3 Important Pieces Of Advice For Incels

Game is getting tougher. Technology, dating apps and male thirst have all given women the advantage in the dating market. Hypergamy has also meant that the proportion of men getting little to no sex at all has increased. The incel phenomenon has now grown so large that even Mainstream Media outlets such as the BBC and CNN have started using the terms “Chad” and “Stacy.”

Furthermore, the advice found on Manosphere sites in the 2000s and the early 2010s is becoming dated. Simply cold approaching a girl is no longer good enough: she gets approached all the time. Self-improvement and hoping “the girls will come to you” is not good enough: girls are inundated with attention already, so they don’t need to actively seek out a partner, they can just swipe right on the best-looking guy they desire with the stroke of a finger.

Let’s face it: The incels, as loathsome as they may be, are right on some points. A 5’4” Pakistani man who has learned all of Mystery’s lines off by heart, has a successful online business and is competent in day and night game does not stand a chance against the six-foot Chad. Looks are a massive part of SMV and that cannot be denied. He can learn all the game he wants and get his bench press up to three plates, but Chad will still knock him out the park every time.

Having said that, all is not helpless. There are still valid means by which an ordinary-looking man can get his share of the pie without using money or lowering his standards. In this article, we shall examine three alternative ways which can be implemented to tilt the odds in an incel’s favor.

1. Break Your Routines

Routines are useful for enhancing productivity and organising time throughout the day. Usually, those with routine and order tend to be more successful than those without.

Having said that, becoming too attached to routines which lead nowhere can be more of a hindrance than a help. There is a fine line between persistence and insanity: it is critical to recognise when a pursuit is going nowhere.

For example, I would approach five girls every day after work on the same street. I got no success but kept at it because I thought: “practice makes perfect.” My game did not improve over a period of many months, in fact it gradually got worse as I got more frustrated and fatigued.

It was only when I ditched the daily approaches that I finally found some success: I took a break from day game and tried a bit of drunken night game just for a change and struck gold after months of nothing. I owe my blessing of fate down to a change in routine.

Incels tend to engage in repetitive behaviour without change: they have the same friends (if they’re lucky), go to the same bars and surf the internet all day and just hope sex will somehow fall out of the sky.

The best action an incel can take is to change his life: change friends, move to a new city, or even just try a different bar down the road. An incel should go out of his way to ensure he’s doing something new.

2. Indulge in Reckless Behaviour

Incels are boring. Girls do not go for them because they offer no entertainment value. If a man cannot give girls anything extra in terms of looks or money, they need to bring something else to the table.

In the 21st Century, it is far more attractive to be entertaining than to be calm and collected. Millennial girls are drawn to the loudmouths and the show-offs on the dancefloor, not the average Joe with his stable income and nine to five.

This can be used to an incel’s advantage: if he is struggling with game, calibration and poor vibe, simply going into a club and creating a raucous is enough to generate attraction from some girls.

After learning long and complicated routines in game books, I was shocked at how much attraction I could generate by mindlessly ingesting large quantities of alcohol and other substances and charging on to the dancefloor without thinking. I didn’t need lines or lengthy routines based on the M3 model, I just needed to kiss the first girl that gave me eye contact and proximity.

My desk, yesterday

Acting recklessly is fun, takes no skill and is perfectly fitting for the modern West. I therefore advise Incels to try this out, sometimes just being on the right dancefloor at the right time is good enough.

3. Join a niche social circle

Incels complain that sex is impossible because girls sleep around with all the Chads at the top of the hierarchy, whilst leaving nothing for the bottom 80%.

Thankfully, both boys and girls find a way round this: they start their own social circles based around niche interests and subcultures. These little groups are not only a great way to enjoy various hobbies together, but they are crucibles of sexual frustration.

The cosplay, goth and fetish scenes (needless to say) are notorious for being havens for promiscuity and they all hold meetups and club nights on a regular basis.

I have had a large amount of success in the goth scene through social connections and night game: I often find running game in goth clubs far easier than competing with the Chads on the dancefloor in the R&B club across the street.

My advice to the incel would be to start attending various niche events: look up niche club nights, go to munches (fetish meetups) and go to Comicon conventions. Very often, little to no game is needed to succeed, it is often sufficient to just be socially calibrated.


In these weird, modern times, entertainment is king. Long gone are the days where temperance and patience were attractive qualities to have.

Improving charisma, looks and status takes a lot of time in our fast-moving, highly competitive age. Simply telling an incel to learn game, read books and approach women is not enough: they may potentially spend years on this without getting anywhere.

It is far more efficient just to tell an incel to go off the rails a little. Join in the fun and capitalize on the narrow attention spans of our generation. Scrap the routines, join a niche social circle, go crazy and see how many girls show you interest as a result.

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204 thoughts on “3 Important Pieces Of Advice For Incels”

    1. I’ll take it a step further. I’ve realize competing for social status and sexual gratification in a society thats destined for collapse is worthless, but instead found the values of solitude and intrinsic purposes.
      These guys who think sex is going to cure incels are just controlled by pussy, and are even more self deluded if they think pump n dumps are a noble act to preserve western civilization lol.

      1. American, Canada, British, Australia and NZ FEMALE TEACHERS ARE FUCKING UNDERAGED STUDENTS!
        This is going to become worse as female teachers use the unions and LGBT mafia to legalize nudity inside the classrooms, and eventually legalize feminist pedophilia.

        1. Underage boys are getting a wet dream come true…..Oh the HORROR! *sarc*
          We all know that this is what schoolboys have fantasized about forever. I don’t see why it’s such a big hairy deal. I daresay that the woman should not be allowed to collect CS if the boy is under the age of consent and understand any accidental pregnancy is entirely her responsibility and hers ALONE. Try to go against nature, nature always wins.

      2. “… but instead found the VALUES of solitude and intrinsic purposes.”
        Indeed. There is nothing more valuable than oneself, especially in this stupid, bigoted and pussified society!

      3. @theonceandgutureking
        Sex alone doesn’t cure incels, but the path to becoming a more attractive man is a fulfilling one.
        It’s much better to get eye contact/thirst from women than to get repulsion

      4. This is the “he’s maybe be a billionare but we both gonna die argument”. But I agree Incels in the US are the children of semi retarded europeans who would not otherwise have reproduced in the old continent. They even got lucky to enjoy a little prosperity and be called ”sir”, “mam”. Nature always wins however and irrinically their daughters are losing their shit begging for socialism because there are not enough sons successful at capitalism. Together on the one way st. to genetic enstiction. Sad but fair.

      5. If you were isolated somewhere without attractive females, your T levels would become your ultimate boss. If you were confined with an old fatty, bets are you would compromise with her if she allows you to put on some VR goggles whilst simulating the feel component of watching some hot porn star. It’s a hand up from whacking off.
        Worldwide on a frequency scale, male cumloads ejected exceed female orgasms and penetrations combined. A male cumload may be self induced. It may or may not be female assisted and the same for a female orgasm. Still all males are out blasting (out orgasming) all combined females regardless of their 80%/20% chad/beta/incel category.
        We must look at the satisfaction scale of how good or bad is the org for the male or female. Similar to how hot pepper ‘hotness’ can be measured in scoville units, believe it or not the sex ORGASM can be measured in dopamine (DA) units released (Kinsey Institute).
        *Sex orgasm registers 100-200 on the DA scale.
        *Alcohol too affects dopamine with ~100.
        *Food~100 (look up an interesting article called ‘Does Two Cheeseburgers Equal One Orgasm)
        *Methamphetamine produces an unhealthily high DA spike of a whopping 1250!
        Sex is a unique and healthy way to achieve dopamine release. ‘Runners high’ too releases dopamine but inhibits T tremendously. There should be an RDA of sex and an RDA of running, capping off the running to maintain the T for sex and reproduction. How many marathon runners both male and female want to have heterosexual sex at the finish line? None and it’s as lame as if they were all alcohol limp and inhibited throughout the evening when you should be pussy hounding.
        SEX is the best and healthiest dopamine sourcing. Why? Because with sex orgasm you have to work for it both physically and mentally. You may have to fight or game or conquer for sex, but it’s all work and researchers in pharmacology have found that dopamine “mediates incentive salience” signalling the value of a given reward and motivates action required for attainment. Dopamine mediates desire for the reward and motivates one to action to attain the reward more than the raw dopamine itself being released produces the singular state of pleasure. (Berridge 1998; ‘The Role of Dopamine . . Impact . . Reward Salience’)

      6. Sounds more like you’re desperately trying to find the values of solitude and intrinsic purposes as a salve to your loneliness. You’ve given up even trying to find a group congenial to you and that will give you the support you need to conquer your insecurities. I feel bad for you.

