The 3 Purposes Of Women

When it comes to women, nature bestowed only three roles upon them: reproductive sex, child rearing, and homemaking. A woman who engages in behaviors outside of those three roles is going against her biology and will experience suffering as a result.

Reproductive sex


The primary function of sex is to reproduce. The secondary function of sex is to experience pleasure. Through universal abortion and birth control, we have demoted the function of sex to one solely of pleasure. Sex is now a sterile act between two individuals who are often under the influence of alcohol or drugs and who were paired based on emotional short-term reasons that often come down to entertainment or boredom.

Child rearing


The reason that women excel in child rearing is because their brains are similar to that of a young child. For proof of this, you only need to witness an adult woman interacting with children. While a man may be stiff and awkward with the creature, a woman instantly adopts a child-like personality and voice to create a genuine bond. It’s through this bond that a woman can better sense a child’s needs and communicate with it.



Women have a unique taste and aesthetic that transforms any dwelling from a functional unit to a “home.” They add comfort, warmth, and cleanliness while men tend to focus on more utilitarian and practical aspects of living. A family home that has been touched by feminine hands is one where its occupants will be more comfortable.

A woman who is engaging in sex with a multitude of partners without any concern for reproduction, and who has less interest in child rearing than in surrogate activities like working in an office, dancing in nightclubs, or playing trivia games on her electronic device, and who is unwilling or unable to make a home comfortable for her family is going against her purpose. This may remind you of women you know.

Can happiness be achieved by going against your biology?

The easiest way to answer that question is to examine the mental health of those individuals who have firmly denied their biology: homosexuals and transsexuals. Studies clearly show that these groups are the most mentally ill and suicidal out of the population (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Denying your genetic makeup entails the highest risk of being a loon.

A woman cannot be happy or even content with life if she elects not to reproduce, raise children, or be a homemaker. Is it a coincidence that modern civilization is actively encouraging women to stray far from these three biological roles? Our current society is inverted, as those who rule over us have determined that it’s better to redirect feminine energy into something that benefits their own selfish ends.

Not only are women suffering more than in the past but men are suffering too, because they are forced to interact with broken women who deny their biology. Until we have women embracing their biological roles, this needless suffering will continue.

This article was originally published on Roosh V.

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575 thoughts on “The 3 Purposes Of Women”

  1. The reason that women excel in child rearing is because their brains are similar to that of a young child.
    Maybe with the dumb bimbos you’ve might have “dated”…

    1. I don’t think intelligence plays a role here. Plenty of dumb women can be good housewives and plenty of very smart women cannot. Processing information like a child….through emotion and feelings…rather than through cold reason and force is what, I believe, Roosh is talking about…not that women are smart or dumb.

      1. I think it has more to do with women (in general) tending to be more nurturing and empathetic. But Roosh is saying women have brain functions like that of a child, which I heartily disagree with.

        1. I disagree with you about women having natural empathy. I’ve yet to meet a woman that feels bad after screwing someone over, they always feel that they deserve more than everyone else.
          But I do agree with you that their brain functions are not like children, more like autistic children.

        2. Absolutely Old Goat. The average female thinks nothing of screwing someone over for their own interests.

    2. When my daughter was born, my wife already knew all of the nursery songs by heart. I was amazed at how much she already knew about babies despite it being her first child. I had to be retrained in the words of Itsy Bitsy Spider.

      1. Honestly this is not my world. I never see 3 bang worthy (HB 6.5) white females in the same place at the same time in real life anymore. Is that pic dated from the 1980s in america?

        1. Where do you live? In Chicago there are droves 8+’s walking around everywhere. Its a players paradise. I’m always telling men to move here if they have game

        2. Yeah I don’t believe that droves… HB 8-10 roaming the streets. Sounds like beer goggles adjusted rankings. Maybe at night club where the door man only lets in attractive females, but then males have to pay door charge and bottle service to get inside to talk to them. Maybe you’re doorman or bartender at that club good for you.

      2. B, C, D, H, L would definitely bang
        I, J, F could if there’s nothing to do
        The rest? Bring some alcoholic beverage and lots of them and then we’ll talk

    1. hahaha…..hey, for the next pic, can you stand more to your right…by about 10 feet? Perfect!

  2. Sex is now a sterile act between two individuals who are often under the influence of alcohol or drugs…
    Maybe if you still have the mind-set of a college kid.

    1. The problem is the common misconception that sex is the whole ball of wax. It is not. Sex is a functional act. I would go further than roosh and say that the only thing that “sex” is good for is reproduction. With that said, eroticism is only good for pleasure. The erotic experience, sensuality, is an intimately powerful and uniquely human experience. You can’t be beholden to the kingdom of ends like animals or plants for eroticism to occur. You have to have a human psychology in order to make the erotic act happen. Once we separate out the distinction between “just sex” and “eroticism” it is much easier to parse these differences.

    1. Your cliche is old. For the last 50 years, feminism told women that they can’t be happy by being women. Instead, they have to get a career, farm out the kids to daycare. They are told not be sexy for their husband, but to whore around with dozens of guys. Whenever I see some leftist rejecting their natural feminine or masculine roles, I see an unhappy person.

        1. My apologies, I thought you were being snarky here. For some reason, there are a few on this thread.

      1. I disagree with the “sexy for the husband part”. I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s and married women were all about taking care of the house, the kids, cooking food, looking fat – getting fat was almost an expectation – and, once married, chopping off their long hair (it more comfortable to wear it this way and easier to keep, I was told). It was almost frowned upon to have marital and parental duties AND still look feminine (not unkempt). Only now I have started to see married women, mothers too, still trying to look appealing, youthful and feminine after wedding and children. Bun then again I live and was raised in eastern Europe.

        1. I don’t think the feminist movement made it’s way into eastern Europe as strong. You made a very close description of Rosanne Barr (from a late 80’s feminist sitcom).

  3. Has buzzfeed become a gay site? Few days back I was surprised at all the gay oriented content. Its so gay I couldn’t even read around it. It goes in the category with huffpo and jezebel.

    1. She is the gold digger who current day diggers base their gameplan on; Black China has nothing on ZsaZsa…

  4. The truth is that everything men complain about women is the fault of men.
    It is never their fault. Men liberated women in the first place.
    Men allowed women to have an identity outside the family.
    It used to be women were passed from father to husband. Outside that arrangement, a woman was either a prostitute or in service to religion.
    That was her life.
    Today’s men are too weak to put the genie back in the bottle.
    Hell, men are too weak to argue with a woman much less be head of a household pater familia style.

    1. agree 100%. You can’t blame women for acting like women. But you can blame men for NOT acting like men.

      1. You nailed it. I think it is ironic that so many men actually know what women are and understand the biology and the psychology but they are in complete denial about their own responsibilities in relation to that reality.

      2. It is no different than people with bad children. If the kids are wild brats, its the parenting. If women destroy the world, its because the men let them.

        1. Bad analogy. There are some children who are simply born bad. Poor impulse control, lack of empathy, affinity for torturing animals — we’ve all known a few like that. They never change, and get worse as adults. These are accidents of fate, and the parents are largely irrelevant.

        2. Exceptions are “everywhere” and in “everything”. Guess we are not discussing about “exceptions” here !

        3. Are you sure you’re not a woman? From Hillary caring about the plight of men to men and women are the same, your posts border on cuckdom

        4. Nonsense. Every child is born as a blank slate. When children go bad, it’s because they were abused by their parents (usually their infantile whore mother, who likely only needed to bring life to the world to validate her illegitimate existence).

        5. Agreed. I work in corrections and the bad parenting, absent parent(s), single mother dysfunctional retard is very obvious in the inmate population. If dad is always in jail and mom is whoring around with various men, just what is your normal? Very few times there will be inmates from two parent middle-class family units. The unfortunate thing is the cycle just continues as the breeding class squirts out more children that they are incapable of taking care of.

        6. Hey wait. You have to get a certificate to do false fingernails, do perms, cut toenails, but NOTHING to raise a child! We are now in the era of the assembly line production of the CITIZEN! Obedient, laboring, consuming, and breeding of course. No certification required.

    2. Is true — but not the fault of “men”
      I would put the blame squarely on the ??? persons orchestrating our demise…

      1. Who is orchestrating your demise? Somebody else has control over your life? Tell me who.

        1. “our” – not mine.
          And yes, Ultimately the police.
          Try arguing with a modern woman.
          She can just keep escalating…up to calling the police.
          California – -someone is going to jail…
          I can imagine is not a place to argue…if you want to remain free…

        2. Yeah, I don’t subscribe to that victim mentality.
          Men still are the vast majority law makers, hold the vast majority of judgeships and are 80-90% of the police force.

        3. and they all have a boss, and do what they are told.
          For their pension, etc..
          Is reality. – hardly victim mentality.
          You can act like a man with a woman – and it is what she wants.
          Up to the point she is bored, and/or wants to lock you down for marriage…then its game over…
          Society is not man friendly…is the point of this site and the entire manosphere…

        4. Yeah, when I watch “Mad Men”, the men are not pushed over like today. Those times were different…

        5. If you want to subscribe to that victim mentality, that is your choice.
          I can tell you have been making excuses for your lack of power your entire life.
          Nobody has power over your body and mind.
          If you don’t use the wealth of manosphere knowledge to your advantage, that is your fault, not the fault of society.

        6. The system itself at this point sets men up to be victims. You can be the most alpha, biggest swingin dick on the net at this point and still get screwed…

        7. Average men do not control anything- a small amount of uber-wealthy men control it, and extracting dollars from men and giving it to women keep our consumption- based economy going.

        8. Your feelings are not facts.
          The US has 50 states plus the federal government. And a multitude of county and city governments.
          Tell me which states have legislatures that are majority women.
          Tell me which states have bureaucratic management that are majority women.
          Tell me which police and law enforcement agencies are majority women.
          Name all these rich men who control every political office at the local, county, state, and federal level plus all the top management positions in every single public bureaucracy in the country.
          Your notion that rich men control every aspect of our governments at local, state, and federal level is not substantiated by any factual evidence.
          And women certainly don’t make the laws that rule our lives or even enforce and adjudicate the law.

        9. “Your notion that rich men control every aspect of our governments at
          local, state, and federal level is not substantiated by any factual
          You must be new around here. Yep, nothing to see…

        10. Where is your evidence?
          Your feelings are not facts.
          Anybody who pays attention just at their local city council and their local city and county governments know that rich, white men are not running the show.
          State legislatures are not filled with millionaires and billionaires.
          Judgeships, police, lawyers are overwhelmingly men and not all of them are filthy rich.
          If you make a claim, you better back it up with some actual evidence.

        11. Who controls everything now- women? You really think women hatched some plot to undermine what our country was 40 or 50 years ago? We are a pay as you go country at this point- women are responsible for 75%(some say 80%) of consumer spending- you think this was conceived…by women? My grandmother’s era(and to a lesser extent, my mother’s) turned their noses up at products made in Asia- who shaped our current perception? Women?

        12. Every lawmaker is a white knight unaccountable to the people who elected them.
          Don’t men vote? Don’t men vote for men? None of us live in a vacuum.
          There is absolutely no reason why men in positions of power should favor women unless other men are not holding those men in power accountable.

        13. That is a deflection from the fact that you can’t back up your statement about rich men having the power with any actual evidence.
          I don’t think women hatched any plot.
          I think men abrogated their responsibilities and now that we are down the rabbit hole, many men, still with power, are afraid of women just like they are probably afraid of their wives.
          But whose fault is that?
          If men don’t hold other men in power accountable, especially in the political realm, we have nobody to blame but ourselves. And who is responsible for keeping women in check? Men.
          Things in society don’t operate in a vacuum.
          No man has to give any woman any of his money.
          You have to fight for what you want.

        14. Don’t bend over, keep your back to the wall and your fists up. No one will screw you unless you let them.

        15. He’s right dude. Politicians sell it to women because they are 50% of the electorate but women only have the power that men give them. The superior physical strength of a man determines this. And it is this same strength directed at us that takes our rights and hands them to women.

        16. This degenerate art you have been posting does not please the proud men who come here to complain about women.

        17. Sounds like blue haired human resources feminists.
          “its all men’s fault”
          “man up and marry a fatty”
          I say no. And the ad-hominums begin.
          It’s not men’s fault.
          its not even women’s fault.
          “time to drain the swamp”
          Trump may or may not. who knows?
          But It’s not being a victim to point it out…
          I will continue to exploit for myself.
          But to imply that a man should just be strong and old fashioned -get married and everything will be fine is ludicrous…
          Men (especially young ones) should continue to enjoy the nature of unleashed women…
          I always have, and always will …
          May be different in the countryside – or 50 years ago…
          But not in the cities. too many hot women…and they have too many choices too

        18. Know of it, but haven’t seen it.
          I had a lot of success with women – as I’m tall and incredibly good looking…mostly went for same day/night bang.
          Every single time she had husband or boyfriend…I reckon just a bit bored, and go back to him eventually…
          Now, they can leave with the house and a pension…
          I’m not signing up for that.
          And no man should – that is the only way men(collectively) can recover – but it won’t happen.
          And, secretly, I prefer it this way…

        19. “No man has to give any woman any of his money.”
          these are just outright lies.
          you can go to jail for non payment…
          I was luckily married to zillionaire. But, they still tried to get child support from me.
          Now we get along great, and she still comes over and does my laundry…
          Any man unsure of this watch the utube from an ear for men.

        20. No man is forced to be with a woman and give her his money.
          You are just making things up.
          No man is forced to get married and to have children.
          If you don’t like family law, then get off your fat arse and change the laws instead of complaining about being a victim.
          Men control every single state legislature in the US.
          Conservative Republican men control 2/3rds of the state legislatures.
          Men control most of the judgeships.
          And you are still whining like a victim?

        21. “You are just making things up.”
          no I quoted you.
          “No man has to give any woman any of his money.”
          I’m not whining.
          pointing out facts. which have nothing to do with me.
          The statements you are making are just pure nonsense.
          lets see here:
          Shape shifting arguments.
          ad hominum
          straw man arguments
          blaming men.
          are you a woman like “pitbully”? who admits to entering this site to harass and destroy

        22. No man has to give a woman his money. That is an absolute fact.
          I find it fascinating that you think men have no choice in having relationships with women and that we are compelled to take care of them by force.
          Honestly, your posts are meaningless.
          You’re a Blue-Beta who loves his own victimhood.
          And you will be a victim until you die.
          Good luck with that.

        23. not a victim and you are lying – certainly a woman.
          “I find it fascinating that you think men have no choice in having relationships”
          never said that.
          I said men should avoid marriage.
          “and that we are compelled to take care of them by force.”
          this is fact – once you are married you will be forced to. Its called, spousal support and child support
          What planet are you on? seriously. where have you been?
          “You’re a Blue-Beta who loves his own victimhood. And you will be a victim until you die.”
          more ad-hominum.
          because I stated its not mens fault -and not womens fault either.
          Again I’m not the victim here.
          I disagree a man can change anything with the system. Certainly not one man.
          And you said “get of my fat ass and change it”
          another feminist outburst.
          Who says I want to change it?
          The MRM are trying, but much maligned…
          You say I should do it. Again nonsense…Nothing to do with me.
          I live according to how the system is.

