Always Be Prepared To Walk Away From A Girl Who Treats You Second Best

Being prepared to walk away is the only way to deal with situations where you are likely to be bested by an AMOG (alpha male other guy). Showing weakness, fear, annoyance, butthurtness, or any combination of the above and you will lose. If you play it well you can still get the girl, and even if you don’t, far better to walk away with your dignity intact than not.

I have recently faced two situations where an ‘alpha’ (I used inverted commas since the designation of ‘alpha’ is situational and varies from girl to girl) threatened my game. In the first I lost the girl. In the second I won her back. Both reinforced my view that a willingness to walk is essential.


I’ll give you the Cliff’s Notes version of each incident. The first occurred when I met a girl called Stella from Bumble for a drink. My first impression when she arrived was that she wasn’t as hot as her pictures suggested, but that she was attractive enough for a fleeting encounter.

After some vodka, it became painfully aware that she was not particularly intellectually gifted either, as she related one uninteresting anecdote after another in her thick Essex accent. Still, I played along, hoping for an easy win. We made out a few times and she invited to meet her again at the weekend.

During the third drink, however, I became aware that Stella kept looking over my shoulder. I glanced behind me and saw a drunken AMOG, a ruggedly good-looking man in a white shirt. He glared at me. “Let’s get out of here,” I said to Stella. We downed our drinks. I walked out with her without giving the guy a second glance. I was aware, however, from my peripheral vision, that Stella was still smiling at him.

When we reached the atrium, Stella stopped. “I’m going to say goodbye here,” she said. “I need to go to the bathroom, then I’m going to walk to the train station.”

“No problem,” I said. I kissed her goodbye, and went into the men’s room.

I already knew what was happening. Still, a perverse part of me was curious to see the drama play out to the end. I waited for several minutes, and then walked briskly back through the bar. Sure enough, there was Stella sitting with the AMOG.

I didn’t intend for her to see me, but she did. She stared at me, her dumb eyes filling gradually with comprehension and guilt. I winked at her and walked on. Later on, when she messaged me, I didn’t bother to reply.


Lillianna is a regular fuck buddy of mine, a Hungarian girl who I met earlier this year. Last weekend I traveled to Zagreb, Croatia, to attend a party with her. The one snag? Her Spanish ex-boyfriend Rafa was there too.

Lillianna and Rafa had a stormy relationship that lasted for over five years and finally came to an end in early 2017. However, as he is an entrepreneur and she is a fellow director of his company, they have never been out of contact.

Lillianna had promised me ahead of time that we would not see much of Rafa at the event. In fact, he ended up hanging out with us for most of it. This I didn’t particularly object to. He turned out to be a decent enough guy, dominant, with that slightly arrogant air that makes Spaniards and Italians so good at game. Plus I am not Liliana’s boyfriend and so don’t really have the right to dictate who she hangs out with.

What did annoy me, though, was the way Lilianna, still clearly in love with Rafa, seemed to defer to everything he said. It was clear to see that for her he remained her ‘eternal alpha.’

Things came to a head at about 5am. I was exhausted. Lilianna was also tired and her feet were hurting from wearing her high-heeled shoes. “Let’s go,” I said.

“OK. I’ll just say goodbye to Rafa.”

She went over and spoke to him. By this time he had picked up some drugged-up girl who was hanging off his arm. She returned and sat down again.

“He wants us all to go back for a group session together.”

“Are you kidding? I came here to see you. I’m not going back to some hotel room to watch you getting fucked by your ex-boyfriend!”


“And what would I get out of it anyway? That girl he’s with is ugly. There’s no upside for me.”

“But . . . you have to understand, I loved him for five years, Lilianna sobbed. “I can’t refuse him anything.”

I looked at her.

“Well in that case you should stay,” I said. I grabbed her, pulled her towards me, kissed her roughly on the lips and got the hell out of there. I would not tolerate being second best under any circumstances. This would be the last time she would ever set eyes on me, I thought.

In my Uber I was researching alternative hotels on when she popped up on Facebook Messenger.

Took a taxi now. Hopefully there in a bit.