    2. Cosplay girl is a dude. You don’t need game to bang Ladyboys.
      Just save your money and holiday in the 3rd world, it’s a lot better than being an Incel, or wasting your time trying to game a 5.

      1. That’s my game plan for 45 plus
        things will be so bad in 15 years that men will do that whether they can get laid or not

        1. Blacks are different than other races, usually not in a good way. Mexicans today aren’t even a race. When Mexis were a race, they were White Spaniards like the elite of Latin America today.

      2. Maaaaaann what bullshit you talking?!?!?!? You WHITEBOY incels are pathetic!!
        I’m gettin easy pussy from white women 2 days a week! I’m 40 year old, 6’3 black bald guy! But I’m packin 9 inches !! I am fuckin a 24 year old white chic right now. She needs a dominant daddy. She even rubs my feet when I tell her to!
        You faggots just gotta get out there and fuck some women maaann. It ain’t so hard!

        1. You are just some alt-right white asshole trying your best to provoke a reaction. Comments like this are nothing more than an attempt to influence Caucasian thinking. By pretending to be an obnoxious negro you are attempting to mold the white guys thinking here to mirror your own. I could care less about you spreading racism or sexism but when you do such a sloppy job of it. When it is SO transparent, well it makes you look like an idiot. Which you are.

        2. Alt Right asshole? No, you are just an inbred libertarian, this is the way most colored men talk, and this is what they believe. Whatever fantasy you Alt Lite faggots live in is just in your head. “muh racisim, Muh sexisim….reeeeeee!!!” Nobody cares dumbass. Fucking coward

        3. Wes the great watches interracial cuckold porn. He takes breaks from jerking off to it by posting on ROK about foreigners and blacks taking all the precious white women and claiming it’s because of Marxism rather than the fact that he is a repulsive incel that women would rather watch die than to give him the time of day.

      3. This is why John Dodds is my favorite poster on here. Always posts the most real and on-point stuff, entertaining and funny too. You should write a full length article sometime, maybe comparing the pros and cons of Thailand and Philippines, for example.

      4. You’re so scared of being labelled an incel that you would fuck a man in a dress?
        didn’t know peer pressure turns people into faggots.

    3. @MKDAWUSS: suit yourself.
      I have not had all that much luck with the comicon/munchies/(goth)club scene. Goths in particular, despite being ostensibly apolitical, are often staunchly feminist slash SJW and are pro-active about excluding “incels”. A lot of geeky cosplayer chicks are more naive and gullible and easier to get in sack with. Non-monogamous doesn’t always translate to easy(particularly with goth chicks).

  1. Lol! Glad to know you learned the best way to get girls is, be fun. By going where the girls are; in bars, drinking.

  2. Weird advice.
    I was an incel for 4.5 years and broke my incel drought 10 days ago (no lie, I even emailed roosh thanking him for his help, got a reply of congratulations).
    What I did:
    -get red pilled. Rollo, Roosh, even MGTOW. Understand looks and game are the two most important things
    -looksmax. I am still on the path there, but when I got laid last week, I was about a 6 in looks. About 18 months ago I was about a 2.5 or 3
    -accept the girls you can get. Have the work ethic to put in the time. Even if results you can get today are less than years before, it is better to get something than to be an incel.
    -Become a caveman. You will understand this the more experience you get.
    I feel terrific after breaking my drought and looking to move towards more success in many areas

    1. excellent mate!
      Can you describe more about the chick /event ons, ltr, 3-10 dates etc…
      “-Become a caveman. You will understand this the more experience you get”
      do you mean monk mode? Valid option while improving looks, skills, and business/career.
      or be masculine around women? yep — but, be careful, if you are not a caveman they’ll scream #metoo

      1. Hey mate. Thanks
        Was a black girl I met on Internet dating. She was a 25 year old. 6.5/10
        She gave me her whatsap and we texted for about a day.
        I sent her a pic of me in a tight t shirt. Next day she sent me a clip of her sitting on her bed in a low cut dress.
        I said ‘I should come over and visit you tonight’. She said she is a single mom but her cousin could babysit for the evening, and I could pick her up.
        Picked her up, drove her to my place. Talked general stuff in car.
        Got to my place, immediate foreplay, then kissing.
        She told me she wants to take a break from black men (I am southern European looking) and just got out of a relationship so she wanted nothing serious. Good for me.
        Got some resistance- she said a couple times “I can’t do it on the first night.. next time we’ll do it”. I said ok and laid back. Eventually got back into foreplay. Suggested we take it to the bedroom.
        Ate her pussy then fucked her.
        2 hours from first meet to lay.
        Regarding caveman:
        do the basics right. The basic things that a man/human should do. Good diet and nutrition, good exercise/weights, good amount of sleep, reading things that put you into your authentic nature as a man.
        Women today are basically in a process of culling men who are not doing the basics right, regardless of their $ or status.


      2. Hey badman, thanks a lot.
        Black girl from internet dating, 25 year old.
        She liked my look and had just got out of a bad relationship, wanted nothing serious. 2 hours from meet to lay. Some resistance during foreplay but i just laid back and things sparked up again.
        Cavemen: doing the basics right. Nutrition, exercise, sleep, and taking in the right information that puts you in your authentic masculine nature.

    2. You are still an incel bro, you are literally focusing your entire life on getting laid by sluts. You are just participating in the degenerate culture we live in. LOL, you are in many ways bragging about becoming a pussy worshipping retard. I am sure the women out there are thankful that you morons are constantly working your ass off to provide them with attention and sex, while they do nothing but continue to fuck guys like yourself over. Good Job, moron. By all means, get sex, get pussy, but to brag about it as if it “saved your life”, as if you “found your way”, is fucking pathetic.

      1. @Wes the great
        Everyone, this is the incel mind at work.
        Look at the jibes he takes based on no evidence.
        You seem in an unhappy place dude, take my advice and you’ll be better.

        1. People who call others incels are usually incels themselves. You’re comment has no logic and is just a desperate attempt by a pathetic retard to hide your own incel tendencies by calling others incels. Jibes???? A man who gives into degeneracy out of desperation for pussy is an incel and/or just a fucking pathetic mother fucker…the end. This is why women are so arrogant, so stuck up, and such pieces of shit…it is because so many men are out there worshipping them, trying to impress them, and doing everything within their power to fuck them….even though most these women are used up, degenerate whores.

        2. “People who call others incels are usually incels”
          your first line of this thread: “you’re still an incel bro”

        3. Wes: you’re right, white men worship the vagina and value it as infinite (because she’s worth it). Other races value the vagina at $30 (give or take), and I agree with them, that’s all a vagina is worth (OK, $60 if it’s relatively unused).

