Take Me Out On The Lake!

Last week we were treated to the the latest viral video of women behaving badly. The self-shot episode depicted a wife breaking down and throwing a nuclear tantrum at her husband because he refused to take her on vacation on his one day off. The video is available here. Here are a few highlights:

0:26 — “It’s petty money,” she’s screaming and crying as he tries to talk to her rationally

0:48 —  “I need to get cigarettes!” Guy starts laughing shortly thereafter, which is a pro move

1:20 — Girl starts sobbing and crying, but the fake tears stop immediately with shrill screams

1:44 — She screams and kicks her feet around like a little kid. “I’m having an anxiety attack!” Dude plays it cool. Can you imagine your wife and mother of your children acting in such a manner?

2:25 — Guy calls her out for acting like a child who didn’t get a toy

2:45 — Girl pulls out her attention pacifier to text her friends. Notice no tears. Guy calls her out for getting support form her friends and beta orbiters

3:26 — Girl can’t take her car to do what she wants because of the “interlock thing” (punitive mechanism for DUI convictions)

3:31 — Girl gulps down a big mouthful of soda

To summarize, we have a irrational woman screaming because she doesn’t get her way. She’s a smoker, and a drunk, and her poor eating habits are reflected in a considerable amount of weight gain after only fourteen months of marriage:



As if she wasn’t fully embodying the stereotype of the entitled American woman, the only way this monstrosity can pacify herself is with her smartphone. The husband maintains his frame surprisingly well, treating her like the bratty little girl she’s emulating.

We might assume that men and women alike can come together and condemn this behavior as unacceptable for any adult in a supposedly equal and mature partnership. Nope. Youtube took down the video because it was flagged as “content designed to harass, bully, or threaten”. The woman goes on to rationalize her behavior in the same manner:

“Speaking to RightThisMinute.com, Whitney, who works as a nurse, said her husband had promised to take her to the lake with some friends, but he changed his mind after they got into an argument. She said her breakdown was caused by him egging her on and that she felt like she was being bullied.

I can remember a time when bullying referred to a stronger party abusing its power to harass, coerce, or physically attack a weaker party without reasonable justification. Nowadays, “bullying” refers to anything that calls out a person’s bad behavior, disgusting lifestyle, or inane world view. When applied to adults, the term is used almost exclusively when a woman is on the receiving end of the tough love.

People suggest that her husband breaking a promise and laughing at her dumb antics falls under this catch-all description. Gawker commenters suggest that he is an abusive husband, despite zero evidence of this and a mountain of evidence that this woman is a shrill, irrational, immature, unstable person.

Facebook has recently initiated a similar policy to Youtube on “gender-based hate speech,” which has been used to censor posts that are deemed “offensive.” Of course these are private companies that are not required to promote free speech and open discourse, but this is a ominous omen for the future of our society.

The solution is that men must continue the charge to expose this hypocrisy. Is your wife or girlfriend misbeahving? Document it and shame her. At best you’ll initiate a long-overdue divorce or save yourself from domestic violence litigation, and at worst you’ll have a funny story to share with your friends and millions of strangers on the internet.

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88 thoughts on “Take Me Out On The Lake!”

  1. He’s the stupid one. When you marry crazy, and the first picture shows the typical American female narcissism prevalent in this day and age, you deserve everything you get. I’d be planning my escape if I was him.

    1. Exactly. Women like this don’t just develop overnight. I’m sure there were red flags galore while they were dating, but he ignored them. Usually it’s because the girl is very hot, although she doesn’t look so special.

      1. I find this claim disturbing. She is the one with the immaturity streak running straight through her, and he’s stupid for failing to recognize it before marriage? I would agree that he should have recognized it and taken action, but that in no way makes him in the wrong here for shaming this behavior. Most people who are immature are skilled and hiding this fact from the world, lest they suffer consequences they don’t like. If half of the world were psychopaths, would we blame the rest of us for somehow creating that behavior rather than support the exposure of it?

        1. Sorry but yes, he is stupid. The same way a woman is stupid for marrying a guy who beats her. Does that absolve the primary wrongdoer of fault? Definitely not.
          We all have personal responsibility for our lives and actions, and that includes avoiding people and situations that we know are likely to hurt us.

