3 Ways The Collapsing Family Unit Is Bankrupting Society

In line with the you-go-girl attitude of most of today’s media, a message that is drummed into our heads year after year is that women entering the workplace is good for the economy. We are told that the world’s most successful economies all have the highest rates of female participation in the workplace…conveniently ignoring the possibility that the world’s richest countries simply have the most money to throw away on equality schemes.

While this is part of a larger issue, one economists could endlessly debate, let’s fire off a salvo with three obvious areas where women’s escape from the kitchen has cost us dearly.

1. Decreasing Household Size


The size of the average American household has shrunk from 3.33 in 1960 to 2.54 today. Doing the math, there are more than 26 million extra houses today than there otherwise would be. Urban sprawl and the skyrocketing cost of living are huge issues, but what no one in today’s political scene wants to mention is that one of the main drivers is the disintegrating family unit.

From what information I can find, the average cost of simply running a house is in the vicinity of $1,500 a month – and that’s before you eat, drive or wear clothes.

So that’s nearly $500 billion extra Americans pay each year because of how much our families have shrunk. Rather than having two adults and three or four children living in a home, you might have a single divorced parent and one or two children rattling around inside a vast McMansion.

If you’re a millennial out there wondering why houses cost so much, blame the millions of baby boomers who were evicted from their homes by their frustrated spouses and promptly squeezed you out of the market.


What has caused this shift? It would seem to be an unholy alliance that is depressingly common in the modern west, that between big corporations trying to maximize their profits, and left-wing ideologues unwilling to admit their grand social experiment is failing.

Corporations, of course, want people to consume as much as possible. The more useless junk they can peddle to the average person, the more comfortable their profit margins. it’s extremely good business when a family splits and nearly all of its major assets have to be duplicated. Suddenly you can sell twice as many cars, fridges, washing machines, microwaves and other products.

Sharing in general seems anathema in the modern west. We see it as some 19th century Bolshevik crap. In what I think is one of the most egregious examples, why on Earth do 70% of all households own a lawnmower? Its something you get out and use for maybe half an hour once a month. If we were just the slightest bit more organized and willing to cooperate, we could easily share lawnmowers between every twenty or even fifty households.

Left-wing politicians however, are equally culpable. They are the ones who have demonized the family and local community alike, who have encouraged people to abandon personal responsibility in favor of state-sponsored babysitting. Everyone is speshell. You deserve your own lawn mower, your own house! God forbid anyone start prodding precious little snowflakes out of their comfort zones.

2. Soaring Childcare Costs


In the aftermath of WW2, 12% of mothers with pre-school aged children were in the workforce. Today that figure is over 65%. On what I’m sure is a completely unrelated note, in 1987 there were 260,000 childcare facilities in America, today there are nearly 800,000.

Every week, more than 11 million children in America and shipped off to daycare, an industry that now brings in revenues of tens of billions of dollars annually. This industry has created more than two million completely unnecessary (and moderately shitty) jobs.

In an expensive state like New York, full-time care for an infant in a daycare center can cost you over $15,000. For working married couples this is often more than 15% of their income, and for single mothers more than 65%.

We have raised a generation of mothers who, rather than staying at home and providing their children with the loving care no one else could equal, have instead decided to go work in a meaningless, 40-hour-a-week desk job. They then have to spend a significant chunk of that income to pay a complete stranger to babysit their kids for them.

Again, this shift has been driven by the usual culprits. Childcare jobs may not pay particularly well, but in today’s economy anything will go, and criticizing single mothers for irresponsible behavior is, of course, intolerable to the left. Abandoned your husband, squirreled away the kids, then found yourself unable to afford the cost of raising them? Better shower them with a bit more welfare, paid for by working couples whose marriages didn’t implode.

A further element to this, though even harder to quantify, are the added medical costs of birthing a generation of children to much older mothers. In 1970 the average new mother was aged 21, today they are at least 26.

Old mother

Delaying childbirth beyond your early twenties leads to increased risk your offspring will suffer from a long list of diseases, including diabetes, dementia, blindness, heart disease, sclerosis and other genetic conditions. A few of the more severe examples, like Down Syndrome, can be intercepted by the growing abortion industry, but most will surely fly under the radar in the womb and be revealed later in life.

While there are surely other causes, if you’ve ever wondered why we seem to be raising a generation of autistic, asthmatic, allergy-suffering little monsters, older mothers is a big, big cause.

3. Increasing Costs Of Retirement


For a generation that struggles to think beyond the purchase of their next iPhone, retirement is an unimaginably distant prospect for a millennial. Unfortunately, decisions you make when you are young, certainly no later than your twenties, can greatly affect you in your old age.

In an era when stable marriages were the norm, couples would grow old prepared to care for their spouse when they grew too feeble to do it themselves. Failing that, younger relatives, particularly their children, could do the same.

Of course, this doesn’t cover all costs related to retirement. Eventually, both members of a couple will grow too old or else one will already have died, requiring outside help. It is also not always practical for an elder relative to be taken in by their descendants. However, this situation was usually delayed for many years.

In the 21st century this is no longer the case. Much like childcare, nursing an elderly person is no longer the domain of family, but has been outsourced to strangers, ones who will hardly work for free. This makes aged care a booming industry – not just because there are more old people, but there are more alone old people.

Dying alone

In the US today, roughly 1.4 million people live in nursing homes at any given time. The cost annually per person is around $80,000, putting the overall cost at well over $100 billion a year. It is hard to put an exact number on it, but perhaps half of this cost would be unnecessary if the bonds of family had not been so utterly frayed over the last fifty years.

Most tragically of all, this is a problem that is only going to escalate as time goes on. Already at 50%, the divorce rate can’t soar all that much higher, nor the portion of working mothers, but today’s elderly grew up in a word where long-term marriages were the norm.

What happens when today’s youth reach that stage? What happens when you have tens of millions of individuals, utterly disconnected from their families or their community, queuing up for wildly expensive nursing homes?

And will tomorrow’s taxpayers, increasingly the children of recent immigrants to whom the white man is apparently an oppressor, be willing to fund their lavish retirement?

Of all the demographic time bombs set to go off in the coming decades, this one perhaps scares me the most. We have forgotten one of the oldest lessons of the traditional family – that no ones remains young and healthy forever. Generation Y almost seems to have bet on medical science curing the aging process before they get old, but what guarantee is there of that?

Ignoring that possibility, eventually you will grow old and feeble. Eventually you will have difficulty wiping your own ass, and will require someone to wipe it for you. Once you’ve cut ties with family, the only group who might have done this work for free, what choice is there but to hire others? And if you can’t afford it out of pocket, who else will the financial burden fall upon?

In summary

Overall, the collapse of the family unit probably costs America the better part of a trillion dollars every year. Don’t expect anyone to own up to it however. Hell will freeze over before modern society begins holding women accountable for irrational, irresponsible spending.

Still, karma is a bitch. Someday, that blue-haired, nose-ringed feminist you knew in school will be an old lady sitting in a nursing home, with no husband to care for her and no children to visit her. After a lifetime of criticizing them, her fate will finally and irrevocably be in the hands of society’s hardworking taxpayers.

Frankly, I don’t think she deserves a cent.

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199 thoughts on “3 Ways The Collapsing Family Unit Is Bankrupting Society”

  1. I guess the author doesn’t live around HOA nazis who would fine the heck out of you if you only mowed your lawn once a month.
    Given that most new construction includes HOAs, its mandatory that you buy one or pay for a lawn service.