I softened a little. I hadn’t expected her to follow me and I hadn’t staged the walkout as a ploy. However, she had made a decision in my favour. I decided to go to bed in our hotel room and see what happened. It was late, and I could always leave the next day.

When she returned she slipped into bed tearfully, and clung to me while she sobbed herself to sleep. The next morning she gave me one of the best blowjobs I have ever received, before washing me from head to toe in the shower. Suddenly she was compliant, submissive and sweet once more.

Be Prepared To Walk Whatever The Outcome

My willingness to walk away had won Lilianna back—for the moment. But here’s the thing: the more you do game the more you will come up against obstacles, including AMOGs. No matter how rich, fashionable or good-looking you are, there will always be some other guy out there who will beat you. Or, as with Lilianna, there will be some ex-boyfriend who she is still hung up on.

There is little point in trying to outdo these men. Attempt to be louder or funnier and you risk looking butthurt and try-hard. Because what alpha truly confident in himself would feel the need to overcompensate in that way?

For me, the only real solution is to be philosophical and prepared to walk. Again, the true alpha would have enough options that he could happily afford to do so. Even if you lack those options you must make as though you have them.

I cannot guarantee that walking away will bring your girl running back to you, as it brought Lilianna back to me. But you must do it anyway. In my case, I had no intention of ever speaking to Lilianna again. It was only because she shifted her position that I continued to entertain her, and she is certainly downgraded in my priorities.

You should never for one moment acknowledge that another man has got the best of you, or is in any way superior. And a willingness to walk away remains your best insurance policy. Remember,  it is better to risk losing the prize than to losing your dignity: girls come and go, but your self-perception is forever.

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74 thoughts on “Always Be Prepared To Walk Away From A Girl Who Treats You Second Best”

  1. By the time a girl selects you for having a turn at fucking her, she is beyond damaged. Even if she’s only been with one guy, if that happened to be a relationship that ended badly, she is emotionally broken. I’ve seen men with 100+ notch counts settle down with a woman—it’s as as if we were built to sleep around. But not women. Before their count gets to 5, you’ll already need the textbook on modern game to deal with their many issues and insatiable alpha cravings.

    1. my questions to you is, why haven’t you inquired about or made an effort to meet a wholesome, virgin Persian girl? This would be easy for you to do since your family would have connections to make this relatively pain free.

      1. Lol @ “wholesome, virgin Persian girl.” Have you met many Persian girls? I assure you…they’re not innocent.

        1. not here in the USA, but in Iran, where his parents are from, I am sure there are plenty.

        2. All the world is a playground….Why would Roosh settle for any one country unless it suited him to do so? Why would any single man going his own way……?

      2. This a broad stereotype statement. Each woman should be judged on who she is, not carelessly herded beneath an umbrella, but sorted and sifted with care and discipline.
        To keep this brief, I was engaged to a Persian girl, dating her for about 2 years prior. Excellent family values and personal values. LOVED children. Deferred to my guidance and leadership. Only drank when I did, cooked dinner for me, kept our place clean. Also into yoga and meditation. BUT she hated my parents, complained all the time and had a negative attitude towards life in general, though, she was on the verge of becoming a US attorney after being an attorney in Tehran for five years. I’m so grateful every day I didn’t marry her and die a slow death of being buried alive.
        What I found interesting is she said MANY of the girls back in Tehran slept around, fucked around and partied. Most were looking for rich men with no personal ambitions. She said they’ve been corrupted by Western values of consumption and general whoring. I was shocked to learn this, but there was no reason for her to lie about it.
        Ultimately, my thought from my experience is that it doesn’t matter where the girl is from. Sure it helps to get a ballpark idea regarding cultural and personal values that mirror your own, but what’s under the hood is what matters most. Only AFTER you’ve experienced many women, good and bad, that you can recognize the right vehicle for you, be it from Tehran, Germany or even the US. I recognized my lemon just in time.

      3. In the United States, Persian girls are worse than American. They’re insanely materialistic/snobby. They think their shit don’t stink.
        Getting a Persian girl from the village is a better option, which I have talked to my father about, but there’s a lot of obstacles and success is far from guaranteed.

