Carry The Big Stick

A man should be proficient with his weapon.  A samurai has his katana, a centurion has his gladius, a cowboy has his six-shooter, and that’s how it was. Personal weapons are a uniquely masculine accessory. It says a lot about the discipline of a man and his ability to stop people from taking his stuff if he is handy with his steel. In the 21st century the steel takes the form of the automatic pistol. I do not really consider revolvers for their inability to lay down suppressing fire.

Many so-called sophisticated peoples view an armed private citizen as unnecessary and an anachronism. People like this are disingenuous, and I will not delve into their various altruistic or nefarious motivations. I will give a quick overview of how to outfit a man to be handy with his steel. For those of you who live in a locale where handguns are unobtainable, that’s just too bad. For those of you interested, the particular machine you might select is entirely personal preference. I leave it to you to do the specific research. I do not really consider revolvers for their inability to lay down suppressing fire.

What To Get

First thing a man needs for outfitting himself is an actual handgun. There are pros and cons to all the machines on the market. A man decides what he wants for himself. Some like the fine lines of Italian style, and there is a gun for that. Others like expensive German over-engineering, and there is a gun for that as well. There are so-called business casual guns that can either it be dressed up or dressed down depending on the event. Some favor devices with switches, levers and/or safeties for safety reasons or for something to play with while they watch TV. Others favor the spartan experience of minimal controls. The decision is up to you on the practicality and whatever you are willing to sacrifice for “fashion”. I base my selection on the device’s ability to throw bullets reliably, the availability of spare parts and certain other personal preferences. Whatever device and features you select, you must actually practice in order to obtain proficiency. This cannot be accomplished by playing call of duty or watching YouTube videos.


On the old comic strip “Calvin and Hobbes” by Bill Waterston, Calvin once stated “in a perfect world, women will wear tight clothes, and men will carry powerful handguns”. While some can argue the various calibers have their various merits, the caliber debate has ended in my mind. George Zimmerman’s one shot one kill with a Kel Tec PF9 can be thanked for that. Some men might want to be “continental” and 9mm is their preference. Other men like to follow tradition and prefer .45. And yet others choose .40 for various reasons.

There are other automatic cartridges available but remember one must be able to obtain a lot of them in order to practice. I could tell you to buy something readily available and not buy something outrageously powerful for the notoriety of it. But I am not going to pull a Mark Minter and preach something I do not practice. A modern man can make his own decision on how big of a bang he wants to make.



After a man selects a pistol, he should also buy a holster to carry it in. Free balling a handgun is not recommended. Shooting oneself in the dick should be avoided. As with any fashion accessory, a holster should be well made. Select one that works for you, but I recommend one that encloses the trigger so you don’t start the party early by accident. Again one should practice to be proficient pulling the weapon out of its holster. You might need to buy more than one holster for it to go to various types of clothing you might wear. No one likes outfits that don’t go together.


Safety First

Don’t think your purchasing journey is over yet. There are a few more items you need to buy in order to ensure satisfactory practice. Unless you’re Jason Bourne, your gun is going to be real loud when you shoot it. To counter the potential for hearing loss, one should purchase earplugs or muffs. I recommend muffs so one can focus on practice in comfort. Pistols have parts that move really fast while in operation. This can throw debris and oil back onto the shooter. The shooter should wear eye protection to defend against this along with ejected casings. I’ll recommend you buy a quality pair of clear lenses so there will be no optical distortion or color shifts between practice firing and what you might encounter on the street. Others might recommend tinted or shaded lenses but that is beyond the scope of this article.


A Clean Gun Is A Happy Gun

A man needs to keep his steel well-maintained. Swords get sharpened, polished and oiled. The same concept applies to handguns. You should clean it every so often even if you haven’t shot it. Oddly enough, the good cleaning products for handguns are not usually sold at the places the handguns are sold. One must search for the product he finds adequate. In my experience, multi-functional products tend to do each function poorly. Therefore I recommend a separate cleaner and lubricant. Make sure you research your selection thoroughly; old wives’ tales tend to ruin investments. For example, oven cleaner is a poor choice to clean a handgun.