    1. No way in hell would I ever pay some stranger (HOA) $50 a month so they can put some outdoor lighting on an entrance sign and have the ability to enforce all kinds of rules on me. The local zoning office and “histerical” (Historical) preservation department are bad enough.
      This article brings up some serious points that will be HUGE issues in a few decades. The problem is the corporatist system loves having 1 person to a house–it gets to finance $200,000 mortgages for everyone instead of letting 3 or 4 live together in a $60,000 house they paid cash for. The system loves having everyone indebted up to their eyeballs, because then they are forced to work to pay their debts and have NO choice but to keep feeding the machine and paying their taxes.
      With both parents forced to work after they have accrued so much debt, they have no other choice than to resort to child care–in my experience this is done by dumbass 19 year old girls, I have dated a couple of them and cannot imagine turning over your child to one every day.
      And the health death care industry loves the idea of nursing homes, it knows that we are not going to let people just die on the street, so somehow those $80,000 a year nursing home expenses will be financed or paid for by a big government health care program. Everything is planned, and it will get worse.
      The only issue I disagree with is delaying childbirth. I am in my 30s and would make SO much better a father than I would at 21. Mentally, financially, emotionally, etc. The risk of these defects is overrated. Yes, a 30 year old mother has a higher risk of birth defects, but it is even statistically significant? Also if I ever get married, I’d want to enjoy spending time alone with my wife for at least a year or two until brining a third party into the house for the next 20+ years… I understand that by postponing marriage, more women are going to ride the cock carousel because as each year goes by, the chance they are virginal drops, but at the same time teen mothers are the shittiest of them all. It can be worth it to wait for wisdom and maturity.

      1. You’re right except for on delaying childbirth. You’ve been ingrained with a false premise that prevents it from making sense to you. The feminist crowd has pushed the acceptable age difference between men and women to basically zero, and want old women to marry young men.
        You as a man, should wait until you have means to have children. Women should marry young to take advantage of their most fertile years. Aristotle said that the optimal age to get married was 37 for a man and 18 for a women. You may not have to wait that long but you get the picture.

        1. Agreed. Although the 37/18 thing is hard to pull in the west, simply because society shames age differences so much, that it’s quite difficult to meet/interact with them that young. I just spent a week with a girl 23, but 5 years younger at 18, that’s a different beast. I do feel this is the ideal age for both to marry, as Aristotle said.
          In the past, it would be common for single men of all ages to mingle with young teen females (I just read an article today about how women of 14-19 were sent from orphanages in France to America to find husbands, and of course some of the guys were in their 50s.). Parents would willingly introduce you to their teenage daughters, etc. But today it’s hard to meet that many young ones, plus many of them are brainwashed that it’s “creepy” so won’t be open to your advances. In Asian and Latino cultures, that’s not so.

        2. In ancient Greece there was generally compulsory military service to age 30. Then it took you a few years or get yourself organized. For the women, they just needed to learn housework: WTF were they going to do after 18 other than start a family?
          I agree with spicynujac: the society and culture is not set up for that. The model seems to be to meet someone at college, finish your 4-year degree, shack up for a year, get engaged, then tie the knot by 24. Of course, a lot of people don’t meet their future spouse in college so add a few years of looking and you get the American average of about 28 for a first marriage (a bit older for guys, a bit younger for girls).
          These days, 18 year olds are basically kids in terms of socialization and maturity.
          In the book Modern Romance the author talks about “emerging adulthood” which never existed in part times. Back in the day most people didn’t go to college and they would hook up with and marry someone from down the street or around the corner. Now you have 4 years to fuck around and then be paralyzed by the amount of choice you have in terms of partners, even before you consider online dating. So then people fuck around for another 4 years and then finally get married at age 28. Of course, half of people don’t by then.

      2. We should go back to the patriarchial clan system (i.e., Marriage 1.0) and destigmatize old-husband-young-wife arrangements. It’s better than them wasting 4-6 years in college and several more in a useless HR or teaching career.

        1. College is an STD thunder dome for women. They go their as children and told to be powerful women by shagging everyone they feel the need to. End result, HPV plus whatever else you got.

      3. There actually is a significant rise in birth defects and complications after 30 for women. Genetic testing and advanced ultrasound testing is big business these days.
        I hear you on waiting until being financially stable, but that target is always moving.

      4. Who ever said you need to marry with a girl your age when you’re ready to have kids? You marry the younger ones who had less risk of child birth.
        Pay no mind to what these feminists say when you marry a girl much younger than you. They’ll call you a craddle robber and try to shame you. If you’re happy and your honey is happy, who gives a fuck what others think. The only people unhappy are the feminists, and who gives a shit.

        1. I’m pushing 50 and if I want to start a family then I have to date someone half my age. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! ;-p
          Actually, my hard limit is 35. My ex was 34 and decided she wanted to start a business rather than start a family, so bye-bye. My new girlfriend is 26 and wants to get down to business in the next year or so. I really DNGAF about feminists, but her father will go apoplectic: “You fuck round eye older than me! BWAAAA!” Frankly, I would not blame him.

        2. Your ex may never have a family when she’s ready. It’s really unfortunate is that we see all these women celebrities putting off having children and then go for IVF and getting pregnant. What they don’t tell you is that these celebrities have deep pockets and can afford it. What they also don’t tell you is that the success rate of IVF after 40 years of age is maybe 1% or less.
          The whole procedure for women undergoing IVF is excruciating. For most regular guys, it’s simple. Jack off to porn they provide at the clinic and collect it in a cup. Lots of guys had many years of practice and can do it singlehandedly.

        3. It is a shame because she is a sweetheart and would make a good mother and wife otherwise, but she wants to chase money for a few more years before settling down.
          That being said, who knows? My sister got pregnant at 40 the old fashion way somewhat unexpectedly and there were not any complications

        4. While it is possible for a woman to get pregnant after 40 or even 60 years old, statistically, the odds are against her. Don’t be too surprised if she fails to conceive after numerous attempts and thousands of dollars lost.

        5. I don’t see her going in for medical procedures. Again, I set my hard limit at 35, and she will drift across it into oblivion, and that is sad.

  2. HOAs and condos
    I do not live in a condo, and from what I have seen, would never want to live in one. It seems that all of the HOAs I know about are run by idiots and the owners let it happen. One HOA that I know of sent out a notice mandating when holiday decorations HAD to be taken down! Where in the world did a HOA think they have the authority to tell condo ‘owners’ when they HAD to take down their holiday decorations or face fines?
    I do not think stuff like this would have never happened 50 years ago.

    1. Condos weren’t a big thing 50 years ago. When I was working as a lawyer we had all sorts of crazy shit come through our office regarding strata councils – I suppose the equivalent of HOAs. They would dictate the maximum size of bird feeders. Why? Because some fucker had bird feeder envy! They had a bird feeder war of who could build the most bad ass bird feeder and people could not stand the one-upmanship. I recall reading about laws from centuries ago that limited how big your had could be or some such shit. I don’t know who is worse, the people passing the regulations or the posturing fucks who made the regulations appear necessary.

      1. Condos and ‘Common Area Maintenance Fees’
        When condos started becoming popular, late 1980s/1900s, once thing I did not understand is why someone would want to ‘buy’ an apartment and then end up paying a monthly ‘fee’ to maintain it, that I expected after a while would be as much as a mortgage.
        To me, the whole idea of having condos seemed to be a way for multiunit owners to get paid for selling off the building, but then collect fees for maintaining the building with a HOA on top of that. the end effect seems to me that you never truly ‘own’ your condo since other people can tell you what to do or can’t do with it, and can take it away from you if you do not follow their rules.

        1. The fees themselves are not unreasonable in concept. It’s a system of collective ownership that works well enough in a commercial setting (new strata unit sales actually have a lot in common with business IPOs), but would you really want that as your home?
          You don’t own the connecting walls, and you obviously can’t fuck with the load-bearing walls. You can’t tear the place down and upgrade. Your balcony might be considered a common area, but it will certainly be regulated as to what sort of Christmas lights and shit you can put up. Some fuckers ban you from putting the national flag in your window. In Canada, you never know which way the kangaroos will herd with respect to adult/family housing: it might be a human rights violation to want some peace and quiet on a Saturday morning without the kids jumping rope upstairs in combat boots – – or at least it sounds like that.
          The thing about a condo is that you are not buying land, you are buying air. It is another bibbity-bobbity-boo moment in legal history: first they invent corporations so you can create non-physical persons, and now they can transmogrify air into being sold as land.