        2. So, if the man is deceived into thinking the woman is mature, that’s still his fault? I’m not trying to remove responsibility for his choice of partner. However, the example we’re given is an example of her chosen behavior, and somehow all blame still needs to fall on the man. Sounds like an absurd double-standard to me. She is responsible for her behavior. I could even make the case that she is at least as responsible for him for marrying in the mental-infant condition she is in.

        3. Where are you getting that “all blame has to fall on the man” from what I posted? I wrote that his stupidity doesn’t absolve her, as the primary wrongdoer, from fault. And it doesn’t.
          If he was truly deceived into thinking this woman was mature before he married her, then he bears no responsibility for doing so. But I think that is extremely unlikely, which was the point of my original post.

        4. From your first two comments.
          The original comment was: “When you marry crazy …you deserve everything you get.
          Your Reply: “Exactly. Women like this don’t just develop overnight. I’m sure there were red flags galore while they were dating, but he ignored them.
          I see no mention of shared blame, only that he apparently deserves this behavior from her, and your explicit wholehearted agreement with that statement. He apparently deserves all this because he failed to marry someone who is perfectly sane. This is a disturbing line of thought, because it excuses crazy behavior in females and tells men that their only option is being magical mind-readers capable of determining true crazy from normal.
          Well, as any doctor of the mind would tell you, crazy level is many times only detectable after significant and thorough vetting, far beyond the length of courtship that any woman would put up with.

        5. Ah, okay. Well “exactly” was supposed to apply to the assertion that the guy was stupid, or at least had acted stupidly. Not that he deserves everything he gets, which is overly harsh imo.
          But I disagree that lengthy vetting is needed to figure out whether a girl is a tantrum throwing nutjob. Most people are on their best behavior for about three months in a relationship… then the “real” person starts to emerge. Hard to believe there were no signs this girl was a total pain in the rear… I mean, look at her. The unfeminine “look at me gurrrl power” pose and the sparkly BRIDE tank top? I got scared for him just looking at the photo.

        6. How? I agreed the guy was stupid. He is stupid. I don’t agree stupid people deserve everything they get. I made that clear when I said his stupidity doesn’t absolve her of responsibility. I disagree you need significant vetting to detect a nutjob of this magnitude.
          But if you want to believe I’m backpedaling, go for it. I think some of you are taking this a little too literally. This chick is a full-on lunatic who needs a good smackdown; I’m not defending her. I just think this guy probably could have seen it coming and avoided her early on. Notice he doesn’t seem too surprised by her freakout.

        7. Lets go back to your original comment to my comment.

          Sorry but yes, he is stupid. The same way a woman is stupid for marrying a guy who beats her.

          This is a conflation of states. You’re insinuating that he is stupid for marrying someone who is now behaving like an infant when things don’t go her way. During dating, courtship, and early marriage, things are generally blissfull. It’s only a few years into a marriage when things get tougher. There’s no easy way to vett a woman for the character to handle these sorts of situations, only time tells. You’re equating the situation wherein a woman was not vetted for her character to handle adversity with a woman marrying a man who already beats her. In one case the man had no easy way of knowing how immature his wife could be. In the other case, the woman had clear evidence as to the poor choice of husband she was getting herself into. The two are not the same. Yet you want to call the man stupid and equate his stupidity with that of the abused woman. The man made a poor choice, but there’s no way to know what warning signs were available to him that this behavior might be a problem, and in fact it’s far far more likely that it was impossible to tell she was like this prior to marriage.
          You continue to assert that women should not be thoroughly vetted. I believe you are doing this simply because you and I would guess most women don’t want to be the subject of a thorough background check a man could give before putting a ring on your finger. I don’t fault you for being averse to this, but your position has no rational ground on which to stand on. In previous centuries, marriages were arranged, and no children had full choice of their spouse. Eventually men were given some agency with respect to the person they married. This left the women to plead with their fathers for approval of men who came knocking. Eventually this too, was reversed, and women were given full agency in marriage. Now, I’m certain you would never tell a woman to leave anything to chance when looking for and vetting a husband. I can’t imagine anyone in the developed world, man or woman, telling another woman to ignore warning signs, or to ask for engagement early, or to just go marry someone they have no experience with in Vegas because it’s fast. People don’t do this to their friends because they presume there are simply too many risks for abuse of the woman. No one considers the potential to abuse the man through the same contract, yet whenever men assert the right to a thorough vetting of a woman, they are scoffed at. This is a fantastically obvious double-standard, one which I am afraid you’ve probably swallowed.

