5 Ways To Stop Omega Males From Becoming Transsexuals

There is a narcissistic delusional tidal wave sweeping the internet. Many confused men have decided to band together and start advocacy groups about “transforming” into “women.” Omega males, seeing the success stories of the closeted homosexuals who crossdress, are starting to lie about having a “dysphoria” or a feeling of never belonging as a male. It also doesn’t help that most transsexuals were sexually abused before turning to the dark side of humanity. Combine that with most of them being raised by overbearing mothers and you have them completely failing in the sexual market place.

They see the girl that rejects them and notices that she has a much higher sexual pecking order. In a freakish nature vs nurture way, if these omega males can’t get paired up, they can just “convert” themselves to be women and have a much easier time with the sexual privileges modern women have. A girl pretty much has to open her legs to get some. Even an alpha male has to spit some game. As a former LGBT activist turned redpill renegade, I’ve developed five tactical responses to convert transsexuals back in to the men they’re supposed to be .

Don’t respect their pronouns

Imagine for a bit a man who claims to be a Pokemon. Now imagine there was a group of people who claimed to be Pokemons. They want special laws for their specie “pokemon” while making it a hate crime to deny them this “right” of acknowledgment. Now, replace Pokemon with omega males claiming they’re women. Never respect their pronouns. Call them what sex they were born with since sex can’t be changed. Be consistent and these transsexual “women” will realize that they can’t ever expect society to coddle their delusions.


Transsexuals who are all mentally ill have built a tolerance for being called freaks. It also doesn’t help that society compromises with ugly men in wigs by calling them “trans” women. The word “trans” means transitioning to be a woman. It’s scientifically impossible for a man to turn in to a woman. These individuals are trying to deceive themselves and society.

A term we have made in Philadelphia is to call these men bootleg. They want to be seen as women when they’re not. It’s very similar to buying a SONY product and in the box is a Nintendo product. Transsexuals knowing this can’t handle being told they’re a falsely advertised bootleg product that society forces us to treat them as if they were an authentic product. Nothing a phony hates more than a person calling them out for it. Next time somebody calls themselves a “trans-woman,” call them a bootleg woman. Don’t dignify mental delusions.

It’s a high-mortality lifestyle

As a society we tend to listen to authority. Transsexual activists have pressured the medical system to “authenticate” transgenderism. They have forced the medical profession to say the only cure for omega males who don’t like themselves is to take a cocktail of hormones and dress up as a woman. Yet, being transgender leads you to be part of a “community” that has a 60% suicide rate . It also leads an individual to have a HIV rate higher than the worst countries of sub-Sahara Africa (27% of all trannies have HIV). Deluding yourself that you were really born a woman is dangerous. Even when the transsexuals get the surgery, it doesn’t cure the delusion.

The surgery is no panacea

Bootlegs love to think that when they finally get the surgery. It will cure all of their dysphoria. The penis is the reason why they can’t live like Sex in the City. According to this, men who have the surgery tend to still commit suicide at a much higher rate. It’s such a common phenomena that a former bootleg made a website about it sexchangeregret.com. Omega males need to be told about the adverse effect of being lied to by the medical establishment.

Snowflakes are typical

Every omega male has some saccharine story about the “revelation” of awakening an inner women-hood. Most of these individuals have failed in life and the heels and makeup are a new “chance “ at life. They decide to hang around other delusional men and progress further down the gender delusion. The skinny effeminate omega males usually focus on sleeping with men. The chunkier more autistic individuals tend to view themselves as “lesbians” who try to push their way in to women’s only institutions. They all say the same terms, have the same goals, and are masters of groupthink. They all have some sort of tranny tribalism over the cisgender aka normal people. They rather trust a fellow deluded tranny than a normal good person.


Transsexualism has grown tremendously over the five years I’ve been monitoring it, especially with the conversion of omega males into being a tranny. When these omega males are at the lowest point of their life, they need a site like this, not blogs dedicated to transsexualism. Push back against transsexualism before it infects those who you love and care about.

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235 thoughts on “5 Ways To Stop Omega Males From Becoming Transsexuals”

  1. Do you guys even realize what subhumans women truly are? I’ve spoken to 100s of women and I have logically explained to them WHY women are inferior to men, using great amounts of evidence and logic, and not even A SINGLE ONE OF THEM accepted the truth. This is simply amazing and it literally proves the point- women, 100 fucking percent of them, are INCAPABLE of accepting the fact that they are subhumans and are vastly inferior to men.
    The sooner we can replace human women with female sex robots and artificial wombs, the sooner mankind will be able to evolve and progress. But until we cast off this parasite class, WOMEN, MANkind will never evolve beyond it’s base animal instincts.,

    1. You make the same mistake so many other guys here (and society in general) make: you measure women by men’s standards.
      Would you get angry at a kid for being an irrational brat? Fuck no, it’s a kid and doesn’t know better.
      Of course you’re gonna be disappointed if you expect women to act like men. So don’t. Treat them like the kids they are inside and have fun with them. Don’t expect honor or loyalty – that’s what men are for.
      Men only clubs exist for a reason.
      Today’s society expects men to act like women and women to act like men, and then people act all surprised if their respective natures come through.
      People aren’t blank slates.

        1. that’s why i’m a strong advocate for anal sex… trying to jam your dick up a girls ass is nothing more than frivolous entertainment…. but for her it becomes some kind of important accomplishment….. a milestone in her life if she’s an anal virgin……
          and of course if you do get it in… she’s forever your bitch….

      1. Concerning their rationalizations:
        Being able to count to 10 and knowing that if you add another 10 to that original 10, it shouldn’t mean the sum is 30. As much as you are correct, it burns me to know that there are people who will make a judgement based on how they feel and feelings can be easily manipulated.
        That being said I really don’t see why 5year olds don’t have the power to vote.

    2. Don’t confuse their “being” with their BEHAVIOR. Women are not “subhumans”…. their performance and behavior is merely sub-standard.
      Important difference there.
      Trying to explain inferiority to a dog is just a futile. It doesn’t understand it either. All it thinks about is “can’t I eat it? can I fuck it?”…… and if the answer is “no” then it just pisses on it and moves on.
      A woman operates on a similar level. She doesn’t even know the difference between thoughts, opinions an actions! You could THINK something a woman doesn’t like and she will behave like you treated her badly. We see this here every day. So how can you ever expect a woman to understand her own inferiority? They are MUCH too self-centered and arrogant to even conceptualize that on their own.
      Fish don’t know they are stupid and have no memory.
      That’s why that little plastic castle is a surprise every time.
      Even a DOG is far higher in value and character than a woman. Doesn’t mean they are “subhumans”. Women are humans too – exactly like you. But you expect them to be more than they actually are. Stop doing that immediately and your frustration with women will vanish on the spot.

    3. please don’t post exactly the same text on two different articles. The comments are supposed to relate to the article in question.

    4. Why do you pine for sexbots when you can have superior male flesh that has been surgically enhanced to take in your penis? Transexualism is a boon to men like you who don’t want to deal with inferior women but still want to have sex.

      1. The only thing inferior is their operational standards in today’s world. The truth is trannys act the same way, if not, worst.
        While it may make me shake my head irl that I understand what you’re saying–except the disturbing flesh part, it’s simply the fact that there’s natural feminine energy, progeny, and those DANGEROUS pheromones (sometimes a good hit will dial my game to the max… you all know this feeling lol) makes it very fucking hard for me and my dick to take on that position.
        Here’s a scary thought: Bully grows up and ends up, unknowingly, fucking a hot super model who he used to pick on in the boys locker room in middle school. The model doesn’t ‘want’ kids due to their career and he buys it. It can happen.

        1. “Here’s a scary thought: BULLY grows up and ends up, unknowingly, fucking
          a hot super model who HE USED TO PICK ON in the boys locker room in
          middle school. The model doesn’t ‘want’ kids due to their career and he
          buys it. It can happen.”
          – Good. Karma’s a bitch.

    5. walk about town asking men and women which way is east and west, north and south…..
      the men will glance at the sun, landmarks etc. and generally give you the right answer….
      the women will fumble about with their bra straps, look embarrassed and then take a wild guess….
      75% of women have absolutely no directional skills and the of remaining 25% only about 10% of them actually bothered to learn about maps and geography….
      take a women to a city she has never been to and drive about, she will soon start yapping on about how amazing it is you can find your way about town first time….. women i know, freely admit that they couldn’t find the white house if you took them to DC and showed them the way.

    1. That is the single most important concept in the article. If you can take control of the terminology you can control ideology. It reframes the entire debate.
      For example in the past left wingers labeled their opponents as ‘racist’ ‘hater’ etc, and the right wingers would reply ‘I’m not racist/ a hater…..’
      The left had control because they forced the right to argue under the left’s terminology.
      By simply calling the left wingers ‘anti-white’ and getting that term into relatively common use the right wing have made massive gains towards reframing the discussion.
      It would have a huge impact on society if everybody stopped using the word ‘gay’ and started using ‘sodomite’, or did start calling out trannies as ‘phony’s’.

      1. Gay sex should be called mutual masturbation because they are incapable of having sex. Gay marriage should be called regulated friendship because their relationship is nothing more than that.

        1. exactly….. and if the politicians had been genuine social engineers instead of power hungry, vote grubbing, attention whores…. frightened to alienate their conservative funding bases….
          instead of putting up a huge battle against gay marriage, they would have instantly signed off on it, and made it into the nothing that it is….
          if two people want to share a life together, have rights to medical decisions for each other, to inherit each others stuff etc. … what’s the big deal…. having a ‘wife’ is like having someone who cares for you….some last resort when the 18 wheeler ploughs into your car….. that’s all the concept is about really… if faggots want that… give it to them….. give it to anyone….
          just shut the fuck up about it….
          instead to save votes and funding and keep their grubby mits on power, they made such a resistance to a nothing…. a tiny flea has grown into an enormous horse…. and now the conservative base has had to shut the fuck up in the face of massive public support…..
          now the conservatives are the endangered minorities, and the faggots are leveraged up and taking over the world…..
          this is what happens when you fight a pointless battle on snotty hypocritical moral principals, using underhanded political tactics…


  2. Right for the very first sentence this is horseshit. “…tidal wave sweeping the internet.”? WTF!? I just go out of the shower, shaved and splashed bay rum on my face. This after coming from the gym, leg day. I’m going to the butcher to buy steaks, then some booze. Tonight I’m gonna have sex, with a woman and sleep late.
    This nonsense about half a sissies worrying about their misguided and muddled feels and thoughts is pointless. As far as I’m concerned ROK is about men for men full stop. Let the sissies worry about their lipstick and rouge, who gives a fuck?