    2. Truth. The male body is made for sex on the fly with many women.
      The male mind is made for loyalty however.
      The female body is made for long term and loyal relationships but the female mind lacks the agency to be loyal.
      Also, fitting that women find “emotional transgression” from their partner worse than actually sleeping with another woman.
      And men vice versa. Only women can manage to rationalize cheating by considering it as just consequence-free fun and for men the “emotional transgression” is logically accompanied when she sleeps with another man anyhow.

    3. Roosh – good luck with that, with all due respect, I think your one guy sentence is too severe. There is illumination that can happen decently with a low notch woman, especially if she was the dumpee or if tragedy befell her earlier-notch men. The screening applied has to be intense, agreed, but is possible. Right now I’m with a YES girl in an LTR (to her… to me it is holding Frame) who married at 19 but widowed, and married quickly an older dude who again passed. Only in recent years since that she had one badboy before me ….that indeed holds my Frame and watchfulness as well. But I’m 1-2 SMV above her and ZFG if she ever acts up. But sex and attention is 90th percentile.

    4. In my mid 20s and I’m almost suspicious when girls are virgins (sad but true state of affairs in any modern western city). I generally tolerate a 1-6 notch count for relationship if they’re around my age, sadly even that is becoming more and more rare.

    5. The worst part is that even if she is a virgin eventually she’ll want to “see what else is out there”. Happened to me twice.
      I’ve even had girls 3-4 SMV points below me get huge egos after a year and dump ME thinking they can do better.
      I’ve given up on finding a wife. Western culture is rancid.

  2. As a young man I once accidentally broke up a relationship by fucking a girl without knowing she’d been steady for 5 years.
    She wrote me about tears and drama and I just never responded. All that over a single fuck? Luckily I was in another part of the country.
    Bottom line is that when women cheat on you it is a sign that they are a slut who is not family material and would prefer to be used by Chads. Don’t waste your emotions on that shit.
    Women have a harem mentality much of the time. The guy who shows the least interest and invests the least amount of effort often gets laid more than the Beta who will walk 1,000 miles for them.

    I once fucked a girl on a college Spring Break trip. Different state and all that. Did not know a thing about her. She e mailed me to say her Alpha who had been steady with her since age 15 had a huge breakup because of me. I thought to myself, damn why did you tell the guy in the first place. I just fucked you once on a damn trip.
    If a chick is looking at some other guy while she is sitting with you a) she is a slut who will never remain faithful in a relationship and b) she does not respect you anyhow.
    Better you find this out before wasting more time and money.

  4. “Group Session”
    A Korean guy once invited me to a hotel room where there were two Korean women in Philippines and we got drunk and he told me we were going to have a group session.
    I declined and he later suggested that I was gay.
    But to be honest I cannot stomach the idea of a man’s hard penis 3 inches from my face or his butt next to mine.
    When I see dudes doing DP’s and double anal in porn I wonder how straight guys can do this.

    1. I knew a co-worker who DP’d a fatty with a friend of his. He was gay af and completely unreliable, but he was not lying about the 3-way. I wish I could unlearn of it. She was a total hippo, he said.
      And now you know.

    When I refused the offer of this Korean guy to engage in a group session with the two Korean women he picked up at the hotel bar in an 4-way he intimated to others later on that I was queer.
    Is it normal to be put off by a 4-way? Me personally I cannot get aroused with another hard penis in the same bed.
    There is something homo-erotic about the whole thing.
    Peter North and John Holmes were all bisexual. I would not be surprised if many of the guys in straight porn are actually gay.

      1. I’ve had the opportunity for threesomes four separate times, first was with a whore and a whale, second with an 8 and a guy, third with ugly girl and a 5, fourth with an old bitch and her possibly retarded 17 year old lover.
        Turned them all down. When I have a 3-way, you an bet it’s gonna be with two hot girls or not at all.