    2. Sex fogs the mind.
      That’s why premarital sex is an idiotic thing to do if you are in a relationship.

      1. Really? You’re getting too much. What if she turns out to have the sex appeal of a plank in the sack? Try before you buy is a much smarter approach.

        1. The inherent problem with this mindset is that the primary goal of marriage is to have sex. If you’re only goal in marriage is to have wildly passionate sex with your partner, than by all means, try before you buy. But if you are looking for a more stable relationship, one that looks to the wife as the primary child bearer, and the husband as the provider, then a “trying before you buy” may not be the smartest approach because you want to evaluate her qualities of self-control, level-headedness, loyalty, and economic stability without the desire to fulfill sexual needs. I think that’s what taterearl was getting at

        2. Or date her for at least five years before marriage. I never understood how people could date for a six months and get married.

        3. Neither could I. Infatuation doesn’t even wear off until at least a year of being with someone

        4. Absolutely this ^ .
          And even after a full year. My last long term girlfriend of 2 years our relationship started breaking apart not because of the infatuation heading away, but literally because at some point 1.5 years down the line her friends would *text* me to tell me to treat her better.
          And being the gullible woman that she is, my ex ignored the fact that she had admitted numerous times over the course of the relationship that her friends were jealous of “what we had.” I promptly dropped her after mentioning that.

        5. You are biting off more than you can chew.
          Sex fogs your mind…and turns her crazy. It’s hard to see straight from both sides.

        6. You are biting of more than you can chew? Huh.. what you on about?
          No sex does not make them crazy. Without a good roggering they go crazy. Sperm contains endorphins and the like haha the anti-crazy drug.

      2. I’d argue that when women are truly interested in a man for long-term prospects, they’re on their best behaviour, and that once they’ve got the ring on their finger, the truth is revealed. It’s why so many women fatten up and become slobs after marriage, because marriage itself is the corrupting influence. It’s security for them: women have to no longer ‘appear nice’ because they’ve landed their man, and if he leaves, well, they have his money.
        If, for whatever stupid reason, a man marries, watch how she behaves whilst planning the wedding. The narcissim, selfishness, low resilence to not getting their way and irrationality is what you’re really getting.

      3. Interesting comment, can you go into a little more detail what you mean?

        1. Yes it is better.
          Crazy will come out eventually if she has it…it’s harder to leave if her pussy has power over you.

  2. Gawker and its related sites are shit. Jalopnik is infected with white-knight pieces on a daily basis.

    1. The Onion and AV Club is just as bad. Basically, anywhere Middle Class University Educated Office Drones congregate to look busy whilst at work.
      You can’t explain to their readers how shit they are, but they’re incapable of anything but trite, self-interested thought.

  3. “The solution is that men must continue the charge to expose this
    hypocrisy. Is your wife or girlfriend misbeahving? Document it and shame
    Yep. Took the words right out of my mouth.
    That guy did everything right (except get married, of course).

  4. sorry, but when an alcoholic wants to do something besides drink you should encourage them, not make fun of them. They’re getting a divorce – and thanks to his posting the video he’s probably cock blocked himself
    for LIFE.

    1. So… when an addict displays inappropriate behavior, you’re supposed to indulge them regardless of the cost of doing so because Booze? I need to take on drinking full time then. “What do you mean you don’t want anal? Oh my God, I have to drink now!”
      Damn, should have thought of that, and all this time I’ve wasted, not being an alcoholic so that people have to orbit around me and indulge my every whim.
      And you’re dead wrong about the impact of the video. He just displayed a solid alpha move, one of the best DHV’s while maintaining frame under pressure I’ve seen… and the video is gone viral, so… yeah. The opposite of what you said.

      1. you misunderstand. i have taken my share of inappropriate behavior videos – i dont show them to the world though. and you guys may all be sucking his dick now but i doubt anyone else will, if only out of fear of being filmed at it and criticized

        1. They SHOULD be showed to the world… women wonder why they end up single?? B/c of stuff like this! What person in their right mind would put up with this kind of crap. The problem is in divorce court if they had kids (I don’t know if they do or don’t) HE would still have to pay alimony and/or child support! The only way we can get this behavior to stop is to just avoid getting married to these psychos!

        2. Look at it as a filter. Women who are well-behaved will show up, because they have nothing to hide. Those who know they’re in the wrong won’t, because they know that their faults will be on display to the world.

