7 Reasons Why 1969 Was An Awesome Year For America

We often think of the late 1960s as a time of turmoil and strife. In many ways it was. The Cold War was still going on. There were race riots and other forms of civil unrest happening. Cultural changes were being unleashed, leading to just about everything wrong with how things are today. Even so, the snowball had just started rolling; recent events and conditions make the late 1960s seem innocent and charmed in perspective.

I hereby nominate 1969 as the best of those years. It wasn’t all bunnies and roses (the Manson murders kind of threw cold water on the decade of peace and love, for one thing) but I’m going to focus on the positive here. Looking back forty seven years later, things were pretty good, all told.

7: Apollo 11

Apollo 11-500x300

Definitely no green cheese here.

On July 24, the USA won the space race and landed on the moon, a triumph of engineering and a first like no other. Later that year, we did a repeat performance on November 14. After the Apollo missions were cancelled, this feat has never been attempted again thus far. What could have resulted if we had kept up the tempo on space exploration will be a great “might have been” in history.

6: The women were cute and friendly

Woodstock couple

Normally I don’t AMOG, but sometimes the situation demands it.

The hair was long, and the skirts were short. Figures were trim on average. Altogether, the women of the 1960s had a certain unique charm. Although feminism had metastasized into the Second Wave by then, much of the public hadn’t yet been poisoned by their propaganda memes. They didn’t have unrealistic expectations either; they were down to earth. Finally, a dinner date was a quid pro quo, not an interview.

5: We only had one spit-in-your-eye war going on

Vietnam demonstration

Always look on the bright side of life.

The Vietnam War was a dragged-out affair. It’s one of those things we ask ourselves, “Why did we bother getting lassoed into that in the first place?” Still, things were just beginning to wind down in 1969, a de-escalation process that concluded with the Paris Peace Accords in 1973. After the North Vietnamese pinky-swore with Henry Kissinger to a mutual withdrawal, there was peace. That is, until March 10, 1975 when Hanoi delivered a Shit Test, but all that’s another story. As for recent times, the USA ends up getting lassoed into multiple spit-in-your-eye wars simultaneously. Really, one at a time is more than enough.

4: Television was okay


It wasn’t quite as bad, way back when

TV isn’t exactly the height of culture, but back in the day it was fairly original, not too terribly bad overall. The “Rural Purge” hadn’t yet happened, so hits like Green Acres, Hee Haw, Petticoat Junction, and The Beverly Hillbillies were still running. Other than that, I Dream of Jeannie was in its fifth and final season (though by then they censored Barbara Eden’s cute navel). Dragnet, Hawaii Five-O, and Bewitched were still putting out new shows. None of that was exactly Shakespeare, but hey… Star Trek TOS finished its final run. I do have some quibbles with their preachy social messages. Still, I’ve got to hand it to them for doing all they did with a limited special effects budget; they had to be creative. You can enjoy lots of the above cheesy classics today if you have a cable subscription for your idiot box.

3: The economy was pretty good

Quarter of 1969

Twenty five cents in 1969 is equivalent to $1.64 in 2016.

For the most part, 1969 was a good year. However, inflation was nosing up a bit, and the stock market was slowing down.  A recession began in December. The worst that happened, which played out in 1970, was a 6.1% unemployment rate at the highest. These were the days before they were dummying up the statistics to make the government look better. It was all over in exactly a year. They sure don’t make recessions like they used to! Come to think of it, didn’t Obama say he’d fix the economy in his first year in office? It still makes me laugh thinking of all the rubes who believed that one! He also said he’d cut the deficit in half in his first year. Maybe The Lightworker meant to say “double” rather than “half”—oopsie!

2: The music was great

Janis Joplin at Woodstock

I sure hope the Lord gave you that Mercedes-Benz in heaven. Peace forever, Janis.

The rock and roll of the late 1960s was legendary. For the sake of brevity, I’ll hit a few highlights for 1969 at random. The first Woodstock concert was held, of which almost all the performers are well-known to this day. Santana cut their first record. Creedence Clearwater Revival issued three albums. British acts were quite popular with American audiences as well; Pink Floyd was bursting into brilliance, the Beatles were still going strong, it was the middle of the golden age of the Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin released their debut album. Country & Western was doing quite well too. As for rap music, the performers either were kids or didn’t yet exist, and it would be another fifteen years before their sonic blight began to make America more vibrant.

1: We had a real President

Nixon with Elvis

All too often, we don’t appreciate what we have until it’s too late.

On January 20, Richard Nixon took office, one of the most effective yet underrated Presidents ever. Although history knows him as the guy who got caught, this was back in the good old days when the reporters actually did their jobs and called out Presidents for things like using the IRS to punish their opponents. These days, the media played “see no evil” over the Fast And Furious scandal; Watergate was small potatoes compared to that. With our recent batch of Presidents, Tricky Dick just keeps looking better.

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516 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why 1969 Was An Awesome Year For America”

  1. The music was mostly great, but signs of decline were there, too. “She’s Having my Baby” was the treacly anthem for the joys of unwed motherhood. I hated that song for being syrupy slop decades before I realized bitches bought the premise that dropping spawns on the taxpayers dime would please their men.

      1. Throwing a free show at the pinnacle of your popularity just ’cause is badass. Wasn’t the Grateful Dead scheduled to play but Jerry didn’t want to go on stage for some reason?

    1. That song came out in 1974…it was not about unwed motherhood…any woman I know old enough to remember it, hated it…

  2. Any good books on Nixon and his presidency? Most of what I know about him comes from the Oliver Stone movie Nixon and Frost/Nixon. I thought they were fair to Tricky Dick. One rumor Ive heard: he wanted nothing to do with the presidency; he wanted a giant bag of cash waiting for him on the other side, or he wouldnt run again. He didnt come from or have money going in, so this would explain how he paid for that palace in Santa Barbara…

  3. No facebook, no email, no tinder, no texting, no fucking cell phones, no globalist incorporated music blaring from every hipster’s headphones (no hipsters either, just hippies), no mainstream ghetto thug wannabees, no gays in your faces, very little double standards…
    yeah, it was pretty damn good back then. Fuck the 21st century and the globalists

  4. Nixon was more of a centrist than a conservative. That why he was so wildly attacked: he was attacked both from the left and from the right side. Same happens to Trump, which is more a centrist than a pure conservative, and that’s why he’s barely supported by conservative Republicans.
    Time ago, Republican party was closer to Nixon and Trump, not such a polarized conservative party as nowadays.
    And indeed, one of the more clear symptoms of the American decline is how polarized are becoming both conservatives and leftists.
    Less and less fair play, less compromising, more tribalism, American society is moving away more and more from its Anglo-German origins.

    1. The biggest difference between then and now. Nixon was caught lying. He lost all support and was forced to resign in shame. He did not do half of what Clinton did and Clinton is held up as a good president today.
      Our standards today are shit

  5. I didn’t think Kaepernick was born then. That dude in the pic with the blond chick looks like him without all that ink.

    1. I think they call that hairstyle a “jewfro”.
      Looks like Irving got himself a shiksa back at woodstock.

      1. Indeed. All those syrian refugees will rebuild Motown. I bet one of them will start a new automobile company

        1. Global corporations falling over themselves to get access to good ol’ Syrian Six Sigma & Statistical Process Control innovations.

        2. Hot, Single, Female Syrian Refugees are in your area, and waiting for you. Click to Invite them over.

        3. Car engines rated on GP(goat power) rather than HP. The cars computer will turn off the engine 5 times a day to make sure you pray

        4. Astronauts, Mathematicians, Philosophers, Demolitions experts….You name it they got. Such potential for the diversity they bring…………………

        5. My band was playing motown at the time. We all had a positive view of the future. It was good times.

        6. I love motown.
          But when the muslim invaders change it to MUtown…come on man….

        7. also Ain’t No Sky Scraper High Enough, Baby Love (ode to Mohammed’s wedding night), Allah Night Long and finally ISIS Heard it Through the Grapevine.
          Muslim invaders + Detroit = that Mutown sound. Catch it. It’s the bomb.

        8. Watch out there. Remember what happened to the Lone Ranger when to to found out what kimosabe means 🙂

        9. You didn’t have the song? Growing up I always had the rhyme
          Oh the old Ranger and tonto Rode the trail
          Shooting outlaws and putting them in jail
          But tonto shot the old ranger ’cause it seemed
          He found out, what kimosabe means
          70’s were a strange time for kidd

        10. You didn’t have the song growing up? When I was a kid we used to sing
          The old ranger and tonto rode the trail
          Shooting outlaws and putting them in jail
          But tonto shot the old ranger ’cause it seems
          He found out what kimosabe means
          The 70’s were an odd time to grow up

        11. Tonto’s real name in the series was Saquadasay. The theme song of the series was “The William Tell Overture” If you have dish network you can watch the original series all day tomorrow on channel 82.

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      2. I’d call 1995 to 2000……. way better…..
        Cold war over, cheap jet travel, internet frontier, (pre google expert syndrome and twitter facebook smartphone shite) boundless opportunities… and an explosion of house trance and hip hop music that could be produced without a million dollar budget….. pretty much anything you poked a stick at in the 90s would make you a millionaire…… i made $1M in 2 yrs selling crap on ebay …. unreal…..
        The 90s were pretty amazing….. we’ll be lucky to see anything like that again before 2090……
        It took 15-20 yrs for China India and Eastern europe to catch up…… there were only 100M people in the world that mattered….no competition….. get on a plane to se asia africa or latam and you were a god…….

        1. 1995 was post-NAFTA.
          That was the beginning of the massive decline and globalism’s greatest victory.
          When the best spin that the USA could put on NAFTA was that we had to sell our jobs to Mexico in order to keep China from getting them, we knew we were getting screwed over.

        2. Tbh right now is pretty fucking good and, as it turns out, it’s the only time we can be in

        3. Things were pretty broken by 1995. Looks good in many respects compared today, but lots of stuff was broken. Most of what people accept today was already in place but to mention it in public made you a tin foil hat wearing kook. It was good in that the powers that be hadn’t yet latched on to something new to frighten the populace with yet. The bad stuff was there though, it just wasn’t widely known and most people figured it couldn’t happen here.

        4. You know it’s all subjective. Right now things are great in many ways. In the 60’s the seeds of destruction were already blooming strong.
          To those of you who grew up in this time period and voted for politicians or policies like the Immigration Act of 65
          Fuck you.
          To those of you who embraced widespread use of contraceptives, supported no fault divore, participated in the hippy movement and believed the lies coming from your tv’s and your school teachers.
          Fuck you.
          The hippies were sjw’s of the 70’s. Many policies were enacted during this era which heavily contributed to our current demographic eclipse.
          It grates on my ears to hear older men speak of how great these past times were.
          I’m sure they did their own part in helping the cultural destruction along which I, the younger generation got to experience wholeheartedly.
          So don’t talk about your lovely fucking past. The younger generation has had to live with all of your terrible god damn decisions and burgeoning american apathy.
          So fuck you too assholes.
          BTW most of the music was crap then too. The beatles were a controlled asset by the US govt to spread “rock n roll” and cultural degeneracy among many many other if not all highly famous musical talents. So don’t complain about the music now when your’s was just shit too. You were just too young and stupid to fucking care weren’t you?
          Thanks for nothin you fuckin pricks..
          Alarming that the author of this article praises some fucking moron hippy female singer. Fuck joplin too you degenerate boomer.
          Best believe if there is a hell, that bitch is surely roasting like a stuck pig motherfucker.