    1. I was thinking the same thing; well, not all of it, just the “who gives a fuck” part.

      1. I was raised by a single mother and had no masculine influence in my life besides my displaced father and moms newest live-in guitarist boyfriend. I didn’t get to reap my father’s teachings, and I didn’t want to be anywhere near the guitarist intruder. Although I was never liberal, I was definitely a race denier and somewhat a feminist. Sites like this, with discussions like this, would have been good for me to hear. I never got to hear shit like this, I had to figure out all this crap on my own, and it took way longer than it should have, short changing my career and personal advancements. RoK should be reaching out to Omega males and other wayward men as well as sticking to their own if they wish. Don’t hate someone for reaching down to help a brother up. We need more good men in this world. I can’t stand all these sniveling emo fags, everywhere I go, they make me want to puke. And they vote.

        1. “I can’t stand all these sniveling emo fags, everywhere I go, they make me want to puke. And they vote.”
          Emos aren’t “fags”. Its a stupid fashion/pop culture trend like punk in the 70s and “new wave” in the 80s. Its a phase people grow out of. And Alice Cooper voted too. Is he still alive?

        2. thats gothic fashion, but emo can be anyone it just associates with gothic since they look depressed

        3. I don’t give a rat’s ass what any of these ridiculous western trends are called. My point is that they do not “fags” make. They are just irrelevant phases that young people go through for a while.

        4. Has a mate who did some work at a hippie villiage. At knock-off time, he and the hippie blokes doing the work wound up having a drink or two, and the blokes were talking shit about the women and getting laid, and this guy had a revelation. “Hey! It’s all bullshit – you guys are just like me!”
          Those whiny, mopey, snivelling emo fags are doing it to get laid. And they are getting laid. Sure, off skinny, pale-skinned, self-harming emo girls that you yourself wouldn’t fuck. Still counts, though. They are in it for the pussy.

        5. There faggets period.The term emo is short for emotional and alot of them are in deed bi.

      2. Yeah, it doesn’t matter. If they want to be trannies I support their decision in doing so, of course, I’d suggest for them to look at the effects of hormones and surgery. If it is for them, then they should go for it. It doesn’t affect my life nor hurts anyone. If they truly are trannies, which there are some cases where after surgery and hormones they are happy, they should pursue whatever it is that would make them happy.

    2. Imagine where europe would have ended up if the Allies had said… “Let hitler worry about his own country… who gives a fuck?”

      1. Then Europe would be one country, speaking one language, with one set of laws, run by stern and incorruptible germans. Sucks to be gay, black, jewish, or homosexual – but for everyone else it would be pretty good.

    3. Indeed. Live in the real world, not the internet world, and all of these worries melt away. The internet is just a tool, it is not another reality or a second life, it’s a tool. A hammer can be used to bash a man’s head in, it can also be used to build a house. It all depends on how it is used. I look at the internet the same way. It’s not a replacement for living.

      1. “Indeed. Live in the real world, not the internet world, and all of these worries melt away.”
        The impression I get is that most of the bloggers and commenters here do not have much of a life outside of the internet. Some of them might go to work, but then they come straight home after and log on. Or worse, they are always connected.

        1. I’m sure age has something to do with it. When I was in high school there was one computer that had an Internet connection, it was in the library. I didn’t have the internet at home, until I was in university, 15 years ago. I became an adult before the internet hit big, so I don’t have that dependency on “staying connected”. I can ne alone with my own thoughts for more than three seconds with out needing to text anyone.

    4. don’t knock something because you’ve never come across it….. there are some valid tips here if you do ever come across a tranny….. they have their own psychotic psychology and these kinds of people can be absolute masters at manipulating opinion and emotions… they can be incredibly vindictive and unbalanced….
      just because you don’t hike in the desert doesn’t mean it’s not worth reading about what a rattlesnake is……

      1. you’re so right, Ray. I nearly lost my life to the mind-games my partner played both before and after he left. Sadly he’s still taking the hormones and continues to believe his delusion, even though the rest of us can see right through it. Is it a form of psychotic behaviour? From my personal experience, yes. Yes it is.

        1. I can list you many people who have played mind-games with the lives of their partners, and not just ones who are transgender. I am sorry you had a bad experience with someone who was trans, but please don’t let it poison your opinion of all of us… I can assure you there are plenty of us out there that are good people with love in their hearts.

        2. Wow. This sounds like an except from a homophobic hate monger, circa the 1940’s.
          (Just applied to trans people instead.)
          You know, for a while, being gay was thought to “not be real”. It was also viewed to be a “delusion” as you said.
          But yeah, I hear you.
          All that “Tranny deceit” and “manipulation”…
          I bet it reminds you of something a Jew would do, huh? 🙂
          I mean, I don’t think that – but my Nazi friend says all the EXACT same things about the Jews too.
          He’s always going on about how “crafty” and “manipulative” they are.
          I really think you guys would hit it off.
          He has this cool little crooked cross on his sleeve too, and everything. I think you would really like it.
          So yeah, Trannies and Jews….
          Same kind of people, am I right?
          Hey, I can get you an armband. Its really no trouble. Just let me know.

      2. I would think that stereotyping in a hateful way a group of people, whom most that I know personally are good natured and just want to live their lives with the mutual civil respect that all humans deserve, would be considered “psychotic psychology”. I mean, I can call all men perverted pigs because of that choice few that really are, but that would be wrong for me to do.

    5. Men in dresses, gays and feminists are all part of the same movement that hate websites like this and what they stand for. Calling them for what they are is what any red blooded man should be doing anyway, although i can see why many don’t care about them, you need to be aware not to accept their delusions. Remember the people on their side can influence law and policy, calling them sissies may one day be made illegal under some hate speech law and could cost you your job, its a real possibility in Europe and it will be coming to America soon. Don’t for a minute think that isn’t what they would like

    6. you share this planet with people who are different than you. Act like a human being now before you learn the more painful way.

    7. ha,you are such an idiot.those steaks could easily give you heart problems and render you impotent.saturated fat and cholestrerol and not good for masculinity.real men are vegan.you have a lot to learn

  3. Let them fall by the wayside.
    They don’t even deserve the attention of women, so no man can be expected to care.

    1. Contrary to those who disagree with the article or with the subject itself,I think this is important.
      These Omegas are basically pathological, attention seeking, masochists.What cures them is not acceptance (which surprise ,surprise only encourages the illness) but brutal,tough love.They need that hard slap of reality.
      You will rarely see this shit in lesser developed nations,and I guarantee that the more primitive a society the more absent it is.Why?Because when you are struggling to live,you don’t have time to find dissatisfaction with your gender or sexual preferences.
      This site is about Male self improvement and a call to the return of historically venerated Masculine virtues.This is for every man from the prevalent Red Pillers to the most blue or rather Ultra-Violet Pillers.

  4. These aren’t omega men. We’ve always had these men and their peak might have been in the Warhol era (he surrounded himself with them). ROK is a fish out of water on this topic and should stick to things affecting straight men. I could care less what gay men or transsexuals do unless they specifically step into an area that affect me. So far, none of these guys have, unless you count the Velvet Underground songs written about them.

    1. When I travel to California I am surrounded by so many faggy men. It makes me sick and depressed. I am affected by society encouraging and tolerating lunacy. I am affected by men around me becoming more productive and healthy and useful.

      1. Like I said a above, fashion trends do not a “fag” make. Punks, dead heads, metal heads, new wavers, rude boys, etc. These are all pop culture trends and all of them are about looks and image. Most people grow out of that crap by the time they reach their late 20s. How many 40 year old “hipsters” do you know?

        1. Don’t preach at me, I used to wear makeup and paint my nails black, and I hung around with a bunch of losers, many of whom ended up ruined by their stupid choices and fashions. I dropped the act and am successful and normal but they are suffering and dying, trying to maintain this stupid rocker image.

        2. … aaaaand you’re still in your twenties, aren’t you?
          Like the man said… once you hit your 40s, all those “ruined” men will be doing just fine, and, like you, will long have since dropped the act.
          The crises of youth often are but passing fads. Worry about yourself, let them worry about themselves, and trust that most of you will sort out just fine. Life’s pretty good at self-correcting that way.

    2. I’m sorry, but a lot of guys I’ve known who went gay were liberal omegas who were talked into it by another fag.

      1. Might the reason be that they were “liberal omegas” in the first place be that they were secretly hurting for someone to come tickle their prostates?

      2. Talked into it, anyone that went gay from hearing “its cool everyone is doing it” where already there.

    3. It affects women more than us — these crazies want to be allowed in women’s bathrooms and locker rooms, even the ones that still have their junk intact. No skin off my ass, as long as women insist on forcing themselves into male spaces I find it hilarious and appropriate.
      If you have a daughter and her school wants to put boys in her bathroom and locker room, then you’ve got an issue.
      More broadly, though, no good will come of our cultural compulsion to valorize and lionize mentally ill people and general fucked up losers. They need to be treated as damaged adults in need of help, not humored as sacred mascots. Especially, we should not allow crazy parents to victimize confused children who are too young to know what they want, too naive to know hormones + surgical mutilation just make you a butchered freak, and quite possibly bullied into the whole thing to begin with. They do this stuff to CHILDREN in some cases. I don’t find that amusing. Adults, fine. Kids, not fine.
      On the other hand, this culture is doomed and we can’t do a damned thing about it. No sense making a white-knighting fool of yourself trying to fix the unfixable. Let the crazies create their own little hells. Enjoy the decline!

      1. “It affects women more than us — these crazies want to be allowed in
        women’s bathrooms and locker rooms, even the ones that still have their
        junk intact.”
        Listen. Have some respect for yourself as a man and manhood/masculinity in general and stop calling the penis “junk”.

        1. (chortles at comment while drinking a beer and scratching his junk)
          Don’t make me squirt my beer out my nose, kid.

    4. and as for warhol look where his life of privelidge checking and pronoun repecting got him. shot in the chest by that crazy coocoo femnazi Valerie solanas. let that be a lesson to you. you can learn all the pronouns check every privilege there is earn all the ally points in their loaded little game, but it still won’t mean jack to them.

      1. Valerie Solanas really takes the cake. A woman who claimed to hate men while at the same time servicing them and relying on them for money. Good thing the worms have turned her back into the shit that she was.

      2. Andy Warhol did not “check privilege”. He basked in it. He purposely courted the wealthy and upper class. The New England Aristocracy like Edie Sedgewick. He was all about that scene.