        24. “Society is not man friendly…is the point of this site and the entire manosphere…”
          Well said; Striking, Simple, Straight forward and in Plain English.

        25. Broken, beta men yes…men who marry non-contributing women…men like you who were born on a plantation, as slaves (to women), but you’re in denial of your mother’s impact on your (blinded) perception of reality.

        26. Correct, and it will never be man-friendly until men give birth and “raise children right”. Society has never been man friendly, especially not during wartime.

        27. And women certainly don’t make the laws that rule our lives or even enforce and adjudicate the law.

          Black slaves born into captivity were controlled by their mothers, who raised them with lies and shame (to make them conform to the status quo). We today are born onto a different kind of plantation, but make no mistake, we are all the slaves of women. Our mothers “raised us right”.

        28. So cute for you and Richard Saunders to join us. Lolknee’s crew as I’m sure you are aware was starting to lose influence so will welcome the backup.

        29. The superior physical strength of a man determines this.

          How about the physical strength of a mother to force compliance? This entire world is the product of Stockholm Syndrome, I swear…

          Stockholm syndrome consists of “strong emotional ties that develop between two persons where one person intermittently harasses, beats, threatens, abuses, or intimidates the other.”

        30. yes, the same men that go home at night and answer to their bitched out feminist wives. the same men that answer to other men who are also under the thumb. you sound like you lived in a log cabin in the woods for the last 150 years… times have changed – university is a massive pussy den, most govt. depts are pussy dens of feminism as are most offices…. a man is in immediate danger of being pursued by law enforcement and all manner of problems if he stands up the way you are suggesting.
          for example – back in the day women behaved at home in large part because they knew they’d get a slap if they didn’t. try that today and enjoy the jail cell.
          if you went to a dangerous city like Rio or even wandered about in the hood of most US cities – all dressed in your finest suit you shouldn’t be surprised to get mugged and perhaps killed. so you’d need to be careful and cautious due to the social circumstances…. modern man has to exercise extreme caution in his words and actions because the entire social circumstances are not the same was they were.
          just 150 years ago it was OK to challenge another man to a duel to the death over almost nothing. imagine that today… things like that are needed to preserve masculinity – they used to hang horse thieves with barely a trial – life was brutal and real and masculine – look at how far we’ve come – we’re molly coddled and you cannot take that raw masculine attitude anywhere without ending up in short order in a jail cell with a felony conviction to fight off.
          50-60% of real masculine men – risk takers, free minded and those not afraid to kill if necessary – are in jail already.

        31. it doesn’t matter if they are men or women any more because we’ve had more than 100 years of invasion by feminism. men are not real men any more – so it doesn’t matter if they are still the ones that are biologically advantaged to control positions of authority and power – they’ve all had their balls cut before they hit 15.

        32. I love how you think your feelings are facts.
          The US is a massive country of 320 million people that spans an entire continent and you think all men are victims.
          Men are only victims of themselves.
          Men don’t have to beat or abuse women to have the upper hand.
          Women don’t use physical violence to force men to do their bidding, do they?
          The truth is you are a coward just making excuses for why you are powerless.
          Your attitude is unmanly in itself.
          You are not a chick, so grow up..
          If you have a woman making your life miserable, she shouldn’t have been in your life in the first place.
          We don’t live in India or Africa where arranged marriages still exist.

        33. clearly you have no children and have never lived with a woman – ie. you don’t know what you are talking about.
          women, politicians, laws of the land and so forth is a long con. you’re like a american in moscow in 1970 saying to all the russian people – hey – why don’t you just be free and start importing levis and malboros and learning english and being capitalists… it’s not that simple… on face value it is, but in reality it takes generations to make the changes.

        34. Feminism has only been around for 50 years, goober.
          I love how you think you know how every man and woman thinks in the world.
          You don’t know anything but your victim mentality tells me everything about you.
          You sound like a social justice warrior screaming about “white privilege”
          Just bollocks.

        35. More pathetic victim mentality.
          The only person who controls you is you.
          Generally, men are just as free as anybody else if not more free since they do control the political offices, management, business, and finance.
          You obviously live with a woman and she controls your life or you wouldn’t be crying like a social justice warrior about your supposed oppression.
          Nobody is oppressing you and even if you were oppressed you have the tools to get out of it besides complaining on the internet.

        36. I’m not complaining i am saying your attitude although correct at a facile level is incorrect on a global social level.
          You have children with a woman she can do any manner of things to totally fuck your life – whereas 200 years ago, it wasn’t uncommon if she slept with another man for you to beat him (and probably her as well) senseless, if not kill the lover – and a crime of passion was not considered a crime rather a matter of preserving honor.
          Fuck me that certainly kept things in check better than a bunch of divorce courts and family lawyers. There is no true masculinity without threat of violence. Real authority comes from threat of death which is why police carry guns.
          A man who is not prepared to kill another man or even woman if necessary is NOT a man – therefore to whit your argument is false, since all men apart from gangsters have had their agency in terms of using violence and threat of serious harm removed and they are therefore not real men.
          You march out into the world with a six shooter strapped to your hip and use real masculine authority you will be cut down before you cross the street from your apartment building.

        37. Manly was a guy with a sword or a gun strapped to his hip and free agency and social respect to use that power WHEN necessary.
          That ability has been removed. Therefore a man doesn’t step out into the world carrying that respect and authority – he steps out into the world more like a woman with an arsenal of social games, manipulations, political back handers and back stabbing tactics.
          This is not how a real man operates. As per your comments all the lawyers, politicians,
          govt etc are white knights precisely because the social construct we are NOW within favors this type of approach.
          This is a wholey feminine approach at its core. The man who sets out as a real man is a pure revolutionary and will likely be branded a terrorist or madman.
          Even medieval kings operated under the threat of total violence, upheaval, extermination of all family members and DEATH if they screwed up and as recently as the French revolution kings were hauled out into the street and had their heads cut off.
          We still have that, but the social construct of government has a monopoly on that today. So your average man is no more than a woman with a penis. Not by his fault, but by
          virtue of his situation. If I put you in a desert you will die of thirst- not because you are not a masculine man but because you are unable to find water.
          Outside of gangsters – men cannot band together and organize themselves as real masculine authorities because there is an
          absolute monopoly on that… FUCK ME when ROK tried to organize peaceful
          meet ups with zero political aims, just a social event, the media went into a frenzy. The only way to carry on was literally to start an armed insurrection and storm parliament buildings world wide. So whilst your sentiments are correct – you have not considered the reality of massive militarized police forces and government armies controlled by pussy white knight men (and directly by women) that will soon cut you down.
          Return of Kings – more like beta schleps by default. The only way masculine authority will be fully restored will be when the world collapses into anarchy.
          The elites, governments and bankers (and the white knights who fancy themselves in power and value their pussy comfort existence), are painfully aware of this fact – that the population (read men taking back their agency to use (threat of) violence) can easily rise up and thus – have gone out of their way in the last 20 years to install laws and impose social conditions that benefit the status quo power structure greatly.
          That status quo requires you to sit tight, put up and shut up and NO you most certainly cannot strut about as a man with real authority. You can be some fake man like an Actor or Politician. You can be an army general or a political minion. You can even run your own company and wield financial power BUT you are forbidden to wield real masculine authority under threat of violence.
          Imagine if Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos starting building their own private armies like modern day gangsters or lardlords of old use to do ? Imagine – in 5minutes the CIA, FBI, ABC, DEA, ATF alphabet soup would descend on them and finished.
          Even these men with all the power and respect they wield must co-toe to the established social order of the day and
          understand that the only ones who can wield real authority are the government.

        38. yes and the 50% that are not corrupted or white knights are homosexuals and or pedophiles…. what world do you live in… cloud and cuckooland ?
          you talk about the male institutions as if they are some bastion of support of a masculine culture – THEY ARE NOT – they are exactly the instruments of Marxism and feminism and a large majority of men have mistaken subscribed to this – what do you think the movie fight club was all about ?

        39. Odd basis for comparison if you ask me. From the (admittedly limited number of) episodes of Mad Men I’ve seen, your statement reads as though you’re equating masculine power with a free pass to treat women like empty-headed dolls whose entire value resides in whether they are servile eye candy skilled at playing cute and stupid or not. It’s that sort of facile stupidity that led to men losing their alpha status socially in the first place.
          Real men appreciate the role of women in both nature and a strong society, and don’t need to resort to that kind of cucked crap to be men, or take their natural role as leaders.
          Edited to add: Again, I only saw the first 2 or 3 episodes, so I don’t know the show as a whole, just going by those.

        40. such delicious irony in your statement, I’m sure you posted that for the “lulz”.
          “stay at home” = non-contributing
          “center your life and ambitions upon pleasing me” = leeching
          “I am king and always right 100% of the time and you will obey my every demand” = infantilized
          “Demanding marriage” = the only way she’s gonna do all that is if you pledge your fidelity and provide for her and the babies you’re gonna make.
          I wonder if anyone here is getting a clue yet. 😀

        41. Maybe because “the net” isn’t real life, and being anything on “the net” doesn’t mean shit for real life….

        42. I’m a little confused about your post there jonny.
          “The physical strength of a mother to force compliance…” — ??
          Where exactly do you think you are going to “go” with that?
          Absent a firm hand of discipline, people tend to blame the Mom for being too “soft”. Combine this with the natural inclination of mothers to bond emotionally with their sons in ways they do not with daughters, and Mom now faces charges of “effeminizing” little Junior instead. But if she “forces compliance” (I’m going to assume you’re talking about a proper spanking and not some psychotic abusive crap which is a completely different conversation and outside the scope of discussing broad societal influences here) suddenly she’s an agent of “Stockholm syndrome”? Dude, WTF?
          Let me tell you something about mothers — the very best of mothers who love their son(s) fiercely with the very best and wisest of love humanly possible. There is nothing such a mother will not do for her son, no sacrifice too great for her to make, no distance too far for her to go, no hard graft too weighty for her to shoulder.
          But there is one thing — one thing alone — even the very best of mothers cannot do for a son, no matter how much she loves him, and that is this: teach him to be a man. That’s something only a man can do.

        43. No one forces you to get married and/or reproduce, though. If you already know that by marrying and/or having babies the law is going to require you to do what any real man would fucking do anyway, which is take care of his responsibilities, and you have a problem with being responsible and NEED a fucking law to “compel” you to do what a real man does of his own free will, then the answer is simple: don’t fucking get married and don’t fucking have babies. The fact you need a law to force you to be a man is proof your DNA is unfit for continuation.

        44. Oh please. “Muh oppression” much? You’re not a fucking black slave born into slavery who HAD to be smacked into quick order by your mammy as a matter of SURVIVAL to AVOID having the Massa whup you so hard you died there at the end of the lash. Get real.
          Just because your mother apparently failed doesn’t mean your experience was normative nor that you can indict all mothers everywhere with the same failure. I raised my sons to respect women and treat them like people, not property — but I sure as shit didn’t raise them to take anyone’s shit or be anyone’s little bitch.

        45. This is a whole other issue — the conflation of definitions of “rape” applied on the therapist’s couch with definitions of RAPE applicable under law and in court. That is a complete problem in and of itself and something that desperately needs fixing. Does it suck to feel confused or intimidated into saying yes when you really don’t want to? Sure, but that’s something to discuss with a therapist (including the sense of violation it brings) — not something that should be legally defined as RAPE and used to ruin someone else’s life because you were having a hard time getting a grip on your volition.

        46. I was just talking to a lady yesterday that shared with me her party days and realized how it was going to ruin her marriage and children and put it behind her to focus on her husband and family. She said the happiness and satisfaction of being happy kept the emptiness of partying away. Without touching the subject of rape she interjected how these young women are drunk and fucked. “They sleep with someone to keep up with other girls and then feel bad about it. Then because they don’t want to face the shame if they admit its their fault for being loose(her words) they cry rape so they can get the attention from others that the guy is not giving them.

        47. No, but apparently you have difficulties making a cogent and relevant argument when you read something that triggers you.

        48. typical demented feminist counter logic:
          writes: “fucking, fuck,fuck”
          thinks it is being cogent, and relevant

        49. My condolences on your upbringing. And on your myopic incapacity to register the fact that this is really all this is about.
          I wasted way too many years of my own life blaming my mother for everything I hated about myself and everything that was wrong with the world. That’s a good couple decades I’m never getting back, kid. Don’t waste yours.

        50. Look, I’m not a feminist, and I’m not interested in wasting my time on childish poop-flinging taffy-pulls. You’re barking up the wrong tree. Dropping an “f” bomb has nothing to do with whether a person’s statement is valid or not. Either offer a substantive rebuttal or toddle off.

    3. The average man is too weak financially to put that genie back in the bottle.
      The reality is that it is nearly impossible today to raise a family on a single income in most major US metropolitan areas, many times even if that income is in the 6 digits. If are doing it, you’re probably just scraping by.
      Granted, if the problem was nipped in the bud, we might not be in this predicimant today. But the real question is, what now?

      1. “question is, what now?” That is simple. Fix your mind.
        Poor people who know how hunger feels, can afford a family of 5+ children.
        So. Nearly impossible with say 50K/year? No it is not. BUT you may not be able to have a nice home, vacation, nice car, nice cloths, latest iphone24, two flat screens and and and.
        You may have to make a choice.
        A more frugal life OR a big family.
        People today often chose the selfish pleasure over the long term happiness. Big goverment helps them doing this. They dont have to worry about old age (thats what kids are for in 4th world countries), goverment will take care of them. So they consume. And consume more. Get more and more empty inside. More and more crazy. Weaker each passing year.
        He who lives today and does not care about the future, has no future.

        1. I get what you are saying, although your example was a bit extreme. Family values over bullshit consumer trinkets for sure, but where I am living currently 50,000 for a family of 4 or 5 would be dirt poverty or government assistance zone.
          The sad thing is he quality of life has been decreasing steadily for decades now, despite our shiny new toys and distractions. People, especially young people are really feeling the squeeze. So to refine my question what can we as individual people do to help ourselves get back to a place where a man can confidently say he will be the sole provider and know his family will be ok?

        2. While I would not mention the extreme case of 5 children under welfare, it is true that a couple of iPhones less and a couple of international trips less could make for an extra child 5 years earlier.

        3. dirt poverty is relative – read again what i wrote above. With 50 000/year nobody will starve in the US/EU.
          That said. You can become a good earner in your home country. In the US thats maybe 70 000+/year.
          You could move to a cheaper country with less taxes/goverment and earn your money online in EU/US while living comfortably with 30 000 $/year.
          There are MANY options. The main problem is mental. In our time, money is not the problem. Your expectations are.

        4. I hear what you’re saying. Lived in SA very comfortably off of $1000-$1500 for two years even managing to save.
          It’s not about a set dollar amount, it’s about cost of living, which in many parts of the US has risen to absurd levels.

        5. yes, and it’s not only $$$ and income, it’s the complete loss of extended family because selfish babyboomers rather retire to go play golf and swan about on sailboats than be there to support their children and grandchildren.
          the real homemaker is the grandmother who is there to lead the mother and take care of the children when the mother is tired. these days the older generation are just living zombies that do nothing productive whatsoever.
          mandatory extermination for those over 60 with no productive family life – and watch what happens as the younger generations become supported in the raising of their children.
          It’s a fallacy to tie a woman into being a mother and home maker and that’s that… women are social animals and they need direction, leadership and other women around (preferably family) to help them in that. put 3-4 female family members in the kitchen or with a few kids to take care of and watch what happens. heaven on earth.