      2. “You are still an incel bro, you are literally focusing your entire life on getting laid by sluts.” If he’s bagging sluts, it’s impossible for him to be an incel because he’s not celibate. You are either really fucking dim, or in deep denial. If you’re an incel, probably both.

    3. Mario,
      2.5 in looks and go to 6 in looks in 18 months let us all know your secrete. I would like to see a picture of you at 2.5 then another at 6.
      I find this very hard to believe having a haircut and some new clothes isn’t going to do that.

      1. @Steve
        Mate I went from bmi of 29.9 (obese) to about 23.5 now with a bit of muscle. Also dressed better and more thuggish now which works. I am of southern European/Guido appearance.
        Maybe I am being tough on myself about before. Maybe on a good day 18 months ago I was a 4. Range when dressed okay maybe 3.5-4. But I had poor grooming back then. Got a haircut every 4 months, dandruff etc.

    4. That’s terrific. This is a good post. I think that to modify looks as much as possible in a positive way is one of the keys, although it has to be combined with effort, hacks, determination, good decisions and some timing/luck: low body fat and some muscles, impeccable hygiene, insoles if you’re short, optimal style, optimal haircut, and proper body language (neither beta nor machismo, although the latter might be preferable).

  3. The Author, though well intentioned, has no real understanding of what inceldom is.
    Sexual attraction is NOT a social behaviour based attraction but Genetic based. Just as a Transgender cannot change their sex chromosomes,which is the basis of their sex,by dressing up or cometically cutting or adding prosthetics, an incel cannot become sexually attractive by changing bars,acting recklessley or joining cosplay groups.
    ‘Game’ is delusion brought about by those who are fooled by statistics.It is the placebo effect and confirmation bias for PUAs and Game advocates.
    Only worthy advice is pay the services of a hooker.

      1. True. Although it is a refreshing change of pace from all the alt.right tiki-torch crap we’ve been subjected to lately.

        1. Oh, you mean the men who actually go out there and fight against their enemies instead of hiding in their house, convincing themselves about how badass they are with their AR15s, while their society is getting run through by purple haired feminists and low IQ minorities. The Alt Right is right, libertarians are wrong, which is why you fucks cannot hold a logical argument. The founding fathers and every other badass who actually made the Western world would agree with the Alt Right and were just like the Alt Right….and they would think idiots like yourself were incels, demoralized faggots, and traitors.

        2. Look at you, comparing yourself to the conquerors that built the Western World. All you are is a tiki torch carrying dork that cries oppression every time someone points out how much of a useless, repulsive, waste of space you are.

        3. Wes the Great: “fight against their enemies” — yeah, with 10 or 12 showing up somewhere with a flag and a sign that you think it makes you comparable to the men in the Revolution. Truth: You aren’t fighting the power, you’re enabling it.

        4. @stan, you mean hundreds, if not thousands, showing up and then fighting ANTIFA mobs, getting no help from the riot police, and then somehow making it out while still bashing some skulls in. What the fuck have you done?

      2. Game is like any modern fad diet. Any diet that advocates less sugar and junk food is going to have beneficial effects regardless of what it does preach that your should eat.” Game ” ,Red Pill etc similarly advocate having respect for oneself and not pedastalizing Women which is certainly beneficial to an individual’s mental state.
        However Game does NOT create attraction,anymore than chopping your dick off makes one a woman.
        Sexual attraction is biological and no holding frame or cold approaches can override that.
        Simple test:
        Take 100 men of average to below average looks.Have them each approach 100 different women WITHOUT using game.Record the Acceptances out of 100 approaches.
        Then those same 100 men should approach those SAME 100 Women using Game.Record the Acceptances out of 100 approaches.
        Compare.If the Null hypothesis fails,then Game works.

    1. Question, I see way too many fat schlubs and wimpy metrosexuals with hot women and these guys don’ have money either, so how are they doing this if GAME is complete BS?

      1. 1.How do you know they are all using game?
        2.What is their percentage compared to the entire male mating pool?Through simple probability you should see standard deviations or exceptions to the rule.
        3.How did you control for wealth and family status?Usually well off Men can afford to be metrosexuals.
        ‘ Game’ is useful as a psychological crutch and comes into use once the woman is ‘already’ attracted to you.Pretty much all of Human history,mate selection and retention(1000s of Billions) has occured without ‘Game’.

        1. Many of these men I have actually known and I make more money than they do, I’m also way better looking. Yet they’re always with new and hot women. They tell me it is all GAME.
          Again my question is, if GAME is BS how are they achieving this?????
          I would really like to know the ‘secret.’

        2. Penny this is false, and shows you know only superficialities of “game”. Game trains men to exhibit behaviors that trigger positive mating selection in women, which can include provisioning and protection. The “already attracted” supposition is also false as demonstrated by the countless anecdotes around successful cold approaches. Game techniques cause or drive any “attraction”, that may or may not have been there to begin with.

      2. N_S: They may be with the girl, but they ain’t getting much pussy. That’s just the way things are in the west, nobody is getting much access to the product (apart from drug dealers).

      3. N_S – Game or whatever you want to call it is not always successful because of the nature of women. If a women sets her sights on a guy most things matter not. It’s irrelevant if he’s tall or short, young or old, homely or handsome, loaded or broke, rolly poly or ripped. She wants him and he has a very short window to respond. At that point he needn’t have a high degree of game, just a pulse and willingness to show a little masculine initiative and aggressiveness. Just respond quickly because if not she will move on and then nothing you say or do will matter.

    2. The fact that your alive is a testimony of being genetically fit. Attraction by the way is socially based…arrousal is indeed bases on genetics. Many of these incels are simply mentally and physically lazy. This is way they aren’t succesfull in general not just with women. They aren’t in shape physically, financially, socially and sexually. If you can socialize properly you’re already halfway there. This social awkwardness problem is especially prevalent amongst cultures with over-nurturing and overbearing mothers: East Asians, jews, Indians and post seventies middle class white kids. Africans, Middle Easterners and Slavs typically don’t have these problems. Their non-egalitarian societies don’t allow their mothers to be over-nurturing. They know over-nurturing produces pussies…and pussies simply do not survive in such environments.

      1. If a man is rejected by a prostitute, he’s got to be either beyond morbidly obese, or he smells like day-old shit.

    3. Penny: “an incel cannot become sexually attractive by changing bars”
      Changing countries worked for me (although I was never really an Incel, I just didn’t find women aged 50+ attractive), now I’m banging women 20, 30 and 40 years younger than me and it’s great.

      1. I’m guessing you are of the Caucasian heritage.The most sought after ‘other’race ethnics.
        That’s one of the actual ‘white privilige’ that do exist.

  4. Brushing teeth, showering, wearing fresh and properly fitting clothes, and removing a pouty or victimhood laden demeanor in life is Step 1 to removing Incel status.
    Comic conventions won’t do these bottom barrel men any good if they just repulse other people right from the start.

    1. “Brushing teeth, showering, wearing fresh and properly fitting clothes”
      Yeah, not so much. I mean, most guys do that, it will not make them score, even if it can marginally help. I have a pal (sort of) who wears always worn out clothes, did not see a dentist in a decade, had 2 incisors knocked out in a bar fight.
      Well guess what, he gets more attention from women than i do. I’m a bit of an introvert, sarcastic and DGAF. He is able to make friends easily and has this cunt whisperer voice only the naturals have. Oh, he’s also mercurial, prone to threaten peoples, and went to jail, bitches love dangerous freaks. He can also builds a house, and farms most of his food, which puts him in the provider category.
      Granted, the skanks he bangs are mostly tattooed sluts, but he could get a 18yo clean pussy if he cared for. Dunno why, he prefers them old (past 25).
      So, appearances matter much less than demeanour.