  5. Are you kidding me? What’s with all this bile? It sounds a lot like the pot calling the kettle black. You should be focused on HELPING this downcast lot. Most will be beyond help, but a few could be saved.
    You shouldn’t hate them. You should view them as the most pitiful victims of the feminine imperative.

    1. Don’t you know that to help a man you have to be mean to him? That’s how the military does it. Break them down, build them back up. It is not hating to tell it like it is. Some of these men have never ever been told this shit. They need to hear it. It turns out some people see the value in suffering, in being crushed and humiliated.

  6. “5 Ways To Stop Omega Males From Becoming Transsexuals” I stopped reading @ the title.
    Am I still on ROK.com or have I been warped into a parallel universe?

    1. I felt the same exact way, lame dumb article. Author is brain dead.
      I’m thinking about submitting my own article soon because it looks like anyone can publish stupid shit ever since Tuth nailed them with the anorexic girl post and the short hair. Jeebus.

      1. Libtard splutters like yours are exactly why the downvote function is still needed.

        1. I’m as conservative as it gets and hate all liberal values, you really support these shitty articles they’ve been sputtering lately?

    2. Actually, some guy so pathetic to chop it off to “become a lesbian” is truly doing us a Darwinian favor.

  7. Transsexualism has grown tremendously over the five years I’ve been monitoring it

    Not to piss on any doom and gloom bonfires, but LGBT’s, as a group, that’s queers AND transsexuals of both sexes, in various census reports from gay-friendly western nations make up a paltry 3% of the total population, and that figure is remaining relatively stable, and is at most only going to increase by 1-2% if you believe LGBT activists that significant quantities of lgbts are keeping their status hidden, despite how good things are for them at the moment. What is happening though is that that 3% is using various means of technology to make themselves very visible, and as far as gay men are concerned, they’re generally attracted to jobs either in or associated with the media, theatre or other social venues, with obvious knock-on visibility effects.
    So with that in mind, are you sure you’re not just so emerged in transsexualism websites watching it, that it’s a major part of what you expose yourself to on a day-to-day basis, making you over-estimate it’s impact? For example someone who lives in a small town in the countryside will at most encounter a couple or so trannies throughout their life, while someone living near a tranny commune is liable to encounter many different trannies on a regular basis.

    1. Well there was that Austin study that showed that people raised by that community end up 7 times more likely to be in that community. Which means that we are talking about a mental disorder with an infection rate.

      1. If you’re talking about the Regnerus study it’s about as methodically sound as Mary Koss’s study on campus rape which produced the 1 in 4 figure. Make of that statement what you will.

      2. How much of it is lesbians licking little girls and gays having boys still in diapers past 4yos?

    2. You’d never guess it was only 3% given how much attention and sympathy the newsmedia gives them and gins up for them.

      1. Well that’s part of my point, there’s a propensity to overestimate their ‘growth’ and impact because of how many of them are involved with the media, or associated areas, such as being the hairdressers, make-up artists and stylists of those in the media, or running the bars and watering holes that media types go to, or being fashion designers etc.
        It’s a bit like how those that work in the high reaches of the banking industry also have a tendency to be filthy rich, given that said industry deals primarily in everyone’s money.
        Or as the old saying goes, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

    3. In the black community being on the down low(closeted) makes some go back to prison for more sex. The problem is some places are actually teaching school kids about gay sex being ok to the point they promote it over regular sex(prevents overpopulation). The message is anti-white and anti straight. After 12 school years of 8 hour days of STR8 white men bad, gay dieversity good, Omegas that are not gay will be in bad mental shape.

    1. Why don’t you tell him how you handled it. You liked it right? Well, It probably wasn’t a surprise, but you’d play it off as one to anyone/everyone you tell about it, right?

  8. Transexuals are such a small percentage of the population (around 0.2% or so) that discussion about them strikes me as irrelevant to the rest of us.

        1. You should write a book or article on tranny recognition. I am sure that it will be appreciated, especially by those traveling in SEA. Maybe it can be like those charts that pilots used to have to visually identify enemy aircraft.

        2. That book would sell like hotcakes in the arrival halls of the airports in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket.
          I just follow the simple rules
          1. If there is any doubt, then there is no doubt.
          2. If it looks too good to be true…..
          Unusually round and symetrical breasts, obvious tendons on the backs of hands, adams apples, and large knees are the best indicators.
          As for their rights in society. They should be afforded the same rights as men and women. Because that is what they are. There is no in-between.

        3. I would add the clean science fiction-like look to their facial beauty (due to cosmetic surgery). They tend to be rather tall, by the standards of local females, with rather statuesque body-builds and presentation. Indeed, Thai ladyboys are often used as models in Thailand.

      1. Don’t worry not all of us want anything to do with men or want to fuck you, but don’t let me stop you from keep on livin that self-centered dream!

      2. Yeah, people might think you’re accidentally “gay”, and you’ll have to commit seppuku or something.
        And not all trans women are trying to “trap you” by the way.
        In fact, no self respecting trans person, wants to “trap” anyone.
        (Much less a transphobic douche. That’s like trapping Ebola in your eyeball. No one wants that.)
        So don’t worry – I want to cross the street to avoid you equally.
        Anyone who’s mentality is:
        Is just someone I want to avoid in general.
        Its like trying to explain bacteria to a serf in the middle ages.
        Good luck with that, right?
        They’ll just think you’re talking witchcraft, and want to break out the torches.
        And this is why I don’t leave the house. People are dumb.

      1. Yep. Because if there was anything more threatening to our economy and Merica’, its trans people.
        God, how dare they just make that up on the spot, and pretend its been around for hundreds of years.
        Oh wait, it has.

    1. You missed the point: 1 in 3 of people living that lifestyle has a human killing virus. Looking at everyone else outside of this demographic is deflecting from the point.

    2. Saying that transgender people are such a small percentage of the population to be considered statistically significant is the same as disregarding the entire state of Rhode Island, Pacific Islanders, Australia, and people who make over $500,000 a year.

  9. Do you know why so many trans men and women commit suicide even after their operations? Because society, even their families refuse to accept them. Trans women get the worst of it. Trans women are more likely to be assaulted, mentally, physically, and sexually, than almost any other demographic. They don’t commit suicide because they still feel like they’re in the wrong body, they commit suicide because they are being hurt so bad by people. If literally everyone in your life turned their backs on you for being who you are, if you were the most likely person on the street to be horribly assaulted, wouldn’t you kinda want to end it all? Think about that before you rattle off BS about shaming and disrespecting people who have it so much harder than you.

    1. If literally everyone in your life turned their backs on you for being who you are,
      Like all libtards, your brain is full of shit. They are men who mutilated themselves. They have XY chromosomes. They are not women, and never will be.

      1. No. Trans women were born men, but have felt that they were born in the wrong body, they feel that through sexual reassignment surgery, they can be the people they feel they should be. Trans women are women! They have breasts and vaginae after hormones and surgery, and then their bodies feel comfortable for them. Trans women are real women just as trans men are real men.

        1. There are terms for people who think (I’m sorry: feeeeel) they’re something they aren’t: cracked, crazy, cuckoo, etc. etc.

        2. Do you have tattoos? If you do, it’s the same principle, modifying your body to fit your ideal image of yourself. Does that make you crazy for thinking you should be a human canvas? And also, some trans people choose not to get surgery or hormones, it doesn’t make them any less of the gender they feel they should be. If a person says they are a man, then they are a man, if they say they are a woman, then they are a woman until you get information from them to the contrary.

        3. No, no, no. People with , a mosaic expressive disorder or other genetic-based boo-boo might feel that they are born in the wrong body. Many transsexuals don’t transition- they get hormones, either slap on or hack off their tits, and that’s that. They end up being a chick with a dick or a dude with a hatchet wound; neither fish not fowl.
          Really, someone to be pitied. That’s a shitty hand to have been dealt, especially when so many of them seem to regret doing anything or nothing in terms of their choice to make that transition or not.
          A genetic test can tell if you’re male or female (unless you’ve got a super rare mosaic issue or other legitimate mutation causing intersexuality). That’s it. You can slap a handle and a spout on me, but that doesn’t make me a teapot.

        4. You really should look at my comment about tattoos below, it’s kinda of a simple metaphor for the point I’m trying to get across.

        5. I’m just saying, everyone deserves respect in their endeavors to create the best, most comfortable version of themselves. None of this shaming of people who happen to be different from the straight man who is so praised by society. Accept people for who they are and stop trying to get involved in whether or not they can alter themselves to fit their personal needs and desires.

        6. You can slap a handle and a spout on me, but that doesn’t make me a teapot.
          But Jane Doe would say that if you did, you’d be an honest-to-gosh genuine teapot because you feeeelt like one. /sarcasm

        7. Wrong. XY=male ,XX= female and that is that. I can say I’m a llama and does not make it so. These people need therapy not the scalpel….

        8. Ok miss facilitator. Just don’t make me fucking pay for your mutilating , permanent sex change operations like they do in San Fran. Don’t make the taxpayer build new cis/trans/pansexual bathrooms ( whatever that is…) ..

        9. Replacing your genitalia is in the same category as getting a tattoo?
          You lost the Internet, sir.

        10. “I’m just saying, everyone deserves respect in their endeavors to create the best, most comfortable version of themselves.”
          Bring back shame. It serves a good purpose.
          And Disqus no longer counts downvotes? What kind of horse shit is that?

        11. “If a person says they are a man, then they are a man, if they say they
          are a woman, then they are a woman until you get information from them
          to the contrary.”
          And the ‘information to the contrary’ comes from all the biological factors a person is born with (DNA, the effect of prenatal hormones on the brain and physiology etc). No, you’re not a woman just because you say so, if your whole biology is that of a man, just as claiming you are a hybrid between an alien species from Betelgeuse and an angel does not make it true. You know, in psychiatry this disorder has a name. They call it ‘delusion’ – the belief in something which is not real, like someone believing they are the reincarnation of Jesus Christ or Napoleon Bonaparte. So we should really treat them as the person they claim they are, just because they say so.
          TL:DR – Da fuq you talking about? lolzolz

        12. Thank you all for pointing this out. Although part of this discussion made me feel sick and not so loving towards you women-hating males (yep, the dog references and subhuman shit was NOT cool) I have to agree with you on the trans bullshit.
          This is DELUSION. Just as schizophrenics claim to be The Lord, these whack-job bootleggers are just that – wishing they were something they are very clearly NOT.

        13. Since sex change operations aren’t covered by any form of health insurance, as far as I know (since I have a trans sibling and a trans ex girlfriend and all) they have to pay for their hormones and the surgery themselves. And an easy way around the bathroom thing, build more unisex bathrooms? Duh.