        6. I really enjoy this site and I am probably not supposed to since I am female, but it’s a relief to see that there are still plenty of men that are not brainwashed into hating their masculinity or rolling over and giving up beImg men. There are plenty of women like me too, for whom raising their kids and keeping the home are their primary concern. I did not become a housewife because I had no other options, I have a degree and had a successful career in professional football management. My husband and I didn’t want to leave our kids to be raised by others, so I stayed home, we made do with less money, we didn’t have a foreign holiday for 5 years and when we did the little ones were no more impressed with a sunny beach in France than one in the UK….sand is sand to kids! Some of my friends do work part time to help with family finances and to share a little of the financial pressure of our husbands. 75% of my friends are happily married, to their original partners. I’m not that old my kids have just started high school. I live in the UK in the countryside so maybe that is why? The U.K. is regarded as the weak link in Europe because we have the highest percentage of stay home mothers in Europe and are so ‘backward’. No wonder we voted to leave the EU. ( something I campaigned heavily for- Brexit was our Trump! ). Even convinced my husband to vote leave.

        7. absolutely agree with you on the role of grandparents, particularly grandmothers. i’d say the absence of hands-on grandparents is largely due to the delaying of childbirth. with women waiting til 35-40 to have kids the grandmas are around 65-80 when their grandchildren are born and even if they wanted to be heavily involved its much harder at that age.
          i had my daughter at 24 and my mom had me at 30, so she became a
          grandma at 54 and is extremely involved in her life. i unfortunately have to work 24 hr/week during which my mom nannies and takes my daughter to the playground, playgroups, errands, walks, etc. She also helps out when im feeling sick or just exhausted. idk what my boyfriend and i would do without her! grandpa is also always happy to play with her, feed her etc.
          its really sad to me that with these delays in childbirth grandparents & grandchildren are missing out on valuable relationships 🙁

        8. Good to hear. A man can excel much more in his career with a good woman taking care of the home and family. This is a win/win/win — you, him, and your children.
          Better than 2 worker bees spread too thin and directionless.

        9. Absolutely when I gave up work my husband and I were earning the same, since then he has been able to concentrate more on his career and is now on his third directorship and really at the height of his profession. That would not be possible if he had to fetch kids from nursery or stay home with them when they are ill. Nothing comes for free. I lost a great deal of personal status in giving up my work, nobody respects a housewife, but I also haven’t had the stress that those high pressure jobs bring and my husband has borne the stress of providing financially. We both play our part in making our family work. My kids had a lovely childhood which they acknowledge and really they don’t want to grow up! Life at home with mum was too good. They are in secondary school now so I have returned to part time work to help ease the financial strain but of course my career is dead after so many years out of the market and my earning potential is not what it was, so I don’t earn a great deal and nothing compared to my husband.
          I don’t mind, but for previous generations this was the time when many men left the first wife for a younger model and the first wife having given up her career for childcare was left with low paying work and a very impoverished life. I think the more punitive divorce settlements came about as a result, but have now gone too far in women’s direction particularly with access to kids and this is making marriage unattractive to men today. It’s complicated, we all want our cake and to eat it!

        10. Somewhere (((somebody))) keeps pressing Ctrl-P, because some other people keep voting for endless gov spending financed by borrowed money, created out of thin air.
          Sounds great to the uninitiated but to people who understand basic math, it means that with every new unit of currency borrowed into existence by the government (nearly $1T per year now), every other unit of currency is devalued.
          This has been giong on in earnest since Nixon ended Breton-Woods.
          Look at the purchasing power of the dollar over time. It has declined massively, even in my own working life. Pick any time period since 1913 in fact. The trend is clear.
          If you ask me that unbridled money printing (deficit spending) is the root of the problem.
          It has destroyed the value of our currency.

      2. That’s why it makes more sense to live outside of major metropolitan areas. Decent women are extremely difficult to find in cities anyway.

        1. Yeah, one year property tax in your average progressive metro…covers roughly thirty years tax where I’m at.
          The difference is insane. The standard of living is higher for far less money. They have everything backward upside down. I’m still astounded how bad they grift in the cities.
          Funny to ask people in the city the trick question of ” how do you get your drivers licence renewed.” They go show up on X day a few hours before open at location that’s not as bad, bring 123456 random documents just to be sure, be ready for at least three hours if goes smooth…probably can take all day….might have to go back if blah blah blah…..then in a few weeks new licence should show up in mail, if not blah blah blah. LMFAO trick question, go to court house whenever in and out in 15 minutes, get offered coffee, they will make copies and secretary type tasks, are polite and tell you YOU have paid for their service.
          Fucking city 😛

    4. Psychologically it is advantageous to take on board as much responsibility as you can handle, but it isn’t just about ‘it’s women’s fault versus it’s men’s fault’ – those aren’t the only two factors. We live in a massively socially engineered society and the people who are doing that don’t necessarily identify primarily as men or women (although in the case of feminists they may do). It is necessary to be honest about personal faults and failing, including perhaps as a gender and as members of a gender, but there’s a hell of lot more going on that.

      1. Socially engineered society by who?
        Men engineered this society.
        Women didn’t create this society
        Everything you see about you is a result of men doing something or not doing something.
        We still control all the apparatuses of economic, social, and legal power.
        Men could control women also but they have been pussified.
        This is why I refuse to believe in the notion that men are victims.
        Men are victims of themselves, their own laziness and lack of courage.
        In many ways, men have become just like women. They love to do nothing except complain and then think somebody other than themselves should hop hop and jump to their feet and things will be grand.
        We don’t live in the British Raj surrounded by brown servants.
        We have to be our own servants.

        1. I’ve already acknowledged that psychologically the attitude you suggest is healthy i.e. we take as much responsibility as we can for achieving the results that we want, and – presumably as you suggest – hold each other responsible for failures in that respect or behaviour that is enabling of general pussification.
          Except you seem to be saying more than that. You are not only advocating a psychology of self-sufficiency, you are saying we’re responsible for everything that has happened to our culture and politics. I suspect you know full well that this site frequently argues that there are powerful elite forces working against masculinity, and that they have the money and influence, in terms of politicians on their payroll, media outlets in their pocket etc to make sure their will has far more effect than ‘ours’. The question is why do you want enormous social pressures to be seen as the exclusive responsibility of individual men. What you describe more or less as self-sufficiency could equally be described as self-blame. The proverb (i forget who the author is) goes that we should change what we can change, and accept what we cannot, but you are arguing that we are men, and should regard ourselves as superheroes capable of going up alone against everyone and everything. I would trust your argument more if there was some nuance, if you acknowledged the massive historical forces at work over the last century which have shaped the world we now live in, but no, you’re trying to describe any acknowledgement of our own human limitations as ’embracing victimhood like feminists’. I would suggest you are flattering in order to mislead. If I am misinterpreting: my bad. But I suspect you’re just trying to redirect responsibility away from social forces onto the backs of individual men.

        2. OK, very good, we agree on the first paragraph. Just to get men to acknowledge that is a challenge.
          The second paragraph is where it all stops.
          Yes, we men are responsible for the culture and the politics. 50 years ago, every single institution in this country that white men created and founded by scratch was dominated and controlled by white men. That is an indisputable fact.
          Those numbers have changed but believe it or not, we still overwhelmingly dominate politics, management, business, law enforcement, the military, public bureaucracies, and law. Our wealth as a group is far greater than anything anybody on Earth can imagine.
          I want to put something in perspective for you: Despite their problems, all the black people in the US have more wealth than all of the black people on Africa combined.
          Now I want you to imagine the collective wealth of white gentile men in the US. Tell me who even comes close to that type of wealth? That’s right, nobody. Nobody on Earth comes close.
          Towards the end, you are complaining about these dark forces out to get you.
          What dark forces are controlling your mind and your body or the minds and bodies of white gentile men?
          Nobody is controlling you. You just refuse to exercise your massive amount of real power because you are afraid and you are a coward.
          It is the exact same situation with men and women. Men have all the power. They just refuse to say no. It isn’t somebody else’s fault that you refuse to say no to people who aren’t acting in your best interests.
          All these social forces that you see as a boogey monster could be a dead boogey monster if people of your ilk wanted their own institutions and culture back.
          This notion that white gentile men are powerless is a joke.
          White gentile man gave black men the right to vote and their civil rights.
          White gentile men gave women the right to vote and their civil rights.
          White gentile men built this country from absolutely nothing but natural resources and you are crying victim?
          Not only did white gentile men build all the political apparatuses of the country but all the financial, economic, educational, and legal institutions from nothing and did it within 240 years. That is an achievement of miraculous proportions.
          You are arguing that the master has no power over his own creation. I think that is absurd.

        3. I’m not arguing that at all. We both agree – at least in part – on what a health psychological attitude is, namely one that encourages responsibility, including responsibility for changing your world. You are basically advancing the idea that the only thing that matters here is the mindset of individual men. You are focusing on a single factor as a universal panacea: basically, if all (white) men (I’ll ignore the ‘white’ from now on as I’m not white) got their shit together everything nasty would go away, because everything nasty would be sorted out.
          OK, self-actualisation is better than masturbating and crying. I get that. But then you insist that there are no other factors of any significance involved. The whole of the twentieth century didn’t happen. There was no bolshevik revolution in russia, powered by marxist dogma that spread like a virus, or if there was it was all the fault of the men in russia who didn’t step up when they needed to step up, or the white russians who didn’t fight hard enough because they were pussies when they needed to fight really hard and manly.
          To argue such a thing of course would be absurd. The bolsheviks took russia not because russian men were weak, but because they were financed, they had spent years planning, and plotting and theorising.
          Ok, we may not face quite such a threat today. But we have faced a massive ideological assault that has sought to shift the blame for everything on men (or white men if you prefer) and has had the backing of vast amounts of money (those white men – they’re so rich, yet they want to blame themselves as a class for everything don’t they), not to mention support from media, government, academia and pretty much every other institution you could think of.
          But none of that exists for you. And that’s the key point here. You acknowledge nothing of the assault on masculinity; you acknowledge none of the political movements and forces that this site has considered over the years. For you everything is : “get your shit together”. Because men on 20k a year are just as powerful to change the world as men on 20 million.
          Great pep talk, and probably the right message on the whole, but for the rest you seem to have deliberately induced tunnel vision

        4. Dude, I never said anything about individual men. Individual men can have total sovereignty over their own households, bodies and minds.
          No man is an island unto himself.
          Since you are not white, let us include all men, but that means the size of our social class is even more massive, more powerful and more wealthy.
          As a class, men have tremendous amounts of power and control over every institution that exists not only in the US, but most places around the world with a handful exceptions in Scandinavia.
          The Comintern didn’t stop men from accumulating massive amounts of capital and wealth over the last 100 years.
          You still refuse to say who these dark forces are who are controlling men’s lives.
          Is it George Soros? Does he really control your life and the minds of billions of men? Really? You really believe that?
          What I find striking about your argument is that you have no evidence that any small group of wealthy people has control over the minds and bodies of billions of men.
          Who are they and what have they done to you to make you weak and powerless?
          You cry about a massive ideological assault when the entire world is heading in a radically right-wing direction.
          All the forces in the world combined couldn’t prevent Donald Trump from being president despite spending only a fraction of the money and not having any institutional or cultural power.
          One man defeated the entire world.
          Yet you think men as a class can’t defeat your dark forces when they couldn’t even defeat Donald Trump.
          This is why I am so adamantly opposed to your victim mentality.

        5. byou never said anything about individual men, so you are preaching to all men as a class? Indeed you reason that men “as a class” can defeat the forces of darkness (or just one man, just one Donald Trump)
          i still find your arguments suspiciously manipulative, as though you’re preaching one thing to move us away from a particular line of reasoning: “it’s you not the elites. The elites have no power unless you give it to them”
          I’ve already conceded the psychological point there and agree with it, but the men as a class argument is dubious. Men are not a class, we are individuals, who may or may not act with cohesion, or solidarity. But our interests divide as much as they cohere, and indeed the whole idea of class is redolent of the whole divide and conquer class struggle that has characterise the marxist or quasi marxist last century. One of the insights of the manosphere is that treating men as a class as feminists do, as marxists do, usually in order to identify them as a singular oppressive force in society, actually misses this crucial factor: men compete with each other at a fundamental level for resources. We may relating here in solidarity, and working out strategies of play, but out there in the real world things are vicious, and they get more vicious the higher up you go. The elite man stay at the top of the pile by screwing the competition, and that includes all the would be rivals. There is no class solidarity amongst men as a whole, because that’s not how it works. So you need to get let go with the whole marxist analysis.
          But of course, you’re also arguing ‘the great man theory’ too: Donald Trump took on the forces of darkness (which by implication don’t actually exist except as a psychological phantom of the mind?) and conquered the world.
          Sure, we all love the Donald, but if you think he did that against the whole world, then you’re being pretty naive, although its true you’re in good company. Whatever Trump is he is part of the elite, and he had a good part of the elite behind him, including it seems a great deal of the money men and it seems the markets.
          Now those markets and those money men, the elites, really do matter. They make decisions that effect the little guy, and which people on the ground have precious little influence over. Only in India recently the banks have started a demonetisation programme to move the country to a cashless economy. The little guy on the ground focusing on a positive mental attitude and strong sense of his own agency would have been royally fucked, because the elites and the bankers there have fucked over all the little guys. The correct approach there is to focus on the criminal activity of the politicians and the banks. Sure there’s only so much you may be able to do about that, but pretending that individual agency is going to solve a structural issue or a political problem is pretty dumb in my book
          Maybe the world is heading in a ‘radically right-wing direction’ or maybe dissent is simply being managed. You downplay the role of progressiveness and marxism, and all the themes this site has expatiated on. I find that telling

        6. Not an argument. Tell me who controls your life if not you.
          Share your victimhood story with me.
          I am sure your story will make me cry with empathy.
          Don’t be a hit and run troll.
          Have the brains to make an argument.

        7. Manipulative? I am just stating the facts. The truth is not manipulative to anybody except the deluded.
          You still have refused to tell me how as an American man my life is controlled by anybody outside the normal controls of the state and living in an advanced capitalist society, which means I have to live my life according to the law.
          Within the bounds of the rule of law, explain how my life is limited in any way?
          You still have refused to tell me how men have no power when they continue to control all the institutions of power. Not only control the institutions, but created them from scratch.
          You talk in circles about elites, Marxists, and shadowy cabals without proving any evidence that they have control over our lives.
          Who is stopping you from living your life?
          What economic forces have ever prevented you from making money and taking care of yourself and your family?
          If you make a statement, back it up with evidence. Name the names or you have no argument.
          Also, I find it hilarious that you reject men as a class to resist the oppression that you say exists despite the fact that no average man can fight the system alone. That makes no sense. What are men supposed to do? Hold their hands on their dick all day and cry on the internet and do nothing. Is that your solution?
          Lastly, I see Marxism and progressives as failed ideologies that I have no respect for.
          Those ideologies have little power outside what the left-wing degenerates teach in the universities.
          If any of that nonsense has any type of pull outside the universities is because people like you and your ilk refuse to challenge it.
          You can’t live in a world and cry victim and do nothing about it. That sounds unmanly to me.
          I have no respect for whiny victims who cry about their oppression, especially men, since that makes them no different than the social justice warriors who hide in their safe spaces and scream at the walls about their oppression.

