe because the Heil Trump Affaire last year). In the past I traveled there a number of times, mostly for holidays (Miami, Orlando and NY).
          I have a B1 (tourist) since years ago, which basically allows a stay of max 3 months.

      2. Who watches that much television these days? Nobody that I know.

        1. The only time when I watch a significant amount of tv is when I am sick but I will admit that when I have a nasty flu and I am stuck in the house and miserable, food delivery and tv happens non-stop. That said, I think people just do this all the time.
          On my way home from work yesterday walking down my block (which is mostly residential) I saw a guy maybe mid 30’s, not a bad looking guy, dressed sharply, walking into his building with a Pizza.
          Now ok, this may not seem that odd until you realize it was like 80 degrees without a cloud in the sky and the streets were packed with people, many beautiful women, every bar had an outside area full of people and Central Park is only a 5 minute walk

        2. There are times when you’re just beat. I got 4 hours of sleep last night, and I had intended to go to the store on the way home for food. I had laid out a steak to thaw. I said fuck it, and was fully intending to take a nap, then order pizza, but I had enough salad stuff left over in edible shape from earlier this week to make a meal, so no pizza. Sometimes, you just want to go home and eat something and stay put.

        3. That’s why I spend 4 hours every Sunday meal prepping. I go to the Chinese take out and buy containers for 5 cents a pop. Everything is labeled with macros and calories. Hungry…pop in microwave. Faster than a pizza

        4. I think I’m the end it is a net savings of time and also helps keep things focused.

      3. Its pretty bad considering modern TV is an abomination as is modern film making. Recall I was visiting the States last year and heard some drunk 20 something rave about the Force Awakens ad nauseum. The young millennial generation really eat up all the video game like movies that are released these days, all fancy visual effects but no story.
        The same thing happened with the new Alien film, it was clearly dumbed down for the Generation Y and Z. You could see the Alien expand into a fully grown creature like an inflatable balloon, the moment it rips itself out of a human host.
        I recall in the older Alien films, it takes at least several hours to days for the creature to become fully grown.

        1. Force Awakens is a libtard wet dream. Absolute shit product that copied everything valuable from the original trilogy.

    2. “While I like Michael Sebastian articles, this one is excessively optimist”
      Agreed. Actual civil war should have broken out in America and Europe by now.

      1. What civil war ?
        If you become a practical & practicant Christian you will not allow any evil done to anyone…and guess what…evil is locally protected by your very local institutions that allow said evil to take place.
        From the gangs that sell drugs near your home to the arabs/ turks/ gypsies that receive protection because they feed local authorities with their dirty money.
        Our families are not safe.
        It isn’t until we will all unite in our love for true Freedom & True Christianity & Christian Virtue that we will be able to do something.
        Until then…do as any other fucking coward does – ,,Enjoy the Decline, because I am such a fucking cook and retard, not courageous enough to call out evils when I see them”.
        Optimistic ?
        Maybe for you.
        For me it’s more of a confirmation of the way we need to take, more aggressively.

        1. “For me it’s more of a confirmation of the way we need to take, more aggressivel”
          I’m not disagreeing with you.

      2. Technically speaking we are already at war. The Elites are waging a war against us, but is not an open war.

        1. ,,…For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.”

        2. When Kennedy was murdered, several things happened around the world.
          No 1. The USA – the most powerful state and the country where it’s people were the freest of the free, was enslaved to paper money / Federal Reserve.
          No 2. After constantly being kept in check by the Kennedy Administration, Israel finally built it’s -then first- atomic bomb.

        3. The MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX,which Pres.Eisenhower warned about. After Pres.Kennedy was assassinated – he had just ordered our withdrawal from Vietnam – within weeks, traitor
          linden johnson cancelled Kennedy’s order, ordered l00s of
          thousands of troops to Vietnam and began the DISASTROUS
          war of many years which KILLED thousands of American men
          and sent many hundreds of thousands home with no arms or legs, in wheelchairs for the REST OF THEIR LIVES. Those
          MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL types have been running things ever since. (BILLIONS of dollars).

      1. Even the poor could get healthy and lose weight, only thing it requires is motivation and discipline. Biggest problem with modern Western diets are processed foods, often made with artificial vegetable oils, sugars, sugar substitutes, and white flour. Eliminate foods containing these ingredients or minimize their consumption, and its highly likely you will lose some weight.

      1. You are correct and you are in very good company.
        Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security
        — Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration Of Independence

        1. And Russia has already gone through this process. Its good to study to see what can be learned.

    3. I think he’s correct. Most ordinary people aren’t opposed to the globalist elite – yet. They will be when their livelihoods are threatened. And threatened they will be, because our current welfare system is totally unsustainable. I’m sure Louis XIV and the aristos in France felt nice and secure – until they weren’t.