    2. its probably a bit of both. Some trans are a lot more convincing than others. Even if they have convinced themselves (and I somewhat wonder whether they ever really can) they are going to get feedback from those around them. Negative feedback can be ‘phobic’ or it can simply be that people around them are unable to act ‘convinced’, something they will be aware of. Trans men do seem to suffer a lot of violence – that won’t help how they feel about themselves obviously, but the author is right in pointing to this very strange social phenomenon of men ‘defecting’ to the other side, jumping ship so to speak

    3. That’s just like saying that painting myself blue and sticking blue spines on myself will turn me into Sonic the Hedgehog.

  10. Sometimes reading stuff in the manosphere makes me believe you americans are literally being overrun by hordes of degenerate freaks out of dimension x’s asylum for the mentally ill.

    1. That’s because we are. How else do you think obama got elected? Although Western Europe is ahead of us in pushing gay marriage, so we’re not alone.

    2. That’s the only drawback of the freedom of speech, he have to listen to these retards and half a brain feminists!

  11. “As a former LGBT activist turned redpill renegade…”
    You can’t seriously have been an LGBT activist and propose that male-to-female transexuals are simply guys who could not get laid and underwent the knife in order to have sex.

    1. I agree. I have a 2nd cousin who is transvestite and he went to the same high school as me at age 16. He hung out with girls instead of guys. Of course now i know why! He came out to his family at age 18. His father suspected he was gay at around age 15. I doubt not getting laid caused this behavior.

  12. Its quite interesting to see the contempt some rad fems have for trans women. A lot of rad fems don’t like them one bit…..they regard them as still being men. And they don’t like men very much

  13. It’s a societal problem that you should be very concerned with if you care about anything outside of yourself.
    Why do men think they are women? What has went wrong here? Clearly there is something wrong and slicing up your dick and having “boobs” is not the way to solve it.
    What these “red-pillers” don’t grasp is that the exact same thing is even more developed in the even more feminine culture of Japan where “men” behave like females and gets approval for it. It’s fucked up. It fucks up the traditions, it fucks up the social behaviour-system and hierarcy and it certainly fucks up the children they later in life will bring up.
    You see, “transsexualism” is a fucking ugly disease on your mind that needs to be shamed, it needs to be put so back far in your closet of your mind together with pedophilia. Seriously, who the fuck cuts up their genitals and claims to have become of the other gender? Science don’t prove that, never heard of cromosomes or did they just missed that lecture about the differences between genders on a genetic level?
    Russia got it right, propaganda for these anti-traditional and anti-social behaviours and “desires” is harmful, especially to youngsters who don’t see any hope or future. They are as vulnerable as the soldiers after they have been breaken down but instead they are filled with hope of that they somehow can find happiness and approval by “becoming the other gender or fuck men”.
    Think before you write next time.

    1. “certainly fucks up the children they later in life will bring up”
      Maybe not. Check out the demographics stats on Japan.

    2. People like you are the reason why the transgender population has such a high suicide rate.

    3. Thank you. I’ve been feeling like a pariah for having these feelings also. Yes it is a horrible mental illness like pedophilia and needs to be medicated, not treated with body mutilation surgeries and sex hormones. My whole world was ruined by my partner’s transition. Not a day goes by where I don’t miss the man I loved. 🙁

      1. You may miss her, but you certainly don’t love her, otherwise you wouldn’t be so selfish and delusional as to call your ex a “man” and compare her to a pedophile. Ridiculous.

      2. Actually, they treat pedophilia with chemical castration, so you’re really not helping your case here.
        (Although how are those alike, I’m sorry?)
        I’m sorry you “lost” your man, but your man was always really a girl, or they wouldn’t have felt this way.
        I’m sure she still would have loved you to be there for her, though.
        You know, they still basically are the same person they always were – they just don’t have to pretend to be something they’re not anymore.
        If anything, it should have brought you closer together, if you were really connected.
        I actually do feel sad for you now, but that’s no excuse to hate trans women either.
        Its not her fault she was born this way.
        (She only looked like a boy for a little while. She never really was one.)
        Transitioning is really hard, you know – especially when everyone is against you, and doesn’t understand.
        She probably could have used you to be there, even if it hurt some.
        I’m sorry you feel this way. But forcing someone else to live as a man, and be miserable, means you really must have not loved them.
        Don’t they deserve to be happy too?
        Would seeing them so miserable as a guy, really have worked anyway?
        Anyway, its not an mental illness – its a mental and medical condition.
        (Its where your brain is wired for one set of hormones and body parts, where your body has another.)
        Its real. Its documented and everything. You can pick up medication for it at Walgreens, because doctors know its an actual thing.
        Here, look:
        If it helps, I’m sure if there’s anyway they could stayed a boy for you, they would have.
        No one does this unless they have to.
        I’m really sorry your hurt because you “lost them”.
        But you didn’t loose them. They’re still there. They just look closer to how they always felt.
        Maybe if you can’t look past that, and accept them for who they really are, you’re the one with the issue
        (no matter how much it hurts.)
        Its not a “conspiracy” though.
        Its not something everyone in the science community is making up.
        It happens, and its rare….but some people are just born with the wrong stuff.
        You can either love them anyway, or move on, but you can’t blame them for it.
        NO ONE asks to be born this way.
        (Why would they? Who who wish this on themself? I wouldn’t wish being trans on my worst enemy.)
        (All of the pain, and alienation, and people not believing you, and putting shitty labels on you because of it.)
        (It sucks – but it still doesn’t change it. Its just how it is.)
        If you truly still care about them, maybe you should try to contact them.
        (Because I promise they’re still there. They’ll always be there, just in a slightly different form than you’re used to.)
        If you can’t handle that, that’s fine too – but just so you know:
        You were always in love with a girl.
        They were just born a little different, and looked like a guy for a little while.
        I’m sorry. 🙁

    4. I guess you missed the part where science proves the legitimacy of the trans person’s brain and that they have actual physical brains that are of the gender they identify as. Oh and when is the last time you had your chromosomes tested? You might be something else besides XY and not even know it, but really what do they matter anymore because they are really just important for when you are developing in the womb.
      Can I ask you, do you have Gender Dysphoria, or any kind of intersex condition? You can’t just choose to ignore a group of people’s shared experiences, when they are really just people with nothing more than a birth defect. That’s what went wrong, I didn’t get enough androgens when my brain developed and it stayed female. I am a woman despite what you try to tell me… because you can’t see life through my eyes, so you have no right to say I am wrong. I’m sorry dude, science proves our legitimacy, and you are being trans-misogynistic, scared of informing yourself of the truth, and will probably still chose to ignore it even after I tell it to you.
      My guess, if I were to have one, is that you are jealous and don’t allow yourself to do anything that you consider “feminine” because of your oppositional-sexist opinion that man and woman are opposite… therefore you might think women are “weak” because men are “strong”. That thinking is wrong in so many ways. Maybe you choose not to believe you have emotions, or don’t allow yourself to experience them either… I mean, I would be jealous too if I forced myself to hold them back. But really, I don’t know, it really could be anything, I don’t know you at all.

  14. If anybody wants to see some solid scientific evidence backing up RedPiller1985’s claims, here’s an excellent paper on the subject: http://couragerc.net/Transsexual_Issues/Sex_Reassignment.pdf
    The psychological establishment is helping sick people harm themselves because of a lobby group. The same thing happened with schizophrenia, incidentally: it used to be cured through therapy 70% of the time back in 1900. Now the cure rate is zero, as we load them up with mind-altering drugs.

      1. you can question the efficacy of talking therapy but anti-psychotics are a management regime not a cure and once you’re on them you’re typically on them for good. First episode psychosis has a pretty good chance of full recovery but once you’re on a drug regime your capacity to work through that episode is diminished, which increases the likelihood of chronicity. To say that isn’t to deny possible genetic or biological factors just to say big pharma was never going to simply provide a solution

        1. This is an interesting point. My doctor is older than shit, and when I went to him because I was getting chest pains from anxiety (my father was dying, my business was days from bankruptcy, blah blah blah), his first words were “I’m not giving you drugs.”
          His considered view was that medication for mental health issues is a band-aid most of the time- it’s useful to put people who are far gone into a state where they’re receptive to talk therapy or other interventions, but no more than that. At worst, medication for mental health issues allows the underlying issue (if it’s not organic) to fester while you mask the symptoms, allowing it to worsen.
          So, yeah, for my old-ass doc, he got me walking for an hour a day, and sent me to a behavioral specialist. After about 6 months, I no longer needed help- just my daily walk, which is part of my routine. That’s the true value of talk therapy for men- you fix the problem yourself, which is a big deal for us after the shame of admitting that we need help from an outsider… medication does have an important place- but it’s a crutch at best.

        2. That was a good doctor. Some very common drugs can have quite bad side effects, especially for anxiety. Drugs can help people, but as a rule they should be a last rather than a first resort. I completely agree with the statement that med for mental health issues can allow issues to fester. Most or at least many psychiatrists believe in biological causes for mental health issues, especially more serious ones (e.g. schizophrenia) and only recently have ‘talking therapies’ come back into fashion – meaning that the ‘content’ of these problems (particularly with psychoses, voices etc) are assumed to be manifestations of disease rather than something that might be integral to working through an issue. I think its reasonable to say we should lean towards solving our own issues where this is viable and we have the resources to do that. Not seeking help can be a big mistake, but depending on the nature of support / treatment you get it can make you more dependent and less able to get through life’s experiences. Re. psych drugs many of these are sedative in their effect, so even if they are necessary they are going to reduce your capacity to think

        3. occasional anxiety attacks : schizophrenia :: mosquito : pterodactyl
          The claim that turn of the century psychoanalysis “cured” schizophrenia in 70% of cases is absurd.

        4. I doubt psychoanalysis ever cured anything (although most talking therapies today aren’t psychoanalysis) and its practice has tended to focus on neuroses rather than psychoses (allowing for the interesting monographs on Schreber etc). Schizophrenia as a theoretical construct wasn’t even properly developed then – what was it dementia praecox – and even today there are questions as to whether there is a single thing – an organic disease like lung cancer etc that schizophrenia as a construct based on symptoms / behaviours actually describes. As such I think a healthy dose of scepticism is appropriate even if that statistic is somewhat dubious

  15. To repeat Lee’s comment below…our society if fucking doomed anyway. It is sliding even faster and just be smart and recognize it’s in terminal slide.
    So Trannies, while an interesting symptom, are hardly important.
    When your ship is sinking, you see a lot of rats swarming up the corridors from the bilge. You don’t worry about the rats. You worry about the water rushing up behind them.