Remember, you get what you pay for. Going cheap gets you cheap. This goes especially true for handguns and their accessories. If the gun you want is not in your price range, buy it used. It’s better to buy one with a few dings or handling marks then to settle for some $250 jam-o-matic you will regret buying anyway. My gun doesn’t have any expensive options like tritium sites. That is my preference and has saved me money.

First Aid

If a man’s going to have a gun and practice with it, he should plan for the “getting shot” scenario. He should research first aid and to have actual supplies or the ability to MacGyver something. I recommend gauze and medical tape. You can finger bang the gunshot wound with as much gauze as you can stuff in there and then put the tape on top to hold you until you get to the hospital. This works surprisingly well compared to placing a bandage over the wound.


The Law

If you’re going to “roll heavy”, it is best to do it legally. Make sure you have all the proper permits and licenses for your locale. Also look into how to use force legally before you actually use force. A smart man would talk to a lawyer for any legal advice. Where I live, one needs to get a permit to carry a handgun in any fashion. In some places, a visible handgun will bring a massive police response that you might not survive even if it is carried legally, so be wise.


Practice is tantamount to performance. Try different positions at the range. Try shooting from the opposite hand. I find marksmanship is like playing pool. Sure, a lot of people give advice, but the more you do it, the better you become.


While some can argue the lack of necessity, its danger to society, or the state’s need for a monopoly on violence, a handgun can be a neat accessory for any masculine man. It puts pep in your step. It gives you confidence while you walk through certain parts of the city late at night. Also, that dull thud a holstered pistol makes hitting the ground speaks directly to a woman’s hind-brain that you are a mate that can actually protect her when you drop your pants when she services you.

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  1. You don’t consider revolvers because they can’t lay down suppressive fire? Handguns in general can’t do that properly. At least a rifle, preferably (probably not in a civilian context) a machine gun.

  2. You don’t consider revolvers because they can’t lay down suppressive fire? Handguns in general can’t do that properly. At least a rifle, preferably (probably not in a civilian context) a machine gun.

  3. You don’t consider revolvers because they can’t lay down suppressive fire? Handguns in general can’t do that properly. At least a rifle, preferably (probably not in a civilian context) a machine gun.

    1. Exactly. In military jargon, accurate rifle fire in high volume or more likely fire from a heavy automatic weapon is considered “suppressive fire”. You would need to be one remarkable marksman to lay down suppressive fire with a pistol.

      1. revolvers don’t jam. BUT, Semi-automatics have the advantage of carrying more ammunition, which is important when a man who isn’t a sociopath is dealing with a life-or-death situation and the adrenaline is pumping so hard that your hands shake uncontrollably.

    2. it can be done, but the likehood of it needing to be done is extremely rare. the reality is most encounters with a pistol will be one shot, fired center mass for self defense.

      1. “The reality is most encounters with a pistol will be no shots fired, and the other guy backing down.” FTFY

  4. I don’t see why you would think volume of fire is so crucial. Most gunfights take place at very close ranges with very limited rounds and are over in several seconds. Kind of like the Martin incident. Also, if you are going to have a first aid kit, make sure you have a tourniquet in it. Stuffing the wound is not going to stop the bleeding in a timely enough fashion to save a life.

  5. I don’t see why you would think volume of fire is so crucial. Most gunfights take place at very close ranges with very limited rounds and are over in several seconds. Kind of like the Martin incident. Also, if you are going to have a first aid kit, make sure you have a tourniquet in it. Stuffing the wound is not going to stop the bleeding in a timely enough fashion to save a life.

    1. Having carried in various places for a long time, it’s more important to carry a small, light gun that you will actually have on your person. 5-shot snubnose revolvers and the various sub compacts are good.