        3. That’s also one of the best insurance policies out there. The internet is forever. She could very easily claim he was abusive in that situation if she wanted a nuclear option to get a court involved, and a court would believe her because she has a lukewarm hole between her legs, and there’s the video of him being calm and relatively non-confrontational.

  5. Facebook is not a private company…they had their IPO some time ago. Since they went public, they became totalitarian with their censorships.

    1. It’s the private property of the individual shareholders. “Private” in this context means that it’s not a government agency, and therefore it has full freedom of speech, right of association (or to not associate), etc., etc.
      But the Jews have fully taken over and they maintain censorship across the media, academia, corporations, and basically everywhere else. “Freedom of speech” now just means, “freedom to speak behind closed doors with curtains drawn to close friends only”….at least for those people who want to keep their corporate jobs. You’re free to call a woman fat or say George Zimmerman shot in self-defense, but you’ll be fired with prejudice ten seconds later.

      1. Better not to wear a hoodie near you then. Should I wear my David star patch on my clothes instead? Dude, I am a leftist non-Zionist Jew, but I reckon any of those guys at the Israel Defense Forces Special Units would give you something to talk about (those guys are not the kind of Jew you know from your neighborhood, those dudes are huge).

      2. The “individual shareholders” are investment companies fat with OPM (other people’s money) as a result of government-mandated retirement savings.

  6. That’s why we should never forget that sites like youtube, facebook etc. don’t want free speech or exchange of ideas. They just want profit.

  7. I don’t think he did everything right. You don’t laugh off terrible behavior and “maintain frame” with your wife.
    You yell at her “SHUT THE FUCK UP” “WE ARE NOT GOING TO THE FUCKING LAKE” Then drive her home in silence. When you get there drop her off and leave without telling her where you’re going.
    Behavior like this is intolerable and needs to be punished.

    1. I hear and agree. However, such behavior from men is now deemed spousal abuse. Exposing and shaming this kind of behavior is the only option left for husbands.
      And seriously, fuck Youtube for taking that video down for that lame reason.

      1. “such behavior from men is now deemed spousal abuse” -> if that is your point of view, what about a well placed backhand smag with 30% power to remind her what happens when kids test their parents patience a bit too much?
        Or, if you are too degenerate to consider physical options, what about taking her cellphone and throw it out of the car window for disrespecting you is that considered an abuse too?
        If the sole thought of these actions let you tremble in fear; you know you are living in a very sick society, a milkyway away from reality.

    2. That would be the right thing to do if he did not promise her something in the first place.

      1. I got promised a pony when I was younger…. Calling up ol’ Pops now to kick and scream over the phone

  8. As obvious as it is that this woman is pretty damn toxic and he needs to find his escape route asap, I wonder what things would look like if they were -both- being secretly recorded instead of just her. It’s easy to maintain a calm demeanor when you’ve this “I got your ass on camera” thinking the whole time. There is a bit of disingenuity in the premise of this video.

    1. I agree.
      I would also like to add that the amount of judgement we are making on both of their characters isn’t congruent with the amount or reliability of evidence we have obtained. It is important not to merely take the opposite of the stance we oppose, but to take a more reasonable stance and fairly acknowledge all sides with mildness, reasonableness, and respect. To make dogmatic sweeping judgments on either of them is simply not the most fair thing to do.
      I do agree with the direction we are taking, and the dogma behind it, but just keep in mind that this is merely one specific instance. Do not make unfairly broad judgments from it. Being a paragon of reason will foster more unity rather than dissent.

      1. You are correct that he has an advantage, but look how she INSTANTLY becomes composed (as opposed to shaking, kicking and screaming) when she grabs her phone. The referenced article also interviews the gentlemen, he claims he never promised her to go to the lake and already had plans to do chores, including taking care of his and her vehicles. He also claims she’s broken the door jambs and damaged their home.
        He could be leading us on, but it is at least as plausible that she’s acting out like this before, complained to her friends and he wants to show his side of it.

  9. What kind of monstrosities are we producing in the West? She’s supposed to be a nurse, involved in the care of others and acting like an adult? Why can’t men keep their women in check, otherwise it affects other men as well. I have to deal with this kind of shitty behaviour from nurses as the doctor, as well as female doctors (70% plus of the NHS in the UK). Its hell. Fuck the majority of women (there are some good ones), the useless pieces of shit that most of them have become.