  16. “The chunkier more autistic individuals tend to view themselves as “lesbians” who try to push their way in to women’s only institutions.”
    Right from the first paragraph, I was pretty sure that this was written by a woman. Reading that quote, however, I became 90% convinced. Feminists hate – hate, hate, hate – trans “women” for this reason. They see them as spies, as infiltrators. This quote here is the money, the entire point of writing this article.
    The use of stats, too, shows a certain feminine innumeracy, an inability to understand cause and effect. Just because married men make more money, doesn’t mean that if you get married you will make more money. Ditto transexual suicide rates and rates of AIDS infection.
    What I’m saying is – the ROK website may have a mole named redpiller1985 .

    1. Really? Most feminists that I have seen tend to put trannies on a pedestal along with other LGBTWXYZ-types since they are in a coalition against straight men. They go so far as to shame us if we omit trannies from our list of potential mates…

        1. not correct, TERFs is a marginal group, they even not considered as feminists by today’s mainstream feminists. TERFs are the same rads second-wavers, while mainstream feminists are intersectional, i.e. kinda of marriage between extreme leftism (egalitarian-liberal-socialist, etc.) and third-wave feminism.

        2. second wavers (who tend to be essentialists) are in the minority, but they’re still an influential minority – they have a huge effect on policy. As you point out there are huge battles going on between the rad fem purists who want to keep the debate about women only and the intersectionalists, who will often consider white (middle class) women as a potentially privilege in comparison to those who may be victims on multiple levels. I think what enrages them about trans women (particularly pre-ops) is that they can claim discrimination as women (of a sort) and as LGBT (transphobia) and a lot of them are black as well. Intersectionality produces competitive victimhood in other words, or at least a fractioning of the feminist solidarity to the degree that solidarity is also based upon alliance with similar groups under the rainbow. One of the things that has made feminism (and the left) so effective has been the ability to deploy both positions (2nd wave essentialism and 3rd wave relativism) simultaneously – campaign for essential women’s rights while also attacking from multiple free-floating gender fronts at the same time. But this is a makeshift alliance as the wars between trans activists and rad-fems / intersectionalists and rad-fems testifies. In other words there are internal contradictions which are now coming to the surface and which need to be further exposed

        3. Depends on how you define mainstream feminists, in general those feminists actually in a position to implement their vision of utopia, be it writing for newspaper columns, heads of the women’s studies departments, campaign groups with the ears of various state, federal and international agencies, will either overtly or covertly be attacking trans issues.
          Here’s a transcript of a letter they sent the UN:-
          And here’s the words of a former acolyte of anti-porn campaigner Gail Dines :- http://ontheblank.com/2013/01/on-the-ex-mentor-gail-dines-part-2-2/

          the degree of dines’ influence is dumbfounding. when i met her, i was actively organizing for the rights of transgender students, putting together panels discussing the discriminatory practice of accepting transmen to my all-womens college, but not transwomen, and to have gender-free bathrooms in our under-construction library. however, dines argues that transgender men and women reinforce gender stereotypes and therefore reinforce patriarchy. i quickly abandoned ship on those projects, and began to adopt her perspective: refusing to acknowledge transgender activists’ gender identity, saying more than once how outrageous it was, for example, that “a man be in charge of the lesbian avengers”

          Meanwhile, the common riff-raff of feminism will be bleating that feminism is an equality movement for everyone…

  17. For those you who are someone found your way to this article by happenstance, and are now furious; take a deep breath, and reread the article…only this time, in the voice of a character like Eric Cartmen. You’ll be amazed at how quickly it turns into satire.

  18. Fuck, the society must make it a crime to do this kind of surgeries, it’s weird, it’s dangerous, it’s, at least immoral.

    1. I don’t think you understand the definition of immoral. I have no understanding of the mindset/thoughts of people electing for those surgeries and just like with plastic surgery or extreme tattooing/body modification it will never be for me. I find many peoples appearances and life styles weird and uncomfortable. But I will accept advocating to live under some over bearing state that does anything more that protect people from violations to their given rights. Be a fucking adult if you don’t like something move on there are way more important things that time and energy could be spent on. Quit crying to the government every time your little feelings are hurt. Let’s stop the fucking hypocrisy being uncomfortable is not a violation of rights that should be enforced by law.

      1. I think I’m a thalidomide baby. Why doesn’t society allow me to pay a doctor to amputate my arms and legs? Why the hell not? Discrimination! You’re all haters!

  19. Transgenders, Homosexuals, Bronies, bi-curious, cross-dressers, Male-feminists, metro-sexuals…
    The world has gone to hell. I wonder what Charles Darwin would have thought of it.

  20. This an issue I have really been thinking about ever since moving to Thailand. The sheer quantity of ladyboys here I think makes it very difficult to swallow the politically correct notion that “they were born that way.”
    This behaviour is caused in a large part by societal forces. For one hormone drugs are legal, cheap and available without a prescription here. Gender roles work very differently here, but I won’t pretend to understand them. Also, there is money to be made going ladyboy.
    I have been tempted to do as the author suggested and refer to them in the masculine pronoun, but frankly, I felt like an ass. I also felt weird. I felt like I was forcing myself to use the word “he” instead of “she.” Maybe I will let you guys in the west fight this battle, cause it’s a lost one here.

  21. This isn’t just a filler article it’s a filler TOPIC. Who gives a fuck about transexuals?

  22. i have ery few real prejudices. i understand race differences, but i dont hate anybody for their race. i understand women pretty well, i dont hate them. i have gay family members, i dont have any issues with gay people. i mean, its gross, but its private, whatever.
    but i absolutely have an issue with trannies for a few reasons. first, their issue is NOT private. the most important factor in their “rights movement” is that other people openly embrace their delusions. the mere act of putting on a dress and makeup is an act of outward expression in order to recieve a desired response from those around you. it is not personal, it is entirely about everybody else.
    secondly, the term LGBT. nothing personal mind you but i take issue with it because it is outright deceptive. the T has no business there. it is not a sexual orientation. it is not a private matter than involves only those who consent. it is a mental illness that leads people to mutilate their genitals and call them vaginas. its like those people who amputate their own limbs because they dont like their limbs.
    one of my gay family members told me why the t is tagged on there. they are such a small percentage of the population, and also nobody in their right mind would lend credence to their demands, so they were unable to get funding for their organizations. they decided to rephrase it to fit in with the gay movements to get the funding from people donating to gay organizations. its a method for them to present their issue as a “civil rights” one by associating it with another unrelated movement with broader appeal. it would be like people who compuslively tan list themselves as black to get scholarships from the naacp.
    i legitemately dislike (borderline hate) trannies. if i see them i do not acknowledge them. i refuse to play pretend with them to keep them from crying. if you wanna wear a dress, whatever. but im not calling you a woman. i will not be your friend. if they put me in an uncomfortable situation i will straight call them out.

  23. The crying game was a great film wasn’t it. You meet the girl of your dreams. You get her home. She fellates you….then suddenly asks you to do the same. Its a fairly recent worry this, and one that challenges us to reassert our orientation as straight. Because there are two definitions of being straight and male. There’s the one that say you are sexually oriented towards women, and then there’s the one that says you don’t suck dick, or do anything else with dick if it isn’t your own. The first is a positive definition of a straight orientation, the second a negative one. Arguably traditional heterosexual masculinity has been defined and policed by this second definition. I would argue that both are necessary, but that it is a mistake to rely too much on a positive identity based upon what is ultimately a negative one; a disassociation from everything gay as the definition of non-masculinity.
    The proliferation of trans-life is a not a good thing as far as I’m concerned, but it is simply a trap to get fixated on this. As has been pointed out below radical feminists, and not just a tiny minority, are up in arms about trans-infiltration, and its a strange day when RoK and rad fems agree so squarely on an issue.
    Like some others I strongly suspect that one or two posts here – possibly James’ below, have been written by radical feminist sock puppets (probably male feminists) with a view to drumming up hostility to a community they currently feel besieged by.
    One reason I suspect James’ post is because he’s so spot on – he points out that “an act of outward expression in order to receive a desired response from those around you… it is entirely about everybody else.” I would never have realised that insight – its exactly right when you think of it.
    I might be wrong but my advice is forget the issue. Don’t allow your fear of accidentally falling for someone with a cock define your position on people you will probably never have to deal with more than a few times in your life.
    There have always been men who’ve dressed up as women. We used to think it as funny. As vaudeville. Even big tough as nails soldiers dressed up for entertainment in between slaughtering the enemy. Then it turned bad, and the men dressing up, started thinking they were women. We aren’t and they need a reality check. We need to discourage men from falling into this trap, but not by hating and persecuting, which is exactly what the hate industry wants.
    Don’t buy into the rad fem hatred of the trans-community. Simply ignore them. Their battles are our gain. Let them rip into each other. And if you don’t look too hard its practically a girl fight, albeit an ugly girl fight. With a few dicks. Some of which may be inside out.

  24. Am I the only one noticing this?
    I’m seeing a lot of ‘polite’ shaming in the comments lately as if those commenters are regulars. Discussing this shit is important to us as those who understand our society and I’d like my fellow brothers to NOT ALLOW them to guide us in the direction THEY want us to go into. They already did that to their fellow women.
    Because i understand the point of this article i will like to thank redpiller1985 for adding another card to the deck: Not respecting their pronouns. We already know what happens when feminist call someone not towing the party line misogynist.
    Random note: it’s funny how i rely on firefox to spell feminism, but firefox relies on me to spell masculinism.

    1. You mean my post? I suggested james might be a rad fem, so now im a woman? If you read my posts you may well not agree with the tenor of my posts but im pretty sure you wont think im a feminist, female or lgbt. As I’ve said i agree that the trans phenomenon is a worrying trend i also believe that the wider movement that presumably all of us wish to oppose is fueled by the demonstrating intolerance. It claims victim status and protection on the basis of that intolerance. If the young blood want violent insurrection then proceed as desired – not that that will happen. If on the other hand you actually want to subvert the thing you’re actually concerned about then you’re going to have to use your head. Or is that too gay for you?

      1. If you were a regular you’d know EXACTLY what i’m talking about. Every other article is full of “Hey guys, this isn’t ROK material. Can we please go back to talking about things that isn’t related to fat shaming/trannys/skrillex cuts/emotional vampire/feminist stuff? Thanks.”
        Before you compile a another wall of text try reading comments made by these people: Jim Davis, forreal?, PleaseFireYourEdiots, Is this real life?, Jackreacher. If you are any/all of these people, then my comment is aimed towards you, if not, then what’s the point of the reply?