  5. Most important piece of advice of all:
    DON’T BE CHOOSEY!!! If you’re a 4, stop drooling after that 8. Bang a 3. They all look alike (and feel alike) when you turn ’em upside down. You’ll feel much better afterwards.

    1. If youre a 3 with a fake seeking arrangement profile , you can bang 9s and rip them off . Revenge for being an Incel. Let chad Tindercock knock them up and spend time with them

    2. Or just bang one of those 10/10 cosplay girls who moonlight as escorts, or realize that sex in an opulent society is a frivolous luxury rather than a noble purpose.
      No need to settle on the 3/10 Wal Mart cashier with cellulite just to avoid being labelled a “beta”.

  6. 1. Create a seeking arrangement profile
    2. Take pictures of yourself at the Lamborghini or Audi dealership
    3. Your net worth is a fake $2mill
    4 . Your salary is a believable $300k per year
    5 . You target 18 to 21 year old female students. They are the most desperate .
    6 . You tell them you are time limited so you prefer sex at their place or in your car .
    7 . You’ll get 50 messages per day on SA
    8 you fuck them
    9. Pay them on fake money that you buy on amazon or you throw them out of the car .
    10. You wake up he next day text them and ask the bitch if she had a good time
    11. Youll be satisfied that you didn’t spend a dime and pissed them off
    12. If you think I’m trolling there’s at least one guy on rok who can substantiate this method
    13 . Good luck out There fellas , don’t lose hope !

    1. can it apply to chicks looking for beta-green-card-settle-down-idiot? Any advise how to breech their defenses?
      many on-line dating profiles at “edge of wall” age, would be good target/age for me…but don’t know how to bs the undies down…
      bit older single moms are easy though and don’t care!

      1. Foreigners ? Even moreso. The last thing they want is to be arrested for hooking or get in trouble with the law, so they won’t do shit when you pay them with fake money or tosss them out of the back seat . Never had one call the cops on me yet . Don’t rip off the pros because chances are they aren’t afraid to call cops and aren’t afraid to end up in jail with you. Stick to students or single moms

        1. @ Billy Bloggs
          Why? Because he gets what he wants from sluts?
          These sluts bang losers for free.
          Unemployed assholes like guitarists in crappy bands and “dirtbike racers” who are nothing but pure shit. Dckhead is giving you guys a formula to get laid. Why criticize???

  7. Here is some advice, keeping in mind that every man is at a different point in his life, has had vastly different experiences, etc. If you want a “family”, i.e. kids, then raw dog a bitch and plan for the inevitable breakup. Pay for the best attorney you can (in the U.S., at least) and go for 50/50 custody at minimum. Be merciless, even if that is against your instincts. As Illimitable Man says, “women are men’s burden”, and the price you have to pay for having kids is putting up with their evil, irrational insanity for a while. If all you want is female company and already have a family/kids or if you don’t want that AND you are “incel”, well, gaming these idiot millennial women is probably a total waste of your time. They are overgrown children with the attention span of a retarded goldfish, but there are pros out there who you can bang, bar sluts, porn, foreign women and soon to be sex bots. Just keep in mind that with females, it is only “your turn” with them and they are all community property, i.e. mindless disposable fuck dolls.

    1. “If you want a “family”, i.e. kids, then raw dog a bitch and plan for the inevitable breakup. Pay for the best attorney you can (in the U.S., at least) and go for 50/50 custody at minimum.”
      this is good idea. Another idea is paid surrogate in one country, birth in another. Then bring back to home country.
      However, your idea is as good and reliable as a real marriage…most likely end up divorced anyway…and avoid the animus, heartbreak, stress, and harassment.
      However, pay nothing for a lawyer.
      99% likely to get automatic boiler plate 50/50 holidays, Wednesdays, and every 2nd weekend. And that is totally fine.

    2. ” it is only “your turn” with them and they are all community property, i.e. mindless disposable fuck dolls.”
      another upvote for this!

  8. I’m not sure about the drunken part. Ok, it’s a “social lubricant” of sort, but you can enjoy being wasted so much that you do not care about pussy anymore. My wildest lays happened when totally wasted. But i also screwed alot of opportunities.
    I bet incels get wasted on a regular basis, i mean, if you’re not busy working, working out, and getting your dick wet, you either overeat or drink like a fish and take all the drugs you can.

  9. You know Cheesy Poodleman, I don’t like you at all, but you were on target with your comment. Even u rabbi tell the truth once in awhile, so he knows what it feels like to not lie compulsively. Incels suffer the same ail that feminists do. They could do better for themselves but don’t. The fur Burger is really too much trouble and risk to make the unleashed Nutt worthwhile. They should buy fleshlights and be happier for not having to waste money on useless air sealers no sacrifice self respect for them either.

  10. Calling men incels for just making the correct observation of life is another form of Marxist shaming tactics. Sure, there are men out there who are so desperate for pussy that they will even spend 1300 dollars a week on the very pussy that use to reject them, but when so called “incels” are just pointing out the absolute insanity of females today…that is actually normal and healthy for men. Do you think Vikings, or the founding fathers, or any other ACTUAL MAN would go around and be like “ah, it’s no big deal our women are whores who fuck and breed with foreign men, throw our own sons under the bus, but still expect our civilization to worship and take care of their dis-loyal pussies”. Men who don’t care about female loyalty are just cucks….just like a dude who doesn’t care that his wife is fucking other dudes behind his back. Cucks are excuse making cowards, they are men with no pride, no self respect, and generally nihilistic pieces of shit….the exact things that Marxists liberals want men, especially white men, to be. Men and women are not equal. Tolerance of disloyalty and female degeneracy is CUCKERY. Men who usually call other men incels are actually themselves incels. Elliot Rogers mentality itself was not wrong, and everyone here should know that, he just wasn’t red pilled and thought he was all alone in the world, and he made a very unwise and desperate decision. Just like Roosh said, if he had been involved in the manosphere he would have understood that a lot of men are going through the same thing he did.

        1. Guess what I’m not? An incel. You know why? Because white chicks are sick of dealing with your boring, crybaby ass and want someone to actually show them a good time.
          In case you haven’t heard, even white chicks are turned off by whimpy, pasty, crybaby white boys.

        2. “muh dick, muh dick, muh white women”…yep, we know white women are more attractive than other women, why? Because white women have white mans genetics in them. You are essentially worshipping white people. Bro, I doubt you are anything, which is why you come to this site and try to pretend to be some Alpha Mexican. You are an incel.

        3. LOL! You faggots would love the believe that. We love the white women because our women are frigid, whereas white women are whores.

        4. You do know that the more you mouthbreathers spew your hatred for us….the less chicks want to fuck you and the more they want to fuck us…….right? Because when you start you little white bitch boy rants….it’s unattractive. And you look pathetic. Nobody cares about your woes. Not girls, not employers, not other dudes. So instead of blaming brown dudes for your failures in life maybe just quit being a bitch and get your shit together….you fucking loser.

        5. And if you decide to go on an Elliot Rodger style spree….please, make sure to blow your own brains out too. Ya’ll seem to think white society is dying due to too many immigrants in your neighborhoods…..no, it’s because useless whimpy faggots like yourself are becoming the norm in the white race.

        6. This is what you get for not castrating the conquered. “Big Dick” talking about muh dick. His life would have more purpose if Spaniards took a Toledo blade to his penis.

      1. Any positive qualities or attributes either physical or mental some Latinos may have are soley due to white genes. When Latinos talk shit about whites, they’re talking shit about the best part of themselves.

        1. N_S
          Whites are cucks by default, since birth. You are all insecure bitc hes whining about this today, crying about that tomorrow. Stop your f-ing white supremacy dellusions. Whites are the shit and scourge of humanity. Asians, africans and latinos hate you equally.