    2. I recommend carrying a tourniquet too, I am an U.S. Army veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. My unit made us carry tourniquets in the trousers of our Army Combat Uniforms as it was a good idea. Tourniquets stop bleeding more and faster than anything else when out in the field and not near a hospital. I was told to use a tourniquet on someone before bandages. Fortuneately, I never had to use them, but knew of others who did or had tourniquets put on them and they all say it was the best thing to stop the bleeding. A door gunner Soldier on a Chinook helicopter in my brigade had a dud Rocket Propelled Gernade fired into his legs while the helicopter was flying through the valleys of Afghanistan. A passenger, also a soldier, applied a tourniquet and this saved his life. One of his legs was amputated by the RPG, and the other one was due to be amputated by the Army Surgeons because it was maimed and mutilated beyond repair. Fortuneately the RPG was a dud because if it had exploded all 33 on board would have died from the blast or the crash, and the helicopter safely landed on the nearest installation.

    3. i guess i am biased toward volume of fire from personal experience. as for tourniquets, they can be macgyvered, gauze not so much

      1. Any piece of cloth can serve the purpose of stuffing a wound. A belt or some cloth and a stick can be used for a tourniquet. Overall, I strongly recommend you carry a tourniquet in your car or somewhere accessible. We always carried tourniquets for a reason; they are the best tool to stop severe, life-threatening bleeding.

    4. Adrenaline makes aiming VERY difficult. To simulate this at the small arms refresher course I took a few years ago for work, the instructor was a retired Force Recon marine- the real deal. All of us were civilian mariners, not military men, in the class. At the end of the day he had us do 10 burpees and then hold 15lb dumbbells at arms’ length until failure, and then shoot. Very few guys even hit the paper. I didn’t come close, and I’m an avid range shooter. This is the reason you see so many accounts of police shootings where both cop and criminal unload at each other at point blank range and miss.

      1. I was an 18C for seven years and deployed six times, including both Iraq and Afghanistan. We did a lot of stress tests involving some physical tasks incorporated into the shooting course. The reason people don’t perform well under those scenarios is they do not prepare for them properly. Most police officers don’t get nearly enough ammo to train adequately for that. Though Im sure their SWAT and other more functional units are appropriately more well-versed.

  6. I don’t see why you would think volume of fire is so crucial. Most gunfights take place at very close ranges with very limited rounds and are over in several seconds. Kind of like the Martin incident. Also, if you are going to have a first aid kit, make sure you have a tourniquet in it. Stuffing the wound is not going to stop the bleeding in a timely enough fashion to save a life.

  7. Smart folks far more experienced than me also say that if you intend to pack, you really should take courses on judicious use of force and on its legal implications.

    1. Oops, I see it is mentioned in the article, but maybe it should be stressed a bit more 🙂

  8. Smart folks far more experienced than me also say that if you intend to pack, you really should take courses on judicious use of force and on its legal implications.

  9. Too bad the 10mm cartridge never caught on. The science fiction writer H. Beam Piper “invented” that caliber in his science fiction stories published in the 1950’s and early 1960’s.
    I own a Taurus PT 24/7 in.45 ACP caliber myself.

    1. it is useful for shutting down debates at the range between the 9mm and .45 guys.

  10. Summary of the article:
    1) Buy a gun, because you’re a man! Fuck yeah!
    2) I’m not going to tell you which gun to buy, or give you any useful advice
    3) Don’t shoot yourself in the dick
    4) Some filler
    Thanks, ROK!

    1. All of this guys articles reek with the stench of an overcompensating late american basement fapper.

  11. Great post, my only critique being your choice of sidearm.
    You want a weapon that will fire when you need it to. A huge magazine capacity and the ability to dump lead downrange don’t matter in close quarters, where the majority of self-defense scenarios take place.
    When it comes to reliability, a revolver simply can’t be beat.

    1. yes that is why swat teams carry smith and wesson model 29’s instead of mp5’s

      1. Hahahaha, and nine mil’s for backup because MP5s use nine mil ammo also.
        I suppose they should just resort to hand held anti-tank guns and pray it intimidates the hell outta of hardened criminals; because if they have to fire, the only thing they will hit is collateral and property damage.

      2. A swat team breaching and clearing a room with automatic rifles is incomparable to a self defense pistol used when jumped. You are talking out your ass.