      1. He did not come out and call me a faggot. He said “if you are” sort of thing and later “you didn’t PULL YOUR WEIGHT” (Because the Korean women were pissed off too).
        Excuse me for not wanting my testes slapping by another dude in a DP or hip-to-hip next to you on the same bed or your hard penis in my face.
        If that makes me a “fag” so be it.

        1. Just grab one of the girls, take her to your own room and plow her till she passes out saying, “NO mor pleez, no mor pleez.”
          She won’t care how many other people were in the other room.

  6. like most ROK articles, this one (accidentally?) functions as a powerful argument for MGTOW. staying up till 5AM for this…”person” (probably too generous a term)? do you realize how many better and more constructive things you could be doing with your time? Just for starters: being asleep.
    and it all culminates in some stupid blowjob? who cares!

  7. I know that you neo-masculine PUA’s hate us MGTOW’s, but, I’m wondering if you can see how the logic of the dynamic of walking away when the woman disrespects us leads many of us less than “alpha” males to walk away permanently? Maybe I’m just smarter than the average man, but, in my long decades of experience with women, I’ve found that women are pretty good at feigning respect in order to get what they think they want. Once you see through the charade, well, it’s just not worth the squeeze.

    1. There’s a comedian that quite truthfully described how women “…cater to your ego…” in order to get what they want. This includes compliments, blowjobs, anything-goes sex, etc.
      While I am on the “PUA side”, I remain selective. I never would have stayed until 5am, especially under those conditions. It indicates that he had no available backup plate to fall back on, which is a mistake of you really want to get laid.
      He ended up getting some bj from it but it seems like a lot of trouble. That AMOG broke her and she just didn’t want to be alone. Hamster logic.
      No disrespect to Troy. He’s one of my favourite contributors, and we all slip from time to time. Europe is fantastic for PUAs, but it will eat you alive if you get soft for even 2 seconds.

  8. Seems like the screening process in any online dating will result in chaos. Turn off the dating apps it is only fat and broken women. As this site mentions, if you can’t day game a girl when she ain’t wearing makeup and doesn’t have liquor in her your a scrub. It’s ok to be a scrub because when you admit your faults you can change. Lift fellow brothers up and stop cock blocking leave those broken hos for the broken brothers.

    1. Excellent comment. But don’t call it “day game” – call it “going about your daily life, talking to whoever takes your interest”

      1. I like going about life. That is like be the same everywhere so your always attractive. Yeah fishing as I call it. The girl that gives you those high school glistening eyes you chat her up and give her a business card. If you close the deal too early, I dont care what the PUA’s say you wont keep her. The good women you want in the long run are very cautious and even want her parents approval of you before you get the goodies. You guys act like the girl next door is still the girl next door. The one next to me gives me already the 1000 cock stare at only 19 years old. I know shes at least 25 deep. She came home one night blew a 2.4 bac and that was after party and after the penis express train destroyed it.

  9. I REALLY needed this article. I fu**ing love ROK, seriously.
    I was partying with friends for Halloween at a bar, and an AMOG showed up with the group. He started hitting on my Colombian girlfriend, and she showed signs of liking him. He disrespected me and eventually he tried to hurt my fingers when I tried to stop him. He went as far as calling my girlfriend whore, which definitely triggered her to leave, although I eventually forced us leaving.
    Once at home, she started crying and explained me everything, however she was reluctant to block his number (all the group exchanged numbers sometime during the party) and leave the Whatsapp group where all of us were. The power of asshole game on women is unbelievable.
    I think I may eventually lose this girl, I am not her “alpha” anymore.

    1. Holy fuck a logical actually true story, not from one of these fake ass “alpha puas” all over this site. You sound like a sound individual who realizes he is much better than the piece of tail who most likely has many orbiting her already. And I really like your concept of her alpha. When we become her “prince charming” there really is no one else even in a crowded room of Tatum’s and Pitt’s. Women find it intoxicating when you can call another man pretty because they know there is something so much greater that you possess.

      1. Relationships are over. Women are completely corrupted, we have gone back to the Paleolithic.
        I’ll keep her around because she is hot and gives me companionship (I just moved in here and I have no real friends) but I’ll start looking for someone else because this girl is not respecting me anymore.