        8. I have been over this argument many times as have this websites writers and I am generally assaulted with logical fallacies and loaded questions like “Tell me who controls your life if not you”.
          Michaelmobius1 articulated far better than I could how ridiculous your complete disregard of key elements to the argument to suite your contrived analysis of the situation.
          Simply, he blew your bullshit out of the water and rightfully questioned your motives.

        9. Sorry, but your feelings are not facts. Your unexpressed opinion is not an intellectual argument.
          You are too stupid to even notice that you have just said a whole lot of nothing.
          You might as well be a woman with your type of arguing skills.
          Nothing is self-evident.
          Either put up or shut up.

        10. “You still have refused to tell me how as an American man my life is controlled by anybody outside the normal controls of the state and living in an advanced capitalist society, which means I have to live my life according to the law.
          Within the bounds of the rule of law, explain how my life is limited in any way?”
          I haven’t mentioned ‘being controlled’ in any way. That’s you’re terminology reflecting your assumptions (and presumably agenda). Likewise, I haven’t said ‘my life’ or ‘our lives’ are “limited”. You are arguing with yourself. What I’ve said is there have been powerful social movement, including social engineering movements that have affected society profoundly, and that you are desperate to downplay them in an attempt to flatter men into thinking that everything is on their shoulders. Again to reiterate, responsibility is good, but deceiving yourself about reality is not.
          But then of course that’s what in dispute. You want men to be a class, and to act as a class. I did not say men are oppressed – you are deliberately I imagine twisting words. I am saying that class struggle exists because men are said by marxists and progressives to do the oppressing (of others) as a class. You are the one pushing the class activism. You are the one trying to make out that my position is that men are oppressed, when I have said nothing of the sort. Again I am identifying the forces that stand against us, which have sought to constrain us, and which you seem desperate to misidentify, mis-characterise or pretend does not exist.
          “What economic forces have ever prevented you from making money and taking care of yourself and your family?”
          I didn’t suggest anything of the sort. I did however refer to a way in which central planners, at least in India, but given the central banking systems international nature, probably at a global level are attacking the ability of individuals to function independently of the state and central banking structures. You really do seem a stranger to this site, not to mention hostile to its ideas, since elites, marxists and shadowy cabals are our bread butter, but again you insist that we think (or at least I think) that they have control over our lives, which is something that is never alleged. Identifying powerful negative forces is part of taking control of your life, just as King Solomon gained power over demons by naming them. If they cannot be named, they cannot be controlled.
          And again ‘victims’….’unmanly’…. you deny being manipulative. Your use of language is as manipulative as it gets. Just the cheap trick of using negative words to direct us in the opposite direction.
          You are just trying to direct us away from politics you don’t like, using sneaky manipulative arguments
          ” I see Marxism and progressives as failed ideologies that I have no respect for.”
          Yeah, the world went from black to white, because Trump won an election.

        11. Where does suddenly the British Raj & Brown servants came into the picture !?
          The English (aka British Raj) were also been surrounded by “white thugs, criminals and low-life morons”, but the English “kicked out” those low-life morons into <>, Australia and New-Zealand !!!!!

        12. Sorry, you misunderstood.
          The point I was making is that a lot of these white dudes around here complaining seem to be under the delusion that if they just complain something will get done.
          I contrasted it with the British Raj with the mentality of Sahib complaining about something and expecting the little brown boy to snap to attention and do their work for them.

        13. May I humbly submit that the ‘dark forces’ are the wealthy LGBT elites? Think back to that Obergefell Amicus Curiae Brief that 88 high-powered businesses got behind. Think about who runs Apple and Chipotle. Think about the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which is basically a cabal of wealthy businessmen who help usher in new legislation. Do you think the elites stopped at influencing nickel-and-dime local legislations? Nope, they went big. That’s why you’ve got politicians checking their twitter feeds every hour on the hour, waiting for their marching orders from Hollywood. The ultra-liberals have amassed nearly all the wealth, and while straight, right-thinking men are partially to blame for letting these crooks sneak in and grab up a bulk of the wealth, the fact of the matter is that managing a wife, kids, and career is a full time job and a half. While we were struggling to pay mortgages, plan family vacations, and buy a new car for the missus, you had a bunch of slime-bags who had no dependents (which is why this whole “right to adopt” business is just a bunch of baloney), no responsibilities, and no compunction about sleeping/blackmailing their way to the top spending every waking hour scheming and plotting. And now, here we are.

        14. Dude, who are you? Your arguments are about the sharpest ive ever seen. The way you exposed and bodied that jew. You took his subtle agenda and magnified it for us goyim to see. AF
          My guess is that you are some kind of dissident like Bezmenov. However, like you said yourself – name the enemy.

        15. You’re a victim of your mother’s social engineering, imagining that men are in control of Society. Pfft. Mothers create every society by giving birth and “raising children right”. Men have little or nothing to do with it.

          “Give us the boy for his first seven years, and he’ll be our man for life.”
          – the Jesuits

        16. What dark forces are controlling your mind and your body or the minds and bodies of white gentile men?

          Their mothers’ lies are in control. We are all the product of our mothers’ lies and abuses (primarily shaming, but also violence).

          You are arguing that the master has no power over his own creation.

          That is what you are arguing, oblivious to the reality in which you were created by your mother. I think that is absurd.

        17. You acknowledge nothing of the assault on masculinity; you acknowledge none of the political movements and forces

          If he’d been born 150 years ago, he’d be telling black men born into slavery to “get your shit together”, and that it’s their fault they were born into captivity.
          The truth about slavery is that black slaves were conditioned by their mothers to believe they were meant to be slaves. It’s funny, how every black slave loved his mother.

        18. There’s no reason to assume he’s jewish or any other ethnicity/religion
          The issue here is that he appears to be directing us away from the politics / social engineering that has led us to this juncture. The point about naming follows on from that: if we encounter dressed up marxism or some idea masquerading as something it is not then we need to be able to identify it, that’s all. This is about duplicitous elite politics vs democracy and nothing else

        19. It’s all fine and good to tell men to take responsibility for themselves – but no man is an island. we are social creatures that rely on social cohesion to function. The family unit is broken because the general social cohesion is broken selfish and self centered.
          Take a man who lived a family life off the land out in Alaska and put him into say an office job and he’d probably get depressed and fall to
          City life is all about work and career and money. It’s almost military only for money. Chasing that proverbial carrot.
          There’s no real cohesion in the city life and family doesn’t have any value – despite the fact the large corporations are finding their staff perform better if their social and family functionality is improved. Divorces reek havoc on productivity and yet family life has no value.
          The error of feminism was not putting a higher price on real red blooded women as mothers and home makers. Because these are basic functions that everyone needs – almost like fresh air and clean water – it was never valued properly, so women felt worthless and wanted more validation that men had in jobs. That’s basically the size of it.

        20. Well, see, it’s not just men in general that have created this upside down mirror world society. It’s a certain KIND of men.

        21. There is a difference between complaining and doing nothing – verses being aware of the situation – all we can do on a forum is talk and discuss.
          I get all of your sentiments 100% because I think exactly as you do – that’s not my point. It’s very difficult to change the world and unless you fancy a log cabin in Alaska, it’s increasingly difficult if not impossible – and certainly barely worth the effort of marching out into the world to be this perfect masculine man.
          You are up again a legion of zombie (men and women) that will tear you apart for challenging their reality – which is 99% false, but people don’t like to be woken up – even if they are suffering – they will still hate you (and kill or imprison you) for it.

        22. “All the forces in the world combined couldn’t prevent Donald Trump
          from being president despite spending only a fraction of the money and
          not having any institutional or cultural power.
          One man defeated the entire world.”
          Donald Trump WON the elections because ALL MEN in this Country, regardless of the Race, Religion, Color supported & voted for Trump.
          I supported Trump because I am fed up of the FemiCunts humiliating, insulting, belittling, abusing & assaulting MEN & MASCULINITY.
          I supported Trump because I am fed up of the Pussies blaming MEN of “objectifying” them and yet they walk bare chested, do slut-walks, behave as whores & hookers, deliberately & desperately wear skimpy/revealing clothes.
          I supported Trump because the Pussies demand chivalry & entitlement, play victim card but shamelessly imitate MEN & MASCULINITY.
          I supported Trump because of the Societal & Legal double standards “favoring” one specific gender.
          I supported Trump because the Democratic Party Candidate keeps on shouting “He doesn’t talk about women, He doesn’t respect women”, as if that <> “talks about MEN”, as if that <> “respects MEN”.
          It’s actually:
          One man (with the help of other real MEN) defeated the entire world.

        23. I agree; it’s a “locus of control” issue to think men are completely responsible for welfare entitlement mentality, 3rd wave feminism, changes in technology impacting gender roles in the workplace, etc. What bothers me is that religions tend to get on the ‘hate the male’ bandwagon too, as if the decline of the nuclear family is also men’s fault.
          By the way the quote I think you referenced is the Serenity Prayer: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” by Reinhold Niebuhr.

        24. yes, that’s the one. Didn’t know where it was from, but it seems pretty sensible to me.
          Re. locus of control, that’s probably a very good way of looking at the issue. It’s healthy to identify oneself as the locus of control in most situations as there is nearly always something we can do to make things better, improve our lives i.e. take control of a situation. The limit here is ensuring we stay reality oriented about constraints – a man can be “free” subsisting in a prison cell if its a question of mental attitude / resilience, yet the bars of the cell are not imaginary. It’s not wrong to point out that when we focus on the ‘bars of the cell’ rather than the freedom we have to determine how to respond to the situation we find ourselves in then there is a real danger of learned helplessness, and victimhood may follow from that

        25. Ahem… in fact, the “elites” only have whatever power you attribute and give to them. Pretty much everything works that way. They may have hosed “the system,” but they can’t hose YOU unless you let them.
          I think I see what is going on here. Richard is offering the only viable exit ramp from this mess and you, michaelmobius, are tripping because you keep hearing the word “entrance” instead of exit. So instead of hearing instructions for where to exit this proverbial highway to destruction, you’re hearing blame for where we entered it.
          If you’re not over 80, it’s highly unlikely you were any part of the “men back then” at whose doorstep the indictment belongs. Hell you’d probably have to be over 100 at this point to qualify for much of that. You’d have to have been an adult during the first half of the 20th century.
          I dealt with a similar dilemma in my life regarding issues of personal responsibility vs. victim mentality. And all because when people were saying “here’s how to get out” I kept hearing it as “here’s proof it’s your fault you ever got stuck at all.”

        26. “the “elites” only have whatever power you attribute and give to them.”
          The commenter who spoke about locus of control issues got this pretty much right. If you’re a passenger on a train there’s no point pretending you’re a driver, although it might make sense to apply for the train driver’s job. Even then though you can only get to drive the train up and down the tracks, unless you’re planning on shaking up the whole system somehow
          Richard’s concern that we are trying to wrestle the baton off the feminists in a race to victimhood is understandable except part of his purpose does seem to be to direct us away from politics. ‘Fraid the politics matters

        27. I get that. I guess what I’m trying to say is that at some point people have to realize, the driver is up in his seat and he’s gonna do what he’s gonna do. You’re a passenger, so you still have many choices — up to and including jumping off the train the next time it slows down–or gathering a few other passengers to jump the damn driver in his cabin and take over the wheel yourselves.
          Outside those two extremes there are also many choices about what conversations you have with other passengers and what you all do in your passenger lives while the train is moving.
          My point is not to argue, but to point out that while the locus of control matters, again, it only matters for tracing the present effect back to the responsible cause. When it comes to what people do from here on out, if the only choice they see is to accept that they are stuck with this because they are not the driver, then nothing changes — in which case they become just as culpable as he is.
          And at that point, we’ve come full circle and established the veracity of Richard’s charge.

        28. well that’s a bit more digestible, particularly the bit about “gathering a few other passengers to jump the damn driver in his cabin and take over….”……perhaps that’s the healthiest option if it’s available to you? Isn’t that a description of human history and struggle after all?
          But I still get the impression that Richard is trying to move us away from the ‘extreme’; that he is trying to persuade us to be the train driver with regard to everything but the wider ‘transport system” with respect to which he is in fact asking us to be good passengers.

        29. What a load of bollocks. You really buy into that Marxist myth?
          What are you, a ridiculous anarchist?

        30. Ha Ha Ha ! Doesn’t want to say that directly (because, people here are LOT better when compared with Aussies & Kiwis) , so instead used <> !!!

    5. Agreed…this is where MGTOWs get it wrong. They focus too much on women and not enough on the MAN-MADE matrix. I never try to talk a man out of women (maybe marriage) I try to talk to him about being “all-that-is-male.” I send them HERE!!!!

      1. MGTOWs are merely rejecting the universal poor quality of women, and this is inherently sane. Accepting the low value of women (reduced by Society’s shaming into being needy leeches) doesn’t make you a “real man”, it just makes you a beta cuck who’s willing to settle for a leech.

    6. I agree. Men have become too tolerant. So how is this reversed? The courts are now against men. Any sign of non-conformity to female supremacy and men are punished in jail or divorce court. This is disastrous because it’s causing men to choose against marriage and therefore lowering birthrate for those who NEED to be reproducing. The state of things is such that all men who take the strong role of men with authority over their wives will be punished…and the courts are there to aid women and condemn the men before sentencing. Even “traditional” conservative women are not safe from this influence…the power granted to them by the state to punish their husbands who do not believe in female-supremacy. I know by experience.

      1. The problem is that men are morons who are not selective and intelligent in their choice of women.
        If men fear their girlfriends for ANY reason before getting married, the marriage is already over.
        The perfect solution to any of this, which no man will do, because it will work is start demanding that women give them dowries as security. But men would rather complain and be victims and hate women just to be right instead of working for solutions to secure himself.
        The dowry: A man makes a contract with a woman in writing before the marriage and demands certain things from his woman and that if she violates her contract, he gets to keep the money.
        The highest quality men will be marrying the highest quality women and you will never have to worry about the right people not reproducing.
        The man will always have higher value if the woman sacrificed her money to marry him. Therefore, she will stay in line.

        1. OK mate… I challenge you… go find a woman to marry who will pay you a dowry… you’ve got it all figured out… NOW GET OFF YOUR PC and go out in the real world and try it out… you will be laughed out of town, chased, harassed pursed and probably wind up in jail.
          You are an armchair idiot who thinks he has all the answers but just spouts impractical, antisocial garbage, that will just get you into trouble.

        2. Nice straw man argument.
          The reason why you don’t think it will work is because you are already weak-minded and cowardly.
          We already have something similar called a prenuptial agreement and millions of people sign them every year.
          Millions of people have bonds and financial securities for other parts of dealing with life as well. We have things called contracts and insurance. Having a dowry is no different than any other type of insurance or financial bond or security to protect oneself.
          You are obviously afraid of women and their reactions.
          You are so brainwashed and indoctrinated that you don’t even realize that they can do nothing to you.