        5. Hippies were able to have their cake and eat it too. Fuck off and enjoy ww2 parents inheritance, inflate shit etc

        6. The golden age is achieved in blood and iron. Men afterwards always seem to descend and then the few pull themselves up again and make themselves a great nation

        7. I would, ironically, say that the massive decline began with the authors hero, Nixon and the effective abolishment of the Bretton Woods system in 1971.

        8. I’d put the blame on FDR as he actually ended the gold standard.
          Nixon just ended the charade.

        9. Indeed. Or we can back further, to the Creature of Jekyll Island or Abraham Lincoln.
          However, I don’t think that Nixon escapes blame. He accelerated the process and I just thought it was ironic that the author lauded him so much.

      1. Seattle and Austin are democrat run too and first world thriving cities.
        What makes them different? Negros for $1000 Alex

        1. Seattle and Austin aren’t going to be thriving much longer as they’re bent on doing themselves in.
          Though I might just be being optimistic as those cities, particularly Austin, might survive their self-inflicted wounds by the “Rick Perry effect”-leeching off of the prosperity that occurs despite their best efforts.

        2. Austin will survive, I predict Seattle will fall apart though. And when the wealthy move out, you know who moves in to fill the void.

        3. Last I was in Seattle, I did see that it was closer to Baltimore demographically than I expected it to be.

        4. You mean a good chunk of the pop being a leech on the economy while also proping up the crime numbers is bad for a city?

        5. I can sort of agree with that, though last I was in Vancouver it was loaded with bums and modern-day hippies, as well as boatloads of 3rd world English-incapable Asians.
          Of course, just because I didn’t see bum colonies under bridges, or disgusting hippie hangouts, all across Seattle doesn’t mean that they weren’t there.

    1. So tragic Detroit. Then it was like the “silicon valley” of innovation. Gleaming skyscrapers. Now it’s a post-apocolyptic wasteland….

      1. Detroit is so rundown and sparsely populated, an entrepreneur wanted to put up a zombieland type theme park (it would employ the locals as zombies!)

        1. Yeah stupid fuckin niggers have for 6 decades voted in democratic mayor after democratic mayor expecting a different outcome only to be shocked that they keep getting the same result. But don’t you dare point that out because you’re a racist if you do!

    2. The only reason those cars are so well thought of is because of the malaise era that lasted from 1973 to about 1988. If regular development had continued those cars would have been forgotten for newer and better things. Instead they stayed on the top of the heap for nearly two decades and another decade or more beyond that before they were completely trounced. This also goes for the era’s exotics.

      1. Performance and aesthetics went to shit after 72, and for the camaro after 69. Late 70s were some pussy corvettes lol.

    3. Yeah…muscle they had…but you spent your entire time fixing them when they broke down in rain and snow which was all too often! And not just on old cars but shortly after you bought a new one. In ’76 I bought my first Jap car, a ’73 Datsun 510. I couldn’t believe that it ran forever with minimal trouble. Sure, there are readers who still love their old American cars of the sixties but those old country guys would have to admit they lovingly worked on the bastards all the time! Try having a white collar job in a crowded big city where you couldn’t just take the car behind the barn and put it on blocks for a few days and work on them. My stomach turns when I see those old cars and I remember how much time I spent trying to keep them on the road.

      1. Nice. I like the Olds 442 Hurst. Pontiac Le Mans was nice, too. They’re all built on the same frame it seems.

        1. LOL! In the same that having your head cut off is better than having your legs and your head cut off…

  6. Back then, the musicians could write songs against the narrative and be accepted instead of being vilified and censored today.

    1. That’s because in 69 the narrative was rightwing and counter culture was left.
      Now the narrative is neocon economics with its required leftist debauchery feeding the machine, while the counter cultures are (genuine, i.e non-cuck) tradcon and alt right

    2. Back then, liberal musicians would actually criticize liberal democrats…assuming that CCR’s “I ain’t no Senator’s son” lyric is indeed about (future rep, senator & vpotus) Al Gore Jr.

      1. Both existed here foe at least 100 years. So let’s massively increase the size, scope and power of the federal government so we can throw a bunch of pot heads in jail. Brilliant.

      2. In the heydays of the British Empire, anyone could buy them or their more natural forms.

  7. I was born in 1964 before the liberal deluge starting drowning our country. I saw the whole disaster as it unfolded. Back during the sixties and before that Men Dressed like men and acted like men they didn’t wear their hair long, they didn’t do piercings, and what tattoos they wore well they were reasonable unlike the awful messes they have now, Women dressed like women (they wore dresses or skirts though some wore clam diggers which I don’t mind, they wore one piece swimsuits, the only thing of themselves they pierced were their ears) and they acted like women rather than the male impersonator laddets and empowered strumpets of today, marriage and family were strong institutions of social stability.

    1. I was born in the mid 80’s and even I can see a YUGE difference between the landscape of the early 90’s to now. We pledged to the flag in school. Do kids still do that? Or have they changed the words to the pledge of allegiance to be more “hetero normative”?

      1. I was part of the old school system starting with Kindergarten and when I hear kids talk about school today and what I was part of I really feel sorry for them. I look at the clothes worn back then and what people wear today and I really feel disgusted for what was pure glamor worn back then has been replaced with ‘progressive’ grunge. People had manners back then, when I was five years old I walked to school which was maybe a couple blocks from where I lived like kids did back then. I look at what is going on today thanks to the ‘progressive’ crowd and all I can think of is disgust at what they have wrought upon our society.

      2. Do you think it’s normal for a person to pledge allegiance to a piece of fabric, and to the republic (government) for which it stands? I sure as hell don’t. Let’s not get carried away with nostalgia here…

        1. It’s what it represents. Or did represent…or what it was SUPPOSED to represent in our young, idealistic minds. No doubt it did represent something meaningful at some point.

        2. It may seem “normal” if you were raised with it, but realize no other free country in the world has a pledge of allegiance.

        3. Yes, it was created by a socialist who wanted to wanted to loosen ties between parents and children…they used to do “Roman” salutes when they recited it…you know them better as Hitler salutes…

      3. Likewise, I’m a Gen Y old enough to remember the 80’s and I reckon the 90’s is becoming the new 60’s in terms of how fondly it’s regarded. It was that era where we had the ideal blend of technology, prosperity and innocence; only the rich kids had mobile phones, the internet was in its’ infancy, faggotry was still rightfully scorned and corrected instead of nowadays where every kid who was a loser in school and never grew up has to have their social retardation validated. Of course to point this fact out makes you a bigot on the wrong side of history. Heck, in the 90’s nobody had a problem with Black Ranger being Afro-American and Yellow Ranger being Asian. If you went back to 1996 right now and told people about how big the whole transgender thing is now and that TV hosts would feel the need to apologise publicly for using the word “tranny” to describe these freaks, they’d think you were taking the piss. In my lifetime I’ve seen great improvements in the digital technology we have, but little improvement in anything else. The internet is wonderful and awful at the same time but besides that, I feel like we’ve only gone backwards as a society.
        I regret that I wasn’t older when the new millennium arrived. Seeing millennials with the shit they carry on with makes me understand why old people are often to crotchety and uptight. The latest spawn of hysterical, promiscuous, degenerate, entitlement-minded faggots by and large make me feel like a grumpy old man in the body of a baby-faced 31 year old.
        Any day soon I’ll be yelling at them to stay off my lawn in between lamenting how much better things were “in my day”…

    1. Russia lost the space race, if the moon landings were staged theyd have proved it to the world immediately to save face. Did they ever? Youre a mongoloid.

      1. This. Also include the thousands at NASA would all have to remain mum and not 1 comes forward with evidecnce after all these years?

        1. If NASA could keep a secret like that then Hillary and the DNC should’ve contracted ’em for security consultation.

      2. If the Ancient Egyptians could build the pyramids 5,000 years ago, NASA could men on the Moon. It is indeed sad to acknowledge we are no longer as sophisticated as we once were.

      3. NASA literally almost All footage of the moon landing, you think that’s coincidence? You’re
        a moron. Nasa is a fraud

        1. Why didn’t the USSR prove it? It would have been a huge exposure to serve the wiles of the soviet state. Unless it did happen and those modules can still be seen today on the surface of the moon (which they can).

        2. Yeah all those NASA nerds were too hard for the KGB to turn the truth out of under torture. Get the fuck outta here with your shit for brains.

  8. The 60’s hippies were cool in a way. I was about five in 1969. I remember “do do do, looking out my back door !” And all the groovy hippie colors. Flower power stuff was fun. Decent people can actually enjoy Sodom and Gamorrah culture.
    Problem is, the twits and SJW’s who grew up in that culture afterwards. I remember the security and happiness of having the young being free and having fun and the older folk holding down the fortress with good solid values.
    We had a huge extended family still. Agrarian familiy reunions with 75 plus relatives. Fishing, cover dishes, shooting shot guns, lively discussions, philosophical around the table.
    Culture was lively. Healthy tension between GI generation, my granddad born in 1897, hippies. My self-indulgent long haired hippie cousin we who slept through meals, violating all etiquette and tradition. At meal time, we just joked about him as doing research on sleep.
    It can be fun to tear down tradition and culture. Problem is, you get to a point we are at now. There is nothing left to tear down.

    1. Hence why “enjoy the decline” doesn’t reasonate with me. Such thinking is often part of the problem

      1. I agree, but it reminds me a bit of wide boy traders who realise they can snap up bargains when there’s a bear market

    2. “Decent people can actually enjoy Sodom and Gamorrah culture.”
      Comments are full of gems today. Your prize is a pillar of salt for a wife

      1. Hahaha on the pillar of salt. I had to think about sunday school for a minute.
        Maybe that was God telling us to leave this country behind and its women too?!

  9. Children were at the park playing games and sports instead of on their phone playing Pokemon go

  10. I disagree. The 60’s with their bratty babyboomers were the beginning of the end for western civilization. It was probably a better era to live in because they still were in the afterglow of the achievements of previous generations. Nowadays the afterglow is almost gone.

    1. I was there and this baby boomer says you nailed it! The 50’s, which I remember, were fantastic!

    2. I had this debate last semester and told the class the 1950’s were superior to the deindustrialization, proliferation of drugs, breakdown of the nuclear family, and burning down of every major city events of the 1960’s. An eerie pulsating silence gripped the room afterward.

  11. Let’s also remember Lockheed, Douglas, Northrup and many more were still in the Los Angeles area. Cars hauled ass and were affordable and you were expected to know how to maintain them. I remember a strong community and we knew every person on our block.