  12. I guess this article is strictly addressed for the NA populace. As a EU national debates about guns are mostly irrelevant to me.
    Can anyone please elaborate on why guns are so necessary when living in the USA? Because everyone is “packing heat” ?

    1. The white areas of the US are safer than most of Europe. We don’t really need guns, but as free men, deserve to have them anyway.

      1. Yup, and most of the “gun violence” are in pro gun legislation areas. Hmmmm, go figure huh?
        Imagine a douche with a hand gun attack rural Wyoming, or Texas?
        Yeah, I can’t imagine it either. I imagine the dude seeing people proudly wearing their guns, and having ample guns in their trucks, running that dude out of town while filling him with bullets.
        OTH, in the ghetto, mainly criminals have guns. A gang does not drug a rural area until they have enough gun toting morons in their back pocket, even then, they wind up getting run out and conduct their business mainly from outside of town.

    2. Guns are the only democracy Americans really believe in. Don’t vote or keep up on current events let alone history, but fuck with our guns and we got a problem. It’s a lazy way of keeping the gov’t in check, and with advances in technology and infrastructure it’s becoming increasingly ineffective.

    3. If you want proof, look at how long we have been in Afghanistan with our “military tech” and tell me how much more difficult it would be for the US military to declare war on it’s people who have similar weapons to the military, and prior veterans with the same or similar strategic tactics?
      We have been in the Afghan conflict for over ten years now, and there is still the threat of Taliban taking over once we leave; if we leave? Yet, to take over the American public would be much more difficult. For one thing, our soldiers would be firing on their own family, or their fellow soldiers families. Secondly, they would be fighting armed civilians who would be following veterans with similar training, and using guerrilla tactics which we don’t do well against. Lastly, Americans would not just stop producing taxes, they would just stop working. Drones be damned, tanks be damned, Americans are one of the last populations on Earth anyone would dream of attacking. We are armed to the teeth, and would lead a resistance if a foreign power could attack us.
      Even if they won, they would not have anyone to rule.
      To answer your question, history has shown that a thoroughly passive, and unarmed country is easy to rule. Yet an angry and well armed country keeps any government in check.
      Though our military is incredible, Americans don’t trust government because it is historically unwise to do so. Government, any government for that matter, has a single purpose; to rule efficiently. To do so requires power, and that is why Jefferson was quoted as saying “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.”
      I know that is cliche now, but it should not be. Just because we in the West have not suffered a brutal take over since Hitler in Germany last century, does not mean it will not happen again! IT WILL eventually, human nature is the root cause.
      And this American will be ready to pop a cap in yo ass the moment you, or anyone tries to change the efficiency of government here from purposely inefficient as a stop gap, to brutally and tyrannically efficient. I mean no offense, it is just our way of life.

  13. I’m not taking advice from anybody who doesn’t know the difference between automatic and semiautomatic pistols.

  14. Great article. I especially appreciated how you avoided the usual caliber / brand evangelism that accompanies any kind of firearms article. Think for yourself!

  15. This article is bullshit. Confidence makes a man, not a gun. Any fuckwit can go out and buy a firearm. Girls can buy firearms too, does that make them more masculine than me?
    Buy some decent shoes with your money, they are a better masculine accessory. Some Americans have their priorities wrong.

    1. A gun is confidence. And no, all the braggadocio in the world isn’t shit compared to the armed man. That is why up until a hundred years ago the sign of freeman was being able to go about armed. Even in Europe Aristocratic Gentleman swung three feet of steel at their side.
      Fuck your shoes.

      1. Hahahaha. Around the revolutionary war, men still carried two pistols in their jackets for protection before “swinging steel.” Dueling ten paces was still common.
        I tell you the truth, if dueling even by fists was still allowed, there would be a lot less comedians in the world.

        1. Technically Duelling is still illegal, ironic considering that at one point not answering the challenge to duel was punishable by fines and loss of standing. That was one of the first sign- I guess- that the West was heading towards being feminized. A good book on the subject is “Gentleman’s Blood” by Barbara Holland. I guess a man was only as good as his word, and his word was only as good as the blood- his own or another’s- he was willing to spill to back it up.