        2. @Johnny Bravo
          Mixed breeds like you exist because your ancestors were cuckolded by your white god/genetic superiors.
          The freedom you enjoy today to foolishly blaspeme your white superiors/creators was granted to you by us and can easily be taken away, you only exist because whites allow it.

        3. Haha oh yeah. The almighty white cucked gods granted life and freedom for all of us. U aint shit, u white crackers lack the balls to deal with your “own” women. Thats why you flew away from your shithole countries, claiming you have “superior” genes but you are just the same shit as women. You always cry instead of taking action.You are being cuckolded right now by latinos, muslims, africans and some asians. I hate to burst your little delusion bubble, but this is 2018. Stop being proud about something you didnt accomplish “us whites let you live, us whites gave you freedom”. You cant even wipe your ass yourself, redneck hobo. First go deal with the landwhales and whores you call “white women”.

        4. @Johnny Bravo
          I know you come to the foot of your superior seeking attention and acknowledgement like a bitch. Non whites like you come to white nations seeking protection and to be provided for just like women. Non whites also need laws, programs and mandates to leach off of such as welfare that is payed for by white men, just like women. You Non whites are nothing more than surrogate bitches for white men to do jobs usually assigned to women such as gathering and picking berries, cooking, washing dishes and cleaning toilets.

    1. Agreed. I’ve rarely seen a guy who refers to sexually successful men as “Chad” to be be an alpha. “Normies” as they like to call them, are not key’d into this 4chan jargon. And the virgin/chad dichotomy they often meme is sad and boderline sadistic. It stopped being amusing to make fun of virgins at the end of middle school. (where 90% of those doing the sadistic bulling we’re likely virgins themselves)

  11. The game has always been tough. I’ve been trying to learn and apply “game” for 15 years and it never worked. All that matters, all that ever mattered is how pretty your face looks and how tall you are. It’s only now that even average guys are feeling what us ugly guys have felt forever – you are not wanted and you have nothing of value to offer to women.

    1. Ugly incel Do you think Mickey Rooney or Prince had to worry about getting laid? It’s about a lot more than height. I’ve seen hot women with plain looking or even homely men. I’ve seen young white girls who come from nice families who like to screw ghetto gang bangers or even the bottom of the barrel of their own race. Women have all the choices they need and more and a lot of these stereotypical attitudes about game are now so defunct it’s comical. The dynamic between the sexes in the so called advanced west is broken beyond repair. Guys like Dodds and the guy who started out here as Madman have correctly assessed the situation. Build some wealth and get the hell out. Save your sanity.

      1. Madman actually started out here as Gen Xile, then became Michael Meyers, Dick Boner and probably a few I’m forgetting before he was Madman. The bizarre habit of either giving his posts titles or typing the name of whoever he was talking to in all caps at the top of the post always gave him away.. Well that and the fact that if you’d read one of his posts you’d read them all. It was like he kept copy/paste and editing ( slightly re-wording) the same 3- 4 posts. I for one am glad he’s gone.

        1. You’re forgetting Who Cares. He has a point, we may be better off leaving the broken west. Maybe learn ninjitsu and use it on the jews that encourage young White girls to racemix via their media.

  12. The biggest things which prevent a man from getting laid in today’s world are as follows: conservatism (or conservative indoctrination), lack of self confidence, fear, self limiting beliefs, overt idealism, morals, conflated ethics, impractical integrity and most importantly, an emotional or overly sensitive nature which resembles that of women. These are the common traits of “incels” today. These ironically are praised as virtues by some men (who either secretly laugh at their incel friends or are incels themselves – misery loves company), but in the real world, the men who play by no rules in the realm of seduction and dating are often the one who gets the pussy (first). Their goal is the pussy, and the methods they take to get it are flexible. You can’t expect to be an “ethical” man and still be wanting to fornicate or get laid, because one of the worst forms of cognitive dissonance is to desire hot pussy while claiming to be ethical, because fornication without marriage is itself morally “unethical” to begin with, almost all religions condemn that in the scriptures. So be honest about that and your desires for yourself, either play fully or don’t play at all. And the hero who gets the heroine exists in movies, in the real world, it’s the man who is the anti hero who gets the most poontang.
    Want some confidence back? Hire a hooker for starters to get over a dry spell instead of loathing over other guys who “date” and get the girls. Trust me, a lot of “normal” chicks do it as part time money these days. You can use game and seduction techniques later onto other women once you’ve gotten the confidence back. Save money (the rich 5″4 Pakistani man could still fuck the girlfriend of Chad if he offered her incentives, you can never be sure of women’s reasons for sex), buy yourself a camera or a video camera,go to the Latin or EE, or Former Soviet Union or Asia if you want to, sign up for Instagram (instawhores), upload some pics of some hot asses, go on Chaturbate, Bloomy or Topface and say you’re a photographer or are willing to P4P for a travel holiday, a professional photoshoot or an online sex video that you want to upload. Say you’re an artist who does nude paintings. Doodle some ass and tits on the canvas, upload it and say someone modelled for it. Plenty of poor, “artistic”, or tradthot 8s or 9s lookswise (if that’s what u want) are willing to do it for their 15 mins of fame or 1k followers. Sure, they’ll be banging other men on the side, and you’ll get to tap their asses only in private for your mutually agreed arrangement. Get creative. Keep it to yourself and be discreet. Rinse and repeat, as such bitches have their friends who wanna do that too and are willing to service you for that. Throw the feelings out of the window, don’t catch them ever. They don’t care about it so should you. Throw the emotional psycho babble of morality out of the window if you’re gonna fornicate, because if you’re gonna step into the sea of fornication, your morals are already out of the window like the many others who are already swimming in it. And say goodbye to inceldom.

    1. Farty: “The biggest things which prevent a man from getting laid in today’s world are”
      Nope. it’s welfare, I live in a country without welfare, and holiday in other countries without welfare, single moms jump me wherever I go. They’re as hungry for a guy with a bit of cash as an Incel is for a bit of pussy. No need for game, no need to cold approach, THEY come after you.

      1. @ JD
        Yep. Welfare and its derivatives: Affirmativ action, alimony, and child support.
        Western c*nts have a grossly over-inflated sense of self worth.

        1. Alimony and child support made sense back in the patriarchal days. Women are children and they do have to be taken care of to some extent, so when you have a retard society that tries to make women equal and gives them the right to vote, well, they end up failing and turning to the only daddy they can depend on, the government, and they and all the minorities your rich and amazing capitalistic elite import in then vote to increase welfare….and of course they are not going to get rid of the older forms of welfare either. But don’t worry, tribal white dudes will come together and defeat these people right? lol

      2. @John…pretty sure Thailand is more socialized than America, and they do have universal healthcare. The reason Thailand sluts chase around old white dudes is because the old white dudes have white wealth, which is solely thanks to the generations of white tribalism. If Thailand was not as poor as they are than they WOULD NOT CHASE YOU. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Health_in_Thailand

        1. Genetics and image too. Japan isn’t that poor, and the Japanese sluts chase white guys as well. Old, out of shape white dudes probably won’t fly there, but a young or fit, squared away white will do well anywhere in Asia.

        2. I think Thais may be better off than Cambodia or even Laos, I’ve heard a lot of the prostitutes in Thailand come from these even poorer countries. Thailand seems like a center in SE Asia in a way. Some would still chase us for sexual reasons. True, not every Ron Jermey lookalike that got off the plane would be worshipped as a sex symbol.

    2. Want some confidence back? Bathe; groom; keep a waist size below 34; have good posture; find a group to hang out with, and then hang out with them.

  13. Step 4: Read articles like this and refuse to admit your a covert feminist.
    Game is a band aide solution to Feminism. Defeat of our enemies will require enacting a Final Solution.