    1. No better place for the working man. Rent was low and Good jobs in LA were everywhere. My father would quit one to go to Mexico come back and get one that was just as good. That started to die in1978. And then came the Mexicans to drive down wadges and liberal politicians chased off good jobs and made the rent go up. No worse place for the working man to live now than LA

  12. I’m not fortunate enough to have seen those days, but I am lucky enough to see what’s wrong with these times. And from what I know about then and what I am experiencing now, I feel like the main difference between hippies then and our liberal-hippie-SJWs now is simply this: to the hippies of the 60s and 70s, they were “fighting” for free speech and good cause (and by “fighting” I mean mostly dancing around and taking drugs). But the SJWs of today actually hate America. And white people.
    Correct me if I’m wrong. And I don’t hate — I think hating is bad for the soul. But the closest feeling I’ve ever had to hatred is for today’s liberal scumbags, and I feel like fifty years ago I wouldn’t mind it as much.
    I remember when I was younger, my mom was pushing me around in a shopping cart at the grocery store, and one memory sticks out very vividly. We walked by a man in long hair and a tie-dye shirt, no shoes on. His children were in his shopping cart. Long hair, tie-dyes, no shoes. One of the girls had flowers in her hair. Flower children, my mom called them. Todays hippies? Nowhere near flower children.

    1. Yes they were far better natured. And shock of shocked. They were good looking people. SJW are soft and ugly

    1. Back when you could call a fag a fag and not loose your job or be ostracized from society. Those were the good old days.

        1. That entire show, brilliant and funny as it is, was a left wing mockery of right wing values

        2. Oh yeah, but I dont think it played out the way whats his face intended it to(outside of the usual bastions of liberalism on the coasts)

        3. yeah. I knew from the first episode it wasn’t going to last. Surprised it made it 3 seasons.

        4. I predict the rise of the Bunker Brownshirt Party (motto: yiz all meatheads- dead from the neck up)

        5. “Meathead” said proudly in interviews that they never once allowed Archie to win an argument.

      1. Ancient Greece was the gayest country ever. AFAIK only Japan has ever come close.
        Maybe Aristotle wasn’t a peter puffer but Nixon was dead-on about San Francisco being so “faggy” that the hands of San Franciscans shouldn’t even be shook.

      2. Not sure it matters. Whether or not Aristotle smuggled salami it has no impact on his work which had its moments but, overall, afaic, he did more harm than good.

        1. More harm than good ?! His work is solid. His Ethics are gold. He beats Plato and all the moderns anytime.

        2. He beats Plato for sure. The moderns I’ll call a tie for different times. However his coverup of what the pre Socratics were up to is unforgivable to me

        3. By cover up, do you mean taking what appears to make sense and forgetting the rest ?

  13. When you mentioned Charles Manson I couldn’t help but chime in and add that Manson was perhaps a leading practitioner of cult game that would have been frowned upon or banished in the 50’s or the early boomer reconstructionist/mortgage holliday betwen ’45-’49. Elvis had theatrical/stage groupies and a mania frenzy that was aided by his promoters but Manson’s groupies were devout soul servants.
    Just on a fluke, I searched Manson to find his age. He’s currently 81. Then I see he was a singer songwriter prior to the Lablanca/Tate incident. In ’67 he put out a few singles which I was never aware of either. An album ‘Red Snake – The Way of the Wolf’. Some pretty puzzling lyrics: “the bugs are mad” . . . “a spider crawled up a guy’s nose and ate his brain”
    What’s amazing is the cult following he garnered. He’s a study in cult leader game.
    Those girls show no bitchiness or hamstering. They’re in a perfectly feminine state and in a state of communion like harmony.
    So it seems women singing in group hymnal chorus fashion has the effect of taming the hamster. It unroughens the bitter. Kind of like adding sugar to straight cocoa powder. Mmm what a difference. I doubt the crazed screeching obtuse sjw’s ever tried singing. They were raised in day care by obese frothing lesbians who were too inhibited to sing, but they sure can scream like banshees.
    Females must be brought back to cosmic balance by developing their vocals & vibrato in their formative years. Much of cult leader game involves singing, chanting and mantras. There needs to be compiled a hymnal of red pill songs and chants for patriarchs to lead in settling their women down, songs that quell the she beast. Getting your woman to sing and chant should be scheduled several times a day similar to the bowing to Allah with muslims or the weekly revival group singing in evangelical Christian churches.
    Women today should sing praises to their patriarch 3x/day. The focus needs to be the master and Patriarch. Don’t wait for her purturbed hamster to scurry and flair up in your face for lack of devotional expression and song. Keep her on a chanting/singing schedule daily and commence the anthem with the blow of a whistle and she’ll never be music starved. She’ll never get to the point of ravaging and burning the place when the regular melodies replay in her head. Keep her singing patriarchal themed lyrics to herself in her head.

    1. “Females must be brought back to cosmic balance by developing their vocals & vibrato in their formative years”
      Top marks for that slightly crazy sentence. You’re probably on to something, but I’m sure how marketable cult leader game is, how marketable it should be. I’m sure Manson’s ladies were happy and content in their own sick way, but well, you know there were cons as well as pros. Slaughter being one of them. OK, maybe slaugther doesn’t have to happen, but then you’re never going to have a completely balanced cults are you, given that cults are cults.
      I’m surprised you didn’t mention 81 year old Manson’s pretty young wife he married not so long back.

    2. And Charles Manson didn’t actually kill anyone! He “brainwashed” those poor innocent children? haha. Come on. What happened to personal accountability? I think America in 1969 wasn’t ready to believe that young middle class girls could commit such brutal murders so they had to blame it on the wild-eyed male drifter.

  14. I was a little kid then. But just before the tends changed in the 1970s I started to love the long legs and long hair. And yes the girl were lean back then. I tell the young bucks the height and weight of the girls I dated at their age. And I keep hearing that I have a spinner fetish. What the hell is that? Yes typical young woman back then weighted less that 125lbs unless they were very tall. 5′ 2′ 105 was a girl with hips and tits. You poor guys are simply used to fat girls.

  15. It’s sad to consider how much we’ve lost since 1969.
    People like to think of the march of time being uninterrupted progress, but when we look back with an open mind, we see this is not true.
    1969: NASA puts 2 men on the Moon using computer technology simpler than a pocket calculator
    2016: Elon Musk’s SpaceX rocket carrying a Fuckbook satellite explodes on the launchpad like a Chinese firecracker
    1969: The music was about peace, harmony, love, rejecting materialism
    2016: The music is all about partying, materialism, making and spending money (making it rain in the club)

    1. Damn it dude you making me feel depressed. Every word you said is true. My father in law helped to design the SR71. It was flying over Russia immune from being shot down in 1969. And we still could not shoot one down today if we still used them. Too high too fast to hard to see. Radar sees it as a sparrow at 100,000 ft frying faster than a bullet. They used slide rules to design it and manual machine tools to build it

      1. The Boeing 737 had its first flight in 1967.
        The Boeing 747 had its first flight in 1969.
        These are still the standard for commercial jet airliners!

        1. Funny, not long after all the old Nazi engineers that we smuggled over died, aerial and space progress slowed to a grind.

        2. The Air Force plans on flying the B-52 Stratofortress through 2050 (meaning its service life will be 100 years)
          Can you imagine us still flying the Wright Brothers plane?

        3. They actually have a hard time making some of the old parts for these plans because they were hand machined and they do not have CAD specs for them. The men who know who to do it are retiring

        4. I think the most glaring problem was the lack of knowledge transfer from the older generation to the younger ones. It is not enough to have access to files or schematics: you need to know the process ,the inspiration, etc. Not just for technical work but for policy and international dealings, music, culture, etc.

        5. In the aerospace industry I hear it called Tribal knowledge. But that term is rarely used by upper management at say Boeing. They do not know what they are losing, only that they are having a very hard time getting parts made for some of the older planes

        6. The big companies got the idea that they could stop doing it all themselves and contract out everything. That was a very short sighted idea

        7. I understand why we came in, and on the side we did. The Japs forced our hand, but that was only after we waited so long, and attempted to play both sides.

        8. They’ll never do it. Way too profitable to make a marginally better (and sometimes not even) plane for billions of dollars, so they can get on an executive board and get rich. See the F-35

        9. Had America kept space exploration going, they could have easily done more great stuff. Budget cuts suck…

        10. That sounds crazy, but what improvements have actually been made in aerospace that would qualify getting a new plane? None. Every sphere of technology eventually reaches it’s plateau, sits there for a long time, all while a new form of technology takes off. Aerospace has hit that plateau.

        11. Nazis resisted marxism in name only.
          They had the same core socialist philosophies, similar to how the 0bama and Hillary Clinton camps have the same beliefs but still feud with one another.

        12. That was a great, cutting quote from the Patton movie.
          …Though I’d expect nothing less from the man who actually said that the greatest enemy of the USA is the US Congress…
          There really is a case to be made that he was whacked for primordial globalism; Hungary demonstrated that Ike was keen on throwing bones to communist Russia.

        13. That he did not seem to be.
          Germany as a nation also seems incapable of picking allies that don’t suck. Japan seems to have some affinity for Germany to this day, I wonder if it is out of guilt because of how they royally screwed Germany over in WW2.

        14. Saving that plane was about the only good that John “Songbird” McCain has ever done.

        15. I’m almost surprised that Elon Musk wasn’t involved in the F-35 debacle.
          Perhaps he patterned his prolific siphoning of public funds, and lack of results, off of that project? If you want to milk the taxpayers for years, which is Elon Musk’s raison d’etre, the F-35 project seems like the pattern to follow.

        16. It’s not as if the Japanese didn’t have a pretty good idea that they could not survive against a long-term US onslaught. I guess they assumed we just didn’t have the will

        17. “Knowledge Transfer”?
          Nowadays that means hiring an American so he can give a few weeks of remedial education to the backwater H-1B indians who are being hired as indentured servants by US companies.

        18. He pals around with 0bama. I think that might be his edge over Holmes.
          Unfortunately for him, being tight with this Administration means he’ll be ostracized by the next.

        19. GOs were mostly interested in winning wars, as opposed to cashing checks in those days.

        20. Old Juan is running for senate at 81. I watched him debate GWB back in 2000 and have hated him since.
          He’s a “maverick.” Stupid putz.

        21. Japan not only screwed Germany by antagonizing the USA but by making myopic blunders during the war that put Germany on the ropes, and then giving Germany the cold shoulder when they were on the ropes.
          Pulling out of Russia, letting Stalin devote all his attention to Germany, really screwed Germany over.
          The Japs were also paper tigers in that as soon as we pushed them back, they were in a constant state of decay and retreat. They didn’t even have a “Battle of the Bulge” equivalent.

        22. When they had a choice to backup Japan in the Sino-Japanese war, they honestly should have gone with China, it basically would have avoided all conflict with America, and before the war, Germany was the biggest investor into the Chinese economy…

        23. Saw LBJ annouce it in a documentary. As we have to cannabilise parts from air force graveyards these last 30 years, what does that tell you?

        24. Oh wow, I guess you didn’t even read your own source. Dozens of ship were captured by the British many of whom had their cargo stolen. A grand total of 7 ships were captured by the Germans before US engagement in world war 2, and of this, every one was released within 24 hours. The US actually SUNK German ships. That kind of hostility is cause for war…

        25. Sadly he used the same tried-and-true formula to win his primary that his best buddy Lindsay Grahamnesty used in 2014.
          Run a bunch of (questionable) stereotypical candidates to split the vote and walk away with the win.
          It’s painful that McCain and Rubio won, but with McCain diluting the vote and Rubio forcing out the competition, I can understand it. Dunno how they’ll fare in their generals.

        26. I do have to think back to the Patton movie (and other works) where politics is constantly hamstringing efforts to quickly win the war.