    4. Multiculturalism has been a major poison injected into ALL Western countries, no one is opposing “diversity” in the West. Even Trump is not rejecting it, in fact, he changed his tune on Islam while in Saudi Arabia telling Muslim nations that they need to fight extremism, also saying most Muslims are inherently good people, quite a change from what he said while campaigning for the Presidency.
      Problem with multiculturalism is its not a bunch of different races, nationalities, religious groups, and colors holding hands in a unified society, but a form of social control, where both the majority white population and the immigrant foreigner suffer for a few elites. Why do these people suffer? Its because the elites set these different groups against one another which weakens all of them.
      As far as people believing Donald Trump will restore America as a white Christian nation, it’s not happening. At best he is only showing the conversion of America.

  4. The globalist elite begins to fracture only once it’s eye begins to behold itself. It is after all all-seeing and must necessarily seek to surveille its own inner sanctums as the only remaining source of its own destruction once all external opposition is pacified

  5. Everything crumbles to dust eventually. Today’s globalist is tomorrow’s pile of dust. Very comforting…

    1. you could have said the same about Rome. But if said it a few hundred years BC that would have meant something very different from AD.
      The point is trivial, except perhaps with regard to the ‘virility’ of the ideas that animate the present order. Are those ideas still dynamic? Do they command the belief of their followers? Do they still have the energy to power history as they would have us believe?
      They need to sense how close they are, yet nonetheless so impossibly far away.
      If they demoralise us, how can we demoralise them?

        1. This is the major and truly the only weapon of the “Revolution” lol

        2. honestly I don’t think much of it at all. I think it is a lot of hokum. Do I think that very, very wealthy and powerful people seek to retain and grow their wealth and power in a way which may be considered sociopathic? Sure. Absolutely. Do I believe that this small group of people work together for common interests at time. Ok. I buy that. But the mustache twirling world domination stuff is a little beyond where I would consider the crazy line to be

        3. I have to agree. I cant see someone being smart enough to pull that kind of world domination stuff off. Human nature is too chaotic for anyone to pull something like that off. Not to mention at the end of the day people choose degenerate beliefs(such as feminism) to follow. Most men choose to be white knights and betas. At the end of the day the only way the degenerate propaganda can affect you is if you allow it. At the end of the day most of this can be summed up as laziness. Why work hard to build up a fortune when you can just be mediocre and blame the man for holding you back? Why should women grow long hair, stay thin, and watch their manners when they can blame the patriarchy? Why should i build myself up to become a man that women desire when i can quit and say that all alphas are natural? People now adays(i admit I used to think this way too) want everything handed to them or want to put the least bit of effort the acquire something.

    2. Like Billy S. says “golden lads and girls all must, as chimney sweeps, come to dust”

    1. you mean against library closures and to improve bin collection frequency? That sort of thing?

      1. If that floats your boat, then yes. I was thinking along the lines of planning permissions for cheap housing, the nature of businesses moving in your neighbourhood, the way your local council spends money, etc

        1. my plan is zero tolerance for dog mess and elimination of the central banks. The last bit is a bit out of area perhaps

        2. It’s more likely the banks will make dog mess a new reserve currency when the dollar fails. I could just imagine the fed “printing” more dog shit to save the economy

    2. This. Get some rural land and hoard some weapons and food. Learn practical skills.
      Hell, your typical all-American childhood has prepared you for the inevitable collapse in ways you’ve taken for granted. If you know to boil water before drinking it and how to find the North Star, you’ve already got a leg up over slum-dwelling collectivists and effete Elites.

  6. The one thing I’ve seen is that liberal ideologues, like the globalist elites, would rather see the country (or world) destroyed rather than surrender the control that they see as their birthright. They’re dangerously deluded and will cause great suffering when they fall.

    1. Nope. Read a history book, they always lose. Problem is everybody else always loses along with them. That is the problem we should be thinking on, how we survive when everything goes to poop.

  7. Americans can start by declaring our independence from Israel and expelling its colonial overseers, like that Israeli banker on the Board of our Federal Reserve.

    1. Spot on. But Americans decided to stop wearing the pants long time ago. Weapons in closet, muh.

    2. This. A thousand times, this. Also end all dual citizenship. Zionist lobbies funding another country’s interests at the expense of the US are outrageous and likely seditious. If I tried something like this for the US almost anywhere else in the world, I would expect to be prosecuted.
      I sometimes wonder what the world would be like if Israel lost the 6 day war.