        2. Even if your house is not part of an HOA, you’re still kind of part of one. The city. The city dictates how you must maintain your property, though not as anal and retarded as an HOA.
          You buy a house, you still pay a “rental” fee forever. They just call it property tax. You don’t really own it.

  3. With all the shit going on (feminism, collapsing family unit, migrant invasions, marxism, socialism, active promotion of all sorts of perversions, scamming banksters, evil elites, corrupt media, shrinking economies), the West is on a collision course and there is but one advice to give:
    Grab hold of something and

        1. Not if Hillary gets elected president. Russia is probably not going to open its borders to thousands if not millions of white Europeans when shit hits the fan.

        2. Are you of latin descent? If not, do you really want to play “pin the tail on the gringo” if the global system goes ka-blooey?

        3. Hahahahahahahaha.
          It is true, no matter how much you may have done for others (even if you were a perfect angel) other human beings will hate you and treat yo with contempt if they perceive they are worse off then you.
          Regardless if it is their own damn fault.
          Don’t tell them they have to work as hard as you, just give them your crap. They deserve it because they exist.
          And all the evil they accuse you of, will be visited on your future corpse by your new “morally superior masters” who it will turn out, were that way from the very beginning.

        4. I read an article about how gringos have bought up a ton of beach front property in Belize- locals forced inland or just priced out.
          If everything goes screwy, the non natives are gonna get marched down to the beach, and be told to “Start swimming, or else.”

        5. Belize is a special case though, they’re so used to being ruled by Gringos that they probably won’t do much. They were a British colony at one time and are fairly content to let Nigel, Joseph and Edward rule the roost. Other central/south American nations though, excepting maybe Argentina, you’re right though.

        6. I do wonder, perhaps they will? If I were Putin, and I had a large influx of, say, educated American white families coming over who were repulsed by American Leftism, I may well set aside some area in the vast unpopulated areas of Russia for them. Kind of like how we welcomed in the highly educated Germans after WW2 to pull some neat tricks for us.

        7. He may need to do just that, as most of the increase in birthrate there is from the Muzzie population. Alas, with the price of oil less the 45/bbl, Russia may soon descend into such penury (oil and natural gas being the 2 products of any value Russia produces) that few Americans would want to live there.

  4. The problem is entitlement spending, not necessarily the dissolution of the family unit. You go to a California emergency room and it’s full of Hispanic families, so obviously the family unit doesn’t stop them from drawing from public resources. It’s human nature to look for a handout, family or not. No more free shit, that’s the solution.

    1. ER problem is easily solved with a clinic building attached onto the main hospital building. Not an emergency? You get directed to the clinic. Hospital admins and Government don’t have the smarts to implement and enforce it.

      1. The thing is, a lot of these seniors worked their asses off to take care of their families and paid their dues and now want to retire on what the US government promised them. You can’t really blame them for wanting to reap the benefits of all that wealth redistribution that the government forced on us all to begin with. The blame here lies with the government, not with seniors.
        If we are going to call out moochers, let’s start with the young folk who don’t work or have never worked and mooch off of us all through Welfare…at least (most) seniors worked, what’s their excuse?
        How would you feel if you spent your entire life having Uncle SCAM reach into your pockets, and then when you’re ready to reach back he tells you that he’s broke?

        1. There are way, way, way more “seniors” who are taking more Social Security than what they paid into Social Security than there are “young folk” on welfare.
          Feelings and how “you feel” are irrelevant.
          It’s time to face reality…not feelings.

        2. I’d like to see some statistics to back up those remarks, otherwise they aren’t facts but feelings of your own on the issue.
          I have no problem facing reality…do you?

        3. Boomers paid what, maybe a thousand bucks a year for university tuition?
          In 1945 the US debt was about a quarter trillion dollars. By the time the first Boomers were in university and the Baby Boom ended in 1966, the debt was a third of a trillion. By the time all the Boomers were voting age and the oldest once were turning 40, the debt was $2 trillion. As the first Boomers hit retirement, the debt was about $15 trillion. Since then it has increased another few trillion. Gen-X was a baby bust so the Boomers will retain the tyranny of the majority for another few years yet.
          And don’t get me started about the tax rates Boomers lived with compared to the following generation.

        4. True, it’s gotten progressively worse year by year.
          My issue is, if we are going to call out the problem let’s start at the source: The government that started this whole downhill shit rolling.
          FDR and his New Deal (SS) and LBJ and his Great Society (Medicare) are especially to blame here.
          Making it seem as if the blame lies at the wrinkled hands of the geezers redistributes the blame away from where it belongs most: the bastards that pushed for these unconstitutional redistribution programs to begin with.

        5. In Canada, it was the generation before the Boomers that elected Trudeau and started the ball rolling downhill.
          I was pointing out the voting age as things progressed to put the finger on what was voting for these idiots.

        6. Well, FDR was in office for 12 years and was the president of the WW2 generation, so the voting generation there (and not the BB) is directly to blame for this whole bs starting, more so when they started spoiling their kids once they came back from active service and didn’t (some to most anyway) reclaim their mantle of leadership from the Wives who were instructing the kids in their absence.
          I don’t mean to be a stickler here, i just like to assign all or most of the blame where it truly belongs.
          The geezers are the patsies here.

        7. Actually, FDR did not want the pay to retire method. It was only for those who could not afford it.
          The problem was that that generation, that fought the war of all wars, and put the USA on the sole super power map of any consequence in the history of the world, didn’t want to hear that.
          So, the side for reason and balance lost. The side that won raised the baby boomers as well, and led to the rigid fifties, which led in turn to the sexual revolution of the sixties.
          As in all things human, the “Greatest Generation” was not Captain America super human after all.
          Just regular ol’Joe Shmuckatelli.

        8. Yup. Brainwashed by parents who were convinced that the post WW2 prosperity, heretofore never seen in the world or since, would continue getting better and better.
          PTSD the likes the WW2 generation encountered fills one generation with impossible false hopes of grandiose existence, to be rebelled against by their overly spoiled offspring.

        9. Yeah but if we are going to use the voting process to assign blame, it should go to the WW2 crowd for voting for FDR.
          After all, the BB’s weren’t the only ones to benefit from SS and MC, even if they got to reap it first.

        10. FDR got the ball rolling and the buck ergo starts with him even if it ends with others. He created the door that others have later used to try and bum rush us all into a centralized unconstitutional society.
          You’re saying that the WW2 generation was principally to blame for this, correct? I don’t disagree, i’m just stating that their BB (geezer) progeny aren’t principally or solely to blame for all this mess.
          Are we in agreement there?
          If you raise a child to be a spoiled brat…who is more directly to blame for their lack of character…the brat or you? (speaking generally of course)

        11. The reason university tuition costs so much is because government subsidizes it in the form of student loans. You think the local college wants you because you’re so smart and capable? No, they want you because they want your government loan money. Again, don’t blame a previous generation because of the cause and effect policies of the federal government.

        12. The world is filling up fast. It’s possible that today’s millennials will be viewed with the same bitter envy by the next generation, who will be crammed into tiny boxes and eating crumbs.

        13. We have plenty of room to sustain life, the entire population of the world could fit into Texas, for instance.
          Don’t fall for that population bomb bs the prog left loves to pass off as fact.

        14. It still stands that the previous generation either voted the government in place or was the primary beneficiary. Academia is largely composed of the one or two generations before the students themselves. Their bloated, unionized salaries have contributed to “the cost of education” . While loans are subsidized the fact remains that each generation of students is saddled with more and more debt from their education, and employers generally demand a 4 year degree in something – anything – before they will look at you for their POS entry level jobs. Sure there is a horrible default rate but most students eventually pay off their debt. You kind of have to: the statute of limitations does not apply and student loans survive bankruptcy (putting you in the same class as violent offenders required to pay compensation to their victims. . .or “deadbeat dads”) for a decade after you graduate.