        3. Just because I don’t think it will work, doesn’t mean it won’t work or you won’t be able to pull it off… in fact you are so certain – get out there and get on with it. It’s not a straw man argument to challenge you to produce actual tangible physical results. It’s a straw man argument to deflect that challenge. Go get your dowry boy… don’t mind me.

      1. Patrice was right. It is never a woman’s fault. Truth is men are afraid of women and for no good reason.

        1. Their only power is in what you’re afraid they’ll do – leave you, cheat on you, whatever. When you truly don’t give a fuck, they have no power, and when they have no power, they submit.

    7. While true this is only part of the truth.
      The real truth is that men spent so much time and effort repressing women the moment the women were allowed some real freedom they predictably overreacted. Now the men are trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube and failing horribly.
      In some cases this is because of weakness but in most it’s because of the very nature of the problem. Nature has given women very powerful weapons to wield over men and now that they have broken lose overcoming those weapons can be an insurmountable task even for the most viral male. It could even be said that the more viral you are the more vulnerable you are to certain weapons in the female arsenal. Which is the whole problem.
      What is required is compromise. REAL compromise not a “deal” forced on one side or the other that looks like a compromise but is in fact giving in by one side.
      Women need to wake up and realize they are destroying the future of their children/ancestor’s by whoosifying them. I’m realizing the list of things women need to do might get a little too long for this post but I’m sure most of you know the big ones so I will digress.
      Men on the other hand need to wake up and realize that “women were passed from father to husband” is never going to fly. In fact I would say there is nothing masculine about it. The implication is that you are incapable(too weak) of dealing with a woman knowing her own mind and choosing her mate herself? Maybe I’m leaping too far in believing your point was that women should go back to being brides in arranged marriages or some other nonsense.
      I’m sort of new to this site. I’ve seen some very enlightening articles that have shed a bright light on issues I’ve always struggled to understand. Not because I’m dumb but it simply never occurred to me to look at it from a different angle.
      What I’m noticing at a glance is a tendency of men to do exactly what the women have been doing for 50+ years now… overreact. Not to the problem itself but in their solutions to a very real and somewhat urgent problem. Even the veiled mentioning of going back to the old days of passing brides down by fathers is an example of this. Sorry. You can’t just turn back the clock. It will never ever work. In the long run men overreacting leads to just one thing… continuous pointless conflict(political or physical doesn’t matter much). Guess what… that is just as sure to destroy your children/ancestor’s future.
      This drifts into MAD territory. Mutually Assured Destruction. The Muslims will be more than happy to out populate the west and slowly take over the whole planet while mommy and daddy can’t even remember why they were bickering with each other in the first place. They are just rehashing past fights and perceived pointless infractions.
      Meanwhile there is a robber in the house stealing the electronics, jewelry, cash and their one year old right out of his/her crib. Mommy and daddy are so busy fighting they haven’t even noticed the dude in a ninja suit with a pillowcase over his shoulder and a huge smile.
      I’m also noticing a few people making attempts to justify bad/selfish/down right deplorable behavior in the name of anti-feminism and/or reclaiming their masculinity. The truth is all you are doing is giving the militant feminist more ammunition to justify their tirade of stupidity. I’ll sum that up for you… counter productive.
      Then again that is what selfish people do. Sigh. I also see one other thing for sure. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. Plus it’s making my brain hurt. Maybe I’ll submit an article later.

      1. I appreciate your comments.
        I think you misunderstood my comments about the past.
        Just because one comments on the truth about the past doesn’t mean one wants to go back to the past.
        The past is the past.

        1. Fair enough. I wondered the context you were going for.
          I guess my point is even by mentioning it all you do is “trigger” the crazy militant ones and provide them with ammo. “See he wants to repress women.” Blah blah blah.
          Which of course is just a tool they use to spin the argument and vilify men but the men on this site need to learn not to hand the women a gun. You are defeating yourself.
          Although I admit your comment isn’t an ideal example.

        2. The point I was making is that whatever complaints men have about women is because of the decisions made by men.
          I still believe that.
          Women are a reflection of their men.
          It is never a woman’s fault.

        3. Umm… “It is never a woman’s fault.” ???
          No. Sorry. That’s not how it works.
          I almost went into a five page rant. I think I’ll save that for a real article. Sorry there is no short way to explain this so I will just save it for a real article.

        4. I am glad you didn’t waste your time.
          Yes, it is exactly how it works.
          You don’t understand what I mean because you assume women and men think and feel the same when they don’t.
          We are not the same. We are the same species. We are the same animals. But our reality is different.

        5. Thinking and feeling aren’t the only parts of the equation. You are lumping 30 variables in a big pile and then saying they will never ever equal 10 when you add them together. It doesn’t work that way. “Never” is a REALLY big word. The only word I know that’s bigger is “if”.
          In the end BOTH parties need to accept responsibility for THEIR OWN actions. My personal experience is that one party is rarely less than 20-25% responsible. Especially in squabbles between couples.
          For example in my worst relationship gone bad story I bore a great deal of responsibility because I did not see the fact that she was truly bat-shit crazy until very very late in the game and even when I did I held out hope I was wrong(stupid moron – owe wait that’s my other head). Most of the rest was on her. She was a complete mess.
          Still I man up and own my part in the utter failure it became. I don’t blame her. I learn from my mistake no matter how small or large and move on. To try and say it was all my fault is insane.
          I reread your original post and I admit I’m partly conflating two different things but in a way it makes my point. Saying that a man owns all his problems with his woman doesn’t hold water because the woman could be holding onto issues with her previous man.
          Worse like me she could have another woman whispering in her ear sabotaging their relationship. (possibly even for some stupid reason having nothing to do with male female relationships – she hates blue – the color of his eyes) How is that the mans fault?
          I can already see your answer … men in general gave women the freedom to conspire with each other against them. Which again doesn’t hold water. It’s SO much more complicated than your over generalization.
          Reading this site I feel like I’m watching two children fight. Both of them are screaming. Men – “I’m right!” Women – “No! I’m right!” back and forth in a never ending cycle of ego. The last one to speak wins so they both just keep screaming louder and louder.
          I should probably go find a nice feminism blog to read so I can be even more frustrated at the stupidity of the human race. (That isn’t directed at you in particular. I just read a different article I found to be idiotic.)

        6. Nope, I don’t agree.
          A woman is a reflection of the man she is with.
          Every man who is in a bad relationship with a woman is a man who doesn’t have much experience with women.
          In that sense, a man’s ignorance could be considered an excuse.
          When I reflect back on my life and all the women I was with, their bad behavior was a reflection of me, usually because I was too weak. And it wasn’t because I lacked strength, it was because I wasn’t strong enough or hard enough.
          If a woman is a psychopath, the warning signs are there.

        7. She wasn’t literally a psychopath. I mean she was just broken. Like years of therapy to fix her broken. Enough so that starting a LTR with her was a foolish idea.
          Your theory is just completely flawed. The idea that every woman is purely reflection of her current man is just illogical. In fact it’s probably far more likely that her previous relationship is a true reflection of how she acts with you. Human being carry plane loads of emotional baggage around with them.
          There is reason why we have terms like daddy complex etc. You seem like a smart guy but I think you’ve strayed off the yellow brick road of logic a little. Might want to rethink.
          And yes I can see your hints at the idea a man should be experienced enough to “manage” his woman. No man can possibly be so all knowing all understanding all whatever that he can possibly know how to deal with every possible combination of problems, quirks, and issues that make up a relationship.
          We are back into the “never” talk. It’s an absolute word. All of those problems quirks etc compile together into an infinite pile of crap. No one is good enough to defeat infinity, and you can’t expect him to.
          Which is what your saying… If he doesn’t defeat infinity for any reason it’s his fault. Nope! It doesn’t work that way.

        8. You just don’t understand women.
          What is funny to me is that I am logical and you are the one who is deluded.
          You just don’t understand that you are deluded.
          And just to be clear, I don’t mean to insult you.
          This is why the manosphere uses terms like blue pill and red pill.
          You’re not unplugged.
          What Red Pillers believe is backed by science— biology, anthropology, and psychiatry as well as trial and error.
          Humans are evolved beings.
          What do you think is in the history of your cells?
          We are animals.
          If you want to believe what you have been brainwashed into believing, that is your choice.
          But the world will continue to turn regardless of what you think.
          Women are easy to manage. There is nothing to figure out. The man is the boss.
          A woman is a reflection of her man’s being, his identity, and his energy.
          A woman will never leave a man she believes in.
          And she will submit to him if he is credible.
          That is just the way it is.

        9. Wait what? You seriously think it’s more logical to believe a man is capable of taking on infinite problems? That would require him to have infinite solutions. Holly problem solving Batman… If you have a pill that gives me infinite solutions sign me up. NOT!
          You remind me of the religious people I used to talk to on the internet infidels message boards(that’s an atheist page). It’s almost like you are saying it is so because I say it’s so. Then you do the same thing the liberal wackos do and pull out your identifier word red pill blue pill. Wooooo…..
          You accuse me of being brainwashed but I don’t confront you because it’s something someone told me or I read. It’s what I’ve observed first hand. It’s my own conclusion and my own logic.
          Realize I’m a strong atheist living in the bible belt. I stopped going to church at 14(because I finally got fed up and told my mom no) and I never once for even a millisecond actually believed any of that bullshit(god) even though it was crammed down my throat 24/7 for 10+ years. I’m the very definition of a true skeptic. In case that didn’t sink in let me rephrase it.
          I bleed red pill…:) My body creates it.
          “A woman will never leave a man she believes in.” Again you are generalizing. There are infinite variations of women. ONE of them will leave her man even if she whole heartily believes in him.
          I know I’m being a logical purest, but my point still stands. It’s just not that simple. The real world is full of gray yet you are trying to tell me everything is black. Which is my whole point. When relationships go bad it’s nearly impossible to lay 100% of the blame on either party. That rule applies to ALL relationships… friends, LBGT, pet and owner…. hell it even applies to hunter and prey (fail vs success).
          I’ll give you one last thing to think about. You’re the one quoting red-pill bullet points and “scientific facts” you read on a web page to me. Yet you’re saying I’m the brainwashed one. Thing is I base my argument on nothing but my own thoughts.
          I will give you that I can probably learn a few things from these articles, but I think maybe you guys are starting to slowly suffer from the same problem the left has. You’ve been drinking too much of your own cool-aid.
          Weird how the same thing happened on internet infidels. I could talk to an atheist guy on the religious board and he’d make a brilliant point I hadn’t even though of. Two days later the exact same guy would be on the political board spouting leftist bullet-points and sticking to his guns despite overwhelming logic he was wrong.
          Of course he had a hand full of other leftists to reinforce his belief so he had to be right. And the conservative Christians that supported me were of course just crazy delusional Christians.
          I even had one guy accuse me of being a plant. I wasn’t a real atheist because I didn’t embrace secular humanism and peace at all cost. Screw that. Nuke um till they glow cause that’s all they know. Sorry got side tracked.
          Anyway. It’s past my bed time…:) Sometimes I wish I could take a blue pill and it would work. I’d probably have a girlfriend to tuck me in. Ahh blissful ignorance. If it were only possible.

        10. You are full of straw man arguments and crazy non-sequiturs about religion.
          Tell me how you have solved the problem of men and women.
          What conclusions have you come to with your own logic?
          I would love to know how you have mastered women.

        11. Okay first off the implication of your solution is that I blame myself. It’s always my fault? Whatever. Sorry that’s not a solution.
          My point about religion wasn’t a non-sequitur. We were discussing the ability to think rationally. Specifically the ability to think outside the box or defy the accepted norm. Meaning the ability to see past brainwashing.
          Religion is the most pervasive form of brainwashing on the planet today. It is installed in children from they moment they open their eyes and scream for the first time. People say prayers about the new baby. They wear crosses around their neck that is the very first thing that babies eyes see. They praise Allah/Jesus a zillion times as it’s born. On and on and on. Why do you think Muslims pray 5 times a day? Or why Christians pray when they sit down to eat? It reinforces their brainwashing at regular intervals.
          I’m not wired that way. I never have been. I question everything. Sure I make mistakes, but I tend to adjust extremely quickly to the truth. I was born a skeptic right out of the womb. It’s part of my very DNA.
          As such I rarely fall prey to brainwashing and certainly not for long. If someone uses critical thinking/logic to prove me wrong about something I don’t stubbornly hold onto my old way of thought. In fact more often than not people get irritated at me because I switch gears so swiftly they haven’t caught up yet. They are still trying to argue the point but I’ve already accepted it and moved on to the next idea/problem/solution/whatever.
          Thus your accusation that I’m just a brainwashed blue pill man falls flat on it’s face before it even finishes leaving your fingers. In fact all it shows is that you are grasping tightly to your red-pill brainwashing and have thrown away your critical thinking skills. I’ll rephrase that. You are not skeptical of your own / your pears idea.
          You have made up your mind that your red pill brethren have solved pi and that is just the way it is. Hint pi is an infinite number. Much like the world “never” it’s a REALLY big thing. You can’t solve it. It’s pure ego to believe you have.
          Now… How have I solved men and women? Stupid part is I never had a huge problem with women. Not within the context of basic getting along with them, approaching them, asking them out, getting them to sleep with me, handling rejection, etc. I never needed “game”.
          Where my problem came in was when I tried to settle down with one. This part was actually my fault in a round about way. I picked the wrong one. It wasn’t just about her being crazy. I was so busy being enamored with her that I forgot to pay attention to the basic foundation of building a family.
          Some things in a relationship are fungible. Both parties don’t have to agree on them. If I like Chinese and she likes Italian there is room for compromise.
          Other things are completely incompatible. An atheist who would literally rather die than see his child brainwashed by religion at a young age(me)… can not marry and have children with a Catholic that believes it’s her duty to instill a love for god and Jesus etc into her young child(her).
          I’ll avoid getting into the weeds of my situations much more. The short version is after she left for the first time in my life I took a REALLY hard look at what I really wanted from the mother of my children or rather who she should be.
          I set the parameters. I studied the problems. I narrowed down the big problems and the little problems. I spent at least a year of my life on and off mulling over every facet. Not just of that one relationship… everyone of them! Even my friendships with both sexes and why they might have failed. I came down to a point where I finally understood the truth. My harsh undeniable truth of life.
          The first requirement was that she be an atheist maybe agnostic. I just tried to look up statistics on this for shits and giggles. The problem is they are all over the place. Most people don’t even truly understand what an atheist is. Let’s just label it as 5-10% of the population of the planet.
          A vast majority of those people are in two places. Denmark(and some of the countries around it) and China. The next filter ends up being politics/mindset/world view. China? Communism? Hell no. I’m certainly not moving there and bringing a girl here has all sorts of problems attached to it. IE her moral code/ ability to be truthful. Strike a big chunk of people.
          Denmark? I’ve lived in the Southeastern USA my whole life. At heart I’m a gun toting hawkish alpha male. Put another way a non stupid redneck(oxymoron I know). Most of the atheist in USA, Canada and Denmark etc are all pacifist, (militant)feminist, socialist… secular humanists. We would tear each other to shreds. So throw all those people out of the pool.
          Then we move into a long list of other issues that aren’t worth going into in detail. Things like does she like how I look, do I like how she looks, age difference, can she move to the USA, is she already attached, and on and on and on.
          It all boils down to this. I’m looking for a minority within a minority within a minority. Worse at each layer of minority it’s the smallest part. I’m not looking for 41% of 36% of 24%. I’m looking for 10% of 12% of 6% of 4%. Don’t forget half of those atheists in the statistics are men. I’m definitely a heterosexual.
          It all whittles down to be maybe a few hundred thousand(1-2 million tops) women on the whole fucking planet. They are spread out all over the place and 99% of them aren’t even on my continent. Most probably don’t even speak English either. I’m dyslexic so there is no way in hell I can learn her language. And then after that I have to overcome all the other regular bull-crap that everyone else does plus cultural bull-crap.
          On top of all that I have standards when it comes to physical looks. I’m completely incapable of falling in love with / being attracted to a 3-4 that’s the size of a walrus no matter how hard I try. I think you know what I’m getting at.
          This becomes a problem worse than trying to find a piece of hay in a haystack. No… that would be easy. Persistence might allow me to solve that problem. I’m the lucky one. I have to find a single drop of pure water in a murky lake the size of Texas. Owe… and I can’t swim.
          So. If you come up with some magic spell to teleport 1000 women that qualify to the same spot I’ll be glad to whip out what little game I have. Truth is I won’t need game. In a situation like that I would probably end up with three baby mamas. At the same time! I have plenty of confidence and all the other crap I’ve seen listed in some other articles. I’ve never had a problem wooing women in a normal social setting.
          Back to the point. How is that my fault? So I’m supposed to not be born atheist? I’m supposed to lower my standards? Not that I can say it’s her fault. She was raised Catholic. It’s nobodies fault. It just is.
          Which was my point. You are generalizing huge complicated problems with 10 layers and trying to boil them down to dogmatic catch phrases that include VERY big words like “never”. It doesn’t pass the logical smell test. Sorry.
          I guess for the purposes of manipulating the masses of brainwashed sheep it’s sort of true(it’s the guys fault) but it’s not going to phase me. I can see all the layers at the same time. Shrug.
          So “I would love to know how you have mastered women.” That was never the question. Women are easy. Confidence blah blah blah(insert red pill dogma). What I need is a way to overcome/master reality itself/basic physics in order to find the right woman for me….:)
          Interestingly enough what brought me here was a recent realization that no matter what the odds are giving up isn’t an option. I was studying other countries trying to figure out what the real deal is and ended up reading Roosh’s books. The Ukraine has a decent atheist population and they fit my personal taste in beauty quite well.
          I can already see your responses. A real alpha would mold her to fit you. Yeah sure. That always works out well. *end sarcasm*
          Or It’s my fault for not being able/willing to adapt? My response is simple. A true alpha knows what he wants/needs. It’s not a negotiation, not with you, or with his woman. Thus you are basically telling me to stop being an alpha. Good luck with that.