    2. this makes no sense. if girls can buy guns too and this makes owning a gun something a man shouldn’t consider manly, wouldn’t buying shoes be even less masculine, as many more women buy shoes than guns?
      a man should have a gun for the same reason a man should be able to cook for himself- self sufficiency. compared to that, ‘decent shoes’ are mere fluff.

  16. I think RoK posts should be longer. More fleshed out. Pick a topic. Pick a specfic bit of it you want to scrutinize. Pick what angle you want to look at it from (more than one for a longer article).

  17. Don’t give up your right to gun ownership. The Soviets didn’t launch a ground attack during the cold war because they feared gun ownership amongst many of the private citizenry. Also, guns are a check against govern-mental tyranny. If you give up your guns then you might as well bend over.

    1. Yeah, it had nothing to do with the thousands of nuclear warheads the US had. It was because Farmer Joe had a shotgun to scare away the crows/Red Army.

  18. for those who live in an area with stringent gun laws carrying a big stick can also mean learning how to use the weapons you were born with ie mind, fists, feet, ebows, head and dick.

  19. Guns to buy, depends on what you want but any nine mil with a 15 round clip should suffice. Practicing with it is paramount, as most men don’t really know how to shoot. They will buy the gun, fire it a few times, and then think they are bad ass. In a close fire fight, you would be surprised how easy it is to miss from a few feet away, let alone ten or more yards.
    Secondly, my best advice is to be personable. A story from a prior big city cop, gone small town super cop and I am done with this useless article:
    Basically, this guy was trained in a large city down south, and was use to getting into scraps. He moved to a very small town in my state when he and his wife found work here. He had a way with hardened criminals he called the “gift of gab.” Essentially, though he had a gun, training, and the ability to call for back-up while planning how to screw you to the maximum; he preferred to talk people down.
    Case in point, one day a woman comes to his small town precinct with massive bruising claiming her massive 6’10” husband had just whooped her petite little frame something fierce and wanted to press charges. This guy even stated he was use to handling false accusations, but this was the real deal.
    He got the call with his feminazi recruit female cop partner, and went to the house in question. The female cop looked at him and told him “I got this one!” claiming by her actions what she was really going to do. He said she aboutshit herself when the “perp” answered the door breathing heavy having just work out. He did the math in his head and realized that even if they had the 21 foot rule of distance, a single bullet would not prevent this dude from kicking their ass, let alone from three feet. She started into a feminazi verbal attack demanding he answer for his crimes against all woman’hood, and slowly, but surely, started to piss this guy off.
    He promptly used his seniority and physically had to call the female chihuahua off; and talk him down himself. He basically said it was like seeing a chihiahua barking at a massive rottweiler ready to bounce and eat her. He got in the way and sai d”Look man, I see you could beat both of us, and that won’t be good for any of us. Can I make you a deal bro?” The guy nodded, and he continued saying “How about we just go to the station, I have to cuff you, but will let you keep your hands in front of you until we get to the station; and then you can say your side of the story.” “She has pressed charges, and we have to take you in I’m sorry.”
    The guy left without a fuss, and did everything he was told.
    You want to be dirty hairy sweetheart go ahead; but even several large, muscle bound cops can have a hard time arresting a stringy 150 pound weakling who is resisting arrest. And if you think just because you have a gun you are going to use it, you got another thing coming. That is like the genius Hapkido instructor who told em he would not grapple with me but kick in my knees; thus making hapkido superior to MMA. Yeah, a guy who can apprehend a man without injury, is superior and less likely to get ass raped in prison and civil tort suits; then a guy who instantly resorts to lethal force.
    Get a gun, but don’t be stupid. Talk first if you can, then use your training.

  20. “Guns are manly, want to improve your lifestyle? Get one” That’s not the kind of advice I was expecting on RoK.