        1. this will only eat at you, her having the upper hand.
          you’re better off alone, it will also motivate you to find someone else faster, and is the right thing to do really, dont cock block others, dont waste her and your time.

    2. If you’re girlfriend can’t keep herself in check, at least around you. .. then think how she acts without you around. Factor in how hot she is and you re in a heap of trouble. Lived through this. If you’re even remotely aware of your surroundings, you can tell when your gf is infatuated elsewhere. For the moment dont do nothing. When the pussy well dries up for you though, it’s time to pack and leave; someone else found the source 😉

      1. Exactly, this girl showed me from the very first day strong red flags, but she being Colombian and me being burnt from American women and feminist bullshit, I gave her a chance for relationship.
        Yes, she is incredibly attractive and feminine. Men are hitting on her all the time. I’ll keep her around because sex with her is very good. No more emotional attachment to her and I’ll reduce my investment on her to the minimum. Thanks man for your support.

    3. U do realize that prior to the guy’s arrival, you were her “Alpha” & as her alpha, you were supposed to rise the challenge & put him in his place? It’s funny how a good percentage of ROK users are all about extolling men’s virtues, responsibilities, & strengths in theory only. What applies in the wild still applies in civilization, he disrespected you, your girl, & got physical with you, leaving you with 2 options: fight him or retreat from the situation. You retreated from the situation, as a man accept the consequence of your decision & stop using these articles to assuage your wounded ego. This girl is your smash-buddy, you two are not in a long-term relationship. ROK writers have written numerous pieces about this & now that it happens to you, you get melancholy? You’re not an alpha & seriously, only a fairly decent amount of users on here truly are & have what it takes to claim that. In this world, if you don’t protect what’s yours someone will come & take that shit & might be gracious enough to let you have it back when they’re bored with it.

      1. I don’t recall calling myself alpha at any moment, I just quoted that word in a sarcastic sense.
        As someone who pretends to be something in life, getting in trouble in a bar with someone who is 3 inches taller than me and 50 pounds heavier may not be a very intelligent option. Especially in the United States, where getting trouble in a bar at that level can prevent you from getting any job above McDonalds manager. I just got background tested on misdemeanors a couple of months ago for my new job position.
        There is no melancholy, I am already contacting my second plate. There is plenty of girls around. Nice try with your “alpha” talk.

        1. If you read my initial post you’ll see that I never wrote that you did call yourself one, I clearly stated that in her eyes, before he came in the picture, you were the alpha. In fact, if you never made any reference to that alpha talk I wouldn’t even had brought it up. And again, like I said in my initial post, there were 2 options, take it there with him or leave the situation. Men swallow the consequences & move on with the decision.

    4. Latina and drama and masculinity. Like a moth to a flame. Don’t be too hard on her it’s in her programming. Entertaining another man’s flirting is unacceptable. I’d have walked over and smacked on the ass. What’s done is done and it’s easy to be clever after the fact. Called her a whore and she’s still attracted. I’d refer to him as “the Weinstein guy” forever more with her.

    5. I would have left her there and driven home with someone else.
      You rewarded a woman that behaved badly.

    6. “she showed signs of liking him” like blatantly or what? I would have checked her right then and there.
      “disrespected me and eventually he tried to hurt my fingers when I tried to stop him.” how did he disrespect you and hurt your finger?
      “He went as far as calling my girlfriend whore, which definitely triggered her to leave, although I eventually forced us leaving.”
      Yea I would have decked him after that.
      “Once at home, she started crying and explained me everything, however she was reluctant to block his number (all the group exchanged numbers sometime during the party) and leave the Whatsapp group where all of us were.
      I think I may eventually lose this girl, I am not her “alpha” anymore.”
      Explaining what? Did they fuck before this?
      Bro you already lost her. I don’t think you actually ever had her. Reluctance to block his number sealed your fate.
      This shit pisses me off just reading. I hope you learn from this article. Strictly regulate her as fuck buddy. DO NOT seek companionship in any way from her.