    8. These days it’s easier to kiss off the whole idea of marriage rather than fight women on something they won’t budge from. Let the absence of men teach them that what they’re marketing isn’t selling.

  5. Are their peer-reviewed sources demonstrating women have similar brains as children/ teens? I know men and women have different brain circuitry, neuronal populations, etc. but there are some concrete differences between juvenile and adult brains that don’t seem to be related to sex or gender. Note, this is genuinely curious and I’d rather get a recommendation than spend the next 2 hrs scouring NCBI or web of science.

  6. A woman cannot be happy or even content with life if she elects not to reproduce, raise children, or be a homemaker.
    Blanket statements like this are simply not true.

      1. I know many females (including myself) who have elected to not to have children and are content with their lives. And it’s not because we are men-haters or/or raging feminazis.

        1. Thats fine, however, you are providing anecdotal evidence.
          If you look at the recent study out of the UK, you will see that the women who report the highest levels of happiness are mothers and homemakers.
          The sexes, of which there are only two, compliment each other and neither can, nor should they, do what the other can.
          You can have your career and whatever, but dont sacrifice your happiness for some ideal.

        2. Oh, I totally don’t sacrifice anything for some ideal (such as being a mother for me). I just really can’t be bothered with children of my own. I am content with being the cool aunt.

        3. Hey whatever works.
          Just be careful about how you talk about your choice. You are very much an exception and I think that you would be doing a young lady a disservice if you turned her off to something that she might be very suited for.
          None of us here consider motherhood or homemaking menial. Every man on this board would do anything for his wife and family. Its an honor to provide for a family.

        4. I have NEVER tried to dissuade ANYONE from having a family if that’s what they wanted. Unless, you are my knocked-up teen cousin.
          To each their own, I say.

      2. 99% chance pitbully is female and should be banned. However some females are so damaged they aren’t helping themselves or anybody else by getting knocked up.

        1. I would normally agree with you, but I think that it is true that blanket statements like “a woman cannot be happy or even content with life if she…….” just don’t work out to be true. Many women. Sure. Most women. Ok, maybe. But not all. Life isn’t that simple.

        2. I am female. If you want me to be banned, so be it. But, to be honest, I was just gonna post BS on here and yell at first (like someone here did on one of my “female” sites – they also provided links for here…why?). But I can kinda see your guys’ points…sometimes. Yet, I have to say, for someone unmarried, childless, and nearing 40, Roosh sure has a lot to say on these topics.

        3. Progeny is important for men as well. I get lots of satisfaction seeing my six kids grow and improve. Many men would not agree with me however. Not because of biological reasons, but for social and legal reasons. Most men are very nervous about entering into the traditional marriage lifestyle when they know the divorce rates, and the legal system favoritism towards women in that regard.

        4. Agreed. But the specific comment that she made was that a blanket statement that “all women” and she is right on that, it is wrong….and because of the global level of the original statement anecdotal evidence does in fact prove it is correct. I agree that this is a definite pattern and even go as far as saying that it is enough to be considered a rule…but a rule with exceptions and those exceptions weren’t allowed for in the articles claims.

        5. If your family is happy, healthy and you can provide for them adequately, my hat is tipped to you. A rare accomplishment these days.

        6. I think the difference, for the most part, is men ageing into middle age develop hobbies, middle aged women inevitably gravitate towards politics…very dangerous for society as the 40- plus single ladies “need to make someone pay” for their shitty life decisions…middle aged men? We like our dogs, and fishin’ and such…

        7. I am 40, and my middle-aged female friends are embarrassing, for the most part. They think they are having a wild night if they drink 3 glasses of wine and bitch about their husbands.

        8. One of the worst things you can do is gripe about your spouse behind their back. It destroys trust and you start believing it. If you have a complaint talk to them, not everybody else.

        9. I always wanted to get a dog, but I know he will bug out being alone all day; therefore I wont get one bc it will drive the neighbors insane during the day. A woman will simply waste money on doggie day care. We men are simply bad for business at this point

        10. I really would like a dog too but living in a NYC apartment I have the same problem as you and, to be honest, I feel it is unfair to the dog to put them in an environment where they can’t run and be, well, dogs.

        11. I agree. They “mock” me by calling my significant other “Mr. Perfect”, because I refuse to talk shit about him behind his back.

        12. You could always move upstate and get the train to work. Have a dog and a farm, grow old and resemble KFC guy! Ohh, and you’ll have plenty of space for dags!
          Also wear everything white!

        13. I sense a degree of jealousy there. I mean there are some things that women cannot bring themselves to lie about such as sex life and financial well being. Not sure about your situation but by not talking shit behind your husband’s back you’re making yourself look happy (then again, maybe you are).

        14. The current legal framework and lack of decent attainable women from my part are my main concerns about getting married.

        15. Not if you’re a drug dealer in the big city and the rival crip gang sneaks in through the back!

        16. It is always a thought of mine ya know. My family has lived in Ulster country for 5 generations. Making my NYC salary and living there would pretty much mean living like a king. I could have a nice boat out on the Hudson, a house with a nice sporty car and a jeep for the winter, a few acres etc. The train ride to the city is just under two hours. So think 4 hours a day commuting. I have an uncle who did it for years and was very happy. My cousin, however, pointed out the major problem with that. The thing is, living in a small town like that (this isn’t suburban, this is apple farm country) you need to get married. I simply won’t have the chance to get laid the way I do currently. Within a year I will earn myself a reputation and have to keep traveling further and further. If I were to settle down and marry I would seriously consider it, but as long as I am to be single I think the city is for me.

        17. I always thought about a Bull Mastiff, a Siberian Husky or a Labradoodle but I don’t put too much thought into it for the above reasons.

        18. haha! My family and I used to go to all those (then WWF) matches a lot in Chicago. I saw him fight once. I got an autograph from one of the British Bulldogs (Davey Boy Smith). He called me “sunshine” ahaha.

        19. Well first, I’m asking, and uh, technically yes, but the question pertained more to literary activity.

        20. I honestly cant- the hours blow, and I would have to move the end of the line (trust me, Ive looked)

        21. That’s what every senior at my firm does, work in the city and live like a king in the countryside. Might even be the perfect excuse to work from home for a couple of days too.
          Recently went to a meeting with some of the big wigs and went past one of their houses….Damn, detached McMansion with a hench garden and that was around Ashford, Kent!
          Deffo worth it if you get got a piece by your side!

        22. Honestly that is the biggest reason I went full bore religious back in college. I was a PUA back in the day, and became thoroughly disgusted with the pool of women. I was growing up and wanted a LTR.

        23. Agreed. The trick is the woman. I have no desire to get married and lots of desire to fuck. So for me that isn’t an ideal place. I am hoping that one day fresh produce will become more important than young pussy and I will be free to move and live like a hermit.

        24. Thanks for the advice. Did you get your wife from college? How did you manage to be in a religious environment while, I am assuming (?), you are not religious?

        25. At the time, I was questioning about God and reading the Bible on occasion. I started by just asking the classiest women I could see in my college classes. Four girls in a row all were Mormon, that is in a community of about 10%. The fourth asked me to go to church with her. I only took her out on a first date, but I realized there was a pattern. Shortly afterwards I was baptized and made sure to go to all the activities.
          The first year was pretty slow, I grew up in a smaller town and had a player reputation and mannerisms to overcome. But then I moved to another town to finish my school. I don’t know how much you know about the church, but they had two young single adult (18-32) congregations, each about 150 members, mostly college kids. From then on, it was gravy. Hot, virtuous women. It was about a 2 year process to get there. I had to learn the culture and understand what was appropriate with them. But, like all women, they thrive off of competition from each other and like the cat and mouse games you picked up from gaming.
          I don’t know where you live, but there are virtuous women where you are. They stick to themselves, whatever church you decide on. The trick is to become the type they would want.

    1. I can’t see why anyone would want a child. It is baffling to me. Nothing against people who do, I just have no frame of reference for that mentality.

      1. Me too. I am glad my older brother and sister took up the slack, so no one says anything to me anymore.

        1. That said, your opinions here are going from casual comment and occasional insightful remark to borderline snark and I do think you should watch that. This isn’t a forum that was asking for a female point of view. I think you have been tolerated because you aren’t a complete moron but do be mindful of where you are.

        2. Hey, at least I am not boring, or I am not declaring war on ALL men here. I think having a traditional family is a fine thing. Not for me, personally. To each their own.

        3. No one is attacking you and I happen to agree with you. re-read what I said…only asking you to not let snark bleed through. This isn’t the place for that.

        4. Without. I know how a guy likes to shave for dick pics, so they can make it look a foot longer.

        1. A rough and ready explanation of golf was given to me by my cousin.
          “Don’t worry. you don’t need to know how to play golf. You aren’t married”

        2. I believe it is just an excuse to get drunk without the women around, enjoy the weather and drive those carts around.

        3. right – take the golf part out and its a rip. In fact I have some experience in this I’ll bore you with someday.

        4. so….you go wheeling around in pickups, leave the girls at home and then get drunk……..I like the sound of this.

        5. New Golf: no clubs, no balls (well…), just booze and little cars. Wait a minute – is this how the shriners came into being?!?!?

        6. One of my best friends (now 1000 miles away) started up a four-wheeling club. Once a month, they take their pickups out in the desert, tear them up, and get drunk over a barbecue pit. So much funner than golf.

        7. I don’t know how it is for others, but for my cousin and his buddies it is pretty much a get away from wife and kids, spend some time outdoors, get drunk and have some kind of organized activity involved which the women would rather kill themselves than go to

      2. If you have kids, you’ll keep waiting until they grow up so they can have kids and their kids can have kids etc. All the while complaining about how the world is a terrible place to raise kids, or your goal can be to make it better for already existing kids, and if you have one anyway with that perspective, it won’t be so bad.

        1. I am sure it isn’t so bad for quite a lot of people just not for me. I just can’t imagine having a kid and being happy about it.

      3. “I can’t see why anyone would want a child. It is baffling to me. Nothing against people who do, I just have no frame of reference for that mentality.”
        I couldn’t agree more. Especially those who are hung up on “their own” child. Listen, you, me, none of us are that special. If you really want a child, do something good for the world and adopt. But brining more children into this shitshow makes about as much sense as starting a business breeding stray cats. We don’t need any fucking more stray cats you assholes. If you and your wife are truly exceptional, you’re rich as fuck and want to leave a legacy, etc.. OK, I get it. But what the fuck are the rest of these assholes doing??
        How many children would be born if not for the drive to have sex. Men, by and large, do NOT have a desire for children, they have a desire for sex which, of course, leads to children.
        This is why hormonal male birth control will be like summoning the fucking Kracken himself. The birth rate will drop like a fucking stone, already 50% of kids are unplanned, and that’s just those who admit it. Of the remaining 50%, how many did the father “really want”? Or did he just want to fuck someone raw and pop off inside her? Got to be another 50%. Even if imperfect use, it’s very reasonable to think that MBC will drop the birth rate by 50% overnight. And that, my friends, is the moment that the men’s right movement gets real power. Because women will have to negotiate children with men, and men will hold the keys to the reproductive future of society.

        1. Yep, bringing life against its will to this world of misery in denial is a crime against humanity. Every child is made to suffer to please their creepy parents.
          29,000 children under the age of 5 are dying every single day (UNICEF), and these broken narcissists need to breed life of their own. It’s disgusting, really.

      4. You are self-proclaimed narcissist, so your statement isn’t surprising. If your father or grandfather held the same frame of reference as it were, you would not be here posting and, in a complete factual manner, would not matter.

        1. Ship sailed on that. They did and here I am. They had different circumstances and were different people. If you want to chose otherwise I have no problem with that nor any desire to tell anyone what they should or shouldn’t do in this regard. I don’t get why anyone would want kids but I don’t get why people like Kim karrdashian and she is a wealthy celebrity

        2. “..and were different people.”
          They are your people despite their personal circumstances in the past. Everyone has those family stories and they are legion.
          Hey, I am the last guy to tell anyone how to live or what they should desire. If you know it’s not for you. Fine by me. However those with kids will tend to think longer term than their own life spans and pleasures. Suffer our indulgences if it isn’t too taxing 😉

        3. I absolutely suffer your endulgences. I think kids can great just not my thing. I took my two nieces out last week dressed like princesses for a proper tea at the Plaza and to see the nutcracker ballet. It was exhausting but fun uncling work. I can’t see why anyone would want to have kids because like all people I see things from my own perspective. Most of all I think men should think about what it is that they truly want in life and have the courage and tenacity to get it while being realistic about the downsides. That’s all

        4. “ all people I see things from my own perspective.”
          Ah. This is the dividing point. I have a perspective divulged from my own life experiences which I capitlize on. Be it women are prey for my pleasure or employers for my income. I get that. Children do not have such a perspective and place their trust in their parents. Putting your own perpective aside, as well as your desires, and looking after someone else who does not have your experience or development yet is what makes you a parent. I sought that out. I take on the responsibility. It’s not for every man.
          “Most of all I think men should think about what it is that they truly want in life and have the courage and tenacity to get it while being realistic about the downsides.”
          I would agree. Men should do that and affirm themselves to seek what their goals are despite the risk. The higher the risk, the higher the respect he earns and deserves.