        15. I have largely conceded that point, but the system is based on setting up the next generation to fund the support of the retiring one. BBs didn’t have enough kids to keep things going. I’d have to look it up but think about how many BBs have defined benefit pensions and then look at Gen-X. The only Millenials that will have it are those that land overpaid, parasitic, government jobs. The markets have shifted from a long term growth rate of 8% to 6% and the generation following that shift will have to make up the pension shortfall.

        16. Yup. the local community college around the corner was tripping over itself giving out student loans when I was there ten years ago. When I started there it was a small low key somewhat outdated college. Then they went hog wild with loans , especially targetting the latino demographic. In just a few years the school got a huge facelift in more ways than one. The school now looks like a fancy Ivy league college with pretty much 95% minorities attending now when when ten years ago it probably served 60% whites. The deans are making all the money and the teachers make less money than ever. The minority students get stuck with lifelong debt if they bought into anything more than pell grants. I hope they get the jobs they went there for. Otherwise it was a great scheme at beautifying the campus.

        17. The rebels of the 60s were largely born during or before the war. War babies are particularly annoying because they were part of such a small cohort they had little competition to secure an education, a job, and a fully detached home, and then they think their success is solely due to their own fortitude while calling Gen-X shiftless after the Boomers have descended on society like a plague of locusts.
          To their credit it was the Boomers, who achieved absolute electoral dominance in the mid-eighties as the last of them reached voting age, who brought about the conservative revolution of the Thatcher/Reagan years. However YMMV as that was also the shift, in Canada, from the Trudeau era to Mulroney having the largest majority government ever and ushering in US then North American and eventually global free trade that has devastated the manufacturing sector.

        18. Too bad that student debt forgiveness is just around the corner. It’s all lined up just right for a white boy bailout. As you say, most student debt is being racked up by non-whites and females, so of course the chivalry will kick in and the white boys will be called upon to pay it off for them. Afterall, the ‘wage gap’ myth will never go away and that will be all the more justification. If most college debt was taken out by white males, the concept of debt forgiveness would be laugh out loud funny. Alas. When Conchita dos Oliveros de los Santos Nascimento takes out 100k to study Chicana Lesbian Menstrual Blood Finger Painting she shouldn’t be called upon to pay for it. White boys pay. Any insane Leftist idea; “White Boys Pay.”

        19. Class of ’73, Univ. Of Maryland, my TOTAL tuition cost for 4 year Bachelors degree…$1200. My son, class of ’16 Az State U. Total tuition $45,000.

        20. “Chicana Lesbian Menstrual Blood Finger Painting”…Haha, Brilliant line! I think I might know you. Yeah I guess white flight now includes higher education. I guess they just go to university or Cal state schools. I have to say community College was easier than high school or middle school. Some of the AMERICAN students couldnt even read very well. And very few had any critical thinking skills or engaged in class dialogue except for texting during lectures. Blew my mind.

        21. If the world lived as densely as they do in Manila, you could fit the entire population of the world in Tunisia. The “too many people” thing always makes me laugh. Most of the land in the world is un or under utilized, or just plain deserted.

        22. Aye, the “Greatest Generation” AND the remnants of what remained of the generation that fought World War I, a generation with most of the honor driven Classical Liberal men culled from it by machine guns and tanks.

        23. Ok. Can we both agree that the government deserves the bulk of the blame though? Government past present and undoubtedly, future?

        24. It just goes to show, if you repeat bs long enough people will believe it.
          Even some of our ROK brethren have come to believe this lie.
          Bs like this is fuel to further promote anti-life eugenicist initiatives like abortion, homosexuality,mandated euthanasia, government controlled agriculture, irrigation and so forth.

        25. Ever wonder why a modern university textbook costs $300 or more?
          Ever wonder why a university professor gets paid an exorbitant salary to run his or her mouth and share his or her ignorant opinion?
          Ever wonder why i put these two sentences in the specific order that i did?
          I think you get where im going with this friend 🙂

        26. Wow, I thought this site was for bitching about women, getting “game” and just being a manly man. But now it’s become a dumping ground for the lamest CATO Institute/AEI brand of politics. Ayn Rand’s wet dream. And as for student loans, they *should* be dischargable in bankruptcy, just like unsecured credit card debt. It wouldn’t be without penalty, since the student bankruptee’s credit rating will be shot for 10 years, but at least he can start fresh.
          PS: Moaning about boomers? That’s tired shit. And they weren’t even the one’s who came up with the New Deal/Great Society in the first place. The WW1/WW2 generations did. Blame them.

        27. Whoever came up with the idea of forbidding student loans from being discharged in bankruptcy should be boiled in oil. And I’d even supply the oil!

        28. “But now it’s become a dumping ground for the lamest CATO Institute/AEI brand of politics. Ayn Rand’s wet dream.”
          In other words, the clear logic of adults, free of any pathological ‘ethnic goodness’?

        29. It would be a great scam to amass $100k in student loans and then go bankrupt at graduation only to land a $100k/year job based on that education.

        30. But who is “the government”? We elect these fuckers, shouldn’t people own it for electing absolute fucking fuckers?

        31. Of course…i’m just asking you to share the blame pie among everyone who deserves to get a shit slice.
          We haven’t even talked about the old fart union pensioners who practically bankrupt a city because they are too greedy to give up even a few dollars off of their luxurious retirement…i’m in complete agreement with your likely sentiments about sexagenarians there.

        32. Obviously you’d need safeguards to deal with abuses like that, but the concept of allowing bankruptcy is still basically sound. Plus the student would ruin his credit rating for a good 10 years; no new house or new car (at least without exorbitant interest rates) so there is a price to be paid.

        33. “Credit” is so blue pill. If you are making money, nobody gives a shit about your “credit”. Even more so if you have assets to offer up as collateral.

        34. I voted Reform (in Canada) once in the 90s but otherwise I vote Conservative. I have not voted recently because I have been living in China. Wynne got a majority in Ontario last time around and in October it is conceivable that the spawn of Trudeau will end up as Prime Minister. If my fellow Canadians are so stupid then why bother leaving a place where I have no vote at all?

        35. People with no money, who are not making any money borrow more of it at an interest rate that digs them a deeper hole.

      2. This picture seems accurate. I constantly see entitled babyboomers crying about how their 24$ a hour unskilled job is unfair, or how their 30 year retirement is too hard.

  5. We are getting sacrificed on the altar of compounding interest….
    There wont be any retirement homes in 10-15 years- no one will be able to afford em.

  6. http://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424052702303949704579457591983371478
    The money quote, ignored by the rest of the jews media:
    “With Ukraine already teetering on default of its debts, money is hard to find. Still, the new government raised an extra $610 million in emergency defense funding by cutting spending on social programs—aid to the disabled and to mothers with dependent children.”
    Read that again, ladies: single mothers are expendable. If your country gets into a real war, your make-work government job and all your welfare benefits will be zeroed immediately without debate. A state in peril needs men who can fight, not women who can vote.

    1. I think this would effect minorities the most if we went to war.SOmething like more than half of Blacks are on welfare and with a single mom rate at 75% Hispanics at 45% and whites at 20% you do the math.

      1. Right idea, wrong numbers. Everyone knows Caucasian TANF numbers are ignored in discussions in order to keep this false narrative of minority domination of welfare funds going.

        1. Eh, the statistics on this have so many entities manipulating this subject I don’t want to get into it.
          Don’t forget, white women tend to marry faster. Also, they tend to not get their babies daddies locked up and in and out of the prison system as often.
          You are right about the percentages, but it is more complicated then you allege.