        1. I only post under this name, you can read all the comments I make and I’ve been regular for a while. You could have been more specific if the things you mention are what you were targeting.
          The main problem we have on this site is people posting under multiple pseudonyms, for reasons that don’t promote debate. If someone is saying something that doesn’t contribute to the debate, is making mischief, or is being deliberately inflammatory in a way that serves no purpose then I think that should be called out. I will continue to do that.

        2. I’ve read quite a few of your comments and don’t file you under the category of deterrents posting here.

        3. PleaseFireYourEdiots, speaking! I’ve read ROK for the past nine months or so and article quality has gone down since the traffic has picked up. I am not a liberal. I hate feminists and crazy bitches and homosexuals. This article left a bad taste in my mouth, I wasn’t trolling. Why can’t we not discuss transgenders, we know they’re bootlegged and anyone who calls a man a woman or a woman a man is braindead
          Let’s talk about real self improvement and societal issues. Does an ROK red pill man really give a fuck about trannies?

        4. Be.Mccoy, you are absolutely correct. There’s some sort of false-flag operation going on in the comments.
          RoK is as RoK-ky as ever. If someone wants polite red-pill conversation, they can go to Sunshine Marry or Dalrock.

        5. There is a big chasm between impoliteness and political incorrectness and plain idiocy. No writer with a minimal pretension to be taken seriously would resort to saying that most transsexuals have been sexually abused as children, and that they are omega males in need for a salvation blog like RoK.
          The whole shaming marathon is complete nonsense, I have never liked it. This article is a new nadir, packed with gratuitous hate, poor or no-existent arguments and a pathetic final picth for the utility of RoK. I could dismiss it as a filler, if said fillers weren’t making a good 50% of the material posted here.
          This place is truly becoming the North Korea of debate on masculinity: isolated, self-referential, full of lies and complacency and misguided hatred.

        6. Is this not a societal issue? This is something that will be forced upon our children and their children that they must accept this or get hammered by this society, so any insight into dealing with this (since i don’t think there are any sites dedicated to handling people who believe in this new strange shit) is welcome.
          What’s so badass about RoK is that there are many sub categories which a person can focus on if they don’t like what they read. Lastly we aren’t forced to read articles, but understanding someone elses point of view is always interesting.

  25. It also doesn’t help that most transsexuals were sexually abused before turning to the dark side of humanity.
    When these omega males are at the lowest point of their life, they need a site like this, not blogs dedicated to transsexualism. Push back against transsexualism before it infects those who you love and care about.
    I thought this site was more about the hidden truths in masculinity, but I can see lots of authors are easily deluded that can enounce any baseless BS they want and get away with it, just because they have a nodding and overly complacent audience to hear them.
    Statements like the ones above have consequences. But do the (mostly) anonymous hacks, with little or no life experience besides their basement fantasies and their one-off sex trip to the Philippines, really care about being truthful and balanced?
    I don’t think they do. I used to love the original theme of this site, as well as the undercurrent that bred so many of his initial debates. Clearly this has changed, and RoK now cares far more about stirring up the worse kind of controversy and monetising on whatever clicks they can get, be them friend or foe, than creating a healthy debate on masculine and related social dynamics.
    Do. Not. Like.

      1. Don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re annoyed with people whose sexual choices are clear and openly expressed? Give me a happy LGBT any time over a frustrated heterosexual man who resorts to shout his hate online.

  26. ” Never respect their pronouns. Call them what sex they were born with since sex can’t be changed. ”
    I already do that. Damn the SJWs.

  27. Who the hell cares? Are we really gonna spend time talking about such a non-issue? Live and let live. If you’re not being personally harassed by someone, why spend your time harassing them? (Btw, the reason for such a high suicide rate is because people are absolute assholes toward these individuals.) If there’s one thing that I can’t stand, it’s people who bully others who are simply trying to live their life. It’s the ultimate sign of weakness, in my (probably unpopular) opinion.

    1. Hmm. Did you pay a surgeon to remove 3/4 of your brains, or you were born like this?

      1. Interesting analogy. No surgeon would agree to remove 3/4 of a healthy brain, no matter how insistent and thoroughly self-deluded the patient. He’d lose his medical licence.
        There is something very wrong with a society that abets self-mutilation.

  28. ….So why does this need to be stopped? I mean, it sorta comes back to the old adage of, “If they’re not actually hurting anyone, then why should you care?” If man identifies as a woman…then so what? Let him keep his dress and go about his day.

    1. Not many people really do care. It’s only reactionary due to these groups pushing for political rights and social acceptance of their mentally deranged behaviour.
      Everything happens for a reason…

      1. Well, when you call something “mentally deranged”, that’s a moral judgement. Which, as much as I might disagree with you, is your right to have. However, as far as the law is concerned, a transsexual gaining a few basic rights shouldn’t effect you at all. Honestly, what exactly would happen? Well let’s see…you’d have to recognize a few pronouns…you have to *gasp* deal with one in a bathroom (I know, that’s asking a lot of you, right?)….and then….nothing.

  29. What. The. Fucking. Hell. This whole fucking website is full of sexist, pretentious, fuckwad stories. Ok, so great, you know how to spot a transsexual, super proud of you guys. But seriously, why does it matter to you? You can’t fucking catch homosexuality like a cold. Do you think transgenders and transsexuals and homosexuals intend to wage war on your masculinity? Jesus fucking christ get your oversized heads out of your asses!

  30. There’s way too many high horse riding moral do-gooders in the comments section of RoK these days. Any form of free-speech that fits outside the liberal narrative is attacked, how ironic.

    1. Funny how it’s free speech. Do you know the responsibility that comes with that phrase? I decry this crap. But I also stand up for the writers ability to say it, think it, print it, and get it published. However if you say something I think is stupid, I will call it stupid. Most of the things this article calls fact are anything but. The writer has the ability and even the right to say and write this. But I have the ability, and the right to call bullshit. By all means challenge what i have to say. Back up that challenge with facts or even well thought out arguments. I will not now nor ever support anyone saying you don’t have that right. I hate PC bullshit. I hate the dumbing down of the conversion. I hate people getting there poor little feeling hurt and claiming they are being denied something they clearly aren’t. This article is not someone speaking out about being repressed, it speaking out to cause repression. Want to be the top dog alpha male? Go for it. Nothing I think, believe or do can stop you. No law passed is going to make you not who you are. But if you have to prove you are tough by repressing something you don’t like? I have news for you. You aren’t top dog. You fear something. Your fear my existence whether or not you ever meet me makes you less of a man. In that case you aren’t an alpha male. Just another pretender to the throne. If you can’t handle ideas different from your own, you aren’t leader of the pack, you just a follower. Enjoy your view of the lead dogs ass there boyo.

    2. aww sorry the groupthink got interrupted. maybe we should let you get back to your circle jerk

  31. This is moronic. You start by arguing that men want to become women because they get rejected by women for sex, and women can easily get sex? Yeah, from MEN. You think a straight guy makes a rational decision to transition to female in order to get sex from a gender he’s not attracted to? This article makes 0 sense. Also you’re a terrible human being. Better luck next time troll face.

    1. It doesn’t make sense does it? Yet my (apparently straight guy) did exactly this. In his mind the thought of having to put out for MEN did not even occur to him.
      It’s a mental illness. I lived with this man for years before he gave me ANY inkling that he wanted to be a “gurl”. Trust me, these fuckers NEVER think of that outcome, it’s all about the stupid girly privileges he thinks he’s going to get in the skirt! If you’re wondering why I’m chiming in here, it’s because this asshole duped me for 4 years as a dude before coming out with the internet-indoctrinated tranny bullshit. And I tell no lie, this shit never even came up in our relationship in all the years we were together until he started frequenting cross dresser forums. They are all fucking sick. It’s a disease.

  32. “more autistic individuals” You can go fuck yourself with that bullshit. My son is autistic. There’s a big goddamned difference between some omega chump wanting to dress up like a chick and someone born with a real disability. If you’re too fucking stupid to come up with a word to describe “awkward individual” maybe you should rethink writing.

  33. No surgery can change chromosomes.
    It’s utterly sick that any surgeon would mutilate the body of a confused and mentally ill person.

  34. If MTF transexuals want to transition into being female, that’s fine with me. Why do you view this as a problem? Not all omega males want to transition into females, not all of them were born transgendered, certainly not me.

  35. I don’t understand the hate against this article. This site is about men reclaiming their birthright as men. Transsexuals are at rock bottom. These men don’t understand what’s wrong with their lives, and the only people offering a solution are the very people who would rather castrate all men for being potential rapists.
    Transsexuals are, always have been, and always will be men. Most of them don’t realize or believe that right now, but by being exposed to the kind of wisdom on this site, some of them can be saved. You’re doing the world a service by pointing out the flaws in the transsexual’s ideology, mainly because it will reduce feminist corruption on these confused men.
    How many non-religious sites or organizations question transsexuality? The idea spreads like a virus, infecting everything from clothing stores and restrooms to bars and clubs. And we’re supposed to just sit by and watch it happen, being told that other people are “different” and we should accept them for who they are.
    Transsexuals need tough love. They need to be reminded that it’s OK to be a man, and in fact they will be happier for it. They need to understand that they are NOT victims, at least not in the way they think they are. In other words, they are not victims of the “patriarchy,” they are victims of feminism and liberal extremism.

  36. What in the Nine Hells of Baator is this crap? OMFG! First off “omega” males? Do you know how many Trans women I have met that spent there lives pretending to be Alpha males? A Navy Seal comes to mind with out even trying! As for me? I am a Domme. Omega my ass! “As a former LGBT advocate” I call bullshit! This is Male dominated propaganda bullshit. And the last time I looked I can also see gay males who are quite happy being gay who also ware dresses. They don’t identify as women, they identify as gay males. This is why I stand up. I am a sword swinging, cute squeeing, Woman born into a body that doesn’t like me and the feeling is mutual. If I can NEVER afford the SRS or even HRT I am comfortable with who I am and it is not defined by either the letter M on my birth certificate nor the anatomy of my body. The first time I did even a cursory glance into what it meant to be trans I found research by Dr. Benjamin who showed that in transexual brain, even ones that had never had HRT that the Brains sex identifier did not match the body. And I for one am not going to change my brain to match my body to make anyone happy. My brain and mind is who I am, not my body.
    So all I have to say to crap like this is Bring it B*tch Boy. I got a sword with yours and who ever else thinks of women, trans or otherwise, as the weaker sex.

      1. I wonder if the Onion has ever just found a site like this and changed a few phrases around and calls it good.
        The satire writes itself.

        1. Not sure if the barely-legible crayon-scribbled ranting of a bunch of compulsive masturbators with cartoonish overcompensation issues is more a source of humor or pity.