    1. Maaaaaann what final solution bullshit you talking?!?!?!? You WHITEBOY incels are pathetic!!
      I’m gettin easy pussy from white women 2 days a week! I’m 40 year old, 6’3 black bald guy! But I’m packin 9 inches !!
      You faggots just gotta get out there and fuck some women maaann. It ain’t so hard!

  14. It’s been hinted at above, but I’ll restate the f*cking obvious for all incels who are reading this:
    Abandon your conventional perceptions of gender relations and dive into the P4P realm!! Go to Mexico, South America, Central America, SE Asia, Eastern Europe or even poor countries such as Greece or Spain, and bang cute, young whores. Get some confidence. Practice some Game on the whores. Learn how to f*ck properly. Ask the whores for advice. You’ll be surprised at how much fun it is; how masculine and alpha-male it feels; how well your newfound attitude will attract civilians; how quickly you will take pussy off the pedestal; and many more revelations. If you live anywhere in California, Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, New Mexico or Texas, drive to Mexico (Tijuana?) immediately and change your life forever.

    1. @Allister
      I get your point but Mexico isn’t really the best place to go anymore. I lived in Mexico off and on for two years and Mexico is pretty much played out. Back in the 50’s and 60’s when my dad went to Mexico it was just like the Philippines, women jumping to be with any gringo. They would literally fight each other over gringos. However, nowadays they actually try to play harder to get to gringos than with the local guys over there. It makes absolutely no sense at all, being no matter how you slice it gringos have more to offer. Unless you were only talking about prostitutes I don’t recommend Mexico.

      1. NS: I was only referring to the P4P realm in regards to Mexico. It’s a big country obviously, with many diverse cities — some of which vary greatly in terms of danger. As such, gringo experiences can differ tremendously based on many factors. I lived in northern Mexico for 7 years and frequented Tijuana (TJ) often. TJ has a very good street girl scene ($20-30 per 30-minute bang); pretty good escort scene ($60-90 for a 1-hour shag); and still a decent bar girl scene at the Hong Kong club and a few other places ($70-100 for 30-mins). There are a number of semi-pros who belong to groups on Facebook also. The sugarbaby scene (SA.com) is only so-so in TJ (too close to the US), but better in other major cities (D.F.). Tinder, as usual, is only productive if you’re in your 20s and take good photos. Badoo is more miss than hit in Mexico generally, but better than traditional online dating sites. If you live in Mexico or frequent it as a gringo, than cute cougars and single-moms can be had pretty easily if that’s your niche.

  15. When I was in my 20s I banged a lot of “hot grrrls”. I’ve noticed now that i’m in my early 30s, my introspective personality doesnt fit into the current zeitgeist and simply isnt attractive to most Ho’s; however, if you’re a loudmouth goofball with garrish tattoos, long hair and a shitty sjw job, the young liberal beaver hole is wide the fuck open. I have no desire to wet my schlong between the brown pussy lips of some depressed lard ass with beginning stage diabetes, nor would I settle for a beat 30yr old jalopy with crowsfeet raking across her blotchy alcohol face and a motocross track on her forehead. The bar only offers broken drunk women with poorly wiped ass cracks, yeast infections and a host of STDs. The word incel has become an impotent weapon of the SJW beta cuck whose probably fucking your unfaithful girlfriend in the porta John. I work in my shop on the weekend and hang out with my dog- I wont be waking up ashamed lying next to a gassy hungover retard who will take a dark yellow piss in my toilet and leave.

    1. Wow. Just wow. Judging by that poetic demolition of nightlife culture your mind looks like the wall of a public toilet…with a nice little store and a well raised dog on the other side of the bathroom wall.

    2. P4P. End of story.
      I’ve never labeled or considered myself an incel, but I did go through some dry spells where I felt I was loosing my mind because trying to date in a traditional matter wasn’t working for me. I could find sex occasionally but never a girl who wanted a LTR and I was suffering low self esteem because of it. I discovered escorts and the rest is history. Now I get laid like a war lord by model tier women at least once a week and have very little desire to find a girlfriend because some of these escort women, if you can fuck them the right way, will befriend you if you’re decent looking and can fuck good. I have a few I see for free.
      I live in the US too and it’s illegal but let me introduce you to a little band I know name Judas Priest.

  16. @Ozz Kuragin
    Nothing wrong with using money.
    Nothing wrong at all.
    If you are intelligent and make a “well off” income, why not use it?
    Yeah, I suppose it is better food for the ego to have them “want you”, but think about it.
    Would you rather have a 5 or 6 that “wants you”, or an 8 or 9 (or 10 for more $$$) that you can pay and f*ck the sh*t out of?

      1. Really?
        I am just the opposite.
        I could go on Match and get decrepit, divorced 40 y/o bags in a heartbeat (I am 52), but I would WAY rather bang hot 18-29 y/o escorts for $$$ who don’t care if I live or die.
        To each his own, I suppose.

        1. @ Ugly
          I have been unwanted my whole life.
          No shit.
          But still, I am only attracted to hot, young girls.
          No interested in plain janes, uglies, fatties, or especially old bags.
          I worked very hard my whole life to get where I am financially.
          No way I am wasting one calorie of energy or one milligram of testosterone on a female not in the 7-29 range (7 or higher in looks, 29 or younger in age). No way. Old bags especially. They can go suck sh*t.

        2. @AutomaticSlim
          Maybe there’s a miscommunication. A 5-6 is average or above average. I dunno, I’m maybe 4-5 (thanks to a pretty great body) so a 5-6 who wants me sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.
          I have nothing against prostitution but I’m not so obsessed with looks to want to exchange real passion and devotion of an average/above-average looking girl for better looking but unfeeling mercenary who’s being fucked daily by many men.

        3. @ Ugly
          Sure, I understand and respect that.
          I just cannot agree as I feel quite differently.
          The way I see it I did EVERYTHING I WAS TOLD.
          By my parents, my grandmothers, my aunts and uncles, my teachers, nuns, and priests in Catholic school…everyone!
          Get good grades. Be polite. Go to college and get a good job and make an upper middle class income. I listened and I did it. And where is my reward??? Where is the hot young girl I was promised for cooking, cleaning, laundry, errands and sex every night? Nowhere to be seen.
          So at 20 I made a decision to BUY what I need and I have been doing it ever since
          If you are happy with 5s and 6s more power to you. I wish you the best.
          But the way I see it, God OWES me a hot young girl for all the work I put in. And if He won’t deliver, I will purchase what I need with the fruits of my labor. Take care and have a great weekend.

        4. So a guy that knows he is unattractive but refuses to take unattractive women yet expects hot women to want him?
          Sounds a little hypocritical to me. But hey if you can do it good for you.

        5. Ugly Incel: You will never know real passion, white women don’t want you EVER! You’re just banging whores and gold-diggers without knowing it. Buy, they gonna divorce rape your arse.

        6. AUTOMATIC
          At a certain functional level women are merely a series of orifices that provide friction to a man’s dick.
          If you can afford to simply use one and then another, why put up with one who is going to be pain in the ass?
          I’m GLAD I did not marry my college girlfriend.
          Otherwise I would have not received great blowjobs. Some were free, others were not.
          But my junk enjoyed great variety.

        7. @ Automaticslim
          @ Automaticslim
          “The way I see it I did EVERYTHING I WAS TOLD.
          By my parents, my grandmothers, my aunts and uncles, my teachers, nuns, and priests in Catholic school…everyone!” –
          I believe that’s Beta Behavior.
          No rebellion in you? Just follow the leader and do what you are told?
          Rules are for slaves, betas and omegas. Of course to the sheep who have willingly followed and been lined up for slaughter by the Judas Goat this all sounds so incredibly insane.