        2. OK, so out of 45 million Blacks, 15,510,000 are on food stamps. So for every 9 Black people, 3 are on food stamps, a ratio of 3 to 1. Basically, 33.333% of Blacks are on food stamps. But wait, there’s a little detail here that we can’t forget: “In 2010, adult Black non-Hispanic males were incarcerated at the rate of 4,347 inmates per 100,000 blacks. Taking their 45 million total, that means 1,956,150 are also, technically, on food assistance—just in jail. Then throw in all the costs that come from that. So for every 45 Blacks in the country around 2 are in jail, or (rounding down a bit) 1 out of every 23. That skews the ratio even higher, but I don’t know by how much and don’t feel like figuring it out because even when you round down Blacks are far and away the worst. So yeah, around 40% of Blacks are technically getting the government to pay for all or some of their food costs.
          I’m just going to use Whites here and pretend White Hispanics are genetically the same as mestizo Hispanics. So out of 197,816,000 Whites, there are 20,210,000 on food stamps. So out of every 197.82 White people in the country, 20.2 are on food stamps. Reducing that further, for every 39.56 Whites (let’s round up to 40) 4.04 (4) are on food stamps. 40 to 4—that’s 10 to 1. For every 10 Whites 1 is on food stamps. As for the prison population?
          On December 31, 2013, the United States held an estimated 1,574,700 persons in state and federal prisons. Whites are 32% of the total locked up, so a total of 503,904 Whites are incarcerated. Out of 197,816,000, that’s 50 out of every 1978, which is about 1 in 40. Conclusion: A total of 12.5% of Whites rely on the government for some or all of their food costs.
          I won’t even bother with Hispanics because there are so many fucking illegals, and yes, they manage to finagle their way into getting all kinds of food stamps, and we literally have no idea how many Hispanics are in the country, so let’s forget about them.

        3. are you counting all the blacks who are working jobs that anyone else would be fired from but they keep with absolute impunity because HR directors are advising employers to be fearful of discrimination lawsuits? I count that shit too.

        4. I’m not a particularly political person. I don’t believe in the process. Left, right, whatever. Same shit. However, truth is truth and when you see it you know it. The faggotry is real

        5. That figures. I’m the only one in here who posted real statistics with a link to a government website to back up said facts and, all of a sudden, I’m a “dumbass” and the statistics are somehow manipulated by multiple entities. Wow. Facts aren’t fun when they fly in the face of your narrative, are they?

        6. You almost sounded smart for a second. Too bad you read the chart wrong. Those aren’t percentages of the total number of people of said race. They’re percentages of total TANF funds distributed by the government (of which nearly 1/3 is received by whites and the share received by blacks has decreased while the share received by Hispanics has increased). Seeing as how you couldn’t read a simple chart, it’s obvious that you’re not intellectually equipped to argue with anyone about this. Good day to you, sir.

        7. Ha ha. You still don’t get it. Whatever it is. We all know who is getting the bailouts. Could it be that ‘mixed race’ mooches are classified as ‘white’ in order to skew those bullshit numbers? Hmmm…any chance of that?

        1. Please tell me….exactly whose civilization is it? Feminist misandry has ruint our society. Why fight for these nasty women? Simply put……let them encounter Mohammed and his buddies. Yep….fight or die, bitches. It will start out slow…..but as ISIS ramps up operations, there will be white disaffected men who go over to their side. There will be the usual Go Pro beheading videos. What is going to shock women is just how popular they will prove to be.
          This feminised society is dedicated to the destruction of males. Masculinity will have its revenge. Fly blown heaps of corpses are just that.

  7. “Someday, that blue-haired, nose-ringed feminist you knew in school will be an old lady sitting in a nursing home, with no husband to care for her and no children to visit her. After a lifetime of criticizing them, her fate will finally and irrevocably be in the hands of society’s hardworking taxpayers.” Brilliant stuff right there folks.

      1. No, she won’t, imo. Her downtrodden life will only fuel her invigorating rush of anger at the mythical patriarchy and jack up her victimhood indignation tingles. You really think a feminist’s brain could EVER have the circuitry to call itself out? I don’t think it’s possible.

      2. Why do you assume that women will finally develop a notion of responsibility?

  8. “Every week, more than 11 million children in America and shipped off to
    daycare, an industry that now brings in revenues of tens of billions of
    dollars annually. This industry has created more than two million
    completely unnecessary (and moderately shitty) jobs.”
    What, you want those moms to actually cook and take care of their own kids, and avoid paying tax on that labor? Why, that’s tax evasion! They should all be put in prison!

    1. A lot of day care is government subsidized so it’s not like it’s a cash cow for the gub-mint. In any event, child care expenses are tax deductible.

  9. Insightful article and well stated all throughout. I have an issue however, with this part:
    “A few of the more severe examples, like Down Syndrome, can be intercepted by the growing abortion industry, but most will surely fly under the radar in the womb and be revealed later in life.”
    You say that as if it’s a good thing.
    Using abortion to deal with something like down syndrome is the equivalent of using a tacnuke to deal with a problem city like Detroit.
    Granted, it will take care of the problem of crime but to say it’s overkill would not at all be an understatement.
    Feeding the beast of abortion only serves to empower it. First we feed it the diseased or disordered, then we evolve to feeding it the sickly, then of course we graduate to feeding it anyone that qualifies as an “inconvenience” to the expectant parents.
    We were sold on the “usefulness” of abortion largely because those nihilists who favored it said that legalizing it would actually lower overall abortion rates, since only certain females would seek them.
    That was a total lie. Even though abortion has gone down in recent years it boomed immediately after Roe V Wade. Millions have been murdered since and millions more will be murdered before this barbaric practice is finally brought to an end.
    Abortion, like lesbianism, is a pandoras box that males opened with a smile but once all the evils properly escaped they came to understand just how badly they allowed Men to get screwed over…all that was left is the hope to put them back in the box again.
    Just because a child is dx’d with DS doesn’t mean that we as human beings have the right (secular or otherwise) to snuff it out.
    We are not gods and the moment we allow our hubris to make us into such is the moment that we have cast all sense of our humanity to the 4 winds.

    1. But, if you decide to have the Down Syndrome baby, you are committing to a lifetime of expenses – that will prohibit raising any future children in a decent lifestyle.

      1. Abortion is mentioned NOWHERE in the Bible. One wonders why Fundies, who take the Bible literally, have their panties in such a knot over the issue. Now homosexuality is expressly forbidden throughout scripture. If there’s anything that’ll tick the Almighty off it’s same-sex “marriage.” And as for the abortion rate, it was in the six-figures back when cars had fins, we liked Ike, and it was illegal everyplace.

    1. Slave away in a cubicle so you could pay someone else to raise your own children? I’m sure they’re happy with that arrangement—at least it’s not patriarchy. lol

        1. I blame women for not being appreciative of their men and for not accepting traditional roles and I blame the liberal, jew controlled media for setting the collapse of our society in motion with the whole idea of feminism and the gay agenda being shoved in our faces on an hourly basis.

      1. I’m not slaving away in a cubicle….I work in consulting in oil and gas and office out of my house, but I would welcome patriarchy! I’m not saying quit working entirely…..I get most of my work done while my son is in school and then do the paperwork stuff early am before he wakes up or after he’s in bed. Feminism has left a wide swath of destruction in our society. I wish everyone would just start acting right again!

      1. That’s not entirely true. All the day cares in my neighborhood, in fact across most of the state, seems to be manned by 20 something year old white chicks. Granted, not in Cleveland of course, but that’s a given.

        1. These are the chicks we should married, women who care children and don’t work. Feminist working women will become extinct over the time along their feministz hamster alleles

        2. Unfortunately feminism is like homosexuality. It can’t sustain itself so it has to indoctrinate children into that lifestyle very early on.