    1. Here in Australia, there’s a Nursing Crisis. Women used to learn on the job, but now they’re required to go through a few years of University first before they even have to deal with patients, with the result that women exit their training and realise they actually have to look after people rather than gossip with other nurses and flirt with eligible doctors. It’s too hard, and they bail.
      There simply aren’t enough women who want to do this work that hospitals are understaffed and pay big dollars to bring in nurses, as the standard of nursing has fallen so drastically. If you’re competent and reliable you can be paid huge amounts of money.
      Women don’t seem to realise they’re PAID to work. I’ve watched nurses hide patients buzzers because ‘they want things’, which leads to me seeing things like an old man calling out for 15 minutes for a nurse, then saying “It doesn’t matter anymore, I’ve shat the bed”.
      The younger ones don’t want to touch or talk to patients at all. Which is why, with no medical training, I’ve had to explain that when a patient’s foot is swollen twice its size a deep purple that it needs to be checked and treated, not just shrugged off; or that if someone has taken 20 paracetamol tablets with 24 hours, their stomach lining is now dissolving and their liver will start undergoing irreversible necrosis, due to its inability to process the drug, which means the person needs their stomach pumped *right now*, not handwaved away because she was discussing a television show with another nurse.
      I have learnt by now to not even bring up the problems of patients in their care UNTIL a male doctor is in earshot, who guarantee shit *gets instantly done*. Women are largely incompetent. They simply don’t care about other people beyond themselves.
      A doctor friend was describing a female nurse’s reaction the other day, when discussing an elderly patient dying of emphysema: “I put him outside because I don’t want to talk to him. He’s creepy like that. I don’t know why he doesn’t just eat something and get some fresh air”.
      The doctor (politely) suggested she start reading up on Emphysema to better understand the disease if her inability to emphasise was putting the patient’s quality of care at risk. She immediately ran off to her (female) manager to report him for being a ‘Workplace Bully’, and now every women in the place is avoiding him because the poor dear is bursting into tears every time he comes into the room.
      Give it another generation: there will be more male nurses than female.

      1. I was actually thinking about this the other day while talking to a date who happened to be a nurse. Being a nurse is all about being caring and taking care of people’s needs. I can’t imagine many of the women I know doing that sort of thing. Thanks for the comment from experience.

    2. That’s an excellent point. The quality of many nurses I have met has been abysmally low.

    1. Ah it’s this video. I wondered when it would show up on ROK.
      They did a male version of this too.

      Note the far worse dress style of this man compared to the woman in the vid above. No surprise you don’t get any ass running around like a beta schlep.

      1. Actually @inspector , I found that the women in that video were *surprisingly* receptive of his approaches, despite his horrid appearance. In fact some of them it was quite obvious if he had just started talking to the girl about something else he could have even been fucking them that same night.
        I was more shocked they were even interested in talking to him looking like a 45 year old married sap with 2 kids.

  10. A joke. The only bullying taking place was upon the man, who tolerated this overgrown spoilt child as well as he did.

  11. He should take her out on the lake…Godfather 2 style. Kidding, of course – I don’t condone violence of that sort. But clearly this bitch has never been told NO and certainly never had any sense knocked into her.

  12. These people are from Knoxville, TN I think. I can tell you first hand this is EXACTLY how 75% of women around here act. Entitled, lazy, beer bellied, and neurotic. The fact that this monster’s Mother is defending her behavior tells us all we need to know. Shame does not exist anymore.

    1. come to nashville, where they may also be entitled, lazy and neurotic, but at least they don’t have beer-bellies.

      1. lol im going to have to disagree with that. the liberal colony at vanderbilt is spreading

        1. Vandy girls are terrible ok, but, at least they are remotely intelligent compared with your average Nashville townies.

        2. Good comment. Vandy girls are super easy if you are a total asshole to them. They just cant fathom the word “no”
          Unfortunately in any major city area now the disease of liberalism is spreading like a malicious cancer.

  13. Someone should have downloaded the video from youtube and posted it on ROK as a database video. Would have been epic. No one can touch ROK.

  14. These types of childish tantrums prove that women are less mature than men despite society wanting you to believe that the opposite is true

  15. Take her on the lake, push her out of the boat, leave her there!
    This man is a angel, DIVORCE that cow!!

    1. Wow, that was pretty hilarious.
      So if I give this lady $750, she will give my business a “Bias Screening,” basically glance at my business or website and tell me how I can approve the HR people that don’t exist because my work involves none of that.
      [sarcasm]Let get my wallet…[/sarcasm]

  16. I love how she instinctively brings out her smartphone (which apparently never left her hand) during her act so that she can seek affirmation.