        27. I stated an opinion, the only citation I need is the fact that I typed it on a fÜcking keyboard. Do you even know what the word citation means?

        28. Your opinion means nothing to me. The air force cannibilse parts due to the fact the plans no longer exist to reproduce.
          Plus I find you an obtuse attention whore.

        29. It isn’t your opinions, it is your contstant request for Information, dismissal of data and shifting of goal Posts I find distasteful.

        30. “dismissal of data” I have yet to get any data from you.
          “shifting of goal Posts” such as when?

        31. The Germans as a people just seem to have a history of submitting to authority, no matter who it happens to be. It was the Kaiser in WWI, Hitler in WWII, and now Merkel today.

        32. I have a working theory of the American economy that we are basically just coasting on the discoveries of the Nazis we got through immigration during the war (Einstein) and Project Paperclip afterwards.

        1. It is cheaper no doubt. But there is no difference between a SR71 and a YF12. The fighter version. It is a plane that to this day could not be shot down except by luck. Built by men most of whom have died of old age by now

        2. Yep and it still would fail. Pure luck for a SAM to be in such a perfect place that it can lock on and catch a 2000 mile and hour small birds flying at 100,000 ft. That has electronic countermeasures . It was used up to 1998 and not one ever came close to being shot down. And yes they were shot at. They could not stay locked on to one nor catch it.

        3. The reason I keep saying small bird it that is all the radar can see. The SR71 was the first effective stealth plane

        4. So is true with the SR-71… Destroying a satellite requires a rocket that can get into space which as far as I understand, not many missiles have that ability, a SR-71 can be destroyed by a pretty wide variety of rockets, a great number of which can go faster than the SR-71.

        5. No they can’t for the same reason. By the time they see the Target it is out of range. Even if in range the plane needs to confuse the SAM for only a second. By the time the missile has a hundred thousand feet it doesn’t have much longer in the air

        6. So let me get this straight, a plane going mach 3.3, can move out of the way of photons, going the speed of light, take a picture of the ground, using photons, and then dodge a missile with a range of more than 100 km, which goes mach 9. Okay…

        7. Let me know when planes are shot down by protons. you see it’s still involves a missile having to accelerate up to a hundred thousand feet. And then hit a bird that is not waiting for it.

        8. Your realize that they can set up the SAM sites so that the missiles can be in front of the plane, right? PHOTONS (NOT PROTONS) are what radar uses to detect stuff. You are claiming that the SR-71 can travel faster than the speed of fucking light…

        9. By the way how far away do you think radar can see a sparrow in the sky at a hundred thousand feet?

        10. You’re missing the point there a limited range that you can even see that plane. Assuming it’s flying right over the top of you it’s out of range rather fast. Even if the pilot was stupid enough to fly right over the top of a SAM site

        11. You missing the point this plane that was designed in 1964. you’re describing a nation the size of Russia setting up its entire air defense system as a wall trying to stop one plane.

      2. Does it really count as a stealth plane then?
        Any hostile, assuming their radar is even on (MH370), will see the tiny blip traveling at “ludicrous speed” and realize that the SR-71 is screaming by overhead.

        1. Knowing what it was that is now out of range isn’t very helpful. Missiles have a limited range they can’t chase it forever

        2. No I think it has twice the visibility of modern stealth aircraft so it might just have the F-35 beat. but then they can’t travel over 2000 miles an hour at a hundred thousand feet

    2. Female singers now rap about getting fucked up at the weekend whilst hopping from one cock to another

        1. Why? The 50’s were really bland. The dominant music was shitty jazz, the US was moving into car dependence and suburbanization that it has yet to recover from, the food was pretty shit, etc.

        2. Rock ‘n Roll didn’t overtake jazz before that decade was done?
          Though Jazz, crappy though it is, was a highlight as it was a time when black musicians widely engaged in attempting to actually sing and play instruments.
          Many of today’s black “musicians” are like the fabled naked emperor as they spectacularly suck and no one seems to have the guts-or can stop laughing long enough-to tell them (eg: Future).

        3. Well, I guess if you count the last 2 years it sort of overtook it, but that was only really with teens, adults still listened to jazz, and as for the rock and roll, it was really early in it’s development and hadn’t taken on it’s complexity that we see in the 60’s.

        4. Males were respected, females wanted decent guys who were good providers, and wives stayed home and did the cooking and cleaning. The blacks new their place and kept it, and the gays stayed out of sight.

        5. Also, regarding the music.
          Perry Como, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin.
          Nothing wrong with that lineup….and that is coming from an AC/DC fan.

    3. I think we’re just going to keep getting dumber and dumber. We’re going to be like modern-day Egyptians living in the shadows of the pyramids, unable to duplicate the accomplishments of a superior but long-gone civilization.

      1. Egypt collapsed due to mix raced Arabs – Arab means mixed race, and Islam. Whites built it and were then ethnically cleansed out.
        Dna tests of king tut and cleopatra prove they were caucasoid

        1. Cleopatra wasn’t Egyptian, she was Greek. Ptolemaic.
          Tut’s DNA shows traits that were very rare, but nonetheless existent, in some Egyptians, while being more prevalent in Europeans, but I’ve never seen anything definitively label him as native or European. Addendum: Who cares about Tut anyways? The kid was a mutant, and the only noteworthy thing about him was the opulence of his tomb. Other than that, completely insignificant pharaoh.

        2. Cleopatra wasn’t even an Egyptian, she was Greek, no shit she was European. As for Arabs, feel free to back up your bullshit claim that they are “mixed race”. What race are they mixed with? They don’t look anything like black people, and it would be impossible for them to be mixed with Asians.

        3. Why would it be impossible for Arabs to have mixed with Asians?
          They technically are Asians and they were along the historic trade routes to Asia.
          They also spent quite a lot of time in Africa and there’ve been allegations of inbreeding, offering 2 other possibilities.

        4. “They technically are Asians” Yeah, in the way that Elon Musk is technically African American.

        5. If only Dubya had left him merely an African-in-America…
          But, more on topic, Arab inbreeding would explain much. Supposedly it has long rivaled that of the Hapsburgs and even the inner city ghettos in the USA.

        6. So basically, they are just inbred Caucasians… Well, that would actually explain why they developed such dark skin, as inbreeding causes genetic change to happen at a much faster rate.

        7. Depends on what a caucasian is. Political correctness has made it a euphemism for white but AFAIK it is not and it could be likened in Europe to using “hick” or “hillbilly” as a reference for “white” in the USA.
          The arab is not black, and not yellow but yet not white enough to avoid having racial comments lobbed at them as far back as such history seems to go (eg: Othello)

        8. Arabs are Caucasian.
          Reconstruction of King Tut:
          Does this look much different than the modern Egyptian?
          I feel like we’ve been through this already…

    4. The computer systems weren’t the cause of the SpaceX failure, it was shitty manufacturing. Also, the Saturn V was designed by NASA, the SpaceX falcon was designed by none other than… SpaceX. The problem isn’t technology, it’s that Congress doesn’t invest in space exploration anymore…

      1. Congress still invests in space exploration.
        Elon Musk has been showered with taxpayer money. Sweetheart loan deals, subsidies, special tax breaks…you name it, government has given it to Musk.
        With 4.9 billion USD in government handouts and counting given to Musk and his various failing endeavors, Congress hasn’t “privatized” space travel, instead we’ve just farmed it out to the most connected cronies.
        IMO paying the Russians to be our “Uber into Space” has been closer to privatizing space travel-and far more efficient-than paying Musk to muck around.

        1. Back in the day 4% of the federal budget was going to space travel, now that number is .4%. If the US spent 4% of it’s budget on space travel, their would be colonies on the moon and manned missions to mars already.
          And yeah, fuck spaceX, it’s just outsourcing bullshit.

        2. Nowadays, is 0.4% of the federal budget equal to 4% from back in the day?
          With the out-of-control federal spending (and that we haven’t had a budget since 2007), I would be surprised if the federal budget overall hadn’t increased by 10x.

        3. No, it’s nowhere near. In 1966, NASA had an inflation adjusted budget of 44.07 billion dollars. The current budget of NASA is 19 billion dollars, not even half of that.

        4. 19 billion dollars is still far more than I’d like to see being spent on “muslim outreach”.
          …inflation sucks: 20 billion was the cost of Apollo.

        5. Are you unaware that muslim outreach has been NASA’s publicly stated mission for the past few years?

        6. No it isn’t. Charles Bolden said in said in one interview with Al Jazeera that NASA wants to do more cooperation with Muslim countries, it was a pretty offhand comment and their is no “Muslim out reach program”. If this is such a big fÜcking thing, why don’t you find me the page on the NASA website about “Muslim outreach”.

        7. Why bother trying to spin this? It cannot be done, it was too flagrant. I have to suspect that you were actually benighted about NASA’s mission prior to my comment.
          0bama sent NASA on a mission of muslim outreach and collaboration with muslim-majority nations that lacked a space program, specifically his childhood home of Indonesia.
          NASA was charged with starting space agencies in muslim countries that lacked them them despite NASA itself not having anything that could honestly be called a space program. Unsurprisingly, they still lack them.
          It’s risible.

        8. “Why bother trying to spin this? It cannot be done, it was too flagrant. I have to suspect that you were actually benighted about NASA’s mission prior to my comment.
          0bama sent NASA on a mission of muslim outreach and collaboration with muslim-majority nations” So if you want to actually know where all of these comes from, it’s this video. Why is it that people on the alt right cannot see that it’s clearly just some bullshit talking point made to appease Muslims/Al Jazeera/Muslim leaders. Also, why do you spell Obama with a 0? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e857ZcuIfnI
          “NASA was charged with starting space agencies in muslim countries, specifically his childhood home of Indonesia.” Again, I continue to ask you for anything proving they were ever actually given a mission of the sort, yet you fail to prove it. The only basis for this whole “Muslim outreach” thing is again, just some obviously bull crap talking point made in an interview with Al Jazeera.

  16. Keep in mind that the Hippie generation / baby boomers are still in charge: both presidential candidates Trump and Clinton are older baby boomers. They have been setting the national agenda since the late 1960s. 50 years!

  17. I still remember finding my father’s record collection around 2001. When I put Grand Funk Railroad’s 1969 album on and heard “Got This Thing on the Move” – fucking amazing. Up until then I had been listening to Kid Rock, Limp Bizkit, etc.

    1. CCR put out 3 albums in 1969 – fuck. That is prolific! Modern groups manage what? 1 album every 2 years?

      1. Did they not tour that year? Jeez, that must have been a shitload of hours to put into the studio.

        1. Perhaps albums then weren’t so overproduced?
          Maybe bands then were too busy touring and toking to start “Lars Ulriching” their albums into development hell?
          As Deep Purple would famously sing a few years later, their best album was made in a very quick ‘n dirty fashion.