      2. Most people collecting welfare are actually white. If you go down to southern states and Appalachia it’s actually the white pop that is getting the most govt handouts

        1. The stats I have seen say that there are two whites in poverty for every black who is in poverty. Of course, whites outnumber blacks by 5 to 1 or more. In terms of percentages, blacks are more likely to be in poverty, on welfare or whatever. In terms of straight numbers, there are more whites which really makes affirmative action and race-based academic scholarships fucking bullshit.

        2. “It’s much easier to believe that the reason the middle class life is slipping away from you is because some lazy group of people are soaking up resources and blocking the way, than to believe that it is caused by globalization and bad economic policy beyond any individual’s control.”
          tl;dr – spend your time being pissed off at another group of people who are numerically smaller than your own group instead of the ceo’s who lay americans off and ship jobs overseas or congress who robs you of taxpayer money and collects bigger welfare checks and freebies than any dirt poor person.

  10. These are short term issues. Its a bubble. As birth control and abortion becomes more accessible, the population will decline. Not to mention philosophies like MGTOW and Feminism keeping people childless. Look at Japan. Its trench warfare of the sexes.
    Im looking forward to cheap houses in the next decade or so.

    1. Be careful with this strategy. If you live in the US, it is in severe, severe debt ($190,646 total debt per US citizen and $820,588 in unfunded future social liabilities – usdebtclock.org). Median income is $28,928. This debt cannot be paid.
      There are 3 ways to solve this: 1) Pay the debt. 2) Shrink the debt by inflating the dollar 3) Mass influx of immigration to pay the massive debt
      No way 1 will ever happen in this society. 2 is not feasible, the dollar would be worthless (although they will inflate somewhat to lower the debt, not eliminate it).
      Therefore 3 is the only viable solution. With mass immigration housing costs will only rise. It will happen. It might be sold as “multiculturalism” or “helping” others but see this for what it is–desperation at a nation nearing bankruptcy.

      1. That’s if you have mass immigration of productive individuals. You get the illiterates that depend on social services and you just F’ed yourself.

        1. Not to mention imported extremists who bring their shitria sand monkey nonsense over with them because they have screwed up their own country.

        2. Certainly. But there is this false notion that people give up their lives and families to come to America and collect a $400 welfare check. This nation was built on Italian, Irish, German, English, Chinese immigrants who were poor, but came here and busted their asses and made things for themselves.
          The immigrants I know in America are Indians who own hotels, middle easterners who work 80 hours a week driving taxis, Hispanics in the building trades, and Asians who work 6 days a week from 8-8 and force their kids to earn straight As in school. Overachievers.
          Read “The Millionaire Next Door”. It talks about how people have an image of millionaires being Donald Trumps but he is the minority. Most of them are driving 15 year old cars, wearing old clothes, and working hard, and many of them are immigrants (indeed first gen immigrants have the highest population of millionaires of any group).
          If I really just wanted to be lazy and have free food and housing I would go commit a crime in Scandinavia and chill in one of their prisons. Most people have slightly higher ambition than that in their life.
          But, like I said above, whether we like brown people or not doesn’t matter. We have no other way of liquidating our debt.

        3. Yeah, no kidding. Roll the dice in a bank robbery somewhere in Scandinavie at age 70 and if you get caught then just cool your heels in some chalet/prison. Read, lift, sleep well, smoke stogies.

      2. Curious, what is an “unfunded social liability” precisely? My “share” of the national debt? Can’t recall signing on or consenting to that. If not, then I’m curious as to what it means, I’ve never heard that term before.

        1. All the numbers above refer to ‘your share’ of the debt, simply a mathematical calculation, the debt divided by the number of citizens or taxpayers, simply because that’s easier to understand than the gross (pun intended) number.
          Unfunded liabilities are how economists refer to the future government obligations (mostly medicare, social security, federal employee pensions, and veteran benefits). It’s basically the difference between the short term and the long term.
          It’s kind of like if you figured out a great budget for yourself but then went and had 3 kids and didn’t change anything, well at some point down the line you have a future unfunded liability of educating, feeding, housing them, etc that has to either be paid or have a severe cut in your and their quality of life. But you can still have a “balanced budget” and tell your wife everything is great in 2015.
          Basically, unfunded liabilities of $820k per taxpayer means that unless the government finds $820k per taxpayer, it will have to make cuts to SS, health care, veterans benefits, and public retirement. They are important numbers to discuss because they are NEVER included in official government data, and even if we had a fully balanced budget and no debt, we would still have this shortfall.

        2. So basically my first take was correct. Thank you for the explanation.
          I reject all debt imposed on me against my will, without my consent and accrued before I was even born. My take on the “social contract” model of politics is that it is the philosophical equivalent of Original Sin. You’re held responsible, without your consent, for the sins/expenses of others. I’ve never voted once, not once, for anything the government has done in my lifetime that involves increasing taxes or debt. I reject their claim on my life.
          But yes, I know what you’re talking about now, again, thanks.

      1. “What happens after the bubble pops?”
        When this bubble pops, ’08 will look like paradise. It will be nasty. It’ll be a complete reset.

      2. So to summarize, you are saying Japanese men aren’t masculine enough to knock up women? Any asshole can cum in a rag and shove it up some woman. You don’t have to have a whole lot of testosterone to do that. Just enough to get it up. If that isn’t obvious enough, look around at these liberal shit holes like Seattle.
        Personally, I think it is masculine to know when to think with either head. As it stands, knocking up a woman is a bad move. As this becomes increasingly more obvious, the population will decline, and so will the prices of property.

        1. Let me clarify, Japanese have high libido but is being expressed the wrong way(they have plenty of outlets for it). I.E. look at their birth rate.
          But yes looking at your average Japanese male YES it’s a problem of testosterone + economic factors

  11. Don’t be surprise if, in a future not so far away, the Left will suddenly become open to the idea of government assisted suicide/euthanasia to solve the problems of an aging population.

    1. I think there are medical grim reapers out there now in the ICU sections of a hospital. These terminally ill elderly patients who if you administer treatment would maybe last another week before something else goes, are using up valuable resources that could be used for others that would benefit more. The grim reaper botches up some procedure by “accident” and the patient does not regain consciousness. They go peacefully.
      This may be the most humane way to go?

    2. Already happening.
      Eventually it will become the only paid-for option in Obamacare.
      We’ll be retardledly looking or “death panels”, and the media will even make a movie or depict such a “panel” as a bunch of people in an actual star chamber setting.
      And when that happens, “they” will make damned sure that scene never occurs. The real death panel is going to be piles of forms, reports, etc. all nameless and faceless.

      1. Clarey’s 35 cent retirement plan. The cost of one bullet. I’m starting to think it’s legit. Or save up 2 million in cash (how the fuck?) just to burn it off in my last five years of hospital costs. Or go to Cuba NOW and smoke stogies and chew on 19 year olds? Hmm…

        1. I always thought that those fucking geriatrics who spend 10s -100s of thousands of dollars to maintain they’re miserable lives, are the greediest fucks in existence. How many grand kids could they have put through college? Instead they by another 18 month of shitting themselves. And its even worse when they’re spending other peoples money.

        2. It’s their money to spend. They earned it, saved it and invested it. Who are you to lay claim to the nest egg of their long years of working and decide how they should spend it? Are you a Millenial?

        3. It’s not always their money. Sometimes its money from family members or tax payers. Regardless of whose money it is, a man should have more dignity than allowing someone else to wipe his ass.

        4. The other family members have the option to not support their older relatives, that’s not your call. As far as tax money, I agree, but that’s as far as that goes.
          You do not get to define dignity for other people and families engaged in their own voluntary relations. You’re a nihilist, most people are not and reject that, rightly, as a self destructive way of looking at life and the world. Your parents wiped your ass when you couldn’t, yet you reject the notion that they deserve any love or consideration back from you. Words can’t even describe…

        5. I do get to define dignity, as does everyone else. Any man who allows himself to become so feeble that he regresses to the helplessness of an infant and needs others to wipe his shitty ass, he has lost all dignity.
          And no that “They wiped your ass, you should wipe theirs” is a false equivalency. They choose to have kids. I did not choose to have feeble geriatrics. Maybe I’ll buy them a Boko Harem special.