  17. I think this guy is a recent convert to the manosphere who has put it’s teachings to good use. From what it sounds like, he was a lick spittle beta going into his marriage. Now through the illuminating teachings of Roosh and Roissy, he has adapted game to his marriage to get an upper hand. Just take a look at a wedding photo published in a NY Daily News piece and contrast it with the photo from Jessica Valenti’s Guardian article, “My Big fat Feminist wedding.” The beta body positioning is eerily similar.

  18. This girl is probably BPD (borderline personality disorder). The personality disorder most psychotherapists hate dealing with. A therapist I showed the video to said one BPD client had a similar meltdown.

    1. They’re hard to treat because most therapists can only handle one at a time – max. They finally mellow out in their mid 50s. Guys that are skeptical of this video have never had their windshield kicked out during a girl’s hissy fit.

  19. Amy makes some good points. An ounce of prevention applies here. A woman’s patterns aren’t actually that hard to figure out if we pay attention. Men have intuition too; we just need to use it. Too many men spend too much dating time trying to impress the woman rather than getting a read. If you do the latter, some will walk away because they’ll sense that something is different. And this is a great self selection mechanism. As with hiring employees, the most important thing is not management style; rather choice. That said, there isn’t enough evidence so say that the guy is stupid. In spite of best efforts, people do run cons. However, in her case, I don’t sense super genius.

  20. The “interlock thing” is not a punitive measure. It is not there to punish the offender, but to protect the general public from being run down by a serial drink-driver.

    1. Oh, and to those of you claiming he married a woman he thought was mature and intelligent…wrong. She had abused him, while drunk, several times throughout their relationship (before this happened). Totally his fault for marrying crazy.

  21. Actually, selective “deprivation and withholding” are classic abuse tactics and his abuse of her is terrifying. You’re actually witnessing domestic assault and psychological torture. The woman isn’t mad that she isn’t going to the lake or “not getting what she wants” but probably because he has been leading her on with telling her he was going to take her on vacation for months, probably along with a thousand other things to get her hopes up and smash them for his own sadistic and psychopathic amusement and to control her, for the purpose of destroying her both psychologically and emotionally. “Always be filming?” that’s not what happened here, rather: he set her up and watched the unraveling of probably years of emotional and psychological torture unfold. You can actually hear the pain in her voice, and NO a psychologically abused woman’s reaction to being emotionally tortured is nothing like an infant’s temper tantrum, even if it seems that way on the outside. Do you really want to make fun of another person’s anguish and pain at being abused through coercive and manipulative tactics? What he is doing to her is called gaslighting and it is a very dangerous form of emotional and psychological abuse. Your article mentions personality disorders but doesn’t mention the husband’s sociopathic behavior. He is a psychopath, and what he’s doing is called gaslighting. Why would you want to publicly humiliate someone you love? He is attempting to destroy her, in a abusive tactic called “discard and devalue”.
    Deprivation and Withholding:
    Abuse disguised as a joke:
    Discard and Devalue:
    And Public Humiliation as an abuse tactic:

    1. That is just absurd. If anyone is an abusive psychopath in this situation, it’s her.
      Anybody who tries to defend this woman is a gender bigot who is going to side with any woman regardless of her behavior. Not only does this woman represent everything wrong with present day marriage, people who make excuses for her do as well.

      1. In cases of abuse it is often the abuser that is cool, calm, collected… the tormentor does not act, feel, nor appear tormented. Also, he did this intentionally to “back her into a corner” if they weren’t in the car I’m certain she would have left. What people have left out is the fact that she’s not DOING anything abusive. She’s clearly upset and emotional does not equal abusive.
        It’s not a “gender bias” it’s Narcissistic Abuse. I would believe the same thing if I saw a wife abuse her husband with false promises and cool and calm demeanor followed by a bitter and spiteful smear-campaign created to make him/her seem like the victim.

  22. She wouldn’t know an anxiety attack if one fell atop her head. I know what anxiety attacks feel like, and they are nothing compared to what she claims at 1:53! You pulse races, you breathe heavy and fast, your stomach drops…no picnic.

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