  37. “Push back against transsexualism before it infects those who you love and care about.”
    Y’all are ridiculous.

    1. Like every one of us doesn’t have shithead homophobic relatives that tried to do the same exact thing.
      I ain’t got time to listen to simpering man-children telling me to MAN UP while they pause between kissing their own biceps in the mirror and try to figure out which variation of AXE cologne will mask their odor of desperation and cheeto sweat.

  38. I can only hope people with your narrow-minded opinions only make up 0.2% of the population, too.

  39. it already has affected my life. I lost my loving Omega of 4 years to this travesty. I nearly killed myself over the hurt and pain it caused my family and the sheer social embarrassment it caused me. judge me harshly if you like. nothing comes even remotely close to losing a person you believe is your soul mate to THEMSELVES.
    I often fantasized he cheated on me instead. This would have been easier to live with. I’m relieved there is finally a site like this and all women need to be warned – these guys can be in loving relationships and STILL fall victim to this internet epidemic. I saw my love get swallowed into this hideous, delusional community and with it took all my dreams of a happy future together. I know this may sound extreme but I already had PTSD before this happened… now, even thinking about sex causes nasty flashbacks and emotional trauma. I can’t have sex with another man and haven’t since I split with my partner.

  40. So. Much. Ignorance. Try leaving your house once in a while. Have a conversation with a person who doesn’t look, talk, and sound just like you. You actually used the word “groupthink” without seeing the irony. When was the last time you confronted a person who was different from you in real life and spoke to them about their life? My guess is never, because you clearly dont have the life experience to have met any of the kinds of people you write about here. And if you have, you learned not one thing about them. Attitudes like yours cause people to take their own lives.

  41. How about you keep your opinions and beliefs out of other people’s pants? For real, it’s not your body, it doesn’t effect you in any way, it’s none of your business, so stay out of it. What a concept.

  42. Lol. I was a sigma before transition. I was the effeminate nerd who was nevertheless a threat to alphas (unless they wanted to befriend me). I can’t speak for all trans women, but it doesn’t add up that we would “make up” dysphoria and leave all that behind (I always had a steady supply of hetero-sex). I am now celibate and have never tricked anyone into sleeping with me. Sure, some of us have been irresponsible (yes, I believe disclosure is a must, I can’t side with SJW who defend what you call “deceit”), but its pathetic to see people building conspiratorial animosity toward a whole minority over a stereotype that only applies to an even smaller minority of us. In my exposure to dozens of trans women, I have only met one who has been dishonest towards men, and she changed her ways after a close call.

  43. you think about gay trans people a lot. You also talk out of your asshole.

  44. Texts coming from people affiliated with the PUA scam can not be taken seriously to begin with. I try to do it anyway:
    > It also doesn’t help that most transsexuals were sexually abused
    This claim is older than the authors of this article. It has been disproved by research. Not that you care for facts, anyway.
    > Combine that with most of them being raised by overbearing mothers
    This claim has it roots in Freudian thinking. It has also been disproved.
    > and you have them completely failing in the sexual market place.
    Which is disproved by the significant number of TS which had sexual success and/or are/were married, maybe even got children.
    > Imagine for a bit a man who claims to be a Pokemon.
    Which would of course show mental illness. But this has nothing to do with TS. Science has proven that male and female brains are different and that trans woman have a brain which resembles the female brain. This has now been show at least regarding three different brain areas, by different studies carried out by different people.
    > Yet, being transgender leads you to be part of a “community” that has a 60% suicide rate
    Being depressive also leads you to be part of a “community” that has a rather high suicide rate. Also the statement is wrong. 60 percent attempt suicide. “60% suicide rate” does not mean the same thing. Also as one does not choose to be part of that community, this fact is meaningless anyway.
    > According to this, men who have the surgery tend to still commit suicide at a much higher rate.
    This is one of the most often heard statement by transphobic people and it is also one of the dishonest ones. The full truth is that the suicide rate significantly declines through/after transition. It is still higher than in “general public” but this does not prove anything except that transgender people already start from a very shitty square one.
    > sexchangeregret.com
    This is the poster child website of trans haters. This webpage is dishonest, exaggerating and misleading. But who cares, it spreads the same bullshit you try to spread so it must be good, yes?
    > They all say the same terms, have the same goals, and are masters of groupthink.
    Everyone who has actually spent time with and around transgender people can easily disagress with the notion that there is even a basic consensus about terms. Same goes for goals. For example while some aim to be very feminine girls, other prefer to be rather masculine or butch.
    > They all have some sort of tranny tribalism over the cisgender aka normal people.
    There is a significant subset of TS who stay away from such “tribes” or circles, self-helf-groups and whatever. I (also TS) for one virtually only have cis-girls in my social environment. Who all actually agree that I’m female because this is how they perceive and feel me. But they must all be wrong of course. Not that it comes as a surprise that PUA people really believe that they understand females better than the females themselves as this is actually one of the founding bases of PUA.
    > Transsexualism has grown tremendously over the five years
    Not according to any trustable statistic.
    > especially with the conversion of omega males into being a tranny.
    I wonder how you actually know that these were omega males. Oh, you don’t.
    > Push back against transsexualism before it infects those who you love and care about.
    Replace “transsexualism” with “PUA” and then you got a point. The PUA stuff you are selling her has demonstrably infected peoples lives and created lots of misery. But one can be sure that you actually know that, but because there are so many male suckers out there who still buy into your stuff and you only feel hate for them (the ones you call “omega”) you have no problem taking their money and destroying there lives.

  45. > Push back against transsexualism before it infects those who you love and care about.
    Replace “transsexualism” with “PUA” (the stuff you are selling here) and you actually hit a nail.

  46. Chromosomes, not feelings, determine sex. I have been saying this for the longest time.
    When someone wants to falsely represent themselves as the opposite sex I think it should be treated as criminal.
    The only exception would be the very rare occasion where there is some actual chromosome confusion (biologically). Those people I feel should have some leeway.

  47. Wow, this is one of the most bigoted, and hate filled things I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading. However, I’m sure your bulls**t “omega male” hypothesis, obviously trumps the decades of scientific evidence and research that trans people really ARE who they say they are.
    Why would anyone seek to become trans, if not absolutely necessary? You are immediately apart of an oppressed, misunderstood, and often vilified minority (as your hate speech so easily demonstrates.)
    No one in the right mind would come out because it benefits them sexually in some way. If anything, being trans is doing NO favors for you in terms of dating. Unless of course, you enjoy being exploited on the internet, there really is ZERO benefits to being trans, unless of course you’re simply being true to yourself.
    Gender and identify lies in the brain. It may surprise you that trans women never WERE men (omega or otherwise), and were simply wired for hormones and parts that nature somehow glitched on.
    This has been scientifically proven again and again.
    Plus: Any man that seeks to become a woman for some sexual fetish, or perceived imaginary power, was never female to start with BTW. So your argument is bunk right off back.
    I’m going to let you in on a secret, Return of Kings.
    There was a time, when I started heavily researching the transphobic elements of radical feminism, that I was horrified and taken back at the hate speech I read.
    There was a brief moment, that I looked to people like you, as people that would fire back at their hateful bile (since I was so desperate to find ANYONE that would), and I actually read a few articles, and actually considered them maybe some sort of solution.
    I was THAT desperate for alliances (sad, I know).
    Now however, I realize, you are just as sad, ignorant and hateful as the lot of them.
    You view the world as men having to have some bullshit pecking order of “Alpha to Omega”, which in itself is damaging for EVERYONE.
    And feminists, in turn, villify you for it.
    (While the radicals then say “Well anyone born “male” is obviously like that”.)
    So then you BOTH keep each other in business. You both feed off each other, and everyone is lesser because of it.
    So here is what Return of Kings sells:
    You embrace all the patriarchal notions of masculinity that are harmful to everyone, and when people choose to better themselves by rejecting what DOESN’T work for them, you belittle them for it.
    (Or imply that somehow makes them “less” somehow.)
    All the “Feminazis” you love to decry, love to spout out how anyone born male is inherently corrupt and oppressive. You simply exist to prove them right, by agreeing with everything they say.
    YES – this is what it means to be born “male” (and this is all you can ever be)
    YES – You must rule over people or be destroyed.
    How about neither?
    Honestly, I once viewed you and the TERF’s as polar opposites – but I now realize you’re one in the same.
    You are both too ignorant and uneducated to realize that gender identity has nothing to do with what chromosomes you may or may not have.
    (And that chromosomes cease to be a defining factor on you as a person, the second you exit the womb. Only a nazi-esque eugenicist would say otherwise.)
    You both rally around this extremely negative and hateful idea of what being born “male” means, and decry anyone that says otherwise.
    Honestly, you Return of Kings, and the feminazis were made for each other.
    You’re both ignorant hate mongers, agreeing over the same flawed hate speech. You just seek to use the same false information, to empower yourself over the other.
    (I.E. “Penis = Oppression”)
    Well, both of you need to stop fighting and get hitched – just leave the rest of civilized society out of it.
    The great things about knowing that “Boys can be girls”, and “girls can be boys”, is knowing biology is NOT destiny, and its possible to be whatever you want to be.
    Both of you subsets of idiots are going to have to grasp as very simply fact: In the next 100 years, if not sooner, birth sex is about to be COMPLETELY irrelevant.
    We can turn male sperm into female eggs.
    We can turn female eggs into male sperm
    We can reprogram genes to turn testes into ovaries, and vice versa.
    We can create soon to be implanted artificial wombs, capable of sustaining life.
    The line between boy and girl is about to become permanently eradicated, and we will each be free to live up to our own destiny.
    Be it boy, girl, or something in between.
    The only thing standing the way of such concepts, are Neanderthals like you, promoting the “Lead, follow, or get out of the way” chauvinistic male act.
    Hate to break it to you babe, but its a dinosaur act on its way out the window.
    Women can be leaders, boys can be housewives, we are all about to be free in so many ways, you won’t even be able to stand it.
    But you’re so afraid that this threatens your power structure, you hold onto antiquated notions of identity and gender in order to keep all of us tied down to this obsolete thought process, that stopped working a long time ago.
    So lighten up, why don’t you?
    Bake a cake.
    Or don’t.
    Either way:
    I am free in all the ways you are not.