        6. You get to define dignity for *you*, and you alone.
          As to your parents, that’s some attitude you have there. It never really surprises me when I get to talking to nihilists, the source of their nihilism. Sad, and predictable. But it’s your call.

  12. http://www.census.gov/prod/2013pubs/p20-570.pdf
    It’s a couple of years old but has more specific (and gruesome) statistics.
    Interestingly, between 1970 and 2012, the percentage of married couples stayed pretty much the same (roughly 30%) but married couples with children was cut by more than half from 40.3% to 19.6%.
    Men and women living alone increased but men living alone increased more, at almost twice the rate by an extra 3% more than single females. Not surprisingly, that seems to be the same increase in single mothers suggesting that the additional single guys are divorcees. That still doesn’t account for the drop in household size.
    Regarding child care, the scam seems to be to for the government to build more facilities and then hire more unionized workers that are paid by the state and likely subsidized by the taxpayer. Private child care is damn expensive and those who can afford it will necessarily be handing their kids off to someone without the education or intelligence to get as good a job as the parents have.
    My thought on this was if larger employers allowed parents with young children to work a 4 day week and then team up with other parents to take care of each other’s kids one day a week.

  13. Very eye-opening article. Well done.
    What is very sad is that the brainwashed individuals that believe in feminism truly think our policymakers and politicians actually give a damn about “womyn’s rights” or “minority rights”. It’s all about money and control. Feminists are simply useful idiots. More women in the work force generates more TAXPAYER DOLLARS for their rulers. More divorces incentivizes more CONSUMERISM.
    When it comes to feminism, it is a big win for those in charge of the system. Broken families, more laws, FEWER masculine men to stand up for themselves, and MORE MONEY in their pockets.

  14. Interesting analysis. I’m surprised it didn’t address one other factor – the birth rate (I read it quickly so I’m assuming it doesn’t). This varies a lot from country to country, but its clear that feminism, together with birth control, easy abortions and later life pregnancies resulting from women delaying having children on account of their careers has resulted in reduced below replacement rate birth rates in many western countries. Immigration and the higher birth rate of new immigrant communities disguises what is going on. While some western countries have close to replacement rate Germany only has 1.4 (previously 1.3) per woman. Guess what its getting 1 million new people this years from Syria etc. I’m not entirely sure they’ve thought this through though – they mainly seem to be men arriving in their droves
    Feminism: necessitating mass immigration

  15. The important takeaway from the collapse of the family is it’s happening despite the enormous advantages and benefits society grants families.
    The tax code provides financial benefits to married couples and rewards breeding. Social security gives benefits for children and spouses. Health care plans penalize singles to subsidize families. The fags demanded the benefits of marriage. And public education exists for families. And on and on and on.
    Fact is, families get a lot of free shit. They basically get all the same free shit single
    mothers get. This is justified because families are good for society. Still, people are stubbornly refusing to breed. Something else is going on.
    It is a symptom of a dying civilization. The same thing happened to the Greeks and Romans. Roman men stopped marrying. It got so bad Rome passed laws stripping bachelors of their inheritances. All to no avail.
    The feminist skanks and the traditional wife-moms may both end up gang raped by some modern version of Barbarians or Vandals.

      1. Oh yes, a lot of men can be THAT thirsty.
        I know a guy who loves banging fat, old and ugly chicks because they´re so easy to get. He would hump absolutely everything with a vagina.

    1. Tis true, sad to say. Unrestrained feminism has run riot. Men and boys are being ruined by this travesty. Why marry when it’s a racket to strip you of your wealth? Red pill has made us aware of what’s happening. It’s ugly. And it’s getting worse. Women are trained to view men as animals. Plain fact. So, why, exactly, should a man defend a woman who hates him?
      Feminism has broken the social contract between men and women. Islam is coming. Every woman who has been to college is a feminist. If a woman can’t be trusted, why protect her? And, as far as children go, are you insane?

    1. I saw that before I ever discovered the manosphere proper.
      GirlWritesWhat deserves props for being one of the first people out there giving this issue such a detailed analysis.

  16. It’s a pity we didn’t invest more time and money in developing highly adaptable robots in the 1960s, by now, I’d imagine we’d be at the 4th generation, quite human-like and loyal. Imagine that hey- an intelligent, erudite companion, how’d always be in your corner in the house, how’d cook, clean, cut the grass, walk the dog and play chess or poker with you at night, and also be able to look after you when you’re old, vulnerable and full of years- all without a single complaint. Just imagine the huge savings it would have for the State too, no more nursing homes, and of course, they’d never grow old and full of years like us….makes you wonder if after a client’s death, would they feel anything if they bonded with them?
    Robotics/AI development was a missed opportunity in our recent technological evolution, we’re still shackled,hook, line and sinker to our biology. However it does make you wonder, nevertheless, that if a form of AI is developed in the future that allows sensuous and sexual relationships to be formed would the majority of human beings not be happier off with the AI rather than with the real human? Certainly it would cut down on STDs, mental problems due to bad relationships and all the rest, or would we still crave the imperfect flesh!

  17. There’s two things I want brand new and won’t share under any circumstances and that’s UNDERWEAR AND SOCKS. I have my reasons. I’ll share my lawnmower gladly. But not my toothbrush or my wife either. Some things are mine dammitt.

  18. Saw a fat, blue-haired freak with a nose ring at lunch yesterday with the tshirt “NO BOYFRIEND.. NO PROBLEM”… almost certainly an example of someone who will grow old alone in said nursing home?

    1. To even have to wear that shirt is a huge glaring neon sign of her insecurity. She’d give her entire soul for a boyfriend, one thus concludes.

  19. A world of emasculated men, single moms, gays, and independent women is much easier to control by tyranny than a society of traditional, strong, families.
    The destruction of our society was planned out.

    1. Exactly! How few men read history and the open plots and declarations of the socialists/communists from back in the day. Their declared desire to destroy the traditional family was no big secret, back when people actually read and didn’t restrict themselves to bumper sticker sloganeering.

  20. About Childcare:
    My hope is that since boys aren’t being raised by their mother, men of the future will be less enamored by women. Thus men will actually be able to tell women no, and eventually take back control of western society.

    1. Childcare = Girl Central as far as the providers are concerned. Your hope is misplaced I’m afraid.

      1. Yes men will still grow wanting to fuck women, that’s biology, but I hope they wont crave female validation so much that they put women on a pedestal and can never tell women “NO”. I don’t think the mere presence of women is what causes men’s irrational attachment to women. It is the care and attention of their mothers at a young age. Hopefully, no mother, no attachment.

  21. “Ignoring that possibility, eventually you will grow old and feeble. Eventually you will have difficulty wiping your own ass, and will require someone to wipe it for you. ”
    So you’re such a selfish fuck that you’d enslave your family to whipping your ass? Have some dignity and wash down a bottle of pain and heart meds with a bottle of whiskey.

    1. Looks like somebody doesn’t know what “slavery” is or means.
      If you’re so into nihilism, you’re free to set the example so others can follow, you know.

  22. You guys sound like all the other doomsayers. Either way there is no need for traditionalism anymore. Why would I want to take care of a woman anyways? Stick it up your ass.

    1. Because human nature has changed into something completely different in a few short decades thanks to Leftist ideology.
      Except it hasn’t. Which is why Leftism continues to fail at the human and societal level, if not at the “spreads like a disease” level.
      How myopic.