        2. No, actually say the opposite. Back in the day you would have to make the melody, and then at the very very least you would have drums, a guitar, and a bass guitar. But lets look at a song form the 60’s, ill use A Day in the Life as an example. The song has 3 separate lead vocal parts, 2 acoustic guitar parts, 4 piano parts, a bass guitar, maracas, drums, congas, an organ/harmonium, an alarm clock, a harp, 13 violins, 4 violas, 4 cellos, 2 double bass, an oboe, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoon, 2 flutes, 2 french horns, 3 trumpets, 3 trombones, a tuba, and finally a timpani. Keep in mind, you had to have people write all of these parts, orchestrate, conduct them, mix everything, and produce this song. Also, do you know how tracks were put together back then? They physically had to grab a blade, cut the tape, and then put them together.
          Music these days is very simple. It usually has a clearly synthesized drum like beat following a III-V-III progression, some guys yelling “hey!” over and over again, which is almost certainly a stock piece taken from a kit and reused over and over again in songs. Optionally, it will also have a very basic synthesizer “piano” piece of the same 2 keys being pressed over and over again. Your average high school student with a semester of music theory under his belt could probably create a song on par with modern pop in a matter of hours.

        3. The internet wasn’t around yet either. You don’t have to buy a record to listen to music anymore. Hell, you don’t even have to buy music anymore. You can just stream it. If it wasn’t for touring, a lot of big name artists wouldn’t be making any money.

  18. The 50s were better, if you ask me. The 1250s.
    Kids knew how to behave in these days. They went to school and then to the Crusade. The music was cool, the troubadours were fun. We could listen to Palästinalied all day.
    My father used to tell me stories about how he followed saint Louis IX at the head of his troops during D-Day in front of Damietta.

        1. Excellent ! Both. What a glorious barbecue it was.
          They were basically medieval commies.

        2. Indeed. I hate to admit it though, but I have a little sympathy for the cathars despite there being proto commie scum.

        3. They’re not my favorite medieval cult.
          In 1182 a carpenter had a vision of the Holy Virgin Mary telling him to get rid of the pillaging hordes of un unemployed mercenaries devastating France.
          He created a confraternity called the Capuciati, dedicated to Pax Dei. They put on white hood and started slaughtering brigands. They were thousands at some point, nobles and commonmen and even helped the King of France in battles.
          Then they basically started asking : “if we can ensure our security ourselves, why do we pay taxes ?”
          That’s when the nobility got rid of them.

        4. we had our peasants revolt over in England, but I’m not sure it could be described as a cult or Wat Tyler described as a cult leader, but the medieval worlds was full of cults and wierd religious sects most of which seemed to involve dancing around naked to whatever the equivalent of techno was back then. Interesting how that one played out but not entirely surprising. Slaughtering peasants back then was just good manners.
          The Cathars have a little glamour thanks to the Holy Blood and the Holy Grail etc. who managed to associate those medieval commies with fabulous treasures from the Second Temple in Jerusalem etc.

  19. 8. Things were much less expensive: Children in high school could afford their own car, teenagers could pay for university tuition by working a summer job, a hamburger cost what? 10 cents? 25 cents?

    1. University cost significantly less because the average class size was probably 100-250 students per class. Very high student to teacher ratio (100:1, 250:1). Think of the lecture hall scenes in “The Paper Chase.” Now, universities compete for who has the lowest student to teacher ratio (typically 10:1 or 5:1). More professors means more operating costs which means higher tuition.

      1. What about administrative cost? In additions colleges are in competition with each other to build nicer dorms and classrooms. A lot of people teaching classes are actually unpaid student aids.
        The cost of tuition has been increasing due to all the available student loans and various grants. As a result cost goes up. Eliminate all financial assistance and cost go down. A lot of colleges will collapse as well. Colleges will need to eliminate bloated wages, pension, and generous benefits. They are learning institutions not a place to get rich. If bigger classrooms cut costs then that’s what needs to be done.

        1. Yes, costs are also going up due to the huge number of international (primarily Chinese) students coming here. Greater demand drives up costs. As recently as 2008, the number of Chinese students in the U.S. was quite low at 50,000. Since then it has been increasing exponentially and is over 310,000 today.

        2. Also, today almost all high school graduates go on to college whereas back in the 60s, only those who were highly intelligent and motivated went.

        3. They helped catalyze college sports into the glamfests that they are today. All those shiny bells and whistles the schools have to bring such shows (and talent) costs money. And let’s face it, ESPN’s exposure is what separates the big time schools from Generic State University.

        4. Eliminating all financial assistance might be easy for a right-minded POTUS and Congress as 0bama has spent the last 8 years slaving to make the Federal Government (and its surrogate, SallieMae) the sole provider of student financial assistance.

    2. late 1970s my first car was a 1965 mustang. It cost $500. You could find a far cheaper VW if you needed to save money. For a kid that was about three months pay

      1. Today a car requires one of these just to run
        It never needed a brain before. You the driver was the ‘brains’. Back before ecm’s and electronic ignition, a car would do just fine with one of these
        http://www. freeengineinfo.com/wp-includes/images/mustang%20points%20distributor.JPG
        Muscle cars of the ’60’s had points systems and had considerable power, more power and bulk to bust commie barricades and keep your people free. Not that you would use your rumble card up frivolously, but a car that can’t be remotely controlled ensures a degree of security over the many other commuters that can be shut down during a purge or round up. A modern ecm can be tracked and shut off remotely through the onstar.
        But to put ‘brains’ in a car, why you’d think the vehicle could then blast off and fly!! But nooo, it only rolls, same as before. It does nothing but roll. Back in the day we put men on the moon with the technology of a Studebaker, but now space is off limits to the common man. Slaves aren’t allowed to dream or venture. The modern tech is all turned inward , satellites spying on our every movement while shutting out the view of the cosmos.

        1. Electronics increased efficiency and reliability. Connecting your car to an Internet-equivalent network is, I agree, stupid.
          Who wants to worry about such arcane details of pre-electronic cars as having to adjust your ignition timing based on altitude?
          Direct fuel injection is genius, kludges from “the day” like injecting and mixing the fuel & air in the throttle don’t come close.

    3. I agree about the cost of services (eg: auto insurance) skyrocketing but I’m not sure that these “back in the day, X cost $Y” arguments hold up for goods.
      25 cents in 1969 is worth $1.69 today. That’s technically more than enough to purchase a hamburger.

    1. That looks like it could be interesting, if I ignore that it is supposed to be watch “ironically”.
      It does look to have the HBO problem, seen also in Netflix’s (awful) The Ranch, where they’ve convinced themselves that characters have to speak like Joe Biden in order to be edgy.

      1. It only has 6 episodes (season 2 confirmed btw). Don’t expect it to be like The Simpsons or Family guy. This show has a one big story arc throughout the whole season.
        I personally liked it. It has a lot funny scenes a lots of red pill moments.
        If you still can’t decide than watch the show’s intro. ( the song is Come and get your Love by Redbone)

  20. By any measure, the 60s sucked.
    It was the decade that ruined America.
    Nixon was a terrible president. He greatly expanded the traitorous LBJ’s great society — the cancer that is eating us from the inside out.
    The only way the 60s would have been great was if Barry Goldwater had been elected in 1964. That was the pivotal moment of the 20th century. In November we will have the pivotal moment of the 21st century. The last chance to try to fix this broken mess. Go Trump!!!
    BTW, perhaps overall the girls in the 60s were better looking, but I have to say the hot girls today (for looks only!) are much better looking. In 1969, the “hot” girls weighed 125 lbs. Too heavy. The hot ones today are 110 and under.

  21. “the reporters actually did their jobs and called out Presidents for things like using the IRS to punish their opponents. ”
    No, the press only called out Republicans; JFK and LBJ could and did sic the IRS on their opponents.

  22. The last real president we had was JFK but he opposed nukes for Israel, introduced interest free currency and had no wish to escalate Nam, having only 16,000 advisors there.
    With him Killed Israel got nukes in 3 months, currency was full debt fiat and crypto Lbj had 375,000 us troops there in 18 months, which bankrupted us and allowed Milton Friedman of the Fed to take us off the gold standard. Mission accomplished.
    There are very few banned books in America, but Israel killing jfk is one. It’s called “Final Judgment” by Michael Collins Piper who is now deceased. Incidentally it’s an international best seller

    1. His administration was also about to make all lobbies like AIPAC register as foreign agencies.

        1. Yes, interesting stuff. Mossad assassin Yitzhak Rabin was in Dallas on the eve of the assassination, as a “journalist.” The letter JFK sent Ben Gurion about nukes was really strongly worded–essentially saying we would stop them by force. Here’s Gaddafi trying to spread the word, not long before dying of sodomy by bayonet.

    2. While Kennedy did issue currency that wasn’t based off debt, he was actually against the backing of the dollar with gold/silver.

        1. Yeah, you know why he issued that? Because he was making a transition to get off the Silver in the first place…

    3. JFK screwed us by legalizing public-sector unions.
      Even FDR, the most powerful socialist ever in the USA, was adamant that public sector unions were a horrible idea too leftist to consider.
      Speaking of Friedman, that man had some good ideas but he royally screwed us. He created the automatic withholding of income tax, single-handedly creating the federal leviathan, and he gave us other nasty nuggets like school vouchers 🙁

  23. PC hadn’t muzzled us yet. The seeds had already been planted in 1969, but you could safely take a position then (such as opposing homosexuality) and not get lynched by an SJW mob. The political “center” was much further right than today, where to be considered “centrist” you have to be for open borders, globalism, etc.

      1. That’s not supposed to be an insult, is it, guy named after Ayn Rand’s individualist-extremist-anti-government hero?

        1. Veterans are betas? I know men try to rationalize their cowardice, but it is painful to watch.

        2. They can be, I’ve seen too many Vietnam conscripts who have turned their anti-war sentiment and beta mentality into being far-left political crusaders.
          Too much of the current military loves 0bama, which can only be explained by a Simpsons-esque “we love the leader” mentality.
          Needless to say, those folks have been engaging in absurdly high levels of cognitive dissonance as they back dyed-in-the-wool warmongers like 0bama and Hillary.

        3. A good bit of the military is indistinguishable from any other government entity these days. Change the sign on the shop, and you might as well be working for the DMV or the IRS.

        4. I know to many vets, but haven’t met the ones you mention. The ones who claim vet status and being left tend to be guys who never left CONUS.

        5. Allowing politicians to force you at the barrel of a gun into a war that does not serve your interests–while their spawn skate–is beta, yes. It’s funny that you frequent a place that celebrates “red pill” thinking, as you epitomize the blue pill mentality.

        6. Serve your interest? You live where?
          Plenty of vets frequent here, but calling them out as beta while you prance your bonfide red pill character is a bit much.

        7. I live in America. How about you? Israel? I’m a fucking veteran, too, motherfucker. Blind patriotism is beta. Are you afraid I’m going to hurt some badasses’ feelings if I speak my mind? Is this a safe space?

        8. I hate leftist bullshit, but a kid who was forced at the barrel of a gun to go kill and get his nuts blown off has about as good excuse as there is. You’re correct that Hillary is a warmonger. There was huge support in the military for Ron Paul

        9. Sure mate. What ever gets you through the day.
          Try not to piss on to many beta Vietnam vets down at the VA.
          You schmuck.

        10. Ok, let’s do this. Do you deny that AIPAC and similar groups heavily influence American foreign policy?

        11. Of course I don’t deny that. What does that have to do with random commenters on the internet though?
          ‘Luthor’s Law’ (I’m coining that) seems to dominate among the right in the same manner that Godwin’s dominates among the Left.

        12. Well, since you’re obviously a blathering dipshit, I’ll tell you the context–which is there in black and white. I referenced wars that do not serve our interests. The response was incredulity, and and inquiry about where I live. I responded that I live in America and asked if the incredulous party was from Israel, because contemporary American wars are fought on behalf of Israel.