        8. @ Anton
          Well, I have been using money to rent the type of females I prefer for sex since I was 20. Junior in college. That was when I started thinking “outside the box”. That may not be “alpha” behavior, but it is certainly not wife-ing up with a blown out landwhale because she was “the best I could do”. I consider going the landwhale route to the the “beta move”.
          Omega? Perhaps, but an omega who stands alone is not so bad, IMO.
          Of course, my definition of “Omega” is probably different than yours or the mainstream. To me, an omega is a loner (by choice or not – doesn’t matter) who learned how to get by and even perhaps prosper.
          Just because I believe God owes me does not mean that I think I will ever get paid in full. Or even in part. I’ll just do what I have always done. I’ll do what I have to do.
          Have a good one.

        9. Slim, I see old fat fucks with young 10s often. You are well off and White, what more could a bitch want? I’m similar to you, Catholic school, golden boy, old fashioned, ect. To get a really trad girl is rare, we were born in the wrong time. My tastes have changed with age, youth is more prized now. I like the idea of combining your high quality whore lifestyle with the “dropping my wife off at highschool” lifestyle of Dodds. I like Asians but the diversity of Whites is unmatched.

      2. AS: “Where is the hot young girl I was promised for cooking, cleaning, laundry, errands and sex every night?” She never existed, you might have got a 5, for sex once a month, for a few years, which is all most white guys ever get from a wife. Followed by divorce rape of course. Fuck all white worthless bitches.

        1. @ JD
          “She never existed…”
          She existed back in the 40s and 50s.
          But yeah, gone like the dodo bird.
          When I go to Walmart or Home Depot, and see the land whales many guys are tied down to, I realize my situation is not so bad after all…

        2. Slim: no, your situation is not so bad at all, and likely envied by many men here. I admire your work ethic and your approach to rewarding yourself for such.
          I had an interestingly diverse experience last week that reinforced “our” outlook that we espouse. On Thursday night, I ended up banging a 41-year-old divorced single-mom Latina that I was set-up with. Successful professional, thin, fairly stylish, great hair, C-cup natural tits with little sag, tiny ass. Despite being sober, I was glad I popped a “blue pill” prior because I just wasn’t that turned on despite my boss raving about her for months prior. The sex was just meh. Staring down at her face with most of her make-up rubbed off was like being thrown into a cold shower…
          In direct contrast, I banged a 19-year-old the very next night (Friday) after a few drinks and my entire being was marveling over her youth — soft, blemish free skin; sparkling eyes; snug sweet-smelling pussy; submissive demeanor; perky tits; hopeful for the future; etc. I met her on SA.com, but only pay her cab fare currently. This young girl is cute in a wholesome way (doesn’t wear make-up), but a little chubby, and a poor university student, although my cockasaurus rex was rigid the whole time and popped twice without any pharmaceutical help. She likes older guys and wants to live-out some fantasies, so fair enough! But my point being, there was absolutely no comparison between the 2 women from a physical attraction stand point. As such, I’ll stick with the 18-25 crowd for as long as I possibly can — even if I have to pay directly for it.

        3. @ AC
          Yeah, there really is no comparison.
          A slender 41 y/o may seem like a dream to guys with land whale wives, but she will never compare to a young girl.
          “despite my boss raving about her for months prior…”
          – Yeah I have encountered guys like that as well. They rave about a 40 something, then you see their wives and you realize why.

        4. AS: ‘She existed back in the 40s and 50s.’
          I’m not sure white women ever fucked much, there had to be a reason why Brits conquered the world, and I’m thinking it was to get the chance at more frequent pussy. Sure, historically you could get a wife, but nobody ever wrote about how frequently they banged their wife. If you weren’t part of an invading army, I’m thinking white men in the past didn’t get much white pussy either.

        5. ” I met her on SA.com, but only pay her cab fare currently. This young girl is cute in a wholesome way (doesn’t wear make-up), but a little chubby.”
          At first, I felt confused. Why would a 19 yr old hottie be banging u for cab money? But my confusion vanished, as soon as I read “a little chubby.”

        6. Brits have always been more pussy hungry. Take Australia, Portuguese and Dutch thought it was just another island but Brits stuck it out for the hope of exotic women.

      3. @ Natural Select
        I judge females different than males.
        To me, a female’s net worth is her youth and beauty.
        A male’s net worth is his ability as a provider and protector.
        If you had a daughter, would you rather she dated/married a Brad Pitt faced “bad boy” with a crappy job, or a schlubby CPA or something like that?

        1. So you would rather have your daughter date a “successful / winner in life” black guy over a “unsuccessful/ loser in life” white guy?
          I will always choose good genes.

        2. @ Natural
          I try to stay away from the racial stuff these days, but since you brought it up…My own personal opinions and nothing more):
          I will never have kids, but if I did, I would make it very clear to a female child that she should exclusively date and marry within her own race. I would be somewhat less stringent with a son — him dating/marrying an East Asian girl would not bother me.

        3. Dodds has the best home life here. Slim is banging the best whores. 95% of pollution comes from non-White nations, they are destroying the Earth. Whites are the most valueable on the grandscale. At least Asians maintain their own culture. The White west has fallen, all we have left is our fading morality…Without Whites but with White technology, non-White lemmings will surely destroy the Earth.

        4. These threads have a very short shelf life so this probably won’t be read but my kudos to Slim and Grape for their observations on race.

  17. I’m a physical incel but mentally a former incel.
    I’m not going to get into a sob story about the cards I have been dealt but what I mean by that is that there are guys who concentrate on whining and guys that may be just a bit inhibited or wired differently in crucial ways but still in the game in their own way.
    In some ways I feel like the average guy on the street has more of an incel mentality than some actual 30 year old virgins. There’s lots of guys with no hobbies, mediocre careers, out of shape and dopy looking by choice and who “get lucky” every now and then. Those guys still have a solid social circle and no significant psychiatric issue or trauma and they feel like they belong. They just cannot visualize having rare skills, a great body or what not but they got lucky that one time and it took off from there. These guys still have very limiting self-beliefs and they are not actively fighting to improve as men.
    Then there’s the incel guys who actually work on self-improvement very diligently and look like guys who could easily get laid a lot but have some kind of mental baggage (autism spectrum, absent employment history etc.) that eats away at their confidence. They’ve read everything on the issue and are constantly striving for something but are wired in such a way that they weird people out or they don’t see the thrill in the chase.
    Finally there’s slouch incels who just wallow in their cynicism and really let themselves go in every way.
    I’m the former type of incel nowadays. I don’t have a social circle, my hobbies are filled with grannies or take place at home, any employment related thing I do is distance work. I go to clubs often but cannot stand the noise very well and hate crowds. All the people there are usually slightly unkempt burly types although the women still pass the boner test a lot of the time. I’m built like a male underwear model with an average face and have taken dance classes so 30-50% of the time I have women coming up to me in the dance floor but they rarely say anything and neither do I. I know it’s on me and I’m not proud of being meek. I know I should move to a larger town to meet more similar people but I don’t have the right mindset, finances etc. for it just yet. I’ve never had a wing and as I have self-improved I’ve ironically become critical of the male company I keep even if they get laid much more because so much of the time they lack the admirable qualities I would like to own; I’m not impressed with guys lucking out and slithering into some vaginas over a social circle of other non-ambitious people, which seems to be the norm. I’ve been playing on hard mode for a long time.

    1. @ DG ’85
      “I know I should move to a larger town…”
      You live in a smaller town / rural area that has nightclubs?