  10. Walking away goes well beyond game. It’s the most powerful negotiating tool. It’s the ability to put your ego in check and take cool headed decisions. There are fewer men everyday out there who grasp the importance of this notion, consequently, those that do are also those who hold power. This is perhaps a lesson i should have learned earlier on my own life, yet I hope younger men heed this advice.

  11. 43 Myself and Wise
    WALK AWAY Engagingly mysterious guy who has equally important other things going on his life who does not care whether the girl lays, stays or plays.
    MAKE A SCENE Desperate to get laid, needy, nothing more important going on, rudderless.
    The chick will draw an entire universe.

  12. If we took the effort it takes to put up with post modern women and “Went Tesla” with that same amount of energy we would be exploring space with warp drives by now.

  13. “After some vodka, it became painfully aware that she was not particularly intellectually gifted either, as she related one uninteresting anecdote after another in her thick Essex accent. Still, I played along, hoping for an easy win.”
    This tells me everything I need to know about you. Seeking validation and still wanting to fuck a girl even if you’re not into her…at all.
    You’re the problem. You should have never been out with her in the first place, but you’ve built up this player persona in your mind so you have to keep reinforcing it, no matter how meaningless the conquest.
    Grow up and find real purpose in your life.

  14. If you are really truly MGTOW, you won’t even blink an eye or give a second chance to any investment of time energy or thought to any snatch that disrespects you in your presence or is caught cheating in any fashion. Pick up and walk out, throw her out of your space. Save yourself the migraines and drama. be MGTOW if you are going to claim it. You will be happier if you actually live it. All the tears and waterworks and sobbing is for ONE THING, manipulation, and if that works on you, you are not MGTOW, especially if you make exceptions for her. Never tolerate disrespect or dishonesty. I don’t even do that with my kids. I am the rock that never changes in their lives, they have learned that is one thing they can rely on. They may not like me for what I have to say or do, but I am the one sure thing they can count on. NOBODY else in their lives is like that. If your woman doesn’t treat you like that, why do you have her if you cannot trust her and she can’t honor respect and trust you? Why grant her what she will not demonstrate towards you? Why waste your time and money and talents that will not show that kind of return? A dog treated well by you WILL ALWAYS return your devotion. If you are going to give it, then you deserve equal measure back, its not unreasonable to maintain that kind of a position.

  15. The reason the ZFG walk-away attitude is necessary is that women have a seemingly endless supply of cocks in their Iphags. The reason they have a seemingly endless supply of cocks in their Iphags is because men enable it.
    With the Tinder/Bumble/Instawhore birds, which is to say most birds, there is always an AMOG over your shoulder. Its a commodified conveyor belt of cocks and resources. You are AMOG to the guys on your left and the guys on your right are AMOG to you. ZFG is a given. She obviously gives zero fucks too. Why would she? So yay for the ‘push’.
    The principle of least interest doesn’t hold ground so well when everything has been reduced to its lowest form. By all means, be prepared to walk away. That’s always solid advice.
    But maybe the problem isn’t caring too much, but rather, caring too little. As in, reducing yourself to some action-shots and clever quips in order to become grist for the fempowerment sexcapades mill so you can be the next guy to get your vinegar squirts on with some middlebrow harpy on the way to your unicorn.
    Expecting one of those consumer drones to treat you like an actual person, let alone the obvious stud you really are deep down inside, should be dispelled when you decide to reduce yourself to a chit on the roulette of cocks and enter the fray.
    On Tinder/Bumble you are a commodity. Commodities are traded and/or consumed. Act accordingly. And don’t bitch when the bitches treat you like the meat sack with a wallet you have (chosen to) become.
    Why are modern women so spiritually dead inside? so emotionally vacuous, so feral, so self-absorbed, so ego-inflated? Who knows, maybe tomorrows article will tell us why.
    The Tinder/Bumble land is a train station cafeteria where yesterdays pot roast is todays soup but everybody wants grass-fed filet. Meanwhile, you can’t have any pudding until you eat your meat. How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat?

    1. Great comment.

      Is your name referencing the book screwtape sessions or the late houston dj screw?