        13. Hopefully there’s similarly yuge support for Trump in today’s military. From what I see there is but I’m not sure I see a representative sample.
          If these Vietnam leftist veterans were just anti-war I could understand that, but they’ve gone and bought into leftism entirely-which is problematic in general-but it has them ironically and inexplicably backing some of the most pro-war politicians around.
          How can anyone anti-war support Hillary?

        14. Hillary is not just a Neocon. She is an extreme Neocon, and the worst of the worst Neocons are openly endorsing her.

        15. Sadly, today’s politicians have made debasing the vets at the VA look like the way to climb the ladder to success.
          John McCain chairs the Armed Services Committee and he climbed the pile of corpses from the VA’s hellish treatment facilities to yet another electoral victory.

        16. Stopping communism was worth it.
          I come from a long line of combat veterans. My father, who you so easily slandered, got his draft notice 3 months before his HS graduation. White working class privledge of the day. 25th ID graduate.

        17. So do I, boychik. We didn’t fucking stop communism with the Viet Nam war, as many a disillusioned vet of that war will be quick to tell you. Both of our fathers were still kids when they were first ordered to fight, kill, and risk life and limb in a foreign land. Many of those kids came back in boxes, or with missing legs, testicles, faces, etc. 1969 was not an Awesome year for America. There has not been an American war yet where conscription was justified. As the author of your namesake once said, a country that won’t voluntarily defend itself doesn’t deserve to stand–in other words, fuck the draft.

        18. “–in other words, fuck the draft.”
          There hasn’t been a draft in the US since 1973 and I will say you never left CONUS “if” you really did ever serve.
          I once asked my father if he could have gone full pussy and ducked the draft and still have what he has today without consequences, would he have doen it. He thought about it for a few mintues. He said, he would still go (wounds and all). His rationale was that because it would not have changed anything. Just some other poor son-of-a-bitch would had gone in his place and it was better that he faced it than some other guy.
          You can cry us a river, but all my people will do is swim in them.

        19. Yes, dipshit, take a look at the headline of the article I commented on. I don’t give a fuck what your dad said. There is nothing “pussy” about not being a pawn and a victim. Your dad’s rationale makes no fucking sense, other than to make himself out to be some kind of a hero.

        20. LOL.
          I was sharing that for others benefit who might not understand the rationale. Sometimes you are the vicitm of historic events and there isn’t much of a choice in the matter. Sorry you are incapable of understanding that.

        21. No. A victim has no choice. He could have joined the NG or AR like you or ran to Canada. He faced it like a man come what may.

        22. I’d say someone who is forced to be a cog in the wheel of a bullshit war the government picks is rather beta. It’s letting someone else control your life, and more importantly put your life and safety and risk, and for no good reason. There are a range of options available, from playing games with the loopholes to leaving the country. I would not allow myself to be drafted by any government.

        23. Isn’t that kind of the point of a military, though? I mean I’m not advocating for one, but look at militaries throughout history, throughout the world. They blindly obey a figurehead leader, and will do horrific and gruesome acts against the citizens they are collecting tax monies from and supposedly protecting and serving, if their leader orders it. That’s just what a military does.

        24. No, I’d disagree about that being what a military does.
          That’s more like what a national police force does.

        25. We didn’t stop communism
          And they now run our own Govt
          McCarthy tried to warn us
          Killing a man in the third world who wants more than one bag of rice a day after we overthrew their democratically elected Govt is pure bullshit

      1. Yeah, there were many ways to get out of it, rather than just obediently marching into the meat grinder.

        1. Normally, I would ignore shit from small men. It’s beneath me. But you had to go and call out Vietnam veterans as being “beta men.”
          You are a pussy. A coward. A crawling maggot. It sucks to be you. You have to live amongst men who didn’t puss out, so you have to undermine them and constuct why you were “better than them.” And you have to live with that. Day in. Day out.

        2. Lauding the act of obeying a government and putting on a uniform–valorizing “serving” a master in the State–is irresponsible to children. One of the main reasons we are able to fight our bullshit wars today without a draft is the way we brainwash kids into thinking that they can gain instant approbation by signing their names on the dotted line and donning a uniform. As I said before, many of them come back in boxes, crippled, brain injured, or psychologically damaged. It isn’t “pussing” out to take control of your destiny. It isn’t cowardly to refuse to give your life to somebody else’s cause, you pathetic fucking manchild. Grow up. I hope to fuck you don’t have any kids.

        1. Hippies made up maybe 5% of the baby boomers, a group that accounted for 20% of the population. No way they ushered in these things. The Civil rights act was in 1964, several years before the hippies came into existence and before most of the baby boomers would have been able to vote.

      1. Pushed for socialism and universal misery while living “high on the hog” in privileged positions (eg: college professors).
        Bernie Sanders epitomizes them: play the leftist for your own benefit, but have no qualms about selling out your principles for your own gain.

      2. Start with marxism and feminism. Add the Gramscian “march through the institutions” into the era of anarcho tyranny we are in today. What’s not to love?

      3. Are you kidding???
        The hippies destroyed America!!!
        Females as equals???
        Nogs as equals???
        Homo Rights???
        Just look at America pre-1964 vs post-1964 and ask yourself that same question!

        1. Hippies didn’t develop until 1965-1966, so that whole thing about 1964 is null. Anyways, you seem to over estimate the power of the hippies. Sure, many hippies supported ideas you disagree with, however, those ideals were just popular overall. It had nothing to do with the hippies, and they would have existed completely independent of them. As I said, they made up 5% of the 20% of people belonging to the baby boomer generation, they weren’t significant in any way population wise, most of them couldn’t even vote because the voting age was 21 until 1971.

  24. If the article was about 50s, although the seeds of evil were creeping in US even then, I could understand. But 60s were great from a right- red pill point of view? I don’t think so. If European and Christian nations continue to exist, by a miracle, in the future, the history will paint this era as the great apostasy. A gnostic luciferian rebellion against everything that is right, holy and sacred.
    60s decade doesn’t seem so degenerate as aspects of current society, because it was the beginning of the great transformation. Societies and nations are humongous entities. they have very large inertia. They spent the spiritual and material capital they found ready. When conservatives of old, said it will destroy the society, they didn’t mean something like a zombie apocalypse, but a slow slope in decay. Just like old empires rotted, sometimes in the course of centuries.

    1. People equate the 50’s to June Cleaver with the pearls. If you think about it, the 50’s ushered in many luxuries for the housewife that made her domestic duties a piece of cake like the automatic washing machine and the toaster. Soon she became jaded and wanted pearls. And women began to peacock with the tall bee-hive hair do’s. In classic patriarchy, THE MAN dons the plume of hair as in Roman soldier headdress style or the long haired warriors and savages of the barbarian tribes. The historic eras of solid patriarchy were when men peacocked their hair and the women kept their heads covered. Feminist eras begin when the common women start to fly their hair loose. Then you see the society quickly turn to BITCH RULE and chaos. Notice how in the conservative 50’s, women gradually showed more and more hair and skin and finally by the late 60’s, leading women had let their hair down and many would even show a bush under the armpit.
      If we wanted to save the 50’s, we should have stopped the bee-hive fad COLD. We should have covered women’s heads properly as they were in colonial times. Men, soldiers, George Washington had hippie long hair and their women WERE COVERED down to the ankle. Find me a male revolutionary figure that had a buzz cut anywhere. The women of colonial America kept their heads covered similar to a hajib.
      Martha Washington – wearing a western white man’s version of a hajib. The hair is capped and contained. In the hair do 50’s, it wasn’t 20 years before we saw women go whole hog wild. There’s a 20 year window when your women begin to fly their hair and when things degrade to full rabbit-hole apeshit. KEEP THE HAIR DOWN on your women and your civilization will continue to stand upright.

      1. So let me get this straight, you think that 60’s haircuts caused the collapse of western civilization? By the way, women didn’t start shaving armpits until the 1920’s.

  25. Economy was in the crapper in 1969, we just hadn’t realized it yet due to inertia.
    Nixon was right about many things, it turns out, but he started Affirmative Action, gave us harmful price & wage controls and didn’t end-instead furthered-LBJ’s horribly destructive social and economic engineering (eg: War on Poverty & “Great Society”).

    1. EPA, kensyian economics, price controls, etc..
      He inherited LBJs debt via great society and Vietnam, but he was a better president than any democrat in the last 60 years.

      1. Kensyian economics pre-date Nixon by 2 decades, what is wrong with the EPA, what the heck are you talking about with price controls? By the way, LBJ actually had a surplus, the deficit didn’t happen until late Nixon.

        1. Don’t waste your time, not too long ago he was telling me how good of a job Chavez had done in Venezuela.

        2. Chavez worked a miracle in Venezuela. Of this there is no dispute. A huge donator to Katrina victims as well
          The cia killed him as he wasn’t a Zionist stooge lackey
          ” according to data compiled by the UK Guardian, Chavez’s first decade in office saw Venezuelan GDP more than double and both infant mortality and unemployment almost halved.
          Then there is a remarkable graph from the World Bank that shows that under Chavez’s brand of socialism, poverty in Venezuela plummeted (the Guardian reports that its “extreme poverty” rate fell from 23.4 percent in 1999 to 8.5 percent just a decade later).
          In all, that left the country with the third lowest poverty rate in Latin America.
          Additionally, as Weisbrot points out, “college enrollment has more than doubled, millions of people have access to health care for the first time and the number of people eligible for public pensions has quadrupled.”

      2. I’m not quite ready to say that Nixon was hands-down better than JFK.
        When was the last time the USA wasn’t practicing Keynesian economics? AFAIK not since FDR dropped the gold standard but probably not since Silent Cal at the earliest.
        It’s downright depressing that we’ll have gone almost 100 years between the last two Administrations that had much in the way of economic sense.

      1. Russians and chinese were having big rifts. There were a few border clashes that left a few hundred dead.
        Nixon saw an opportunity and went for it. Never forget when Nixon brought the boys home in 73′ the communists were on the ropes. It took the US democrats to cut off funding to ensure a red victory.

  26. 1969? Highly suspect year. Those people thought this was valid entertainment:

    Too many drugs, perhaps.

  27. I remember when this appeared on the Smothers Brothers show around 1969. Sensual yet wholesome and cheerful :

    I delve into this in a recent blog post about Khmer music and how it was heavily influenced by 60s American pop :
    Three Khmer Divas

  28. dafuq did I just read?
    Those hippie chicks were filthy, disgusting hairy whores. The music of the late 1960’s was largely total bullshit. Like him or not, no one calls Nixon a great president. People were being involuntarily drafted into an asian land war. 1969 was the fucking end times.

      1. There’s an old saw about “Never enter a land war in Asia”.
        AFAIK it was popularized by Lyin’ Ted Cruz’s favorite movie, The Princess Bride (of all things).

        1. Oh, well it’s total bullshit. The UK went into a land war in Asia and won India, a country many times it’s size, as a result.

        2. I agree with that, though I’ve also seen the British attempts in Afghanistan used as corroboration to that expression.
          Perhaps India is an exception to the saw, as are Asian nations themselves.

        3. that is the line I was thinking of and it happened to fit the context.
          BTW knock cruz all you want but i will be damned if i listen to anyone say a word against Princess Bride.