    2. So show us a woman who is genuinely content with her life without children and/or a husband.

      1. I know quite a few, actually. And I know plenty of miserable women who are married with kids.

        1. AWALT. Its evolutionary biology. Women think with their vagina and they are slaves to their uterus. If the biological clock runs out they always have that twinge when they see a new mother holding a baby and wonder what they missed.

      2. I am. I could have gotten married and had kids, but didn’t. I am in a LTR, no marriage plans in the horizon, and I am content.

        1. Truthfully, no. We are happy in our own way without the pressures marriage and/or children can bring.

        2. That’s a fair question. I am sure you are assuming he must be a beta male. We are are both pretty equal intellectually, but there are some things he does better and vice versa. There really isn’t any kind of power struggle.

        3. I didn’t assume anything which is why I asked the question.
          Intellectual has nothing to do with it.
          Every relationship has a top and a bottom. Every single one.
          Every woman who says that her relationship is equal is lying.
          Let me put it to you another way, do you complain to your girlfriends about your boyfriend, and about what?

        4. Actually, in an earlier comment I made, I criticized my my female friends from bitching about their spouse.
          Our relationship is pretty equal…I am sure the scale may tip slightly one way or another, but in no discernible way.
          We are both financially strong, with or without each other. We are best friends.

        5. You are totally in the Matrix.
          Intellect, money, friendship, job has nothing to do with who has the emotional upperhand in the relationship and the power resides in the emotion.
          Let me put it to you in another way, do you fear your boyfriend or does he fear you?

        6. So he is not fearful of telling you the truth about what he feels?
          When you are picking on him, does he fight back or does he cower away in silence?

        7. So you never are unhappy with him about anything?
          See, here is the problem, women, for the most part, are never truthful.
          I can be with any couple at any time and tell exactly who is the managing partner in the relationship.
          Can’t you?
          Don’t you talk to your girlfriends about your men?
          Come on, enough with the pretense.
          There is always somebody in the dominant role in the relationship.

        8. We just had one fight all year, because we got lost and we both happen to forget our phones, so neither of us can get directions that way.
          Our relationship works because we don’t have the added stress that marriage and kids bring.
          From a male perspective from here, I’d imagine most of you would say I must wear the pants in the relationship. Since he hasn’t made a wife out of me.
          I really don’t know what else you want me to say.

        9. His dick says no. Really, if he was a closeted at his age, he probably would have married and had kids to keep up the guise of being a virile, heterosexual male.

        10. Marriage has nothing to do with it
          The thing is you know exactly what I am talking about but you just refuse to acknowledge the truth.
          I doubt you are a hermit. I assume you have girlfriends. I assume you complain about your men behind their backs.
          It sounds more like you’re brother and sister.
          If there is no fear, there is no chemistry, and without chemistry, there is no sex.
          Are you just dead inside and feel no emotions? Come on.

        11. Your mistake is assuming I am a typical female. I am not a girl girl (nor do I claim to be a “cool girl” like one of the guys).
          And, no, we not are just these two asexual roommates living together.
          I guess things were different seven years ago, when we were younger and fought more.
          I love him dearly and unconditionally, and I feel secure enough to say he feels the same.
          The only fear I have is if he dies on me.

        12. Can we ban the female troll yet? Males get banned who are less annoying. Does anybody want to hear her prattle?

        13. 99% of women are typical. The other 1% are genetic aberrations.
          What else can I say? I am not trying to impugn your integrity but trying to get to the truth.
          If you are uncertain yourself, just ask him out right.
          If you have no fear in asking him or hearing the response, that should tell you the answer.

        14. I have no fear in asking him.
          And to be frank, I don’t know why you keep going on about’s getting boring.

        15. Fine. Enjoy your completely equal relationship with no problems and the thrilling sex.

        16. Now you act like I am bragging, which I am not. The way you keep probing and trying create problems that don’t exist is exhausting.

        17. Interesting that you think asking questions is the same as creating problems.
          If you are being truthful, I am happy for you.
          You are an exception to the rule. Congratulations.

        18. NO…I don’t think you are trying to CREATE problems. My bad for using that word, though. It should have been FIND instead.
          Admittedly, out relationship is not typical. But it works for us. And that is all I have to say about it. Thanks.

        19. I am just trying to learn. A lot of guys get caught up in their theories without actually talking to any women.
          I appreciate your patience.

        20. I’d imagine most of you would say I must wear the pants in the relationship. Since he hasn’t made a wife out of me.

          Any male who imagines marriage is anything other than male slavery is a beta cuck, bred and raised by his dependent mother to be a bitch.

      1. I just speak from my own personal experience.
        Likewise, if I were to say, “a woman is only happy or even content with wife if she elects to have reproduce, have children, or be a homemaker.”
        Because I don’t find that blanket statement to be true, either.

        1. If Roosh would agree to let me do an article on here, I am game. I am not a writer by trade, but have published here and there on the side.

    3. There are goats born with two heads, there are biological hermaphrodites born as well, and there are women who don’t have a biological clock. Normal women will become miserable without children. It’s exceptionally trying for a woman to find out she’s barren, and even more so for a woman to wait too long and have the natural process of child birth removed due to aging. It’s biological, an ancient survival instinct hard wired in. In general the statement is true, but of course there are exceptions.

      1. liberals love to take the outlier, use it to prove your hypothesis incorrect, and then proceed to petition for more tranny access to women’s bathrooms all across America. This is how they operate.

    1. My 10 year old daughter made this glue string snow man with felt and beads and stuff for a gift. There is no way I could make something like that. As silly as it sounds, I was proud of her.

        1. I wasnt being “savage” btw- it melted your heart when she gave it to you, no??

      1. Chemically- infused “potpourri” is beautiful?
        I have to admit, throw pillows are gorgeous

  7. My wife stays at home and looks after the house and the children. She’s currently pregnant with number four and I’m sure she’d love a number five too. She says she does not want a job unless we struggle financially. So far we’re fine. She sells on the internet arty-farty objects that she makes at home and she earns some decent money for herself.
    Is she happy? I don’t know but I am content and she never moans about anything. Every morning she delivers a blow job followed by my breakfast so I guess, we’re both happy! LOL
    How did I find her? I didn’t. I just stated early on, that is how my family is going to work and she tagged along.

        1. I watched the first 2 seasons, which I would recommend, but barely made it through the 3rd. Stopped watching after that.

    1. When you lead, women love to follow.
      GJ on the 4. I’m trying to decide if I want to go 5 myself, but lack of sleep might kill me.

      1. Peter: Just don’t forget our deal, Lois. I sit through this and later tonight, I get anal. You hear me? No matter how neat I want the house, you have to clean it

  8. The blame issue is too complex for an easy answer. Men are responsible for women’s behavior(society wide.) Environmental(diet, plastics, multiculti) biologic(dysgenics, stress) and deliberate culture shaping of a hostile foreign group(jews) are at fault for men’s inability to play their role.Better just to focus on eliminating harmful factors and solution building. Leave the blaming/shaming to the archivists.

    1. this sounds like a whole lot of “its not my fault I suck its everyone else”

    2. You’re actually right but don’t expect much sympathy here, most are still reading chapter one.

    1. Hot women are hot women. Most men don’t care with hook up culture. Dating outside your faith can actually be easier because they don’t see you as marriage material and just want to fuck. Marriage changes it. But i’m guessing you’re stormfront troll who just gets off typing the word jew when he gets bored.

      1. To quote Herr Trump- ‘Wrong’.
        In the coming Awakening, you’ll need to choose sides correctly.

        1. God’s. He made Aryan chicks horny, and gave black guys big dicks.
          God does work in mysterious ways.

  9. Virtually every childless feminist I have ever talked to, post-wall, and post-fertility, has expressed remorse about having no children. Most of them have expressed anger over having been duped by the feminist movement. I think it’s primarily for the young and malleable. It surely isn’t a pathway to happiness.
    My liberal-Democrat sister is a poster child for the cause. Way, way, post-wall, still clinging to her liberal beliefs and ideals. But she’s sad, very sad, that she has nobody. No husband, no children.
    I have never met a feminist over the age of say, 50, who was happy. They might claim that they are, but their bitterness and anger is palpable. Women should just avoid it. Hopefully things will start moving in that direction.

      1. Looks like things might be changing as we speak…and it’s in a major MSM newspaper. Sweet.

      2. That’s almost 4 years ago. And it sounds like she ditched her guy because she felt she had deserved better at the time. The joke’s on her now.

        1. It’s probably a good article but I have serious problems reading things where every 10th word is a factually inaccurate and opportunistic misuse of the term “satanist/-ism”. I just don’t get what that’s even supposed to accomplish.

      3. this article is fucking terrible. Notice what she did in it. She gives their names and what town they live in. I am a moron when it comes to using the computer box but I bet I can find this couple on google right now. She just fucking doxed this guy. I bet he gets tons of fucking mail and not all of it will be rave reviews. This broad is really a piece of shit.

        1. she wasn’t going to get one anyway, but yes….this is like shooting a torpedo into the titanic. Further, not only will she not find a valuable man, but the not as valuable man who might have actually treated her nicely is going to see this article and know that not only is she totally fucking hung up on her ex from over a decade ago, but is dangerous to be around.

      4. I read that as a “don’t make the same mistake I did” article. But other commenters are correct in pointing out it was royal shit of her to post private details about the other parties’ lives. And my sympathies are with “Sara” in the story — don’t blame her one bit for going off at this clueless cow!

    1. I had an aunt like that. She totally went through the 60’s and ate it up. Never married. Once a year, my parents dumped us off on her. She was fun to hang around, and took us to Disneyland and such. Years passed, and she was so alone. Her halls were lined with pictures of nieces and nephews, and she would write and send gifts for everyone. As she got old, she got more bitter and less fun to hang around. Then one day she died. Sad ending to a sad life.

      1. It’s an epidemic. Despite all the glowing accolades about feminism, and the childless lifestyle, and the ride-that-cock-carousel-till-you’re-90 indoctrination.
        As mentioned, I’ve never met a happy feminist over the age of 50. I’ve been around plenty of them. My sister – case in point, and her best friends. All of them have no husband. Only one has a child. We’re talking about oh, six or seven women.
        All of them are angry because they can’t pull the hot, desirable men. All of them bounce from one relationship to the next. All of the guys bail eventually, because of their wanting a “partner”, instead of a man. And because of their belief in the whole “girl power” thing.
        Feminism has been around for a long, long time. The Communists used it to perfection in the Soviet Union; it’s used to destroy families, and/or prevent them from being created.
        If you research it at length, you’ll find this out. And man, whether that was the intended design or not, it sure does do the job…

        1. Your sister and the females she considers to be her best friends are all single, and they are wondering why? Ha

        2. Now we find ourselves in a real pickle. The First daughter is not only a feminist, she’s also a Jewess!

        3. No doubt some pickles will find their way into her…and I’m not gherkin off by sayin’ that.

        4. From what it is looking like so far, it looks like Ivanka will be fulfilling the role as First Lady.
          Trump is fooling us all…his master plan is to ultimately have Ivanka as our first female president.

        5. This will not do. We must derail the First Jewess, at all costs.
          The glory of the Fatherland must be protected!

        6. But she’s Jewish in the same way that Rachel Dolezal is “black”.
          She can convert to the religion, but a “shiksa” can’t convert to the ethnicity.
          I don’t know how the radical feminism happened, I guess every family has to have its “black sheep”? Ivanka is the daughter of Ivana, the crazy feminist ex-wife of Trump who claimed that he “raped” her while they were married…

        7. “I’ve never met a happy feminist over the age of 50”
          This sentence went five words too long.

        1. That is pretty harsh. You don’t know anything about the background. She lived 500 miles away. We called her up and sent photos. I built her a greenhouse you dumb bitch.
          I am telling this story to point out the fact that choosing to not have a family has natural consequences.

        2. Where did I talk shit about her? that she got lonely and bitter as she got old? Again natural consequences of trying to subvert the natural order of things. Sounds like I struck a nerve.

        3. Don’t bother to replying again to that person. It’s like; throwing stone on “pile of shit” !

        4. Yes you did I’m pushing 35 and still haven’t found a good man. It pisses me off to see all of you here talking about what it means to be a “real man” when in real life there’s nothing but cucks and cheats.

        5. Stop swearing. Stop attacking innocent men you know nothing about. Seek to understand, not condemn. Release the cynicism. There are plenty of cynical, miserable, angry women in the world. The decent men you’re looking for neither deserve nor desire that type of women.

        6. Sorry to hear that. If you look at my other posts, you will see that it ticks me off as well. I am happily married, but all my siblings are struggling for similar reasons as you. I post on here to try to get guys to see how to find happiness. I have to talk the language, otherwise I would be run out on a rail.
          A little on my background…. I grew up irreligious and in my early 20’s I may have been considered a PUA (I didn’t perfect the art like some guys here) But, I went to the clubs and such. I was disgusted with the women out there. At 23, I was getting tired of it and wanted to settle down. I decided to go the religious route and I totally committed myself to it. Within a couple years, I found an attractive, virtuous woman to marry. It wasn’t easy, I had lots of habits and mannerisms to overcome (and I continue to reinforce every day).
          Your time is short, but not gone. I think it is a pity how a woman’s SMV peaks so high and so early. Many women get very prideful in their early 20’s and throw away their opportunity before they gain the maturity to settle down. Cucks put up with it, cheats take advantage of it. Real men do neither.
          I don’t know if this is the way to go for you, but you might try jumping into religion with both feet. There are good men out there, but like anyone, they need guidance to keep on the straight and narrow. Unfortunately, demographics are stacked against you. There are more single women in churches than single men. Best of luck.
          This is a speech that had a profound impact on how I viewed the dating scene. I was baptized the month this was given. Although it is geared towards young men, I suggest you read it.

    2. Is it too late to turn her into an Aryan Princess?
      If so, perhaps she can serve the Fatherland in another capacity. She can give the troops comfort, post battle, can she not?

      1. She’s into dark meat. Maybe there’s a correlation there. She’s as liberal as it gets. I mean she’s my sister, but she is what she is. Whatever that is.

        1. No. Not an ounce overweight. I talked her into shooting for an older man recently. He’s eight years older. I told her he’d worship her (I knew the guy, beta all the way), and treat her like a princess, and be jealous and protective of her, because she was younger. She usually jumped on much younger guys, and they bailed quickly.
          She saw the wisdom of my suggestion and bagged the guy. He’s white. Heh. If he only knew what she’d been up to prior to his entry into her ____ (fill in the blank like he did).