  21. Just get a glock, good price and reliable. There is barrels to swap out from your 40 cal to a 9mm and .22lr.

  22. I don’t get the heat gun supporters get here, the only reason illegal immigrants and our government still can fuck with us is that we only got rocks as weapons.
    All confidence and game in the world won’t save you from a bullet. Reality can be a very harsh place to be in, that’s why liberals and other stupid morons invent all kinds of fantasies to protect their minds from what they truly are, very vulnerable.

    1. “All confidence and game in the world won’t save you from a bullet.” Neither do guns. If someone comes behind you stealthily and pops you in the back, that 9 mil you’re jerking off to won’t save your life.

      1. And after every gun law is passed and no on can legally own a gun that same jerk off will STILL be able to walk up to you and shoot you in the back.

        1. You can use every logical fallacy you want (straw man, slippery slope, red herring, etc.), but if guns protect you from violence, why do so many soldiers get killed (or cops, for that matter)?

        2. well firstly not many cops get killed, secondly military personnel don’t have the luxury of being able to run or otherwise act with any self interest. If they are ordered to hold a position they have no choice. Also, guns don’t protect one from bombs. In addition to all of that… They are in war zones or dealing with the dregs of society. Did you really think this through at all ?

        3. Actually could you explain how more restrictive gun laws would have any effect on crimes committed with illegal guns ?

  23. I would have specified a bit more about what kind of gun to get, techniques to use, etc etc. For example, I carry a customized springfield Armory 1911, 45 caliber, with 4 magazines in my pocket. The reason for this is it is more accurate then majority of polymers i have used, and i can comfortable draw with one hand and fire. 8 rounds isn’t the best, but if you are acurrate, you should not need more because A. a pistol is ineffective at mobs (over 2-3 people) B. one .45 caliber round should be enough at center mass and even if the subject has armor, it will knock him down. C. grazing fire is unlikely scenario. must gun fights are quick and laying down a solid 8 rounds for grazing and jumping behind cover should be enough. in which case you would be smarter to just call the cops and stay covered instead of action movie it out. and if the guy has a rifle, or larger weapons, there may not even be a point to say down grazing. it all depends. usually you need to pull an dfire and you have one round to hit one guy, and since mine is a .45 i load it with a specific round that causes instant static shock.
    The other thing that should be covered here is the “15 feet rule” if an attacker is within 15 feet, your weapon cannot be drawn and used effectively unless you are a quickshot or a pro. in this scenario, fists or a knife is needed. A handgun alone is not enough. Also, if you plan on getting shot, get a vest. along with this : a pocket full of mags, a well purchased piece (mine was $1200), an automatic knife / quickfolder that is razor sharp, first aid, and also be physically able.
    Is this unreasonable? is this a bit much? it wont be when you need the items.

    1. 1911’s are great for concealed carry. But the 8 rounds is a problem for most people. Cause they do not train hard enough to be effective and extra rounds could be more helpful for them. Also, some 1911s do jam and I attribute it to being not being combat spec. If that makes any sense. I feel that 1911’s are now just for show and ornaments. Not being made for actual combat use.

      1. I actually think everything you said is the opposite. They are horrible for concealed carry, being bulky, heavy, and hard to conceal. But I am a big guy so it is easier for me. 8 rounds may be a problem for most people but i go to the range 3 times a week, and most people should as well. If more people cared about accuracy instead of rounds,they’d be better shooters. The more rounds you use in an urban situation (where any chance of real conflict is going to likely happen unless some cartel guys come after you) the more likely you are to leave strays and strays could mean collateral damage. Which is not good if you don’t like jail.1911’s that jam are low quality, or not cleaned bro. Mine is a top of the line customized piece that fires without ever jamming because it is always clean. It is meant for comfort and ease of accuracy. And again, 8 rounds? this is america, not iraq. If i was in a war zone, I’d switch over to a large capacity weapon, but in America, the most real use to it is going to be one or 2 guys, probably desperate drunks or junkies, not war. They aren’t just “for show and ornaments” you obviously have little experience with handguns in general and have a severe lack of history considering this handgun was specifically developed FOR battle and used by 1st world nation armies until the 1980’s. 70 years of combat use is enough for me. My grandfather used one in Japan, My uncle took one to Vietnam, and my cousin used one in Grenada. Not being made for Actual Combat use? Give me a break buddy. Maybe a shitty rock island 500 dollar piece of shit, but not a 1200 dollar Springfield armory. Considering that in a war zone you would have a larger weapon, such as a rifle, you would again, want your handgun to be accurate as possible. You cannot fend off more than 2-3 people with a handgun in a mob. If you put 1 round center mass, and you know how to aim, 8 rounds is enough. you do not fight a war or a mission with a handgun. A handgun is meant to be a last ditch gun used for only several enemies (1-3) and to get you out of dodge. it’s like the spare tire in your trunk. meant to get you to a place to get a real tire.