        4. the larger point i was trying to make is that young american boys were being sent involuntarily to fight and die in a war that was total bullshit. I don’t care if the war is in vegas. That is fucking terrible. Win or Lose.
          never get involved in a land war in asia is a line from a movie, the princess bride, and just happened to be apt in this particular case about the 60’s

        5. You know, I am a very prolific reader. I read everything. But no, that is a book I have not read. I really think I should.

        6. Should be: Never enter into any kind of war involving Russia or Afghanistan.
          The Brits kicked the shit out of India and China on land.

      2. None. It just happened to be there. Wouldn’t have been better if it was somewhere else.

      1. did reverse image search. These images are fucking models who are in current magazines and being dressed up like hippies. Would I bang 2016 models. Yes. Even if they are dressed up like hippies. I bet these girls have twats that look like brand new fucking pennies.

        1. cute. but i think a brand new penny is the perfect evocative image for a young waxed pussy. You look at all your pennies. Pull them out of your pocket. some are tarnished beyond recognition. Some a little or more. Then you get one that just fucking glows. The brand new penny is the analogy I am sticking with.

        2. “chicka-boom-chicka-wow-wow” excuse me for posting those lyrics. It backfired and they’re stuck in my head now. “chicka-boom-chicka-wow-wow” shit I’m back in 3rd grade public school again. I need to go take some swigs of hot sauce. I almost stuck a cake cutter in my back pocket.

        3. I thought people without beards were known as heterosexuals. ..
          Having a beard without looking like you’re trying to do the whole hipster thing is like walking a razor’s edge.

      2. The facial makeup makes that a rather moot question as, if you had a time machine, you wouldn’t find a hippie chick dolled up with today’s makeup fashion.

        1. I’ll have to admit that I believe you’re right. Congratulations, you have a very sharp eye. Let’s look at a real picture from the 60’s and compare.
          The 1965 Chevelle pictured above is brand spanking new and the occupants appear to be fairly youthful looking adults. The parents seated in front were likely from the ‘silent’ generation which preceded the boomers. Why they called them ‘silent’, the late 20’s depression era generation is because they basically said nothing and protested nothing. They dove into bloodbath globalist wars like good boy scouts.They swallowed the Fed. They accepted and ate the banning of full auto weapons, the woman vote, prohibition and the ‘Great Society’ in one dreary bite.
          NOW let’s look at the same 1965 Chevrolet Chevelle in 2016.
          WOW the Chevelle with proper care hasn’t aged a bit. And the blond/redhead girl, could she be the same girl that was in the 1965 advertisement seated in rear next to her preppy boyfriend? Where are the original 1965 people today?
          Holy shit! It appears that with regards to aging, ‘CAR YEARS’ are different from ‘human years’. Proper maintenance and care must be factored in of course but this just boggles my mind. I think the makers of Simoniz, Castrol lubricants and Armor All car care products need to team up and develop a line of WOMAN CARE products. Their chemists are sure geniuses at stopping the aging of cars. The young model in the 2016 pic was likely born in 1995 or so but the blonde in the old 1965 ad was likely born in ’45-’49 or so. Find me a 1945 woman anywhere in the world that looks as good as that preserved Chevelle in the 2016 pic. I’ve heard it said at car shows that you can never find a 1957 woman on this earth that still looks as good as your ’57 Chevy on display. That’s why men stick to their cars. But women, breed ’em out the ass while they’re young. If only cars could breed. They seem to multiply in my yard somehow. Sometimes I think my old cars are breeding when I turn my back.:)

    1. I’ve never seen much of the appeal of late 1960s music.
      As far as rock/R&B is concerned, give me everything between 1949 (Fats Domino’s “The Fat Man”) and 1963 and you can keep everything after.
      Yes, that includes the Beatles (*GASP* Blasphemy!) and The Beach Boys.

      1. The Beatles are a mediocre pop band with sub par lyrics and fair harmonies. If you put all their good songs together you might be able to get a single album and that album would be 7/10 how’s that for blasphemy.
        I love old blues like Lightnin’ and Robert Johnson. And more in the time frame you list Elmore James.
        If I want Brit pop music I’ll listen to the Hollies who were much better than the Beatles and even they were just so so

        1. The Hollies always seem to have gotten the short end of the stick vs The Beatles, “Bus Stop” is an honorary Beatles song.

      2. I always kind of thought the Beatles sucked too, never understood what the big deal was about them. That and John Lennon was a left wing commie pinko.

        1. “John Lennon was a left wing commie pinko.”
          John Lennon was raised primarily by his mother and other female relatives.
          Coincidence? I think not.

        2. IIRC, Lennon was having a sort of Bono-style epiphany about leftism shortly before he bit the bullet(s).

          I dabbled in so-called politics in the late Sixties and Seventies more out of guilt than anything.
          Guilt for being rich, and guilt thinking that perhaps love and peace isn’t enough and you have to go and get shot or something, or get punched in the face, to prove I’m one of the people.
          I was doing it against my instincts.

          ^ John Lennon, 1980

        3. Lennon warred against Vietnam and English occupation of Ireland, and said peaceful protests weren’t working. They then took him out. The shooter was the Bush family’s neighbor

    2. I agree praising Nixon was an odd choice… He is at least a plain speaker like Trump but I wouldn’t throw many more compliments his way. But seriously, shitty music? Filthy hippies? I dunno man.

  29. oh, and let me add: one of the reasons for liking 1969 is because TV was better. Hold on, let me log on to pirate bay and down load every fucking tv show that ever came out in 1969 –it should take about an hour–and then watch is screen on screen on my 63 inch high def tv or take it with me to the gym on my iPad and throw my bluetooth waterproof headphones in the gym. Then I will let you know if i think their tv was better.
    smh. If I had to spend 1 week in 1969 and not be a rich advertising executive or hollywood guy I would just fucking kill myself.

  30. One more, because for some reason this article really hit a sore spot.
    The best time in the world, gentlemen, is the one you are living in. There has never been a better time than whenever it happens that you find yourself alive. For us it is 2016. Go make the most of it.
    I am going on a date with a super hot girl tonight. I am going to drink champagne and then fuck her hairless body stupid and tell her to keep her heels on.
    Never idolize a past you have no access to living in or dream away your days thinking of a future you aren’t actively trying to create. Now gentleman. now is the time.
    Go to it!

    1. I get what youre saying about this, dont sentimentalize someone else’s past, but its hard sometimes- I was a tween/teen during the New Jack City era of NYC(yes, it was that bad), and I couldnt help wishing I grew up in that The Wonders Years era…Im sure there are millenials who wished they grew up in the late 80s/90s

      1. Ha. I was a college student living in Harlem during the new jack city era. So yeah, I know how bad it was. I grew up when the city looked like fucking taxi driver. But the truth is, you can wish things are different all the time but they aren’t you have one life and it is happening right now. If it was 2069 or 1969 plain and simple it would suck for me because I would either be not born or dead.

  31. Regarding the Vietnam war.. we have to remember, as dirty as it was, it was fought to combat global Communism, aka Soviet Imperialism. And the reds actually were a threat to our very existence at the time. Today, we’re waging 3 simultaneous and financially ruinous wars to combat “global terrorism”.. a bunch of scruffy sand munchers and camel fuckers. Shit, the politicians and media won’t even properly name what we’re fighting against.. “global Islamism”.
    As for Women’s Lib and the Civil Rights movement (which, then as now, had no small amount of overlap).. love them or hate them, their primary goal was to end gender/racial segregation. But their bastard offspring today, 3rd wave feminism and BLM, want to send us right back into fucking segregation.
    I swear, with each passing year, I just wanna get off this fucked up rock.

    1. And anyone who felt the way you do was free to sign up and fight in that war–and many did. But there was NO justification for dragging this country’s working class young men out of their adolescences at the barrel of a gun to be cut them down in the prime of their lives.

    2. It’s interesting how we openly went to war to stop the Ruskies but we were scared to death of confronting the Chicoms.
      I’m not sure why as this was back when China was still entirely destitute, before the USA created their economic house of cards by turning them into a giant factory for all of its crap.
      Which was one helluva problem as we were fighting China.

      1. If technology and living standards are heavily weighted, yes. If you want to weight other things more heavily you’ll get different years.

    1. 1946 to 1963.
      It all went to shreds in ’64 with the traitorous LBJ’s (un)civil rights act.

    2. I would have to disagree and say 1873, when we became the world’s #1 economy, to 1912 before the Federal Reserve Act, marked our pinnacle. Our upward leap in scientific achievement, appreciating currency value, and limited government has no match in history.

      1. It depends on what you’re looking at. As far as technological achievement and living standards 1969 was a hell of a lot better than 1912. But the Wilson years are the set in decay I was referring to.

      2. 1873 was around the time corporations were awarded “personhood”, right? So maybe youre right

        1. That era was definitely the beginning of heavy business and government collusion. We still rely on tech mainly developed during this short period (cars, airplanes, central power grids, etc.) which is why I would pick this period over the 20th century as the golden age imho.

    3. perhaps 1968 was the end of the beginning (which began in 1913)
      and 1969 was the beginning of the end…
      great for all men to get access to unlimited college pussy…
      but is representative of the decay in our society.
      I can only agree with captain capitalism and enjoy the decline…
      h/t churchill

  32. 1969…the Cubs blew a 9.5-game lead in August…the good thing about being a Cub fan is, no matter how fucked-up your life may get, you can never be that big of a loser…107 years and counting.

    1. I always like to imagine people coming home from fucking World War I to chicago happy to be a live and thinking “maybe this year we will finally break the streak”

      1. I don’t want them to win, at this point. Why? I might get spoiled. Like Red Sox fans. If the Cubs continue to lose, it’s comforting. You can always depend on it. If they win, it will be like, “Oh, shit, well they didn’t win it again this year, assholes.” I might start feeling entitled. You know, like New York fans.

        1. right. I feel that it would be the same way If I was you.
          As for entitled fans, talk to the yankees fans. As a met fan I feel there is a mets cubs bond of being total fucking losers who snatch defeat fro the jaws of victory.

        2. Ernie Banks – “The Cubs will be heavenly in sixty-sevenly.” A year later. “The Cubs will be great in sixty-eight.” A year later. “The Cubs will shine in sixty-nine.” He was right. They shined the Mets’ shoes. Don’t to talk to me about bonds, okay? You don’t know my pain. I am a Cubbie SJW. I am the equivalent of a blue-haired victim of false-rape while having 7000 Facebook friends…sniffle…you JUST…DON’T…KNOW how it feels!!!!!!

    2. Allowing Hillary Clinton to “throw” out the first pitch from the stands should’ve easily tacked on another century or two to the Cubs’ curse.

  33. Thanks for the honorable mention. Yeah, tried to dial back that bastard Johnsons welfare state and made a phone call to the moon to rub it in the commies faces. Be safe and God bless…because you’re gonna need it with that faggot in the White House.
    – Big Dick
    The Don 2016

  34. Going to the moon was cool, the music not so much, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix-drug addled morons who while talented where both buzzard chow inside of a year or two and the Beatles sucked.
    Television actually had shows that didn’t appear to be loaded with political social programming however those unwashed,unshaven leftist commie hippie chicks, thanks but no thanks.