    1. Here’s a secret: Each of you can be, whatever the fuck you want to be.
      Anyone that tells you otherwise, is just fucking with your head, to exhibit some control over you, and turn you into slaves.
      Anyone selling you on this concept that your body parts having to alternate between being “oppressive” or “worthless”……
      Those people are your enemy.
      It doesn’t matter if they’re Return of Kings OR Feminazis.
      Women have successfully expanded gender roles for themselves, and now its time for boys to play catch up, by being whatever in the fuck they want to be.
      Wear makeup, rock androgyny, become the punk rock super star you’ve always dreamed of.
      (Makeup and High heels, after all, were once only denoted to male royalty. I don’t see you guys talking about that, though.)
      Running back to this obsolete thought process, of “what you have to be to be a man” is only going to make you miserable and you know it.
      Yeah, its going to suck. Being a pioneer always sucks, if that’s what you have to do.
      But they’ll be allies along the way too.
      (All you have to do is take care of each other. Society has brainwashed you into viewing each other as the enemy. This is so you are a more easily controlled.)
      (Support each other regardless of “rank”, and you will all prosper.)
      If you guys want to be the “Alpha”, then fine.
      But there’s always options, you know – even if you’re not “trans”.
      Besides, those that choose not to be alphas, should be cherished, celebrated, and protected – not dragged down & belittled.
      (By your own definition, them choosing NOT to be “alpha” makes it easier for you, to become who you must.)
      In any case – anyone else saying that you CAN’T be whatever you want, is just trying to sell you on the concept of being a slave.
      Slaves are the big hefty ones that do all the heavy lifting after all.
      Is that all you want to be?
      You are more than your physical prowess, and your emotions are something to be celebrated (not suppressed).
      Find people that love you, and be true to yourself.
      Reject the self loathing society is teaching you.
      You want to be kings? Then act like it.
      Gods usually possess characteristics of both the feminine and the masculine.
      Why would you deny yourself to be all you truly can?

  48. Biggest load of horseshit I’ve read on all of the Internet for months. I’m a red-blooded straight man and definitely not some politically-correct beta, but who the fuck cares what other people do with their lives? I often hear claims that transexuals are ‘delusional’ and ‘mentally ill’. I could go on ALL DAY about the types of people who actually are. Transexuals aren’t hurting anyone else so who gives a flying fuck how they live their lives? I smell a lot of hate on here.

  49. I’m an Omega Male, and I felt I was born in the right body, and am not Dysphoritc at all. To me, the best thing one can do is go their own way. But I’m not going to shame individuals who choose to get a sex change, to me this will make more transsexuals commit suicides and higher rates.
    Also this blog fails to comment on female to male transsexuals. Are they women with penis envy, ugly women trying to find acceptance. I would expect the trad cons at ROK to take this on entirely.

  50. There are people who also feel they are better off without a limb, and amputate it accordingly. This is from a condition they suffer called “BIID” or Body integrity identity disorder.
    I think that these people need psychiatric help because of this…would that therefore make me a biidophile? Not that i give two shakes of a gerbil’s butt.
    It’s no different with transsexuals. Their disorder is no different, even if it’s been given a pass by the SJ media and quack doctors who follow in the frankenstein school of medicine.
    I keep hearing this ad nauseam argument of “oh, if we don’t legalize perversion A then person B will die by suicide”
    Well hell, why don’t we just make all perversions legal, since there might be a possibility of some unhinged mind taking their own life because their favorite vice is not legal…why don’t we base our laws on feelings instead of facts to make em happier?
    Because this is the USA and the rule of law is not predicated on mental insanity, whether its gender identity disorder, homosexuality, and so forth.
    The day will come when the APA will decide that the only mental disorder is the one that considers perversion a mental disorder.
    Then the law will arrest all the people who live normally and give the keys to civilization to those who don’t.
    Jesus’ stomping the US like Godzilla does tokyo shouldn’t be too far beyond that.

  51. Ok this is aimed at those here who are not totally phobic to try and explain what it is like to be transgendered and dispel a few myths.
    Firstly, as background, I grew up in the early 70s in a very homophobic (let alone transphobic) society where it, at that time, was illegal and/or treated as a serious mental illness. My first feelings about my gender, that I can remember, was at 6 years of age. It never went away all through my life and I am now in my late 50s (and transitioning).
    Because of the environment I grew up in I learned to hide it and bury it deep within myself and only express it in private. There were long periods of guilt, even self loathing at times. And I did that for 40+ years. Hide and deny. It didn’t work. No matter what I did, how I acted the feelings were always there, they never went away. That’s because it is ‘hard wired’ in the brain and you can’t change it no matter what you do.
    Myth kill: you don’t grow up and ‘get over it’. It is there with you all your life and you know from a very young age.
    So I acted as a male for many years, a seriously alpha male no less (that is more common than most believe, overcompensating to hide/deny it), fell in love, got married (twice), had a successful career. When I was single I was very successful with females. Oh and a very active physical life too, camping, mountain climbing, bushwalking, scuba diving, qualified commercial boat skipper, into rallysport and all the rest (all of which I still love).
    So lets kill another myth, only ‘omega’ couch potato males ‘become’ TG. Nope…. For example I know one girl who teaches mountain climbing……
    Oh and my T levels, before hormone treatment, were perfectly normal for a male of my age.
    Now, more background, gender is who you go to bed as, sexuality is who you go to bed with. The majority of MTF transgendered people retain their original sexuality after transitioning. I was always attracted to females, this has not changed.
    So another myth killed. Those who claim it is all about being gay and wanting sex with males, sex has sod all to do with it. Note gender feelings start before puberty…what has sexuality got to do with that?
    Quite a lot of people compromise with TG life for a period of time, though they are usually older people who grew up when it was completely verbotten. That means they express their true gender part time and act the rest of the time. They sometimes go to TG support groups, accepting social areas and so on. They are TG, but they compromise because partner/family/financial/etc reasons. It is hard to do that, but some do that for many years (I did for example). For some this is enough to function, but for others (like myself) the ‘act’ becomes too draining and you have to accept yourself as you are or end it.
    Myth to kill: when you see someone older transition it is not a new thing for them that has just come up, they have been dealing with it all their life. They have just got to the point where they can’t hide/deny/run away/etc from it any longer.
    The majority of MTF TGs want nothing else but to fit in and live a normal life. And they do that as best they can.
    Myth to kill: The media concentrates on ‘drag queens’, high profile people who transition and ‘she-males’. They are a very small minority. Drag queens are performers, the majority of whom don’t dress up off the stage. She-males are porn performers. The majority of TGs just try and get on with a normal life and that is all they want.
    Transgenderism is complex, but to simplify there are two main elements. You don’t look right to yourself (your face and body look wrong) and tactile (your body feels wrong). HRT and surgery (GRS. facial, breast and all the rest that a TG person may, or may not, do) largely correct that. It is not perfect but it sure helps a lot when you can look in the mirror and not want to puke and your body feels right to yourself.
    Myth kill: Hormones and surgery are some sort of unnecessary whim. Nope they work, they really do. Just to feel comfortable in your own skin and look right to yourself is such a blessed relief.
    Transgenderism is not a mental health problem. But hiding/denying/etc, suffering guilt and self loathing, being bulled, beaten up, being excluded , prejudiced against, transphobia, being kicked out by your family (and all the rest) does cause mental health issues, particularly depression. This level of bad treatment by others would cause issues with even the most normal (and ‘straight) person.
    Note that TG people just want to be treated normally. You don’t have to gush all over them, but just treat them with the same respect and manners as anyone else, you don’t have to be best friends with them if you don’t want to.
    In my case the tremendous amount of emotional energy I expended in hiding and denying (including periods of guilt and self loathing) meant I was vulnerable to depression. If I got a ‘kick’ from life (as we all do at times) I’d get depressed for long periods of time.
    The toll that took on me was terrible. Even though I was outwardly successful inside I was dying bit by bit and no one close to me guessed what I was feeling, because I hid it so well. Only after I started transitioning did I realise that I had spent much of my life with depression and it was so wonderful when it finally lifted, it actually felt initially strange feeling normal.
    Myth kill: transitioning doesn’t help your mental health issues. It does, a lot, a heck of a lot.
    In the best case, where transition is started before puberty (the Dutch model), the children then go onto having the same mental health statistics as others of their age and gender.
    With older people who transition, mental health stats steadily return to their age/gender norms. However sometimes it can take years as there is emotional scarring from all those ‘lost’ years, when a lot of damage has been done.

  52. I’m by no means a feminist-apologist, obviously not transgender and I only know a handful of transgender people, but someone tell me what the fucken big deal is? I don’t get all this vitriol and hate. It makes no sense to hate someone based on how they feel about their gender. It’s like hating someone because they drive a blue car. It has nothing to do with you nor should it concern you. I can think of MANY other people that are worth hating, such as people that actually harm others. Any half-sane person wouldn’t give two shits what someone else feels like about their gender or what they do in the bedroom.

  53. The author’s name “red pill(er)” is reference to what movie……..?
    Which was directed by whom……..?
    Which one half of the siblings (Larry then, Lana now),
    is now living as a……..?
    Alrightyt! Gravy! So, does this mean the author will be
    changing his name? His “ways of the red pill?:” Or keep it as a constant
    reminder it references a movie that was directed by a type of person he is so
    disgusted with…Ouch! What do you say to something like that?
    Instant replay…?taht ekil gnihtemos ot yas uoy od tahW
    !hcuO…ni detsugsid os si eh gnihtemos yb detcerid saw taht eivom a ot
    ecnerefer a si eman sih taht rednimer tnatsnoc a sa ti peek rO ?eman sih gnignahc
    eb lliw rohtua eht naem siht seod ,oS
    “Damn I’m good! Can you feel that, HUH?! Can you feel
    it? Captain Compost?”…
    The day of redemption…is at hand!!! REPENT!!!…and
    thou shall be healed….

  54. this is biogotted their were transsexuals in the bible we are women idiot medical science

      1. A little of both. Some people who attempt never successfully kill themselves, while others finally succeed after several failed attempts. I think they get better at it as they learn what methods don’t work well, plus maybe they figure, “People didn’t help me fix my life after the previous failed attempts, so maybe I should kill myself for real this time.”

      1. it’s about transsexuals like me, not about gay men like you. Besides, these PUAs just have to be told how awesome and cool we trans girls are. :o)

        1. You have no vag or penis. So basically you made yourself into a non human. Not cool.

  55. I carry a purse and a woman’s wallet. Some people might think I’m gay or a transexual. I’m not. It’s just that woman wallets have better carrying capacity and easier access to those various plastic cards than any traditional male wallets I’ve ever owned. The purse just has better carrying capacity than my pockets. I hate having lumpy pockets. It’s uncomfortable.
    So I admit it’s probably kinda weird. But I don’t care. But it’s not gay and I’m sure not under some dumb delusion that I’m actually a woman in spite of the overwhelming biological evidence that I’m a dude.

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