        1. Uh my spare tire is a full size same rim as the other four. Also that mk 23 is fielded as an “Offensive handgun”

        2. Well, aren’t you a tough guy? What we are speaking about here is specifically the 1911 and 99 percent of handguns. There are several handguns that could be used offensively properly. But how well versed are you with it? I know i can quick pull and fire one round relatively acurrately center mass from 60 feet with my 1911. It’s heavy weight balances the recoil enough that i can re-aim quickly after that. for me it works. maybe that new piece is enough to take on multiple enemies, and that’s great. i live in kansas. not beirut, so im not worried about it. if i was, id make sure to get back to my car and grab the ar 10.

  24. Don’t rule out revolvers.
    The hammerless S&W j-frame is still a very good handgun. Smaller then any double-stack, more tolerant of poor maintenance, and pretty much impervious to accidental fire. You pull the trigger (double action is a heavy pull) and it fires. End of story.
    Revolvers are simple and reliable. Capacity is for people who are all talk.

  25. If you are laying down suppressive fire with a handgun in public you are probably going to be spending a few years in the slammer. Keep in mind that if you are an armed non-police civilian you are held to a higher legal standard than police are. Police can mag dump into someone reaching for a wallet, the military can lay down machinegun fire to keep the enemies’ heads down, you CANNOT. You will be charged with whatever they can throw at you and it will cost tens of thousands of dollars to hope it doesn’t stick. Look at all the grief Zimmerman went through and he fired one single shot at someone who was clearly putting his life in danger. Any CCW class worth it’s salt will spend more time going through the legalities and judicial butt-rape you will face to defend yourself than it will on which handgun to carry.
    Another thing to keep in mind is that the average gunfight where shots are actually fired (most end with the very presence of the gun) last a couple seconds and about as many rounds fired. I and most of the people I know that carry on a daily basis prefer the Smith and Wesson J-Frame for the very reason that it is easy to carry and easy to conceal. If you need more than five rounds you really need a semi-automatic, magazine fed rifle, or better yet, recent communion and confession.

  26. Might as well be advocating female self defense classes. I have to say, putting guns in the hands of a bunch of limp dick fags seeking female approval and relations (game) is risky biznizz. Take care of the latter before you get anywhere near sovereignty. That’s an interesting word, sovereignty. I further advise you pursue education of common law (not gun laws, limpdick) and learn how to take back your human and constitutional rights from the criminal government. Then you might have reason to be waving a gun around, or even evolve beyond it.

  27. Ever heard an old saying.. Don’t talk about it be about it. Especially don’t go blogging about it.. In a juvenile fashion, that is. Weapons have their place, like violent civil uprisings. Nowadays you can call the boys in blue, bet many of you do.. It wasn’t always like that. If anything, weapons should be used to show force against the criminal government and its implementation of a police state. Freedom, not fashion. Now, how many of you know how to represent your rights? Taxes are optional, so are driver licenses, passports, heh… What you really gonna do about it

  28. The ability to do physical violence to someone is the essence of masculinity. What evidence do I have for this broad assessment? Oh, I don’t know maybe the last 10,000 years of human history. If you do not have a weapon you are by definition dependent on others for your most basic need – physical safety, that is incredibly beta. If you have a penis but not a firearm you are a useless craven for whom I have no use.