  35. NO! THE GIRLS WERE NOT CUTE! They WERE friendlier than today, as they needed a man to marry and support them, but they were not cute! The girls of the 50’s and early sixties were hot and compare in hotness with todays sluts, who I think are physically the most beautiful America has ever produced, thanks to make up, hair and revealing slut clothing. If you watch an old beach bikini movie from the fifties and early sixties the girls are gorgeous but ’69? No way! Look closely at the top foto of this article. The brunette in the white blouse in front is built like a race horse and would look good in ANY decade, but the clothing, makeup and hair on the average girl made them look like old maids. I remember when the miniskirts came out. They were some relief but from the waist up the girls were amorphous blobs due to the clothing. (girls did not exercise back then and tended to be soft and not be hard bodied anyway) I graduated high school in’68, the worst year in the history of the American Republic. I had always dreamed of dating Debbie Reynolds and hanging out with Pat Boone. And in the fall of 68, starting college, it seemed my dreams were realized. Yeah..Pat and Debbie were corny but they were good lookin All American kids. But when I came back to my big eastern state univ in Fall ’69 it was like being hit with a 2×4. Gone were the pretty girls and the conservative guys in khakis and loafers. There before me was an entire campus in long hair and dirty denim. It changed over night. Now instead of Pat and Debbie I had to date Janis Joplin and hang out with Frank Zappa look alikes! The girls no longer wore bras and were all flat chested in shapeless denim shirts and jeans with NO makeup. They looked like shit! My good looking GF came back from summer vacation and had gotten the Shag haircut, that ONLY Farrah Fawcett llooked good in. It made me sick. I was an alpha and one of the best looking guys at the university and I was bummed out and didn’t care to date except to satisfy my primal needs. The only good lookin hippie chicks were in Cal. as their tall blond outdoor girls could look good despite the terrible styles for girls. Hippies were NEVER considered good looking! And everyone was a hippie. THE MUSIC WAS GREAT! But that soon degenerated by 73/74 to lame soft rock and the seed of disco.
    I read frequently for enjoyment of the Red Pill themes but seldom write much here on ROK but there’s something about the60’s which lights a fire under me and pisses me off. Especially since I spent my prime years amidst my boomer generation of long haired, dope smokin’ hippie, communist, pinko, fags. They were so full of themselves and so full of shit. And it WAS they who swallowed the liberal Marxist propaganda of the Elites and used it to wrest power from the previous generation so that they might steal power earlier rather than waiting for the older generation to die off. It was THEY who after attaining power enriched themselves during the 80’s and 90’s and left todays generations to hang and to pay for it all! My four year degree cost $1200 TOTAL! Kids today pay $40,000 and up for the same degree. Just think of your Masters, the Elites, the Clintons, all Champagne Socialists who live high on the hog while you kids juggle three shitty part time jobs and pay Obamas IRS $1100 a year penalty for not buying his rediculously over priced worthless Obamacare. And it’s all going to continue ss Obamas worthless, stupid, Pothead daughter just got accepted to Harvard so she can be your President long after I am gone.
    I pity todays generation. They say you all have no motivation and just play video games. Motivated for what?! That $10/hr job with no benes waiting for you? For that feminist raised Americunt who wants to divorce rape you?! When I was young we all got out of high school and if you didn’t go to college you started at the local mill or factory for the equivalent of $25/hr with full benes and a union to protect your job.

    1. To finish up… How many of you millenials, if you had only to drive over to the nearest factory and easily sign on for a $25/hr job, starting salary, with full benefits, medical, dental etc. and Mostly all paid for by the company would fail to do so?
      1969 sucked and was the beginning of the downfall of this country. The girls who graduated hs in 1969 have all had three marraiges while those of 1965 are still with their first husband. I’m class of ’68 and in contacting all my old buddies…everyone has been divorced several times..so much for those sweet girls!
      But you millenials ARE screwed even worse and may God help you.
      Oh… The tv was inane and vacuous…. mind numbingly boring.

      1. Watching tv is like having Joos take a dump into your soul
        And you’re right. 1968 was our banner year. Not 1969

    1. Also the only President to invoke the classic “You can’t fire me, I quit!”
      OT, I wonder if we should continue actually electing VPOTUS as the purposes of having the Electoral College vote for them have been defeated by POTUS and VPOTUS being a “package deal”.
      It’s not as though we could end up with, say, Trump/Bernie or Trump/Kaine…which is too bad as, while I wouldn’t want either of the two aforementioned as VP, Pence is such a crapweasel that I’d be amenable to a substitution.

  36. This is a good article. The author is a reactionary to his parents’ leftist bullshit. But even a stopped clock is right twice a day, and vehement protests against the draft were valid.

    1. Unfortunately they led to, in the spirit of “never let a crisis go to waste”, the disastrous 26th Amendment.
      States’ rights were further eroded and scads of youth who didn’t know their ass from their elbow were given the right to vote.

      1. I bought the “old enough to be drafted is old enough to vote” argument behind the 26th. Moreover, while “hippies” made lots of noise and got the press, most teens then, including myself, were too damn busy with life, school, and work to spare any time to defeat “the man”.

        1. IMO the “old enough to be drafted = old enough to vote” should’ve been tossed out in 1984 when the neocons (illegally) made it the rule that “old enough to vote != old enough for booze”
          How can anyone be allowed to vote when they’re not considered responsible enough to have alcohol?

        2. Oh, they have alcohol all right. I live close by a major university. The 18 vote and subsequent alcohol prohibition for under 21 are linked. The first granted power, the second took it away because “safety”. This created an adult class that would, with cause, perceive themselves to be lesser adults deprived of full adult privileges and liberties. Real and/or perceived inequities lead to discontent. Do you think it was a bug or a feature that 18 to 20 is prime college age?

  37. My dad was born in 1951. His life reads like the rise and fall of America.
    He describes pickup baseball games in the fifties, sneaking into movie theatres, firecrackers in toilets, and dog chases that make The Sandlot look like his documentary. Then He graduated highschool in 1969. He’s got stories of dating hordes of college women, high on the new “free love” kick, free rock festivals, and meeting classic rock icons at cheap venues. He tells me about drag racing muscle cars during that summer, and lots of bar fights with bikers and greasers . Then His stories from the seventies are all about meeting chicks at disco clubs, working hard and buying his first home.
    Then he met his first wife who fucked him over and he lost his first house in the deal. Then my mom roped him into a miserable 13 year sentence. He gained weight, his health declined. He spent every cent on buying her a new house, car, etc. That divorce cost him another house.
    He was making a 2nd comeback pretty well in the early 2000s, until he lost his life’s savings in the real estate crash, then his business went under after the market also crashed. I send him money monthly and call him everyday. Theres no steam left for a third comeback. Not at 65.
    To this day, he says his first summer out of highschool was the best year of his life. It was literally The summer of 69.
    Im writing this from Peru, because I believe my “summer of 69” can be anytime. I believe its a combination of power and culture, which I do not have in America.

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  39. Back when fags were looked down for their abhorrent behavior, SJWs were calle hippies and that was an insult

  40. I love the show Hee Haw. It’s good clean fun. The women were very attractive and feminine too.

  41. Something else about those times.
    Photography took effort and expense. You had to send your roll of film to get developed and each shot cost you money. There were 12 or 24 shots available to a roll. Or you had to be a photo buff and develop your own film,also expensive. There were Polaroids, but each one was also costly.
    Photography was the geek guy’s thing back then because personal computers had not been invented.
    So I have only about a half dozen photos of myself from that era, usually pulling some stupid mug when my mom tried to take our picture.
    Digital camera technology has certainly enhanced our narcissism.

    1. Wonderful memories. Google for “tumblr pornomat” for examples of what that era was like when taking a nude usually required a friend or sympathetic manager to process for you.
      One thing I like about the digital revolution are photo books. So much better than albums.

      1. Around 1982 I took a job working the night shift at a photo-processing plant during Christmas rush. Would stand at the end of a huge machine while the photos would spin off on to large spools. I would take the full spools to tables of old ladies that cut them into individual photos.
        So I got to see everyone’s risque’ photos spinning past at high speed. Pretty funny stuff. One sequence was two gay men dripping hot wax on each other’s asses. Heard the old ladies saying “we should call his mother!”.
        If the photos were too revealing they would trash them and put a note in the customer’s envelope about it being illegal to process.

        1. I read somewhere that adult material drove the digital photography revolution and even the early web’s bandwidth. There’s a funny joke on Futurama that goes: “We’re the top non-adult website on the internet, therefore 39th overall”
          The ability to take photos and then print them out on a color printer (back then, as you know , the inkjets stunk. HP made billions from selling the ink though) was revolutionary.
          My parents once went to a zoo and the male gorilla, er, decided to get amorous with the female gorilla and the kids got a free sex ed class. My mother laughed the male gorilla went to sleep afterwards. They caught it all on the 24 roll film which promptly had the negatives blacked out at Rite-Aid. They were annoyed but not surprised.
          There were legends of illicit albums of photos that got duped by more salacious photo developer staff and later girls at parties being shocked to see themselves in the albums.

        2. The classic book “The Art and Science of Dumpster Diving” advised picking through the dumpsters behind foto-mats to see naked pictures of your neighbors. I tried it out and it was true! Funny stuff.

    1. Joos run the money, not the President. Milton Friedman took us off the gold standard. Vietnam was the impetus to provoke it by bankrupting us.

      1. Well, if so he was pressured, or bought of in some way by “them”.
        Still he`s responsibility though.
        Friedman might have been against a gold standard, but i still think he was on the right side of things.
        He just diden`t see it as practically feasible with the technology of the day, maybe he would have thought differently today?
        He also wanted to abolish the Fed, going against many of his “brethren.”

        1. I don`t know what his reasoning was on that, but I would hesitate to make it an all Jewish issue, you still have people like Schiff and many others being pro gold-silver-basket of commodities.

        2. Oy vey
          A joo truth teller. Not all of them are bad.
          Glad Schiff is there to keep them honest.
          Some would like to move them all to Madagascar as Germany wished to, but I think that’s harsh.
          Schiff and others could be wearing orange jumpsuits cleaning the toilets of the Palestinians

  42. If you wanted to see a porn film, you had to go to an “art” theatre in a seedy part of town and sit with a bunch of winos jerking off into their hats.
    The porn actresses usually kept their heels on during the shoot, so in case the cops showed up they could throw on their dress and run for it.

  43. Nixon sucked.. he took us off the gold standard which allowed the Federal Banskters to print money ad infinitum.. This enabled massive expansion of the welfare state – a key component of third wave feminism. The State now acts as the father – enabling women to live as recklessly as they want without any repercussions for their actions.
    He also paved the way for one way trade with China by normalizing relations with them. The destruction of our manufacturing base because of this has led to massive unemployment for blue collar whites and blacks throughout all of middle America.
    Without having done this, none of our “trade” bills would have succeeded. Without China acting as the United States manufacturing hub, the destruction of our native industries by these trade bills would have led to empty shelves in every store in the US.
    Rebellion would have then ensued.
    Tricky Dick – a traitorous globalist through and through.

  44. 1968 my parents bought 20 acres near a small Midwestern town for $2000. That’s $100 an acre. Today that same piece would sell for $3000 an acre at the least, and very quickly. This is 30 times the 1968 value, or 3000 percent.

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