      1. My town is 100 000+ in population and one of the more backwards towns in my country though still not that small by these european standards. I see a lot of the same people on the street, not to mention bars and it can be quite demoralizing to be there when you kind of have the genetics to do better and get into a social circle of reasonably smart and ambitious people. It sounds smug and snobbish and in a way I cannot afford such an attitude and God bless these people who usually have visible tattoos, work menial jobs and who don’t have too many hobbies aside from singing karaoke and getting drunk every now and then but I don’t understand them fully and they don’t understand me fully. It’s not like I would put up resistance if some of these chicks just fell on my lap literally because once they are still young and more or less normal intelligence they’ll still look pretty nice and feel good to touch but it’s hard to connect, especially being a loner with no circle.
        I think most of the ‘quality’ women in my parts mate through social circles gained from university and professional life as well as somewhat exclusive’ish third sector and business events.
        Thanks for the replies.

    2. I know this sounds a little trite but if you dont already have one- buy a motorcycle(not a jet ski for chrissakes). You will make lots of friends( the right kind) and girls love em. I really can’t recommend it enough.

      1. I haven’t had an accident since highschool but my life is more important than biker chicks. Idiot driver rates are on the rise.

  18. I guess everyone had enough of war talk, and now it’s back to pussy. Just as well—Roosh is no Stonewall Jackson, unless the people being stonewalled are 19 year old coeds.

    1. Castrated blacks make excellent harem guards. Symbols of chastity and loyal to their master. When their master dies the black slaves kill themselves to follow, serve, and obey master again in paradise.

    1. Good looking guys don’t stay with women, they bounce from one to another. Because when the woman gives them shit, the leave because they can get another one.

  19. @badman Hey mate. Thanks
    it was a black girl from internet dating, 2 hours from meet to lay
    She liked my look and had just gotten out of a ba relationship, wanted something non serious.
    Caveman: doing the basics right- nutrition, training, sleep, taking in information that keeps you in a masculine mindset.

  20. > A 5’4” Pakistani man who has learned all of Mystery’s lines off by heart, has a successful online business and is competent in day and night game does not stand a chance against the six-foot Chad.
    You’ve obviously never heard of a place called Rotherham.

    1. This is because women are wired to give birth to the most physically fit kids and their body reacts to height, looks, penis and testicle size (Women’s anuses have sensory nerves that apparently developed to appreciate decent testicle size)

  21. It is a sad day when you realise the whole big picture. All my ancestor where in a lifelong, traditional marriage. My great-grandfather married at an age of 18. His wife died of an old age, he died the very next month of sadnes. My father tells me, that for all that month, there was not even one word from him. My parents are together for more then 35 years. I never see them arquing in front of me in all my life. And now back to me. From that background, I am left in the world of “game”, promiscuity and shallowness. Well thank you a lot marxist, thank you very much. End result must always match a struggle. If a game of life is rigged from the start, well then, by all means, the main purpose of young generations is to utterly destroy it, burn it, let the flames cure all. Not for our sake, but for the sake of the next generations

    You and I are a bit of both and we both know that guys who can get women just move on to another woman whose mouth or vagina they can shoot a load into.
    Semi-Chads are always moving on.
    The CPA will hang around and support his kid and marry. The Cad like I have been will simply get bored and seek other women whose cock-sockets provide variety.
    I look at my own college girlfriend. If I had married her I would have never gotten many damn good blowjobs and sex.

  23. There is no such thing as incel if you have £200 anyone can get laid. That’s what I do I’m unattractive guy I’m 5’5 and muscular and easy on the eyes and black but I’m short so 90% of women don’t find me attractive because I’m short. I’m fine with that I’m pretty happy with using a escort you pay the bitch to leave.

  24. These incels that are sex obsessed, is it because women have power over them, or it it their own biology that have the power over them (the need to procreate all the time?)

  25. I have given a lot of thought to this issue. I think the only thing you can reasonably propose is some what of a mix of working on game/self improvement and not giving a fuck. The latter is especially true. 25 years ago when I was in high school I was somewhat in this cluster back then me and my “loser” friends new we were rejects but still worked on getting laid and also doing tons of other interesting shit on the side. Eventually shit evens out if you keep at it. Where I think things have changed is that with especially social media the norms have become super nasty. Back then you were just awkward now its like you are labeled for life. To some extent I think this has given rise to incels, MGTOWs and the MRM in general. I would not want to be a teenager in today’s world. At the same time society is like an out of control plane that is about to crash. We don’t know exactly when but I assure you with how shit is being run it is a near certainty.

  26. The so-called “enlightened” incel is a curious being. I don’t think it’s terribly cold-blooded to say there’s no shortage of unqualified dudes walking around with kids these days, when they should’ve remained incel/childless. Flip side being plenty of decent dudes faded into incel life but were in the upper 50% of the gene/IQ/SMV pool, with other good characteristics. What he failed to reproduce might have been more useful than 8 new retarded welfare lemmings being born every minute in America. With incel and MGTOW, at least I can see where some of them are coming from, philosophically. There’s probably a narrow 3rd category of incels who have children in their past (legitimate or otherwise), either mistakenly or before switching to incel. Incel isn’t in my nature, but I’ve known a few cool ones along the way, and it doesn’t hurt to mentally prepare for such an outcome if/when a man can no longer maintain his dominant edge; those who possess it intend to do for as long as humanly possible. At that point a man gives it up as he turns “old” not “incel,” and some guys just go old before their time.

  27. The OP has some good points but some commenters give me a laugh.
    Libertarians have, over the last 100 years or so, led the way in creating a fairly deregulated world of what they used to call ‘free love’ where it is easier to have sex, romance, live a once forbidden lifestyle, get contraception, get divorce if there is a mistake, travel across borders and effectively mail and call long-distance for free quickly and easily in search of a partner, and easily find sites like these for advice and discuss topics once forbidden– and BTW seek and have a traditional family in wealth and conveniences that would have stunned our ancestors –than ever.
    I mean, I remember when even masturbation was a felony until the libertarians started targeting the crazy conservative statutes. Basic information was banned from libraries and bookstores. Average people let alone ‘Incels’ of both sexes in the ’50’s had real problems.
    So… ‘Wes the Great’ and others blame their problems on the tools unleashed by Libertarianism. Their problem is they are their problem.

      1. If you’re rich, you can buy loads of hookers. So if bitches don’t like you, they can fuck off. Wealth may not cure autism, but it cures not getting laid.

  28. Ya’ll still putting the pussy on the pedestal and spend way too much time chasing tail. Yeah I get it, everyone likes to get laid. But clubbing and buying stupid shit to impress girls….Christ get a hobby. People mocking betas for being hungry, yet your pursuit of pussy consumes all your free time.

  29. ****My advice****
    if you really need to
    blow all your money
    on a worthless status
    symbol that won’t get
    you laid, at least buy
    a Mercedes which at
    least won’t break and
    cost you Thousands!
    Ditto, Mexican made
    Volkswagen. Just get
    a Mitsubishi Mirage!

    1. It wasn’t a 5 year old, it was an autistic manchild from 4chan. Which means it took him far more effort that it’d have to a 5 year old.
      I say we give him two candy bars.

  30. P4P. End of story.
    I’ve never labeled or considered myself an incel, but I did go through some dry spells where I felt I was loosing my mind because trying to date in a traditional matter wasn’t working for me. I could find sex occasionally but never a girl who wanted a LTR and I was suffering low self esteem because of it. I discovered escorts and the rest is history. Now I get laid like a war lord by model tier women at least once a week and have very little desire to find a girlfriend because some of these escort women, if you can fuck them the right way, will befriend you if you’re decent looking and can fuck good. I have a few I see for free.
    I live in the US too and it’s illegal but let me introduce you to a little band I know name Judas Priest.

    1. Where do you find hookers that are this hot? I’ve looked around my area and can’t find anything good. If I wanted to fuck fat chicks I could do that for free. Serious question.

  31. “Acting recklessly is fun, takes no skill and is perfectly fitting for the modern West. I therefore advise Incels to try this out,”
    You’re trying to get some incel killed?

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