      1. If americans ever find out that israel did 9/11 & killed Kennedy, israel will cease to exist.
        And they know it.

  8. To be sure, there are some of the wealthier elite who do realize how precarious their situation is and are taking steps to protect themselves.

    Many wealthy American Jews have dual citizenship with Israel. Guess which country they have lined up as their bugout refuge in case things go to hell in the U.S?

    1. Technically, that’s true of dual Irish-American passports as well. If America goes to hell, where will they go? Well, ok, Ireland.
      Just saying. We should be logical and rational, not emotional and spergy.

      1. The Irish, unlike the Jews, have traditionally treated the United States as their second home, not as an overseas colony it can loot for resources. Ireland’s government especially doesn’t use our military as its foreign legion to carry out its policy goals in the world.

      2. Believe me even though Ireland is on the periphery of Europe it’s becoming enriched also. And the politicians? They just kneel at Frau Merkyls feet to suck her dick. Like the rest of the western “democracies” they are cucked. There is however an undercurrent of dissatisfaction. I’m in the dual citizenship boat. Might look at some of the more conservative states in the US if things get any more enriched this side of the pond.

    2. You’re kidding, right.. 5 minutes after Iran, Egypt and the entire fucking Middle East hear things have gone to hell in the US, Israel will cease to exist.

      1. Similarly, the UK and France have nice nuclear arsenals and are being culturally enriched at a rapid rate. It’s a dangerous game The Tribe is playing. It just begs the question: Was it so bad for them under YT?

    3. And why would my relatives ever need such an option when they live among such an incredibly lovely person as yourself.

    4. Oh, dear, he’s off again. “Dem Joos! I coulda bin a contender if them Joos hadna stolin my Yale application form!”

  9. Ozymandias; Ramses II. Nice touch. And he’s cut off at the knees!
    “Take the object of the enemy’s desire and he will conform to your wishes,” said Sun Tzu, in his great treatise, The Art Of War.
    Power. Security. Easy money. These, among other things, are what the wealthy desire. I don’t call them elite. The SEALs, SAS, Spetsnaz, etc.; are elite.
    Perhaps people are waking up ‘globally’. But it only takes one more ‘event’, the right ‘event’, and back to the cage most of them go. Believe the propaganda, show your support, and be sure to vote. Just one more time. And we won’t have to do it ever again.
    Sporting events, concerts, movie premiere weekend, etc.; are bread-and-circuses designed to keep the masses distracted from what’s really going on. Race riots, celebrity dramas, economic news (good or bad), threats of crime and terrorism, non issues (pick your favorite or most hated SJW cause here), etc.; is more litter in the garden of the mind.
    Basically, the average persons mind is so clogged with irrelevant non-sense that they don’t know which way is up. Occasionally, I suffer from that too.
    I like the title of the article, Why the Globalist Establishment is Doomed to Fail. But I won’t be proclaiming victory anytime soon. They are too crafty, experienced, and entrenched, to believe that ever. Truth is, their eminent demise may be a ruse as they move on to a more advanced form of deception.
    Terrific article Michael Sebastian. Thanks for sticking your neck out for us.

  10. Got my universes mixed up, but “Commander, prepare the Death Star for a single reactor ignition. I like to play with things a while… before annihilation.”
    Cue max volume Queen keyboard-drumbeat. Dum dum dum dum flash! Aw-aw!! He save every one of us!
    Let’s face it, at this point we need Flash Gordon riding his attack sled against the lefties.

    1. Well, Flash Gordon *is* a major inspiration for Star Wars, so it’s fitting to type a quote from that space opera as a Star Wars character 🙂

  11. Yeah truth is that they already won (the globalists and their masters)…revolution is impossible in the west.
    They are prepared to fight us for it and they have incredibly advanced weapons and ships with meta stealth. They could clear theoretically 100 armata tanks in 10 seconds thats how fast they move to the human eye.
    Take my word for it…if we ever end up fighting..winning is impossible.
    I bet if the globalists lost control on the ground they would have no issues unleashing devastating tools of war we are not fully aware of.

    1. Really? And I suppose you’ve visited the Skunk works and got the grand tour? Oh please, you’ve been over doing it on Command and Conquer. Empires rise and fall. Wars come and go. It’s all about where you are when the shit goes down. Survival is what matters.
      What have they won? An unsafe world living in walled estates with hookers and key’s of coke?