  16. “No matter how rich, fashionable or good-looking you are, there will always be some other guy out there who will beat you.”
    Roosh brings up this very important point in “Bang”. (Shameless plug – yeah buy his works you pussies, cheaper than a single date) And it is true. I have been in the situation too and if it involves a girl you love and a guy you know and hate, the pain is crippling.

    1. Yeah – don’t love is the answer. She has to earn it – in years.
      Even then maybe say it but don’t mean it entirely until – maybe – decades and several kids go by and she has been solid the whole time.
      I think most of us nonAlphas and nonBadBoys would do well to go for the nerdy girl who is 1-2 SMV points below you, where you naturally have the upper hand Frame, who thinks the world of you (a true YES girl), and on rare occasion can doll it up to an HB8 especially when she has earned it.
      I’m as my moniker shows far too late to practice what you guys have ahead of you. But only in these twilight years after all the RedPill – I do remember a couple of YES girls that I should have took on. I wasn’t hot for them like the sirens – but I would have RedPilled a fine LTR in my hindsight opinion.

  17. In clubs, there is many different situations -once I was friendly chatting with a young hottie, and she seemed interested, and then an other guy came to us and started conversation with her, without any excuses. That was too much. Before she answered, I said with serious tone to that guy: ” Do you see – we are talking, why you come here?Don’t bother us!” He got nothing to answer, and vanished away. I took her to my place later, and banged.

  18. Not a blogger or commentor by nature but this article helped, as 1 in 10 ROK articles do — no dig, ya dig.
    Story: Wiggled my way in with a chick I knew from middle school, 15 years since then but we have mutual friends, she had a divorce on her end from a cheating on her part. We hooked up, I had the pleasure of sex and nutting in her cause of her IUD, which got me hooked on her, it had been a while for me… excuse the run-ons, but pun intended
    Then she ghosted me. Reached out one more time around Halloween and no response, deleted her number just now as to not tempt myself in to giving her attention or fulfillment, and disgrace myself.
    Don’t know what will happen, I think we all know what will…
    Thanks for the good read fellas — peace

  19. Perhaps one of the most important advice a man must remember in the dating trenches, “always be ready to walk out”. Great article and important reminder.

  20. This is one of those occasions where I learn more from reading the comments than the article itself.

  21. Holy Smokes! I can’t imagine anyone going deeper. And it’s all so simple: “Well, I want you, but I can’t have you. So, I hope you have a great life. Good-bye and good luck.” Perfect.

  22. For the life of me, I can not understand why the **** any man would entertain the thought of a relationship. If she want’s the bigger alpha; she can have at it – Plenty more whores in the sea.
    Make money. Keep making money. Buy bitcoin and altcoins and build some wealth.
    Buy a couple of whores a week and bang 9’s. Play xbox afterward instead of mind-numbing “chat” about her narcissistic shit.

    1. I don’t think so. If she’s having raging orgasms with you a gf or fb will do naughty things all night long and thank you afterwards. You’d spend a fortune and ages negotiating an equivalent service I bet. Why use a hooker when (almost) every woman has a hooker gene waiting to be activated ?

      1. Time. That’s why. I don’t have time to give these stupid narcissists some fake charade. I have money and am solely focussed on making more. A few hundred buck for some hottie with a good bod who will do anything and **** off afterward, means I get a good night’s sleep and the whole bed to myself. Each to their own. Sometimes I pick up a stray, but it’s usually more hassle than it’s worth.

  23. Maybe I didn’t get something right. Both times the author said no to meeting with the Chad, both times women refused and went, one for good, one temporarily, both times he walked away alone. Generally not begging and saying I would leave is good advice although.

  24. I dealt with this shit decades ago with fucking AMOG dickheads in clubs. Most of the time I just said f it and walked. I really was not up to getting into fights with giants taller and bigger than me and a bloody beating and fight was not worth the squeeze for a piece of ass. Now I just laugh and walk away when a slut shows lack of interest. It works well and I avoid bloody fights and confrontations with AMOGs and I score just as well.

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