      1. How come all the countries in the world where living conditions are the worst happen to still follow traditional gender roles? Probably because any ideology is response to an environment, more specifically how dangerous that environment is. So barring some catastrophe that sends us back to the stone age or WWIII (which would be the end of us all anyways), there is no going back for us in the developed world. You’re on the losing side.
        And you idiots always bring up human nature as if you cannot conceive how evolution could produce something in humans that could be either detrimental or completely useless, despite the fact that it does it all the time. Simply defending something because it is synchronistic with “human nature” is not an argument for it.

        1. Like I said, quite myopic. Your statement is akin to the Millenial idea that history is irrelevant since it didn’t happen in their lifetime.
          “Losing side” etc. is a Leftist concept, trying to pre-read history from the front end.
          Human nature is, was and will remain the same for the foreseeable future. There is nothing new under the sun, despite your straw man argument.

  23. interesting,
    as much as I hate how unchaste the average western woman has become, life is give and take.
    I can’t blame this generation of females for everything…
    I remember growing up with friends who’s parents split. Long story short, the mom’s usually wound up dating…
    Also to be looked at is the men that would date these single mothers…
    I simply cannot do such a thing, but there have been plenty of man to do so.
    And for me to suggest that it’s wrong or right is not the point…
    It is what it is.
    I’m sure there’s some exceptional cases of genuine men stepping up and really being great step fathers and such..
    at the same time, the fact that a single mother could still get a man kinda made divorce acceptable.
    to each their own.

    1. at the same time, the fact that a single mother could still get a man kinda made divorce acceptable.
      This is a very insightful point. Used to be, being a divorcee was considered a black mark and something to be ashamed of, except under the most dire of circumstances, but even then it required explaining. Once men started saying “Heck, doesn’t matter, it’s a hole!” and removed the shaming, it became acceptable. This isn’t to blame men entirely but the men of the time, the late 1960’s forward, do share some of the guilt for this.

      1. Yeah. The only justifiable circumstances I could think of is if the husband died or something along those lines.

        1. Actually there is scriptural references to this – in effect, it says leave divorced women alone (unless divorce is from infidelity of the man) – any man who plays with them is guilty of adultery in God’s eyes. – It also had the effect of making women think very hard about divorcing and destroying families.

  24. Men shouldnt delay children either studies have shown. I dont want to be impregnated by middle aged sperm. Most of you men here are past it. Ship has sailed. Men should be househusbands now. Women will take over and do everything right like we always do. Men cant seem to do anything right. Pathetic needy creatures.

    1. ^^Bigot^^ Read this comment carefully people. This underlying, prejudiced, and hateful attitude is the only consistent belief connecting all feminists. The only real difference between radicals and moderates is how good of a job they do to hide it.

    2. There is no such thing as middle aged sperm. Sperm only lasts a few days. If it is not ejaculated from the man’s body during that time it is burned up internally. An 80 year old man has millions of sperm that are each 20 years younger than any of the eggs of a 20 year old woman.
      You’re engaging in false equivalence and projection.

    1. I’m younger than middle aged and the men on here who are attracted to post pubescents are not borderline pedos (by definition, you try-hard). You’re almost a caricature of the cliche bitter woman who wants an edge on her younger competition by trying to shame men for preferring them. Of what time you have left, don’t waste it on trying to shame people who don’t care about your feeble opinions.

      1. I’m only 23 actually. I happen to stick up for my whole gender. There is nothing creepier than being hit on by a middle aged man.

  25. This entire article is an illustration of what happens when the “free market” dies of its own internal contradictions. You can run from the dialectic, but you can’t hide. That’s red pill, for ya. But how many of the posters here will see the light.

  26. Feminist don’t think about the consequences their ideology will have to the future, they only think about how they feel in the present, and they want power NOW because of the “long lasting oppression” of being raised with a moral compass. In so doing, they will bring the end of civilization.
    They are so blindsided to their present little victories they can’t see that when shit hits the fan they will lose everything. People will realize that the natural order and assuming the natural roles is the way to preserve civilization.
    Having a hierarchy is natural, stereotyping is natural, discriminating is natural, that’s what we humans do. Tolerance, equality and so on are the tools of the weak to make a society weaker.

  27. This article is very disturbing and makes me very sad….because it is all true. I have very traditional values and tried hard in my marriage. I’m not saying I did everything perfectly – no one is capable of that. Without going into detail, I left my marriage due to his 1) increasingly heavy drinking and 2) multiple affairs. I have a Masters degree and a great job with great flexibility which enables me to raise our 8 year old son in the best environment possible. My parents and siblings and extended family are all very tight and involved. My son’s father chooses not to be involved. I have never asked him for child support, nor has he offered. I have reached out to him twice to simply let him know that the door is open and that I have forgiven him. Me living in perpetual anger would only hurt my son and myself and forgiving him set me free of that poison. So, all that to say, it makes me sad. I wanted nothing more than to be a good wife and mother. I was a good wife. Dinner prepared every night no matter how tired I was from work. House clean without a maid no matter how tired I was. I never refused him good sex. If I had turned a blind eye to the drinking and running around, we’d still be married. Again, not looking for sympathy. Things are really good. I am a good mother. Our son makes straight A’s, is a great little athlete and has lots of friends. We have as happy a life as anyone could possibly hope for in a beautiful home that I paid for myself – I walked out of marriage with the money he owed me for paying for his Masters degree and half the equity in the house we bought together. I never wanted it to turn out this way and I am not trying to present myself as a victim, because I am not. I truly enjoy reading RoK and agree with so much of what I read on here. I wanted (and still want) a relationship like my parents have to this day and grandparents had: traditional male and female roles, working together and taking care of each other. I see how feminism has failed miserably and that it has been and continues to be the WORST thing that happened to society and can be pinpointed as the main cause of blame for the collapse of the family and modern society. Feminists, the whole “ladette” culture of women partying hard in bars, the tattoos, the piercings…..all disgusts me. My question to you all respectfully is, what can we do to change this? To stop it? I understand the whoring women out there and am just as disgusted by them as the majority of readers who comment on here seem to be. I take pride in my appearance, I don’t go out carousing, the man I date is well-educated and a gentleman and I treat him well as he does me, we only have a date when my son is with family or friends ( no spending the night and we have decided to put off any plans for marriage until my son is in college), we attend church regularly, and live my life in a responsible way and behave in a ladylike manner at all times. Again, not trying to portray myself as a saint….I just want to know, or attempt to know, what steps can we each take to change this very awful situation.

    1. I say this with the deepest sincerity. You are a minority. The only thing you can do is pray. Enjoy your son, and your life. And watch the world burn around you.

      1. Thank you for being kind, Wolf. I know that what you said is true. And that is the part that makes me the saddest. I am enjoying my family and life. Funny thing is,I am doing better at work than ever because I have truly put my trust in God and just don’t care anymore about anything or anyone else’s opinion other than what He thinks. Suddenly, things are so easy. Coincidence? I think not. I wish the best for you. I choose to believe in the Bible. We win in the end. Very dark days ahead, but we win in the end. I’ve believed in His Word until now…I’m not going to stop now. God bless you and your family

  28. Good and insightful article until the point about older mothers being the cause of autism, allergies etc. Emphatically not true, until modern birth control practises like the pill, women just went on having babies until nature said no more, around 40-45. Autism/allergies were rare to non existent until the latter part of the 20th century. The cause of these conditions are man made toxic loads, in specific vaccinations. Vaccines contain nut oils which can provoke peanut allergies, egg derivatives which can cause egg allergy and so on, and heavy metal adjuvants such as Mercury and aluminium that can cause autism (and Alzheimer’s for elders getting annual flu shots). All the package inserts on the vaccines state they can cause such conditions, and VAERS (vaccine adverse event reporting scheme) has resulted in pay outs of billions to vaccine injured children. It’s not a “conspiracy theory”, these facts are just obscured from public view, but easy to find if you put in the legwork. The CDC scientist Dr. William Thompson also now has official whistleblower status after exposing the CDC cooked data and disposed of evidence showing the link between MMR and autism.

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