  29. You should not write about things you know little about, because although it may seem to you that you are sounding smart and savvy, an actually informed person will know the difference.
    Revolvers are perfectly fine for personal defense, and many people choose them over semi-autos for better accuracy and, more importantly, better/easier draw & fire stats. many people would rather have the higher clip capacity and generally better control of a semi-auto. This is also fine.
    You will not be laying down suppressive fire with your handgun in a personal defense scenario. End of story. Attempting to do say may even land you in prison for accidentally killing someone with a stray reckless shot (manslaughter).
    Unfortunately, most lethal force scenarios are NOT ended with one shot. The average is 5 to 6, with mean rates climbing as high as an average of 13 shots in certain situations (mostly law enforcement).
    Source: Master Massad Ayoob
    You have been informed.

    1. “You should not write about things you know little about” do a google image search of the photos in the article

  30. A gun makes you walk a certain way through the streets?
    Oooooohhhhh sh!t. We got a live one here. A gun is a tool. Nothing more. Does a screwdriver make you feel more manly too?
    I discourage any real man from buying a weapon, or any other ” thing ” for the macho feelings it may impart on your ( apparently ) lacking self confidence.

  31. Suggesting “the State” should have a monopoly on violence is anathema to a man. It means someone else has power of life and death over you, for arbitrary reasons. It infantilizes and emasculates all men.
    You should re-think that line. The State MUST NOT have a monopoly on violence, or they can emasculate or kill you for any or no reason.
    We have enough issues with women being rescued by Captain Save a Ho. It’s bad to give the State any more power than is necessary – which in a perfect world, would be Zero, and allowing we don’t live in a perfect world – should still be as close to zero as possible.
    More people have been killed by their governments in the last few decades alone, than all the criminals in history. Google “Democide.”

    1. Where in the article is it suggested that the state should have a monopoly on violence. That line clearly states others might think that.

      1. From the Conclusion, Line 1: “While some can argue the lack of necessity, its danger to society, or the state’s need for a monopoly on violence” (Emphasis added)
        The state CANNOT have a monopoly on violence and be free. If you are not free, you are beholden to someone else; chattel, if lucky; property if unlucky.
        First gun control laws were to keep slaves from having weapons. Most slaves were black…

        1. You need to include the whole quote, not cherry pick out of context. You are being academically dishonest

        2. Somewhat irrelevant, as the whole context is above.
          Further: The quote states that people will claim the State needs a monopoly on violence.
          I am arguing that one cannot make that claim, and claim to support a free society, at the same time.
          Nothing dishonest in the whole thing, though I did mis-attribute meaning at first.

      2. And, missing the point in some ways, but – I didn’t address that OTHERS might think that.
        They can think whatever they want to – if TSHTF, they’ll be sucking your dick if you can protect them, male or female. Pussies with penises are the same category as a man with a gash. (And I’m in the US, Transgendered, and dating a “manly female”, if you will – who THINKS she’s hetero, but no one can stand her. She don’t get it… Even why i’m not attracted to her. But we have a house with her name on the mortgage, and MY name on the “payee” line.) 🙁 Too soon old, too late wise.

  32. This is a terrible, useless article. “Steel takes the form of the automatic pistol.” WHAT? Pistols are semi-auto, as are almost all self-defense weapons. “Suppressing” fire?!? The correct term is suppressive fire. It’s a military term, which this “part time soldier” (a term you airsoft homos should stop using) should know. Without getting too legalistic, I promise if you use suppressive fire in a civilian self-defense situation, you’re going to prison.
    If anyone is actually reading this article for advice on buying a pistol (God I hope not), do yourself a favor and take a pistol training course. They will cover both pistol theory and practice and the legal use of a pistol in your locale. Rent and shoot multiple brands and calibers, and pick the one you’re most comfortable with. Make sure your pistol training involves both stress shoots and shooting and moving, and shoot steel targets as often as possible. There is no substitute for thousands of draws and thousands of rounds with the kit you intend to carry.

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