        2. No, but she can yodel. I’ve heard her, when I stayed at her place in the guest room a few times. Sounded like Heidi riding a Shetland pony…

        3. Well, she can make grits, ham hocks, and black-eyed peas. And she can make a mean Colt 45 Malt Liquor smoothie. I’ll ask her after she gets back from trying to hook up with the Lakers out in L.A…

        4. No, but she probably wishes she were. She probably wants Kanye to gurgle and drool while he pounds her and makes vague, tangential references to being her daddy…

        5. My guess is she was molested by a Crip when she was young.
          Maybe we can put her to use in the Ammo factories near Heidlberg….

        6. I don’t think she’s the type to accuse a brother of molestation. Even if it’s forcible. To a liberal woman who likes dark meat, it’s consensual. She might like an ammo factory job. She’s into cannons. Big-time.

        7. Always a fine choice, Herr Bill. Get ’em before they get out in the jungle and run around like wild dogs.

    3. A woman like this used to work with me. 60 years old, no kids, never married just a boyfriend, achieved career success to an extent. I was talking about my kids and she got all depressed. When she retired she said she wishes she did her life differently and had a family. She said she has all the money she ever needed, but still feels like she wasted her life. Which is kind of true.

      1. Happens a lot. Women are okay into their 40s, usually…once they hit 50, no kids, many are still okay. But they see the writing on the wall. At 60, unless they bagged somebody who is really loyal as a mate, uh, they realize it’s a whole new ballgame and they got shut out. You can’t take it with you. Can’t even bequeath it to anybody, except your cats or your paperboy. Or maybe the Society to Prevent Feminism From Spreading. Too late at that point.

      2. She did. And someday, the building she worked so successfully in will be remodeled or demolished, and that picture of her on the wall getting an award or something (anything really) is going to get pulled down by some laborer who might look at her and think “whose the dumb bitch?” before tossing it in the dumpster.
        And that will be that.

    4. I’ve never met a feminist of any age that was happy, they are continually offended about something, I figure they are just mad because most of them are fucked up looking.

        1. I’m a feminist, but in a balanced way. I am all for equal rights and opportunities and all that. But I don’t want to bring men down so we can be on equal footing. And it isn’t the sole point of my identity, and I think that is why angry feminists have their problems.

        2. Anybody who’s angry has problems. But everybody has problems. And everybody gets angry. It’s a matter of frequency and degree. But…but…yeah that’s all I have to say about that.

        3. presumably you’re here for a reason though. There is a part of you that is uncomfortable with that identity

      1. They are happy if your dumb enough to buy them dinner, diamonds and work for them until that collar starts to feel tight.

    5. Seattle is infested with the kind of bitches you describe. You can see them easily: Just look for the Subaru with the Yellow Labrador in the back with the custom incorporated doggie cage.
      My biggest beef with feminism is not for the lifestyle they sell. Everybody is selling something, and here we even sell a lifestyle. So that’s not the issue.
      What the feminists do is lie to the young women they sell to. The “have it all” concept.
      Fact is, you can’t have it all. Actions have consequences. Lifestyles have consequences.
      Those big ugly beer-bellied guys at the bar: they made their choice to be drunkard barflies and not lift nor have a real life. I have known scores of men like that, and I never hear them complain that they don’t get to bang hotties. Oh they know their lot in life, and accept it. But here we have fat wall-hitters bitching they can’t get a handsome man and trying to tell us we are shallow and that fat is healthy.
      See the difference?
      If every woman to be sold on the party girl “Sex and the City” lifestyle was also to be properly informed of the consequences, then they could make a more informed decision. That is, on the rare occasion meeting the rare woman who knew what she was getting into from the start (very rare but I have met some), she did not end up some post-wall 30-something acting like she’s 22 with all the trappings of absolute delusion with the trimmings of mental illness that come with the delusion. These were women who decided up front they would not get married or have kids. They have the “agency of men” meaning they saw another calling in life and sought that instead. Abnormal? Unnatural? Indeed, but that’s their business.
      So instead of acting like their looks would last forever, they took care of themselves from a young age and never really hit that wall hard enough.They never avoid it entirely though, as age is unavoidable for everybody, but there’s a difference between glancing off it at low speed and hitting it full face on at maximum speed. I can spot these women too: they are the ones who have a few gray hairs but are not too fat to wear high heels.
      Because these women were not delusional, they find other ways to have satisfaction and love in their lives. Is it anything like having kids? No. But as surely as no man rolled over and died for lack of sex (even though we are conditioned by mass media to think that will happen), no woman automatically ended up miserable from deciding not to be a mother (and there are many who cannot and manage to survive somehow). It’s when they have not decided against it on purpose and then they decide to “settle” while their SMV is also “settling” and that’s when the wall hits and the disappointment train runs right over them and that’s when they become bitter and miserable. Then the true test of the indoctrination comes: do they blame feminism? Themselves? Men? Patriarchy?
      So all I could ever ask is that women are not misinformed. You want to be party girl? You want to be career girl? Fine. But remember those choices have consequences. A woman deciding to become a mother has consequences (especially if she fails to find the highest quality mate her SMV could manage, by itself an anti-evolutionary and dysgenic act).
      I think that most women, aware of the consequences (read: no brainwashing, just the facts) would choose motherhood. By my observation, 95 percent of them would when they could (not accounting for infertility, too poor/ugly/insane). The actual? 80 percent will somehow.

      1. We’re all gonna die. It’s what we do with the time we have. Well put…enjoyed reading that.

    6. Except that what you miss is that the generation before them all whined on about having kids to young and not getting out to see the world and doing more before they got married and so on and so forth. Women whine on about things no matter. Put her in a perfect castle with children, wealth, recognition, a career and success she will still be unhappy. It’s in the inherent nature.

  10. Most women want to be mothers – most men want to be fathers. It has been my experience most people who opt not to have children, particularly women, do regret it later in life. Men are hardwired to build civilization. Women are hardwired to build humanity.
    If a woman opts out of marriage and children in favor of a career – fine. I think a lot who do so would be terrible mothers anyway. Than being said, once most women hit the best before date of thirty, from what I have seen, decide to have kids before it’s too late. Those who choose to continue on with their careers usually turn out to be bitter, angry, radical femhags.

    1. True.
      “Those who choose to continue on with their careers usually turn out to be bitter, angry, radical femhags.”
      They become invisible and will cast hate filled glances at the women who choose motherhood over “team feminism.” The envy is a killer.

        1. I have them until they die. Like my men. I kid! But every time a dog of mine has run away, he/she always came back.

    2. You have a point. My first kid was an accident, I didn’t want to be a dad then, wanted to focus on my career. All good now though, love all my kids more than life itself.

    3. “Most women want to be mothers – most men want to be fathers. It has been my experience most people who opt not to have children, particularly women, do regret it later in life. ”
      I’d disagree with the “most men want to be fathers” comment. Of my generation (30-40), I know a lot of men who are fathers now. None of them really “wanted it” except for one. Most of them were browbeaten by their wives or it was an “accident”. I’d say that at least 50% of the kids my friends from HS/college have had would be “accident” category and, of the remaining 50%, a good proportion of them are “browbeat” by the wives.
      Also, regardless of those actual numbers, the thing I hear with almost 100% reliability is “Man, I love my kids, but, if I had it to do all over again, I might not/probably wouldn’t/never would have had them. And it has nothing to do with the children, it’s 100% the fact that their wives became fat nasty shrews after they got the kid, because, honestly, what are you going to do? Pay now or pay later, she has what she wants and the state will make sure she keeps getting in for the next 15-25 years.

      1. I truly think even the Dads who have kids by accident or are browbeat by their wives into having children really do love their kids, and in the end are glad they have them.
        And yes, once a woman has kids she can, rest assured, know she will always be taken care of by the state should she choose to cut the kids father off from any contact with his child. If he can’t or won’t fork money over to her big Daddy government will.
        Another way in which feminism has destroyed the family unit.

    1. I’d crawl through 100 miles of raw sewage to pry her phone number from the curled-up fingers of a dying leper. Well not really…but definitely WB.

      1. if you did she wouldn’t want anything to do with you. If she saw you do something excellent and then you rejected her she would crawl through 100 miles of raw sewage to pry your phone number from the curled up fingers of a dying leper…but you already know that.

        1. I’ll take your word for it. I mean, if she’s a twat.
          I’m into Eskimo girls lately.
          “I don’t know, but I’ve been told…Eskimo pussy is mighty cold.”

        2. I went to a charity event for legless women. There was so much pussy out on the dance floor.

        3. I am doing a mental countdown to see how long @disqus_tj7gjZttfg:disqus takes to tell me he was thinking this exact thing

        4. Ha. That’s a good one. I love Chinese jokes, although I have a hard time getting oriented sometimes, after the punchline.

        5. It is alarming how frequently we simultaneously race to the same (juvenile) response! Must be the fizzy outer-borough water of our childhoods…

        6. yeah, that is their problem. I can’t get erect unless the girl is saying no

        7. Got tired of her? One light tap in the rear and she’ll slide away like a hockey puck!

    2. Ever wonder why ABCDEF are used to define bra sizes?
      A- Almost boobs
      B- Barely there
      C- Can do
      D- Damn good
      E- Enormous
      F- Fake

  11. I have a beautiful 20 something niece with a real kind motherly vibe to her. She started work a few years ago in a ‘Anti-violence against women’ government body, filled with exactly the type you’d expect…feminazi’s, et al. Now my niece can have the pick of any guy she chooses but I can tell she is ready to settle down, and she will make a wonderful mother. Guess what? She realized that her job was killing that chance for her so she quit! There is some hope for people!

  12. I’ve always found it interesting how so many women have been duped about motherhood and homemaking to look down upon it. People who grow up missing a mother’s love, or presence at home as a homemaker, have many emotional/mental health issues to overcome.
    Motherhood, a job only women can do, is arguably the most important job there is. Whatever direction a man or woman may go once they leave the nest, if they come from a healthy home with a motherly homemaker they are much healthier in every way than someone who did not.

  13. “The reason that women excel in child rearing is because their brains are similar to that of a young child”
    Lmao! I can just picture the feminist heads exploding over this line. Great article, can’t disagree with the truth.

  14. This is another reason why it’s a travesty that Mitt Romney choked in 2012 as Ann Romney was a strident crusader for women staying home to raise their kids.

  15. Dude, you must not have kids; a good Dad, when alone with his kids, gets to become the Ultimate Kid! Women are great at lots of stuff, dude. My two girls are excellent hunters and marksmen. They cook, clean, do everything for you, and rarely complain, if you run your house half decent. When they complain, you listen, make your wife happy and your kids independent.
    I really think the colleges and cities do you guys a great disservice; here in the country things go on as they have forever, but the whole cosmopolitan experience I see described in the mansphere seems to be dudes who weren’t meant for the artisanal city lifestyle and acedemic modern gender BS.
    Get out of the city, find a nice girl and get to it. They’re out here, settling for some real trash, and a city dude with a decent head on his shoulders can learn to get his hands dirty and appreciate a country life.

    1. ssshhhhh……..I don’t want everyone moving out and jacking up prices.
      Otherwise, I agree.

    2. I think you are right – but personally I like the city.
      There are just too many of country daughters moving here for the wild party life…
      I have a pre-teen daughter, and she is taught traditional skills.
      Has done much hunting and fishing when younger, cooks, clean, raises chickens…
      Hopefully, when she gets older she will move the other way – from the city to traditional country homestead life…
      And me too.

    3. ABSOLUTELY! I moved from CA to TX 10 years ago – Best Decision I could have made! My wife and I are happier and much less stressed. We have a large property and total privacy. My construction business is booming, and when I’m home, I’m completely at peace and focused. Balance is the key, and if you can achieve it, it’s absolutely life-changing. Leaving the big city bullshit behind has allowed me to focus on what’s most important, and you can’t put a price-tag on that!

  16. Lol. I understand what the roosh is doing and I agree, generally those are 3 very true purposes to women.
    I mean, there are always outliers; there are some female dr’a and engineers…
    And to limit potential… well that’s kind of the caste system.
    I think with progression these are some of the growing pains… and it is also the programming of the state.
    Conspiracy theory or not; how many young girls are effectively encouraged to be a mother. Or boys to be a father…
    How to sacrifice as a unit. The un glamorous life of the many…
    But don’t worry gents. We may be living through the worst of times: but what an experience it has been.
    God speed

    1. “I mean, there are always outliers; there are some female dr’a and engineers…”
      My wife’s former college roommate is a civil engineer. (She was the one who introduced us in fact.) At 38, she appears doomed to a single life (in a big house). Several times she has told my wife how she is jealous of my wife’s life. (at home with six kids).
      The career thing gets old, just about the same time women do.

    2. Work makes women depressive. More success and power only makes it worse.
      Women don’t know what they want.
      Traditional women are the happiest as you can’t find longterm happiness whilst going against your nature.
      True happiness is found by being in line with your nature.

  17. We have demoted the function of sex to one solely of pleasure? I see a lot of dykie looking, frownie faced half lesbians who look like they don’t want to have sex with anyone. On that note, I laughed when I clicked on this article. The first thing you see is an anatomical diagram or sexual intercourse. Explaining to lesbians what sex between a man and a woman looks like. Getting back to the basics here in 2016.

  18. The reason that women excel in child rearing is because their brains are similar to that of a young child.

    Whilst only a fool would dispute the fact that Society infantilises women, it would take an equal fool to imagine that an infantilised, needy, dependent leech would be the best mother to an infant.
    In Nature, mammal mothers are fierce and they raise offspring to be independent and unattached. The institution of marriage creates needy, dependent women, who in turn raise needy, dependent children.

    1. Yet it is single mothers wrecking american children.
      When you grow up with a female as authoritative figure you’ll turn into a supplicating beta.
      That is common sense.
      Get your shit together and look at history. Proper marriage has produced the most naturally masculine men and the most feminine women.
      Just know as marriage is being destroyed, as you suggest, we see beta chumps.
      Your observation of nature seems skewed too. Females care and caress their children whilst males are the authoritative figure.

      1. In Nature, there is no marriage. Mammal mothers raise offspring to be independent and unattached. I don’t know why you say my observation seems skewed?
        Marriage is a highjack of men, by women who don’t want to take care of themselves. Pandering to a leeching woman’s demand for marriage is inherently beta. Alpha men tell women, “What do you have to offer?” And if the answer isn’t satisfactory, the alpha walks.
        Imagining that a prostitute peddling her favour in exchange for marriage could possibly be the best mother to your progeny…would be delusional.

        1. You ignored the gist of my comment.
          Yes, there is no marriage in nature however they stay around as long as the offspring needs to take care of himself. That is how it works.
          The mammal father teaches the offspring independence. They don’t learn how to be masculine from their mother.
          Also, there is no alpha taking orders or being under the authority of women.
          Especially when he had to learn it that way from a young age.
          Let me repeat my comment. Today marriage is broken and dysfunctional and you see what it does to men and women whilst the most masculine men came about through functional marriage.
          “Pandering to a leeching…”
          “Imagining that a prostitute…” I never proposed that.
          The woman has to submit and try to find joy in pleasing her husband.
          To not be feminine and be manipulative was shunned some time ago.
          What you are talking about is the “equality” of modern “marriage”.
          What you are proposing is what is ruining western nations. Should women be left on the street after the child has been raised?
          Your thinking isn’t very wise and only based on your own preference.

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