    2. nope. it would be mutual destruction because if it is true we can’t beat their technology, their technology cannot protect them from a chimera virus fucking their immunity sistem and killing them from the inside. of course such a virus may exterminate humanity, but hatred do not care.
      they better think well before being too cocky for their own good, it may lead to the end of humanity.
      also they still use free thinking soldiers. what make you think they will accept to kill for them like good dogs.
      if they want such a plan they would need android they can control, or have a way to proggram the mind of their soldiers.

  12. For whoever reads this :
    ”It has come to our attention that a mysterious force is LOOSE..
    somewhere in outer space.”
    “The mysteries of creation are there.”
    “Up in the sky?” “Up in the sky.”
    “The moon and the planets are there.
    And new hopes for knowledge and peace are there.
    And therefore as we set sail; we ask God’s blessing
    on the most hazardous and dangerous and greatest adventure
    of which man has ever embarked.” — John F. Kennedy
    “Prepared for liftoff.”
    I self Lord and Master shall bring disaster to evil factors
    Demonic chapters, shall be captured by Kings
    Through the storms of days after…”’

  13. Doomed to fail. Maybe. Their ‘hubris’ prevent them to see their own flaws.
    Problem is, we will sink before them…

  14. The only reason why it’s doomed to fail in less than fifty years is the extermination of the middle class that sustains it. If they think they’ll be able to control islam and the muslim horde then they are sadly mistaken.

  15. They empowered women to get votes. Nature has a sense of humor, they did this to control men through women, but unrestrained hypergamy will lead to men revolting.

    1. Very few will revolt. Have you seen the average 20-something, supposedly heterosexual ‘male’ in America? They’re one step away from wearing rompers, if they aren’t wearing them already.

      1. I am a twenty something male. I redpill as many as I can. Easiest way is to get them to lift. After people treat them different because of muscle, they are much more receptive.

  16. Did Macron really say there is no French culture? Ok, sorry I just looked it up and he said that exactly. There is a YouTube video of it. He says, “D’ailleurs, il n’y a pas de culture francaise…”
    I find all of this astounding. At least Obama left it to his preacher to damn America. This Macron just damns France on a hot mic on purpose. It just gets worse every day.

  17. I truly hate the ideology associated with the global system, but webcan’t be too hopeful for such a collapse. All of our retirementv savings are dependent on the global economic system.

  18. This article ignores the mechanism of wealth concentration and wage stagnation (and decline), central banking.
    Also the globalists, the so-called elite are coming out into the open as the doors on society close. We see it everywhere. Look at the headlines. Trump is bad/traitorous/stupid because he doesn’t obey the technocrats. That’s the so-called elite’s government. Just a few years ago they wouldn’t have dared push such a narrative. Today people are being openly conditioned that the POTUS, the elected government has to obey the unelected government “conspiracy theorists” from Ike to today have warned about. Right out in the open. And that’s just the latest thing. Bliderberg meetings are moving to being open acknowledged. The so-called elite are moving towards open rule.

  19. Michael, I want to thank you for writing this piece. I very much agree with your article above. I’ve believed for quite a while that this order is doomed and see, as you said, some fatal cracks in the foundation. An example of one of these cracks can be observed when we acknowledge that the foundation for globalism, and by extension, progressivism, which are one of the same, is postmodernism. This foundation is quite shaky, and I’m being incredibly generous here. I recommend listening to Gad Saad and Dr. Jordan Peterson on postmodernism, it fact, this should be required reading for any red pill or neomasculine individual. Its very important to understand the causes of our current situation. Indeed, its leftism, indeed its communism…we know that, but, do we really appreciate the significance of postmodernism as the very canon that is producing the unfavorable conditions we’re living under? You see, postmodernism is total fucking gibberish bullshit. It flat out denies reality. As far as a crack goes, you got a big fucking crack right there. Postmodernists are keen to “deconstruct” everything, which is just too good, because, eventually they’ll be forced to deconstruct themselves. There is no reason to wait until they get around to it, rather, this community should make it an priority to deconstruct postmodernism. How do you do that…you critique it. Analyze their dogma and pick it apart. Listen to Gad read some postmodernism and you’ll feel a little more optimistic.

  20. Don’t you KNOW what and who GOOGLE is? You’re selling your soul to the “DEVIL” – do some REAL investigating and save yourself.

  21. The biggest weakness of the globalist plan has been their disenfranchisement of white working class people. One of the reasons why there was so much “stability” in the West was a large working and middle class that acted as a social cushion between the very rich and the poor. That is why America maintained its democracy and overall society for years while other nations saw revolutions, often violent ones that led to more disorder.
    Once they dispossess people, the people are at rock bottom, they got nothing to lose, you cannot control people in that kind of position. They will fight, and fight hard.

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